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Oh boy...

 photo WWWlogo22_zpsc507135e.jpg

Nintendolife has asked us to remove our news stories due to copyright infringement, so we had no choice but to comply, we will always write our future stories completely from scratch. Anthony from Nintendolife has explained to us that we can use them as a source, just as long as our article isn't too similar to theirs.

Hopefully by writing articles from scratch from now on we will avoid any more situations like this one, we apologize to you all and hope to get things back in order soon!

Last edited by Rukiafan on May 5th 2013, 12:03 pm; edited 2 times in total

Nintendolife Has Told Us To Remove Some of Our Content... Rukiafan7

Nintendolife Has Told Us To Remove Some of Our Content... 19654

Nintendolife Has Told Us To Remove Some of Our Content... 87457210

Nintendolife Has Told Us To Remove Some of Our Content... Bleach10

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!
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Oh, well... At least they can't force us to remove our gaming review's. Very Happy
I have to admit that I was surprised by their decision to force us to remove those heavily rewritten articles that linked directly to their's, but since they did we had to comply. Now that we are going to write articles completely from scratch we should be okay, "hopefully". Neutral
This is really unfair you gave them credit and changed the articles and everything Sad
Maybe this is actually for the better, because we will no longer be advertising their website to our members. I know that WWW isn't really in competition with NLife, but they don't need any more attention than they're already receiving. On the other hand, WWW usually needs all of the attention we can get. Having links leading to NLife in our articles is only going to funnel our activity over to their website.
It should be quite simple to get the information to write our own news articles for this site. Just create a list on Twitter containing all the accounts of developers and publishers who release games for Nintendo's consoles. Then you can get the news straight from the horses mouth and cut out the middle-man.
I used to go to Nintendolife I dont go on there anymore. I just lost interest. Too many of the good people i knew left. So i also lost interest. But i started talking to Rukiafan and decided to make myself a new home here. Hopefully I can find some awesome people here as well to make friends with Smile
Q-Bart 999
Welcome to the club Tails86.
Thanks alot Q Bart. Glad to be here Super Saiyen
@Tails just out of curiosity who were you on NL? I was Otaku/Darkrai/Hokari but I got banned for the dumbest reason a few months ago
I was as my name here Tails86. I didnt get banned I was a nice person but I just left because people were just very dominant i guess you could say over there. Especially in the Chatroom But thats past Now this is present. Smile Plus the site was run better before alot of the older guys left. Only people i talk to anymore on their i talk to on Facebook like Corbie Dillard. I swear i think of him like an Older Brother. He helped me so much with my channel and helping me overcome my fear.
Just out of curiosity which articles was it I hope it wasn't any of mine?
No they were mine, they even submitted them to google, luckily they didn't threaten us with legal action in their abuse report. Neutral
AH ok cause if they were mine I would be really confused I mean yeah I visit there site alot but when I write my articles I come up with them all off the top of my head, so it would have been weird if some of mine were include.

Sorry about yours getting yanked Rukiafan.
@Tasuki Thank you. Wink
which stories where they. Now I know not to use them as a source.
The one with the Ecco The Dolphin Sequel Kickstarter and several others, but I sent almost all of our articles to the basket just to be safe. The warning stated that the abuses would be submitted to google and that they expect us not to do it again, so it looks like we dodged a bullet this time. Neutral
What exactly does that mean the abuses would be submitted to google? How is that a bad thing? Sorry if I am not understanding that but I honestly dont.
It could potentially effect where our pages are located on the search engine, and if severe enough we could be removed from google completely. Neutral
Objection Blaster
This is unfortunate, but at least they aren't suing this website.
Wait! I just realized Surprised one on the other sites I go to posts the NL reviews of a game up on there site, I wonder if that will have to be taken down to?
This was explained by Anthony from NL and he made some good points, so we can still use them as a source as long as we make the article from scratch. Wink
I suppose they don't want you to do it because you're technically using their articles to advertise your site without their permission. I have been copying articles onto my website (and giving credit to the authors) and I haven't had any trouble yet, but now I make them from scratch. Smile
Awww I hope everything works out.
Seems Anthony is a cool guy. I was worried WiiWareWave was in trouble.
It seems to me there's some tension between WiiWareWave and Nintendolife. Haven't been on their site for over 8 months (I refuse to give them any of my hits or revenue flow after my dispute with people there). Obviously someone over there reported it. But even then, yes, you must always source anything that doesn't belong to you. And you don't need to only use Nintendolife. GoNintendo, IGN, Kotaku, etc are good sources as well.
I rarely visit NL anymore either. The community has truly gone downhill over the past two to three years.
did they specifically tell you which ones to move, cause it looks like you got rid of everything in the news section. I can't speak for anyone else but my articles I wrote myself, and they are from a variety of sources not just Nintendo Life. When did they send this message, where did you receive it. I want to see it for myself.
In the admin panel under reported abuses.
dude it was just for the ecco the dolphin story. thats all they mentioned.
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