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Update! WiiWareWave Announcement: Steven9wii Has Been Swiftly Banned! 298-9910

Steven9wii has officially joined our moderation crew to handle our forums in the following ways:

Checking posts.

Looking for potential spoilers and placing said posts within spoiler tags,

Locking or merging duplicate topics.

Locking spam or hate topics.

Handling bad or malicious posters by warning them or even banning them if they're being too disruptive or hateful.

Be sure to congratulate him on his promotion in our comments below!

Update: Steven9wii was found to be deleting our forums of all of their content and has been swiftly perma-banned. We're very sorry that many of your posts have been deleted and will make sure that it doesn't happen again.

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Update! WiiWareWave Announcement: Steven9wii Has Been Swiftly Banned! Rukiafan7

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Congratulations @Steven9wii Smile
Oh no!
How awful. Sad
Before you let someone join and erase our forums let me have a few words with that person at least.

Something to remember: Don't give site access to kids that get banned from Miiverse.  Exclamation 
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