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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

May 9th 2018, 7:57 am
Hi all, and welcome to Ally-Squinn no Shinwa, the long-awaited prequel to Squigley no Densetsu! (Pretty sure "long-awaited" is a LITTLE inaccurate...)

In this chapter of the Squidkid Saga, we meet Ally, an Inkling girl who is new to Inkopolis, having only just moved there from her childhood home in Calamari County. No sooner does our protagonist arrive than she is suddenly swept up in a mission to save Inkopolis from an apparent threat. (Okay, it MIGHT be obvious to Splatoon fans and readers of Squigley's chapter just what this threat could be...)

As this is a prequel, you can expect a lot of backstory explored for some of your favourite characters from the original chapter, with examples including Inklinda, Inklein and even Agent 3 herself! (In case it wasn't already obvious that this chapter focuses on Agent 3...)

If you have yet to read Squigley no Densetsu, I suggest you give it a little look-see before getting too involved in this series, as there may be potential spoilers, a bit like how the prequel Star Wars films have blatant spoilers for anyone who didn't watch the originals first. (If you have no interest in Star Wars...well, that comparison might not have been that helpful. But hey, at least I didn't spoil that Darth Vader is really-)

So with that out of the way, I present a preview of the first episode, Back to the Beginn-ink! I hope you enjoy! (Oh, brother...already with the puns...)

Episode 1: Back to the Beginn-ink!
AKA "The Origin Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day



Inkopolis needs a hero, one upon whom its citizens can rely! My granddaughters are reliable enough, but they're busy with their pop idol business.

No...we need a fresh face...someone who'll stand up t' this threat without a second thought...and darn tootin', I know just the gal for the job!

Her tentacles may be long, and her experience may be more lackin' than a roll o' sushi durin' a wasabi shortage, but by the freshest seas o' Calamari County, I want her to be mah Agent 3!

Scene 2: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

We see a black-and-white view of Inkopolis Plaza. An Inkling girl with long tentacles and the gear of a newbie wanders through the area.

Girl: So THIS is Inkopolis Plaza...hm...I could get used to this place.

The girl walks near a drain with an elderly Inkling poking his head out.

Girl: That must be the guy who sent me that mysterious note...

The girl unfolds a piece of paper.

Hey there, Girlie!

Come t' this part o' the city, an' ALL yer dreams'll come true! See ya soon!

Oh, an' keep yer eyes peeled fer signs of activity of an Octopussy kind! Never trust somethin' with less than 10 tentacles, y'hear?

-The Cap'n

Girl: I'm not sure if he looks trustworthy...and he's a little fidgety...but he said he'd make all my dreams come true, so I trust him.

The girl approaches the drain. The gentleman sees her and pops down the drain. The girl sighs.

Girl: I guess he's not gonna make it easy, then...so I guess I'll follow him down this icky sewer drain to who-knows-where.

The girl changes to squid form and leaps into the drain.

Scene 3: Octo Valley: Morning

The girl leaps out of another drain and changes back to kid form. She looks around and sees the gentleman standing nearby.

Gentleman: You came! We have no time to waste!

Girl: Um...where am I?

Gentleman: This is Octo Valley, the home of a bottom-feedin' collective known as the Octarians!

Girl: Octarians?

Gentleman: That's what I said, innit? Anyway, the Octarians have stolen our city's pride an' joy, the Great Zapfish!

The girl laughs.

Girl: What? That's ridiculous! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

The gentleman laughs.

Gentleman: That's what YOU think! My agency is beamin' a holographic doohickey o' the Great Zapfish over Inkopolis Tower so as none o' ya knows it's missin'!

Girl: M-hm...

Gentleman: Anyway, I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, an' you have been chosen t' be Agent 3 in the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

Girl: Um...what?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: You heard me, missy! You're more than qualified t' help us rescue the Great Zapfish and stop them evil Octarians from causin' Inkopolis t' lose its power!

Girl: But...why me?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Cause yer the whole package! You gots the skills AND the looks! I swear, yer PERFECT fer the job!

Girl: Yeah...look, I have better things to do than listen to the ravings of a madman. So if you'll excuse me, I'll just be going. Later!

The girl changes back into squid form and leaps into the drain. The scene fills with colour.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Dang it, I was sure I'd recruit her! An' after I made everythin' all black-an'-white to show the seriousness of this mission, too...but who am I gonna find that's good enough t' replace that girl?

Scene 4: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The girl leaps out of the drain and changes back to kid form. We see that her tentacles are orange, revealing her to be Inklinda.

Inklinda walks toward Booyah Base. Inklein walks up to her.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie! Where have you been?

Inklinda: Oh, just getting a lecture from some old geezer or whatever...now, it's time to raise my rank in Turf War so I can FINALLY buy myself an Inkbrush!

Inklein: Ooh, can I join you?

Inklinda: Sure, whatever...

Inklein: YAY!

Scene 5: Train: Morning

We fade to a view of the inside of a train car. We see an Inkling who looks identical to Inklinda, though with lime green tentacles and maroon eyes. She is looking out the window.

Voice: Ally-Squinn?

The girl looks at the source of the voice, the train's conductor, and nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, that's me.

Conductor: We will be arriving in Inkopolis Station soon.

Ally-Squinn: Oh...thank you for letting me know.

Conductor: Your father wanted me to make sure your journey is a safe one.

Ally-Squinn closes her eyes for a brief moment.

Ally-Squinn: That is considerate of him.

Ally-Squinn looks back out the window and sighs.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: My father...how I miss him...

A purple squid suddenly splats onto the window.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

Conductor: Oh, that's just Squika Udon. Yeah, he's kind of a weird one...

Ally-Squinn: Isn't anyone going to help him?!

Conductor: Nope.

Ally-Squinn: Why not?!

Conductor: Well, he's kind of...weird. Any Inkling worth their freshness level knows not to interact with him.

Ally-Squinn: Well...SOMEONE has to help him!

Ally-Squinn opens the window and pulls in the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Oh dear...are you okay?

The squid stammers with a deep voice.

Squid: Buh...whuh...muh...?

Conductor: Told you he was weird. And helping him won't help your freshness rating.

The conductor walks away.

Ally-Squinn: Oh yeah? Well...you're not a very nice person, you dweeb!

Ally-Squinn razzes at the conductor. She looks at the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Don't worry, I'll look after you...

Squid: Muh...muh...?

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Station: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn steps off the train, the purple squid in her arms. A number of other people stare at her, some with left eye squinted, others with eyes widened, and yet others with blank expressions. A bead of sweat forms on Ally-Squinn's brow.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: Why is everyone staring at me like that...? It's kind of creepy...

Ally-Squinn stands facing an Inkling who is dressed like a security officer.

Officer: Name?

Ally-Squinn: Oh, I'm Ally-Squinn-

We hear a jackhammer sound as Ally-Squinn says her last name. The officer raises an eyebrow.

Officer: Of the Calamari County-

We hear another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn: Yeah...that's right...heheh...

Officer: Isn't your father-

We hear a third jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, sir...

Officer: And your mother, is she-

We hear yet another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn's eyes widen.

Ally-Squinn: I hope not!

Officer: You...hope your mother isn't-

We hear...you know what? You've probably already figured out the pattern by now.

Ally-Squinn: Well, of COURSE I do! I'm not a monster, am I?

The officer sees the purple squid in Ally-Squinn's arms.

Officer: Hm...perhaps not...

Officer's thoughts: ...although you'd HAVE to be if you carry around a weirdo like HIM...

The officer checks some notes on a clipboard.

Officer: Okay, this all seems to be in order...enjoy your visit to Inkopolis, Miss-

Jackhammer sound, blah blah blah...

Ally-Squinn: What? But...I've moved here!

The officer's left eye squints.

Officer: Really? You SURE you wanna do that?

Ally-Squinn: Well...I can't live back home. Not anymore.

Officer's thoughts: Once everyone finds out you've been helping Mr. Udon, Missie, you won't be able to frytail it outta here fast enough...

Officer: Well then, I can't legally stop you from crossing the border. Enjoy your new life in Inkopolis, Miss-

Yep, you know the drill...uh...excuse the pun.

Ally-Squinn: Thank you.

Squid: Muh...muh...?

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through the security gate. The officer shakes his head.

Officer: Helping out Squika Udon...I never would've expected THAT from a rich girl...and ESPECIALLY not from the daughter of-

Jackhammer sound number eight.

Officer's thoughts: All this jackhammer noise is REALLY annoying...I WISH those lousy workers'd just hurry up and finish building that new video game shop...or is it a restaurant...? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there'll be backlash about naming it "Ate & Wee You"...

Scene 7: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through Inkopolis Plaza.

Ally-Squinn: You recognise any of this, my friend?

Squid: Guh...

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm asking too much...well, what do Inklings do for fun around here?

Squid: Tuh...fwuh...

Ally-Squinn: "Tuh Fwuh"...? What's that? Hm?

Ally-Squinn notices the drain closing.

Ally-Squinn: That was...weird.

Ally-Squinn slowly approaches the drain.

Ally-Squinn: I feel as though this is kind of a dumb idea, my friend.

Squid: Duh...duh...

Ally-Squinn: What was that old saying? Curiosity gilled the cat?

Ally-Squinn sees Judd sleeping on a cushion nearby.

Ally-Squinn: And that, I'm guessing, is said cat.

Ally-Squinn steps up to the drain.

Ally-Squinn: Hm...looks like an ordinary drain to-

Suddenly, a green squid tentacle stretches out of the drain and grabs Ally-Squinn's left shin.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

The tentacle pulls Ally-Squinn into the drain.

Ally-Squinn: YAAH!

The squid lands on the ground near the drain.

Squid: Wuh...?

Another purple squid slides next to the squid. He speaks with Squika's voice, revealing him to be the REAL Squika.

Squika: Ah, I see you've found my secret thinking spot. Oh well, I suppose I'll go and find another one...I hear the back alley near Inkopolis Tower is a nice spot for "scrubbing"...I suppose that's what all the squidkids in the know call "thinking"...

Squika slides away.

Squid: Scruh...?

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 8: Octo Valley: Afternoon

Cap'n Cuttlefish stands near the drain.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Oh, deary me...NOW what'll I do...?

Ally-Squinn suddenly pops out of the drain.

Ally-Squinn: That...was scary...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Ah, so ya decided to-

Cap'n Cuttlefish looks at Ally-Squinn. His eyes widen.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I have jus' two questions fer ya. One: Who the fresh are YOU?! Two: What the fresh are y'all doin' here?!

Ally-Squinn: I was kind of hoping you could tell me...

Cap'n Cuttlefish raises an eyebrow.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I can sorta unnerstan' ya not knowing how ya got here, but ya seriously don't know who ya ARE?!

Ally-Squinn: Oh...I'm...Ally-Squinn.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well then, Ally-Squinn, it's real nice ta meet...uh...d-did ya say yer name's Ally-Squinn...?

Ally-Squinn: Technically, you did as well...um...sir.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: As in Ally-Squinn, the daughter o' ol' Mr.-

We hear a jackhammer sound...again. Ally-Squinn nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yessum.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Yeah, I remember ya good.

Ally-Squinn: Y-You do?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Course I do! EVERYONE back home knows ya!

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Aw, now what's eatin' yer tennacles, Missy?

Ally-Squinn: It seems as though I can't escape my home...even here, in Inkopolis...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, TECHNICALLY, this ain't-

Ally-Squinn looks at Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Look, runnin' from yer problems won't fix 'em! Y'all need ta take 'em on, sever them limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from-

Cap'n Cuttlefish pauses.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Say, I know just the thing t' take yer mind off all yer problems. How'd you like ta join my secret organisation?

Ally-Squinn's left eye squints.

Ally-Squinn: What kind of "secret organisation"...?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, we secretly protect the citizens of Inkopolis in secret from a dangerous group o' scum...in secret. Whaddya say, Missy?

Ally-Squinn smiles.

Ally-Squinn: You had me at "protect the citizens".

Cap'n Cuttlefish starts to dance.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOO-HOO! I've found mah Agent 3 at LAST!

Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: He seems a LITTLE overly-excited that I said "yes"...still, it's nice to make an elderly Inkling happy...

Cap'n Cuttlefish stops dancing.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's thoughts: I'm so PLEASED that a genuinely-helpful squidkid's joined my organisation...but I think she could use just a teensy spritz o' deodorant...PEE-YEW!

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn pops out of the drain in squid form, before returning to kid form. She looks around.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm back...but did that really happen? Am I really a member of the-

Squid's voice: Nngh...

Ally-Squinn looks at the squid. He is rubbing his head...body...thing with his left tentacle.

Squid: ...I feel like I was splatted by a train...

Ally-Squinn: Well, TECHNICALLY the opposite is true...

Squid: Hm?

The squid looks up at Ally-Squinn.

Squid: You look familiar...have we met?

Ally-Squinn: You could say that. I'm Ally-Squinn, but most people just call me Ally.

The squid returns to kid form. He has dark skin and purple hair in the same style as Inklein's. He wears the standard Turf War newbie attire.

"Squid": Nice to meetcha. Seth-Inkley, but my friends call me Seth.

Ally smiles.

Ally: It's very nice to meet you too, Seth-Inkley.

Seth: So...I see you're wearing newbie attire.

Ally: Oh...uh...yeah, I guess I am.

Seth: Have you played a round of Turf War before?

Ally: Not exactly. I've only just arrived from Ca-

Ally pauses.

Ally: Uh...from far away, so I haven't had a chance to complete my registration yet. How about you?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Oh, well...I've played my fair share of Turf War, and...well, I'm the MASTER of-

Ally: You haven't played either, have you?

Seth: Nope. Wait...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: ...how could you tell?

Ally: Oh, I just know when someone isn't being honest. It's my talent. Well, that and Psy-pod powers.

Seth: Really? You're a Psy-pod?

Ally: Well...TECHNICALLY, yes, although not a very good one.

Seth makes an excited face.

Seth: Wow, I've never met a real Psy-pod before! Show me one of your powers!

Ally: But you basically saw the one power that's worth mentioning...

Seth: Oh, come on, Ally! You never know unless you try!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you...

Ally raises her hand at Seth's tentacles. Her left eye squints as she concentrates. Seth's tentacles are surrounded by a lime green aura. They wobble slightly for a few seconds. Ally lowers her hand, apparently exhausted from her effort. Seth touches his tentacles.

Seth: Wow...

Ally: I warned you, didn't I?

Seth smiles.

Seth: That was AMAZING!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: It was...?

Seth: I can't believe I've met a real Psy-pod!

Ally: Well, it runs in the family.

Seth: No way...

Ally: Yep, eight whole generations of Psyphalopods. Too bad I'm the least powerful of them.

Seth: I'm sure you just need practice or somethin'.

Ally: My grandmother can lift a SEMI-TRAILER with her powers.

Seth: Oh...well, it might've skipped a generation, then.

Ally: Uh...I'm TWO generations after, though.

Seth scratches his head.

Seth: Oh, right...

Ally looks away.

Ally: And my aunts are all WAY more skilled...and my cousins...even Max...no, ESPECIALLY Max...

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: I'm sorry for rambling like this. I just feel really comfortable talking about all this stuff with you...which is weird, since I don't like talking about anything private with anyone.

Seth: It's fine.

Ally: R-Really?

Seth: Sure! I mean, what can I say? I love meeting new people, having conversations, that sort of thing.

Ally smiles.

Ally: You know, you're kind of a friendly guy.

Seth grins.

Seth: Just treating someone the way I'd expect to be treated myself.

Ally giggles.

Ally: I know what you mean. So...where do we register for Turf War?

Seth: Oh, Inkopolis Tower. C'mon, I'll show you the way.

Ally: Lead on, Seth-Inkley!

Ally and Seth walk past Inklinda and Inklein. They are wearing their trademark gear from Squigley no Densetsu.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie, you think those two look just like us?

Inklinda: Inklein, EVERY Inkling looks just like us.

Inklein: Wow...that really makes you think, doesn't it?

Inklinda: Think about what? There's, like, only ONE hairstyle option for each gender or whatever. What do you think this is, Splatoon 2? It's time to get with the program before you say something unbelievably, idiotically-

Yep, you guessed it, another jackhammer sound.

Inklein: Huh...I think I just heard a wall breaking.

Voice: For the love of freshness, Gary! You just jackhammered right through that wall! Now it's gonna take LONGER before Ate & Wee You can officially open! Oh, just wait'll our supervisor finds out!

Inklinda shakes her head.

Inklinda: You probably imagined it, sweetie.

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Yeah...I guess you're right.

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 10: Urchin Underpass: Afternoon

We see a spawn pad with four pink-coloured squid form Inklings on it.

Ally's voice: Wow...I can't believe we're already being thrust into our first Turf War!

Seth's voice: I know what you mean, Ally! I mean, we only just registered!

All four Inklings change to kid form. The Inkling at the front looks back at Ally and Seth and grins.

Inkling: You ready, scrubs?

Seth: Ready? For what?

A horn sounds out. The two Inklings at the front run into the fray. Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Are you ready, partner?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Uh...y-yes, I am.

Ally: Let's go then.

Ally winks at Seth and runs into the fray, splatting pink ink on the ground with her Splattershot Jr. Seth blushes as he watches Ally.

Seth's thoughts: I...think I have a crush or somethin'...

Scene 11: Seth's Pad: Evening

Eight days later...

The door to an apartment much like Squilma's from Squigley no Densetsu opens. Seth walks inside, followed by Ally.

Ally is now wearing a cap-and-sunglasses combo, as well as a black t-shirt over a green-and-white striped long-sleeve tee and a pair of green-and-yellow sneakers.

Seth, meanwhile, wears an outfit that makes him look like a swimmer wearing a yellow life jacket.

Seth: Well, here we are!

Ally: Wow, nice place, Seth-Inkley.

Seth grins.

Seth: Ally, please, call me Seth!

Ally: Oh...right.

Seth: So we could hang out here for a while, if you want, play some games, watch a movie or two...

Ally: Sounds like fun.

Seth: So where's your pad, anyway?

Ally: Oh...um...I don't exactly have one...

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Seriously?!

Ally: Yeah, I know it sounds weird...

Seth: So what, you've been living on the streets?!

Ally: No, I've been staying in a hotel...

Seth: A hotel?

Ally: That's what I said.

Seth: Well...which one?

Ally: Oh, the Th-

Ally pauses.

Ally: It's not important.

Seth: Uh...right...well then, I absolutely insist that you stay here!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Oh, no...I couldn't ask you to do that, Seth-Inkley!

Seth: C'mon, Ally! It'll be fun! Besides, I've always wanted a roommate.

Ally: Well...I'll think about it.

Seth: Awesome! So whaddaya wanna play? I've got Marie Party 10, Super Splash Bros.-

We hear beeping that sounds like part of Calamari Inkantation.

Ally: Actually, I have to go and...uh...

Seth: Answer your squidphone?

Ally: Uh...yes! Th-That's EXACTLY what I have to do!

Seth: Okay then, go and answer it.

Ally: Thank you.

Seth: And then we can play Splash Bros. when you come back! I just mastered the new Splatroid stage, and I wanna test my skills on a REAL opponent!

Ally: Actually, this could take a while. Some other time?

Ally smiles.

Seth: Sure.

Ally: Great. I'll see you at the Ate & Wee You grand opening tomorrow, then.

Ally leaves the apartment. Seth grins.

Seth: She is SO into me!

Ally walks away from the apartment. She detaches a walkie-talkie from her belt and talks into it.

Ally: Agent 3 here.

Voice #1: ¡ƃuᴉɟǝᴉɹq uoᴉssᴉɯ ʇsɹᴉɟ ɹnoʎ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝɹǝɥ Ɩ ʇuǝƃ∀ ¡ʎll∀ 'ᴉH

Ally: Um...I'm sorry?

Voice #2: Darn it, Agent 1! You're holding your walkie-talkie upside down!

Voice #1: ˙˙˙ɔǝs ɐ uo ploH ¡ʎɹɹos 'ɥO ¡¿ɯɐ I

Ally waits for a response.

Agent 1: Sorry about that, Agents 2 and 3! Anyway, as I was saying before SOMEONE so rudely interrupted me-

Agent 2 groans.

Agent 1: -you're being given your first real assignment, Agent 3! Isn't that fantastic?

Ally: Yeah, I guess so...

Agent 1: Great! Gra- I mean...the Cap'n is waiting just past the drain for you, so see him for your mission briefing!

Agent 3: Will do. Agent 3 over and out!

Ally lowers her walkie-talkie.

Agent 1: ¡¿ʇɐɥʍ ɹo ɹnopo ʎpoq ɟo ʞǝǝɹ ǝɥs pᴉp 'ǝᴉɹɐW 'ʍoM

Agent 2: Uh...Agent 1? She can still hear you.

Agent 1: ˙sdooɥʍ 'ɥO

Agent 2: And hold your walkie talkie the right way up, will you?

Agent 1: ¡uᴉsnoɔ 'op llᴉM

The walkie-talkie clicks off. Ally sniffs her armpit, before pulling her face away with her left eye squinted.

Ally: Wow...okay, I see her point...but how could she smell me through the walkie-talkie?

Scene 12: Inkopolis Plaza: Night

Ally proceeds to the drain. She sees a figure watching her from the shadows.

Ally's thoughts: Who's that...?

Ally steps forward to get a closer look. His hair is of a different style than the other male Inklings, and has a green highlight in the light of the full moon.

Ally looks around for a moment, before looking back at the spot in which the Inkling was standing, but he is nowhere to be found.

Ally: Weird...okay, time to head for the drain.

Ally proceeds to the drain. The scene pans to a view of the alleyway near Inkopolis Tower. Squika is sitting next to a tall, lanky person resembling a humanoid sea urchin. He has orange skin and spiky purple quills that cover part of his face's right side.

Squika: Y'know, Spyke, I must say I've been enjoying our time "hanging out" with one another. It reminds me of the time I got my scholarship to Shellendorf University...my word, it only seems like yesterday...oh wait, it WAS yesterday...oh well, never mind, then! So maybe next week, we could go to...

Spyke's thoughts: When's this bloke gonna stop tawkin' and go 'ome awready...? No, no, Spyke...keep it togever...'e could be a potential future customer...

Spyke sighs.

Squika: ...and finish up with an all-you-can-eat buffet at Ate & Wee You! I have a feeling that it will become the most popular destination for every gamer...
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 01:
Hi! So I've decided to start a log of the Turf War beginners I meet, as a little something to show how far I proceed through the rankings.

My first photo is with my new friend, Seth-Inkley...I mean "Seth". He and I are now both Level 4, which means we can buy new gear and weapons! I was eyeing a weapon in Sheldon's place called the "Splat Charger", but I don't know if I'd be any good at ranged splatting.

As for Seth, he's decided to focus on honing his skills with the Splat Roller, just like our teammate today...what was his name...Inkleene? Well, whatever he's called, I think he'd perform a LOT better if he just threw a bucket of ink everywhere...heh...like THAT could be a real weapon! Anyway, here's my photo with Seth:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 49dd1310

Stay fresh!


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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

May 27th 2018, 7:30 pm
Episode 2: Trend-ink on Squitter!
AKA "The Freshness Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally and Seth wander toward Booyah Base.

Seth: So Ally, have you decided on a main weapon yet?

Ally: Hm...well, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of maining a Charger.

Seth: Oh, that's cool. As for me, I'm DEFINITELY picking the Roller!

Ally: Yes, which is why you're carrying yours around everywhere.

Seth is wielding his Roller in every direction. He looks at Ally.

Seth: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Ally sighs.

Ally: Never mind...

Inklein's voice: Hey, I know you...

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Ally and Seth.

Ally: Oh, Inkleene! Hi!

Inklinda: Actually, his name is, like, Inklein or whatever...

Seth: Wait...so he's related to the Erwutevvers of Calamari County?!

Ally: No, you're thinking of the Squerther family, makers of the finest confectionery.

Seth: Hey, I LOVE Squerther candies!

Ally: I used to eat Squerther saltwater taffy all the time growing up...ah, good times...

Inklinda looks at Ally.

Inklinda: And, like, what are YOU supposed to be?

Inklein: Isn't it obvious, Lindie? She's you, only green.

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: Well, you've got the green part right, "Inkleene". I mean, she's using a Splattershot Jr.! Only scrubs and Squika Udon use those pieces of crab!

Ally: Hey! I'll have you know, Lindie, that I'm just on my way to buy a Splat Charger!

Inklinda: Pfft, like Sheldon would let YOU get your hands on such an advanced weapon. I bet you can't even aim right!

Ally: Um...what?

Inklinda: You simply SCREAM "depth perception required"!

Ally: What does that even MEAN?

Inklinda: I'll let you figure it out, Scrubberella.

Ally: HEY! The name is Ally-Squinn!

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: Of the Calamari County-

We hear a Killer Wail sound.

Seth: Who the fresh is using their special weapon OUTSIDE of Turf War?!

Ally looks away from Inklinda.

Ally: Um...

Inklinda: I don't believe it...you're a snobby little rich brat!

Ally stares at Inklinda.

Ally: That is ridiculous!

Inklinda: So you're NOT rich?

Ally looks away from Inklinda.

Ally: Well...

Inklinda: I KNEW it! What are you doing in Inkopolis instead of your family's 8 billion Cash estate?

Ally stares at Inklinda.

Ally: That is NONE of your business, Lindie!

Inklinda: M-hm...whatever, honey. Look, Inkopolis doesn't want you. You may be rich, but you're not fresh, so why don't you just go running back into Daddy's arms?

Ally's eyes appear to ignite.


Inklinda: Sure, whatever you say or whatever...

Inklinda walks away.

Inklinda: And the name's Inklinda Squatson. Remember it.

Inklein smiles at Ally and Seth.

Inklein: It was nice to meet you, Scrubberella and Purple Inklein.

Inklein follows Inklinda. Ally calms down.

Ally: Wow, I can't BELIEVE I went off like that. It's not like me...

Seth: But it was AMAZING!

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: It was?

Seth: HAKE YEAH! Not many Inklings have the guts to stand up to Inklinda Squatson! I guess it's 'cause your family's worth WAY more than hers.

Ally: Lindie...I mean "Inklinda"...comes from a rich family?

Seth: Of course! Haven't you heard of Squatson Squindustries?

Ally: Um...no, I can't honestly say that I have...

Seth: Well, Inklinda's father invented the eight-sided toothbrush. Their company is worth 8 million Cash!

Ally: How is that practical?

Seth: Well, with profits, royalties-

Ally: No, I mean...how is eight sides on a toothbrush practical?

Seth: Hey, it saves having to replace your toothbrush every month!

Ally: But most toothbrushes only cost 20 Cash to begin with.

Seth: Yeah? And?

Ally: How much is one of these...Octo-Brushes?

Seth: Well, Sheldon sells Octobrushes for-

Seth pauses.

Seth: Oh, you mean the Squatson's Wonder Brush...well, they cost 180 Cash.

Ally: So for the cost of nine toothbrushes, you get the equivalent of eight?

Seth: I know, right? Guy's a GENIUS!

Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess that's one way to describe him...come on, let's go to Booyah Base.

Ally and Seth head toward Booyah Base. The mysterious figure from the previous episode watches them from the shadows. We hear heavy mask-filtered breathing.

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Shrimp Kicks: Morning

Ally and Seth enter Shrimp Kicks, a shoe emporium run by Crusty Sean, who waves at them.

Crusty Sean: Yo, what's kraken, squiddos?

Seth: Crusty Sean! 'Sup, mah man?

Seth and Crusty Sean bro-fist.

Crusty Sean: Yo, Ally, there was some dude in here lookin' for ya.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: R-Really?

Crusty Sean: Yeah! I think he was headed to Jelonzo's place. He only just went there, so you might catch him if you're fast!

Ally: Oh, thank you. Um...bye.

Crusty Sean: Peace, squiddo!

Ally leaves the shop. Crusty Sean looks at Seth.

Crusty Sean: You goin' after your girlfriend?

Seth's eyes widen as he blushes.

Seth: What?! We're not dating!

Crusty Sean: Yo, sorry, squiddo!

Seth: Anyway, I came here to order something...special.

Crusty Sean: Sure thing!

Scene 3: Jelly Fresh: Morning

Ally enters Jelly Fresh, the local clothing store. A Jellyfish in a hat and scarf greets her.

Jellyfish: Hello, squidling friend, and please to be welcoming to Yelly Fresh, for all the needing of your clothes! My name is being Jelonzo, and I am to be helping you.

Ally: Um...nice to meet you. I'm...Ally-Squinn.

Jelonzo: Oh, I see. From County of the Calamari is you?

Ally: Um...yes, that's right.

Jelonzo: Well, if there is anything you are to be needing, please, asking to feel free.

Ally: Actually, I'm looking for someone.

Jelonzo: Ah, you are wanting this Black Inky Rider? Super yacket, very glossy, good for the riding of the motorbicycles, yes?

Ally: Um...actually, I'm looking for a person.

Jelonzo: Purses? I are sorry. If you be wanting of the accessories, you might be trying of the Annie is house.

Ally: Annie...? The girl with the clownfish in her hair?

Jelonzo: Ah, I see you are knowing already her!

Ally: I'll ask her. Thank you for letting me know.

Jelonzo: You are welcoming! Buh-bye!

Ally leaves the shop. Jelonzo rubs a small lump that is starting to form on the left side of his face.

Jelonzo: Hm...a pimple I seem to be having...I wait for it to be falling off soon.

We hear a tiny, squeaky voice.

Voice: Dada!

Scene 4: Cooler Heads: Morning

Ally enters Cooler Heads, a headgear shop run by a Sea Anemone with a tiny clownfish in her hair.

Ally: Good morning, Annie.

The Sea Anemone looks at Ally.

Annie: O-Oh...um...g-good morning, Ally.

The clownfish starts jumping up and down.


Ally: I was wondering if anyone's been in here looking for me?

Annie: O-Oh...I'm sorry...no...


Ally: Okay then. I apologise for taking up your time.

Annie: I-It's fine...really...


Ally: Well, I guess I'd better get to Ammo Knights and buy that Charger.

Annie: O-Oh...that sounds like fun...


Ally: Bye!

Annie: O-Oh...do come back, won't you...?


Ally leaves the shop.

Annie: I-I didn't think we'd get so busy today...


Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Morning

Ally enters Ammo Knights.

Ally: 'Morning, Sheldon!

Sheldon: Ah, Agent 3! Are you hear for your next mission briefing?

Ally: What? No, I'm hear to buy a Splat Charger for Turf War.

Sheldon: Turf War? Why would you want to do something like THAT?!

Ally: Because it's fun!

Sheldon: Fair enough, I suppose. Now, before I sell you this Splat Charger, shall I tell you about it?

Ally: Well-

Sheldon: Wonderful! The Splat Charger is the most basic of all Charger-category weapons. It can be used at a range that is farther than that of the Splattershot, allowing for some well-placed sniping from hidden places! As the name implies, the most effective use of the Splat Charger is by "charging" the ink pressure prior to unleashing it, but it is definitely worth it when you cook opponents in a single shot! Now, the barrel is composed of a reinforced blah blah blah...

Two hours later...

...blah blah blah and you can even place stickers on it for extra customisation! Any questions?

We cut to a view of Ally. Her eyes appear bloodshot.

Ally: Um...can I buy my Charger now? Please?

Sheldon: Of course! Lemme just ring up your cost, and we can-

An alarm sounds throughout the shop.

Sheldon: Oh, it's time for a mission!

Ally: In the MORNING?!

Cap'n Cuttlefish's voice: Sheldon? Are you there, son?

Ally's thoughts: Wait...Sheldon is Cap'n Cuttlefish's...?!

Sheldon: Receiving you, Cap'n!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: I need y'all to round up Agent 3 for a super-urgent mission!

Sheldon: Well, you are in luck, my friend, as Agent 3 is standing right here!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOO-HOO! Now THAT'S dedication! Agent 3?

Ally: Y-Yes, sir?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: I need you t' go on a dangerous - and urgent - mission t' Octo Valley t' retrieve somethin' VERY important. Are y'all up to it?

Ally: You can count on me, sir!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Excellent! I expect y'all to leave pronto!

Ally: Will do, sir!

Ally's thoughts: No matter what, I WILL complete this important mission, no matter what it is...

Scene 6: Octo Valley: Morning

Ally is standing near a large warehouse filled with crates.

Ally: I can't believe I agreed to this...sneaking into an Octarian pharmaceutical lotion factory...I mean, isn't there an easier way for the Cap'n to treat his bunions?

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 7: Ammo Knights: Evening

Sheldon is polishing a Suction Bomb.

Sheldon: There, my lovely...Daddy's gonna make you sparkling cle-

Ally bursts through the doors. She collapses to the floor.

Sheldon: Agent 3! A-Are you alright?!

Ally: I...I got the cream...

Ally holds up a small tube of cream with a red cap.

Sheldon: Wonderful! The Cap'n will be pleased indeed. So how is that Splat Charger working out for you?

Ally: I haven't had a chance to USE it yet. I've been busy grilling Octotroopers for this tiny bottle of bunion ointment, and what do I get to show for it?

Sheldon: Oh, that reminds me! Here's your reward, Agent 3.

Sheldon holds what resembles a candy bar in front of Ally's face.

Ally: A candy bar?

Sheldon: Not just ANY candy bar. Take a look.

Ally's eyes widen, and she leaps to her feet.

Ally: What...? A Squerther Golden Choco-Calamel Bar?! But...the Squerther factory stopped making these when I was a kid!

Sheldon: Well...the New Squidbeak Splatoon pulled some strings, and the factory's agreed to produce these just for you!

Ally: R-Really...?

Sheldon: I assume that this is a fair reward for your continued service?

Ally: GIMME!

Ally snatches the candy bar and shoves the entire thing into her mouth. She chews with delight.

Ally: Mmm...fmmm MMMF! (Mmm...so GOOD!)

Ally swallows.

Ally: Sheldon, this is indeed a fair reward.

Ally grins.

Ally's thoughts: YES! I get to eat my favourite chocolate bar from when I was a squidling! NOTHING can spoil my mood right now!

Inklinda enters the shop.

Inklinda: Hey, Sheldon? Some weird old Sea Slug told me that my new Inkbrush is going to be damaged or whatever, so I-

Inklinda looks at Ally, who has smears of chocolate around her mouth.

Inklinda: Well, I see SOMEONE likes to, like, eat dirt or whatever...

Ally: Oh...um...

Ally wipes away the chocolate.

Ally: Th-That was-

Inklinda: Wait'll I tell everyone!

Inklinda leaves the shop.

Ally: Inklinda, wait!

Ally looks at Sheldon.

Ally: I'm going after her!

Ally leaves the shop. Sheldon appears sad.

Sheldon: But...you still have to do a mission debriefing...

Sheldon's shorts suddenly drop, revealing his underwear.

Sheldon: Hm...my briefs seem to be exposed...oh well.

Sheldon continues to polish the suction bomb...without pulling up his shorts.

Scene 8: Inkopolis Plaza: Evening

Ally runs through Inkopolis Plaza, looking for any sign of Inklinda.

Ally: Where did you go, Inkli-

A clump of dirt pelts onto Ally's shirt.

Ally: What the fresh?!

Voice #1: Thought you could use a snack!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Oh well, I guess I should ignore-

A second dirt clump pelts onto Ally's shirt.

Ally: Seriously?!

Voice #2: You still looked hungry, babe!

Ally growls.

Ally: Just try to stay calm, Ally-Squi-

A blob of purple ink lands on Ally's head.

Squika's voice: Dessert is served, ma'am!

Ally flips out.


Ally suddenly calms down.

Ally: Wow, what is up with my attitude today...? I guess I'll just go and relax with a good book.

Ally's walkie-talkie beeps.

Ally: Another mission already?! Well, I guess I'd better see what's up...

Ally talks into the walkie-talkie.

Ally: Agent 3 here.

Agent 1: -ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuᴉʇʇǝl ʇsnſ ¡ʎll∀ 'ᴉH

Ally: Agent 1, you know I can't understand you when you hold that thing upside-down!

Agent 1: ˙˙˙ɔǝs ǝuo˙˙˙ʇɥƃᴉɹ 'ɥO

Ally sighs.

Agent 1: Anyway, as I was saying, there's all-you-can-eat mud pies at-

Ally: Okay, it was bad enough when Inklinda told every random Inkling and Squika, but now YOU?!

Agent 1: Huh? What are you talking a-

Ally: I need some time to cool off! If you need me, I'll be somewhere that NO-ONE will find me!

Ally switches off her walkie-talkie and runs away in a temper.

We cut to a view of an Inkling near a large piece of empty amiibo packaging. She appears to be wearing some sort of disguise. She speaks with Agent 1's voice

Agent 1: I can't believe Ally wasn't interested in all-you-can-eat chocolate mud pies at Ate & Wee You...I mean, I'm SURE Marie said desserts are her favourite food...oh well, more for me, then!

Agent 1 runs away.

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Alleyway: Evening

Ally sits next to a dumpster in an alleyway. She appears sad.

Ally: I can't believe anyone could be so mean...seriously, what the fresh is her problem?

Voice: I thought I might find you here.

Ally looks up. An Inkling with teal tentacles and thick-framed glasses is standing there.

Ally: Wh-Who are you...?

Inkling: I'm Inklanna, a friend of Seth's. You're Ally-Squinn, right?

Ally: Yeah, I guess so...not that it matters to anyone...

Inklanna sits next to Ally.

Inklanna: What makes you say that?

Ally: Well, I feel so unwelcome in this place. I shouldn't have come here...

Inklanna: Why would you feel unwelcome? Most people here are really friendly.

Ally: Yeah, if you're "fresh", whatever that means.

Inklanna: Eh, freshness is overrated. You should just be yourself. THAT'S the important thing, right?

Ally: Hm...

We wipe to a flashback scene. Ally is sitting in a classroom.

Teacher: Now, class, what would you all like to be when you grow up? Clawdia?

A well-dressed humanoid crab stands up.

Clawdia: I would like to work in my father's claw firm.

Teacher: Ah, very good! Ally-Squinn?

Ally stands and clears her throat.

Ally: I want to become a pop star in Inkopolis!

The class laughs.

Teacher: Young lady, I can say with certainty that you do NOT want to become a..."pop star", whatever that means...on the contrary, my dear, YOU want to become a bookseller, like your mother and father!

Teacher's thoughts: One wonders how a family of booksellers could be so ridiculously wealthy...

Clawdia: My word, Ally-Squinn is a rebel! She MUST be expelled from school!

Teacher: Agreed, Clawdia! Ally-Squinn, you want to pack up your things and leave at once! And THEN, you want to return home and make arrangements to begin tuition at...Bottomburp Academy.

The class laughs. Ally appears sad.

We wipe back to the present. Ally smiles.

Ally: You know what? You're absolutely right! I made the decision to move here instead of going to Bottomburp-

Inklanna: "Bottomburp"...?

Ally: -and since I'm here, I'm going to achieve my month-long dream of becoming a pop star!

Ally and Inklanna stand.

Thank you, Inklanna. I hope to see you again!

Ally-Squinn runs away with delight.

Inklanna: There goes one awesome protagonist...

Squika lands next to Inklanna.

Squika: You DO realise that you'll only make one more appearance in the first Ally-Squinn short, and that you'll have exactly eight syllables of dialogue before it comes to an abrupt conclusion, right?

Inklanna looks at Squika and nods.

Inklanna: M-hm...wait a sec...Squika, what do you-

Scene 10: Inkopolis Plaza: Evening

Ally stomps toward Inkopolis Tower.

Ally: I'll show you, Inklinda...I'll ink you so much that your clothes will keep spla-

We hear a chime similar to one in an airport terminal.

Voice: Inkopolis Tower is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Oh, for the love of freshness...

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 11: Inklinda and Inklein's Dorm: Afternoon

Inklinda sits on a couch polishing her Inkbrush's handle.

Inklinda: There, there, my lovely...that mean Sea Slug was just trying to scare you. There's no WAY I'll let anyone trim your bristles or whatever...

Inklein bursts into the dorm. He is holding a flyer on a sheet of lime green A4 paper.

Inklein: Lindie! You gotta see this!

Inklinda doesn't bother to look at Inklein.

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: A hot new musical act is holding a gig in Inkopolis Plaza NEXT WEEK! You wanna go?

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: I might get a new outfit for the show...maybe a Black Inky Rider Yacket from Being Jelonzo's shop...I dunno...Lindie, you always have good taste in clothing, so what should I wear?

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: Hey, that's a GREAT idea! I'll head to the Squerther outlet right now. Thanks!

Inklein leaves the dorm. Inklinda looks up.

Inklinda: Weird...why does the room smell like Inklein's deodorant...? Oh well...

Inklinda hugs her Inkbrush.

Inklinda: Mommy will, like, take GOOD care of you or whatever...

Scene 12: Seth's Pad: Evening

Seth enters his apartment. He is carrying a brown paper bag filled with groceries.

Seth: I hope I bought enough juice...I hate it when I forget to rehydrate...

Ally's voice: Hi, Seth!

Seth: WAAH!

Seth drops the bag. We hear the sound of broken glass, and a purplish-red puddle leaks from the bottom of the bag.

Seth: Wh-Who's there?!

Ally waves from Seth's couch.

Seth: Ally? Wh-What are YOU doing here?

Ally: You invited me, remember?

Seth: Yeah, but...I thought you'd give me a day's notice or somethin'...

Ally: Anyway, I found my room, so I put all my stuff in there.

We cut to a view of a spacious bedroom. It is filled with plush sea creatures and a single Squidkid action figure.

We cut back to Ally and Seth.

Seth: You're ALREADY unpacked?!

Ally: Yeah! It didn't take long at all.

Seth: But...I've only been gone for a half hour! And...wait...how did you get in without a key?

Ally: Oh...um...

Ally looks away.

Seth: Oh well, who cares? I finally have you as my roomie! This is awesome!

Ally: Yeah, and we're gonna play a music gig in Inkopolis Square NEXT WEEK!

Seth: Yeah, a musi-

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Um...wh-what...?

Ally: You heard me! We're gonna play a music gig!

Seth: B-But...I-I...I c-c-can't...

Ally: Sure you can! Your DNA practically SCREAMS music!

Seth: S-So what...?

Ally: Oh, this is gonna be EPIC! Well, I better get to...uh...my job...I guess...um...bye!

Ally leaves the apartment. Seth stares at the door.

Seth: M-Me...? Pl-Play m-music...?

Seth whimpers, before changing to squid form and sliding out of the room.
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 02:
So I was having some trouble deciding who should be my next noob muse, but the problem is that there are too few new Turf Warriors this week, and I'd rather pick truly raw talent.

Then I figured it out: Inklinda says my freshness rating is too low, but it turns out that she's WAY less fresh than I am! Therefore, I decided to ask her if she wanted to be in my next photo, with the promise of her favourite snack. Naturally, she said "Like, yes or whatever...":

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 2d57f310

I don't care what anyone says, I just don't think we look that similar! Also, her favourite snack is fried noodles with pepperoni bits, whereas mine is...well, that's a story for another time.

Stay fresh!


I love you Once NintendoPurist... Always NintendoPurist...

Once... Always... Forever...
Rising... Soaring... Climbing...
Zooming... Elevating... Deepening...

I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

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June 3rd 2018, 4:27 pm
Up to date in this one now too! Loving the back stories here and enjoying Ally as a main character Very Happy

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June 3rd 2018, 7:14 pm
Episode 3: Gett-ink the Band Together!
AKA "The Music Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Morning

Seth is asleep in bed. He is awoken by apparently-loud music.

We cut to a view of Ally. She is playing an electric guitar in the middle of the living area. Ally starts to sing.

Ally: ♫You're a KID now! You're a SQUID now! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

Seth: Ally!

Ally stops playing and smiles at Seth.

Ally: Hi, Seth!

Seth: Do you have ANY idea what time it is?

Ally: 6am, right?

Seth: Yes, which is when MOST Inklings are in bed!

Ally: Pfft, Inklings don't need sleep!

Seth: True, but some of us enjoy a nice bit of R&R. What are you doing, anyway?

Ally: Practising for our gig.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: G-G-Gig?!

Ally starts to play her guitar.

Ally: ♫You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

Seth: Ally?

Ally smiles at Seth.

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: Maybe this isn't such a good idea...

Ally: Of COURSE it is! Music's in every Inkling's DNA.

Seth: Not mine.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Um...what?

Seth: I don't have a music strand in my DNA.

Ally laughs.

Ally: Are you kidding? That's the second-most ridiculous thing I've heard this month!

Seth: Really? What was the first?

Ally looks up.

We wipe to a flashback of Ally standing in Octo Valley. Ally laughs.

Ally: What? That's ridiculous! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: DANG IT! Why do y'all keep usin' that same runnin' gag?!

We wipe back to the present. Ally smiles.

Ally: Oh, nothing much. Anyway, the recording studio is closed for renovations, so we can't practice there right now.

Seth panics.

Seth: W-We?!

Ally: That's what I said, isn't it?

Seth: Did you not just hear me, Ally-Squinn? I. Don't. Have. Music!

Ally: Nonsense!

We hear a "ding" sound.

Ally: Ooh, the renovations are done!

Seth: Wait...already?

Ally: Come on, let's go!

Ally grabs Seth's hand.

Seth: A-Ally, w-wait!

Ally pulls Seth out of the apartment. The door closes behind them. The camera pans down to an envelope addressed to Seth. The top corner reads, "From the office of Doctor Puss, DNAologist".

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Splatune Records: Morning

Ally drags Seth into a recording booth by the hand.

Ally: Seth...nngh...you weigh a figurative tonne!

Seth: I don't wanna do this!

Ally lets go of Seth next to a drum kit.

Ally: Don't be ridiculous! Now, I figured you'd like playing the drums.

Seth: Well...I GUESS I have good rhythm...

Ally: Good. Now, let's practice a song.

Ally readies her guitar and steps up to a microphone.

Ally: What's goin' ON, Inkopolis?

Seth scratches his head.

Seth: Um...

Ally: Right on! Now, this first song is one of my own personal creations!

Ally begins to play her guitar.

Ally: ♫You're a KID now! You're a SQUID now! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

A rock with a note attached to it smashes through the recording studio window.

Ally: ...the fresh?!

Ally walks up to the rock and picks it up. She detaches the note, unfolds it and reads it aloud.

Ally: "Dear Ally-Queen, SHUT UP AND PLAY A BETTER SONG! --Squika"

Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess I should think up some better material...but the only songs I know are by the Squid Sisters.

Seth: Really?

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Everyone back in Calamari County listens to nothing but the Squid Sisters' music. I guess it's 'cause they have their roots there.

Seth: Really? Wait...I have an AMAZING idea!

Ally: You do?

Seth: I bet you know Bomb Rush Blush by heart, right?

Ally: Well, sure! The lyrics are ingrained in my DNA forever. "Blushing faces covered in pink! Rushing bombs, exploding ink!"

Seth: Awesome! Well, you should try singing a cover of Bomb Rush Blush at the gig.

Ally: Hey, that's a GREAT idea! Okay, lemme prepare my voice.

Ally clears her throat, before standing behind the mic.

Ally: DJ, spin that tune!

Squika's voice: Right away, my dear!

Bomb Rush Blush
Ca...uh...I mean Ally-Squinn


Seth's eyes widen as he hears Ally sing.

Seth: Ally...

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: When you sing...you sound exactly like Callie!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Wait...seriously?

Seth: Yeah! The crowd's gonna LOVE it!

Ally: Well...if you're sure.

Seth: Hey, try another one!

Ally: Uh...well, okay then...

Squid Squa...uh...I mean Ally-Squinn


Seth: Oily mackerel...now you sound like the lead singer of Squid Squad!

Ally: Wait...so the songs I know are the key to my muse?

Seth: Yeah! I think that should be your goal.

Ally: My...goal?

Seth: Yeah! Ally-Squinn: Cover Artist!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: I didn't move to Inkopolis just to rip off other celebrities' music, Seth-Inkley!

Squika squid jumps next to Ally.

Squika: Seth is right, Ally-Queen.

Ally looks at the admittedly-low ceiling of the recording booth.

Ally: How did you-

Squika: You should consider becoming a cover artist. Writing your own material is VERY difficult, and I should know. I'm having a spot of bother trying to think of a unique theme for my thesis...

Ally: Well...I GUESS I like being undercover...

Seth raises an eyebrow.

Seth: Wait, what?

Ally pumps her fist.

Ally: I'll DO it!

Squika: Splendid! The three of us will go far indeed!

Seth: Yeah, right to the top of the cha-

Seth looks at Squika.

Seth: What are you saying...?

Squika: Well, you're going to need a lead male singer, and I have a truly Squiffing singing voice, don't you know?

Seth: No, I didn't know.

Squika: Wonderful! Then let's get ready for our gig!

Ally: Wait a second! I-I didn't agree to you joining our band!

Squika: But...YOU signed the contract!

Ally: Wait...what?

Squika: The contract CLEARLY states that this group MUST consist of three Inklings, at least one boy and one girl...AND at least one member who remains in squid form during each show! Do you know of any other Inklings who stay in squid form for longer than is necessary?

Ally: Well, no...I can't say that I do...

Seth: Actually, now that you mention it-

Squika: Then it's settled! Ally will be the guitarist and lead female vocalist, Seth will be the percussionist, and I, Squika, shall be the lead male singer and manager!

Another Inkling stands nearby.

Inkling: Uh...but I'm the manager, man...

Squika pumps his...tentacle.

Squika: Band Squid Pro, LET'S GO!

Ally sighs.

Ally: What have I gotten myself into...?

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 3: Seth's Pad: Morning

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

We see a view of Ally on-stage with Seth and Squika. Squika waves his tentacles in the air.

Squika: Okay, Inkopolis, are you ready to LAUGH?

Ally: What the fresh are you talking about, Squika?!

The crowd suddenly starts laughing.

Ally: What? What's so fu-

Ally looks behind her. Seth is running around the stage in his underwear.

Seth: Look at me! I'm in my underpants! Now I can't do this performance! Oh, what a shame!

Ally: Seth!

Seth looks at Ally.

Seth: Face it, Ally: there's no WAY you can stop me!

Ally: Stop you...?

Seth laughs. He speaks with DJ Octavio's voice.

"Seth": You're gonna end up JUST LIKE DADDY! HAHAHAHAHA!

Two bolts of lime green electricity jolt Ally. She laughs.

Ally: St-Stop it! That tickles! HAHAHA!

A pulse of lime green energy fills the screen for a moment.

Ally: Wh-What have you done to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene cuts back to reality. Ally suddenly sits up.

Ally: Whoa, what a weird dream...

We cut to a view of Seth playing a game on a couch. It resembles Splatoon, though the characters resemble rabbits.

Seth: No! Dang it, CallieFan8! He was MINE!

Ally: I didn't know you had Hare n' Tear!

Seth: I got it during last night's midnight launch at Ate & Wee You.

Ally: Right...I forgot about that.

Seth: Well, you were working, right?

Ally: True...

Seth: I don't know who this CallieFan8 thinks she is, but she keeps stealing my targets!

Ally: Yeah! Plus, everyone knows that MARIE is the best Squid Sister!

Seth: I'll pretend I didn't hear that IF you let me off the hook re: this whole music biz!

Ally: "Off the Hook"? What kind of band name is THAT?!

Seth sets down his tablet-like controller and looks at Ally.

Seth: No, I mean I don't want to do the gig. I...I can't.

Ally: Well, it's a little short notice to tell me now, isn't it? The gig is tonight!

Seth: Uh...I've been dropping blatant hints ALL WEEK!

Ally: Well...who am I gonna find to replace you?

Seth: Anyone but me! I'd rather succumb to my fear of heights than play music, anyway!

Ally growls.

Ally: You know what? Fine! Why don't you just go to the edge of that balcony-

Ally points at the open balcony door. Seth is surrounded by an aura of lime green energy and flings through it.

Seth: WHOA!

Ally: SETH!

Ally runs over to the balcony railing and looks down.

Ally: H-How did this happen?!

Voice: You did this.

Ally looks at a figure in a dark green hooded cloak. His face is obscured by shadow.

Ally: Wh-Who are you...?

Figure: Unimportant at the moment. I will rescue your friend.

Ally looks at the balcony.

Ally: But he's probably already-

Seth's voice: Ally?

Ally turns around. Seth is standing there.

Ally: S-Seth...? B-But...how...?

Seth: Beats me. I suddenly flew over the balcony, then someone grabbed me and...well, here I am.

Ally: You didn't fall?

Seth: Nope. I figured you caught me as I reached the edge.

Ally: But...then...

Ally's thoughts: That cloaked individual...it must've been him...

Ally: I-I don't think we should be doing this gig after all...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Come again?

Ally: I-I think you're right. I think this whole idea is jinxed.

Seth: Are you kidding me?! After ALL that effort to organise the gig?! Ally, you NEED to follow your dream!

Ally: But...I can't!

Seth: Why not? I hate to admit it, but it's an AWESOME idea!

Ally: It is?

Seth: Yeah! I'll...I'll even play with you, if you want.

Ally: But...I thought-

Seth: You know what? It's fine! You helped me when I splatted onto that train, so now it's my turn to help you!

Ally's eyes ripple.

Ally: S-Seth-Inkley...

Seth grins.

Seth: I'd do ANYTHING for YOU, Ally-Squinn...

Ally smiles.

Seth's thoughts: ...and I mean ANYTHING...I've never felt this way about anyone else...

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Night

We see a view of a stage in the middle of the plaza. A crowd has gathered around it.

We cut to a backstage view. Ally is fidgeting.

Ally: I'm really nervous...

Squika: Well, THAT'S weird!

Seth: Squika!

Squika: What?

Seth: That was very rude! Ally has every right to be nervous. This IS her lifelong dream, after all!

Ally: Well...LIFElong might be a BIT of a stretch...

Seth: And she's not as nervous as I am! I mean, I can't even music good!

Squika: Wow, SOMEONE is having trouble with grammar...now, where is the caterer? They have yet to deliver my pre-performance hamburger's!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Ally: I guess SOMEONE'S a hypocrite. Okay, let's get ready, everyone!

Squika: Hold on, I just need to prepare my voice...

Squika starts to sing in an operatic tone.

Squika: La la la la laa! La la la la la-

Squika's voice is suddenly thrown out of balance.

Ally: Squika...that was-

Squika speaks in a voiceless tone.

Squika: Wonderful, isn't it?

Seth: Uh-oh...looks like your voice has literally been thrown over a balcony!

Ally sighs.

Ally's thoughts: Great...Seth's one of THOSE people...I mean, it's not hard to use the word FIGURATIVELY, for crying out loud!

Squika: No no no, I'm...fine! I'm fine!

Seth: No, you're not. I guess this means we can't do the show...and after I summoned up the courage to perform.

Ally: Wait...maybe we can.

Seth: Um...wh-what?

Ally: I've heard you sing in the inkshower, Seth, and you're pretty good.

Seth: That's ridiculous! I-I don't even have a music strand in my DNA!

Ally: Coulda fooled me. And Squika's good with slapping his tentacles in a rhythm.

We cut to a view of Squika slapping his tentacles in a rhythm.

Squika: Why is everyone staring at me...?

Ally: So he can drum for us. Please, Seth? It's the only way!

Seth ponders Ally's words.

Seth: Hm...well...okay, I'll do it. For you.


Seth grins.

We cut to a view of the stage. Ally, Seth and Squika walk (and slide) into view.

Ally: 'Sup, Inkopolis?

The crowd cheers.

Ally: Awesome! We're the Rainbow Cuttles, and we're gonna jam for ya!

Squika rubs his head...body...thing.

Squika's thoughts: "Rainbow Cuttles"...? But...what happened to Band Squid Pro...?

Ally: 1-2-3-GO!

Chirpy Chi...uh...I mean Rainbow Cuttles


The audience has a mixed reaction to the band's music.

Inkling #1: They sound just like-

Inkling #2: -Chirpy Chips...

Sea Urchin: So they're a cover band?

Sheldon: Not just A cover band...THE cover band! The most authentic cover band yet!

Jellyfish: [bloop]

The crowd cheers for the Rainbow Cuttles.

We fade to later that night.

Seth: And that was our last song! We're the Rainbow Cuttles, and you have been an AMAZING audience!

Seth stands next to Ally.

Ally: Ready to close this thing...together?

Seth: I was prawn ready!

Ally and Seth pull a pose.

"Weather young or old,
Find your Pot O' Gold!"

The crowd cheers as the band leaves the stage. The crowd then leaves the arena. The lights suddenly shut off. Squika looks around.

Squika: What happened to the show...? Hey, I got my voice back! H-Hello? Ally-Queen? Seth-Kingly? ARE YOU THERE?

Squika sighs.

Squika: Well, this has been a TERRIBLE début performance...maybe I should give up on my week-long dream of becoming a popstar and focus on something a little more...squiddy.

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 5: Seth's Pad: Morning

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

Ally is standing in Octo Valley. Cap'n Cuttlefish gives her a thumbs-up.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Seriously? TWO dream sequences in one episode?!

Ally: Yeah? So? I like to sleep after a mission.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: An' just WHY is this ep so darn short?

Ally: Well...just WHY are you talking like a rootin-tootin sheriff? Aren't you supposed to be based on a sea captain or something?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Look, the writer took a few...creative liberties, m-kay?

Ally: Whatever...so what's supposed to be happening in this dream, anyway?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, yer a Psy-pod type, aintcha?

Ally: Kind of...I mean, my powers are lame at best...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Are you KIDDIN'?! Y'all have the potential t' become a TRULY powerful Psy-pod!

Ally: Really? Oh, who am I kidding? You're just dreamstuff, after all.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: An' YOU need t' be taken out o' th' squidture!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Ally: That was kind of a lame pun...wait...what the fresh are you saying?!

Cap'n Cuttlefish laughs. He speaks with DJ Octavio's voice.

"Cap'n Cuttlefish": Don'tcha GET it? You've been having profitable dreams you stoopid squid!

Ally's eyes flatten.

Ally: I think you mean "prophetic".

"Cap'n Cuttlefish": Whatever. Bottom line: I'm taking you out of the squidture. See you on Tidemoon Eve...hahahahaha!

We see a flash of lime green energy.

Ally: Wh-What have you DONE to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

We flash to a view of the hooded figure. His eyes flash purple.

We cut back to Ally. She sits up and pants heavily.

Ally: What a weird dream...I better go and see how Seth's doing in his game.

Ally enters the living area. Seth is playing what resembles Mario Kart 8, though with popular Splatoon characters as the drivers.

Ally: Morning, Seth! Wait...why aren't you playing Hare n' Tear?

Seth: Huh? Oh, it was just a rip-off of real life Turf War, so I traded it at Ate & Wee You for THIS game.

Ally: Oh, neat! What is it?

Seth: Marina Kart 8.

Ally: Who's Marina...?

Seth shrugs his shoulders and makes an "I dunno" sound.

Ally: Wait...are you playing as Callie?

Seth: Well, of course! She IS the best Squid Sister, after all!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Well...I suppose everyone's entitled to their opinion...

Ally's thoughts: ...even if it's COMPLETELY wrong...

Seth: So...wanna play some Turf War later?

Ally: Sure, why not?

Seth: Sweet! Lemme just finish this race and we can-

Seth growls.

Seth: Dang it, CallieFan8! How do you keep managing to one-up me?! Furthermore, how do you keep ending up in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my online play sessions?! Wait...he seriously wants to friend me?! The nerve of him!

Ally: Well, why not? You both have something in common, right?

Seth: Huh?

Ally: You both like Callie.

Seth: Hm...you may be onto something...okay then. Request accepted!

Scene 6: Thermidor Arms Hotel: Morning

We cut to a view of a hotel suite. The hooded figure is playing Marina Kart 8.

Figure: Wow, SethMAZING, you are one awesome player...and you accepted my friend request! Now I can keep watch of you, as well as your new friend...Ally-Squinn.

We cut to a view of the figure's right eye. It is purple in colour. A tiny twinkle of green in the shape of the number 8 is seen in the middle of the pupil. It changes to an "S", before fading away.

Scene 7: Seth's Pad: Morning

Seth is standing in the apartment.

Seth: Come on, Ally! If we hurry, we can still play a round with a 50/50 chance of it being at Mahi-Mahi Resort!

Ally's voice: Hold on, I'm just trying to decide which pair of shoes to wear!

Seth: Which pair-

Seth sighs.

Seth: Ally, you only have two pairs! And you're not gonna wear your beginner shoes, right?

Ally's voice: I guess not...

Seth: Good, then let's-

Seth spots the envelope.

Seth: What's this...?

Seth picks up the envelope and opens it. He unfolds the letter and begins to read it aloud.

Seth: "Dear Seth-Inkley-"

We hear a loud chicken sound.

Seth: I NEED to update my message alert tone...now where was I...? Ah, yes. "We have analysed a sample of your DNA, and we feel it is in our best interests to confirm that you-"

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: They can't be freshing serious!
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 03:
Wow, another entry into my noob photo log. This time around, I decided to have my photo taken with Squika Udon, and not for the reason you might be thinking.

You see, Squika has apparently been trying to think of an original theme for his thesis, and one of those ideas was "Fashion Flipper: Dressing Against Expectation". He tried on a few different outfits, including his university uniform, a sailor suit, a Crusty Sean cosplay...you get the idea. And the less said about his Octoling cosplay, the better...

Anyway, he settled on this Black Inky Rider-centric ensemble (pretty sure Jelonzo must've talked him into it), and now he wants to wear it for an entire year just to prove that "even intellectually-advantaged cephalopods can still look bad-bass". I give it a week. Anyway, he agreed to give me a copy for my log, though I don't think he realises it's for Turf War beginners...still, he's only Level 3 right now, so I guess it counts. Here he is in all his...leathery glory:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack D9ba3210

Stay fresh!


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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

June 9th 2018, 8:48 pm
Ally-Squinn Shorts: Leavin' the Nest!
AKA "The Pre-Prequel Mini-Episode"

Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

We see Inklanna sitting on a bench, a cup of juice in her hand. Ally spots her as she walks past.

Ally: Oh, hi! Inklanna, right?

Inklanna nods as she sips some juice.

Ally: Mind if I sit here?

Inklanna: Uh-

Ally: Thanks.

Ally sits next to Inklanna.

Ally: So...I've been thinking a lot about why I left home to move here. Do you have a minute?

Inklanna opens her mouth to speak.

Ally: Thanks! It all started a month ago...

Inklanna looks at her watch as the scene fades to the next one.

Scene 2: Ally-Squinn's Family's Estate: Morning

We see a view of Ally in her bedroom. She is packing a large suitcase.

Ally: There...that should be everything I need.

Voice: Miss Ally-Squinn?

Ally looks at her butler.

Ally: Don't try to stop me, Squeeves!

The butler chuckles.

Squeeves: Oh, I have no intention of stopping you, miss. I do believe it is time for you to follow your dream.

Ally: Thanks! Oh...but what about you? I don't think you should be on your own...

Squeeves: Do not worry, Miss Ally-Squinn. Though your brother moved to Inkopolis months ago, this house will not feel empty. I still have your mother to buttle, after all.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: I...don't think "buttle" is a word.

Squeeves: But...I am a "butler". What is a butler but one who buttles?

Ally: Also, Mother left for her expedition over a year ago. She won't be back for some time!

Squeeves: Oh...I do believe you are right...

Ally: Why don't you take a vacation? I hear Mahi-Mahi Resort's nice at this time of year.

Squeeves: My dear Miss Ally-Squinn, buttling doesn't TAKE a vacation!

Squeeves' thoughts: If only she knew my secret identity...

Ally: Uh...right.

Squeeves: In any case, I have personally arranged for the train conductor to cater to your every whim, though I believe he thinks that I am your fa-

Squeeves pauses.

Squeeves: Mm...never mind, my dear miss.

Ally: What DID happen to my father, Squeeves?

Squeeves: I...told you just last week, my dear.

Ally: Oh...that's right. Well, thank you...for everything.

Squeeves: It was my pleasure, Miss Ally-Squinn.

Squeeves smiles.

Scene 3: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The scene cuts back to the present. Ally looks at Inklanna.

Ally: Wow...I guess I didn't fully explain my REAL motivation for moving here after all...but it's nearly time for Turf War, so it'll have to wait for the next Ally-Squinn Short...though I guess that means I'll be telling Inkroy instead of you.

Ally giggles.

Ally: Look at me, breaking the fourth wall! Who am I, Inkleene?

Ally stands and begins to walk away.

Ally: Hey, wait!

Ally turns to look at Inklanna.

Ally: How come you were in the second episode of Ally-Squinn no Shinwa instead of the third?

Inklanna smiles.

Inklanna: I had my cameo early.

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June 13th 2018, 7:11 pm
Episode 4: Premon-ink-tions!
AKA "The Octo Valley Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Evening

We see a view of Seth's apartment. Ally suddenly bursts in. She seems worried.

Ally: How could this have happened?! What does that slimy octopus want with Seth?! Octavio and those stupid Octopus Amazon witches are SO cooked!

Earlier that day...

Scene 2: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally and Seth walk away from Booyah Base.

Seth: Wow, Ally, I can't believe the level of attention we've been getting since our first concert!

Ally: I know...it's realy weird, isn't it?

We see a view of the entire plaza. No-one is paying any attention to them.

Seth: You think after getting a standing ovation that our fans would be even more pumped than this.

Inklinda's voice: Did you say "fans"?

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Ally and Seth.

Ally: That's what I heard him say.

Inklinda: Don't, like, make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Inklein: Well I heard him say "ovation", though I'm not sure what a scrambled omelette has to do with anything...

Inklinda: Look, the reason no-one's rushing to grab an autograph is that you're not a real band or whatever.

Ally: Of COURSE we are! We followed the terms of our contract exactly!

Inklinda: Yes, FOLLOWED. Past tense.

Ally: Then what's the problem?

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: You haven't, like, heard? Oh, that is precious! Okay, here's the TL;DL-

Ally: "TL;DL"...?

Inklinda: "Too long; didn't listen". It's, like, the official slogan of the Sheldon Blah Blah Fan Club. Anyway, Squika pulled out of the band.

Ally: WHAT?! After ONE concert?!

Inklinda: I know, right? And it was an AWESOME concert, too...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: I can't tell if you're being insulting, condescending or actually genuine...

Inklinda: Eh, choose either one or whatever.

Inklein: Yeah, the concert was great...wait a minute...Lindie, were we even IN the previous episode...?

Inklinda: Not as such, no, but we were there in terms of the story, right?

Inklein: Um...oh yeah...I wore my super yacket!

Ally: But...Squika can't just pull out after just one concert!

Inklinda: Yeah, he, like, mumbled something about the band stifling his creativity and freedom, and quipped that finding his long-lost family member would be a better use of his time or whatever.

Seth: Wait...so Squika has a brother...?

Inklinda: Maybe? How the fresh should I know?

Seth looks up as he begins to think. Inklein looks at him.

Inklein: What's Purple Inklein doing?

Ally: Oh, he's just inner-monologuing. Give him a minute or so.

Inklein: Silly Scrubberella! A minute isn't an object that can be given, it's a unit of TIME! Heheheh...silly Scrubberella...

Inklinda: So basically, you're not a celebrity, so just give up or whatever.

Ally: HEY! Ally-Squinn does NOT run away from her goa-

We hear Ally's walkie-talkie beeping.

Ally: Oh, fresh! I...uh...I have to go.

Ally runs toward Booyah Base. Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: Looks like SOMEONE'S given up her dreams...

Inklein: You mean Purple Inklein?

Inklinda looks at Seth.

Inklinda: Um...like, sure or whatever. Let's just go.

Inklinda starts to walk away. Inklein examines Seth.

Inklein: He actually looks a lot like someone else we know...maybe the third Noob Photo has a clue?

Inklinda's voice: Inklein! Hurry up if you want an ice-cream!

Inklein: Coming! Mmm...purple...

Inklein runs in Inklinda's direction. Seth snaps back to reality.

Seth: Anyway, Ally, I think we-

Seth looks around.

Seth: Where did everyone go?

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Ammo Knights: Morning

We see Ally standing in front of Sheldon. Her eyes are bloodshot.

Sheldon: ...blah blah blah which makes this Charger FAR superior to your old one! Any questions?

Ally: Um...can I please have my Kelp Splat Charger now...?

Sheldon: Of course! Here you go!

Sheldon hands Ally a green-coloured Splat Charger.

Ally: Thanks...I guess.

Sheldon: You are most welcome, my friend! Oh, and may I take this opportunity to thank you for your service to the New Squidbeak why are you staring so vacantly, Agent 3?!

We see a view of Ally. The scene zooms into her head.

Ally stands facing DJ Octavio in her Hero gear. DJ Octavio is dancing to Calamari Inkantation.

Ally: There's no escape for you, Octavio!

DJ Octavio: This groove...I can't stop jammin'!

The Octopus Amazons surround Ally.

Ally: What the...?

Ichi: Tako-Denki...ZAPPU! (Octo-Electricity...ZAP!)

We see a flash of green energy.

Ally's voice: AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene zooms out of Ally's head.

Ally: Whoa...

Sheldon: Agent 3, may I be blunt?

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: Are you a Psy-pod?!

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: On your application documentation, you didn't mark "Psyphalopod" as one of your talents!

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: Why didn't you?!

Ally: Well-

Sheldon: Answer me!

Ally: Um-

Sheldon: Stop avoiding the question, Agent 3!

Ally: I didn't mark it on my entry form because...I SUCK AS A PSY-POD!

Sheldon: But...you just had a vision, I could tell!

Ally: Wait...what?

Sheldon: Clear as the waters of Mahi-Mahi Resort!

Ally: But...I don't have visions! At least not when I'm awake...

Sheldon: Then why did you mumble EXACTLY how we can stop DJ Octavio, and also a superb recipe for crab burgers?!

Ally: Wait...what?

Sheldon: You blurted out the secret to the perfect crab burger! A pinch of salt, one finely-chopped-

Ally: No, I mean...I figured out how to stop Octavio...in my vision?

Sheldon: Sure!

Ally: But all I remember is...um...

Sheldon: Not to worry, Agent 3! I have perfect memory, so I have already written down the plan on this clipboard.

Ally looks at the clipboard.

Ally: Oh...um...th-that was...fast.

Sheldon: Okay, it should take me a few minutes to run this by the Cap'n, and another few to arrange what you'll need for the mission.

Ally: Oh...um-

Sheldon: Dang it, Agent 3! You should get kitted for the mission, prawnto!

Ally: Uh...right.

Ally runs into the back room. Sheldon sighs and shakes his head.

Sheldon: I feel so ashamed...that I couldn't tell Agent 3 about the key part of the plan. If she knew, then...no, I can't tell her.

Scene 4: Seth's Apartment: Afternoon

Seth is playing a game using his Wii U-like game console. The doorbell rings.

Seth: Now, who could THAT be...?

Seth walks up to the door.

Seth: Who is it?

Voice: Oh...I'm selling...um...Inkling food. Yeah, not Octarian food, no siree!

Seth: Oh...sorry, I don't have any money.

Voice: Oh...it's...um...free. Yeah, not costing Inkling money, not one Cash coin!

Seth: Oh, boy! Brain food for my AMAZING gaming sesh!

Seth opens the door. Two figures in black robes stand there. Both their faces are concealed by shadow.

Seth: Wait...where's the foo-

The scene cuts to black.

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Afternoon

Ally stands facing Sheldon.

Sheldon: Ah, good, you're all kitted-up for your mission!

Ally: I sure am! Oh...sorry I took so long.

Sheldon: Yes, I did wonder why it took you 0.75 hours to get ready, Agent 3...

Ally: Well, I got an important call from my butl-

Ally pauses.

Ally: I mean...I was chewing the fat.

Sheldon: What?! That's disgusting! You shouldn't do that!

Ally: No, I mean I was-

Sheldon: I know what "chewing the fat" means, Agent 3! You could have used that 0.75 hours to do something productive!

Sheldon's thoughts: Such as apply a little deodorant...pfwoah!

Ally: So what's my mission?

Sheldon: You are to proceed to Octavio's lair and dismantle his one remaining Great Octoweapon BEFORE he activates it.

Ally: Can do, Shelster!

Sheldon: Oh, and try to rescue your friend while you're at it. What's his name...Steph?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Seth?!

Sheldon: Yeah, that's the guy.

Ally's eyes appear to ignite as she raises her fist.

Ally: I am gonna cook some Octarians!

Ally runs from the store. Sheldon shakes his head.

Sheldon: Such fiery passion...wait a second...Seth looks exactly like-

And now...

Scene 6: DJ Octavio's Original Lair: Night

DJ Octavio is sitting inside a large robot. It appears to have been destroyed by Ally.

DJ Octavio: How could one dude have dismantled ALL FIVE OF THE GREAT OCTOWEAPONS?!

Ally: Your plans are broiled, Octavio! Now tell me where Seth is!

DJ Octavio: What's a "seff"?

Ally growls.

Ally: I won't ask again!

We see a trio of Octlings in the audience. Two of them wear earplugs.

Octoling #1: You stoopid squidkid!

Octoling #2: Wasabi her in the face, Great Leader!

Octoling #3: What...was that song...? It fills me with such wonder...

Ally: I guess there's only one way to make you see reason, then! Girls? Spin that tune!

Agent 1's voice: What?

Ally: I said "spin that tune!"

Agent 1's voice: I can't hear you from all the way over here!

Agent 2's voice: She said to play the song again, Ca- I mean...Agent 1!

Agent 1: Oooooooh...okay then, Agent 3! Our- I mean...the Squid Sisters' greatest song, comin' up!

Calamari Inkantation
Squid Sisters

Splatune Records

DJ Octavio begins to dance to Calamari Inkantation.

DJ Octavio: No...not that song AGAIN! I...can't...stop...groovin'!

Ally: Now, release Seth at once!


All eight Octopus Amazons surround Ally.

Ally: They're not affected by the Inkantation...?

DJ Octavio: They're wearing...noise-cancelling headphones...!

Ally: Then what's YOUR excuse?

DJ Octavio: Oh...I'm not listening to the Stupid Marie Inkantation!

Agent 2's voice: You slimy...stop him at once, Agent 3!

Ally: I'm kind of surrounded right now!

Agent 1's voice: What?! First DJ Octaffy-o causes the episode to skip right to the climax, and now THIS?!

Ally: Oh yeah, and one of them has a big cannon-thing!

DJ Octavio: I LOVE this part! Man, Turquoise October makes the second-best tunes!

Agent 1's voice: You like the Squid Sisters too, Octaffy-o?

DJ Octavio: Of COURSE not! They SUCK! Especially that Callie dude!

Agent 1's voice: You stupid freshing...I'LL SPLAT YOU GOOD! NNGH...LET GO OF ME, MARIE!

Agent 2's voice: Let's let Agent 3 stop him, Agent 1!

Agent 1: Ooh...fine! I'm sure that she can handle it.

DJ Octavio: You're gonna end up just like Daddy, Agent 3!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Wh-What do you know of my father...? ANSWER ME!

DJ Octavio: Let's just say he was the first test subject of my patented Tidemoon Octopus Electro-Morphosis Device, or Octopus Electricity for short. Hope you turn out better than HE did, Ally-Squinn Maki!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: How DARE you reveal my last name before I do?!

DJ Octavio: Aw, poor baby...okay, Octopus Amazons, let 'er have it!

Ichi: Tako-Denki...ZAPPU! (Octopus Electricity...ZAP!)

Octopus Amazon Ichi squezes the trigger. A line on its side begins to fill with green light.

Ally: Uh...

DJ Octavio: It needs to build up power generated from the light of the tidemoon. Just give it a sec...

Ally looks at her watch.

Two hours later...

The line on the side of the cannon is half full. Ally taps her foot impatiently.

Ally: How much longer is this gonna take, Octavio?

DJ Octavio: Give it another sec, okay?

Ally: You know, I could've stopped you and your Octopus Amazon groupies in the time that's been spent waiting for this thing to charge!

DJ Octavio: Well, why haven't you?

Ally: How about I need a good distraction?

Ally's thoughts: This has turned out NOTHING like my vision...which just proves that I suck as a Psy-pod...

Agent 1's voice: Good news, Agent 3! We found your friend!

DJ Octavio is distracted.

DJ Octavio: WHAT?!

Ally: Now's my chance.

Ally karate-chops Octopus Amazon Hachi, causing her headphones to be knocked off and revealing her round ears.

Hachi: BAKA!

Ally: Now for the rest of you!

The green line suddenly fills up.

DJ Octavio: Now, Ichi! Let 'er have it!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama! (Yes, Octo-Boss!)

Ichi squeezes the trigger again, releasing a bolt of green electricity that makes contact with Ally.

Ally: Stop, that tickles! HAHAHA!

We cut to a view of Ally's vision. She appears to be laying on her back.

Ally: Wh-What have you DONE to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene fades to black.

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 7: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Where...am I...?

This doesn't make sense...

I was...somewhere else...

We see a flash of the Inkling symbol.

You're a SQUID now!

...! What was that...?!

We hear the Calamari Inkantation playing very faintly in the background for a moment.

"Stay fresh!"

This is nuts...what's going on?!

A figure fades into view. It resembles the green-robed figure who rescued Seth, though his back is turned.


Figure: You defeated DJ Octavio. Your friends are already celebrating.

They are...? Wait...are you...?

Figure: Yes. I am the one who rescued Seth-Inkley Udon.

Wait...Seth's last name is Udon?!

The figure pauses.

Figure: The Octobot King was dismantled thanks to your skill, and Octavio was successfully sealed within a snowglobe, which is on display near Judd's kitty bed in Inkopolis Plaza.

Is that wise? Wait...who ARE you, anyway? Furthermore, how are you talking to me? Where are we?

Figure: This is your mindscape, where you currently reside while your body recovers as best it can.


Figure: I am a Psyphalopod, just like you, and I am communicating using the Eelepathy power.

Eelepathy...? Sounds like another sea-pun to me...

Figure: As for who I am...you may call me CallieFan8.

CallieFan8...? As in Seth's online buddy...?

Figure: Yes.

Whoa...so you're looking out for me...? I thought you were a stalker or something!

Figure: M-Me? A stalker?! Why would you-

The figure pauses.

Figure: Um...I mean...I am your guardian, watching you across ti-

The figure pauses.

Figure: Is that the time? I really must go and...uh...finish writing these octaikus. Bye!

The figure fades away.

Octaikus...? W-Wait...I still have so many questions! CallieFan8...?

Cap'n Cuttlefish's voice: It's all my fault...I KNEW I shoulda convinced that Inklinda gal t' be mah Agent 3!

That sounds like...the Cap'n...but...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Nonetheless, even though Ally-Squinn was the second choice-


Agent 1's voice: Hey, I think she's waking up!

The scene fills with white light.

To be Continued...
Part 5:
A little over one week later...

Scene 8: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The scene fades into a view of Judd's kitty bed. Judd is asleep on top of it.

Judd: Zzz...meow... (Zzz...Good Guys win...)

The scene pans down to a view of a snowglobe. A miniaturised DJ Octavio is inside it, dancing to some kind of song.

DJ Octavio: Wow...I LOVE this song! Calamari Inkantation is the BEST!

A shadow falls over DJ Octavio. His eyes widen.


We cut to a view of an enormous squid form Inkling. It is lime green in colour, and speaks in a booming voice.

Squid: Hello, DJ Octavio.

DJ Octavio: Wh-What do you want, enormous dude?! Are you gonna EAT ME?!

We cut to a view of the scene nearby, revealing the Inkling to be of a normal size. It speaks with Ally's voice.

Ally: What? No! I want to ask you three questions.

DJ Octavio: Y-Yes...whatever you s-s-say! J-Just...don't eat me, pleeeeeeeease!

Ally: Oh, I think there's a better chance of Judd here eating you...

DJ Octavio slowly turns to look at Judd. He panics.

DJ Octavio: NO! I don't wanna be some furball's lunch!

Ally: Then answer my questions. 1. How do I change back to kid form?

DJ Octavio: Turn 14.

Ally sighs.

Ally: 2. What did you do to my father?

DJ Octavio: Uh...look, dude, I don't even KNOW you!

Ally's thoughts: I think this song's remixed his brain or something...

Ally: 3. Who are you?


Ally sighs.

Ally's thoughts: So much for THAT theory...

DJ Octavio: So...when do I get MY three wishes?

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: Well, YOU just got three wishes, so I should too, right?

Ally: Those weren't wishes, they were QUESTIONS!

DJ Octavio: Fine, then can I have three QWISHIONS please?

Ally: This was a mistake. I...I have to go.

Ally squid jumps away.

DJ Octavio: Wait! But...I said the magic word...

We see Octopus Amazon Ichi lurking in the shadows nearby.

Ally lands next to Squika, who is in kid form.

Ally: Stupid Octavio...stupid Octopus Amazons...now I'm stuck like this...

Squika: Ah, a squid form Inkling. I used to be just like you.

Ally loks up at Squika.

Ally: Oh, hey, Squika.

Squika: Yeah, those days are behind me. Now, I spend all my time in kid form, riding my motorcycle through the city streets.

Ally: I didn't know you rode a motorbike.

Squika: Oh yeah, you'd better believe it, Addie.

Ally: "Ally".

Squika: Yeah, this is an alley. I sometimes hang out with a Sea Urchin nearby. His name's Spyke...ah, you wouldn't know 'im.

Ally: He scrubbed my gear a little over a week ago.

Squika: Yep, not sure where he is anymore...some folks say he made it big, others say he was eaten by a shark. My guess? He's wandering the streets of the world, scrubbing gear for those who need it most.

Spyke's voice: Um...I'm righ' 'ere, love.

The scene cuts to a view of Ally, Squika and Spyke.

Squika: I can almost hear his Cockney accent...well, time for this rider to ride.

Squika climbs onto a pink tricycle marked with Pearl's icon and begins to pedal away. He rings the bell, which makes an adorable chime. Ally rubs her head...body...thing.

Ally: I think others are right...Squika IS a weird one...

Spyke: Oh, don' ge' me STAR'ED on FA' weirdo! So...you need some gear scrubbed?

Ally: Um...no thanks.

Spyke: Please ye'sewf.

Ally slides away.

Ally's thoughts: I guess I'm stuck like this...

The scene zooms into Ally's head.

We see a view of Ally in squid form.

Voice: I have done it!

We see a view of the hooded figure.

Figure: To find your brother...we need a human.

We see a view of a footpath. A puddle of green ink is there.

Ally's voice: Brother...what have I DONE?!

The scene zooms out of Ally's head. Her eyes widen.

Ally: What the fresh just happened...?

We hear the bell chime. Squika rides next to Ally.

Squika: Oh, you inked yourself. Yeah, you should get used to that. Later!

Squika rides away. Ally sits up and sees a puddle of lime green ink underneath her.

Ally: Ew...
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 04:
I may be stuck in squid form, but that won't stop me from my usual routine!

Anyway, here's a photo I had taken with Inklein the day before...the incident. He still calls me Scrubberella, but he's started referring to Seth as "Purple Squika". I don't know what Inklinda sees in him...

Oh yeah, it turns out that Inklinda was supposed to be Agent 3, not me! If she weren't so shellfish...ooh, it should be HER who's stuck in squid form! I hope that one day, she ends up in the same situation as me! Anyway, here's the photo:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Ae626110

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to seethe some more...stupid Inklinda!


I love you Once NintendoPurist... Always NintendoPurist...

Once... Always... Forever...
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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

June 16th 2018, 10:27 pm
Squinn-termission: That Time I Got Takozonessed into a Squid
AKA "Intermission"

Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Afternoon

We see Ally and Seth on Seth's couch playing a game. Ally is still in squid form.

Ally: There's no WAY you're gonna win this race, Seth!

Seth: Oh yeah? Well, eat this Shell!

We see a view of Marina Kart 8 on the TV screen. Seth's character, Callie, throws a pink conch shell at Ally's character, Marie, who spins out just before reaching the finish line.

We cut back to Ally and Seth. Seth cheers.

Seth: WOOHOO! That race was AMAZING!

Ally's controller slips out of her tentacles. She sighs.

Ally: Gaming is hard without hands...

Seth: Cheer up, Ally. You almost beat me, right?

Ally: What? I was still on the first lap...in an 8-lap race!

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Oh...ew.

Ally: I know I should be used to my squid form by now, but it's not getting any easier. I think I'm just gonna go and lay down for a while.

Ally slides out of the room. Seth thinks to himself.

Seth: Ally is really down in the dumps...maybe it's time to get some outside help. And I know JUST the Inkling to call!

Seth dials a number on his squidphone and places it to his ear.

Seth: Hello? Donburi Podd? ...what? No, it's Seth-Inkley...no, Seth-Inkley Squevens...yeah, from grade school...uh-huh...uh-huh...really? That's...um...fresh, I guess? Anyway...uh-huh...about 15 years old now...really? Look, lemme just get to the point: my friend was trapped in squid form by a 100-year-old Octarian, and she...what? No, I'm serious...no, Octarians DO exist, believe me! Oh...don't tell anyone, though...I wasn't supposed to tell you, to be honest...uh-huh...you'll help her? AMAZING! Okay, I'll keep in touch...uh-huh...hey, give my regards to the old man...no, your Pop...your FATHER...uh-huh...really? Over two years...? Oh...sorry about that...anyway, gotta go. Bye!

Seth hangs up his squidphone.

Seth: That call took WAY longer than it should've...

Seth's phone rings.

Seth: I didn't think she'd call back THIS quickly!

Seth looks at his phone's screen.

Seth: Oh.

Seth answers his phone.

Seth: Hi, Mom...I'm fresh, thanks for asking. And you...? AMAZING!...uh-huh...uh-huh...right now...? I was about to go and play some Turf War, but sure, I'll listen...uh-huh...uh-huh...I love you and Dad very much as well...uh-huh...uh-huh...wait...what do you MEAN I have a twin brother?!

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June 17th 2018, 10:46 pm
Episode 5: The Ink-redible Podd!
AKA "The Kraken Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally stares at Inkopolis Tower.

Ally: Oh, Turf War...how I miss your fresh funnitude...

Voice: Who's THAT guy?

Ally: Hm?

Ally sees two Inklings staring at a person playing an arcade machine.

Inkling #1: Wow, his skills are so freshing fantastic!

Inkling #2: I know, right?

Inkling #1: I've never even gotten this FAR in Squid Jump before!

Ally slides up for a closer look. The player looks like an Inkling, though his hair is unusual, with a single, sucker-covered indigo tentacle arcing from the back of his head to the front. His ears, rather than having points, appear to be rounded. A Paintball Mask covers his face.

Inkling #2: Hey kid, nice work!

Player: Thanks, I guess...

Ally's thoughts: His skills are amazing...

The player finishes his game session. He turns to look at the small crowd gathered around him.

Player: And THAT'S how you beat Squid Jump.

The other two Inklings cheer.

Inkling #2: That was awesome, bruh!

Inkling #1: What's your name?

The player casually bounces the front of his tentacle with one hand.

Player: Just call me Inkroy Ikayaki.

Inkroy casually walks away. He looks down at Ally and winks at her.

Ally's thoughts: His ears are so...weird...

Ally begins to follow Inkroy.

Ally: I haven't seen you around here. Are you new?

Inkroy: You could say that, Miss...uh...

Ally: Oh, I'm Ally-Squinn.

Inkroy: Cool.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally's thoughts: Wow...is he the first Inkling I've met who hasn't heard of me...?

Ally: I only recently moved here myself. It's been an adjustment, to say the least.

Inkroy: Tell me about it. This place...it's so...anyway, I hope to see you around.

Ally: Uh...likewise.

Inkroy: You have a fresh day, yeah?

Ally: Uh...you too.

Inkroy begins to walk away.

Ally: Wow, he's so...

A voice whispers in Ally's mind.

Voice: Octarian...

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Was that a vision...?

Ally's thoughts: Maybe it was...but there aren't any Octarians who look like HIM...are there...?

We hear a sound of electricity and broken metal.


Ally: Huh?

Ally looks up and sees an electrical pole falling toward her.

Ally: Oh, freshing fantastic...

Suddenly, the pole is surrounded by an aura of crackling indigo energy.

Ally: What the fresh?!

The tower flings away from Ally...and knocks Squika into the wall of Booyah Base.

Inkling #1: Oh no! That hot-looking Inkling guy was injured!

Squika: Relax! It'll take more than a ten-foot pole to splat ME!

Inkling #2: Oh, it's only Squika Udon.

Inkling #1: Did I SERIOUSLY call Squika HOT?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The first Inkling runs away.

Inkling #2: Hey, Squendolyn, wait up!

The second Inkling chases after the first one. Inkroy approaches Ally.

Ally: Y-You...you saved me...

Inkroy: Well, I couldn't leave a fellow Inkling in danger, right?

Ally: And you're a Psy-pod...a powerful one...

Inkroy: A what? I mean...sure. Now, try to stay out of trouble, 'kay?

Inkroy walks away in a casual manner. Ally rubs her head...body...thing.

Ally: He's WAY more powerful than me...but aren't male Psy-pods exceedingly rare...?

Ally's thoughts: That guy is so mysterious...

We hear a splat sound. Ally looks down, before rolling her eyes.

Ally: Not again...ew...

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Seth's Pad: Afternoon

Ally sits on the couch playing a game. She seems to smile.

Ally: YES! Take THAT, Callie!

Ally looks at the sucker on one of her tentacles.

Ally: I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this form...

Seth enters the apartment. Next to him is an Inkling Girl with long orange tentacles similar in style to Ally's, as well as a beret and a pair of jazzy sunglasses with tiny round lenses. She is wearing what resembles a school uniform.

Seth: Hey, Ally. How are you doing...?

Ally: Fine, thanks. I just splatted Callie in Marina Kart 8!

Seth: That's great...I guess. Ally, this is Donburi Podd. She's here to help you with your...problem.

Ally sets down the controller and looks at Seth.

Ally: It's fine now, Seth. I actually LIKE being a squid. It's kind of fun, actually!

Podd sighs.

Podd: A classic sign of denial. Let me talk to her.

Podd walks up to Ally.

Podd: Ally? Um...may I call you "Ally"?

Ally: Sure.

Podd: You may call me "Podd". All my friends call me "Podd".

Ally: Okay then..."Podd."

Podd: Now, Seth and I only want what's best for you. You understand, right?

Ally: I told you, I'm fine! Look, I haven't inked myself all afternoon!

Podd sighs and looks at Seth.

Podd: Its worse than I thought.

Seth: It is?

Podd nods.

Podd: I think...we'll need to resort to extreme measures.

Seth: So...a relaxing vacation to a skateboarding resort?

Podd shakes her head.

Podd: I've been working on an experimental treatment for calamaritis as a class project. It works, but bear in mind that it IS experimental.

Seth: Okay then...?

Podd: Also, it will require a volunteer.

Seth: I'll do it!

Podd smiles.

Podd: That's fantastic to hear.

Ally: Hold on a minute! What's this treatment, and what did Seth just agree to?

Podd: It's an electrically-administered treatment that should, in theory, restore your ability to change forms, and it is administered through a harmless electric current.

Seth: That's great! Wait...what's the catch?

Podd: Another Inkling needs to be used as a conduit, through which the restorative electrical charge is drawn.

Seth: Oh, is that all? Then I'll DEFINITELY do it!

Podd smiles.

Podd: Fantastic. Let's go then.

Seth and Podd leave the apartment. Ally sighs.

Ally: I really am fine, though...

Ally slides out of the apartment.

Scene 3: Shellendorf University: Afternoon

Ally, Seth and Podd walk into a large laboratory-like classroom. A machine labeled "Zap-O-Squid-O-Matic - Prototype v.28052015" is in one corner of the room.

Seth: Wow...this lab is AMAZING!

Podd: Thank you, Sethy.

Ally: I'm guessing that's the machine you'll be using to hopefully restore me?

Podd: Indeed, Ally. It's the result of two years and twenty-eight-million fifty-two-thousand and fifteen failed experiments.


Podd: Oh, and I guarantee that it will restore you, Ally...although possibly at the expense of Sethy being stuck in squid form.

Seth: Well, let's hurry up and do this thing!

Ally and Seth sit in seats on opposite ends of the machine. Each of them has a helmet-like contraption on their head.

Podd: Okay, the machine is powered up. Time to flip the switch.

Seth: Yeah! Wait...did you say I might be-

Podd flips the switch. Ally and Seth crackle with energy of their respective colours.

Seth: Hey, that tickles!

A bright white light fills the room.

Ally's voice: AAH!

Podd's voice: Right...I forgot to mention about the bright light.

The lights in the room suddenly blow. The machine powers down, and the room is pitch black.

Podd's voice: Rats! The fuse-box must've blown. Stay there, and don't move. I'll be right back, so don't move a muscle.

We hear footsteps, followed by a metallic thunk.

Podd's voice: ACK! Stupid teacher's desk!

We hear a door open, then close.

Seth's voice: So...do you think it worked?

Ally's voice: Well...maybe?

We hear a splat sound.

Seth's voice: Oh, rats! You inked yourself! This is NOT amazing!

Ally's voice: Actually, it wasn't me.

Seth's voice: Really? Then...uh-oh.

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 4: Ate & Wee You: Evening

Inklinda and Inklein sit at a table. Each of them has a burger on a plate in front of them.

Inklinda: So Inklein...do you know what today is?

Inklein: Uh...Opposite Day?

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: No, it's NOT Opposite Day! Ugh...just pass the pepper.

Inklein: Oh, okay then!

Inklein passes the salt shaker to Inklinda, who opens her hamburger and sprinkles a lot of salt on her patty.

Inklinda's thoughts: I can't believe he forgot that it's our 8-year first-met anniversary...

Inklinda notices Inkroy buying a game at the counter. She is intrigued.

Inklinda: Whoa...who's THAT guy, and why are his ears so...round...?

Inklein takes a big bite from his hamburger.

Inklein: Mm?

Inklein notices a random Inkling Boy sitting at a nearby table. He somehow swallows his mouthful without chewing it first.

Inklein: Silly Lindie! That Inkling's ears aren't round, they're POINTY! Silly Lindie!

Inklinda stares at Inkroy.

Inklinda: M-hm...whatever, honey.

Inkroy begins to head for the exit.

Inklinda's thoughts: I don't trust that guy...maybe I should, like, follow him or whatever...

Scene 5: Shellendorf University: Evening

The lab is still pitch black.

Seth's voice: Oh, where IS she? We've been waiting for hours!

Ally's voice: Seth, it's only been 10 minutes.

Seth's voice: Oh, right...I don't really have a good sense of time...

Ally's voice: Is that why you always end up late for our Turf War matches?

Seth pauses.

Seth's voice: Maybe...?

Ally's voice: Maybe you should get a watch, then.

Seth's voice: Hey, that's an AMAZING idea, Ally! Wait...but I'm stuck in squid form now...

Ally's voice: Now, come on! You don't know that for sure until Podd switches on the lights.

Seth: Then why does this lab reek of purple squid form Inkling?

The lights switch back on. Seth is in kid form.

Seth: Hey, she DID it! AMAZING!

Ally: See? I told you!

Seth: Told me what?

Ally: That Podd would repair the fuse box, AND that you'd be just fine.

Seth: Just fine...?

Seth examines his body.

Seth: Hey, I'm okay! But...then why does the lab smell like-

Voice: Zzz...no thank you, Mother...zzz...I hate Sheldon-Os for breakfunch...

Ally looks under a nearby desk. Squika is asleep in squid form.

Ally: Squika?

Squika's eyes open. He leaps up and knocks his head...body...thing on the desk's underside.

Squika: I'm sorry for dozing off, Mr. Crabbygrump! I...I...huh...?

Squika slides from underneath the desk and sees Ally and Seth.

Squika: Oh, it's my former bandmates! How is your music career right now? Proceeding as normal?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Are you freshing SERIOUS?! We've been banned from Splatune Records because of you! And the only way it'll be lifted is if we find a replacement squid drummer!

Squika rubs his head...body...thing.

Squika: Oh...um...whoops.

Ally notices Seth rubbing his head.

Ally: What's wrong, Seth?

Seth: I feel like I knocked my head on the underside of a piece of furniture...

Ally: You do?

Seth: And that's not all: this morning I felt like I'd been knocked into the side of a building by a ten-foot metal pole. Do you think I'm cursed?

Ally: What? Don't be ridiculous! I'm sure it's a simple case of not being used to physical activity.

Seth: Really? Hey, what if those Octarians experimented on me while I was in their clutches?!

Ally: Seth, you were standing on a floating platform the whole time.

Seth: Oh...right...

Ally: Anyway, I'm back in kid form! We should go to Ate & Wee You to celebrate!

Seth: Can do!

Squika: Can I come too? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?

Ally sighs.

Ally: Okay, but only if you PROMISE to be good.

Squika: Okay then! Ooh, can I have a Squiddy Meal?

Seth: Sure.

Squika: AMAZING!

The three Inklings leave the classroom. They walk past a door marked "Electrical Room". The door opens a crack, and a long, monstrous tentacle emerges through it. A gurgling growl is heard.

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Streets: Evening

Inkroy walks through a deserted alley with Inklinda secretly following him through the shadows. She whispers to herself.

Inklinda: What are you up to, shady guy...?

Inklein's voice: LINDIE!

Inklein is suddenly standing behind Inklinda, causing her to become startled.

Inklinda: Will you, like, keep your voice down or whatever?!

Inklein: SORRY!

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

Inkroy stops walking and stands rigid for a second. Inklein starts to speak in a low tone.

Inklein: Sorry...

Inklinda: What are you doing here?!

Inklein: I wanted to see what you were doing.

Inklinda: Following him or whatever.

Inklinda points at Inkroy, who continues to walk.

Inklinda: Come on.

Inklein: OKAY THEN!

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

Inklein: Sorry...

Scene 7: Shellendorf University: Night

Inklinda and Inklein follow Inkroy into the main building at Shellendorf University.

Inklinda: Why is he going in THERE...?

Inklein: Maybe he's a student?

Inklinda: Possibly, but I still don't trust him. His...hair looks weird.

Inklein: How so?

Inklinda: It doesn't look like yours.

Inklein touches his tentacles.

Inklein: And that makes him so special?

Inklinda: I think you mean "suspicious".

Inklein: Oh...right.

Inklinda: Let's, like, follow him or whatever.

Inklinda enters the building. Inklein giggles.

Inklein: But we're ALREADY following him! Silly Lindie!

We see a door with "C.L.M.R., Inc. - Reformed Club Meeting Hall 8" marked on the door.

Inklinda: He went in there.

Inklein: Are you sure?

Inklinda: Like, sure or whatever. I don't know his name, though.

Inklein: I do! It's Inkroy Ikayaki.

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: How the fresh did you know that?

Inklein: I know EVERYONE'S names. Scrubberella...Purple Squika...Squeaky...

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: It's like talking to an Inkfish...anyway, let's eavesdrop on Inkray or whatever.

Inklinda opens the door a crack and peeks inside. Inkroy stands at the front of the classroom. A single Octoling Girl sits at the front desk. She has magenta tentacles tied into a small, sucker-covered ponytail at the back.

Inkroy: Okay, class, I'm your group coordinator, Takoyaki-kun, but you can call me "Octroy".

Inklinda looks at Inklein.

Inklinda: I thought you said his name was "Inkray"...?

Inklein: Actually, I said it was-

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

"Octroy": Let's do roll call: Yaki Octobel?

The Octoling Girl raises her hand.

Octobel: Present.

"Octroy": Okay, now...wait...where's the rest of the club?

Octobel: Eto...this is everyone. (Um...this is everyone.)

"Octroy": But there were more people in the audience, weren't there...?

Octobel holds her finger to her chin.

Octobel: Now that you mention it...

"Octroy": Ah well. We're not here to question our fellow Octolings. We're here to figure out what happened to us when we heard-

A cough is heard outside the classroom.

"Octroy": One sec...

"Octroy" walks up to the door and opens it. Inklinda grins at him.

"Octroy": Okay, who are you and why are you snooping? Wait...aren't you Ally-Squinn...?

Inklinda: What? Why would you mix me up with THAT freak or whatever?!

Ally's voice: I swear, the next time I see Inklinda Squatson, I am gonna-

We see Ally, Seth and Squika standing nearby. Ally and Inklinda stare at each other.

Ally: You...

Inklinda: Well, well...look what the Judd dragged in...

Ally: You have SOME NERVE being here during my restoration, Miss Squatson!

Inklinda: What...? I couldn't give a flying FISH about your restoration...whatever that means...no, I was, like, spying on this Inkray...Octroy...whatever his name is.

Ally looks at "Octroy".

Ally: Oh, hi, Inkroy.

"Octroy": Uh...hi.

Ally: Is this piece of carp giving you trouble?

"Octroy": Kind of...

Inklinda: And it's lucky I did!

Seth: What are you talking about, Inklinda?

Inklein waves at Seth.

Inklein: Hi, Purple Squika!

Squika: Um...hello...uh...you.

Inklein raises both fists.

Inklein: Yay! I'm contributing to the confiscation!

Ally: What do you mean it's lucky you gave him trouble?!

Inklein: I gave Inkroy trouble...? I'm sorry...

Ally: No, not you. I meant-

Ally sighs.

Inklinda: That old geezer was right. The Octarians have invaded Inkopolis! And Inkray is one of 'em!

"Octroy": What? No, you have it all wrong!

Inklinda looks at "Octroy".

Inklinda: Then you're NOT an Octarian...?

"Octroy": Yes! No...I WAS one, but-

Inklinda: AHA! I managed to stop your plans WITHOUT that old geezer's help!

Ally: Well, you CAN'T stop him!

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: And why shouldn't I?

Ally: Because you're NOT Agent 3! You gave up that title!

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: Like, how do you know about that...?

Ally: I...I can't tell you.

Inklinda: Wait...you mean you know my replacement, and you're sworn to secrecy or whatever...?

Ally: Yeah, kinda...

Inklinda: Well, whatever, sweetie. Anyway, SOMEONE needs to arrest this slimy Octarian for-

We hear a gurgling roar from around the corner and farther down the corridor.

Inklinda: Like, what was that...?

Ally: I don't know...lemme check.

Ally approaches the corner and looks around.

Inklinda: Like, who put HER in charge or whatever...?

Ally spots an enormous squid at the far end of the corridor. It is dark orange in colour, and appears fearsome.

Ally: That's weird...

Seth: What is?

Ally: It looks like someone's used their Kraken special weapon OUTSIDE of Turf War, but-

The Kraken spots Ally and roars.

Ally: Uh-oh.

Squika: Uh-oh what?

Ally: Everyone...run.

Ally begins to run toward the others. The Kraken lets out a gurgling bellow and begins to swim toward Ally, leaving a trail of orange ink behind it.

Ally: Come on, let's move!

Inklinda: But-

Ally: NOW!

The Kraken misses the turn and smacks into the wall, leaving a gaping hole. Squika leaps onto Seth's back and wraps his tentacles around his shoulders.

Squika: Giddy up!

We see two large tentacles wrap around the sides of the hole, prompting everyone to start running. The Kraken emerges from the hole, roaring loudly, before it swms after the group. We cut to the inside of the classroom. Octobel looks at the door.

Octobel: Octroy? Is everthing alright out there? Hello?

Octobel shrugs her shoulders.

Octbel: He must've went home...oh well, I guess I'll eat my bento box, then.

We hear the Kraken's gurgling roar in the distance. Octobel giggles.

Octobel: Wow, I MUST be hungry!

Octobel places a box on her desk and removes the lid, before picking up a pair of chopsticks. She closes her eyes.

Octobel: Itadakimasu! (Thank you for the food!)

Octobel begins to eat. She smiles with delight.

Octobel: Mmm...yummy!

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 8: Ammo Knights: Night

Sheldon is moping.

Sheldon: I feel so bad for Agent 3...I hope that, wherever she is right now, she's happy.

Scene 9: Shellendorf University: Night

The group continues to run from the Kraken.

Ally: I am SO not happy right now!

Inklinda: Ugh, will you, like, get over whatever's bugging you or whatever?

Ally: It's kinda hard to do that when whatever's bugging me is within earshot, "Lindie"!

Inklein: Hey, why are we running, anyway? Maybe that cracker is friendly!

Seth: I think you mean "Kraken".

Inklein: Oh...thanks, Purple Squika!


Seth: I'm already going as fast as my legs will allow me to-

Squika whacks Seth's loin with his tentacle.

Seth: OW!

Squika: Mush! Mush!

Seth: No, but we WILL be mush if you keep-

The Kraken roars, causing Squika to release a jet of ink forward.

"Octroy": This isn't working! It's gaining on us! I think we need to-

"Octroy" becomes stuck in Squika's ink.

Ally: Inkroy!

Ally stops for a brief second. Inklinda grabs her arm and forces her to keep running.

Ally: What are you doing?!

Inklinda: Like, leave him!

Ally: But-

Inklinda: He's nothing but a slimy Octarian or whatever! Good riddance to him!

We hear the sound of an Inkling being splatted. Tears stream from Ally's eyes. Suddenly, the Kraken leaps over the group and lands in front of them.

Squika: Oh no...

The Kraken spins around to face the group, but continues sliding in the same direction as before.

Inklinda: Rats! Leaving that Octarian as bait didn't work or whatever!

The Kraken suddenly stops moving, convulsing as it is surrounded by a field of indigo energy. The group stops running.

Seth: ...the fresh?

Ally: No...it COULDN'T be...

The group spins around. "Octroy" stands there, his hand outstretched and rippling with indigo electrical energy.

"Octroy:" You thought that thing ate me? It'll take more than that to stop THIS Inkopolitan!

Ally: Inkroy!

The energy disappears from "Octroy's" hand.

Podd's voice: Nngh...I feel like I've been on a rampage through the academy...

The group spins around to see an orange squid form Inkling.

Seth: Podd!

Podd slides up to the group.

Seth: What happened to you?

Podd: Oh...um...

Podd examines herself.

Podd: Fascinating...

Ally: Podd! Your experiment worked! I'm back to normal!

Podd seems to smile.

Podd: That's fantastic, Ally. Seeing you back to normal is truly fantastic.

Seth: Oh...but you're stuck as a squid. I think you need to get back to the drawing board with that machine of yours!

Podd: Oh, no, my condition wasn't triggered by the machine.

Ally: Then...?

Podd: When I tried to repair the fuse box, I realised I had no idea how to do it.

Ally: But...aren't you an electrical engineer...?

Podd: In a moment of stupidity, I lost my temper and decided to whack the fuse box with my Krak-On Splat Roller. The resulting electrical current must have triggered my special weapon and transfigured me into Kraken form. Needless to say, it was sheer stupidity.

Seth: But what was that aura around you just before?

Podd: Aura...?

"Octroy": You can probably thank me for that.

"Octroy" steps forward.

Inklinda: Stay back, Octarian scum!

Ally: I'm guessing you're not an Inkling, then...

"Octroy": Not exactly...

Ally: Then you're an Octoling...I hope I pronouced that correctly.

"Octroy": Yeah, nah, that was spot-on.

Ally: Then your powers aren't because you're a Psy-pod?

"Octroy": Nope. I'm the Octoling equivalent, an Octechnopath.

Seth: That's kind of a mouthful. Should we call you an "Octopath" for short?

"Octroy": "Octechie" is fine.

Ally: So do we call you "Inkroy" or "Octroy"?

"Octroy": Either is fine, but I kind of like my new name. Inkroy Ikayaki.

Ally smiles.

Ally: Nice to meet you.

Inklinda: Wait...you're SERIOUSLY gonna let him get away with this?!

Inklein: Silly Lindie! It wasn't him, it was the CRACKER! Silly Lindie!

Ally: Yeah, like, keep an open mind or whatever...

The group laughs.

Scene 10: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Podd sit in the living area.

Ally: You know what? I could get used to Octolings living in Inkopolis.

Seth: Yeah, but aren't most of them evil?

Ally: Well, TECHNICALLY yes, but I could see something good in Inkroy.

Podd: Agreed. Let not our past actions dictate who we are, but who we are now. THAT is what matters.

Seth: Wow...that's some deeply-philosophical freshness, Podd.

Podd: Oh...um...th-thank you, Sethy.

Ally: So what should we do now?

Seth: Hm...maybe we could try Ranked Battle?

Podd: We'll need to form a team in order to do that, my friend.

Seth: We will?

Podd: Of course, if we want to earn and maintain a rank.

Ally: That's not a bad idea, you two...we should come up with a creative name, though.

Seth: Well, what are some of our common interests?

Ally: Ooh, how about Judd?

Seth: Hey, I LOVE Judd! He's so adorbs!

Podd: Eh, I'm not much of a cat person.

Seth: Oh...hey, I know! We all think Callie's the best Squid Sister, right?

Podd: You're not wrong, Sethy. I adore her upbeat attitude and fondness for Roller category weapons.

Ally: Are you both serious?! Marie is WAY better than Callie!

Seth: Keep on thinking that, Ally! If they ever announce a Callie vs. Marie Splatfest...well, I hope you like losing!

Ally playfully sticks out her tongue at Seth.

Ally's thoughts: Wait...do Inklings even HAVE tongues...?

Podd: What are your opinions on hats?

Ally: Hats...? Sure, I like 'em. I mean...I'm wearing one right now, aren't I?

Podd: Indeed you are, Ally.

Seth: I don't think hats work well as a team name. Besides, I don't like them.

Ally: Really?

Seth: Yeah! In my opinion, hats are NOT amazing!

Ally: Hm...

All three Inklings turn to look at Seth's tablet-like game controller.

Ally: Hey...we all like games, right?

Seth: Yeah!

Podd: Of course. Wait...how did you-

Seth: And EVERYONE likes writing and drawing on notepads, right?

Podd: Arguable, but I certainly enjoy drawing.

Ally: And I have my Noob Photo journal, although it's TECHNICALLY a blog, not a pad...

Podd: Then it's settled: our team shall be called...GamePads!

Ally and Seth smile.

Ally: Hey, I LIKE it!

Seth: Now THAT'S a name that'll catch on among the wider community!

Ally: Then it's settled. Let's go and register!

Seth: Can do!

Ally, Seth and Podd leave the apartment. We hear a flushing sound, followed by Squika sliding into the living area.

Squika: Okay, I'm all inked-out, so let's-

Squika looks around.

Squika: Great...first I get jolted by that big machine in the corner of the lab, then I get chased by an oversized calamari, and now everyone's abandoned me...this whole situation would be SO much better if I could leave this stupid squid form already!
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 05:
Hey, everyone! I'm back to normal, which means my Noob Photo blog is back on track!

Today's entry is a special one. Donburi Podd is a student at Shellendorf University, and she and her lab partner invented a machine that can reverse the effects of calamaritis.

Unfortunately, due to events that are too way-out-there to recount, she herself is now stuck in squid form, and the machine she and her partner invented is clogged with molten candy, because a CERTAIN Inkling who shall remain nameless (Squika Udon) decided to unsuccessfully convert it into a taffy machine!

Anyway here is the photo Podd and I took at Arowana Mall during their sale:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Ba870710

I bought a rockin' new pair of kicks there! Of course, I can't wear them in public, otherwise I MIGHT upset a certain shrimp for "betraying him". Stay fresh!


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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

June 23rd 2018, 7:17 pm
Ally-Squinn Shorts: Takin' the Plunge!
AKA "The Pre-Pre-Prequel Mini-Episode"

Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Inkroy is busy playing a game on the arcade cabinet. Ally is walking away from Booyah Base.

Ally: Wow...I can't believe the Kraken special may be scrapped from Turf War matches. Maybe it wasn't such a good idea to tell Sheldon...

Ally sees Inkroy playing the game.

Ally: Oh, hey, Inkroy!

Inkroy doesn't respond.

Ally: Working hard at that game, I see...so...mind if I tell you about how I decided to start a new life here in Inkopolis?

Inkroy: Uh-

Ally: It all started with a conversation I had with my brother...

The scene ripples into a flashback scene.

Scene 2: Ally-Squinn's Family's Estate: Morning

Ally is standing outside a door marked "Little Ngyes's Room".

Ally: You're SERIOUSLY gonna abandon me and move to Inkopolis?!

Scene 3: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

The scene cuts back to the present.

Ally: I couldn't really stop him from leaving. It was his choice, after all. Hey, nice score!

Inkroy: Th-

Ally: Anyway, the day came when my brother left for Inkopolis aboard Line no.-

We hear a jackhammer sound.

Ally: Wow, those renovations on Ate & Wee You are taking a while, aren't they? Now, where were we...?

The scene ripples to another flashback.

Scene 4: Calamari County: Dusk

Ally and Squeeves watch the train leave the station.

Ally: There he goes...my baby brother's all grown up.

Squeeves: Are you not the same age, Miss Ally-Squinn?

Ally: Well, TECHNICALLY I'm eight seconds older than him.

Squeeves: Fair point, young miss.

Ally: And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to use the Little Roomy's Woom...I mean the-

Scene 5: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

The scene once again cuts back to the present.

Ally: Actually, I suppose I could've left my trip to the bathroom out of my story.

Inkroy: Uh-

Ally: As the months went on, I grew to miss my brother. We'd never been separated for so long. Growing up, we were like two seas in a pod of dolphins. Did I say that right...?

Inkroy: Uh-

Ally: Not the point. He suddenly stopped calling and sea-mailing one day, so I decided that I wanted to move to Inkopolis. I needed a better alibi than "find my brother", so I made up a fake story about wanting to become a popstar during class. I didn't consider that I would actually want to become a celebrity for real...

The scene ripples into a third flashback.

Scene 6: Ally-Squinn's Family's Estate: Night

Ally sits on her bed listening to her radio.

DJ: And that was the Squid Sisters' classic, Ink Me Up. And now, for tonight's fan request. Here's the Squid Sisters' classic, Splattack! Wait...this isn't by the-

Squid Squad

Splatune Records

Ally's eyes widen as she hears the refreshingly-different song.

Ally: Wow...

Scene 7: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

The scene ripples back to the present.

Ally: And that's my story. What did you think?

Inkroy nods.

Inkroy: Wow, that was so fresh!

Ally waits for more details.

Ally: But...that was only five syllables. Any other thoughts?

Inkroy: Hm...in that case-

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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

June 24th 2018, 7:21 pm
Episode 6: Ally-Squinn's First Splatfest! (Apparently)
AKA "The Prequel Splatfest Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally, Seth and Podd walk (and slide) through Inkopolis Plaza.

Seth: So what should we do today?

Ally: Well-

Inkopolis News suddenly starts to air on a large monitor nearby.

Inkopolis News
Squid Sisters

Splatune Records

Callie: Good morning, Inkopolis!

Marie: It's Inkopolis News time, hosted by us, the Squid Sisters.

Ally: Is that...Callie and Marie?

Podd: You know them?

Ally: Not personally, but I've met a member of their family.

Seth: Wait...for realsies?!

Callie: -another Splatfest! WOO!

Marie: How exciting.

Ally: Splatfest...? What's that?

Seth and Podd's eyes widen.

Seth: Are you freshing serious?!

Podd: The Splatfest is the ultimate celebration of Inkopolitan culture, Ally. It is truly a grand-

Seth: Ssh! They're announcing the theme!

Callie: -theme is...

Marie: (Hurry up, already...)

An image appears on the screen. The left half is orange and depicts a cartoon image of Squid Rings and French fries on a plate, whereas the right half is pale yellow and depicts a cartoon image of a piece of steamed fish with a square of melting butter on top.

Callie: Which is better: Oil or Butter?

Marie: No question.

Marie's thoughts: Wasn't this Splatfest hinted at in Squigley no Densetsu ...? I guess the writer must be trying to keep a watertight continuity...and bad puns, it seems...

Callie: Yeah! Oil is fantastic! Dip anything in it, and it turns all crispy and golden and tasty.

Marie: You must be joking. Butter is the superior additive. You can spread it on bread to stop sandwiches from turning soggy, and it's the perfect topping for a stack of pancakes, especially with a drizzle of syrup over it.

Callie: What?! You're out of your mind! Berries and whipped cream are a WAY better pancake topping than syrup and butter!

Marie: Um...Callie? The Splatfest theme...?

Callie: And I'm sure that Squidley will agree with me when we meet him for the first time!

Marie: Now come on, cous. You know as well as I do that SQUIGley probably prefers his pancakes plain. Now please stop breaking the fourth wall and stay on-topic. Remember what happened last time...?

Callie: Huh? Oh, right...that poor kid...and his ice-cream cone...anyway, you think butter is the best? I guess that explains why you have such a huge BUTT...er!

Marie rolls her eyes.

Marie: Well, too much oily food will make your-

Callie: That settles it! Oil is better than butter! Now let's make it official. Head on over to the Splatfest booth and choose Team Oil. If you do, I'll be your friend!

Marie: Ahem...or choose Team Butter if you don't want to become a sellout like my beloved cousin here.

Callie: Hey!

Marie: See you for the Splatfest, everyone! And as always...STAAAAAY FRESH!

Marie looks at Callie.

Marie: You didn't do the thing...?

Callie: I'm not in the mood.

Marie: You're not setting a good example for your fans.

Callie: M-My fans?! Uh...STAAY FRESH!

Ally: Wow, do they ALWAYS fight like that...?

Seth: Nah! It's all for show.

Podd: Let us vote for our teams before the line gets too long.

Seth: Can do!

The group stands near the voting terminal.

Ally: That line was WAY too long...

Podd: Shall we confide in one another the teams we chose?

Seth: Yeah! Let's say them on 3! 1...2...3! Callie!

Podd: Butter!

Ally: Marie!

Seth grins.

Seth: Yeah! Wait...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Neither of you picked Team Callie?

Ally: No way! I wanted to pick the team associated with the Squid Sister I like the best!

Ally's thoughts: Wait...how can Callie and Marie be sisters if they're cousins...?

Seth looks at Podd.

Seth: Podd...I'm surprised that you didn't pick Team Callie...

Podd: Firstly, it isn't "Team Callie". This isn't the "Callie vs. Marie" Splatfest, and I doubt the producers would EVER stoop to that level. Secondly, I chose the team that provided my preferred option of the two. I dislike fried food, but I enjoy buttered bread. Therefore, butter is my preferred option.

Seth: Aw...so NO-ONE's on my team, then...?

Inklein's voice: Yay for Team Oily!

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Ally.

Inklinda: I can't believe you, like, picked a different team than mine, Inklein. You better not make a habit of it or whatever.

Ally stares at Inklinda.

Ally: Wait...you picked Team Butter, Inklinda...?

Inklinda: Well, sure.

Ally: Why? I thought you HATED butter.

Inklinda: Oh, I do, but I hate Squid Rings even more!

Ally mutters under her breath.

Ally: Good thing you didn't become Agent 3, then...

Inklinda: Like, what?

Ally: I said, "Good thing you didn't become Agent 3, then..."

Inklinda: Like, whatever or whatever.

Inklein: Wow...I thought you LOVED fried food, Lindie!

Inklinda: I do! I love ALL fried food...except for Squid Rings! Yeugh or whatever!

Ally: Well then, "teammate", I guess Podd and I will be seeing you during the Splatfest.

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: I'm on the same team as YOU?! Oh, fresh...

Squika slides up to the group.

Squika: Hello, fellow Inklings! Are we all looking forward to the Splatfest?

Ally: Sure, I guess...

Squika: Splendid! So, which teams have you chosen?

Ally: Marie.

Podd: Butter.

Seth: Callie.

Inklinda: Stupid Ally's team...

Inklein: Oily!

Squika: Is that so...? Well, I cannot decide.

Inklein: Whoa whoa, whoa...didn't we already DO the "I can't choose a team" Splatfest episode plot?

Inklinda: TECHNICALLY it hasn't happened yet, sweetie.

Ally: Hey, like, don't use my catchphrase or whatever!

Inklinda: TECHNICALLY you started it!

Ally razzes at Inklinda, who scoffs.

Inklinda: Child...

Squika: All done!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: That line stretches all the way to Ate & Wee You. How did you vote so fast?

Squika: Um...I cannot tell you. I've been sworn to secrecy.

Ally: Oooookay then...?

Squika: Anyway, I have settled on Team Oil!

Seth: Well then, it looks like it's Woomys vs. Ngyeses!

Inklein laughs.

Inklein: Silly Purple Squika! "Woomy" and "Ngyes" aren't words! Silly Purple Squika!

Ally: Well, shall we go to Ate & Wee You for lunch?

Seth: We can't. They're remodelling.

Ally: STILL?! Well...how about that all-you-can-eat place?

Inklein pumps his fist into the air.

Inklein: "Ngyes!"

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 2: Boat Meal All-You-Can-Eat: Afternoon

Ally, Seth, Podd, Squika, Inklinda and Inklein sit at a table at Boat Meal, an all-you-can-eat restaurant with a nautical theme.

Ally: This is nice.

Inklinda: Like, yeah or whatever.

Ally's thoughts: Does she ALWAYS talk that way...? Ugh...

Inklein: So when does the food get here?

Inklinda: No, they don't, like, bring you food. You have to pile up your own plate, sweetie.

Inklein: Oh...but I don't have a plate.

Podd: I believe the waiter will bring us our-

Squika: Ssh! I LOVE this song!

Everyone listens to the song. Ally, Inklinda and Podd's eyes widen.

Ally: Uh...sounds...great...

Seth: I think it's AMAZING!

Squika: I know, right? It was created by a fresh new talent.

Podd: What is the title?

Oh...I believe it's called #$@%* Dudes be #$@%* Sleepin.

Ally and Inklinda's left eyes squint as a part of the lyrics is censored.

Podd: Fascinating...

Ally notices Inklein sitting completely still and staring straight ahead.

Ally: Uh...Inkleene? Are you okay...?

Inklein: There's a human in here...watching us...

Ally: Wait...what?

Inklein suddenly snaps back to reality and sees everyone staring at him. He giggles.

Inklein: Silly peeps! Staring is RUDE! Silly peeps!

Ally: But you just...oh, never mind. So, about this whole Splatfest thing. What exactly is it?

Inklinda: Wow, I guess you really ARE from the sticks or whatever.

Ally: I'll have you know that I had a VERY sheltered upbringing, "Lindie"!

Inklinda: What? Daddy didn't want you hanging around with Ngyeses your age?

Ally's eyes appear to ignite.


Inklinda: Okay, I will.

Ally's mood softens.

Ally: Wow...I can't believe you're being so nice, Inklinda.

Inklinda: Well, we're teammates, so I, like, HAVE to be nice or whatever.

Ally smirks.

Ally: Well said. Now, let's eat!

Inklein: But...we need to wait for our plates if we want food!

Inklinda: Um...the waiters gave us our plates while you were staring, sweetie.

Inklein giggles.

Inklein: Silly Lindie! Staring is RUDE! Silly Lindie!

Inklein sees plates on the table.

Inklein: YAY! I'm gonna build a tower of crabby cakes!

Inklein grabs his plate and runs through the main exit.

Ally: Um...does he do that often?

Inklinda: He'll be back once he realises that he doesn't have to get his food from the a la carp restaurant on the Manta Maria.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Honestly...sometimes I don't even...

To be Continued....
Part 3:
Scene 3: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally stands in Inkopolis Plaza, staring at her squidphone's screen. She laughs.

Ally: Oh, this guy's sketches are hilarious!

Ally locks her phone and puts it into her pocket.

Ally: I wonder if a mostly-new-ish character is going to ask for my help, thus moving the plot in an unexpected direction...

Octobel's voice: Um...Ally-Squinn Maki?

Ally looks to her left. Octobel is standing there, smiling.

Ally: Oh...um...hello there.

Octobel: It's very nice to meet you, Ally-san.

Octobel bows.

Octobel: Watashi no...wait...I mean...my name is Yaki Octobel...um...Octobel Yaki.

Ally: Nice to meet you too. Is...there something I can do for you?

Octobel: Hai. (Yes.)

Ally: Of course. Anything I can do to help a fellow Inkopolitan.

Octobel: Oh...thank you so much! The truth is...

Octobel's expression turns serious.

Octobel: I suspect...that someone is stalking me.

Ally smirks.

Ally: I know the feeling, believe me!

Octobel's eyes widen.

Octobel: Then stalking is an Ika-ling custom?

Ally waves her hands in front of her.

Ally: Oh, no no no, I was just...um...why did you come to ME for help?

Octobel: Oh...you were the one who defeated Tako-sama, yes?

Ally: Uh, kinda...wait...how did you-

Octobel: Your allies freed me from his oppressive influence. The moment I heard the sublime melody, the Shiokara-Bushi, I felt reborn!

Ally's thoughts: "Shiokara-Bushi"...?

Ally: Well, I'd be happy to act as your bodyguard...um...if that's what you want.

Octobel: Oh...yes, it is, Ally-san! I mean...Miss Ally.

Ally smiles.

Ally: I'd be happy to do it.

Octobel: Oh...arigato gozaimasu! (Oh...thank you very much!)

Octobel bows again. As she stands straight, Squika lands on her head.

Octobel: Nani?! (What?!)

Ally frowns.


Squika holds a tentacle to the back of his head...body...thing and closes his eyes in a kawaii manner.

Squika: Oopsie! My apologies...

We hear a splat sound. Squika looks down.

Squika: Oh, what a relief! For a second there, I thought I'd-

Ally: Shut up and look at THAT!

Squika: Hm?

Ally, Squika and Octobel look at the ground. A puddle of pale red ink is there.

Squika: Was that puddle always there...?

Ally: No, which means that-

Octobel: Someone wishes me harm! Oh...maybe it was a mistake to desert my people...

Ally: You can't know that for sure, Octobel...

Ally's thoughts: ...although...I should get a sample of that ink for Sheldon to analyse, just in case...

Squika: Perhaps we should see if this ink is safe?

Squika jumps off Octobel's head.

Ally: Squika, no!

Squika lands in the puddle, and becomes covered in ink.

Squika: Well...um...not gonna lie, that stings a little.

Ally facepalms.

Ally: Unbelievable...I pity Team Oil...

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 4: Ammo Knights: Evening

Ally, Squika and Octobel stand inside Ammo Knights. Sheldon is nearby, and is typing on a computer keyboard, a determined expression on his face. Ally looks at Squika.

Ally: Um...why did you follow us, Squika?

Squika: Eh, I didn't have anything else planned.

Ally: What about the Splatfest?

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika: Is that TONIGHT?!

Ally: Yep, midnight as usual.

Squika: Well, I've been preoccupied with schoolwork, so I haven't had time to think about much else. And why are there so many cardboard boxes in here?

The scene cuts to a full view of the store, which is filled with cardboard boxes. Ally looks around.

Ally: Now that you mention it...

Octobel smiles.

Octobel: Oh, it's just like my people's Box Festival!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: "Box Festival"...?

Octobel: Oh, yes. Once every season, we gift each other with boxes and crates. I received a wonderful box from Onee-chan during the previous Box Festival.

Squika: Wow, you received a present? Onee-chan sounds like one nice fellow indeed!

Octobel: Yes, she is.

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika: Sh-She...?! I...uh...

Ally: We have a similar festival called Squidmas. My butler, Squeeves, always makes sure that I have a wonderful time!

Squika: So what was inside the box, Octobel? Do tell!

Octobel: "Inside"...? Oh, no, you misunderstand, Squika-kun. The boxes we give are empty.

Squika's left eye squints.

Squika: Really?

Octobel nods.

Octobel: The only member of my people who is allowed to receive boxes containing things is Tako-sama.

Ally frowns.

Ally: Ooh...that Octavio REALLY gets in my tentacles!

Sheldon: All finished!

Sheldon stands and walks up to the group.

Ally: That took WAY longer than I expected!

Sheldon: Apologies. That level proved more of a challenge than usual.

Squika: You were playing a VIDEO GAME?!

Octobel: You participated in a pre-recorded activity? Ika-ling culture is confusing...

Sheldon: Not exactly, my friend. Now, how can I help?

Ally: We need you to analyse this.

Ally holds up a vial of the ink. Sheldon's eyes widen.

Sheldon: Analysis complete!

Squika's left eye squints.

Squika: Wow, THAT was fast!

Sheldon: This is definitely Octarian ink. There's no mistaking it.

Ally: I knew it!

Octobel: Oh no...I am being punished by my people!

Sheldon: But why you? There is no way any random Octarian can infiltrate Inkopolis, and even if one tried, they can't enter unless they've had their hearts freed by a certain song.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: The Calamari Inkantation...

Sheldon: So unless DJ Octavio has found a way to bypass the song...

Ally: I have an idea! Octobel? Come with me.

Octobel: Um...okay.

Squika: And what about me? I want to help!

Ally: Uh...hey, Sheldon? Tell Squika about your top secret project!

Squika: WHAT?! No, please! Anything but-

Sheldon: Sure!

Ally and Octobel leave.

Sheldon: I have been developing a new category of weapon, one which can be used both offensively AND defensively! I came up with the idea by an anonymous donor who showed me a prototype blueprint in a dream...

Squika sighs.

Scene 5: Inkopolis Plaza: Night

Ally and Octobel stand near the voting booth.

Octobel: Your idea was good, Miss Ally.

Ally: Thanks. I figured that, if you played in the Splatfest, I could protect you and watch out for your stalker.

Octobel: Thank you so much!

Octobel bows.

Ally: Now, let's register!

Octobel: Indeed!

Ally and Octobel enter Inkopolis Tower. Squika slides out of Ammo Knights, his eyes bloodshot.

Squika: That...was torture...I NEVER want to use a Brella...

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 6: Saltspray Rig: Night

A team of three squid form Inklings and one octopus form Octoling, all pale yellow in colour, waits on a spawn pad.

Octobel's voice: This is exhilarating, Miss Ally!

Inklinda's voice: Oh, why do we, like, have to Octosit this noob?

Ally's voice: Inklinda! Please try to be nice! Octobel is having a rough time as it is.

Inklinda's voice: Like, whatever or whatever.

Podd's voice: I think you possess a commendable attitude, Ally. Truly, your selflessness is wholly commendable in every way.

Two of the Inklings and the Octoling retake kid form, revealing them to be Ally, Inklinda and Octobel. The other Inkling stays in squid form.

Inklinda: Like, hurry up and take kid form, Podd!

Podd: Alas, I cannot.

Inklinda: But that puts us at a disadvantage or whatever!

Ally: Of course not! Squika's on the other team, isn't he?

Inklinda: Oh, right...heheheh or whatever...

Ally: And besides, their fourth member is some random Inkling they probably don't know.

We cut to a view of the other team. Seth, Inklein and Squika all have golden yellow hair (and head...body...thing). Standing with them is a mysterious figure in a golden yellow cloak whose face can't be seen.

Squika: Heh...get a load of the random we're stuck with!

Seth: Squika! Please try to be a bit nicer to our teammate!

Squika: Fair enough. Nice to meet you, stranger!

"Random": Nice to see you as well, Squika.

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika: How do you know my name?!

"Random": Your brother told me.

Squika: What? Silly random! I don't have a brother! Silly random!

Squika notices Inklein standing rigid and staring.

Squika: Uh...Inklein? Are you daydreaming again?

Inklein: The human...it is close...

Seth: What...?

Inklein snaps back to reality and laughs.

Inklein: Silly random! Squeaky doesn't have a brother! Silly random!

The horn sounds, with Seth, Inklein and Squika running away from the spawn pad. We cut to a view of the random's shadowy face. His eyes briefly flash purplish-pink.

"Random": Hime... (Princess...)

Scene 7: Inkopolis Plaza: Dawn

Ally, Inklinda, Podd and Octobel wait near Inkopolis Tower.

Ally: Wow, we are NOT off to a good start, are we?

Podd: I concur.

Inklinda: What's a "conker"?

Podd sighs.

Podd: Never mind...

Octobel: At least I am safe, right?

Ally: That's true.

Ally smiles. Seth, Inklein and Squika approach.

Ally: Oh, hey Seth. Good game.

Seth: Good game, Ally.

Squika: Ha! In your FACE, you butter-faced losers!

Inklinda growls.

Seth: Squika says "good game".

Ally: So how are you doing so well? What's your secret?

Seth: Well-

Squika: Our random is AMAZING! He repeatedly wiped the floor with Inklinda with his Splattershot!

Inklinda: Ugh, don't remind me or whatever...

Ally: Ooh, sounds like he LIKE-LIKES you, Inklinda!

Inklinda: What?! Are you totes cray?!

We zoom to a view of Squilma, who walks into Inkopolis Plaza with two suitcases.

Squilma: Ah, so good to be home...

We zoom back to the group.

Ally: Wait...who IS your teammate?

Seth: That's him over there.

Seth points to the cloaked figure, who lurks in the shadows.

Ally's thoughts: No...it COULDN'T be...

Ally: Uh...look after Octobel for me. I'll be right back.

Seth: No prob.

Ally runs toward the figure, who turns and slips into the shadows.

We see a brief flash of green light. Ally runs to where the figure was standing.

Ally: Hello? CallieFan8? Are you there?

A voice whispers in Ally's mind.

Voice: Human...

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: This is getting weird...

Ally's hands suddenly begin to pulse with lime green energy.


Ally is suddenly surrounded by a bubble of lime green energy, which pops, covering the surrounding area in lime green ink. Ally is shocked.

Ally: I...I...

Ally runs from the area.
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 06:
Wow, the Splatfest was...interesting. Firstly, Team Butter managed to snatch victory from those oil-loving boys. I even got to meet Marie of the Squid Sisters! Oh, and here's proof for those of you saying "pics or it didn't happen":

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 60b3f410

It's kind of weird, actually, 'cause Marie reminds me of someone else I know...

Speaking of weirdness, my powers are beginning to act up. Sheldon says it's nothing to worry about, and that I'm only now coming into my latent powers, but it doesn't seem right...anyway, I guess that's all for now. Stay fresh!


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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

July 1st 2018, 7:10 pm
Episode 7: Octavio Ink-ontrol!
AKA "The Wibbly-Wobbly Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Night

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

We see Ally in her Hero gear and armed with a Hero Charger. She is stalking through a darkened room.

Ally: H-Hello...? CallieFan8? Are you in here...?

DJ Octavio's voice: HAHAHAHAHA!

DJ Octavio slithers into view.

Ally: Octavio! Release these people at once!

DJ Octavio: Never! Now fall under my control, daughter of Kappa Maki!

A mysterious song begins to play. Ally covers her ears with her hands and struggles to stay in control of her own thoughts. Suddenly, she stands straight, her eyes flashing purplish pink as she does so.

Ally: What are your orders, Tako-sama?

Voice: Squi-

The scene cuts back to Ally's room. Ally awakens and sits up, panting heavily.

Ally: That dream again...

Scene 2: Ammo Knights: Morning

We see a view of Ammo Knights. Nearly every piece of stock is missing, with a multitude of boxes sitting across the store. Ally opens the door and walks in.

Ally: Sheldon...? Are you here?

Agent 1's voice: Did he SERIOUSLY have to move TODAY?!

Ally: That sounded like...

Ally approaches the back room.

Agent 2's voice: Of course. His new location is opening for business as of tomorrow, so he needs to move all his stock on his one day off.

Ally: Hello? Agents 1 and 2?

Agent 1's voice: Oh, that sounds like Ally!

A figure emerges from the back room. It is none other than Callie of the Squid Sisters. She is wearing casual-looking pink clothing, and greets Ally with Agent 1's voice.

Callie: Hi, Ally! What brings YOU here?

Ally blushes and speaks nervously.

Ally: H-How do you know my name...?

Callie: Duh! We talk all the TIME during your missions!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: We do?

Marie emerges from the back room. She is wearing green clothing in a similar style to Callie's.

Marie: Hello again, Agent 3.

Ally: Oh...h-hi, Marie...wait...

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Y-YOU'RE Agents 1 and 2?!

Marie: Well, obviously.

Callie: Yeah, Ally! You should know how our voices sound, right?

Ally laughs nervously.

Ally: I guess you have a point...anyway, I'm looking for Sheldon.

Callie: He's not here.

Ally: Really? But he hardly ever leaves this place.

Marie: He is in the new Ammo Knights location over in Inkopolis Square.

Ally: Wait...he's moving...?

Callie: Of course! Didn't he tell you?

Ally: No, I didn't get the memo.

Marie: Did you check your sea-mail?

Ally: What's "sea-mail"?

Callie and Marie's eyes widen.

Callie: Are you serious?!

Marie: EVERYONE has sea-mail!

Ally: Not me.

Callie: Well, it's no WONDER you didn't know!

Ally: Then why didn't he just tell me?

Marie: Now come on, Agent 3. Sheldon does EVERYTHING electronically.

Ally scratches her head.

Ally: I guess you have a point...

Callie: So what's so important that you came to Sheldon directly?

Ally: Huh? Oh...um...I've been having dreams...

Marie: Hm...go on...

We cut to a view of the outside of Booyah Base.

Callie: YOU'RE A PSY-POD?!

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Ally, Seth and Podd stand near Judd.

Seth: You met the Squid Sisters?!

Ally: Apparently...

Podd: That is wonderful, Ally. To have met the most popular musical act in Inkopolis is truly wonderful indeed.

Seth: Yeah! It's AMAZING!

Ally: Yeah...

Ally saddens a little.

Seth: What's wrong?

Ally: What am I gonna do about my powers?

Seth: What do you mean?

Ally: Well...they're going out of control! I'm not used to having Psy-Pod powers that actually WORK...

Podd: Perhaps this is an opportunity.

Ally: To do what?

Podd: Well, you claim to be having prophetic dreams, so why not use that information to alter the outcome of the future?

Ally: Um...

Seth: Yeah! And besides, DJ Octavio is imprisoned in a snowglobe next to Judd's bed!

Seth gestures to Judd's bed and grins.

Seth: See? Uh...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Where did he go...?

Ally: Hm?

Ally looks at the space next to Judd's bed. A dotted white outline of a snowglobe blinks where DJ Octavio was imprisoned, but he is nowhere to be seen. Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: He ESCAPED?!

Podd: I think that is highly improbable, Ally. To think that DJ Octavio could escape the allure of the heavenly melody is quite improbable indeed.

Ally: Then where IS he?!

Scene 4: Cephalon HQ: Unknown Time of Day

DJ Octavio sits inside the cockpit of his broken Octobot King mecha. Octopus Amazons Ichi and Hachi are nearby.

DJ Octavio: Ichi, lemme just thank you again for bustin' me outta that snowglobe!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

DJ Octavio: Seems like it was just two weeks ago...

Hachi: Ni-shūkan mae ni natta! (It WAS two weeks ago!)

DJ Octavio: And now, for the next part of my plan. I've found the location of the kid of my old enemy!

Ichi: Atarime? (Captain Cuttlefish?)

DJ Octavio: Nah, bruh, my OTHER old enemy!

Ichi: Kanburiya? (Shellendorf?)

DJ Octavio: Nah, bruh, my OTHER other old enemy!

Hachi: Jajji-kun? (Judd?)

DJ Octavio: Don't be stoopid, Hachi! I'm talking about Kappa Maki!

Ichi: Kappamaki...? (Cucumber roll...?)

DJ Octavio: You got it! He WAS a librarian or somesuch in a dump called Callie-Marie Country. Stoopid name if ya ask me!

Ichi giggles. Hachi scoffs and mutters under her breath.

Hachi: Baka. (Idiot.)

DJ Octavio: Anyway, I found him in an ancient Octarian temple...or was it a shrine...? Anyway, I turned 'im into an Octotrooper and threw 'im into my army...AFTER using my secret weapon on 'im!

Hachi: Anata wa kare no kodomo o mitsukemashita ka? (So now you have found his child?)

DJ Octavio: You know it! After years of the kid being in secret squidness protection, he made the mistake of moving to Inkopolis, and now I'm gonna turn 'im into an Octarian using my new machine! That'll teach HIM for what 'e did to me! HAHAHAHAHA!

Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Evening

Ally walks into Ammo Knights. The entire store is empty.

Ally: Huh? Oh, right...I guess Sheldon's not here, then.

Voice: Hello, Ally-Squinn.

Ally turns around. CallieFan8 is standing there.

Ally: Oh, it's you! Wait...how did you get in here...?

CallieFan8: The door was unlocked.

Ally sighs.

Ally: Yeah, Sheldon always had a tendency to do that, even at night.

CallieFan8 laughs.

CallieFan8: Yep, that sounds like the Shelster!

Ally giggles.

Ally: Yeah...

CallieFan8: But you're not exactly discrete about security, either, are you?

Ally: Um...wait...what?

CallieFan8: Oh...um...I-I didn't mean to speak out of turn...I just...I-

Ally: Wait...you seem familiar...what's your name? Your REAL name, I mean.

CallieFan8 stands rigid.

CallieFan8: Uh...um-

Ally: You can tell me.

CallieFan8: It's...Squi-

CallieFan8 hesitates as Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Little bro...?

CallieFan8: I...uh...I have to go. Like, right now.

Ally: What? But-

CallieFan8 runs into the back room.

Ally: Hey, wait up!

We see a flash of green light as Ally reaches the back room. She looks inside, but there is no-one there.

Ally: Where did he go...?

Ally's thoughts: Was that really him? My dear baby brother...? Could it really be Squinkl?

The lights suddenly shut off.

Ally: What the...?

Voice: Anata wa watashitachi to issho ni kurudeshou. (You will come with us.)

Ally's thoughts: That sounded like the Octarian language...

Ally: Who's there?! Show yourse-

The scene cuts to black.

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 6: Shellendorf Library: Night

We see a pair of hands turning the pages of a large tome. The scene cuts to the right ear of an Inkling, which twitches. The scene then shifts to the Inkling's right eye, which frowns.

Inkling: Time to save the day.

Scene 7: Cephalon HQ: Night

Ally awakens inside a cell. She sits up and groans.

Ally: ...the fresh?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: You...

Ally is dragged in front of DJ Octavio by Octopus Amazons Ichi and Hachi.

Hachi: Watashitachi wa anata ga nozomu mono o motte kimashita. (We have brought the one you want.)

DJ Octavio: Excellent work, Ichi and Skratchi!

Hachi: Nani? (What?)

Ally wrestles free from her captors' grips.

Ally: Octavio! Release these people at once!

DJ Octavio's right eye squints.

DJ Octavio: What are you talking about, you pint-sized Maki?

Ally shrugs.

Ally: I dunno...I was just in the moment. Wait...what did you call me?

DJ Octavio: Uh...wait, I know this one...oh! "You pint-sized Maki"!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Then you really DID do something horrible to my father!

DJ Octavio: Yup! Dude didn't last two SECONDS! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally: You monster! You'll PAY for what you did to him!

DJ Octavio: Whatever. Now, I'm gonna demonstrate what I'm gonna do to you with this test subject. Behold!

Octopus Amazon Ichi pulls a red cloth from the top of a glass box. Standing inside is Octobel, who is clapped in chains.

Ally: Octobel!

DJ Octavio: Wait...you two dudes know each other?

Octobel: Miss Ally! Please stop Tako-sama!

DJ Octavio looks at Octobel.

DJ Octavio: Seriously? You DO know each other?

Ally: I will, Octobel! And I'll get you out of there!

DJ Octavio looks at Ally.

DJ Octavio: Will ONE of you please answer me?!

Octobel: Thank you, Ally. And then we can go for some ice-cream, yes?

Ally nods.

Ally: You got it.

DJ Octavio: STOP IGNORING ME! Nngh...that's IT! Ichi, spin that tune!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

Octopus Amazon Ichi lifts a device with a big red button and presses it.

DJ Octavio: Now you're BOTH gonna fall under my control! HAHAHAHAHA!

I am Octavio
DJ Octavio

Octotune Records

The song from Ally's dream begins to play. Ally and Octobel clutch their ears and groan.

Ally: That...song...

Octobel: So...powerful...

Ally and Octobel suddenly stand rigid.

Ally: What are your orders, Tako-sama?

DJ Octavio: Wow, I can't believe it actually WORKED! Okay...um...you pint-sized Maki, you are gonna be the one to punish this traitor!

Ally: Yes, Tako-sama.

DJ Octavio's thoughts: YES! I have Maki's kid under my control!

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 8: Octo Canyon: Night

We see a view of Octo Canyon. Ally, Octobel and DJ Octavio stand near a machine resembling the one from Episode 8 of Squigley no Densetsu.

DJ Octavio: Shove the traitor into the machine!

Ally shoves Octobel into a machine and seals the door shut.

Ally: It is done.

DJ Octavio: Wow, you're WAY more obedient than any of the ACTUAL Octarians who are enslaved to me! I think I'm gonna make you my new double-agent. No, wait...my SUPER Double-Agent! No, wait...my ULTRA Double-Agent 64, Codename: Dolphin! Yeah, that'll work!

Ally's thoughts: Okay, Ally...just pretend to be his puppet for a little while longer...Marie and the others'll be here soon...I hope...

Ally: Will there be anything else, Tako-sama?

DJ Octavio: Yeah! Push that big red button there! It'll draw energy from the light of the Tidemoon into the machine and transform the traitor into an Octotrooper!

Ally's thoughts: Crap! NOW what do I do...?

Ally: Uh...what does the green button do...?

DJ Octavio: Well, you're my mind-slave, so I guess I can tell you without consequence. The green button releases the traitor and frees everyone in Octo Canyon from my spell.

Ally slams her hand onto the green button. She turns around and grins.

Ally: HA! I KNEW you'd slip up sooner-or-later! You just told me EXACTLY what I needed to know! And guess what? This Hero Headset isn't just for show: it plays the Calamari Inkantation on a constant loop! Your stupid song did NOTHING!

DJ Octavio: Wow, I guess your bruh got all the brains, huh? HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: I TRICKED you into pressing the green button, you dweeb!

Ally: What?!

DJ Octavio: The green button is the one that turns on the machine! Green equals "GO", get it?

Ally: Well...what does the RED button do?

DJ Octavio: There IS no red button! That's an I Heart Tako-sama bumper sticker!

Ally looks at the big, round sticker.

Ally: I've been played.

DJ Octavio: And now, feast your eyes upon what you created by your OWN HAND!

The hatch opens. An Octotrooper exits the machine. It looks at Ally.

Octotrooper: (Mama?)

DJ Octavio: HAHAHAHAHA! Dude's got a sense of humour, just like a gumball! Hm...I think I'm gonna call you "Octotrooper Gamma."

Octotrooper: (Hm...yeah, that works.)

DJ Octavio: Okay, Gamma, eliminate this one!

Octotrooper: (With pleasure!)

The Octotrooper fires a glob of purplish-pink ink at Ally. Suddenly, an Inkling Boy with fuchsia hair, a red-and-yellow-striped jumper and stylish frames lands between Ally and Gamma. He knocks the ink glob back in Gamma's face, knocking her off her Octocar.

Ally: Huh?!

Inkling: Hurry. Let's go.

Ally: Uh...right.

The Inkling throws a vial to the ground, releasing a cloud of Toxic Mist.

DJ Octavio: ...the fresh just happened...?

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 9: Shellendorf Library: Night

The Inkling leads Ally into the main hall of the library.

Ally: Thank you for saving me.

Inkling: You are most welcome, Ally-Squinn.

Ally: So...who are you? What's going on?

The Inkling sighs.

Inkling: Your father swore me to secrecy unless it was absolutely necessary.

Ally: Y-You knew my father...?

Inkling: Yes. The Maki clan is part of an ancient order of lorekeepers called the Chronicuttle.

Ally: How come I've never heard of it...?

Inkling: The Chronicuttle is sworn to absolute secrecy. No-one from outside our ranks may learn of our existence. I guess you could say we're the "secret protectors" of our kind.

Ally: Like the New Squidbeak Splatoon, you mean?

Inkling: More or less. In addition to protecting the common folk, we are also responsible for compiling lore in the form of scrolls, powerful artefacts which-

The Inkling pauses.

Inkling: My name is Inkleigh, and I was apprentice to your father.

Ally: You were?

Inkleigh: Yes. I was with him during that fateful day when he was captured by the Octarians. He urged me to protect you, acting as your secret guardian, but...it would seem that you already have a protector.

Ally's eyes narrow.

Ally: CallieFan8...

Inkleigh: Your father was regarded as the greatest Chronicuttle of all, but he also knew that such a thing brought great risk not just to himself, but to the people he loved.

Ally saddens a little.

Inkleigh: Not to worry, though: you are in the safest of hands, and you're quite capable yourself. Now, I better get moving.

Ally: Off to protect the innocent?

Inkleigh: No. Turf War is starting in a few hours. I need to equip myself properly.

Ally: Oh...sounds like fun.

Inkleigh: Take care, Ally-Squinn Maki.

Ally smiles.

Ally: And you.

Inkleigh leaves the room. Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess there's more to me than I thought.

CallieFan8's voice: You're not wrong.

Ally: Oh!

Ally turns around.

Ally: CallieFan8! Um...hi.

CallieFan8: Hi. Oh...you don't need to call me CallieFan8 anymore.

Ally: How come?

CallieFan8: Because...I'm going to reveal my identity to you now. Please don't be alarmed.

Ally: Why would I be alarmed?

CallieFan8: Just trust me on this.

Ally: Um...okay.

CallieFan8 raises his hands to his hood and begins to slowly lower it. We cut to a view of Ally.

Ally's thoughts: I guess now I'll know if this really IS Squinkl or if it's-

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Wait...um...who are you, exactly?

CallieFan8's voice: Just call me...

We cut to a view of "CallieFan8".

"CallieFan8": ...Squigley.

To be Continued...
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 07:
Okay...um...things have gotten kind of weird now, so...here's a photo of Inklinda's friend Squilma, who just got back from a two-year tenure at Camp Triggerfish:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack D4089210

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This series needs more giant killer robots. Megatron Excited/Sho

More than meets the eye!
"Autobots roll out" Optimus Prime |D

I'm enjoying my new job in Tokyo! Megatron Happy

A photo I took of Nintendo HQ when I visited Kyoto! Megatron Excited/Sho
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Episode 8: Future Proof-Ink!
AKA "The Timey-Wimey Episode"

Previously on Ally-Squinn no Shinwa...:
We see Ally, Seth, Inklinda, Inklein and Squilma standing in a round gazebo. Cap'n Cuttlefish is standing there.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Inklings, the threat from Salmondorf continues to grow.

Inklein: Really? I think salmon dorf is a TASTY meal...mmm...grilled salmon on a bed of rice...

Inklein drools.

Inklinda: Like, ew or whatever...and you're thinking of "salmon don".

Cap'n Cuttlefish: If those Salmonids manage t' get a foothold in our lands, then it will spell dark times for Inkrule. Dark, slimy times...

Squilma: We're ready to help however we can, King Craigbeard.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOOHOO! Then let's save our people, New Squidbeak Champions! With the power of the Tri-Slosher on our side, there's no WAY we can lose!

Ally, Seth and Squilma walk through a field of thick grass.

Ally: Are we SURE this is the correct way...?

Seth: Of course! The monster in these parts is supposed to be AMAZING!

Squilma: That's what you said back in Cerulean-

We hear a loud bellow.

Ally: We're close...

The three approach a large lake. Seth throws a pebble into the murky water.

Ally: Are you crazy?!

Seth: Hey, what's the worst that could happen?!

Suddenly, the Great Zapfish emerges from the lake, and the group is surrounded by a bunch of regular Zapfish. They all crackle with electricity.

Squilma: YOU IDIOT!

Seth grins.

Seth: Heheh...oops.

Squilma: NOW what do we do?!

Ally raises an object resembling a lime green Poké Ball.

Ally: We round up every one of them.

The five Inklings stand in the middle of the city streets, each dressed in a colour-coded Hero Suit.

Ally: Okay, that's the last of 'em.

Seth: Wait...what's THAT?!

Everyone looks up. Their eyes widen.

Inklinda: Like, what the fresh is THAT thing?!

The scene cuts to a view of the city skyline. An Octostomp stretches up, before bellowing loudly.

Inklein: It's a puppy!

Squilma: How are we gonna STOP that thing?!

Ally pumps her fist and nods.

Ally: Turf Warriors, summon the Mechazaps!

And now...
Part 1:
Scene 1: Shellendorf Library: Night

Ally stares at Squigley. She examines him.

Ally: ...huh.

Squigley: Wh-What is it?

Ally: I didn't expect you to be so...you.

Squigley: Uh...thanks?

Ally: I'm confused. You behave as though we know one another.

Squigley: We do...well, kinda.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: You're making zero sense.

Squigley: It's a long story, but basically, I gained the ability to travel through time.

Ally: Wait...so you're from the future? Are you my son or something?

Squigley: No, I-

Ally: My nephew?

Squigley: No, I'm-

Ally: Oh! Are you related to Callie and Marie?!

Squigley: I'm not related to ANYONE, okay?

Ally: Wait...seriously?

Squigley sighs.

Squigley: It's kind of a long story.

Ally: It'd HAVE to be for this whle thing to make any sense.

Squigley: Some of the details are gonna have to wait for the sequel.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Does there even NEED to be a sequel, though?

Squigley: Well, yeah. The original series still has a few lingering plot points that need to be tied up.

Ally: Right...fourth-wall demolitions aside, why exactly are you here?

Squigley: You need a human.

Ally's eyes narrow.

Ally: Humans are a myth.

Squigley: In this world, yes.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Hold up...you're saying that there are other WORLDS?!

Squigley: Well...yeah. Anyway, the point is that I need your help.

Ally: Why?

Squigley: Because this ritual needs three exceptionally-talented Psyphalopods.

Ally: Are you kidding? I'm not talented!

Squigley raises an eyebrow.

Squigley: Are you SURE about that?

Ally: What do you mean?

We cut to a view of Ally. A number of books float in the air behind her, each suspended by an aura of lime green energy. A librarian walks past.

Librarian: Ssh!

Ally: Sorry.

Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley and Ally walk through Inkopolis Square.

Ally: Wow, this place is kinda nice...I'm surprised I haven't been here before.

Squigley: Inkopolis Square, the freshest new hangout for squids and octos.

Ally: Wait...octos?

Squigley: Yeah! Don't tell anyone, but soon, this place is gonna be teeming with Octolings.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: WHAT?!

Squigley: Oh, don't worry! They're all Octolings who have been freed by the heavenly melody, the Calamari Inkantation.

Ally saddens a little.

Ally: Just like Octobel...

Squigley smiles.

Squigley: Not to worry, Ally. You'll get her back.

Ally looks at Squigley.

Ally: A little factoid from the not-too-distant future?

Squigley shrugs.

Squigley: No, just a feeling.

Ally nods.

Ally: I hope so...

Squika suddenly lands on Ally's head.

Ally: SQUIKA SQUEVENS! What do you think you're doing?!

Squika: What? It was just a little Super Ju-

Squika pauses and looks down at Ally.

Squika: What did you call me...?

Ally: Uh...Udon! I meant "Squika Udon"!

Squika stares at Ally for a moment. He then seems to smile.

Squika: Oh, alright then. Up, up and AWAAAAAY!

Squika super jumps off of Ally, leaving her drenched in purple ink.

Ally: I wish he wouldn't do that...

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 3: Seth's Pad: Evening

Seth is busy playing a game.

Seth: YES! I can't believe that worked! Seth-Inkley, you are AMAZING!

Ally's voice: Seth?

Seth is startled.

Seth: WAAH!

Seth sees Ally and Squigley standing there.

Oh, you scared me, Ally...

Ally: Sorry about that. Anyway, this is Squigley, aka CallieFan8.

Squigley raises his hand.

Squigley: Hi.

Seth: Hey there. Uh...Ally?

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: Why is my online buddy standing there?

Ally: Well...thing is-

Squigley: I've come from the future to perform a ritual that will summon a human.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Seriously?!

Squigley: Uh...yeah.

Seth: But why? How? Aren't humans a myth?

Squigley: In this world, yes. However, there is another one in which humans are thriving.

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Uh...okay?

Ally: Squigley was the one who saved you after I accidentally flung you over the balcony.

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Wait...what?!

Ally looks at Squigley.

Ally: You remember, right?

Squigley: Uh...

Ally: It was about eight months ago? You were there, I'm sure of it!

Squigley ponders Ally's words.

Squigley: That must not have happened yet...at least from MY perspective.

Ally: Um...what?

Squigley: I need to check something. Please stand perfectly still.

Ally: Uh...okay?

Squigley places his hands on Ally's temples and closes his eyes. His eyes suddenly open and flash purple.

Ally: What are you-

Squigley: I'll be right back.

Squigley raises his hood over his head and places his left hand over his right.

Ally: W-Wait! Squig-

Squigley suddenly flashes with green energy for a moment.

Squigley: I'm back!

Seth: Uh...you never left, dude.

Squigley: I just had to travel back eight months to save you.

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Wait...for real?

Squigley nods.

Ally: Oh, so THAT'S how you knew to save Seth after I accidentally used my powers on him...

Seth: Wait...WHAT happened?!

Squigley: Ally is a powerful Psy-Pod, and I need her help to-

Seth: Yeah, yeah, summon a human from another dimension...but what can SHE do?

Squigley: You'd be surprised. Which brings me to my next point: why is Squika still unaware that he's your long-lost little brother?

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: How did you-

Squigley: I was the one who consulted with Judd about having your DNA analysed.

Seth: But how did you know about-

Squigley: It's...probably better to not think about the implications. Anyway-

Seth: Wait...you said "Judd", but my analysis was done by someone named "Doctor Puss"...

Ally: Ha! I get it!

Seth: Get what?

Ally: Doctor PUSS? As in "cat"? And there's only one cat, right?

Squigley: Actually, there are two.

Ally: Wait...what?

Squigley: Yeah, there's now a younger copy of Judd living in Inkopolis. He's so cute!

Seth: So now you're messing with the space-time continuum by having the same person frrom two different timestreams existing within the same torus?

Squigley: Actually, Lil' Judd is a clone...uh...I think.

Ally: Okay, so Judd analysed Seth's ink and discovered that he and Squika are related. What does that mean?

Seth: Oh no...

A look of horror appears on Seth's face.


Ally: Actually, I think SQUIKA'S the one who was adopted...

Seth: Oh. But my parents wouldn't just give him up. I mean...they're very loving, and they're more than capable of providing for more than one child...

Ally: Yeah, so why was Squika raised by a different family...?

Scene 4: Squika's House: Evening

Squika slides into a dank-looking cave.

Squika: I'm home!

Squika slides into a small cavern. We see the back of an armchair.

Squika: I had a truly splendid day! So what is for dinner, Parent?

The armchair spins around, revealing a Twintacle Octotrooper.

Parent: (Oh, I have something SPECIAL in mind for YOU, my dear child...heheheh...)

Squika suddenly inks himself.

Squika: Oopsie!

The Twintacle Octotrooper seems to groan.

Parent: (Fourteen years I've had to put up with his antics...oh, Boss Octo, what do you have planned for him...?)

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 5: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Squigley stand in the middle of the living area.

Squigley: Okay, we're just about set to perform this ritual.

Ally: And it HAS to be done atop Mount Nantai?

Squigley: Yeah...well, kinda.

Ally: Even though it's in Octarian territory?

Squigley: Yep.

Ally: Well...I guess it's fine.

Seth: Okay, I'm compelled to ask something important about-

Squigley: Oh, the reason we need a human is to-

Seth: No, it's not that.

Squigley: Okay then?

Seth: Why is it so important that Squika knows we're related?

Squigley: That's actually part of the reason for the ritual.

Ally: Okay, I think the writer is just finding random ways to link together both plots of this season.

Squigley: Look, I know the writer's mind better than anyone else in here, and while it's true that he thinks of SOME plot details in a spur-of-the-moment fashion, the entire series itself is pretty much planned out.

Ally: Fair enough, just thought I'd throw in my two Cash. Now, let's get this show on the road!

Squigley: Uh...we can't do that yet.

Ally: What? Why not?

Squigley: This ritual needs THREE Psy-Pods, remember?

Ally: Oh, right...but where are we gonna find another Psy-Pod in such short notice?

Scene 6: Ate & Switch: Morning

The scene wipes to a view of Inklein sitting at a table. He is picking his nose.

Inklein: Hm...I'm still not sure if Inklings HAVE noses, but that won't stop me trying to find treasure!

Inklinda's voice: Like, what are you doing?

Inklein stops picking his nose and looks at Inklinda.

Inklein: Oh, hey there, Lindie! I was just digging for treasure.

Inklinda: Um...ew or whatever. Anyway, I was wondering if-

Squilma's voice: Inklinda Squatson? Is that you?

Inklinda looks at Squilma. Her left eye squints.

Inklinda: Like, what are YOU supposed to be?

Squilma: Duh! It's me, your best friend!

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: I hate to break it to you, Whoever-you-are, but-

Inklein: Silly Woomy! I'M Lindie's best friend! Silly Woomy!

Squilma looks at Inklein. Her left eye squints.

Squilma: You ditched me...for HIM?!

Inklinda: Look, I don't even know who you ARE, so, like, please kindly weigh your anchor and shove off or whatever.

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: You'll regret those words, Inklinda Manatee Squatson!

Squilma stomps away. Inklinda scratches her head.

Inklinda: Like, how did she know my middle name...?

Inklein smiles.

Inklein: I don't know, but I think I'm in looooove...

Inklinda looks at Inklein and rolls her eyes.

Scene 7: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Squigley pace around the living area.

Ally: Hm...what about Podd?

Seth: Sorry, she's not a Psy-Pod.

Ally sighs.

Ally: Well, I'm out of ideas.

Seth: What? But you only thought of ONE Inkling!

Ally: Yeah, but-

Seth: Wait...aren't you from a long LINE of Psy-Pods?

Ally: Well, yeah, but they're all in Calamari County right now...

Squigley: Plus, we need to do the ritual TODAY.

Ally: Seriously?

Squigley: Well...yeah, if we want to save Squika!

Seth: My bro? Wh-What's gonna happen to him?!

We cut to a view of Squigley's face. His eyes narrow.

Squigley: Something VERY not-good...

Scene 8: Squika's House: Morning

We see the Twintacle Octotrooper using a phone.

Parent: (What? Right now? Okay, I'll tell him...heheheh...)

The Twintacle Octotrooper throws the phone into a pool of purplish-pink ink.

Parent: (Oh, Squika! Parent has a little surprise for you!)

Squika super jumps into the cavern despite the somewhat-low ceiling.

Squika: Ohboyohboyohboy! What is it?!

Parent: (We're going for a little trip to Mount Nantai.)

Squika: Ooh, are we going on an adventure?

Parent: (I guarantee that it will "change" your life...heheheh...)

To be Continued...
Part 4:
Scene 9: Mount Nantai: Afternoon

We see Ally, Seth and Squigley walking to the summit of Mount Nantai.

Ally: Wow...I'd admire this scenery if we weren't in such a hurry.

Seth: No stopping! We need to save my brother!

Squigley: Actually, Seth, there's something I need to tell you about-

Seth: No doubt about it: he's a Squevens through-and-through!

Squigley: That's what I'm trying to-

Seth: The youngest child of Evan and Evie Squevens NEEDS to be reunited with his birth parents!

Squigley: Seth, listen to me: Squika is NOT-

Seth: So less chitchat and more step...stap! Yeah!

Ally: Okay, who put YOU in charge?

Seth: Ally, Come on! Squika's family, and If there's one thing we Squevenses care about, it's-

Squigley: The Squevenses aren't your parents.

Seth: I know, but-

Seth stops walking. He slowly turns to look at Squigley.

Seth: What...?

Squigley: Your parents are NOT Evan and Evie Squevens.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Then...I'M the one who was adopted?!

Squigley sighs.

Squigley: Let's keep walking. I'll explain on the way.

We see a large green circle in the middle of Mount Nantai's summit. Squika is sitting in the middle of it.

Squika: Ooh, when will I get my surprise?

The scene stretches to a view of a large machine resembling an enormous Octo Shot, which is aimed right at Squika. The Twintacle Octotrooper, as well as DJ Octavio, the Octopus Amazons and Octotrooper Gamma, are nearby.

Parent: (Just a little longer, my offspring...heheheh...)

Squika: How long must I wait?!

Parent: (When you see the Tidemoon in the sky-)

Squika: "Tidemoon"...? What's that?

Parent: (Uh...I said "full moon". Yeah, the second one.)

Squika: Oh, alright then...

Squika starts humming #$@%* Dudes be #$@%* Sleepin.

DJ Octavio: Hey, I LOVE that song!

DJ Octavio bops his head. Octopus Amazon Hachi shakes her head.

Hachi: Baka... (Idiot...)

We cut back to Ally, Seth and Squigley. Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Uh...could you run that by me one more time?

Ally sighs.

Squigley: Sure. You and Squika were born to two members of the Chronicuttle, an ancient order of chroniclers and guardians.

Seth: Right...?

Squigley: When you were still infants, your birth parent was captured by the Octarians, along with Squika.

Seth: Okay...?

Squigley: A Chronicuttle named Copper managed to save you and take you to a safe haven, where you were put into the care of the Squevenses.

Seth: Whoa...

Squigley: Unfortunately, that made Copper a target, and the Octarians spared no expense to bring him to justice. But that's another story. The importannt thing is that you and your twin are saved.

Seth: So Squika and I really ARE bruhs?

Squigley nods.

Squigley: Yes. Anyway, once we reach the summit, we can summon a human from the other reality and put a stop to Octavio's plans.

Ally: And you're SURE that nothing will be able to interrupt us?

Squigley: I guarantee that the ritual will proceed smoothly and without complications.

Ally, Seth and Squigley reach the summit...and freeze the moment they see the Octarians and Squika.

Seth: Uh...I don't want to be that guy, but any chance of a refund?

To be Continued...
Part 5:
Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see a view of a Joy-Con Grip with two Joy-Con inside it, one Neon Green and the other Neon Pink. A pair of hands picks up the Joy-Con and presses the Home button on the Neon Pink Joy-Con, the button flashing blue around the outside as he does so.

Scene 11: Mount Nantai Summit: Evening

Ally, Seth and Squigley continue to stare at the scene.

Ally: Octavio...?

Seth: Squika...?

Squigley: Octobel...?

Ally: We have to stop them!

Seth: Agreed!

Squigley: No, wait! We need to-

Ally throws a stone at DJ Octavio's head as Seth runs toward Squika.

Ally: Hey, dumdum!

DJ Octavio: OW!

DJ Octavio looks at Ally.

DJ Octavio: Hey, what's the big idea, dude?!

Ally: What do you think you're doing?!

DJ Octavio: I asked you first!

Ally: No, you said "What's the big idea", whereas I said-

DJ Octavio: Wait...have we met?

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: It's just that you're talking as though we're good friends or somethin'.

Ally: Fr-

Ally flips out.

Ally: You think we're FRIENDS?! After what you did TO MY FATHER?!

Gamma: (And your brother. Don't forget ypur brother.)

Ally: Thank you, Oc-

Ally flips out even harder.


Ally aims her Splat Charger at DJ Octavio.

Ally: Prepare to-

The Charger is suddenly surrounded by an aura of crackling purplish-pink energy and yanks from Ally's grip.

Ally: What?!

The Charger suddenly pops in a splash of purplish-pink ink.

Ally: WHAT?!

Ichi: Teehee! (Teehee!)

DJ Octavio: Hey, now I remember you...you're that punk that broke all five of my favourite toys! Hachi, stop her!

Hachi: Hai, Tako-sama. (Yes, Boss Octo.)

Hachi aims her Octo Shot at Ally.

Ally: No...stop!

Seth is standing near Squika.

Seth: What do you mean you don't want to be saved?!

Squika: I am here on an excursion with my parent!

Seth: Squika, our parent was splatted or something by DJ Octavio!

Squika: Then how was it able to bring me here to Mount Nantai?

Seth: That's not a parent! It's an Octotrooper!

Squika: That's preposterous! Tell him, Parent!

The Twintacle Octotrooper seems to growl.

Parent: (For such an intelligent squid, you can be SO freaking naive, ya idiot!)

Squika: Parent...?

Parent: (I'm NOT your parent! I was appointed the task of grooming you to be a secret agent of DJ Octavio! And after 14 years of trying, I STILL can't get it right! Ugh...it's like you have a built-in Calamari Inkantation or something!)

Squika: I do?

Squigley: Squika, you were born with TWO music strands in your DNA, both of which act as a barrier against Octavio's mind-controllling music.

DJ Octavio: Impossible! NOTHING can withstand the awesomeness of I am Octavio!

Seth: So THAT'S why I don't have a music strand...

Squigley: Yep, and the fact that you don't have one at all also somewhat-coincidentally makes you immune to Octavio's song.

DJ Octavio: Are you even listening to me?! I sa NOTHING can withstand the-

Squigley: Okay, I've been waiting months to say this...DJ Octavio? SHUT THE FRESH UP!!

DJ Octavio's eyes widen.

DJ Octavio: Like...what?

Squigley: I am so freshing SICK of you being the freshing centre of your freshing universe! Here's a freshing pro tip: There are OTHER people who are just as freshing important as you, so just...shut. The. Fresh. UP!

Squigley's tentacles start to ripple with green energy as his eyes begin to glow purple.

Ally: Wh-What's going on?!

Ally's hair begins to ripple with lime green energy as her eyes begin to glow maroon.

Squigley: The ritual's started.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Seriously? But you said we needed three Psy-Pods for it to work!

Seth: Yeah! So where's the third?

Squigley: Best not to think about it right now. Anyway-

The air is suddenly filled with glowing green and lime green particles.

DJ Octavio: Hey, cool laser show!

DJ Octavio begins to dance as the other Octarians makee a hasty retreat. Seth pulls Squika away from the pad.

DJ Octavio: Hey, where are you goin'? The party's just gettin' started!

The particles suddenly merge together into a column of green light that stretches from the pad into the sky.

Squika: By the Twelve Stars...

Seth looks at Squika.

Seth: What...?

Squigley focuses on the column.

Squigley: Any moment now...

DJ Octavio dances toward Squigley.

DJ Octavio: This whole scene is trippin'! WOO!

Ally gasps.

Ally: Squigley, watch out!

Squigley: Huh?

DJ Octavio knocks into Squigley, who stumbles into the column of light.

Ally: Squigley!

The column disappears. Squigley and Ally's tentacles stop glowing.

Squika: Well, THAT was interesting...

Ally runs up to Squigley and hugs him.

Ally: Are you okay?!

Squigley: Yeah, I'm fine...

Seth looks around.

Seth: Wait...where's the human?

Squika: You were trying to summon a human?

Seth: Yeah, but I think a CERTAIN octopus messed up the ritual!

DJ Octavio holds a tentacle behind his head.

DJ Octavio: Oh...I'm sorry, dudes. I'll try to be a bit more considerate of you next time you...hey, wait...why am I apologising?

DJ Octavio leaps onto the machine.

DJ Octavio: So long, suckers! HAHAHAHAHA! Get it? 'Cause we have...eh, humour is wasted on the losers who don't get it...

DJ Octavio rides the machine down the mountain like a motorcycle...until it slips and tumbles down.


Seth: Well, I hope that's the last we see of HIM!

Ally: Unlikely, but hopefully he's out of the picture for a LOOOOOOONG time...

Seth: So what now?

Squika: Well, we could get to know one another? You know, as bestest bruhs?

Seth: I guess we could, but I need to sort some things out first. I need to find out more about my past from the Squevenses...I mean Mom and Dad.

Squika: Then do so!

Seth: Yeah, but they're on a cruise across the seas. I won't be back for some time.

Squika: Oh...well, how about when you get back?

Seth smiles.

Seth: I'd like that.

Ally: As for me, I'm gonna keep up my patrols around Inkopolis as Agent 3. Someone needs to protect the people.

Squika: But what if Octavio rears his bulbous head again?

Ally: The New Squidbeak Splatoon just recruited a new agent. I'm sure she'll do fine.

Seth: Do we know her?

Ally: Probably not, but apparently she and Inklinda were besties at one point.

Squika: What?! Who'd want to be friends with HER?!

Ally: I know, right?

Squigley: This is weird...

Ally and Seth look at Squigley.

Ally: What is?

Squigley: Apparently, the ritual half-worked.

Seth: Wow, that's AMAZING!

Ally: Wait...what?

Squigley: Someone from the other reality was pulled from their world into ours, just not here on Mount Nantai.

Seth: Seriously?

Ally: A human?

Squigley: Well...

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: No, it's...another Inkling...

Scene 12: Inkopolis Square: Evening

The scene fades to a view of the Inkopolis Square skyline. It slowly pans down to the ground outside Headspace. We see Squigley lying unconscious on the ground wearing nothing but a pair of cargo shorts. A Jellyfish spots him and approaches, before stretching out a tentacle to poke his face.

We cut to a view of the drain outside Ammo Knights. A neon pink squid form Inkling leaps from the drain and retakes kid form, revealing her to be Squilma.

Squilma: Wow...I can't believe I've been recruited into the New Squidbeak-

Squigley's voice: Wh-What ARE you?! Stay away!

Squilma looks in Squigley's direction.

Squilma: Looks like someone already needs my help.

Squilma runs toward Headspace.

The story continues in
Octanner no Monogatari

Squigley no Densetsu

...which you should have already read

...or whatever
Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 08:
Okay, my work is gonna eat up a lot of my time, so this is the last entry for a while. So it turns out that, while trying to summon a human to stop DJ Octavio, Squigley ended up summoning himself. Weird, I know.

Apparently, the beacon locked onto a human, but when DJ Octavio caused Squigley to unintentionally intercept the ritual, that human was transformed into another Squigley. Or...the original Squigley, I guess? I try not to think about it. Anyway, here's a photo of the two of us:

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 1c0df610

Cap'n Cuttlefish appointed Squilma - our new Agent 4 - as Squigley's guardian, but I was appointed as his personal protector by the Chronicuttle...yeah, this is getting mind-boggling. Stay fresh!


I love you Once NintendoPurist... Always NintendoPurist...

Once... Always... Forever...
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Zooming... Elevating... Deepening...

I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

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January 8th 2021, 3:25 pm
I posted a poll! Which episode(s) do YOU enjoy the most? Wink

(Silly Author! You already posted that exact phase in the Wiggles no Legends... Ooh... thread! Silly Author, hahaha!)

I love you Once NintendoPurist... Always NintendoPurist...

Once... Always... Forever...
Rising... Soaring... Climbing...
Zooming... Elevating... Deepening...

I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

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