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    Wii U eshop Reviews Wii-u-11

    [-----------Game--------------] [----Score----]
    99 Moves ]  [ 8/10 ]     
    [ 99 Seconds ]...
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  • 20150221
    Challenging Fun!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s28

    We thought that 99Seconds was a very solid title in our review of the game so how does 99Moves stack up to the previous game in the 99 series? Keep reading to find out!

    99Moves features 4 different game modes and online rankings to compare your scores to your friends or the best 99Moves players out there! Mission mode has you trying to reach the goal within 99 moves and is a straightforward...
  • 20141003
    Surviving For 99 Seconds Would Be A Miracle Even Houdini Would Be Proud Of!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_154

    99Seconds is an arcade-style action game developed and published by EnjoyUp Games that was originally released on the DSiWare service. Does this game live up to EnjoyUp Games' other DSiWare Wii U remake Abyss? Keep reading this review to find out!

    99Seconds is a challenging title meant to test your skills and see how high of a score you can achieve within the 99 seconds you are given! The game has...
  • 20141204
    A Giant In A Little Kingdom!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s19

    Developed and published by Ninjabee games A World of Keflings is a simulation game that was originally released on XBLA for the Xbox 360. You are a giant that has been freed from an icy tomb by Keflings which are tiny people who you will help build and expand their kingdom! Does this unique game provide gamers with an enjoyable experience? Keep reading to find out!

    The story is relatively straightforward and simple as the Keflings save you and...
  • 20140513
    The Question of The Day Is Why Does The Submarine Have A Giant Eye?!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s65

    Abyss was originally released on the DSiWare service and was given fairly positive reviews from critics, but it lacked content. The Wii U iteration of the game has plenty of new content so how does this version of the game fare? Keep reading to find out!

    Gameplay And Controls:

    You take control of a "cyclops submarine" and try to find enough energy source to keep humanity alive...
  • 20150528
    “These are the voyages of the starship UExplore SmallCraft™…”

    Wii U eshop Reviews Maxresdefault

    You are the typical urban cubicle-dwelling salaryman attending yet another 9 a.m. meeting when the boss utters those dreaded words: you’re going on a team-building retreat. But, you say, there’s a better way. Instead of spending nine hours doing trust falls with “Sweaty Greg” and balancing on a wire three inches from “Egg Salad Joe,” this time you three can sit a respectable distance from one another on...
  • 20141226
    War of The Clones!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_172

    Developed by Kemco Games and published by Natsume Inc in North America Alphadia Genesis is a JRPG that combines SNES era elements with some modern elements thrown in and features a fully 3-D battle system, but are these features enough to give this game an edge over its competition? Keep reading to find out!

    Alphadia Genesis' story is part medieval fantasy and part sci-fi and involves the typical ragtag group of characters that must work together to prevent...
  • 20150505
    Wii U eshop Reviews Amiibo_tap_nintendos_greatest_bits

    Nintendo’s latest attempt to utilize its line of NFC figures, “amiibo Tap: Nintendo’s Greatest Bits,” is difficult to review as a game. Moreover, it’s difficult to really consider amiibo Tap a game as we tend to think of them. There are no objectives to be completed, nothing is unlocked or gained, nothing is learned, and there is no “winning” or “losing.” So what new value does it add to those plastic Smash Bros. characters? For most gamers: none....
  • 20140929
    Angry Birds Furry Cousin!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_152

    Angry Bunnies: Colossal Carrot Crusade is a simple action/puzzle title developed and published by Cypronia the creators of Color Zen and Color Zen Kids! The former of the two received an exceptional score in our review of the game, while the latter received a mediocre score when we reviewed the game. How...
  • 20140622
    An Alien Visual Treat!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s53

    Publisher: Digital Lounge.

    Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition is a remake of the cult classic SNES title Another world developed by Delphine Software International and published by Digital Lounge. Does this game live up to its hype it has received from the fan s of this game? Keep reading to find out!

    The gameplay in Another World is an interesting...
  • 20180505


    Thrilling Ride, But Rough Seas!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s19

    Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is the Wii U's only Wave Race inspired indie released on the console, so of course many people might jump at the chance to hit the waves on their U, but is this game worth it's $10 asking price? We think so, but only if you're a big fan of the sub-genre and here's why:

  • 20140702
    An Intergalactic Adventure!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s63

    Armillo is a 3D platformer developed by Fuzzy Wuzzy Games exclusively for the Wii U console and features a potentially iconic mascot named Armillo an Armadillo with alot of speed! But what did we think of the game itself? Well keep reading to find out!

    Armillo feels like a mixture of many different classic games, but at the same time feels completely unique for instance the ball rolling mechanics feel like Marble madness, but some of the sections...
  • 20140705
    Armillo (Wii U eShop)

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s69

    (C) 2014 Fuzzy Wuzzy Games

    PAL Version Review by SKTTR.

    If you're looking for a 3D platformer with great gameplay and content, nice graphics and a big soundtrack for a low price then check out this Armillo review.

    You get thrown into a story about robots (with evil voice acting) taking over planets and Armillo, the space armadillo is there to help the friendly inhabitants...
  • 20140922
    Fun With Arrows!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_148

    Arrow Time U is a retro-inspired action title developed and published by XenoHorizon where you take control of a neon arrow and try to survive tricky stages filled with enemies and puzzles to solve, but does it provide enough entertainment or is it just a washed up arrow? Keep reading to find out!

    The game starts off easy with several tutorial levels, but becomes quite difficult later on with hordes of enemies and tricky stage layouts that'll test your intelligence...
  • 20141013
    Blocks, Water, And Gravity = Fun!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_159

    Art of Balance is a physics based puzzler developed by Shin 'en Multimedia and was originally released on the WiiWare service a few years ago. The game was well received by critics and consumers alike, but does this Wii U version live up to its WiiWare predecessor or is it just simply a cash in? Continue reading to find out!

    Art of Balance is a simple yet extremely challenging game that has players stack shaped blocks while forcing them to...
  • 20160126


    Ascending The Metroidvania Ladder!


    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s37

    Developed and published by Nostatic Software Ascent of Kings offers players hardcore retro platforming that can be quite challenging at times, but does that mean that the game is without faults? No, but it certainly is a solid decent game and here's why:

    In Ascent of Kings...
  • 20160424

    Turn-based RPG
    Players: 1

    EU Release Date: 2016-04-07 / Price: 9,99€
    NA Release Date: 2016-04-14 / Price: $9.99

    Website / Trailer

    Tested: EU (PAL Version)

  • 20150805
    Warring Stars!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s34
    Remember the puzzle title Swirl on the SEGA Genesis? This game has some similarities!

    Developed and published by Intropy Games, Astral Breakers is an unusual puzzler with a mishmash of different elements, but is the game as good as it sounds? Keep reading to find out!

    In Astral Breakers you must clear marbles by making matches, but you can only make matches with special charged shots that...
  • 20150803
    Flappy Birds On Steroids!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s32
    The game might be a bit too simplistic for hardcore gamers, but it's level of challenge might still draw them in!

    Developed by Frogminds and published by Frozenbyte Studios (Trine, and Trine 2) Badland GoTY Edition is easily explained as a Flappy Bird type game that has far more depth then the aforementioned title. In fact we can't call it a Flappy Bird clone as this title pre-dates Flappy...
  • 20141023
    A Battle of Doodles!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Large23

    Ballpoint Universe: Infinite was developed by Arachnid Games and is part metroidvania style platformer and part sidescrolling shooter, but do these vastly different gameplay styles mesh together well or does the game feel awkward? Continue reading this review of the game to find out!

    Ballpoint Universe: Infinite features a massive metroidvania style hub with many characters to interact with and many stages and challenges to find and tackle! The main draw...
  • 20151121
    A Solid Beat!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 630x11

    Music has been a common theme among games since the NES era and developer Threaks' Beatbuddy: Tale of The Guardians is a game with such a theme, but is the game a masterpiece or is it rough around the edges? Continue reading our review of the game to find out!

    The gameplay itself is rather enjoyable with unique musical elements that allow you to bypass enemies and hazardous terrain. The game starts off really simple, but becomes increasingly...
  • 20160918

    Dolores Entertainment / KintoGames

    Genre: Action-RPG / Rogue-lite
    Players: 1-2

    EU Release: 2016-07-14
    Price: £4.99/4,99€

    Tested: PAL version (EU)

  • 20130917
    Rhythm A Go-Go!

     photo 61_zps6f80c46d.jpg

    Bit Trip Presents: Runner 2 is a rhythm based platformer that is as difficult as it is visually impressive, but is this game better than its predecessor? Let's find out!

  • 20150211
    Wii U eshop Reviews Large10

    Blek (2015)
    kunabi brother

    Developed by Broken Rules.

    Price: 5,49€ / 4,49£
    EU Release: 12th February 2015

    Website / Trailer

    Wii U eShop PAL Review by SKTTR for wiiwarewave.com


    Blek is a new touch puzzle game that was...
  • 20160601


    Alchemic Block-Busting!


    Wii U eshop Reviews 885x26

    Developed and published by Haunted Bees Productions, BLOCKARA is an interesting title in the puzzle genre that is hampered by a few bugs and a lackluster art-style, but does that mean that the game itself is forgettable? We don't think so and here's why:

    The story is rather forgettable...
  • 20140313
    Albert Einstein Would Be Proud!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s37

    Gameplay And Controls:

    Blok Drop U is an exclusive Wii U eshop physics based puzzler developed by RCMADIAX and it is designed specifically with the Wii U Gamepad in mind! In Blok Drop U you have to safely place the one small red blok in a safe spot while clearing all other bloks and even though it's not easy in some of the more devious levels the game's length will assure that you will beat it within 30 minutes which is a serious...
  • 20150122
    RCMADIAX Is Back And Better Than Ever!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s22

    Developed and Published by RCMADIAX the developer responsible for Blok Drop U and other budget titles. The one man developer has struggled to release games equal in quality to his first Wii U title Blok Drop U which we thoroughly enjoyed and gave a solid recommendation in our review of the game.

    Blok Drop X Twisted Fusion is a puzzle...
  • 20140711
    Profanity Has Never Been So Fun!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s76

    Bombing Bastards is a Bomberman clone developed by the Spot The Differences developer Sanuk Games and despite its foul title name is an enjoyable attempt at recreating the Bomberman formula now that the now defunct franchise has left a void in the party game genre. The solo campaign has over 30 levels over 5 different worlds and features superb boss battles and though it does a good job at feeling like a new Bomberman title the solo campaign isn't as...
  • 20150429
    Fun With Blox!

    Wii U eshop Reviews Wiiu_s21

    BreezeBlox is a puzzler developed and published by Pugsley Games and is somewhat similar to Two Tribes' title Rush which is a very good thing as we thoroughly enjoyed that game, but how does this game compare to Rush? Keep reading to find out!

    The gameplay is simple, but can be extremely difficult especially during later stages. You must basically get your block from the starting point to the finish point in the proper position without going over the edge of...
  • 20140627
    Brick Breaker Meets Pong!

    Wii U eshop Reviews 10175010

    Brick Blast U! is an arcade style game released by Nexis Games on the Wii U eshop and might not be on most gamer's radar, but is this game a hidden gem? Continue reading to find out!

    Brick Blast U! is a game that has gameplay elements from both Brick Breaking games and Pong and it actually blends together quite nicely. The game features over a dozen stages and many power-up items, however you must be careful because although most items are helpful...

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