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  • 20140922
    Wii Are Back In Action!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header13

    As many of you might have noticed WiiWareWave was down off and on during the weekend and activity dropped greatly as a result. As the owner and webmaster of WiiWareWave I must apologize for taking so long to deal with the issue, but I was feeling a bit under the weather this weekend and didn't even visit the site and as a result many members have been inconvenienced...
  • 20140913
    A World of Steam VS. The Fall!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_145

    During the month of August we saw many terrific games released especially on the Wii U eshop and two games stood above the rest! Those games were SteamWorld Dig and The Fall. And though both games received equally impressive scores during our reviews of the games we could only choose one as the GoTM to avoid two ties in a row! So we deliberated and finally...
  • 20140901
    Win Big Fall Hard!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_130

    It's been awhile, but we're holding another contest during this week's WiiWareWave League Mario Kart 8 Tournament to help boost popularity of our website and best of all the tournament isn't limited to just members! Anyone can join by entering the password in the picture above, but if you do win and you are not a member you'll have to contact us via our Contact...
  • 20140803
    Welcome Aboard!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 298-9910

    Steven9wii has officially joined our moderation crew to handle our forums in the following ways:

    Checking posts.

    Looking for potential spoilers and placing said posts within spoiler tags,

    Locking or merging duplicate topics.

    Locking spam or hate topics.

    Handling bad or malicious posters by warning them or even...
  • 20140801
    Drawing Challenge!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header12

    We hope you enjoy drawing because starting today through August 21st we're holding an Art Academy drawing competition where you can post a drawing from any Art Academy game that allows you to share your pictures online such as Art Academy Sketchpad for the Wii U and post them in the comments of this article! The theme of the competition is Christmas in Summer...
  • 20140713
    Poetry In Motion!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Cover_12

    We are no strangers to contests as we have held many of them in the past, but this week we've decided to do our most unique contest yet! Today July 13th until Monday July 21st is the deadline for this contest and the rules are simple, just post a peom about the character Armillo from Fuzzy Wuzzy Games' latest title Armillo in our comments! At the end of the contest...
  • 20140712
    Any Challengers?

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s79

    It's official our first weekly Mario Kart 8 tournament has begun and the weekly tournament run's from 12:00 AM PST Thursday's - 11:30 PM PST on Sunday's! This week the winner will receive a surprise Wii Shop download code as a prize! Be sure to join our Miiverse community and setup a time or times that you'd like to participate and I'll try to join you. As the...
  • 20140702
    Music To Your Ears!

    It's been a long while since our music podcast series WiiWareWave Paradise Chiptunes Podcast has aired and most of you likely believed that the series had been cancelled, but fear not chiptune lovers our series returns with episode 3 later this month and will feature chiptune remixes of both old and new video games! More details will be released later this month, but in the...
  • 20140705
    Our Own Radio Station!

    We have a monthly radio stream that has just started airing this month at Podsnack and features several hours of video game music and our own audio features! This month's stream can be listened to here: http://www.podsnack.com/9868B5DBDC9/avtk87rb

    Be sure to tell us what you think in our comments below!
  • 20140622
    Two Free Games Are Up For Grabs!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s52

    We have hidden three GEOM images called Contest Pieces in reviews not related to the game and the first two people to find all three out of place images and let us know where they found them in our comments below will win a North American download code of the recently released Wii U eshop title! Good luck and have fun!
  • 20140626
    Wii U-nfortunate!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Header11

    We have received several reports today from members that our site is not loading on the Wii U browser so we are currently looking into this and will try to fix the issue as soon as we possibly can, but in the meantime please be patient and try to browse our website with another device. If the Wii U browser is working for some of you please let us know as it could...
  • 20140622
    NINTENBROComments: 5Views: 704
    I'm holding a redemption code for "Kirby's Dream Land," for the North American 3DS eShop and will be giving it away to the first member who sends me a PM containg the phrase "# Kirby's Dream Land". This giveaway is open to all members of WiiWareWave, but please don't accept the code if you already own the game or don't know anyone who would actually need it. Good luck, my friends!

    Update: The redemption code was awarded to our violent member Killeryoshii! I hope you enjoy inhaling Kirby, my friend.
  • 20140520
    Making Waves!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar13

    We have made many amazing changes to WiiWareWave this week! We've also created a few more bugs as well, but we believe that the positives currently outweigh the negatives of our latest site update! Below is a list of our major changes!

  • 20140513
    Riding The Wave of Change!

     photo 1a798fca-fcba-4f91-a296-1087c43093ba_zps85825a46.png

    You might have noticed, but our Coin Shop has been updated with a new look, more features, a bugs have been fixed! First of all here is the list of new features!

  • 20140518
    Towafan7Comments: 0Views: 3997
    About WiiWareWave:

    WiiWareWave was founded back in March of 2011 and since then we've grown into a fairly popular website! We review games for Nintendo consoles and handhelds and write news articles as well! We have published nearly 500 game reviews, 10,000 news articles, and nearly 200 exclusive features including over 30 developer interviews! We have also been nominated for Shorty Awards four times!

  • 20140429
    Aesthetic Changes Will Be Making Waves On The Site!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Dkc_tf10

    A new review overview box "shown above" is being introduced here at WiiWareWave at the bottom of every review on our website to spice things up and improve our website's appearance! Right now only a very small number of our reviews have this new feature but in the coming weeks and months we'll switch every review to this new...
  • 20140430
    Splashing Into Summer!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    Today we're adding some new stuff to our forum shop that you guys can spend your hard earned WiiWareWave Coins on! The first is a new game that is able to be purchased at the time this article is published. And the second isn't an addition but rather a month-long sale during the month of May on one of our downloadable rewards!

  • 20140423
    Farming and Grilling Sale!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    This month we have made some minor changes to our forum shop selection of goods, below is a list of the changes along with some prices and amount in stock! Remember that it is the only place you can spend your coins earned in our forums.

    Additions: 1

     Like a Star @ heaven My Exotic...
  • 20140320
    Making A Splash!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Plgo10

    Tomorrow is a big day as our daily mini-podcast series The WiiWareWave Show airs tomorrow night! The series has morphed from a lengthy weekly podcast with mainly "video" as it's focus to a audio video hybrid that only contains one article per day due to technical issues, but this will allow us to use a "Nintendo Minute" approach to our series!

    Our first...
  • 20140316
    Time To Make A Splash And Party!

     photo 4f1a186e-e6ed-473d-9f1c-eb246cd5c425_zps65acf6a8.jpg

    WiiWareWave was started on March 16th 2011 by myself and co-owner Sneaker and we've had our ups and downs, but today is a big milestone as our website has reached its 3RD anniversary! In celebration...
  • 20140220
    Returning With A Spash!

     photo c35adfae-ef70-4bee-8dfa-729299f8dc77_zps1bcba785.png

    WiiWareWave was down after a DDoS attack overloaded our site and afterwards a hacker managed to prevent us admins from fixing our website, but finally after five days our website is fully functioning once...
  • 20140201
    Share Your Miiverse Profile With The Community!

     photo Editprofile2_zps0b6fcfce.png

    A new contact field has been added to user profiles allowing you quick access to your Miiverse profile so WiiWareWave members can contact you via Miiverse! The field is optional and if you want to add it to your profile go to edit profile and click on...
  • 20140103
    Wii U Gamepad Feature Utilized!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiu_s12

    From now on when posting Wii U reviews our staff will use photos that they've uploaded from their Wii U Gamepads on the Wii U internet browser, of course this can only be done on games that allow in-game pics to be posted so games such as Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will still feature publicly published images. The first review to feature completely...
  • 20140112
    300 Strong And Growing!

     photo 03a9461c-8a64-4240-8a38-31c35ffe05ca_zpse5893c30.png

    A huge milestone has been reached here at WiiWareWave as a 300th member has joined our website! This is such a monumental occasion that we're giving our 300th member a free download code for both Art Academy:...
  • 20140106
    Watch The Show And Chat Live As It Is Being Broadcasted!

     photo b899f57f-a3cc-487f-a209-5f608eb9a3ee_zps36b9a9b3.png

    We have changed the way we use our live broadcast page since we rarely even have live broadcasts ourselves so from now on we will be live streaming the North American Nintendo...
  • 20131216
    Welcome Aboard!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 1988ba10

    We have recruited a new member for our reviewing crew today. So give a warm welcome to Gamergy! Gamergy is a talented reviewer who will be a great addition to our team so be sure to greet him in the comments. We are also going to be recruiting more staff members over the next few months to provide you with up-to-date Nintendo news and quality reviews and features...
  • 20131203
    A Hero Is Announced!

     photo FuManchuAvatar_zps5cf30205.jpg

    A longtime member of WiiWareWave who has had many different usernames including Dragoon and Straw Hat has now joined our team of reviewers! He is friendly and loves anime more than anything and is willing to get his hands dirty by reviewing any game, even the bad ones! He...
  • 20131128
    Wii Give U Our Thanks!

     photo 2_zpsa6537fe7.png

    It's that time of the year again so we want to do something special for all of you today! First off I will be posting my review of The Mysterious Cities of Gold later today! Clannad will also be posting her review of Wii Sports Club: Tennis tonight and we will also be giving away a free North American download...
  • 20131106
    Time To Break Out Some Root Beer To Celebrate!

     photo 049b1d10-eb55-46f1-a575-94b5eb353048_zpsd784a670.jpg

    WiiWareWave might only have less than 300 members, but the sheer amount of visitors we get each year is staggering and as a result we are the most popular video game website hosted...
  • 20131004
    Five Winners Will Be Announced Next Friday!

     photo header10v2_zpse45ef6b5.png

    We are holding a new contest this week and the five winners with the best posts in this contest article will win a download code for TNT Racers: Nitro Machines Edition for the Wii U eshop! The rules are as stated below!

    You must by a legal resident...
  • 20131002
    A Day of Sorrow For WiiWareWavers...

     photo Mario-Nintendo-Sculpture-Princess-Peach-Pieta-Kawaii-Blog_zpsf636d58f.jpg

    Clαππαd: WiiWareWave's behind-the-scenes admin John Knight has passed away today and the staff, myself included...
  • 20130728
    Our partnerships with game developers and publishers!
    Towafan7Comments: 2Views: 809
    These are the game developers and publishers that we currently have a partnership with!


    Industry Partners

  • 20130926
    Good Deals And New Download Codes Available!

     photo Shop1_zps9d277136.png

    Based on member feedback we have slashed the prices of our premium images and game downloads in our member coin shop! A couple premium images were removed and La-Mulana and Final Fantasy III are now out of stock. We have added Grill Off With Ultra Hand (WiiWare) for 2500 coins,...
  • 20130904
    Join us with live updates and pictures being posted!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 1210

    We will be taking part in a small-medium sized local convention this weekend and will be giving you live updates from the show floor! Two of our staff members, Cloud_Strife and myself will be posting new news regarding Pokemon X and Y, Super Mario 3D World and a few other games that will be covered and playable in this weekend's...
  • 20130901
    Celebrate Good Times!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwlog10

    Today our community has reached an amazing milestone as Nessman18 posted the 40,000th message in our forums earlier today! We will be celebrating by posting a review everyday this week starting with my finally finished Kirby's Super Star (Wii U Virtual Console) review!

    Our community is also approaching the 300 member milestone as well. We will also be busy preparing new changes to our blog in celebration of this...
  • 20130827
    A Gift To Our Fans

     photo Visual_QR_DO_NOT_RESIZE_BELOW_25mm_zps62baa0e6.jpg

    Here is a contest that we started on our social media pages!

    "We are holding a QR code game giveaway scan this QR code to receive a download ticket for Big Bass Arcade: No Limit (3DS eshop) this is only...
  • 20130818
    Useful Changes!

     photo 22_zps738f6679.png

    It's time for another site update and this time we completely revamped our advanced site search page so you can now use google features such as image search or video search in your searches.

  • 20130818
    Our HTML editor is having trouble with long codes so our reviews page won't be updated till it's fixed, but the individual sub pages for each console will be updated since they are so short that they are unaffected.

    Someone please post an article regarding this issue, thank you for your understanding!
  • 20130808
    New Games Revealed!

     photo 6_zps300fb6d7.jpg

    We'll showcase the latest 3DS and Wii U trailers in this upcoming sizzle reel! Be sure to watch the news reel live! The video will air live on this page.

    Update! You can now watch the video below if you missed our live stream!
  • 20130718
    New Look To Please!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Www_sl10

    We have completely transformed WiiWareWave with a new look and style! We hope you enjoy the new look and features! Let us know what you think in our comments!
  • 20130623
    Latest WiiWareWave News Dqun1xD

    Hey everyone, TheMultiYoshi here. I gave the site a minor redesign with more modern colours and a new banner. But the big new addition is the Facebook login feature. That's right, all you have to do is connect your Facebook account to WiiWareWave and you will be able to log in quickly and easily with a click of a button! I hope you enjoy this new feature.
  • 20130625
    Play To Win!

     photo WWWSlogan_zps9a4617aa.png

    Tell us which game was your first in the series and explain what you thought of it and you could win a code to download Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Wii VC!

    Those who post will be given a random number between 1 and 50 if the number is 30 you win, if not you could still have a chance...
  • 20130619
    Modern Design!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwlog11

    We have a new navigation menu chock full of new featrures, let us know what you think of it and let us know about any bugs you experience! We will be adding more new features soon so keep your eyes peeled for further updates!
  • 20130505
    All In One Place!

     photo WWWlogo22_zpsc507135e.jpg

    We have added the reviews section to our navigation menu and will have all of our reviews available on the page soon! Right now we already have every retail Wii game that we've reviewed listed on the page!

    Let us know what you think about our new reviews section!

  • 20130612
    Facepalm Worthy...

     photo WWWlogo22_zpsc507135e.jpg

    Forumotion has added a new text editor which has broken the quick reply, the new tagging system, and many options in the extended message editor, which is causing some serious problems! Also the Login button has shrunk to a barely visible size, however it can still be used, just look carefully...
  • 20130609
    Welcome Back!

     photo 52-24_zps4d6df051.jpg

    Long-time WiiWareWave reviewer and staff member Jnes5 has returned to the community after taking a long break due to personal reasons, be sure to welcome him back in the comments!
  • 20130610
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wwwlog10

    The Nintendo E3 direct is going to broadcast tomorrow at 7:00 am (PT), and today we at Wiiwarewave are going to announce what we will be doing during Nintendo's first day at E3 !

    First, the owner of the site, Rukiafan, is going to post an E3 special Wiiwarewave podcast that will be focused all around the Nintendo E3 direct presentation, in which it might be done after the presentation is done.

    Also, Rukiafan will also be live chatting about the conference in the website's chatroom, join him...
  • 20130606
    Several Chat Rooms Now Available!

     photo ChatVersion4Beta_zps80b0bfeb.png

    We are introducing version 4 of our Live Chat today and it now has several chat rooms to choose from, our chat provider has fixed most of the bugs in this version of the Live Chat, however the avatars and other features are not present for now, but we will...
  • 20130606
  • 20130604
    Fresh Crew Members Needed!

     photo WWWlogo22_zpsc507135e.jpg

    We are currently hiring new news anchors and reviewers here at WiiWareWave as we are in need of more regular content on our website!

    The news anchor positions are completely voluntary and will not be paid, unless at some point our website becomes profitable in which case...

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