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Save Hyrule from a dark entity known as Zant who is bent on bringing an eternal twilight to the world turning all humans into spirits!

This was the first Zelda game to launch on multiple consoles and one of the first Wii games/last Gamecube games released as well as one of the most graphicly impressive Gamecube games. The games world is one of the largest you'll see in an adventure game and has many environments such as a desert, forest, tundra, plains as well as lakes and rivers.

This game is also one of the largest games developed by Nintendo as it clocks in at a whopping 40+ hours to beat and can take over 100 hours to find all of the games secrets. The game play's similar to the (N64) game Ocarina of Time but also has several key differences such as Links new wolf form that allows him to visually track scents and burrow into the ground to enter places that can't be accessed in his human form.

This game has extremely realistic graphics for a Wii/Gamecube game and shows great detail in all of the locations and also has some surprising weather/time of day effects such as blowing dust, fireflies and even changing weather such as rain/snow and even Thunderstorms. The character models are equally impressive as they are detailed and have realistic facial expressions. The soundtrack is absolutely remarkable as much of its music is fully orchestrated and has a dark yet epic feel to it.

Bottom line: With an epic story, beautiful visuals, awesome soundtrack and gameplay that is unmatched in the adventure genre, this is one game that should be in every Wii/Gamecube owners game library.

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10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!
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