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by Towafan7
on November 9th 2021, 2:10 pm
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Topic: News: Augmented ~ Faraday Protocol Releases on PS5 And Nintendo Switch!
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News: Augmented ~ Faraday Protocol Releases on PS5 And Nintendo Switch!


Augmented Reality Ahoy!


Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl12

PR Hound has announced that Augmented: Faraday Protocol has been released on PS5 and Nintendo Switch! Here's the official announcement from the PR firm:

PR Hound wrote:Official game logo

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl13

Faraday Protocol

-       Breaking the Rules       -        

  Power Launch after Low Profile Release Switch/PS5

Publisher Deck 13, who last year released the globally acclaimed RPG blockbuster CrossCode, delivers another genre breakthrough with a redefined and enhanced first-person puzzler & explorer with a mysterious backdrop story to intrigue. Faraday Protocol is an experience that is not to be missed. - Out Now! - PS/XB/NSW - $24.99/€24.99/£20.99 - PC Steam $19.99/€19.99/£15.99.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl12

Emergence  / Evolution

After a low profile soft launch and focused feedback from the gaming community, a number of major updates have been initiated in Faraday Protocol. With its unique and challenging gameplay, which adds that extra spark to ensuring it shines brightly, this game reemerges  on Microsoft Xbox, Steam PC, Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 /5 with a triumphant boost of creativity.

The first puzzle pyramid awaits

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl14

Setting New Boundaries

This beautifully crafted first person puzzle journey conjures up intrigue, mystery, and a number of unsettling moments as you experience the atmospheric delights as an interstellar archaeologist who researches the abandoned space station OPIS and its enigmatic governing A.I. IRIS. Developed by the talented Italian developers, Red Koi Box, utilizing the Unreal Engine 4, they have crafted and designed methods unique to this game genre.

Brainy Stuff

All of the mechanics rotate around the Bia-Tool, an original object capable of absorbing and re-distributing specific types of energy. The simple mechanics  evolve over time and allow for increasingly complex and mind-bending puzzles.

Doors open and puzzlement awaits

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl12

Breaking New Ground

“Faraday Protocol moves from the traditional ways and follows rules and uses mechanics never used before, and will challenge the grey matter of the player to lateral and logical thinking. The unique puzzle elements combined with the linear game and story progression make this game enjoyable for almost everyone.”, Giacomo Sala, Red Koi Box.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Untitl15

The Story Unfolds and Scene setting - The Challenge
Set in a sterile and futuristic world, you are soon thrust into an organic forest-like environment after leaving your spacecraft. In this strange unnerving environment the player will see three Ziggurats (pyramid buildings) and will be led into one, where your intuitive powers of logic and expertise will start. The first building looks clean, sterile and in very good condition, with strong tones of black and gold. Here the player will learn the basic mechanics, and will experiment with them until he will reach the top of Ziqqurat One. Outside night has now come, and more, new mechanics will be introduced. The next building will be decaying, and will comprise a combination of all the player has previously learned. He will then face two other environments, with different tones and feels, which will bring him to the end of the game. Throughout the game, the storyline will progressively grow, as in the beginning it is limited to pre-recorded messages, it will unfold into full conversations with multiple choices.


Features - Outside the Box

Multiple Solutions to succeed.

Hidden Collectables - Deviously Hidden

Immersive Soundtrack

Puzzle your way through a number of “Escape Room”- like puzzle rooms

Absorb and redistribute energy using the Bia-Tool

Unravel the mysteries of the abandoned space station OPIS

A unique blend of retrofuturism

Faraday Protocol - Its Essence - is a first person puzzler that will test your wits and intelligence. Use the Bia-Tool, an ancient pistol-like relic of an alien civilization, to solve puzzles by bending energy and manipulating enigmatic machinery. Explore the mysterious and abandoned space station OPIS and unravel the mysteries of its governing A.I. IRIS, which slumbers deep at the core of the station.

Adapting the Rules to Deliver an Ambient and Absorbing Experience for All!

What do you think about the announcement? Will you be purchasing this fantastic looking first person puzzler/exploration title? Let us know in our comments section below!


#News #PS5 #Switch #Retail #eShop #PSN #PRHound #Deck13 #Puzzler #FirstPerson #Exploration

by Towafan7
on November 28th 2020, 5:06 pm
Search in: Switch Reviews
Topic: Review: Clea (Switch eShop)
Replies: 12
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Review: Clea (Switch eShop)


CLEArly Terrifying Fun!


Topics tagged under puzzler on  Clea_s10

Developed by InvertMouse, published by Sekai Games, and public relations by PR Hound, Clea for the Nintendo Switch, is a spooky adventure title, with heavy puzzle and stealth elements and loads of twists and turns, but will it bring players a sense of enjoyment or a sense of terror that they wasted their money? We think it's the former as we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the game! Continue reading our review to find out why we enjoyed Clea!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  20110111

The story in CLEA is simple, as a young girl, you must guide your brother to safety in a literal house of horrors chock full of frightening enemies and devious traps. The game is made up of three distinctly different gameplay elements. The first is exploration trying to get your bearings in the labyrinthian house of horrors while gathering clues and important items is paramount. The second thing that you must do is solve puzzles and use key items you have found to progress past certain areas of the map, these can be quite challenging.

The third aspect of the game which most often occurs when you progress past puzzles or locked doors is stealth-based gameplay. Your character and her brother don't have powers of any kind, and if the spooks find you and catch you, it's game over. Luckily there are plenty of spacious wardrobes to hide in when things get a little dicey. The game is VERY difficult and will likely take newcomers dozens of hours to finish, but if you know what to do it can be beaten in a few hours.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  20110110

The controls in CLEA are intuitive and extremely simple so players should have no problem learning how to navigate the corridors of the map. The audiovisual presentation is quite good with gorgeous hand-drawn characters and spooks as well as a decent map layout. The sound effects are decent enough while the eerie ambience sets the mood of the game quite well!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Clea_s11

Bottom-Line: With a simple story and great gameplay with easy to learn controls and an above average audiovisual presentation, CLEA for the Nintendo Switch is a great horror game at its core and is well worth checking out, however the steep difficulty might be a turn-off for some players. As for us, we give the game a good level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10



#Review #InvertMouse #SekaiGames #PRHound #Switch #eShop #Horror #Puzzler #Stealth #Narrative

by armerocks
on November 23rd 2019, 11:29 pm
Search in: PSVR Reviews
Topic: Review: The Last Labyrinth (PSVR)
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Review: The Last Labyrinth (PSVR)


The horror game that lacks enough horror...


Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x29

So in this game the main character is for some reason strapped and chained to a wheel chair and he can’t speak, the only way he communicates is by using a button on his hand that turn on a laser on his head, he is accompanied by a little girl who speaks a fictitious language and the game has no subtitles, it seems the developers wanted to make this game a puzzle were you read into what she’s thinking based on her movements but honestly I don’t see how her interactions give a single clue to any puzzle because it just looks like she’s looking around thinking, now the game started rather simple with pretty easy puzzles but after the first few, I think it was around six puzzles (I lost count) the puzzles got extremely hard, so hard that I haven’t been able to continue, in one puzzle there were some pictures with lasers and in the other one there’s a statue with a tool that measures weight between two objects, (I don’t recall name of the tool) and I can’t understand what to do, the clues each room gives players are so vague that the only way to solve them is pure trial and error until you eventually find it.

 Now regarding the horror, yes there is certain amount of horror in this game because if you get the puzzle wrong both you and the girl die in different ways depending on the trap, and even when you get the puzzle right you still see part of the trap activate making you think you messed up only to be saved in the end, that I kind of liked because it would be boring to not see the trap activate if it was easy to pass it without seeing something. However my problem is that the deaths are rather boring in the sense that they would usually be crushed or fall down a hole, but there is no blood or gore unfortunately. When the girl dies she usually dies disappearing in to something black or is taken off screen and when you die it just fades to black so it makes it feel so fake, the fact that you’re stuck motionless in a chair kind of ruins the experience for me because i would find it much more scary if you could actually move around. Although there was one puzzle that makes me flinch every time. When you lose in this one puzzle a giant snake eats both you and the girl, but since he does it so slow and the snake looks realistic and you even see when he opens his mouth to eat each of you it's quite terrifying and is the only death that makes me flinch or try to close my eyes. 

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Last-l10

The atmosphere is there because of the traps, but the execution is rather poor and I can’t even tell what the story is about, each time you pass a puzzle the two characters just end up in front of a cliff near the ocean and different things happen like in one the girl falls of the cliff and such and then you're back in a dark room with a lamp with something attached to the handle and you have to use the laser for the girl to turn the lamp on to proceed. To be honest at first I was enjoying the game because the puzzles weren't all that difficult, but some were a bit too easy, but then suddenly the difficulty just spiked to near impossible to solve levels unless you spent hours figuring out different possibilities. 

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Last-l11

 Bottom-Line: So we are giving the game an average level of recommendation, but to be fair maybe I’m not that good at solving puzzles, there's always that possibility, I'd recommend seeing gameplay before purchasing. Also I forgot to mention everything is done with the headset motion control and 1 button and you can either use a DualShock 4 controller or PS Move controller, it makes zero difference either way.


 1.   Good atmosphere.

 2.   Creative puzzles.

3.   Shows parts of the traps even when you've done puzzles correctly.


 1.   Poor execution of deaths making them boring to watch and less realistic. 

2.   Huge spike in difficulty that goes from extremely easy to extremely hard. 

3.   No subs or background story.

4.   Very little interaction.

5.   A rare, but major glitch that causes the button on the controller to not charge the energy needed to use the laser essentially glitching glitching the game because without it you cannot proceed.  Not sure what causes it and it only happened once.

6.   No exit button so the only way to go back is to do the puzzle wrong and die.


Score:  ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 5.5/10



#Review #Amatakk #PS4 #PSN #PSVRRequired #Puzzler #Survival #Horror

by Towafan7
on July 7th 2019, 12:40 pm
Search in: PS4 Retail Reviews
Topic: Review: Lapis x Labyrinth (PS4 Retail)
Replies: 31
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Review: Lapis x Labyrinth (PS4 Retail)


Labyrinthian Platforming At Its Finest!


Topics tagged under puzzler on  Lapis_10

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America, Lapis x Labyrinth is platformer with RPG elements, great aesthetics, and unique gameplay, but is it worth diving into? We think so and here's why:

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Switch10

The gameplay in Lapis x Labyrinth is absolutely bonkers, but in an ingenious and highly enjoyable way. There are tons of genres crammed into this title ranging anywhere from puzzle to platforming and even JRPG elements and the gameplay elements meld together seamlessly. The story is hilarious and fun as expected from a game developed by Nippon Ichi Software so expect to have an enjoyable romp!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Lapis_11

There are a ton different enemies in the game and the bosses are creative and a blast to take down! The controls are intuitive and easy to learn and the game's difficulty is nicely balanced! There are tons of skills and a balanced leveling system that adds a JRPG feel to the game as well.

The audio-visual presentation is superb with gorgeous character and enemy models, gorgeous level designs, and a fantastic soundtrack it's hard to not love this game!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  Lapis_12

Bottom-Line: With great gameplay, intuitive controls, and a fantastic audio-visual presentation it's hard to not immediately be immersed in Lapis x Labyrinth's amazing world and there's no real negative aspects to the game! Overall we give the game a good to great level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★¾☆ 8.75/10



#Review #NipponIchiSoftware #NISA #PS4 #Retail #PSN #Platformer #Puzzler #Action #JRPG

by Towafan7
on February 17th 2019, 11:31 am
Search in: PS4 Retail Reviews
Topic: Review: The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince (PS4 Retail)
Replies: 21
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Review: The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince (PS4 Retail)


Lying Has Never Been So Fun!


Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x10

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and published by NIS America, The Liar Princess And The Blind Prince is a heartfelt tale about a wolf with a beautiful voice and a prince who is accidentally blinded by the wolf and their journey to restore his eyesight! Continue reading our review to find out why we highly recommend the game to all PS4 and Switch owners!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x11

The story is most certainly the strong point of the game and is absolutely amazing! The storybook style storytelling is gorgeous, will the script is touching and at times, enchanting! The downside is the game is quite short so you'll likely wish there was more content, but what is there in-terms of story is nearly flawless!

The gameplay is the weak-point, but is still solid. Basically it's a puzzle-based platformer and its mechanics are excellent, though there isn't a whole lot of variety between the various stages which holds the game back from getting a perfect score. The game can easily be beaten in a few hours and there are a couple of different endings which adds a bit of replay value to the game.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x13

The controls in the game are pretty easy to learn and are quite simple to master to be quite honest, and while the platforming aspects are for the most part exceptionally easy, the puzzle elements can be quite sadistic at times so expect some mind-bending puzzles that might leave you scratching your head for a spell or two.

The audio-visual presentation is nothing short of amazing, whether it's the storybook cutscenes, the gorgeous artistic backgrounds in the stages, the superbly detailed characters and enemies, or the amazing soundtrack, it's top-tier stuff and is nearly perfect!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x14

Bottom-Line: With an amazing story, solid gameplay, excellent controls, and a nearly flawless audio-visual presentation, The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince is a great game that is worth looking into if you're an owner of a PS4 or Nintendo Switch the only downside is that the game is quite short. Anyways we give The Liar Princess and The Blind Prince a good to great level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 8.5/10



#Review NipponIchiSoftware #NISA #PS4 #Switch #Retail #Platformer #Puzzler #StoryDriven #Atmospheric

by armerocks
on December 21st 2018, 6:36 pm
Search in: PSVR Reviews
Topic: Review: Arca's Path (PSVR)
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Review: Arca's Path (PSVR)


Arca's Path of Fun!


Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x

Developer: Dream Reality Interactive.
Publisher: Rebellion Games.
Price: $19.99.

Let’s see Where do we start? Well first of all the game is a peaceful puzzler game that has you controlling a sphere with your head or helmet so to speak. I found the puzzles to be rather simple at least up to the 6th level, after that it became a little more complicated, but not anything that would really make it difficult. The only challenge you'll face is if you are collecting all the crystals in order to unlock the time trial mode and even that is only a little more difficult, but only because you have to backtrack a bit sometimes. Other than that Arca's Path is a very peaceful game that you can play when you are tired of playing fighting games or rpg's, or whatever else you may fancy.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x

The game has 25 levels and visually it looks nice and I don’t think it would make anyone get sick playing it because it’s very easy on the eyes. The colors are not too bright so if you’re not used to playing vr or get motion sickness easily, this game is a good game to start with while you get adjusted to the PSVR. There isn’t much to the story the main character in the game is a girl that seems to live in a junkyard of sorts and finds a mask that transports her into a virtual world where she controls a sphere, uhm then some guy charges the mask again after a while so she can continue using it, which then turns out the guy is some kind of machine and forces the girl to keep wearing the mask  and thus the levels keep going.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x

For $20 it’s not such a bad price for the game, I personally would wait for a discount but like I said it’s reasonably priced, and seems like the developers worked hard at making a fun and simple game that anyone could enjoy. Unfortunately what it does lack is challenge, the stages mostly are very short and only seem longer if you’re looking for the crystals which don’t really serve much of a purpose since all they do is unlock a time trial that is really just for you because there no online leader board if you’re aiming for that.

The music isn’t anything to exciting since its meant to be a relaxing game so you mostly hear relaxing music that sometimes are just random sounds, and since you don’t need the controller to play the game you could probably eat while playing if you wanted to, but good luck not making a mess haha.  But in all seriousness the game is good, but it’s just not a game I would personally pay $20 for, not because it’s bad, rather it's because I prefer a bit more of a challenge from a puzzle game.

Topics tagged under puzzler on  900x

Bottom-Line: With good gameplay that is both relaxing and fun, functional controls, pleasant visuals, and an atmospheric soundtrack Arca's Path is a fun little puzzler for the PSVR and is a good choice to get yourself acclimated to VR games if you're not used to them yet. The only real drawback to the game is that it just isn't very challenging. We give Arca's Path a solid level of recommendation.


[b]Score: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10



#Review #ArcasPath #DreamRealityInteractive #RebellionGames #PS4 #PSVR #PSN #Puzzler

by Towafan7
on April 9th 2016, 12:48 pm
Search in: Wii U eshop Reviews
Topic: Review: Jewel Quest (Wii U eShop)
Replies: 6
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Review: Jewel Quest (Wii U eShop)


Decent Match-Three Action.


Topics tagged under puzzler on  885x10

Developed by PlayEveryWare and published by iWin games, Jewel Quest is a simple yet highly challenging match-three style puzzler that will test your skills and can be a decent amount of fun for short-bursts, however how does it hold-up against its competition? Continue reading to find out!

The gameplay in Jewel Quest is simple, you must match three or more jewels to make matches to light up the puzzle board. The objective is to light up every space on the board within a set amount of time. The puzzle boards get progressively more difficult with each stage that's cleared and gets extremely challenging near the end of the 72 stages. You can also match three or more coins to earn a wildcard to light up a single puzzle square to help complete the stages!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  885x12

The touch-screen controls are perfect for this kind of game and are also very easy to master which is good, since precision and speed are necessary for completing the more challenging stages in the game! The Off-TV-Play is also implemented well in this game so expect some quality audio and visuals even if you don't always have access to a television set!

Visually the game is a mixed bag, the background images in the stages are quite detailed and look nice, however the jewels and puzzle boards look very dated and are missing that HD shine which is very unfortunate, the audio on the other hand is nice with simple sound effects and an excellent soundtrack that definitely sets the mood for the game! Overall the audio-visual presentation is above average if you take everything into account!

Topics tagged under puzzler on  885x13


With solid gameplay that's both simple yet extremely challenging, flawless controls that work well with the game, and a superb soundtrack, Jewel Quest is a game that most fans of the puzzle genre will likely find quite enjoyable, however the visuals aren't on par with most modern games in the genre and as such it does slightly hurt the game's overall score. Regardless we still give Jewel Quest a solid level of recommendation to our fans!

Price: $4.99


Score: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10



#Review #WiiU #eShop #Puzzler #iWin #PlayEveryWare #JewelQuest


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