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A Hero Is Announced!

 photo FuManchuAvatar_zps5cf30205.jpg

A longtime member of WiiWareWave who has had many different usernames including Dragoon and Straw Hat has now joined our team of reviewers! He is friendly and loves anime more than anything and is willing to get his hands dirty by reviewing any game, even the bad ones! He will be reviewing one to two games every week and his first two reviews will be the newest WiiWare title Deer Drive Legends, and the much hated WiiWare tragedy Fireplacing!

Be sure to congratulate him on his promotion in our comments!

FuManchu Joins Our Team of Reviewers! Rukiafan7

FuManchu Joins Our Team of Reviewers! 19654

FuManchu Joins Our Team of Reviewers! 87457210

FuManchu Joins Our Team of Reviewers! Bleach10

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!
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December 3rd 2013, 1:06 pmTsubasa
Congratulations with becoming a reviewer for WiiWareWave! Very Happy
Aqua Cherry Blossom
December 3rd 2013, 1:18 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Congratulations @FuManchu lol. Smile
December 4th 2013, 12:34 pmClαππαd
Welcome to the team. Smile
I look forward to working together with you!
December 4th 2013, 1:04 pmRWBY_Red
Congratulations on your promotion. Smile
Rena Ryuugu Fanboy
December 4th 2013, 1:17 pmRena Ryuugu Fanboy
December 4th 2013, 2:13 pmOrionJZed
I guess we won't be seeing much of Luffy around here for a while. In any case, congratulations on your promotion Dra-...Str-...uh...FuManchu! Smile
December 4th 2013, 6:19 pmTasuki
December 5th 2013, 12:04 pmElza
Congratulations! Smile
December 5th 2013, 2:00 pmFM_Alchemist
Congratulations. I must admit I'm looking forward to what words of sorrow you'll post in your Fireplacing review. Laughing
December 5th 2013, 2:36 pmTsukoko
Congrats! The tag-line says it all, only a true hero would review bad games for a website to make sure the website has reviews for every game under the sun. Super Saiyen 
December 5th 2013, 2:58 pmToughGamer
December 12th 2013, 12:40 pmKain
Grats dude.
Nell TU
December 12th 2013, 12:49 pmNell TU
Congratulations! Smile
December 12th 2013, 1:01 pmNavi
Congratulations, I'm jelly! Surprised
December 12th 2013, 2:16 pmKingreX32
good luck dude
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