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CLEArly Terrifying Fun!


Review: Clea (Switch eShop) Clea_s10

Developed by InvertMouse, published by Sekai Games, and public relations by PR Hound, Clea for the Nintendo Switch, is a spooky adventure title, with heavy puzzle and stealth elements and loads of twists and turns, but will it bring players a sense of enjoyment or a sense of terror that they wasted their money? We think it's the former as we thoroughly enjoyed our time with the game! Continue reading our review to find out why we enjoyed Clea!

Review: Clea (Switch eShop) 20110111

The story in CLEA is simple, as a young girl, you must guide your brother to safety in a literal house of horrors chock full of frightening enemies and devious traps. The game is made up of three distinctly different gameplay elements. The first is exploration trying to get your bearings in the labyrinthian house of horrors while gathering clues and important items is paramount. The second thing that you must do is solve puzzles and use key items you have found to progress past certain areas of the map, these can be quite challenging.

The third aspect of the game which most often occurs when you progress past puzzles or locked doors is stealth-based gameplay. Your character and her brother don't have powers of any kind, and if the spooks find you and catch you, it's game over. Luckily there are plenty of spacious wardrobes to hide in when things get a little dicey. The game is VERY difficult and will likely take newcomers dozens of hours to finish, but if you know what to do it can be beaten in a few hours.

Review: Clea (Switch eShop) 20110110

The controls in CLEA are intuitive and extremely simple so players should have no problem learning how to navigate the corridors of the map. The audiovisual presentation is quite good with gorgeous hand-drawn characters and spooks as well as a decent map layout. The sound effects are decent enough while the eerie ambience sets the mood of the game quite well!

Review: Clea (Switch eShop) Clea_s11

Bottom-Line: With a simple story and great gameplay with easy to learn controls and an above average audiovisual presentation, CLEA for the Nintendo Switch is a great horror game at its core and is well worth checking out, however the steep difficulty might be a turn-off for some players. As for us, we give the game a good level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 8/10



#Review #InvertMouse #SekaiGames #PRHound #Switch #eShop #Horror #Puzzler #Stealth #Narrative


DigiDestined, Zatchbell, RyanNerdyGamer, XenobladeYuki, Kain, Neptune, Talesfanatic and like this post

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November 29th 2020, 6:21 pmKeAfan7
Our review is now live! Enjoy. Wink

DigiDestined, Zatchbell, RyanNerdyGamer, XenobladeYuki, Neptune and Talesfanatic like this post

Aqua Cherry Blossom
November 29th 2020, 8:26 pmAqua Cherry Blossom
Nice review as always lol. Smug

RyanNerdyGamer, XenobladeYuki and Talesfanatic like this post

November 29th 2020, 8:37 pmKain
Great review! I might have to check this out as I do enjoy a good horror game.

DigiDestined, Zatchbell, RyanNerdyGamer, XenobladeYuki, Neptune and Tsubasa like this post

November 29th 2020, 8:44 pmXenobladeYuki
Great review @Towafan7! I like yours and @BlueRangerJack 's new avatars.

DigiDestined, Zatchbell, RyanNerdyGamer, Neptune, Tsubasa and RWBY_Red like this post

November 29th 2020, 8:45 pmDigiDestined
Nice review @Towafan7! =)

RyanNerdyGamer likes this post

November 30th 2020, 3:05 pmNeptune
Great review! This sounds like a solid game, but it's not my cup of tea, unfortunately.

Zatchbell, RyanNerdyGamer and RWBY_Red like this post

November 30th 2020, 6:31 pmAmufungal
Nice review. Smile

RyanNerdyGamer likes this post

December 3rd 2020, 8:56 pmZatchbell
Great review.

RyanNerdyGamer likes this post

December 8th 2020, 2:51 pmTsubasa
This is #2Spooky4Me but awesome review all the same!

RyanNerdyGamer and RWBY_Red like this post

December 18th 2020, 3:03 pmTalesfanatic
Awesome review! Very Happy

RyanNerdyGamer likes this post

January 6th 2021, 9:26 amRWBY_Red
Good review.

RyanNerdyGamer likes this post

January 6th 2021, 2:30 pmRyanNerdyGamer
@Neptune Agreed. The visuals have an unsettling, “if Studio Ghibli crafted a Five Nights at Freddy’s film adaptation” vibe, an example of two things that should absolutely not go together unless intended as nightmare fuel... highly combustible nightmare fuel! Surprised

Wait... what exactly is a highly combustible nightmare anyway...? I suppose night terrors cause spikes in body temperature, so... that? I guess? (Don’t quote me on it, though, as I’m not a neurocognitive psycholochiatrist. Being a bit psychic does not mean an automatic doctorate in the study of the human mind, it just means that I’m an example of pseudoscientific Mumbo Jumbo. So “shamon” me, ah yo uh yo ah... oops, I think I accidentally turned @Towafan7 into a washing machine... Razz )
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