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Lightning Fast!

 photo WWWNSMBULogo_zpsef378945.jpg

We have fixed the width of our forum, removed useless coding, and several widgets to make WiiWareWave look better and run much more smoothly! Our site now loads in less than half the time it used to!

Let us know if you like the changes in our comments!

We Have Improved Our Website's Loading Times And Streamlined Our Forums! Rukiafan7

Funniest WiiWareQuote of August 2020!

GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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The pages load much faster now. We Have Improved Our Website's Loading Times And Streamlined Our Forums! 631737971
I really like the new banner it's nice Smile
Looking good Rukiafan. Much better with the faster loading times.
Finally a update that adds something. Or removes a lot to be correct. I've complained to Rukiafan a lot about certain aspects of the site and I'm overjoyed that all the useless widgets that destroyed the speed of the site are gone. It's a lot faster and I might visit the site now more often like I used too.
Loading time is much better now! Very Happy
Aqua Cherry Blossom
Much better lol. Smile
The site even runs smoothly on the 3DS and Wii browsers now.
It is so fast now Smile
I just joined recently so i didnt know about how slow the site used to be.
@Sneaker wrote:I might visit the site now more often like I used to.

I hope so Sneaker! It's been a really longtime, since I've seen you very active on NLife and or WiiWareWave. You pretty much stand in the shadows, until a game you can't ignore comes across your radar. WWW used to have such a variety of members from all over the world, but for the past year our membership has been dwindling and then rebuilding itself up all over again with new members. It's always nice to meet new members, but I just wish we hadn't lost so many cool people and their unique personalities.
Yeah, the biggest reason is just lack of time. I live on my own now, I'm busy with work and with my own site. That doesn't leave a lot of time. But I have still visited this site and NintendoLife almost daily, but just not really active until, like you mentioned, an interesting game comes along. It also didn't help that WWW was terribly slow and added all the wrong things. I've complained to Rukiafan about this quite a few times and I'm glad that it is a lot quicker now.
Q-Bart 999
I'm glad that the page loading speed issue has been addressed!
Congratulations. It's what Samantha'd been telling you all along.
It runs very well now.
I stopped visiting because of the slow page loading, but it seems that has now been fixed. Smile
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