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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 1st 2016, 7:52 pm
Welcome, Chromaicora Adventures fans, to Origins of the Crystalbound, a webseries that explores the lore relating to the Silverian Crystals, the multi-piece artefact that serves as the main plot device of the first Chromaicora Adventures season, Crystals of Silveria. I hope you enjoy! Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 631737971
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 01:
Scene: Forest of the Luminelv: Luminelvum: Early Afternoon

The scene fades in to a beautiful, sunlit forest of vibrant green leaves, luminescent golden mushrooms and carpets of flowers in various, brightly-coloured hues. A medium-length blonde-haired young man in adventurer's attire leads a group of companions from a multitude of races: a heavily-armoured, red-haired dwarven woman; a male elf with long, perfectly-straight green hair and a bow and quiver strapped to his back; a male halfling with a mint-green druidic cloak and bare, hairy feet; and a female gnome with wiry, copper-coloured hair and metallic sorceress attire.

We have ventured for weeks, maybe even months, for the quest we dare venture, my companions and I, is too great to risk failing...and our cargo is too precious to forfeit, whether by loss or theft.

The young man stops, looks and listens without too much movement. He looks back at his companions and arcs his right hand forward, before the entire party begins moving again.

Witnessing the beauty of this land, it's easy to forget the problems we encountered back in Silveria.

A small creature resembling an Australian possum bounds across the ground. It briefly stops to watch the companions as they trek past, before it continues to bound in the same direction as before.

Emperor Silveria herself charged me personally to deliver the remaining crystals to the light elves of Vitra, the veritable "Jewel of Luminelvum", in order to make sure that they do not fall into the hands of-

Dwarf: Ye're inner-monologuing again, aren't ye, lad?

Human: However did you know?

Dwarf: Well, ye usually jabber on and on whenever it's quiet, and, well...

Elf: What Helga means, Vel, is that you usually spend your time verbally communicating rather than-

Gnome: Blah blah blah! Listen to the elf use his long, fancy words! "Verbally communicating"? What does that even mean?!

Halfling: I believe it means "talking", Tinkertinn.

The gnome appears surprised.

Tinkertinn: Really? THAT'S what you've been saying, Verdann?!

The elf looks at Tinkertinn.

Verdann: Sheamus is most correct.

Tinkertinn looks at the halfling.

Tinkertinn: Oh. Well, thank you, dude.

Verdann: I believe it is pronounced "druid".

Tinkertinn: Ooh...don't correct me! I HATE being corrected! Almost as much as I hate being trapped!

A twig snaps under Tinkertinn's foot. Quick as a flash, a number of elves surrounds the party. They have pale skin, golden-blonde hair and glowing, brightly-coloured eyes that seem to lack pupils. Each of them has their bows ready, ornately-crafted arrows aimed at the companions.

Helga: Ye jus' HAD ta say it, din't ye?

One of the archers, a female with azure eyes, speaks.

Archer: Who are you? Why do you trespass in our lands?

Tinkertinn: Oh, great. They're just like you wood elves, Verdann, all sensitive about trespassers in their precious forest and everything...

The archer draws her bow tighter.

Archer: Speak.

Vel begins to sweat.

Vel: Y-You didn't receive the communique...?

Archer: Communique...? Now you mock my peoples' language?!

Vel: What?! N-No! I...I-

Archer: Archers of Vitra, prepare to fire on my mark!

The other archers draw their bows tighter.

Vel: W-W-WAIT! M-My name i-is Vel, a-and my companions a-and I come on a m-mission from S-S-Si-

Voice: Silveria?

A female elf with pale skin, long golden-blonde hair and green eyes approaches the party.

Archer: You know these ones, Emerald?

The green-eyed elf looks at the archer.

Emerald: Not personally, but I have expected their arrival. Lower your bow, Lapis.

The archer lowers her bow.

Emerald: And the rest of you do the same.

The other elves lower their bows. Tinkertinn looks at Verdann.

Tinkertinn: Well, Verdann? You heard her! "Lower your bow!"

Verdann: My bow is not drawn, Tinkertinn. Or had you failed to observe?

Tinkertinn: I know that, I was just teasin' you! Sheesh, get a sense of humour...

Emerald: These people are our honoured guests, and are to be treated with the respect and kindness they deserve.

Emerald looks at Lapis.

Emerald: Do I make myself clear, captain?

Lapis: Of course, madame.

Emerald: Then let us return to Vitra post-haste. The feast shall soon commence!

Tinkertinn: FEAST?! Oh, boy! I'm so hungry I could eat a muddvak!

Sheamus: Muddvak?! Where?!

Vel's thoughts: My name is Vel, and strange things have happened in my life for a while now, though they have become much stranger since the timeborn visited me, a mere three years ago...

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 3rd 2016, 5:32 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 02:
Scene: Vitra Citadel: Luminelvum: Evening

A number of long, ornately-styled wooden tables sit parallel across an enormous, ornately-styled room of white and gold. Most of the people seated are light elves, with Vel, Helga, Verdann, Tinkertinn and Sheamus seated near the far end of the centremost table; Emerald sits at the farthestmost end of that table.

Emerald: Luminelv of Vitra, it is my honour to welcome Vel and his esteemed companions to our citadel.

The light elves clap.

Emerald: It is rare for a non-luminelv to be able to set foot inside our home, for the wards that protect us deter members of any other mortal persuasion from entering. However, Vel possesses a most valuable cargo that allows him to be able to pass through the barrier into Vitra for as long as he holds it. He should feel honoured to be granted passage into our home.

The crowd claps again.

Emerald: But that is not the only thing for us to celebrate on this night.

Emerald gestures to the luminelv seated to her left.

Emerald: My daughter, Topaz, has come of age, and tonight is her time to select a mate. May she choose well, for the love of a luminelv remains strong throughout the ages, and can never be undone.

The crowd claps again. Verdann seems to be enthralled.

Verdann: Topaz...she is so...beautiful...

Tinkertinn: WHAT?! But...you can't love her! She's...y'know...and you're...well...

Verdann: It matters not, Tinkertinn. We may very well be as opposite as sand and mist, but I will not let myself be without even trying to-

Topaz looks at Verdann and smiles sweetly. Verdann looks away and blushes.

The next morning...

Vel, Helga, Tinkertinn and Sheamus stand next to the citadel's gate.

Helga: Where's Green-Ears? We shoulda left an hour ago!

Sheamus: I'm sure he's just-

Voice: WAIT!

Verdann runs up to the party.

Tinkertinn: You took your time.

Verdann: I apologise, Tinkertinn.

Vel examines Verdann.

Vel: Where is your gear?

Verdann: I-

Tinkertinn: Oh no, you didn't forget it again, did you?

Verdann: I-

Tinkertinn: Honestly, Verdann, your memory's worse than a muddvak's!

Sheamus: Muddvak?! Where?! AAAAH!

Tinkertinn: Which is weird, since you should have perfect memory of-

Verdann: I am not leaving with you.

Tinkertinn: Make every excuse you want, but it's not gonna work on...wait...you're not leaving?!

Verdann: I am staying here.

Helga: May I ask why?

Verdann: Topaz selected me to be her mate.

Sheamus: Oh, congratulations to you! May Naturia bless you with the family you so richly deserve.

Vel: You're staying here?

Verdann: Indeed. I will personally watch over the crystals until their distributor arrives.

A purple glimmer briefly appears in Verdann's eyes.


Emerald sits in front of the box that holds the Silverian Crystals. She undoes the silver clasp and opens it, revealing seven crystals neatly arranged in a circle. Emerald suddenly becomes puzzled.

Emerald: Seven crystals...but...where is the eighth...?

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 4th 2016, 10:31 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 03:
Scene: Vitra Citadel: Luminelvum: Early Morning

Nearly 250 years later...

Today is the day...

The scene fades into an ornately-decorated bedroom of white and gold with azure trim.

My one-hundredth birthday...the day I come of age...

The scene pans to a female luminelv in bed. She smiles and opens her azure-coloured eyes.

I am to choose my mate on this day...but who should I pick?

The luminelv gracefully stretches her arms, her pale blue nightgown's sleeves gently flapping in the cool morning breeze.

But first, I must freshen up so I do not appear slovenly to the other lumine-

A loud scream sounds out from another part of the citadel.


The luminelv leaps out of bed and leaves the room, crossing the hallway and into the bedroom opposite.

Luminelv: Sister! Whatever is the matter?

The luminelv runs over to another elf who is standing in front of a tall, silver mirror with purple trim, though this elf has a slightly-darker skin tone, brunette hair with lavender bangs and purple eyes. A surprised, almost-horrified expression is spread across her face.

Luminelv: Wait...what happened to your hair...? And your eyes...why do they have black dots in the centre?

Elf: How could this have happened?! It is my one-hundredth birthday! I should be preparing to choose a mate, but I can't as long as I resemble a...a...

Luminelv: An altidelv?

Elf: A HIGH ELF! I look like a high elf!

Luminelv: That's what I said...

The elf spins around to face her sister.

Luminelv: Well, at least your bangs are still purple.

Elf: This isn't funny, Lapis! I cannot choose a mate now!

The luminelv examines her sister.

Lapis: Hm...you don't look so bad, actually. You said you always wanted to stand out and be different.

Elf: So what you say is that I brought this on myself?

Lapis: No, of course not! Perhaps...mm...a genie entered your bedroom while you slept and you inadvertently wished to change?

Elf: That is ridiculous.

Lapis: Yes, I had trouble believing it myself.

The elf sighs.

Lapis: Cheer up, Amethyst. Why don't we consult with Grandmother? She may know the answer.

The elf thinks for a moment.

Amethyst: Perhaps you are right, sister. Our grandmother is wise, and may yet hold the answer.

Lapis: Then let us see her post-haste.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Indeed.

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 5th 2016, 7:11 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 04:
Scene: Vitra Citadel: Luminelvum: Early Morning

Amethyst and Lapis, now fully-dressed, approach Emerald, who sits on an ornately-crafted wooden throne coloured white and gold; despite the fact that she is nearly 250 years older, Emerald remains as youthful as before.

Lapis: Dearest Grandmother, my sister, your eldest granddaughter, requires your assistance.

Emerald gracefully stands from her throne and slowly approaches Amethyst, staring at her the whole time. She places her left hand onto Amethyst's face.

Emerald: My precious Amethyst...I knew this day would come.

Amethyst: ...pardon?

Emerald sits at the dining table from the second webisode, with Amethyst seated to her right and Lapis to her left. The box containing the Silverian Crystals sits between them, fully closed.

Emerald: I have awaited this day for one-hundred years.

Lapis: Pardon my interruption, Grandmother, but what is this object?

Emerald: Patience, mon cher. A tale this precious cannot be rushed.

Lapis: Apologies. I...have always possessed a tendency to be impatient.

Emerald: Much like your namesake, I might add. One of our finest archers, yet she always demands things happen to her whim.

Amethyst: Did she not leave this place to track down someone?

Emerald: Indeed she did. Shortly before your mother gave birth to your petit sister, your father discovered that there was something missing from this box.

Amethyst: The Silverian Crystals, of course. You often tell us of their importance.

Emerald: Your father guarded them for more than a century, but he eventually learned that one of the crystals had mysteriously vanished.

Amethyst: Then that means...

Emerald: Indeed. This box should contain EIGHT crystals.

Lapis: So our father left to locate it?

Emerald: Quite right, Lapis. After many months without word from him, your mother gave birth to you. Almost immediately, she decided to leave and try to find her amour, but your namesake, the archer Lapis, caught wind and swore to protect her during her journey.

Lapis: She sounds like a strong individual.

Emerald: Indeed, which is why your mother named you Lapis, that you might acquire the best aspects of our most accomplished archer.

Lapis: I see that I also acquired her best flaws...

Emerald: Maybe so, but your skill with the bow rivals that of your namesake, young as you are.

Amethyst: No doubt the eighth crystal remains at large.

Emerald: Quite right, mon cher. But before he departed this citadel, your father named you, his eldest daughter, as the guardian of the crystals...that is, until their owners are found.

Emerald carefully slides the box in front of Amethyst, its clasp facing her.

Emerald: Open it.

Amethyst: R-Really...? Are you quite sure?!

Emerald: Of course. Today is the day that you are permitted to witness the crystals firsthand.

Amethyst: M-My thanks, cher Grandmother.

Amethyst opens the box, revealing the crystals. Almost immediately, Amethyst closes her eyes and enters a trancelike state.

Amethyst opens her eyes and finds herself within her own mindscape. The walls radiate with cyan energy.

Amethyst: By the Twelve Stars...

A voice echoes through Amethyst's mind.

Voice: Amethyst Lunerosée.

Amethyst: H-How do you know my name? For that matter, where are you located?

Voice: I will explain in time. For now, I must tell you of what has happened to your physical form.

Amethyst: I seem to resemble a high elf. If I did not know better, I would assume that I had BECOME one.

Voice: But you DID become one.

Amethyst: WHAT?!

Voice: That's...actually a tad inaccurate. But I digress... Amethyst, you are the guardian of the remaining Silverian Crystals.

Amethyst: I am.

Voice: This means that you are to be their distributor. Each crystal is programmed to locate, and then bond with, an owner, transforming them into a being known as a Crystalbound.

Amethyst: I am aware of the poem.

Voice: Then you know that the very first individual mentioned is to become the Magentabound...at least for a time.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Voice: The distributor of the crystals must also be a Crystalbound themself, but with one crystal absent it causes a few complications.

Amethyst: Then I cannot fulfill my duty?

Voice: I didn't say that, nor did I imply it. I am merely stating that you, Amethyst, must be prepared to become the Magentabound.

Amethyst: M-Me?! I am to become a figure of legend?!

Voice: Indeed. And, in time, you must locate the other Crystalbound. But first, there is someone I wish you to find...

Amethyst awakens from her trance.

Lapis: What happened to you, sister?

Emerald: She tranced.

Lapis: What? But...luminelv do not trance! Only elves possess this ability!

Amethyst: But I AM an elf, Lapis!

Lapis: What?!

Amethyst: And I have been chosen by the Magenta Crystal.

Lapis: WHAT?!

Amethyst: I am to leave within the day and find someone to instruct me in the art of magic. I was told to find him in a distant land to the west.

Emerald: You speak of Newt, the youngest mage instructor in the land. But he teaches at Stormshroud Academy, in the continent of Ornoposia. Surely you do not intend to venture there on foot.

Amethyst: Most certainly not, Grandmother! I am eager to try airship travel.

Lapis: Airships? I doubt that technology will last more than a decade.

Amethyst: Nonetheless, I am to leave shortly.

Lapis: But you will return to visit, yes...?

Amethyst: Well...

Amethyst's thoughts: How do I explain to my sister that I will be unable to return to Vitra? I do not have the heart to tell her...

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 8th 2016, 10:53 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 05:
Scene: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

The doors to the foyer of Stormshroud Academy swing open, revealing Amethyst, who now wears her familiar purple tunic and sash from Crystals of Silveria.

Amethyst: This place is most impressive...

Voice: Ah, thank you, madame.

Amethyst spots a human male descend the staircase. He appears to be in his early thirties, with dark, wavy, shoulder-length hair and bluish-green eyes.

Amethyst: Oh, I did not realise I had company.

Man: Oh, it is quite alright.

The man stops just short of Amethyst.

Man: I have been expecting you, Amethyst.

Amethyst: Oh, Master Newt, I presume?

The man chuckles.

Newt: However did you guess?

Amethyst: My grandmother mentioned you having aqua eyes. An unusual colouration for a homonid human, I might add.

Newt: Oh?

Amethyst's face turns red.

Amethyst: Oh, I meant no disrespect, Master! Please, forgive me!

Amethyst bows as far as her waist will allow.

Newt: Oh, it is quite alright, my apprentice. I am flattered that you consider my eyes a rarity.

Amethyst returns to a neutral position.

Amethyst: Oh, I am glad.

Newt: The truth is that my eyes are not native to this place. I descend from-

Master Newt pauses.

Newt: Perhaps that is a tale for another time.

Voice: Begging your pardon, sir.

A man in grey overalls mops the floor next to Master Newt.

Newt: Oh, that is quite alright, Mr. Janitor.

Janitor: There...now be careful not to slip, won't you?

Newt: Of course.

The janitor picks up a blue metal bucket by its handle, swings his mop over his right shoulder and walks away.

Newt: That janitor has worked here for some two centuries.

Amethyst: Two centuries?

Newt: Indeed. Some dragons have the ability to take the guise of any other mortal race. Gintamago there is the most dedicated and polite member of our staff. You won't hear him utter a single swear, of that I can assure.

Amethyst: I should like the chance to get to know him.

Newt: Now to introduce myself properly. I am master of the school of enchantment at this academy. Your grandmother informs me that enchantment is your specialty, so you should have no trouble attaining the rank of full mage within a span of ten years.

35 years later...

Amethyst and Newt stand in the entrance hall of Stormshroud Academy. Master Newt is much older, with greying hair and laugh lines on his face, while Amethyst remains unchanged.

Newt: Okay, my apprentice, it may have taken 25 years longer than I anticipated, but I now declare you a full mage! Congratulations!

Amethyst: My thanks, cher master.

Amethyst bows. Master Newt looks to his left, and the camera pans to reveal a young man with slick, spiky black hair, blue eyes and a blue nanodragon perched on his right shoulder.

Newt: And now, I can take on a new apprentice! Amethyst, this is Alekzander, a student at the academy. His skills at enchantments rival yours when you first apprenticed with myself.

Alekzander looks at Amethyst.

Alekzander: Amethyst, eh? You may call me "Alek".

Amethyst: Oh, it is a pleasure, "Alekzander".

Alek: Oh...

Amethyst: Oh, I did not mean to offend. I was raised in a society of people that does not use nicknames.

Alek: Ah, I see. Very well, "Alekzander" it is. But I still consider us friends regardless.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Newt: So, where will you venture? Home to Luminelvum?

Amethyst: Sadly not. I must find the other Crystalbound, wherever they may be...

The scene cuts to black just as we hear the sound of a ceramic vase shattering.

Man: Makkmak!

Boy: Oops...

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

October 9th 2016, 9:14 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 06:
Scene: Cuprumo City: Cuprumo Kingdom: Coppelia: Late Morning

A small orcborn boy stands next to a shattered clay vase, a wooden sword in his hand and a look of shame on his face. A man with strawberry-blonde hair and a moustache stands nearby, his hands covering his face.

Man: How could this have happened again?!

Boy: Sorry, Dad...

The man lowers his hands. His face is surprisingly calm.

Dad: Oh, it's quite alright, son.

The man approaches a couch and sits.

Dad: Come over here.

The boy runs to the couch and sits next to his father.

Dad: Now Makkmak, you're nine years old. Why do you still play these silly games?

The boy appears offended.

Makkmak: It's not silly, Dad!

Makkmak holds his sword into the air.

Makkmak: I wanna be a Knight of Cuprumo!

Dad: A Knight of Cuprumo? Why is that, son?

Makkmak: Cause they're awesome! My friend Knight told me all about them, and then one visited my class yesterday! Miss Ceras was acting weird, though. She said she wanted to "go on a date" with him, but that sounds messy.

Dad: Messy?

Makkmak: Yeah! Dates are all squishy, like mud, and if I'm not supposed to jump in muddy puddles, then Miss Ceras shouldn't be allowed to jump on dates!

Dad: Eheheheheh...uh...so back to the knight you mentioned...?

Makkmak: Huh? Oh yeah! He knew that dates were messy too, so he "politely declined Miss Ceras' invitation" and left. And I figured, if he's able to stand up for things in which he believes, then I want to learn to do so as well!"

Dad: Well, you'll need to become an apprentice to a fully-trained knight if you want to become one yourself. But it takes years of dedication and hard work, more than a nine-year-old boy can handle.

Makkmak: Maybe a HUMAN boy, but I'm an orcborn! There's nothing I can't accomplish when it comes to physical activity!

Dad: Well then, I'll take you to get registered into the squire program this afternoon...if that's what you want, son.

Makkmak: YAY! I'm gonna be the best knight ever!

The man chuckles.

Dad's thoughts: Well, his squireship doesn't officially begin until he's fourteen, but by that time, he'll have abandoned his idea.

Ten years later...

An adult Makkmak stands in front of Cuprumo Castle. A male human stands to Makkmak's right, with short, black hair and a cut on his left cheek; to Makkmak's left is a much older gentleman in knight's armour.

Knight: On this day, my two apprentices, Makkmak Clay and Guy Overdare, complete their squireship and attain the rank of Knights of Cuprumo.

We cut to a view of Makkmak's father, who has a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Dad: I could never have anticipated this day...

We cut back to a view of the three knights.

Knight: Sir Guy is to serve as a representative of the Knights of Cuprumo within the vast metropolis of Platinia. Sir Makkmak, meanwhile, will be a wanderer, seeking adventure across the lands. May their journeys both prove fruitful and rewarding.

Makkmak's father claps. He walks over to his son and locks him in an enormous hug.

Makkmak: Oof! Dad! You're embarrassing me in front of Guy!

Makkmak's father lets go.

Dad: My apologies, son. You really worked hard to achieve your dream.

Makkmak blushes.

Makkmak: Aw...thanks...

Dad: I suppose you are leaving immediately?

Makkmak: Yep! My pack's all...uh...packed, and I'm ready to depart this place.

Dad: Well, take care, son.

Makkmak smiles.

Makkmak: Of course.

Makkmak wanders along a busy street.

Makkmak's thoughts: I really hope I find-

Voice: Oi! Elf! 'And over yer gold!

Makkmak notices Amethyst being hassled by a thug. The elf remains surprisingly calm.

Amethyst: But I have nothing of value to offer you.

The thug points to Amethyst's staff.

Thug: What about yer fancy stick? It 'as a dragon on top o' it!

Amethyst: This treasure is priceless!

Thug: Oh I can pu' a price on it!

Makkmak: What seems to be the trouble?

Thug: I was jus' requestin' tha' stick from this 'ere woman of elfy persuasion.

Amethyst: Quite forcefully, I might add.

Makkmak draws his sword.

Makkmak: By decree of the Knights of Cuprumo, I command you to stop!

Thug: You? A knight?! HAHAHAHAHA! Do'n' make me laugh!

Makkmak: But...you laughed BEFORE you told me not to make you laugh.

Thug: Now ye're correctin' me? That's it!

The thug draws a ridiculously large sword from a sheath on his back.

Thug: Now I'm chopp'n' ya both inta mush!

Makkmak: Oh, come on! Now you're being deliberately dumb!


The thug swings his blade. Makkmak knocks it out of the thug's hands with little effort and kicks it aside by its hilt. Makkmak then trips up the thug and steps on his chest to pin him in place, before pointing the tip of his sword at the thug's face.

Makkmak: Consider this a warning. If I EVER see your face again, I will not hesitate to arrest you and have you imprisoned for a long, LONG time...by ANY means available! Understand?

The thug nods. Makkmak steps off of him.

Makkmak: Good.

Makkmak helps the thug to his feet.

Makkmak: Now get out of my sight before I change my mind.

The thug runs away as fast as his feet will allow him. Makkmak turns to face Amethyst.

Makkmak: You should be careful in a street like this, ma'am. People in this part of the city are less than savoury, if you understand my meaning.

Amethyst: Oh, many thanks...uh...?

Makkmak: Sir Makkmak, Knight of Cuprumo. Oh, but you can call me "Mak".

Amethyst: Amethyst Moondew. It is a pleasure, Makkmak.

Mak: Please, it's "Mak". The name Makkmak...kind of leaves me with bad memories.

Amethyst: Then why did you announce yourself as "Sir Makkmak"?

Mak: I'm obligated to announce myself in that manner for the rest of the day. It's kind of a rite-of-passage for new knights.

Amethyst: Very well..."Mak".

Mak: So what brings you to this part of the city?

Amethyst: I am on a quest to find an individual of great significance.

Mak: Oh...uh...may I ask whom? I can probably escort you to them.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Actually, he may be closer than you realise...

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October 11th 2016, 6:16 pm
Spoiler tags aren't working in the mobile version, so iusers can't read this at all. Neutral

Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Rukiafan7

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January 10th 2017, 11:55 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 07:
Scene: Summershire City: Late Morning

Amethyst and Mak are walking through a busy marketplace.

Mak: Remind me why we're here again.

Amethyst: I have a lead on a suitable candidate within this place.

Mak: Okay, exactly whom is giving you this information, Amethyst?

Amethyst: Honestly, I am not certain.

Mak: You're not-

Mak sighs.

Mak: So you're receiving these details anonymously?

Amethyst: In a sense, yes. I have yet to meet this individual, though he assures me his intentions are honourable.

Mak: Well, that leaves me more than a little suspicious...

Amethyst: And yet he was able to guide me to you, Mak.

Mak: So you're saying that the reason I'm the Crimsonbound...is because of your mysterious contact?

Amethyst: Quite correct.

Mak: Well...I still don't think we're gonna fi...fuh...fi-hi-hi...

Mak appears dazed, his cheeks blushing with bright pink.

Amethyst: Mak? Are...you alright?

Mak: Huh...? Oh, yeah...uh...never...uh...n-nev-ev-ev...uh...e-excuse muh-m-mu-me.

Mak walks over to the front of the Temple of Marilina, where a blonde-haired human woman with pointed ears and flowing attire stands. The woman greets passers-by.

Woman: Pleasant day...pleasant day to you, ma'am...remember that we invite all travellers to visit our temple for healing and purification of poisons...pleasant-

The woman spots Mak approaching, and begins to blush.

Woman: -oh...um...good morning.

Mak: Oh...uh...good morning.

Mak and the woman briefly look away from one another.

Mak: Oh...I'm Makkmak. Mak! Either one works for me...

Woman: Oh, it's a pleasure. You may call me Emillia. Or Emily! Or...whatever you like...Makkmak.

Mak: Fine...Ems.

Emily: Ems...yes, I like it!

Mak: Good.

Mak looks away again, and his blushing grows more vibrant.

Mak: Look, I don't do this often, but...do you want to-

Emily: Oh?

Mak: Oh, whoops! I-Is it fine for me to invite a priestess on a date?! I mean, I DO revere Marilina Silverblade, but I-

Emily: It matters not who you revere, Makkmak. Being a priestess of Marilina does not prevent me from being allowed to date other people. However...

Mak: Oh no, you're already seeing someone, aren't you?! A girl as wonderful as you...oh, I should've known!

Emily: Oh, it's not like that, Makkmak! I...I do not want to sound ungrateful for the offer, but I have duties that must come first. Besides being a priestess in this very temple, I am also the daughter of the Lord and Lady of this realm, and short of a life-changing mission which would see me free to do as I please, I cannot abandon my duties.

Mak: Say no more, Ems. I...hope to see you around.

Emily smiles.

Emily: I would like that very much.


We cut back to Amethyst, who is in a trance. She suddenly opens her eyes.

Amethyst: The next Crystalbound is located outside the Temple of Marilina...that must be her over there!

Amethyst approaches Emily. Mak is nowhere to be found.

Amethyst's thoughts: Where has Mak gone...?

Amethyst: Excuse me, I was wondering if you are able to assist me.

Emily: Of course. I am trained in multiple healing and purification techniques.

Amethyst: Actually, I am looking for my ally, an orcborn knight. Have you seen him?

Emily: Yes, as a matter of fact. He asked me on a date, but my duties must come first.

Amethyst: Duty is indeed important.

Amethyst's thoughts: Now, I must fulfill my duty by helping you find yours...

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January 12th 2017, 8:14 pm
Nice work as always Zack! Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack 631737971

Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Rukiafan7

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January 15th 2017, 11:46 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 08:
Scene: Goldwaldun Forest: Morning

A male dwarf with a faint beard of ginger hair walks through a lush forest. He speaks with a Scottish-infused Scandinavian accent.

Dwarf: Ah, what a bonnie day ta be goin' on an adventure...cool, crisp breeze...golden sunlight shining through the treetops...a quintet of assorted people walking tawards me...wait...who are they?

Amethyst, Mak and Emily, along with Alek and a young man with subtle wolf-like features, walks through the woodland.

Wolfborn: A-Are you sure it's fine for someone like me to be travelling with the legendary Crystalbound?

Alek: Come now, Kendall. I am also not a Crystalbound, yet I travel alongside them.

Alek's thoughts: Even though I suspect Amethyst sees a certain potential within myself...

Amethyst's thoughts: I am positive that Alekzander would make a suitable candidate...

Kendall: I suppose you're right. I-

Kendall pauses. His ears suddenly raise up.

Emily: What is it, Kendall?

Kendall: I hear soft footsteps...and the clank of armour.

Mak: Really? I don't hear anything.

Alek: I, too, do not hear anyth-

The dwarf leaps out of the bushes.

Dwarf: Stop at once, evildo-

The dwarf pauses. His eyes open wide.

Dwarf: Oh, apologies, folks. Um...mornin' ta ye.

Amethyst: Good morning. My name is Amethyst Moondew, and these are my companions Mak and Emily-

Mak: Hey.

Emily: Good morning, sir.

Amethyst: -my friend Alekzander Stormshroud, and his apprentice, Kendall Silvertooth.

Alekzander: Greetings.

Kendall: Does anybody else smell honey?

Dwarf: I drank a mug of my favourite mead last night...your nose is sharp, lad!

Mak: Is...there any reason you were hiding in the bushes?

Dwarf: Of course!

The dwarf pauses.

Mak: Uh...which was?

Dwarf: Which was what?

Mak: The reason?

Dwarf: Oh, I'm a paladin.

Mak: And...?

Dwarf: And that means I must be ready ta stop any evildoer!

Emily: You believe us to be evil?

Dwarf: Well, no. Apologies, by the way.

Amethyst: It is quite alright, sir.

Dwarf: So...why are ye travellin' through the Goldwaldun Wood?

Mak: That's cla-

Kendall: We seek the Tawny Crystalbound!

Mak: Kendall!

Kendall: Yes, Mak?

Mak: Mission! Classified! That means "tell noone"!

Amethyst: Our mission is no secret, Mak.

Mak: Yeah, but...nngh...you're right.

Dwarf: A Crystalbound, ye say? I'll help ye find them.

Mak: We didn't ask for your-

Dwarf: Say nothing of it! The Paladin's Code decrees that I help anyone in need!

Mak: But we don't need your-

Dwarf: And Alistair Goodheart himself declared that nae dwarf, young or old, should even contemplate ditching anyone who needs assistance!

Mak: Are you even listening to me?! We. Don't. Need. Your-

Dwarf: Therefore, I swear by my oath that I will nae rest until I find-

Suddenly, a gigantic beast crashes from the trees, sending wood splintering in many directions.

Dwarf: -the biggest arbour beast I've ever seen in my 35 years!

Kendall approaches the arbour beast.

Alek: Kendall! What are you doing?!

Kendall: I studied arbour beasts. The bark of a wolf is enough to scare them away.

Kendall "barks" viciously at the creature, which lets out a bellowing roar. Kendall screams and runs back to the group.

Mak: I know about arbour beasts too, but from experience. Wolf barks don't work on an alpha, the leader of its herd. Plus, you're not a wolf. You're PART-WEREwolf!

Kendall: Oh, right...

Emily: What do we do?!

Alek: Very little, I'm afraid. Very few have faced an alpha arbour beast and survived to tell of it.

Mak: How can you be so calm?! Look at that thing! Its spikes have spikes!

Dwarf: I'll handle this!

Mak: What?! What can YOU possibly do that we can't?!

The dwarf approaches the beast and points at it. The beast roars, and the dwarf's voice raises to a bellow.


The arbour beast whimpers and snivels.


The arbour beast slowly turns around and walks into the forest. The others are dumbfounded, a surprised look on their faces. The dwarf turns to face them, a smile on his face.

Dwarf: Never underestimate the power of the spoken word!

Mak: What the...?!

Emily: That was incredible!

Amethyst: What is your name, sir?

Dwarf: Thobrun Angus Steelanvil, son of Angus and Helga of Goldwaldun and Paladin of Alistair Goodheart.

Mak: Uh...mind if we call you "Angy"?

Thobrun: Yes, I do. Very much.

Amethyst: Then how about "Thobrun"?

Thobrun: Thobrun's a fine name...at least according to my Mum.

Amethyst: Well then...it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Thobrun.

Thobrun: Likewise, lass.

Amethyst's thoughts: This must be the dwarven paladin mentioned by my mysterious confidante...

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January 21st 2017, 6:06 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 09:
Scene: Platinia City: Evening

Amethyst and Alek sit at a table outside a café.

Amethyst's thoughts: It is time to see if my hypothesis is correct...

Alek: I must admit, the hot chocolate at this café is most superb.

Amethyst: Indeed. Alek...um...

Alek: Well, this must be quite important.

Amethyst: Oh?

Alek: You only say "um" whenever you have a very important question to ask.

Amethyst's thoughts: Okay, Amethyst, just hand the Cerulean Crystal to Alekzander as discretely as possible...do not let anyone else see it...

Amethyst looks around.

Amethyst: Um...I am going to hand you a treasured object. Please keep it a secret from all.

Alek: Very well.

Amethyst: Hold out your hand under the table, sil vous plait.

We cut to a view under the table. Alek moves his fist under the table, his gauntlet making a soft sound of crunching leather as he unclenches his fist. We cut back to Amethyst and Alek. Amethyst moves her fist under the table, then pulls out her now open hand.

Amethyst: Now, we must examine the object and see if it glows.

Alek: Object?

Amethyst: The object I gave you.

Alek pulls his hand from under the table.

Alek: Apologies, my friend, but...I received no such item.

Amethyst: Pardon...?

Amethyst and Alek look under the table. A male halfling with auburn hair examines the Cerulean Crystal, a soft glow of blue light in its centre.

Amethyst: Remarkable...

The halfling speaks with a slightly-Cockney English accent.

Halfling: Isn't it? I'm sure we can fetch a reasonable profit for it!

Alek: Profit?! Why, you...!

The halfling looks at Amethyst and Alek.

Halfling: Wait...Bryn? Gazzo? You've changed an awful lo-

The halfling's eyes widen.


Alek: Give that back!

Halfling: Never!

The halfling runs from under the table and tears off down a street.

Alek: Help! Thief! Somebody stop that Greatkin!

Amethyst: Alekzander, I-

Alek: Never fear, Amethyst! I will summon my familiar to chase after him!

Amethyst: But Alekza-

Alek: Ao! I need you!

Alek's blue nanodragon familiar appears on his right shoulder.

Ao: How may I assist?

Alek: Look for a male Greatkin carrying a blue, cube-shaped crystal.

Ao: At once, Alekzander.

Ao takes off on his leathery, bat-like wings.

Alek: I certainly hope he finds that thief...

Amethyst's thoughts: Could that Greatkin really be the Ceruleanbound...?

The halfling runs through a narrow alleyway. He turns left into a small building. A female halfling with dark shoulder-length hair walks up to him.

Male Halfling: Bryn, I need you to hide this!

Female Halfling: What?!

Male Halfling: There's a dragon after me! You need to hide this RIGHT NOW!

Bryn takes the crystal by its string and looks at it. A pulse of blue light emerges from its centre.

Bryn: Well...what do you expect me to do with it?!

Halfling: For the third time, HIDE IT!

Bryn: Where?!

Halfling: Anywhere! Hide it on your person for all I care!

Bryn: Rowen, you're making zero sense!

The male halfling begins to panic.

Rowen: This is getting too stressful! I'm so thirsty! I...I gotta drink something!

Rowen grabs a bottle containing a blue-coloured liquid.

Rowen: Bottoms-up!

Bryn: Rowie, no! That's-

Rowen guzzles the potion in three seconds.

Rowen: That's what?

Bryn: That's one of Gazzo's trick potions! Who knows what it'll do to you?!

Rowen: Uh-oh. Well, it can't be as bad as the time he gave me the-

Rowen's speech is suddenly cut off, even as his lips continue to move. His eyes widen, and he begins to panic. Suddenly, he faints.

Bryn: Oh, well THIS is flipping fantastic, isn't it?!

Bryn fluffs a pillow and gently places it under Rowen's head.

Bryn: Sorry, Rowen. I guess I need to get this to the Thieves' Guild, then.

Bryn slips the crystal around her neck and slips it under her armour. The entire room glows with bright blue light for a moment, before it retreats into the crystal.

Bryn: Now, that IS impressive!

Bryn bends down and kisses her brother on the forehead.

Bryn: I'll keep in touch.

Bryn pulls her hood over her head and races out of the building.

Bryn runs through the city streets.

Bryn: Almost there...almost there...almost-

Bryn pauses.

Bryn: Why are my feet not touching the ground...?

Ao's voice: That would be because you are in the air.

Bryn: Huh?!

Bryn looks up at Ao, who is carrying her by her arms.

Bryn: Oh well, it was only a matter of time before I-

Bryn looks down and begins to panic.

Bryn: Wait a minute! I'm afraid of heights! LET ME DOWN!

Ao: Very well.

Ao lets go of Bryn.


Alek catches Bryn.

Bryn: Oh, my hero!

Alek carefully helps Bryn to the ground.

Alek: Apologies for the rough landing.

Bryn: Oh, it's quite alright.

Alek looks at Ao.

Alek: Ao, I told you to locate a MALE Greatkin, and unless it's possible for a male humanoid to somehow change into a female one...

Ao: I can confirm that this Greatkin possesses the same genetic material as the thief.

Alek: So they are related...?

Ao: Indeed. Most likely siblings. And she currently owns the Cerulean Crystal.

Alek: So SHE'S the true thief!

Ao: Incorrect. She is-

Alek: -coming with me at once to the authorities!

Amethyst: No, Alekzander, do you not see?

Alek: See what?

Amethyst: Ma'am, please reveal the Cerulean Crystal.

Bryn: Oh no! No, no, no, no, no! I'm not gonna take the fall for what Rowie did!

Amethyst: Not to worry. If my hunch is correct, you are not to be imprisoned.

Bryn: Really? You're not pulling my leg?

Amethyst: You have my word.

Bryn: Well...okay then...

Bryn reaches into her armour and pulls out the crystal. A blue light glows in its centre.

Amethyst: As I thought...

Alek: What is it, Amethyst?

Amethyst: This Greatkin has been chosen by the Cerulean Crystal. It glowed when she received it.

Alek: But...she did not receive it from you! It was stolen!

Amethyst: To be fair, it was taken with absolutely no resistance from its distributor.

Alek: If that's true, then...why isn't the male Greatkin the Ceruleanbound?

Amethyst: I know not, Alekzander. Perhaps the familial bond shared between this person and her brother allowed there to be some flexibility with the crystal's choice.

Alek: But for the Cerulean Crystal to be in the clutches of a thief...?

Bryn: Whoa now! Back up! Just...what exactly is going on here?!

Amethyst smiles at Bryn.

Amethyst: What is your name?

Bryn: Uh...Bryn.

Amethyst: Then let me start at the beginning, Bryn...

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January 26th 2017, 2:26 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 10:
Scene: Silvertooth Town: Early Afternoon

Amethyst and Kendall walk through the town square.

Amethyst: I am pleased to visit your hometown, Kendall.

Kendall: It's wonderful to be able to visit home before I return to Stormshroud Academy with my master!

Amethyst thinks back to her most recent discussion with her mysterious contact.

Amethyst stands within her mindscape.

Contact: So, five crystals have found owners, then?

Amethyst: Indeed, even if the identity of the Ceruleanbound proved to be most unexpected.

Contact: Now, I must tell you a quote from the legend of old:

The sixth, of the most vibrant hue of green,
In touch with nature and connected with the wolf,
And bearing potential unbound by a mere crystal.

Contact: The person who will eventually own this crystal resides in the town of Silvertooth.

Amethyst: That is the hometown of my friend's apprentice, Kendall.

Contact: Indeed, for his family has a long history in that place, going back many generations. Werewolf persecution in what is now Ornoposia was ended there, thanks to the aid of-

The contact suddenly stops talking.

Amethyst: Monsieur? Are you there?

Contact: Perhaps that is a tale for another time.

Amethyst: Then Kendall...is to be the owner of the Green Crystal?

Contact: I cannot say. All I can tell you is that the future Greenbound is indeed within the town of Silvertooth. I am sure you will locate him.

Amethyst: My thanks, monsieur.

Amethyst looks at Kendall.

Amethyst: So you have ancestry in this place?

Kendall: Indeed, all the way back to the legendary werewolf champion, Argentus Silvertooth. He's now a Celestial Being, wouldn't you know?

Amethyst: My word, that IS fascinating!

Amethyst's thoughts: "Potential unbound by a mere crystal"...then Kendall must be the-

Voice: Excuse me! I was wondering if you can help me find someone.

Amethyst and Kendall look down at a male gnome with tall, spiky green hair.

Amethyst: Oh, greetings.

Gnome: Hi! I'm kind of new in town, and...well...I was hoping to find a friend of mine here.

Kendall: What is your friend's name?

Gnome: Not a clue.

Kendall: Then I am afraid I cannot help you locate them.

Gnome: That's fine. Oh, I'm Brocc, by the way.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Brocc. My name is Amethyst, and this is Kendall.

Brocc looks at Kendall.

Brocc: Wow, you remind me of my brother Wolf!

Kendall: You have a brother named Wolf?

Brocc: Yeah! He spends all his time playing Mida...ahaha...uh...never mind...

Kendall: Oooookay then...

Brocc: But he doesn't LOOK like a wolf, whereas you DO look like a wolf.

Kendall: That's because I am part-werewolf.

Brocc: No idea.

Kendall: Pardon?

Brocc: I said, "no idea".

Kendall: I don't follow.

Brocc: Well, I don't know where Wolf is.

Kendall: A werewolf is a human who is able to transform into a wolf.

Brocc: What?

Kendall: You wanted to know what a werewolf is, so I explained it to you.

Brocc: No I didn't.

Kendall: I'm sorry?

Brocc: I was telling you I don't know where my brother Wolf is.

Kendall: I'm...confused.

Brocc: Don't worry, Kendall, you're not alone there!

Amethyst: Brocc?

Brocc: Yes, Amethyst?

Amethyst: You said your brother's name is Wolf, correct?

Brocc: Indeed I did, milady!

Amethyst: And you might say you...have a connection with him, yes?

Brocc: You bet I do! I get on well with ALL my brothers! Wolfy...Furry...Norby...well, except Sven. I HATE that guy!

Amethyst: And you are also a forest gnome, implying that you are "in touch" with nature...

Brocc: That's right!

Amethyst looks into her pocket. The Green Crystal sits inside, its light resonating.

Amethyst's thoughts: That's...most peculiar indeed. The other crystals did not resonate when near their owners...? Then who is the true owner, Kendall or Brocc...? I suppose it must be...

Amethyst: Kendall.

Kendall: Yes?

Amethyst: How would you like to go on an adventure?

Kendall: Oh, I am afraid I have too many responsibilities to travel with you at this stage. Between completing my apprenticeship, gaining an introductory rank in the Elemental Guild...

Amethyst: Understood.

Amethyst's thoughts: Then there is only one logical choice for this crystal to make...

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February 13th 2017, 6:13 am
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 11:
Scene: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst approaches Alek, who stands at the base of the stairs in the main hall.

Alek: Ah, Amethyst. I gather you know what has happened?

Amethyst: Indeed. The former janitor managed to escape his enclosure in the monster vault and wreak havoc on the school.

Alek: That's right. In fact, it was his third rampage through the academy.

Amethyst: Would it not be wise to relocate him?

Alek: Amethyst, this academy is within the heart of Silveria City's Mage's District. If that dragon can escape an enclosure forged from pure adamant, then imagine us attempting to transport him through a bustling metropolis. Many lives could be endangered.

Amethyst: I suppose you are right...still, what about the students at this academy?

Alek: They are better prepared to defend against a dragon. It is much safer to keep him-

Amethyst: I meant during his rampage.

Alek: Oh. Well...

Amethyst: Yes...?

Alek sighs.

Alek: Four students-

Amethyst becomes surprised.

Amethyst: By the stars!

Alek: -were single-handedly saved by one of their peers.

Amethyst: Oh...by the stars!

Alek: She is a gifted young sorceress from the nearby town of Silvertooth.

Amethyst's thoughts: A sorceress of such selflessness and power...perhaps she is the best choice as the Azurebound...?

Amethyst: I would very much like to meet this sorceress, sil vous plait.

Alek: About that...while she does indeed idolise you, I fear that she would rather not call attention to the fact that she saved her fellow students. I know that you are eager to find each and every Crystalbound, but...

Amethyst's thoughts: Selfless AND humble...I MUST meet her!

Amethyst: Well then, perhaps I could instead meet the students she saved.

Alek: Of course. I shall see to the arrangements personally.

Amethyst: Many thanks, cher Alekzander.

Alek introduces the first student to Amethyst, a young woman with long, jet-black hair and noticeably-purple lipstick.

Alek: Amethyst, this is Tara. Her specialty is bardic magic, turning poetry and song into spellcraft.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Tara. You may call me Amethyst.

Tara: Delighted to meet you, ma'am.

Tara curtsies, her frilly plum-coloured dress rustling at the base as she does so.

Amethyst: I was wondering if you could tell me of the student who saved you.

Tara: Well, I don't know much about Miss Silvertooth, but I admired the way she handled that dragon.

Amethyst: Fascinating. Please, continue your story.

Tara: The dragon - I think he used to be a janitor? - was charging towards me, teeth bared, the smell of phosphorescence in the air, as though electricity was crackling around us...

Alek gestures to two scruffy-looking male students, both with scowls on their faces; the one on the right seems slightly more heavily-built than the other one, who appears wiry and less well-toned.

Alek: This is Nedford and Kelbort, two of my more...unique...students.

Amethyst: Oh. It is a pleasure, Nedford and Kelbort.

The heavy-set one speaks first.

Heavy: Actually, call me "Ned" and him "Kel".

Amethyst: As you wish.

Kel: We get wishes?! Are elves like genies, then?!

Ned: No, you're thinking of giants, Kel. They're all elemennal an' stuff.

Alek facepalms and shakes his head.

Alek: Honestly, I don't even...

Amethyst: Please tell me of your encounter with the dragon.

Ned: Oh, well I wasn't scared one smidgeon-y bit!

Kel: What? You messed your pants, Ned!

Ned (whispering loudly): Yeah, but we can't tell the elf! Dat'd be unpolite!

Kel (yelling slowly): Oh, right, Ned! Yes, the dragon did not make us mess our pants!

Kel winks twice.

Kel (whispering): Did it work, Ned?

Amethyst: And what of the student who saved you?

Ned (whispering): Yep, I think it did.

Alek: Ned? Kel? Please answer Miss Lunerosée's question.

Ned: Oh, you mean the ice girl? She looks like a total dog, if you ask me.

Kel: Yeah! Huge ears, even HUGER nose...basically not the prettiest human in the academy. Woof woof!

Alek: Going a little off-topic, are we not?

Ned: Anyway, we totally had the dragon on the ropes! Didn't need no help at all!

Kel: Yeah! Although the way she froze the dragon's legs so he couldn't move was cool...

Alek gestures to a young woman with long, straight golden-blonde hair and blue eyes.

Alek: And this is Laura Goldenclaugh, one of the most powerful hedge mages in this academy.

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Laura.

Laura: I am delighted to meet you as well, Miss Moondew.

Laura bows.

Laura: It truly is an honour.

Amethyst: My thanks. Now, please, tell me of the one who saved you.

Laura: Oh, she is the kindest, humblest, most intelligent person I know. She is always mindful of others, and she couldn't hurt even a cakefly. Even the dragon was merely immobilised, as she did not wish him harm. She seemed sympathetic towards him, in fact.

Amethyst's thoughts: Now I am truly convinced that I must meet this girl!

Amethyst: How well do you know this girl?

Laura: She is my dear sister. Her name is Mara.

Amethyst turns to face Alek.

Amethyst: I would very much like to meet Mara.

Alek: As I said before, Amethyst-

Amethyst: Alekzander, please! This is most important!

Alek: Well, I suppose I will see what I can do...

Amethyst: My thanks to you.

Amethyst smiles sweetly.

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Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Origins of the Crystalbound: A Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

February 27th 2017, 6:39 pm
Origins of the Crystalbound - Webisode 12:
Scene 1: The Name Pending Tavern: Early Morning

The party, minus Amethyst, is sitting at a table, enjoying a big breakfast.

Emily: This food is most exquisite!

Brocc scoffs food at a surprising speed.

Brocc (mouth full): You said it, Emily!

A male Bryn suddenly yells out.

Bryn: How can you sit there stuffing yourselves?!

Brocc swallows loudly.

Brocc: What do you mean? You love food!

Bryn: Usually, yes, but...

Everyone stares at Bryn.

Bryn: ...have you all forgotten what day it is?

Thobrun: 'Course not, Bryn. It's Aka-day.

Brocc: Yeah! It's the start of a brand-new week, so lighten up!

Mak frumps.

Mak: I hate Aka-days...

Emily: And the Astral Festival was a mere week ago, with the next one not due for another three weeks.

Brocc: So what's so special about today?

Bryn: I can't believe you've all forgotten!

Mak: Forgotten what?

Bryn: Today marks one year since "prissy little Marissa" ditched us, taking the Azure Crystal with her!

Mak: Huh...no wonder I woke up grumpy this morning.

Brocc: What? You wake up grumpy EVERY morning!

Mak: Oh yeah...heheh!

Bryn: Why are you laughing?! Without the Azure Crystal, we're incomplete!

Brocc: So? I'm sure things will turn around sooner or later, Bryn?

Bryn: So what? You think the solution's just gonna magically appear in our minds from practically nowhere at all?!

Amethyst races from the den upstairs and sits at the table.

Amethyst: I know how we can retrieve the Azure Crystal!

Brocc looks at Bryn, a smug look on his face.

Brocc: Yep!

Scene 2: Silvertooth Woods: Early Afternoon

The party approaches a cave entrance in the middle of a thick forest of tall pine-like trees.

Amethyst: This is the place.

Mak: Are you sure?

Amethyst: My contact has yet to steer me wrong.

Bryn: But you don't even know the guy's name!

Amethyst: Nonetheless, we must venture inside.

Bryn: Fine, but I still don't trust your imaginary friend...

The party finds a small chamber, its walls lined with white rock; on the far wall is a large symbol identical to the mark of the multiverse on Zed's hand in Crystals of Silveria. In the centre of the room is a pedestal of white rock, with the Azure Crystal nestled in an alcove on the pedestal's top.

Emily: The Azure Crystal...? But...how...?

Amethyst: I was informed by my contact that the Azure Crystal we gave Mara was a duplicate, no doubt switched in order to prevent the Crystalbound from uniting.

Thobrun: But what manner of scum would perform such an atrocious act?!

Amethyst: Alas, I am uncertain. But my contact informs me of a powerful spellcaster in the nearby town of Silvertooth, one of a rare breed who uses magic naturally, and in an unusual manner.

Mak: Sounds like he could be a useful addition to the party.

Amethyst: My contact informs me that he has "fiery-red hair", which matches the description of the Azurebound in the poem.

Brocc's thoughts: "Fiery-red hair"...no...it couldn't be...?!

Brocc: Well, let's get to Silvertooth and find this kid!

Emily: Now Brocc, surely a spellcaster of such talent could not be a mere youth.

Brocc: MAN! I meant "man"! Eheheheheh...

Bryn: Oooookay then...

Amethyst: In any case, we must return to The Name Pending for now. Tomorrow, I will journey to Silvertooth alone in order to locate the gentleman.

Brocc: What?! Can't I go with you?!

Mak: No way! You left your cat at The Name Pending, and there's no way WE'RE catsitting for you!

Brocc: I LEFT TABBY BEHIND?! Oh no! How could I forget about her?! I hope it doesn't become a regular occurrence...

Amethyst: Not to worry, I will locate the gentleman and bring him back with me.

Scene 3: The Naked Drake Tavern: Early Afternoon

Amethyst enters The Naked Drake. Warren looks at her and greets her with a smile.

Warren: Welcome to The Naked Drake tavern, soon to be converted into a Bake n' Drake burger restaurant...wow, I only just realised the similarity of those names...in any case, is there anything I can get for you, ma'am?

Amethyst: Oh, I would love a Luminelven rosé, if one is available.

Warren: Ah, someone has fine taste, I see...I will fix that up right away!

Amethyst: Many thanks. Oh, and I am expecting company, so do show my guest to my table when he arrives.

Warren: Of course.

Amethyst: Many thanks.

Amethyst smiles sweetly.

Amethyst sits at her table studying her spellbook. She picks up her glass and takes a sip of wine, before gently placing the glass back onto the table. Suddenly, she looks up and sees a surprisingly-tall, red-haired young man in a simple outfit consisting mostly of brown and white.

Amethyst's thoughts: Could he be the spellcaster that my contact mentioned...?

The young man spots Amethyst and approaches her. Amethyst hears her contact's voice in her mind.

Contact: Please...help him reach his full potential...

Amethyst takes a deep breath through her nose and exhales through her mouth. As the young man walks up to her, she stands and looks into his eyes, though he seems to have trouble making full eye contact. Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

The adventure continues in Crystals of Silveria Remastered...

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