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i know i made a review on aladdin on super nintendo but i just have to do a review on the nes version. my cousin showed me a video on aladdin on nes and i just had to try the game myself because i couldnt believe or rather i didnt want to believe that they completely fu*#ed up that game. you might be like cmon it cant be that bad. oh yrah you wanna bet, you wanna know why the nes version sucks, you wanna know how horrible they made it. then i tell you. however its not gonna be long because i have already said the most on snes version. this review is mostly going to be about all the nes versions flaws and problems so enjoy

1. start up/menu
to least say its disapointing. there is nothing but a black screen and its title. wow good start. the music sounds like Bleep but its because its 8 bit. i will tell more about the music as i come to that part. at least it has the game start and password on the title screen so they did that ok but they could do a nice background to it and also it dosent have the option menu

2. gameplay
now we are on the deep Bleep now. the first thing you notice when you play is that its exact same gameplay as snes version. that is the reason why this review is going to be rather short. however they did few changes that is going to piss you off. first the control is Bleep. his jumps are way horrible than snes (if you could believe that) and everytime you bounce you fly high up in the sky like a trampoline what the *bleep*. second thing that is going to piss you off is there are no cutscene and even worse is you will never and i mean never see abu, genie and jasmine in the game. you see genie one time only during the genie stage, you see jasmine at the flying sequence and abu does not even exist in the game. not even after you complete every level. you will never see abu eat a apple or run away from you during pyramid level. you know what this review isnt going to be short now when i think about it. it has so much problems it turns into a major review. at the bonus thing (you know the roulett thing) there is no genie eighter. they have been very lazy with this version of the game and you wanna know what bothers me?? IT WAS MADE YEAR 1994 Mad . at that time i was expecting something good not bad. remember the blanket you needed at the super nintendo version. remember it helped you alot well here on nes version ITS GONNA KILL YOU. when you use it you hovering in the sky super mega ultimate SLOW. you can never land perfectly on a platform when you use it. all it does is wasting your time, patience and your life

3. music/sound effects
the music sounds like Bleep as i said at the beginning but it does not get better. the game has a glitch that mute the music. its dead silence and sometime when the bonus game is over the bonus song is playing repeatedly over and over and over again until you completed the level. after that its back to dead silence. if you never take the bonus thing you will never have any music for the entire game. real fun or what do you say. the sound effect is even more shitier. it sounds like error messages on a computer. so uncreative. what happened with all the grunting sounds or the other scenery sounds?? i tell you what just mute the poor son of a *bleep* and put some metallica to keep you playing this sad pathetic game

4. graphics
boy this is going to be one hell of a list because this game most fatal flaw is graphic. the graphic looks ok for a 8 bit game but i seen way better and its nothing compare to the super nintendo version. f*#k who the hell am i kidding the graphic sucks. every level has its gross graphic. most things you see on first level is just golden yellow colored houses at the backgroud. the enemies looks also like Bleep. there are no cutscenes and no other characters. the second level looks just as ugly as the first one. the third level looks really ugly. just pink screen and some brown platforms. also at the middle of the third level remember those platforms that swings? i dont see any chain that holding the platform. the fourth level where you meet the boss is very strange not to mention it has wrong song in it. they used the song from the absolute final song where you fight the snake. thats the boss song for the entire game. the first boss looks stupid. once you do defeat the boss there is no jasmine and no cutscene. thats it you beat the boss and then they drop you off to the next stage. level 5 looks somehow ok but it makes me wonder what the thoughd of when they made the cave level. it looks like its from metroid dammit. another thing to there also always something thats poping up at the edge of the screen like nes cant handle the game or something. at the end of level 5 you see no carpet of course. level 6 is bad. the water dosent even move and the logs moves RIDICULOUS SLOW. here's another thing on that level you can actually cheat. if you holding onto the log you can sneak through the trap (you know the thing you have to pull in order to pass) so thats little cool. then when the boulders coming its wtf. the boulders come at such speed you have barely time to avoid them also they bounce like Bleep. at the end of that stage no cutscene with abu stealing the red jevel. level 7 is even more horrible. it doesent look like lava. it looks like sand. it looks like a desert in a sunset. the flying sequence is also ridiculous. there is no lava following you. only thing you have to avoid is the rocks and its way easy which makes no sense since the rocks were fast as hell at level 6 and also aladdin looks diffrent. he does not get his prince costume until the flying sequense on the bonus stage. level 8 the genie paradise looks ok but still it sucks. sadly its the best level so far Sad. the level 9 is where i lose my head. the sand is not moving yet im moving backwards?? how do you explain that i cant even think of anything as crazy as this. once you beat the hole game you dont even get the credits. thats how much it sucked. you dont even get a final cutscene. you just get the end and just to make fun of you it sometimes even glitch there so you cant even read the end sign

5. fun factor
fun factor does not exist, its a load of f*#k factor. god this review is not for faint hearted. half this review i cursed and its because i love aladdin game on snes genesis and i love the disney movie so it makes me mad when someone just Bleep all over it. this game is satans nightmare

6. difficuly
one thing they did add up to was the difficulty. sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard. give it 4/10 normal it differs from person to person so its hard to be that accurate to it. another thing to they made was they removed the snake boss so its only 2 bosses which makes it even more easier. of course the snake boss was so f*#king ridiculous so it would be pain to fight that in nes to

final score: 1/10 satans nightmare stay away as far as you can from the game. you must think that i overeact but i dare you to play it. you would want to drown you with alcohol to smoothen your pain. if you wanna play a good aladdin game play the snes version or the genesis version

1- Pathetic This game should be thrown in the trash, because it's utter garbage!

here is some pics:

aladdin review on nes 52171_Let_s_Play_Aladdin_NES_Pirate_Part_1_-_The_start_of_a_nice_low_1277571197

aladdin review on nes Aladdinom3

aladdin review on nes Aladdin-02

this is silks of sweden hope you like this review. next time i will start on my super mario bros 3 review so stay tuned for more.... ps i died a little on the inside playing that game so you own me

aladdin review on nes 15zr1gx

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on October 13th 2011, 8:40 amNINTENBRO
I'm a loyal Nintendo consumer, but I'd really have to say that the Sega Genesis version trumped both the NES and SNES versions of Aladdin.
on October 13th 2011, 11:39 amsilksofsweden
yeah the genesis version is actually not bad but i prefare the snes version
Q-Bart 999
on October 25th 2011, 12:47 pmQ-Bart 999
I threw this game into the ocean after I played it when I was young Laughing
on October 25th 2011, 12:48 pmsilksofsweden
yeah i would do the same
on August 27th 2012, 12:20 pmGuest
Oh wow what happened to this port of Aladdin?
I can't believe how badly Disney messed up the NES version of the game.
on August 27th 2012, 12:21 pmsilksofsweden
yeah its so horrible
on August 27th 2012, 1:34 pmMegatron2000
Some multiplatform games are better on the console they were originally developed for, while poorly designed ports are released to make a quick buck. D|
on August 27th 2012, 1:35 pmsilksofsweden
yeah it seems like that
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