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  • 20110727
    Global announcement:

    Forum Rules

    KeAfan7Comments: 16Views: 6169
    Here are our updated forum rules so read them carefully


    #1 Be nice! Don't flame, bash other people, or troll on the forums

    #2 Don't post any videos, pics, or links to illegal sites that show porn, nudity, drugs, or criminal behavior!

    #3 Don't spam a topic that has already been created, if you can find it on...
  • 20230320
    @KokorOtaku You are the man of the hour!!!! W00t!!!!

    KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku
  • 20210115
    Sorry guys, I did all I could to support the browser for as long as humanly possible, but with our webhost's current encoding it's now no longer possible to keep the browser supported at a usable level. In memory of our over 7 years of supporting the browser I am writing this global message on my Wii U browser. This may well be my final post using the browser as it is a nightmare to navigate our site with and most features no longer work with the app. Who here has used their Wii U browsers to browse our website and post messages? When did you stop using the Wii U browser on our website? As always,...
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  • 20181221
    Armerocks' Debut Review.
    armerocksComments: 17Views: 2149


    Arca's Path of Fun!


    PSVR Reviews 900x

    Developer: Dream Reality Interactive.
    Publisher: Rebellion Games.
    Price: $19.99.

    Let’s see Where do we start? Well first of all the game is a peaceful puzzler game that has you controlling a sphere with your head or helmet so to speak. I found the...
  • 20191102


    Let’s turn up the heat in these dark woods or something?


    PSVR Reviews Bonfir10

    Bonfire is a very short virtual reality game made by “Baobab”, it starts off in space where the main character has awoken from hyper sleep because he is a scout meant to look for other planets that can be inhabited by the human race because humanity made earth uninhabitable...
  • 20190307


    A Massive Disappointment Like The ill-Fated Titanic...


    PSVR Reviews 900x

    Developer: Soul Pix.
    Publisher: Soul Pix.

    Ok let’s review this game, when I played the demo for this game I was excited and intrigued because it seemed like a game were you would need to survive and would need to venture out and find many means of survival. However...
  • 20190115


    Spaztic Gunslinging...



    Developer: MIROWIN.

    Publisher: MIROWIN.

    All right let’s review this hot-mess, so the game is a wave type of game where your goal is to shoot down enemies and survive. It’s divided into a few acts which each have three stages, it also has various difficulty levels...
  • 20190201


    A Workout With Blades!


    [image placeholder]

    Developer: Chesstar Studios.
    Publisher: Vive Studios.

    All right let’s see how do I start? Well for one thing I had a blast with this game. The game is pretty simple as you've got your samurai theme game and what you do is basically stand on one spot and tiny little people (if you can call them that) are thrown at you and you have to cut them down with your sword before they hit you, you...
  • 20191123

    The horror game that lacks enough horror...


    PSVR Reviews 900x29

    So in this game the main character is for some reason strapped and chained to a wheel chair and he can’t speak, the only way he communicates is by using a button on his hand that turn on a laser on his head, he is accompanied by a little girl who speaks a fictitious language and the game...
  • 20190327


    Solid Wizardry!


    PSVR Reviews 48611110

    It is time! time to mage-up and uhm time-up… never mind! Ok here's our review for The Wizards: Enhanced Edition for the PSVR which is developed and published by Carbon Studios. OK so the game starts you out as an apprentice of sorts wanting to learn magic from a wizard, but the wizard who speaks to you doesn’t...
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