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  • 20171015
    Retro Reviews L-110

    Game: Lufia 2: Rise of the Sinistrals

    System: Super NES
    Release Date:
    24th February 1995 (Japan)
    31st August 1996 (US)

    What is it about?
    Prequel to Lufia & the Fortress of Doom, this time we follow the story of Maxim, a monster hunter, who one day...
  • 20171006
    Retro Reviews Ff110

    Game: Final Fantasy V Advance

    System: Gameboy Advance
    Release Date:
    6th December 1992 (Japan-Original)
    12th October 2006 (Japan)
    6th November 2006 (US)

    What is it about?
    One day, Bartz was chilling in the forest with his beloved chocobo Boko, and suddenly a meteorite...
  • 20130212
    Gotta Catch Em' All!

    Retro Reviews Pokemo10

    Pokemon Emerald is often praised as being one of the very best Pokemon games ever released, so let's see if this game lives up to its hype or if it's really a dud!

    Retro Reviews Per10

  • 20120904
    silksofswedenComments: 12Views: 4948

    the first time you see that screen you know you going to experience pure greatness. metroid was amazing, metroid 2 was awesome but metroid 3= super metroid just blew everything up. it is definely the best super nintendo game. this is rather going to be long because its a game that just deserve to be mentioned in great depts. metroid is known like i said in the previous metroid review to be a game you play alone. it has chilling music and you are alone....
  • 20120830
    ok its time to talk about super mario bros 2. i am well aware that chrono has done one already but *sigh* its not that super mario bros 2 we talking. fanboy: what are you talking about silks?

    Retro Reviews Super-Mario-Bros-Lost-Levels-4

    this is the real super mario bros
    silks: hadouken

    NO THAT IS NOT THE REAL SUPER MARIO BROS 2. the real super mario bros 2 are a exact same style as its original execpt for one fatal flow. it is GOD AWEFUL HARD. so yeah im going to talk about the real version. lets get it off our...
  • 20120830
    silksofswedenComments: 16Views: 3729

    yes this is nostagia. this is metroid review. this was requsted by kushina so here it is. hope you like it. like always this is just my opinions so dont freak out. this is metroid how i remember it

    i was sitting in my room playing super mario when my cousin visited me and asked me if i wanted to play metroid. when i heard the name i suddenly started to get images of space, laser, planets...
  • 20120828
    silksofswedenComments: 2Views: 6658
    after witness the greatness with mario party 1 people wanted a sequel. hell i wanted a sequel. *sigh* but as many people know sequels have a reputation for not live up to the original and mario party 2 is no eception. this is mario party 2 review. im just gonna tell you right now this is my opinions. this is what i feel about the game so if you dont agree then do me a favor and dont bit.ching about it. take out your anger somewhere else. i hope you enjoy it

    1. start up/intro
    this is the only mario party game that is a actuall sequel when it comes to the story and plot. the plot...
  • 20120818
    silksofswedenComments: 8Views: 3194
    i already talked about mp 8 and 9 and most of you would probally wanna hear what i think about the other mp games so what the hell. let me just get it all out. im gonna review every mp game exept the portible versions because i havent played them. so for starters lets review mario party 1 and then all the way up to mp 7. this is my review and i hope you like it.
    now lets get this straight when i first heard mario party i did not know what i was thinking. during that time i sticked to the great wonder super mario 64 and mario kart 64. so i got intrested in what mario party really was. in my...
  • 20120618
    Jnes5Comments: 8Views: 3199
    Retro Reviews Ppikmin
    (Nintendo Gamecube)

    (C) 2001, Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo EAD
    Publisher: Nintendo

    US release: December 2, 2001
    JP release: October 26, 2001
    EU release: June 14, 2002

    Players: 1
    Genre: 3D Real Time Strategy

    While Captain Olimar, a tiny extraterrestrial from the planet Hocotate, was taking an intergalactic vacation in outer space with his spaceship, the S.S. Dolphin, the spaceship later gets hit by a comet ! and then he...
  • 20120507
    christicehurstComments: 5Views: 1714
    It's been in the making over at Ninja News and I'm happy that the bloody web designing is over! Now on to good stuff!

    Mario Kart 64 - my personal fav game on the 64 has been reviewed and I spent some time setting up the features to make it look perfect.

    Check it out and give your own score if you like!

  • 20120412
    Chrono_CrossComments: 16Views: 4575
    Retro Reviews 250px-Super_Mario_64_box_cover

    Super Mario 64 (Nintendo 64)

    (C)1996, Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo

    EU Release: March 3, 1997
    NA Release: September 26, 1996

    Players: 1
    Genre: Platformer

    With the N64’s release, came a game that transformed how we thought of gaming as we’ve never witnessed a full fledged 3-D game do it right. Many companies have attempted such...
  • 20111031
    Luigi won a mansion in a contest !... but he never entered a contest, and the worst part is that the mansion is haunted with ghosts ! and mario is trapped inside ! so with the help of Professor E. Gadd, luigi has to fight all of the ghosts with E. Gadd's invention, the Poltergust 3000 !

    Let me tell you this first, this game is very different from your typical mario game. The story mostly is told within cutscenes or discussions, but it also kind of mixes with the gameplay in some parts, and it's a very good variety when progressing, and even though the story is supposed to...
  • 20111021
    this is the review you all been waiting on. im talking about SUPER MARIO BROS 3. to begin with super mario bros 3 was a huge sucess and made a historic moment for nintendo. it litterly gave nintendo a name to shine. super mario bros 3 was famous before it even became a game. for those who seen the movie the wizard know what im talking about. if not then watch the angry video game nerds video about super mario bros 3. he tell you in detail about it. there was also a cartoon serie based on super mario bros 3 which was super awesome. for now im going to give you my review and i hope you like it. i...
  • 20111013
    silksofswedenComments: 8Views: 5580
    i know i made a review on aladdin on super nintendo but i just have to do a review on the nes version. my cousin showed me a video on aladdin on nes and i just had to try the game myself because i couldnt believe or rather i didnt want to believe that they completely fu*#ed up that game. you might be like cmon it cant be that bad. oh yrah you wanna bet, you wanna know why the nes version sucks, you wanna know how horrible they made it. then i tell you. however its not gonna be long because i have already said the most on snes version. this review is mostly going to be about all the nes versions...
  • 20110912
    A pair of defective nuclear missiles, en route to a safe detonation site, have begun to leak. Badly damaged, the carrier automatically looks onto the most direct route and the flood of radiation prevents anyone from getting close enough to the runaway carrier, and people in the know fear that even a slightest bump could trigger a catrastrophic explosion. Standing as the world's final hope, Blast Corps, leaders in the field of heavy duty demolition, must clear the way to ground zero and ultimately counter the threat of nuclear winter.

    One thing I want to mention is that the...
  • 20110912
    silksofswedenComments: 12Views: 3290
    here is the review you all been waiting on. im talking about jungle book on genesis. now many people have said its bad and some say its good. so i will give you my score of the game. this is my review

    1. start up/beginning
    well for starters it looks promising. it shows the intro just like the movie so it follow it well. as for the menu it looks good. the demo telling you alot. so its a good start. the menu is pretty much self explaining. start the game is start the game, option is option and bare necessities explains what you must do at diffrent difficulty so thats nice
  • 20110816
    silksofswedenComments: 17Views: 5344
    yay another disney game review and this time its lion king. well this game is known by many. maybe because genesis made a exact game exept genesis style but anyway im gonna review snes version because in my opinion snes is better. here is my review

    1. start up/menu
    wow this game has no intro. thats not a good start but they still made a good job with the game. the game follows the story very well. its not much for a start up but you cant expect every disney game to be perfect. there is always a flaw in every game remember that gamers

    2. gameplay
    its a typical disney...
  • 20110810
    silksofswedenComments: 8Views: 3602
    another game i grew up with but this one i regret i did. even if its a disney game its still horrible. the game i talk about is tale spin. now why is it horrible? i will tell you. first problem i have is its damn hard and the enemies are the cheapest you met. even at easy difficulty its still hard. this is my review of this game

    1. start up/intro
    well the start up looks ok. could be more color like the other disney games. but anyway that dosent matter in this case. another thing is the intro. of course its not bad to have a intro but here is the case if you dont watch all of the...
  • 20110806
    now time for another retro game review but this time on a console that was one time super awesome. im talking about sega genesis. i just wanna point out that nintendo were always my best console but i couldnt deny that genesis were good. it had very good games and their own unique style of sound and music. there are more than just a game its a ... *one hour later* and thats how it is. now to the game. the game im about to review is world of illusion NOT castle of illusion. many people did think it was the same game since it both have mickey mouse in it. yeah you heard me its a disney game so what....
  • 20110729
    there are so many adventure and rpg games that are both awesome and sucky. of course they always referring to legend of zelda or final fantasy but there were one game i falled in love in on super nintendo. a adventure game that was said to be a rip off to zelda (which is not true at all). the game had it all, the greatest music, graphic, storyline and adventure. the game i speak of is named illusion of gaia or aka as they call it in japan illusion of time. that game was one of my top 10 favourite game of super nintendo. you wanna know why? i tell you

    1. start up/opening
    as the...
  • 20110711
    silksofswedenComments: 63Views: 10265
    this is about a game that not many have played so its kinda rare game. its so rare that its not even a walkthrough on this game im not kidding. i grew up with that game and it brings me back memory of it. this is my review of b.o.b on super nintendo

    1. storyline/beginning
    the storyline is quite cheezy just so you know. its about a robot thats going to meet his date and crashes into a metoer and falls down to a unknown planet or rock (whatever you wanna call it.

    2. gameplay
    now the first thing you will think about when you start playing this game is that it reminds...
  • 20110609
    Ions ago a hero robed in a green tunic battled the darkness and in the end sealed it away,however both the hero and the massive ancient civilization vanished without a trace,now many generations later a new hero has come of age and will get thrusted into a battle against the darkness sealed away long ago!


    In Zelda:The Wind Waker you must solve puzzles and beat tough enemies in the dungeons in order to advance through the game just like in any other Zelda game
    However travelling in this game is quite different from any other Zelda game as you must sail across...
  • 20110514
    Cloud_StrifeComments: 6Views: 1714
    The wind has stopped,the tides no longer ebb and flow,the earth is dying,and fire won't start!
    It's up to a drifter "Bartz" a princess "Reina" an old mysterious man found near a meteor and a pirate to find the crystals and save the world.


    FFV uses a similar engine as FFIV uses so the controls are simple,this game does have a very unique change to the ff formula,as job classes are able to be leveled up individually and some abilities in certain jobs can be transferred to a job class that can't learn that particular ability!
    This does however come at...
  • 20110514
    An ancient kingdom that contained a legendary treasure met with an unfortunate end over 1000 years ago and its treasure's location was forgotten however mario is sent a treasure map by princess peach and goes on a trip to an unruly island to find this treasure,could this be the same treasure spoken of in the legends?


    Paper Mario:TTYD is a turn based rpg that has the typical silliness and humor of most Nintendo games,and has a highly entertaining battle system!

    Mario learns new moves by equipping new badge or finding a better hammer,or new boots!
  • 20110504
    Mario Kart: Double Dash is a dramatic leap forward from Mario Kart 64 as several flaws have been fixed!

    Race tag team style across 16 colorful and detailed new courses while fighting off the competition with tons of new power-ups including character specific items! The first improvement you'll notice in this game is it's A.I. It has been vastly improved from Mario Kart 64 as the CPU characters aren't ridiculously easy or cheap and they use items appropriately!

    Speaking of items,new to the series is the character specific items such as Yoshi and Birdos' egg item...
  • 20110502
    Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a direct sequel of the first Kingdom Hearts game and was the first handheld Kingdom Heart game.

    Gameplay & Story
    The gameplay is vastly different from the gameplay seen in the original Kingdom Hearts game as the battle system has been altered from traditional action rpg battles to strategic card battles where you have a deck consisting of weapons, skills and even enemies that are required to do anything besides moving and jumping. Each card requires a certain amount of DP (deck points) to be used. Once you run out however, you can no longer...
  • 20110502
    Take the role of a young boy who dreams of being a Pokémon trainer and travel the devastated Orre region. You have to save Pokémon who have had their hearts closed by an evil organization known as Cipher by snagging them in battle!

    Story & Gameplay
    Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness is one of the best Pokémon rpgs we will likely ever see on a home console as it has a gripping story that is over 30 hours long,several colliseum battle contests and plenty of different Pokémon from the first 2 generations as well as a few of the 3rd generation! There are even wild Pokémon which can be captured...
  • 20110502
    The world of Sylverant is under attack by a group of half elves known as Desians who treat humans as slaves in "human ranches". It's up to the chosen of the Church of Martel Collette and her friends to save the world!

    Tales of Symphonia is one of the best RPGs on the Gamecube as it has a terrific story that takes over 60 hours to beat as well as a real time battle system that provides plenty of action. This game also features a wealth of sidequests and minigames such as the arena or the hidden dungeon that make the game less linear and provides many additional hours of gameplay.
  • 20110502
    Save Hyrule from a dark entity known as Zant who is bent on bringing an eternal twilight to the world turning all humans into spirits!

    This was the first Zelda game to launch on multiple consoles and one of the first Wii games/last Gamecube games released as well as one of the most graphicly impressive Gamecube games. The games world is one of the largest you'll see in an adventure game and has many environments such as a desert, forest, tundra, plains as well as lakes and rivers.

    This game is also one of the largest games developed by Nintendo as it clocks in at a whopping...
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