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  • 20110719
    We've been using a free tool that estimates a site's value based on,site name,design,# of members,and activity and here's our stats!

    April "we started this site on the 26th"

    and as of today

    Don't worry we have no plans on selling Exclamation
  • 20120612
    If you see below the "The Last Story" text, you will see the date that the game will come out in the US.

    I just want to inform you all, members, staff and visitors, that the date is not correct !

    The reason why I haven't changed the date is because there are so many rumors about when the game is actually going to come out in the US, some say is July 10th, but some say it's August 2nd, until I can get any confirmation from XSEED or Nintendo, I'll still see any confirmation of it's release date and THEN I will finally change the correct date.
  • 20120610
    christicehurstComments: 24Views: 2125
    It finally looks like Ninja News and Ware Wave are getting together for some re-designs. The site looks pretty good to me and we will continue to work through the forum to make it easier for people to use.

    Tell us what you think!
  • 20120610
    Here it is - the first of two podcasts for the sites. Have a good listen to it as it's important for both web sites.

    And in some exciting news. Did you know that you can actually ask me a question or comment via phone now? We have a phone number in America and for Canada users to give me a voicemail and it will be on the podcast show.

    Give Ninty the Ninja a call on (347) 391-GAME and we'll sort out your Nintendo questions!

    The forum wanted podcasts and we have delivered!

  • 20120327
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar11

    Our graphics designer John Knight is currently overhauling our forum as we speak, and as a result WiiWareWave will be under maintenance for a short time within the next hour or so!

    Update: The changes are complete and WiiWareWave is no longer under maintenance.
  • 20120316
    Happy Paper Anniversary!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    Celebrate WiiWareWave's 1st anniversary with us today, and share your thoughts and memories you have in the comments! We also changed our signature format, images can no longer be put into your sig and the signature size limit is now 350 characters. These changes should improve the performance of our forum, and make the forum look more clean. Wink
  • 20120309

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    WiiWareWave turns one year old on March 16th, and in celebration we have decided to improve the appearance, and enhance the features our website offers! There are many more changes coming over the course of the next week, but these are the changes currently implemented!

    The avatars are much larger in the blog posts now.

    The forum has a sleek design, and rounded edges on Chrome, and Firefox browsers, but sadly is still boxxy looking on the Wii...
  • 20120305
    Moving up the ranks!

    Latest WiiWareWave News 52-24

    Jnes5 is without a doubt one of our most talented reviewers, so it should come as no surprise that Jnes5's review for The Conduit was positively commented on by High Voltage Software themselves on Twitter!
    The review can be viewed here.

    Latest WiiWareWave News Hvs_lo10
    Note from Jnes5: the picture has some spanish words because...
  • 20120215
    Latest WiiWareWave News 111

    You may have noticed a section in your "or another persons" profile page called visitor messages and tried to mess with it only to get an error message, well we have officially finished your visitors messages section!

    What does this mean you ask?

    Well the visitors messages section in your profile is sort of a social wall for your friends, and other members to post messages and chat with...
  • 20120209
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar11

    Hello people of Wiiwarewave ! just letting you all know that the owner of the website, Rukiafan, has added a new score policy in the reviews ! in which this time every single score has a meaning:

    10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!

    9- Awesome This game has little in the way of flaws, and is a highly enjoyable experience.

    8- Great This is a great game that might have a few flaws or could have been better, but is still a...
  • 20111230
    We are currently seeking 2 reviewers.
    1 News anchor.
    1 Webmaster or graphics designer.
    1 News/review editor.

    Experience is preferred, but if you can impress us with an example of what you can do we'll hire you!

    These are not paid positions so we understand if that is a turn off, but we do this for the love of gaming not for profit. Wink
  • 20111108
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar11

    We are currently holding a contest to win one of two free 500 point Wii Shop games all you have to do is be one of the top 2 posters in the period from now until the end of december 24th!
    If you win you must exchange your Wii friend code with us and tell us which 500 point WiiWare or Wii Virtual Console game you would like!

    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiware1

    There are a few rules
    1st- You must be a registered member to be eligible.
  • 20110621
    Neither Cloud_Strife nor myself own a ds or 3ds which means we cannot review games for those systems,thus reviewers with said systems would be a valuable asset Wink
  • 20111018
    Things are getting busy around here so we currently need new staff to not only upkeep the forums but also writing news articles and reviews

    We currently have

    Full Time Admins

    Part Time Admins
    Sneaker "busy with another site Wink "
    KingreX32 "mia"
    John Knight "mia"
    Silks "busy with college"

    News Anchors
    KingreX32 "mia" "no internet in home right now"
  • 20111101
    We added a warning bar! If the warning bar isn't showing up on your posts, please PM me.

    Hope you all had a fun and safe halloween!


    Send me your twizzlers
  • 20111022
  • 20111020
  • 20111028
    Let's take WiiWareWave to the next level by getting all of our friends and family that is interested to join and become active members!

    If they can't speak english don't fret as our website has the option to change posts to the natural language of the member in the profile preferences and can translate it into the language that other members have set as their language!

    So let's set a goal to try to reach at least 500 members by christmas!

    That was a PM from rukiafan! If you haven't read it, get to work! LETS GET 500 BY...
  • 20111024
    The staff now has even more control over the look of the website, but that's not all we now can overwrite the limitations of the forumotion website to add added functionality and gadgets we couldn't change or add before, best of all we are still Wii browser friendly!
  • 20110909
    Hello! On September 24th, you will be able to see ME, AoX in a podcast! I will be covering the following:
    Nintendo 3DS: Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright Is Getting A Tokyo Game Show Presentation
    Nintendo DS: Free Kirby Mass Attack Demo For Nintendo DS On Nintendo Channel
    Nintendo Wii: Nintendo Working On Xenoblade Chronicles Stock
    Nintendo Wii U: Brand New Dragon Quest X Details Emerge For Wii And Wii U
    Nintendo Wii U: Harvest Moon Producer Thinks Wii U Will Be Appreciated By Casual And Family Gamers
    Nintendo DSi XL: Get Your Hands On A Pink Nintendo DSi XL On September...
  • 20110929
    Most of you have been wondering where the podcast went. Wehn i posted it on saturday, it claimed it was posted, but never did. I contacted youtube and still, i am waiting for a response.

    Truley sorry.

    I will be taking a temporary leave just for a bit. I have a family reunion coming up, so i won't be on for 2 weeks at the most.


  • 20110922
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar11

    Well people, here it is ! here at wiiwarewave have created a google plus profile !

    For those of you who have a google plus profile, you can follow our profile to receive the latest news, reviews and more from this website ! for those of you who don't have a google plus profile... well you can still bookmark our profile ! Very Happy

    So then head over to our recently created google plus profile in the link below !
  • 20110915
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar10

    Latest WiiWareWave News 1-78
    I remember when Sneaker and myself first created WiiWareWave and Sneaker was the only member besides myself,things were very tough between posting 2-4 reviews a day at first and trying to draw in members after a few days Cloud_Strife joined the team and started reviewing games as well,and before I knew it we had nearly 15 members!
    Then came the virus that crippled our original website which forced...
  • 20110915
    For some reason, when someone needs help, they refer to me. Anyways, it got annoying because i was flooded with pm's. So, i have launched the wiiwarewave support forum! Heres how it will work.
    The website: wwwsupport.forumotion.com

    Just go to the website and join!
    If you are:
    you will be a admin
    If you are:
    John Knight
    You will be a moderator

    We need 2 tech staff; the are in charge of the tech support

    And we need 3 a tech member; these people will answer the majorty of questions...
  • 20110910
    Some of you may have noticed that the podcast never was posted. I haven't heard ANYTHING from Jnes5 in the past 26 hours. This worrys me a bbit. We had about 1,000 users on earlier today waiting for the release of the podcast. But Jnes5 never showed up. Rukiafan they got a bunch of messages from people who were upset about what happened.
    Veary sorry for the inconvienence! From the looks of it, we will have to wait untill the 24th for the next podcast. Truley sorry,

  • 20110908
    In this thread, you can send in your questions for our Q&A slot in the first episode of the podcast !
  • 20110906
    We are starting a New free beta service here at WiiWareWave where our members can post thier wii console friend code and register mine or any other staff member who volunteers on thier wii and we'll send you links of our latest reviews,news,and site updates directly to your Wii message board!
  • 20110903
    Hi there! Zer0 checking in to remind you that you all have one more day to take our survey! Jnes was lucky enough to be able to hear some of the stats from the survey! I guarentee that this survey is going to bring wiiwarewave a bunch of new features! So, remember! Take the survey wile you still have a chance!

    Creative director
  • 20110830
    Latest WiiWareWave News Wiiwar11

    Wiiwarewave has had its ups and downs since its creation on march 16th 2011 from its slow start to the virus attack that crippled our original website in april,and let's not forget the day in june when wiiwarewave got over 30 new members Exclamation
    now we have made another incredible feat as yesterday we had 25,386 visitors on our website and combined between them 8.6 million pages viewed
  • 20110720
    silksofswedenComments: 7Views: 786
    Yipee way to go wiiwarewave Smile
  • 20110824
    You might have noticed a few changes to wiiwarewave today! So here's a rundown of the new features!
    New Smiley
    Razz Razz code : P
    "no space between : and P"

    New group
    We have added a new group though we likely won't need it anytime soon given our small size but here it is -MODCOP-

    New Rank Badges
    Our admins and moderators have new rank badges!
    Though not fully implemented yet we've added 6 new ranks and will change our ranks positions and posts needed to reach those...
  • 20110809
    To celebrate this occasion I've added a google rank tracker on our portal!
    also I changed our twitter widget,tried to improve our portal even further tell me what you think Very Happy
  • 20110811
    Okay guys we need several new reviewers as I am not that good "only 3-4 of my dozens of reviews are professional quality",and cloud is so busy,so we need new reviewers badly

    We especially need reviewers who can review wiiware/vc games
    and DS/3DS/Dsiware/3dsware/vc games!

    @staff I need you guys to try to recruit some reviewers be it a real life acquaintance or from some other board,because we just can't update the site enough or in my case write good enough reviews/articles to impress guests enough to want to join the community
  • 20110801
    As unbelievable as it may be wiiwarewave is spiraling out of control in a viral state Cool
    We'll keep you up to date on this situation as it continues to develop Very Happy
  • 20110722
    I added a guestbook page on the navigation menu,I also added a Review of the day tab on the portal to showcase a selection older review which will change each day,so older reviews get more hits,lastly I added several new smilies I love you I lost Defeated Tanuki Mario just to name a few
  • 20110720
    We are becoming quite popular so much so that we've reached 2 milestones in one day!
    We're also only 72 visitors shy of reaching the 20,000 site visitors mark!

    In celebration we'll host a live chat discussion at 12:00pm pacific time to 4:00pm pacific time!
    But remember you must be a member to join live chat and membership is free!
  • 20110720
    I added new avatars to our avatar selection in the profile menu,and tweaked the recent reviews in the sidebar to show 6 reviews instead of 5!
  • 20110719
    jnes5 has joined our team of reviewers and moderators let's give jnes5 a warm welcome Very Happy
  • 20110629
    We need reviewers now more than ever before as one of our reviewers seems to be busy,or was abducted by aliens Laughing either way we need help because we now have many viewers and can't review games quickly enough to keep our returning visitors from leaving,that's why we want you our fellow members,or even guests who might be interested in joining our team of reviewers to help us grow into an exceptional community Wink
  • 20110718
    I added forum rules and answered a question about whether or not it's free to register as a member here,which it is free Exclamation
  • 20110717
    That's right ladies and gentleman wiiwarewave now has 50 members now onward to 100 members Very Happy

    On a serious note I'm glad we have such a loyal fanbase and if it weren't for you this site wouldn't survive so thank you all of you Wink
  • 20110717
    Hopefully it can be found easier so more people will use it,also we have the most basic options enabled on the app,so virtually any browser including mobile ones can use it Exclamation
  • 20110712
    That's right everybody when you search google for wiiware reviews we're on page 7 to be precise we are the 75th site on the search which is up from 384th listed last week victory
  • 20110707
    We've had over 18,000 page hits,622 visitors,and 12 new members in the past 24 hours victory
  • 20110703
    But feel free to still login and post,I'm sorry about this,@silks and KingreX32 please keep an eye on the forum while I'm gone ^-^
  • 20110629
    1st we have now had over 6000 unique visitors and 40000 page hits

    2nd we now are the 10th most active video game website on forumotion based on our position on the forumotion.com forum search

    3rd Congratulations to H_Bogart32 for posting the 2000th message on wiiwarewave!
  • 20110627
    You've been displeased with our site's design and layout and were wondering why we haven't spiced up our site from its awkward layout and design that we've been told looks more like a mobile website,well your wait is nearly over as our staff will be working on overhauling our entire site,and possibly make custom pages!?
    we'll try to do all we can to please you and get new members as your our most valuable asset and we here at Wiiwarewave aspire to make all of our members happy,and maybe one day grow into a massive site that rivals some of the best
  • 20110627
    Towafan7Comments: 0Views: 699
    I added some pics for my Sonic The Hedgehog 2,and Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine review without a cpu by finding screenshots on photobucket and jotting down the img url,and typing it in on my review!

    I also added new pics to my kirby's Adventure (nes) review a few days ago so check them out!
  • 20110626
    Okay so I did tons of behind the scenes fixes which were mainly serious goof ups on my part when I created this site,and I gave our moderators,and co-admins new privileges.
    For you guys I added a new smiley

    #1 Sonic-code sonic sonic

    I also fixed some stuff about our rank badge system such as replacing the badges that didn't fit properly,and I added a few more badges to boot Wink

    and I still managed to get one...
  • 20110623
    I added a rewards system to earn awesome rewards with your coins it can be found in the Members Lounge and I changed our rank system!
    We now currently have about 16 ranks and all but the beginning rank 0-4 posts have nintendo themed badges,plus I added 3 new Smileys
    All 3 are Dragonball Z themed

    #1 Piccollo------code pic Envy
    #2 Goku---------code goku Goku
    #3 Super Saiyen-code ssj

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