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I just realized I did a complete overhaul on WiiWareWave's Live Chat. I installed a new chatbox theme, with several new plug-ins (features), and it plays a new sound on messaging, poking and exiting chat. Chat now works on all the forums, not just the index page, as intended.

To use the new poke system, please bear in mind this system is CASESENSITIVE. To use it, just write /poke < username >. Example: /poke Samantha

It's the same as on my board now ( www.game-xtreme.com ). HAHA!

Enjoy! Wink


P.S.1: Oh, and just donated 500 credits of the 1800 needed by phone for WiiWareWave to change the domain name or keeping it alive for another year, or to be spend on WiiWareWave to any of Rukiafan's liking, but that's not important right now Wink
P.S.2: Sorry for all the editing, I'm tired and I saw typos all over the place Razz

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on January 28th 2013, 8:17 amKingreX32
It looks great. You did a great job on this.
on January 28th 2013, 12:32 pmTowafan7
It's not working properly on Chrome. At last check it was showing 18 script errors.
on January 28th 2013, 2:10 pmGuest
Please define, as you know I hate Crome and haven't installed it. To me it's a kid's browser. Must got something to do with the JS Plug-ins. Or better still, upgrade to FireFox. You'd be better off. haha!
on January 28th 2013, 2:51 pmKingreX32
im using chrome, it works fine on my comp
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