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  • 20140117
    Freeway Disaster Narrowly Avoided

     photo 218_zps43cc5cb1.jpg

    Jellycar 2 was initially a free mobile app, but was later ported to the WiiWare service with additional content. Almost immediately you'll notice that the gameplay is very shallow and still feels like a free mobile game. The levels are basic and boring and the pace of the gameplay will put any...
  • 20131213
    Dangerous cubes

     photo 199_zpsb38e802c.jpg

    Aya And The Cubes of Life is a platformer that was released on the WiiWare service in 2012 by Object Vision Software. Aya And The Cubes of Light features both 2D and 3D platforming and is only held back by awful floaty controls. Aya has many cube like levels with traps and enemies that are very creative and fun...
  • 20131206
    Burn baby burn

     photo 190_zps64d97c70.jpg

    Fireplacing was released on December 6th 2010 by Korner Entertainment for the WiiWare service and is nothing more than a virtual fireplace simulator. You can choose to manually start the fire and stoke it from time to time or just have the game automatically do this for you. If this sounds boring, it's because...
  • 20131203
    Oh Deer

     photo 186_zpsc2f4678f.jpg

    Deer Drive Legends was originally released as a retail Wii game in 2012 and was recently ported to the WiiWare service in November 2013 and it has some redeeming qualities. Deer Drive Legends limits you to only stand in one spot while allowing you to rotate 180 degrees to shoot target species. If you shoot the wrong...
  • 20131101
    Fanservice Ahoy Mateys!

     photo 124_zps3ba80b7a.jpg

    Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a sequel to Final Fantasy IV which was originally released as Final Fantasy II in the states and is on of the lengthiest games on the WiiWare service, but does it live up to its SNES predecessor? Let's find out!

  • 20130911
    Classic Soccer Title For The WiiWare Service!

     photo 24_zpsb7525b21.jpg

    Soccer Up! for the WiiWare service is a throwback title that is very similar to soccer titles of the 90's such as Sensible Soccer and focuses more on arcade style gameplay rather then realism so is this a good thing or bad? Let's find out!

  • 20130409
    Save The Chicks!

    Is Toki Tori a golden egg for the WiiWare service or is it a smelly rotten egg you want to avoid? Let's find out!

    Gameplay and Controls

    The gameplay in Toki Tori is simple, avoid enemies and save the eggs in each level! However this is easier said than done as many obstacles and tricky enemies are cleverly placed throught every level to make things difficult for our yellow feathered...
  • 20130123
    On The Rails Action!

    Is this game a blast to play, or is it a dud? Let's find out?


    There is no denying that this game shares many similarities with the legendary Sin and Punishment series, however the atmosphere is different and the difficulty is more balanced. The game is an on the rails shooter that is relatively short, but the levels and bosses are very nicely designed and provide players with a reasonable amount of challenge without...
  • 20121020
    The Rise of The Undead!

    The Castlevania series has been one of Konami's flagship series for over 20 years, so does this game meet the high standards that the series has set for excellent gameplay? Let's find out!

    Gameplay and Story:

    Castlevania Rebirth is a re-imagining of the original Castlevania, but has completely new enemies, redesigned levels, and revamped...
  • 20121008

    Developer: Selectsoft
    Co-Developer: Teyon
    Publisher: Selectsoft

    NA release: October 4, 2012

    Available on the Wii Shop Channel: 500 Wii points
    # of players: 1 player
    Genre: First-person, Action

    The Wii U is almost upon us. Yet, I still have 500 Wii points on my Nintendo Shop Channel account. Since it’s more likely that I won’t be able to transfer my points to my Wii U account, I decided...
  • 20120923
    A Journey That Any Archeologist Would Absolutely Love!

    Price: 1,000 points
    Developer: Nigoro
    Publisher: EnjoyUp
    Release dates:
    EU: 9/20/12
    NA: 9/20/12
    JP: 2011

    La-Mulana is a remake of a 2005 freeware pc title with vastly improved graphics and music as well as other changes. The game saw many delays and the previous publisher even cancelled the North American and European releases, luckily EnjoyUp games picked up the game and now it's finally...
  • 20120719
    Frogger gets Hyper at 30 - Is it a return to greatness or time he croaked?



    (C) 2012, Konami

    Publisher: Konami

    NA/EU Release: July 12, 2012 (Virtual Console)

    # of Players: 1-4 player
    Price: 700 Nintendo Points
    Genre: Action / Arcade

    One time arcade rivals to Mario, Frogger...
  • 20120505


    (C) 2012 Senile Team

    Developer: Senile Team
    Publisher: redspotgames
    Website: http://www.senileteam.com/
    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vnkaji3KLNk

    EU Release: 2012-04-19
    NA Release:...
  • 20120504

    2 FAST 4 GNOMZ (WiiWare)

    (C) 2012 QubicGames

    Developer: QubicGames
    Publisher: QubicGames
    Website: www.qubicgames.com
    Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdvyEUulNwg

    EU Release: 2012-04-26
    NA Release: 2012-02-23

    Players: 1
    Wii Points: 500
    Genre: Runner...
  • 20120502

    From Taito and Square Enix the developer and (North America) publisher who brought you the well received Bubble Bobble Plus! and Bust-A-Move Plus! comes their third returning classic: Arkanoid Plus! Will it will up to the standard set by it's breathen? Read the review to find out.

  • 20111226
    The ultimate party game is back!

    Bomberman Blast is a purely multiplayer game with tons of new power-ups and 10 new interactive stages that have special gimmicks such as the UFO's that beam you up and poison gas that turns your bombs into lethal skull bombs that blow everything up in a large area around the bomb just to name a few!

    You have a huge amount of control over the way the game is played such as choosing how many of a particular item appears in the match,...
  • 20111114
    Dr. mario is back and he's now on wiiware ! is the game still a fun experience that was known for ?

    ... What story ? the game is a puzzler and it doesn't have not even a glimpse of story whatsoever... but for a game like this, I can give it a pass as long as the game is fun.

    Dr Mario Online Rx is a puzzle game that uses a modified version of the "Tetris: The Grand Master" engine, and it actually has two different modes to play, one of them is just the original "Dr. Mario" where pretty much like other Dr. Mario games and that you can play it with the...
  • 20111108
    Is Gnomz a garden treasure or an unwanted buried dog bone?

    The gameplay is quirky and fairly fun and the 25+ stages have their own hazards and elements to them,this game feels sort of like Metroid physics meets Mario Bros. Arcade with some Super Smash bros. thrown in, it's difficult to describe but is a good formula. I found a problem with the controls though it may be just me but they felt really awkward as the button mashing in this game can cause you to accidentally jump...
  • 20111027
    Is the Blue Bombers latest romp an enjoyable experience or is it a shadow of the series former glory well let's find out!

    Gameplay and Story

    As most of you already know the story in Megaman games are effective yet minimal and Megaman 10 is no exception. A virus called roboenza is causing robots to become ill and eventually turn violent and Megaman must team up with Protoman, and dr. Wily to find a cure before it's too late!

  • 20111021
    Is this carrot loving rabbit a dream come true or a nightmare you will want to forget? Let's find out!

    Story and Gameplay

    In Bobby Carrot Forever you take the role of a rabbit on a quest to find the eight golden carrots in dream world and the only way to do this is to clear each world's group of 10 puzzles. Sound easy? Well it's actually blisteringly difficult even at early levels and will test your brains sharpness and endurance!

    The objective in each level...

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