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Cloudberry Kingdom is an extremely challenging platforming title that prides itself on its extreme difficulty and retro-style gameplay, but is the game actually fun to play? Let's find out!

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Gameplay And Story:

Cloudberry Kingdom is hard, very hard, luckily that's not a bad thing as the game's controls are easy to learn and are very responsive. The game has many different modes, difficulties, and characters that can be unlocked by progressing further in the game and though there can be an unbelievable amount of traps and enemies on the screen during later levels, they all have set patterns so if you die it wasn't due to an impossible trap or an enemy chasing after you in an unfair way.

In this aspect Cloudberry Kingdom is very fair towards its players, though it might be to difficult for those who aren't accustomed to these kinds of games. The story mode's story is rather simplistic, but it's cool to hear Kevin Sorbo voicing the hero of the game!

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The graphics in Cloudberry Kingdom are nice and have a great deal of variety in both level design, including backgrounds and stage layouts, as well as enemy and character models. The game won't wow you, but it's still a great looking title!

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Sound And Music:

The sounds in Cloudberry Kingdom are simple yet effective and the voice acting of Kevin Sorbo is a nice touch, however the game does not have alot of variety in-terms of its soundtrack and the music can get somewhat repetitive.

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With amazing, yet tough as nails gameplay, intuitive controls, many game modes to unlock, and beautiful graphics the game is something we'd recommend. The only negative of the game was the limited soundtrack, but that's just a minor complaint.

Score: 8.5/10

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Awesome review it is a great game Very Happy
This game is on my radar, nice review btw.
LOL Gamer Rage level Over 9000
Rage inducing game, but it's still a good download.
Great review! victory
Aqua Cherry Blossom
This game is hard lol. Smile
I thought this game was a little too hard to fully enjoy, but it was still pretty good.
on September 18th 2013, 6:08 pmRoboYoshi
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
I love hard games and this game's king of hard! king
This game is a challenge and a half, but it's fun trying to see how far you can make it in the game!
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