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Join us with live updates and pictures being posted!

WiiWareWave To Attend The Mesa Arizona AniGaming Convention! (Friday Update #1!) 1210

We will be taking part in a small-medium sized local convention this weekend and will be giving you live updates from the show floor! Two of our staff members, Cloud_Strife and myself will be posting new news regarding Pokemon X and Y, Super Mario 3D World and a few other games that will be covered and playable in this weekend's convention.

Are you looking forward to the influx of new Nintendo news that will be headed your way? Let us know in our comments!



[19:12:44] @ Rukiafan : Picture of our arrival to the AniGaming Convention....we're the first reporters here....

[19:13:22] @ Rukiafan :

WiiWareWave To Attend The Mesa Arizona AniGaming Convention! (Friday Update #1!) 13_zpsdb1a21b6

[19:13:49] @ Rukiafan : there are 1 or 2 cosplayers here as well, but of course the event doesn't even start until tomorrow.

[19:14:16] @ Rukiafan : That's all for today, I'll try to post an article sometime tonight to tide you guys over until the big event!


(Capcom Presentation)

The big Capcom presentation is the only event at the Mesa Arizona AniGaming convention that will be revealing new content and games, so without further ado here is the presentation highlights!

[10:22:46] @ Rukiafan : DuckTales DLC for PSN and eshop announced, new levels and content, but still no plans to add multiplayer.

[10:23:02] @ Rukiafan :

WiiWareWave To Attend The Mesa Arizona AniGaming Convention! (Friday Update #1!) 15_zps2ee9fb12

WiiWareWave To Attend The Mesa Arizona AniGaming Convention! (Friday Update #1!) 14_zps5cafa7c4

[10:25:40] @ Rukiafan : Capcom might add new D&D games to their CoM HD collection on the Wii U and PSN as DLC if game sales are good enough!

[10:26:39] @ Rukiafan : New details of Monster Hunter 4 for the 3DS

[10:29:09] @ Rukiafan : Up to 8 players can take part in a quest and 12 people per town!

[10:30:48] @ Rukiafan : Action events allow players to do amazing stunts to escape dangerous monsters that are enraged!

[10:32:36] @ Rukiafan : Demo that showcases both offline and local wi-fi features.

[10:33:28] @ Rukiafan : No info given if the game will have a true online mode or just local multiplayer via wi-fi...

[10:34:37] @ Rukiafan : Capcom says online is being considered based on feedback, but can't say more at this time.

[10:36:32] Cloud_Strife joined the chat on Fri Sep 06, 2013 10:36 am

[10:38:59] @ Cloud_Strife : Disney's Castle of Illusions Remastered will be the next Disney Remastered title from Capcom if Ducktales Remastered sells another 50,000 downloads.

[10:41:13] @ Rukiafan : Megaman X4 HD for PSN announced, possibly heading to other digital platforms.

[10:42:17] @ Cloud_Strife : That's it.

[10:42:20] @ Rukiafan : That's all for the presentation.

[10:44:12] @ Rukiafan : We'll checkout the playable MH4 demo and take a look at the Megaman X4 HD video demo and let you know our thoughts and impressions of the games!

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WiiWareWave To Attend The Mesa Arizona AniGaming Convention! (Friday Update #1!) Rukiafan7

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GeekyGamerJack wrote:The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV... saur?
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Wow... I can't believe that you guys are going to do this !

Best of luck to both of you !
Congratulations I will watch your updates this weekend! I love you
I missed out on Supanova earlier in the year, so I'm happy that you and Cloud will be able to have a great time at your local convention. I look forward to hearing all your impressions of upcoming Nintendo games. Smile

Oh, and if you can, try and find somebody cosplaying a not-so-well-known anime or video game character and let us try to guess which one it is! You could even make it a contest of some kind! Wink
Update bump.
MH4 better have online multiplayer, or I definitely won't be purchasing it. That was pretty much the entire reason why I didn't buy MH3U for the 3DS. That, and the fact that it was a port with visuals that were horribly optimized for the 3DS.
We got sick on Friday afternoon and had to cancel our plans after a doctors visit....we got swine flu. Crying or Very sad
Oh no, that's terrible! Please get well soon and have plenty of rest (and chicken soup)! Surprised
Arigatou GamerZack San! Very Happy
Get well soon and I hope your next convention goes off without any issues Very Happy
My condolences, get well soon.
Get better soon Smile
@ToughGamer wrote:My condolences, get well soon.
Nobody died you know. Laughing
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