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  • 20130518
    Increased ads Incoming!

     photo WWWSlogan_zps7f18b197.png

    Our premium site features such as reduced ads and the removal of our webhosts images and copyrights are going to expire on May 28th! For under $7 worth of donations we'll be able to keep these features for three more months!
  • 20130520

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwlog10

    We are going to be handing out some neat features to one lucky loyal member each week in our member of the week award! The lucky member will win 1,000 coins and a rainbow colored username for an entire week!

    Our first member of the week is KokorOtaku, be sure to congratulate him in our comments!
  • 20130520
    Sales now live!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    Our shop selection has been changed and several items are now on sale for a limited time! Be sure to check out our shop here!
  • 20130518
    New Series Incoming!

    We are pleased to announce our upcoming audio podcast Bowser's Castle Podcast that will begin airing weekly starting next weekend! In this podcast we will have guest hosts and allow guests to call us via Skype to add their comments! We will record episodes between...
  • 20130504
    Oh boy...

     photo WWWlogo22_zpsc507135e.jpg

    Nintendolife has asked us to remove our news stories due to copyright infringement, so we had no choice but to comply, we will always write our future stories completely from scratch. Anthony from Nintendolife has explained to us that we can use them as a source, just as long as our article isn't...
  • 20130505
    A longtime fan joins the crew!

     photo 241-68_zps56b97f90.gif

    Our longtime Facebook group member known as Yoshi Cookies at Facebook has joined our staff as an admin! Please be sure to congratulate him in the comments below!
  • 20130501
    Lightning Fast!

     photo WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945.jpg

    We have fixed the width of our forum, removed useless coding, and several widgets to make WiiWareWave look better and run much more smoothly! Our site now loads in less than half the time it used to!

    Let us know if you like the changes in our comments!
  • 20130505
    Don't have a cow!

    Latest WiiWareWave News WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945

    We were inundated by a spammer earlier today who was mad at us for banning a certain someone and he posted alot of hateful messages, however thanks to our members quick response in reporting his activities we managed to quickly stop him. Thank you all for your support!

  • 20130430
    A Strict Time-limit Included!

     photo WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945.jpg

    The first member to submit a complete game guide/faq to us that passes our quality check will receive a 500 point WiiWare or Wii VC game via a Wii Message Board gift!

    There are a couple catches however as we'll need to exchange Wii Friend Codes to send the...
  • 20130421
    New And Cool!

     photo WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945.jpg

    We have added a new feature that will allow you guys to send us your txt and PDF format game guides and faqs to us and we'll upload them! We only have 20mb storage come 2 days from now which isn't much, so if you enjoy this new feature feel free to donate credits to us, so we can add...
  • 20130422
    Surprising Results!

     photo WiiwarewaveDMOGrphc_zps2f5c332c.png

    According to our Facebook insights our most active fans are females, with women between the age of 18-24 being our largest demographic, making up 25% of our fanbase! The second highest demographic are males between the age of 18-24 which is 21.7% of our fanbase!...
  • 20130415
    Going Viral!

    Latest WiiWareWave News WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945

    WiiWareWave is getting recognized by many new people on our social media pages as we now have 730 Twitter followers, 650+ Facebook Group members, and 82 Facebook Page likes! Let's hope that some of our new fans will join our community!


    We have now officially surpassed...
  • 20130414
    Losing A Premium Feature!

    Latest WiiWareWave News PictureGallery_zpse8eb88a0

    We'll be losing our 100MB storage upgrade for our gallery on April 23rd which will leave us with just 20MB of storage for the feature, you can help us extend our upgrade by donating to us at this link!

    Every 100 credits will allow us to...
  • 20130331
    Well, ladies and gentlemen, 2 years have passed on WiiWareWave and time has finally come to reveal the truth behind Rukiafan. Rukiafan, also known as one of their youngest CEO's at Microsott's XBOX, has in fact just press released the announcement of defeating Nintendo after a long long struggle and decepting users everywhere on the internet with various gaming communities. Time to change matters here once and for all!

    Source: A.F.
  • 20130407
    Hi all!

    You may have noticed a slightly different chatbox due to unforseen 3rd party chatbox themes hosting issues. The problem not only narrows down to WiiWareWave, but effects many other sites as well.

    I downgraded the chatbox yesterday to an 'outdated' but still very functional version to make it a bit more presentable to the audience here. Meanwhile, the (Mario) theme(s) will not be back for a while; the 'outage' may last for several days or even weeks, unfortunately.

    We'll do our best to keep you informed about any progress we're making, and try solving...
  • 20130404
    Towafan7Comments: 2Views: 740
    Game Releases Added!

    Latest WiiWareWave News WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945

    We have added the release date of many upcoming games for Nintendo consoles in our calendar section for members to see. Let us know what you think of this new feature in our comments below!
  • 20130401
    Closely following the WiiWareGate scandal, Rukiafan announced he and his team are secretly working on a device called the 'YBOX', nicknamed: "Why?Box".

    Development of the device is already on the way at this stage and started just after last year's E3 meeting, where investors and technical staff met and came up with the idea to mass produce an electronic device which will speed-up the process of making homework, thus saving time for gaming.

    Connected to the internet and Bling, the user can enter a series of questions which will then...
  • 20130329
    Happy Birthday!

    Latest WiiWareWave News E9f1b673-908f-4f2e-a7b4-72363be8bf2d_zps85e90bd2

    Our podcast has been gone for awhile, but will return soon, however join KingreX32 and myself as we talk about the history and the future of WiiWareWave in a 15 minute long anniversary special video coming next week, followed by Episode 4 of our Podcast next weekend!
  • 20130326
    Winner Announced!

    Latest WiiWareWave News ContestwinnerSOC_zps1ea966a2

    StarOceanCrazy is the winner of our latest post alot contest with 22 posts! The winner needs to PM Rukiafan their Wii FC so it can be gifted to their Wii! The game will be gifted within 48 hours of receiving the winner's Wii FC!

    Here's the stats for the contest!

    Winner: (StarOceanCrazy) 22 posts
    Runner-up: (Nintenbro) 19 posts
    3rd place: (Tech101) 10 posts

  • 20130320
    Help Needed!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm10

    We are in desperate need of new reviewers due to the absence of most of our reviewers and would really appreciate any help we can get! Please let us know if you're interested in volunteering as one of our reviewers!
  • 20130326
    Welcome Aboard!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 182-8710

    Our longtime member Tasuki has joined our staff as a retro and virtual console game reviewer please be sure to congratulate him in the comments below!
  • 20130323
    Upgrades Ahoy!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm13

    We have extended our ad-removal for an additional two months and added 100mb storage in our gallery for the next month today, but that's not all as you may have noticed our notification bar now has our logo instead of the FM logo and we've extended our FM branding removal for another month! Please enjoy!
  • 20130323
    Back With A Vengence!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm11

    On March 28th our ad removal license will expire and our website will once again be overrun by ads, however you can help us prevent this by Donating to our website here!

    We need ad removal to keep our forums clean for our own advertising which we can...
  • 20130316
    Big News!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Nigoro10

    We recently asked La-Mulana developer Nigoro if they'd be willing to do an interview with with WiiWareWave and this was their response!

  • 20130218
    Hey Wiiwarewavers check out Wiiwarewaves new Advertisement on youtube. Share it with your friends.

  • 20130210
    Hi again!

    The new chatbox has been installed on Sunday 10th February. This means 1-on-1 chat is now available to all of you!

    To start a 1-on-1, right click a name in the chatbox's members area and select "Start Private Conversation". A small box (which is called a "tab") will appear at the bottom right next to the main chat (Public). Hover over the tabs to see who's in them, select tabs to join or switch back and forth between them.

    If you have any questions related to the new chat layout, please ask WiiWareWave staff Rukiafan or me.

  • 20130209
    Hi All!

    As you may know by now, we're always keeping up with the latest and try to improve our site for YOU to get the best out of the WiiWareWave experience!

    So, you got used to the new Mario Chatbox Theme, yet? Well, we've got some really, really awesome news for you! Our team has been working hard on some chatbox changes lately. One of the new features on our next release will be 1-on-1 chat!!! Now, you can have 1-on-1 chats with anyone you like to be with!

    With all the forthcoming changes in mind on that next release, we ask for you patience, stay without Mario...
  • 20130207
    Notifications Everywhere!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm14

    Forumotion hosted websites have a new feature called the social toolbar and with this you will get many notifications including friend requests, visitor messages, when now posts have been made in topics you have posted in, and even when a person on your friends list logs in! Be sure to check your notifications regularly. They are located on the top right...
  • 20130207

    Latest WiiWareWave News Www_wi10

    Our staff member Samantha has fixed our severe graphical glitches on our forums, and we are now back to 100% fully operational after this long ordeal! Did you see our new maintenence screen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
  • 20130131
    We have overhauled the entire website with rich features for social members and website owners/businesses with WiiWareWave Social 2.0!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    With WiiWareWave Social 2.0 you can now edit your profile with your own backgrounds/colors/etc. in pimp my profile, advanced users can even use CSS to further customize their profile!

    We now have an image slide show and show who has visited your profile...
  • 20130129
    A Place To Spend Those Hard Earned Coins!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    Our forum shop is back and better than ever! Just click the shop banner ad to find great stuff! Game downloads are only available for United States members, here is the current item list!

    (1) Final Fantasy III Wii VC Download Sale 20,000 coins "reg" 30,000 coins

    (2) La-Mulana WiiWare Download 35,000 coins
  • 20130129
    We Are Sorry For The Inconvenience So Here's A Gift!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm13

    As some of you may know, we were hacked last week by a hacker that used a backdoor from our co-owner Sneaker's website to hit WiiWareWave hard with malware, but after much hard work and the loss of some content, we are now malware free and will work on the graphical bugs that resulted from restoring our website!

  • 20130128
    I just realized I did a complete overhaul on WiiWareWave's Live Chat. I installed a new chatbox theme, with several new plug-ins (features), and it plays a new sound on messaging, poking and exiting chat. Chat now works on all the forums, not just the index page, as intended.

    To use the new poke system, please bear in mind this system is CASESENSITIVE. To use it, just write /poke < username >. Example: /poke Samantha

    It's the same as on my board now ( www.game-xtreme.com ). HAHA!

  • 20130110
    A New Show!

    I am starting a video podcast next week that will air both here, at WiiWareWave Social, and Youtube so keep your eyes peeled! The Podcast will feature Nintendo news and game reviews, though not always on the same episode. Each episode will be 10-20 minutes long and will air once or twice a week!
  • 20121229
    Disabled the auto login to chatbox setting. Users will not be automatically logged into the chatbox anymore when they log into the forum. cheers
  • 20121229
    I've activated the WYSIWYG module on this board. In the text editor, the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) module allows to compose visually the wanted result. We see directly in the screen, what the final result looks like. I've activated it before my latest posts, which are raw, unedited copies off of my site, changes the forum's look-and-feel for the better and simplifies copy-pasting from elsewhere on the internet thus saving time on posting and editing.

    Enjoy! Latest WiiWareWave News 1071211947
  • 20121216
    Social Media Baby!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm11

    Our WiiWareWave Social section is a beta social media website that is for sharing and talking about games! It is fairly good for a first version beta and we'll try to add aditional features over time.

    The section is already available through the header, but there isn't a button for it yet, so if you can't find it please click this
  • 20121223
    Eye Candy!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm12

    We have changed some more things here at WiiWareWave so be sure to check this especially if you're using the Wii browser.

    The Navbar Menu has replaced our old antiquated forum buttons, just click it and choose what link you want to goto and click the link. For Wii users you must zoom out until you see the button on the top right corner of your screen.
  • 20121214
    Hi all!

    Some may have noticed already, I've made some small cosmetic changes to the forum the last few days. Upcoming changes will be logged in the Administrator's Change Log I made from now on by staff members, I agreed with Rukiafan, so if something goes terribly wrong on the forum, anyone can restore it back to normal. In short:

    - Made the Administrator's Change Log and procedures;
    - Updated Word Censoring for forum posts. Lateron, regarding the chat, this may be activated, too;
    - Updated the button position for Loging in and Logging out to a more obvious place...
  • 20121212
    Cool Design Feature!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm10

    If you visited our forums or sub-forums this evening you have no doubt noticed that the avatar of the last poster in each topic is now shown to give a little visual boost to WiiWareWave and to make our website even more modern!

    Do you like the new feature?
  • 20121211
    Hi all!

    What's happening?
    The new chatbox (AWC) is currently unavailable. It has been offline for several hours now. This is not due to any posible technical problems related to Wiiwarewave.

    When will this issue be solved?
    No word on when it'll be available again. The provider says, it is "currently down for maintenance and making things better." So, let's all sit back and wait for the results. You may want to refresh (F5) the page you're looking at every once in a while ...

  • 20121209
    Hang Ten!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm14

    Another huge update has completed and WiiWareWave now inches closer to a modern gaming website in both design and functionality here are some of the new updates!

    Quick Detailed Profile:

    Get stats of a user such as posts, topics, social wall messages...etc. by clicking a member's username above their avatar in their message profile!...
  • 20121208
    Tiny Update

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm13

    We have added the badges for the quiz we held a while back as well as a new badge called the chatty gamer badge for members who reach 500 posts! Enjoy!
  • 20121207
    Biggest Splash Yet!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm12

    Today we added a massive amount of new features on WiiWareWave that were lacking in the previous version of our website, here are some of the new features!

    Quick Search:

    This feature automatically loads on the Wii browser, but on a pc browser you must not be typing a forum or blog message and just start typing and the...
  • 20121206
    Reviews For Japanese Exclusive Games Are Coming Soon!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Akatsu10

    Akatsuki is our newest reviewer here at WiiWareWave and an important one too as we now have someone who can review games that aren't available in the western hemisphere!

    Please post in the comments below and be sure to congratulate him on his promotion!
  • 20121110
    We Need Your Help!

    Latest WiiWareWave News WWWdonatecopy

    In just six short weeks our custom .com domain will revert to .forumotion.com if we don't receive donations from you, our dedicated fans.

    What will this mean for you?:

    If we lose our custom domain the number of visitors will decrease along with the number of new members who could potentially become an active part of our community.
  • 20121201
    Big Changes!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm11

    We added a new popup chatbox with many new features today during our latest update and we'll give some examples of the new features available! First off click the white box on the bottom right corner of the screen to login. The number represents the number of people logged into the chat box and it turns green if a user posts a message!

    Another cool feature...
  • 20121130
    New Interactivity!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwnsm10

    We have made a few changes today on our website and we admit that a few new bugs have cropped up, but we'll fix those soon! Here is a list of changes and additions!

    The first thing you probably noticed was the Today's Active Members tab under the Google translate feature on the sidebar which shows the avatar of every active member in the past 24 hours!...
  • 20121129
    Members have been e-mailing us about this issue preventing them from logging in and I'm currently walking John Knight through our coding to fix the issue, since my laptop still hasn't arrived yet, but this issue should be fixed soon so please stick around.

    We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience if this bug has affected your ability to login to WiiWareWave, but don't worry it's not a virus we just messed up the coding during an update, so there is absolutely no danger to your computers.
  • 20121008
    Hang Ten!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwfacebookcopy

    Our social media boom is continuing as our recognition from gamers across the web continues to increase! At the time of this post we had 392 Twitter followers, 112 Facebook Fanpage group members, and 26 Facebook page likes!

    Are you one of those people? We'll keep you informed as our website continues to grow and gain popularity!

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