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Fresh Crew Members Needed!

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We are currently hiring new news anchors and reviewers here at WiiWareWave as we are in need of more regular content on our website!

The news anchor positions are completely voluntary and will not be paid, unless at some point our website becomes profitable in which case all staff would be paid.

The reviewer positions will also be unpaid, but reviewers do sometimes receive a free review copy of the games we have them review thanks to the amazing indie developers we have the pleasure of dealing with such as Sabarasa Games, Nnooo, etc.

Staff will be chosen based on both talent and character so whether you are relatively new or a long-time member if you show that you are both talented at the position and friendly we will be glad to add you to our crew!

For those interested please email us at media@wiiwarewave.com with an example of what you are capable of and try to stay active over the next week or two so we can see how well you get along with the other members and we'll determine if you qualify for the position.

For members who have been active for more than 2 months we might decide to hire you immediately based on talent since we might already have a firm grasp on how you and other members of the community get along!

We look forward to working with you, our future crew-mates!

New News Anchors And Reviewers Needed! Rukiafan7

New News Anchors And Reviewers Needed! 19654

New News Anchors And Reviewers Needed! 87457210

New News Anchors And Reviewers Needed! Bleach10

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!
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June 4th 2013, 4:26 pmOrionJZed
May I please be a WiiWareWave journalist? Smile

...what? I already am?! That was quick! Very Happy

Joking aside, I'd be happy to write more reviews for the site Rukiafan. I'm also planning to do the next part of the Pokémon retrospective sometime this week. Wink
June 4th 2013, 8:14 pmTasuki
Hey I am still around just got a little busy at work. Should have a review up by this weekend if thats ok.
June 4th 2013, 9:24 pmKeAfan7
I'm looking forward to that review @Tasuki . Wink
June 4th 2013, 10:00 pmTasuki
I think alot of you guys are going to like this one. For one thing my review will be based on a game that I am playing for the first time so I wont have nostalgia blinding me lol.
June 6th 2013, 10:20 amGuest
I'll write an Animal Crossing: New Leaf impressions article for you this weekend since I got my copy early from a contest! I love you

I won't be able to post it until Sunday because of the rules of the contest though.
June 6th 2013, 1:53 pmOrionJZed
That should make for a fascinating read Kushina-chan. I'm looking forward to it! <(-^,^-)>
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