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this is the review you all been waiting on. im talking about SUPER MARIO BROS 3. to begin with super mario bros 3 was a huge sucess and made a historic moment for nintendo. it litterly gave nintendo a name to shine. super mario bros 3 was famous before it even became a game. for those who seen the movie the wizard know what im talking about. if not then watch the angry video game nerds video about super mario bros 3. he tell you in detail about it. there was also a cartoon serie based on super mario bros 3 which was super awesome. for now im going to give you my review and i hope you like it. i remember the first time i got a nintendo i was super happy and of course my first game was super mario bros. then i started to get super mario bros 2. it was fun. then my friends started to gang up in school. first i didnt know why but it turned out that one of my classmate had brough his super mario bros 3 to school. the entire school played it. i just stood by tried to watch but i failed. then one time he showed up and said: you are a hardcore nintendo player right? (which i was back then) i said yes and he tested me. i tried the super mario bros 3 for the first time and i was like damn. i couldnt get enough. even the teachers gave us task to complete the game and tell other how it was like. with the craziest game and task ever i had for the first time a quest. to complete the super mario bros 3 and to complete my love for nintendo games. it forced me to dedicate my life for videogames. i can even go this far to say that super mario bros 3 is the game that made me to what i am. thats what kind of power it had. of course many other gamers just simply hated it because they rather played sega. so it was a fight between sega and nintendo. also super mario bros 3 was also the creator of the sonic vs mario war which led to sonic and mario fought over its popularity. we all know who the champion was back then victory. i know i might overreact but how can you blame me. it was the biggest moment in my life. it is also a important piece of my life. it is also rare for me to share something this important to others. its not everyday i let you in on my personal life so see this as a privilege. i think its time to do the rest of the review

1. start up
its a nice start up and kinda funny but it also gives you little demostration to its gameplay. you can see mario pick up a shell and toss it. you can also see mario go all the way to left and end up at the right and you can see mario go behind a hill which is also a neat trick

2. gameplay
super mario bros was the biggest sucess when it first came. super mario bros 2 was ok but mostly diffrent but super mario bros 3 was the bomb. they took everything from smb 1 and smb 2 and mix it together and it became a king. there are far more enemies than the other smb games and more items. the items was probally the first thing we noticed when we played. you could fly which was new and it was so abusive in the game. the other items were not used that much. thats because we got them later in the game. however what also was new was that there was items that could be used in the map screen like the music box, anchor, cloud and hammer. it helped us. also there are many more levels and modes that were fun. for example the old arcade version of mario bros, bonus game and hammer bros mini boses. the objective is same as always get to the end of the level but instead of a flagpole there is a box that flips. once you get into it you get a symbole. collect 3 of them and you get a extra life. depending what kind of symbol you get you can get 1,2,3,
and 5 lifes. the game is very generous with extra life. however it does get tricky at some points and that is great. there are full of bonus stuff in the levels and tons of secrets. its so great that people tries to find flaws and glitches. they even create glitches. smb 3 is probally the most glitch loved game ever.

3. music
the music is great of course. the classical sound of 8 bit is so define in this game. you simply cant hate it. whats most facinated is that they still keep using the old smb 3 music in other future super mario game. for example super mario galaxy. that game has super mario bros 3 music. even the dying theme is unique

4. graphic
its unique in any way. its colorful, fantasifull and also well detailed. they have put so much efforts in this game. the enemies, environment and just about everything else is just simply wonderful. its not many nes game that is near as good as smb 3. it makes you wonder how in wonderland have they got the glorious idea of making this game. its too good to be true

5. fun factor
fun is all you have. you live in a fantasy while playing this. also you feel the need to satisfy you by beating the Bleep of everyone, doing awesome skill moves and show them whos the baddass. this game gives you fungasm. oh yeah its that great. if you dont have it then get it. you have no idea what you are missing. everyone should have played this game. for those who havent played it tell them to do so because it will change their view on year 2000 games. this is my quest to you. i want you to go to everyone who havent heard or played smb 3 and tell them to do so. smb 3 needs to step into light again. smb 3 for ever everyone

6. difficulty
i give this game a 3/10 however this is hard to rank since it variates from person to person. this is not too hard for me but it could be hard for you. i think a 3 is well balanced

total score: i give this game a perfect 10/10 the best game of nes in the platform section. this game is a important part of nintendo history. its a game that will be famous for all times. as i said super mario bros 3 forever

10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!

here are some pics and songs:

super mario bros 3 review  Mostfun-super-mario-bros.-3-unlimited
super mario bros 3 review  Smb3_freak1
super mario bros 3 review  Super_mario_bros__3
super mario bros 3 review  Platformergamenumber03
super mario bros 3 review  Super-Mario-Bros--3-super-mario-bros--3-168389_1024_768

this is my review on super mario bros 3. hope you like it. i might also do a reivew on super mario 64 but its not sure yet. i hope you also share me your experience you had on this game to me and others. this is silks of sweden stay tuned for more. now where is my handcontrol? its time for smb 3 ^^

super mario bros 3 review  15zr1gx

my friends code:
super smash bros brawl = 2838-4154-7461
mario kart wii = 2622-9874-2387
mario striker super charged = 3010-2663-2823

super mario bros 3 review  Silks_11
super mario bros 3 review  Orihim10
super mario bros 3 review  Navi
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October 21st 2011, 2:10 pmJnes5
Nice backstory that you've told about you first experience with the game, reminds me of that day where I played my first videogame ever...

But I don't want to bore you with that kind of stuff, so good review silks !
October 21st 2011, 2:14 pmsilksofsweden
thx jnes. much appreciated
October 21st 2011, 2:21 pmAmufungal
Great review silks Smile
October 21st 2011, 2:22 pmsilksofsweden
thx sailormoongal
October 21st 2011, 2:33 pmpizzacore
SMB 3 is one of the best selling vc games for a reason! Nice review!
October 21st 2011, 2:35 pmsilksofsweden
thx pizzacore. i totally agree with you
October 21st 2011, 3:17 pmMegatron2000
This is a "Super" review silks |D
October 21st 2011, 6:02 pmMs_Kinomoto
Um....this was the first game Rukiafan downloaded for me and It is one of my favorites ty Rukiafan Smile
October 21st 2011, 6:04 pmMs_Kinomoto
Um....I really like your review silks Embarassed
October 22nd 2011, 1:34 amsilksofsweden
thx epona. i love the smb 3
October 22nd 2011, 1:40 amNINTENBRO
victory Great review silks, I especially enjoyed the reference to the "Wizard" film. Although, it does need some revision mainly punctuation and capitalisation corrections.

Last edited by WiiAboutU on October 22nd 2011, 1:50 am; edited 1 time in total
October 22nd 2011, 1:42 amsilksofsweden
i did my best to entertain you all ^^
October 22nd 2011, 1:47 amNINTENBRO
You did a thorough job of doing that silks. You may have even made SMB3 appear more enjoyable than it actually is, if that's even possible.
October 22nd 2011, 1:58 amsilksofsweden
thx wiiaboutu. much appreciated
October 22nd 2011, 12:58 pmGekkouga-Senpai
What a rad review man Very Happy
October 22nd 2011, 2:32 pmcatfood
Cat Chow has nothing on this game lol jk Laughing
This game is perhaps the closest a sidescrolling platformer has ever come to perfection great job on your review Very Happy
October 22nd 2011, 11:01 pmLordHoppingRage
Nothing beats a good playthrough of Super Mario Bros 3 after a long day of schoolwork. Cool

Nice work silks you are welcome to join as one of my minions anytime. Very Happy
October 22nd 2011, 11:38 pmKeAfan7
This is by far your best review yet silks Surprised
A job well done Wink
October 23rd 2011, 10:32 amsilksofsweden
thx rukiafan. im very proud over this review
October 23rd 2011, 12:42 pmSplatuna
A perfect score for a perfect game king
October 23rd 2011, 2:02 pmsilksofsweden
of course. thats the only fitting
October 23rd 2011, 4:13 pmBigJho
Hey groovy review silks victory
October 23rd 2011, 11:11 pmsilksofsweden
thx totokeke. much appreciated
October 24th 2011, 12:49 pmMidnafanatic
My goodness what a wonderful review silks Surprised
October 24th 2011, 11:15 pmsilksofsweden
yeah i kinda put my heart into the review so im glad it turned out well
October 25th 2011, 12:28 pmShanaNoShakugan
Very nice review silks Wink
October 25th 2011, 12:35 pmsilksofsweden
thx shana. much appreciated
Q-Bart 999
October 25th 2011, 12:36 pmQ-Bart 999
This game deserves a 100/10 king
October 25th 2011, 12:47 pmsilksofsweden
yeah if i could then i would
October 25th 2011, 12:58 pmLickACow
The best game in the series by far king
October 25th 2011, 1:00 pmsilksofsweden
of course it is
October 25th 2011, 1:15 pmTrinity33
I have so many fond memories of this game and my favorite was the first time I got a Tanooki Suit Very Happy
October 25th 2011, 1:16 pmsilksofsweden
same here. turning to stone was awesome
October 28th 2011, 12:29 pmSuperst☆r
You have made Mario proud with this review Wink
October 28th 2011, 12:30 pmsilksofsweden
mario smiles upon me ^^
October 28th 2011, 12:38 pmStaroceancrazy
Nice review!
Hey silks I don't know if this is off topic but what's your most fond memory of playing this game?
October 28th 2011, 1:07 pmsilksofsweden
thats a hard one. i think it was when i beated bowser for the first time
October 28th 2011, 1:12 pmStaroceancrazy
Mine was when I heard the airship music I love you
October 28th 2011, 1:13 pmsilksofsweden
ok sounds good enough Very Happy
August 27th 2012, 2:21 pmShounenMania
The only thing I don't like about the game is world 8, but the rest of this game is perfect! super mario bros 3 review  631737971
August 27th 2012, 2:21 pmsilksofsweden
yeah but you know what i actually like world 8
August 28th 2012, 12:25 pmMarioman18
Nice review man victory
August 28th 2012, 12:26 pmsilksofsweden
thx alot marioman
August 28th 2012, 12:56 pmTasuki
Great review for the the best game on the NES. SMB3 has always been my favorite game of the franchise while I did like SMW, it just for some reason couldn't grasp the awesomness that is SMB3 for me. In fact I haven't felt the same way with any Mario game since (although I am kinda getting that same feeling with NSMB2 but still not the same as SMB3). I still go back and play this one every now again either the original on the Wii VC or the SNES version on the SMA disc for the Wii.
August 28th 2012, 1:00 pmsilksofsweden
Tasuki wrote:Great review for the the best game on the NES. SMB3 has always been my favorite game of the franchise while I did like SMW, it just for some reason couldn't grasp the awesomness that is SMB3 for me. In fact I haven't felt the same way with any Mario game since (although I am kinda getting that same feeling with NSMB2 but still not the same as SMB3). I still go back and play this one every now again either the original on the Wii VC or the SNES version on the SMA disc for the Wii.
i feel the same way
Aqua Cherry Blossom
November 6th 2013, 1:26 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
This is one of my favorite games for the NES. Smile
I don't remember if I already posted, but very nice review silks lol. Smile
December 5th 2013, 8:47 pmKokorOtaku
I wonder how much longer till its put on 3DS VC?
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