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Fast Racing League: Review

In the future racing will evolve and phase shifting will become necessary to complete many insane tracks! So is this game going to win you over or does it crash and burn? Let's find out.


Fast Racing League Features 12 massive tracks set across 3 separate leagues as well as nearly 10 futuristic race cars. This game also features challenges that are set on unique courses and range from collecting items to a dangerous sprint race and will truly test your mettle! The AI in this game are challenging even on the easiest difficulties. The most unique feature and most difficult to master however is phase shifting which changes your vehicle's primary color from white to black and is used to utilise speed boosters or ramps and can even magnetise your race car causing it to ride on the underside of objects above you to pass safely across huge holes in the road! but these only work if your car is the same color as the phase shift zones e.g. a white zone will only work if your car is white!

Graphics and Music

The graphics in Fast Racing League are every bit as good as retail games like Mariokart Wii or Super Mario Galaxy and are unrivaled on the WiiWare service as you'll see detailed scenery that will blow your minds such as giant sand tornadoes or lightning on certain tracks and these are just a couple examples of the scale of this game's graphics. This game also features a remarkable soundtrack that is among the best you'll hear on a WiiWare title! Bottom Line-If you like challenging futuristic racing games that has good CPU AI,and is blisteringly hard you should definitely download Fast Racing League.

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Price- 1000 Points

Score ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 10/10

10- Perfect This game is nearly perfect, and has little if any flaws, and is a blast to play!

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Cool! Think i might buy.
Hmm... this game sounds too hard... but how does the game control ? does it control like in super mario kart or like in a realistic car race simulation ? because if it's the latter, then I'm not interested...

Oh ! and I have something to post in a certain forum topic right now ! Wink

It plays alot like F-Zero games and in very enjoyable Very Happy
Great review Rukiafan Smile
if this game had online i would have downloaded it day one. But since it dosent it falls on my priorities list.
It's a wonderful game KingreX32 regardless of the lack of online play |D
I didn't find the phase shifting as difficult as making sharp turns at nearly 500 mph. The later leagues can be unbelievably challenging.
@Megatron2000 wrote:It's a wonderful game KingreX32 regardless of the lack of online play |D
Well im not.saying its a bad game. Just that the inclusion of an online mode would give me more insentive to purchase it.
Objection Blaster
Finally Fast Racing League gets a perfect score at a reputable website Exclamation
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