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by armerocks
on November 23rd 2019, 11:29 pm
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Topic: Review: The Last Labyrinth (PSVR)
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Review: The Last Labyrinth (PSVR)


The horror game that lacks enough horror...


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So in this game the main character is for some reason strapped and chained to a wheel chair and he can’t speak, the only way he communicates is by using a button on his hand that turn on a laser on his head, he is accompanied by a little girl who speaks a fictitious language and the game has no subtitles, it seems the developers wanted to make this game a puzzle were you read into what she’s thinking based on her movements but honestly I don’t see how her interactions give a single clue to any puzzle because it just looks like she’s looking around thinking, now the game started rather simple with pretty easy puzzles but after the first few, I think it was around six puzzles (I lost count) the puzzles got extremely hard, so hard that I haven’t been able to continue, in one puzzle there were some pictures with lasers and in the other one there’s a statue with a tool that measures weight between two objects, (I don’t recall name of the tool) and I can’t understand what to do, the clues each room gives players are so vague that the only way to solve them is pure trial and error until you eventually find it.

 Now regarding the horror, yes there is certain amount of horror in this game because if you get the puzzle wrong both you and the girl die in different ways depending on the trap, and even when you get the puzzle right you still see part of the trap activate making you think you messed up only to be saved in the end, that I kind of liked because it would be boring to not see the trap activate if it was easy to pass it without seeing something. However my problem is that the deaths are rather boring in the sense that they would usually be crushed or fall down a hole, but there is no blood or gore unfortunately. When the girl dies she usually dies disappearing in to something black or is taken off screen and when you die it just fades to black so it makes it feel so fake, the fact that you’re stuck motionless in a chair kind of ruins the experience for me because i would find it much more scary if you could actually move around. Although there was one puzzle that makes me flinch every time. When you lose in this one puzzle a giant snake eats both you and the girl, but since he does it so slow and the snake looks realistic and you even see when he opens his mouth to eat each of you it's quite terrifying and is the only death that makes me flinch or try to close my eyes. 

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The atmosphere is there because of the traps, but the execution is rather poor and I can’t even tell what the story is about, each time you pass a puzzle the two characters just end up in front of a cliff near the ocean and different things happen like in one the girl falls of the cliff and such and then you're back in a dark room with a lamp with something attached to the handle and you have to use the laser for the girl to turn the lamp on to proceed. To be honest at first I was enjoying the game because the puzzles weren't all that difficult, but some were a bit too easy, but then suddenly the difficulty just spiked to near impossible to solve levels unless you spent hours figuring out different possibilities. 

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 Bottom-Line: So we are giving the game an average level of recommendation, but to be fair maybe I’m not that good at solving puzzles, there's always that possibility, I'd recommend seeing gameplay before purchasing. Also I forgot to mention everything is done with the headset motion control and 1 button and you can either use a DualShock 4 controller or PS Move controller, it makes zero difference either way.


 1.   Good atmosphere.

 2.   Creative puzzles.

3.   Shows parts of the traps even when you've done puzzles correctly.


 1.   Poor execution of deaths making them boring to watch and less realistic. 

2.   Huge spike in difficulty that goes from extremely easy to extremely hard. 

3.   No subs or background story.

4.   Very little interaction.

5.   A rare, but major glitch that causes the button on the controller to not charge the energy needed to use the laser essentially glitching glitching the game because without it you cannot proceed.  Not sure what causes it and it only happened once.

6.   No exit button so the only way to go back is to do the puzzle wrong and die.


Score:  ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 5.5/10



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by armerocks
on November 2nd 2019, 3:14 pm
Search in: PSVR Reviews
Topic: Review: Bonfire (PSVR)
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Review: Bonfire (PSVR)


Let’s turn up the heat in these dark woods or something?


Topics tagged under psvrrequired on  Bonfir10

Bonfire is a very short virtual reality game made by “Baobab”, it starts off in space where the main character has awoken from hyper sleep because he is a scout meant to look for other planets that can be inhabited by the human race because humanity made earth uninhabitable with their destruction and use of the planet's resources, so you crash-land into the planet and then make a bonfire alongside your ship's navigation computer AI.

Topics tagged under psvrrequired on  Bonfir11

Basically it’s a very short narrative adventure that you can interact with and is only about 15-20 minutes in length give or take a minute or two. The art style is cute and the game has nice voice acting as well. The story is kind of nice as well, but again it’s WAY too short. There are some interactions that the game will do for you if you don’t do anything during them. You can also play through it multiple times for some minor changes in what the AI says but that’s about it

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Bottom-Line: [i]We give Bonfire a solid level of recommendation because it was well made and the art style and voices were nice, but it was too short for our tastes, and while there were interactions they were a bit limited. If what you seek is a cute small interaction-based adventure for PSVR, you will likely enjoy this game, however if you are not into these types of games I recommend skipping it entirely. It’s cute, but it's most likely one of those games you pick up once and will never play it again. It does have easy trophies so if you are a trophy hunter this is an easy platinum to earn!


[b]Score: ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ 7/10



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