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by NintendoPurist64
on January 16th 2022, 2:37 pm
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Topic: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author
Replies: 3
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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

Episode 3: I DO Believe in Normals
Part 1 - BADGEs and FEEs and Zs Oh My!:

AZUL and ROUGE enter the POKéMON CENTER. ROUGE is carrying a METAPOD.

AZUL: Wow, I can't believe FREE just changed like that. I'm so shocked!

ROUGE: Well, you wouldn't have stepped on that Pikachu's tail if you hadn't decided to run back into the forest on your wild crusade to find a Weedle.

AZUL: True... thanks for saving me, buddy!

ROUGE: You're w-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: Oh, right... heheh...

AZUL: "ME... TAP... OD," huh? Neat!

ROUGE: Wait... Azul, are y-

AZUL: Ooh, who's that POKéMON?!

AZUL runs to the counter as ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Anything to say, FREE?

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: Ooo-ooo-EEE-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: -eh-ooh-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: OOOOOH... I'm never gonna get it, heheh...

ROUGE and FREE sweat awkwardly.

AZUL speaks with a JIGGLYPUFF.

AZUL: Your name is PUDDING?


AZUL: Is it because you look like pudding?


AZUL: Well, I think your name is very nice.

PUDDING blushes.


AZUL: A song? Well, sure! I'd love that!

PUDDING smiles as ROUGE gasps.


PUDDING: Puuuuu... PY-AAA puuuuu... PY-AAA puuuuu... puuu-PUUU-puuuuuuu...


GARETH approaches the path to ROUTE 3.

GARETH's thoughts: Phew... almost to the FAIRY SANCTUM... I swear, if I see one more BUG, I'm gonna-

Voice: Hey, kid! Think you're a hotshot TRAINER?

GARETH looks over at the BUG CATCHER who dares address him.

GARETH: You know it! In fact, I was just on my way to-

BUG CATCHER: Perfect! BROCK's looking for new CHALLENGERs! Come wi' me!

GARETH: Look, I'd love to meet this... GROCK person, but I have better things to-

GARETH is suddenly lifted by a PINSIR.


GARETH: Did it just call me a-


GARETH cries as the PINSIR carries him into the city.



AZUL and ROUGE enter a MUSEUM. AZUL's face is covered in comical drawings.

AZUL: Wow... this place is amazing!

ROUGE: I figured you were a science geek, Azul. Teehee!

AZUL: Don't diss the majesty of science, my dear ROUGE, even in a world filled with MAGICAL CREATURES and HUMANs with supernatural powers.

An OLD AMBER levitates past AZUL and ROUGE to the rear, with a SCIENTIST scrambling to catch it in a sprint of sheer panic.

AZUL: Does it feel staticky in the air to you?

ROUGE: A little...

AZUL: Oh, okay... I thought I was having another EXTRASENSORY experience, but I guess not.

ROUGE: Uh... what are you ta-

AZUL: Two tickets, please, Mr. CURATOR, sir!

AZUL approaches the service counter.

ROUGE: That kid is full of surprises.

AZUL's voice: 50 POKé DOLLARS each?!

ROUGE's eyes bulge.

AZUL's voice: Wow, that's way less than I expected! I am genuinely filled with surprise right now! Wow... what a welcome and generous price point for the wonder of learning.

ROUGE giggles.

ROUGE: I've never met someone so excited about learning before...


GARETH heads for the exit. We see CLYDE, the GYM GUIDE, chisel into a statue nearby.

GARETH: Well... it was tough, but I somehow managed to earn a BOULDERBADGE.


GARETH: And now that this unwanted-yet-slightly-ego-stoking detour is adieu, I can finally move onto the FAIRY SA-

Voice: Excuse me, Monsieur?

GARETH looks at the LASS speaking to him, and is immediately smitten.

GARETH: Oh... h-hey... uh... heheh...

LASS: Did you visit the MUSEUM?


GARETH snaps out of his infatuation.

GARETH: Do I look like a science geek?!

The LASS tilts her head in curiosity.

GARETH: No! I didn't go to the MUSEUM!

The LASS beams with delight.

LASS: Really?! You absolutely have to go!


A BEEDRILL zooms toward GARETH. He screams and races in the direction of the MUSEUM. The LASS smiles sweetly.

LASS: Aw... my lil' RILLY has a new friend! Teehee!

To be Continued...

Part 2 - MAGIKARP Getto Daze!:

ROUGE sits on a couch next to the door, with ZENI sitting next to her. A BUTTERFREE flaps its wings nearby.

ROUGE: Now that FREE is fully evolved, there’s no challenge we won’t be able to overcome!

ZENI: ”Gurrr-GYOO!”

FREE: ”KEE-kaa!”

ROUGE: Although, given the run of bonkers occurrences at the hands of Azul, that may be too much of a str-

AZUL’s voice: Looks like you’re not the only one of us with a WATER-type anymore, ROUGE!

ROUGE: Hm? Hm?

AZUL walks up to ROUGE, tossing a blue-topped POKé BALL into the air and catching it with skill.

ROUGE: What are you talking a-

Voice #1: Hey! Come one, come all, and feast your eyes! I’ve got a swell POKéMON - a MAGIKARP - for only 500 POKé DOLLARS!

ROUGE: Hoo boy…

Voice #1: An’ there’s enough o’ these babies to go ‘round! Don’t be shy, TRAINERs!

Voice #2: Ooh, I’ll take one!

Voice #1: Then here ya go, SPORT! That’ll be a cold, hard 500 kippers.

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of all the reckless… what were you thinking, Azul?!

AZUL: About…?

ROUGE: Do I have to retrace everything you did today?

AZUL: Don’t you mean “everything we did,” teammate?

ZENI smiles happily.

ZENI: ”Gurrr-GYOO!”

AZUL: You said it, ZENI!

ROUGE: Okay, let’s start with that freebie at PEWTER GYM…

The scene ripples into a flashback.

AZUL: Freebie…?



AZUL: Wow, that BUG CATCHER was pushy...

ROUGE: Okay, do you have a problem with Bug Catchers or something?

AZUL: Of course not. Why would you even ask me that, ROUGE?

ROUGE: Well, you haven't exactly had anything nice to say about any of the ones we've met.

AZUL: Explain.

ROUGE: Let's see... you accused Rick of providing "information you already knew"-

AZUL: Well... yeah, I did. Doesn't mean he's a bad person, though.

ROUGE: Hm? Hm?

AZUL: His BATTLE technique is amazing. Plus, the way he comforts his POKéMON after FAINTing is sweet...

ROUGE: Okay, well... what about Pinsir Guy?

AZUL: What about him?

ROUGE: You just called him "pushy"!

AZUL: Of course I did. His PINSIR used STRENGTH. That's literally used to push things.

ROUGE: Well-

AZUL: And he has a name, you know. It's SAMURAI.

ROUGE: ...and the one in that garden?


ROUGE: ...y-yes?

BROCK greets AZUL and ROUGE.

BROCK: Welcome to PEWTER GYM! I'm-

AZUL waves his hand in BROCK's direction.

AZUL: Just a sec, please.

BROCK: Uh... okay...?

BROCK looks at a CLOCK on a nearby ROCK.

AZUL: What's wrong with spraying your garden with REPELs to keep BUG POKéMON out?

ROUGE: You said it was cruel!

AZUL: No, I said it was "cool," and you "agreed wholeheartedly" with me!

ROUGE: Oh... heheh, my ba-

ROUGE flips out.

ROUGE: Why would you think it cool?! You love all Pokémon!

AZUL: Of course! Better to keep POKéMON away from your garden than be forced to make 'em faint just because they're laying into your GARDENIAs, right?

BROCK: I'm just gonna wait at the back of th-

ROUGE: Well, you didn't say much to the others!

AZUL: I didn't want to take up their valuable whatever-passes-for-time-in-KANTO!

ROUGE: Azul, they stand around all day in the middle of a forest catching bugs!

AZUL: And it brings them JOY! Who are we to criticise their pastimes?

BROCK's voice: Wait... you two know JOY?!

ROUGE: Well-

AZUL: And watch what you say around FREE, otherwise you may hurt his feelings!

ROUGE: Fair enough... wait... how do you know FREE's gender?! This is Kanto!

AZUL shrugs.

AZUL: He told me.

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of course he did...

BROCK's voice: Hey, CLYDE! Let’s snack on some PEWTER CRUNCHIES and TEA while these two finish sorting their issues!

ROUGE's eyes bulge.

ROUGE: Did... he just-

Scene 2: ROUTE 3

AZUL: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

ROUGE: Uh... I thought I was telling the story.

AZUL: Then why did you use "let's" when going into that flashback if it was meant to be a monologue?

ROUGE: Um...?

AZUL: Also, what did you mean by "freebie"?

ROUGE: Are you kidding? The battle was over in a few minutes! That Geodude and Onix didn't even make a dent in SAUR's HP bar!

AZUL: Well, she outsped GEODUDE, and ONIX used BIDE. VINE WHIP is mighty strong against ROCK/GROUND POKéMON.

ROUGE: I stand corrected. Alright, then what about that disagreement in the POKéMON CENTER?

The scene ripples into another flashback.

AZUL: But that OLD MAN was mean!


AZUL is using the PC.

OAK: -and so I said to them, "Sure, I'd love to come and visit you, Lorelei!"

AZUL: Wow, they sound strong!

OAK: Oh, you'd better believe it! They're no slouches, so you'll need to bring your A-Game, my boy! Haha!

AZUL: What do you recommend?

OAK: Well, I-

GARETH's voice: Hey, is that AZUL?

OAK: Why, yes it is, POOPERPOTION!

GARETH: Tell him he's totally pathetic!

OAK: Alright, I'll tell him!

OAK grins.

OAK: GARETH says you have the potential to be as mighty as a GYARADOS!

GARETH: What?! That's not what I-

AZUL: Wow... thanks, GARETH! I'll do my best to keep up with you as your RIVAL!

GARETH: I swear, AZUL... if my new ABRA hadn't accidentally teleported me all the way back to VIRIDIAN CITY, I'd be-

OAK: Yes, yes... very good, POOPERPOTION. Now, AZUL, I recommend going to PEWTER GYM and challenging BROCK for the-


GARETH: You what?!

AZUL: SAUR jumped all the way to Lv. 14. Two more levels and she's ready to evolve!

GARETH: Unbelievable!

OAK: Now, before you go, would you like your POKéDEX evaluated, my boy?

AZUL: Ooh... yes please, PROFE-

Voice #-1: Hm-hm!

AZUL notices a GENTLEMAN frowning and tapping his foot impatiently.

GENTLEMAN: Other people need this PC too, y'know! And by "other people", I mean "me"! Scram!

AZUL: Uh... sorry, I gotta go, PROF.

OAK: But y-

Scene 3: MT. MOON

AZUL: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

ROUGE: I know. I was there. That Gentleman's language was quite undignified.

AZUL: Yeah, if it weren't for PUDDING floating in and sticking up for me... well, let's just say he's the nicest JIGGLYPUFF I've ever met.

ROUGE: He's the only Jigglypuff you've ever met.

AZUL: Not anymore, technically, since he accidentally bumped the GENTLEMAN's only MOON STONE.

ROUGE: Oh... okay, what about that incident with the YOUNGSTER?

AZUL: Oh yeah... good old BEN...

The scene ripples into another flashback.

ROUGE: Old...?

Scene -1: ROUTE 3

AZUL and ROUGE walk along a mountain path.

AZUL: I sure hope we meet someone with an interesting perspective on a particular type of garment in the next few seconds...

ROUGE: What an oddly specific thing to-

The "TRAINER's Eyes Meet!" jingle plays as a YOUNGSTER approaches AZUL.

YOUNGSTER: Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

AZUL: No way! I like fingerless gloves for the same reason!

The YOUNGSTER grins.

YOUNGSTER: No way! Dude, that's awesome! What's your name?

AZUL: AZUL! What's yours?


AZUL: Nice to meet you, "I'M BEN"!

BEN cracks up laughing.

BEN: If I were drinking MOOMOO MILK right now, I would've squirted it outta my nose!

AZUL: No way! I love MOOMOO MILK and squirting stuff!

BEN: Seriously?! We should totally be BFFs!

AZUL: Yeah! We sh-

ROUGE: Are you two gonna battle already? I'd like to get to Mount Moon before dark.

BEN: Is... she aware there's no NITE in KANTO? Or DARK-type, for that matter?

AZUL: Yeah, she's one of PROF. OAK's grandkids.

BEN: Dude, no way!

AZUL: Way! We even got our first partners as gifts from him!

BEN: Sweet! Whatcha ROCKin', AZUL?


BEN: You have a reptile and a rodent in your crew? I have a reptile and a rodent in my crew!

AZUL: Whoa, for realsies?!


AZUL: Wow, this is like fate, bro!

BEN: I know, bro!

AZUL: Dude!

BEN: Dude! Yeah!

AZUL: Yeah! Woo!

BEN: Woo!

ROUGE sighs.

Scene 4: MT. MOON

ROUGE: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

AZUL: How so?

ROUGE: That battle took three hours and eleven minutes... only eight minutes of which was spent actually battling.

AZUL: Why didn't you spend it battling the other TRAINERs on that ROUTE?

ROUGE: I did... and I caught another POKéMON while you and Ben were comparing your lunches.

AZUL: Oh yeah... can you believe we both had RICE BALLs with the exact same filling?

ROUGE: Yes... yes I can. Speaking of which, we both have the same number of Pokémon now.

AZUL: Wait... you didn't release FREE, did you?!

ROUGE: What...? No! Why would you even think I had?!

AZUL: After the rant you made about BUG CATCHERs-

ROUGE: Oh... sorry, I'm just used to always being around an obnoxious egotist who frowns upon anyone with a penchant for "inferior" types.



AZUL relaxes.

AZUL: That's a relief. But... then why did you assume we-

ROUGE: Because you bought that Magikarp, remember?

AZUL: Why would I do that? I can FISH up as many MAGIKARP as I like for free when we get to VERMILION CITY.

ROUGE: True... but... then why were you tossing that POKé BALL back in the POKé CENTER?

AZUL: It helps NIDO relax after a gruelling trek.

ROUGE: Fine, but... then what did you mean when you said I'm "not the only one of us with a Water-type Pokémon anymore"...?


We see GARETH staring at a gold-topped Gacha-style POKé BALL.

GARETH: Wow, my very own MAGIKARP! According to that crusty old book in GRAMPS' library, this thing is "powerful enough to leap over a whole mountain range"... well, time to meet me, MAGIKARP!

We cut to a close-up of GARETH's face as he tosses MAGIKARP's POKé BALL into the air. His eyes widen as a flopping sound is heard.

GARETH: Oh, no...

To be Continued...

Part 3 - Wild LUMIOSE appeared!:
Scene 1: MT. MOON

AZUL, SAUR, and ROUGE wander through MT. MOON.

AZUL: Wow, this place is amazing!

ROUGE: I’ll say…

The scene cuts to ROUGE’s face.

ROUGE: Still, we should stick together-

AZUL’s voice: Whoa!

ROUGE: -otherwise we may get separated.

ROUGE pauses.

ROUGE: Thoughts? Azul…?

The scene cuts to a full view. AZUL is absent. SAUR smiles happily.

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWAAAAA-gwr!”

ROUGE giggles sweetly.

ROUGE: I figured he was lost in the “amazing” scenery, SAUR.

We cut to a view of a tunnel. AZUL stands and rubs his bottom.

AZUL: Who the HAIL put that hole right there for people to blunder into?

AZUL’s attention draws to a black-and-yellow striped tape and a broken sign that reads: “CAUTION! Ladder under repairs!”

AZUL: Oh. Well, thanks for breaking my fall, SAUR.

AZUL looks in SAUR’s direction. His eyes widen when the POKéMON staring at him is, in fact, a wild PARAS.

AZUL: Hey, you’re not my-


AZUL: Look, I swear it was an acci-

AZUL is surrounded by wild PARAS.

AZUL: Well… sh-


AZUL: -oo… t…

AZUL falls asleep. One of the PARAS pokes his face, with no response. Another PARAS rummages in his backpack and swipes his lunchbox, before the whole SWARM flees with their loot.

ROUGE and SAUR continue wandering through the cave.

ROUGE: Ooh, look! A Clefairy in their native habitat!

We cut to a view of a CLEFAIRY skipping and dancing around a MOON STONE.


SAUR: “Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

ROUGE: Shh! We’ll need to speak very softly while we observe, otherwise we may scare it aw-

GARETH’s voice: Oh, hi, SIS!

Startled, the CLEFAIRY skips away, along with a flock of ZUBAT. ROUGE sighs as GARETH approaches.

ROUGE: Ugh… hi, Little Bro.

GARETH: Oh, come on, ROUGE! You’re only a couple hours older than me. Can ya drop the “LITTLE” already?

ROUGE: I dunno… your Big Boy voice clearly hasn’t dropped yet, seeing as you just scared away that Clefairy.


GARETH picks up the MOON STONE. The “Found Item!” sound effect plays.

ROUGE: The one that’s not here, teehee!

GARETH: Well, you know who else isn’t here? My stupid RIVAL. So why the heck is his stupid BULBASAUR here?

SAUR frowns.

GARETH: No offense, DOTTY.

SAUR whips GARETH’s ankle.

GARETH: Ow! Hey, quit it!

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

ROUGE: What are you talking about, GARETH?

GARETH: She just whacked me in th-

ROUGE: Not about that… what do you mean your stu- … “rival” isn’t here?

GARETH: Well, unless he’s turned invisible or learned TELEPORT… much like a certain PSI POKéMON who shall remain nameless-

ROUGE: Azul’s standing right over th-

ROUGE looks around as the scene zooms to a full view of the cavern. SAUR immediately panics.

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

ROUGE: Oh no… now what do we do?

GARETH: Press on and hope for the best?

ROUGE: We can’t just leave him behind!

GARETH grins.

GARETH: Sure we can!

ROUGE frowns.

ROUGE: By which I mean, “We shouldn’t just leave him behind,” genius.

GARETH grins more enthusiastically.

GARETH: Sure we should!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: The way you speak is like a SANDSHREW running in a big wheel, you know…

GARETH: Well, I don’t know much about running in sandshoes-

ROUGE facepalms.

GARETH: -but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s that my rival may be stupid, but he’s also smart. Like, really smart… don’t ever tell him I made a compliment about him behind his backside.[/b]

ROUGE: You talked about butts one too many times in that line of dialogue, Pooperpotion-

GARETH: My wit is a major part of my charm.

ROUGE: -but you’re right. He probably went on ahead of us.

GARETH: Hey… you just said “butt,” ya freakin’ hippogriff!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Let’s just go.

ROUGE, GARETH, and SAUR proceed.

GARETH: And he can’t sit still for two seconds. I mean… when have you ever known him to laze about and snooze all afternoon?

AZUL leans against a wall, still sleeping off the effects of the SPORE.

AZUL: Hm… all your RAVIOLI are belong to BIMMY…

by NintendoPurist64
on January 8th 2022, 10:59 pm
Search in: Everything else
Topic: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author
Replies: 3
Views: 151

Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

Episode 2: I Can’t Believe it’s Not Santalune
Part 1 - En Route Un!:
Scene 1: ROUTE 1

AZUL and ROUGE travel along ROUTE 1.

ROUGE: I can’t believe Gareth stormed off like that just because he lost his first battle.

AZUL: I know… I mean, how did he not know CHARMANDER have no FIRE-type moves at Lv. 5?

ROUGE: Well…

OAK: Now remember, Whatever-your-name-is-


OAK: What a coincidence! We share a surname!

GARETH: Well, duh! I’m your grandson!

OAK: Really? I could swear I only have a granddaughter…


OAK: Anyway, remember that HITOKAGE don’t learn their first HONŌ-type MOVE, HINONI, until Level GO. It could mean the difference between KATSU and KASUKANA in KAISEN with a KUSA-type KYAPPUMON.

GARETH: Whatever you say, OJĪSAN…

ROUGE: I think he’s a little overworked.

OAK: Hm… you may be right, DAISY.

ROUGE: I was talking to Gareth, actually. And Daisy’s your other granddaughter!

OAK: No, that’s SUSAN, silly! Or is it AMY… ROSE… DONNA NOBLE… has been saved… to BOX 10… in CAL’s PC!

GARETH: And 3… 2… 1

OAK: Haha!

GARETH: There we go.

AZUL: Wow…


AZUL: Why is the PROF. so determined to educate GARETH all about POKéMON, anyway?

ROUGE: Something about wanting him to be his successor in the family business.

AZUL: A successor to the PROFESSOR?

ROUGE: Yessir!

AZUL: Wow, I never woulda guessur.

ROUGE: But Gareth has no patience for that kind of tedium. I mean, his attention span is shorter than y-

ROUGE’s eyes bulge as AZUL looks at her.

AZUL: Yeah… pretty sure he has a better chance of becoming a GYM LEADER three years from now.

ROUGE: That idea’s even more absurd.

AZUL and ROUGE laugh.

AZUL: Could you imagine it? Him, a GYM LEADER?

ROUGE: Yeah, he’d probably throw a tantrum so huge every time he loses that he’d flat-out refuse to give the Gym Challenger their Badge for being a big meanie!

AZUL: Naw, he’d totally accuse the CHALLENGER of cheating and send them on a weird fetch quest to prove their strength, and then he’d still refuse to give them the BADGE!

ROUGE: Nonono, wait, I’ve got it…

AZUL: Oh, yeah?

ROUGE: He’ll probably be in the most remote location, with no-one having any idea where he is, prompting the Challenger to go and find him…

AZUL: …and he’ll refuse to challenge anyone who doesn’t have all but one BADGE, on the grounds of making it a “fair” battle.

ROUGE: Exactly! That’s my Lit-


ROUGE: -tle Bro through and through!

AZUL: What the heck just happened with the music and everything turning a slightly yet still noticeably different shade of green?

ROUGE: Oh, we just entered Viridian City.

AZUL: Really? We were so busy chatting that it felt like only a minute or two to get here.

ROUGE: You’re not wrong…

AZUL: Hey, there’s a pond over there. Let’s relax with our POKéMON.

ROUGE: Good idea, Azul. ZENI, come on out, Sweetie!

ROUGE tosses a Gachapon-style POKé BALL with a red lid into the air. It pops, and a SQUIRTLE appears.

ZENI: ”Gurr-GYOO!”

AZUL: Aight, SAUR! It’s playtime!

AZUL tosses his POKé BALL into the air, and a BULBASAUR appears.

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

SAUR and ZENI notice each other and begin playing.

ROUGE: Why not go for a swim, you two?

SAUR and ZENI look at the pond, and an expression of joy spreads across their faces.

AZUL: Try to stay close to shore, in case there are GOLDEEN. Their horns are sharp on the ol’ buttocks!

ZENI jumps into the water, whereas SAUR tests it by gently dipping its foot.

ROUGE: You sound as though you know from personal experience, Azul.

AZUL: I said I don’t wanna talk about it!

ZENI splashes SAUR, who shakes off the water like a dog.

ROUGE: Actually, you didn’t, but okay.

AZUL: Thank you. This is a long journey, so I’d like to reserve at least a little dignity before-

SAUR spots a NIDORAN♂ and begins chasing it.

AZUL: SAUR, no! Come back!

AZUL begins pursuing SAUR. ROUGE calls out.

ROUGE: Let’s meet up at the Pokémon Center later, okay? Azul…?

AZUL: No, SAUR, stop! That’s POISON OAK!

ROUGE sighs as she sits at a bench.

ROUGE: This is gonna be fun…

ZENI leaps into ROUGE’s lap and wags its tail. ROUGE gently pets the top of its head, and it smiles.

AZUL’s voice: Who the HAIL left a perfectly good POTION in this bush?!

To be Continued…

Part 2 - NIDORAN♂ Getto Daze!:
Scene 3: ROUTE 22

AZUL chases SAUR into a patch of tall grass.

AZUL: Did you find him?

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: But if you lost sight of him… then why did you run all the way into this confusingly-numbered ROUTE?

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: What?! Who doesn’t like going for a swim?!

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: Okay, you make a valid point. We’ll friend a TEN’ACOOL or somethin’ along the way.

SAUR nods smugly.

AZUL: And there’s no need for that kinda language, Smug… s… Smugseed!

SAUR holds its right vine-bud behind its head with a blushed “Oops…” expression.

AZUL: Now while we’re here, let’s look for that NIDO-

PIDGEY’s Voice: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: Well, that’s weird, considering there are no wild PIDGEY on this route…

SPEAROW’s voice: “Gehwrwrwr-GWAWAWA!”

AZUL: That makes much more sense.


ROUGE: Wow… we don’t have shops like this in Pallet Town! Actually, we don’t have any shops in Pallet Town… how exactly is our economy supported anyway?

We cut to a view of AMANDA with five MEOWTH and one PIKACHU.

AMANDA: Alright, everyone… use PAY DAY!

The MEOWTH and PIKACHU cause money to rain from the sky.

AMANDA: Ah… it’s a good thing I had that TM16… and that my sweet lil’ PIKACHU happened to wander into town far from her native habitat.

PIKACHU: “Pikapika!”

AMANDA: You’re all doing great! Okay, two more PAY DAYs and then we can have some yummy treats!

MEOWTH #1: “WHEE-yah!”

MEOWTH #2: “WHEE-yah!”

PIKACHU appears confused.

PIKACHU: “Chu…?”

MEOWTH #3: “WHEE-yah!”

PIKACHU frowns, as though offended.

PIKACHU: “…pika.”

PIKACHU zaps the MEOWTH’s tail, causing it to miss its PAY DAY, and one of its own coins to knock it out. PIKACHU boldly folds her arms.

PIKACHU: “Pika… pikachu!”

ROUGE: Now, if I could just find a few extra Poké Ba-

CLERK: You came from PALLET TOWN?!

ROUGE: Uh… kinda?

CLERK: You know PROF. OAK, right?

ROUGE smiles.

ROUGE: He’s my grandfather.

CLERK: Perfect! His order came in! Will you give it to him?

ROUGE: Uh… I-I’m kinda in the middle of someth-

The CLERK shoves OAK’S PARCEL into ROUGE’s hands. The “Item Get!” jingle plays.

ROUGE: Fine, I guess… oh, may I pl-

CLERK: Okay, say “Hi!” to PROF. OAK for me!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Never mind… hm… it’s from someone named “Kurt”… well, maybe I can obtain some Poké Balls another way.

Scene 5: ROUTE 22

AZUL is holding two blue-topped POKé BALLs.

AZUL: Well, it was a long and gruelling less-than-a-minute, but we finally did it, SAUR! We made a new friend!

The POKé BALLs shake violently.

AZUL: Hey, hey, hey! Break it up, you two! Be nice!

The POKé BALL in AZUL’s right hand wobbles.

AZUL: SAUR, what did I say about using that word?!

The POKé BALL stills.

AZUL: Thank you.

GARETH’s voice: Listen! Is that a RIVAL I hear?

AZUL: Hm? Did either of you just hear an obnoxious, ego-driven voice?

GARETH’s voice: What…?

The POKé BALLs shake.

AZUL: Oh, good… it isn’t just me, then. But what kind of creature even makes such an irritatingly frustrating cry…?

GARETH’s voice: Irritating?! Frustrating?! I’m not a freakin’ JYNX, AZUL!

AZUL: Wait… I think I figured it out! It’s not a POKéMON!


AZUL: Well, whoever they are, I sure wouldn’t want to meet them on a relaxing sea cruise…

GARETH pops into view like a ninja.

GARETH: That’s it! You! Me! Battle! NOW!

AZUL: Oh, hey, GARETH! My friends and I were just trying to figure out who’s making that awfully overbearing and self-obsessed monologue nearby…

GARETH suddenly calms down and smirks.

GARETH: I’m gonna enjoy this… PIDGEY, come on out!

PIDGEY pops out of the POKé BALL.

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: PIDGEY?! Good to see you again, buddy!

GARETH: Wait… have you met?

AZUL: Yeah, just before I went on that dangerous and unnecessary solo quest without any allies to defend me in any way.

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: Oh… so you were sent to SOMEONE’s PC!

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

GARETH: Yeah, yeah, and then I found it in BOX 1 and stupidly thought it was a going away present from GRAMPS. Now are you sending out a POKéMON, already?!

AZUL: Fine… but which one… hm…

AZUL stares at each of his POKé BALLs in turn.

No sooner does our Hero make a new POKéMON friend than he is immediately thrust into a BATTLE of WILLs with an overbearing, overstated, overly confident RIVAL whose hubris may be his undoing. Who will AZUL choose to send into ba-

GARETH stares at AZUL as his gaze shifts between both POKé BALLs.

GARETH: I seem to have made a tactical error…

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

GARETH: I dunno! It’s some kinda soup!

To be Continued…

Part 3 - Da-Da-Da-Da-DA-DA-DA-DA!:

ROUGE enters the POKéMON CENTER as the NURSE hands AZUL his POKéMON.

NURSE: Thank you. Your POKéMON are fighting fit!

AZUL: Oh, thank you, MA'AM.

AZUL bows.

NURSE: We hope to see you again!

AZUL turns to face ROUGE, who smiles.

ROUGE: Oh, Azul! Nice to see you in one piece!

AZUL: Well, that was insensitive...

ROUGE's eyebrow raises.

ROUGE: How so?

AZUL: Well, I can't be sure, and I'd rather not judge others I barely know, but...

ROUGE: What could possibly-

AZUL: I think that NURSE is a masochist.

ROUGE: Wait... how do you know what a masochist is?

AZUL: I looked it up in the dictionary while waiting for my POKéMON to heal for the 96th time in a row.

ROUGE: Um... why the-

AZUL: Something about mashing A too many times or something...

ROUGE: O... kay then...?

AZUL: And she said she hopes my POKéMON are in-

NURSE: Okay! We'll need your POKéMON.

The NURSE takes SAUR and NIDO, and loads them into a HEALING MCHN.

AZUL: No, not again! Now we need to wait for the Healing Mickhen to finish again!

ROUGE smiles with delight.

ROUGE: Congratulations, Azul!

AZUL: Hey, I know I messed up, but there's no need for sarca-

ROGUE: No, silly! I mean about catching your newest POKéMON friend!

NURSE: -ee you again!

AZUL holds up NIDO's POKé BALL.

AZUL: Oh yeah... heheh... thanks, ROUGE.

ROUGE: You're welcome. Oh, I have something for you!

AZUL: Really?

ROUGE hands AZUL a POKéDEX. The "Item Get!" jingle plays.

AZUL: Whoa, a POKéDEX?!

ROUGE: It's called a... how the Hail do you know what a Pokédex is?!

AZUL: It... just said in that box right there, "AZUL got POKéDEX from ROUGE."

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of course it did... anyway, let's get going.


ROUGE: Yeah, we... okay, now you're just showing off!

AZUL: I am?

ROUGE: How can you possibly know about Viridian Forest?!

AZUL: It’s on this useful TOWN MAP right here!

ROUGE: Oh… that makes sense.

AZUL: GARETH said he’d tell DAISY not to lend me one, so she gave it to me instead!

ROUGE grins.

ROUGE: Oh, that Gar-

AZUL: Haha!

ROUGE: …anyway, shall we head to “TOKIWA MORI” now?

AZUL: Yeah! I wanna find a WEEDLE!

ROGUE: Alright! Let’s Go, Azul!

AZUL: Evo! Vui!

AZUL and ROUGE head for the door.

AZUL: By the way, where’d you go?

ROUGE: Oh… heheh… funny story…

We see PROF. OAK pick up a piece of tofu with chopsticks from a bowl. As he takes a bite, he looks forward… and is so startled he drops everything.


OAK calms down.

OAK: Hm…? Why are you here? How long have you been standing there?!

ROUGE: Uh… about eight minutes, give-or-take a few hours.

OAK: Oh… I thought you were GHOST GIRL!

ROUGE: I’m… gonna pretend I know exactly what you’re talking about and answer your first question. Here you go, Grandpa!

ROUGE hands OAK the OAK’S PARCEL. The “Item Get!” jingle plays.

OAK: Ah, this is the custom POKé BALL I ordered! Thank you!

ROUGE’s left eye squints.

ROUGE’s thoughts: The custom whatnow?!

OAK: Oh, if we’re exchanging gifts, I have something for you!

ROUGE: Would it happen to be a set of Poké Balls, Grandpa?

OAK: Don’t be silly, AKAKO! KYAPPU MARU don’t exactly grow on TREEs!

ROUGE: Well… at least this couldn’t get any more awkward…

GARETH suddenly bursts in.

GARETH: GRAMPS! My POKéMON’s so awesome that it just lost to stupid AZUL’s stupid BULBASAUR! Again!

ROUGE facepalms.

AZUL: Wow…

ROUGE: You should see our place on Game Night… and Pizza Night… and Karaoke Night… actually, let’s never speak of this again.

AZUL: But POKé BALLs do grow on trees! There’s this guy named KURT who makes ‘em out of APRICORNs!

ROUGE: Heehee… maybe you should be Grandpa’s apprentice.

AZUL: Speaking of trees, where did all this greenery suddenly come from?!

ROUGE: Uh… this is Viridian Forest.

AZUL: But-

ROUGE: We arrived while we were chatting, like back on Route 1.

AZUL: Huh… looks like I missed the bit where it said…


…didn’t I?

ROUGE: Looks like. Also, the Hail are you-

The “Trainer’s Eyes Meet: Male!” jingle plays.

BUG CATCHER: Yo! You can’t jam out if you’re a POKéMON TRAINER!


AZUL: Hm? Hm?

BUG CATCHER: The name’s RICK. I’m an expert when it comes to BUG-type POKéMON!

AZUL: Really?! Do you know about WEEDLE?!

RICK: Sure do! In fact…

RICK throws a POKé BALL, and a WEEDLE pops out.

WEEDLE: “Ggg-GWRWRG-wrrwwr!”

AZUL: Wow!

RICK: And I’ll tell ya where you can find one of your own… if you beat me in a POKéMON BATTLE!

AZUL: You’re on! Let’s Go, NIDO!

AZUL tosses a POKé BALL, and NIDO pops out.

NIDO: ”GWAAA-bwr!”

RICK grins.

RICK: This is gonna be a cinch.

Scene 8: ROUTE 2

AZUL and ROUGE step onto the northern stretch of ROUTE 2.

AZUL: Well, that was one long ordeal of disappointment…

ROUGE: What are you talking about? You bested three Trainers with your Pokémon friends, found a bunch of useful items along the way, and helped me make a new friend of my own!

A CATERPIE crawls up ROUGE’s back and rests on her head!



AZUL starts trembling as ROUGE giggles.

ROGUE: Don’t be silly, Azul! It’s just my… I mean “our” new friend, FREE!

ROUGE points to the CATERPIE, who seems to smile with delight.

AZUL: Oh, heheh… I thought we were near a gang of GOLDEEN.

ROUGE: You mean a “school” of Goldeen.

AZUL: And now you’ve gone and made ‘em more intimidating!

AZUL groans as ROUGE giggles.

AZUL: And as for RICK… all he said was, “You’ll find ‘em everywhere in this forest!” I battled him for information I already knew!

ROUGE: It’s too bad you didn’t find a single one…

AZUL: Well, they’re rare in this version of the game, so it makes sense.

ROUGE’s eyebrow raises.

AZUL: And besides, we still made one new friend in there!

ROUGE looks up, smiles, and gently nuzzles FREE’s chin with a fingertip. FREE squeals with delight.

ROUGE: Thanks for the Poké Balls, by the way.

AZUL: You’re welcome. I bought a bunch, so there’s plenty for everyone.

ROUGE: Speaking of which… where did Gareth go?

GARETH is trying to sneak past the OLD MAN in VIRIDIAN CITY.

OLD MAN: Ah… I’ve had my coffee now, and I feel great! Sure, you can go through!


OLD MAN: Are you in a hurry?


OLD MAN: I see you’re working on a POKéDEX.


OLD MAN: Let me show you how to catch POKéMON as my apology for being so grumpy earlier.


The OLD MAN releases a pheromone that attracts a number of WEEDLE, blocking all access in either direction.

OLD MAN: Ya better take note, kid.


AZUL: Eh, he isn’t missing much.

ROUGE: True…

We see ROUGE’s foot as it steps past the tall grass. A WEEDLE pokes its head out, before disappearing inside.
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Topic: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author
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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

Episode 1: Pick n' Choose
Part 1 - Gettin' this STUNFISK into KLINK!:

AZUL is playing a game in his bedroom.

AZUL's thoughts: Wow... that dream I had last night was-

MOM's voice: AZUL, sweetie? Where are you?

AZUL: I'm playing the SNES!

MOM's voice: Okay... it's time to go!

AZUL: Go where...? Is BIG BROTHER evicting me?!

MOM's voice: Don't be silly! Your brother's on his own POKéMON JOURNEY!

AZUL: Oh yeah... heheh...

MOM's voice: You said you were meeting the neighbours' kids at PROF. OAK's LABORATORY, remember?

AZUL: Uh...

MOM's voice: Honestly, AZUL... best you head downstairs if you want your present!

AZUL: Ooh, I love presents!

AZUL heads downstairs and is immediately distracted by the TV.

AZUL's thoughts: Four boys... are walking along railroad tracks...?

AZUL chuckles.

AZUL's thoughts: Silly me! It's a girl with pigtails walking along a brick road...

MOM's voice: Sweetie?

AZUL's thoughts: Ooh, and she's travelling with a MR. RIME holding an EVIOLITE, a BISHARP with the PRESSURE ability, a shiny ARCANINE with a TIMID nature, and a RIOLU toting a MEGA STONE for when it evolves via friendship!

MOM's voice: Sweetie...

AZUL's thoughts: Of course, this film is a work of fiction, since none of those things exists, at least according to "Genwunner Effect" theorists...

MOM's voice: AZUL!

AZUL is startled as he looks at MOM.

AZUL: Oh, MOM! You startled me more than a WHISMUR...

MOM: Oh, you and your imagination... "WHISPER"... heehee!

AZUL: How long have you been there?

MOM: Since the scene transitioned downstairs, silly.

AZUL: Oh... heheh...

MOM: Right, all boys leave home someday. It said so on TV.

AZUL: Yes, but I'm only eleven years old.

MOM: Exactly! By KANTOnian law, you're a legal adult, and you deserve a chance to go on your very own POKéMON JOURNEYS: THE SERIES.

AZUL: Uh... what was with the "-S: THE SERIES" bit?

MOM: Just a fan-promoted plug disguised as a pun by THE AUTHOR. No need to overthink it, sweetie. This is a KANTO game, after all!

AZUL: Oh, alright...

MOM: Now, here's your present: a JOURNAL!

AZUL: Um... thanks?

MOM: I want you to record everything that happens on your JOURNEY, sparing no detail.

AZUL: Even the GLITCHes?

MOM: Especially the GLITCHes. Before you even reach CINNABAR ISLAND, make sure to arrange your BAG neatly. Is that clear?


MOM: Again with the imagination! "KRIS"... oh, you and your imaginary JOHTOnian girlfriend... heehee!

AZUL blushes.


MOM: I'm just teasing, sweetie, heehee! Anyway, PROF. OAK's grandkids from next door are waiting for you.

AZUL: How can you possibly-

GARETH's voice: AZUL! Get that butt into gear!

MOM smirks.


AZUL: Very funny... okay, I'm off.

MOM: Alright, have fun on your JOURNEY, sweetie! Take care, now!

AZUL: I will!

AZUL leaves his house. MOM sobs with joy as she looks through the window.

MOM: My little EGG's all evolved...

A teacup levitates over to MOM, who casually takes it and sips from it, while continuing to stare.

AZUL reaches GARETH.

GARETH: Took ya long enough, AZUL!

AZUL: Sorry, it's hard to keep track of time when the day-night cycle hasn't been invented yet.

GARETH: Fine, I'll let it slide this one time.

AZUL: Cool. So... which way to your Grandpa's lab?

GARETH: Oh, it's-

GARETH grins.

GARETH: -oop north.

AZUL: Up north...?

GARETH: Yeah! Head past our houses into the tall grass, walk along the mostly uneventful route, then turn right at the coffee-deficit OLD MAN, and you'll find a big building marked "GYM".

AZUL: "JIM"...?

GARETH: Yeah! Smell ya later!

GARETH turns and walks in the direction opposite to the one he gave AZUL.

AZUL: Something seems... off about this...

AZUL shrugs.

AZUL: Eh, it's worth a shot. Like BIG BROTHER always says, "NPCs are a font of reliable, repetitive information."

AZUL heads to the tall grass and begins slowly taking a step (for dramatic effect).


To be Continued...

Part 2 - PIDGEY Getto Daze!:

GARETH walks up to ROUGE and PROF. OAK.

ROUGE: There you are, Little Bro! Did you find Azul?

GARETH: Sure did, SIS. He was lazing it up at home. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if he broke his alarm clock.

OAK: Don't be silly, POOPERPOTION! You know as well as I that time is a myth!

ROUGE: You mean "DIALGA"...?

OAK: That's what I said! "Time is a DIALGA!"

GARETH: Oh, please! Next you'll be telling us there are four different first POKéMON!

OAK: Of course there are! Look, I have one of them here! Haha! It is inside the POKé BALL!

GARETH: Well then, I know which one I'm not choosing...

ROUGE: So... where is Azul?

GARETH: Hm? Oh yeah... funny story-


We cut to a view outside the Lab.

OAK's voice: You sent AZUL to TOKIWA CITY?! Without a POKéMON to protect him?!

OAK bursts through the doors and begins racing toward the north gate.

TECH MANIAC: Technology is incredible!

OAK suddenly stops running and faces the TECH MANIAC outside his laboratory.

OAK: Oh? Is it really?

TECH MANIAC: You can now store and recall ITEMs and POKéMON as data via PC!

OAK grins with delight and enthusiasm.

OAK: Ooh, how exciting! Do go on!

The scene cuts to a view of AZUL, who is frozen mid-step as a PIDGEY's eyes glint from the grass.

AZUL: I wonder how long I've been standing like this...

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: You're right, POPPO. Time is inconsequential in a KANTO playthrough!

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: Wait... your name is "PIDGEY"...?

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: All POPPO are named PIDGEY?!

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"


PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: Take that back! The PROF. is NOT a senile old-

OAK's voice: Wait! Don't go out!

AZUL turns to face OAK as he charges toward him, kicking up a cloud of dust.




OAK rams into AZUL, causing both to fall to the ground and a POKé BALL to fling from OAK's coat.


OAK: Sorry, my boy! I'm a little clumsy at my age! Haha!

AZUL: Well, I'm just disappointed that the PIDGEY was scared away.

The Generation I "Gotcha!" melody plays.

OAK: Never mind, AZUL. There are plenty of POPPO along Route 1, so I'm sure you'll find one to befriend.

AZUL: Nuh-uh! I already friended that one!

OAK: What if I told you there was a special kind of POPPO out there, one with the power to create BLIZZARDs with a flap of its PRETTY WINGs?

AZUL: Ooh...

OAK: According to legend, its name is FREEZER, and it lives on a warm, sunny tropical island.

AZUL: Wow, that sounds gre-

AZUL pouts.

AZUL: Waaaaaaait a minute... are you messing with me, like GARETH tried to do?

OAK: Not even close, my boy! I saw it with my own two eyes, when I was lost in a frozen mountain summit, and it guided me to the safety of a town filled with DRAGON TAMERs next to a PATH of ICE!

AZUL: Nuh-uh! You just said it lives on a tropical island!

OAK: Two tropical islands, in fact, with both connected by a PATH of ICE!

AZUL: That's what you said about the frozen mountain summit! And DRAGONs are weak to ICE, so why would DRAGON TAMERs live there?

OAK: More importantly, you need a POKéMON for your own protection... I know! Here, come with me!

OAK races in the direction of the LAB.

AZUL: That PIDGEY was right... the PROFITEROLE is senile.

OAK's voice: Haha!


AZUL heads back to the LAB. The scene slowly zooms to a view of a Gachapon-like POKé BALL with a green lid.

PIDGEY's voice: "Chirp!"

The POKé BALL vanishes in a flash of green light.

To be Continued...

Part 3 - Delayed Olfactory Response!:

AZUL follows OAK into the LAB.

AZUL: Whoa... this place is awesome!

A woman with a name tag that reads "AMANDA" smiles sweetly.

AMANDA: Isn't it? PROF. OAK is the foremost authority on POKéMON. Many TRAINERs hold him in high regard!

AZUL: Well, I know at least one PIDGEY who'd disagree... a-as an acquaintance, I mean... well, we only met the once, but it still counts!

SCIENTIST #1: You seem to imply you can understand and translate POKéMON cries, young man.

AZUL: Uh... what are you inferring?


AZUL: You do? Why...?

SCIENTIST #2: Ha! You have a keen sense of humour, kid!

AZUL: Wow... you must not get out of this LAB much, huh?


SCIENTIST #2: And just what is that supposed to mean, JACK?!

SCIENTIST #1: Oh, don't do this now, KARL...

"KARL" pouts.

KARL: Why not? You never say anything nice!

"JACK" becomes nervous.

JACK: KARL, not in front of the new TRAINER...

KARL: Oh, it's always an excuse with you!

JACK: You're starting to embarrass me...

KARL: Good! Maybe you'll learn from this!

AZUL: Uh... I'm gonna leave you to it...

AZUL slips past and approaches the PROF.

JACK: Are you happy now?

KARL: Me?!

JACK: You started it!

KARL: You're the one who-

AMANDA sighs.

AMANDA: Not again...

AZUL enters the main LAB.

AZUL's thoughts: I hope that squabble isn't a precursor of things to come...

ROUGE: -ompletely stupid and reckless of you, Gareth!

GARETH: Oh, come on! What's the worst that could've happened?

ROUGE: He could've blacked out... or worse!

AZUL: Darn it...

GARETH: Just 'cos he's a computer whiz, doesn't mean he isn't as strong as a MACHO-

GARETH and ROUGE suddenly notice AZUL.

GARETH: MAN, it's good to see you're alright, AZUL, buddy! W-We were just talking about you! Haha!

AZUL: Uh... okay?

ROUGE: Are you alright, Azul? What happened?

AZUL: I friended a PIDGEY with a taste for KALOSian cuisine and skills in advanced thermodynamics! Did you know that for every action, there's an equal an opposite reaction?

GARETH: ...y-yes?

ROUGE: Gareth? Don't you have something to say to Azul...? Hm? Hm?

GARETH grins.

GARETH: I'm not greedy like you! Go ahead and choose first, AZUL!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Close enough.

AZUL smiles with excitement.

AZUL: Ooh, goody!

OAK: When I was young, I was a serious POKéMON TRAINER. In my old age, I have only three left, but you can have one! Choose!

AZUL: Wow! Which is which?

OAK: Well, take a look!

AZUL approaches the green POKé BALL on the left side of the table.


AZUL: Ooh... is it a WATER-type?

OAK: No, it's a FIRE-type!

GARETH: Then why is its POKé BALL green...?

OAK: Colour coding, my dear POOPERPOTION!

AZUL snickers as he examines the red POKé BALL in the middle.

AZUL: And this one...?


AZUL: Now, that one's a WATER-type!

OAK: Exactly! Well done!

ROUGE: Grandpa, you're getting these Pokémon species' names wrong again, teehee!

OAK: Don't be silly, AKAKO! Would I be the POKéMON PROF. if I got their namae wrong, desu yo?

AZUL points to the blue POKé BALL on the right.

AZUL: I choose this one!


AZUL: Yeah! I'm gonna be a POISON-type specialist!


AZUL: Sure, why not?

GARETH: Oh... no reason...

GARETH's thoughts: Note to self: Find an ABRA the first chance I get... heheheh...

AZUL takes the POKé BALL.

OAK: I think that's a great POKéMON, too!

The Generation I "Item Get!" tune plays.

AZUL: Well, that was out-of-place...


The three TRAINERs each examine their POKé BALLS.

OAK: Now that you've each chosen a partner POKéMON, would you like to give them a nickname?

AZUL: Ooh, yes please! Um... I'm gonna call you... SAUR!

The POKé BALL shakes with delight.

GARETH: So the name you're giving your BULBASAUR... is "SAUR"...? Wow, how original...

AZUL: Well... it's a nickname, as in a conjunction of a full name.

GARETH: ...sh-shut up, SUPER NERD.

ROUGE: Classic Gareth... teehee!

GARETH: Well, I'm not gonna demean my partner CHARMANDER by removing half its name... and not just because I can't think of a good one.

ROUGE: Methinks thou doth protest too much...

GARETH: Are you calling me a hypocrite?!

ROUGE: I've chosen, as my partner Squirtle's nickname, ZENI, as inspired by my dear Grandpa's silly grasp of Pokémon names.

OAK: Well then, it appears you're all set! Good luck on your POKéMON JOURNEY, new TRAINERs!

AZUL heads for the door.

GARETH: Wait! AZUL, let's check out our POKéMON!

GARETH blocks the exit, his POKé BALL ready to throw.

GARETH: Come on, I'll take you on!

AZUL groans.

AZUL: Three clashes in one episode... I knew it...

We cut to the entrance. In the background, two POKé BALL opening sounds are heard, followed by two POKéMON cries.

CHARMANDER's voice: "GAA-grr!"

SAUR's voice: "Gwr-BWA-gwr!"

KARL's voice: I'm so sorry, JACK...

JACK's voice: It's fine, KARL. I should know when I'm about to faux pas by now...

The scene pans to the ASSISTANTS. JACK is comforting KARL.

KARL: No, no... I should be more considerate. You've been through a lot since the SAFARI ZONE incident.

JACK: I keep telling you, it wasn't that bad.

KARL: You deserved better than that.

JACK: It was just a green EGG.

KARL: Just a green EGG? It was a sham! I'm sure that zoo's a scam, I am!

JACK: Well, what's done is done. No use dwelling on past mistakes, hm? Hm?

KARL: You're right... I'm sorry.

JACK: Me too. Bring it in...

JACK and KARL give each other a hug.

GARETH's voice: What?! No! I picked the wrong POKéMON! Darn you, AZUL!

KARL: I think those two have issues...

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Topic: The video games alphabet
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The video games alphabet

@Towafan7 wrote:Bust A Move.

Whoa... that is spooky, because I was gonna make a joke about Bust-a-Move in the "I'm scared of ghosts" thread. Here's how it would've looked if I could find and upload some decent images on what's left of my three-and-a-half year old phone:

Sorry, dude. All I could find was the MythBusters, the Move-Bustas, and a mango and banana smoothie. lol!

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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Funny Moments
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Crystals of Silveria Funny Moments

Crystals of Silveria Funny Moments

Almost immediately, the temperature drops. Zed’s breaths become visible as frost encrusts all of the trees.

Zed: This is bad! It’s not even close to winter!

Dwarf: It’s the Winter Festival, lad! Time for us to get drunk!

Zed: Who are you?

Dwarf: Why, it’s me, D. Wharf! The lovable rogue!

Zed: Uh…okay.

Dwarf: Say, that’s a pretty necklace. A pretty necklace for a pretty lass!

Zed: Uh, this is a special artefact. And I’m a guy, not a girl!

Dwarf: Of course you are, little boy!

Zed: What did you call me?!


Crystals of Silveria Funny Moments


Amethyst: We have one more place to visit before we must go.

Zed: Oh, I have a toilet in my house if-

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I have something else in mind.


Brocc: Amethyst, he’s huge! Are you sure he isn’t a giant?

Bryn (male): Of course he isn’t, Brocc! Look at his build. He’s definitely a human.

Brocc walks over to Zed and looks up at him. He is slightly taller than Bryn, though most of the added height is his tall, spiky hair.

Brocc: Oh, you’re right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’m Brocc Farshot, and I’m an entertainer! A bard! A lyricist!

Bryn (male): You can’t sing!

Brocc: No, but I still write songs, don’t I?

Bryn (male): Well, I can’t argue with that logic.


Brocc: I could try to help him remember with a bardic song.

Bryn (male): No! No singing! The last time you sung, your cat ran away for days!

Brocc: She didn’t run away! I sent her to scout for the next town.

Bryn (male): And did she find it?

Brocc: Well…she found somebody’s camp.

Bryn (male): A camp of gobbos, if I’m not mistaken? And she led them right to the village where we were staying.

Brocc: Well, I won’t make that mistake again, okay?

Bryn (male): Oh? Then where is your precious familiar right now?

Brocc: Uh…scouting ahead.


Emily: This is bad. Very bad.

Brocc: Emily, settle down. You’re scaring Zed!

Zed: Actually, I’m not-

Brocc: Don’t worry, my friend! There’s no need to be af-fr-fraid…

Brocc’s teeth begin to chatter.

Mak: Just relax. We’ve been in worse situations before.

Bryn (male): Name one time.

Mak: Gobbo siege of that village two weeks ago.

Bryn (male): Okay, I guess that was slightly worse…

Emily: I needed to heal a quarter of the villagers.

Bryn (male): Whatever. The point is that barbarians are mindless, savage-

Mak: Bryn, shut it! We’re here.

Bryn looks up at the barbarian guarding the bridge.

Bryn (male): Oh…heheh…hello!

Barbarian: The toll is 5 gold each for you to cross. So…one, two, four, five, six, eight, twelve…32 gold total.

Bryn’s thoughts: And here’s the result of today’s education system…


Barbarian: Look, just pay us the money and nobody gets hurt!

Mak: Can you even spell “money“?

Barbarian: M…un…e?

Mak: Wrong answer.

Barbarian: I AM NOT UNLITERATE! Fellas, get over here and teach these guys how to spell pain!

Mak: P-A-I-N!



The barbarian bellows and pushes Mak towards the edge of the cliff. Mak regains his balance, but is cornered with nowhere else to go.

Barbarian Leader: That river’s moving mighty fast. Might we be near a W-O-H-T-A-F-O-H-L?

Mak: A what?

Barbarian Leader: A WATERFALL!

The other barbarians regain their senses and join their leader in surrounding the orcborn.

Barbarian #4: I hope you can swim…and survive a two-foot plunge down a waterfall!

Bryn (male): Two feet? Could you BE any thicker?!


Voice: ALEK!

The headmaster runs downstairs up to Alek.

Alek: What is the matter, Headmaster?

Headmaster: The drakes have escaped from the barn! They are running rampant around campus! They almost tackled the groundkeeper into the pool - and he cannot swim!

Alek: Then we must hurry! Amethyst? Zed? I could use your assistance.

Amethyst: We would be more than happy to assist!

Alek: Then let us go!

The three mages race out of the door.

Headmaster: Good luck to you all!

Alek: Thank you, Headmaster!

Headmaster: I certainly made the right choice by making him an academy master. Oh well, back to sorting paperwork.

The headmaster begins heading upstairs.


Zed: Well, I thought we were going to be chasing gigantic lizards with sharp teeth and claws, not…ducks.

Alek laughs.

Alek: We would not be so careless as to keep reptilian drakes inside a wooden barn on campus grounds, Zed.

Zed: That’s a relief.

Alek: No no, we keep those inside the monster enclosure. That’s it, just over there.

Alek points to a metal building at a far corner of campus grounds, surrounded by a high, jagged-metal fence and a deep moat. Loud roars can be heard from within. Zed squeals.

Zed: Th-That’s less comforting.

Alek: Relax, Zed. No monster has escaped from there in thirty years. And even that was just a minor threat.

Zed: Really?

Alek: Oh, yes. All that dragon did was eat half the animals in the barn and destroy the left side of the dormitories. And the language he used was so…colourful, to say the least. I was two years old at the time, yet I still remember the incident vividly, so there is no need for concern.

A shocked look spreads across Zed’s face.

Amethyst: Uh…why don’t we head inside and have a good meal?

Zed: D-Dragons! I-In the sch-school…


Mak, Emily and Bryn enter the Temple of Marilina. Bryn feels as though he is out-of-place.

Bryn (male): I don’t even revere Marilina. Why did you bring me here?

Mak: You know exactly why, Bryn.

Bryn (male): Oh, it’ll clear itself up eventually.

Mak: Are you absolutely sure?

Bryn (male): Well…not really, no.

Emily: Just speak with the High Priestess. She will do all she can to help.

Bryn (male): Fine…

High Priestess: I am afraid there is nothing I can do.

Mak: But what about him?

High Priestess: It will clear up eventually.

Bryn (male): HA! What did I tell you?


Mak: Visiting the Temple of Marilina is never a waste.

Bryn (male): I just hope my buddy Brocc is having the time of his life.

Brocc is pursued through a deserted alley by two human thugs wielding big clubs.

Thug #1: I’ll teach you to sing like a screeching elbok!

Brocc: I was just trying to entertain people!

Thug #1: Well it sounded like you were deliberately mocking our voices!

Thug #2: We’ll pound you, you no-good kid!

Brocc: Oh, Thobrun! Where did you go? I need you NOW!

Mak: When is Brocc not having the time of his life?

Bryn (male): True…


Kendall and Zed sit on seats facing the headmaster. The headmaster stares at Zed’s right hand for a moment, before snapping back to reality.

Headmaster: Now, what may I do for you gentlemen?

Kendall: We’d like to report a sighting of a monster within the campus walls.

Headmaster: Oh no…the dragon hasn’t escaped from his enclosure again, has he?

A look of horror spreads across Zed’s face.


Brocc: Where’s that hot towel I ordered?

Voice: Hot towel for you, sir?

Brocc turns to face Mak dressed in nothing but underwear, cufflinks and a bowtie, a towel draped over his arm.

Brocc: Thank you, butle-WHOA! For the love of Midiora, put some clothes on or something!

A gigantic wave splashes over Brocc.

Brocc: GAH! I’m soaked! This outfit cost me 500 gold! It’s ruined!

Water splashes onto Brocc again, causing him to stir.

Voice: Are you alright? You’re babbling about citrus stars and hot owls…

Brocc: Ungh…500 gold…

Voice: Oh, thank goodness! I thought you’d never awaken!

Brocc looks up and sees a beautiful young woman standing over him.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, I’m feeling much better, thanks to your helpful assistance.

Girl: Oh, that is good news. Please, come back to my place and I’ll give you a good breakfast.

Brocc (charismatic): Oh, rescue AND breakfast? You’re really being too generous. We should…let our emotions blossom first. But if you insist…

Girl: Oh, I do insist. My new husband is a fantastic chef.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, that is rather…uh…d-did you say “husband”?

The girl smiles.

Girl: Oh, yes. I’m sure he’d be happy to cook a meal for a poor, hungry boy such as yourself.

A blank expression quickly emerges on Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-


Laura runs up to the two “detectives”.

Laura: There you are! Zed, there is a matter of-

Kendall (raised voice): MASTER STORMSHROUD WAS FRAMED!

An elderly woman walks down the hallway.

Woman: Shh!

Kendall: My apologies, ma’am.

Zed: Isn’t that the librarian?

Kendall: Indeed it is.

Zed: Huh. Now, you wanted something, Laura?

Laura: You must come with me, Zed. It is a matter of urgency.

Zed: It is?

Laura: Indeed. A bright light is emanating from your room.

Zed: A bright light? That could mean…MY EGG IS HATCHING!

The librarian walks past again.

Librarian: Shh!

Zed (soft voice): Sorry…

Laura: Wait, who’s watching the library?

The two bullies run around the library throwing books at each other.

Ned: Hey, Kel! Have a taste of My First Alchemy!

Ned throws a children’s book at Kel. Kel dodges it and picks up another book.

Kel: Oh yeah, Ned? Why not try Cantrips for Beginners?

Kel throws the book at Ned. Ned casts magic missile at it, destroying it.

Ned: Haha! Take THAT, cantrips!


Ned and Kel sheepishly walk over to Alek.


Brocc stumbles into the temple, gasping for air.

Brocc: I…think I…lost…those…dogs…

Priestess: Oh, welcome to the Temple of Marilina. May I offer you our services?

Brocc: Oh…I don’t…I don’t think…you can…help…I…I’m not…what you…think I-

Priestess: Oh, nonsense! The Temple of Marilina welcomes all. Now, come with me.

Emily: Oh, Brocc! Whatever happened to you?

Brocc: Bad song…thugs…dogs…drakes…five…hundred…gold…

Emily: I will take him off your hands, if you please.

Priestess: Of course, sister. By all means.

Emily and the priestess bow to each other. The priestess calmly walks away. Emily turns back to Brocc.

Emily: Now, let’s get you healed, and you can tell me all about your city-wide escapades.

Bryn pokes his head around the corner.

Bryn (male): Uh…Ems?

Emily: Yes, Bryn?

Bryn (male): The big guy wants to see you.

Emily: Okay, I will be there shortly.

Bryn (male): No prob.

Bryn disappears back around the corner.

Emily: I will have to hear your tale later, Brocc.

Emily bows and walks away.

Brocc: But…you didn’t…heal me yet…

Priest: Oh, my word! You poor young boy! Please, come with me at once!

Brocc: I’m…not young…I’m…an…I-

Priest: Now, now, don’t be shy. I will heal your wounds.

The priest ushers Brocc away from his spot.

Brocc: But…but…


Amethyst sits in a chair reading a book. A frantic knock sounds through the door.

Amethyst: Oh, please enter!

The door suddenly swings open and Zed races inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

Amethyst: Oh, Zed! Is something the matter?

Zed: Alek’s gone berserk! He’s turned the others into thralls! And now he’s coming after me! And he was saying weird stuff about me, too, like I have potential to do…something, and-

Amethyst: Calm down, Zed!

Zed calms down and takes a deep breath, then exhales.

Amethyst: Now, please calmly tell me what has happened.

Zed: Well-

The door suddenly bursts open, revealing Kendall, Ned and Kel.


Alek’s voice: Leave her alone, brother!

A smile spreads across Lillian's face.

Lillian: Ah…at last you have graced us with your presence!

Lillian spins to face Alek and Laura.

Lillian: Alekzander. Always a pleasure to see your face.

Alek: Hello, Lillian.

Lillian (childish tone): Shut up! Don’t tell them my real name!


Amethyst: Actually, it is common for intelligent familiars to take on aspects of their master’s traits.

Bryn (male): You mean that streak of green fur on the cat’s back isn’t fungus?

Brocc: HEY! Tabby has a luscious coat! Her fur is an extension of my OWN…uh…hair.

Bryn (male): Keep telling yourself that, Brocc.

The group laughs.




An arrow whizzes past Mak’s head.

Bryn (female): Oh, for the love of truffles!

Brent and Sara stand right in the party’s path.

Brent: Hello, Crystalbound.

Sara: Hello, Crystalbound.

Brent glares at Sara.

Brent: I just said that!

Sara: I know, but I wanted to say it too!

Brent: You can’t just take my words like that! I, Brent, have standards, and those standards don’t include some half-witted barbarian stealing my thunder!

Sara! I am not unliterate! And I am not a thief!

Sara points at Bryn.

Sara: THAT is a thief!

Bryn (female): Hey! Don’t go pointing your sausage-finger at me, sister!

Sara: I am not your sister!

Bryn (female): No, it’s a… oh, never mind.




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Topic: Tales from the ParoD&Dmension: A Parody-Comedy Spin-Completely-Off
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Tales from the ParoD&Dmension: A Parody-Comedy Spin-Completely-Off

Session 0: The Seventh Wheel

Webisode 0-1

Scene 1: Roll Call

In a world-

Voice #1: Who said that?!

Hm-hm... In a world-

Voice #1: Are you a g-g-g-g-lich?!

Voice #2: That doesn't... I cannot even-

May I PLEASE finish my introduction already?

Voice #3: Yeah, sure... go ahead, buddy!

Uh... my gender is inconsequential, but-

Voice #2: And yet you assume a deep, heavily masculine inflection?

Voice #1: Wait... he has a disease? He IS a guh-lich!

No, I am not a lich...

Voice #3: Then what ARE you?

I am... the Dungeon Master, and my epithet is "Author of Realms"...

Voice #1: But guh-liches are masters of dungeons...?

Voice #4: As are dragons, my good pal!

Voice #1: Dungeons? In DRAGONS? HA!

Voice #2: Other way around, simpleton...

Voice #1: HEY! My name is RANGER, not SIMPSON!

We hear the slap of a facepalm.

Voice #2: Idiot...

Ranger: RANGER! RAIN... JERRRRRH... uh... I think...

Well then, you've spoiled YOUR name, so let's hear the rest of your names, and we can proceed...

Voice #2: You may call me Wizard. I am an elven-

Wonderful to meet you, Wizard...

Voice #4: Wait... didn't you WRITE her, th-


Voice #3: I'm Rogue.

Wizard: ...that's it? That is your int-


Voice #4: Bard's the name, D&D is my game! Hohohoh... Thank you, thank you, you're too ki-


Voice #5: You may refer to me as "Monk". It is a pleasure, my friends.


Voice #6: My name is Druid. Delighted to meet each of you.

Ranger: Wait... a druid AND a monk?!

Wizard: One heals our wounds and protects nature, the other uses martial arts techniques in self-defence.

Ranger: Oh, cool... which is which?

We hear another facepalm.

Rogue: Aight, let's get this show on the-


Rogue: Next? There's no-one else here...

Ranger: She's right...

Wizard: Did you use your superior tracking skills to deduce this conclusion?

Ranger: No, I... hey, are you saying I'm a dumb?!

Wizard: I believe I used none of those words and/or apostrophic contractions.

Ranger: Well, alright then. Hey, you're really nice!

Rogue: HAHAHAHAHA! Are you kidding?!

Ranger: Do I LOOK like a nanny-goat to you?!

Bard: HA! I get it! Most amusing, my good pal!

Alright, let's just get started... the six of you have gathered in a tavern after reading a job listing on a bulletin board...

Bard: What?! Oh, that is SUCH a bog-standard-

The party suddenly pops into a dreary swamp.

Bard: -cliché!

Alright then... instead of the Potts' Luck Tavern, you all meet standing knee-deep in the Stun'drrrd Boglands.

Wizard: Fantastic effort, Bard...

Rogue: Way to go, dumdum!

Bard: You don't honestly think that I caused this F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-2

Scene 2: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Morning

Bard: -ABULOUS twist on a tried-and-tired campaign opener, do you? I mean... I honestly would've opened with the classic "five people meet in a tavern" approach... it's sheer genius!

Ranger: But there are SIX of us...

Wizard: Well, looks like SOMEONE'S a genius after all.

Ranger: Aw, thanks, Blizzard!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: I verbalised my hypothesis in advance of making a rational decision...

Rogue: Cheer up, babe!

Wizard: Did... you refer to me as-

Rogue: So we're standing waist-deep in a rotten bog-

Ranger: KNEE-deep, Rouge!

Rogue: Hey, speak for yourself, medium-sized humanoid!

Ranger: MEDIUM?! I didn't know I was a sidekick...

Wizard: The fact that you know ANYTHING at all is truly what amazes me most about you, Ranger...

Ranger: Aw, shucks, heheheh...

Druid: Cheer up, everyone! At least we're together, and this place isn't SO bad. Look at these rich, purple orchids and lilies on the waters' surface.

Ranger: Uh... aren't you s'posed to wait for Arthur to narrate that bit?

Actually, idle speech is a free action, and you are welcome to provide your own perspectives on the scenery...

Ranger: Oh, cool! I'm starving... I "see" an ENORMOUS burger in my hands and eat it!

Ranger stares at his hands.

Monk: I believe it does not work that way.

Ranger: Aw, but Druid got half-orcs and lollies!

Wizard: Yes, but she didn't intend to EAT said "orc kids"...

Ranger: Oh, right...

Wizard: Now, would you be so kind as to allow me the courtesy of how to solve this conundrum...?

Rogue: Druid's right, Wiz. This ain't so bad... my cousin lives in a place like this... 'course it's greener, and the water's pure, but same gist!

Ranger: Yeah! I mean... it's not like an even BIGGER problem's gonna suddenly drop from the-

A sudden flash overhead, followed by a loud-

Voice #7: ...aaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!

The source of the scream splashes into the slimy, slick swamp water...

Bard: Oh, snap!

Wizard: You have GOT to be F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-3

Scene 3: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Afternoon

Wizard: -ATEBENDING right now, Ranger... that is a gift that only my people possess...

Ranger: Your... people?

Wizard: Yes, Ranger. My people, the Sssuullllldrnnnnnehylllllrrrrnnn... or as you humans call them, "elves".

Ranger: Oh... then... am I a health elf?

Rogue: You mean "half-elf"?

Ranger: Do I...?

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: Perhaps it was merely a coincidence...

Druid: Should someone not aid the one who has fallen from beyond the upper veils of Oma?

Rogue: Nah! It's been two minutes, and he hasn't surfaced. No doubt he's-

The being who fell from above suddenly splashes to his feet, drenching everyone but Druid and Bard in murky bog-water...

Ranger: -A GUH-LICH!

Wizard: Ugh... disgusting!

Ranger: Yes, a disgusting, smelly, UH-GUH-LY guh-lich!

Wizard: I was not referring to this CLEARLY STILL LIVING human male...

Ranger: Oh... the splash... so you were referring to-

Wizard: -you, Ranger. Yes, I was referring to you.

Ranger: Hey, don't be mean to Monk!

Rogue: What are you babbling about, Ranger Danger?

Ranger: Wizard just insulted our friend Yu!

Ranger wades to Monk, kicking up multiple pockets of swamp gas trapped in the muddy swamp-bed.

Bard: Oh, my sinuses are ablaze with the STENCH of-

Ranger: Stop being mean, everyone!

Ranger places his hands on Monk's shoulders.

Ranger: Don't worry, Yu, 'cos you got a friend in me.

Monk: Your kindness, whilst unnecessary, is greatly appreciated, and will not soon be forgotten.

Monk bows. Ranger attempts a similar bow, though clumsily knocks his forehead on a gnarled tree branch.

Ranger: OW! My Ajna...

Ranger rubs between his eyebrows.

Voice #7: Uh... I have a question...

Everyone looks at the stranger, who is dressed in clothing from our world, and isn't drenched in bog-water for some reason.

Druid: Of course, gentle stranger. What is your question?

The stranger clears their throat.

Voice #7: Could someone PLEASE tell me what the F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-4

Scene 4: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Evening

Voice #7: -ART-LIKE STENCH in the air happens to be?! Phew!

Bard: Oh, Ranger kicked up a few pockets of swamp gas whilst consoling Monk.

Voice #7: Okay, that's fair...

Wizard: I was certain you were about to enquire as to your dramatic entrance into the surrounding locale.

Voice #7: Well, I-

The stranger looks around.

Voice #7: Hey, now that you mention it...

Druid: What is your name, gentle soul from above the clouds?

Voice #7: Oh, uh... Lock. I'm Lock. And it's called Seattle.

Ranger: What is?

Lock: The place I'm from is... Seattle.

Ranger: You're from the MOON?! Hey, so is Druid!

Wizard: What on Earth are you-

Ranger: Not "Earth", Wizard... "Moon"! MOOOOOOO-NNNNNNNUH... uh... I think...?

Rogue: As you can see, he isn't exactly "schooled".

Druid: Why do you assume I am a lunar being, Ranger?

Ranger: Because you said you're from a circus on the Moon!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: "Circle of the Moon", imbecile...

Ranger: Whatever. Hey, is it anywhere near Satellaview?

Lock: Uh... this is a pretty weird LARP, you guys...

Rogue: Eh, you get used to 'em, Locky.

Bard: Indeed! And I must say your warlockery is most impressive to be able to flash yourself here at 1st-level!

Lock: Uh... thanks? I assume we're in the Everglades or something...?

Monk: In fact it is the Stun'drrrd Boglands.

Lock: Oh, a Magic-themed LARP, eh? Does that make me a newly-sparked Planeswalker or something?

Rogue: The *fart* is a "Planeswalker"...?

Lock: And what's the setting? Dominaria? Innistrad? Ooh, Ulgrotha?!

Wizard: Realmslandia, actually...

Lock: "Realmslandia"...? So homebrew, then...

Rogue: Oh, you bet! I have my own multipurpose distillery in my-

You suddenly sense an ominous presence nearby...

Lock: Oh, is the Dungeon Master hiding in the scenery or something?

Ranger: No, he's just a disembodied voice floating around us... and possibly THROUGH us...

Rogue: Well... THAT'S disturbing...

Bard: Not as disturbing as THIS, my good pal!

Rogue: Huh? What do you me-

You look up at an intimidating figure... a knight donned in the sturdiest ebony armour, forged from pure adamant... riding a nightmare of the deepest ebony coat, and deep violet mist billowing along its neck, hooves and rump...

Ranger snickers.

Ranger: "Rump"...

Knight: SILENCE!

Bard trembles.

Knight: I know both who and what you are, Eternal Seekers of the Order of the Treasured MacGuffin!

Lock: Uh... the what?

The Knight looks in Lock's direction.

Knight: And I am here to stop you

Lock nervously points to their chest.

Lock: Uh... m... m-

Ranger: Him?

The Knight looks at Ranger.

Knight: ALL OF YOU! Tremble before the Might of-

Rogue: Oh... for F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-5

Scene 5: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Night

Rogue: *BLEEP*'s sake! WHY does this happen EVERY *BLEEP* TIME?!

Bard: Uh... tradition?

Wizard: Well, you would know, since you're the bard, Bard.

Ranger: Wait... Bard is a SHEEP?!

Bard: Why do you assume that, my good pal?

Ranger: Because Wizard just spoke to you in Sheepish! "Baa baa" is a common phrase in that language, but you already know that, baa baa...

Bard: I'm afraid you're mistaken, for in fact I am-

Rogue: -a bird!

Ranger: Actually, it's pronounced "BAHHHHH-RRRRRUHRRRRR-DUHHHHH... uh... what was the question again?

Bard: Actually, she's right. I am a bird... and now I see the irony of being a bird bard named Bard Byrd...

Lock: Well, your prosthetics are impressive! They must've taken HOURS to apply!

Bard: Um... thank you, my good-

Knight: Uh... HELLO? Are you not forgetting something here?!

Ranger: Just a minute, random NPC...

Knight: Random? NPC?! Are... you cannot be serious!

Rogue: You're not wrong...

Ranger: Yeah! I'm never not serious!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: How many times have I told you to watch your grammar...?

Ranger: For the last time, Wizard, my Grandma is NOT a dire wolf!

Wizard: I wasn't calling HER a dire WOLF, I was calling YOU a dire BORE...

Ranger: Hey, I LOVE roasted boar! My favourite bit is the apple... mmm...

Knight: Huh. I was certain you would be more of a challenge... nonetheless, I have a role to perform, so let's get it done, and you can be on your way.

Bard: Do you not mean, "I can be on MY way"...?

Knight: It... that is what I stated. "You can be on your way"... how is that not difficult to grasp?

Bard: Oh... I thought you meant... n-never mind. I'll be off then, my good pal. Toodlepip!

Bard leaves the area.

Rogue: Hey, how come HE gets to leave, but we DON'T?!

Knight: Oh, you'll all have your turn.

Lock: Oh, crap! Has everyone rolled initiative already?! I-I don't... I don't have my dice... oh, I must've dropped-

Knight: Between your side and that of my master, the plot requires an equal balance of "straight ones" and "dysfunctional misfits".

Ranger: Hey, did you just call some of us "dense trustfall nitwits"?!

Wizard: No doubt which of the two you happen to be...

Knight: According to my Intel, your group has too many human straight ones.

Ranger: Oh no... you leave Druid out of this!

Druid: But... I am not a human, Ranger.

Ranger: Of course not! You're a human druid, Druid!

Rogue: CAT druid, Ranger.

Ranger: Wait, so... you're a multiclass druid-ranger, Druid?

Wizard: What on Moon are you-

Ranger: Who's also a cat?

Rogue: Well... at least you got SOME of it right...

Knight: Alright, this is getting agonisingly tedious. I'll just pick one of you at random.

The Knight points their sword back-and-forth from Monk to Lock.

Knight: Eeny-meeny-miney-YOU.

A bolt of dark energy fires from the sword at Lock.

Lock: Oh, cool effect!

Rogue: Why isn't he trying to avoid-

Just as the bolt reaches Lock, it suddenly flings left and punches into Monk's chest.

Monk: Oof!

Rogue: Never mind... uh... I-I mean... WHAT THE *BLEEP*?!

Monk is surrounded by a bubble of dark energy.

Lock: Whoa, your DM must have a HUGE campaign budget!

Wizard: Are you absolutely certain that Lock is a straight one?

Knight: Yes. In fact, Lock is now the only human straight one in your party.

Druid: But... what have you done to Monk?

The bubble suddenly pops, revealing a brown monkey wearing Monk's gi.

Wizard: I believe your question is answered, Druid.

Ranger: Hey, yeah! Monk's been teleported away and replaced by a monk-

The monkey screeches and leaps at Ranger's head, pulling at his hair and ears.

Monkey: Ooo-ooo-HAH-HAH-HAH! (etc.)


Rogue: Aw, looks like you have a new friend, Ranger...

Ranger: Hey, yeah... I have an actual animal companion! After all these years, I'm FINALLY a real-

The monkey knocks Ranger's forehead with a coconut.

Ranger: Ow, my Ajna!

Knight: Well, my work here is done...

The Knight vanishes in a swirl of violet mist, a chilling horse whinny echoing in the air, followed by a glittery sparkle and harp chord.

Wizard: So... now what?

Bard's voice: Hey, come on, everyone! There's a Kakadurudurudu Fried Cockatrice over here, with 24-hour dine-in and unlimited refills!

Rogue: Ooh, sweet!

Wizard: You had me at, "unlimited refills", my pal...

Everyone leaves the water... except Lock, who stands there, eyes widened and stunned.

Lock: ...what the F-

NEXT TIME: The Soiled MacGuffin
by NintendoPurist64
on February 1st 2021, 2:29 pm
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Topic: The "Who's That Pokémon?" Game
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The "Who's That Pokémon?" Game

@Kenshin A-Go-Go Well, omniously not! Razz

Whelp, I count that as "one more guess", so here comes your first hint:

#1: It isn't found in the Kanto Pokédex, but it is found in two other Pokédexes (or three, if you count the National Dex)

The next hint will be posted after the next incorrect guess, or tomorrow-ish (ie. when I get so impatient that I post another hint much sooner Razz )
by NintendoPurist64
on December 10th 2020, 4:10 pm
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Topic: Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack
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Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack

Octabby Shorts: Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya Nyanyanyanya
AKA “The O’Kitty Nyanvasion” Mini-Episode”
Scene 1: Camp Triggerfish: Morning

Squilma, Podd, Octabby and Inklinda stand on the announcement podium opposite Seth, a random Octoling Boy, Squika and Inklinda. Judd and Lil’ Judd stand between them.

Squilma: Ooh... I hope we won...

Podd: It is a close call. Both teams covered their turf with a near-equivalent percentage of ink, so it is definitely a close call.

Octabby: So these... ni pusses... are arbitrators of your Inkling custom?

Inklinda: Pusses are so cute...

Squilma: Correct, Octabby.

Octabby: Then I, too, hope we won...

Judd swings his flag toward Octabby’s team.

Judd: Meow. (“Good Gals WIN!”)

Squilma: YES! Woomy are Master Race!

Podd: You... DO realise there is at least one non-Inkling on this team, yes?

Squilma: Oh... heehee! Silly me!

Inklinda: Silly Spillma, hahaha!

Squilma: I forgot our team has the OTHER kind of puss...

Inklinda: Wait... there are TWO kinds of pusses?

Podd: Of course. Octabigail here is an octopus.

Squilma: Uh... isn’t “Octoling” the politically correct term, Doni?

Podd: Actually, both are acceptable forms of address, as are “Vemo” for the species in general and females in particular, and “Wayo” specifically for males.

Inklinda: Oh... like how “Woomy” is for Inklings, but “Ngyes” is specifically for boys... that’s a good fact, Ricebowlie!

Squilma: Ugh, enough with the insults already!

Inklinda: Insults... I’m sorry, Spillma...

Squilma: Eh... it’s a start, I guess... I remember when you used to be nice to me. It was before my two-year stay here, at Camp Triggerfish.

Octabby: You stayed here once, Squilma-yon?

Squilma: Yep! I had so much fun, but I couldn’t WAIT to get back to my best friend! Of course, we both know how THAT went-

Squilma glares at Inklinda.

Squilma: -DON’T we?

Inklinda: Uh...

Squilma’s left eye squints.

Squilma: Are you SERIOUSLY so con-sea-ted that you don’t remember forgetting me in the TWENTY-FOUR FRESHING MONTHS I was gone?!

Inklinda: Uh...

Squilma: Darn it, Stinklinda! Snap out of it!

Inklinda: Silly Spillma! My name isn’t “Stinklinda”, it’s “INKLINDIE!” Silly Spillma, hahaha!

Squilma: Oooookay... SOMETHING smells fishy...

Inklinda: Oh... is it the O’Kitty Nyan invasion?

Octabby: What is... “O’Kitty Nyan”...?

Inklinda: It’s when the O’Kitty Nyans will invade Inkopoptart under the leadership of Davey McKitty-o and his Toaster Tart-zans!

Squilma: Okay, are you suffering from water poisoning or something?

Octabby: I agree, Squilma-yon. Inklinda seems most unwell.

Inklinda’s eyes widen.

Inklinda: Inklindie is SICK?! Oh NO!

Inklinda’s voice: ...and so I said to her, “Okay, Spillma, like, take a chill pill or whatever.”

Squilma: Uh...

Inklinda’s voice: “Like... how DARE she accuse me of eating the last crabby cake! I mean, I WAS the one who ate it, but-“

Inklinda: Oh no... poor Inklindie... poor Inklindie...

Squilma: Is... water toxicity contagious?

Podd: Of course not.

Squilma: Then WHY am I suddenly hearing two sets of Inklinda voices?!

Octabby: Because there are two Inklindas here.

Inklinda: Poor Inklindie...

Inklinda: “Well... at least I’M the daughter of a Squllionaire! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Squilma’s eyes widen.

Squilma: WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! ...are there TWO of the same Inkling?!

Podd: Such a scenario is possible. The fact that there are technically two Squigleys means such a scenario is indeed possible.

Squilma: Not anymore!

Inklinda: There must be a way to help the real Inklindie!

Squilma: Well, THERE you have it: this one’s a fake.

Octabby: Actually, I believe he is-

Squilma: Did... you say “he”...?

Octabby: Hai, Squilma-yon.

Squilma: Then...

The “fake” Inklinda inky-winkies into... Inklein.

Inklein: Heehee... hi, Wilma!

Squilma: Uh...

Podd: Oh... Inklein has developed the Transmographink ability, a rare and powerful Psyphalopod technique.

Squilma: Then why was he trying to pretend to be Inklinda?

Inklein: Who...?

Squilma: You know, “Lindie”?

Inklein: Silly Wilma! Of COURSE I know Lindie! Silly Wilma, hahaha!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Go and get yourself a purple or something.

Inklein: Okay! Mmm... or something...

Squilma: Well, this day can’t get anymore strange...

Squilma looks to her left and sees herself... in her Camp Triggerfish uniform.

Squilma: Uh...

The Other Squilma: Hi! I like your hat!

Squilma: Uh...

Squilma takes off her beanie and hands it to... herself.

Squilma: ...here. It’s yours.

The Other Squilma: Thanks! I’ll take REEL good care of it. Bye!

The other Squilma runs away. Squilma rubs the top of her head.

Squilma: Oh yeah... I forgot all about that... it was just before I left for-

We hear a loud dry-heave. Squilma looks at Inklinda.

Inklinda: Like, that’s SO disgusting or whatever...

Inklein points at Squilma.

Inklein: You’re NAKED... silly Spillma, hahaha!

Other Inklings look at Squilma and dry-heave one by one.

Inkling #1: Dude, put on a shirt!

Inkling #2: No nudist naturists allowed!

Squika: Get a hat, you Squeirdo!

Squilma’s thoughts: I just HAD to say it, didn’t I...?

Inklinda: So... is anyone gonna call on the fact that this “Octabby Short” is just a Squilma Short with a different name tacked onto it?

Squigley: Well, THAT sounds like the Woomy calling the Manmenmi orange...

Squigley is suddenly standing there.

Inklinda: Like, SPOILER alert or whatever, cutie...

Squigley: Oh... heheh...

Squigley and Inklinda blush. Squilma faints.

Squigley: Are... you okay?

Squilma: Did I mention I hate science fantasy stories...? Ugh...

Octabby: Heehee! This is just like anime!

Inklinda: The fresh is “Annie May”...?

Octabby’s thoughts: I’m SO happy... this is my Fresh Start...
by armerocks
on October 19th 2020, 12:10 pm
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Topic: Final fantasy crystal chronicles remastered review
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Final fantasy crystal chronicles remastered review

Final Fantasy crystal chronicles remastered review ps4

Well then fellow crystal caravanners let us begin this review. First let me tell you about this game, it originally came out on GameCube in 2003 and now it was remastered for the ps4,switch and mobile devices. This game is a spin-off of the final fantasy series, the game features many new gameplay elements previously unseen in Final fantasy games like real time fighting, as well as being the first RPG to incorporate GameCube-Game Boy Advance compatibility. However the problem with the multiplayer was that back in GameCube you could only play multiplayer using up to 4 game boy advance with link cables and each Gameboy would have a specific feature like a map, treasure radar, enemy radar and enemy info. Now instead you can play online and cross-play with all 3 versions. Back then me and my brother used to play this all the time and it is a really unique game.

The setting of the game is in a world filled with miasma, were only a few places are livable thanks to a crystal that purifies the miasma. Unfortunately, the crystal loses its power after a year so each village or town sets out a group of people called the crystal caravanners. The role of these caravanners is to look for a tree that provides a drop of “myrth” that they will carry in a chalice that has a tiny bit of the crystal to protect them. This Myrth is what keeps the crystal power shinning and without it, it would lose its power and be lost forever. Now this game has a lot of lore which are hidden within the various random cutscene you get in the game as well as info inside the dungeons you venture into. You will learn what causes the miasma, what the drops of myrthactually are and the reason why they give the crystal power.As you continue your journey and see many cutscene you collect memories which are very important to the story so I wont spoil to much, for every dungeon and every cutscene you gain a memory which is then written down in your journal, which is essential the title of the game the chronicle.

The way the game work is you will be going into dungeons and fight monster and a boss in order to get to the myrth tree in order to get a drop of myrth, for every 3 drops you get a year passes in the game. As the year progress more events unlock, and new dungeons become available as well as more options for crafting equipment. Now when you begin the game you first need to make your character, this games as 4 different tribes, the clavats that have even stats in attack power, defense and magic, however they are the only clan that can use shields to block physical attacks so they tend to have more def. The selkies are agile and are more focused on short-mid range attacks and while they cannot block then can do an evade flip backwards, they do have similar magic power as clavats. The lilties are a tribe of warrior they excel in attack power and are mostly short range but they can attack quicker, they also have fair amount of def but lack a lot in magical power. The last tribe are the yukes, this tribe excels in magic power and can cast magic much faster than the rest of the tribes however they are more used for long range or support due to their poor defense.

In this game you can make up to 8 characters the reason for this is because in the village you start in there are 8 different professions or jobs. 4 of them have a main purpose but the other 4 are not as important. Lets start with the important one.

#1 merchant

As you progress in the game because your family is merchants the more the family is happy the more discounts you get at their shop which is essential for rare materials for end game gear that only they can sell that normally would be very expensive.

#2 tailor

The tailor family is the one that helps you craft accessory such as a ring to protect you from poison or certain elements etc. As the years progress, they become able to craft even better accessories.

#3 blacksmith

The blacksmith family as you can imagine helps you make weapons and armors for your characters and like the others as game progresses, they will be able to craft better gear.

#4 alchemist

The alchemist family is one of the most important jobs. You see the alchemist provides you 1 scroll each year. The scroll are what you use in order to craft weapons armors and accessories, while you can still get scrolls in dungeons there are some scrolls only the alchemist can give you, like the invincibility ring that requires at least 12 years to pass in the game for the family to provide you with the scroll.

The other 4 jobs:

Now the other 4 jobs that are not as usefull are the ranch, farmer, fisher and miller. The reason why these 4 are not as useful is because the only thing they provide is just food that you may not get in dungeons. The food is used to recover health fast without the use of magic but there so many food dungeons drops they really don’t make much difference.

Now as for how magic work in this game, unlike your typical final fantasy game this one does not use MP. It uses orb called magicites that drop within every dungeon. The magic they provide are fire, ice, thunder, cure, clear and raise. Now this magicite disappear after each dungeon however there are rings you can obtain in this game that lets you use their magic at any time by equipping them. There also fusion magic like curaga, haste, slow, gravity, holy, fira, firaga, blizara, blizzaga, thundera and thundaga. If you are playing in single player mode you can combine these magicites or rings to create these fusion spells however if you are playing in multiplayer mode you can only fuse them by making other character combine their magic using the casting circle and overlapping one another.

Now there are ways to use gravity, holy and meteor without having to fuse magic. But it can only be done after getting the rings in post content because these 3 rings were not in the original game.

Now as for the progression of your character unlike normal final fantasy games there is no lvl up system in this game. Instead you collect artifacts from dungeons that permanently boost your stats. So in order to get stronger you have to repeat dungeons and collect the artifacts to power up as well to get materials to make stronger gear. There are a total of 79 artifacts which are divided between attack power, defense power, magic power, extra heart, extra item slot and the rings to perform magic at any time.

Now that we have covered the most basic details lets get to the new contents added in the remastered, aside from graphics looking more clear and beautiful they have added voice acting to all the cutscenes and to some npc in the town as well as your own characters. Originally the only voice acting was the narration you get of every dungeon when you entered it. The voice is actually quite nice and I think gave the game more passion for it. Another new content that was added were the mimic system which allows you character to transform into one of the npc’s of the game however you need to be the same gender and tribe of that npc in order to transform. There are also dlc of different crystal chronicles npc that you can purchase as well but make sure your character can use it before buying.

Another thing they added for single player is a storage in the main village, originally you could not trade items to your other characters unless you had someone else to assist you. But now you can use storage to trade items between your characters. They have also added 13 hard dungeons. Now the game originally has 13 dungeon and the hard dungeons are the same 13 dungeons however they are much harder and look different for example there’s a dessert map and its during the day, in the hard dungeon its during the night and the monster are different and much stronger, not to mention more of them at once and they can cast spells like slowaga, stop, thundaga etc. needles to say it’s quite the challenge.

Ok now lets address the online feature, which is the main reason why I’m making this review because I’ve seen way to many people give poor reviews for this amazing game all because they only look for the bad things in the game.

Now in the original game as I’ve said before you could play up to 4 players and they would journey with you to dungeons towns and cutscenes however in the remastered sadly due to the developers deciding to make the game cross-play they removed the feature of you being together all the time in the game and instead only allowing multiplayers within dungeons. Now while I feel this was a bad decision is really not as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

The way the multiplayer was set up was that only the host would progress, meaning that only the host would get the drop of myrth and the letters. Here is where most of the complains have come, they are upset that only the host progress in story however what people seem to forget is that while in the original everyone progressed, it was because there was only 1 host, the person who actually owned the game. Because the GameCube version there was two ways to play multiplayer you could create a character from scratch or load saved character from another memory card into the already made game. However nowadays that is no longer possible because one, home consoles don’t have memory card slots and save files are account locked meaning you can’t add a character from a different acc into another.

Another thing that people are forgetting is that this is a dungeon crawler type game meaning that even if they have to host 4 times one for each person( assuming you have 4 friends playing, I couldn’t convince anyone to play with me so I went solo) to progress story, you lose nothing by doing those multiple host, because in order to get the artifact to strengthen your character you have to do dungeons multiple times so really you aren’t really losing anything by doing host 4 times, also the story for this game is not even that long you could pass it in 2 or 3 days if you played whole day and only did dungeon once or twice. It be hard but it possible to pass the game even alone with bare minimum if you have lots of phoenix down.

Now another feature of the online is how matchmaking works. There’s 3 ways to do it first is hosting, you choose what dungeon you want to do and you can either invite a friend or wait for randoms to enter. The second option is to look for someone hosting a specific map or all map. And the 3rd option is to enter fast matchmaking which enter any random map of anyone hosting. Now in order to add a friend there is two ways, one is to click on “follow” on a player after you finish a dungeon and if both follow each other they get added to friend list, or you can manually provide a FC to someone and they can add you but the friend code changes every 30 minutes however after following someone you no longer need the friend code, when hosting you just look for friend in friend list and invite them and they get an invite. People misunderstood this feature and think you need a friend code every 30 min to play as a group.


1. Single player was improved a lot and even has a storage to change items between your character so if have strong armor and want to start a new character you can give him your main characters armor as long as it’s not a tribe only gear and u using a different tribe

2. Multiplayer is cross platform so you can play with switch, ios, android and ps4 users.

3. It has a free lite version that can play about 85% of the game if you join someone who has the full game you only cant do final dungeon or access to post game content.

4. Has 13 more dungeons than the original.

5. Added voice acting

6. Has amazing music, one of the best music in a final fantasy game.

7. Can join any dungeon at anytime.

8. You can join any dungeon of any cycle as long as you have progressed the necessary amount in the story.


1. Only host can progress in story ( but again it really not a big deal)

2. Can only join someone in dungeons not in the world map like original

3. Cannot enter moogle house in multiplayer ( its not a big deal but a rather silly thing to do)

4. Have to change host to progress story if you are progressing along side friends. ( but again its not a big deal you need multiple entries on same dungeon anyway.)

I rate this game an 8.5 out of 10. It would have been a 10 out of 10 if they didn’t limit groups to just dungeon and that only host gets progression even for just the mail part of the game.
by NintendoPurist64
on September 17th 2020, 6:04 pm
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

Episode 6: The Archetypal Evil Twin, Part II

Scene 1: Headmaster’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Headmaster Stormshroud sits in his chair, reading a heavy book.

Headmaster: Ooh, this is getting juicy!

The doors suddenly burst open, revealing Ned and Kel.


Headmaster: How DARE you spoil such a big plot twist! Just WHO the Brocc do you think you ARE?!



Ned and Kel’s eyes flash bright blue once. The two students walk over to Headmaster Stormshroud and hold him down by the shoulders.

Headmaster: What are you doing?! Unhand me at once!



Headmaster: No! No more spoilers, PLEEEEEASE!

Alek’s Voice: Aw, is someone on a no-spoiler diet?

Alek walks into the office and approaches the desk.

Headmaster: Oh, Alekzander. Thank goodness! Tell these no-good ruffians to unhand me!


Headmaster: And tell them to stop spoiling the entire season while you're at it!

Alek: Oh, I would, but you see... I'm not actually Alekzander.

Headmaster: Oh. Well then... never mind.

Alek: What? Is that all I'm gonna get after spoiling my identity?

Headmaster: That was a spoiler?

Alek: How... how DARE you?! That was EASILY as big a spoiler as THIS Broccing student could ever give you!


Headmaster Stormshroud’s eyes widen.

Headmaster: No! No more spoilers! I simply cannot handle it!

Alek: Aw, why can't you react in that way to MY spoilers?! I WANT A SURPRISING REACTION!

Headmaster: You want a what-now?


Opening Credits


Scene 2: Hallway: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Zed, Laura and Kendall head towards Headmaster Stormshroud’s office.

Zed: So... just how badly could those two be treating Headmaster Ukulele? I mean, it's not like they're spoiling the entire plot of the series, is it?

The gang hear him cry out and race inside. Alek has his arm outstretched, his hand glowing with blue energy and aimed at Headmaster Stormshroud, who is suspended in mid-air. Ned and Kel stand nearby, their faces lacking in expression.


Headmaster: NO! NO! NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!

Zed: Whoa... I never thought ANYONE could be so... so... chaotic neutral!

Kendall snarls at Alek.

Kendall: Rarrr? Ror arr roo rrrnr? Arr ry roo rrr rerr rorrirr ryrr rorrerrrrr?! (Master? What are you doing?! And why do you smell nothing like yourself?!)

Alek loses concentration, dropping Headmaster Stormshroud. Time seems to slow down as Laura throws a feather into the air.

Laura: “Generic Floaty Spell!”

Time seems to return to normal as Laura points her wand at Headmaster Stormshroud, who gently floats to the ground.

Headmaster: Oh... I KNEW that fifteenth chocolate biscuit was a mistake... *BORPP*

Alek slowly turns to face Kendall.

Alek: Oh, what an ADORABLE puppy! I wanna play with it and cuddle it and take it for walks and-

Kendall: Grr... RAFF! RAFF-RAFF!

Alek: Aw, so cwoote, it finks it's people!

Laura: Okay, just WHAT is going on, Master Stupi- I mean... Master Stormshroud?

Zed: Actually, I think it's pronounced, "Stupidsteve".

Alek: Well, Laura, what do you THINK is going on?

Laura: ...pardon?

Everybody stares at Alek.

Alek: Am I speaking in Koblish or something? What. Do. You. Think. Is-

Headmaster: Oh, for Brocc's SAKE! We ALL heard what you said, L-

Alek turns to face Headmaster Stormshroud.

Alek: “Generic Muting Spell!”

Headmaster Stormshroud loses the ability to speak.

Alek: We can't have my real identity being spoiled yet, now can we?


Kendall: RARR! ("GASP!")

Lillian: Aw, why did you have to go and spoil my real identity?! I WANTED TO DO IT!


Lillian looks at Laura.

Lillian: No it isn't, it's Laura Goldenclaugh.

Laura: What?!


Zed: Wait... there's a ginger freak in this doorway?

Lillian looks at Zed.

Lillian: He was talking about YOU, you freak!

Lillian continues to stare at Zed.

Lillian: Say, how would you like to help me spoil the entire plot of this series?

Zed: Uh… lolnope.

Zed races out the room.

Lillian: You can't run from me! I'll chase you across this entire universe if I must!


Lillian holds his hand in the air, enveloping Kendall and Laura in a blue light. Their eyes flash once, and their expressions disappear.

Lillian: Okay, everyone, time to catch the freak!

Thralls: Catch the freak…

Lillian and the thralls leave the room in pursuit of Zed …except Laura, who snaps out of Lillian's control.

Laura: Wait… why did Master Stormshroud remember my name...? Gasp! That must have been an imposter!

Laura’s eyes briefly glow with white light.

Laura: Oh! I must warn the REAL Master Stormshroud, despite not knowing where to find him!

Laura leaves the room and runs down a different hallway.

Scene 3: Temple of Marilina: Early Afternoon

Brocc stumbles into the temple, gasping for air.

Brocc: I... I... did I win...?

Priestess: Oh, welcome to the Temple of Marilina. Are you competing in the marathon?

Brocc: I... I... did I win...?

Priestess: Why, you most certainly have!

Emily: Oh, Brocc! How did you do?

Brocc: I... I... did I win...?

Emily: Shall I take him for his post-race physical?

Priestess: Of course, sister. By all means.

Emily and the priestess bow to each other. The priestess calmly walks away. Emily turns back to Brocc.

Emily: Okay, let's get you refreshed for the awards ceremony.

Bryn pokes her head around the corner.

Bryn: Is he back?

Emily: Yes, Bryn. I'm pleased to announce that Brocc has placed 1st in the Back Alley Marathon.

Bryn: Oh, for Brocc's sake... I bet 100 Axian Dollars AGAINST him! Thanks for nothing, Fartsnot!

Brocc: I... I... did I win?

Emily: Okay, Bryn, let's take you for your gender therapy session, even though you do not actually need it.

Bryn: I keep telling you, I DO. I really, really do...

Bryn disappears back around the corner.

Emily: I apologise, Brocc. You know what Bryn is like.

Emily bows and walks away.

Brocc: I... I... did I win?

Scene 4: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Mid Afternoon

Alek sits in a chair in the tavern drinking a mug of water. Two men at a nearby table talk amongst themselves.

Man #1: I am not unliterate.

Man #2: I am not unliterate.

Alek groans.

Alek: Since when do barbarians venture within taverns? For that matter, since when do they venture within CITIES?

The man looks at Alek.

Man #1: I am not unliterate!

Alek: A full scholarship? Well... my sincerest congratulations to you both.

Laura runs into the tavern and looks around. She spots Alek and runs up to him.

Laura: Master Stormshroud! An imposter of you is spoiling the entire plot of this series and remembering that I exist!

Alek: Who are you? Why should I trust-

Laura: Come ON! It's a miracle I happened to find you in the first place I looked.

Alek swallows the last mouthful and stands up. He faces the two men.

Alek: I wish you both well in your educational endeavours.

Alek and Laura run swiftly out of the tavern. The two men turn to face each other again.

Man #2: I am not unliterate.

Man #1: I am not unliterate.

The two men grunt and nod once, before taking a mouthful from their mugs.

Scene 5: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Mid Afternoon

Amethyst sits in a chair reading a book. A frantic knock sounds through the door.

Amethyst: Oh, THERE'S my pizza!

The door suddenly swings open and Zed races inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

Amethyst: Oh... I mean... Sacre bleu! Zed! Is something the matter?

Zed: You have a tinge of disappointment in your-

Amethyst: Well, wouldn't YOU be disappointed if YOUR pizza was two days behind schedule?!

Zed: Wow, SOMEONE'S hangry, aren't they? Uh... no disrespect intended.

Amethyst: Sigh... it's quite alright. Now, what troubles you, Cher Apprenti?

Zed calms takes a deep breath, then exhales.

Zed: You know when people blurt out spoilers for no benevolent reason?

Amethyst: Of course. Mar- I mean... an old confidante of mine spoils things on a regular basis. Why do you ask?

Zed: Well-

The door suddenly bursts open, revealing Kendall, Ned and Kel.

Thralls (continuous): Catch the freak…

The thralls approach Zed. Zed starts to panic again.

Lillian’s Voice: Tag! You're it!

Lillian walks into the room.

Zed: Uh... I don't think that's how you're supposed to play it, Master Stupidsteve...

Lillian: Really? That's how the REAL Alek told me it was played... unless he simply didn't want to make physical contact with me... oh, I WANT HIM TO PLAY FAIRLY WITH ME!

Amethyst: Alekzander! What are you doing?!

Lillian: I'm not Alek! I'm his twin brother Lillian!

Amethyst: Don't be silly, Alekzander! You would never spoil such a big plot twist!

Lillian: But I'm DOING it right NOW!

Amethyst: I know my friend, and he would never perform such an atrocious act!

Lillian slowly shifts to a stern emotion.

Lillian: So you believe that Alekzander would never spoil the plot, yet you also believe that he would blatantly lie about spoiling it, despite the fact that spoilers and lies are equally atrocious?

Lillian starts pacing from side to side.

Lillian: But if that's the case, and I'm not the real Alek, then by spoiling the plot I am, in fact, telling the truth, which is doing something atrocious that is somehow honest, and thus not something an "evil" twin would do... aw, I DON'T WANT TO TELL THE TRUTH!

Amethyst: Well, if you're not Alekzander, then who are you?

Lillian: Would you believe his evil twin?

Amethyst: Oh, please. That is such a cliché.

Lillian stops pacing and stands facing Amethyst, carefully examining her.

Lillian: Clearly you need convincing. Buttholio?


Lillian: There! NOW do you believe me?

Amethyst: You... didn't exactly prove anything you stated about yourself.


Alek’s voice: Ah, Lillian, my evil twin!

A smile spreads across the imposter’s face.

Lillian: See? See? I TOLD you!

Lillian spins to face Alek and Laura.

Lillian: Alekzander! Tell them I'm your evil twin!

Alek: I'm your evil twin!

Lillian: No, I'M the evil twin!

Alek: No, I'M the evil twin!

Lillian: Will you just STOP COPYING ME?!

Alek: Will you just STOP COPYING ME?!

Amethyst: You cast generic mirror illusion spell, didn't you?

Lillian: N-No...

Alek: N-No...

Amethyst: "Generic dispel spell!"

"Alek" vanishes.

Amethyst: You were saying?

Lillian: Look, I really AM Alek's evil twin, alright?

Amethyst: Oh, Alekzander, give it up. You can't fool me!

The real Alek runs into the room.

Alek: Sorry, everyone. I got lost in the secret labyrinth underneath the sch-


Alek: Why must you always behave like such a childish brat?


The headmaster runs into the room.

Headmaster: Someone stop him! He keeps spoiling the best bits of the story!

The headmaster looks at everybody.

Headmaster: Why is everyone staring at me like that?

Alek: Who exactly are you?

Headmaster: Why, I am your grandfather, of course!

Alek stares blankly.

Alek: ...doesn't ring a bell, I'm afraid.

Zed looks at Laura. Laura looks back at Zed.

Zed’s thoughts: I wonder what kind of shampoo she uses…

Laura’s thoughts: It's an exotic blend of Kisetsuese cherry blossom and Archaelian fruits...

Zed's thoughts: Wait... you can hear my thoughts...?

Laura's thoughts: Apparently...

Zed's thoughts: Whoa... that's cool...

Brocc's voice: Oh boy, this feast is SO good... it's WAY better than-

Zed's thoughts: Brocc...?

Brocc's voice: Zed...? How did you get this number?!

Zed's thoughts: Number...?

Brocc's thoughts: Did Erik give you my number?!

Zed's thoughts: Erik who...?

Brocc's thoughts: Uh... spoilers, sweetie...


Ned is knocked unconscious by a cardboard box.

Headmaster: No. More. Broccing. Spoilers. Please.

Amethyst: Aw... my pizza...

End Credits


Uh... should I keep going with this? It's better to let me know now than leave me to keep foolishly posting a spin-off that no-one likes and/or wants to read...
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

Episode 5: The Archetypal Evil Twin, Part I (For REALSIES this time! Promise!)

Scene 1: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Night

Amethyst sits in her room, trancing. A knock sounds through the door, and Amethyst awakens.

Amethyst: Oh, that must be the pizza I ordered... I've been SO looking forward to it.

The door opens and Alek walks in. Amethyst gasps, an expression of surprise on her face.

Amethyst: Aw... I mean... Oh, Alekzander.

Alek: You have a tone of disappointment in your voice.

Amethyst: Oh... I ordered a pizza two hours ago.

Alek: Ah, yes... Drake's Family Pizzeria, "Delivered in 20 Axian minutes or your pizza's free!"

Amethyst: Indeed. Given the length of time I've waited, they owe me 7 Axian dollars five times over.

Amethyst looks at Alek.

Amethyst: Um... that was intended as a joke.

Alek: It was? I never pictured you as the comedic type, "my friend".

Amethyst: Oui, cher Alekzander.

Alek sighs.

Alek: One day...

Amethyst: Ah, yes... what happened to you?

Alek: I was arrested for unpaid parking tickets. Strange, considering I don't even know how to drive...

Amethyst: Surely the city guard cannot arrest you for a few petit fines, especially if it is a case of mistaken identity.

Alek: Well, they CAN if it is eight Axian years' worth of violations, with each unpaid fine doubling in value for each twelve Axian month period, which is surprisingly less costly than it sounds...

Amethyst: Even so, you are not the culprit.

Alek: Oh, really?

Alek holds up a wanted poster that reads, "ALEKZANDER STUPIDSHROUD - WANTED - OR ALIVE".

Amethyst: Sacre bleu! How is this possible?!

Alek: I have absolutely no idea.

Amethyst: This person could be your proverbial evil twin!

Alek: Don't be ridiculous, Amethyst. My twin looks nothing like this imposter. For one, this person is at least two Axian feet taller than my twin.

The door bursts open.


Alek: AAH! Don't DO that, Kendall!

Kendall: Rorrr... ("Sorry...")

Zed: I just tried Goldenian rock for the first time!

Amethyst: Sacre bleu! Do you have any idea how much sugar is in Goldenian rock? You'll be defying gravity if you eat too much!

We see a view of Zed and Kendall standing on the ceiling.

Zed: Don't be silly, Master Amnesteve! You can't put gravy in tea! That's gross!

Kendall: Racruhrry, Ry rirah rike rrr... ("Actually, I kind of like it...")

The scene suddenly jumps to Zed and Kendall standing on the left wall, with the doorframe oriented accordingly. Zed shrugs.

Zed: Oh well... to each their own. Hey, let's go to Granny Drake's All-You-Can-Sweet Shoppe and dive into the caramel fountain!

Kendall: Rohray! ("Okay!")

The scene suddenly mirrors.

Zed: WOO!

Zed and Kendall race away, kicking up a cloud of rainbow sparkles. As it clears, the scene is back to normal.

Amethyst: Sacre bleu...

Alek: I agree... for an abridged series created by the author of the real version, the quality of these edits is slightly underwhelming.

Amethyst: That... is not at all what I meant.

Amethyst's thoughts: Perhaps it was a mistake to enrol Zed at this academy…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Lush Paradise: Late Morning

Brocc lies on a deckchair on a tropical beach, sipping a fruity beverage.

Brocc: Ah... a nice, relaxing vacation at my own private resort.

The picture zooms out to show a ridiculously-massive hotel in the background behind Brocc, with a green neon sign reading “Brocc Hotel”.

Brocc: The only thing that could spoil it is a near-naked Mak offering me something pointessly inedible...

Voice: Hot towel for you, sir?

Brocc turns to face Mak dressed in nothing but underwear, cufflinks and a bowtie, a towel draped over his arm.

Brocc: What? You can't eat a- AAAAAAAAH!

A gigantic wave splashes over Brocc.

Brocc: GAH! I’m drenched! This outfit cost me 500 Axian dollars!

Water splashes onto Brocc again, causing him to stir.

Voice: Oi! Get outta here!

Brocc: Ungh…500 Axian dollars…

Voice: Go on, get! Before I call the town guards!

Brocc looks up and sees a beautiful young woman standing over him.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, I apologise for loitering on your property, miss.

Girl: I'm married, you crouton!

Brocc (charismatic): Oh! I'm sorry, I didn't... wait... Bryn?

The girl smiles and suddenly speaks with Bryn's voice.

Girl: Heehee! What do you think of my disguise?

Brocc: Well, for one, it makes your butt look tall.

Girl: Aw, what a sweet thing to say... teehee!

A blank expression quickly emerges on Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

Girl: Is... something the matter?

Brocc: Fine! Just fine! I'm just not... used to you being nice to me is all.

Girl: Well, I need to TRY to be my usual, sweet self until my real gender flips back.

Brocc: Okay, firstly, you have NOT-

Girl: Yeah, yeah, I got enough of a lecture from Mak and Emily at the Temple of not-Rhyanna.

Brocc: Fair enough... secondly, since when are you sweet?

Bryn: HEY!

Brocc dashes away.

Girl: You win THIS round, Fartsnot...

Scene 3: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

Kendall sniffs the air in the ruined hallway.

Kendall: Oo roo rerrr rirri? ("Do you smell chilli?")

Zed: Nope, but my mouth tastes like a dentist's nightmare.

Kendall turns to face Zed.

Kendall: Roo rurry! ("You're funny!")

Zed: I am? Maybe I'm a stand-up comedian... named Steve N. Stevens... with my own long-running sitcom named "That's Our Steve!"...

Kendall: Rayrree... ("Maybe...")

Zed: Yeah... I wonder where Laura went...

Kendall: Roo? ("Who?")

Laura runs up to Zed and Kendall.

Laura: There you are!

Kendall (raised voice): RAYRER RAYRER! ("STRANGER DANGER!")

An elderly woman walks down the hallway.

Woman: Shh!

Kendall: Roo arr roo reeroo?! ("Who are you people?!")

Zed: Well, I'm Zed, and this is your sister Laura, and that's the nice lady who politely told you to-

The elderly woman walks past again.

Woman: Shh!

Zed: Rorry... ("Sorry...")

Laura: Zed! There is a bright light in your room!

Zed: Ooh, the shiny must've come back!

Kendall: Rrr rhiry? ("The shiny?")

Zed: Yeah! Let's go!

The librarian walks past again.

Librarian: Shh!

Laura: They really need to up the security in this place. It's only a matter of time before a pair of idiots trashes the library...

Scene 4: Library: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

The two bullies run around the library throwing books at each other.

Bully #1: Huh huh... huh huh... hey, Kel... huh huh... huh huh... catch... huh huh...!

The bully throws a children’s book at Kel. He misses it and picks up another book instead.

Kel: Heh heh... heh heh... I caught it, Ned... heh heh... heh heh... like a bass... heh heh...

Ned: Huh huh... huh huh... that's a different book... huh huh... the cover's different... huh huh...

Kel: Heh heh... heh heh... yeah, you're right... heh heh... your turn... heh heh...

Kel throws the book at Ned. Ned fires a magic missile at it, destroying it.

Ned: Huh huh... huh huh... pew pew... huh huh...

Kel: Heh heh... heh heh... a winner is you... heh heh...

Ned: Huh huh... I am Error... huh huh...

Kel: Heh heh... I am not unliterate... heh heh...


Ned and Kel sheepishly walk over to Alek.

Ned: Huh huh... huh huh... what a baby... huh huh...

Kel: Heh heh... heh heh... waah waah... heh heh...

Ned: Huh huh...

Kel: Heh heh...

Alek: Hm... these simpletons should be easy to bend to my will...

Alek’s eyes glow bright blue.

Alek: That was almost too easy... aw, I wanted it to be more challenging!

Scene 5: Zed’s Dormitory: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

The egg rests on a table, glowing brightly. Zed walks in and runs over to it.

Zed: Ooh, shiny!

Laura: What is happening?!

Zed: Well, I'm pretty sure I'm about to slip into a trance for no discernible reason...

Laura: How can you tell?

Zed: I read the scri-

Zed’s irises begin to glow with a soft, cyan light. Zed slowly moves his hand towards the egg.

Laura: The scrih...? What's a "scrih"?

Zed does not respond. As his hand approaches the egg, his crystal begins to glow brightly. Laura watches as Zed’s hand touches the egg, causing a column of light to erupt from it. Zed pulls his hand away, and the shell shatters, sending lumps of silver scattering across the table. The light from the egg dissipates, revealing a tiny, silver nanodragon coiled up on the table. The nanodragon lifts its head, opens its wings and stands to face Zed.

Laura: Aw, it's so cute...

Nanodragon (telepathy): Mama!

A voice whispers in Zed’s mind.

Voice: Argen…

Zed speaks the name of his choice, his voice echoed and distorted in an almost-otherworldly tone.

Zed (distorted voice): Ooh, shiny!

Zed’s irises and crystal return to normal. A puzzled look appears on Zed’s face.

Zed: Okay, maybe that forty-second cherry coconut liquorice strap was a mistake...

Laura: Your egg…it...

Zed: It hatched?

Zed notices the shell fragments one-by-one.

Zed: Ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, shiny... ooh, sh-

Laura: It's a dragon!

Zed: It's a dr... ooh, shiny!

Argen: Hi! I'm your familiar, Argen.

Zed: Aw, it's so cute! Aren't woo just the CWOOTEST wittle dwagy? Can I keep him?

Laura: I... think that's the idea.

Zed: Yay! I'm gonna call him... Steve.

Argen: I just told you my name! It's Ar-

Kendall runs into the room.

Kendall: Rerrr! ("Zed!")

Zed: I got a tiny dragon! His name is Steve.

Argen: Actually, it's Ar-

Kendall: Uh... rurrarr? Roo ruh rurry! ("Uh... congrats? You must hurry!")

Laura: For what reason?

Kendall: Roo ruh roo? ("Who are you?")

Laura sighs.

Zed: What's wrong?

Kendall: Rerrirr ruh Ruh-rerr ruhr rarrirr ruh rirrarry! ("Kelvis and Butt-Ned are trashing the library!")

Laura: Gasp! We must-

Kendall: Rerry-Rerry-ROOOOOOO! ("Kenny-Kenny-DAAAAALL!")

Kendall’s wolf features become more prominent. He howls as he races out the door.

Laura: Wait for us!

Laura begins to run to the door. Argen flies up to Zed’s right shoulder.

Zed: Come on, Steve!

Argen: I keep telling you, my name is Ar-

Zed: Hee hee! You sound like you're talking like people!

Argen: Sigh... bark, bark...

Zed and Argen race out the door, forgetting to close it behind them. The mysterious figure from before slips into the room from the opposite side of the hallway. She has bright pink hair tied into ponytails, bluish eyes, and somewhat revealing pink shugenja attire. She checks around the room, picking up a piece of eggshell. She examines it closely, then puts it into a pouch at her waist.

Girl: Ah, sugoi! ("Ooh, shiny!")

The girl sneaks back out of the room, disappearing down the same direction of the hallway.

To be Continued...

Closing Credits

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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

Episode 4: The Obligatory Wizard School, Part II

Scene 1: Illusion Studies: Stormshroud Academy: Morning

Zed is seated at a desk in a classroom surrounded by a number of other students. Two male students of about seventeen years of age talk amongst themselves.

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh...

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh... check out the new guy... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh... yeah, he thinks he's a main character or somethin'... heh heh...

The two young men snicker. A female student in her twenties scolds them.

Student #3: So what? At least he's actually DOING something with his life, unlike you two layabouts.

Zed looks at the female student.

Zed’s thoughts: Wow, it's Hermione Granger...

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh... what's a layabout...? Huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh... I think it's a type of nut loaf... heh heh...

Student #1: Huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh...

Student #1: Huh huh... you said "loaf"... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... yeah... heh heh...

Student #1: Huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh...

Alek walks into the classroom, his familiar perched on his shoulder.

Alek: Good morning, class.

Class (except Zed): Good morning, Master Stormshroud.

Zed: Good morning, Master Stormsteve.

Alek sits at his desk.

Alek: We have a new student, Zed Starmute.

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh... his name is just a letter... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh... yeah, the letter "moot"... heh heh...

We hear a fart sound.

Zed: Oop... sorry, heheh...

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh... he just farted... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh... and he's pronouncing his laugh wrong... heh heh...

Student #1: Huh huh... yeah, it's pronounced "huh huh"...

Student #2: Heh heh... yeah, not "heh heh"...

Student #1: Huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh...

Alek loses his patience.

Alek: That is it! Both of you, to Headmaster Eugolelias's office, NOW!

Student #1: Huh huh... huh huh... his name sounds like that game with the two weirdoes... huh huh...

Student #2: Heh heh... heh heh... yeah, Banjo-Kazooie... heh heh...

Alek: Out!

The students leave the classroom, closing the door behind them.

Alek: Oh, thank Brocc for that...

The wolfborn next to Zed speaks with a Scooby-Doo-like voice.

Wolfborn: Ruh-roh! Raster Rormroud red a rude rurd! ("Uh-oh! Master Stormshroud said a rude word!")

Zed looks at the wolfborn.

Zed's thoughts: Whoa... a talking Gachamon...

Alek gestures to the wolfborn.

Alek: Apologies, my young apprentice. Those two really get on everyone's nerves...

"Hermione": I agree, Master Stormshroud.

Alek: Who are you...? What are you doing in this class?

Zed: That's Hermione, Master Stormsteve.

Alek: I assure you that there is no Hermoyne in this class, Zed.

"Hermione": You know who I am, Master Stormshroud! Laura? Laura Goldenclaugh? The half-sibling of your wolfborn apprentice, Kendall Silvertooth, who is sitting in the front row next to our new student?

Alek stares blankly for two seconds.

Alek: ...doesn't ring a bell, I'm afraid.

Laura: Oh, for Brocc's sake...

Alek: Now run along to wherever it is you're supposed to be, otherwise you'll be facing a wood elf's week of detention.

Kendall whispers to Zed.

Kendall: Ra rood elf's reek is roo ronths rong. ("A wood elf's week is two months long.")

Zed's thoughts: Whoa... roo whole ronths... that's a LOT of rerention...

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Campus Grounds: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Zed, Kendall and Laura sit on a bench underneath a tree.

Zed: So what were you doing in Master Stormsteve's class, anyway? Did you get to class early and realise it was the wrong one? 'cause it happens WAY more often than I'm willing to admit...

Laura laughs.

Laura: Of course not, Zed. I'm sure Master Stormshroud was just making a joke. After all, his memory is flawless, isn't it Kendall?

Kendall: Uh... roo I roh roo? ("Uh... do I know you?")

Zed: Well, you probably had Herbology or something.

Laura: I think it's more likely that everyone's having a sudden onset case of amnesia.

Zed: Wait... how did you know that, Hermione? Have WE met? I'm sorry I forgot about you...

Kendall: Ree roo... ("Me too...")

Laura: No, no, it was just a joke. No-one on campus actually HAS amnesia.

Zed: I do.

Laura: Oh... I apologise for my insensitivity.

Zed: It's fine. I know you didn't mean it, since I'm not Ron Weasley. Wait... ginger hair...

Zed's thoughts: Could I be...? Nah... Ron doesn't wear Angusteventhalliusimmonatticusius for Men...

Kendall: Ri'm rungry roar rum Renny raKs! ("I'm hungry for some Kenny snaKs!")

Zed: Me too!

The trio begin to head for the dining hall.

Zed’s thoughts: I hope we have fish fingers and custard today... mmm...

Scene 3: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Zed, Laura and Kendall proceed towards the dining hall. Zed notices a glow coming from down a hallway.

Zed: Ooh, shiny...

Kendall: Rerry rhiny! ("Very shiny!")

Zed and Kendall begin to proceed down the hallway.

Laura: Oh no... looks like another planar rift leak... well, guess I'd better tell Dad that Kendall's gonna be late for dinner... or early for breakfast last Tuesday...

Laura’s thoughts: Or LITERALLY partying like it's 1999...

Zed and Kendall turn left into another hallway. They see a swath of destruction: paintings crooked, carpeting in shreds and furniture splintered and broken. Deep claw marks line the wooden walls.

Zed: Who could have done this?

We see glowing blue graffiti sprayed on a nearby wall that reads, "LILLIAN ALEKZANDER STUPIDSHROUD WAZ ERE"

Zed: GASP! Kendall, I think Master Stormsteve trashed this hallway!

Kendall: Rat's rimrossirrrrr! ("That's impossibrrrrr!")

Zed: Then how do you explain the graffiti? If he really didn't do it, then why would he foolishly admit to doing it as part of the hallway trashing?

Kendall: Ruh... Ry ron'n roh... ("Uh... I don't know...")

Zed: There's no other explanation. Let's call the police.

Kendall: Rohray. ("Okay.")

Scene 4: Alek’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Evening

Amethyst and Alek sit on a couch in Alek’s office. The two friends laugh.

Amethyst: Oh, that was hilarious!

Alek wipes a tear from his eye with a gloved finger.

Alek: You really think so?

Amethyst: Oui, oui, Cher Alekzander. A sense of humour so magnifique should be considered a criminal offence.

Three city guards burst into the office.

Guard #1: Alekzander Stupidshroud?

Alek: Yes?

The other two guards approach Alek.

Guard #1: You're under arrest.

The guards grab Alek’s hands and bind them together with handcuffs.

Alek: Oh, come on! It wasn't that bad!

Guard #2: The hallway under the stairs lies in ruins!

Alek: But… it was only a joke...

Guard #3: Yeah? Well, we're gonna make sure your "jokes" don't unwittingly damage heritage listed buildings anymore.

The guards pull Alek from the room.


The guards close the doors. Amethyst stands staring at them in a state of mild shock.

Amethyst's thoughts: Sacre bleu... I should learn to THINK before I think... I think...?

To be Continued…

Closing Credits

by NintendoPurist64
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

Episode 3: The Obligatory Wizard School, Part I

Scene 1: Outside Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed stand at the gate outside the prestigious Stormshroud Academy for Young Mages, an enormous campus nestled within Silveria City’s Mage’s District.

Amethyst: Ah, my old magic academy...

Zed: You mean wizard schoo-

Amethyst: Most certainly not! That is a stereotypical term. It is a MAGIC academy.

Zed: But people who use magic are wiz-

Amethyst: No, mon Cher. Not everyone who uses magic is a wizard.

Zed: Oh... and not every wizard uses magic, right?

Amethyst: Of course they do! Why else would wizards spend decades to master even basic use of magic?

Zed: But... Mr. Steve Newt told me I'm a base magic adept who doesn't need to study.

Amethyst: Yes, but YOU are a main character, and thus are gifted with overpowered talents and abilities that no normal person could even dream of having.

Zed: Because of my plot device?

Amethyst: Oh, Cher Apprenti, your crystal has nothing to do with your overpowered gifts.

Zed: But wasn't IT an overpowered gift from you...?

Amethyst's thoughts: Sacre bleu... why is it always the naïve, absently-minded ones who have grand, life-changing quests beyond rational means...?

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Entrance Hall: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst, Zed and Alek walk into the entrance hall from outside.

Alek: Welcome to our generic institution for magic. I am Alekzander Stormshroud, Alek to my friends. Your master and I have been friends for many years.

Amethyst: Indeed we have, Cher Alekzander.

Alek: Amethyst, please... after all this time, you more than most have earned the right to call me "Alek".

Amethyst: Merci, Cher Alekzander. I accept your most generous proposition.

Alek: But... you still referred to me as... Oh, never mind.

Zed: It's nice to meet you, Alekzander.

Alek: Now, now, Zed, you should know what to call me, hm?

Zed: Wait... so I get to call you "Alek", too?

Alek laughs.

Alek: My word, no! You may call me "Master Stormshroud", as you are a student of this generic magic school.

Zed: Oh... sorry, Mr. Steve Stormshroud.

Alek: Eh... close enough. Anyway, see that building over there?

Alek points to a metal building at a far corner of campus grounds, surrounded by a high, jagged-metal fence and a deep moat. Loud roars can be heard from within. Zed squeals.

Zed: What was THAT?!

Alek: Oh, nothing of concern. Just our former dragon janitor who went mad and destroyed half the school, forcing us to lock him away, only for him to break out and do the same thing at least twice more ater that.

Zed: And no-one thought to relocate him far, far away from here?!

Alek: Oh... I suppose that could've helped us thirty years ago, when it first happened... any suggestions?

A shocked look spreads across Zed’s face.

Zed: Y-You're asking ME, a complete stranger who's only just arrived at this generic magic school AND probably this universe in general, on where to relocate a dangerously mad silver DRAGON?!

Amethyst: Uh… the colour of Gintamago's scale hasn't been mentioned...

Zed: How about Kobelia? Narnia? Another PLANE? Feel free to choose ANY of those suggestions!

Alek's thoughts: The **** is "Narnia"...?

Scene 3: Temple of Marilina: Late Afternoon

Mak, Emily and Bryn enter the Temple of Marilina. Bryn feels out-of-place.

Bryn: Okay, why are we here?

Mak: You know why, Bryn.

Bryn: I keep telling you, Gazzo's potion flipped my gender!

Mak: Gender is an illusion. You KNOW that.

Bryn: Then HOW do you explain why my-

Emily: Bryn, you must speak to my mentor. She will explain everything.


High Priestess: And that is from whence babies come.

Mak: Wow... I had no idea...

High Priestess: Then how did you think you came into being?

Bryn: HA! You REALLY don't wanna know, ma'am.

Emily: We thank you, High Priestess.

Emily bows. The High Priestess bows right back.

High Priestess: May Marilina bring you and your love a wealth of happiness, love and-

Bryn: Love? Pfft... as if MAK would ever like-like someone in THAT way.

Mak: And how would you know?

Bryn: Y-You're kidding, right? You LITERALLY just thought you were grown out of a head of cabbage.

Mak: So? That's what my teacher Miss Ceras taught me.

Bryn: What, when you were three years old?

Mak: Sh... shut up...

Bryn: And where's Brocc?

Scene 4: Alleyway: Late Afternoon

Brocc is pursued through a deserted alley by two human thugs wielding big clubs.

Brocc: HAHA! I'm gonna win this back alley marathon!

Thug #1: Fat chance!

Thug #2: Yeah, that trophy is MINE!

Brocc: Trophy? I'm doin' this for the years' supply of assorted treats and edibles! YUUUUUUUUM!

Scene 5: Stormshroud Academy: Late Night

Zed is asleep in bed. He is awoken by a small, bright blue orb of light hovering above his bed. The orb floats over to his door.

Zed: Ooh, shiny...

Zed climbs out of bed, puts on his shirt and boots and makes his way over to the door, opening it. The orb floats out of the door and makes its way down the corridor. Zed follows it.

The orb floats up to a door labelled “Familiar Studies”. Zed walks up to the door.

Zed’s thoughts: Oh... there's even a class that teaches you how to reverse amnesia... generic magic school is SO awesome...

The door swings open. Zed looks down and sees a tiny blue dragon no taller than his shin on the ground.

Zed: Aw, aren't you just the CUTEST little lightning-breathing menace to good folks everywhere?

Zed hears a familiar voice from within the room.

Voice: Who's there?!

Zed: Uh...

Alek: Oh, Zed. Come in.

Zed: Wait... Mr. Steve Stormshroud?

Zed walks into the classroom. A counter runs along the back wall with five eggs nested on top of it. A large blackboard is mounted on the left wall with the words “Master Stormshroud” and “Familiar Studies” written on it in white chalk.

Alek: Why are you up so late at night?

Zed: Oh, I have insomnia.

Alek: I thought it was called "amnesia"...?

Zed: I have insomnia AND amnesia.

Alek: Ah, I see.

Zed. And something called "chronic procrastination disorder", whatever THAT is...

Alek: I figured you'd be an artist.

Zed: A what?

Alek: N-Never mind. For now, just take one of those eggs to your dorm.

Zed: What is it?

Alek: A nanodragon egg.

Zed: Whoa, for realsies?!

Alek: Yes. At least two-thirds of the major recurring spellcasters in this series each have an exceedingly rare nanodragon familiar, as opposed to more ubiquitous choices such as cats, frogs... uh... some less generic choices...

Zed: "At least two-thirds"...? Seems a bit disproportionate, doesn't it?

Alek: Well, major characters get preferential treatment, do they not?

Zed: Then why is Amethyst's familiar an owl? And why is Mr. Steve Newt's familiar-

Alek: You've... made your point. Alright, off you pop. Take your egg, then back to bed, hm?

Zed: Alright.

Zed leaves the room. Alek closes the door.

Zed: Ooh, shiny...

Zed's thoughts: I sure hope no-one is spying on me through the shadows of this dark hallway...

A mysterious figure lurks in the darkness, watching as Zed heads back to his room.

To be Continued...

Closing Credits

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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

Episode 2: The Seventh Plot Device, Part II

Scene 1: Newt’s Cottage: Morning

Amethyst and Zed are seated in armchairs surrounding a small table. Newt pulls a book from the shelf.

Newt: Ah, this should be a good one...

Newt sits in an armchair and places the heavy book onto the table. He opens it and flips through the pages.

Newt: What the-

Zed: It’s blank.

Newt: I can see that, Zed... lousy inkmites. Now I need to tell you what I remember instead...

Amethyst: About the Empire?

Newt: The what?

Amethyst: The Silverian Empire, Monsieur. It's why you called us here.

Newt: Don't be ridiculous, Amethyst! Silveria isn't an empire, it's a KINGDOM.

Zed: But Mr. Steve Newt-

Newt: Now, now, it's getting late. You best be heading home before it gets dark.

Zed: It's 11AM.

Newt: Now, now, Mister, you know how your mother worries, don't you?

Zed: I don't even remember HAVING one.

Newt: Then where did you think you came from, hm? You wouldn't believe that ridiculous story about how a seahorse brought you here, would you?

Amethyst: How did you-

Newt: Seahorses are a myth, just like elves, mages and the Crystalbound.

Amethyst: But I am all three of those things, Monsieur.

Newt: Oh... that's right...

Zed: So you have no information on the crystals?

Newt: No. If I DID, this page wouldn't be blank-

Words and images suddenly appear on the pages.

Newt: -now would it? Oh... oh, my... this is FAR too overwhelming for my narrow understanding of magic...

Amethyst: But Monsieur, you were my mage instructor. You taught me all I know over the course of 35 years!

Newt: 35 years?! It only took 10 for Alekzander to master it!

Newt's thoughts No WONDER Zed thinks my name is Steve...

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Town Square: Late Morning

Amethyst and Zed walk past the fountain.

Zed: Well, THAT was no help...

Amethyst: Agreed, mon Cher.

Zed: Well, we should go say goodbye to Mrs.-

Zed suddenly farts. Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: Trés amusing, mon protégé.

Zed: Sorry, heheh...

Scene 3: Taylor’s Treasures: Late Morning

Zed and Amethyst enter Taylor’s Treasures, the little bell jingling as the door opens and closes.

Zed: Hm... either she's upstairs, or she's at Mr. Steve Newt's house.

Amethyst: How do you know?

Zed: I'm psychic or something. My powers are left deliberately ambiguous to drive the whole "amnesiac hero" trope to its fullest.

Amethyst: Ah, I see.

Zed: Nah, she only ever goes there. My neighbours Steve and Steve swear she goes to the field near my house and watches the sunset-

We shift to a view of Mrs. Taylor from behind as she observes the twilight horizon.

Zed: -but that's absurd.

Amethyst: You do not think she goes there?

Zed: Nope, only everyone else in town. Every night they throw a wild party in that field, with music so loud that I NEVER get a good nights' sleep.

We cut to a view of Zed tossing and turning in his bed as the loud thump of '80s-style music and a gathering of noisy people are heard in the background.

Zed: Honestly, it'll be nice to get a decent sleep for once.

Amethyst: About that...

Zed: Well, we should get going, otherwise this episode will run too long.

Amethyst: Agreed. Let's skip ahead to the tavern scene.

Zed: Aw, can't it be a toy shop THIS ti-

Scene 4: The Name Pending Tavern: Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed enter the tavern. Zed looks around and sees a few adventurers sitting at tables. Three human males, presumably fighters, are gathered around a short-bearded dwarf wearing silver armour. The dwarf speaks with a regal English accent.

Dwarf: And THAT'S how I got the world record score in Monkey King!

Fighter #1: Uh... don't you have a Scottish accent in the main series?

Dwarf: Do you honestly think I’d be stupid enough to try doing a Scottish accent when I'm not even the original voice actor?! Us Scottish accent-using types can't stand people trying to use our accent and messing it up!

Fighter #2: Fair enough.

Dwarf: Try to show a little respect, why not?

The dwarf drinks a mouthful of mead from his mug. Amethyst walks over to the dwarf. Zed follows behind.

Amethyst: Good afternoon, Thobrun.

Thobrun: Hello, Amethyst. Is this him?

Thobrun sees Zed standing behind Amethyst.

Zed: A-Actually, my name's not "Him". It's Zed... or Steve. Not sure which.

Thobrun stands up.

Thobrun: Well met, Zed Notshorwich.

Thobrun bows. Zed bows right back.

Thobrun: I'm Thobrun.

Zed: As in Steve Thobrun?

Thobrun cringes slightly.

Thobrun: No, just "Thobrun", of Clan Steelanvil.

Amethyst: I was just going to introduce Zed to the others.

Thobrun: They're already on their way.

Amethyst: Sacre bleu! Couldn't they have waited?!

Thobrun: You know how impatient that "certain someone" gets.

Amethyst: Do you mean Brocc, Bryn or-

Thobrun: Okay, okay, you've made your point...

Zed: They can't have gotten far.

Amethyst: Well, they can keep waiting. The three of us shall use the rooms we have booked. I am, after all, obliged to give my protégé his first good nights' sleep in recent memory.

We cut to a view of Zed tossing and turning in bed as loud violin-based folk music and laughing and cheering people are heard in the background.

Zed: Good morning!

Amethyst: Ah, you seem bonne! Did you sleep well?

Zed: Not a wink!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Ah, that is... ahahah... hah... eh.

Zed: It's fine, though. I spent the whole night thinking about how amazing it is that I'm a main character!

Amethyst: Oui oui, I am most confident that we will get it right this time.

Zed: Yeah! Wait... get what right?

Amethyst: Uh... spoilers, sweetie.

Zed: Oh, okay then. Woo!

Amethyst's thoughts: Phew... THAT was close...

Scene 5: En Route to Silveria City: Morning

The party walks along a forested path heading in the direction of Silveria City. Zed speaks to the orcborn.

Zed: I don't believe I got your name...

Orcborn: Really? I already told you eleven times. It's-

Zed: I mean I know the names of Amethyst, Thobrun, Emily, Bryn, Brocc, Brocc's pet cat, that buzzcut-headed guy and his bear companion who are stalking us back there just out of frame and carrying a bunch of stolen and/or broken goods from Mr. Steve Newt's shop...

The orcborn smiles.

Orcborn: You have quite the sense of humour, Zed Steve Starmute from the outskirts of Silvertooth.

Zed: Actually, the town name hasn't been revealed yet...

Bryn: Way to spoil it for the rest of us, dumdum!

Amethyst: Actually, Cher Bryn, I doubt the name of Zed's hometown is too much of a spoiler. Do you not agree, Brocc?

Brocc: Don't ask me, Person-Who-isn't-Actually-a-Wood-Elf. I'm still trying to make sense of the fact that this version of the story is just a stripped down, played-for-laughs abridged version, meaning it isn't exactly spoiler-tight. I mean my whole schtick is breaking the fourth wall, so what exactly is my role in this thing if everyone ELSE is doing it?!

Bryn: Oh, poor baby! At least you weren't gender-flipped by your best friend!

Brocc: Bryn, how many times do I have to tell you? You were NOT gender-swapped! NO potion in ALL the universes even HAS that capability! Any perceptions you have of such a thing having happened to you are ENTIRELY psychosomatic!

Bryn: And how do you know, fart-features?!

Brocc: Because gender is an illusion and everyone has value no matter how they identify. Plus, my family's been in the potions business for over three centuries.

Bryn: Yeah, right! I bet you only said that 'cos-

Thobrun: Both of you stop bickering, OTHERWISE we'll turn this car around and go home!

Brocc: Aw, man... you know, you're really grouchy in this version, Thobrun...

Bryn: He scares me.

Brocc: EVERYTHING scares you! See those barbarians over next to that sign?

Bryn: You mean THAT sign?

Bryn points to a sign with the words “TOLL RODE” crudely written in black paint.

Brocc: Well... pfft, OBVIOUSLY, Bryn! Do you SEE any other signs?

Thobrun: Well, maybe we can negotiate peacefully with them.

Orcborn: Be realistic, Thobrun. No barbarian would be so compliant.

Emily: You are right, my dear.

Bryn: Pfft... you're only taking his side because you LOOOOOOOOVE-

Orcborn: Bryn, shut up and let me talk to the nice person!

Bryn looks up at the barbarian guarding the bridge.

Bryn: Like you can speak their language!

Barbarian: I am not unliterate.

Bryn’s thoughts: Seriously, who could translate that…?

Orcborn: He says the toll is 32 Gold.

Bryn: WHAT?! How the-

Orcborn: Why are you making us pay to cross?

Barbarian: I am not unliterate.

Orcborn: Can't we work something out?

Bryn: Okay, this is bad!

Orcborn: Bryn, for the love of... just let me negotiate for once.

Barbarian: I am not unliterate!

Orcborn: Can you even spell “money“?

Barbarian: I… am not… unliterate...?

Orcborn: Wow, you actually DO know how to spell it... good job!

The barbarian bellows loudly.


Orcborn: Okay, you win. Take the gold, plus a little extra for proving me wrong.

Barbarian: Huh huh huh... I am not unliterate...

Orcborn: Problem solved.

Emily: I had no idea you spoke barbarian.

Orcborn: My mother taught me before she disappeared without a trace when I was younger.

Bryn: Well, it's a good thing she did, otherwise we'd be haggis right now!

Orcborn: Okay, let's continue onward before anything else hap-

Zed: "SLEEP!"

Zed suddenly points his wand at the barbarians, who slump to the ground in a deep slumber.

Orcborn: What the…?!

Thobrun: What the...?!

Bryn: What the...?!

Amethyst: Sacre bleu!

Brocc’s thoughts: What the...?!

The orcborn steps over the barbarians and walks over to the party.

Orcborn: Remind me never to get on your bad side!

The orcborn sheathes his sword and holds out his right hand. Zed grabs it and clenches. The two release their grips.

Orcborn: That wasn't necessary, but thank you all the same.

Zed: No problem. Glad to help... uh... I wanna say, "Steeeee-"

Orcborn: It's "Mak", actually. Mak Clay.

Zed: Wow, you're the first person I've met here who ISN'T named Steve.

Amethyst: What should we do about these barbarians?

Bryn: Well, we'll be just fine as long as there aren't any Silveria City guards nearby.

A woman’s voice echoes from the other side of the bridge.

Voice: What's going on over there?

Mak: Uh-oh.

Bryn: Cheese it!

The scene cuts to black as the sound of rapidly shuffling feet sounds. A cloud of dust kicks across the screen.

Zed's voice: Oh, PLEASE don't mention cheese, Steve...

Closing Credits

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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"
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Crystals of Silveria Abridged, Vol. I - An Abridged Meta-Parody... thing... by "The Author"

First things first: Feel free to comment between each episode. Don't think of it as "disrupting the flow of the series", but rather "recapturing the feel of the original, pre-remastered season".

There are major spoilers for those who have yet to read Crystals of Silveria Remastered! Read at your own risk!
Episode 1: The Seventh Plot Device, Part I

Scene 1: Zed’s House: Early Morning

The sun rises over a secluded township in the middle of a vast green plain. In a small house on the outskirts of town, a young man is in a restless slumber, tossing and turning. His eyes suddenly fly open and he sits up in his bed.

Young man (thoughts): Whoa, I need to stop eating muddvak cheese before bed…

The young man, now dressed, walks into his washroom. He gazes into his mirror, opening his mouth and biting onto his hand. The man’s hand glows with a bright blue light, illuminating his entire mouth for a moment before dissipating. He turns on a tap and rinses a cup, then fills it with water. He takes a mouthful and sloshes it around, spitting it into the sink. He then empties the cup and turns off the tap.

Young man: Nothing like making your own magical toothpaste!

The man thinks to himself, then realises something.

Young man: Oh, this is an animé, so my hair is supposed to be spiky if I ever want to be a main character!

The man holds his hand over his forehead. His hand glows. As he moves it upward, his messy, bright red hair spikes vertically. He moves his hand away, and it stops glowing.

Young man: Okay, time to eat a banana that will taste like garbage due to me cleaning my teeth BEFORE eating!

The young man opens the front door and steps through it, closing it behind him. As he turns around a bouncy ball lands next to his foot. He looks at the ball, then at the two boys running towards him.

Boy #1: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Good morning, Steve! How are you?

Boy #1: My name’s not Steve!

Boy #2: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Oh, hi, Steve!

Boy #2: My name’s not Steve, either.

Boy #1: Can we have our ball back, please?

Zed: Sure thing, Steve!

Zed kicks the ball to the boys. The second one grabs it.

Boy #2: Thanks, Mr. Zed!

Zed: No problem, Steve!

Boy #1: My name’s not Steve! It’s Alfre-

Zed: Sorry, Steve, I can’t chat right now. I have to go to work.

Boy #1: Okay then…”Steve”!

Zed: Bye-bye!

Boy #2: Bye-bye, “Steve”!

The boys run off with the ball. Zed smiles and shakes his head slightly, then makes his way into town.

Zed’s thoughts: Wait…so…is my name actually Steve…?

Opening Credits

Scene 2: Taylor’s Treasures: Morning

Zed makes his way to Taylor’s Treasures. A bell jingles as Zed opens the door and walks inside, closing the door behind him. A middle-aged woman with glasses heads downstairs into the small shop.

Zed: Good morning, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, good morning, young Zed.

Zed looks around the shop.

Zed: So, I see the walls are still lemon meringue-coloured…

Mrs. Taylor: You skipped breakfast again, didn’t you? I keep telling you to eat first and THEN brush your teeth! Honestly, I had no trouble teaching that to my son, Ted!

Zed: Wait…so your son’s name ISN’T Steve?!

The bell jingles as the door opens. The delivery man walks in.

Deliveryman: Mornin’, Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Taylor: Mornin’, Mr. Deliveryman. What have you got for us today?

Deliveryman: Three big boxes o’ wondrous junk for ya.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, I hope it’s those underpants of supreme comfort I ordered!

Zed picks up the smallest box, places it onto the counter and opens it with a small knife.

Zed: Sorry, Mrs. Taylor, it’s just full of brown, non-descript bags.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, bummer! You may as well put ‘em on display then, lad. Then you can knock off work early and go get a lemon meringue from the bakery.

Zed: You’re so nice, Mrs. T!

Mrs. Taylor: Please don’t call me that, Zed…

Zed: Sorry. So…do you think I’ll ever become a main character?

Mrs. Taylor: With hair THAT spiky, lad, I’d be half-surprised if an elf carrying a plot device didn’t walk in here during the next scene!

Zed nods.

Zed’s thoughts: I hope you’re right, Ted-Steve’s mother…

Scene 3: Taylor’s Treasures: Early Afternoon

A young elven woman enters the shop, the little bell jingling as she opens and closes the door. Mrs. Taylor greets her with a smile.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, I’ve been expecting you...

Young woman: Bonjour, mademoiselle. My name is Amethyst Lunerosée, and I am looking for someone with particularly spiky hair to accept a plot device that will make him – or her – a main character.

Mrs. Taylor: What a coincidence! My spikiest-haired employee was just saying that he wants to become a main character!

Amethyst: That is wonderful!

Mrs. Taylor: I’ll tell him to meet you in the tavern, even though he never sets foot in there and wouldn’t do so otherwise.

Amethyst: Merci, mademoiselle.

Scene 4: The Naked Drake: Afternoon

Zed walks inside the tavern. It is practically deserted, save for a couple of individuals at different tables.

Zed’s thoughts: Why couldn’t Mrs. Taylor have arranged for me to meet that person in the toy shop? I like the toy shop…

Zed walks over to Amethyst. Amethyst looks up at Zed, then stands up.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: Because your hair is so…spiky!

Zed: Oh…right.

Amethyst: Anyway, my name is Amethyst Lunerosée, and I am a wood elf from…uh…Verdelvum…the place where wood elves live. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, monsieur.

Zed: If…you’re a wood elf, then why do you keep using words from the Light Elvish language?

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: Spoilers, sweetie.

Amethyst picks up her staff and starts to head towards the door.

Zed: Wait…what’s a spoiler?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Scene 5: Meadow: Afternoon

Zed and Amethyst walk to the top of a hill covered in short, green grass.

Amethyst: Okay, here we are.

Zed: The meadow near my house?

Amethyst: Is it? Well, that’s suspiciously convenient…

Zed: Why did you bring me here?

Amethyst: I will show you.

Amethyst reaches into her satchel, pulling out a wooden box with a silver clasp. She undoes the clasp, swinging the box open so that Zed can gaze upon the contents. Inside the box are seven alcoves, with one of the alcoves containing a triangular, cyan-coloured crystal.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of plot devices that will make you, Zed Steve Starmute, a main character, better known as a Crystalbound.

Zed: I…can be a main character…?!

Amethyst: I just said we’re called the-

Zed: Wow…

Zed steps forward. He reaches out his hand and picks up the crystal. As he opens his hand, the crystal’s centre glows with a bright light. Zed places the crystal around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the immediate area, before returning to a low level of constant light within the centre.

Zed: I’m a main character!

Scene 6: Street: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk down a street.

Zed: Thank you for buying my new clothes.

Amethyst: It is my pleasure, Zed. Now, we need to buy you a wand that later turns out to be your long-lost sword.

Zed: What? But wizards don’t use swords! Why would I have a sword?

Amethyst: Spoilers, sweetie.

Zed leads Amethyst to another door. The sign above the door reads The Budding Alchemist. Zed opens the door, motioning Amethyst to enter. Amethyst nods once and enters the building, followed by Zed. An elderly gentleman with a long white beard greets them.

Gentleman: Ah, Zed. Still having bizarre dreams?

Zed: Yes, Mr. Steve Newt.

Newt: You do know that muddvak cheese before bed will cause weird dreams, right?

Zed: Yes, Mr. Steve Newt. Sorry, Mr. Steve Newt…

Newt: I suppose you’re here for your swo- I mean…a wand that clearly isn’t yours until you buy it?

Zed: Yep.

Newt: Very well.

Mr. Newt notices Amethyst.

Newt: Ah, my former apprentice. It is good to see you again.

Amethyst: Oh, now I remember you! You used to be my teacher!

Newt: Yes, yes I did.

Mr. Newt leads Zed to a display containing a selection of wands.

Zed: How will I know which one is the right one for me?

Newt: Well, it CERTAINLY isn’t because it was yours and you recognise it, even in a different form!

Zed looks around. He spots a silver wand adorned with a carving of a dragon at its far end. He walks over to it and picks it up. Almost immediately, a bright blue glow surrounds him. He reaches into his shirt and pulls out the crystal, which is also glowing with a bright blue light.

Newt: No…it cannot be!

The light dissipates. Mr. Newt walks over to Zed.

Newt: Zed! You did not tell me you had a plot device!

Zed: That’s because it was only given to me yesterday…

Newt: Oh. Well, we must go to my house and discuss it further.

The three people step out of the shop. A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows.

Figure: Oh, man…they locked me in here! Didn’t they know I was here? I might be locked in here for hours...I guess I'll trash the place, then! Heheheh...

Closing Credits

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Topic: Review: Taito's The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warriors (PS4 PSN)
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Review: Taito's The Ninja Saviors - Return of the Warriors (PS4 PSN)


DM: Before the bugbear has a chance to respond, Ninjus the Ninja drops down from the ceiling, daggers bared. The bugbear drops to the ground with a thud.

Player #1: I leap off the bugbear, turn to the other party members and grin. "And THAT is how you do pest control!"

Player #2: I don't get it...

Player #1: Uh...BUGbear? As in...BUGS?

Player #2: But...bugbears aren't bugs. They're medium-sized goblinoids covered in coarse hairs that-

Player #3: It's just a pun, dude.

Player #2: Oh...good one.

Player 2 makes a small smile. Player 1 sighs.

Player #1: I'm glad ONE of you got it...

Um...well, THAT happened. Anyway, I think this is the first time I've read a review of a beat-em-up from you, @Towafan7. Nice one! Topics tagged under 1 on  631737971

So...any chance of a review of 3D Classics: Urban Champion? Razz
by NintendoPurist64
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Topic: Iconic Travel Journals - A Mockumentary Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Iconic Travel Journals - A Mockumentary Series by GeekyGamerZack

DO NOT OPEN unless you've seen all 17 eps of Crystals Remastered!:
Hi all, and welcome to Iconic Travel Journals, a video blog-style series that chronicles the travels of several main characters of the Chromaicora Adventures. As a part of the Expanded Chromaicora Project, this mockumentary series ties into the adventures of Zander (aka Zed) and others of his kind, as they record their exploits in video diary-style form. Naturally, this means spoilers, so view with caution.

Okay, let's begin!

Zander's Blog, Part 1
We see a shaky view of Zander's feet on the ground.

Zander's voice: Is it switched on?

Amethyst's voice: I believe you are holding it upside-down.

Zander's voice: Oh, right.

The scene swivels past some sheep in a paddock up to Zander's face. Zander makes a silly mouth-and-eyes-wide-open face.

Zander: Hi! It's ya boi Zed here, videoing-

Amethyst's voice: "It's ya boi"?

Zander laughs.

Zander: Too much?

Amethyst's voice: Perhaps a little.

Zander: Yeah, heheh...anyway, I'm doing a travel video blog during my journey through Ornoposia. Oh, and I have a magic instructor!

The scene swivels to a view of Amethyst, who smiles.

Amethyst: Oh.

Zander's voice: Say "Salve", Amethyst!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Greetings, Zed's subscribers.

Zander's voice: The ultimate elven mage!

Amethyst: You flatter me, dear apprentice.

The scene swivels back to Zander.

Zander: For the record, I'm a wizard, not a mage. Mages specialise in a single school of magic, whereas wizards are more freeform, picking and choosing from every school.

Amethyst's voice: Indeed.

Zander: Okay, see you all in a sec.

The scene jumps to a view of Zander in Silveria City.

Zander: Hey! I'm suddenly in the city!

Brocc's voice: However did we get here?!

Zander: Oh yeah, that voice belongs to Brocc Farshot, a new friend of mine.

Brocc's voice: And I'm INVEEZEEBEEL!

Zander laughs.

Zander: He's kidding, of course.

Brocc's voice: Yeah, I'm too short to reach the camera lens.

Zander: I was gonna record the tavern we were in last night, but the battery ran out.

Brocc's voice: You should get a GoPro. MUCH better for documenting travel logs.

Zander: Oh yeah...funny, I haven't seen a GoPro since before my memory was lost.

Brocc's voice: Eheheheheh...swiftly changing the subject...

Zander: Uh-oh, the battery's going again.

Brocc's voice: Darn it!

Zander: Okay, like and subscribe! I love you all!

Brocc's voice: I love you more! Unless you're my brother Sven, in which case you can take a fr e sh a voca do and-

Zander's Blog: Part 1.1 - I'M AT WIZARD SCHOOL! (NOT clickbait)
We see a view of Zander as he makes his eyes-and-mouth-wide-open face.

Zander: What is UP, Zed-Warriors? I'm back with a new camera, which apparently has a longer battery life...AND a bigger memory card.

Kendall's voice: Memory what?

Zander: Y'know...? Memory card...?

Laura's voice: I believe you mean a fuda of false memories, Zed.

Zander: Um...anyway, I'm at WIZAHRRD SCHOOL!

Voice #1: And he's the only "wizahrrd" in the room, so make of that what you will.

Voice #2: Hey! What about me?

Laura's voice: You're a mage, Steve.

Steve's voice: That counts, doesn't it?

Voice #1: Maybe in your imagination...

Zander: In case you're wondering, these are some of my fellow students! Kendall Silvertooth-

The scene swivels to a view of Kendall, who waves into the camera.

Kendall: Hello there.

Zander's voice: -his half-sister Laura Goldenclaugh-

The scene swivels to a view of Laura, who smiles and waves with both hands in a sweet manner.

Laura: Hi!

Zander's voice: -their friend Tara Bull-

The scene swivels to a view of Tara, who makes an "I'm totes innocent" face.

Tara: Totally not an undercover spy.

Zander's voice: -and Steve, because there's ALWAYS a Steve.

The scene swivels to a view of an average-looking guy with 5 O'clock shadow, who smiles wide enough to show his perfectly-aligned teeth.

Steve: Well, of COURSE there is.

Zander's voice: Now THERE'S a smile that'd make anyone swoon.

Steve snickers.

Steve: Oh, I'm flattered, Zed, but I'm already seeing someone.

Zander's voice: Haha, fair enough. So there you have it: a sorcerer, a hedge mage, a bard and an enchantingly charming mage.

Kendall: And a wizard!

Laura: Not JUST a wizard, but the fabled-

Zander's voice: Okay, let's try to save some of the surprises for later, right?

Laura: Of course. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I must visit the Ladies'. Be right back!

Laura stands and leaves the room. The camera swivels back to Zander's face.

Zander: And just like any other series related to Crystals of Silveria, the first episode mentions the toilet...

Kendall's voice: Toilet?

Zander: Y-Yeah...you know, where people go when they need to-

Tara's voice: We know what a toilet is, Zed. Believe me when I say you don't need to explain.

Zander: Right...anyway, it's my last day within the academy's walls.

Steve's voice: He's the Azurebound!

We hear a slapping sound.

Steve's voice: OW!

Tara's voice: He said to save the surprises for later!

Steve's voice: Right...my bad.

Zander: Anyway, as soon as Laura gets back, we're going to my farewell party! It's gonna be sweeeeeeet!

Tara's voice: Laura?

Zander: Yeah...Kendall's sister?

Kendall's voice: My sister's name isn't Laura.

Zander: It isn't? But that's what she told me it was...

Kendall's voice: Right...she can be a bit of a scamp, that one.

Zander: But...then why did you play along with her using a fake alias?

Kendall's voice: I have no idea what you mean.

Zander: I...okay, this is confusing.

Steve's voice: I'll say.

Tara's voice: Why don't we just head to the party?

Zander: Good idea. I'm sure she'll meet us there.

Tara's voice: I wouldn't count on it, Starmute.

Zander: Wait...she DITCHED us?!

Kendall's voice: Uh...I think you need a good meal, Zed. Fuel for the mind as well as the body and heart.

Zander rubs his eyes.

Zander: I think you're right. Okay, I'll finish the blog here for now. Like and subscribe! I love you all! Au revoir!

Tara's voice: Ah, vous parlez Luminelv? (Ah, you speak Light Elvish?)

Zander: Yes! Um...apparently...okaybyeloveyoulikesubscribeandclickthelittlebellforinstantnotifications!

Steve's voice: And subscribe to MY channel! Link in the description below!

Tara's voice: I warned you not to plug your channel in this vid, so now you must suffer the conseque-
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87
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Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

Bryn, Brocc and Friend's Triple Threat
Brocc walks onto the stage.

Brocc: Hellooooooo, Silveria City!

The audience members whisper amongst themselves.

Audience Member #1: So these short-shorts are canonically set in Silveria City, then?

Audience Member #2: I don't think these things are canon at all, to be honest.

Audience Member #3: I LIKE CAKE!

Brocc clears his throat.

Audience Member #3: I'M SORRY!

Brocc: Anyways, I'm Broccoli Choy blah blah blah Farshot, and-

Bryn's voice: And I'm Bryn, aka everyone's favourite Crystals of Silveria character!

Bryn walks onto the stage.

Brocc: What the...? Bryn? What are you doing?!

Bryn: Well, there are three mini-eps in this installment, so there are three presenters too!

Brocc: Hey, don't spoil the theme! And where's the third presenter?

Gazzo's voice: Right 'ere, mate!

Gazzo is suddenly standing next to Brocc.

Brocc: WAAH! Don't do that, Gary!

Gazzo: Look, the name's Gazzo, a'right? Anyways, here is the first mini-ep. Enjoy!

Brocc: But I'M supposed to be prese-

Mak Buys a New Sword 3
Here we go again...

Mak walks into an armoury.

Mak: I need a new sword. As you can see, mine has seen better days.

Mak lays his sword on the counter. We cut to a view of the shop owner, who happens to be Brocc standing on a big box.

Brocc: Sure thing, buddy! Here ya go!

Brocc hands a sword to Mak. It is white with black patches and a pink handle.

Mak: Uh...what the crud is this...?

Brocc: A Moo Sword!

Mak grins.

Mak: That's our Brocc!

We hear audience laughter.

Gazzo: Wasn't that fun, folks?

Brocc: Okay, I'M gonna host the next-

Bryn: And now, it's time for a mini-ep starring ME!

Brocc: Bryn! I swear I'm gonna-

Bryn & Brocc Fest
We see a view of Bryn and Brocc as they walk through Platinia City. Everyone is cosplaying as them.

Bryn: Wait a minute...what the heck is going on?!

Brocc: I don't know...it's like some kind of Brynwon and Broccoli Festival. Awesome!

Bryn: Yeah, well...it's kind of creepy if you ask me. I mean...Zed's the main character, right?

Brocc: Uh...no! He's A main character! Have you forgotten about Alph, and Sky, and Shelley, and-

Bryn: Okay, okay! I get the idea! But why would everyone be dressed as the two of us?

Brocc: Because it's a Bryn & Brocc Fest! Didn't you read the title?

Bryn grins.

Bryn: That's our Brocc!

Everyone in the area laughs.

Bryn: That was a hoot and a half! I wrote that one, by the way.

Brocc: And it shows in the lame punchline you put in. Now, it's time to do MY contribu-

Mak's voice: Okay, everyone, it's time for-


Mak's voice: -cake. It's time for cake.

Brocc: Oh. Save me a piece? Uh...please?

We hear crickets chirping. Brocc smiles.

Brocc: Oh boy, I can't WAIT for that cake! But first, it's time for a little...

Shameless Self-Brocc-motion
The spotlight shines on Brocc as the stage goes dark.

Brocc: Okay, everyone, it's time to tell you a spoiler so surprising that you'll have your cake and eat it too!

Bryn: Uh...I think you blew your chance to eat some ca-

Brocc: Dang it, Bryn! I'm in my element here!

Bryn: Sorry, Brocc.

Brocc: Okay, the spoiler is about Yours Truly, in case it wasn't obvious, and it goes like this: I, Brocc Farshot, am-

A trapdoor suddenly opens underneath Brocc, and he falls into it.

Brocc: Oh, ew! I landed in something soft and brown! Hey, chocolate cake! Yummy! Omnomnom...BURP!

Gazzo: That's our Brocc!

Bryn, Gazzo and the audience laugh.
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Topic: Squidkid Shorts: A Fanfic-Spinoff Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Squidkid Shorts: A Fanfic-Spinoff Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Squika Shorts: The Prankster is In
AKA "The Totes Cray Mini-Episode"

Scene 1: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Inklinda sits at a table using her squidphone. She constantly clicks on the screen.

Inklinda: Like...like...ugh, this is, like, boooooooring or whatever. Why won't he just ask me out?!

A purple tentacle appears in front of Inklinda's face.

Inklinda: AAH! A freaky tentacle-thing!

Inklinda looks at the source of the tentacle: Squika.

Inklinda: Wow, I was, like, correct or whatever. Heh.

Squika: Inklinda, pull my tentacle!

Inklinda: Like, no or whatever.

Squika: Mmph...fine.

Squika slides away.

Squika's thoughts: There must be SOMEONE whom I can prank...

Squika holds his tentacle to Squilma.

Squika: Squilma, pull my tentacle!

Squilma: And why should I do that?

Squika: Oh...well...

Squika's thoughts: Darn it, she's smart! Surely there's SOMEONE who's dumb enough to fall for my prank...

Squika holds his tentacle to Podd.

Squika: Doni, pull my tentacle!

Podd: But what purpose would that serve...?

Squika: Well...

Squika's thoughts: You stupid squidiot! Podd's I.Q. must be higher than Squilma's...hm...I need someone who's naïve enough to...aha!

Squika holds his tentacle to a random Jellyfish.

Squika: Uh...whatever-your-name-is, pull my tentacle!

The Jellyfish stretches its tentacle toward Squika.

Squika's thoughts: Yes...it's working...

The Jellyfish's tentacle touches Squika's forehead. Squika's eyes fall flat.

Squika: I should've expected this.

Jellyfish: Bloop!

Squika slides through the square and climbs up to a table, laying on his back as he looks at a cloud shaped like Inklein's face.

Squika: This is hopeless...

A hand appears in front of Squika's face. It is pointing at him.

Squika: Hm?

Squika sits up and sees Inklein, who is grinning.

Inklein: Squeaky, pull my finger!

Squika: Hm? Oh, alright...

Squika grabs Inklein's finger with his tentacle and pulls. We hear a splat sound. Squika looks down as Inklein giggles.

Inklein: Silly Squeaky! You INKED yourself! Silly Squeaky!

Squika's eyes widen.

Squika: No, that was all backwards! Inklein, you were supposed to pull MY tentacle!

Inklein: I was?

Squika: Also, I was supposed to FART, not ink myself! I guess I'll leave pranking to the experts.

Inklein: Oh, you mean Master Prankster Squa-

Squika: INKLEIN! He's already had his cameos! So do. Not. Mention. Squam!

Inklein: But...you just did.

Squika: I did?! Oh, fins & fiddles...next thing you know, I'll accidentally reference Squienna.

Inklein: Silly Squeaky! You just did! Silly Squeaky!

Squika sighs.

Squika: Great...NOW they're going to want to have full parts...I guess it's a good thing this mini-episode isn't canon!

Voice #1: Did you hear? The Squidkid Shorts are being fully integrated into the Squidkid Saga timeline!

Voice #2: They are? That's fantastico!

by NintendoPurist64
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Topic: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 5: The Ink-redible Podd!
AKA "The Kraken Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally stares at Inkopolis Tower.

Ally: Oh, Turf War...how I miss your fresh funnitude...

Voice: Who's THAT guy?

Ally: Hm?

Ally sees two Inklings staring at a person playing an arcade machine.

Inkling #1: Wow, his skills are so freshing fantastic!

Inkling #2: I know, right?

Inkling #1: I've never even gotten this FAR in Squid Jump before!

Ally slides up for a closer look. The player looks like an Inkling, though his hair is unusual, with a single, sucker-covered indigo tentacle arcing from the back of his head to the front. His ears, rather than having points, appear to be rounded. A Paintball Mask covers his face.

Inkling #2: Hey kid, nice work!

Player: Thanks, I guess...

Ally's thoughts: His skills are amazing...

The player finishes his game session. He turns to look at the small crowd gathered around him.

Player: And THAT'S how you beat Squid Jump.

The other two Inklings cheer.

Inkling #2: That was awesome, bruh!

Inkling #1: What's your name?

The player casually bounces the front of his tentacle with one hand.

Player: Just call me Inkroy Ikayaki.

Inkroy casually walks away. He looks down at Ally and winks at her.

Ally's thoughts: His ears are so...weird...

Ally begins to follow Inkroy.

Ally: I haven't seen you around here. Are you new?

Inkroy: You could say that, Miss...uh...

Ally: Oh, I'm Ally-Squinn.

Inkroy: Cool.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally's thoughts: Wow...is he the first Inkling I've met who hasn't heard of me...?

Ally: I only recently moved here myself. It's been an adjustment, to say the least.

Inkroy: Tell me about it. This place...it's so...anyway, I hope to see you around.

Ally: Uh...likewise.

Inkroy: You have a fresh day, yeah?

Ally: Uh...you too.

Inkroy begins to walk away.

Ally: Wow, he's so...

A voice whispers in Ally's mind.

Voice: Octarian...

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Was that a vision...?

Ally's thoughts: Maybe it was...but there aren't any Octarians who look like HIM...are there...?

We hear a sound of electricity and broken metal.


Ally: Huh?

Ally looks up and sees an electrical pole falling toward her.

Ally: Oh, freshing fantastic...

Suddenly, the pole is surrounded by an aura of crackling indigo energy.

Ally: What the fresh?!

The tower flings away from Ally...and knocks Squika into the wall of Booyah Base.

Inkling #1: Oh no! That hot-looking Inkling guy was injured!

Squika: Relax! It'll take more than a ten-foot pole to splat ME!

Inkling #2: Oh, it's only Squika Udon.

Inkling #1: Did I SERIOUSLY call Squika HOT?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The first Inkling runs away.

Inkling #2: Hey, Squendolyn, wait up!

The second Inkling chases after the first one. Inkroy approaches Ally.

Ally: Y-You...you saved me...

Inkroy: Well, I couldn't leave a fellow Inkling in danger, right?

Ally: And you're a Psy-pod...a powerful one...

Inkroy: A what? I mean...sure. Now, try to stay out of trouble, 'kay?

Inkroy walks away in a casual manner. Ally rubs her head...body...thing.

Ally: He's WAY more powerful than me...but aren't male Psy-pods exceedingly rare...?

Ally's thoughts: That guy is so mysterious...

We hear a splat sound. Ally looks down, before rolling her eyes.

Ally: Not again...ew...

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 2: Seth's Pad: Afternoon

Ally sits on the couch playing a game. She seems to smile.

Ally: YES! Take THAT, Callie!

Ally looks at the sucker on one of her tentacles.

Ally: I think I'm finally starting to get the hang of this form...

Seth enters the apartment. Next to him is an Inkling Girl with long orange tentacles similar in style to Ally's, as well as a beret and a pair of jazzy sunglasses with tiny round lenses. She is wearing what resembles a school uniform.

Seth: Hey, Ally. How are you doing...?

Ally: Fine, thanks. I just splatted Callie in Marina Kart 8!

Seth: That's great...I guess. Ally, this is Donburi Podd. She's here to help you with your...problem.

Ally sets down the controller and looks at Seth.

Ally: It's fine now, Seth. I actually LIKE being a squid. It's kind of fun, actually!

Podd sighs.

Podd: A classic sign of denial. Let me talk to her.

Podd walks up to Ally.

Podd: Ally? Um...may I call you "Ally"?

Ally: Sure.

Podd: You may call me "Podd". All my friends call me "Podd".

Ally: Okay then..."Podd."

Podd: Now, Seth and I only want what's best for you. You understand, right?

Ally: I told you, I'm fine! Look, I haven't inked myself all afternoon!

Podd sighs and looks at Seth.

Podd: Its worse than I thought.

Seth: It is?

Podd nods.

Podd: I think...we'll need to resort to extreme measures.

Seth: So...a relaxing vacation to a skateboarding resort?

Podd shakes her head.

Podd: I've been working on an experimental treatment for calamaritis as a class project. It works, but bear in mind that it IS experimental.

Seth: Okay then...?

Podd: Also, it will require a volunteer.

Seth: I'll do it!

Podd smiles.

Podd: That's fantastic to hear.

Ally: Hold on a minute! What's this treatment, and what did Seth just agree to?

Podd: It's an electrically-administered treatment that should, in theory, restore your ability to change forms, and it is administered through a harmless electric current.

Seth: That's great! Wait...what's the catch?

Podd: Another Inkling needs to be used as a conduit, through which the restorative electrical charge is drawn.

Seth: Oh, is that all? Then I'll DEFINITELY do it!

Podd smiles.

Podd: Fantastic. Let's go then.

Seth and Podd leave the apartment. Ally sighs.

Ally: I really am fine, though...

Ally slides out of the apartment.

Scene 3: Shellendorf University: Afternoon

Ally, Seth and Podd walk into a large laboratory-like classroom. A machine labeled "Zap-O-Squid-O-Matic - Prototype v.28052015" is in one corner of the room.

Seth: Wow...this lab is AMAZING!

Podd: Thank you, Sethy.

Ally: I'm guessing that's the machine you'll be using to hopefully restore me?

Podd: Indeed, Ally. It's the result of two years and twenty-eight-million fifty-two-thousand and fifteen failed experiments.


Podd: Oh, and I guarantee that it will restore you, Ally...although possibly at the expense of Sethy being stuck in squid form.

Seth: Well, let's hurry up and do this thing!

Ally and Seth sit in seats on opposite ends of the machine. Each of them has a helmet-like contraption on their head.

Podd: Okay, the machine is powered up. Time to flip the switch.

Seth: Yeah! Wait...did you say I might be-

Podd flips the switch. Ally and Seth crackle with energy of their respective colours.

Seth: Hey, that tickles!

A bright white light fills the room.

Ally's voice: AAH!

Podd's voice: Right...I forgot to mention about the bright light.

The lights in the room suddenly blow. The machine powers down, and the room is pitch black.

Podd's voice: Rats! The fuse-box must've blown. Stay there, and don't move. I'll be right back, so don't move a muscle.

We hear footsteps, followed by a metallic thunk.

Podd's voice: ACK! Stupid teacher's desk!

We hear a door open, then close.

Seth's voice: So...do you think it worked?

Ally's voice: Well...maybe?

We hear a splat sound.

Seth's voice: Oh, rats! You inked yourself! This is NOT amazing!

Ally's voice: Actually, it wasn't me.

Seth's voice: Really? Then...uh-oh.

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 4: Ate & Wee You: Evening

Inklinda and Inklein sit at a table. Each of them has a burger on a plate in front of them.

Inklinda: So Inklein...do you know what today is?

Inklein: Uh...Opposite Day?

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: No, it's NOT Opposite Day! Ugh...just pass the pepper.

Inklein: Oh, okay then!

Inklein passes the salt shaker to Inklinda, who opens her hamburger and sprinkles a lot of salt on her patty.

Inklinda's thoughts: I can't believe he forgot that it's our 8-year first-met anniversary...

Inklinda notices Inkroy buying a game at the counter. She is intrigued.

Inklinda: Whoa...who's THAT guy, and why are his ears so...round...?

Inklein takes a big bite from his hamburger.

Inklein: Mm?

Inklein notices a random Inkling Boy sitting at a nearby table. He somehow swallows his mouthful without chewing it first.

Inklein: Silly Lindie! That Inkling's ears aren't round, they're POINTY! Silly Lindie!

Inklinda stares at Inkroy.

Inklinda: M-hm...whatever, honey.

Inkroy begins to head for the exit.

Inklinda's thoughts: I don't trust that guy...maybe I should, like, follow him or whatever...

Scene 5: Shellendorf University: Evening

The lab is still pitch black.

Seth's voice: Oh, where IS she? We've been waiting for hours!

Ally's voice: Seth, it's only been 10 minutes.

Seth's voice: Oh, right...I don't really have a good sense of time...

Ally's voice: Is that why you always end up late for our Turf War matches?

Seth pauses.

Seth's voice: Maybe...?

Ally's voice: Maybe you should get a watch, then.

Seth's voice: Hey, that's an AMAZING idea, Ally! Wait...but I'm stuck in squid form now...

Ally's voice: Now, come on! You don't know that for sure until Podd switches on the lights.

Seth: Then why does this lab reek of purple squid form Inkling?

The lights switch back on. Seth is in kid form.

Seth: Hey, she DID it! AMAZING!

Ally: See? I told you!

Seth: Told me what?

Ally: That Podd would repair the fuse box, AND that you'd be just fine.

Seth: Just fine...?

Seth examines his body.

Seth: Hey, I'm okay! But...then why does the lab smell like-

Voice: Zzz...no thank you, Mother...zzz...I hate Sheldon-Os for breakfunch...

Ally looks under a nearby desk. Squika is asleep in squid form.

Ally: Squika?

Squika's eyes open. He leaps up and knocks his head...body...thing on the desk's underside.

Squika: I'm sorry for dozing off, Mr. Crabbygrump! I...I...huh...?

Squika slides from underneath the desk and sees Ally and Seth.

Squika: Oh, it's my former bandmates! How is your music career right now? Proceeding as normal?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Are you freshing SERIOUS?! We've been banned from Splatune Records because of you! And the only way it'll be lifted is if we find a replacement squid drummer!

Squika rubs his head...body...thing.

Squika: Oh...um...whoops.

Ally notices Seth rubbing his head.

Ally: What's wrong, Seth?

Seth: I feel like I knocked my head on the underside of a piece of furniture...

Ally: You do?

Seth: And that's not all: this morning I felt like I'd been knocked into the side of a building by a ten-foot metal pole. Do you think I'm cursed?

Ally: What? Don't be ridiculous! I'm sure it's a simple case of not being used to physical activity.

Seth: Really? Hey, what if those Octarians experimented on me while I was in their clutches?!

Ally: Seth, you were standing on a floating platform the whole time.

Seth: Oh...right...

Ally: Anyway, I'm back in kid form! We should go to Ate & Wee You to celebrate!

Seth: Can do!

Squika: Can I come too? PLEEEEEEEEEEASE?

Ally sighs.

Ally: Okay, but only if you PROMISE to be good.

Squika: Okay then! Ooh, can I have a Squiddy Meal?

Seth: Sure.

Squika: AMAZING!

The three Inklings leave the classroom. They walk past a door marked "Electrical Room". The door opens a crack, and a long, monstrous tentacle emerges through it. A gurgling growl is heard.

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Streets: Evening

Inkroy walks through a deserted alley with Inklinda secretly following him through the shadows. She whispers to herself.

Inklinda: What are you up to, shady guy...?

Inklein's voice: LINDIE!

Inklein is suddenly standing behind Inklinda, causing her to become startled.

Inklinda: Will you, like, keep your voice down or whatever?!

Inklein: SORRY!

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

Inkroy stops walking and stands rigid for a second. Inklein starts to speak in a low tone.

Inklein: Sorry...

Inklinda: What are you doing here?!

Inklein: I wanted to see what you were doing.

Inklinda: Following him or whatever.

Inklinda points at Inkroy, who continues to walk.

Inklinda: Come on.

Inklein: OKAY THEN!

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

Inklein: Sorry...

Scene 7: Shellendorf University: Night

Inklinda and Inklein follow Inkroy into the main building at Shellendorf University.

Inklinda: Why is he going in THERE...?

Inklein: Maybe he's a student?

Inklinda: Possibly, but I still don't trust him. His...hair looks weird.

Inklein: How so?

Inklinda: It doesn't look like yours.

Inklein touches his tentacles.

Inklein: And that makes him so special?

Inklinda: I think you mean "suspicious".

Inklein: Oh...right.

Inklinda: Let's, like, follow him or whatever.

Inklinda enters the building. Inklein giggles.

Inklein: But we're ALREADY following him! Silly Lindie!

We see a door with "C.L.M.R., Inc. - Reformed Club Meeting Hall 8" marked on the door.

Inklinda: He went in there.

Inklein: Are you sure?

Inklinda: Like, sure or whatever. I don't know his name, though.

Inklein: I do! It's Inkroy Ikayaki.

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: How the fresh did you know that?

Inklein: I know EVERYONE'S names. Scrubberella...Purple Squika...Squeaky...

Inklinda sighs.

Inklinda: It's like talking to an Inkfish...anyway, let's eavesdrop on Inkray or whatever.

Inklinda opens the door a crack and peeks inside. Inkroy stands at the front of the classroom. A single Octoling Girl sits at the front desk. She has magenta tentacles tied into a small, sucker-covered ponytail at the back.

Inkroy: Okay, class, I'm your group coordinator, Takoyaki-kun, but you can call me "Octroy".

Inklinda looks at Inklein.

Inklinda: I thought you said his name was "Inkray"...?

Inklein: Actually, I said it was-

Inklinda: Like, ssh!

"Octroy": Let's do roll call: Yaki Octobel?

The Octoling Girl raises her hand.

Octobel: Present.

"Octroy": Okay, now...wait...where's the rest of the club?

Octobel: Eto...this is everyone. (Um...this is everyone.)

"Octroy": But there were more people in the audience, weren't there...?

Octobel holds her finger to her chin.

Octobel: Now that you mention it...

"Octroy": Ah well. We're not here to question our fellow Octolings. We're here to figure out what happened to us when we heard-

A cough is heard outside the classroom.

"Octroy": One sec...

"Octroy" walks up to the door and opens it. Inklinda grins at him.

"Octroy": Okay, who are you and why are you snooping? Wait...aren't you Ally-Squinn...?

Inklinda: What? Why would you mix me up with THAT freak or whatever?!

Ally's voice: I swear, the next time I see Inklinda Squatson, I am gonna-

We see Ally, Seth and Squika standing nearby. Ally and Inklinda stare at each other.

Ally: You...

Inklinda: Well, well...look what the Judd dragged in...

Ally: You have SOME NERVE being here during my restoration, Miss Squatson!

Inklinda: What...? I couldn't give a flying FISH about your restoration...whatever that means...no, I was, like, spying on this Inkray...Octroy...whatever his name is.

Ally looks at "Octroy".

Ally: Oh, hi, Inkroy.

"Octroy": Uh...hi.

Ally: Is this piece of carp giving you trouble?

"Octroy": Kind of...

Inklinda: And it's lucky I did!

Seth: What are you talking about, Inklinda?

Inklein waves at Seth.

Inklein: Hi, Purple Squika!

Squika: Um...hello...uh...you.

Inklein raises both fists.

Inklein: Yay! I'm contributing to the confiscation!

Ally: What do you mean it's lucky you gave him trouble?!

Inklein: I gave Inkroy trouble...? I'm sorry...

Ally: No, not you. I meant-

Ally sighs.

Inklinda: That old geezer was right. The Octarians have invaded Inkopolis! And Inkray is one of 'em!

"Octroy": What? No, you have it all wrong!

Inklinda looks at "Octroy".

Inklinda: Then you're NOT an Octarian...?

"Octroy": Yes! No...I WAS one, but-

Inklinda: AHA! I managed to stop your plans WITHOUT that old geezer's help!

Ally: Well, you CAN'T stop him!

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: And why shouldn't I?

Ally: Because you're NOT Agent 3! You gave up that title!

Inklinda's left eye squints.

Inklinda: Like, how do you know about that...?

Ally: I...I can't tell you.

Inklinda: Wait...you mean you know my replacement, and you're sworn to secrecy or whatever...?

Ally: Yeah, kinda...

Inklinda: Well, whatever, sweetie. Anyway, SOMEONE needs to arrest this slimy Octarian for-

We hear a gurgling roar from around the corner and farther down the corridor.

Inklinda: Like, what was that...?

Ally: I don't know...lemme check.

Ally approaches the corner and looks around.

Inklinda: Like, who put HER in charge or whatever...?

Ally spots an enormous squid at the far end of the corridor. It is dark orange in colour, and appears fearsome.

Ally: That's weird...

Seth: What is?

Ally: It looks like someone's used their Kraken special weapon OUTSIDE of Turf War, but-

The Kraken spots Ally and roars.

Ally: Uh-oh.

Squika: Uh-oh what?

Ally: Everyone...run.

Ally begins to run toward the others. The Kraken lets out a gurgling bellow and begins to swim toward Ally, leaving a trail of orange ink behind it.

Ally: Come on, let's move!

Inklinda: But-

Ally: NOW!

The Kraken misses the turn and smacks into the wall, leaving a gaping hole. Squika leaps onto Seth's back and wraps his tentacles around his shoulders.

Squika: Giddy up!

We see two large tentacles wrap around the sides of the hole, prompting everyone to start running. The Kraken emerges from the hole, roaring loudly, before it swms after the group. We cut to the inside of the classroom. Octobel looks at the door.

Octobel: Octroy? Is everthing alright out there? Hello?

Octobel shrugs her shoulders.

Octbel: He must've went home...oh well, I guess I'll eat my bento box, then.

We hear the Kraken's gurgling roar in the distance. Octobel giggles.

Octobel: Wow, I MUST be hungry!

Octobel places a box on her desk and removes the lid, before picking up a pair of chopsticks. She closes her eyes.

Octobel: Itadakimasu! (Thank you for the food!)

Octobel begins to eat. She smiles with delight.

Octobel: Mmm...yummy!

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 8: Ammo Knights: Night

Sheldon is moping.

Sheldon: I feel so bad for Agent 3...I hope that, wherever she is right now, she's happy.

Scene 9: Shellendorf University: Night

The group continues to run from the Kraken.

Ally: I am SO not happy right now!

Inklinda: Ugh, will you, like, get over whatever's bugging you or whatever?

Ally: It's kinda hard to do that when whatever's bugging me is within earshot, "Lindie"!

Inklein: Hey, why are we running, anyway? Maybe that cracker is friendly!

Seth: I think you mean "Kraken".

Inklein: Oh...thanks, Purple Squika!


Seth: I'm already going as fast as my legs will allow me to-

Squika whacks Seth's loin with his tentacle.

Seth: OW!

Squika: Mush! Mush!

Seth: No, but we WILL be mush if you keep-

The Kraken roars, causing Squika to release a jet of ink forward.

"Octroy": This isn't working! It's gaining on us! I think we need to-

"Octroy" becomes stuck in Squika's ink.

Ally: Inkroy!

Ally stops for a brief second. Inklinda grabs her arm and forces her to keep running.

Ally: What are you doing?!

Inklinda: Like, leave him!

Ally: But-

Inklinda: He's nothing but a slimy Octarian or whatever! Good riddance to him!

We hear the sound of an Inkling being splatted. Tears stream from Ally's eyes. Suddenly, the Kraken leaps over the group and lands in front of them.

Squika: Oh no...

The Kraken spins around to face the group, but continues sliding in the same direction as before.

Inklinda: Rats! Leaving that Octarian as bait didn't work or whatever!

The Kraken suddenly stops moving, convulsing as it is surrounded by a field of indigo energy. The group stops running.

Seth: ...the fresh?

Ally: No...it COULDN'T be...

The group spins around. "Octroy" stands there, his hand outstretched and rippling with indigo electrical energy.

"Octroy:" You thought that thing ate me? It'll take more than that to stop THIS Inkopolitan!

Ally: Inkroy!

The energy disappears from "Octroy's" hand.

Podd's voice: Nngh...I feel like I've been on a rampage through the academy...

The group spins around to see an orange squid form Inkling.

Seth: Podd!

Podd slides up to the group.

Seth: What happened to you?

Podd: Oh...um...

Podd examines herself.

Podd: Fascinating...

Ally: Podd! Your experiment worked! I'm back to normal!

Podd seems to smile.

Podd: That's fantastic, Ally. Seeing you back to normal is truly fantastic.

Seth: Oh...but you're stuck as a squid. I think you need to get back to the drawing board with that machine of yours!

Podd: Oh, no, my condition wasn't triggered by the machine.

Ally: Then...?

Podd: When I tried to repair the fuse box, I realised I had no idea how to do it.

Ally: But...aren't you an electrical engineer...?

Podd: In a moment of stupidity, I lost my temper and decided to whack the fuse box with my Krak-On Splat Roller. The resulting electrical current must have triggered my special weapon and transfigured me into Kraken form. Needless to say, it was sheer stupidity.

Seth: But what was that aura around you just before?

Podd: Aura...?

"Octroy": You can probably thank me for that.

"Octroy" steps forward.

Inklinda: Stay back, Octarian scum!

Ally: I'm guessing you're not an Inkling, then...

"Octroy": Not exactly...

Ally: Then you're an Octoling...I hope I pronouced that correctly.

"Octroy": Yeah, nah, that was spot-on.

Ally: Then your powers aren't because you're a Psy-pod?

"Octroy": Nope. I'm the Octoling equivalent, an Octechnopath.

Seth: That's kind of a mouthful. Should we call you an "Octopath" for short?

"Octroy": "Octechie" is fine.

Ally: So do we call you "Inkroy" or "Octroy"?

"Octroy": Either is fine, but I kind of like my new name. Inkroy Ikayaki.

Ally smiles.

Ally: Nice to meet you.

Inklinda: Wait...you're SERIOUSLY gonna let him get away with this?!

Inklein: Silly Lindie! It wasn't him, it was the CRACKER! Silly Lindie!

Ally: Yeah, like, keep an open mind or whatever...

The group laughs.

Scene 10: Seth's Pad: Morning

Ally, Seth and Podd sit in the living area.

Ally: You know what? I could get used to Octolings living in Inkopolis.

Seth: Yeah, but aren't most of them evil?

Ally: Well, TECHNICALLY yes, but I could see something good in Inkroy.

Podd: Agreed. Let not our past actions dictate who we are, but who we are now. THAT is what matters.

Seth: Wow...that's some deeply-philosophical freshness, Podd.

Podd: Oh...um...th-thank you, Sethy.

Ally: So what should we do now?

Seth: Hm...maybe we could try Ranked Battle?

Podd: We'll need to form a team in order to do that, my friend.

Seth: We will?

Podd: Of course, if we want to earn and maintain a rank.

Ally: That's not a bad idea, you two...we should come up with a creative name, though.

Seth: Well, what are some of our common interests?

Ally: Ooh, how about Judd?

Seth: Hey, I LOVE Judd! He's so adorbs!

Podd: Eh, I'm not much of a cat person.

Seth: Oh...hey, I know! We all think Callie's the best Squid Sister, right?

Podd: You're not wrong, Sethy. I adore her upbeat attitude and fondness for Roller category weapons.

Ally: Are you both serious?! Marie is WAY better than Callie!

Seth: Keep on thinking that, Ally! If they ever announce a Callie vs. Marie Splatfest...well, I hope you like losing!

Ally playfully sticks out her tongue at Seth.

Ally's thoughts: Wait...do Inklings even HAVE tongues...?

Podd: What are your opinions on hats?

Ally: Hats...? Sure, I like 'em. I mean...I'm wearing one right now, aren't I?

Podd: Indeed you are, Ally.

Seth: I don't think hats work well as a team name. Besides, I don't like them.

Ally: Really?

Seth: Yeah! In my opinion, hats are NOT amazing!

Ally: Hm...

All three Inklings turn to look at Seth's tablet-like game controller.

Ally: Hey...we all like games, right?

Seth: Yeah!

Podd: Of course. Wait...how did you-

Seth: And EVERYONE likes writing and drawing on notepads, right?

Podd: Arguable, but I certainly enjoy drawing.

Ally: And I have my Noob Photo journal, although it's TECHNICALLY a blog, not a pad...

Podd: Then it's settled: our team shall be called...GamePads!

Ally and Seth smile.

Ally: Hey, I LIKE it!

Seth: Now THAT'S a name that'll catch on among the wider community!

Ally: Then it's settled. Let's go and register!

Seth: Can do!

Ally, Seth and Podd leave the apartment. We hear a flushing sound, followed by Squika sliding into the living area.

Squika: Okay, I'm all inked-out, so let's-

Squika looks around.

Squika: Great...first I get jolted by that big machine in the corner of the lab, then I get chased by an oversized calamari, and now everyone's abandoned me...this whole situation would be SO much better if I could leave this stupid squid form already!

Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 05:
Hey, everyone! I'm back to normal, which means my Noob Photo blog is back on track!

Today's entry is a special one. Donburi Podd is a student at Shellendorf University, and she and her lab partner invented a machine that can reverse the effects of calamaritis.

Unfortunately, due to events that are too way-out-there to recount, she herself is now stuck in squid form, and the machine she and her partner invented is clogged with molten candy, because a CERTAIN Inkling who shall remain nameless (Squika Udon) decided to unsuccessfully convert it into a taffy machine!

Anyway here is the photo Podd and I took at Arowana Mall during their sale:

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I bought a rockin' new pair of kicks there! Of course, I can't wear them in public, otherwise I MIGHT upset a certain shrimp for "betraying him". Stay fresh!

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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 4: Premon-ink-tions!
AKA "The Octo Valley Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Evening

We see a view of Seth's apartment. Ally suddenly bursts in. She seems worried.

Ally: How could this have happened?! What does that slimy octopus want with Seth?! Octavio and those stupid Octopus Amazon witches are SO cooked!

Earlier that day...

Scene 2: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally and Seth walk away from Booyah Base.

Seth: Wow, Ally, I can't believe the level of attention we've been getting since our first concert!

Ally: I know...it's realy weird, isn't it?

We see a view of the entire plaza. No-one is paying any attention to them.

Seth: You think after getting a standing ovation that our fans would be even more pumped than this.

Inklinda's voice: Did you say "fans"?

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Ally and Seth.

Ally: That's what I heard him say.

Inklinda: Don't, like, make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHA!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Inklein: Well I heard him say "ovation", though I'm not sure what a scrambled omelette has to do with anything...

Inklinda: Look, the reason no-one's rushing to grab an autograph is that you're not a real band or whatever.

Ally: Of COURSE we are! We followed the terms of our contract exactly!

Inklinda: Yes, FOLLOWED. Past tense.

Ally: Then what's the problem?

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: You haven't, like, heard? Oh, that is precious! Okay, here's the TL;DL-

Ally: "TL;DL"...?

Inklinda: "Too long; didn't listen". It's, like, the official slogan of the Sheldon Blah Blah Fan Club. Anyway, Squika pulled out of the band.

Ally: WHAT?! After ONE concert?!

Inklinda: I know, right? And it was an AWESOME concert, too...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: I can't tell if you're being insulting, condescending or actually genuine...

Inklinda: Eh, choose either one or whatever.

Inklein: Yeah, the concert was great...wait a minute...Lindie, were we even IN the previous episode...?

Inklinda: Not as such, no, but we were there in terms of the story, right?

Inklein: Um...oh yeah...I wore my super yacket!

Ally: But...Squika can't just pull out after just one concert!

Inklinda: Yeah, he, like, mumbled something about the band stifling his creativity and freedom, and quipped that finding his long-lost family member would be a better use of his time or whatever.

Seth: Wait...so Squika has a brother...?

Inklinda: Maybe? How the fresh should I know?

Seth looks up as he begins to think. Inklein looks at him.

Inklein: What's Purple Inklein doing?

Ally: Oh, he's just inner-monologuing. Give him a minute or so.

Inklein: Silly Scrubberella! A minute isn't an object that can be given, it's a unit of TIME! Heheheh...silly Scrubberella...

Inklinda: So basically, you're not a celebrity, so just give up or whatever.

Ally: HEY! Ally-Squinn does NOT run away from her goa-

We hear Ally's walkie-talkie beeping.

Ally: Oh, fresh! I...uh...I have to go.

Ally runs toward Booyah Base. Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: Looks like SOMEONE'S given up her dreams...

Inklein: You mean Purple Inklein?

Inklinda looks at Seth.

Inklinda: Um...like, sure or whatever. Let's just go.

Inklinda starts to walk away. Inklein examines Seth.

Inklein: He actually looks a lot like someone else we know...maybe the third Noob Photo has a clue?

Inklinda's voice: Inklein! Hurry up if you want an ice-cream!

Inklein: Coming! Mmm...purple...

Inklein runs in Inklinda's direction. Seth snaps back to reality.

Seth: Anyway, Ally, I think we-

Seth looks around.

Seth: Where did everyone go?

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 3: Ammo Knights: Morning

We see Ally standing in front of Sheldon. Her eyes are bloodshot.

Sheldon: ...blah blah blah which makes this Charger FAR superior to your old one! Any questions?

Ally: Um...can I please have my Kelp Splat Charger now...?

Sheldon: Of course! Here you go!

Sheldon hands Ally a green-coloured Splat Charger.

Ally: Thanks...I guess.

Sheldon: You are most welcome, my friend! Oh, and may I take this opportunity to thank you for your service to the New Squidbeak why are you staring so vacantly, Agent 3?!

We see a view of Ally. The scene zooms into her head.

Ally stands facing DJ Octavio in her Hero gear. DJ Octavio is dancing to Calamari Inkantation.

Ally: There's no escape for you, Octavio!

DJ Octavio: This groove...I can't stop jammin'!

The Octopus Amazons surround Ally.

Ally: What the...?

Ichi: Tako-Denki...ZAPPU! (Octo-Electricity...ZAP!)

We see a flash of green energy.

Ally's voice: AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene zooms out of Ally's head.

Ally: Whoa...

Sheldon: Agent 3, may I be blunt?

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: Are you a Psy-pod?!

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: On your application documentation, you didn't mark "Psyphalopod" as one of your talents!

Ally: Uh-

Sheldon: Why didn't you?!

Ally: Well-

Sheldon: Answer me!

Ally: Um-

Sheldon: Stop avoiding the question, Agent 3!

Ally: I didn't mark it on my entry form because...I SUCK AS A PSY-POD!

Sheldon: But...you just had a vision, I could tell!

Ally: Wait...what?

Sheldon: Clear as the waters of Mahi-Mahi Resort!

Ally: But...I don't have visions! At least not when I'm awake...

Sheldon: Then why did you mumble EXACTLY how we can stop DJ Octavio, and also a superb recipe for crab burgers?!

Ally: Wait...what?

Sheldon: You blurted out the secret to the perfect crab burger! A pinch of salt, one finely-chopped-

Ally: No, I mean...I figured out how to stop Octavio...in my vision?

Sheldon: Sure!

Ally: But all I remember is...um...

Sheldon: Not to worry, Agent 3! I have perfect memory, so I have already written down the plan on this clipboard.

Ally looks at the clipboard.

Ally: Oh...um...th-that was...fast.

Sheldon: Okay, it should take me a few minutes to run this by the Cap'n, and another few to arrange what you'll need for the mission.

Ally: Oh...um-

Sheldon: Dang it, Agent 3! You should get kitted for the mission, prawnto!

Ally: Uh...right.

Ally runs into the back room. Sheldon sighs and shakes his head.

Sheldon: I feel so ashamed...that I couldn't tell Agent 3 about the key part of the plan. If she knew, then...no, I can't tell her.

Scene 4: Seth's Apartment: Afternoon

Seth is playing a game using his Wii U-like game console. The doorbell rings.

Seth: Now, who could THAT be...?

Seth walks up to the door.

Seth: Who is it?

Voice: Oh...I'm selling...um...Inkling food. Yeah, not Octarian food, no siree!

Seth: Oh...sorry, I don't have any money.

Voice: Oh...it's...um...free. Yeah, not costing Inkling money, not one Cash coin!

Seth: Oh, boy! Brain food for my AMAZING gaming sesh!

Seth opens the door. Two figures in black robes stand there. Both their faces are concealed by shadow.

Seth: Wait...where's the foo-

The scene cuts to black.

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Afternoon

Ally stands facing Sheldon.

Sheldon: Ah, good, you're all kitted-up for your mission!

Ally: I sure am! Oh...sorry I took so long.

Sheldon: Yes, I did wonder why it took you 0.75 hours to get ready, Agent 3...

Ally: Well, I got an important call from my butl-

Ally pauses.

Ally: I mean...I was chewing the fat.

Sheldon: What?! That's disgusting! You shouldn't do that!

Ally: No, I mean I was-

Sheldon: I know what "chewing the fat" means, Agent 3! You could have used that 0.75 hours to do something productive!

Sheldon's thoughts: Such as apply a little deodorant...pfwoah!

Ally: So what's my mission?

Sheldon: You are to proceed to Octavio's lair and dismantle his one remaining Great Octoweapon BEFORE he activates it.

Ally: Can do, Shelster!

Sheldon: Oh, and try to rescue your friend while you're at it. What's his name...Steph?

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Seth?!

Sheldon: Yeah, that's the guy.

Ally's eyes appear to ignite as she raises her fist.

Ally: I am gonna cook some Octarians!

Ally runs from the store. Sheldon shakes his head.

Sheldon: Such fiery passion...wait a second...Seth looks exactly like-

And now...

Scene 6: DJ Octavio's Original Lair: Night

DJ Octavio is sitting inside a large robot. It appears to have been destroyed by Ally.

DJ Octavio: How could one dude have dismantled ALL FIVE OF THE GREAT OCTOWEAPONS?!

Ally: Your plans are broiled, Octavio! Now tell me where Seth is!

DJ Octavio: What's a "seff"?

Ally growls.

Ally: I won't ask again!

We see a trio of Octlings in the audience. Two of them wear earplugs.

Octoling #1: You stoopid squidkid!

Octoling #2: Wasabi her in the face, Great Leader!

Octoling #3: What...was that song...? It fills me with such wonder...

Ally: I guess there's only one way to make you see reason, then! Girls? Spin that tune!

Agent 1's voice: What?

Ally: I said "spin that tune!"

Agent 1's voice: I can't hear you from all the way over here!

Agent 2's voice: She said to play the song again, Ca- I mean...Agent 1!

Agent 1: Oooooooh...okay then, Agent 3! Our- I mean...the Squid Sisters' greatest song, comin' up!

Calamari Inkantation
Squid Sisters

Splatune Records

DJ Octavio begins to dance to Calamari Inkantation.

DJ Octavio: No...not that song AGAIN! I...can't...stop...groovin'!

Ally: Now, release Seth at once!


All eight Octopus Amazons surround Ally.

Ally: They're not affected by the Inkantation...?

DJ Octavio: They're wearing...noise-cancelling headphones...!

Ally: Then what's YOUR excuse?

DJ Octavio: Oh...I'm not listening to the Stupid Marie Inkantation!

Agent 2's voice: You slimy...stop him at once, Agent 3!

Ally: I'm kind of surrounded right now!

Agent 1's voice: What?! First DJ Octaffy-o causes the episode to skip right to the climax, and now THIS?!

Ally: Oh yeah, and one of them has a big cannon-thing!

DJ Octavio: I LOVE this part! Man, Turquoise October makes the second-best tunes!

Agent 1's voice: You like the Squid Sisters too, Octaffy-o?

DJ Octavio: Of COURSE not! They SUCK! Especially that Callie dude!

Agent 1's voice: You stupid freshing...I'LL SPLAT YOU GOOD! NNGH...LET GO OF ME, MARIE!

Agent 2's voice: Let's let Agent 3 stop him, Agent 1!

Agent 1: Ooh...fine! I'm sure that she can handle it.

DJ Octavio: You're gonna end up just like Daddy, Agent 3!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Wh-What do you know of my father...? ANSWER ME!

DJ Octavio: Let's just say he was the first test subject of my patented Tidemoon Octopus Electro-Morphosis Device, or Octopus Electricity for short. Hope you turn out better than HE did, Ally-Squinn Maki!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: How DARE you reveal my last name before I do?!

DJ Octavio: Aw, poor baby...okay, Octopus Amazons, let 'er have it!

Ichi: Tako-Denki...ZAPPU! (Octopus Electricity...ZAP!)

Octopus Amazon Ichi squezes the trigger. A line on its side begins to fill with green light.

Ally: Uh...

DJ Octavio: It needs to build up power generated from the light of the tidemoon. Just give it a sec...

Ally looks at her watch.

Two hours later...

The line on the side of the cannon is half full. Ally taps her foot impatiently.

Ally: How much longer is this gonna take, Octavio?

DJ Octavio: Give it another sec, okay?

Ally: You know, I could've stopped you and your Octopus Amazon groupies in the time that's been spent waiting for this thing to charge!

DJ Octavio: Well, why haven't you?

Ally: How about I need a good distraction?

Ally's thoughts: This has turned out NOTHING like my vision...which just proves that I suck as a Psy-pod...

Agent 1's voice: Good news, Agent 3! We found your friend!

DJ Octavio is distracted.

DJ Octavio: WHAT?!

Ally: Now's my chance.

Ally karate-chops Octopus Amazon Hachi, causing her headphones to be knocked off and revealing her round ears.

Hachi: BAKA!

Ally: Now for the rest of you!

The green line suddenly fills up.

DJ Octavio: Now, Ichi! Let 'er have it!

Ichi: Hai, Tako-sama! (Yes, Octo-Boss!)

Ichi squeezes the trigger again, releasing a bolt of green electricity that makes contact with Ally.

Ally: Stop, that tickles! HAHAHA!

We cut to a view of Ally's vision. She appears to be laying on her back.

Ally: Wh-What have you DONE to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene fades to black.

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 7: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Where...am I...?

This doesn't make sense...

I was...somewhere else...

We see a flash of the Inkling symbol.

You're a SQUID now!

...! What was that...?!

We hear the Calamari Inkantation playing very faintly in the background for a moment.

"Stay fresh!"

This is nuts...what's going on?!

A figure fades into view. It resembles the green-robed figure who rescued Seth, though his back is turned.


Figure: You defeated DJ Octavio. Your friends are already celebrating.

They are...? Wait...are you...?

Figure: Yes. I am the one who rescued Seth-Inkley Udon.

Wait...Seth's last name is Udon?!

The figure pauses.

Figure: The Octobot King was dismantled thanks to your skill, and Octavio was successfully sealed within a snowglobe, which is on display near Judd's kitty bed in Inkopolis Plaza.

Is that wise? Wait...who ARE you, anyway? Furthermore, how are you talking to me? Where are we?

Figure: This is your mindscape, where you currently reside while your body recovers as best it can.


Figure: I am a Psyphalopod, just like you, and I am communicating using the Eelepathy power.

Eelepathy...? Sounds like another sea-pun to me...

Figure: As for who I am...you may call me CallieFan8.

CallieFan8...? As in Seth's online buddy...?

Figure: Yes.

Whoa...so you're looking out for me...? I thought you were a stalker or something!

Figure: M-Me? A stalker?! Why would you-

The figure pauses.

Figure: Um...I mean...I am your guardian, watching you across ti-

The figure pauses.

Figure: Is that the time? I really must go and...uh...finish writing these octaikus. Bye!

The figure fades away.

Octaikus...? W-Wait...I still have so many questions! CallieFan8...?

Cap'n Cuttlefish's voice: It's all my fault...I KNEW I shoulda convinced that Inklinda gal t' be mah Agent 3!

That sounds like...the Cap'n...but...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Nonetheless, even though Ally-Squinn was the second choice-


Agent 1's voice: Hey, I think she's waking up!

The scene fills with white light.

To be Continued...

Part 5:
A little over one week later...

Scene 8: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The scene fades into a view of Judd's kitty bed. Judd is asleep on top of it.

Judd: Zzz...meow... (Zzz...Good Guys win...)

The scene pans down to a view of a snowglobe. A miniaturised DJ Octavio is inside it, dancing to some kind of song.

DJ Octavio: Wow...I LOVE this song! Calamari Inkantation is the BEST!

A shadow falls over DJ Octavio. His eyes widen.


We cut to a view of an enormous squid form Inkling. It is lime green in colour, and speaks in a booming voice.

Squid: Hello, DJ Octavio.

DJ Octavio: Wh-What do you want, enormous dude?! Are you gonna EAT ME?!

We cut to a view of the scene nearby, revealing the Inkling to be of a normal size. It speaks with Ally's voice.

Ally: What? No! I want to ask you three questions.

DJ Octavio: Y-Yes...whatever you s-s-say! J-Just...don't eat me, pleeeeeeeease!

Ally: Oh, I think there's a better chance of Judd here eating you...

DJ Octavio slowly turns to look at Judd. He panics.

DJ Octavio: NO! I don't wanna be some furball's lunch!

Ally: Then answer my questions. 1. How do I change back to kid form?

DJ Octavio: Turn 14.

Ally sighs.

Ally: 2. What did you do to my father?

DJ Octavio: Uh...look, dude, I don't even KNOW you!

Ally's thoughts: I think this song's remixed his brain or something...

Ally: 3. Who are you?


Ally sighs.

Ally's thoughts: So much for THAT theory...

DJ Octavio: So...when do I get MY three wishes?

Ally: Um...what?

DJ Octavio: Well, YOU just got three wishes, so I should too, right?

Ally: Those weren't wishes, they were QUESTIONS!

DJ Octavio: Fine, then can I have three QWISHIONS please?

Ally: This was a mistake. I...I have to go.

Ally squid jumps away.

DJ Octavio: Wait! But...I said the magic word...

We see Octopus Amazon Ichi lurking in the shadows nearby.

Ally lands next to Squika, who is in kid form.

Ally: Stupid Octavio...stupid Octopus Amazons...now I'm stuck like this...

Squika: Ah, a squid form Inkling. I used to be just like you.

Ally loks up at Squika.

Ally: Oh, hey, Squika.

Squika: Yeah, those days are behind me. Now, I spend all my time in kid form, riding my motorcycle through the city streets.

Ally: I didn't know you rode a motorbike.

Squika: Oh yeah, you'd better believe it, Addie.

Ally: "Ally".

Squika: Yeah, this is an alley. I sometimes hang out with a Sea Urchin nearby. His name's Spyke...ah, you wouldn't know 'im.

Ally: He scrubbed my gear a little over a week ago.

Squika: Yep, not sure where he is anymore...some folks say he made it big, others say he was eaten by a shark. My guess? He's wandering the streets of the world, scrubbing gear for those who need it most.

Spyke's voice: Um...I'm righ' 'ere, love.

The scene cuts to a view of Ally, Squika and Spyke.

Squika: I can almost hear his Cockney accent...well, time for this rider to ride.

Squika climbs onto a pink tricycle marked with Pearl's icon and begins to pedal away. He rings the bell, which makes an adorable chime. Ally rubs her head...body...thing.

Ally: I think others are right...Squika IS a weird one...

Spyke: Oh, don' ge' me STAR'ED on FA' weirdo! So...you need some gear scrubbed?

Ally: Um...no thanks.

Spyke: Please ye'sewf.

Ally slides away.

Ally's thoughts: I guess I'm stuck like this...

The scene zooms into Ally's head.

We see a view of Ally in squid form.

Voice: I have done it!

We see a view of the hooded figure.

Figure: To find your brother...we need a human.

We see a view of a footpath. A puddle of green ink is there.

Ally's voice: Brother...what have I DONE?!

The scene zooms out of Ally's head. Her eyes widen.

Ally: What the fresh just happened...?

We hear the bell chime. Squika rides next to Ally.

Squika: Oh, you inked yourself. Yeah, you should get used to that. Later!

Squika rides away. Ally sits up and sees a puddle of lime green ink underneath her.

Ally: Ew...

Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 04:
I may be stuck in squid form, but that won't stop me from my usual routine!

Anyway, here's a photo I had taken with Inklein the day before...the incident. He still calls me Scrubberella, but he's started referring to Seth as "Purple Squika". I don't know what Inklinda sees in him...

Oh yeah, it turns out that Inklinda was supposed to be Agent 3, not me! If she weren't so shellfish...ooh, it should be HER who's stuck in squid form! I hope that one day, she ends up in the same situation as me! Anyway, here's the photo:

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Topic: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 3: Gett-ink the Band Together!
AKA "The Music Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Seth's Pad: Morning

Seth is asleep in bed. He is awoken by apparently-loud music.

We cut to a view of Ally. She is playing an electric guitar in the middle of the living area. Ally starts to sing.

Ally: ♫You're a KID now! You're a SQUID now! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

Seth: Ally!

Ally stops playing and smiles at Seth.

Ally: Hi, Seth!

Seth: Do you have ANY idea what time it is?

Ally: 6am, right?

Seth: Yes, which is when MOST Inklings are in bed!

Ally: Pfft, Inklings don't need sleep!

Seth: True, but some of us enjoy a nice bit of R&R. What are you doing, anyway?

Ally: Practising for our gig.

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: G-G-Gig?!

Ally starts to play her guitar.

Ally: ♫You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

Seth: Ally?

Ally smiles at Seth.

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: Maybe this isn't such a good idea...

Ally: Of COURSE it is! Music's in every Inkling's DNA.

Seth: Not mine.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Um...what?

Seth: I don't have a music strand in my DNA.

Ally laughs.

Ally: Are you kidding? That's the second-most ridiculous thing I've heard this month!

Seth: Really? What was the first?

Ally looks up.

We wipe to a flashback of Ally standing in Octo Valley. Ally laughs.

Ally: What? That's ridiculous! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: DANG IT! Why do y'all keep usin' that same runnin' gag?!

We wipe back to the present. Ally smiles.

Ally: Oh, nothing much. Anyway, the recording studio is closed for renovations, so we can't practice there right now.

Seth panics.

Seth: W-We?!

Ally: That's what I said, isn't it?

Seth: Did you not just hear me, Ally-Squinn? I. Don't. Have. Music!

Ally: Nonsense!

We hear a "ding" sound.

Ally: Ooh, the renovations are done!

Seth: Wait...already?

Ally: Come on, let's go!

Ally grabs Seth's hand.

Seth: A-Ally, w-wait!

Ally pulls Seth out of the apartment. The door closes behind them. The camera pans down to an envelope addressed to Seth. The top corner reads, "From the office of Doctor Puss, DNAologist".

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 2: Splatune Records: Morning

Ally drags Seth into a recording booth by the hand.

Ally: Seth...nngh...you weigh a figurative tonne!

Seth: I don't wanna do this!

Ally lets go of Seth next to a drum kit.

Ally: Don't be ridiculous! Now, I figured you'd like playing the drums.

Seth: Well...I GUESS I have good rhythm...

Ally: Good. Now, let's practice a song.

Ally readies her guitar and steps up to a microphone.

Ally: What's goin' ON, Inkopolis?

Seth scratches his head.

Seth: Um...

Ally: Right on! Now, this first song is one of my own personal creations!

Ally begins to play her guitar.

Ally: ♫You're a KID now! You're a SQUID now! You're a KID! You're a SQUID! You're a-

A rock with a note attached to it smashes through the recording studio window.

Ally: ...the fresh?!

Ally walks up to the rock and picks it up. She detaches the note, unfolds it and reads it aloud.

Ally: "Dear Ally-Queen, SHUT UP AND PLAY A BETTER SONG! --Squika"

Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess I should think up some better material...but the only songs I know are by the Squid Sisters.

Seth: Really?

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Everyone back in Calamari County listens to nothing but the Squid Sisters' music. I guess it's 'cause they have their roots there.

Seth: Really? Wait...I have an AMAZING idea!

Ally: You do?

Seth: I bet you know Bomb Rush Blush by heart, right?

Ally: Well, sure! The lyrics are ingrained in my DNA forever. "Blushing faces covered in pink! Rushing bombs, exploding ink!"

Seth: Awesome! Well, you should try singing a cover of Bomb Rush Blush at the gig.

Ally: Hey, that's a GREAT idea! Okay, lemme prepare my voice.

Ally clears her throat, before standing behind the mic.

Ally: DJ, spin that tune!

Squika's voice: Right away, my dear!

Bomb Rush Blush
Ca...uh...I mean Ally-Squinn


Seth's eyes widen as he hears Ally sing.

Seth: Ally...

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Yeah?

Seth: When you sing...you sound exactly like Callie!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Wait...seriously?

Seth: Yeah! The crowd's gonna LOVE it!

Ally: Well...if you're sure.

Seth: Hey, try another one!

Ally: Uh...well, okay then...

Squid Squa...uh...I mean Ally-Squinn


Seth: Oily mackerel...now you sound like the lead singer of Squid Squad!

Ally: Wait...so the songs I know are the key to my muse?

Seth: Yeah! I think that should be your goal.

Ally: My...goal?

Seth: Yeah! Ally-Squinn: Cover Artist!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: I didn't move to Inkopolis just to rip off other celebrities' music, Seth-Inkley!

Squika squid jumps next to Ally.

Squika: Seth is right, Ally-Queen.

Ally looks at the admittedly-low ceiling of the recording booth.

Ally: How did you-

Squika: You should consider becoming a cover artist. Writing your own material is VERY difficult, and I should know. I'm having a spot of bother trying to think of a unique theme for my thesis...

Ally: Well...I GUESS I like being undercover...

Seth raises an eyebrow.

Seth: Wait, what?

Ally pumps her fist.

Ally: I'll DO it!

Squika: Splendid! The three of us will go far indeed!

Seth: Yeah, right to the top of the cha-

Seth looks at Squika.

Seth: What are you saying...?

Squika: Well, you're going to need a lead male singer, and I have a truly Squiffing singing voice, don't you know?

Seth: No, I didn't know.

Squika: Wonderful! Then let's get ready for our gig!

Ally: Wait a second! I-I didn't agree to you joining our band!

Squika: But...YOU signed the contract!

Ally: Wait...what?

Squika: The contract CLEARLY states that this group MUST consist of three Inklings, at least one boy and one girl...AND at least one member who remains in squid form during each show! Do you know of any other Inklings who stay in squid form for longer than is necessary?

Ally: Well, no...I can't say that I do...

Seth: Actually, now that you mention it-

Squika: Then it's settled! Ally will be the guitarist and lead female vocalist, Seth will be the percussionist, and I, Squika, shall be the lead male singer and manager!

Another Inkling stands nearby.

Inkling: Uh...but I'm the manager, man...

Squika pumps his...tentacle.

Squika: Band Squid Pro, LET'S GO!

Ally sighs.

Ally: What have I gotten myself into...?

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 3: Seth's Pad: Morning

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

We see a view of Ally on-stage with Seth and Squika. Squika waves his tentacles in the air.

Squika: Okay, Inkopolis, are you ready to LAUGH?

Ally: What the fresh are you talking about, Squika?!

The crowd suddenly starts laughing.

Ally: What? What's so fu-

Ally looks behind her. Seth is running around the stage in his underwear.

Seth: Look at me! I'm in my underpants! Now I can't do this performance! Oh, what a shame!

Ally: Seth!

Seth looks at Ally.

Seth: Face it, Ally: there's no WAY you can stop me!

Ally: Stop you...?

Seth laughs. He speaks with DJ Octavio's voice.

"Seth": You're gonna end up JUST LIKE DADDY! HAHAHAHAHA!

Two bolts of lime green electricity jolt Ally. She laughs.

Ally: St-Stop it! That tickles! HAHAHA!

A pulse of lime green energy fills the screen for a moment.

Ally: Wh-What have you done to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

The scene cuts back to reality. Ally suddenly sits up.

Ally: Whoa, what a weird dream...

We cut to a view of Seth playing a game on a couch. It resembles Splatoon, though the characters resemble rabbits.

Seth: No! Dang it, CallieFan8! He was MINE!

Ally: I didn't know you had Hare n' Tear!

Seth: I got it during last night's midnight launch at Ate & Wee You.

Ally: Right...I forgot about that.

Seth: Well, you were working, right?

Ally: True...

Seth: I don't know who this CallieFan8 thinks she is, but she keeps stealing my targets!

Ally: Yeah! Plus, everyone knows that MARIE is the best Squid Sister!

Seth: I'll pretend I didn't hear that IF you let me off the hook re: this whole music biz!

Ally: "Off the Hook"? What kind of band name is THAT?!

Seth sets down his tablet-like controller and looks at Ally.

Seth: No, I mean I don't want to do the gig. I...I can't.

Ally: Well, it's a little short notice to tell me now, isn't it? The gig is tonight!

Seth: Uh...I've been dropping blatant hints ALL WEEK!

Ally: Well...who am I gonna find to replace you?

Seth: Anyone but me! I'd rather succumb to my fear of heights than play music, anyway!

Ally growls.

Ally: You know what? Fine! Why don't you just go to the edge of that balcony-

Ally points at the open balcony door. Seth is surrounded by an aura of lime green energy and flings through it.

Seth: WHOA!

Ally: SETH!

Ally runs over to the balcony railing and looks down.

Ally: H-How did this happen?!

Voice: You did this.

Ally looks at a figure in a dark green hooded cloak. His face is obscured by shadow.

Ally: Wh-Who are you...?

Figure: Unimportant at the moment. I will rescue your friend.

Ally looks at the balcony.

Ally: But he's probably already-

Seth's voice: Ally?

Ally turns around. Seth is standing there.

Ally: S-Seth...? B-But...how...?

Seth: Beats me. I suddenly flew over the balcony, then someone grabbed me and...well, here I am.

Ally: You didn't fall?

Seth: Nope. I figured you caught me as I reached the edge.

Ally: But...then...

Ally's thoughts: That cloaked individual...it must've been him...

Ally: I-I don't think we should be doing this gig after all...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: Come again?

Ally: I-I think you're right. I think this whole idea is jinxed.

Seth: Are you kidding me?! After ALL that effort to organise the gig?! Ally, you NEED to follow your dream!

Ally: But...I can't!

Seth: Why not? I hate to admit it, but it's an AWESOME idea!

Ally: It is?

Seth: Yeah! I'll...I'll even play with you, if you want.

Ally: But...I thought-

Seth: You know what? It's fine! You helped me when I splatted onto that train, so now it's my turn to help you!

Ally's eyes ripple.

Ally: S-Seth-Inkley...

Seth grins.

Seth: I'd do ANYTHING for YOU, Ally-Squinn...

Ally smiles.

Seth's thoughts: ...and I mean ANYTHING...I've never felt this way about anyone else...

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Night

We see a view of a stage in the middle of the plaza. A crowd has gathered around it.

We cut to a backstage view. Ally is fidgeting.

Ally: I'm really nervous...

Squika: Well, THAT'S weird!

Seth: Squika!

Squika: What?

Seth: That was very rude! Ally has every right to be nervous. This IS her lifelong dream, after all!

Ally: Well...LIFElong might be a BIT of a stretch...

Seth: And she's not as nervous as I am! I mean, I can't even music good!

Squika: Wow, SOMEONE is having trouble with grammar...now, where is the caterer? They have yet to deliver my pre-performance hamburger's!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Ally: I guess SOMEONE'S a hypocrite. Okay, let's get ready, everyone!

Squika: Hold on, I just need to prepare my voice...

Squika starts to sing in an operatic tone.

Squika: La la la la laa! La la la la la-

Squika's voice is suddenly thrown out of balance.

Ally: Squika...that was-

Squika speaks in a voiceless tone.

Squika: Wonderful, isn't it?

Seth: Uh-oh...looks like your voice has literally been thrown over a balcony!

Ally sighs.

Ally's thoughts: Great...Seth's one of THOSE people...I mean, it's not hard to use the word FIGURATIVELY, for crying out loud!

Squika: No no no, I'm...fine! I'm fine!

Seth: No, you're not. I guess this means we can't do the show...and after I summoned up the courage to perform.

Ally: Wait...maybe we can.

Seth: Um...wh-what?

Ally: I've heard you sing in the inkshower, Seth, and you're pretty good.

Seth: That's ridiculous! I-I don't even have a music strand in my DNA!

Ally: Coulda fooled me. And Squika's good with slapping his tentacles in a rhythm.

We cut to a view of Squika slapping his tentacles in a rhythm.

Squika: Why is everyone staring at me...?

Ally: So he can drum for us. Please, Seth? It's the only way!

Seth ponders Ally's words.

Seth: Hm...well...okay, I'll do it. For you.


Seth grins.

We cut to a view of the stage. Ally, Seth and Squika walk (and slide) into view.

Ally: 'Sup, Inkopolis?

The crowd cheers.

Ally: Awesome! We're the Rainbow Cuttles, and we're gonna jam for ya!

Squika rubs his head...body...thing.

Squika's thoughts: "Rainbow Cuttles"...? But...what happened to Band Squid Pro...?

Ally: 1-2-3-GO!

Chirpy Chi...uh...I mean Rainbow Cuttles


The audience has a mixed reaction to the band's music.

Inkling #1: They sound just like-

Inkling #2: -Chirpy Chips...

Sea Urchin: So they're a cover band?

Sheldon: Not just A cover band...THE cover band! The most authentic cover band yet!

Jellyfish: [bloop]

The crowd cheers for the Rainbow Cuttles.

We fade to later that night.

Seth: And that was our last song! We're the Rainbow Cuttles, and you have been an AMAZING audience!

Seth stands next to Ally.

Ally: Ready to close this thing...together?

Seth: I was prawn ready!

Ally and Seth pull a pose.

"Weather young or old,
Find your Pot O' Gold!"

The crowd cheers as the band leaves the stage. The crowd then leaves the arena. The lights suddenly shut off. Squika looks around.

Squika: What happened to the show...? Hey, I got my voice back! H-Hello? Ally-Queen? Seth-Kingly? ARE YOU THERE?

Squika sighs.

Squika: Well, this has been a TERRIBLE début performance...maybe I should give up on my week-long dream of becoming a popstar and focus on something a little more...squiddy.

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 5: Seth's Pad: Morning

We see Ally asleep in bed. She is tossing and turning. The scene zooms into her head.

Ally is standing in Octo Valley. Cap'n Cuttlefish gives her a thumbs-up.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Seriously? TWO dream sequences in one episode?!

Ally: Yeah? So? I like to sleep after a mission.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: An' just WHY is this ep so darn short?

Ally: Well...just WHY are you talking like a rootin-tootin sheriff? Aren't you supposed to be based on a sea captain or something?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Look, the writer took a few...creative liberties, m-kay?

Ally: Whatever...so what's supposed to be happening in this dream, anyway?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, yer a Psy-pod type, aintcha?

Ally: Kind of...I mean, my powers are lame at best...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Are you KIDDIN'?! Y'all have the potential t' become a TRULY powerful Psy-pod!

Ally: Really? Oh, who am I kidding? You're just dreamstuff, after all.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: An' YOU need t' be taken out o' th' squidture!

Ally rolls her eyes.

Ally: That was kind of a lame pun...wait...what the fresh are you saying?!

Cap'n Cuttlefish laughs. He speaks with DJ Octavio's voice.

"Cap'n Cuttlefish": Don'tcha GET it? You've been having profitable dreams you stoopid squid!

Ally's eyes flatten.

Ally: I think you mean "prophetic".

"Cap'n Cuttlefish": Whatever. Bottom line: I'm taking you out of the squidture. See you on Tidemoon Eve...hahahahaha!

We see a flash of lime green energy.

Ally: Wh-What have you DONE to me?! AAAAAAAAAAH!

We flash to a view of the hooded figure. His eyes flash purple.

We cut back to Ally. She sits up and pants heavily.

Ally: What a weird dream...I better go and see how Seth's doing in his game.

Ally enters the living area. Seth is playing what resembles Mario Kart 8, though with popular Splatoon characters as the drivers.

Ally: Morning, Seth! Wait...why aren't you playing Hare n' Tear?

Seth: Huh? Oh, it was just a rip-off of real life Turf War, so I traded it at Ate & Wee You for THIS game.

Ally: Oh, neat! What is it?

Seth: Marina Kart 8.

Ally: Who's Marina...?

Seth shrugs his shoulders and makes an "I dunno" sound.

Ally: Wait...are you playing as Callie?

Seth: Well, of course! She IS the best Squid Sister, after all!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Well...I suppose everyone's entitled to their opinion...

Ally's thoughts: ...even if it's COMPLETELY wrong...

Seth: So...wanna play some Turf War later?

Ally: Sure, why not?

Seth: Sweet! Lemme just finish this race and we can-

Seth growls.

Seth: Dang it, CallieFan8! How do you keep managing to one-up me?! Furthermore, how do you keep ending up in EVERY SINGLE ONE of my online play sessions?! Wait...he seriously wants to friend me?! The nerve of him!

Ally: Well, why not? You both have something in common, right?

Seth: Huh?

Ally: You both like Callie.

Seth: Hm...you may be onto something...okay then. Request accepted!

Scene 6: Thermidor Arms Hotel: Morning

We cut to a view of a hotel suite. The hooded figure is playing Marina Kart 8.

Figure: Wow, SethMAZING, you are one awesome player...and you accepted my friend request! Now I can keep watch of you, as well as your new friend...Ally-Squinn.

We cut to a view of the figure's right eye. It is purple in colour. A tiny twinkle of green in the shape of the number 8 is seen in the middle of the pupil. It changes to an "S", before fading away.

Scene 7: Seth's Pad: Morning

Seth is standing in the apartment.

Seth: Come on, Ally! If we hurry, we can still play a round with a 50/50 chance of it being at Mahi-Mahi Resort!

Ally's voice: Hold on, I'm just trying to decide which pair of shoes to wear!

Seth: Which pair-

Seth sighs.

Seth: Ally, you only have two pairs! And you're not gonna wear your beginner shoes, right?

Ally's voice: I guess not...

Seth: Good, then let's-

Seth spots the envelope.

Seth: What's this...?

Seth picks up the envelope and opens it. He unfolds the letter and begins to read it aloud.

Seth: "Dear Seth-Inkley-"

We hear a loud chicken sound.

Seth: I NEED to update my message alert tone...now where was I...? Ah, yes. "We have analysed a sample of your DNA, and we feel it is in our best interests to confirm that you-"

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: They can't be freshing serious!

Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 03:
Wow, another entry into my noob photo log. This time around, I decided to have my photo taken with Squika Udon, and not for the reason you might be thinking.

You see, Squika has apparently been trying to think of an original theme for his thesis, and one of those ideas was "Fashion Flipper: Dressing Against Expectation". He tried on a few different outfits, including his university uniform, a sailor suit, a Crusty Sean cosplay...you get the idea. And the less said about his Octoling cosplay, the better...

Anyway, he settled on this Black Inky Rider-centric ensemble (pretty sure Jelonzo must've talked him into it), and now he wants to wear it for an entire year just to prove that "even intellectually-advantaged cephalopods can still look bad-bass". I give it a week. Anyway, he agreed to give me a copy for my log, though I don't think he realises it's for Turf War beginners...still, he's only Level 3 right now, so I guess it counts. Here he is in all his...leathery glory:

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Stay fresh!

by NintendoPurist64
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Topic: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 2: Trend-ink on Squitter!
AKA "The Freshness Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

Ally and Seth wander toward Booyah Base.

Seth: So Ally, have you decided on a main weapon yet?

Ally: Hm...well, the more I think about it, the more I like the idea of maining a Charger.

Seth: Oh, that's cool. As for me, I'm DEFINITELY picking the Roller!

Ally: Yes, which is why you're carrying yours around everywhere.

Seth is wielding his Roller in every direction. He looks at Ally.

Seth: I'm sorry, did you say something?

Ally sighs.

Ally: Never mind...

Inklein's voice: Hey, I know you...

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Ally and Seth.

Ally: Oh, Inkleene! Hi!

Inklinda: Actually, his name is, like, Inklein or whatever...

Seth: Wait...so he's related to the Erwutevvers of Calamari County?!

Ally: No, you're thinking of the Squerther family, makers of the finest confectionery.

Seth: Hey, I LOVE Squerther candies!

Ally: I used to eat Squerther saltwater taffy all the time growing up...ah, good times...

Inklinda looks at Ally.

Inklinda: And, like, what are YOU supposed to be?

Inklein: Isn't it obvious, Lindie? She's you, only green.

Inklinda smirks.

Inklinda: Well, you've got the green part right, "Inkleene". I mean, she's using a Splattershot Jr.! Only scrubs and Squika Udon use those pieces of crab!

Ally: Hey! I'll have you know, Lindie, that I'm just on my way to buy a Splat Charger!

Inklinda: Pfft, like Sheldon would let YOU get your hands on such an advanced weapon. I bet you can't even aim right!

Ally: Um...what?

Inklinda: You simply SCREAM "depth perception required"!

Ally: What does that even MEAN?

Inklinda: I'll let you figure it out, Scrubberella.

Ally: HEY! The name is Ally-Squinn!

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: Of the Calamari County-

We hear a Killer Wail sound.

Seth: Who the fresh is using their special weapon OUTSIDE of Turf War?!

Ally looks away from Inklinda.

Ally: Um...

Inklinda: I don't believe it...you're a snobby little rich brat!

Ally stares at Inklinda.

Ally: That is ridiculous!

Inklinda: So you're NOT rich?

Ally looks away from Inklinda.

Ally: Well...

Inklinda: I KNEW it! What are you doing in Inkopolis instead of your family's 8 billion Cash estate?

Ally stares at Inklinda.

Ally: That is NONE of your business, Lindie!

Inklinda: M-hm...whatever, honey. Look, Inkopolis doesn't want you. You may be rich, but you're not fresh, so why don't you just go running back into Daddy's arms?

Ally's eyes appear to ignite.


Inklinda: Sure, whatever you say or whatever...

Inklinda walks away.

Inklinda: And the name's Inklinda Squatson. Remember it.

Inklein smiles at Ally and Seth.

Inklein: It was nice to meet you, Scrubberella and Purple Inklein.

Inklein follows Inklinda. Ally calms down.

Ally: Wow, I can't BELIEVE I went off like that. It's not like me...

Seth: But it was AMAZING!

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: It was?

Seth: HAKE YEAH! Not many Inklings have the guts to stand up to Inklinda Squatson! I guess it's 'cause your family's worth WAY more than hers.

Ally: Lindie...I mean "Inklinda"...comes from a rich family?

Seth: Of course! Haven't you heard of Squatson Squindustries?

Ally: Um...no, I can't honestly say that I have...

Seth: Well, Inklinda's father invented the eight-sided toothbrush. Their company is worth 8 million Cash!

Ally: How is that practical?

Seth: Well, with profits, royalties-

Ally: No, I mean...how is eight sides on a toothbrush practical?

Seth: Hey, it saves having to replace your toothbrush every month!

Ally: But most toothbrushes only cost 20 Cash to begin with.

Seth: Yeah? And?

Ally: How much is one of these...Octo-Brushes?

Seth: Well, Sheldon sells Octobrushes for-

Seth pauses.

Seth: Oh, you mean the Squatson's Wonder Brush...well, they cost 180 Cash.

Ally: So for the cost of nine toothbrushes, you get the equivalent of eight?

Seth: I know, right? Guy's a GENIUS!

Ally sighs.

Ally: I guess that's one way to describe him...come on, let's go to Booyah Base.

Ally and Seth head toward Booyah Base. The mysterious figure from the previous episode watches them from the shadows. We hear heavy mask-filtered breathing.

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 2: Shrimp Kicks: Morning

Ally and Seth enter Shrimp Kicks, a shoe emporium run by Crusty Sean, who waves at them.

Crusty Sean: Yo, what's kraken, squiddos?

Seth: Crusty Sean! 'Sup, mah man?

Seth and Crusty Sean bro-fist.

Crusty Sean: Yo, Ally, there was some dude in here lookin' for ya.

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: R-Really?

Crusty Sean: Yeah! I think he was headed to Jelonzo's place. He only just went there, so you might catch him if you're fast!

Ally: Oh, thank you. Um...bye.

Crusty Sean: Peace, squiddo!

Ally leaves the shop. Crusty Sean looks at Seth.

Crusty Sean: You goin' after your girlfriend?

Seth's eyes widen as he blushes.

Seth: What?! We're not dating!

Crusty Sean: Yo, sorry, squiddo!

Seth: Anyway, I came here to order something...special.

Crusty Sean: Sure thing!

Scene 3: Jelly Fresh: Morning

Ally enters Jelly Fresh, the local clothing store. A Jellyfish in a hat and scarf greets her.

Jellyfish: Hello, squidling friend, and please to be welcoming to Yelly Fresh, for all the needing of your clothes! My name is being Jelonzo, and I am to be helping you.

Ally: Um...nice to meet you. I'm...Ally-Squinn.

Jelonzo: Oh, I see. From County of the Calamari is you?

Ally: Um...yes, that's right.

Jelonzo: Well, if there is anything you are to be needing, please, asking to feel free.

Ally: Actually, I'm looking for someone.

Jelonzo: Ah, you are wanting this Black Inky Rider? Super yacket, very glossy, good for the riding of the motorbicycles, yes?

Ally: Um...actually, I'm looking for a person.

Jelonzo: Purses? I are sorry. If you be wanting of the accessories, you might be trying of the Annie is house.

Ally: Annie...? The girl with the clownfish in her hair?

Jelonzo: Ah, I see you are knowing already her!

Ally: I'll ask her. Thank you for letting me know.

Jelonzo: You are welcoming! Buh-bye!

Ally leaves the shop. Jelonzo rubs a small lump that is starting to form on the left side of his face.

Jelonzo: Hm...a pimple I seem to be having...I wait for it to be falling off soon.

We hear a tiny, squeaky voice.

Voice: Dada!

Scene 4: Cooler Heads: Morning

Ally enters Cooler Heads, a headgear shop run by a Sea Anemone with a tiny clownfish in her hair.

Ally: Good morning, Annie.

The Sea Anemone looks at Ally.

Annie: O-Oh...um...g-good morning, Ally.

The clownfish starts jumping up and down.


Ally: I was wondering if anyone's been in here looking for me?

Annie: O-Oh...I'm sorry...no...


Ally: Okay then. I apologise for taking up your time.

Annie: I-It's fine...really...


Ally: Well, I guess I'd better get to Ammo Knights and buy that Charger.

Annie: O-Oh...that sounds like fun...


Ally: Bye!

Annie: O-Oh...do come back, won't you...?


Ally leaves the shop.

Annie: I-I didn't think we'd get so busy today...


Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Morning

Ally enters Ammo Knights.

Ally: 'Morning, Sheldon!

Sheldon: Ah, Agent 3! Are you hear for your next mission briefing?

Ally: What? No, I'm hear to buy a Splat Charger for Turf War.

Sheldon: Turf War? Why would you want to do something like THAT?!

Ally: Because it's fun!

Sheldon: Fair enough, I suppose. Now, before I sell you this Splat Charger, shall I tell you about it?

Ally: Well-

Sheldon: Wonderful! The Splat Charger is the most basic of all Charger-category weapons. It can be used at a range that is farther than that of the Splattershot, allowing for some well-placed sniping from hidden places! As the name implies, the most effective use of the Splat Charger is by "charging" the ink pressure prior to unleashing it, but it is definitely worth it when you cook opponents in a single shot! Now, the barrel is composed of a reinforced blah blah blah...

Two hours later...

...blah blah blah and you can even place stickers on it for extra customisation! Any questions?

We cut to a view of Ally. Her eyes appear bloodshot.

Ally: Um...can I buy my Charger now? Please?

Sheldon: Of course! Lemme just ring up your cost, and we can-

An alarm sounds throughout the shop.

Sheldon: Oh, it's time for a mission!

Ally: In the MORNING?!

Cap'n Cuttlefish's voice: Sheldon? Are you there, son?

Ally's thoughts: Wait...Sheldon is Cap'n Cuttlefish's...?!

Sheldon: Receiving you, Cap'n!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: I need y'all to round up Agent 3 for a super-urgent mission!

Sheldon: Well, you are in luck, my friend, as Agent 3 is standing right here!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOO-HOO! Now THAT'S dedication! Agent 3?

Ally: Y-Yes, sir?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: I need you t' go on a dangerous - and urgent - mission t' Octo Valley t' retrieve somethin' VERY important. Are y'all up to it?

Ally: You can count on me, sir!

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Excellent! I expect y'all to leave pronto!

Ally: Will do, sir!

Ally's thoughts: No matter what, I WILL complete this important mission, no matter what it is...

Scene 6: Octo Valley: Morning

Ally is standing near a large warehouse filled with crates.

Ally: I can't believe I agreed to this...sneaking into an Octarian pharmaceutical lotion factory...I mean, isn't there an easier way for the Cap'n to treat his bunions?

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 7: Ammo Knights: Evening

Sheldon is polishing a Suction Bomb.

Sheldon: There, my lovely...Daddy's gonna make you sparkling cle-

Ally bursts through the doors. She collapses to the floor.

Sheldon: Agent 3! A-Are you alright?!

Ally: I...I got the cream...

Ally holds up a small tube of cream with a red cap.

Sheldon: Wonderful! The Cap'n will be pleased indeed. So how is that Splat Charger working out for you?

Ally: I haven't had a chance to USE it yet. I've been busy grilling Octotroopers for this tiny bottle of bunion ointment, and what do I get to show for it?

Sheldon: Oh, that reminds me! Here's your reward, Agent 3.

Sheldon holds what resembles a candy bar in front of Ally's face.

Ally: A candy bar?

Sheldon: Not just ANY candy bar. Take a look.

Ally's eyes widen, and she leaps to her feet.

Ally: What...? A Squerther Golden Choco-Calamel Bar?! But...the Squerther factory stopped making these when I was a kid!

Sheldon: Well...the New Squidbeak Splatoon pulled some strings, and the factory's agreed to produce these just for you!

Ally: R-Really...?

Sheldon: I assume that this is a fair reward for your continued service?

Ally: GIMME!

Ally snatches the candy bar and shoves the entire thing into her mouth. She chews with delight.

Ally: Mmm...fmmm MMMF! (Mmm...so GOOD!)

Ally swallows.

Ally: Sheldon, this is indeed a fair reward.

Ally grins.

Ally's thoughts: YES! I get to eat my favourite chocolate bar from when I was a squidling! NOTHING can spoil my mood right now!

Inklinda enters the shop.

Inklinda: Hey, Sheldon? Some weird old Sea Slug told me that my new Inkbrush is going to be damaged or whatever, so I-

Inklinda looks at Ally, who has smears of chocolate around her mouth.

Inklinda: Well, I see SOMEONE likes to, like, eat dirt or whatever...

Ally: Oh...um...

Ally wipes away the chocolate.

Ally: Th-That was-

Inklinda: Wait'll I tell everyone!

Inklinda leaves the shop.

Ally: Inklinda, wait!

Ally looks at Sheldon.

Ally: I'm going after her!

Ally leaves the shop. Sheldon appears sad.

Sheldon: But...you still have to do a mission debriefing...

Sheldon's shorts suddenly drop, revealing his underwear.

Sheldon: Hm...my briefs seem to be exposed...oh well.

Sheldon continues to polish the suction bomb...without pulling up his shorts.

Scene 8: Inkopolis Plaza: Evening

Ally runs through Inkopolis Plaza, looking for any sign of Inklinda.

Ally: Where did you go, Inkli-

A clump of dirt pelts onto Ally's shirt.

Ally: What the fresh?!

Voice #1: Thought you could use a snack!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Oh well, I guess I should ignore-

A second dirt clump pelts onto Ally's shirt.

Ally: Seriously?!

Voice #2: You still looked hungry, babe!

Ally growls.

Ally: Just try to stay calm, Ally-Squi-

A blob of purple ink lands on Ally's head.

Squika's voice: Dessert is served, ma'am!

Ally flips out.


Ally suddenly calms down.

Ally: Wow, what is up with my attitude today...? I guess I'll just go and relax with a good book.

Ally's walkie-talkie beeps.

Ally: Another mission already?! Well, I guess I'd better see what's up...

Ally talks into the walkie-talkie.

Ally: Agent 3 here.

Agent 1: -ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuᴉʇʇǝl ʇsnſ ¡ʎll∀ 'ᴉH

Ally: Agent 1, you know I can't understand you when you hold that thing upside-down!

Agent 1: ˙˙˙ɔǝs ǝuo˙˙˙ʇɥƃᴉɹ 'ɥO

Ally sighs.

Agent 1: Anyway, as I was saying, there's all-you-can-eat mud pies at-

Ally: Okay, it was bad enough when Inklinda told every random Inkling and Squika, but now YOU?!

Agent 1: Huh? What are you talking a-

Ally: I need some time to cool off! If you need me, I'll be somewhere that NO-ONE will find me!

Ally switches off her walkie-talkie and runs away in a temper.

We cut to a view of an Inkling near a large piece of empty amiibo packaging. She appears to be wearing some sort of disguise. She speaks with Agent 1's voice

Agent 1: I can't believe Ally wasn't interested in all-you-can-eat chocolate mud pies at Ate & Wee You...I mean, I'm SURE Marie said desserts are her favourite food...oh well, more for me, then!

Agent 1 runs away.

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 9: Alleyway: Evening

Ally sits next to a dumpster in an alleyway. She appears sad.

Ally: I can't believe anyone could be so mean...seriously, what the fresh is her problem?

Voice: I thought I might find you here.

Ally looks up. An Inkling with teal tentacles and thick-framed glasses is standing there.

Ally: Wh-Who are you...?

Inkling: I'm Inklanna, a friend of Seth's. You're Ally-Squinn, right?

Ally: Yeah, I guess so...not that it matters to anyone...

Inklanna sits next to Ally.

Inklanna: What makes you say that?

Ally: Well, I feel so unwelcome in this place. I shouldn't have come here...

Inklanna: Why would you feel unwelcome? Most people here are really friendly.

Ally: Yeah, if you're "fresh", whatever that means.

Inklanna: Eh, freshness is overrated. You should just be yourself. THAT'S the important thing, right?

Ally: Hm...

We wipe to a flashback scene. Ally is sitting in a classroom.

Teacher: Now, class, what would you all like to be when you grow up? Clawdia?

A well-dressed humanoid crab stands up.

Clawdia: I would like to work in my father's claw firm.

Teacher: Ah, very good! Ally-Squinn?

Ally stands and clears her throat.

Ally: I want to become a pop star in Inkopolis!

The class laughs.

Teacher: Young lady, I can say with certainty that you do NOT want to become a..."pop star", whatever that means...on the contrary, my dear, YOU want to become a bookseller, like your mother and father!

Teacher's thoughts: One wonders how a family of booksellers could be so ridiculously wealthy...

Clawdia: My word, Ally-Squinn is a rebel! She MUST be expelled from school!

Teacher: Agreed, Clawdia! Ally-Squinn, you want to pack up your things and leave at once! And THEN, you want to return home and make arrangements to begin tuition at...Bottomburp Academy.

The class laughs. Ally appears sad.

We wipe back to the present. Ally smiles.

Ally: You know what? You're absolutely right! I made the decision to move here instead of going to Bottomburp-

Inklanna: "Bottomburp"...?

Ally: -and since I'm here, I'm going to achieve my month-long dream of becoming a pop star!

Ally and Inklanna stand.

Thank you, Inklanna. I hope to see you again!

Ally-Squinn runs away with delight.

Inklanna: There goes one awesome protagonist...

Squika lands next to Inklanna.

Squika: You DO realise that you'll only make one more appearance in the first Ally-Squinn short, and that you'll have exactly eight syllables of dialogue before it comes to an abrupt conclusion, right?

Inklanna looks at Squika and nods.

Inklanna: M-hm...wait a sec...Squika, what do you-

Scene 10: Inkopolis Plaza: Evening

Ally stomps toward Inkopolis Tower.

Ally: I'll show you, Inklinda...I'll ink you so much that your clothes will keep spla-

We hear a chime similar to one in an airport terminal.

Voice: Inkopolis Tower is currently closed. We apologise for the inconvenience.

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: Oh, for the love of freshness...

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 11: Inklinda and Inklein's Dorm: Afternoon

Inklinda sits on a couch polishing her Inkbrush's handle.

Inklinda: There, there, my lovely...that mean Sea Slug was just trying to scare you. There's no WAY I'll let anyone trim your bristles or whatever...

Inklein bursts into the dorm. He is holding a flyer on a sheet of lime green A4 paper.

Inklein: Lindie! You gotta see this!

Inklinda doesn't bother to look at Inklein.

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: A hot new musical act is holding a gig in Inkopolis Plaza NEXT WEEK! You wanna go?

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: I might get a new outfit for the show...maybe a Black Inky Rider Yacket from Being Jelonzo's shop...I dunno...Lindie, you always have good taste in clothing, so what should I wear?

Inklinda: M-hm, that's nice, sweetie.

Inklein: Hey, that's a GREAT idea! I'll head to the Squerther outlet right now. Thanks!

Inklein leaves the dorm. Inklinda looks up.

Inklinda: Weird...why does the room smell like Inklein's deodorant...? Oh well...

Inklinda hugs her Inkbrush.

Inklinda: Mommy will, like, take GOOD care of you or whatever...

Scene 12: Seth's Pad: Evening

Seth enters his apartment. He is carrying a brown paper bag filled with groceries.

Seth: I hope I bought enough juice...I hate it when I forget to rehydrate...

Ally's voice: Hi, Seth!

Seth: WAAH!

Seth drops the bag. We hear the sound of broken glass, and a purplish-red puddle leaks from the bottom of the bag.

Seth: Wh-Who's there?!

Ally waves from Seth's couch.

Seth: Ally? Wh-What are YOU doing here?

Ally: You invited me, remember?

Seth: Yeah, but...I thought you'd give me a day's notice or somethin'...

Ally: Anyway, I found my room, so I put all my stuff in there.

We cut to a view of a spacious bedroom. It is filled with plush sea creatures and a single Squidkid action figure.

We cut back to Ally and Seth.

Seth: You're ALREADY unpacked?!

Ally: Yeah! It didn't take long at all.

Seth: But...I've only been gone for a half hour! And...wait...how did you get in without a key?

Ally: Oh...um...

Ally looks away.

Seth: Oh well, who cares? I finally have you as my roomie! This is awesome!

Ally: Yeah, and we're gonna play a music gig in Inkopolis Square NEXT WEEK!

Seth: Yeah, a musi-

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Um...wh-what...?

Ally: You heard me! We're gonna play a music gig!

Seth: B-But...I-I...I c-c-can't...

Ally: Sure you can! Your DNA practically SCREAMS music!

Seth: S-So what...?

Ally: Oh, this is gonna be EPIC! Well, I better get to...uh...my job...I guess...um...bye!

Ally leaves the apartment. Seth stares at the door.

Seth: M-Me...? Pl-Play m-music...?

Seth whimpers, before changing to squid form and sliding out of the room.

Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 02:
So I was having some trouble deciding who should be my next noob muse, but the problem is that there are too few new Turf Warriors this week, and I'd rather pick truly raw talent.

Then I figured it out: Inklinda says my freshness rating is too low, but it turns out that she's WAY less fresh than I am! Therefore, I decided to ask her if she wanted to be in my next photo, with the promise of her favourite snack. Naturally, she said "Like, yes or whatever...":

Topics tagged under 1 on  2d57f310

I don't care what anyone says, I just don't think we look that similar! Also, her favourite snack is fried noodles with pepperoni bits, whereas mine is...well, that's a story for another time.

Stay fresh!

by NintendoPurist64
on May 9th 2018, 7:57 am
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Topic: Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
Replies: 13
Views: 2643

Ally-Squinn no Shinwa: A Splatoon Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Hi all, and welcome to Ally-Squinn no Shinwa, the long-awaited prequel to Squigley no Densetsu! (Pretty sure "long-awaited" is a LITTLE inaccurate...)

In this chapter of the Squidkid Saga, we meet Ally, an Inkling girl who is new to Inkopolis, having only just moved there from her childhood home in Calamari County. No sooner does our protagonist arrive than she is suddenly swept up in a mission to save Inkopolis from an apparent threat. (Okay, it MIGHT be obvious to Splatoon fans and readers of Squigley's chapter just what this threat could be...)

As this is a prequel, you can expect a lot of backstory explored for some of your favourite characters from the original chapter, with examples including Inklinda, Inklein and even Agent 3 herself! (In case it wasn't already obvious that this chapter focuses on Agent 3...)

If you have yet to read Squigley no Densetsu, I suggest you give it a little look-see before getting too involved in this series, as there may be potential spoilers, a bit like how the prequel Star Wars films have blatant spoilers for anyone who didn't watch the originals first. (If you have no interest in Star Wars...well, that comparison might not have been that helpful. But hey, at least I didn't spoil that Darth Vader is really-)

So with that out of the way, I present a preview of the first episode, Back to the Beginn-ink! I hope you enjoy! (Oh, brother...already with the puns...)

Episode 1: Back to the Beginn-ink!
AKA "The Origin Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day



Inkopolis needs a hero, one upon whom its citizens can rely! My granddaughters are reliable enough, but they're busy with their pop idol business.

No...we need a fresh face...someone who'll stand up t' this threat without a second thought...and darn tootin', I know just the gal for the job!

Her tentacles may be long, and her experience may be more lackin' than a roll o' sushi durin' a wasabi shortage, but by the freshest seas o' Calamari County, I want her to be mah Agent 3!

Scene 2: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

We see a black-and-white view of Inkopolis Plaza. An Inkling girl with long tentacles and the gear of a newbie wanders through the area.

Girl: So THIS is Inkopolis Plaza...hm...I could get used to this place.

The girl walks near a drain with an elderly Inkling poking his head out.

Girl: That must be the guy who sent me that mysterious note...

The girl unfolds a piece of paper.

Hey there, Girlie!

Come t' this part o' the city, an' ALL yer dreams'll come true! See ya soon!

Oh, an' keep yer eyes peeled fer signs of activity of an Octopussy kind! Never trust somethin' with less than 10 tentacles, y'hear?

-The Cap'n

Girl: I'm not sure if he looks trustworthy...and he's a little fidgety...but he said he'd make all my dreams come true, so I trust him.

The girl approaches the drain. The gentleman sees her and pops down the drain. The girl sighs.

Girl: I guess he's not gonna make it easy, then...so I guess I'll follow him down this icky sewer drain to who-knows-where.

The girl changes to squid form and leaps into the drain.

Scene 3: Octo Valley: Morning

The girl leaps out of another drain and changes back to kid form. She looks around and sees the gentleman standing nearby.

Gentleman: You came! We have no time to waste!

Girl: Um...where am I?

Gentleman: This is Octo Valley, the home of a bottom-feedin' collective known as the Octarians!

Girl: Octarians?

Gentleman: That's what I said, innit? Anyway, the Octarians have stolen our city's pride an' joy, the Great Zapfish!

The girl laughs.

Girl: What? That's ridiculous! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

The gentleman laughs.

Gentleman: That's what YOU think! My agency is beamin' a holographic doohickey o' the Great Zapfish over Inkopolis Tower so as none o' ya knows it's missin'!

Girl: M-hm...

Gentleman: Anyway, I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, an' you have been chosen t' be Agent 3 in the New Squidbeak Splatoon!

Girl: Um...what?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: You heard me, missy! You're more than qualified t' help us rescue the Great Zapfish and stop them evil Octarians from causin' Inkopolis t' lose its power!

Girl: But...why me?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Cause yer the whole package! You gots the skills AND the looks! I swear, yer PERFECT fer the job!

Girl: Yeah...look, I have better things to do than listen to the ravings of a madman. So if you'll excuse me, I'll just be going. Later!

The girl changes back into squid form and leaps into the drain. The scene fills with colour.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Dang it, I was sure I'd recruit her! An' after I made everythin' all black-an'-white to show the seriousness of this mission, too...but who am I gonna find that's good enough t' replace that girl?

Scene 4: Inkopolis Plaza: Morning

The girl leaps out of the drain and changes back to kid form. We see that her tentacles are orange, revealing her to be Inklinda.

Inklinda walks toward Booyah Base. Inklein walks up to her.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie! Where have you been?

Inklinda: Oh, just getting a lecture from some old geezer or whatever...now, it's time to raise my rank in Turf War so I can FINALLY buy myself an Inkbrush!

Inklein: Ooh, can I join you?

Inklinda: Sure, whatever...

Inklein: YAY!

Scene 5: Train: Morning

We fade to a view of the inside of a train car. We see an Inkling who looks identical to Inklinda, though with lime green tentacles and maroon eyes. She is looking out the window.

Voice: Ally-Squinn?

The girl looks at the source of the voice, the train's conductor, and nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, that's me.

Conductor: We will be arriving in Inkopolis Station soon.

Ally-Squinn: Oh...thank you for letting me know.

Conductor: Your father wanted me to make sure your journey is a safe one.

Ally-Squinn closes her eyes for a brief moment.

Ally-Squinn: That is considerate of him.

Ally-Squinn looks back out the window and sighs.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: My father...how I miss him...

A purple squid suddenly splats onto the window.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

Conductor: Oh, that's just Squika Udon. Yeah, he's kind of a weird one...

Ally-Squinn: Isn't anyone going to help him?!

Conductor: Nope.

Ally-Squinn: Why not?!

Conductor: Well, he's kind of...weird. Any Inkling worth their freshness level knows not to interact with him.

Ally-Squinn: Well...SOMEONE has to help him!

Ally-Squinn opens the window and pulls in the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Oh dear...are you okay?

The squid stammers with a deep voice.

Squid: Buh...whuh...muh...?

Conductor: Told you he was weird. And helping him won't help your freshness rating.

The conductor walks away.

Ally-Squinn: Oh yeah? Well...you're not a very nice person, you dweeb!

Ally-Squinn razzes at the conductor. She looks at the squid.

Ally-Squinn: Don't worry, I'll look after you...

Squid: Muh...muh...?

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Station: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn steps off the train, the purple squid in her arms. A number of other people stare at her, some with left eye squinted, others with eyes widened, and yet others with blank expressions. A bead of sweat forms on Ally-Squinn's brow.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: Why is everyone staring at me like that...? It's kind of creepy...

Ally-Squinn stands facing an Inkling who is dressed like a security officer.

Officer: Name?

Ally-Squinn: Oh, I'm Ally-Squinn-

We hear a jackhammer sound as Ally-Squinn says her last name. The officer raises an eyebrow.

Officer: Of the Calamari County-

We hear another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn: Yeah...that's right...heheh...

Officer: Isn't your father-

We hear a third jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: Yes, sir...

Officer: And your mother, is she-

We hear yet another jackhammer sound. Ally-Squinn's eyes widen.

Ally-Squinn: I hope not!

Officer: You...hope your mother isn't-

We hear...you know what? You've probably already figured out the pattern by now.

Ally-Squinn: Well, of COURSE I do! I'm not a monster, am I?

The officer sees the purple squid in Ally-Squinn's arms.

Officer: Hm...perhaps not...

Officer's thoughts: ...although you'd HAVE to be if you carry around a weirdo like HIM...

The officer checks some notes on a clipboard.

Officer: Okay, this all seems to be in order...enjoy your visit to Inkopolis, Miss-

Jackhammer sound, blah blah blah...

Ally-Squinn: What? But...I've moved here!

The officer's left eye squints.

Officer: Really? You SURE you wanna do that?

Ally-Squinn: Well...I can't live back home. Not anymore.

Officer's thoughts: Once everyone finds out you've been helping Mr. Udon, Missie, you won't be able to frytail it outta here fast enough...

Officer: Well then, I can't legally stop you from crossing the border. Enjoy your new life in Inkopolis, Miss-

Yep, you know the drill...uh...excuse the pun.

Ally-Squinn: Thank you.

Squid: Muh...muh...?

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through the security gate. The officer shakes his head.

Officer: Helping out Squika Udon...I never would've expected THAT from a rich girl...and ESPECIALLY not from the daughter of-

Jackhammer sound number eight.

Officer's thoughts: All this jackhammer noise is REALLY annoying...I WISH those lousy workers'd just hurry up and finish building that new video game shop...or is it a restaurant...? Anyway, I'm pretty sure that there'll be backlash about naming it "Ate & Wee You"...

Scene 7: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn carries the squid through Inkopolis Plaza.

Ally-Squinn: You recognise any of this, my friend?

Squid: Guh...

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm asking too much...well, what do Inklings do for fun around here?

Squid: Tuh...fwuh...

Ally-Squinn: "Tuh Fwuh"...? What's that? Hm?

Ally-Squinn notices the drain closing.

Ally-Squinn: That was...weird.

Ally-Squinn slowly approaches the drain.

Ally-Squinn: I feel as though this is kind of a dumb idea, my friend.

Squid: Duh...duh...

Ally-Squinn: What was that old saying? Curiosity gilled the cat?

Ally-Squinn sees Judd sleeping on a cushion nearby.

Ally-Squinn: And that, I'm guessing, is said cat.

Ally-Squinn steps up to the drain.

Ally-Squinn: Hm...looks like an ordinary drain to-

Suddenly, a green squid tentacle stretches out of the drain and grabs Ally-Squinn's left shin.

Ally-Squinn: What the fresh?!

The tentacle pulls Ally-Squinn into the drain.

Ally-Squinn: YAAH!

The squid lands on the ground near the drain.

Squid: Wuh...?

Another purple squid slides next to the squid. He speaks with Squika's voice, revealing him to be the REAL Squika.

Squika: Ah, I see you've found my secret thinking spot. Oh well, I suppose I'll go and find another one...I hear the back alley near Inkopolis Tower is a nice spot for "scrubbing"...I suppose that's what all the squidkids in the know call "thinking"...

Squika slides away.

Squid: Scruh...?

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 8: Octo Valley: Afternoon

Cap'n Cuttlefish stands near the drain.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Oh, deary me...NOW what'll I do...?

Ally-Squinn suddenly pops out of the drain.

Ally-Squinn: That...was scary...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Ah, so ya decided to-

Cap'n Cuttlefish looks at Ally-Squinn. His eyes widen.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I have jus' two questions fer ya. One: Who the fresh are YOU?! Two: What the fresh are y'all doin' here?!

Ally-Squinn: I was kind of hoping you could tell me...

Cap'n Cuttlefish raises an eyebrow.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Okay, I can sorta unnerstan' ya not knowing how ya got here, but ya seriously don't know who ya ARE?!

Ally-Squinn: Oh...I'm...Ally-Squinn.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well then, Ally-Squinn, it's real nice ta meet...uh...d-did ya say yer name's Ally-Squinn...?

Ally-Squinn: Technically, you did as well...um...sir.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: As in Ally-Squinn, the daughter o' ol' Mr.-

We hear a jackhammer sound...again. Ally-Squinn nods.

Ally-Squinn: Yessum.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Yeah, I remember ya good.

Ally-Squinn: Y-You do?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: 'Course I do! EVERYONE back home knows ya!

Ally-Squinn sighs.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Aw, now what's eatin' yer tennacles, Missy?

Ally-Squinn: It seems as though I can't escape my home...even here, in Inkopolis...

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, TECHNICALLY, this ain't-

Ally-Squinn looks at Cap'n Cuttlefish.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Look, runnin' from yer problems won't fix 'em! Y'all need ta take 'em on, sever them limb from limb from limb from limb from limb from-

Cap'n Cuttlefish pauses.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Say, I know just the thing t' take yer mind off all yer problems. How'd you like ta join my secret organisation?

Ally-Squinn's left eye squints.

Ally-Squinn: What kind of "secret organisation"...?

Cap'n Cuttlefish: Well, we secretly protect the citizens of Inkopolis in secret from a dangerous group o' scum...in secret. Whaddya say, Missy?

Ally-Squinn smiles.

Ally-Squinn: You had me at "protect the citizens".

Cap'n Cuttlefish starts to dance.

Cap'n Cuttlefish: HOO-HOO! I've found mah Agent 3 at LAST!

Ally-Squinn laughs nervously.

Ally-Squinn's thoughts: He seems a LITTLE overly-excited that I said "yes"...still, it's nice to make an elderly Inkling happy...

Cap'n Cuttlefish stops dancing.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's thoughts: I'm so PLEASED that a genuinely-helpful squidkid's joined my organisation...but I think she could use just a teensy spritz o' deodorant...PEE-YEW!

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 9: Inkopolis Plaza: Afternoon

Ally-Squinn pops out of the drain in squid form, before returning to kid form. She looks around.

Ally-Squinn: I guess I'm back...but did that really happen? Am I really a member of the-

Squid's voice: Nngh...

Ally-Squinn looks at the squid. He is rubbing his head...body...thing with his left tentacle.

Squid: ...I feel like I was splatted by a train...

Ally-Squinn: Well, TECHNICALLY the opposite is true...

Squid: Hm?

The squid looks up at Ally-Squinn.

Squid: You look familiar...have we met?

Ally-Squinn: You could say that. I'm Ally-Squinn, but most people just call me Ally.

The squid returns to kid form. He has dark skin and purple hair in the same style as Inklein's. He wears the standard Turf War newbie attire.

"Squid": Nice to meetcha. Seth-Inkley, but my friends call me Seth.

Ally smiles.

Ally: It's very nice to meet you too, Seth-Inkley.

Seth: So...I see you're wearing newbie attire.

Ally: Oh...uh...yeah, I guess I am.

Seth: Have you played a round of Turf War before?

Ally: Not exactly. I've only just arrived from Ca-

Ally pauses.

Ally: Uh...from far away, so I haven't had a chance to complete my registration yet. How about you?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Oh, well...I've played my fair share of Turf War, and...well, I'm the MASTER of-

Ally: You haven't played either, have you?

Seth: Nope. Wait...

Seth's left eye squints.

Seth: ...how could you tell?

Ally: Oh, I just know when someone isn't being honest. It's my talent. Well, that and Psy-pod powers.

Seth: Really? You're a Psy-pod?

Ally: Well...TECHNICALLY, yes, although not a very good one.

Seth makes an excited face.

Seth: Wow, I've never met a real Psy-pod before! Show me one of your powers!

Ally: But you basically saw the one power that's worth mentioning...

Seth: Oh, come on, Ally! You never know unless you try!

Ally sighs.

Ally: Okay, but don't say I didn't warn you...

Ally raises her hand at Seth's tentacles. Her left eye squints as she concentrates. Seth's tentacles are surrounded by a lime green aura. They wobble slightly for a few seconds. Ally lowers her hand, apparently exhausted from her effort. Seth touches his tentacles.

Seth: Wow...

Ally: I warned you, didn't I?

Seth smiles.

Seth: That was AMAZING!

Ally's left eye squints.

Ally: It was...?

Seth: I can't believe I've met a real Psy-pod!

Ally: Well, it runs in the family.

Seth: No way...

Ally: Yep, eight whole generations of Psyphalopods. Too bad I'm the least powerful of them.

Seth: I'm sure you just need practice or somethin'.

Ally: My grandmother can lift a SEMI-TRAILER with her powers.

Seth: Oh...well, it might've skipped a generation, then.

Ally: Uh...I'm TWO generations after, though.

Seth scratches his head.

Seth: Oh, right...

Ally looks away.

Ally: And my aunts are all WAY more skilled...and my cousins...even Max...no, ESPECIALLY Max...

Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: I'm sorry for rambling like this. I just feel really comfortable talking about all this stuff with you...which is weird, since I don't like talking about anything private with anyone.

Seth: It's fine.

Ally: R-Really?

Seth: Sure! I mean, what can I say? I love meeting new people, having conversations, that sort of thing.

Ally smiles.

Ally: You know, you're kind of a friendly guy.

Seth grins.

Seth: Just treating someone the way I'd expect to be treated myself.

Ally giggles.

Ally: I know what you mean. So...where do we register for Turf War?

Seth: Oh, Inkopolis Tower. C'mon, I'll show you the way.

Ally: Lead on, Seth-Inkley!

Ally and Seth walk past Inklinda and Inklein. They are wearing their trademark gear from Squigley no Densetsu.

Inklein: Hey, Lindie, you think those two look just like us?

Inklinda: Inklein, EVERY Inkling looks just like us.

Inklein: Wow...that really makes you think, doesn't it?

Inklinda: Think about what? There's, like, only ONE hairstyle option for each gender or whatever. What do you think this is, Splatoon 2? It's time to get with the program before you say something unbelievably, idiotically-

Yep, you guessed it, another jackhammer sound.

Inklein: Huh...I think I just heard a wall breaking.

Voice: For the love of freshness, Gary! You just jackhammered right through that wall! Now it's gonna take LONGER before Ate & Wee You can officially open! Oh, just wait'll our supervisor finds out!

Inklinda shakes her head.

Inklinda: You probably imagined it, sweetie.

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Yeah...I guess you're right.

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 10: Urchin Underpass: Afternoon

We see a spawn pad with four pink-coloured squid form Inklings on it.

Ally's voice: Wow...I can't believe we're already being thrust into our first Turf War!

Seth's voice: I know what you mean, Ally! I mean, we only just registered!

All four Inklings change to kid form. The Inkling at the front looks back at Ally and Seth and grins.

Inkling: You ready, scrubs?

Seth: Ready? For what?

A horn sounds out. The two Inklings at the front run into the fray. Ally looks at Seth.

Ally: Are you ready, partner?

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Uh...y-yes, I am.

Ally: Let's go then.

Ally winks at Seth and runs into the fray, splatting pink ink on the ground with her Splattershot Jr. Seth blushes as he watches Ally.

Seth's thoughts: I...think I have a crush or somethin'...

Scene 11: Seth's Pad: Evening

Eight days later...

The door to an apartment much like Squilma's from Squigley no Densetsu opens. Seth walks inside, followed by Ally.

Ally is now wearing a cap-and-sunglasses combo, as well as a black t-shirt over a green-and-white striped long-sleeve tee and a pair of green-and-yellow sneakers.

Seth, meanwhile, wears an outfit that makes him look like a swimmer wearing a yellow life jacket.

Seth: Well, here we are!

Ally: Wow, nice place, Seth-Inkley.

Seth grins.

Seth: Ally, please, call me Seth!

Ally: Oh...right.

Seth: So we could hang out here for a while, if you want, play some games, watch a movie or two...

Ally: Sounds like fun.

Seth: So where's your pad, anyway?

Ally: Oh...um...I don't exactly have one...

Seth's eyes widen.

Seth: Seriously?!

Ally: Yeah, I know it sounds weird...

Seth: So what, you've been living on the streets?!

Ally: No, I've been staying in a hotel...

Seth: A hotel?

Ally: That's what I said.

Seth: Well...which one?

Ally: Oh, the Th-

Ally pauses.

Ally: It's not important.

Seth: Uh...right...well then, I absolutely insist that you stay here!

Ally's eyes widen.

Ally: Oh, no...I couldn't ask you to do that, Seth-Inkley!

Seth: C'mon, Ally! It'll be fun! Besides, I've always wanted a roommate.

Ally: Well...I'll think about it.

Seth: Awesome! So whaddaya wanna play? I've got Marie Party 10, Super Splash Bros.-

We hear beeping that sounds like part of Calamari Inkantation.

Ally: Actually, I have to go and...uh...

Seth: Answer your squidphone?

Ally: Uh...yes! Th-That's EXACTLY what I have to do!

Seth: Okay then, go and answer it.

Ally: Thank you.

Seth: And then we can play Splash Bros. when you come back! I just mastered the new Splatroid stage, and I wanna test my skills on a REAL opponent!

Ally: Actually, this could take a while. Some other time?

Ally smiles.

Seth: Sure.

Ally: Great. I'll see you at the Ate & Wee You grand opening tomorrow, then.

Ally leaves the apartment. Seth grins.

Seth: She is SO into me!

Ally walks away from the apartment. She detaches a walkie-talkie from her belt and talks into it.

Ally: Agent 3 here.

Voice #1: ¡ƃuᴉɟǝᴉɹq uoᴉssᴉɯ ʇsɹᴉɟ ɹnoʎ ɥʇᴉʍ ǝɹǝɥ Ɩ ʇuǝƃ∀ ¡ʎll∀ 'ᴉH

Ally: Um...I'm sorry?

Voice #2: Darn it, Agent 1! You're holding your walkie-talkie upside down!

Voice #1: ˙˙˙ɔǝs ɐ uo ploH ¡ʎɹɹos 'ɥO ¡¿ɯɐ I

Ally waits for a response.

Agent 1: Sorry about that, Agents 2 and 3! Anyway, as I was saying before SOMEONE so rudely interrupted me-

Agent 2 groans.

Agent 1: -you're being given your first real assignment, Agent 3! Isn't that fantastic?

Ally: Yeah, I guess so...

Agent 1: Great! Gra- I mean...the Cap'n is waiting just past the drain for you, so see him for your mission briefing!

Agent 3: Will do. Agent 3 over and out!

Ally lowers her walkie-talkie.

Agent 1: ¡¿ʇɐɥʍ ɹo ɹnopo ʎpoq ɟo ʞǝǝɹ ǝɥs pᴉp 'ǝᴉɹɐW 'ʍoM

Agent 2: Uh...Agent 1? She can still hear you.

Agent 1: ˙sdooɥʍ 'ɥO

Agent 2: And hold your walkie talkie the right way up, will you?

Agent 1: ¡uᴉsnoɔ 'op llᴉM

The walkie-talkie clicks off. Ally sniffs her armpit, before pulling her face away with her left eye squinted.

Ally: Wow...okay, I see her point...but how could she smell me through the walkie-talkie?

Scene 12: Inkopolis Plaza: Night

Ally proceeds to the drain. She sees a figure watching her from the shadows.

Ally's thoughts: Who's that...?

Ally steps forward to get a closer look. His hair is of a different style than the other male Inklings, and has a green highlight in the light of the full moon.

Ally looks around for a moment, before looking back at the spot in which the Inkling was standing, but he is nowhere to be found.

Ally: Weird...okay, time to head for the drain.

Ally proceeds to the drain. The scene pans to a view of the alleyway near Inkopolis Tower. Squika is sitting next to a tall, lanky person resembling a humanoid sea urchin. He has orange skin and spiky purple quills that cover part of his face's right side.

Squika: Y'know, Spyke, I must say I've been enjoying our time "hanging out" with one another. It reminds me of the time I got my scholarship to Shellendorf University...my word, it only seems like yesterday...oh wait, it WAS yesterday...oh well, never mind, then! So maybe next week, we could go to...

Spyke's thoughts: When's this bloke gonna stop tawkin' and go 'ome awready...? No, no, Spyke...keep it togever...'e could be a potential future customer...

Spyke sighs.

Squika: ...and finish up with an all-you-can-eat buffet at Ate & Wee You! I have a feeling that it will become the most popular destination for every gamer...

Ally-Squinn's Noob Photos - Entry 01:
Hi! So I've decided to start a log of the Turf War beginners I meet, as a little something to show how far I proceed through the rankings.

My first photo is with my new friend, Seth-Inkley...I mean "Seth". He and I are now both Level 4, which means we can buy new gear and weapons! I was eyeing a weapon in Sheldon's place called the "Splat Charger", but I don't know if I'd be any good at ranged splatting.

As for Seth, he's decided to focus on honing his skills with the Splat Roller, just like our teammate today...what was his name...Inkleene? Well, whatever he's called, I think he'd perform a LOT better if he just threw a bucket of ink everywhere...heh...like THAT could be a real weapon! Anyway, here's my photo with Seth:

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Topic: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 5: Bait & Switch!
AKA "The Body Swap Episode"

Previously on Squigley no Densetsu...:
Squilma: You know, you're kind of weird...in a good way. What's your name?

Someone: Oh, I'm-

Someone pauses.

Someone: I don't remember...

Squilma squints her right eye.

Squilma: What kind of name is that?

Squigley: But can equipping some of this "gear" really stop me from-

Squigley changes back to kid form.

Squigley: -flipping between forms?

Squilma: After 50 return transformations, I just don't know...

Inklein: Hey, you're that chick who's always playing that turf thing with Lindie, right?

Squilma: Uh...yeah. I'm Squilma.

Inklein: Wilma?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: Sure...

Squilma is giggling.

Squilma: What? That's absurd! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

Squigley excitedly opens the box.

Squigley: I've been looking forward to receiving my-

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: Wait...this isn't a pair of headphones...

Judd: Meow... (Okay, the verdict is in...)

Lil' Judd: Mew... (And the winners are...)

After a moment of anticipation, Judd holds out his flag, whereas Lil' Judd trips and falls flat on his belly.

Judd: Meow! (The Good Guys!)

Squilma and the other two dark purple-tentacled Inklings are frustrated, whereas Squigley cheers.

Squigley: YES! We won!

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: Squiggles, we were the Bad Guys!

Squigley: Wait...we were? But...I'm not bad...oh, then that means...WE LOST?!

Squilma: Wow, nearly two minutes in and still no sign of Inklinda...could this be our lucky day?

Inklinda's voice: You wish!

Squilma grabs Squigley's hand and begins pulling him away. Squika watches them and rubs both tentacles together.

Squika: So...it appears that Squilma wishes to start a team with her new friend...at last, I can hatch my splendiferous master plan...

We cut to a view of Squika. He is leaping out of the pumpkin-orange ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La! Lalala! Lalala! La! La! I...am ORANGE! I...am ORANGE! Usually-I'm-purple-but-now-I...am ORAAAAAAAAAANGE!

Squika stretches his tentacle to pick up his cup, but knocks it over instead, causing his drink to spill. Squigley suddenly stands up.

Squigley: My shorts!

A random Inkling walks past. He snickers as he sees Squigley's shorts.

Inkling: Nice one, kid!

The Inkling begins walking away. Squilma stands up and glares at the Inkling.

Squilma: Oh, grow up, Squam!

Squika begins leaping out of the ink like a dolphin.

Squika: La lalala lalala la la! I am PURPLE! I am PURPLE! Sometimes-I-am-orange-but-now-I...am PURPLLLLLLLLLLE!


We cut to a view of Squigley, Squilma, Squika and Squam, who are frustrated. Squigley throws out his arms.

Squigley: Do the Good Guys ALWAYS win?!

Squam: Only when the Bad Guys lose...duh...

Squilma flips out.

Squilma: Shut up, Squam!





Squigley: Hold on...Lil' Judd usually announces the Bad Guys as having won, right?

Squilma: Yeah? So?

Squigley: And we won...which SHOULD make us the Bad Guys, right?

Squilma: Oh...you're right...so if Judd is the only judge present, then the Good Guys must win by default...and the opposite must be true for Lil' Judd...

Squam: What?! HAKES! I CALL HAKES!

Squilma: Enough with the puns, Squam!

Squigley: Then...the Bad Guys sometimes win...meaning Squam was right!

Squam holds his fists to his hips and pulls a superhero pose.

Squam: All in a day's work for...SQUAM MAN!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Anything to say, Squam?

Squam nods.

Squam: Yeah, I just want to say that I-

Squam suddenly coughs and hacks.

Squam: I think I swallowed a bug!

The cast and crew laugh.

Squam: Can we do that take again?

Director: No, I think we got enough footage here.

Squam: Really? Wow...I'm still getting paid the full amount right?

Director: Uh...sure...

Squam: Sweet!

Squika: What are you doing?

Squigley: Just thinking...

Squika follows Squigley's field of vision, and realises he's staring at Marina.

Squika: About Marina?

Squika's thoughts: Weird...I didn't think Squigley was the type of Inkling who oogles over people of the opposite gender...

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: You can tell me anything.

Squigley: Well...I know about the Octarians.

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Except that!

Squigley: Then they DO exist?!

Squilma: Sure, if you believe Inklinda's crazy rumours!

Squigley: I need to know now, Squilma. Are the Octarians really a threat?

Squilma: How should I know? Ask a secret agent!

A shadowy silhouette resembling Inklinda spies on Squigley using binoculars.

"Inklinda": Target, like, acquired or whatever...

Squigley: You look familiar...are you sure you're not Inklinda?

The Inklinda lookalike sighs.

"Inklinda": No I'm not!

Squigley: Then...who are you?

"Inklinda": Agent 3.

Squigley: "Agent 3"...?

The Inklinda lookalike nods.

Agent 3: That's all you need to know for now.

Squilma: Fair enough. So...can you find him?

Officer: Sure! I just need to finish setting up my action figures...

The officer arranges a collection of Squidkid and Kidsquid action figures on the counter.

Squilma: Uh...you wouldn't happen to know Inklein, would you...?

Officer: Know him? He's my twin cousin!

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma's thoughts: I knew there was an aura of stupidity surrounding this guy...

The scene cuts to the rooftop of the nearby building. Agent 3 watches Squigley through her binoculars.

Agent 3: I think the safest place for Squigley is, like, with his friends or whatever.

Agent 3's thoughts: Ugh...even mocking her fills me with a repulsive feeling...

Squigley's face slowly transitions to a still frame of him sitting in midair, presumably laughing at the invisible television. The shadowy figure watches the screen.

Figure: Wow, he's PERFECT! I totally gotta get him for my secret project!

The figure scratches two large turntables with what look like large, shadowed-out sprigs of wasabi.

Figure: Go and find out what you can, but be subtle. We don't want no loser Squidkids finding out about our master plan!

The scene cuts to a view of three creatures resembling red, octopus-like tentacles, each with googly yellow eyes and thick purplish-pink lips.

Creatures: (Hai, Tako-sama!)

Part 1:
Scene 1: Manta Maria: Afternoon

Fins & Fiddles
Bottom Feeders

Splatune Records

We see a view of the deck of the Manta Maria. Copious amounts of neon green and neon pink ink are scattered across the deck.

Squigley, who has neon green ink, splats an Inkling with neon pink ink with his Splattershot.

Squigley: YES! Having my natural ink colour during Turf War fills me with a strong feeling of confidence and non-noobishness!

Inklinda's voice: Well, you're not gonna beat ME, Squigley! HAHAHAHAHA!

Squigley sees Inklinda run toward him.

Squigley: ...the fresh?!

Inklinda waves her Inkbrush at Squigley, splatting him. His ghost floats back to the start pad.

Inklinda: It's, like, SO much easier splatting him when Squilma's absent or whatever...

Squigley's ghost floats back into the spawn pad. As Squigley respawns, Inklein suddenly splats him.

Inklein: Wow, spawn camping is FUN!

Squigley's ghost floats up slightly, then floats back into the pad. Inklein once again splats Squigley as he is respawning.

Inklein: Boy, Inklinda shoulda ordered me to do this weeks ago!

Squigley's ghost floats up slightly, then floats back into the pad for a third time. Inklein once again splats the respawning Squigley.

Inklein: I...should probably stop and give him a chance.

Inklein steps back as Squigley's ghost re-enters the pad. Squigley respawns, but his shoes, clothing, mask and Splattershot are missing.

Inklein: Uh...why are you naked...?

Squigley: Pardon?

A lime green-tinged squid ghost enters the pad, which respawns into Squika. Squika suddenly inks.

Squika: Squigley! Y-You're...

Squigley looks at Squika.

Squigley: I'm what?

A third ghost floats into the pad, and respawns into a female Inkling with a single, long, wavy tentacle near the left side of her face, as well as a pair of wrap-around headphones. She dry-heaves as she sees Squigley.

Inkling: Squigley, dude, you NEED to put some gear on or something!

Squigley: Even SQUIENNA thinks I'm-

Squigley growls.


Scene 2: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley, Squika and Inklein proceed to the Galleria.

Squigley: I don't get it...how could my gear be splatted? Shouldn't it have respawned along with me?

Squika: Usually, yes, but it appears that it is unwise to splat an opponent mid-respawn.

Inklein: Yeah...sorry, Wiggles.

Squigley: It's fine.

Inklein: Anyway, since this is all my fault, I'll buy your new gear.

Squienna walks up to the group. Her tentacles are now cyan.

Squienna: No, it's Inklinda's fault. She forced you to do it. SHE'S the one who should buy Squigley's new gear.

Inklinda's voice: THERE YOU ARE OR WHATEVER!

Squienna's eyes bulge.

Squienna: Uh-oh.

Squika: What did you do, Squienna...?

Squienna: I...may have trimmed her Inkbrush a little.

Inklein: You did what...?

Squienna: Gotta go!

Squienna dashes away. Inklinda runs after her.

Inklinda: Hey, like, come back here!

Squigley: Well...it's nice of you to buy my replacement gear, Inklein.

Squika: Inklein Schminklein!

Inklein looks at Squika.

Inklein: Hey, what's wrong with me doing something nice?

Squika: No...I mean...that IS your name, yes?

Inklein stares blankly at Squika for a few seconds.

Inklein: It is...?

Squika: Of course! You recently received a scholarship at Shellendorf University, did you not? Your name was on the list of new students posted in the entrance hall.

Inklein slowly makes a big smile.

Inklein: Oh yeah...NOW I remember...

Squika: So where is our first destination, Squigley?

Squigley: Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe.

Squika: Splendid! Off we go, then!

The trio proceeds to Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe. Inklein spots a device on the ground and picks it up.

Inklein: Ominous...I wonder if this'll swap someone's body with someone else's in the next part...? Oh well.

Inklein slips the device into his pocket and follows Squigley and Squika.

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 3: Headspace: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein stand inside Headspace. Squigley is wearing an orange t-shirt and orange shoes marked with blue splat marks. Flow appears happy.

Flow: Your Painter's Mask was..."splatted"? That is the most fantastic news I've heard all week!


Squigley: What? THAT'S good news?!

Inklein: Actually, I think Aunt Flow is just making a fresh joke...uh...I think.

Flow shakes her head.

Flow: Quite the contrary, my dear.

Inklein: Wait...which country do you mean...?

Craymond: YOU AM DUMDUM!

Inklein: Aw, who's a cute little shrimp? Wait...is he a shrimp or a prawn? I always get those two things mixed-up...

Flow: I have been waiting weeks for your return so that I can give you this. Here you are, my dear.

Flow hands a box to Squigley. One of her frills brushes Squigley's wrist.

Squigley's thoughts: And she wonders why I haven't come back here...eeeeeeew...

Squigley: Uh...thank you.

Squigley opens the box.

Squigley: Wait...these are my headphones...?

Scene 4: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein leave Headspace. Squigley is now wearing his headphones.

Squigley: These are awesome!

Squika: I am happy for you, Squigley.

Inklein: Doody.

Squika looks at Inklein.

Squika: Do you mean "ditto"?

Inklein laughs.

Inklein: Why would I mean a pink blob with a face? Silly Squika!

Squika's thoughts: One wonders exactly HOW he got into Shellendorf University...

Squigley: Okay, I have my new gear, so let's Turf War!

Squigley takes a single step. Inklein points at Squigley.


Squigley stops walking. He slowly turns to look at Inklein.

Squigley: What are you, Phoenix Wright or something?

Inklein: Aren't you forgetting something?

Squigley thinks for a moment. His eyes widen.

Squigley: I need a weapon!

Inklein: Wait...what? I was gonna say you should get a Shwaffle from The Crust Bucket...

Squika: Inklein is most correct. You will need a suitable weapon to replace your Splattershot.

Squigley: Oh, good point. Okay, to Ammo Knights!

Scene 5: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squigley, Squika and Inklein stand inside Ammo Knights. Sheldon rubs his hands together.

Sheldon: A new Splattershot? I have JUST the product to meet your needs, Squigley!

Squigley: Couldn't I just have the same model as my old one?

Sheldon: Nonsense! Wait here a sec...

Sheldon walks up to a shelf and picks up a Splattershot. It looks the same as Squigley's old one, but it is marked with a brand name logo. Sheldon shows it to Squigley.

Sheldon: This Splattershot is manufactured by Tentatek, a company known for creating quality equipment for Turf War-loving Inklings such as yourself.

Inklein: Ooh, shiny...

Sheldon: This particular unit is built with a non-reflective matte finish, and blah blah blah...

Two hours later...

Sheldon: ...blah blah blah a winner is you!

We cut to a view of Squigley, Squika and Inklein. Squigley stares in Sheldon's direction, but his expression is a little blank. Squika lies looking at the ceiling. Inklein is also lying down, though he is asleep, snoring loudly.

Inklein: Zzz...ngyes...zzz...ngyes...zzz-

Inklinda suddenly bursts into Ammo Knights. Inklein leaps into the air, before falling onto his bottom.

Inklein: STAAAAAAAY FRESH! Huh...?

Inklinda: Have any of you seen an Inkling with stupid-looking cyan tentacles, a stupid-looking outfit and a stupid-looking-

A bolt of electricity suddenly emerges from Inklein's pocket, zapping Inklinda.

Sheldon: What...?

The bolt heads straight for Inklein, but somehow arcs around him, zapping Squika. Inklinda and Squika both writhe and squirm.

Squigley: Wh-What's going on?!

Inklein: Yeah! PARTY TIME!

Inklein begins to dance. Suddenly, a large splat of orange ink emerges from Inklinda, while a large splat of purple ink emerges from Squika. The view is splattered by orange and purple ink.

Inklein's voice: Wait...does anyone else see two colours with names that can't be rhymed all over the place?

Inklinda's voice: Ah, THERE'S the genius-level intellect I thought you lacked, my blue-tentacled friend!

Inklein's voice: Oh...thanks, Inklinda!

Squika's voice: For what?

Sheldon's voice: I believe that Inklinda complimented Inklein, Squika.

Inklinda's voice: No she didn't. I did!

Squigley: Wait...something's wrong...

Inklinda's voice: Oh, wish-wash, Squigley! What could possibly be wrong on such a fine day?

Squika's voice: Yeah, like, freshen out or whatever, Squiggles.

Squigley's voice: Okay, now I'm REALLY confused...

Inklein's voice: Oh, the camera lens has ink all over it. Lemme just clean it up...

We see a view of a cloth wiping away the ink. Squigley, Inklein and Sheldon stand near what looks to be two unfamiliar Inklings: an orange Inkling in squid form, and a male Inkling with brown skin, purple spiky tentacles, a leather jacket, tinted sunglasses and black and white sneakers.

Inklein: There we go...and-

Inklein looks at the orange Inkling.

Inklein: Lindie? Is...is that you...?

The orange squid form Inkling shakes its head...body...thing. It speaks with Inklinda's voice.

Squid: Of course not, silly billy!

Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: My name's not "Silly Billy". It's "Inklein Schminklein"...

The male kid form Inkling raises his hand. He speaks with Squika's voice.

Kid: I'm, like, Inklinda or whatever.

The orange Inkling looks at the male one.

Squid: Wait...why am I standing over there...?

The male Inkling looks at the orange one.

Kid: And why am I, like, over there and junk...?

Both Inklings' eyes widen.


To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 6: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

Squigley, Inklein, the purple kid and the orange squid stand outside Ammo Knights.

Squigley: How could this have happened?!

Kid: You, like, took the words right out of my mouth, Squiggles...

Squid: I think the first thing we need to do is think rationally about this predicament. Inklinda and I are in each others' bodies.

Inklein: ...what?

The kid looks at Inklein.

Kid: Are you, like, kidding me? You couldn't work it out?! AFTER YOU CAUSED THIS WHOLE MESS?!

Inklein: I did?

Sheldon's voice: Indeed you did, my friend!

Sheldon is suddenly standing there.

Squigley: Wait...how is that possible?

Sheldon: Reach into your pocket, Inklein.

Inklein: Uh...okay...?

Inklein reaches into his pocket. His left eye squints.

Inklein: ...the fresh?

Inklein pulls the device from his pocket.

Inklein: What was THIS doing in my pocket...?

Squigley: What is it?

Squid: Ah, it appears to be a crudely-constructed device of enigmatic origin.

The squid inner-monologues with Squika's voice.

Squid's thoughts: Perhaps this is the explanation for his scholarship...he must be a technological genius...

Inklein: Wow, Lindie, you sound all smart an' junk today...

The kid flips out.

Kid: Darn it, Inklein! He's not Inklinda! I am!

Inklein looks at the kid.

Inklein: But...I thought your name was Squeaky...?

Sheldon: Can we PLEASE get back to this situation?

Inklein: Oh, you're right, Shelmet. Let's give them both names!

The squid is delighted.

Squid: A splendid idea, my good fellow! May I suggest a portmanteau of each others' names?

Inklein: A portma-whuh?

Squid: It's simple. We swap the second halves of each others' names, and use the solutions as our temporary monikers.

Inklein: So you'll both be called Monica?

The kid facepalms.

Kid: Idiot.

Squid: Using this system, I shall henceforth be known as "Squinda".

Squigley: Ah, I like it...which would make Inklinda-

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley's thoughts: She's not gonna like THAT one...

Squinda: Indeed! My swap-buddy shall be known as Inklika!

Inklein grins.

Inklein: I like it!

The kid is alarmed.

Kid: Oh, FRESH no!

Squinda: What's wrong with it, my dear?

Inklein: Yeah, Inkleaky?

Kid: Considering the body my soul is currently inhabiting or whatever, there is NO WAY in Octopia that I want to be associated with leaking ink! Ugh, I'd rather be called Monica...

Squigley: Hm...well, what about "Inkid"?

The kid ponders Squigley's suggestion.

Kid: Well...I guess it IS better than "Inklika"...okay, for the HOPEFULLY BRIEF length of time I'm in this body, you may call me Inkid.

Squinda: Splendid! Let's go to Ate & Switch to celebrate!

Inkid: Uh-uh, no way, forget it! I'd rather work a Salmon Run shift than be caught in public in this body! Um...no offense, sweetie.

Squinda: A LOT taken, Inkid.

Sheldon: Excellent! While I figure out this device, you can hide out in my shop while I tell you about all the new stock of weapons and-

Inkid: On second thought, Ate & Switch is, like, the PERFECT place to show off my new body! HAHAHAHAHA!

The group walks away. Sheldon holds the device in his hand.

Sheldon: Hm...this technology...it almost looks...no, it COULDN'T be...I'll need to get some outside help for this one...

Scene 7: Ate & Switch: Afternoon

The group sits at a table in Ate & Switch. An Inkling waiter serves the group their meals.

Waiter: Enjoy.

Inkid: Thanks.

The waiter walks away. Inkid smells his food.

Inkid: Ah...spaghetti and reefballs...NOTHING can spoil my mood right now...

We hear a "splat" sound, and a glob of green ink lands in Inkid's meal.

Inkid: The fresh...?

Squigley: Oh, that was me...

We cut to a view of Squigley.

Squigley: Yeah, my shirt kind of...splatted itself. Not sure why...

Every other Inkling in Ate & Switch dry-heaves.

Inkling #1: He's NAKED!

Inkling #2: I nearly puked!

Inkling #3: Come on, let's get outta here!

Every other customer leaves the restaurant. The waiter walks up to Squigley and crosses his arms together.

Waiter: Hm-hm.

Squigley blushes.

Squigley: Sorry about that...

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 8: Inkopolis Square: Afternoon

The three tentacle-like creatures hide in the shadows, looking out for Squigley. One of them looks around.

Tentacle #1: (Have either o' you guys seen mah body change-o-matic?)

Tentacle #2: (You LOST it?!)

Tentacle #1: (Yeah, bruh. 'Sgone.)

Tentacle #3: (*sigh*...you can borrow my spare.)

Tentacle #1: (Really?! Oh, thanks, bruh!)

The third tentacle throws a device identical to the one Inklein picked up onto the first tentacle's body.

Tentacle #3: (Just don't be surprised about the form you're about to take...)

Tentacle #1: (Wait...what do you-)

All three tentacles are surrounded by electricity. Each one changes into what resembles an Inkling with red tentacles.

The first and third "Inklings" appear female, with both having tentacles resembling pigtails. The second one, meanwhile, appears male, and has tentacles that look like a bob cut.

Tentacle #1: -mean by that, Octotrooper Gamma?

The second tentacle looks at the first one and laughs.

Tentacle #1: What's so funny, Octotrooper Beta?!

The second tentacle struggles not to laugh.

Beta: You look ridiculous, Octotrooper Alpha!

The third tentacle's left eye squints.

Tentacle #3: What?! He looks EXACTLY the same as I do!

Beta: I know, Gamma! That's what makes this whole thing so fu-hu-hunny-hee-hee-hee!

Alpha: Look, can we PLEASE focus on our mission, bruhs?!

Octotrooper Beta sighs.

Beta: Oh, very well. Let's all look for this "Squigley" fellow. Now, all Inklings look pretty much the same-

Alpha: Don't remind me...

Beta: -so it'll most likely be like trying to find a needle in a craystack.

Gamma: There he is!

Octotrooper Gamma points at Squigley, Inklein, Squinda and Inkid. Alpha's eyes widen.

Alpha: H-How did you spot him so fast, bruh?!

Gamma: What can I say? I have a knack for spotting small details, like that stain on my Octomobile.

Octotrooper Gamma glares at Octotrooper Beta, who appears to start sweating.

Gamma: Now come on, let's try to get a closer look...WITHOUT being spotted.

As Octotrooper Gamma walks past Octotrooper Alpha, she elbows him in the stomach.

Gamma: And I'm NOT your "bruh". I'm your dear big sister. Let's not forget that.

Octotrooper Gamma walks past Octotroopers Alpha and Beta in a semi-seductive manner.

Gamma: It's sooooo good to have arms again...

Octotrooper Alpha looks at Octotrooper Beta.

Alpha: What's HIS problem?

Octotrooper Beta shrugs and makes an "I dunno" sound.

Squigley, Inklein, Squinda and Inkid walk inside Ammo Knights.

Beta: DRAT! They just entered the worst possible location for us!

Alpha: They did?

Octotrooper Beta glares at Octotrooper Alpha.

Beta: Do you have ANY idea who runs Ammo Knights, takoyaki-for-brains?!

Alpha: Uh...you?

Octotrooper Gamma giggles.

Gamma: Ammo Knights, a business run by Sheldon Shellendorf, grandson of Ammoses Shellendorf, menace to the Octarian Empire and all-around poopoohead.

Octotrooper Beta looks at Octotrooper Gamma.

Beta: "Poopoohead?"

Gamma: We all need to keep this fanfic safe enough to post on the message board, so I chose to use careful censorship. Besides, those annoying bleeps are SO annoying...

Alpha: What, like the ones you hear when someone says *BLEEP*?

Gamma: Ugh...yes, like those ones. Now, could we-

Alpha: Or *BLEEP*?

Gamma: Again, yes. Now, do kindly shut your-

Alpha: Or how about *BLEEP*?

Octotrooper Beta kicks Octotrooper Alpha seemingly over the horizon.


Gamma: You hate the bleeps too, Beta?

Octotrooper Beta shakes his head.

Beta: No, I hate it when a character uses the big three in a single scene.

Octotrooper Gamma nods.

Gamma: Understandable.

Scene 9: Ammo Knights: Afternoon

Sheldon appears excited.

Sheldon: I think I've figured out this technology!

Squigley: You have?

Sheldon: Yes, indeed I have, my friend! I won't bore you with the details-

Inkid: Thank freshness...

Sheldon: -but it's the most interesting thing I've ever had the opportunity to study!

Inklein: So what is it?

Sheldon: Well, simply put, it is a genetic transmogrification device that is specifically created to temporarily alter the physiology of whomever uses it. If one presses this button here, then blah blah blah-

Two hours later...

-blah blah blah and so when Inklein landed on it accidentally - no doubt due to Inklinda's sudden entrance - the device caused an unintended effect, leading to the swapping of Squika's and Inklinda's bodies.

Inkid: Yeah, yeah, we get the point! So you've found a way to switch us back?

Sheldon shakes his head.

Sheldon: Unfortunately, the swap is permanent. There is no way I can restore you both to normal.

Inkid: What the *BLEEP*?! You have GOT to be *BLEEP*ing KIDDING me! Oh, *BLEEP*!

We hear two groans from outside.

Gamma's voice: So many bleeps...

Beta's voice: I can't believe she used the big three in one freaking LINE!

Inklein: Did...anyone else hear that?

Squinda: I'm sure you imagined it, my good fellow.

Inklein: Yeah, you're probably right, Lindie.

Inkid: For the last time, Inklein, HE'S not Inklinda! I AM!

Squinda: Well...I guess we're now hybrids of each other, since the swap is permanent...

Inkid saddens a little.

Inkid: Yeah, you're right...I guess I need to, like, get used to this body or whatever. I've already inked myself three times today. Totes disgusto!

Sheldon: Now now, my fr-

Sheldon pauses.

Sheldon: Now now, there IS a way to transform you into your original forms.


Sheldon: Erm...well, I should be able to transform Squika's old body into yours, and vice-versa.

Squigley: Oh, right, because it was designed to transmute rather than switch, right?

Inkid: Uh..."transmute" isn't a word, sweetie.

Sheldon: Now, hold still while I-

Inkid: Wait...is this gonna hurt?

Sheldon holds his hand behind his back.

Sheldon: Not at all, I promise!

We cut to a view of Sheldon's hand. His fingers are crossed. We cut to a view of Sheldon pressing the button. Inkid and Squinda both jolt with electricity. A burst of orange ink splats from Inkid, whereas a splat of purple ink splats from Squinda. The camera lens is once again covered up.

Inklein's voice: I'm too scared to look! Did it work?!

Inklinda's voice: Well, maybe if you, like, looked at me, you'd find out or whatever!

Squika's voice: Indeed, my good fellow. It does not hurt to take a gander, does it?

Inklein's voice: Oh no, they're still in each other's bodies! This is horrible!

Squika's voice: Actually, I am in my own body.

Inklinda's voice: And I'm in, like, mine!

Sheldon's voice: Actually, Inklein is correct.

Inklinda's voice: Um...like...what?

Sheldon's voice: I was unable to swap you back, so I had to change your bodies into each other's. You are more-or-less restored, but you are still technically swapped. Inklein is truly a gifted mind.

Inklinda's voice: Yeah, he's gifted, alright...

Inklein's voice: I'm...confused. And why do they keep splatting ink?

A splat of green ink suddenly appears in the middle of the camera lens.

Squigley's voice: My shoes!

Inklein's voice: Oh, come on! Why is everyone but me splatting now?!

Sheldon's voice: Oh, there's a smear of ink on the lens. Let me just clean that off...there we go.

We see a cloth wipe away the ink. Inklinda is standing where Inkid stood, whereas Squika is in Squinda's spot. Squigley's shoes are missing. Inklinda dry-heaves.

Inklinda: Okay, WHY do his clothes keep, like, splatting or whatever?

Sheldon: Over-splatting.

Squika: "Over-splatting?"

Sheldon: A problem that only develops when one is constantly splatted during respawn.

Inklinda: Oh...is that serious?

Sheldon: Well, the problem persists the higher the number of spawn-splats that occur.

Inklein: How high are we talking?

Sheldon: Oh, as few as three could mean that an Inkling cannot safely wear gear without risk of it turning to a burst of ink.

A blank expression appears on Inklinda's face.

Inklinda's thoughts: What have I made Inklein DO...?!

Inklein: Wow, this week's story wrapped up a whole part sooner than usual!

Squika: Oh, you're right, Inklein! I wonder what could possibly fill up part five...?

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 10: Inkopolis Square: Evening

Squigley, Squika, Inklein and Inklinda leave Ammo Knights.

Squigley: I miss Squilma...

Inklinda: Oh yeah, I've, like, been meaning to ask where she is.

Squigley: Well, she's currently taking a vacation in a place called...Calamari County...I think.

Inklinda: You think?

Inklein: Wow, I wish I could do that!

Squika: You wish you could think?

Inklinda: He's not the only one, sweetie.

Inklein: No, I mean take a vacation. I wonder where I could go...

Squigley: Camp Triggerfish!

Inklinda: No, we were there just yesterday doing Clam Blitz. I finally inched my way to C rank! Oh...and so did my teammate, I guess...even IF all he did was doodle pictures of Squilma using his ink...

Squika: Okay, I've reached splatting point! How in the name of all things fresh did Inklein land a scholarship at Shellendorf University?!

Inklinda: Oh, it's an art scholarship.

Squigley: An art scholarship?

Inklinda: Duh! That's what I said! Ugh...you're, like, as clueless as Inklein sometimes...no offense, sweetie.

Squigley: A LOT taken, Inklinda...

Inklein: I'm the bestest student at Inkplop Art Macaroni!

Squika: Do you mean "Inkblot Art Academy"...?

Inklein: Yeah...the second one. Look what I drawed this morning!

Inklein holds up a very impressive sketch of Marina. Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: Wow...it's so...

Squika notices Squigley.

Squika: Ah, do I sense a spark of attraction from you, Squigley?

Squigley: What? No, I don't care about looks. I'm just amazed at how exquisite Inklein's technique looks...

Squika examines Inklein's sketch.

Squika: I agree...Inklein, you have genuine artistic talent!

Inklinda: Oh yeah? Well, check out what I drew!

Inklinda holds up a sheet of paper marked with a pink crayon drawing of a stick figure that vaguely resembles Pearl.

Squigley: Well, it's certainly unique.

Inklinda beams with delight.

Inklinda: Like, thanks, Squigley. You're always so nice or whatever!

Squika: Well, they can't ALL be winners, can they?


Squika: I will not!

Inklinda growls.

Inklinda: I'll...I'll...um...

An Inkopolis News broadcast suddenly begins on the main screen above Deca Tower's entrance.

Inkopolis News
Off the Hook

Splatune Records

Pearl and Marina appear on-screen.

Pearl: Y'all know what time it is!

Marina: It's Off the Hook, coming at you LIVE from Inkopolis Square!

Squika: Ooh, I think this is the-

Inklinda: Ssh!

Squika grumbles.

Pearl: Yo, a new Splatfest is coming soon!

Marina: Ooh, really? What's the theme, Pearlie?

Pearl: Okay, Marina, chill out! The Splatfest theme is...

The monitor behind Pearl and Marina shows two sides: a pale yellow side marked "Salt", and a navy blue side marked "Pepper".

Pearl: Salt and Pepper!

Marina: I know which side I'M choosing.

Pearl: Me too! Team Salt all the way!

Marina: What? Pepper is MUCH better than salt! It adds a kick to any dish.

Pearl: Yeah, but you're not gonna put pepper on strawberry ice-cream, are you?

Marina: Wait...you put salt on ice-cream, Pearlie? That's so silly!

Pearl: No, I...look, I'm just trying to prove a point. Pepper isn't THAT versatile!

Marina: Even so, it definitely allows for more creative cooking than salt. With salt, what you see is what you get.

Pearl: Well...at least you don't end up constantly sneezing if you spill salt on a table!

Marina: Nope, you end up with seven years bad luck instead.

Pearl: UNLESS you throw it over your shoulder! What do you get if you throw PEPPER over your shoulder?

Marina: Um...

Pearl: Ha! Salt is the best!

Marina: Right...which explains why you sulk every time you lose. "Oh, I lost! Here comes the salt!"

Pearl: Oh, REAL mature, Marina! You ALWAYS complain that your food is too spicy, and yet you chose Team Pepper?

Marina: That's because I hate chilli, Pearlie. You should know, you hate it too!

Pearl: Uh...no I don't!

Marina: Yes you do! Just yesterday you complained that your red curry had too much chilli in it.

Pearl: Well it did! Anyway, this is a fight between salt and pepper, not chilli and pepper!

Marina: Just admit that pepper is superior and I'll let it slide.

Pearl: ♫No way! No way! Salt all the way! Get outta my way, cause salt's my way or the highway!

Marina slow-claps.

Marina: Another rapping masterpiece by Pearl. Speaking of which, we need to wrap this up.

Pearl and Marina look at the camera.

Pearl: So which side will you choose: Salt or Pepper?

Marina: Be sure to vote, and look forward to another exciting Splatfest soon!

The screen wipes briefly.

Pearl: Check it! Here are the current Regular Battle stages.

Squigley: Wow, a Splatfest! I'm super-excited! I...wait...what's a Splatfest?

Squika, Inklinda and Inklein are stunned.

Inklinda: You, like, have a LOT to learn or whatever, Squiggles...

Squienna walks up to the group.

Squienna: Hey, guys! So which team are you gonna-

Inklinda's eyes seemingly ignite as she glares at Squienna.


Squienna: Gotta go!

Squienna dashes away. Inklinda chases her.


Inklein stares at Inklinda and smiles.

Inklein: It's nice to see Inklinda making new friends.

Squigley's Journal - Log 25:
Wow, Squilma's been gone for nearly a week now...I hope she's enjoying Calamari County. I hear that's where the Squid Sisters are from, which is nice. I mean, moving from the country to the city must've been a real sea change for them both, and they're doing well. I am happy that Callie came back safe and sound, though I do wonder what happened to her in the first place...

Also, it seems as though more people are coming into my life all the time. Agent 3, Squam, Squienna...I guess Inklinda and Squika are technically new additions as well, since they've been "recreated" in a sense. But I've noticed these three weird-looking Inklings who seem to be everywhere I go...still, I'm sure it's just coincidence.

I had a photo taken with Inklinda...I mean "Inkid"...at Arowana Mall the other day, just before my new shirt went and splatted itself (you have NO IDEA what it's like to not be able to wear a shirt or shoes, especially when you try to eat at l'Amour d'Calamar).
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Amazingly, my headphones are still fine. Hopefully they don't splat as well...anyway, 'til next time!

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Topic: Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack
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Squigley no Densetsu - A Splatoon 2 Fan-fiction Webseries by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 2: Surf and Turf!
AKA "The Turf War Episode"

Part 1:
Scene 1: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squilma leads Squigley through Inkopolis Square.

Squilma: Ah, what a beautiful morning, Squiggles...the perfect time to train you in the art of Turf War!

Squigley rubs his eyes.

Squigley: But it's so early in the morning...is the Galleria even open at this hour?

Squilma: Come on, dude. The Galleria is open 24/7!

Squigley: But don't the staff ever sleep?

Squilma: Eh, sleep is overrated. I mean, It's not like we HAVE to sleep!

Squigley yawns.

Squigley: Speak for yourself...

Voice: COO-EE!

Squilma groans.

Squilma: Oh, FRESH no...

Squigley: What's wrong?

A female Inkling with two long, orange tentacles and a pair of stylish headphones walks up to Squigley and Squilma.

Inkling: Well, well...I totes didn't expect to see YOU here this early in the morning, Squilma.

Squilma frowns.

Squilma: What do you want, Inklinda?

The Inkling's eyes widen.

Inklinda: What? Can't an Inkling have a friendly chat with her BFF?

Squilma: "BFF"? Since when are we friends?!

Inklinda laughs.

Inklinda: Friends? Oh, Squilma, you, like, NEED to keep up with the freshest junk!

Squilma: I don't follow.

Inklinda shakes her head.

Inklinda: BFF stands for "Best Frenemone Forever". That's what I like about you! You're, like, always so naïve and clueless!

Squilma: Me? Clueless? I'm pretty sure your boyfriend is WAY more clueless than me!

Inklinda: You wish! And he's NOT my boyfriend! He's just a guy who happens to also be my bestie.

Squilma sees a male Inkling with royal blue tied-back tentacles, a blue hoodie and goggles wandering around aimlessly nearby.

Squilma: Let's test your theory. HEY, INKLEIN! OVER HERE!

The Inkling sees Squilma waving. He grins and walks up to the group.

Inklein: Hey, you're that chick who's always playing that turf thing with Lindie, right?

Squilma: Uh...yeah. I'm Squilma.

Inklein: Wilma?

Squilma's brow flattens.

Squilma: Sure...now, can you tell me what the best-selling single by the Squid Sisters is called?

Inklein: Uh...Color Pulse?

Squilma giggles.

Squilma: And who owns Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe?

Inklein: Uh...you?

Squilma giggles.

Squilma: And what does a Zapfish do?

Inklein: Uh...zaps fish?

Squilma grins at Inklinda.

Inklinda: Oh, big deal! So you're a LITTLE smarter than Inklein? At least you're not as good as me at Turf War!

Squilma: Are you kidding? WE'RE THE SAME FRESHING LEVEL!

Inklinda: Such colourful language from such a young lady! I expected better!

Inklinda looks at Squigley.

Inklinda: Um...do you, like, mind? This is a private conversation.

Squigley blushes.

Squigley: Oh...um-

Squilma grabs Squigley's upper arm with both her hands.

Squilma: Don't be mean to Squigley!

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: You mean you're, like, FRIENDS with this noob? HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: He's not a noob! He's actually suffering amnesia, if you must know!

Squigley: I...uh...I feel like I'm causing problems...

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: No you're not!

Inklinda: You really ARE dumb, aren't you?

Squilma's eyes appear to ignite, and her grip on Squigley's arm tightens.


Squigley: Um...you're hurting my...

Inklinda: This kid gets it. He IS causing problems.

Squilma: I'm WARNING you...

Inklinda: Look, just stop helping losers if you want to retain what little cred you've got, 'kay?

Squigley wrestles from Squilma's grip and begins to walk away.

Squilma: Hey, Squigley! Where are you going?

Squigley: I'm just gonna go...I don't want you to be ridiculed because of me.

Squigley walks away.


Squilma glares at Inklinda.

Squilma: We'll settle this ink-to-ink.

Inklinda: Wait...is my frenemone challenging me to a private Turf War?

Squilma: You just name the time and place.

Inklinda: Okay...two days from now. The Reef. Be there.

Squilma: I'll be ready.

Squilma chases after Squigley. Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein: Wait...are we extras in an episode of Crays of our Chives...?

Inklinda sighs and shakes her head.

Inklinda: Oh, Inklein, my simple-minded guy-friend...what am I gonna, like, do with you or whatever?

To be Continued...

Part 2:
Scene 2: Deca Tower: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squilma approaches the entrance to Deca Tower, the hub for all Turf War shenanigans.

Squilma: Now, if I were Squigley, I...probably wouldn't be outside Deca Tower, to be honest...

Squilma sees Squigley sitting nearby.

Squilma: Of course, this isn't the first time I've been wrong about something...

We wipe to a flashback scene. Squilma is giggling.

Squilma: What? That's absurd! The Great Zapfish isn't missing!

We wipe back to the present. Squilma approaches Squigley, who looks depressed.

Squilma: Hey, dude. Are you okay?

Squigley looks at his feet and sighs.

Squigley: I feel so useless. I mean...I have no memory of who I am...I thought I was a freaking HUMAN, for crying out loud!

Squilma: Well, you're not the WEIRDEST Inkling in this city...

Squilma notices Squika waving a tentacle at her. She looks away.

Squilma's thoughts: Why is he always in my field of vision...?

Squigley: I just...I don't think it's a good idea for me to be hanging around here. I'm just a dorky dweeb, after all...

Squilma: Nonsense!

A couple of Inklings approach the doors to Deca Tower.

Inkling #1: Hey, get a load of the dweeb!

Squigley sighs. The two Inklings enter the tower. One of them is carrying a plate of fried food.

Inkling #2: No, that's not a dweeb. It's a Crusty Seanwich!

Inkling #1: Oh yeah...I always get those two names mixed up.

We cut back to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: Well, there IS a way to fix that, y'know...

Squigley looks up.

Squigley: How?

Squilma: Well...the stores in the Galleria should have your specially-ordered gear, right?

Squigley is delighted.

Squigley: Oh yeah...I forgot! Let's go right now!

Squigley runs from the tower entrance and turns left.

Squilma: No, Squiggles...that's the way to The Shoal!

Squigley awkwardly walks past the tower entrance in the opposite direction.

Squigley: I knew that.

Squilma shakes her head.

Squilma: He has a LOT to learn...

Scene 3: Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Ye Olde Cloth Shoppe, a retailer that specialises in clothing. A jellyfish with a t-shirt, bowtie and hat greets them.

Jellyfish: Fair morning to thou fair children of ink!

Squilma: 'Sup, Jelfonzo?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The jellyfish rubs two tentacles together.

Jelfonzo: I doth trust that you are most enthused for your most wondrous of deliveries, Sir Squigley?

Squigley: You know it!

Jelfonzo: Then lo! behold! Your clothing awaiteth!

Jelfonzo holds up a box.

Squigley: Awesome!

Scene 4: Shella Fresh: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Shella Fresh, a retailer that specialises in footwear. Squigley is wearing a teal t-shirt over a dark grey long-sleeved shirt. A yellow spider crab wearing sunglasses and shoes on his many pairs of feet greets them.

Crab: Yo, homies! Welcome to Shella Fresh, where we sell only the hottest shoes for dudes and dudettes alike.

Squilma: 'Sup, Bisk?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The crab grins.

Bisk: Yo, you're that guy who ordered that rad pair of fresh new shoes, right?

Squigley: Uh...I guess so...?

Bisk: Well they're right here, dude! Check it!

Bisk picks up a shoe box marked "Squigley".

Squigley: Awesome!

Scene 5: Headspace: Morning

Squigley and Squilma enter Headspace, a retailer that specialises in headgear. Squigley is wearing a pair of blue slip-on shoes. A sea slug with a tiny shrimp on her head greets them.

Slug: Ah, welcome, my dears, to Headspace. May I say it is a pleasure to welcome you both!

Shrimp: WELCOME!

Squilma: 'Sup, Aunt Flow? Craymond?

Squigley: Uh...hi.

The sea slug smiles at Squigley.

Flow: Ah, your order arrived first thing this morning, my dear.


Squigley: Yes! I can finally take off this headband!

Squilma: Yeah...that thing didn't really suit you, did it, Squiggles?

Flow: Here you go, my dear.

Craymond: TAKE IT!

Flow hands a box to Squigley. One of Flow's frills accidentally brushes Squigley's wrist.

Squigley's thoughts: That felt slimy...eeeeeeew...

Squigley excitedly opens the box.

Squigley: I've been looking forward to receiving my-

Squigley's left eye squints.

Squigley: Wait...this isn't a pair of headphones...

Scene 6: Inkopolis Square: Morning

Squigley and Squilma leave Headspace. Squigley is no longer wearing his headband. In his hands is a Painter's Mask.

Squigley: Didn't I order headphones?

Squilma: Well...perhaps there was a mix-up with the order?

Squigley: Maybe...still, wouldn't I look weird wearing this thing in public?

Squilma: Of course not! See?

Squilma points to a group of seven Inklings who all wear Painter's Masks.

Squigley: Oh.

Squilma: Now, hurry up and put it on. People are staring!

Squigley: Why?

Inklinda's voice: Well, THIS isn't a pretty sight, is it?

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma. Inklein's eyes widen.

Inklein: Dude, you're NAKED...

Squigley: What? I'm not naked!

Inklinda: Seriously? You're, like, SO naked it's not even funny. HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: Give it a rest, Inklinda!

Inklinda: Look, all I'm saying is that any Inkling who isn't wearing footwear, clothing or headgear is more naked than a-

Inklein: He's not naked anymore!

Inklinda: Hey, don't interrupt me, Inklein! I-

Inklinda looks at Squigley, who is now wearing his mask.

Inklinda: Oh...well, I guess I can't mock you for being naked, then...

Squilma: Awesome! I'm so happy for you. Now, if you don't mind-

Inklinda: Wait...is he using a Splattershot Jr.? Oh, that is so precious! Widdle Squiggles wants to do Turf War!

Squilma: HEY! Only I'M allowed to call him that!

Inklinda: Well, maybe he'd like to join in our little Turf War? It's only fair that he gets to prove his skills, right?

Squilma: I suppose he could join in our little-

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Hey, wait a minute...you're gonna use him for target practice, aren't you?!

Inklinda: I swear by the Turf Warrior's code that I will not solely target Squigley during our private Turf War.

Inklinda winks at Inklein.

Squilma: I saw that!

Inklinda: Saw what?

Squilma: You winked! I saw it!

Inklinda: So? Can't a girl, like, wink at her guy-friend? Anyway, I better let you train. I don't want Inklein and I to have an unfair advantage. Later!

Inklinda waves as she walks away. Inklein grins at Squigley and Squilma.

Inklein: Bye, Wilma and Wiggles.

Inklein walks away. Squilma becomes annoyed.

Squilma: I'll show them! Come on, Squigley!

Squigley: Wh-Where are we going?

Squilma: Ammo Knights. I'm gonna get you some REAL inkpower...

To be Continued...

Part 3:
Scene 7: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squigley and Squilma stand facing Sheldon inside Ammo Knights.

Sheldon: Absolutely not!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: What? Why not?!

Sheldon: Squigley is by no means ready to be wielding a Splattershot!

Squilma: But...he's gonna be inked alive by Inklinda if he doesn't have one equipped!

Sheldon: Be that as it may, I simply can't let Squigley wield a Splattershot without some basic training.

Squilma: Oh, is that all? Well, why didn't you say so?

Sheldon: You DO remember how intensive the training for these weapons can be, don't you?

Squilma scratches her head.

Squilma: Oh yeah...I guess we should...um...

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: What do you want to do, Squigley?

Squigley ponders Squilma's question.

Squigley: Well...I don't like the idea of being "inked alive", whatever that means...you know what? I'll do it!

Squilma is delighted.

Squilma: That's fantastic!

Sheldon: Excellent! I will organise for you both to participate in Turf War shortly!

Squilma: Uh...what are you saying?

Sheldon: Well, what better training could there be than throwing Squigley into the deep end?

Squilma: That sounds like a bad idea, Shelster...

Sheldon: Nonsense! It will give our friend some skills while out in the field!

Squigley's eyes widen.

Squigley: But-

Scene 8: The Reef: Morning

We see four Inklings in dark purple-coloured squid form on a round metal pad that glows dark purple.

Squigley's voice: Oh no...

Squilma's voice: Relax, Squiggles. You'll be fresh, I just know it!

Squigley: Noob-fresh or fresh-fresh?

The Inklings suddenly change into kid form. All four of them, including Squigley and Squilma, have dark purple tentacles. Squigley is wielding a Splattershot, whereas Squilma wields Splat Dualies.

Squilma: Just remember what Sheldon taught you. Focus on splatting the ground with as much ink as possible. If you run low, change into squid form and swim in your own team's colour of ink. Simple as that!

Squigley: But what if an opponent-

A loud whistle sound is heard. A montage sequence begins.

Endolphin Surge
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

We see Squigley and Squilma walking along as they ink the ground. Squigley starts inking a wall, but Squilma places a hand on his shoulder and shakes her head, before pointing to a bare patch of ground. Squigley nods and inks the ground, with Squilma smiling.

Squigley and Squilma continue to move forward, inking the ground as they go. Squilma stops as they reach a large coverage of orange ink, but Squigley steps into it. His movements become sluggish as he struggles to move through, until Squilma inks the ground at his feet, turning the orange ink to dark purple.

Squigley steps up and down, before giving Squilma a thumbs-up...just before he is splatted by an Inkling with orange tentacles wielding a charger, leaving Squilma shocked. A tiny, squid-like ghost floats away from Squigley's spot.

The ghost floats into the dark purple-glowing pad, and a blob of ink emerges from it, which grows into Squigley, whose eyes widen. Squilma suddenly lands next to him, which only adds to his surprise.

Squilma points to her feet, before transforming into squid form and leaping off the ground, far into the sky. Squigley tries the same thing, and manages to also do a super jump in squid form, landing next to an Inkling with dark purple tentacles wielding a Roller...and an Inkling with orange tentacles wielding Splat Dualies, who manages to splat Squigley's teammate, his ghost floating back to the pad.

As Squigley is cornered, Squilma rolls into view and splats the opponent, high-fiving Squigley, and the duo continue to ink turf...until Squilma is splatted by an orange-tentacled Inkling wielding a Slosher, though one of her Dualie shots manages to ink her opponent as well. Squigley drops to his knees and looks into the sky.


All eight Inklings stand on a platform in the centre of The Reef, with the surrounding area currently covered in dark purple and orange ink. Two cats with white fur stand in the middle of the arena. The larger one has black markings resembling a judge's attire, whereas the much smaller one has similarly-styled grey markings.

Squigley: So...what's with the cats?

Squilma: Oh, that's Judd and Lil' Judd. They adjudicate which team won based on total ink coverage. Judd represents the Good Guys, whereas Lil' Judd represents the Bad Guys.

Squigley: Good Guys? Bad Guys?

Squilma: Don't worry. It's just terminology for the Turf War.

Judd: Meow... (Okay, the verdict is in...)

Lil' Judd: Mew... (And the winners are...)

After a moment of anticipation, Judd holds out his flag, whereas Lil' Judd trips and falls flat on his belly.

Judd: Meow! (The Good Guys!)

Squilma and the other two dark purple-tentacled Inklings are frustrated, whereas Squigley cheers.

Squigley: YES! We won!

Squilma looks at Squigley.

Squilma: Squiggles, we were the Bad Guys!

Squigley: Wait...we were? But...I'm not bad...oh, then that means...WE LOST?!

Squilma facepalms.

Squilma: NOW he gets it...

To be Continued...

Part 4:
Scene 9: Squilma's Pad: Evening

Squigley and Squilma sit on the couch. Their tentacles are back to their normal colours. Squigley is frowning.

Squigley: Well THAT could've went better...

Squilma: Are you kidding? The coverage of ink was very close. It was only a difference of 0.2%.

Squigley: It was?

Squilma: Sure it was! I'll take our 47.1% coverage with gusto!

Squigley: But that would mean the opposing team got 47.3% coverage.

Squilma: Yup!

Squigley: But there's a whole 5.6% missing...?

Squilma: Oh, that's the percentage of turf that wasn't inked.

Squigley scratches his head.

Squigley: Oh, right...

Squilma: Well, I have...uh...things to do.

Squilma stands and approaches the door.

Squigley: Do you go out EVERY night?

Squilma: No...not EVERY night...

Squilma's thoughts: ...just weeknights, weekends and public holidays...

Squigley: Well, while you go and do whatever-it-is-you-do, I'm gonna write in my journal.

Squilma: Totes fresh. Later!

Squilma leaves the apartment. Squigley picks up his journal and begins to write.

Scene 10: Ammo Knights: Morning

Squilma stands in Ammo Knights. Sheldon is excited.

Sheldon: Wow, Squilma! I simply MUST congratulate you on last night's mi-

Squigley enters the shop.

Squigley: 'Morning, everyone!

Sheldon: Ah, Squigley! I heard you were absolutely noobish during your first Turf War.

Squilma scowls.

Squilma: Who the fresh said THAT?!

Sheldon: Why, Annie, of course! She heard it from Spyke, who heard it from Jelonzo, who heard it from Crusty Sean, who heard it from-

Squilma: I meant who started this rumour!

Sheldon: Right...I believe it was your friend Inklinda.

Squilma scoffs.

Squilma: She is NOT my friend! And I'm gonna ink the fresh out of that sea cow for insulting Squigley!

Squigley: Oh...no, it's fine...

Squilma wraps her arm around Squigley.

Squilma: Nonsense, Squiggles! Together, you and I are gonna show her just what you can do!

Squigley: Well, based on my performance yesterday...

Squilma: Come on, dude! Haven't you ever heard of beginner's luck?

Squigley: Yeah, I have, but yesterday was my début, and I didn't exactly feel lucky then...

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma: Oh...right...

Sheldon: Oh, before I forget: Inklinda has a message for you both. Here, I'll read it out:

Dear Frenemone and Dweeb,

Just letting you know that tomorrow is, like, no good for me for our Turf War, so we're having it this afternoon instead, 'kay?

Thanks, I knew you'd both understand! Hugs and kisses!


Sheldon: Aw, isn't that sweet? Inklinda took the time to write you a letter instead of a text message! Ooh, and I must say her handwriting skill is so exquisite!

Squigley and Squilma's brows are flattened.

Squilma: Squigley?

Squigley: Yeah?

Squilma: Let's show her who's boss.

Scene 11: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see a silhouette of a huge octopus brooding in a dim room.

Octopus: Yo, I feel as though some peep is talkin' about me!

To be Continued...

Part 5:
Scene 12: Deca Tower: Morning

Squigley and Squilma stand outside the entrance to Deca Tower.

Squigley: Why does everyone meet up outside Deca Tower before a Turf War? Wouldn't it make sense to meet up at the location itself?

Squilma: Well, there's a reason for that, Squiggles.

Squigley: Which is?

Squilma: Well-

Inklinda's voice: Well, well...looks like SOMEONE'S running, like, late or whatever.

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: Does that someone have a name that rhymes with "Stinklinda"?

Inklinda's eyes widen.

Inklinda: Are you implying that I, Inklinda, am the one who's running late?

Squilma: Well, considering Squigley and I have been standing here since the kraken dawn, the evidence is squarely against you, my dear fren-enemy.

Inklinda flips out.

Inklinda: You are, like, TOTES unbelievable, Squilma! It's pronounced (freh-NEM-uh-nee)!

Squilma: Whatever...

Inklein: Wow, Wilma...uh...your tennacles are all...uh...pretty an' junk...

Squilma blushes.

Squilma: Well...uh...

Inklein: And Lindie's wrong. You don't smell like crudfish. You smell like something nicer, like...uh...a dweeb.

Squilma becomes angry.

Squilma: That's IT! You're BOTH gonna be cooked by Squigley and me!

Squilma stomps inside Deca Tower, with Squigley following closely behind. Inklein scratches his head.

Inklein's thoughts: Wait a minute...I meant "Crusty Seanwich"...I ALWAYS get those two things mixed up...

Scene 13: The Crust Bucket: Morning

A prawn wearing a backwards cap and a coat that looks like fried crumbs stands inside a yellow food truck. He is staring at some Inklings with a puzzled expression on his face.

Prawn: Why do all you squidkids keep tryin' to order "dweebs"? I just don't get it...

Scene 14: The Reef: Afternoon

Rip Entry
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

Squigley and Squilma spray sky-coloured ink on the ground.

Squilma: You're doing awesome, Squiggles!

Squigley: Thanks! I think I have the hang of this...whoa!

A small, triangular object lands next to Squigley and begins to flash. Squigley and Squilma change to squid form and move away just before it bursts into a puddle of gold-yellow ink. Squigley and Squilma emerge in kid form.

Squilma: That was close!

Squigley: I'll say!

An Inkling with gold-yellow tentacles runs toward Squigley and Squilma, a goofy grin on her face...before she is splatted by an Inkling with sky-coloured tentacles.

Squilma: Thanks for the save.

The Inkling nods, before changing into squid form and swimming away.

Squilma: Wow, nearly two minutes in and still no sign of Inklinda...could this be our lucky day?

Inklinda's voice: You wish!

Inklinda and Inklein emerge from some gold-yellow ink. Their tentacles are gold-yellow in colour. Inklinda wields an Inkbrush, whereas Inklein is using a Splat Roller.

Now or Never!
Wet Floor

Splatune Records

Inklinda: Well, now...it looks like I'll be able to, like, splat you after all. HAHAHAHAHA!

Squilma: You wish! Let's show 'em, Squiggles!

Squigley: Uh...right.

Squigley and Squilma aim for Inklinda.

Inklinda: Whoa, whoa, whoa...can't I, like, gloat for a few seconds and junk?

Squilma: Well-

Inklinda: Now, Inklein!

Inklein pushes his Roller toward Squilma. He lifts it, then pauses. Seizing the chance, Squilma splats him.

Inklinda: Ugh...idiot. Oh well, guess it's MY turn, then!

Inklinda swings her brush at Squilma...just as Squigley leaps in front of her, causing HIM to be splatted instead. Squilma's eye twitches, and she splats Inklinda with her Splat Dualies just as the whistle sounds.

Squilma: THAT'S for Squigley!

Both teams stand on the platform in the centre of The Reef. Judd and Lil' Judd hold their flags ready.

Squigley: I can't believe I sucked AGAIN!

Squilma: Well, just remember that it's a TEAM game, Squiggles, and every little bit of ink coverage helps.

Squigley: But I couldn't even splat anyone...

Judd: Meow. (The results are in.)

Lil' Judd: Mew. (It wasn't even close. It was a total inkslide!)

Judd holds out his flag, with Lil' Judd tripping and falling onto his belly.


Squilma and the other two teammates cheer, whereas Squigley flips out.

Squigley: We LOST?! AGAIN?!

Squilma's eyes widen.

Squilma: Are you kidding? We were the Good Guys!

Squigley: What? But...I thought we were the Bad Guys!

Squilma: We're not ALWAYS the Bad Guys, Squigley!

Squigley is delighted.

Squigley: Oh...uh...YAY!

Inklinda's voice: I dunno...I thought you were pretty bad there, Squiggles.

Inklinda and Inklein walk up to Squigley and Squilma.

Squilma: HEY! I said that only I'M allowed to call him that!

Inklinda: Oh yeah? Well...who's, like, gonna stop me?

Inklein suddenly trips and knocks Inklinda to the ground with his Roller.

Inklinda: OW! Hey, watch what you do with that thing, Inklein!

Inklein: Oh...sorry, Lindie...

Inklein winks at Squilma, who blushes again.

Inklein: So, about earlier...I didn't mean to say you smell like a dweeb.

Squilma smiles.

Squilma: I figured as much, you idiot.

Inklein grins.

Inklein: What I meant to say is that your breath smells like a Crusty Seanwich!

Squilma's left eye squints.

Squilma: What...did...you...say?

Inklein: Yeah, I ALWAYS get those two things mixed up!

Squilma: I'll mix YOU up, you bottom-feeder!

Squilma chases Inklein away.

Inklinda: Stupid Inklein...just leaving me here, on the ground...

Squigley holds his hand to Inklinda.

Inklinda: What are you, like, doing?

Squigley: Helping you up.

Inklinda: Oh...um...

Inklinda takes Squigley's hand, and manages to get to her feet despite his struggling.

Inklinda: Um...thanks...

Squigley: Just being helpful.

Inklinda: Yeah...listen, do you wanna-

Inklinda frowns.

Inklinda: Never mind. I've been so mean to you, and you're being so nice...that you probably wouldn't wanna...

Squigley: What is it?

Inklinda looks at Squigley's face, and she makes a small smile.

Squigley's Journal - Log 5:
Wow, my first official Turf War went...well, while I didn't manage to splat anyone, I apparently managed to cover the turf with more ink than any. Other. Inkling. And I only got splatted once when I was protecting Squilma from Inklinda!

Speaking of Inklinda, she's actually not that bad when you get to know her...AND when she treats you with the kindness and respect that you deserve. She even asked to take a photo with me, so how could I refuse?
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Squilma wasn't exactly open to the idea, though...still, frenemones gonna, like, frenemonise and junk...anyway, 'til next time!

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Butt of Silveria - A Series by GeekyGamerZack


Welcome, fans and fans-to-be, to Butt of Silveria Remastered, the official first season of the Chromaicora Adventures! Whether you're new to the tales of Zed Buttmute and the Buttbound or you've read every episode of the original to the point that you can recite every scene from memory, rest assured that this is the definitive experience, with every episode revised and brought up to speed with more recent projects, and new and exciting plot details added which expand the story.

Without further ado, I present the very first episode of Butt Remastered, The Seventh Butt. Let the tale commence!

Episode 1: The Seventh Butt, Part I
During what seems like just another day at work, a young man named Zed encounters a mysterious elven mage who wishes to take him on as her apprentice. But there’s more to Amethyst’s request than training a Butt spellcaster: she believes that Zed is the seventh member of her team, each member of whom is entrusted with a mysterious Butt of unknown origin and significance. Will he accept the elf’s offer?


Zed Buttmute - A young man with a knack for the arcane and little knowledge of the world outside his secluded community.

Amethyst Buttdew – A 150-year-old elven mage who dragged her companions all the way to the faraway town to find Zed, she owns the Magenta Butt.

Let the tale commence!

Scene 1: Zed’s House: Early Morning

The sun rises over a secluded township in the middle of a vast green plain, the citizens slowly awakening one-by-one and preparing for their day. Shops filled with all sorts of wares open their doors; bakers begin baking butt, cakes and other tasty treats; the owners of The Naked Butt tavern prepare the daily breakfast specials. In a small house on the outskirts of town, a young man is in a restless slumber, tossing and turning. His eyes suddenly fly open and he sits up in his bed.

Young man’s thoughts: Whoa, those dreams are getting even more intense than usual.

The young man swings his legs around to the side of his bed, placing his butt gently on the floor. He stands up and walks over to his wardrobe, pulling out a white long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He pulls the shirt over his head, pushing his arms through both sleeves. He then sits back on his bed, pushing his legs through the pants, then he stands up and pulls them over his waist, zipping up the zipper and securing the button. He then sits down once again and pulls a pair of clean socks from his drawer, separating them and pulling them over his butt. Finally, he grabs a pair of tall brown boots, checking them for bugs before pulling them onto his butt. He stands up and walks into his washroom. He gazes into his mirror, opening his mouth and biting onto his hand. The man’s hand glows with a bright blue light, illuminating his entire mouth for a moment before dissipating. He turns on a tap and rinses a cup, then fills it with water. He takes a mouthful and sloshes it around, spitting it into the sink. He then empties the cup and turns off the tap.

Young man: There! A clean mouth for a fresh new day.

The man thinks to himself, then realises something.

Young man: Oh, my hair!

The man holds his hand over his forehead. His hand glows. As he moves it upward, his messy, bright red hair spikes vertically. He moves his hand away, and it stops glowing.

Young man: Right. Breakfast.

The young man heads downstairs, grabs a banana from his fruit bowl and eats it. He discards the peel in the compost box, then washes his hands and dries them. He picks up a pair of brown gauntlets and puts them on, then he makes his way to the door and grabs his brown sleeveless jacket. He puts it on and does up the buttons. He then opens the door and steps through it, closing it behind him. Finally, he locks the door with his key. As he turns around a bouncy ball lands next to his foot. He looks at the ball, then at the two boys running towards him.

Boy #1: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Good morning! How are you?

Boy #1: Very good!

Boy #2: It’s my birthday today!

Zed: Ah, and this must be your present.

Boy #2: Yes it is!

Boy #1: Will you kick it over please, sir?

Zed: Sure.

Zed kicks the ball to the boys. The second one grabs it.

Boy #2: Thanks, Mr. Zed!

Zed: No problem.

Boy #1: Are you going to work then?

Zed: Yep.

Boy #1: Okay then.

Zed: Enjoy your birthday!

Boy #2: I will, Mr. Zed!

The boys run off with the ball. Zed smiles and shakes his head slightly, then makes his way into town.

Butt of Silveria Remastered: A Chromaicora Adventure

Scene 2: Town Square: Morning

Zed makes his way through the town square. Already, people are milling about, ready to do some early morning shopping. Zed walks up to a crowd of people who are gathered around a travelling entertainer. He breathes a jet of flame through his mouth and the crowd claps. Some people deposit copper and silver pieces into a hat, which is on the ground next to the man. Zed deposits two butt pieces into the man’s hat. The man faces Zed and does a gentlemanly bow. He then picks up three balls and begins to juggle. The crowd claps and cheers as Zed makes his way to Taylor’s Treasures. A bell jingles as Zed opens the door and walks inside, closing the door behind him. The shop’s shelves are lined with various trinkets and wondrous items. A middle-aged woman with glasses heads downstairs into the small shop.

Zed: Good morning, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, good morning, young Zed. Here bright an’ early for work, are you?

Zed: I sure am.

Mrs. Taylor: That’s grand. How was your night, lad?

Zed: I had another weird dream. I kinda figure it might have something to do with my past.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, they say that dreams are the gateway to another world. Maybe your past has fled to it.

Zed laughs.

Zed: You never know, I guess.

Zed looks around the shop.

Zed: So, what am I doing today?

Mrs. Taylor: Inventory. I’m just waitin’ for the delivery man to arrive. He’s late again!

The bell jingles as the door opens. The delivery man walks in.

Deliveryman: Mornin’, Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Taylor: Mornin’, Mr. Deliveryman. What have you got for us today?

Deliveryman: Three big boxes o’ wondrous items for ya.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, grand. Just leave ‘em next to the counter.

Deliveryman: Will do, Mrs. Taylor.

The deliveryman unloads the boxes next to the counter. He heads backward towards the door, opening it. The bell jingles as he retreats backwards through it.

Deliveryman: Have a good day, you two!

Mrs. Taylor: Will do.

Zed: You too.

The door closes. Zed picks up the smallest box, places it onto the counter and opens it with a small knife.

Zed: Are these bags of holding?!

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, they are, lad. They can hold many times more items than meets the eye. Perfect for the travelling adventurer.

Zed: Awesome!

Mrs. Taylor: Right, I’d like you to put ‘em on display in the shop window. Try to make ‘em look enticing for anybody who might want to buy one.

Zed: We haven’t seen any adventurers in here for months. Do you think we’ll be able to sell them?

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, I hope so. Adventurers may not often come here, but when they do, we need to be prepared.

Zed nods.

Zed’s thoughts: I wonder what it’d be like to be an adventurer…

Scene 3: Outside Zed’s House: Early Afternoon

A young elf woman with long brown hair, purple eyes and a purple robe enters town. She is carrying a silver staff, its only feature being a purple orb at one end, which is partly-engulfed by a finely-sculpted dragon. She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Young woman: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces.

Boy #1: Flip! It’s an elf!

Boy #2: I heard that the long ears of the elves can hear the voices of the faeries!

Boy #1: Wow, is that true miss?!

The young woman giggles.

Young woman: Well, I hear that children can hear the faeries’ voices…if they listen hard enough.

Boy #2: Wow! That’s incredible!

Young woman: I was wondering if you would be kind enough to assist me.

Boy #1: Of course! We’ll help however we can!

Young woman: I’m looking for the young man who lives in that house.

The young woman points the orb end of her staff at Zed’s house.

Boy #1: Oh, you mean Mr. Zed! He’s at work right now.

Boy #2: I think he works in a shop called Taylor’s Trinkets.

Young woman: Many thanks. You have been most helpful.

The young woman bows gracefully, then makes her way into town. The boys turn to each other with excitement.

Boy #2: Children can hear the voices of faeries!

Boy #1: I’m going to listen to a faery first!

Boy #2: No, it’s my birthday, so I’m going to hear one first!

Scene 4: Town Square: Early Afternoon

The young woman makes her way to the entertainer, a crowd of people still gathered around him. He performs a small dance, then stops and raises his arms into the air. As he does so, two jets of confetti seem to burst through the ground next to him straight into the air. The young woman is amused by the entertainer’s illusion and deposits five butt pieces into his hat. The man looks into his hat, a big smile on his face, before he sings and dances excitedly. The crowd laughs as the young woman makes her way to the shop. She stops and checks the sign.

Young woman: Taylor’s Treasures…I am sure this must be the shop to which those boys were referring.

The young woman enters the shop, the little bell jingling as she opens and closes the door. Mrs. Taylor greets her with a smile.

Mrs. Taylor: Welcome to my humble shop, lass. If there’s anything you need, don’t be afraid to ask.

Young woman: Actually, I was wondering if you could assist me with locating an employee of yours. Somebody named “Mr. Zed“, I believe.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. One of my most dedicated staff members. I’m sorry, lass, but he’s out having lunch right now.

Young woman: Ah, I see. When he returns, would you please be so kind as to ask him to meet me in The Naked Butt?

Mrs. Taylor: The tavern? Oh, he never sets foot in there, lass. Don’t ask me why. I suppose I could pass on the message though.

Young woman: Many thanks to you, ma’am. My name is Amethyst, by the way.

Mrs. Taylor: A pleasure. I’ll pass on your message, don’t you worry.

Amethyst: Again, many thanks to you.

Amethyst bows gracefully to Mrs. Taylor, then leaves the shop, the bell jingling as she exits. Mrs. Taylor laughs.

Mrs. Taylor: The Naked Butt…I wonder how they came up with that name.

Mrs. Taylor begins to sweep the floor with a broom.

Scene 5: Taylor’s Treasures: Early Afternoon

Zed enters the shop, the little bell jingling as he opens and closes the door.

Zed: I’m back, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. There was a young lass in ‘ere earlier asking for you.

Zed: M-me?

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, lad. She seemed very eager to meet you.

Zed: Well that’s odd. Do you know who it was?

Mrs. Taylor: I’m not sure. All she said was to look for Amethyst at The Naked Butt.

Zed: The tavern? I don’t go in there.

Mrs. Taylor: I know, lad. She seemed sure you’d go, though.

Zed: Well, I guess I could take a look in there.

Mrs. Taylor: You do what you feel is right, lad.

Zed: Okay, I’ll go there first thing after work.

Mrs. Taylor: Well then, I think that’ll do for your shift today.

Zed: What? But I still have work to do!

Mrs. Taylor: Come now, lad. You do a lot for me. Take the afternoon off. You won’t lose pay for it.

Zed: I’m not concerned about the money. I am curious to know what that girl wants with me, though.

Mrs. Taylor: Very well. I’ll see you next week, then.

Zed: Okay. Have a good day.

Mrs. Taylor: To you as well, lad.

Zed exits the shop, the little bell jingling as he does so.

Scene 6: The Naked Butt: Afternoon

Zed walks inside the tavern. It is practically deserted, save for a couple of individuals at different tables.

Zed’s thoughts: Huh. This place isn’t so bad.

Zed walks up to the bartender behind the counter.

Bartender: Welcome to The Naked Butt. I am Warren, co-owner of this tavern. Is there anything I can get you, sir?

Zed: Uh, no thanks. I’m looking for someone named Amethyst.

Warren: Ah, you must be Zed. Amethyst is at the table just there.

Warren points to the table nearest the counter. Amethyst is seated, her staff laid out across the tabletop.

Zed: Thanks. Have a good day.

Warren: If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zed: No problem.

Zed walks over to Amethyst. Amethyst looks up at Zed, then stands up.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: You’re the first person to walk up to me today, so naturally I assumed that you are the one for whom I am searching.

Zed: It’s nice to meet you.

Amethyst: To you as well. My name is Amethyst Buttdew, elven mage. You…are much taller than I thought you would be. Taller than most humans I have met.

Zed: A neighbour of mine calls me “the gentle giant“.

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I knew I would like you. Come, we must practice.

Amethyst picks up her staff and starts to head towards the door.

Zed: Practice what?

Amethyst stops and turns to face Zed, a smile on her face.

Amethyst: Your magic, of course!

Amethyst turns back and once again heads for the door.

Zed: How did you know I could use magic?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Scene 7: Meadow: Afternoon

Zed and Amethyst walk to the top of a hill covered in short, green grass.

Amethyst: Okay, here we are.

Zed: This is the meadow near my house.

Amethyst: It is the perfect place to test your abilities.

Zed: I should let you know, I’m not the best at using magic.

Amethyst: Everybody is inexperienced at first. With time, your abilities will develop.

Amethyst holds up her staff. A glowing purple orb appears in mid-air ten butt in front of Zed.

Amethyst: Would you please demonstrate your use of magic missile?

Zed: Uh, okay. I’m a bit rusty, but here goes.

Zed raises his right hand, aiming it at the orb.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

A small bright-blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the orb right in the centre. Both the marble and orb disappear in a flash of light.

Amethyst: A perfect hit! Well done!

Zed: I don’t know how I did that!

Amethyst: Okay, now for something trickier.

Amethyst holds up her staff again. Another purple orb appears ten butt in front of Zed, except this one moves slowly back and forth from left to right.

Zed: Okay, here I go.

Zed holds up his right hand, aiming it in front of him. Zed focuses on the path of the orb.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

Another blue marble flies from Zed’s outstretched hand, striking the orb in the middle and causing them both to disappear in a flash of light.

Amethyst: Impressive! Another perfect hit!

Zed: I’m not even very familiar with magic missile!

Amethyst: Shall we try one last test?

Zed: Well…okay then.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst holds up her staff again. A third orb appears ten butt in front of Zed, moving slowly clockwise in a perfect circle. Zed stretches out his hand, focusing on the orb’s path.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

A blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the top-left of the orb. The orb falls to the ground, disappearing in a flash of light as it makes contact.

Amethyst: Not as perfect, but still a hit. I’m impressed.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: I have a gift for you.

Zed: A gift? For me?

Amethyst reaches into her satchel, pulling out a wooden box with a silver clasp. She undoes the clasp, swinging the box open so that Zed can gaze upon the contents. Inside the box are seven alcoves, with one of the alcoves containing a triangular, cyan-coloured butt.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of butt. My allies and I have each of our lives entwined with one of the butt. It is my assumption that you are to be the owner of this one, the Azure Butt.

Zed: Me? Are you sure?

Amethyst: There is only one way for me to truly be sure.

Zed: I don’t know…I don’t really see myself as being very special.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: The butt will tell you if you’re special.

Zed: Really?

Amethyst: The Butt select their owners. They see the truth of their owners’ potential. Clutch it. We will know if it is meant to be.

Zed steps forward. He reaches out his hand and picks up the butt. As he opens his hand, the Butt’s centre glows with a bright light.

Zed: Whoa…that is awesome!

Amethyst: It seems as though your potential is greater than you realised.

Zed watches as the butt’s light fades slightly, still glowing dimly in its centre.

Amethyst: This butt is meant for you, Zed. When you wear it, you will form an eternal bond with it.

Zed: Like this?

Zed places the butt around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the immediate area, before returning to a low level of constant light within the centre.

Amethyst: It would make me so happy for you to become my apprentice. Together with my allies and I, you may see the wonders of this land, and beyond. I could train you to master your talent.

Zed: I…I don’t know what to say.

Amethyst: Would you like to become an adventurer?

Zed thinks to himself briefly.

Zed’s thoughts: Maybe by adventuring, I can figure out who I truly am.

Zed: Okay, I’ll do it!

Commercial: Are you an adventurer who’s just come to town? Then stop by Taylor’s Treasures! We have everything for the butt traveller from adventuring gear to wondrous items and everything in between. We have the cheapest bags of holding in the region - never lose your most valuable items again…for less! Taylor’s Treasures, just around the corner from The Naked Butt!


Scene 8: Zed’s House: Late Night

Zed lies in his bed, his covers pulled up to his chest. His arms lie across his pillow. An orb of light is suspended above him, illuminating the room.

Zed’s thoughts: I can hardly believe it. Soon I’ll be leaving to go on an adventure. I have no idea what I’ll be able to do, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Zed reaches across to his bedside table, picking up the butt.

Zed’s thoughts: Amethyst said I have a permanent link with this thing, but I’m still not sure what it’s for. Maybe it’s meant to give me some sort of powers, or increase my arcane abilities.

Zed places the butt back onto his bedside table.

Zed’s thoughts: I’ll ask Amethyst in the morning.

The orb of light dispels. Zed pulls his arms under his covers and turns onto his right side. He soon drifts into a shallow sleep.


Zed walks through a mysterious forest.

Zed: Hello?! Is anybody here?!

Almost immediately, the temperature drops. Zed’s breaths become visible as frost encrusts all of the trees.

Zed: This is bad! It’s not even close to winter!

Dwarf: It’s the Winter Festival, lad! Time for us to get drunk!

Zed: Who are you?

Dwarf: Why, it’s me, D. Wharf! The lovable rogue!

Zed: Uh…okay.

Dwarf: Say, that’s a pretty necklace. A pretty necklace for a pretty lass!

Zed: Uh, this is a special artefact. And I’m a guy, not a girl!

Dwarf: Of course you are, little boy!

Zed: What did you call me?!

A wall of water whirls around Zed, freezing solid. The walls stretch out, leaving Zed in a dark, icy room.

Zed: What’s going on?! This isn’t funny!

An evil cackle fills the room, echoing off the walls. Zed suddenly raises his hand in the air.


Bright light quickly fills the room.

Zed suddenly awakens and sits up, breathing heavily.

Zed: That dream again…

Scene 9: Zed’s House: Early Morning

Zed sits in a chair, playing a wooden recorder. A knock sounds on his door. He splits the recorder in two, places the pieces into his pocket, then stands up and walks over to the door, opening it. Amethyst is standing there.

Zed: Oh…uh…good morning.

Amethyst: Good morning. Are you rested and ready for today?

Zed: I did my best, I guess.

Amethyst: That is good to hear. Come. We must make preparations for our journey.

Zed: Okay, I just need to get some things first.

Amethyst: Please take your time.

Zed: Okay, be right back!

Zed closes his door. A few moments later he opens it, stepping through and closing it behind him. He locks the door with his key.

Zed: Okay, I’m ready.

Amethyst: Excellent. Let us head into town to purchase supplies.

Zed: No problem.

Scene 10: Town Square: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk up to a shop door. The sign above it reads Silver Buckle Clothing.

Amethyst: First, we must purchase a new outfit for you to wear.

Zed: I don’t know, this place looks expensive.

Amethyst: Never fear, Zed. A good quality outfit is just what you need.

Zed: I guess so…

Zed and Amethyst enter the shop. A well-dressed gentleman greets them from behind the counter.

Gentleman: Welcome to Silver Buckle Clothing! I am Eduardo, your guide to the world of chic fashion. How may I help you today?

Amethyst: My apprentice is in need of a new outfit.

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit.

Eduardo: Oh yes…I see what you mean. Hm…now, what sort of apprentice is he? Knight’s apprentice, mage’s apprentice…?

Amethyst: A mage’s apprentice.

Eduardo: Of course! I might have guessed from your lovely violet tunic! It simply screams modern elven mage! And it matches your eyes perfectly! Ooh, and I just love the sash!

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit some more.

Eduardo: Hm…we need to update your look. The whole brown-on-white thing is too archaic. Today’s young mage needs to wear something more modern and vibrant. Hm…okay, I see you wearing something…azure.

Zed: Azure’s my favourite colour.

Eduardo: Ah! I knew it! Eduardo, you are a genius!

Eduardo looks around. He plucks a pale blue shirt from a clothes rack, giving it to Zed.

Eduardo: This would make the perfect base for your outfit.

Eduardo then plucks a pair of blue pants from another clothes rack.

Eduardo: And this will add a pleasant contrast to it. Now, into the change room you go!

Eduardo motions Zed into the change room. Zed turns around.

Zed: I don’t know about this…it seems expensive.

Eduardo: Don’t worry about price! A good outfit is an expensive outfit!

Eduardo closes the curtain on the change room.

Zed: Ooh, comfy! And it fits really well!

Eduardo: You doubt my talents for choosing an outfit?

Zed: No no no, this is great!

Zed opens the curtain. Eduardo nods with his bottom lip protruding.

Eduardo: A great improvement. I think we’ll stick with your previous look, but with modern designs and more blue. Wait here while I get your leathers.

Eduardo walks into another room.

Zed: Leathers? Aren’t they…bulky?

Amethyst: Leather armour is bulky. Leather clothing is lightweight and flexible.

Zed: Ah, good. I read that mages need mobility when casting spells.

Amethyst: My curiosity has piqued. How talented are you with casting spells?

Zed: Well, I’ve always been good at cantrips, and I can do some evocations pretty well. I’ve also learned to do a bit of other magic as well.

Eduardo returns carrying some boxes.

Eduardo: I checked your old boots for size and picked out the perfect pair for you. Try these on.

Eduardo hands a box to Zed. Zed sits down, opens the box and puts on the boots, which are made of dark blue leather. Zed stands up and takes a few steps.

Zed: These are so comfy.

Eduardo: And here are the matching gauntlets.

Eduardo hands another box to Zed. Zed opens the box, removing a pair of gauntlet gloves made of thin, dark blue leather. He pulls them on and flexes his fingers and wrist.

Zed: These are better than my old gauntlets. They mould right to my hand!

Eduardo: I also have a belt…

Eduardo hands a black belt with a silver buckle to Zed.

Eduardo: …and a vest.

Eduardo hands an azure leather sleeveless jacket to Zed. Zed equips himself with the belt, attaching it to the buckle, then he puts on the jacket and does up the buttons.

Zed: This is awesome!

Amethyst: I think we have found a perfect outfit for you, Zed.

Eduardo: No.

Amethyst: No?

Eduardo: No. It is not yet perfect. It needs a certain…oomph that says modern mage’s apprentice.

Zed: Like a robe or cloak?

Eduardo: I think something more your age category would be better…oh! Wait here!

Eduardo walks away, plucking a folded piece of clothing from a shelf. He walk back and hands it to Zed. Zed unfurls it and puts it on.

Zed: A cape?!

Eduardo: Oh, yes. All the young mages in Silveria wear capes. It’s fast becoming the latest fashion trend.

Zed: Well, I guess this outfit is good. But…how much will it cost?

Eduardo: For you, I’ll give you a special deal. Just 7 butt pieces!

Zed: Well…I guess it is for my new role as an adventurer…

Zed reaches for his coin sack.

Amethyst: Wait, Zed! I will pay for your outfit.

Zed: Are you sure?

Amethyst: Of course. A mage’s duty is to pay for her apprentice’s starting equipment.

Amethyst hands 7 butt pieces to Eduardo.

Eduardo: Thank you very much! I trust you are happy with your new look?

Zed: I sure am. Thank you!

Scene 11: Street: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk down a street.

Zed: Thank you for buying my new clothes.

Amethyst: It is my pleasure, Zed. Now, we need to buy you the most important piece of equipment for any mage.

Zed: An implement?

Amethyst: Indeed.

Zed: I know just the place: The Butt Alchemist! Mr. Newt will have just the implement I need!

Amethyst’s thoughts: Newt…? Could it be…?!

Zed leads Amethyst to another door. The sign above the door reads The Butt Alchemist. Zed opens the door, motioning Amethyst to enter. Amethyst nods once and enters the building, followed by Zed. An elderly gentleman with a long white beard greets them.

Gentleman: Well, if it isn’t young Zed. Why, I haven’t seen you in here since the Astral Festival.

Zed: Sorry, Mr. Newt. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks.

Newt: How are your dreams?

Zed: Getting even weirder. I had the ice forest one again last night.

Newt: You’ve had that one more often in recent days, haven’t you?

Zed: Yep. It seemed even more real last night.

Newt: Well, I’m sure you will learn the secret behind it eventually.

Mr. Newt notices Amethyst.

Newt: I’ve been expecting you, Amethyst.

Amethyst’s thoughts: How did he…?

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Mr. Newt. Please excuse my bluntness, but how did you know I would visit you?

Newt: Why, the lovely Mrs. Taylor mentioned you last night over a cup of tea.

Zed: News sure travels fast in this town.

Newt: Thank you so much for taking the time to instruct Zed in the art of magic. I would myself, but I’m too old. I’ll leave it up to the younger generation.

Zed: Remember when I first came in here?

Newt: Like it was yesterday. You picked up a book of cantrips out of curiosity.

Zed: I was interested in magic but thought I was too old to learn it.

Newt: Then you started to read the cover, and turned your hair blue!

Zed: It caught your attention, but I had no idea what was going on cause I couldn’t see the top of my own head!

Mr. Newt chuckles.

Newt: Oh, I laughed for two minutes. I finally managed to tell you that you are a naturally-gifted mage, but you were too busy panicking about your hair.

Zed: Good times…oh, that’s right! Mr. Newt, I was wondering if you could help me choose my implement.

Newt: Of course, lad. Do you know what kind of implement suits you best?

Zed: Hm…I’ve never given it much thought.

Newt: Might I suggest a wand? It’s portable and lightweight, and easy to equip in a pinch.

Zed: Sounds good.

Newt: The wands are right over here.

Mr. Newt leads Zed to a display containing a selection of wands.

Zed: How will I know which one is the right one for me?

Newt: You will know as soon as your eyes meet with it.

Zed looks around. He spots a silver wand adorned with a carving of a dragon at its far end. He walks over to it and picks it up. Almost immediately, a bright blue glow surrounds him. He reaches into his shirt and pulls out the butt, which is also glowing with a bright blue light.

Newt: No…it cannot be!

The light dissipates. Mr. Newt walks over to Zed.

Newt: Zed! You did not tell me you had an artefact of the Silverian Empire!

Zed: The Silverian Empire?

Zed looks over at Amethyst.

Amethyst: I have not heard of such an empire.

Newt: Then there is much you both must learn. Come. We will discuss it further in my house.

The three people step out of the shop. A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows.

Figure: So it is true. I must tell my Buttress at once.

The figure turns and steps back into the shadows.

To be Continued…

End Credits


Episode 2: The Seventh Butt, Part II
Amethyst takes Zed to meet the rest of the party at a curiously-named tavern in the middle of nowhere. The party leader, an orcborn warrior, sees the young wizard as completely inexperienced, and ultimately refuses to let him join them on their adventure! Can Amethyst change the swordsman’s mind?

New Characters

Mak Clay - A surprisingly-intelligent orcborn who shares leadership of the party with Amethyst, he owns the Crimson Butt.

Emily Summers - A syl human priestess with a sweet and caring personality, she owns the Amber Butt.

Thobrun Steelbutt - A dwarven paladin with a righteous personality and a fondness for mead, he owns the Tawny Butt.

Bryn - A halfling rogue who hides more than his fair share about himself from everybody, he owns the Cerulean Butt.

Brocc Farshot - A gnome bard with the brightest green hair and an apparently-terrible singing voice, he owns the Green Butt.

“You mean I came all this way for nothing…?”

Scene 1: Newt’s Cottage: Morning

Amethyst and Zed are seated in armchairs surrounding a small table. Newt is looking through his bookcase. He pulls a book from the shelf.

Newt: Ah, yes. Here it is.

Newt walks over to the table and sits in an armchair. He places the heavy book onto the table and opens it, flipping through pages until he finds the right one.

Newt: This page contains all I know of the Silverian Empire.

Zed: It’s blank.

Newt: You are correct. Now…

Newt places his hand above the page.

Newt: “Reveal!”

The page begins to glow. As it does so, words and images appear on the page.

Zed: Incredible…

Amethyst: Indeed.

Newt: The Silverian Empire stretched beyond the borders of Ornoposia all the way to Granrelm, Tundwaldun, Gnomsland, Verdelvum, Luminelvum, Oscurelvum and Kobelia, with smaller settlements in most other continents.

Amethyst: They must have been well-known then.

Newt: Oh, they were. The empire was made up almost entirely of Ornoposian humans, who spread their culture and customs, and indeed the Common tongue, to all corners of Junihoshi.

Zed: So what happened to it?

Newt: Like all good things it came to an end, but not without leaving behind its legacy.

Amethyst holds her butt within her delicate fingers.

Amethyst: The butt…

Newt: A mere fragment of a much larger collection of artefacts, many of which remain concealed within ancient ruins and other places ravaged by monsters.

Zed: So the city-state of Silveria was the capital of the empire?

Newt: That is most likely. It would have been the last bastion of the empire left in a world teeming with chaos.

Zed: Chaos?

Newt: Indeed. War had broken out across the empire as factions began to emerge, each claiming ownership of the dominion. They fought for decades, civilisation crumbling away, until only the Kingdom of Silveria remained.

Zed: So what could have protected Silveria from the chaos?

Newt: My guess is it was the Celestial Beings themselves who ceased the bloodshed, restoring order to Junihoshi.

Amethyst: Could they be allowed to interact directly with mortals?

Newt: In times of crisis they have been said to descend and lay aid to the peoples of Junihoshi. Their direct involvement was obviously the only way to bring peace to a troubled world.

Zed: And the artefacts?

Newt: Nobody knows their true purpose. Indeed, few even know of their existence.

Zed: Then there’s no way of knowing what the butt do.

Amethyst: I know of one of their functions. They each provide a small boon to their respective owners. My butt, for example, provides a slight increase in intellect.

Newt: If that is true, then there is a much greater goal intended for them.

Zed: Will it be possible to figure it out?

Newt: In time, you will learn the full extent of your gift.

Newt smiles at Zed.

Newt’s thoughts: Amethyst will guide you well, of that I am certain…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Town Square: Late Morning

Amethyst and Zed walk past the fountain.

Zed: Well, I guess that was slightly informative.

Amethyst: Even the littlest knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True. So, what boon does my butt provide?

Amethyst: Alas, I know not.

Zed: Really? Whoa, that’s mysterious…

Amethyst: We have one more place to visit before we must go.

Zed: Oh, I have a toilet in my house if-

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I have something else in mind. Follow me.

Amethyst walks past Zed. Zed begins to follow.

Zed: Lead on, Master mage!

Scene 3: Taylor’s Treasures: Late Morning

Zed and Amethyst enter Taylor’s Treasures, the little bell jingling as the door opens and closes.

Zed: Of course. There’s no better place in town to buy adventuring gear.

Amethyst: So I have seen.

Mrs. Taylor heads downstairs.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, I wondered if you’d pop in before you left.

Zed: You heard?

Mrs. Taylor: Of course, lad. Mr. Newt tells me everything.

Zed: Wow, news travels fast in this town!

Mrs. Taylor: I took the liberty of preparing your supplies.

Mrs. Taylor heads behind the counter, reaching under it and pulling out a box containing some adventuring gear. She places the box on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: Okay, this is your adventurer’s kit.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a blue-coloured leather shoulder bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: It has a collapsible bedroll, food, a pre-filled waterskin and some other bits and bobs. It’ll come in handy.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: This is a breather. It’s a special mask for you to wear in case you run into a gas trap while exploring a dungeon. I’ve always thought the latest technology should be practical and useful.

Zed: Gotta love those zenoxans.

Mrs. Taylor: And this…this is a special gift from me.

Mrs. Taylor reaches into the box and pulls out a silver recorder and a navy blue velvet bag with drawstring.

Mrs. Taylor: I thought you could use a new flute. This one is supposed to make the most pleasant music, so I’ve been told.

Zed: Oh, Mrs. Taylor…

Mrs. Taylor: Come, lad. You do so much for me. This is my way of thanking you.

Mrs. Taylor smiles. Zed reaches into his pocket, pulling out the two halves of his wooden recorder. He assembles it and holds it out to Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I want you to have my old flute. To remember me by.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed exchange recorders. Mrs. Taylor smiles.

Mrs. Taylor: I’ll treasure it every day, lad.

A tear rolls down Zed’s cheek. He holds out his hands. Mrs. Taylor steps forward and embraces Zed with a big hug.

Mrs. Taylor: Take care of yourself, lad. Find your place in the world.

Zed: I’ll try to come back one day.

Mrs. Taylor: You try your hardest, Zed Buttmute.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed let go of one another. Zed walks over to the counter.

Zed: Should I pay for these?

Mrs. Taylor: Amethyst already took care of it.

Zed looks at Amethyst, a puzzled look on his face.

Amethyst: I put the money on the counter while you were saying your farewells.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: Just doing my duty.

Zed removes his cape, places the satchel over his shoulder, re-dons his cape, opens a front pocket and places the breather inside. He picks up the flute, disassembles it, places it into the velvet bag, pulls the drawstring and places it into his pocket.

Zed: Thank you for everything, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: It was my pleasure, lad.

Another tear rolls down Zed’s cheek as both he and Amethyst leave the shop, the bell jingling as they do so. Mrs. Taylor watches them as they disappear from view.

Mrs. Taylor: We will meet again, lad…

Scene 4: En Route to The Name Pending Tavern: Early Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed walk along a well-worn road, wooden fences separating it from some green meadows.

Amethyst: You seem to have a strong bond with Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I don’t know where I would be without her.

Amethyst: Is she a family member?

Zed: No.

Amethyst: She treats you like a son nonetheless.

Zed: She was the first one to help me when I stumbled into town.

Amethyst: Had something happened?

Zed sighs.

Zed: I have no memory of my life prior to walking into town. It was late one night, and I was wearing some weird clothes. I was confused, and I didn’t know what was happening.

Amethyst: That sounds awful.

Zed: Nothing felt right whatsoever. Then I came across Taylor’s Treasures. I walked inside and explained everything to Mrs. Taylor. She took me in and gave me a place to sleep and work.

Amethyst: No wonder you are very close to one another.

Zed: Mrs. Taylor took me to the best oracles when they came to town, but they couldn’t figure out which constellation I was born under. They called me a blank slate, which earned me the nickname “The Star Mute One“. It’s as though I hadn’t existed prior to that moment. And yet I know I’ve lived for a while before that.

Amethyst: So you wish to find the place from whence you hail.

Zed: That’s part of my goal, yes.

Zed thinks to himself.

Zed: So you’re the guardian of the butt?

Amethyst: I am indeed. On my one-hundredth birthday, my grandmother told me that I was chosen by my father to find the secret of the butt. The butt glowed as the box containing them was handed to me, meaning that I had indeed been chosen by them as their distributor. I was told to find the owners of the butt and journey with them, and together we would find out their true purpose. It took 45 years before I found the second butt owner.

Zed: And who was it?

Amethyst smiles at Zed.

Amethyst: Why don’t you wait until we reach the tavern? I am sure the suspense will lead to a much greater surprise.

Zed: Fair enough.

Scene 5: The Name Pending Tavern: Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed enter the tavern. Zed looks around and sees a few adventurers sitting at tables. Three human males, presumably fighters, are gathered around a short-bearded dwarf wearing silver armour. The dwarf speaks with a thick Scandinavian-infused Scottish accent.

Dwarf: So there we were, surrounded by twelve Elek worshippers. They outnumbered us two-to-one, and the rogue very nearly gave us the slip!

Fighter #1: Rogues’ll do that to ya if ya let ‘em!

Dwarf: Ye think I’d let the rogue abandon us like that? When facing evil, we all must stand together and help however we can! I’d never let’m avoid Alistair’s goals!

Fighter #2: So what did you do?

Dwarf: What else could we do? We showed ‘em who’s boss! They won’t be hurtin’ anyone anytime soon!

The dwarf swallows a mouthful of mead from his mug. Amethyst walks over to the dwarf. Zed follows behind.

Amethyst: Good afternoon, Thobrun. I gather you are telling stories of our exploits to these gentlemen?

Thobrun: Indeed I am, Amethyst. I’m teachin’ ‘em how to fight evil as best they can.

Thobrun sees Zed standing behind Amethyst.

Thobrun: And this must be the young wizard Amethyst believes is the seventh butt owner.

Zed: H-Hi. I’m Zed.

Thobrun stands up. He stands at about two-thirds the height of Zed, though he is broadly-built to make up for it.

Thobrun: Good to meet you, Zed. Thobrun Steelbutt, son of Angus and Helga of Buttwaldun, and Paladin of Alistair Goodheart.

Thobrun bows. Zed bows right back.

Thobrun: Can I buy ye a drink, Zed?

Zed: Oh, I don’t drink alcohol.

Thobrun: Oh, no problem, lad. I can respect that.

Amethyst: I was just going to introduce Zed to the others.

Thobrun: I think they’re in the den upstairs.

Amethyst: Are you ready to meet your future companions, Zed?

Zed: Yep. Lead the way.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst climbs the stairs, with Zed following behind. Zed looks around, and sees a male halfling in dark blue leather armour, a male gnome with green hair and a blonde human girl with slightly-pointed ears wearing butt-yellow chainmail.

Amethyst: Bryn? Brocc? Emily? Allow me to introduce the seventh member of our team, Zed Buttmute.

Zed waves.

Zed: Hi.

Bryn speaks with what sounds like a slightly-Cockney English accent.

Bryn: Well, well, well, how did I know it’d be another human?

Bryn walks over to Zed. He stands at roughly half Zed’s height. His slick black hair curves forward at its base. He has no facial hair.

Bryn: Name’s Bryn. The Loveable Rogue.

Bryn holds out his hand. Zed bends down slightly and shakes hands with Bryn.

Bryn: Ah, so you know the Granrelmian bow. I respect that, Zed.

Zed: Your friend downstairs said the same thing.

Brocc speaks with what sounds like a European-infused American accent which sounds slightly elevated in pitch.

Brocc: Amethyst, he’s huge! Are you sure he isn’t a giant?

Bryn: Of course he isn’t, Brocc! Look at his build. He’s definitely a human.

Brocc walks over to Zed and looks up at him. He is slightly taller than Bryn, though most of the added height is his tall, spiky hair.

Brocc: Oh, you’re right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’m Brocc Farshot, and I’m an entertainer! A bard! A lyricist!

Bryn: You can’t sing!

Brocc: No, but I still write songs, don’t I?

Bryn: Well, I can’t argue with that logic.

Zed examines Brocc closely.

Brocc: What? Do I have something on my face?

Zed: No, it’s just…

Brocc: What?

Zed: No, it’s probably nothing.

Brocc: Oh. Okay then...

Emily walks over to Zed. She smiles sweetly and speaks with a soft, feminine voice.

Emily: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zed. My name is Emily Summers, and I am a priestess of Marilina Silverblade.

Emily curtsies. Zed bows.

Zed: Is that everyone?

Amethyst: There is still one more member you must meet.

Zed: I thought so.

Bryn: He’s in the shower.

Amethyst: Really?

Bryn: I know, we were surprised as well.

A door opens, and a male orcborn steps through. He is not wearing a shirt. He rubs his black hair with a towel, then slings the towel over his right shoulder. He walks up to Amethyst and speaks with a rough American voice.

Orcborn: Amethyst. You’re back!

Amethyst: Indeed.

The orcborn looks at Zed.

Orcborn: I thought you said you were bringing back the most naturally-talented spellcaster in that town.

Amethyst: I have. This is Zed.

Orcborn: He can’t be more than 25 years old. That’s not experienced enough.

Amethyst: Actually, he is-

Orcborn: It doesn’t matter. He’s still not experienced enough. Look…he’s got green written all over him!

Brocc: Hey, I am NOT-

Everyone looks at Brocc. A huge drop of sweat slides down the side of his face.

Brocc: I mean…uh…never mind!

Orcborn: Our mission is very dangerous. Who’s gonna protect this kid if he gets into trouble?

Amethyst: I believe that’s your job.

Orcborn: I don’t want to see another innocent get hurt.

Amethyst: Please! At least let him prove himself.

Orcborn: I’m sorry, but it’s too risky. First thing tomorrow, we’re taking him back to wherever he came from. I can’t put him in any danger.

Amethyst: But-

Orcborn: That’s final!

The orcborn returns to his room. A bitter sting of disappointment spreads across Zed’s face. Amethyst hangs her head and sighs.

Amethyst’s thoughts: I must convince him to let Zed stay…it is crucial to our quest…and to Zed’s...

Commercial: Welcome to The Butt Alchemist. Here you may buy any manner of supplies including potions, alchemical reagents, spell components, and the largest collection of scrolls in town. We serve everybody, from the magically gifted to those who just need a scroll of sending. We are open every day from morning to night. The Butt Alchemist: not just for alchemists!


Scene 6: The Name Pending Tavern: Evening

The orcborn stands outside the tavern, watching the sun set. Amethyst steps outside and walks over to him.

Orcborn: How’s the kid doing?

Amethyst: I know not. He has yet to leave his room.

Orcborn: What’s he been doing all this time?

Amethyst: He is practising magic so he can be skilled enough to become an adventurer one day.

Orcborn: He’s got spirit, I’ll give him that.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Orcborn: But spirit alone isn’t enough for the life of an adventurer.

Amethyst: He is a naturally-gifted mage.

Orcborn: And that‘s a good thing, right?

Amethyst: I shall attempt to clarify. Most people who aspire to be mages must study for decades in order to master their craft. It takes skill and precision for us to even cast a basic spell before we master the arcane.

Orcborn: So how is Zed different?

Amethyst: Zed is one of the rare few who uses magic naturally, without needing to spend hours memorising spells from a book. I tested his use of magic missile yesterday and his accuracy was surprising. It is imperative that-

Orcborn: If you’re trying to change my mind…

Amethyst: Need I remind you that we are both leaders of this expedition?

Orcborn: I was going to say, “If you’re trying to change my mind, it’s working“. I’m still a little unsure about this…

Amethyst: The butt responded to his touch.

Orcborn: It did?

Amethyst: It glowed the brightest shade of cyan the moment he put it around his neck.

Orcborn: You sure it wasn’t just a coincidence?

Amethyst: The butt never make mistakes.

The orcborn thinks to himself, then sighs.

Orcborn: Alright, I’ll give the kid a chance.

Amethyst: Excellent. He will be pleased to hear the news.

Amethyst turns and starts to walk back to the door. She stops and turns around to face the orcborn again.

Amethyst: You refer to him as “kid”. You do realise that you are younger than him, do you not?

Orcborn: By adventuring standards, he’s a fledgling.

Amethyst: True.

Amethyst turns around and enters the tavern.

Orcborn: Well, I guess I’ll tell him he can stay then…

The orcborn turns and enters the tavern.

Scene 7: The Name Pending Tavern: Early Morning

Zed opens his room door and steps into the den. Amethyst is studying her spellbook in preparation for the day. She stops reading and looks up at Zed, smiling.

Amethyst: Good morning, Zed.

Zed: Good morning!

Amethyst: Well, you seem cheerful!

Zed: Your friend told me I could stay in the party!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: That is good! I assume you slept well, then?

Zed: Yep, much better than usual. I had the dream again, but it’s starting to make more sense. I tried trancing before going to bed, just to see if it would help.

Amethyst: Did it have any effect?

Zed: Well, I had better control of my dream. This time I held off casting light during the ice room bit.

Amethyst: What did you see?

Zed: I saw five people at the opposite end, but it was so dark that I couldn’t make out what they looked like. They just stood there, not moving or making a sound. Then a silver dragon appeared above us and landed in front of me facing them. It roared, and the person in the middle turned into a white dragon and attacked it. They fought for what seemed like hours, although it was only mere moments. Then the white dragon grew to a massive size, and that’s when I cast Light again.

Amethyst: Perhaps next time you should let the white dragon continue to grow. There is obviously some significance.

Zed: I guess so. Oh yeah…and I dreamed about this weird glowing orb that moved back and forth, shifting between shades of blue. Is that weird?

Amethyst: Dreams can be unusual. Now come. We must eat a good breakfast in preparation for the day.

The orcborn climbs up the stairs.

Orcborn: Come on, you two. Time for breakfast.

Amethyst: We will be down momentarily.

Orcborn: Okay.

The orcborn turns and climbs back down. Amethyst heads for the stairs, with Zed following behind.

Scene 8: En Route to Silveria City: Morning

The party walks along a forested path heading in the direction of Silveria City. Zed speaks to the orcborn.

Zed: Thank you for giving me a chance.

Orcborn: Amethyst says you’re great, so that’s good enough for me. Just be careful.

Zed: I will.

The orcborn smiles.

Orcborn: So you really have no idea where you came from?

Zed: That’s right. My past is a complete blank.

Orcborn: Maybe you’re from another continent.

Zed: You think so?

Orcborn: Well yes. Your accent’s definitely not Ornoposian.

Zed: Really?

Orcborn: Yeah! As for me, I was raised in Coppelia by my father. My best friend was a koble named Knight.

Zed: I’m sorry, what’s a koble?

Bryn: You’re joking, right?

Zed: Nope, I’m serious.

Bryn: Well, they‘re reptilian people who are about the height of a bolgard.

Zed: Bolgard?

Bryn: Wow, you really can’t remember who you are, can you?

Amethyst: One of Zed’s primary goals is to learn about his past.

Brocc: I could try to help him remember with a bardic song.

Bryn: No! No singing! The last time you sung, your cat ran away for days!

Brocc: She didn’t run away! I sent her to scout for the next town.

Bryn: And did she find it?

Brocc: Well…she found somebody’s camp.

Bryn: A camp of gobbos, if I’m not mistaken? And she led them right to us.

Brocc: Well, I won’t make that mistake again, okay?

Bryn: Oh? Then where is your precious familiar right now?

Brocc: Uh…scouting ahead.

Bryn: My point.

Thobrun: Come on, you two. You should stop your bickering for once.

Zed: Is that your cat?

An orange tabby cat walks up to the team.

Brocc: Tabby! You’re back! What did you find?

Tabby meows. A look of dread spreads across Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh, there’s a group of scary looking thugs at the bridge.

Emily: They were not there two days ago. What business do they have with the bridge?

Bryn: That answer your question, Emmy?

Bryn points to a sign with the words “TOLL RODE” crudely written in black paint.

Thobrun: Oh, great. Buttbarians.

Orcborn: Be realistic, Thobrun. No buttbarian can write that well!

Emily: This is bad. Very bad.

Brocc: Emily, settle down. You’re scaring Zed.

Zed: Actually, I’m not-

Brocc: Don’t worry, my friend! There’s no need to be af-fr-fraid…

Brocc’s teeth begin to chatter.

Orcborn: Just relax. We’ve been in worse situations before.

Bryn: Name one time.

Orcborn: Gobbo siege of that village two weeks ago.

Bryn: Okay, I guess that was slightly worse…

Emily: I needed to heal a quarter of the villagers.

Bryn: Whatever. The point is that buttbarians are mindless, savage-

Orcborn: Bryn, shut it! We’re here.

Bryn looks up at the buttbarian guarding the bridge.

Bryn: Oh…heheh…hello!

Buttbarian: The toll is 5 butt each for you to cross. So…one, two, four, five, six, eight, twelve…32 butt total.

Bryn’s thoughts: And here’s the result of today’s education system…

Orcborn: We’re not paying.

Bryn: What?!

Orcborn: Why should we pay to cross a bridge that’s free for us to cross any other time?

Buttbarian: Because my club says you’re giving us butt.

Orcborn: Well my sword says otherwise.

Bryn: Now come on, be reasonable!

Orcborn: I am being reasonable, Bryn.

Buttbarian: Look, just pay us the money and nobody gets hurt!

Orcborn: Can you even spell “money“?

Buttbarian: M…un…e?

Orcborn: Wrong answer.

Buttbarian: I AM NOT UNLITERATE! Fellas, get over here and teach these guys how to spell pain!

Orcborn: P-A-I-N!


The buttbarian rushes towards the orcborn and swings his club at him. The orcborn bends backwards, unsheathes his sword and slashes the buttbarian’s pectoral muscle. The buttbarian roars and swings his club at the orcborn, who blocks the club with his sword.

Orcborn: All of you! Get Zed to safety!

Bryn: Uh, that’s going to be a problem, fearless leader.

Four buttbarians approach the group from behind.

Buttbarian #2: Where do you think you’re going?

Bryn: Uh, we were just going to head back to the tavern and have a nice relaxing bath!

Buttbarian #3: Nobody’s going anywhere till we’ve dealt with your leader.

Amethyst points her staff at the other buttbarians.

Amethyst: “Hypnotism!”

A wave of purple light engulfs the buttbarians, leaving them dazed and confused. She turns to face the buttbarian leader, who is still pushing his club against the orcborn’s sword. The buttbarian bellows and pushes the orcborn towards the edge of the cliff. The orcborn regains his balance, but is cornered with nowhere else to go.

Buttbarian Leader: That river’s moving mighty fast. Might we be near a W-O-H-T-A-F-O-H-L?

Orcborn: A what?

Buttbarian Leader: A WATERFALL!

The other buttbarians regain their senses and join their leader in surrounding the orcborn.

Buttbarian #4: I hope you can swim…and survive a two-foot plunge down a waterfall!

Bryn: Two butt? Could you BE any thicker?!

Amethyst: This is bad! We cannot attack them all at once!

Emily: But if we fail to do something he will be thrust into the river anyway!

Buttbarian Leader: Say my regards to your ancestors for me!

The buttbarian leader raises his club. Zed suddenly steps forward, pulls out his wand and points it at the buttbarians.

Zed: STOP!

The buttbarians turn around to face Zed. They take one look at his wand and start laughing.

Buttbarian #5: What can you do with that thing? Poke our ribcages?

Buttbarian #4: Look, he thinks he’s a big tough man with his tiny sword!

Buttbarian Leader: Put your stick away, little boy. Grown-ups are talking.

Buttbarian #2: Yeah, there’s nothing you can-

Zed’s eyes begin to glow with cyan light.

Buttbarian Leader: What the-

Zed: “SLEEP!”

As Zed’s word echoes, a wave pulses from the tip of his wand, engulfing the buttbarians in a pale blue light. They collapse to the ground in a deep slumber. Zed’s eyes return to normal.

We cut to another place, where a mysterious figure in a dark robe and breather looks up.

Dark-Robed Guy: The awakening…it has begun...

We cut back to the bridge. The other Buttbound stare at Zed, dumbfounded.

Orcborn: What the…?!

Thobrun: How did you do that, lad?!

Bryn: I thought you were just an apprentice!

Amethyst: As I said to you all, Zed is a natural mage.

Brocc’s thoughts: Wow, he’s even more powerful than I thought he’d be!

The orcborn steps over the buttbarians and walks over to the party.

Orcborn: I guess Amethyst was right. You have talent.

The orcborn sheaths his sword and holds out his right hand. Zed grabs it and clenches. The two men release their grips.

Orcborn: Thank you for helping me.

Zed: No problem.

Orcborn: I just realised I haven’t told you my name yet. Mak Clay, warrior. And I’m happy to have you on board, buddy.

Zed: Thank you.

A woman’s voice echoes from the other side of the bridge.

Voice: Are you alright over there?

Mak: We could use some help with these buttbarians over here.

Voice: We will be right over.

Bryn: We?

Four male humans, two with rounded ears and two with ears like Emily’s, and a female human with ears like Emily’s, cross the bridge. They are wearing silver armour and helmets. The female human walks over to Mak.

Woman: Cynthia Meadows, guard-captain of Silveria City.

Cynthia looks down at the unconscious buttbarians.

Cynthia: Ah, I see you succeeded in apprehending the thugs. Come. We will escort you to Silveria City to organise payment for your assistance.

Scene 9: En Route to Silveria City: Early Afternoon

The party travels with the guards across a well-worn road through an open plain. The buttbarians are linked together by iron chains.

Cynthia: These thugs have been causing trouble in the region for weeks.

Amethyst: Did nobody attempt to apprehend them?

Cynthia: Most people who could help were preoccupied with other quests. The few who remained were overly cautious and chose not to assist.

Mak: Well, what was the bounty on these guys?

Zed takes a mouthful of water from his waterskin.

Cynthia: 2499 butt.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water.

Mak: I’m surprised nobody wanted the bounty.

Cynthia: Well, considering you assisted us with no desire to claim any reward money for their capture, as well as the level of skill involved…

Zed takes another mouthful of water.

Cynthia: … I am obliged to double the reward.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water again.

Bryn: Careful there, Zeddy, or you’ll have no water left till we reach the city!

Zed takes a third mouthful of water.

Cynthia: That is it over there. We should arrive within the hour.

Zed takes one look at the giant citadel and spits out his water again.

Zed: That place is huge!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: It appears even bigger once you enter.

Bryn: Oh, you’re going to love it, Zed! It’s wall-to-wall shops, taverns and entertainment!

Emily: We must visit the Temple of Marilina when we enter.

Thobrun: And the Temple of Alistair.

Bryn: And a nightclub!

Mak: There’s plenty of time to explore the city once we sort out these gentlemen.

The buttbarian leader spits at Mak.

Mak: Looks like Zed’s a bigger man than this guy after all!

Everybody laughs as they continue to head towards Silveria City.

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time

The mysterious man who spied on Zed and Amethyst in The Butt Alchemist walks along a narrow blue carpet in a gigantic icy room up to a glass throne. He has tanned skin and a buzz-cut, and is wearing brown hide armour marked with black stripes. He kneels and looks up at the female figure sitting in the throne.

Man: I bring news, Buttress. The elf known as Amethyst has given the Azure Butt to a young wizard named Zed.

Figure: So, the butt have all found their owners. Trenton, I am sending you and Kara to retrieve Amethyst and her companions. Bring them to me.

Trent: It will be done, Buttress.

Figure: And Trenton? I want them alive. Is that understood?

Trent: Yes, Buttress.

The figure’s blue buttstick-covered butt twist into an evil smile.

Figure: Good.


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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87
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Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

Discount Variety Butt-Mode-Shorts
Thobrun and the Giant Butt

The party, minus Thobrun, sits at a table in The Naked Butt.

Kendall: So I hear this tavern's going to be converted into a Bake n' Butt restaurant.

Zed: Bake n' Butt? I've heard of that...

Kendall: Oh, you'd love it, Zed! It's a-

Thobrun's voice: G'day, mates!

Thobrun is suddenly standing at the table holding a large butt.

Bryn: I thought you were going "dwarven fishing" in Lake Silveria.

Thobrun: I did! Take a look at what I caught!

Thobrun empties the contents of the butt, a butt as large as Bryn, onto the table.

Bryn: By the seas of Euroria...

Brocc: Yes, I WILL have butt with that!

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone laughs.

Brocc Eats the Giant Butt

Brocc sits in Zed's living area reading a butt entitled "MASK OF AKANIUS EPISODE SCRIPTS".

Brocc: So it was FURBENDINK who created the rainbow butt spell...that explains so much, and yet so very little at the same ti-


Bryn is suddenly standing there.

Brocc: It's "Choy", not "Joy". Get it right!

Bryn: Sorry, I get confused because some of your middle names are for girls: Svetlana...Anabelle...Butt...

Brocc: Actually, Butt is a butt, not a girl's name.

Bryn: It is?

Brocc: Yeah. Buttwheat noodles.

Bryn: Huh. Speaking of butt, Kendall told me that you ate Thobrun's butt. By yourself. An entire tonne of sashimi.

Brocc: Yep.

Bryn: How?!

Brocc: Well, Thobrun offered, and I was all like, "Why yes, I WILL have butt with that!"

Mak's head pops up into the kitchen window from outside.

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone laughs.

Brocc Eats at Bake n' Butt

Zed and Brocc stand at opposite ends of the service butt in the newly-opened Bake n' Butt burger butt.

Zed: What do you mean the butt machine's out-of-order?!

Cashier #1: No, it's not "out-of-order", it's "ON order". There's been a delay on its delivery.

Zed: Oh, okay then...

Brocc: -and I'll have a Marinated Butt Burger, and a DOUBLE Marinated Butt Burger, and a Monster Butt Burger with extra butt, and a Chocolate Mousse Supreme, and Alph's favourite: strawberry butt balls! Oh, and a diet soda.

Cashier #2: Actually, I don't think elves like strawberries...

Brocc: No, not "elf", "Alph"! Ah, never mind.

Cashier #2: Would you like butt with that order?

Brocc: No thanks.

Mak calls out from a butt.

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone in the butt laughs.
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes - A Sub-Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes - A Sub-Series by GeekyGamerZack

Hi all, and welcome to Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes, a sub-series of episodes that are set during the plot of the original Chromaicora Adventures season. These tales expand the plot with new stories, characters and events that revolve around the Crystalbound, Laura and, of course, the Star Mute One himself, Zed. Each one fits neatly between two episodes of the main season, so you can read them as a dedicated part of it if you like. Of course, there may be spoilers for those of you who have yet to read Crystals Remastered, so please do so if you haven't already.

Well, with that out of the way, I present the very first "filler, briller" Forgotten Episode, The Kidnapped Apprentice. I hope you enjoy! Topics tagged under 1 on  631737971

Episode A: The Kidnapped Apprentice

Season Chronology
Previous: E02 The Seventh Crystal, Part II
Next: E03 The Magical Academy

While staying in The Arbour Beast tavern, Zed is lured downstairs by some shady characters who recognise him as the apprentice of the legendary enchantress, Amethyst Moondew, and proceed to kidnap him and hold him for ransom! But what could possibly interfere with the kidnappers’ plans and save the young wizard?

New Character

The Wanderer
– A mysterious, dragon-helmed warrior, they briefly meet Zed in Silveria City, but what could this encounter mean for the young wizard?

Coop – The leader of a trio who plots to kidnap Zed and demand a ransom from Amethyst, but what is his REAL motivation?

“In all my travels, I have never met anyone as stubborn as him…”

Scene 1: Market District: Silveria City: Evening

The party wanders through the Market District of Silveria City. Zed is amazed at his surroundings.

Zed: This place is…well, it’s awesome!

Amethyst: You are awed by this place, Zed?

Zed: Well, yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it before! Well…at least, I don’t THINK I’ve seen anything like it…

Bryn: Okay, okay, we get it. You have Zednesia.

Mak: Bryn! Don’t be disrespectful to our new ally!

Bryn: What? He’s only been a member of this party for one day!

Amethyst: To be more accurate, I first gave Zed his crystal two days ago.

Bryn: Yeah, but Mak didn’t let him join the party till yesterday!

Amethyst: Ah, but Mak is not the only leader of this party, is he, Bryn?

Bryn: Yeah, but-

Mak: Face it, Bryn, Amethyst is smarter than us.

Brocc: WAY smarter!

Bryn: Well, yeah, but…she’s got that Magenta Crystal that makes her all smart and stuff!

Emily: Yes, but Amethyst was once not in ownership of her crystal.

Amethyst’s thoughts: My crystal…

Emily: Would you say she was not intelligent before obtaining it?

Bryn: Well, no, but-

Brocc: HAHA!

Bryn glares at Brocc.

Bryn: “HAHA” what, hedge-features?!

Brocc: You just lost a battle of intelligence to someone with a WAY higher Intelligence score than you!

Bryn: Well…at least I don’t have the personality of a toilet sponge!

Brocc: For your information, it’s called CHARISMA, not Personality!

Bryn: Yeah? Well you’re lacking in the Charisma department as well!

Brocc: Have…have you been sneaking peeks at my character sheet?!

Bryn: Your what?

Thobrun: Okay, okay, settle down, the two o’ ye.

Bryn: Anyway, I’m gonna go look for a nightclub. Later!

Bryn starts to take a step.


Bryn pauses.

Mak: You’re not going anywhere ‘till we’ve all checked into the tavern.

Bryn turns to face Mak.

Bryn: Now Mak, you know full well that all my accommodations are handled by my guild.

Thobrun: The Thieves’ Guild? I don’t trust ‘em as far as I can throw ‘em…

Bryn: Nonetheless, they are an officially-sanctioned part of the Adventurers’ League, so there!

Bryn sticks out his tongue and makes a raspberry at Thobrun. Thobrun chuckles.

Thobrun: Oh, fair enough, funny la- I mean…funny Bryn. Okay, away wi’ ye! Enjoy yerself!

Bryn: Thanks muchly!

Bryn dashes off. Mak looks at Thobrun.

Mak: I’d prefer it if you wouldn’t tread on my toes, Thobrun.

Thobrun: What can I say? I’m a sucker fer a comedian. Well, g’night, all.

Thobrun begins walking away.


Thobrun turns to face Mak.

Mak: And where are YOU going, Mr. Steelanvil?

Thobrun: Why, the Temple o’ Alistair, o’ course.

Mak sighs.

Mak: Fair enough.

Thobrun: Thank ye, lad.

Thobrun walks away.

Emily: Actually-

Mak looks at Emily.

Mak: You have to go too?

Emily: Well, yes. I must go to the Temple of Marilina to-

Mak: Say no more. I’ll meet you there tomorrow.

Emily smiles.

Emily: I look forward to it.

Mak smiles. Emily walks away.

Brocc: I-

Mak sighs.

Mak: Just go.

Brocc: But-

Mak: Go. Now. Before I change my mind.

Brocc: Fine.

Brocc walks away.

Mak: Well, looks like it’s just the three of us, then.

Amethyst: Indeed. Come, my apprentice.

Zed: Will do.

Zed follows Amethyst and Mak. Three figures watch them from the shadows.

Figure #1: D’you hear that?

Figure #2: Indeed. It seems that there is a powerful mage in this city.

Figure #3: And she has brought her apprentice with her.

Figure #1: Elf mages are rich, right? I have an idea. Let’s follow them and see where they stay.

Figure #2: Oh, are we going to hold a little ransom?

Figure #1: “Little” doesn’t even begin to describe it, my friend.

Figure #3: Lovely.

The figures slink into the shadows.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Night

Zed, Amethyst and Mak enter The Arbour Beast, a popular tavern in Silveria City.

Mak: Well, here we are, Zed: The Arbour Beast, aka the best tavern in the city.

Amethyst: I am sure you will find your room most comfortable, dear apprentice.

Zed: Well, I am a little tired…

Zed yawns. Mak glances at Zed for a moment, then quickly looks back at him and stares.

Mak: Hm…

Amethyst: What is it, Mak?

Mak: I thought I saw-

Mak scratches his head.

Mak: Never mind.

Mak notices an individual in the corner, who appears to be wearing unusual, shimmering armour that reflects a number of colours. The individual’s eyes and nose are obscured by a glossy black visor, which is in the centre of a helmet sculpted to resemble a dragon’s head.

Mak: Hey, get a load of that guy’s armour! Ostentatious much?

Zed: Which guy?

Zed looks at the individual, and his eyes widen.

Zed: Oh…

Amethyst: What is it, Zed?

Zed: They seem familiar somehow…

Mak: He does?

Amethyst: Perhaps you once knew her?

Zed shakes his head.

Zed: I don’t think so, no.

Mak: Well, you don’t remember your past, right?

Zed: Uh…that’s correct.

Mak: So maybe you forgot him as well?

Zed watches as the individual stands from their table and walks away.

Zed: I don’t think they’re the type of person that one just…forgets.

Amethyst: Perhaps you are right, Zed.

Zed: I guess I’ll need to figure out who they are.

A voice echoes in Zed’s mind. It is distorted, and seems to have tones that are somewhere between male and female.

Voice: Penduli…

Zed: Huh?

Zed rubs his eyes with his right forearm.

Zed: I think I’m pretty tired. I should get some sleep.

Amethyst: Oh, of course. Let us book our rooms so you can rest.

Amethyst’s thoughts: I just felt…something within my apprentice…for a mere moment…

Scene 3: Gnome District: Silveria City: Night

Brocc walks through Silveria City’s Gnome District. He observes the various gnomes and their differently-hued hair.

Brocc: Wow, these gnomes are weird…this whole DISTRICT is weird…

Bryn slinks up to Brocc.

Bryn: Well, Ornoposia IS a different continent to Gnomsland, isn’t it?

Brocc: That’s not what I-

Brocc’s eyes widen.

Brocc: Have you been following me?!

Bryn: Only for the past ten minutes.

Brocc: Oh…uh…okay then…?

Bryn: I don’t get why you were yammering about bubbles, though.

Brocc: HEY! That is none of your business!

Bryn: Okay, okay, sorry! Twelve Stars, I was only having a bit o’ fun!

Brocc: Well…

Bryn: So…you lookin’ for a nightclub?

Brocc: I have better things to do than get drunk, Bryn.

Bryn: Right, which is why you were staggering around in a stupor last week.

Brocc: I was sick, Bryn!

Bryn: Sick? Emmy said you were perfectly healthy! She didn’t detect a single illness!

Brocc: I wasn’t sick with an ILLNESS…well, not technically, anyway.

Bryn: Well, if you weren’t drunk, then there’s only one other thing that could have been wrong with you, but it only affects people who are mentally-enclined, and you, sir, are not even a LITTLE bit mental!

Brocc: HEY! You…shut up, please!

Bryn: Make me.

Brocc: Fine. I will sing until you shut your gob. Oooooooh-

Bryn: Okay! I yield!

Brocc smiles.

Brocc: Good.

Brocc’s thoughts: Bryn must never know the truth…

Scene 4: Market District: Silveria City: Late Night

The three figures slink through the shadows.

Figure #2: So what’s the plan?

Figure #1: We kidnap the kid and leave a ransom note.

Figure #3: Genius!

Figure #2: Do we have everything we need?

Figure #3: Yes.

Figure #1: Good. Let’s get ourselves rich, fellas!

Figure #3: Hear, hear!

Scene 5: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Silveria City: Late Night

Zed tosses and turns in his bed. His eyes suddenly open and he sits up, groaning.

Zed: A river flowing from a glacier into the sea, which turns into three orbs…not my weirdest dream, but still confusing…

A knock sounds on Zed’s door.

Zed: Hello?

Amethyst’s voice: Zed? Meet me downstairs in five minutes.

Zed: Okay, I’ll get dressed first.

Amethyst’s voice: Many thanks.

Zed, now fully-dressed, proceeds downstairs into the main hall of the tavern.

Zed: Amethyst?

Zed sees a cloaked individual at a table facing the opposite direction to him.

Zed: Oh, there you are.

Zed approaches the individual. The scene shifts slightly to reveal the individual as one of the shady figures. The other two approach Zed from behind.

Zed: What would you like?

Figure #2: You.

Zed: Huh?

The figure directly behind Zed grabs him with his left arm, while forcing a cloth onto his face with his right hand.

Scene 6: Outside The Arbour Beast Tavern: Silveria City: Late Night

The figures carefully carry an unconscious Zed out of the tavern and put him into a carriage, with two of them climbing inside. The third climbs onto the front of the carriage and lifts a pair of reins, swatting them and prompting a dark brown horse to start pulling it. We cut to a view of the carriage’s inside, where we see Zed stirring.

Figure #2: Quick! He’s waking up!

Figure #1: Oh…right.

The first figure places the cloth over Zed’s nose and mouth.

Figure #1: This kid put up a struggle, didn’t he? And what was with the lights?

Figure #2: I don’t know. Perhaps some kind of magic?

Figure #1: Well...we need to keep him from escaping, and if it’s this hard to control him…

Figure #2: Relax, Goon, we have a large supply of metallic dragon breath, don’t we?

Figure #1: Indeed we do, Coop.

The first figure snickers.

Scene 7: Mage’s District: Silveria City: Late Night

The carriage makes its way down a street. The three figures don’t notice the rainbow-armoured individual standing nearby, who begins following them on foot.

Commercial: Welcome to The Forgotten Episodes of Chromaicora Adventures! There are seven of these tales in each season, and they form a part of the core experience through expanding the story, introducing new characters and showing unseen adventures of your favourites. Each one also fits neatly between two main episodes, so you can read each Forgotten Episode as a part of the main story. The Forgotten Episodes: They’re not just filler, they’re brill-er!


Scene 8: Hideout: Silveria City: Late Night

Zed lies on a table in the middle of a room. Coop stands above his head, turning some knobs on a machine of some sort. He picks up a mask connected to the machine by some tubing and straps it onto Zed’s face.

Coop: There. That should keep the kid from escaping.

Goon grins cruelly.

Goon: Excellent, then there’s no stopping us from keeping him here until the elf pays up!

Figure #3: But what if she DOESN’T pay up?

Goon: Oh, she will, Lackey, believe me!

The third figure scratches his head.

Figure #3: But…what if she doesn’t, though? No way will we get away with kidnappin’ a mage appren’ice!

Goon: Well…we’ll cross that bridge IF we come to it. But let’s hope we don’t, ‘cos I reckon none of us’ll like the solution.

Coop: Yeah…

Coop’s eyes narrow as he stares at Goon. Lackey laughs.

Lackey: I just remembered! I forgo’ abou’ the ransom note!

Coop: You didn’t leave it?!

Lackey: Didn’t write it neither.

Coop facepalms.

Coop: Idiot…

Scene 9: Outside Nightclub: Gnome District: Late Night

Bryn and Brocc stand outside a nightclub in the Gnome District. Bryn is excited.

Bryn: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’ve never been to a gnome nightclub before!

Brocc: And you’re not this time either, Bryn!

Bryn: What? Why not?!

Brocc: Because that nightclub looks sketchy.

Bryn: Well, duh! It’s a nightclub! There’s probably WAY more shady activities in there than the Thieves’ Guild back in Platinia!

Brocc: Platini-what?

Bryn: You know…the capital of this continent? Largest city anywhere?

Brocc: Pretty sure there are larger cities, Bryn…

Bryn: HA! You wish, parsley-breath!

Brocc: We’re NOT going in there, and that’s FINAL!

Brocc begins walking away. Bryn pouts and frumps.

Bryn: Spoil-sport…

Bryn begins following Brocc.

Scene 10: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Late Night

We see Mak asleep in his bed. A knock sounds on his door, causing him to stir slightly.

Mak: *snore*…just eleven pancakes for breakfast please, Dad…*snore*…with half a pound of fried butter…

A second, louder knock sounds on Mak’s door, this time causing him to awaken fully.

Mak: Huh…? Who could that be at this hour?

Mak stands at his door.

Mak: If this is the maid, I already told you I stopped having milk and cookies months ago!

Amethyst’s voice: It is I, Mak.

Mak: “I-Mack”? What’s that, some kind of new zenoxan machine?

Amethyst: No, it is Amethyst.

Mak: What?! But you’re not a machine, Amethy-

Mak blushes.

Mak: Oh, right.

Amethyst and Mak sit at a table.

Mak: So you knocked on his door and asked him downstairs?

Amethyst: That is correct.

Mak: And he didn’t show up?

Amethyst: Again, that is correct.

Mak: And you went into his room and found him missing?

Amethyst sighs.

Amethyst: I stopped to answer nature’s call on my way downstairs. When Zed didn’t arrive, I checked his bedchamber. It was empty, so I assumed he must have slipped past without me noticing. When I went to see if he was downstairs, I found…this.

Amethyst holds out a tiny dragon figure forged from silver.

Mak: What is it?

Amethyst: A belonging of Zed’s, which he keeps with him at all times. I know not why he does this, but it seems to be precious to him.

Mak: Where did you find it?

Amethyst: Near a table. The tavern door was open for some reason. Mak…what if Zed has been captured?

Mak: What? That’s preposterous! Maybe he just took a late-night walk?

Amethyst: Without his figure?

Mak scratches his head.

Mak: Good point.

Amethyst shakes her head.

Amethyst: It was unwise of me to leave him unguarded. I should have been there to protect him.

Mak: Well, he IS a full-grown man. You can’t be expected to watch him all day, every day, right?

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: I am sure you are right, Mak. There must be a satisfactory reason for Zed’s absence. And I’m sure that if he WERE in danger, you would know it, right?

Mak looks away.

Mak: Well…maybe you’re right about that…

Amethyst: I am sure that Zed will be in his bedchamber first thing tomorrow morning. Then, we may proceed to my former magic academy to have him officially-registered as my apprentice.

Mak: Of course. Now, let’s get some sleep.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Amethyst and Mak proceed to the stairs. Mak’s expression saddens a little.

Mak’s thoughts: I can’t let Amethyst know that I’m worried about him too…for all I know, he could be a hostage to some goons who want a ransom from us!

Scene 11: Hideout: Silveria City: Late Night

Goon, Coop and Lackey sit in the room. Goon looks at Coop.

Goon: So…how d’you have an unlimited supply of metallic dragon gas, anyhow?

Coop: If I told you that, I’d have to administer it to you permanently.

Goon: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I like a long nap as much as the next guy, but isn’t that taking it too far?!

Coop’s thoughts: You already have, Goon…

Lackey: Well, what should we put on the ransom note?

Goon: Dear sir or madam-

Lackey: We already know it’s a “madam”, Goon!

Goon: Fine, scratch the “sir”.

Lackey: But “Dear or madam” doesn’t make sense!

Coop: This whole IDEA doesn’t make sense!

Goon: O’course it does, Coop! You yourself said you were once rich, and that your ‘ole fortune was stolen from ya by the kingdom!

Lackey: Yeah! Jus’ think of it as “reclaimin’ what’s rightfully yours”!

Coop’s thoughts: If only it were that simple, my “friends”…

Coop: I really cannot believe I let you two talk me into this shenanigan.

Goon: Look, Coop, this is a good thing, you’ll see!

Coop: For you or for me?

Lackey: For ALL of us in the room!

Coop: Does that include our guest?

Coop gestures to Zed.

Goon: Well…s-sure, if his master pays up promp’ly!

Coop: And the warrior in rainbow-hued armour? Is she included in having this “good thing”?

Lackey: Warrior? What warrior?

We cut to a view of the rainbow-hued warrior, who is standing in the doorway.

Goon and Lackey’s voices: WAAAAAAAAH!

Goon: Okay, who are you and how did you get in ‘ere?!

The warrior doesn’t respond, instead drawing their sword.

Goon: Wh-What’s he doin’?!

Lackey: I can’t believe you talked us inna doin’ this, Coop!

Coop: Seriously?! YOU two forced me into this farce of a plot!

Goon and Lackey scowl at Coop.

Goon: Whatchoo call us?!

Lackey: YEAH! We are NOT farts!

Coop facepalms.

Coop: Ingrates…

Warrior: Release the Star Mute One at once.

Goon: “Star Moot One”…?

Coop’s eyes widen.

Lackey: What’s ‘e on about? What’s a “Star Moo Twung?”

Coop: You FOOLS! This child is…is…Zed!

Goon: Zed?

Coop: Back in the days of the empire-

Coop pauses.

Coop: I should not have to explain myself to you imbeciles!

Lackey: Now you’re callin’ us “amber seals”…?

Goon: You stuck up so-an’-so…I never thought I’d see this side of you, Coop.

Coop: And I never thought you’d sink to this level, Goon! Kidnapping the apprentice of the Magentabound? It is MADNESS!

Goon: Wait…d-did you say…M-Magennabound?!

Lackey: Then…the Cryssleboun’ are REAL?!

Coop: Indeed, and you two shall get what you deserve.

He looks at the warrior.

Coop: Please, noble Wanderer, I implore you. I am the silver dragon Gindenki, and I was tricked into assisting these fools. The capture of the Star Mute One was their doing, not mine.

Goon and Lackey appear puzzled. Coop looks at their expressions and frowns.

Coop: You idiots don’t get it, do you? This child bears a link with my kind like none you could even imagine. Oh, if only you knew of his potential…

Coop looks back at the warrior.

Coop: It was not my intent to harm the Azurebound, Wanderer. I…would like to make amends…that is, if you’ll allow me the honour.

The warrior nods.

Warrior: I sense you speak the truth, Gindenki of Silveria. You wish to undo this mistake that has been made?

Coop’s eyes glisten.

Coop: It would be my pleasure.

Coop opens his mouth and lets out a dragon’s roar, causing Goon and Lackey to panic.


Scene 12: Gnome District: Silveria City: Late Night

Bryn stumbles beside Brocc.

Bryn: Well, Brocc, it seems that you are QUITE the party animal, ain’tcha?

Brocc: Are you kidding?! YOU were the one who got someone arrested for loitering in the corner of that nightclub!

Bryn laughs out loud.

Bryn: I know, and he’d only just arrived!

Brocc: Well, you can find the next nightclub on your own. I am going to a karaoke bar so I can sing your antics outta my head!

Brocc walks away.

Bryn: Heh…he’s gonna get himself beaten up for his “singing” one day…

Scene 13: Outside The Arbour Beast Tavern: Pre-Dawn

The warrior sits atop the back of a silver dragon, carrying Zed. The dragon lands outside The Arbour Beast, and the Wanderer dismounts. They turn to face the dragon.

Wanderer: Thank you for your help, Gindenki.

Dragon: It was my pleasure.

Wanderer: Using your gas breath instead of lightning to subdue your friends? That is a compassion that few possess.

Gindenki scoffs.

Gindenki: They are NOT my friends.

The Wanderer nods.

Wanderer: Point taken.

Gindenki: My TRUE friends are long since gone, left for parts unknown after the wane of the empire. There is…one in particular with whom I was most fond. He was-

The dragon sighs.

Gindenki: He was but a human. I am sure he could not outlive another of his own kind…

Wanderer: You would be surprised, Gindenki, for some humans possess a potential like none other.

Gindenki: I suspect you are right. Still…

Gindenki sighs.

Gindenki: It is best I depart, for I may draw attention to us both with my presence.

Wanderer: Agreed.

Gindenki: Until next we meet…

Gindenki flaps his wings and takes off. The Wanderer proceeds into the tavern.

Scene 14: Zed’s Bedchamber: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Pre-Dawn

The Wanderer pulls Zed’s blankets over him. They place their hand onto his forehead for a moment, before leaving the room and closing the door. After a moment, Zed’s eyes open and he sits up, rubbing them gently.

Zed’s thoughts: What a weird dream…if only I could remember more of it…

A knock sounds on Zed’s door.

Zed: Yeah?

Amethyst’s voice: Zed?

Zed: Of course!

Amethyst’s voice: Are you well?

Zed: A little drowsy, but I’m okay.

Amethyst’s voice: I see. Perhaps you should spend less time walking late at night, dear apprentice?

Zed’s thoughts: “Walking late at night”…?

Zed: Maybe…

Amethyst’s voice: Well, be sure to dress soon and meet me downstairs for a good breakfast. I wish to take you somewhere special today.

Zed: Oh, okay!

Zed’s thoughts: Somewhere special…but where could it be…?

Zed: Hm?

Zed looks at the back of his right hand, which has nothing on it.

Zed: Was that…?

Zed’s thoughts: It was probably just my imagination or something…

Scene 15: Silveria City: Early Morning

We see the Wanderer walking through an already-bustling street.

Wanderer’s thoughts: In all my travels, I have never met one as stubborn as him…and yet, I see that the Star Mute One also has some of his qualities…

End Credits

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Topic: Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 5: Aoinian Rebel
The party arrives in the Empire of Aoinias, homeland of the blue drachomi. Ocre and Crynock worry that they might draw attention to themselves, so Furbendink gives them potions that can change their scale colour, allowing them to easily blend in. Upon arriving in Aoinias City, however, they learn that a lone vandal has been defacing buildings and landmarks with orange ink. Can Alph and his allies stop this rebel before she gets herself caught?

“Why, potions are in my blood, Ocre! Well, I mean not literally, but…”

Scene 1: Aoinias: Afternoon

The party approaches Aoinias City. Furbendink walks just ahead of the others, and stretches out his arms.

Furbendink: My friends, welcome to the Empire of Aoinias!

Ocre: Will you SHUT UP, grape-top?! You’ve been saying that repeatedly for the past hour!

Furbendink: What? That doesn’t sound like something I would do…

Ocre growls.

Ocre: You’re so annoying and repetitive!

Furbendink: What? That doesn’t sound like something I would do…

Ocre: See?! You’re doing it again! And I bet you dye your hair too, freak-show!

Furbendink: What? That doesn’t sound like-


Scene 2: City Outskirts: Aoinias: Afternoon

The party reaches the outskirts of Aoinias City.

Ocre: Well, here we are, everyone.

Furbendink: Oh, so when YOU say it it’s okay, but when I say it it’s annoying!

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Just…shut up.

Alph: So…

Ocre: So…

Furbendink: So…

Ocre breathes a small lick of red flame that lands near Furbendink. A drop of sweat appears on Furbendink’s brow as he winces.

Alph: …does anyone else realise that someone’s missing?

Furbendink: Is it you?

Ocre’s eyes flatten.

Ocre: Furbendink, that was two weeks ago.

Furbendink: I know, but what if he’s still in Zokugemina?

Ocre: Furbendink…

Ocre gestures her arms at Alph.

Ocre: …he’s right here!

Furbendink squints.

Furbendink: Oh yeah.

Ocre facepalms.

Furbendink: Well, you can’t be too careful in these parts. Rumour has it that two drachomi from rival empires are approaching a large Aoinian town.

Ocre’s eyes widen.

Furbendink: For all we know, Alph could be those drachomi!

Ocre collapses to the ground.

Ocre: I don’t…I can’t even…ugh…

Opening Credits


Scene 3: Aoinias City: Aoinias: Late Afternoon

The party wanders through the township. Ocre and Crynock have blue scales.

Crynock: Wow, it was somewhat convenient that you had potions of palette swap, Furbendink.

Furbendink: Well, I would’ve just cast palette swap on you directly, but that’s a 5th-level spell, and I’m only 3rd-level at the moment.

Alph: Pardon?

Furbendink: Yeah, it’s right there on my character sheet. Didn’t I lend it to you to read?

Alph: Character sheet…? No, you lent me a copy of The Twin Knights of Zoku.

Furbendink scratches his head.

Furbendink: Oh yeah…

Ocre: Fourth-wall demolitions aside, I am grateful that you gave those potions to me and Crynock.

Furbendink: “Crynock and I”.

Ocre: Don’t push it.

Furbendink: Sorry.

Ocre: I guess what I’m trying to say is…thaah…uh…thaaaaah…uh…thaaaaah…

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Nice one, gnome.

Furbendink: Wow, you actually THANKED me for doing something rather than YELLING AT me?!

Tears stream down Furbendink’s face.

Furbendink: You’ve filled me with a strong feeling of…something…Ocre…*sniff*

Furbendink suddenly lets out a rainbow fart.

Ocre: Oh, Furbendink! That is disgusting!

Furbendink: Sorry, that happens sometimes…

Alph: So…

Furbendink: So…

Alph: …someone’s missing?

Furbendink: No, Alph, Ocre already made it clear that you are right there!

Alph: I’m talking about Amy!

Furbendink: Well, Amy i-

Furbendink looks around.

Furbendink: Oh yeah.

Crynock: I find it odd as well…

Furbendink: And just where IS Little Miss Amanda at this very moment?

Ocre: Beats me.

Furbendink’s thoughts: Huh…I wonder if she’s…

Alph: So, what are we gonna do while we’re he-

Alph pauses.

Furbendink: “While we’re he”? He who?

Alph: Uh…does anyone else see what’s written on that building?

Ocre’s eyes widen.

Ocre: Well…

Crynock: …this is odd.

We cut to a view of a wall, which depicts a large letter “A” in orange ink.

Alph: By the plains…what IS that?!

Furbendink: That’s A, the first letter of the alphabet. Didn’t they teach you that in human school?

Alph begins to panic.

Ocre: Hey, hey, Alph…calm down.

Alph: What if this is connected to my past? What if someone’s after me?!

Crynock: I very much doubt that, Alph.

Furbendink: Yeah! I mean, you’re not-

Furbendink pauses.

Furbendink: I mean…you’re not the most well-known person, right?

Alph: I suppose…

We hear two screams. Suddenly, two young human girls with round ears run up to Alph.

Girl #1: Y-You’re him! Arthur from the Akanian Tournament!

Girl #2: You were amazing! Two perfect rounds in a row!

Girl #1: It’s a shame you lost in the final round, though.

Girl #2: Anyway, we’re your BIGGEST fans! I’m Chantelle…

Girl #1: …and I’m Shanelle!

Alph: Oh…uh…

Chantelle: Oh, will you sign my…uh…

Chantelle looks at the paper cup in her hand and holds it up to Alph.

Chantelle: …my cup?

Shanelle holds up her cup as well.

Shanelle: And mine too?! Please?

Chantelle: Pretty please with strawberry truffle-balls on top?!

Alph: Heheh…well…

Furbendink: Well, I guess you ARE well-known, then…

Ocre facepalms.

Scene 4: Dark Alleyway: Aoinias City: Aoinias: Late Night

A dark figure in a navy blue cloak stands in an alleyway, scrawling on a wall with orange ink. We see a view of the figure’s face, which has the replica Mask of Orenius on it, signifying that this is the same individual who stole the orange orb from Aoinias Palace. The figure speaks with a digitally-distorted voice.

Figure: By the will of the Husk…I will obey.

The figure stops marking the wall with ink and drops her brush to the ground, walking away.

Scene 5: Aoinias City: Aoinias: Morning

The party walks through the town.

Ocre: So, what should we all do first?

Amy: Ooh, can we try some traditional Aoinian food?

Ocre: Oh, good idea, Amy. Wait a minute…

Ocre slowly turns her head to look at Amy. Her eyes widen.

Ocre: Amy?!

Amy: That’s my name!

Alph: Where have you been?

Amy: Oh, I was just doing some…stuff…

Alph: “Some stuff”? Like what?

Amy: Oh, it’s kind of private…

Alph: Oh…uh…okay then.

Amy’s thoughts: He must never know about the scrapbook…

Crynock: Well, does anyone know what kind of food we should get?

Furbendink: My brother would know.

Ocre: Which one? The one who lives with wolves? Or the one who pries into other people’s business?

Furbendink: No, the one with Amy powers.

Crynock: I do not remember you mentioning having a brother with psi powers, Furbendink…

Furbendink: Well, gnome families ARE pretty big, you know…

Crynock: Actually, I did not know that.

Furbendink: Oh. Well now you do. Aren’t I helpful?

Ocre laughs.

Ocre: You? Helpful? Don’t make me laugh! HAHA!

Amy: Oh yeah, did you guys know that there’s a vandal who marks buildings with orange ink every night?

Alph: Yeah, actually. We saw his handiwork yesterday.

Amy: You did?

Alph: Yeah! There was a building with a giant letter A on it.

Amy’s eyes widen.

Amy: That is TOO weird…

Alph: I know. Believe me, I know!

Amy: No, I mean…

Amy points at a nearby building.

Amy: Look at that wall!

Alph looks at the building. The word “HUSK” is marked on it with orange ink.

Alph: “Husk”…? I don’t get it…

Amy: That’s one of the things that this criminal keeps writing. Some people think that it might be her name.

Alph: Well, why doesn’t anyone try to stop her?

Amy: Because anyone who does wakes up hours later with no memory of how they became unconscious in the first place.

Alph: Weird…uh…maybe we shouldn’t be in this town…

Ocre: Oh, don’t worry, Alph! You can defend yourself!

Alph: Yeah…I guess so…

Alph’s thoughts: …but I don’t like hurting anyone…even criminals…

Scene 6: Drake’s Supreme Pies: Aoinias City: Aoinias: Late Morning

The party sits in Drake’s Supreme Pies, a popular restaurant chain. Everyone has a pie on a plate in front of them, except Furbendink, who has a pile of roughly ten pies on a large platter. Amy has a blank expression on her face.

Amy: Um…I thought we were getting traditional Aoinian cuisine.

Ocre: Technically, Drake’s Supreme Pies IS Aoinian.

Amy: No it isn’t! The original Drake’s Pie Shop first opened its doors in Hitorelm City a little over 50 years ago!

Ocre: It did…?

Ocre glares at Furbendink.

Ocre: You told me the first one opened in AOINIAS City!

Furbendink: Yes I did, but only because I really wanted pie for lunch!

Ocre appears furious. We cut to a view of Alph, who is still wearing his breather. Amy looks at him.

Amy’s thoughts: Ha! He has to take off that breather to eat his delicious pie! There’s no chance of missing his face THIS time!

Amy: Um…Alph, you haven’t touched your chicken pie.

Alph: I’m not hungry.

Amy’s eyes widen.

Amy: But if you don’t eat your food, you won’t grow up big and strong!

Alph: Look, I’ll eat when I’m hungry, okay?!

Everyone is startled at Alph’s sudden outburst. Alph shuts his eyes tightly.

Alph: I’m sorry, everyone. I didn’t mean to snap. It’s just this whole…Husk thing.

Amy: You’re worried, aren’t you?

Alph opens his eyes and stares at his pie.

Alph: I’m just really confused is all. I mean, what’s next? Am I suddenly going to end up with special powers or someth-

Suddenly, Alph’s pie is enveloped in a red-hued aura, and begins to float.

Alph: What the-

The pie suddenly lands on Alph’s plate.

Alph: HUH?!

Ocre: Alphabet…

Crynock: This is unexpected…

Alph: Wh-Why was my pie just floating?!

Amy: Alph…you…you’re-

Alph: I have to go! Right now!

Alph stands from his seat and runs away.

Furbendink: Alphabet Plainrider! You come back and eat your Supreme Chicken Pie this instant! Otherwise…I’LL eat it!

Amy’s thoughts: I should be disappointed about missing his face, but…

Scene 7: Aoinias City: Aoinias: Afternoon

Amy wanders through a street, calling for Alph.


Ocre and Furbendink explore a different part of the city in search of Alph.


Furbendink: AL! HEY, AL!

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: You know, we WERE supposed to split up and look for him, Rashfoot.

Furbendink: Are you kidding? We have five parties looking for him, including us!

Ocre: Don’t you mean “three”?

Furbendink scratches his head.

Furbendink: Oh yeah…I never learned to count properly. That was my sister’s specialty.

Ocre: Which one? The one who wrangles beasts of burden or the one who lives with big cats?

Furbendink: No, the one who-

Furbendink pauses.

Furbendink: Why are you suddenly so interested in my family, Ocre?

Ocre: No reason.

Furbendink: I mean you think you gleam like gold, leading this party and telling us what to do all the time…

Ocre: Excuse me…?

Furbendink: …and yet you don’t know as much as you think you do. I mean, I’m a complete idiot, and yet I have a MUCH broader concept of-

Ocre: You’re right.

Furbendink: Wait…what?

Ocre: I may come across as brash and overbearing, but it’s only because I have the best interests of each of you at heart.

Furbendink: Uh…

Ocre: Frankly, I don’t know how you all put up with me.

Furbendink: Better than you put up with ME, it seems…

Ocre smiles.

Ocre: Come on, Furbendink, I only tease you because I care.

Furbendink: Really…?

Ocre: By the plains, yes!

Furbendink: Oh…neat. Hey, shall we go and get some frozen whip?

Ocre: Aren’t you forgetting something…?

Furbendink: Oh yeah…there isn’t a whip parlour in this town, is there?

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Never mind…

Crynock walks through the city in search of Alph.


Crynock closes his eyes. The scene zooms into his mind.

We see a view of a wyrmborn whose face is identical to Crynock’s, though his scales are shiny mint green rather than matte cyan; he is also dressed in garb typical of a spellsword. “Crynock” walks through Aoinias City, seemingly in search of someone.

“Crynock”: Now, the message I received stated that he would be here…

“Crynock” looks around, an expression of confusion on his face.

“Crynock”: But where could he-

“Crynock” smiles. He walks up to Erik.

“Crynock”: Are you the one known as Hippocamp?

Erik: I am indeed. Herikios Woodhollow, but my friends call me “Erik”.

“Crynock”: Well met. You may call me “Crynock”.

Erik: It is a pleasure, Crynock of Soranius.

Crynock smiles.

Crynock: You said you had news of my ally?

Erik: I do, but it will have to wait. There is someone else who requires your aid.

Crynock: If they need aid, would they not be better to seek a cleric?

Erik smiles.

Erik: They require aid of a very different kind, Crynock.

Crynock: I see…

Crynock’s eyes open. He appears confused.

Crynock: I do not understand. Was that a vision? Have the Fifteen granted me a glimpse of something?

Crynock thinks for a moment.

Crynock: That’s right, I’m looking for Alph!

Crynock calls out again.

Crynock: ALPH! ALPH!

A voice identical to Crynock’s echoes in his mind.

Crynock’s voice: ZED!

Commercial: It’s Drake’s Supreme Pies, the best pies in the land! This month, try our new succulent Supreme Chicken Pie, made with real chicken and seven varieties of vegetable, complete with our Supreme Sauce and baked inside a buttery shortcrust shell. Drake’s Supreme Pies: If it Ain’t Supreme, it Ain’t Worth Drake!


Scene 8: Dark Alleyway: Aoinias City: Night

Alph wanders through an alleyway.

Alph’s thoughts: This is all so confusing…first the mark, then Zokugemina, and now these powers…what AM I…?

Alph stops and looks at a piece of rubbish on the ground.

Alph’s thoughts: I wonder if I can do it again…

Alph holds out his hand at the rubbish. He begins to concentrate, and after a moment, the paper is surrounded by red-hued energy and begins to float. Alph uses his powers to lift up the rubbish and place it into a nearby dumpster.

Alph: I…I did it! I actually did it! Maybe these abilities aren’t so bad after all…

Suddenly, the masked figure sneaks up behind Alph and wraps her left arm around him, before readying a dagger with her right hand.

Alph: What the-

Figure: By the will of the Husk, I will obey.

The figure cuts through the hose on Alph’s breather, then drops the orange orb through the hose. Alph begins to choke, and the figure drops him to the ground.

Figure: I have done as you commanded, Master.

Alph struggles to remove his breather, but his arm movements become sluggish. He tries to call out with a strained voice.

Alph: Please…(cough)…someone…help…

Figure: There is no help for you, child of-

Suddenly, Ash sneaks behind the figure and grabs her, pulling down her hood.

Figure: No! Unhand me at once!

Ash: Not until I save you.

Figure: You cannot stop the-

Ash plucks a small orange scale from the back of the figure’s neck and crunches it into powder, which he blows into the wind. The figure’s eyes flash once with orange light, before she slips into unconsciousness. Ash gently lays the figure to the ground.

Ash: I have saved her. Now I must save my protégé.

Ash walks over to Alph and kneels down. He pulls off Alph’s breather and detaches its pump from his belt. Alph coughs and finally manages to breathe normally.

Ash: Are you alright, Alph?

Alph sits up and takes a deep breath.

Alph: Yeah…I think so…but what happened?

Ash: Your breather was damaged by someone who wished to harm you.

Alph: Wait…damaged…? But…I need that to breathe!

Ash: Indeed. Fortunately, I have a replacement for you. Here.

Ash hands a breather to Alph. It is similar to his old one, though the face-piece has two canisters on either side instead of a hose.

Alph: Thank you.

Alph puts on the new breather, adjusting the straps as he does so. Alph takes a breath, the breather hissing as he does so.

Alph: But…how does it work without a hose?

Ash: Another tale for another time, amigo.

Alph looks at the figure.

Alph: So…I assume that this is the graffiti artist?

Ash: Indeed it is.

Alph: What’s she wearing?

Ash: It is a high-quality replica of the Mask of Orenius. Its real version is from the same set as the one you seek to assemble.

Alph: Whoa, it looks amazing…

Ash: Indeed. Some individuals believed her to have stolen the real mask, but it is safely kept within the Temple of Orenius. All she managed to steal was a small orange orb from Aoinias Palace.

Alph: What was so important about it?

Ash: The orb contained a concentrated sample of orange dragon’s gas, which is a potent toxin. The vandal just attempted to poison you with it.

Alph: WHAT?!

Ash: Fear not, Alph, for you are far more resilient than you realise.

Alph: Meaning…?

Ash: Erm…shall we unmask this individual?

Alph: Oh, right.

Alph walks over to the figure and kneels down. He looks at Ash, then back at the figure, removing her mask. Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: Bronzika?!

Ash: You have met this individual?

Alph: Yeah, a few weeks ago, back in Akanius City. She tried to kidnap the emperor, but we stopped her. I thought she’d be behind bars right now…

Ash: Perhaps she eluded capture?

Alph: Well, no. I used my spitter to subdue her until she was captured by the city guards.

Ash places his left hand onto his chin.

Ash: Well, she may not have been in control of her actions at the time.

Alph: What do you mean?

Bronzika groans and opens her eyes. As her vision clears, she sees Alph looking at her. She suddenly sits up.

Bronzika: Oh!

Alph: Ash, she’s awake!

Bronzika stands to her feet.

Bronzika: I remember you…

Alph: You do?

Bronzika: I met you in Akanius City.

Alph: You remember me?

Bronzika: Of course.

Alph: Then explain why you tried to capture Emperor Akan.

Bronzika: I-

Alph: And why you’ve been graffitiing this town.

Bronzika: Well-

Alph: And why you just tried to-

Bronzika sighs.

Alph: What’s wrong?

Bronzika: I…was not in control of my actions.

Alph: Then what-

Bronzika: Please, let me explain. But not here. I know a place we can go…

Scene 9: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

A figure dressed much like Bronzika sits in a chair. His face is shrouded by shadow. The figure speaks with a digitally-distorted voice.

Figure: Bronzika has failed in her task. I must inform my master at once…

The figure’s eyes flash once with orange light.

Scene 10: Hideout: Aoinias City: Late Night

Bronzika opens the door to a secret hideout. She gestures to the doorway, inviting Alph inside.

Bronzika: Well, welcome to…er…my “home”.

Alph looks around. He sees the words, “BY THE WILL OF THE HUSK, I WILL OBEY” marked on one wall with orange ink.

Alph: It’s…nice.

Bronzika: It is where I hid myself while I was…

Bronzika trails off.

Alph: So what exactly IS this “Husk” thing anyway?

Bronzika: Alas, I know very little of the entity.

Alph: Well, what DO you know?

Bronzika: I will tell you what I remember. My brothers and I were exploring the distant jungles of Orenius in search of…

Bronzika squints her eyes in an attempt to remember.

Bronzika: …something important. When we arrived in Orenius City, I was captured by a group of drachomi whose eyes glowed orange, and they placed a scale on the back of my neck. Then, they let me go.

Alph: Just like that?

Bronzika: Indeed. I was unaware of it at the time, but the entity was beginning to take control of my mind. Around the time of the Akanian Tournament, it had gained enough control to sway my actions.

Bronzika sighs.

Bronzika: It was then that I “decided” to found the Fans of Aoinias and, together, my brothers and I captured Emperor Akan. For a brief moment during your encounter with us, I managed to regain control, but it was merely so that the Husk could gain further control of my mind.

Alph: You were taken in by the Aoinian authorities. What happened? How did you…I mean, how did the Husk escape?

Bronzika: When you rendered me unconscious, the Husk was able to take complete control of my mind and body.

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: Then this vandalism…was caused by ME?!

Bronzika: No, no…do not think that. The Husk was already nearing its control of me. When I awoke, I gained the ability to become transparent, a power I used to escape captivity.

Alph: Then what about the graffiti?

Bronzika: It was my way of subtly trying to warn my people about the entity. Though it gained control of my mind and body, my heart remained untouched.

Alph: So you managed to warn people?

Bronzika: Well, not exactly. The citizens were unable to decipher any of the messages I wrote. You were the first person to solve one.

Alph: What, the giant letter A?

Bronzika: Indeed. That was a message for you, Alph.

Alph: But…why would you write a message about me?

Bronzika: My memory is fuzzy, but it has something to do with what you are.

Alph: Which is?

Bronzika: I…I do not-

The door suddenly bursts open. Three city guards enter.

Bronzika: Oh dear…

Guard #1: Bronzika, you are hereby charged with vandalism of Aoinias City and attempted harm on an innocent.

Bronzika: But I-

Guard #2: The destruction you have caused is valued at 1,000,000 Gold Aoins. You are hereby banished from these lands.

Bronzika: Banished?!

Guard #3: If you return to the Empire of Aoinias, you will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

Bronzika: Please, let me appeal to-

Guard #1: You have one day to vacate from Aoinias City, and an additional two days to leave the Empire of Aoinias.

Bronzika: But…but-

Guard #2: The word of the Empress is final.

The guards leave the hideout. Bronzika sighs.

Bronzika: I suppose this is my punishment…

Alph: Punishment for what?! You didn’t do anything!

Bronzika: But these hands did! By Aoinian law, I am as good as guilty!

Alph: Then…

Alph ponders for a moment.

Alph: …I have an idea. Come with me.

Scene 11: The Dancing Merrl Tavern: Late Night

Ocre, Crynock and Furbendink sit at a table in The Dancing Merrl, a popular tavern in Aoinias City. Alph and Bronzika stand there.

Ocre: You want her to WHAT?!

Alph: Travel with us.

Furbendink: You want her to WHAT?!

Ocre glares at Furbendink.

Ocre: Furbendink, SHUT UP!

Furbendink: Okay, okay! You don’t have to yell!

Bronzika: Please, I would be most grateful.

Ocre: I don’t know, Alph…how do you know she won’t try to poison you again?

Bronzika: Rest assured that I am now completely free of the Husk’s control.

Ocre: And how do we know that you aren’t making up this story just to save your own tail?

Bronzika: You have my word. It is all I can give you.

Ocre: I don’t know…I’m still suspicious.

Bronzika: Please…give me a chance to prove myself.

Crynock: You should heed her words, Ocre. Didn’t a certain drachomus once give YOU a chance?

Ocre: Well…I suppose…

Alph spots a tavern patron, a male human with round ears, throwing a glass mug at Bronzika’s head and holds his hand towards it. His eyes glow with red-hued light, and the mug becomes suspended in mid-air, surrounded by red-hued energy. Alph gently places the mug onto a nearby table with his powers.

Alph: Is there a problem, sir?

Patron: Sh-She’s the one that vandalised this city!

Alph: No, she isn’t.

Patron: But-

The patron’s eyes widen.

Patron: S-Somehow…I know you speak the truth.

Ocre: You do?!

Furbendink: You do?!

Ocre bellows and chases Furbendink out of the tavern.

Crynock: Well, I’m willing to give her a chance, as is Amanda.

Alph: Wait…Amy agreed to it?

Crynock: Yes, before she went to bed. So you have the deciding vote, Alph.

Alph: Well, it was my idea to let Bronzika travel with us, so of course I agree!

Bronzika smiles and bows.

Bronzika: Thank you very much, Alph. I will strive to be a model ally.

Scene 12: Midonian-Aoinian Border: Aoinias: Late Morning

The party, now with Bronzika included, approaches the border between Aoinias and Midonius, the homeland of the green drachomi. Ocre and Crynock are once again their proper colours.

Ocre: I’m surprised the potion wore off just as we’re about to leave Aoinias.

Furbendink: Ah, the effects of the potion last for as long as you need.

Amy: But doesn’t the palette swap spell only last two hours?

Furbendink: The basic version, yes. But POTIONS can be made to last as long as you need.

Crynock: Just how do you know so much about potions, Furbendink?

Furbendink: Well…when you’re a wizard, you pick up a few things.

Ocre: But you’re a sorcerer.

Furbendink: WHAT?! Who told you that?!

Ocre: You did, Grape-top!

Furbendink scratches his head.

Furbendink: Oh yeah…

Ocre sighs and shakes her head.

Bronzika: Well, I am looking forward to our journey together.

Ocre: Yeah, but I DARE ya to make a single mistake, Bronzy! HAHA!

Bronzika laughs nervously as a drop of sweat appears on her left brow.

Alph: Wire…

Ocre looks at Alph.

Ocre: What’s that, Alph?

Alph: Oh, nothing. I just picture wire in my mind. Copper wire, with a green tinge.

Furbendink: Really?

Amy: Oh yeah, you’ll start to pick up little things like that.

Crynock: Pardon?

Amy: Well, since Alph apparently has an affinity for psi magic, he’s going to get little inklings of things nearby.

Furbendink looks around.

Furbendink: But we’re in the middle of nowhere. There isn’t a trace of copper wire for miles!

Amy: Really? Well, perhaps Alph is more sensitive to it than me.

Alph: I don’t know about that…

Bronzika: But you claim to have lost your past. Perhaps you are recovering lost abilities.

Alph: No…I’m pretty sure this psi magic is new…

Alph looks at Bronzika’s satchel.

Bronzika: What is it, Alph?

Alph: Do you have a dragon in your bag?

Bronzika: A dragon? No, I do not…

Furbendink: Yeah, Alph! How could a dragon fit into a small bag? They’re huge!

Ocre: And there are only fifteen of them, all residing in the Celestial Planes.

Furbendink: Well, actually-

Bronzika sighs.

Bronzika: I was going to wait until we reached Copper Grove, but…

Bronzika reaches into her satchel.

Furbendink: Everyone, look out! She’s got a-

Bronzika pulls out a fragment of the Mask of Akanius.

Furbendink: -red thingie! Oh.

Ocre: Where did you get that?!

Bronzika: I have treasured it since I was a little girl. It was a gift from my mother.

Crynock: So it is a family heirloom?

Bronzika: You could say that. It has been passed down to each first-hatched daughter. When you told me you were collecting the pieces of the Akanius Mask for some grand purpose, I knew I wanted to give it to you.

Furbendink: But what if you have children of your own?

Bronzika: Alas, my encounter with the entity has altered my biology. I am no longer what you would call a “pure” drachomus.

Alph: Well, you’re a true drachomus to me.

Crynock: I could not have put it better myself, Alph.

Ocre nods. Bronzika smiles.

Bronzika: Thank you, all. That means so much to me.

Bronzika holds the mask fragment to Alph.

Bronzika: For you.

Alph: Oh…thank you very much.

Alph stares at the mask fragment. The voice whispers in his mind.

Voice: Copper Grove…it awaits your presence…

End Credits

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Topic: Shell of Thal (Chromaicora Adventures Season 4) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Shell of Thal (Chromaicora Adventures Season 4) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Special 1: Citrine of the Sands
Shelley ends up in the middle of a vast ocean of sand, where she is saved by a wandering shugenja named Roman. After the duo arrives at a mysterious temple guarded by citrine sculptures, they are confronted by two sinister individuals who are searching for the mysterious Earth Pendulum, with the pair suspecting that it may be connected with Shelley. But what will the young captain do when they try to capture her?

New Character

Roman of the Frigid Sands
– A master of an elemental discipline, he rescues Shelley when she is lost in the desert at night

“Okay, just a pinch of salt and…there. Who wants dumplings?”

Scene 1: Coastline: Citrine Star Island: Afternoon

Shelley walks along the coastline of Citrine Star Island.

Shelley’s thoughts: Well, I’m stranded on Citrine Star Island…

Shelley suddenly has an idea.

Shelley: Wait a minute…I can turn into a merborn, so…why don’t I simply swim to Garnet Grove Island?

Shelley looks at the ocean.

Shelley: Uh…which direction IS Garnet Grove Island, anyway…?

Shelley sighs. She suddenly notices something in a nearby sandbank.

Shelley: Ooh, sparkly!

Shelley walks up to the object and picks it up. It appears to be a small ring carved from lapis.

Shelley: Wow, what a rare find! I wonder if-

The mark on Shelley’s hand suddenly begins to glow with lime-green light.

Shelley: Oh, my mark.

The same mark appears beneath Shelley’s feet with azure light.

Shelley: Oh, that’s weird…

A column of azure-tinged light erupts from the ground around Shelley. We cut to a view of the inside of the column.

Shelley: And this is even weirder!

The column retreats into the ground, and the marks on Shelley’s hand and beneath her feet disappear, leaving her standing in the middle of a vast ocean of sand.

Shelley: This, however, isn’t too weird at all…

Shelley looks around. There is a tinge of pink on the horizon.

Shelley: …although everything seems…off.

Shelley’s thoughts: Okay, Shelley…pick a direction and start walking…

Shelley points her finger towards a set of distant dunes.

Shelley: That way!

Scene 2: Unknown Location: Evening

Shelley shivers.

Shelley: It’s starting to get cold.

A voice whispers in Shelley’s mind.

Voice: You are not the first of your kind to set foot here…

Shelley’s eyes close.

We cut to a view of Zed and Argen walking through the desert.

Zed: Nescio quo sumus, Argen… (I don't know where we are, Argen…)

Argen: Well, my senses tell me that this isn’t Junihoshi.

Zed: Vere? Hoc est Kobelia? (Really? This isn’t Kobelia?)

Argen: Nope!

Zed: Quo itaque sumus? (So where are we?)

We cut to a view of Gilly, though she is wearing different clothing.

Gilly: I don’t see why Viridius sent me here…this place is barren.

Gilly looks around.

Gilly: Herikios is in the place with all the crystals…and Stratis is in the place with the light and dark phases.

Gilly sighs.

Gilly: I mean, we’re supposed to be a team, so why would they separate us like this? I don’t get it…still, I guess it’s part of our Iconic training. Now, the Axian outpost can’t be too far from here…

We see a view of a man in a brown cloak, a long quarterstaff strapped to his back.

Man: I sense I am not alone out here…someone has come from a different kind of ocean…and something is tethered to her…

We see a view of the man’s face under the hood. His eyes are hidden by shadow, but they begin to glow with azure light.

Shelley’s eyes open.

Shelley: Were those visions? Is this place affecting me more than I realised?!

Shelley exhales a deep breath.

Shelley: I need to get out of here…

Opening Credits


Shelley continues to walk, looking for any signs of civilisation.

Shelley’s thoughts: This place is nothing but a wasteland…

Scene 3: Unknown Location: Night

Shelley continues to wander through the desert. It is nighttime, and the young captain is shivering.

Shelley: Brr…s-so…c-c-cold…

Shelley looks at the top of a nearby sand dune. The brown-cloaked man is standing there.


The man turns around and begins to walk away.

Shelley: W-WAIT! D-D-DON’T G-G-GO!

Shelley reaches the top of the dune and looks down, but the man is nowhere to be found.

Shelley: D-D-Did I imagi-gine th-th-that…per-person-son…

Voice: I am all too real.

The man is suddenly standing behind Shelley. Before she can react, the man wraps a thick blanket around her.

Shelley: Wh-What a-are y-y-you d-d-doing?!

Man: It is freezing. I am merely providing you with warmth.

Shelley spins around and sees the man standing there. The man pulls down his hood. He has buzz-cut hair and a thin beard, and his ears are slightly-pointed.

Shelley: Oh, you’re…

Man: I am human, as you are.

Shelley: Well, I was gonna say “kind of cute”, but your wording works too.

Man: Cute? You liken me to a small mammal?

Shelley: Oh, no no! What I mean is that you’re…handsome.

Man: Oh…uh…

The man blushes slightly. Shelley smiles.

Shelley: Are you blushing?

Man: I am not used to receiving compliments.

Shelley: Really?

Man: I travel the sands and snows alone most of the time. I rarely make contact with people.

Shelley: Wait…other people actually LIVE in this place?

Man: Indeed they do. Now come. I know the perfect place where we may camp for a while.

The man walks past Shelley. Shelley starts to follow him.

Scene 4: The Hat: Night

The crew sits in the galley eating a delicious meal. Sven is picking at it with his fork.

Disswey: I must say, Py, this meal is indeed scrumptious.

Py: Oh…uh…thank you.

Rosella: I agree. It is truly delicious.

Sven: Have you all lost your narwhals?!

Disswey: It’s “marbles”, runt. “Have you all lost your marbles?”!

Sven: Do you have ANY idea what “Chef Py” has cooked for us today?

Matey: Of course. Chicken breast with cheese sauce and beans.

Sven: Exactly! I tasted the sauce while Py was cooking it, and it tastes like it contains cheddar, parmesan and Ruby Friend Finest!

Py: But…those are the exact kinds of cheese I used in the sauce.

Sven: And you don’t see my problem?!

Disswey: We do, actually.

Sven: Then perhaps you could explain it to them?

Disswey: Very well…

Disswey clears her throat.

Disswey: Sven is a neurotic little freak whose flavour palate is so bland that he doesn’t know good food when it’s served to him.

Sven holds his hands out to Disswey.

Sven: Thank you, Deshway!

Disswey: Anytime, Sven.

Rosella: But Sven…Py didn’t GIVE you any sauce.

Sven: He didn’t?! Then…what’s this stuff on top of my chicken?!

Py: Oh, I left the skin on yours, for a little bit of extra flavour.

Sven: Oh, alright then.

Sven stabs one of his seven chicken breast fillets with a fork and takes a bite.

Sven: Mmm…that’s good! Hey, I think I’m starting to like your cooking, Py!

Disswey: At last, a breakthrough!

Py, Disswey and Rosella laugh. Py looks at Matey.

Py: What’s wrong, Matey?

Matey: I haven’t seen Captain Shelley all afternoon.

Py: Now that you mention it…

Disswey: Oh, come on, Matey! You know how much she can sleep!

Matey: I suppose…

Rosella: Just leave her be. She’ll join us when she’s ready.

Matey: Very well.

Matey’s thoughts: I have the strangest feeling…that Shelley is in the ocean…but why would she go swimming at night?

Scene 5: Campsite: Suna Desert: Night

Shelley and the man sit next to a warm campfire holding metal bowls. Shelley is using chopsticks, whereas the man is using a fork.

Man: I must say, Shelley, that this food is most delicious!

Shelley: Oh, thank you, Roman! It’s just a little something I threw together.

Roman looks at his meal.

Roman: So what do you call it?

Shelley: Dumplings.

Shelley picks up a dumpling with her chopsticks and takes a bite.

Roman: Dumplings? But…these contain meat!

Shelley: AND vegetables, AND a hint of ginger!

Roman: In this place, dumplings are simply balls of flour dough boiled in stock.

Shelley: Really?

Roman: Indeed. But your version is superior, I think.

Shelley: Well, I thought I’d try preparing a Py dinner.

Roman: Wait…you prepared pie as well?

Shelley: No, what I mean is-

Shelley shakes her head.

Shelley: Never mind.

Roman: Oh…very well.

Shelley: So…what’s this place?

Roman: Oh, the Suna Desert.

Shelley: Is it on the mainland?

Roman: I guess you could say that. This world is covered by desert, with one half arid sands and the other frigid snows.

Shelley: Wait…then that means…

Roman: When I sensed your arrival, I-

Shelley: Whoa, back up! You sensed me arrive?

Roman: Well, yes.

Shelley: Interesting…anyway, please continue.

Roman: Well, I sensed that you arrived from a place covered by salty water.

Shelley: Yes, the seas of Thal.

Roman’s eyes widen.

Roman: Then you must be from another world.

Shelley: What…? Don’t be absurd!

Roman: I am serious! Think about it: you come from an ocean of water, and I come from an ocean of sand and snow.

Shelley’s eyes widen.

Shelley: By the seas…

Shelley takes another bite of dumpling and slowly chews.

Scene 6: Suna Desert: Night

A pair of figures dressed in black walk through the desert. The male one speaks first.

Figure #1: Ugh…how long is this gonna take?!

Figure #2: Getting impatient?

Figure #1: All we need to do is find one itty-bitty pendulum. Why is it being so difficult to find?!

Figure #2: Remember, the Pendula Terrae was hidden for a reason.

Figure #1: “To stop it from falling into the wrong hands”?

Figure #2: Bingo. Now, continue searching.

Figure #1: Very well…

The figures continue their search.

Scene 7: Campsite: Suna Desert: Night

Shelley sits holding her bowl. She pats her belly.

Shelley: Oh, I’m stuffed…

Roman: Really?

Shelley: I don’t usually eat so much food, but it was so good…

Roman: But…you merely ate five dumplings. How can you be full?

Shelley: Oh, I eat very little.

Roman: You have a special talent?

Shelley: Well my frie-

Shelley briefly pauses.

Shelley: Uh…someone I know named Disswey says that it’s abnormal.

Roman: Well, while that may be true, it is our quirks that set us apart from one another.

Shelley: Wise words from one so young.

Roman: Oh, I am much older than I appear, Shelley.

Shelley: Really?! I could swear you were in your twenties!

Roman laughs.

Roman: Another compliment? You really are too kind, young lady.

Shelley: “Young lady”?

Roman’s eyes widen.

Roman: Oh, I apologise! I…I didn’t mean to offend!

Shelley laughs.

Shelley: It’s quite alright, Roman. I, too, am older than I look.

Roman: Well then…it appears we have at least one thing in common, Shelley.

Shelley: I suppose so.

Shelley’s thoughts: This guy is too good to be true…I wonder if he’d be my boyfr-

Roman: Well, time to go.

Shelley: Already?! But…it’s still dark!

Roman: Indeed. It is much better to travel these sands at night…unless…you wish to succumb to sunburn, heatstroke and dehydration?

Shelley: Oh, by the seas, no! I’ll take hypothermia any day!

Roman: Well then, let’s pack up and leave!

Shelley: Aye, Captain!

Commercial: Guess what? There’s another Multiverse Week coming soon! Stay tuned!


Scene 8: The Hat: Night

Sven stands in the crow’s nest, looking out at sea.

Sven: We’ll soon be at Turquoise Lagoon Island…I can practically TASTE the coconut milk already!

Voice: Coconut milk?

Sven: Yep!

Sven leaps out of the crow’s nest and lands next to Gilly.

Sven: It’s my favourite!

Gilly: Would plain milk not be more to your liking?

Sven: I may have a limited flavour palate, but give me SOME credit, at least!

Gilly smiles.

Gilly: I’ll…try to keep that in mind, Sven.

Sven: Thank you.

Gilly looks at the ocean.

Gilly: Shelley is not in her cabin.

Sven: I know.

Gilly: You do?

Sven: Well…yeah. I’m not a COMPLETE doofus!

Gilly giggles.

Gilly: Noted.

Sven: But she doesn’t know that I know that she can turn into a mermaid.

Gilly: MerBORN, Sven.

Sven: Yeah, that.

Gilly: But how do YOU know?

Sven: Well, it IS my job to keep an eye on her, isn’t it? And the rest of the crew, I suppose.

Gilly: It is.

Sven: But when she swims off into that ocean, I think to myself, “Boy, it’d be nice to swim alongside her!”.

Gilly: It must be like a different world beneath the sea.

Sven: So you’ve never been in the ocean?

Gilly: Once…so very long ago…

Gilly continues to stare at the sea.

Scene 9: Suna Desert: Late Night

The two figures continue to walk through the sands.

Figure #1: This is getting tiresome.

Figure #2: Really? YOU are tired?

Figure #1: It was a metaphor.

Figure #2: Oh…right…

Figure #1: We must find the Pendula Terrae.

Figure #2: Patience.

The male figure sighs.

Figure #1: Fine…

Scene 10: Outside Citrine Temple: Suna Desert: Pre-Dawn

Shelley and Sky climb up a tall dune.

Shelley: Wow, my legs feel like lead…

Roman: Well, we HAVE been walking for two hours.

Shelley: Then it’s no wonder I need a rest!

Roman: There’s a small building on the other side of that dune. We will rest there.

Shelley: Good.

Shelley and Roman climb over the dune. The early morning rays shine on a large building made of stone, with a number of citrine-carved statues surrounding it.

Shelley: By the seas…

Roman: Shelley Wiley, may I present the Citrine Temple.

Scene 11: Citrine Temple: Suna Desert: Morning

Shelley and Roman enter the temple. The walls are carved with runes in an indecipherable language.

Shelley: Wow, it’s already morning?

Roman: Of course! This place is near the border between the Suna Desert and Yuki Wastes. It is one of the few areas that has a clearly-defined day and night cycle.

Shelley: Interesting…

Roman: Nearly all of the Suna Desert is always bathed in daylight, while nearly every part of the Yuki Wastes is darkened by night.

Shelley: I see…

Shelley looks around the room.

Shelley: Wow…this temple is magnificent!

Roman: Indeed. I suspect that it belonged to an ancient civilisation known as the Axians.

Shelley: “Axians”…? That sounds vaguely familiar…

Roman: It seems as though they disappeared a long time ago. This is one remnant of their culture.

Shelley: Well then, shall we venture within?

Roman: Absolutely!

Shelley: Then let us do so!

Shelley and Roman continue through the temple. A line of lime-green luminescence runs along the tops and bottoms of the walls, providing light to the passage.

Shelley: It’s funny…the more I examine these runes…the more they seem to make sense…

Roman: Really?

Shelley: Indeed. I wonder if-

A voice whispers inside Shelley’s mind.

Voice: Pendula Terrae…

Shelley: Hm?

Shelley looks around.

Roman: What is it, Shelley?

Shelley: Oh, it’s nothing, really.

Roman raises one eyebrow.

Roman: Very well…

Roman’s thoughts: I suspect that Shelley may be-

Shelley and Roman are alerted to a grunting sound.

Roman: Huh?

Shelley: What was that?

Shelley and Roman see a boar the size of a small cow standing there.

Shelley: What is THAT?!

Roman: A dire boar!

Shelley laughs.

Roman: Is this funny to you?!

Shelley: Sorry, it’s just that “dire boar” sounds similar to something that Disswey sometimes calls my other friend Sven, and I-

The boar lets out a loud roar that sounds like a squeal.

Shelley: Run?

Roman: No.

Shelley: No…? But…that thing looks mad!

Roman: Really? Two intruders in what is apparently its home? The thought never crossed my mind!

Shelley: Oh, don’t WE have a sharp tongue!

Roman squeezes his eyes tight.

Roman: I apologise. Whenever I get stressed, I tend to snap at anyone nearby.

Shelley: Wow, so does Disswey!

Roman: Let me try something…

Roman punches his fist at the boar, which releases a stream of frost that freezes part of the boar’s fur. The boar squeals and runs away.

Shelley: How did you do that…?

Roman: I am Roman of the Frigid Sands Monastery, who trains in the Flowing Mizu shugenja discipline.

Shelley: So what you just did was…

Roman: An ice elemental skill, yes.

Shelley: By the seas…

Roman: Now, shall we continue?

Shelley: Oh…yes, I suppose so.

Shelley and Roman enter a large chamber with an enormous glowing citrine in the centre.

Shelley: By the seas…

Roman: This is truly magnificent…

Shelley approaches the citrine and begins to lift her right hand towards it.

Shelley: This was almost worth being attacked by that pig…

Roman: Uh, Shelley…?

Shelley’s hand makes contact with the citrine. Almost immediately, the mark begins glowing on the back of her right hand with lime-green light.

Roman: That mark…wasn’t it at the entrance to the temple…?

Shelley: By the seas…

A loud non-gender-specific voice echoes throughout the chamber.

Voice: Nequiquam detecta fraude signature Icon. (Iconic signature detected.)

Shelley: What the…?

Roman: What is that language?!

Shelley: I don’t know, but I understood it!

Roman: You did?!

Voice: Adhuc somnum. Non est paratum. (Still asleep. Not ready.)

Shelley: “Still asleep”…

Roman: Who’s still asleep?

Shelley: I think it might be whatever this…thing is. It needs to reboot.

Roman: “Reboot”?

Shelley: Yes! Like a computer mainframe.

Voice: Lingua visa est: Nam lingua Common. (Language detected: Common tongue.)

Roman: What did it say?

Shelley: It said that it detected the Common tongue. Perhaps it can hear what we’re saying?

Roman: Are you sure about that, Shelley?

Shelley: Of course! It seems to be responding to my voice!

Voice: Correct, Shelley Wiley.

Shelley’s eyes widen.

Shelley: You know my name?

Voice: Of course.

Shelley: But…how?

Voice: I have connected with the mainframe in the nearby Axian outpost. Your record is on file, Shelley Wiley.

Shelley: My…record? Is someone spying on me?!

Voice: Not “spying”, but “watching”…“guiding”…

Shelley: Well, who is it?

Voice: The one you call Gillifen Pebbleskip watches you, as well as others.

Shelley: “Others”?

Voice: Your kind is rare, and needs to be watched.

Shelley: Then…I’m just some zoo exhibit?!

Voice: On the contrary, Shelley Wiley. You are-

The voice suddenly goes silent.

Shelley: Uh…hello? You were saying something?

Voice: Intrusor conscenderunt. (Intruder detected.)

Shelley: Intruder?

Roman: It must mean me!

Voice: Et clauserunt. (Shut down.)

The light inside the citrine dims.

Shelley: No, no, no!

Roman: What happened?!

Shelley: It just switched itself off!

Roman: But…why would it do that?

Roman is alerted to footsteps.

Roman: Hm?

Shelley and Roman watch as the two figures enter the room.

Shelley: The intruders, I presume?

Figure #1: Oh, WE’RE intruders, but you are NOT?

Shelley: Well, I suppose you have a point…

Roman walks up to the male figure.

Roman: What are you doing here?!

Figure #1: This does not concern you.

The male figure pulls what resembles a high-tech water pistol seemingly from nowhere and points it at Roman’s face. A hissing sound emerges from the nozzle as the figure squeezes the trigger, causing Roman to collapse to the ground.

Shelley: No!

Shelley runs over to Roman and checks his pulse. She breathes a sigh of relief.

Shelley: A pulse…

Shelley looks up at the figure.

Shelley: What did you do to him?!

Figure #2: Relax. He will be fine.

Shelley: Are you going to do the same to me?

Figure #1: What? Of course not! Well…if you cooperate willingly.

Shelley stands and backs away slowly.

Shelley: And just who are you?

Figure #2: We are not at liberty to tell you that.

Shelley: Then perhaps you could explain why you are here?

Figure #1: We are looking for the Earth Pendulum.

Shelley: Earth Pendulum? What’s that?

Figure #2: An object of great potential, and we must find it.

Shelley: And just why do you need this…Earth Pendulum?

Figure #1: If I told you that, I’m afraid I’d have to-

Shelley: -gas me?

Figure #1: Yes, among other things.

The female figure elbows the male one in the ribs.

Shelley: And just why should I help you find it?

Figure #2: Oh, WE’RE not going to find IT.

Shelley: You aren’t? But…you just said-

Figure #2: IT is going to find YOU.

Shelley: But how can an object find-

Shelley pauses.

Shelley: Um…pardon?

Figure #1: She said that IT is going to find YOU.

Shelley: Why would it find ME?

Figure #2: You really don’t know, do you?

Shelley: No? Should I?

Figure #1: Has the Griffon told you nothing?

Shelley’s thoughts: Griffon…?

Shelley: You mean Gilly?

Figure #2: No, we mean Griffon. The Icon of Axis.

Shelley: Icon…?

Figure #1: This is a waste of time! We obviously have the wrong person!

Figure #2: No we don’t! Let’s just put her under and take her ourselves!

Shelley: WHAT?!

Roman lifts his head and looks at Shelley. He holds his right index finger to his lips, then pretends to still be unconscious.

Figure #1: Yes, let’s.

The male figure points his gadget at Shelley.

Figure #1: Nighty-night.

Quick as a flash, Roman leaps to his feet and strikes the back of the male figure’s head. The figure collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Figure #2: WHAAAAAT?!

Roman: You seriously think you can render a shugenja unconscious in that way?

Figure #2: But…but…

The figure pulls her own device seemingly from nowhere and points it at Roman.

Roman: Oh, please! I JUST finished telling you that-

The female figure points her device at Shelley and smiles.

Roman: Ah…well, then…

Quick as a flash, Roman leaps in front of Shelley and holds his hands back.

Roman: Your move.

The figure squeezes her trigger. Roman releases a breath of frosty air from his mouth that freezes the device’s mechanism.

Figure #2: No!

Shelley: You saved me, Roman! But…uh…what do we do now?

Suddenly, the mark begins glowing on Shelley’s hand.

Shelley: Oh, my mark.

The same mark appears beneath Shelley and Roman’s feet with azure-tinged light.

Figure #2: They’re getting away!

A column of azure-tinged light erupts from the ground around Shelley and Roman.

Scene 12: Lush Grove: Daytime

We cut to a view of the column in the middle of a lush grove. The column retreats into the ground, and the marks disappear. Shelley looks around in amazement.

Shelley: Wow…

Roman: Amazing, isn’t it?

Shelley: Then…we’re in yet another world?

Roman: No, this is still the Suna Desert.

Shelley’s eyes widen.

Shelley: But…you said that the Suna Desert is a vast ocean of sand!

Roman: Indeed I did. And where there is an ocean-

Shelley: -there are islands across it.

Shelley smiles.

Shelley: Well, this truly is a wondrous place, then. Your world has many surprises, Roman, but…

Roman nods.

Roman: You would like to return to your own world, yes?

Shelley: I would, but…I have no idea how I got here…

Shelley pauses.

Shelley: Wait a minute…

Shelley pulls the lapis ring from her pocket.

Shelley: I was sent here after I picked up this.

Roman: My ring! I thought I’d lost this days ago! Wherever did you find it?!

Shelley: On a beach in my world.

Shelley hands the ring to Roman, which he puts onto his right index finger.

Roman: It seems that your world is also full of surprises, Shelley.

Shelley: Oh, you have NO idea, Roman…

Shelley and Roman laugh.

Shelley: I don’t know how to get back there, though.

Roman: Nor do I, I’m afraid.

Voice: Perhaps I can be of assistance, then?

Shelley and Roman watch as Gilly walks up to them.

Shelley: Oh, Gilly…

Gilly: It is time to return you to where you belong, Shelley Wiley…

Gilly’s thoughts: …at least for now…

Roman: Then you are to return home after all. I am glad.

Roman smiles, then bows. Shelley bows right back.

Shelley: It was nice to meet you, Roman of the Frigid Sands.

Roman: You as well, Shelley Wiley of the Pearl School.

Shelley’s thoughts: Wait…how does he know about THAT?!

We shift to a view of Roman as he walks through the grove.

Roman’s thoughts: Shelley Wiley…may your travels be as grand as you claim them to be…

Suddenly, the mark of the multiverse begins to glow on the back of Roman’s hand with azure light.

Roman: Hm?

Roman holds up his hand and examines it.

Roman’s thoughts: Oh, the mark is on my…?

Roman: Wait…WHAT?!

End Credits

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Topic: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Special 1: Arch
Sky finds himself in a mysterious scrubland, where he is attacked by a group of vicious creatures unlike any he has seen before. After being rescued by a wandering ranger named Arch, and his “dragon” companion Trip, Sky journeys with them to koble lands in order to find a way back home. But who will save them from the fearsome Terrorjaw?

New Characters

Arch of the Trihorn
– A ranger from human lands, Arch mistakes Sky for being a “novan”, and agrees to help him get home, little realising he’s actually from another world.

Trip – Arch’s Trihorn companion, he manages to drive away the Talontoes that threaten Sky.

“This place is so strange! I have to get out of here!”

Scene 1: Unknown Location: Morning

Sky wanders through the scrubland, looking for any sign of civilisation.

Sky’s thoughts: This is weird…it’s nothing like Cloudclamber…

Sky takes a deep breath, his breather making a hissing sound as he does so.

Sky’s thoughts: I’m trying to stay calm, but…

Sky stops moving. He looks around and sees a group of three lizard-like creatures.

Sky’s thoughts: Are those drakes…? Maybe I should get a closer look…

Sky slowly and quietly sneaks towards the creatures. He accidentally steps on a twig, snapping it and alerting the creatures, who look straight at him.

Sky: Uh-oh…

The creatures hiss at Sky, swiping their three-clawed hands at him.

Sky: Uh…n-nice creatures…good creatures…

The creatures start to approach Sky. He notices that the largest toe on each of their feet curves upwards.

Sky: I don’t remember seeing you g-gorgeous creatures in any of the books I’ve read…nor on my compu-

The creature at the front of the group leaps at Sky.

Opening Credits


The creature continues to lunge at Sky. Suddenly, a much larger creature barrels into it, knocking it to the ground. The other two creatures hiss at the larger one, which Sky notices has a large frill around its neck and three horns; the two on its eyebrows are longer than the one at the tip of its snout. The two smaller creatures let out a loud shriek, with the larger one retaliating with a bellowing roar. All three smaller creatures squeal and race away.

Sky: Wow, those things are fast. Good thing I didn’t try running away!

Sky looks at the creature.

Sky: Oh…th-thank you…

The creature nods one, then snorts through its nostrils.

Sky: Uh…c-can you speak…?

The creature speaks with a deep voice.

Creature: Speck…?

Sky: Then you CAN speak! I’m…uh…Evan.

Creature: Ev…uh…?

Sky giggles.

Sky: Close enough. Anyway, thank you very much. I was nearly those creatures’ dinner…

Sky looks around.

Sky: Although I suppose it’s breakfast time.

Creature: Breh…fast…?

Sky: Yes, breakfast. Morning food.

The creature’s eyes widen.

Creature: FOOD?!

Voice: Settle down, my friend!

A male human with slightly-pointed ears in unusual attire walks up to the creature. Sky looks at the man.

Man: You’ll have to forgive Trip. He…tends to eat his body weight in plants every day.

Sky: Oh…uh…

Man: Name’s Arch. And you are…?

Sky: Very confused, let me tell you…

Arch examines Sky.

Arch: You from Tetrapoint lands?

Sky: Oh…uh…no. I come from Cloudclamber.

Arch: Cloudclamber…? I’m not familiar with that tribe.

Sky: Tribe…?

Arch: Oh…is Cloudclamber the name of the city you’re from?

Sky: Yes! That’s right!

Arch: Say no more…I suppose that makes you a novan, then.

Sky: Novan?

Arch: Yes. A novan. A highly-advanced being.

Sky: Oh…I don’t know about “highly-advanced…”

Arch: But you hail from a highly-advanced society, right?

Sky: Well…

Arch: Then again, you look like an ordinary sapient to me…

Sky: Sapient…?

Arch: Yes. A sapient. Also known as a “human” in the old tongue.

Sky: Oh, I see…

Sky’s thoughts: This guy is speaking utter gibberish…

Arch: Well, I can help you get home.

Sky: You can?!

Arch: Of course! I’ve never been to novan lands, but I know the way. Follow.

Arch and Trip begin to walk away.

Sky: Oh…right.

Sky begins to follow Arch and Trip.

Scene 2: Fildwarv Hills: Tankbelly Territory: Morning

Sky follows Arch and Trip across rocky ground.

Arch: So meeting you in the middle of Tankbelly Territory was unexpected.

Sky: Tankbelly?

Arch: Yes. Tankbelly. Also known as “hill dwarven lands” in the old tongue.

Sky: So those things that attacked me were…?

Arch: Talontoes. From Talontoe Territory. Also known as “koble lands” in the old tongue.

Sky: I see. They looked a little like drakes to me.

Arch: Drakes? You think they look like ducks?

Sky: No, not-

Arch laughs. Trip makes what sounds like a chuckle.

Arch: Oh, that must be what passes for a novan joke! Very funny!

Trip: Evuh funny!

Sky: Uh…

Arch: In any case, it seems as though you’ve had a sheltered upbringing…Evan, was it?

Sky: Uh…th-that’s correct.

Arch: Not to worry. There is a hill dwarven settlement nearby. I am sure the chieftain will be able to aid us.

Sky: Thank you, Arch.

Arch: Don’t mention it. Now, onward!

Trip: Onward!

Sky looks at Trip.

Sky’s thoughts: Arch referred to Trip as a “Trihorn”, but…he also called him a “dragon”…yet he looks like no dragon I’ve ever seen…

Scene 3: Dwarven Village: Tankbelly Territory: Early Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip enter the dwarven village. Sky notices that a number of dwarves are forging weapons and armour.

Sky: I see these folks are working hard.

Arch: Well, of course they are! There is no finer forger than a hill dwarf!

Dwarf: Why, thank ye, lad!

Sky notices a male dwarf with a long, shaggy beard smiling at the group.

Arch: You are most welcome, sir.

Trip: Most welcome!

Sky, Arch and Trip continue their way through the village.

The group makes its way to a female dwarf, who sits on a large, throne-like chair.

Woman: Well, well, if it isnae Arch of the Trihorn!

Arch: Chieftain, it’s been a while.

Woman: Indeed, lad. How’s yer companion?

Arch: He is well.

Trip: Hungry, dough…

Trip’s belly growls. The chieftain laughs.

Chieftain: Fargus, a bail of leaves fer Trip!

A nearby male dwarf nods once.

Fargus: Aye, Chieftain!

The dwarf walks away.

Chieftain: Now, what can I do fer you fine lads teday?

Arch: My friend here is lost. He needs to find his way home to Tetrapoint Lands.

Sky: Oh…well actually-

Chieftain: Wait a minute!

The chieftain leaps off her throne and approaches Sky, staring at him.

Chieftain: Yer name wouldn’t happen te be Evan, would it, lad?

Sky: Oh…uh…y-yes it is.

The chieftain points at Sky.

Chieftain: AHA! It’s you!

Sky: M-Me?!

Chieftain: Ye’re the lad who arrived in the orange beacon!

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: How did you know?!

Chieftain: There was a woman who came by here not too long ago. Said ye we’re headed in this direction.

Sky: R-Really?!

Chieftain: Aye, lad. She saw the beacon in the plains and told me te wait until ye arrived.

Sky: Well, who was this woman?!

Chieftain: Nae idea. She didnae give me her name, but she claims te have come from Tetrapoint Lands.

Arch: Perhaps you know this person, Evan?

Sky: I suppose…but if she’s from…uh…Tetrapoint Lands…then-

Chieftain: Hold that thought, lad. Ye should head there through Talontoe Lands.

A drop of sweat appears on Sky’s brow.

Arch: You think so?

Chieftain: Aye, lad. It’s the quickest and, surprisingly, safest path. Ye should arrive within a couple o’ days, tops.

Sky: B-But…won’t there be more of those…Talontoe things?!

Chieftain: Not te worry, lad! It just so happens that we have a pair o’ talismans that should help ye te interact with Talontoes safely.

Sky breathes a sigh of relief.

Sky: Oh, by the skies, that’s a relief…

Arch’s thoughts: By the skies…?

Chieftain: Well, first thing’s first: lunch. Come, we’re just about te eat a big feast!

Arch: Oh, I love feasts!

Chieftain: Evan, are ye hungry?

Sky: Well-

Sky’s belly growls.

Trip: Evuh hungry too!

Arch and the chieftain laugh.

Sky: Well…I suppose…

Scene 4: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Night

Chuck sits in the mess hall holding a ridiculously-large burger.

Chuck: Oh yeah…you can’t beat a filet muddvak burger…

Voice: Chuck?

Chuck: WAAH!

Chuck drops his burger in surprise.

Chuck: No…not my burger…

Talya sits next to Chuck.

Talya: I’m sorry, do you want me to get you another one?

Chuck: You can’t…that was the last one…

Talya sighs.

Talya: Don’t you think there’s something more important than a dropped burger…?

Chuck stares at Talya.

Chuck: What? You mean like spilled milk?

Talya facepalms.

Chuck: Oh, you mean Sky!

Talya nods.

Talya: Do you think he’s okay?

Chuck: Well, those kobles said he’d be fine, as long as he didn’t end up ripped to shreds by some small dragons with weird foot-claws.

Talya: WHAT?!

Chuck: Besides, I received a message from him not too long ago!

Talya: Really?!

Chuck: Yeah! Hold on…

Chuck pulls a piece of paper from his pocket.

Chuck: “Dear Mr. Hunch,”

Talya: Oh boy…

Chuck: “We regret to inform you that your application for a job as bartender in the Indigo Lounge has been turned down.”

Talya: Chuck…

Chuck: “Your enthusiasm and athleticism suggest you’d be better as a pilot in the Indigo Squadron rather than serving drinks…”

Talya: Chuck…

Chuck: “…so your application for recruitment has already been filed. We hope you enjoy your career as a pilot.” Weird…this looks like the letter I got when I-

Talya: CHUCK!

Chuck: What?

Talya: Is it…possible that Sky could be in…another w-

Voice: Hi!

Kati is suddenly standing there.

Chuck: WHOA! Kati! Uh…how did you do that?!

Kati: An ancient forest gnome trick.

Chuck: Oh, cool!

Talya: Kati, have you seen Evan?

Kati: Not since I got back. Why do you ask?

Talya: Well…I know this is gonna sound weird, but…I think he’s been sent to another world.

Chuck’s eyes widen.

Chuck: Awesome…

Kati: Are you sure that’s even possible?

Talya: Of course! How else could you explain his disappearance?

Chuck: Well, he might’ve been trapped in the Ethereal Expanse where a genie is forcing him to make a wish…

Talya’s eyes become flat.

Talya: Really, Chuck? That’s the best you could come up with?

Chuck: Well, it’s not impossible, is it?

We cut to a view of Junihoshi’s Ethereal Expanse, where we see Jen, in human form, suddenly look to her left.

Jen: Hm? I could swear someone just mentioned me…

Kati: Wow, that actually sounds plausible…

Talya: I hope Evan is okay…

Kati: Relax, Talya! Evvy has a LOT of potential. He’ll make his way back.

Talya: You really think so?

Kati: Sure, why not?

Talya smiles.

Talya’s thoughts: Evan…please be okay…

Kati’s thoughts: That trip home was great, but…why didn’t my brothers and sisters turn up? It was supposed to be a FAMILY reunion!

Chuck’s thoughts: I wonder if the kitchen has any more filet muddvak burgers…mmm…

Talya notices as Chuck starts to drool down his chin.

Talya: Ew…

Scene 5: Talontoe Territory: Late Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip walk through a lush rainforest. Sky is not wearing his breather.

Arch: I can’t believe how much food you ate, Evan!

Sky: Oh, well…

Trip: Evuh ate more than me!

Sky: Well, my metabolism’s always been weird…

Arch: How so?

Sky: Well, I can eat quite a bit of food, yet I don’t gain weight.

Arch: You don’t say…

Sky: It’s true! Quite often I wait until around 2AM and eat a decent snack.

Arch: You stay awake until early in the morning?

Sky: I don’t sleep most nights.

Arch’s eyes widen.

Arch: Truly?!

Sky: By the skies, yes! I only sleep a couple of hours once a fortnight.

Arch’s jaw drops.

Arch: Wow…

Trip: Evuh special!

Arch: Yes, Trip. Very special. Like the mark on his hand.

Sky: What?

Sky sees the mark glowing on the back of his left hand with purple light.

Sky: Oh, my tattoo…

Arch: So you also have that mark?

Sky: What do you mean?

Arch: Well, I saw that mark on someone’s cloak just the other day.

Sky: You did?!

Arch: Yes, though I couldn’t work out its significance.

Sky: By the skies…

Sky is alerted to a clicking sound.

Sky: What was that…?

Sky spins around and sees three Talontoes standing there.

Sky: Oh no…

Commercial: Multiverse Week continues on Friday with a trip to a different kind of ocean! And just what is the Pendula Terrae? Find out in the next Shell of Thal!


Scene 6: Cloudclamber City: Late Night

A dark-haired male pointed-eared human in a purple leather jacket walks along a busy street. He stops and looks at the doors of Sky and Kati’s old apartment building.

Figure: He was here…I must find him…

The figure walks away.

Scene 7: Talontoe Territory: Late Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip stare at the Talontoes.

Sky: Uh…Arch?

Arch: Yes, Evan?

Sky: H-How do we know if the talismans are working?

Talontoe #1: You…are friends?

The Talontoe in the middle bows, followed by the other two.

Sky: Oh…y-yes, we’re…friends.

Talontoe #2: We’ll help?

Sky: Oh…uh…y-yes please.

Talontoe #3: Help you how?

Arch: We need to find a nearby tribal village.

Talontoe #1: Ah, we lead the way. Follow.

The Talontoe in the middle bows, then beckons the group to follow using his hand. Sky and Arch look at each other, then bow back. The Talontoes begin to walk away from the group.

Sky: Will we be safe?

Arch: Not to worry, Evan. Talismans are designed to allow for safe interaction with non-kin dragons.

Sky: I see…

Sky, Arch and Trip begin to follow the Talontoes.

Scene 8: Koble Village: Talontoe Territory: Evening

The group arrives at a koble village. The Talontoes turn to face Sky, Arch and Trip.

Talontoe #1: Here we are.

Sky: Th-Thank you…

Talontoe #2: Welcome is Evuh.

Talontoe #3: Most welcome.

The first Talontoe seems to examine Sky.

Talontoe #1: You…have been among dragons before, but different.

Sky: Pardon?

Talontoe #2: And no aura of worlds! Most curious indeed…

Sky: I-I don’t…follow…

Talontoe #3: Of course! You already follow us here, so no need to follow for now.

Sky: Well, thank you.

Talontoe #1: Most welcome is Evuh!

Talontoe #2: Most welcome indeed!

Talontoe #3: Yes indeed!

The Talontoes bow. Sky and Arch bow back. The Talontoes turn around and run from the village.

Sky: Well, that just leaves me with a bunch of questions…

Voice: Ah, we have visitors! Oh, yes, yes!

Sky and Arch spin around and see a number of kobles standing there.

Sky: Oh…uh…h-hello there.

Koble #1: Welcome to our humble community!

Koble #2: I see you were led here safely by our guardian dragons?

Sky: Oh, the Talontoes? Y-Yes, we were…

The first koble sees Arch and Trip.

Koble #1: Ah, you must be the one from Trihorn Territory! Oh, yes, yes! Why else would you journey with a Trihorn?

Arch: That’s me! The name’s Arch.

Koble #1: Arch, eh? Nice name!

The second koble looks at Sky.

Koble #2: And you are the one who arrived in the orange beacon!

Sky: You know about that?!

Koble #2: Oh, yes, yes! Chieftain Heath of the dwarven village you visited sent word.

Sky: But…how did she do it so fast?!

Koble #1: Carrier pigeon, of course!

Sky: You have pigeons in this place?!

Koble #2: Oh, yes, yes! Handy little things for sending mail!

Koble #1: Now come! Surely you are exhausted from your travels!

Sky: Eh, not really.

Arch: Evan here doesn’t tire easily.

Koble #1: Serious?!

Arch: At least, that’s what he claims.

Sky: To be honest, I could keep walking to…novan lands, was it?

The kobles’ eyes widen.

Koble: But…Tetrapoint Territory is still a days’ travel from here!

Sky: Nonetheless, I’m inclined to continue my journey…

Sky’s belly growls.

Sky: Right after I eat a good meal, that is!

Trip’s belly growls.

Trip: Trip hungry too!

Arch laughs.

Arch: Well, it seems that Evan here has the appetite of a Trihorn, doesn’t it?

Arch’s belly growls.

Arch: Oh…heheh…that’s what I get, I suppose!

Sky and Trip laugh.

Trip: Arch funny!

Koble #1: In that case, let us eat a feast before you leave!

Koble #2: Our food is superb! Oh, yes, yes! Now follow us!

The kobles lead Sky, Arch and Trip through the village.

Sky: Does EVERYONE eat feasts in these parts?

Arch: Well, on the Day of Feasts, yes.

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: I guess I picked a good time to become stranded, then!

Arch and Trip laugh.

Trip: Evuh VERY funny!

Sky smiles. His expression saddens a little.

Sky’s thoughts: Talya…

Scene 9: Talya and Delphie’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Pre-Dawn

Talya lies in her bed, wide awake. Delphie sits on the foot of her bed clapping her hands and making seal noises.

Delphie: Oh, oh! Oh, oh!

Talya’s thoughts: Evan…

Scene 10: Talontoe Territory: Pre-Dawn

Sky, Arch and Trip make their way through the rainforest.

Sky: Well, we’re on our way!

Arch: Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you don’t need sleep, Evan!

Sky: Of course I wasn’t. I never kid!

Trip: You born full-grow too?

Sky: No, I mean I never joke around.

Trip: But Evuh very funny…?

Sky: It’s…complicated.

Trip nods.

Trip: Understand.

Arch: You’ll have to forgive Trip. He’s only a child.

Sky: Wait…for real?!

Arch: Yes. For real. He is a child in an adult Trihorn’s body.

Sky: But how is that possible?

Arch: When I became a ranger, I was asked to bond with an animal or beast companion. Of course, I ended up with a Trihorn egg.

Sky: But how did you end up with a Trihorn egg?

Arch looks at Sky.

Arch: Another tale for another time.

Sky: Understood.

Arch: Anyway, upon creating the bond between the egg and myself, it hatched into Trip. Within a day, he had already grown to adult size.

Sky: By the skies…I mean the thought of someone bonding with a dragon egg…surely it can’t be a common occurrence, can it?

We cut to a view of Zed sitting in a chair in his house, reading a book entitled Dungeon Master’s Guide. Argen suddenly appears in a flash of cyan light and lands on his shoulder.

Argen: Hey, Zed? You ever wonder if people in other worlds talk about us?

Zed: Like Tad and Siren, you mean?

Argen: Eh, never mind. See ya!

Argen disappears in a flash of cyan light.

Zed: It’s funny…I don’t really see Argen all that often…oh well.

Zed goes back to his book.

We cut back to a view of Sky, Arch and Trip.

Arch: Well, we should arrive in Tetrapoint Territory by nightfall.

Sky: Superb!

A loud roar suddenly bellows nearby.

Sky: Wh-What was THAT?!

Arch: Oh dear…

Sky: “Oh dear”?! What do you mean, “Oh dear”?!

Arch: I think we have a little problem…

A second roar bellows out.

Arch: Come with me!

Sky: Huh?

Arch and Trip sneak into the trees. Sky sneakily follows.

Sky (whispers): So what made that roar…?

Arch (whispers): A Terrorjaw.

Sky: A what?!

Arch: Ssh!

Sky (whispers): Sorry.

Arch (whispers): I don’t know what it’s doing so far in Talontoe Territory, though…

Sky (whispers): Wait…is a Terrorjaw another kind of dragon?

Arch (whispers): Yes. A dragon. And a rather fearsome one at that.

Sky (whispers): But…couldn’t we try to reason with it? You know, like we did with the Talontoes?

Arch (whispers): I’m afraid that’s impossible without the aid of a Terrorjaw Talisman.

Sky (whispers): So no-one had the idea to make a talisman that protects you from EVERY kind of dragon?!

Arch (whispers): Of course they did, but it’s impossible to weave together every kind of dragon spell into one talisman.

Sky (whispers): Well, what if it finds us?!

Arch (whispers): Not to worry, Sky. I am excellent at keeping us hidden, and you seem to be able to blend into the shadows quite easily. We shouldn’t be spotted by the-

Voice: -Terrorjaw?

Arch (whispers): Yeah! Wait a minute…

Sky, Arch and Trip slowly turn around and see a large dragon standing there. Its body is similar to that of a Talontoe, though more stockily-built, with an enormous jaw and very tiny, two-fingered hands.

Terrorjaw: Well, well…looks like I found dinner, then…Arch.

Arch: Uh…you know who I am?

Terrorjaw: Plenty of folks know who YOU are!

The Terrorjaw looks at Trip.

Terrorjaw: And as for your infant “pet”…

Trip: Trip no pet! Trip companion!

Terrorjaw: Whaddya think a pet IS, you-

The Terrorjaw sighs.

Terrorjaw: Bottom line: I’m lost and hungry. And you three morsels’ll do nicely, y’hear?

Arch: But you don’t want to eat us!

Trip: Not food!

Terrorjaw: Yeah? Well my gut says otherwise, baka!

Sky: Wait…dragons here speak…Draconic?

Terrorjaw: Duh! Whatd’you expect?

Sky: Well then…

Sky clears his throat.

Sky: Kaerimichi o sagasu hitsuyō ga arimasu. (I need to find my way home.)

Arch’s eyes widen.

Arch: You speak the language of dragons…?

Trip: Wow…Evuh very funny, but also very smart.

Terrorjaw: Anata wa watashi no yō ni ushinawareta hōrō-shadesu ka? (You're a lost wanderer, like me?)

Sky: Hai. (Yes.)

Terrorjaw: Anata mo kūfukudesu ka? (Are you also hungry?)

Sky: Īe. (No.)

Terrorjaw: Well I AM, so you’ll have to be a lost wandering meal!

Sky: WHAT?!

The Terrorjaw roars. Suddenly, a small shuriken strikes its upper left thigh.

Terrorjaw: Nani…? (What…?)

The Terrorjaw suddenly collapses and falls unconscious.

Sky: By the skies…what now?!

A woman clad in a navy-coloured ninja outfit with purple trim lands in front of Sky.

Woman: At last, I have found you, Evan.

Sky: Wait…I know that voice…

The woman pulls down her mask and hood.

Sky: …Ms. Frostswift?!

Ms. Frostswift: Now, now, Evan, I already told you my name.

Sky: Apologies…Stratis.

Arch: Evan, you know this person?

Sky: Yes. Arch of the Trihorn, meet Stratis Frostswift…

Sky looks at Stratis.

Sky: …who is apparently a ninja.

Stratis: Officially, I am a Kunoichi of the Aero Pendula Clan. I go by the title of Griffon.

Arch: Griffon…? Sounds unusual.

Sky: You don’t have griffons in…uh…

Arch: Periquos. This world is called Periquos. And no, we do not.

Sky: Ah…well, you certainly have an interesting assortment of dragons.

Stratis: I trust you had an enjoyable excursion, Evan?

Sky: Yes, for the most part, but…how did I end up here?

Stratis: I will fill you in on the details when we return to the Amethyst Blizzard.

Arch: A blizzard of amethysts? That sounds amazing!

Trip: Pretty purple sparkles!

Sky: Well, perhaps you can see it one day.

Arch: That would be a treat.

Sky and Arch smile. Sky looks at Stratis.

Sky: So, Ms. Fro…I mean…Stratis…how do we get back?

Stratis: Stand close to me.

Sky: Okay then…

Sky stands facing Stratis.

Sky: Now what?

The mark of the multiverse begins to glow on the back of Sky’s left hand with purple light.

Sky: Oh, my mark…

The same mark appears beneath Sky and Stratis’ feet with purple light.

Sky: This is all too fami-

A column of purple-tinged light erupts from the ground around Sky and Stratis. Arch and Trip’s eyes widen.

Arch: Amazing…

Trip: Pretty purple sparkles…

We cut to a view of the back of Arch’s left hand. The mark of the multiverse glows on it with orange light.

End Credits

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Topic: Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Special 1 - Zokugeminan Quest
Alph finds himself in an unfamiliar land, where the Races of Radiance stand strong against the Forces of Monsterkind. Alph learns that Furbendink is also in this place, and that he has been captured by goblins, so the young warrior asks the beautiful paladin, Kari, for assistance. Together, the two make their way to Bolgernia to rescue Furbendink, but they find themselves on a perilous journey to reach him. But how did Alph end up in this place, anyway?

New Character

Kari de Lumière
– A stern-looking paladin who does her best to help the Races of Radiance, she assists Alph in his quest.

“The place where light and dark diverge…but what does it mean?”

Scene 1: Market Dome: Akanius City: Morning

We see Alph and Amy walking through an empty street.

Amy: -and then I get back to my table, and what do I find?

Alph: A bug on your food?

Amy: Of course not! Why would there be a bug on my food if it was already eaten?

Alph: So you already ate it?

Amy: Nope!

Alph: Then…who did?

Amy: I have no idea! I briefly left my table to do something not-creepy, and when I got back, my Pikunian chocolate éclair and caramel fudge whip were missing!

Streams of tears emerge from Amy’s eyes.

Amy: And when I went back to order another éclair, they were all gone…

Alph: That must’ve been awful.

Amy sobs. Her expression suddenly changes to one of excitement.

Amy: Fortunately, there’s a Pikunian bakery nearby. If I can just find it…aha! There it is! Wait here while I go in there. I…want to get you a special surprise, Alph.

Alph: Oh…uh…okay.

Amy smiles.

Amy: Now don’t you go anywhere! I’ll be right back!

Alph: No problem. I’ll be waiting.

Amy smiles, then walks away. Alph looks around.

Alph: There sure aren’t that many folks around here today…

A female voice whispers in Alph’s mind.

Voice: Go now, seedling…

Suddenly, the mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Alph’s hand with red light.

Alph: Again…?

The mark appears beneath Alph’s feet, glowing with green light.

Alph: Well…this is new…

A column of green-tinged light erupts from the ground surrounding Alph. After a moment, the light retreats, and the mark disappears. After another moment, Amy walks back into view.

Amy: Alph! I bought you-

Amy looks around.

Amy: Alph…?

Amy appears disappointed.

Amy: Where did you go…?

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We see Alph standing next to a dirt road, which winds through a lush green meadow, with wooden fences marking the road’s path. The sky is overcast, and thunder rumbles in the distance.

Alph: Wh-What the…?

Alph looks around.

Alph: This isn’t Akanius City…where am I?!

Alph thinks for a moment.

Alph: Okay, Alph, retrace your steps…

Alph begins to pace back and forth.

Alph: One minute, I was in the Market Dome in Akanius City…then the symbols appeared…then there was that beacon of light…

Alph is alerted to a loud snort, followed by the soft sound of hooves.

Alph’s thoughts: Hey, maybe that’s someone who can help me!

Alph spins around to greet the stranger.

Alph: Howdy! I-


Alph: What?! Where?!

The stranger pulls on his horse’s reins and gallops away.


Alph holds his right hand to the back of his head.

Alph: Great…NOW what do I do?

Alph walks along the dirt road. Thunder rumbles in the distance.

Alph: I better hurry. It could rain soon! I don’t want to get wet out here in the middle of nowhe-

Alph spots a sign that reads “The Name Pending Tavern – 5km”.

Alph: “The Name Pending”…isn’t that the name of the tavern in Mawfang Ridge…?

Alph looks around.

Alph: It sure doesn’t look like I’m in Akanius, though…

Alph shrugs his shoulders.

Alph: I guess I shouldn’t think too hard about it, then. Unless…

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: I’m dreaming! What other explanation is there?

Alph points in the direction of the tavern.

Alph: In that case, I should arrive there instantaneously!

Alph begins walking.

Scene 3: The Name Pending Tavern: Unknown Time of Day

Alph enters the tavern.

Alph: Well, that took longer than I expected…

Voice: MONSTER! It’s him! The monster!

Alph looks around the tavern for the source of the voice. Everyone stares at him, but Alph notices one person in particular who seems outright terrified of him. He appears to be a bald human male with a silvery-white beard and slightly-pointed ears. He points at Alph.

Stranger: Just look at his gruesome appearance!

Alph: Gruesome?!

Patron #1: He admits it! He is gruesome!

Patron #2: I’ll bet 5 Gold Lumis that he’s a spy sent from the Forces!

The patrons agree with one another.

Stranger: We should sentence him right here and now!

Patrons: YEAH!

The patrons stand and approach Alph.

Alph: Uh…good thing this is a dream, otherwise I’d be in a muddvak heap of trouble right about now…

A hand suddenly pinches Alph’s left arm.

Alph: OUCH! Wait…then…

Voice: There. Are you now convinced that this is not a dream?

Alph: Huh?

Alph looks to his left and sees a woman dressed in platinum armour, including a helmet.

Woman: My people! You are so convinced that this individual is a monster?

Patrons: YEAH!

Patron #2: Just look at his face!

Patron #3: He’s hideous!

Woman: Well then…

The woman places her hand onto the front of Alph’s breather.

Alph: Uh…I need that to-

The woman pulls off Alph’s breather, revealing his face.

Woman: Does THIS look like a monster to you fine folk?

The patrons murmur amongst themselves.

Patron #1: He could still be a spy! Why else would he hide behind a mask?

Patron #2: And he hissed as you removed it!

Woman: I believe that this device is intended for him to be able to breathe.

The woman hands Alph his breather, which he quickly puts on.

Woman: So you see, he is human.

Stranger: But…

The woman cocks one eyebrow.

Woman: You question my judgement?

Stranger: Well, I-

Woman: I will escort this fellow to his destination.

Another loud rumble of thunder sounds, followed by the pour of heavy rain.

Woman: After the storm passes.

The patrons go back to their drinks. The woman looks at Alph.

Woman: Are you alright, my good fellow?

Alph: Y-Yes…uh…I think…?

The woman examines Alph.

Woman: Your attire is…well, it is most unusual, to be sure. From what land do you hail?

Alph: Well, I don’t know where I ORIGINALLY came from, but-

Woman: Wait…you do not remember the land of your birth?

Alph: Uh…that’s right.

The woman pauses.

Woman: I might be able to help you.

Alph: Really?!

Woman: Yes. But stay close by at all times!

The woman walks over to the barkeeper.

Woman: I wish to book an extra room for my guest, good sir.

Barkeeper: It’s 20 Gold Lumies a night for…this.

The woman cocks an eyebrow.

Woman: Yet you charged me a mere 15 Gold Lumies?

Barkeeper: I don’t trust types like ‘im.

Woman: Oh? And what type is he?

Barkeeper: Well…um…

Woman: Your ears are the same shape as his, are they not?

Barkeeper: Well…I suppose so…

Woman: And his skin is fair, much as your own, would you not agree?

Barkeeper: Well…

Woman: Then tell me, kind sir, why you refuse to treat him as equal as any other human?

Barkeeper: I suppose you’re right. Fine…15 Gold Lumies, and not a Copper more.

Woman: Many thanks.

The barkeeper hands a key to the woman, who gives 20 gold coins to him.

Woman: A 5 Gold Lumie tip for you, good sir.

The barkeeper appears surprised.

Barkeeper: Oh, well…thank you, Miss! Hey, for the next hour, free drinks for all!

The patrons cheer.

Patron #2: I’m gonna get so dru-

Patron #1 (whispers): SSH! Not in front of the paladin!

Patron #2: Oh, right…

The woman leads Alph to a room door and gives him his key.

Woman: This is your room. I trust that you are tired?

Alph: Yeah, a little.

Woman: Then I will let you rest. Tomorrow, I will take you to the nearby city of Lumière. For now, sleep well.

Alph: I’ll try. Oh, and…uh…

Woman: Yes? What is it, sir?

Alph: …thank you.

The woman nods.

Woman: You are most welcome.

The woman turns and enters her room.

Alph’s thoughts: It was nice of her to help me, but…why did she do it?

Scene 4: En Route to Lumière City: Morning

Alph and the woman walk along the now-muddy dirt road.

Alph: Hey, Kari?

The woman looks at Alph through the corners of her eyes.

Kari: Hm?

Alph: Thank you for helping me.

Kari looks ahead.

Kari: It is quite alright, Alphabet. I am duty-bound to aid all who require assistance.

Alph: I just don’t know how I ended up here…it’s very different from Akanius, that’s for sure.

Kari: I still find it hard to believe that dragons take on a human form in your homeland.

Alph: Well, it’s the truth…uh…honest.

Kari: I do not doubt that. I just have trouble imagining how such a being might look.

Alph: Oh, I have an idea!

Alph holds up his left wrist and activates his communicator. He presses a button and activates a holographic image of Ocre and Crynock.

Alph: These are two of my friends, Ocre and Crynock. Ocre helped me when I arrived near her town. I guess, in that way, she’s just like you.

Kari: Indeed. I must admit this device is remarkable.

Alph presses another button, which activates an image of Amy and Furbendink.

Alph: And this is Amy and Furbendink. Amy is…uh…

Kari: I sense that you have unrequited feelings for this…Amy.

A drop of sweat appears on Alph’s brow as he begins to panic.

Alph: Huh?! I…uh…I-I-I-

Kari looks at Alph.

Kari: Oh…I apologise if I made you uncomfortable.

Alph: It’s fine…I guess.

Kari: And this Furbendink fellow…

Alph: Yes?

Kari: Would his last name happen to be “Rashfoot”?

Alph: I have no idea. He never mentioned his last name.

Kari: Magenta hair…green clothing…I am sure I have witnessed this chromanom before…

Alph: You have?! When?!

Kari: Just two days ago. He was demonstrating to the people of Lumière his…erm…rainbow fart cantrip…

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: That’s him! But…what’s he doing here?

Kari: He seemed as lost and confused as you, so perhaps he arrived through similar means.

Alph becomes determined.

Alph: By the plains! We have to find him!

Kari: And we shall. We should arrive in Lumière within the hour.

Alph’s thoughts: I sure hope he’s okay…

Scene 5: The Glittery Gem Tavern: Late Morning

Alph and Kari sit at a table talking with a round-eared human warrior.

Warrior: Yeah, I seen ‘im. Fat is ta say I met ‘im.

Alph: Where?!

Warrior: ‘e said somefin’ about goin’ on a journey to…where was i’ now…

Kari: Please, take your time, sir.

Warrior: Oh yeah, fat’s right! Nomslandia! He was goin’ to Nomslandia!

Kari: Gnome lands? Seems perfectly reasonable.

Alph: So you pointed him in the right direction?

Warrior: Yeah, but fen ‘e went an’ go’ ‘imself captured by gobbos.

Alph: Gobbos?

Kari: He means “goblins”.

Alph: But…goblins are peaceful folk. Why would they capture him?

The warrior laughs.

Warrior: Goblins? Peaceful? You mus’ be jokin’!

Alph: I-I…

Warrior: Look, fis has been swell an’ all, but I really mus’ be goin’.

Kari: Of course. We thank you for your time.

Warrior: An’ fank you for buyin’ me a drink!

The warrior leaves the table. Kari looks at Alph.

Kari: I don’t know much about this…Akanius place, but the goblins of Zokugemina are evil, vile creatures who are allied with the Forces of Monsterkind.

Alph: “Forces of Monsterkind”…?

Kari: Our world is divided in two: one half bathed in light, the other shrouded in darkness. We are on the light side, the Races of Radiance. We struggle to survive against the Forces of Monsterkind, who exist on the side of dark.

Alph: Wow…

Kari: If I am right, Furbendink has been taken to the goblin land of Bolgernia, where he will most likely be either kept as a slave, or…

Alph: Or…?

Kari: …transformed into a goblin.

Alph: What?! We…we have to go to the goblins’ homeland and get him back!

Kari: I’m afraid it’s not that simple.

Alph: What? Why?!

Kari: Both Nomslandia and Bolgernia exist in the same place, and also at the same time.

Alph: I don’t quite follow…

Kari: When I said there were two sides, I meant it quite literally. Everything exists in either light or dark, and both exist as separate phases. We would need to shift from the light phase to that of the dark, but we need the right tools to accomplish this.

Alph: Then…what do you suggest?

Kari: We gather the resources we require. We then take an airship to Nomslandia. Upon our arrival, we shift into the dark phase and locate your ally.

Alph: Seems simple enough.

Kari: But I warn you, Alphabet: we could become stranded in the dark, with no chance of return.

Alph pauses.

Alph: I’m willing to take the risk.

Kari: Understood. We will leave momentarily.

Alph nods.

Alph’s thoughts: Furbendink…please be okay…

Commercial: It’s Multiverse Week! Each of this week’s eps of Mask of Akanius, Flight of Indigo and Shell of Thal see our heroes going on adventures in other universes. What adventures will they find, and who will they meet? Find out during Multiverse Week!


Scene 6: Skyport: Nomslandia City: Nomslandia: Afternoon

We see a large golden airship land in a skyport. Its balloon is marked with an insignia that reads LumiAirways.

Scene 7: Tinker District: Nomslandia City: Nomslandia: Afternoon

Alph and Kari walk through the bustling streets of Nomslandia City. Alph is amazed at the large number of gnomes with metallic-hued hair.

Alph: Wow, these gnomes sure are interesting.

Kari: How so?

Alph: Well, I thought that gnome hair is brightly-coloured, not…shiny.

Kari: Ah, you speak of chromanoms, sometimes known as “forest gnomes”. Their hair is brightly-coloured, and they have a strong connection to the force of magic.

Alph watches as a gnome with metallic-green hair walks past.

Alph: Then…what are these ones called?

Kari: They are glimmanoms, also known as “rock gnomes”. They have hair in various metallic hues, and focus on technology rather than magic.

Alph: Whoa…so there are two kinds?

Kari: That is correct.

Alph: I’d like to observe them while I’m here.

Kari looks at Alph from the corners of her eyes.

Kari: Should we not rescue your friend first?

Alph: Oh, right…yeah, let’s save Furbendink!

Kari looks ahead.

Kari: Very well, then.

Scene 8: Shrine of the Oscuro: Nomslandia: Evening

Alph and Kari climb a hill and approach a small platform forged from adamant.

Alph: So what’s this place?

Kari: Exactly where we need to be in order to reach the dark phase.

Kari stops walking, which prompts Alph to also stop walking.

Kari: Alphabet Plainrider, welcome…to the Shrine of the Oscuro.

Alph: Whoa…

Kari: One of many across the globe. We need to wait until sunset to travel through, but we must be wearing these.

Kari hands a small orb-shaped amulet to Alph. One half of the amulet is pale yellow, while the other is navy blue.

Alph: Wh-What is it?

Kari: A phase pendant. It will allow us to transition between the phases.

Kari looks at the shrine.

Kari: There is a fifteen-minute window between when the doorway opens and when it closes.

Alph: Fifteen minutes…? But…how do you expect us to be able to return in that time?!

Kari: Alas, the trip is one-way.

Alph: Then how can we return to the light phase?!

Kari spins around and looks at Alph.

Kari: We must locate the Shrine of the Lumière before sunrise, at which point we may return to this phase. Once we return, I will do all I can to help you and your friend return to Akanius.

Alph: Thank you.

Kari: I am bound by my oath to aid you, Alphabet.

Suddenly, the four pillars at the platform’s corners begin to glow with pale yellow light.

Kari: The time is now. Follow me.

Kari walks onto the platform.

Alph: Uh…okay…

Alph steps onto the platform facing Kari.

Alph: Uh…now what?

Kari: Watch.

Kari closes her eyes. After a moment, she opens her eyes, which glow with green light. Kari’s voice becomes echoey.

Kari: Light of the Lumière…grant us passage into the Oscuro…

Alph’s mark begins to glow with red light.

Alph: Huh…?

Alph’s eyes begin to glow with red light.

Alph: I…I feel…

Suddenly, a column of pale yellow-tinged light erupts from the platform surrounding Alph and Kari. We cut to a view of Alph, who appears to be in a trance. We hear a woman’s voice whisper in the background.

Voice: Seedling…the Ignis Penduli awaits…

Scene 10: Shrine of the Oscuro: Bolgernia: Evening

The column of light retreats into the ground. Both Alph’s and Kari’s eyes return to normal. Kari catches a glimpse of Alph’s mark just before it disappears.

Kari: Oh…that emblem…

Alph: Huh?

Alph examines the back of his hand.

Alph: Oh, that…it appears every now and then. It’s no big deal.

Kari: I am sure that it IS a… “big deal”, as you put it.

Alph looks at Kari.

Alph: You think so?

Kari: Of course. I have seen that emblem before.

Alph: Really? Where?

Kari: Within a book in the Lumière Public Library. It is described as a map of sorts.

Alph: A map…?

Kari: I imagine that the circles and dots in the mark are symbolic of different worlds. I believe that you have travelled to this world, Zokugemina, from a place farther than I could even imagine.

Alph: Wait…so…Zokugemina isn’t another part of Dracromia?

Kari: Dracromia? Is that the name of your world?

Alph: Well…yeah!

Kari: I see…

Kari shivers.

Kari: It is quite cold here, do you not agree?

Alph: Well actually, I don’t really feel the cold.

Kari: Truly?

Alph: Yeah!

Kari: I should have realised. After all, the ground is covered in snow, and you have not a goosebump on your arms.

Alph: Huh?

Alph looks around. The ground surrounding the platform is covered in a thin layer of snow.

Alph: Oh yeah…

Kari: Still, we must find your friend.

Alph: Right…oh!

Kari: Yes? What is it, Alphabet?

Alph: What about the Shrine of the Lumière?

Kari: I have studied a map of this land. Do not worry, for I can easily locate it.

Alph: Well, how long until sunrise?

Kari: Approximately twelve hours.

Alph: WHAT?!

Kari: That is why we must make haste. Now come. I know where your friend is being held.

Alph: Wait…how do you know that?

Kari: Your friend was taken from Nomslandia City. Thus, it stands to reason that he must be located in Bolgernia City. Now let us go.

Kari begins to walk away.

Alph: Wait…you expect us to just walk into the city?!

Kari: Relax, Alphabet. Our pendants will disguise us as orcs for a time.

Alph: O-Okay then…

Alph begins to follow Kari.

Scene 11: Stinker District: Bolgernia City: Night

Alph and Kari walk through Bolgernia City’s Stinker District. Unlike the well-crafted machinery of Nomslandia City’s Tinker District, the place appears to quite literally be a dump.

Kari: This stench is most horrid.

Alph: It is?

Alph pulls his breather forward slightly. His eyes suddenly bulge, causing him to let go.

Alph: WHOA!

Kari: A wiser person would not have removed his mask, Alphabet.

Alph: Sorry, sometimes my curiosity gets the better of me.

Kari: Understood.

Alph looks at Kari.

Alph: So how come I still see you as…human, Kari?

Kari: Oh…well…our disguises are only visible to residents of the dark phase.

Alph: Oh, neat.

Kari: Even your “breather” is disguised as an orcish tribal mask.

Alph: Wow, that must be some powerful magic!

Kari: Indeed.

We hear a voice suddenly cry out.

Voice: Take THAT, you lousy no-good goblins!

Alph: That sounded like…

We see Furbendink run out of a nearby building, with rainbow-coloured gas wafting through the doorway.

Alph: Furbendink…?

Furbendink sees Alph and Kari.

Furbendink: Alph?! What are YOU doing HERE?!

Alph: I could ask you the same thing.

Furbendink: Okay, let me explain…

We cut to a view of Furbendink as he is struggling against the two goblins who carry him.

Furbendink: First, the goblins captured me and tied me up…

Furbendink: No! I’ve been captured by goblins! Whatever shall I do…?

Goblin #1: Oi! Shut yer gob!

Goblin #2: Are you tellin’ me ta shut up?!

Goblin #1: No, the gnome!

Goblin #2: Oh…never mind.

Alph: Is that bit important to the story?

Furbendink: Hey! I’m telling it, so I say it IS important! Anyway, they then locked me up in a cage.

Furbendink sits in a cage being guarded by the two goblins.

Furbendink: Oh no, I’m locked up! NOW what do I do?

Goblin #1: Hey, good thing this guy’s not a sauciér, otherwise he could…uh…whatta sauciérs do again?

Goblin #2: They make sauce, right?

Goblin #1: Oh yeah. Then…what’s the kind of peep who can use magic without reading a spelling book?

Goblin #2: Uh…a sorcerer?

Goblin #1: Yeah, that’s it! Good thing this guy’s not a SORCERER! AHAHAHAHAAH!

Furbendink: That’s right, I’m not a sorcerer! I’m powerless to stop you from…uh…I’m sorry, what are you gonna do to me?

Goblin #2: Turn ya inta a GOBLIN! EEHEHEHEHEE!

Furbendink: NOOOOOOOOOO!

Furbendink: What those goblins DIDN’T know was that I AM a sorcerer!

Kari: Could you cut to the chase please, Mr. Rashfoot?

Furbendink: Oh, right. I’m sorry, lady I’ve never met before…anyway, I waited till those goons were asleep, and then I cast a little spell to mess with them…heheh…

Furbendink walks up to his cage door and holds his hand to the lock.

Furbendink: “Unlock Cage!”

The door unlocks and swings open.

Furbendink: And then I snuck out!

Furbendink: Yes! Now I can sneak out.

Alph: But you didn’t sneak out. I heard you yelling at the goblins AFTER using rainbow fart on them!

Furbendink: Yeah, about that…I can be pretty grudge-holding, so…I snuck back in.

Furbendink approaches the sleeping goblins.


The goblins suddenly awaken. They look at Furbendink and snarl.

Goblin #1: How the (squawk) did you escape?!

Goblin #2: Yeah, you stupid (squawk)?!

Furbendink: Is there a chicken in here?

Goblin #1: Yeah, you (squawk) gnome! It was in the cage with you!

Furbendink: It was?

Furbendink looks in the cage. A chicken is tied to a wooden post.

Chicken: (squawk)

Furbendink: Huh. Anyway…

Goblin #2: Why did you come back and wake us up, (squawk) idiot?!

Furbendink: To do this!

Furbendink points his wand at the goblins.

Furbendink: “SLEEP!”

A beacon of magenta energy strikes the goblins and puts them to sleep.

Furbendink: Take THAT, you lousy no-good goblins!

Furbendink: And so I snuck out again.

Alph: Then how do you explain…that?

Furbendink: What, the rainbow gas? I snuck back in again.

Kari’s eyes bulge.

Furbendink: Now can I PLEASE finish my story?

Kari: I think you’ve explained enough, Mr. Rashfoot.

Furbendink: Fair enough.

Alph: And anyway, we’re surrounded by goblins.

The scene zooms out to reveal the entire plaza filled with goblins. We cut back to a view of Furbendink.

Furbendink: Not a problem at all, Alphy-boy!

Furbendink points his wand at a goblin.

Furbendink: “Furbendink’s Rainbow Fart-Party!”

Suddenly, every goblin in the plaza lets out a cloud of rainbow gas, which fills the area.

Alph: Just when I thought Furbendink’s antics couldn’t get even more spectacular…

Furbendink: Quick! Now’s our chance! While they’re distracted!

Kari: Right…

Alph, Furbendink and Kari leave the plaza.

Scene 12: Shrine of the Lumière: Pre-Dawn

Alph, Furbendink and Kari approach a platform forged from platinum.

Kari: Well, here we are.

Alph: So this will take us back to the light phase?

Kari: Actually, it will take myself back to the light phase.

Alph: Huh?

Furbendink: Then…you’re leaving us trapped in a land of monsters?!

Kari: On the contrary, I am to give you these.

Kari hands two bottles of glowing red liquid to Alph.

Alph: What are these?

Kari: Transport potions. If I am correct in assuming, they should lead you both back to Dracromia.

Alph: Oh…thank you.

Kari: I am honour-bound to aid you, Alph.

Kari makes a slight smile.

Kari: But you are welcome.

Furbendink smiles.

Furbendink: Aw, this is a nice moment, isn’t it? Now make with the potion!

Alph: Oh…uh…right.

Alph hands a bottle to Furbendink.

Furbendink: YAY! Thank you!

Furbendink examines the bottle.

Furbendink: Phar-Out Potions, huh?

Furbendink uncorks his bottle and drinks the potion. He steps back.

Furbendink: Now what?

The mark of the multiverse appears beneath Furbendink’s feet with red light.

Furbendink: This should be fu-

A column of red-tinged light erupts from the ground around Furbendink. After a moment, it retreats, and the mark disappears. Furbendink is nowhere to be seen.

Alph: That must be how it looked from the outside during my trip here. Well, I guess it’s my turn.

Alph removes his breather, letting it hang over his right shoulder, then he uncorks the bottle and begins to lift it to his lips.

Kari: WAIT!

Alph: Huh?

Kari: Before you go…here.

Kari reaches into her satchel and pulls out a glittering fragment of the Mask of Akanius.

Alph: H-How did you…where did you find this?!

Kari: The person who gave me that potion asked me to give you this object. He said it would be important to your quest.

Alph: Person?

Kari: The other night, in the tavern. He was dressed much like you are now and wore a similar breather.

Alph’s thoughts: Wait…no, it couldn’t be…could it…?

Alph: Well, I’d better go.

Kari: It was nice to meet you, Alph Plainrider.

Alph: Likewise…Kari de Lumière.

Alph smiles, before drinking the potion. He puts on his breather and steps back. The mark glows on the back of Alph’s right hand with red-tinged light. Then, the mark appears beneath Alph’s feet and glows with red-tinged light. At that moment, the same mark appears on the back of Kari’s right hand with green-tinged light.

Alph: Hey, wait a mi-

A column of red-tinged light erupts from the ground around Alph. After a moment, the light retreats, and the mark disappears. Alph is nowhere to be found.

Kari: May you soon find the Ignis Penduli…

End Credits

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Topic: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 4: Chuck
After learning something interesting about Chuck, and plateauborn in general, Sky is taken by his roomie on a road trip to distant Streamstride City. While cruising above a thick forest, however, Chuck’s car breaks down, and both his and Sky’s communicators are eaten by a growvak, meaning the duo must trek to the nearest settlement by foot for assistance. But what will they do when the only path there is through an elbok-infested tunnel?

“Chuck, are you part-avi?!”

Scene 1: Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Pre-Dawn

A shirtless Chuck is standing in his and Sky’s dorm, listening to music through a pair of headphones. He is singing into a hairbrush. Chuck’s lower back and the tops of his forearms are covered in soft, aqua-coloured feathers. He is facing the opposite direction to the door.

Chuck: Oh yeah! Mm-hm…oh yeah! I like it when you say, “oh yeah!”

Sky suddenly enters the room.

Sky: Here I am.


Chuck spins around and takes off his headphones, letting them hang around his neck.

Chuck: Wh-What are you doing here, Sky?!

Sky: Uh…you asked me to come, remember?

Chuck: I did? Well why didn’t you knock?!

Sky: Because this is my dorm too.

Chuck: It is?

Sky: Of course! That’s my bed just over…uh…

Sky looks at his bed. A device resembling a PDA sits on top of it.

Sky: What’s my storage device doing on my bed?

Chuck: Huh?

Chuck looks at the device on Sky’s bed.

Chuck: Oh, I packed it for you!

Sky: But why would you-

Chuck: Because, roomie, you and I are going to a spa resort all the way in Streamstride!

Sky: Streamstride? But…that’s another country! D-Do we even have permission to go there?!

Chuck: Relax, Sky, I checked with the commander of the Teal Squadron, and we have permission to go there anytime we like, as long as it’s for leisure purposes only. If we wanted to board the Turquoise Wave, THAT’S when we’d need clearance!

Sky: Actually, I meant permission from OUR commander. You know, Ms. Frostswift?

Chuck pulls on a white long-sleeved shirt with a picture of a cartoon muddvak on it.

Chuck: What…? She isn’t our commander!

Sky: But…I thought that-

Chuck: She’s just someone who helps out around the ship. Not sure who she is, though…and she keeps appearing and disappearing, almost like a…a…

Sky: A ninja?

Chuck: Yeah, I guess. You’re really smart, Sky!

Sky blushes.

Sky: Oh…uh…th-thank you, Chuck…

Chuck: Anyway, we leave at first light.

Sky: But…dawn is in half an hour! I still need to shower and brush my teeth, not to mention eat a good breakfast!

Chuck: Say no more, dude. Fine, we’ll leave an hour from now.

Sky: Thank you.

Sky leaves the dorm carrying a purple towel.

Sky’s thoughts: Wait a minute…

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: Chuck has FEATHERS on his ARMS!

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Chuck’s Car: Skies over Cloudclamber Region: Morning

Sky and Chuck sit inside a blue car. Chuck is in the driver’s seat, whereas Sky is in the passenger’s seat. Sky is wearing his breather.

Chuck: WOO yeah! Until we start active duty, it’s just you and me, bro, spending a leisurely time in a leisurely spa resort!

Sky: Active duty…? Chuck, that’s two weeks from now!

Chuck: Yeah?

Sky: You really think we can spend two weeks at a spa?

Chuck: Spa RESORT, bro! They have loads to do!

Sky: Then why didn’t we bring the girls?

Chuck: Because this trip is bros only!

Sky: Okay then…

Chuck: Besides, it seemed like the girls had their own stuff to do. I thought it’d be best not to bug them. I don’t know why, but Talya can’t STAND being annoyed by me!

Scene 3: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Morning

We cut to a view of Talya, who is eating breakfast at a table. Delphie walks up to her.

Delphie: Talya, have you noticed that some of the team is missing?

Talya stops eating and looks at Delphie.

Talya: Yes I have, Delphie. Chuck hasn’t given me his usual “good morning” bro-hug yet, and…to be honest, it feels weird not being on the receiving end of it.

Delphie: I know what you mean.

Talya: Chuck’s the best company. Some of the crew find him annoying, but…I’m quite fond of him.

Delphie: Kati seems to be absent as well…

Talya: Oh yeah, she’s on leave.

Delphie: On leave? To where?

Talya: I dunno…something about catching up with family?

Delphie: Well, at least she has an alibi. Why would Chuck leave the ship without telling us?

Talya: I try not to think about it.

Delphie: Why not?

Talya: Because trying to figure out Chuck is like watching Munch try to use a calculator. Chuck’s a loveable guy, but he’s a few berries short of a parfait, if you catch my drift…

Scene 4: Chuck’s Car: Skies over Cloudclamber Region: Morning

Chuck: …and so I added a little hint of seafoam green, which really brought out a certain lustre to the growvak’s teeth.

Sky: I can see that, Chuck.

We cut to a view of Sky’s tablet-like device, which has an exquisitely-drawn image of a muddvak-like creature on it, though this creature has moss-green fur instead of brown.

Sky: It’s remarkable…

Chuck: Ah, yes, the majestic growvak, denizen of the forests of the Mahou Plateau, whose diet consists mainly of tree leaves.

Sky: No, I mean the painting. Chuck, you have talent!

Chuck: You really think so, Sky?

Sky: Absolutely! This should be in the art gallery in Cloudclamber City!

Chuck: Then…I’m not a few crumbs short of a cheesecake?

Sky: What? Who told you that?

Chuck: I overheard Talya telling Kati just before she left to visit her folks.

Sky: Oh, come on, Chuck. I-I’m sure Talya is very fond of you.

Chuck: Yeah right! She thinks I’m dumber than a dumbbell!

Sky: But…the painting!

Chuck: Let’s face it, Talya probably thinks that I forget to fill up my fuel tank before I leave on a long car trip!

Sky: That’s ridiculous!


Chuck looks at Sky.

Chuck: You were saying, Evan…?

Sky: Heh…uh…hm…

Chuck facepalms. Sky becomes alarmed.

Sky: Chuck, bird! Bird!

Chuck: Whoa!

Chuck swerves to avoid the bird.

Chuck: That was close! Okay, I better park this thing.

Sky: There’s a clearing just down there.

Chuck: Good thinking, Sky!

Chuck’s thoughts: If only I bothered to think once in a while…

Scene 5: Talya and Delphie’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya lies on Delphie’s bed. Munch sits on her belly, nibbling at a large shelled nut.

Talya: Oh, Munch…to be as carefree as a glider monkey…or a Chuck…

Munch: Oo?

Talya sits up, prompting Munch to swoop onto a nearby shelf.

Talya: I mean, how could he and Evan just leave like that? Without telling me?

Munch looks at Talya with curiosity.

Talya: Maybe I would’ve liked to go on a road trip with them. But does Chuck think about that? About ME? No! He only thinks about Evan!

Talya’s thoughts: Wow, Talya…look who’s being hypocritical…

Talya sighs. Munch goes back to gnawing at his food.

Talya: Oh, Evan…teehee!

The door suddenly opens and Delphie walks in.

Delphie: Oh, Evan what, Talya?

Talya: WAH!

Talya becomes startled.

Talya: D-Delphie?! Do you have supersonic hearing or something?!

Delphie: Of course not! A m-

Delphie pauses.

Delphie: I mean…ME, having supersonic hearing? That’s absurd!

Talya: I suppose you’re right…

Delphie: Perhaps the walls are just paper-thin.

Talya: Delphie, the Amethyst Blizzard is made from a reinforced adamant alloy. You know that!

Delphie: I know. It was a metaphor.

Talya: Oh, right…

Delphie: Evan and Chuck can take care of themselves. They’re both well-trained, and they have a sword and mahou techniques between them.

Talya: I suppose you’re right. I mean, what’s Chuck gonna do, cause his car to break down, leaving him and Evan stranded in the middle of Cloudclamber?

Scene 6: Cloudclamber Region: Afternoon

Sky and Chuck stand in front of the car.

Chuck: Great. We’re stranded in the middle of Cloudclamber.

Sky: Relax, Chuck, we can contact the Amethyst Blizzard for assistance.

Chuck: Good idea, Sky!

Sky: So…where did you put our communicators?

Chuck: Huh? Oh, I left them on the boot.

A loud, sharp exhaling sound is heard.

Chuck: What was that?

Sky and Chuck spin around and see a large growvak standing there.

Sky: Why is there a growvak behind the car?

Chuck: Well, they’re pretty common around here, so-

Chuck’s eyes widen.

Chuck: Uh-oh.

Sky: “Uh-oh”…Chuck, what do you mean, “Uh-oh”?

Chuck: Don’t tell me…

A loud swallowing sound is heard. The growvak snorts loudly.

Chuck: AAGH! It just swallowed our communicators!

Sky: What?! Why would it do that?!

Chuck: Well…

Sky: What…?

Chuck: …I put them into a storage pouch…

Sky: M-hm…

Chuck: …which is sort of green and shaped like a tree.

Sky’s eyes bulge.

Chuck: Relax, Sky, soon we can look back on this scenario and laugh!

Sky: But without the communicators, how are we supposed to contact the Amethyst Blizzard?!

Chuck scratches his head.

Chuck: Oh yeah…

Sky: Well, what about the growvak?

Chuck: Wait a minute…there’s a certain kind of berry that growvaks love, but that makes them lose their lunch when unripe. I happen to have some unripe berries in my storage device.

Sky: Why would you bring unripe berries with you?

Chuck: ‘Cause they ripen quickly.

Sky: Right…wait a minute…Chuck, are you suggesting-

Chuck: It’s the only way.

Sky: But…hygiene, Chuck!

Chuck: Do you want to get out of this forest or not?

Sky: I suppose…

Chuck: Good, now we just need to restrain the-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck: Where’s the growvak?

The growvak is nowhere to be seen.

Sky and Chuck proceed through the forest.

Chuck: It couldn’t have gone far. Growvaks always stick to a relatively small territory, so we can find it, feed it the berries, and then get back our communica-

Sky and Chuck pause. The scene stretches to reveal a clearing containing a herd of about fifty similar-looking growvaks.


Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya sits at a table reading a large book, its pages adorned with images of dragons.

Talya: Wow, these rosegold dragons are beautiful…shame they’re not the friendliest of dragons…

Delphie sits next to Talya, placing her lunch tray on the table.

Delphie: A bit of light reading?

Talya looks at Delphie’s tray, which contains a large amount of fish.

Talya: A bit of light lunch?

Delphie: Oh…touché.

The girls laugh. Talya sighs.

Delphie: You’re still thinking about a certain someone, aren’t you? Wink-wink.

Talya: No, Delphie…you don’t SAY “wink-wink”, you DO wink-wink…oh, never mind.

Delphie: So who is on your mind: Evan or Chuck?

Talya: Yes.

Delphie nods.

Delphie: I see…you have feelings for both.

Talya: WHAT?!

Delphie: No, I mean ROMANTIC feelings for one, and “BRO” feelings for the other.

Talya: Huh? Oh, right…

Delphie: Have you told Evan?

Talya: About?

Delphie: Now come on, Talya. Sure, he may be kind of…quirky, but I notice how Evan looks at you. I feel as though the feelings are mutual.

Talya: Well…we can’t be together anyway. It’s squadron regulation.

Delphie: No it isn’t.

Talya panics.

Talya: Yes it is!

Delphie: It is not and you know it. And so does Evan.

Talya: Yes, but…I can’t expect us to have a relationship! Not so close to us starting active duty, anyway. Who knows, our little fling could get in the way of our job!

Delphie: You won’t know unless you try, Talya.

Talya: I suppose you’re right…still, I’m sure Evan has more on his mind than just his SUPPOSED feelings for me…

Scene 8: Cloudclamber Region: Afternoon

Sky and Chuck proceed through the forest.

Sky: I wonder if I’ll ever see Talya again…

Chuck: Relax, Sky! There’s a town not too far from here.

Sky: H-How in the skies do you know THAT?!

Chuck: It’s…on that sign right there.

Chuck points to a sign that reads, “Windburg – 5km”

Sky: Windburg…?

Chuck: Yeah! I mean…there’s kind of a mountain range in the way, but-

Sky: A mountain range?

Chuck: Yeah, but there’s probably a cable car or something.

Sky: Are you sure about that?

Chuck: Of course! There’s ALWAYS a cable car!

Sky and Chuck stand in front of a dilapidated sign that reads, “CABL# CAR CLOS#D INDEFIN#TELY DUE TO ####### VANDALS”

Chuck: No! Not the cable car! I used to love riding that thing with my cousin Tommy!

Sky: Well, now what do we do?

Chuck: Well, we found two signposts, and you know what they say, right?

Sky: “Find two things and the third is nearby”?

Chuck: What? No, I was gonna say, “where one cable car is out-of-order, there’s always a dragon who’ll fly you over the mountain”!

Sky: I-I’m…not familiar with that saying…

Chuck: That’s ‘cause it’s a Chuck Orange-uh-nal!

Sky: Original, Chuck.

Chuck: No thanks, I’m not in the mood for chips right now.

Sky: Well, I think we-

Sky’s eyes widen.

Chuck: You think we what, Sky?

Sky: Well, there’s the third signpost we were looking for, but…

Chuck: Whoa…

We cut to a view of the sign, which reads, “ELBOK TUNNEL – 3RD LEVEL DUNGEON – NOOBS BEWARE!”. We cut back to Sky and Chuck, who are both surprised.

Chuck: …awesome…

Sky: Wh-What do you mean, “awesome”?!

Chuck: Dude, it’s a dungeon! Like, an actual dungeon that adventurers go into!

Sky: But we’re not adventurers, Chuck. We’re pilots.

Chuck: Yeah, but we have adventurer training, right?

Sky: I suppose…

Chuck: We even have classes! You’re a trickster, and I’m a warrior…uh…I think…so let’s go in there!

Sky: But…shouldn’t we seek help?

Chuck: Well, Windburg is on the other side of that tunnel, and we’re in the middle of nowhere!

Sky: Did you not read the name of the dungeon?

Chuck: Of course I did.

Sky: ELBOK Tunnel! You do know what an elbok is, right?

Chuck: Relax, Sky, they’re probably not elboks. I bet they’re just kobles or somethin’. This IS a popular koble trade route, y’know.

Sky: Well…if it IS the only way to town…

Chuck: Just stick with me and you’ll be fine. Defender is my middle name, you know?

Sky and Chuck enter the cave.

Chuck: Well actually, it’s Alice, but…never mind. Let’s just be quiet.

The scene zooms out to reveal the back of a figure in a dark purple hooded cloak, who watches as Sky and Chuck proceed ever deeper into the tunnel.

Commercial: Remember, kids: Don’t litter, otherwise the Garbage Pixie will make your room a mess! DON’T GET YOURSELF GROUNDED! This message brought to you by the Cloudclamber City Council.


Scene 9: Outside Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya and Delphie are walking down a hallway. They notice Thugley standing outside Sky and Chuck’s dorm.

Thugley: Come on out, Huck! You can’t stay in there forever!

Talya: Thugley?

Thugley turns to face the girls.

Thugley: Oh, hey, Tally.

Talya: What are you doing?

Thugley: Oh, I have a little surprise in my fist for Huck, but he’s not coming out of his room.

Talya: Are you sure the fist itself isn’t the surprise?

Thugley: Pfft…no! What do you take me for? I’m a changed guy!

Delphie: A changed guy?

Thugley: Yeah! Why? You wanna fight about it?

Delphie: By the s…skies, no!

Talya: You can wait there all day, Thugley, but Chuck isn’t coming out anytime soon.

Thugley: Yeah right! He’s gotta go to the facilities sometime!

Talya: Well, he and Evan are both on their way to-

Thugley: Hold that thought, Tally.

Thugley holds his left forearm at eye level. A small, soft, orange feather is growing out of it. Thugley plucks the feather, a tear forming in the corner of each eye as he does so. Thugley drops the feather to the floor.

Delphie: My word! Didn’t that hurt, Thugley?

Thugley responds with a slight squeak in his voice.

Thugley: No…

Talya: I’m serious about Chuck not being in there, Thugley. You’re wasting your time.

Thugley: Whatever…

Talya and Delphie walk away. Thugley unclenches his left fist, revealing a tiny toy muddvak, which he starts prodding with his right index finger.

Thugley: Don’t you wowwy, widdle muddvak. I’ll give woo to Huck when he comes back! Yes I wiw! Yes I-

Thugley notices a recruit staring at him.

Thugley: Can I help woo? Uh…you?

Recruit: Oh, uh…n-no…

The recruit walks away. Thugley looks at the toy.

Thugley: That was vewy wude of vat wecwuit, wasn’t it? Yes it was! Yes it was!

Scene 10: Elbok Tunnel: Cloudclamber Region: Unknown Time of Day

Sky and Chuck proceed through the dungeon. Chuck is holding a device much like a battery-operated torch in our world.

Chuck: See, Sky? There’s no reason to-

Chuck walks into a web.

Chuck: AAH! AAH!

Sky: Relax, Chuck. It’s just a web.

Chuck: Huh?! Oh…ew…

Chuck pulls off the web and throws it to the floor.

Chuck: Well, THAT was unexpected!

Sky: I thought you said there’d be no surprises in this tunnel, Chuck…

Chuck: No, what I said was-

Chuck walks into another web.

Chuck: AAH! AAH!

Sky: Chuck, it’s only another web!

Chuck: By the skies! Where do these keep coming from?!

Chuck pulls off the second web and throws it to the floor.

Chuck: Seriously, Sky! Do you know what makes webs like that?

Sky: Spiders, I suppose…

Chuck: Why would there be spies in a tunnel in the middle of nowhere?

Sky: No, not “spies”, Chuck. I said “spiders”.

Chuck: What’s that?

Sky: What’s what?

Chuck: A spiders! What’s a spiders?

Sky: It’s a small…thing with eight legs, eight eyes-

Chuck: Okay, are you TRYING to frighten me?!

Sky: I-I thought you were supposed to be brave!

Chuck: What gave you that idea, Sky?

Sky: You carry a sword. Doesn’t that indicate that you’re a brave warrior?

Chuck: No, it indicates that I’m ready to defend myself from anything that scares me!

Sky: Well, what does scare you, anyway?

Chuck: Well, cakefly webs, for one…

Sky: Wait…those webs…were made by cakeflies?

Chuck: Well, yeah, Sky. Why do you think they were sticky?

Sky: Well…spiders’ webs are sticky too.

Chuck: Okay, can we PLEASE not talk about spiderses, Evan?!

Sky: Okay, then I have a question for you.

Chuck: Lay it on me like a paladin’s hands, Sky!

Sky: Why do you have feathers on your arms and back?

Chuck: Because plateauborn humans have feathers on their arms and back. That’s common knowledge.

Sky: W-Well…

Chuck facepalms.

Chuck: Right…sometimes I forget.

Sky: It’s fine. So…are there any other differences I should know?

Chuck: Well, we also have feathers on our legs.

Sky: No, I mean other than feathers, Chuck.

Chuck: Oh, uh…let’s see…oh! Plateauborn humans can have green eyes.

Sky: So can my kind, Chuck.

Chuck: Oh…then…hm…we can also have orange hair.

Sky: So can my kind, Chuck.

Chuck: Well then…uh…oh, male plateauborn can grow hair on our faces!

Sky: Do I really need to say it?

Chuck sighs.

Chuck: I guess not…Well, I can’t think of what else is different about-

Chuck trips and falls over the edge of a cliff.


After a couple of seconds, a loud thump is heard.


Chuck’s voice: I’m okay, Sky! I just had a two-storey fall to the floor below.

Sky: By the skies! Are you injured?!

Chuck’s voice: Nah, I landed on my back, so I’m okay.

Sky: Chuck, you shouldn’t move!

Chuck’s voice: No, it’s fine! I’m already on my feet!

Sky: But you might’ve broken a bone or something!

Chuck’s voice: What?! Humans can’t break bones from falling down a cliff!

Sky: Of course we can!

Chuck’s voice: That’s ridiculous! Unless…maybe it’s different for surfaceborn, but plateauborn are resistant to taking injury from falls.

Sky: Okay then…so…can you see a slope or something that you can use to climb back up?

Chuck’s voice: Yeah…I think I see a set of stairs nearby.

Sky’s thoughts: Stairs…in a cave…?

Sky: Perfect! Come back up here, then, and we can continue our trek.

Chuck’s voice: Fair enough, Sky! I’ll-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck’s voice: Oh, hey there, little guy! What are you doing all the way in this scary cave? Sky, I found one of the kobles down here!

Sky: WHAT?!

Chuck’s voice: He seems friendly, and he’s making this weird clicky-clacky sound.

Sky: Chuck, I think we should-

Chuck’s voice: Oh, is this a friend of yours? Teehee!

Sky: No, really, Chuck…move. Now.

Chuck’s voice: What? It’s just two kobles…who knows? Maybe they’ll trade some goods with us!

Sky: Remember what that sign said? “Elbok Tunnel”?

Chuck’s voice: Yeah, so? What’s your poi-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck’s voice: AAAAAAAAAAHH!!

Sky: Chuck!

Chuck’s voice: Sky! They’re all over me! Please don’t bind my hands! Hey, that goes for my feet as well! Hey, don’t you DARE tie that around my mmph!


A loud dragging sound is heard.

Sky’s thoughts: I have to get down there and help him!

Suddenly, the mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Sky’s left hand with purple light.

Sky: What the…?

A tiny purple whisp appears in front of Sky.

Sky: What is it? You want me to follow you?

The whisp begins slowly moving away from Sky.

Sky: Well, o-okay then…

Sky begins following the whisp.

The whisp leads Sky towards a stretch of tunnel, which appears to be partly lit up with flame.

Sky: This way, then?

The whisp disappears.

Sky: Okay, time to help Chuck.

Sky follows the tunnel, which curves to the right. Sky comes to the entrance of a large cavern, which is filled with multiple huts made from bamboo with straw rooves. Sky sees Chuck tied to a chair on the opposite side of the cavern, a gag tied tightly around his mouth.

Sky: What are they doing to him?!

Sky sneaks into the cavern. He nimbly shifts into the shadows in an attempt to keep himself out of sight, and manages to sneak past each hut. Sky finally reaches Chuck, though the warrior doesn’t notice the trickster as he unties him. Sky un-gags Chuck, which causes the warrior to realise his friend’s presence.

Chuck: SKY! Oh, I KNEW you’d come to rescue-

Sky and Chuck find themselves surrounded by elboks, which hiss and click in their incomprehensible language.

Chuck: The lesson today is…don’t open your mouth, Chuck.

Sky and Chuck form defensive positions.

Chuck: Don’t worry, Sky, we can take these guys out!

Sky: But you don’t have your sword, Chuck!

Chuck: Oh yeah…the elboks took it.

Sky: Well, did you see where?

Chuck: Yeah, out of the dungeon.

Sky: WHAT?!

Chuck: Don’t worry, ‘cause I’m perfectly capable of defending myself even without a sword.

Sky: But…you can’t use mahou!

Chuck: Well, no, but-

Sky: Then what CAN you do?!

Chuck: Well, there’s this…

Chuck holds his hand at a nearby elbok.

Chuck: “Root Tangle!”

Suddenly, a string of vines bursts from the ground and binds the feet of the elbok, causing it to trip and fall.

Sky: Chuck…by the skies…wh-what the-

Chuck: Mahou and cuper aren’t the ONLY technique sciences, y’know!

Sky: But…what was-

Chuck: Root tangle is an example of prima, abilities channelled from nature.

Sky: But…I didn’t know about-

Chuck: Now, can we PLEASE deal with these elboks?!

Sky: Oh, uh…right…

Chuck summons another string of vines, which binds the feet of another elbok.

Sky: “Summon Illusory Whisp!”

Sky summons a number of whisps, which distract a number of the elboks.

Sky: And now…

Sky lobs a water balloon at each of the distracted elboks, which causes them to start scratching themselves in a frenzy.

Chuck: Sky, what did you do?!

Sky: I mixed some itching powder into the solution in each of those balloons. Super-rash formula.

Chuck: Oh, neat!

More elboks surround Sky and Chuck.

Chuck: Wait a minute…that sign said “3rd-level dungeon”, right?

Sky: Yes…?

Chuck: And we’re only 2nd-level, right?

Sky: Of course…?

Chuck: And the Adventurer’s League recommends dungeons be entered by a group of roughly five adventurers, right?

Sky: That’s right…?

Chuck: So a 3rd-level dungeon is meant for five adventurers at or above 3rd-level.

Sky: I already figured that out, Chuck!

Chuck: What? When?

Sky: Before we entered!

Chuck: You did?!

Sky: Yes! Why did you think I was hesitant to enter?!

Chuck: I thought you were scared! That’s why I said I’d protect you!

An elbok jabs Chuck’s shin with a stick.

Chuck: YEOW! Protect me, Sky!

Sky: But…I-I don’t know what I can-

Suddenly, a trio of glowing orbs appears in front of Sky. The left one, which is larger than the other two, is dark blue, the middle one is purple, and the right one is purplish-pink. A glowing white orb emerges from the blue orb and into the purple one, causing the blue orb to shrink and the purple one to grow. The orbs then disappear.

Sky: What was that?!

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows through the cavern, lifting up the elboks and flinging them around, and causing the huts to shake.



Suddenly, the wind stops. The elboks leap to their feet and approach Sky, looks of curiosity on each of their faces.

Chuck: Oh, great…they’re probably gonna blame US for that wind!

The elboks suddenly begin to giggle.

Chuck: Uh…well, this is unexpected…

“Elbok” #1: It is him! The wind-bringer!

“Elbok” #2: All hail the wind-bringer!

“Elboks”: All hail the wind-bringer!

Sky: Uh…b-but I didn’t-

Chuck: Sky, shush! They’re actually being nice to us! Don’t mess this up!

Sky: B-But…I-

“Elbok” #1: I apologise for tying up your friend. Oh, yes, yes! We thought he was an intruder, looking to steal our trade goods!

“Elbok” #3: Oh, yes, yes!

Chuck: Wait…you’re traders? Then…you’re NOT elboks?!

“Elbok” #1: Oh, no, no! We are kobles, and kobles are us!

Sky: So this was all a big misunderstanding, then?

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes! A BIG misunderstanding, on BOTH our part!

Koble #2: Now, you are headed for Windburg, yes?

Sky: Yes, we are, but…how did you know?

Koble #3: The ninja said you would be heading to Windburg, and that the wind would be following! Oh, yes, yes!

Chuck: So we can go there right now?!

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes! Follow us! We’ll show you the way!

Scene 11: Outside Elbok Tunnel: Evening

Three kobles lead Sky and Chuck past a sign that reads, “Thank you for visiting Elbok Tunnel. Come again soon! Oh, yes, yes!”

Chuck: Wait…if you’re kobles, then why does the sign say “ELBOK Tunnel”?

Koble #2: Oh, we call it that to stop intruders from stealing our trade goods! Oh, yes, yes!

Sky: So this road will take us to Windburg?

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes!

Sky: Well then…I-I guess we’ll be on our way.

Chuck: Later, homies!

Sky and Chuck begin to walk away. The first koble dashes in front of them.

Koble #1: WAIT!

Chuck: Why?

Koble #3: Do not question her, Charles! Oh, no, no!

Chuck: I’m sorry…

The first koble holds a bottle of orange liquid to Sky.

Sky: Wh-What’s this?

Koble #1: A gift, from the ninja. Drink it fast!

Sky: O-Okay then…?

Sky uncorks the bottle and drinks the liquid.

Chuck: Uh…Sky? Are you sure you should be drinking that?

Sky: Why? What could possibly-

The mark begins glowing on Sky’s hand with purple light.

Chuck: Hey, your mark-thingy is glowing…

The same symbol appears beneath Sky’s feet, though it glows with orange light instead of purple.

Chuck: And now the ground is glowing…?

Suddenly, a column of orange-tinged light erupts from the ground around Sky. We cut inside the column, where we see an awe-struck Sky.

Sky: Wow, this is…beautiful…

The column retreats into the ground, leaving Sky standing in a dry scrubland.

Sky: Wait…where am I…?

The symbol disappears from beneath Sky’s feet. Sky looks around.

Sky’s thoughts: Wait…it was evening…and now it’s daytime…?

A loud roar in the distance alarms Sky.

Sky: What was THAT?!

End Credits

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Topic: Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 4 – Akanian Tournament
Alph and Ocre begin their trials in the prestigious Akanian Tournament, with both teammates determined to win the grand prize: a piece of the legendary Mask of Akanius, an artefact that is said to grant its wearer the strengths and abilities of the Red Dragon himself. But there are other competitors who seek the fragment for themselves, little realising its true significance. A lone member of the Hitorelmian team, however, does seem to know something about the fragment, and he also shows an interest in it. Will the young pacifist and his drachomus ally be able to claim the prize?

New Characters

Ash Voltstriker
– A competitor who apparently hails from the distant human-inhabited land of Hitorelm, he shows an interest in the mask fragment, but is there more to his competing in the tournament than merely winning the grand prize?

Aoin, Empress of the Blue Drachomi – The leader of the Aoinian people herself has come to Akanius City to cheer on her empire’s team.

“Wait…my hand is glowing?!”

Scene 1: Alph’s Bedchamber: Akanius Stadium: Early Morning

Alph, who is not wearing his breather, tosses and turns in his bed.

Alph: No…not the muddvaks…anything but the muddvaks…

Alph’s eyes suddenly open, and he sits up, groaning.

Alph: What a weird dream…ACHOO!

Alph sniffs and wipes his nose with the back of his right hand.

Alph: I guess I’d better put on my breather, then.

Alph turns on his breather’s pump. He then picks up the mask and slips it onto his head, positioning it until comfortable, before pulling the straps to tighten it. A knock sounds on his door, before it slowly opens. Amy enters the room, a tray of strawberry truffle-balls in her hands.

Amy: Rise and shine, sleepy hea-

Amy pauses.

Amy: Oh, you’re awake!

Alph: ‘Morning, Amy!

Amy: Uh…well, you seem chipper this morning, Alph!

Alph: You know it!

Amy: I see. Well, I brought you a tray of truffle-balls. Gotta keep up your strength for the tournament, right?

Alph: Of course!

Amy stands there, holding the tray. After a brief pause, she speaks.

Amy: So…um…

Alph: Oh, just leave the tray there, thanks.

Alph points to a table, causing Amy to look at it. His mark suddenly begins to glow.

Alph: What the…?

Amy: What is it?

Amy turns to face Alph, who quickly pulls his hand under his blanket.

Alph: Uh…nothing! It’s nothing, really!

Amy: Well, okay…if you’re sure…

Amy sets the tray on a table.

Amy’s thoughts: Drat! How can it be this difficult to glimpse Alph’s face…?

We see the man from earlier peeking into Alph’s bedchamber.

Man’s thoughts: That mark…it will soon appear…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Outside Alph’s Bedchamber: Akanius Stadium: Morning

Alph opens his bedchamber door and steps into the hall. He begins heading towards the stadium proper. Alph walks past the man, whose hood is still over his head.

Man: I saw your performance yesterday.

Alph stops and looks at the man.

Alph: Oh, uh…thank you.

Man: It was most impressive. To think another skilled human swordfighter would be competing…

Alph: Oh, you’re a competitor?

The man pulls down his hood.

Man: Ash Voltstriker, member of the Hitorelmian team.

Alph: Oh, I’m…Alph.

Ash smiles.

Ash: It is a pleasure to meet you, Alph.

Alph: Oh, uh…likewise.

Ash: I am on my way to the arena. Perhaps we could walk there together…?

Alph: Uh…sure.

Ash: Then let us proceed.

Alph and Ash begin to walk.

Alph: So you come from Hitorelm?

Ash: Well, not originally. I have my own home there, so I am eligible to compete.

Alph: And you’re also a brawler? I mean…warrior?

Ash’s thoughts: Brawler…?

Ash: Actually, I am a kinetic, a swordfighter who uses psi magic in their techniques.

Alph: Psi magic?

Ash: Yes, the magic of the mind. Observe.

Alph and Ash stop walking. Ash holds his hand towards a crooked painting of Emperor Akan. The painting ripples with rainbow energy and straightens itself.

Alph: Oh, that’s just like Amy’s esper powers!

Ash: You could say that. Espers focus primarily on psi magic, whereas kinetics focus more on imbuing physical techniques with it.

Alph: Which explains why you’re so…well-toned.

Ash smiles.

Ash: You are in excellent shape yourself, Alph.

Alph: I eat a lot of vegetables.

Ash: I understand you also have something of a sweet tooth.

Alph: How did you know?!

Ash: Your neckerchief has a piece of candy stuck to it.

Alph: Huh?

Alph examines his neckerchief.

Alph: Oh.

Alph plucks off a piece of strawberry truffle-ball and puts it into a nearby rubbish bin.

Ash: I tend to notice small details.

Alph: So do I!

Ash: Then we have something in common, perhaps one of many things.

Alph: Possibly.

A voice sounds over the speaker.

Speaker: Akanian team, please make your way to the arena for the first round.

Alph: Oh, that’s me. I better go.

Ash: Very well. I hope to meet with you again, Alph.

Alph: Me too. See ya!

Ash: Farewell.

Ash smiles. Alph proceeds down the hall.

Ash: That boy could prove a worthy opponent in the third round. I must prepare myself…

Scene 3: Arena: Akanius Stadium: Morning

Alph and Ocre stand in the arena. Crynock, Amy and Furbendink stand in the crowd, cheering them on.

Amy: WOO! Go, Alph!

Crynock: Do your best, Ocre!

Furbendink: Both of you, don’t do anything my brother wouldn’t do!

Crynock and Amy look at Furbendink.

Amy: You have a brother?

Furbendink: Brother-S!

Amy: But no sisters, then…

Furbendink: I have sisters! Who says I don’t have sisters? THOSE LIARS! HOW DARE THEY-

Crynock: Calm down, Furbendink. No-one is accusing you of not having sisters.

Furbendink: They better not, otherwise they MIGHT get a little surprise…heh heh heh…

Amy: Is that surprise Furbendink’s rainbow fart?

Furbendink: Uh…pfft…no! It’s…uh…Furbendink’s…uh…rainbow…uh…fart!

Amy shakes her head.

Furbendink: See, I’m not a one-spell phony!

Amy facepalms.

Amy: You could’ve fooled me…

The announcer stands at the microphone.

Crynock: Oh, the announcer’s ready to speak!

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen of every empire, I welcome you all to Akanius Stadium for the preliminary round of this year’s Akanian Tournament!

The crowd cheers.

Furbendink: WOO!

Announcer: The first team to compete is, of course, the Akanian team!

Furbendink: WOO-HOO-HOO!

Announcer: The team captain is a fan favourite, hailing from all the way in Golden Scrub Town. This is her fifth time competing, and her third time passing the qualifiers. Let’s hear it for…OCRE!

The crowd cheers.

Furbendink: Yeah, Ocre! WOO!

Announcer: Joining her this year is a new teammate, hailing from…parts unknown.

The crowd talks amongst itself.

Announcer: For the first time in tournament history, a human is on the Akanian team, but he was measured as being on-par with a young drachomus both physically and mentally. Let’s see if he has the heart of a drachomus as well. Let’s hear it for…ALPH…PLAINRIDER!

The crowd cheers.

Alph: Plainrider…?

Ocre: Apparently.

Alph: But…how can that be my last name?

Ocre: Just go with it.

Alph: Well…okay…

Announcer: We will take a short break. After that…we begin the first round of the tournament! Let’s hear it for Ocre and Alph!

The crowd claps and cheers.

Ocre: Are you still nervous?

Alph: Nope, but my bladder might be…

Ocre: Well, be quick. This break is only for fifteen minutes!

Alph: Will do!

Alph runs towards a hallway. Ash watches him from the crowd.

Ash: Be quick, little seedling. I won’t accept disqualification on your part…

Voice: Huh?

Ash looks at the grey drachomus next to him.

Ash: It is nothing.

Voice: Who’s a seedling…?

Ash: You are tired.

Drachomus: No I’m-

Ash’s eyes flash once with red light. The drachomus falls asleep, snoring loudly. Ash looks back at the hallway, a smirk on his face.

Scene 4: Outside Toilet: Akanius Stadium: Morning

Alph walks out of the toilet.

Alph: That’s a relief…

Voice: Couldn’t hold it in, eh?

Furbendink is suddenly standing there.

Alph: WHOA! Don’t do that!

Furbendink: What?

Alph: Suddenly appearing out of nowhere! You really startled me!

Furbendink: Oh, sorry, Al.

Alph: Did…you just call me “Al”?

Furbendink: Yeah! Call it a nickname.

Alph: But I already HAVE a nickname.

Furbendink: Which is…?

Alph: Alph.

Furbendink: Which is short for…?

Alph: Alphabet! You know this!

Furbendink: Honestly, I thought your name was-

Furbendink pauses.

Furbendink: Wait…what was I doing again…?

Alph: You tell me.

Furbendink: Well, I was hoping YOU’D tell ME.

Alph: Well…were you on your way to the cafeteria?

A lightbulb appears above Furbendink’s head.

Furbendink: That’s right, I was! You know me so well, Alph! Bye!

Alph watches as Furbendink runs down the hallway.

Alph: That guy sure loves his food…

Scene 5: Arena: Akanius Stadium: Morning

The announcer speaks.

Announcer: Wow! Wasn’t that quite the show, folks?

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: I don’t think the Akanian team has been in better form. Both Ocre and Alph showed exactly what they can do in a contest of skill and stamina!

The crowd cheers. The scene cuts to Crynock, Amy and Furbendink. Crynock and Amy cheer, whereas Furbendink seems disappointed.

Crynock: Omedetou Gozaimasu, Arufu-kun to Okka-san! (Congratulations, Ocre and Alph!)

Amy: Yeah…whatever Crynock said!

Crynock: I was speaking in the Language of Dragons.

Amy: Oh, I see.

Announcer: -currently at the top of the leaderboard-

Furbendink: I don’t know…the viewers might feel a bit cheated.

Amy: Viewers?

Furbendink: Yeah! I mean, most of the round wasn’t shown due to…reasons.

Crynock: Technical difficulties with the broadcast?

Furbendink: Possibly. Still, as long as the next two rounds aren’t interrupted…

Announcer: -managed to deflect EVERY water balloon by himself-

Amy: I’m sure that the issue will be resolved by the third round, Furbendink.

Furbendink: I hope so. That’s the money round! Or the “mask round”, I suppose.

Announcer: -a very special guest. All the way from Aoinias, Empress Aoin herself is here to watch her own team compete first-hand!

We cut back to the announcer. Empress Aoin stands next to him.

Aoin: It is my pleasure to be here. May the best team win!

The crowd claps and cheers. Alph and Ocre stand in the arena. Ocre waves to the crowd, while Alph catches his breath.

Ocre: The crowd loves you, Alph!

Alph: Me…? Why would…they love…me…?

Ocre: Because you were perfect! No drachomus has EVER gotten a perfect score! Well, apart from a certain red drachomus you might know…

Alph: Is it Bob?

Ocre: WHAT?! How did-

Alph: You told me about him the other day.

Ocre: Oh, right…No, it’s not Bob. It’s a female red drachomus.

Alph: Oh…uh…Drasilla?

Ocre: No.

Alph: Flarena?

Ocre: No…

Alph: Chili?

Ocre: Huh? Oh…no…

Alph: …Ruby?

Ocre: ME! It’s me!

Alph snickers.

Alph: I know! I know!

Ocre: Wait…were you teasing me?

Alph: Let’s just call it “a taste of your own truffle-ball”, shall we?

Ocre: Well, well, it appears I am quite the good influence, aren’t I? HAHA!

Voice: Hm-hm.

Alph and Ocre look at two blue drachomus athletes, a male and a female, standing nearby.

Ocre: Oh, apologies.

Male Drachomus: Many thanks.

Ocre bows. The male drachomus bows back. Ocre awkwardly leaves the arena, followed by Alph.

Announcer: Uh…Ocre and Alph, everyone!

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: And now let’s hear it for the Aoinian team!

The crowd claps and cheers.

Commercial: The Akanian Tournament is underway! Be sure to watch it on the Akanian Broadcast Service, televised right across the empire!


Scene 6: Cafeteria: Akanius Stadium: Early Afternoon

All the athletes, including Alph and Ocre, sit at a table brimming with food from every empire. Alph is awestruck at the variety of delicious dishes and treats. Ocre bites into a leg of some kind of meat, then looks at Alph, before she chews and swallows her mouthful.

Ocre: Are you just gonna sit there staring at all this food?

Alph: I…I…

Ocre: What is it, Alph?

Alph: …I don’t know where to start!

Ocre: Well, might I suggest taking off that thing first?

Alph: Huh? Oh…yeah, good idea.

We cut to a view of Amy. She is alerted to the sound of Alph’s breather being removed.

Amy’s thoughts: Now’s my chance!

Amy approaches the athlete’s table. Furbendink notices Amy’s plate of food as he walks past her table.

Furbendink: Hey, someone abandoned their meal…poor little thing. I’ll take care of it!

Furbendink sits at the table and begins eating. His eyes briefly flash with magenta light.

Furbendink: Oh…this Pikunian éclair is exquisite…mmm…

Amy looks around the table.

Amy’s thoughts: Now where is…oh!

Amy sees Alph’s back, his breather’s hose curving over his right shoulder and leading to the pump at his waist.

Amy: Alph!

Suddenly, a crowd of people surrounds Alph’s side of the table, speaking loudly.

Amy: Oh, for crying out-

A number of people, mostly drachomi and humans, try to get Alph’s attention.

Red Drachomus: Oh, you were amazing out there, Arthur!

Alph: Oh…uh…thank you.

Woman: You’re much cuter than I thought you’d be! Wanna be my boyfriend?

Alph: Oh, I don’t know about that…

Man: Can I get your autograph? I’m TOTALLY not gonna sell it on AkaNet…

Alph: Uh…sure…

Alph signs the man’s piece of cardboard. Suddenly, the rest of the crowd pulls out sheets of paper, gloves, and even a pair of underwear, ready to be signed.

Alph: Uh…well, this is…

Ocre: Get used to it, Alphabet! HAHA!

Alph smiles nervously. The scene pans to a view of Amy, who has large, comical streams of tears pouring from her closed eyes.

Amy: Not again…*sniff*

Scene 7: Alph’s Bedchamber: Akanius Stadium: Night

Alph sleeps in his bed. He is alerted to a knock on his door.

Alph: Huh?

Alph, now wearing his breather, opens his door and looks around. He looks at the ground and sees a dark pink envelope marked “Alph”.

Alph: Oh…

Alph picks up the envelope and opens it, pulling out a piece of cardboard with a note written on it; the note’s handwriting is elegantly-crafted.

Alph: “Alph. Meet me in the arena gardens in half an hour. I…wish to see you. Please do not disappoint me! – A”

Alph pauses.

Alph: But who would be careless enough to wake me in the middle of the night just to meet with me…?

Furbendink: Really? You can’t think of ANYONE?

Furbendink is suddenly standing there.

Alph: WHOA! Stop doing that!

Furbendink: My bad. Now, who is the one person that keeps trying to get you alone with them? Think very carefully, Alph…

Alph: Uh…

Furbendink: Psychic powers…keeps trying to get you alone with them…I cannot stress that last part enough, Alph.

Alph: Uh…Amy?

Furbendink: Really?

Alph: Who else could it be?

Furbendink: Wow, that makes WAY more sense than who I thought it was!

Alph: Well who did YOU think it was?

Furbendink: My brother.

Alph: Your brother keeps trying to get me alone with him?

Furbendink: Wait…have you even met my brother?

Alph: I don’t think I’ve met any of your family.

Furbendink: Okay then. Well, I think it’s pretty obvious what Amy wants to do then…

Alph: What?

Furbendink’s eyes widen.

Furbendink: Y-You’re kidding, right?

Alph: Not right now, no.

Furbendink: Pink note…wants to secretly meet with you…I think our Amy has a wittle crush on you, Alphy-boy!

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: Uh…w-what…what d-do y-y-y-

Furbendink: Ah, it seems the feeling is mutual!

Alph begins to panic.

Alph: Th-That’s ridiculous! I-I don’t have a c-crush o-on A-Amy!

Furbendink: Oh, please. You always stutter when you’re hiding the truth!

Alph: B-But…but…

Alph sighs.

Alph: How long have you known?

Furbendink: About two minutes.

Alph: What?! How did you figure that out so quickly?!

Furbendink: Well, I’d say it was my own natural detective skills, but I don’t have any. So, I have to say that it’s written on your face.

Alph: But you can’t SEE my face right now.

Furbendink: The eyes never lie, Alph, and yours are positively-

Alph: Okay, okay! Just…what should I do?

Furbendink: Duh! Go meet with her! Don’t upstage her, Alph! Amy is SCARY when she’s angry!

Alph: O-Okay…*sniff*…how do I look?

Furbendink: Fully-dressed, except you’re not wearing your gloves.

Alph: Good enough. Okay, I’m going.

Furbendink: Really? It’s freezing out there, Alph!

Alph: I’ll manage. For some reason, I’m usually able to maintain the ideal body temperature no matter how hot or cold it is, or how much or little I’m wearing.

Furbendink: For realsies?!

Alph: Yeah!

Furbendink: Okay then, go. Make that girl happy.

Alph: O-Okay then…

Alph walks down the hallway. Furbendink watches him, wiping a tear from his eye.

Furbendink: They grow up so fast…

Scene 8: Gardens: Akanius Stadium: Night

Alph walks into the gardens. He approaches an ornate fountain with a carving of two water drakes in its centre.

Alph: Well, she said to meet her here…

Voice: Hello, Alph.

Alph’s thoughts: Wait a second…that’s not Amy’s voice…

Alph spins around and sees Ash.

Alph: Oh…uh…howdy.

Ash: “Howdy?”

Alph: Yeah, howdy. As in “hello”.

Ash smiles.

Ash: Ah, I see.

Alph: So…what brings you out here?

Ash examines the fountain.

Ash: Are you familiar with the water drake, Alph?

Alph: Uh…well, I’ve seen a FIRE drake…

Ash: According to Akanian legend, it is said that whenever a fire drake is hatched, a water drake also hatches nearby.

Alph: Really?

Ash: Indeed, and there may be some truth to it as well, for where one finds a nest of fire drakes, a nest of water drakes is located not too far from its location.

Alph: Whoa…

Ash: Anyway, I am here to let you know that I witnessed your performance in the second round. In a test of strength and endurance, you managed to obtain a perfect score. It is rare for any competitor to obtain two perfect scores in a single tournament, so you should feel honoured.

Alph: I just did my best is all.

Ash: All? You are quite a remarkable individual, Alph, and yet even now you are humble?

Alph: Well…

Voice: Well I’M ticked off that the viewers didn’t get to see the second round either!

Furbendink is suddenly standing there.

Alph: WHOA! Furbendink, why do you keep-

At that moment, the mark of the multiverse draws onto the back of Alph’s right hand with red light.

Alph: By the plains…

Ash’s thoughts: Could it be…?

The mark finishes drawing onto Alph’s hand. It stops glowing, leaving the outline behind.

Alph: Wait…why is it still there?!

Ash: Amigo, you bear the mark of the multiverse.

Alph: The what?

Ash: It is a rare mark that few possess. Even fewer are fully able to comprehend its significance.

Alph: Wait a minute…you said “multiverse”, right?

Ash: Indeed.

Alph: Implying that there are other universes?

Ash: Hm…

Ash’s thoughts: The boy asks too many questions…I must not reveal my motives to him…

Ash: …perhaps.

Alph: Cool.

Ash clears his throat.

Ash: Now, if you will excuse me, I must rest. Pleasant night to you both.

Alph: Oh, uh, goodnight.

Furbendink: ‘Night.

Ash walks away. Furbendink looks at Alph.

Furbendink: So where’s Amy, then?

Alph: The note wasn’t from Amy. It was from him.

Furbendink: Really? Huh…weird…

Alph: I’m going back to bed. Goodnight.

Furbendink: ‘Night.

Alph walks away. Furbendink scratches his head.

Furbendink’s thoughts: Weird…Ash has the exact same handwriting as Amy…


Amy stands at the fountain, looking around.

Amy: I’ve been here for an hour! Where in the name of Hitorelm is Alph?!

Scene 9: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The scene shifts to the inside of a vault, its walls made from blue-coloured bricks. Atop a pedestal rests a small, orange orb. A doorway opens on the opposite wall, revealing a figure, presumably a drachomus, clad in orange-trimmed black; the figure also wears a replica of the Mask of Orenius. The figure speaks with a distorted female voice.

Figure: Ah, there it is…

The figure walks up to the pedestal and picks up the orb, which causes an alarm to sound.

Figure: Drat!

Loud footsteps are heard outside the vault. The figure makes a fist with her right hand and presses its largest knuckle with her left. The figure shimmers, then seems to vanish. Two blue drachomus guards enter the room.

Guard #1: Who’s in here? Show yourse-

The guard looks around.

Guard #1: Oh, weird. There’s no-one in here…

Guard #2: Is anything of value missing?

Both guards look around. The first guard shakes his head.

Guard #1: Nope. I know exactly what’s kept in here, and aside from that missing orange tapioca ball, everything is present.

Guard #2: Why was a tapioca ball kept inside the vault, anyway?

Guard #1: Beats me. You know how much Empress Aoin likes her fancy, fruity drinks.

Guard #2: That’s true. Hm…I could sure go for a fruit smoothie right about now…

The shimmering form of the figure is seen sneaking out of the room.

Guard #1: Me too. Let’s head to the palace cabana.

Guard #2: Agreed!

The guards leave the room, sealing the wall behind them. The scene shifts to focus on the pedestal, which is now empty.

Scene 10: Arena: Akanius Stadium: Morning

The announcer stands ready to speak.

Announcer: Well, it’s been a truly spectacular event, hasn’t it? The first human to be in the Akanian team has managed to seize TWO perfect scores!

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: But can our young prodigy master EVERY round?

The crowd cheers. We cut to a view of Crynock and Amy.

Amy: WOO! Go, Alph! You can do it! YAAAAAAAAY!

Amy’s thoughts: I hope you lose the round, you wretch…

Crynock: Where is Furbendink?

Amy: Huh?! I wasn’t wishing Alph would lose! Honest!

Crynock: Pardon?

Amy: I mean…um…never mind…

Crynock: I could swear I saw him this morning.

Amy: Oh yeah, Furbendink said he had to do something somewhere.

Crynock: The bathroom?

Amy: Actually, he mentioned something about “the balance between light and dark”…and then he babbled about eating chicken or something.

Crynock: Then he is in the cafeteria.

Amy: Possibly. They ARE having an all-you-can-eat chicken dish special right now.

Crynock chuckles.

Crynock: “All-you-can-eat”…Furbendink’s favourite phrase.

Amy giggles.

Amy: Yeah…

Amy looks over at Alph, and a look of anger appears on it.

Amy’s thoughts: If he doesn’t lose…I’ll…I’ll…put a frog in his drink! Yeah!

We cut to a view of the announcer.

Announcer: In this round, the two teams who placed highest will go head-to-head in a contest of…well, of the qualities needed in the first two rounds!

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: As you know, the top-ranking team is the Akanian Team, Ocre and Alph.

The announcer gestures to Ocre and Alph, who stand at one end of the stadium. We cut to a view of the crowd. A young woman sitting in the row above Crynock and Amy holds up an enormous cardboard poster which reads, “I LOVE YOU ARTHUR”.

Woman: I love you, Arthur! Marry me!

Amy looks at the woman, a look of jealousy on her face.

Amy: Sorry, Babs, but he’s taken!

Woman: By whom?

Amy becomes furious.

Amy: BY ME!

The woman speaks calmly.

Woman: Apologies, miss. I will leave Arthur alone.

Amy: You better! And it’s “Alph”!

Woman: Oh, my name is Arielle. It is nice to meet you, Alph.

Amy: No, I’m-

Crynock: Amy, look! They’re about to reveal the second team!

Amy looks at the Arena.

Amy: Hm?

We cut to a view of the announcer.

Announcer: -that we can reveal the other team who will be competing!

The crowd cheers.

Announcer: Now unfortunately, the captain of the team has been called away on some important business, and will not be competing in the round.

The crowd talks amongst itself.

Announcer: However, the team is NOT being disqualified, and the remaining team member has agreed to take on the round BY HIMSELF! And we all know how he performed yesterday, right?

The crowd claps and cheers.

Announcer: And now, I present the challenging team…

The gate on the side opposite Alph and Ocre opens, revealing a hooded figure, who steps into the arena.

Announcer: Ash Voltstriker of Hitorelm!

The crowd cheers as Ash pulls down his hood. Alph appears speechless.

Alph: A-Ash?!

Ocre: You know this man, Alph?

Alph: Yes! He’s been stalking me since I arrived here.

Ocre: Stalking?! Why I oughta-

Ocre’s belly rumbles.

Ocre: Uh-oh…

Alph: What is it, Ocre?

Ocre: I knew that third bowl of spicy stew was a mistake!

Alph: WHAT?!

Ocre: Sorry, kiddo. Looks like you’re doin’ this one solo.

Alph: I-I can’t!

Ocre: Come on, Alph! You aced the first two rounds! You did better than I have in five YEARS competing! If ANYONE can defeat this fruitcake, it’s you!

Alph: Uh…okay then…

Ocre races back towards the hallway, her belly rumbling with each footstep.

Announcer: Well, it appears that Ocre has succumbed to a bout of food poisoning. I guess this means that this round will be challenged by two humans!

The crowd talks amongst itself.

Announcer: Well then, let’s get this bout underway!

Alph and Ash walk up to each other.

Ash: I knew we would face each other in the final round.

Alph: Just who are you, anyway?

Ash: I am the one who challenges you for the mask fragment.

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: How do you know about that?!

Ash: Let’s just say I have my reasons for wanting it-

Announcer: BEGIN!

Alph: Huh?!

Alph draws his sword and readies to block Ash’s first swing, but the kinetic’s sword technique manages to cause Alph to be surrounded in rainbow energy and suspended in midair.

Alph: Wh-What the…?

Ash gently lets Alph down outside the ring. A bell sounds.

Announcer: WE HAVE A WINNER!

The crowd claps and cheers. We cut to a view of Crynock and Amy, who are both speechless.

Crynock: Wh-What…?

Amy: Alph actually LOST?!

Amy’s thoughts: Oh dear…I wished so hard for him to lose that he lost…whoopsie-daisy!

Amy blushes from embarrassment. We cut to a view of Alph, who is clearly in shock.

Alph: Great…now what do I do?

Scene 11: Podium: Akanius Stadium: Afternoon

Ash stands atop the podium. Alph and Ocre stand above the 2, while the Aoinian team stands above the 3.

Announcer: And now, the prizes, as presented by Emperor Akan.

Akan walks up to the Aoinian Team.

Announcer: For the Aoinian Team, two copper medals and 1,000 Gold Aoins!

The crowd cheers as Akan gives the Aoinian team their medals.

Akan: Congratulations, dudes!

Female Drachomus: Many thanks, Emperor Akan.

All three drachomi bow. Akan walks up to Alph and Ocre.

Announcer: For the Akanian team, two silver medals and 10,000 Gold Akans!

The crowd cheers. Akan gives Alph and Ocre their medals.

Akan: Bummer, dudes…

Alph: Eh, it’s fine.

Ocre: Fine?! The oracle swore you’d collect every piece! When we get back to Mawfang Ridge, I’m gonna-

Announcer: And for the Hitorelmian team, two gold medals, 100,000 Gold Coins and a special prize!

Akan places the medals around Ash’s neck. He then picks up a chest of dark red-stained wood and opens it, revealing a piece of the Mask of Akanius, which glimmers and sparkles.

Ash: No.

Akan: I’m sorry?

Ash: My goal was to see that Alph here made it to the final round, and that he was able to obtain this mask fragment. I want to give Alph this prize.

Alph: You do?

Ocre: He does?!

Ash: Please, give the fragment to Alph. He needs it far more than I.

Akan: As you say, Mr. Voltstriker, sir.

Akan holds the chest in front of Alph. Alph picks up the fragment gently with both hands. As he examines it, his eyes glimmer and sparkle. We hear a woman’s voice whisper in the background.

Voice: Go, little seedling…to the place where light and dark diverge…you are needed there…

Alph’s eyes begin to glow with red-hued light.

End Credits

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Topic: CASTING CALL: Power Rangers Mushroom Force [Re:Shoomba] - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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CASTING CALL: Power Rangers Mushroom Force [Re:Shoomba] - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Hi all, and welcome to the casting call for a reboot of Power Rangers Mushroom Force! This series is written by me in the style of the popular Chromaicora Adventures, which are also on this site.

The premise is simple: Mario has disappeared, and Luigi has gone to look for him, leaving the Mushroom Kingdom without its protectors. Seizing his chance, Bowser attempts to steal the top-secret Gadd Force technology, but in doing so he manages to activate it, causing members of WiiWareWave to be pulled into the Mushroom Kingdom, where they become something similar to Power Rangers.

Here's the best part: each of the Rangers is credited as being a member of WiiWareWave. That's right, there could be a Ranger role with your name on it! Actually, that statement is both literal and figurative, as the original cast members get first dibs on their parts. After a while, if some parts are unclaimed by their original members, or said members decline the offer, then they will be open for recasting.

In addition to the main twelve Rangers, there are eight additional Ranger roles in the pipeline, which are to be introduced later. Some parts require a hero or heroine of a particular gender, while others are open to either guys or girls; these roles will be marked as such, along with the powers and Mecha of the characters.

Here are the parts which are currently locked to first dibs:

Green Ranger: @BurstDashV8 (CONFIRMED)
Pink Ranger: @"Kushina"
*Aqua Ranger: @Aqua Cherry Blossom
Yellow Ranger: @Reanfan (CONFIRMED)
Purple Ranger: @Ragnarok
Orange Ranger: @"ReverseInverse"
Red Ranger: @"Marioman18"
Blue Ranger #2: KingreX32
**Black Ranger: @Minato
***White Ranger: @"Clannad"
Magenta Ranger: @bro2dragons
Blue Ranger #1/Azure Ranger: @GeekyGamerZack (CONFIRMED)

*The Aqua Ranger now has Mini Mushroom power, and can shrink at will, allowing for access to small spaces and running across water briefly

**The Black Ranger now has Metal Block power, and can turn into metal, allowing for walking underwater and extra resilience

***The White Ranger now has a Poochy Mecha

And these are the parts that are currently available:

Brown Bowser Ranger/Bronze Ranger (written as male)
Grey Bowser Ranger/Silver Ranger (written as female)
Amber Bowser Ranger/Gold Ranger

Stay tuned for more info! Topics tagged under 1 on  631737971
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Topic: Your Nintendo Switch Game Library
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Your Nintendo Switch Game Library

This is where you can post your list of Nintendo Switch games. Be sure to update your initial post with any new games you own, and also specify which games you play online. Adding your username and Friend Code is also recommended, so that people can easily add you for some online multiplayer sessions. I'll start with my own library:

GeekyGamerZack's Library
Profile #1 (Gamer★Zack)
Friend Code: SW-7597-6601-9012

  • Super Mario Odyssey (retail download)
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (retail download)
  • Sonic Mania (download-exclusive)
  • Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove (download-exclusive)

Profile #2 (Geeky☆Zack)
Friend Code: SW-1526-9366-5990

  • Sonic Forces: Digital Bonus Edition (retail download)
  • LEGO Worlds (retail download)
  • Arcade Archives: Mario Bros. (arcade)
  • ACA NEOGEO The King of Fighters '98 (arcade)
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87
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Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

Discount Variety Super-Super-Shorts
Thobrun and the Giant Fish

The party, minus Thobrun, sits at a table in The Naked Drake.

Kendall: So I hear this tavern's going to be converted into a Bake n' Drake restaurant.

Zed: Bake n' Drake? I've heard of that...

Kendall: Oh, you'd love it, Zed! It's a-

Thobrun's voice: G'day, mates!

Thobrun is suddenly standing at the table holding a large sack.

Bryn: I thought you were going "dwarven fishing" in Lake Silveria.

Thobrun: I did! Take a look at what I caught!

Thobrun empties the contents of the sack, a fish as large as Bryn, onto the table.

Bryn: By the seas of Euroria...

Brocc: Yes, I WILL have fries with that!

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone laughs.

Brocc Eats the Giant Fish

Brocc sits in Zed's living area reading a book entitled "MASK OF AKANIUS EPISODE SCRIPTS".

Brocc: So it was FURBENDINK who created the rainbow fart spell...that explains so much, and yet so very little at the same ti-


Bryn is suddenly standing there.

Brocc: It's "Choy", not "Joy". Get it right!

Bryn: Sorry, I get confused because some of your middle names are for girls: Svetlana...Anabelle...Soba...

Brocc: Actually, Soba is a food, not a girl's name.

Bryn: It is?

Brocc: Yeah. Buckwheat noodles.

Bryn: Huh. Speaking of food, Kendall told me that you ate Thobrun's fish. By yourself. An entire tonne of sashimi.

Brocc: Yep.

Bryn: How?!

Brocc: Well, Thobrun offered, and I was all like, "Why yes, I WILL have fries with that!"

Mak's head pops up into the kitchen window from outside.

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone laughs.

Brocc Eats at Bake n' Drake

Zed and Brocc stand at opposite ends of the service counter in the newly-opened Bake n' Drake burger restaurant.

Zed: What do you mean the shake machine's out-of-order?!

Cashier #1: No, it's not "out-of-order", it's "ON order". There's been a delay on its delivery.

Zed: Oh, okay then...

Brocc: -and I'll have a Marinated Drake Burger, and a DOUBLE Marinated Drake Burger, and a Monster Drake Burger with extra aioli, and a Chocolate Mousse Supreme, and Alph's favourite: strawberry truffle balls! Oh, and a diet soda.

Cashier #2: Actually, I don't think elves like strawberries...

Brocc: No, not "elf", "Alph"! Ah, never mind.

Cashier #2: Would you like fries with that order?

Brocc: No thanks.

Mak calls out from a table.

Mak: That's our Brocc!

Everyone in the restaurant laughs.
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Topic: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Hi all, and welcome to Flight of Indigo, the third chapter of the Chromaicora Adventures. In this tale, we follow the adventures of Evan Sky, a socially-awkward young man who dreams of becoming a pilot in his city's flagship aeronautical squadron. This season is set at roughly the same time period as Mask of Akanius and Shell of Thal, with some story overlap between them, so be sure to check them out as well. Oh, and there are spoilers for Crystals of Silveria Remastered as well, so be sure to check it out before reading this if you haven't. All seasons can be found in the boxed set, which you can check out by clicking right here. Okay, without further ado, I present Flight of Indigo. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 – Sky, Part I
Evan Sky yearns to reach the clouds, no matter what it takes. After attempting to stop a thieving little creature from stealing his prized pair of aviator goggles, Sky encounters a mysterious woman who claims the goggles belong to her! Will Sky be able to part with his only treasure?


Evan Sky
– An intelligent, yet socially-awkward, young man who lives in an apartment in a vast metropolis, he hopes to one day fly through the skies of the world.

Talya Tailwind – A young woman whom Sky wishes to ask on a date. There’s just one problem: she believes Sky to be a thief! Can the young man convince her to go to his favourite restaurant with him?

Kati Furscott – An azure-haired gnome and Sky’s neighbor, she often visits him for lengthy conversations, though she can be a little imposing at times.

Delphie Violette – Talya’s best friend, she is beautiful in both appearance and personality, with a kind and caring disposition, though she is also something of a klutz.

Thugley – A muscle-bound, bald-headed gentleman who sparks a grudge with Sky.

“If the sky’s the limit, then that’s just where I want to be!"

Scene 1: Cloudclamber City: Afternoon

An enormous scene of aerial combat is happening over the skies of a vast city. A large number of aerial vehicles shoot at one another with pulses of multicoloured energy. Half the vehicles are bright in colour, while the other half are covered in dark and dull tones. In the distance is an enormous, dark-toned airship which makes its way towards the scene of the combat. A number of the smaller dark-toned vehicles fly out of an opening on its front. We hear a number of audio transmissions in the background. The first male voice speaks with an energetic American accent, whereas the second speaks with a light Scottish accent.

Male voice #1: Hoo boy, NOW we got problems!

Male voice #2: Chuck, Chartreuse Squadron needs your assistance!

Male voice #1: I’ll get right on it if someone takes down this goon that’s chasing me!

A purplish vehicle flies behind a dark-toned vehicle, which is firing at another purplish vehicle. The dark-toned vehicle is blasted by the first purplish vehicle.

“Chuck”: WOOHOO! Now I can help out Chartreuse Squadron!

The second purplish vehicle flies deeper into the combat. Two female voices sound out. The first has an American accent, whereas the second has an English accent.

Female voice #1: I’ve taken a hit!

Female voice #2: Relax, Talya, I’ve got it. One repairing pulse coming up!

Another purplish ship fires a purple-coloured pulse at a fourth ship, which appears to be damaged. The damage seems to repair itself.

“Talya”: Much obliged, Delphie!

Male voice #2: Uh-oh…

“Delphie”: What is it, my friend?

Male voice #2: Something’s wrong with my ship!

A third female voice sounds out, which has a slightly high-pitched and nasally American accent.

Female voice #3: Are you sure? I mean, you just got it serviced!

Male voice #2: I’m positive, Katréne!

“Katréne”: Well, what’s going on?

We cut inside the cockpit of one of the purplish vehicles. A young man in an outfit consisting of shades of purple is in the seat. On his head are a flight helmet and oxygen mask, both with purple accents. He appears to be fighting to maintain the controls, even as the ship rattles and shakes.

Male voice #2: Well, the controls aren’t responding very well.

“Chuck”: Well, could you elaborate at all?

Male voice #2: It’s doing a lot of shaking.

“Talya”: Is that it?

Male voice #2: Well…no. There’s something else…the entire control deck is glowing purple!

“Delphie”: Wait…what?!

“Chuck”: That’s not normal!

Male voice #2: I know that! What should I do?!

“Delphie”: Make way back to the Amethyst Blizzard and await further instructions.

Male voice #2: That…could be a problem.

“Talya”: What are you talking about?

Male voice #2: I’m completely surrounded!

“Katréne”: Surrounded? How many ships are surrounding you? Five? Six?

Male voice #2: I…kind of lost count at fifty-

“Delphie”: Fifty?!

Male voice #2: -seven! At least fifty-seven enemies surrounding my ship!

“Chuck”: Hold tight, dude! We’re on our way!

Male voice #2: Thank you! I really appreciate-

A blast strikes the ship’s shield.

Male voice #2: I’m being attacked!

Another blast strikes the ship’s shield, disabling it.

Male voice #2: My shield’s down! Someone help!

Nothing but static is heard.

Male voice #2: I guess communications are down as well! Come on, girl…hold together…remember what we’ve been through, you and I! Just…huh?

A mark of the multiverse begins to glow on the back of the pilot’s left hand with purple light. His eyes begin to glow with purple light as well.

Male voice #2: What’s…going…AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

Flight of Indigo
A Chromaicora Adventure

Scene 2: Cloudclamber City: Late Morning

One year earlier…

A young man with auburn hair and slightly-pointed ears walks along a busy street. He is wearing a brown leather jacket of unusual design, as well as leather boots and fingerless gloves of a darker shade of brown. A purplish-pink neckerchief is tied around his neck, and a half-face breather is strapped over his nose and mouth, a small air purifier attached to each of its sides. A pair of goggles with a purple strap sits atop his head. The young man speaks with a light Scottish accent, indicating him to be the pilot from the previous scene.

Man: Ah, what a beautiful-

Suddenly, a small, monkey-like creature with skin flaps connecting its arms and legs lands on top of the man’s head. He begins to panic, flailing his hands above his head in an attempt to shoo the creature.

Man: AH! AH! Monkey-thing on my head! Monkey-thing on my head!

“Monkey-thing”: Oo-EEK!

The creature pulls off the man’s goggles and examines them.

Man: Hey, what are you doing?!

The creature gnaws on the left lens.

Man: Stop, that’s not food! Hey-

The creature grabs the goggles with its feet and takes off, floating on an updraft of air.

Man: Stop! Thief! Someone catch that…thing!

A round-eared gentleman dressed similarly to the young man, though without a breather, stops next to him. He speaks with a cockney English accent.

Passerby: Oh, that’s rotten luck, that is. Shame. A real shame…

The passerby continues to walk down the street. The young man grows agitated.

Man: STOP!

The young man begins chasing the creature, and manages to catch up with it. The creature realizes that the young man is chasing it and glides into an alleyway.

Man: NO!

The young man runs into the alleyway, and watches as the creature glides over a wire fence.

Man: Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

The young man runs up to the fence and leaps over it. The creature glides into the next street, followed by the young man.

Man: Come back here!

The young man chases after the creature, and runs straight into another round-eared, breather-less man who dwarfs him completely.

“Giant”: Oi! Watch where you’re goin’!

Man: Oh, I’m sorry…uh…sir.

“Giant”: “Sir?” I take it you haven’t heard of me?

Man: No…?

“Giant”: They call me “Thugley”. Wanna know why?

Man: Well-

Thugley: ‘Cause I’m an ugly thug! WAHAHAHAHA!

Man (nervous): Eheheheheh…

Thugley: An’ what about you? What’s your story?

Man: My…story?

Thugley? Yeah! What are you called?

Man: Sk-Sky…

Thugley “Sky?” What kind of unoriginal name is that?!

Sky: It’s my surname…

Thugley: Oh.

Sky: Uh-

Thugley: What?

Sky: Y-Your…creature-

Thugley: What about it?

Sky: It st-stole…my-

Thugley: You mean this thing?

Thugley points to the creature, which is perched on a nearby lamppost.

Creature: Oo?

Thugley: I hate to burst your cloud, Sky, but this ain’t mine.

Sky: Oh…

Thugley: I mean what would a brute like me want with a fuzzy lil’ glider monkey?

Sky: My apologies, sir. It’s just that…i-it has my-

Thugley snatches the goggles and shows them to Sky.

Creature: AAH!

Thugley: These whatcha lookin’ for?

Sky: Oh…uh-

Thugley: I SHOULD charge you a fee, since I found ‘em and you want ‘em…

Sky: Please, sir! I’m short on cash!

Thugley: Oh, well then…maybe I’ll keep these then, eh?

Voice: I’ll take those, thank you!

A hand snatches the goggles.

Thugley: Oi! What’s the big ide-

The hand belongs to a woman with long, dirty-blonde hair, slightly-pointed ears and a breather similar to Sky’s. The creature glides over to the woman’s right shoulder. She speaks with an American accent.

Woman: Good work, Munch.

The creature chitters with delight.

Thugley: Look, I didn’t do nothin’! This guy was chasing after your pet for those goggles!

The woman slowly approaches Sky.

Woman: Ah, so YOU'RE the thief who stole my lucky aviator goggles...

Sky: Stole?! No...I didn't know whose they were! I merely-

Woman: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you into the authorities.

Sky: I didn't...steal them?

Woman: Then why did you have them in your possession?

Sky: I…I found them.

Woman: What?

Sky: When I arrived here. They were sort of…there.

Woman: Arrived? Then you’re new in town?

Sky: I could be new in the country for all I know.

Woman: You’re making little sense, you know.

Sky: Look, I’ve had them for as long as I can remember, okay?

Woman: But I only lost these a few months ago…or at least, I THOUGHT I’d lost them!

Sky: That’s as long as I can remember. Everything before that is all a blur.

Woman: That doesn’t make much sense.

Sky: Anyway, some people found me and helped me.

Woman: Which people?

Sky: The Mauve Scarves.

The woman punches Sky, knocking him to the ground.

Woman: I knew I couldn’t trust you!

Sky: What?!

Woman: I should have guessed that you were scum!

Sky: Scum?!

Woman: I’m placing you under citizen’s arrest!

Sky: Look, could someone PLEASE explain what’s going-

The scene cuts to black.

Scene 3: Prison Cell: Cloudclamber City: Unknown Time of Day

The scene fades in, revealing Sky to be lying on a bed inside a prison cell, his breather not on his face. He slowly comes around, and immediately begins to panic.

Sky: What…?! H-How did I get here?! HELP! Someone HELP!

The door slides open with a hiss, and the woman and a male human prison guard with slightly-pointed ears walk inside. Sky leaps to his feet and backs away from the woman, who is also not wearing her breather.

Woman: Whoa, easy.

Sky: Who are you? Why did you bring me here?!

Woman: Relax, it was all a mistake on my part.

Sky: The last thing I remember, I was face-down on the pavement.

Woman: Correct.

Sky: Then…how did I get here?!

Woman: I rendered you unconscious using-

Sky: Wait…you said it was a mistake?

Woman: Yes. I mistook you for being a member of the Mauve Scarves. I’d like to apologise for jumping to such a ridiculous conclusion.

Sky: Oh…uh…that’s fine, I…guess…?

Sky pauses.

Woman: What is it?

Sky: Shouldn’t I be injured?

Guard: Our on-duty physician used cuper to repair your injuries while you were unconscious.

Woman: Ah, the man finally speaks.

Sky: Cuper?

Woman: You don’t know about cuper?

Sky: No. What is it?

Woman: Seriously?! Wow, I must’ve REALLY knocked you good…

Sky: No, I just have some bizarre form of amnesia.

Woman: Oh?

Sky: I know who I am, but I can’t remember my past.

Woman: Well, the guards said you’re free to go.

Sky: Oh. Um…that’s good…

Woman: Don’t worry, they dropped the charges.

Sky: Oh, right! Superb!

Woman: Unfortunately for me, that means the goggles are your legal property.

The woman holds out the goggles in both hands. Sky uses his left hand to push the woman’s hands away.

Sky: No, you keep them.

Woman: Really?!

Sky: Yes. If they’re really yours, then I want you to take them.

Woman: Thank you.

The woman and Sky smile.

Sky: D’you want to…uh…

Woman: Yes?

Sky: Well, there’s this really nice café near my home. They have good food…that is, if…you’re interested…?

Woman: Oh. Uh…I don’t have anything else to do right now, so…sure, why not?

Sky: Brill.

Commercial: Watch new episodes of Shell of Thal soon!


Scene 4: Café: Cloudclamber City: Mid Afternoon

Sky and the woman sit at a table in the café, waiting for their meals. Both have hot drinks topped with foam and dusted with powdered chocolate.

Woman: So Evan…that’s not a name you hear in these parts.

Sky: It’s one of the few things I recall about myself.

Woman: And as for your family name of Sky…

Sky: It’s more a title I chose for myself. I don’t remember my real surname.

Woman: A title?

Sky: Yes. It describes where I want to be.

Woman: So it’s a symbolic measure of the altitude you’d strive to reach to achieve your dreams?

Sky: Yes, both literal and figurative.

Woman: Literal?

Sky: I…well…this is going to sound silly, but…

Woman: Yes?

Sky: I…kind of want to be a…a…pilot.

Woman: Oh…

Sky: I knew it! You think I’m weird!

Woman: Of course not! Some of my best friends are pilots.

Sky lights up.

Sky: D’you think they’d know where I could sign up?!

Woman: Uh-

Sky: I’d do anything to make my dream a reality!

Woman: Why don’t you leave it with me. We’ve registered each other in our communicators, so I’ll give you a call.

Sky: Promise?

Woman: You have my word.

Sky: Thank you. Oh…

Woman: What is it?

Sky: I didn’t catch your name…

Woman: Oh, if only I had manners.

Sky: I think you have superb manners.

The woman smiles.

Woman: Thank you, Evan. It’s nice to be complimented. I’m Talya.

Sky taps a device that’s strapped to his right wrist.

Sky: Tal…ya. There.

Talya notices the mark of the multiverse on the back of Sky’s ungloved left hand.

Talya: Interesting tattoo.

Sky: Oh, uh…

Sky looks at his mark.

Sky: …thanks.

Talya: What is it?

Sky looks at Talya.

Sky: Not a clue.

Talya snickers.

Talya: I might’ve guessed.

Scene 5: Outside Apartment Building: Cloudclamber City: Late Afternoon

Sky and Talya, both wearing their breathers, stop outside the doors of an apartment building. Sky points to the doors.

Sky: Well, this is my building.

Talya: Excellent. Okay, I’ll keep in touch.

Sky: Please do.

Talya smiles.

Talya: Count on it.

Talya walks away. Sky removes his left glove and places his hand onto a panel to the right of the doors. His mark begins to softly glow with purple light.

Sky’s thoughts: That’s never happened before…

A mysterious hooded figure watches Sky from a shadowy area across the street. The figure turns and walks away. An electronic sound appears and the doors open with a hiss. Sky steps inside, and the doors close with another hiss.

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

A number of people in dark uniforms work inside a dark room filled with control consoles and monitors. A male human with a frowny face sits in what can be assumed to be a commander’s chair, rubbing his chin. A much younger man walks up to him.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: What is it, son?

Recruit: Anomaly detected in Cloudclamber City on the Mahou Plateau, sir!

Commander: And what does this “anomaly” look like?

Recruit: It appeared briefly as a purple dot on the radar, sir!

Commander: A purple dot…could it be…?

The commander pulls his hand away from his chin.

Commander: I want you to keep this a secret from everyone, understood?

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Good. Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander continues to rub his chin.

Scene 7: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Late Afternoon

Sky enters his apartment. He pulls the breather from his face and takes in a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

Sky: Ah, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of full-cream, oxygen-rich air.

Sky walks over to what resembles an answering machine and presses a button.

Machine: You have 0 new messages.

Sky: Of course I do. I don’t know anyone.

Sky sits on his couch.

Sky: Well, except for Talya, but-

Sky pauses, then shakes his head.

Sky: There’s no way she’ll call me back. No way whatsoever.

Sky clutches his face with his hands and lets out a sigh.

Sky: Why must I be so socially-inept?!

A knock sounds on Sky’s door. Sky walks over to it and opens it, only to look down and see a female gnome with spiky, medium-blue hair.

Sky: Oh, Kati. Hello.

Kati: You’re back late today, Sky!

Kati enters Sky’s apartment.

Sky: Would you like to come in?

Kati sits on Sky’s couch.

Kati: So what happened?

Sky: Oh, the usual. I roamed around a new, unfamiliar part of the city.

Kati: Is that where you lost your goggles?

A puzzled look appears on Sky’s face.

Kati: Don’t think I don’t notice these things, Sky!

Sky: I’ll…try to keep that in mind.

Kati: So where are they?

Sky sits on the couch next to Kati, looking straight ahead rather than turning to face her.

Sky: It’s a long story…

Scene 8: Talya and Delphie’s Dormitory: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We cut to a view of the inside of a dormitory. The walls are white, and the carpet is greyish-purple. The right hand bed has a quilt covered with a wavy, many-toned purple pattern, whereas the left one has a marine-themed quilt covered with plush toys of several aquatic creatures, including sea stars, several varieties of fish and a dolphin, among others. A young woman with long, light-brown hair and slightly-pointed ears sits at a desk, taking notes. The door opens and Talya walks in, makes her way over to the right bed, throws her satchel onto the floor and practically falls onto the bed. The other woman speaks with a posh English accent.

Woman: Busy day?

Talya: An eventful one, I’ll say that much.

The woman puts down her dolphin-themed pen and slowly turns to face Talya.

Woman: The last time you said that, you’d just met someone.

Talya smiles.

Talya: Shut up!

Woman: What’s his name?

Talya: Delphie, I-

Talya sighs and sits up, facing the woman.

Talya: What would you say if I told you I met the sweetest young man I’ll probably ever know?

Delphie: That you’ve found Mr. Right?

Talya: No, not in that way! I mean-

Delphie: Then what?

Talya: This man…Evan-

Delphie: Ooh, Evan!

Talya: ANYway, he gave me back my goggles.

Delphie: Your lucky aviator goggles?

Talya: Yeah! He said he found them months ago.

Delphie: So how did he find you?

Talya: Well, a certain glider monkey who shall remain nameless-

Munch’s face suddenly pops out of Talya’s satchel.

Munch: Ooh!

Talya: -snatched them from him. He pursued it, and…the long and the short of it is…I got my goggles back.

Delphie: Well, it was thoughtful of him to give them back to you.

Talya: I know. I’ll have to thank him properly later.

Delphie: Later? But…that would mean-

Talya: We exchanged communicator signals.

Delphie: Now come on. Even I know that means you like him!

Talya: I told you, I like him, just not in that way!

Delphie: Then why did you get his signal?

Talya: Well…

Scene 9: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The commander sits in his chair. The recruit from before walks over to him.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: Have you located the source of the anomaly?

Recruit: Negative, sir! I’m still waiting for it to appear on the radar again.

Commander: Well, let me know the moment you see it again.

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away.

Commander: If that anomaly is what – or more accurately, who – I think it is…

The commander begins to rub his chin.

Scene 10: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Early Morning

Sky lies on his couch, fast asleep. He is awakened by a knock on his door.

Sky: Just a minute…I was only having my fortnightly two-hour snooze…

Sky walks over to his door.

Sky: Who’s there?

Voice: It’s Talya. From yesterday?

Sky: Oh…uh…o-okay then.

Sky opens the door, revealing Talya to be wearing a purple uniform of some kind.

Sky: Oh, nice uniform.

Talya: Thank you. I was on my way to work and thought I’d drop by to thank you properly.

Sky: Oh, you’re welcome. Would you like to come in?

Talya: Sure.

Talya enters the apartment.

Talya: This is a very nice place, Evan. How could you afford it?

Sky: Oh…uh…it was a gift.

Talya: A gift? From whom?

Sky: No idea. An anonymous donor practically handed me the keys and said it was all mine.

Talya: Sounds like one generous person indeed.

Sky: Of course. This is pretty much my entire world.

Talya: Is that why you’re all the way up on the tenth floor?

Sky: I suppose so. It’s probably as close to achieving my dream as I’ll ever likely attain.

Talya: Say, would you like to come to my workplace?

Sky: I suppose…I mean…I didn’t have any other plans for today.

Talya: Come on, then. My car is in the dock downstairs.

Sky and Talya ride inside what resembles a small, red flying car without wheels. Below them is a sea of clouds.

Sky: So…where exactly did you say you work?

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll see…right about…now.

An enormous purple construct floats down from the sky a short distance from the front of Talya’s vehicle. Talya drives underneath the construct, which casts a shadow over the vehicle. Sky looks up at it through the sunroof, completely amazed.

Sky: By the skies…

Talya: May I present the Amethyst Blizzard, the home base of the Indigo Squadron.

Sky: Th-The Indigo Squadron?! Y-You mean you’re-

Talya: That’s right, I’m a member of the Indigo Squadron, and if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can be one as well.

Sky: What can I say? Of course I’m willing!

Talya: That is the best answer you could’ve given me.

Talya drives her vehicle through an opening in the base of the airship. Sky begins to get excited.

Sky’s thoughts: This is actually happening! I’m going to become a pilot! I-

The mark on Sky’s hand begins glowing with purple light.

Sky: Again?!

Talya: Your tattoo is…glowing?

Sky: Yes, but it’s only the second time that it’s happened!

Talya’s thoughts: Wait…could Evan be…?

Scene 11: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The recruit walks over to the commander.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: Have you detected the anomaly?

Recruit: Aye, sir! It was detected in the skies near Cloudclamber City.

Commander: Then we must act now. Ready the ship for travel. We’re going to the Mahou Plateau!

Recruit: Sir? That territory’s not part of our jurisdiction. It’d take months to get the permits required for establishing a base there.

Commander: Then see to it that those permits are attained. We must find the source of that anomaly!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Very good. Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander begins rubbing his chin once again.

Commander: If we don’t find that boy before them…well, we just need to find him first…

To be Continued…

End Credits


Episode 2 – Sky, Part II
Sky begins his training aboard the Amethyst Blizzard, an enormous airship that is home to the purple-clad pilots known as the Indigo Squadron. During his course, he befriends a fellow recruit named Chuck, who defends himself and his buddy from a bully. But what will they do when the bully wants revenge?

New Character

Chuck Hunch
– A trainee in the Indigo Squadron, he has an outgoing personality and a love for pranks. He protects both himself and Sky from a brutish pilot, but they are put in very real danger when that same individual attacks them later.

“Just stick with me, Sky, and we can conquer this training program!”

Scene 1: Docking Bay: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky through a large, open area. The floors, walls and ceiling are made of purple-tinted metal. A number of people from multiple races including high elves, Greatkin, orcborn and humans are in the room, each of them wearing a purple uniform similar to Talya’s. The room is filled with cars of many shapes, sizes and colours, each parked neatly between two white lines.

Talya: Evan Sky, welcome aboard the Amethyst Blizzard.

Sky: By the Skies of Ness…this is more amazing than I could’ve imagined…

Talya: Okay, let’s get you your visitor’s badge.

Sky becomes startled.

Sky: Visitor…? But I thought-

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll get your trainee privileges soon. For now, though, you are a guest aboard this vessel.

Sky: Does that include any special privileges?

Talya smiles.

Talya: More than you could possibly imagine.

Sky: Brill.

Opening Credits


Talya leads Sky into an enormous hangar, with a small, purple-coloured airship hovering in each dock.

Talya: Here’s where we keep all the skiffs.

Sky: Skiffs?

Talya: A skiff is a small airship built for a smaller crew. Most of these ones are for 1-2 pilots, but there are larger ones that can accommodate an entire team.

Sky: This is my favourite room so far!

Scene 2: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into the mess hall, where a number of pilots are eating an early lunch.

Talya: Being a pilot is a lot of work, so each member of the squadron needs to keep up their strength. This is where we fill up on meals and snacks that are both delicious and nutritionally-balanced.

Sky: I heard that the food on these vessels is awful.

Talya snickers.

Talya: Only if you’re a member of the Crimson Squadron.

Sky: Wait…really?

Talya: Oh yes, I’ve been aboard the Ruby Ember, and its food selection is truly, monumentally appaling. The chicken stew is rubbery and watery, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate pudding…

Sky: If I ever end up on that ship, I’ll remember to bring my own food.

Talya: That would be wise. I learned the hard way, believe me!

Sky inhales deeply through his nose, then exhales with delight.

Sky: This is my favourite room so far!

Scene 3: Classroom: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into a room filled with wooden desks. A few students sit at them taking down notes.

Talya: And this is our classroom, where you, Evan, will do the most boring portion of your training.

Sky: Hey, I like studying!

Talya: Then you will feel right at home in this room.

Sky: I think this is definitely my favourite room so far!

Scene 4: Practical Training Centre: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into a room filled with a number of pods that resemble the cockpits of skiffs. A few of them are currently in use.

Talya: Now this is where the REAL fun portion of your training takes place. Welcome to the Practical Training Centre.

Sky: Whoa…

Talya: Impressed?

Sky: I am. I look forward to my training with each passing second!

Talya: I’m glad to hear that, Evan.

A male voice with an American accent sounds out.

Voice: WOO! Take THAT, you pesky virtual menaces!

A recruit wearing a purple flight suit, helmet and mask leaps out of one of the pods, facing the opposite direction to Talya and Sky. He unclips one side of the mask, letting it dangle off the opposite side of the helmet. He throws his fists straight up into the air.

Recruit: WOO! Target neutralised!

The recruit lowers his fists and spins around, a grin on his face. The grin quickly turns to embarrassment as he sees Talya standing there.

Recruit: Oh…uh…

Talya: Getting a little carried away there, Chuck?

Chuck: Yeah…kind of. I mean, this was my first practical assignment, and…well…

Talya: You do realise that the flight helmet and mask are not at all necessary for training, right?

Chuck: Yeah, but they helped me get into the zone.

Talya giggles.

Talya: Oh, where are my manners? Chuck, this-

Talya gestures to Sky.

Talya: -is Evan Sky. He’s going to be training with us.

Chuck: Sky, huh?

Chuck holds out his right hand.

Sky: Oh…uh…

Sky hesitantly shakes Chuck’s hand.

Chuck: Good to meetcha.

Chuck lets go of Sky’s hand.

Chuck: My friends call me Chuck.

Sky: Good to meet you as well.

Chuck: That’s some accent you have there. I’m guessing you’re not from these parts?

Sky: Your guess is as good as mine, I’m afraid.

Chuck appears puzzled.

Talya: Evan has no memory of his past.

Chuck: Oh, I’m so sorry, dude.

Sky: It’s fine. For all I know, I could’ve been a horrible person.

Chuck: Now, I find that very hard to believe.

Talya: I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Sky: Well, I suppose…

Talya: Okay, Evan, I have one last room to show you.

Sky: Lead on!

Scene 5: Observation Deck: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into an enormous, round room. A large window encompasses nearly every outer panel, and there is seating arranged in neat blocks across the purple carpeting in the room’s centre. The corners are decorated with plants.

Sky: Now this is by far my favourite room…

Talya: The observation deck, where pilots and visitors alike come to rest, relax and enjoy the view.

Sky looks at a distant plateau’s edge, with a large city even further in the distance.

Sky: Is that-

Talya: Yep, Cloudclamber City.

Sky: It seems so far away…

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll get to visit it again sometime.

Sky: Wait…visit? But…I-I live there!

Talya: “Lived”, Evan. The Amethyst Blizzard is your home now, remember?

Sky: Oh, right…I keep forgetting.

Talya: Your effects are being brought aboard and will be placed in your new dormitory.

Sky: I get a dormitory?!

Talya: Well, you’ll be sharing your dorm with another recruit, but yes, you get your own bed and desk.

Sky: Wow…

Talya: Ready to meet your dormmate?

Sky: Absolutely!

Talya: Then follow me.

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The dark commander sits in his chair, rubbing his chin. He seems to be mumbling to himself.

Commander: If that blip marks the location of the pendulum…

Recruit: The pendulum, sir?

Commander: WAAH!

The commander becomes startled, but calms down when he sees the recruit standing next to him, though he still hyperventilates and clutches his chest with his right hand.

Commander: Oh, you scared me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that, understood?

Recruit: Uh…yes, sir.

The commander seems to regain his composure, and clears his throat.

Commander: Now, what news do you have for me?

Recruit: Uh…well…

Commander: Come on, spit it out!

Recruit: Well, I filed the paperwork, as requested.

Commander: Good. How long will it take to clear?

Recruit: Approximately seven months, sir.

Commander: SEVEN MONTHS?!

The commander thinks to himself.

Commander: Very well. That should give us enough time to make our grand entrance.

Recruit: Our grand entrance, sir?

Commander: Oh right, you haven’t gotten to the chapter on “fourth wall demolitions” yet, have you?

Recruit: Uh…

Commander: That’ll be all. Dismissed!

Recruit: Yes sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander begins rubbing his chin once again.

Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Early Afternoon

Sky, Talya and Chuck sit at a table in the mess hall. It is immediately apparent that, unlike the ears of Sky, Talya and Delphie, Chuck’s ears are round. Chuck takes a bite out of an enormous burger. Talya looks at Sky.

Talya: Well?

Sky: Well…what?

Talya: Your dormmate?

Sky: Yes, when am I going to meet him?

Chuck swallows his mouthful.

Chuck: What makes you think it’s a “him”?

Sky: Well, the dorms aren’t co-ed for a start.

Talya: He’s not wrong.

Chuck: How did you learn that so fast?

Sky: Oh…uh…the recruit’s handbook. It’s actually very interesting.

Chuck: You already finished the handbook?! But…it’s over 500 pages long!

Sky: Of course I haven’t.

Chuck takes a mouthful from his cup.

Sky: I’ve only made it about halfway through so far.

Chuck turns his head and spits orange juice on the floor. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Chuck: Okay, are you a wizard?

Sky: Of course not. I don’t know the first thing about magic.

Talya: Magic?

Sky: You don’t know about magic?

Talya: You don’t know about cuper?

Sky: Touché.

Talya stands up and holds her right hand over the floor next to Chuck. Talya’s hand is surrounded with purple energy, and orange juice floats up and lands in Chuck’s cup.

Chuck: I appreciate the gesture, Talya, but I am not drinking something that’s been on the floor.

Sky: So you do know about magic!

Talya: For the last time, no.

Sky: Then what do you call…that?

Talya: What, the technique? I call it “mahou”, like anyone else does.

Sky: Oh…

Chuck: What is it?

Sky: Where I come from, what you just did is called a magic spell.

Talya: So you do know where you’re from?

Sky: Haven’t the faintest idea. I just know that much is true.

Chuck: So your basic knowledge is still present, you just can’t recall your past memories.

Talya: That is a really bizarre form of amnesia…

Sky: You have no idea…

After a brief awkward silence, Sky speaks.

Sky: So when will I get to meet my dormmate?

Talya: You’re looking at him.

Sky stares at Chuck.

Sky: Chuck?

Chuck: Wait…Sky’s my new roomie? I finally get to have a roomie?!

Tears begin to pour from Chuck’s eyes.

Chuck: This is the happiest day of my life!

Voice: Well it’s about to become your most miserable.

Chuck stops crying and looks over at Thugley and two smaller, less-muscly pilots. He begins to panic.

Chuck: Oh no, it’s Ugly!

Thugley: That’s THUGley, Huck!

Chuck: A-Actually…the name’s

Thugley: Does it look like I care? Anyway, I wanted to welcome our newest recruit: Sky.

Chuck: Wait…you remember his name but not mine?!

Thugley grabs Chuck’s arms and slides him off his bench to the ground.

Thugley: Watch yourself, Huck.

Thugley and his goons approach Sky.

Thugley: Well, how are you settling in?

Sky: Oh, uh…f-fine.

Thugley: Fuh-fuh-fine! Fuh-fuh-fine! Listen to the baby stutter! WAHAHAHAHA!


Talya stands up.

Talya: You three better watch yourselves, otherwise-

Thugley: Otherwise WHAT? What’s a wimpy recruit like you gonna do to a seasoned pilot like my good self?

Sky: Talya knows ma-

Talya: -acaroni cheese recipes like none you’ve ever tasted! Eheheheheh…

Thugley: Is that right? Hm…well, I do like a good mac ‘n cheese. Okay, you can cook for me sometime, Tally.

Chuck: Oh yeah? Cook THIS!

Chuck flings his orange juice into Thugley’s face. Thugley yells out loud and covers his eyes with his fingertips.

Thugley: YEOW! You just got grapefruit juice in my eyes!

Chuck: Actually, it’s orange juice. Ha!

Thugley: I’m gonna report you for this! And you know what happens next, right? It’s outta the academy for you, Huck!

Talya: Actually, you pushed him first. A seasoned pilot assaulting a recruit…hm…that could get you thrown in the slammer and stripped of your title. Back me up, Sky.

Sky: She’s right.

Thugley: Well…you can’t prove I did it!

Sky: Actually, the 24 security cameras in this mess hall would have to disagree with you.

Thugley: Oh crup! Let’s get outta here, fellas!

Goon #1: I’m a girl, you dork!

Thugley: Whatever, let’s just go before they catch us!

Thugley and the goons flee from the room, leaving a cloud of dust that quickly clears.

Talya: Nice thinking, Chuck!

Chuck: Yeah, but what’s gonna happen once he leaves prison…?

Talya: That’s still months away. Come on, let’s show Sky to his new place.

Chuck leaps onto his bench and points upward.

Chuck: Follow me, my peeps!

Talya facepalms and shakes her head.

Talya: Oh, brother…

Commercial: It’s Drake’s Café, where we provide service with a friendly facial expression! Our delicious heated beverages are topped with whipped milk froth and dusted with powdered cacao-derived brown candy, and our selection of pastries is crafted with only the finest churned yellow milk solid and processed wheat powder. Delight your senses at Drake’s Café today! Over one-hundred convenient locations right across Cloudclamber!


Scene 8: Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Early Morning

We see a montage of Sky putting on his uniform while viewing different parts of his body. The scene cuts to his purple boots, scrolls up his legs and torso and up to his face. Sky snaps a pair of purple-framed goggles to his head with purple-gloved hands. The scene then cuts to a full-body view of Sky.

Sky: Let’s do this.

Sky slowly and confidently walks into the camera. The scene then cuts to a view of Sky’s back as he walks through the Practical Training Centre. He walks over to Talya and Chuck, the latter of whom is wearing a flight helmet, its mask dangling off the side.

Sky: I’m ready.

Talya: Excellent. You’ll be starting with a solo exercise.

Sky: Solo?

Talya: Yes, to test your skills and measure your capabilities before you receive your starting rank.

Sky: Then start measuring, commander!

Chuck: Wait…you think Talya’s our commander?

Sky: Y-Yes…? Why?

Talya: Evan, I’m…I’m not-

Chuck: Talya’s a recruit as well, Sky. She still has months of training to complete.

Talya punches Chuck’s arm.

Talya: Thank you for stealing my thunder, Chuck.

Chuck: You’re…welcome…?

Talya sighs. She then turns to Sky.

Talya: Chuck and I are two months away from finishing our training and being assigned to teams.

Sky: I see…

Talya: According to your mind reading session-

Sky: My what now?!

Chuck: Oh, don’t worry, you were out of it when the head scanny-guy came to our dorm.

Sky: I-I’m sure I would’ve awoken if someone was trying to scan my mind!

Chuck: Not if you were administered something to keep you unconscious!


Talya: Anyway, your scan revealed that you already have exceptional skills at flying, which means you must have been an aviator at some point in your past.

Sky: Oh…uh…brill.

Chuck: That probably explains why you’re so eager to get back in the saddle, huh, Sky?

Sky: Maybe…

Talya gestures to the nearest pod.

Talya: Okay, this is your training module, Sky. Show us what you’re made of!

Sky lowers his goggles.

Sky: Let’s do this.

Sky climbs into the pod. Talya turns to face Chuck.

Talya: While he does his first training exercise, you and I are to do some team exercises in a two-pilot pod.

Chuck: Hold on a second…

Chuck clips his mask to his helmet and takes two deep, noisy breaths.

Chuck: I’m ready.

Chuck walks past Talya.

Talya: Our pod’s in the other direction, Chuck.

Chuck walks past Talya in the other direction.

Chuck: I knew that.

Talya yells out as Chuck walks away.

Talya: You do realise that your breathing apparatus isn’t connected to anything, right?

Talya shakes her head and follows Chuck.

Scene 9: Prison: Cloudclamber City: Unknown Time of Day

A cell door opens, and Thugley is pushed inside. He is wearing a grey short-sleeved onesie. The cell door is closed and locked.

Guard: Okay, see you in a couple months.

Thugley: I look forward to it.

The guard walks away. Thugley walks over to his bed and sits on it.

Thugley: Those loser recruits are gonna pay when I get outta here…

Scene 10: Classroom: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Sky stands in front of the whiteboard at the head of the class. The teacher, a woman with pointed ears, a purple uniform and red oval-framed glasses, sits at her desk. Talya, Delphie and Chuck sit at desks in the front row, with an empty desk between Delphie and Chuck.

Teacher: Class, this is our newest recruit, Evan Sky.

Sky raises his left hand and smiles nervously.

Teacher: Please make him feel welcome.

Most class members clap and smile. Chuck yells out loudly.

Chuck: WOO! Yeah, Sky! WOO!

Teacher: Now, as you all know, all new recruits are given a practical examination to determine their starting rank. Mr. Sky here scored 95% on his practical, which puts him squarely in Rank B.

The class members whisper amongst themselves.

Member #1: Rank B? On his first attempt?

Member #2: Now that guy must be very skilled.

Delphie: Talya, you didn’t say he was that good!

Talya shrugs her shoulders. Chuck yells out again.

Chuck: WOO! That’s our Sky for ya! WOO-HOOHOOHOOOOOOO!

Teacher: Why don’t you take a seat, Mr. Sky?

Sky: Thank you, Ms. Frostswift.

Sky approaches the empty desk between Delphie and Chuck.

Ms. Frostswift: And Chuck? You may want to tone down your enthusiasm a little bit.

Chuck yells out softly.

Chuck: Yeah, toning down…awesome…woo.

Sky sits at his desk. Delphie looks at Sky.

Delphie: We have yet to be introduced. My name is Delphie, and I am Talya’s best friend and dormmate.

Sky: Oh, it’s nice to meet you.

Delphie: To you as well.

Chuck: You know, Sky, Delphie started at the same rank as you.

Sky: Really?!

Delphie: Oh yes, I joined this academy recently, and I proved to be most skilled as a pilot.

Sky: That’s great!

Chuck: Well, I also started at Rank B!

Talya laughs out loud.

Talya: You what?

Chuck: Y-You heard me!

Talya: Chuck, you were Rank D when you started. You only scored 51% on your first practical!

Chuck: Well, that’s not to say-

Talya: Even I scored a mere 75%, but I’m fine to admit I started at a lower rank than Delphie and Evan.

Chuck: …mhm…

Chuck begins to sob.

Delphie: Yet your skills have shown a great improvement in recent weeks. Talya tells me that you managed to score 97% on your most recent practical.

Chuck: Well…yeah, but we were teamed-up.

Talya: Not only that, but his solo run before that saw him score 93%.

Delphie: By himself? Now, that IS impressive!

Chuck pokes his index fingers together.

Chuck: Well…yeah, I’ve…sort of been practicing…

Sky: If Chuck’s scoring that highly, then he’s close to graduating.

Talya: All three of us are close to graduating.

Delphie: But we won’t be assigned to teams until there are enough graduates.

Chuck: Knowing my luck, I’ll be teamed up with people I don’t like…

Delphie: If we graduated on the same day, chances are we’d be teamed up together.

Chuck: Hey, yeah…I’ll try my hardest!

Sky’s thoughts: I wonder who’ll be my teammates…

Ms. Frostswift: Okay, let’s begin class. Now, who can tell me the alloy used in the outer shell of a skiff?

A montage sequence begins. In the first segment, Ms. Frostswift points to the whiteboard, and both Talya and Chuck raise their hands. Ms. Frostswift points to Talya, causing Chuck to make an “Oh, darn!” pose. Talya speaks, and Ms. Frostswift nods. Talya smiles, while Chuck shakes his head.

We cut to a view inside a pod. Sky sits in the seat, his goggles over his eyes, as he shoots at simulated targets. Unbeknownst to him, the mark on his left hand glows through his glove with purple light.

The next sequence is back in the classroom. Ms. Frostswift points at a slightly-different whiteboard setup. Both Delphie and Chuck raise their hands. Ms. Frostswift points to Delphie, and Chuck pulls an “Are you kidding me?!” pose. Delphie speaks, and Ms. Frostswift nods. Delphie beams with delight, but accidentally knocks her dolphin pen off her desk. Sky leans down and picks up the pen, handing it to Delphie. Delphie speaks, causing Sky to blush. We pan across to Chuck, who has tears streaming down his face.

We cut to a view inside a two-seater pod. Talya sits in the front, while Chuck sits in the back, wearing his usual flight helmet and mask. We cut to a view outside the pod. Chuck races out of it, unclipping his mask as he does so…just as Delphie walks past with a stack of books. Delphie freaks out as she drops the books, and Chuck holds his right hand behind his head, grinning widely. Talya exits the pod, facepalms and shakes her head.

We cut to a third sequence inside the classroom. Ms. Frostswift points to the whiteboard, which is again covered with different writing. Both Sky and Chuck raise their hands, and Ms. Frostswift points to Sky. Chuck’s face turns blank, and Sky speaks, gesturing to him. Chuck makes a “What…?” expression, before grinning with delight. Chuck speaks, and Ms. Frostswift shakes her head, before speaking. Chuck bangs his head to his desk in shame, and a student in a further back row throws a scrunched piece of paper at him, which bounces off his head and lands on the floor. The scene fades to black.

The scene fades back to a view of the front of the classroom. Ms. Frostswift is standing there holding a chestnut-coloured wooden box.

Ms. Frostswift: Okay, class, it’s time to graduate our newest pilots. These five students will form a new team, which will commence active duty two months from today.

Ms. Frostswift opens the box and places it on her desk. She takes a platinum medal out of the box, which is marked with an amethyst.

Ms. Frostswift: When I say your name, please approach the front of the class and accept your medal. Talya Tailwind.

Talya stands up and approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches the medal to Talya’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: Congratulations.

Talya: Thank you, Miss.

Ms. Frostswift takes another medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Delphie Violette.

Delphie stands up, knocking her pen off her desk as she does so. Sky picks up the pen and puts it on Delphie’s desk. Ms. Frostswift attaches the medal to Delphie’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: Congratulations.

Delphie: Many thanks, Ms. Frostswift.

Delphie stands next to Talya. Ms. Frostswift takes a third medal from her box.

Ms. Frostswift: Evan Sky.

Sky appears surprised.

Ms. Frostswift: Please come to the front of the class and accept your medal.

Sky: Uh…o-okay…

Sky stands to his feet and approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches a medal to Sky’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: You’re the fastest student to reach Rank S in over a decade.

Sky: But so soon…?

Ms. Frostswift: Come now, Evan, you deserve it.

Sky: Uh…th-thank you, Miss.

Sky stands next to Talya. He holds his hands behind his back.

Talya: I knew you could do it, Evan!

Ms. Frostswift takes another medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Charles Hunch.

The class doesn’t respond.

Ms. Frostswift: Charles Hunch, please come to the front of the class.

Talya stares at Chuck. She whispers to him.

Talya: She means you, Chuck! Get up here!

Chuck: Oh…uh…I knew that.

Chuck approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches a medal to his jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: You’ve truly earned your rank, Chuck. Congratulations.

Chuck: Thanks. Thanks very much!

Chuck stands next to the others. He shows his medal to Talya.

Chuck: I did it! Look!

Talya: You really worked hard to earn your rank. Well done!

Chuck: Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it alone. You guys helped me so much!

Ms. Frostswift takes the last medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Katréne Furscott.

Kati stands from her seat in the third row and approaches the front of the class.

Sky: Kati? H-How long have you been there?!

Kati: Only half the semester, Sky! Sheesh, don’t you ever pay attention to your surroundings?

Sky: Eheheheheh…

Ms. Frostswift kneels and attaches Kati’s medal to her jacket. She whispers to Kati.

Ms. Frostswift: Keep an eye on Evan.

Kati: Will do.

Ms. Frostswift stands up straight as Kati walks over to the others.

Ms. Frostswift: These recruits are amongst the finest this academy has ever produced, and they will make a superb team. A month from now, they will receive their own airship, as well as a fleet of skiffs just for them. Join me in welcoming our new pilots in the Indigo Squadron!

The class claps and cheers for the quintet. Behind Sky’s back, we see what appears to be a purple glow emanating from the back of his hand, though it is at an angle that makes it impossible to see the mark.

Scene 11: Cloudclamber City: Evening

Sky and Chuck walk along a city street. They are both in civilian clothing. Sky is wearing his breather, whereas Chuck is not wearing one.

Chuck: WOO! I can’t believe we’re both pilots in the Indigo Squadron!

Sky: I know. This is so exciting!

Chuck: Yeah! WOO!

Sky: Chuck, if you don’t mind me asking…

Chuck: Yeah?

Sky: H-How come you don’t need to wear a breather, like Talya and I?

Chuck: I guess I’m just lucky.

Sky: Really?

Chuck: Nah, I’m messing with you, dude!

Chuck pinches his ears.

Chuck: It’s my ears.

Sky: Your…ears…?

Chuck: Yeah. I’m a plateauborn, and I was made to live at a high altitude. My body needs little oxygen to survive.

Sky: I see…

Chuck: You, and Talya and Delphie…you’re all surfaceborn, hailing from the now monster-infested lowlands. You all emigrated to the tops of the plateaus, though you need to wear equipment to breathe properly.

Sky: Fascinating…

Chuck: Don’t worry, every human’s one or the other, and your ears are a clear indicator of whether you need a breather or not.

Sky: Then that explains why Thugley wasn’t wearing a breather that day…

Chuck: Ssh! Don’t say his name, otherwise-

Voice: Otherwise what?

Chuck: AAH!

Sky and Chuck spin around and see Thugley standing there.

Chuck: I told you not to say his name!

Sky: Only a few seconds too late!

Thugley: Not five minutes outta prison, and what do I find?

Chuck: Uh…delicious street foo-

Thugley: The very people I swore revenge on!

Chuck: Uh…that’s “the very people on whom I swore revenge”.

Thugley: What?

Chuck: Uh…nothing!

Thugley: You two caused me to be kicked outta the squadron, you know!

Chuck: Well…you shouldn’t have pushed me!

Thugley: Know what I’m gonna do to ya?

Chuck: Not really, no…

Thugley: I’m gonna pour lemon juice into both your eyes!

Chuck: Now. Come. On! That’s a bit harsh!

Thugley: And then I’m gonna destroy his mask and hoist him onto that street light, watching him as he struggles to breathe!

Chuck: Uh…I’m warning you, I AM trained as a warrior!

Thugley: And where’s your sword, hm?

Chuck: Oh, right…I should bring that with me next time, just in case…

Thugley: Okay, it’s pounding time!

Thugley approaches the duo. Sky holds out his hands.

Sky: STOP!

Just then, a stream of purple luminescent vapour emerges from Sky’s outstretched hands, dancing around Thugley’s head and disorienting him.

Thugley: Wh…what’s goin’ on? What is this stuff?!

Thugley begins rubbing his face, and walks head-first into a wall, knocking himself out. Sky examines his palms.

Sky: Whoa, good thing that…creature just saved us, eh, Chuck? ...Chuck?

Sky looks over at Chuck, who is staring at Sky, his eyes open wide and his mouth tightly shut.

Sky: What, do I have something on my face?

Chuck: Sky…

Sky: Yes?

Chuck: I…I think we need to go and see Talya. Like, right now.

Sky: What? Why?

Chuck: Cause…you just used a mahou technique, dude.

Sky pauses.

Sky: I…wait…WHAT?!

End Credits

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Topic: Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
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Mask of Akanius (Chromaicora Adventures Season 2) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Hi all, and welcome to Mask of Akanius, the second season of the Chromaicora Adventures! This chapter is set in the world of Dracromia, which exists in another part of the multiverse, and follows the adventures of Alph and his allies as they seek to assemble a mystical artefact. This season runs concurrently with Flight of Indigo and Shell of Thal, which you can find in the series boxed set thread by clicking right here, so be sure to check them out as well. Oh, and this season does contain major spoilers for the previous chapter, Crystals of Silveria Remastered, so be sure to read it if you haven't yet. Now without further ado, let's kick off the latest chapter in the saga!

Episode 1 – Akanian Knights, Part I
Meet Alph, a dark-haired young man who has been journeying with his allies for quite some time now, hoping to find his place in a world of turmoil. The fifteen Drachomus Empires are eternally locked in a struggle against each other, with each faction despising the others. After healing a red drachomus child from her injuries, Crynock, a cyan drachomus and one of Alph’s allies, is shunned by the girl’s family. When Ocre, another member of the party and Alph’s closest friend, fails to defend her supposed “brother-in-arms”, the two argue to the point of severing their tumultuous friendship. Meanwhile, Amy and Furbendink, Alph’s non-drachomus allies, uncover a plot to overthrow the emperor of Akanius. Problems arise, however, when the pair is sentenced to a horrible fate! Can Ocre and Crynock overcome their differences in time to save their friends?


Alph of Akanius
– An individual who looks strikingly similar to Zed, and even has a similar case of amnesia. He wears a breather most of the time due to respiratory problems triggered when he arrived in Ocre’s hometown.

Ocre of Akanius – A red drachomus warrior who took in Alph when he needed help, she has fast become his closest ally. She considers Crynock to be both an enemy and a friend, to which Alph uses the term “frenemy”.

Crynock of Soranius – A cyan drachomus cleric from the land of Soranius, he has a somewhat caring personality. Even though he is often at odds with Ocre, he still hasn’t forgotten the time she saved his life, so he tolerates her to a far greater extent than he admits.

Amy Mitchell – A human woman with incredible psychic powers, Alph seems to secretly be smitten with her; behind her logical and intellectual exterior, Amy “secretly” has feelings for Alph as well, and hopes to one day get to know the guy behind the mask…in more ways than the obvious.

Furbendink of Moridia – A gnome who uses magic with incredible skill, Furbendink hides his many middle names and even his last name, preferring to use the title of “of Moridia” instead. Whether or not his names are embarrassing to him is anybody’s guess.

“You may feel alone in your situation, Alph, yet you are not alone…”

Scene 1: Akanius Plains: Morning

Zed is a young man in a seemingly isolated situation. Alone in an unfamiliar world, with not a single memory to aid him, he has adjusted to life in Junihoshi, awakening as his true self.

Yet, he is not the only one in this situation. In another corner of the multiverse, on the world of Dracromia, a young man much like Zed in many ways has adjusted to his new life. He has made many allies, and now travels with a party as eclectic as Zed’s. Now, at last, Alph is finally about to reach a location which will further his own quest…

Five individuals walk through a vast plain of brownish dirt and greyish-green grass. The sky is covered by dark clouds, and the air is mostly cool, except for near the puddles of lava scattered about. Leading the party are two drachomi, individuals which resemble humanoid dragons. The one on the right has red scales and wears golden armour, whereas the one on the left has bright blue scales and wears gleaming armour with a tinge of mint green. Following behind are three other individuals: a male human with rounded ears, dark blue spiky hair and red clothing; a female human with slightly-pointed ears, long, dark brown hair and blue clothing; and a male gnome with purple hair and green clothing. The three individuals at the back wear special masks to help them breathe due to the thick, acrid air outside. The gnome speaks with a voice very similar to that of Brocc from Crystals of Silveria, whereas both drachomi speak with American accents.

Gnome: Oh, how long until we reach the city?

Red Drachomus: We should arrive soon.

Gnome: But you said that an hour ago.

Cyan Drachomus: You must forgive Ocre, Furbendink. You know that she has a lot more patience than the rest of us.

Ocre: Thank you, Crynock.

Crynock: Of course you could still be thinking about your boyfr-

Ocre punches Crynock hard in his upper arm.

Ocre: I told you not to talk about him!

Crynock: I’m sorry, I just thought it was so roma-

Ocre punches Crynock hard in his loin.

Ocre: You know where I’m punching next, right?

Crynock gulps.

Crynock: Yes. I’m still bruised from the last time you punched me there.

Ocre: Good. Then we have an understanding.

Crynock: It seems so.

Ocre laughs loudly. Crynock chuckles nervously. Meanwhile, the male human stares up into the sky. The female human looks over at him. The male human speaks with an American accent, whereas the female human speaks with an English accent.

Woman: What are you thinking about?

Man: Oh, I was just thinking about…nothing. It sounds silly.

Woman: No, go ahead. Tell me.

Man: Well, I know it sounds silly, but…I was trying to think of my family. You know, like do I even have a family?

Woman: Well, you must have a family out there. You couldn’t possibly exist without a mother and father.

Man: I was thinking more about siblings. I keep thinking about how awesome it’d be to have a brother or sister. And…I guess I feel like something’s missing, you know?

Woman: I wish I did. I know my family’s back in Hitorelm City, running their small business.

The woman sighs.

Woman: I miss my sisters.

Man: I didn’t know you had sisters!

Woman: May and Mya. We’re triplets.

Man: Wait…so your names are Amy, May and Mya?

Amy: I know. We may as well be called the “Anagram Sisters”!

Both people laugh. The man stares at Amy.

Amy: Are you blushing?

Man: How can you tell?

Amy: I can’t. I’m just assuming because of the way you’re staring at me. It’s the shape of your eyes.

Man: My eyes?

Amy: Yes. You always squint when you smile.

Man: Well, maybe you’re right about-

A loud roar echoes through the plains.

Furbendink: WHAT WAS THAT?!

Ocre: Oh no…we must hurry if we don’t want to become lunch for the echomite!

Furbendink: WHAT?!

Ocre: Alph, get your spitter ready!

The man detaches an object resembling a high-tech water gun from his belt.

Alph: Ready! Wait, why am I the one who needs to do this?

Ocre: Because you’re the only one with a spitter that subdues foes rather than harms them!

Alph: Hold on a minute! Are you saying that this thing is impervious to harm?!

Another roar bellows outward, this time much closer to the party.


Mask of Akanius
A Chromaicora Adventure

The party stands ready as another roar echoes towards them. Ocre and Crynock turn to face the others.

Ocre: You should remove your breathers for maximum clarity.

Amy: Is that safe?

Ocre: The vegetation in this area, combined with the altitude, makes it relatively safe to breathe the air.

Furbendink rips the breather from his face and breathes deeply, while Amy removes hers much more calmly. Alph keeps his breather on.

Furbendink: Hm…it still kinda stinks here. Alph, I’m glad you don’t have to put up with this stench.

Alph: Is it really that bad?

Furbendink: Oh, you have no idea how bad this smell is. It’s like…rotten fruit mixed with a steaming pile of cra-

Crynock: Furbendink! Watch your tongue!

Furbendink: I was gonna say “crab bisque”! I HATE bisque!

Ocre: Here it comes…

Furbendink: EEEP! I’ve never been so scared!

Amy: Well, there was the time you-

Furbendink: Oh yeah.

Ocre: And the time that-

Furbendink: Well, I was pretty scared that day too.

Crynock: And let’s not forget the time I-

Furbendink: OKAY! I think the viewers get that I’m the coward in this show!

Amy: And the fourth-wall demolitions expert, it seems.

Furbendink: Oh, haha. Very funny.

Alph: Can we please just deal with whatever this monster is and stop picking on Furbendink?

Furbendink: *Sniff* You really are my bestest friend…you know that, don’t you, Alph?

Alph: And you’re mine as well, Furbendink.

Amy’s thoughts: Well, just you wait until we’re together, Alph! Then WE’LL be best friends, for better or worse!

Amy smiles happily. Crynock looks at her.

Crynock: Why are you so happy all of a sudden?

Amy panics.

Amy: What?! No, I’m fine! Me, happy? Never! I’m never happy! HAHAHA!

Crynock: Very well.

A loud roar indicates the creature is almost at the party.

Furbendink: Oh…it’s here! It’s here! It’s- wait, where is it?

Ocre: Right there.

Ocre points a clawed finger at a flying beetle, about the size of a ping-pong ball. It lets out a bellowing roar.

Furbendink: Oh, it’s just a defence mechanism!

Ocre: Alph, if you would be so kind?

Alph: Oh…right.

Alph steps in front of the party and sprays mist from his spitter at the echomite, which closes into a ball and falls to the ground.

Alph: Alph and his sleep gun to the rescue.

Ocre: Oh, that’s MUCH better! Those roars really go through your ears!

The others stare at Ocre.

Ocre: What? Drachomi have super-sensitive hearing! Tell ‘em, Crynock!

Crynock: Oh, my helmet cancels out noises which are too loud for drachomus hearing.

Ocre: WHAT?! Well, thank you for telling me! I could’ve used that thing right about now!

Crynock: If I’d known, I would have shared my spare with you.

Ocre: YOU HAD A SPARE?! Ooh, you’re infuriating!

Crynock: As I implied, I would have shared mine if you’d asked.

Ocre: How could I ask when I HAD NO IDEA YOU EVEN HAD A-

Alph calls from a short distance away.

Alph: I think I see Akanius City! Whoa, it’s huge…

The others run over to Alph, who’s standing at the top of a not-too-steep slope. In the distance is an enormous city consisting of multiple domes which are connected together.

Amy: It’s magnificent! We have no such city in Hitorelm!

Furbendink: Or Moridia!

Crynock: It’s equally as impressive as Soranius City.

Alph: Which I would love to visit someday. For now, let’s go to Akanius City!

Ocre: We should arrive within the hour.

Furbendink: WOO! Let’s party!

The party begins carefully descending the slope.

Alph: So is crab bisque really that bad?

Furbendink: Oh, don’t get me started…

Alph: No, I wanna know.

Furbendink: Well…

Scene 2: Akanius City: Late Morning

The party, once again wearing their breathers, enters the airlock at the entrance to the city. The doorway seals behind them as they walk over to the gate.

Furbendink: …and that’s how I created the rainbow fart spell.

Alph: How did a conversation about soup turn into that?!

Furbendink: Ah, it’s just one of the mysteries of our time, Alph. Like, how do I know you’re not a girl under that thing?

Alph: My breather?

Furbendink: No, your…yeah, let’s go with that.

Ocre: I’ve seen Alph’s face, Furbendink. Rest assured that he is definitely male.

Amy: And soooooooo cute!

Alph looks over at Amy, who starts panicking.

Amy: I mean…I would assume you’re at least moderately attractive.

Amy fantasises about how irresistibly handsome he must be. Her fantasy is broken by a single alarm sound.

Voice: Airlock purified. You may now enter.

Amy and Furbendink remove their breathers and clip them to their belts. The gates swing open, leaving everybody except Ocre standing in awe.

Furbendink: It’s magnificent!

Amy: Incredible…

Crynock: It’s so…Akanian…

Ocre scowls at Crynock.

Ocre: What’s that supposed to mean?!

Crynock: N-Nothing, I swear!

Ocre: You better not be mocking my people, Crynock!

Crynock: No, no! I’m on a journey to see the world, and I love learning about new cultures!

Ocre: Well, you don’t usually lie…okay, I trust you.

Furbendink: Wow, Crynock. That’s the first time she ever said she trusts you!

Ocre: Shut it, grape-top!

Furbendink: My bad.

The party begins entering the city.

Alph: Of all the places we’ve been, this is by far the best one yet. I hope the people here are friendly.


The party freezes as two red drachomus guards, a male and a female, walk up to the party.

Male Guard: And what do we have here?

Furbendink: Oh, just the tightest-knit group of travelling friends in Akanius, that’s what!

Ocre wraps her right arm around Crynock’s right shoulder and pulls him next to her. Both drachomi pull large, cheesy grins.

Female Guard: A red drachomus who’s friends with a cyan drachomus? Hm…seems suspicious to me.

Ocre: Oh, we really are-

Crynock: -good friends!

Ocre: Yeah, see? We even finish each other’s-

Crynock: -pudding!

Ocre glares at Crynock, though both drachomi still grin.

Female Guard: Well, okay then. It’s nice to see two drachomi from different backgrounds getting along so well. Go on thr-

Male Guard: Hold it!

The party members tense up again.

Male Guard: This gadget-y thing-a-ma-bob of mine is picking up an unusually high concentration of psychic activity.

Amy: Oh, that’s me. I’m a powerful esper.

Male Guard: A powerful what-what?

Amy: I can use psychic powers. Watch.

Amy focuses on the male guard’s clipboard. The pen unclips from it and floats through the air, enveloped in blue energy, before landing in the female guard’s hand. The energy dissipates.

Male Guard: Wow, that was incredible! Okay, I’m convinced! You folks enjoy your sta-

Female Guard: Just a second!

The party is fed up and groans this time.

Ocre: What now, officers?

Female Guard: Why is that human woman still wearing her breather?

Alph: Actually, I’m a guy.

Female Guard: My apologies, ma’am. Why is this “guy” woman still wearing her breather?

Ocre: Oh, he has breathing difficulties, so he needs to wear it almost all the time.

Female Guard: Oh?

Alph: I can take it off for short amounts of time to eat and drink, but most of the time-

Female Guard: Okay, I’ve heard enough. I’m going to have to ask you all to come with us to the station so we can examine you properly.

Furbendink: WHAT?! But…I wanted to explore the city!

Male Guard: All suspicious individuals must be assessed before we allow them into the city proper.

Furbendink: This is an outrage! I demand to see a lawyer!

Alph: No, it’s fine. I’ll be happy to go with you, officers.

Male Guard: You’re actually cooperating with us?!

Female Guard: If he’s cooperating, then he clearly isn’t a criminal. Okay, you’re free to go.

Crynock: Just like that?

Female Guard: Indeed.

The party sighs, then starts walking. The male guard stops them.

Male Guard: WAIT!

Furbendink appears furious.

Male Guard: We’re sorry for holding you up. It’s just that we’re hosting the Akanian Tournament this year and, well…we need to be on the lookout for spies from other factions. Here.

The male guard hands a flyer to Ocre.

Ocre: What’s this?

Male Guard: Coupons for Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat. It’s just down the road there. It’s my way of apologising.

Furbendink: A free buffet?! Let’s go!

Furbendink races down the street, a trail of dust kicked up behind him.

Male Guard: He seems unusually excited about one free beverage.

Amy: Oh dear…he’s not going to be happy.

Female Guard: You see the future too?! Amazing…

Amy: Uh…I’m not that kind of psychic.

Amy’s thoughts: If I were, I could see myself removing Alph’s mask and gazing into his beautiful green eyes, his chiseled jaw, his perfectly-sculpted cheekbones…

Amy suddenly cries out.

Amy: Why do I keep missing the chance to see his stupid fa-

Amy looks over at Alph, who’s staring at her. She throws her arms in the air and cries out, before racing down the road, a trail of dust behind her.

Crynock: What do you see in that girl, Alph?

Alph shrugs his shoulders and makes an “I dunno” noise.

Commercial: It’s Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat! We have the best food in all of Akanius! Now with 300 convenient locations empire-wide! Right now, claim your coupons for one free drink! It’s our way of giving back to you, the customer! Crimson Curie’s, where you can stuff yourself full of the finest chow in the land*!

*DISCLAIMER: May not be the finest chow in the land. You have been warned!


Scene 3: Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat: Early Afternoon

The party sits at a table in Crimson Curie’s All-You-Can-Eat. Furbendink is stuffing his face with all sorts of food, from steak and noodles to chicken pie and stew. Crynock stares at him, mouth agape.

Ocre: What’s the matter, Crynock? Never seen a gnome on a food binge before?

Crynock: I can’t work out how one as small as Furbendink could fit in so much food.

Ocre: He’ll pay for it later, believe me. Gnomes may have lightning-fast metabolism, but there is a limit, if you catch my drift.

Crynock: No, I believe I do not.

Amy looks over at Alph, who is not eating anything.

Amy: Are you sure you don’t want anything?

Alph: I’m not hungry right now, thanks.

Amy attempts to tantalise him with some tasty treats.

Amy: Are you sure you don’t want some spicy cheese bread? Or a slice of super-secret recipe chicken pie?

Alph: I’ll manage.

Amy: What about some strawberry truffle-balls? Ocre says they’re your favourite!

Amy holds one in front of Alph’s face. Alph closes his eyes.

Alph: As I said, I’ll eat when I’m hungry.

Amy: Oh…fine.

Amy’s thoughts: He’s playing hard-to-get, I just know it! That just makes it all the more exciting to crack the mystery!

Amy suddenly hears a voice in the background.

Voice #1: Our plan is foolproof! The Emperor won’t know what hit ‘im!

Voice #2: What better way to overthrow the Empire than by taking out its figurehead? Haha!

Voice #1: Victory to the Aoinian Empire!

Voice #2: May our Empress Aoin reign over these Akanian fools!

Voice #1: Let’s slip out quietly before anybody notices.

Amy watches as two cloaked figures slip past the table.

Amy: Uh…if you’ll excuse me, I must be going.

Furbendink: WHAT?! You’re really going to fol-

Amy grabs Furbendink’s hand.

Amy: And I’ll need Furbendink’s help.

Ocre: Okay, we’ll meet up at the agreed location at sunset.

Amy: Of course.

Amy stands up, pulling Furbendink along as she follows the two cloaked figures.

Furbendink: Are you crazy?! We can’t stop-

Amy: Sh!

Furbendink: Fine…

Ocre: I have no idea what she’s doing, but she’s a mature, capable girl, so I trust her to look after herself. Furbendink, on the other hand…

A rumbling sound is heard.

Alph: Oh, heheh…I guess I’m hungry now.

A hissing sound is heard as Alph removes his breather. He picks up a strawberry truffle-ball and eats it.

Alph: Mmm…so good!

Amy and Furbendink continue to follow the cloaked figures out of the restaurant.

Amy: Hm…I feel as though I’m missing out on something important…nah! It’s just my imagination!

Furbendink: Maybe you need to use the restroom? I know I do!

Amy: You’re that afraid of a little adventure?

Furbendink: I’m a gnome. It’s only natural for me to be wary of…well, anything.

Amy sighs.

Amy: If you want to use the restroom-

Furbendink: Never mind. It’s passed.

Amy: Good, then we can focus on our mission.

Furbendink: Which is what, exactly?

Amy: Those two goons obviously wish to assassinate the Emperor. How they slipped past security is beyond me, though.

Furbendink’s thoughts: Oh, I think the security around here could use a bit of training.

Amy: Why would you say that in a public area?!

Furbendink: I said that out loud? Huh…I need to control my thoughts a little better.

Amy: Anyway, we’re trained adventurers. I’m sure we could find a way to stop them.

Furbendink: Look, Amy, you’re only 25 years old. I have YEARS more experience than you!

Amy: Which makes you how old, exactly?

Furbendink: Well, by the standard gnome years-to-human years conversion…exactly the same age.

Amy: Really? You’re 100 years old?

Furbendink: Oh come on! You’re psychic! You could have just read my mind!

Amy: Again, I’m not that kind of psychic.

Furbendink: So you keep saying, but so far the only thing I’ve ever seen you do is move objects with your mind.

Amy: Because I’m an esper, and that’s what espers do.

Furbendink: Oh. Well, that’s still subpar to magic.

Amy: Psychic powers are one of the seven varieties of magic.

Furbendink: Well…regular magic is better!

Amy: Keep down your voice! We do not want to alert the assassins to our presence!

The cloaked figures suddenly stop walking and turn to face Amy and Furbendink. Their faces identify them as blue drachomi.

Drachomus #1: Well well, looks like we have a couple of worms following us, don’t we, Voltran?

Voltran: It would seem so, Azulian.

Azulian: What should we do with them?

Voltran: I say we let them have the first move. Then, we strike!

Azulian: Good idea.

Furbendink: Oh, we can go first? In that case…

Furbendink holds out his wand.

Furbendink: “Furbendink’s Rainbow Fart!”

Both assassins suddenly let out a massive fart, and rainbow coloured mist emerges from their lower bodies.

Azulian: What the…?

Voltran: What did you just do, you little…?!

Furbendink: It’s my own special recipe. Like it?

Azulian: Why, you little…

Voltran: …purple-haired punk!

Furbendink: Amy! Now!

Amy: Uh…right!

Amy holds out her hand, manipulating the fart into the assassins’ faces.

Azulian: This is…*COUGH*…torture!

Voltran: It’s so…*ACK*…colourful!

Furbendink: And guess what? It’s gonna last for a full ten minutes! Haha! You’ve had it now!

Voice: “Dispel!”

The rainbow mist clears from the assassins’ faces. A third, female cloaked figure emerges from the shadows and stands in front of the other two.

Figure: Azulian, Voltran, I’m very disappointed in the both of you.

Azulian: We’re sorry, Bronzika.

Voltran: Sorry, Boss.

Bronzika faces Amy and Furbendink. She has a bluish-tinged scar on the right side of her face.

Bronzika: You should not have tried to stop us. Now, you will both pay!

Bronzika throws a small black orb to the ground, engulfing the immediate area in a dark shroud. Once it clears, the three drachomus assassins, Amy and Furbendink are gone.

Scene 4: Plaza: Evening

Alph, Ocre and Crynock stand in a plaza in the middle of the city. They seem to be looking out for Amy and Furbendink.

Ocre: Where are they? They were supposed to be here half an hour ago.

Crynock: I’m very worried.

Alph: Well, I’m sure they’re just-

Suddenly, an explosion erupts from a nearby building. Humans and red drachomi run around, screaming. The party runs over to the scene of the explosion. A young drachomus child sits propped up next to a building, holding her arm and crying.

Ocre: Oh no…

Crynock runs over to the child and kneels down to her level.

Crynock: Hey there. What happened?

Child: I was playing over there with my pet drake Peppers, and then…next thing I knew I was over here!

Crynock: Can you move your arm?

The child shakes her head.

Child: Nuh-uh. It hurts too much.

Crynock: Can you tell me your name?

Child: *SNIFF*…Ruby.

Crynock: Hi, Ruby. My name’s Crynock.

Ruby giggles.

Ruby: That’s a funny name!

Crynock: Well I think your name is beautiful.

Ruby smiles.

Crynock: Now, I’ll heal your arm using some of my special magic. Is that okay?

Ruby nods.

Ruby: M-hm.

Crynock: Okay then.

Crynock holds his hand over Ruby’s arm.

Crynock: “Cure wound!”

Crynock’s hand engulfs Ruby’s arm in bright cyan light. After a moment, the light dissipates.

Crynock: There. Now how’s that?

Ruby moves her arm. A big smile spreads across her face.

Ruby: You fixed my arm! Thank you very much, Mr. Crynock!

Crynock smiles.

Crynock: You are most welcome, Ruby.

Crynock holds out his clawed hand. Ruby takes it, and Crynock helps her to her feet.

Voice: Ruby!

Ruby: Daddy!

Two red drachomi, a male and female, rush over to Ruby. Ruby runs into their open arms.

Woman: We were so worried about you! Our precious gem!

Ruby: I’m okay!

Man: What happened to you?

Ruby: I broke my arm, and that man made it better!

Ruby points to Crynock. The man lets go of Ruby and walks over to Crynock.

Man: You healed my little girl?

Crynock: Indeed.

Man: You jerk!

The man shoves Crynock.

Man: How dare you poison my daughter with your magic!

Woman: Wurmius!

Man: Stay out of this, Drasilla!

Crynock: I merely did my duty to one who was injured.

Wurmius: You corrupted her and turned her over to your side!

Crynock: I take no side. I am friend to all.

Wurmius: Not me. I would never accept a Soranian as a friend.

Crynock: That…I…

Wurmius: You don’t belong in this place. Go back to whatever cesspool you come from!

Ocre: Hey! Nobody talks to my friend like that!

Wurmius: You’re taking the Soranian’s side?

Ocre quickly holds her hand to her ear.

Ocre: Uh…well, you tell that jerk to stop being a jerk to my friend!

Ocre points to her ear.

Ocre (whisper): (I’m on the communicator.) Yeah, I hate his guts too!

Crynock: Ocre…

A tear rolls down Crynock’s cheek.

Wurmius: We’re leaving. Come along, Ruby.

Wurmius takes Ruby’s hand and starts walking her away. Ruby turns back to face Crynock, before turning her head in the other direction. Drasilla walks up to Crynock.

Drasilla: For what it’s worth, thank you.

Crynock: You are most welcome.

Drasilla: You’re very brave. You should be careful in a place like this.

Crynock: I’ll keep that in mind.

Drasilla turns and walks up to her family again. Crynock looks at Ocre, a sad look on his face.

Ocre: Oh, don’t give me that look! I have a reputation to maintain!

Crynock: I thought you, of all people, were above this prejudicial discrimination between our cultures.

Ocre: While that’s true, I would still rather keep out of any dispute.

Crynock: You initiate most of our battles.

Ocre: I said “any” dispute, not “every” dispute. And starting disputes is very different from keeping out of them.

Crynock: I can’t believe this. I thought we were friends.

Ocre: We are friends, you pale-blue dummy.

Crynock: And yet you didn’t stand up for me.

Ocre: Well, I-

Crynock: There’s more. You’re always insulting me, hitting me…I am the butt of almost every joke you make about us.

Ocre: Well, I wouldn’t turn myself into a joke, so the rest of you have to deal with it! Haha!

Crynock: Well, it’s obvious that our friendship is nothing but a joke.

Ocre: Crynock, I-

Crynock: I need some time to cool off. I’ll be heading over to the Soranian Embassy to replenish my magic.

Ocre: But I-

Crynock: Enough. I’ll meet up with you once I know the best course of action.

Crynock calmly walks away. Alph turns to face Ocre.

Alph: I’ll keep an eye on him. I’ve never seen him so angry.

Ocre: That was anger?! He was so calm that I thought he was-

Ocre sighs.

Ocre: Now I see his point. Maybe I should try to be a bit…nicer to him.

Alph: For now, just give him some time.

Ocre: Agreed. Go. Make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid.

Alph: I’ll meet up with you later.

Ocre: Very well.

Alph: Hey, Crynock. Wait up!

Alph runs over to Crynock. Ocre stares into space.

Ocre: I have the worst feeling…that something bad’s happened to Amy and Furbendink.

Ocre looks in a certain direction.

Ocre: Guess I’d better follow my gut.

Ocre’s belly growls.

Ocre: Or at least feed it! Haha!

Ocre walks in the direction she’s facing.

To be Continued…

End Credits


Episode 2 – Akanian Knights, Part II
No sooner do Amy and Furbendink escape from being captured by three assassins from the Blue Drachomus Empire than the duo winds up imprisoned by the Red Drachomus Empire! Can they warn the emperor about the trio of goons before it’s too late? Meanwhile, Alph attempts to reconcile Crynock and Ocre before their friendship is completely ruined, but a child could ultimately pave the way for more than just these two drachomi to see the error of their ways.

New Character

– A blue drachomus fanatic who, along with her brothers Azulian and Voltran, plans to take Emperor Akan out of the picture and, in turn, lead to the entire empire being conquered by Empress Aoin. But are they just a few lightning bolts short of a thunderstorm?

“We have to warn the Emperor before it’s too late!”

Scene 1: Prison Cell: Akanius Palace: Night

Amy and Furbendink sit in a cell inside the palace.

Furbendink: You know, this wouldn’t have happened if you’d just kept your nose out of other people’s business, right?

Amy: I was merely trying to save the Emperor.

Furbendink: Well, let me walk you through what you did wrong:

We cut to a scene inside a dark room.

Furbendink: Firstly, you let us get captured by those assassins…

Bronzika: Hold still while I tie you up! There!

Furbendink: No! Now I’m all tied up! Whatever will we do, Amy?

Furbendink: Then you untied the ropes with your weird mind magic…in front of the assassins…

Amy’s eyes begin to glow, and the ropes which bind her and Furbendink’s hands unravel and fall to the ground.

Amy: There.

Furbendink: And then you caused explosives to go off in the room which blasted a hole in the wall…and caused panic in the plaza!

Amy leaps in front of barrels marked “fire powder”.

Bronzika: Witch! Eat my shocking breath!

Bronzika opens her mouth, releasing a bolt of blue electricity from it. Amy leaps out of the way, and it strikes the barrels.

Azulian and Voltran: Oh n-

We cut to just outside the building. The explosion bursts through the wall, sending Ruby flying and causing a red iguana-like creature to flee.

Furbendink: So naturally, we wound up arrested and thrown in the slammer.

Amy: And now the assassins will execute the Emperor. If only the guards had believed our story.

Voice: Right. Come with us, you two.

A guard opens the cell door.

Furbendink: Oh no! Are we going to be boiled alive for our crime?

Guard: Yeah, that’s right. Come with us.

Furbendink: No!

Amy: You can’t!

Guard: Come with us now.

Furbendink: “Us?” You’re the only one there.

Guard: Just for that, you’re being boiled in hot oil!


Opening Credits

Scene 2: Akanius Palace: Night

The guard walks Amy and Furbendink to just outside two large, wooden doors.

Furbendink: So is this the “boiler room”? Pfft…haha! Get it? Amy? Captain “Us”? No?

Amy: Really? You’re making jokes NOW?

Furbendink: Oh, come on! That’s funny!

Amy snickers.

Amy: Well, maybe a little…

The guard sighs and swings open the doors, revealing a huge, elaborately-decorated room. A long, red carpet begins rolling across the room to the far end. Furbendink whistles.

Furbendink: For a boiler room, this is swa-a-anky!

The guard begins walking across the carpet, with Amy and Furbendink following closely behind.

Furbendink: Wait a minute…I think we’ve been set-up.

Amy: Of course we have, you prawn! The Akanians haven’t had a death penalty in over 200 years!

Furbendink: Then why were we threatened and locked up?

Guard: Security measures. We cannot be too careful about the Emperor’s guests this close to the Akanian Tournament.

Furbendink: Fair enough. Oh, by the way, thank you for the chocolates you left in the cell for us. They were deeeeeeelish!

Guard: Um…those were not “chocolates”.

Furbendink: Come again?

Guard: We didn’t leave you chocolates to consume.

Furbendink: But that means…I must’ve eaten…AAAAAAAH!

Guard: Ha, just kidding! They were chocolates. We just like messing with people.

Furbendink: Why would you do that?! And furthermore, why do you keep using the royal “we” to refer to yourself?

Guard: The palace guards are trained to-

Furbendink: You know what? “We” do NOT want to know!

Guard: As you wish.

The group reaches the other end of the room. A red drachomus in simple clothing sits upon a throne of red crystal. The guard stands to the right of the throne.

Guard: Emperor Akan, I present Miss Amy Mitchell of Hitorelm and Master Furbendink of Moridia.

Amy: It is an honour, Your Majesty.

Amy curtsies.

Furbendink: Hi, Akan. So what’s with the wardrobe? Are all your other clothes in the laundry or something?

Amy gasps.

Amy: Furbendink!

Emperor Akan laughs.

Akan: It’s quite alright, Miss Mitchell. I’m actually a rather laid-back emperor.

Amy: Oh, I did not expect such a response.

Akan: I understand that royalty in human lands is very…posh. The emperors of drachomus lands, meanwhile, tend to be much more down-to-earth and…let’s say “normal”.

Furbendink: Which explains your casual outfit.

Akan: Yep, all I need is a pair of shades and I’m set. But I don’t usually wear shades unless I’m outdoors…or at a party.

Furbendink: Wait…you party too?

Akan: Sure. I’m throwing a party tomorrow night, as it happens!

Furbendink: Sweet!

Amy: Pardon me, Your Majesty-

Akan: Please, drop the formality. Just call me “Emperor”. Or “Akan”.

Amy: Very well…Emperor, three assassins from the Blue Drachomus Empire are plotting to eliminate you.

Akan: What?! Why would Aoin send assassins?!

Amy: I…take it you know her, then?

Akan: Of course! Our cultures are experiencing a time of peace, a “ceasefire”, as it were.

Furbendink: Or a “cease-shock”, perhaps?

Akan: Hey, nice pun. I like it!

Amy: I doubt that she sent them personally.

Akan: I suppose I’ll have to contact her and find out.

Akan holds his left wrist level to his face. He presses a button on his communicator. After a few moments, a full-colour projection of a female blue drachomus appears.

Aoin: Ah, Akan. To what do I owe this pleasure?

Akan: Hey, Aoin. Long time.

Aoin: It has been too long. How’s your exercise regime going?

Akan: Pretty good. I managed to lose five-

Akan pauses.

Akan: Look, I’m in trouble.

Aoin: Oh no…don’t tell me your sister lost her drake again.

Akan: No…well, I mean, she might’ve, I don’t know.

Aoin: Then what?

Akan sighs.

Akan: I have two guests who say that three assassins are coming to get me. They said they were blue drachomi.

Aoin appears worried.

Aoin: Oh dear…it’s…

Akan: Yes?

Aoin: Well, quite recently a group of Aoinian rebels has emerged. They appear to be devoted to their empire, and especially to me.

Akan: Fanatics?

Aoin: Probably. They keep claiming that they intend to eliminate the other fourteen Emperors and Empresses so that all the drachomus lands belong to me. What they fail to realise is that-

Akan: -all the empresses and emperors actually try to get along.

Aoin: Our governments, however, have other ideas. That’s why these disputes break-out so frequently.

Akan: Our governments and armies would rather keep themselves busy than allow us to coexist.

Aoin: After five years of both our empires being at peace, I don’t want three rebels to undo the ties we’ve both strived to forge.

Akan: Agreed.

Aoin: I hate to admit it, but…I think the best course of action is for your guests to stop the assassins…by any means available.

Akan: Very well.

Aoin: Try to be careful, Akan.

Akan: …I will.

Aoin: Now, I must go. I have matters to which I must attend.

Akan: Oh?

Aoin: My bath is ready.

Akan: Okay, until next time, then.

Aoin: Until next time.

The communicator switches off.

Akan: Well, you heard the lady. Let’s stop those assassins!

Furbendink: And how do you propose we do that?

Akan: Well…

Scene 3: Soranian Embassy: Morning

Alph enters the Temple of Soranius. Crynock is not wearing his armour; he sits with his legs crossed and his eyes closed, facing the opposite direction in a state of meditation.

Alph: Uh…Crynock?

Crynock opens his eyes and looks back, still facing the opposite direction.

Crynock: Good morning, Alph.

Alph: Good morning.

Crynock carefully climbs to his feet and turns to face Alph.

Alph: How are you feeling?

Crynock: Much calmer, thank you. A good night’s sleep was all I needed.

Alph: That’s good.

Crynock: I dreamed about the moment when Ocre saved my life, and when I awoke I realised that she does indeed care about me. I guess anger really does make one ignorant.

Alph: True that. So…we have a bit of a situation.

Crynock: Oh?

Alph and Crynock, who is now dressed in his armour, stand over a red, iguana-like creature which is tied to a post.

Crynock: A red drake?

Alph: Its name-tag says “Peppers”.

Crynock: Then that means…

Alph: This drake is the pet of the little girl.

Crynock: But…what’s it doing here?

Alph: Honestly, not a clue. But I think you can patch up your differences with her father. Or rather, have him patch up his with you.

Crynock: But how can we locate the girl’s family within the city walls?

Alph: Already taken care of. Apparently, there’s only one resident in the city with the name “Ruby”, and guess what?

Crynock: She is the sister of the Emperor.

Alph: Nope, she-

Alph’s eyes widen.

Alph: Wait, how did you know?

Crynock: That billboard…

Crynock points to a nearby billboard, which Alph reads aloud.

Alph: “Lost Pet. Answers to the name “Peppers”. Belongs to Ruby, Princess of Akanius. Reward offered. If found, please contact any nearby guard.”

Crynock: We must find a guard at once.

Alph: Also taken care of.

Alph gestures to a city guard who’s standing next to Crynock.

Guard: Please come with me.

Crynock: I must say, Alph, you are one sharp individual.

Alph: Really?

Crynock: Indeed. I’m quite impressed.

Alph: Well then, let’s go make a little girl happy!

Scene 4: Akanius Palace: Morning

Amy and Furbendink stand guard outside the palace entrance.

Furbendink: Oh, why do we have to stand here like this?

Amy: We must keep an eye out for the assassins.

Furbendink: You seriously think they’ll just walk through the front door?

Amy: Well, no, but we’ll be able to see anybody who gets anywhere near this entrance before they arrive.

Furbendink: Hey, yeah! Nobody’s coming through here unless we say otherwise!

Crynock and Alph walk between Amy and Furbendink up to the entrance. Crynock carries Peppers in his hands.

Alph: Hey guys.

Amy: Hey…

Amy continues to stare at Alph as he walks past, little pink hearts floating around her head as she does so.

Furbendink: Uh, Amy…not doing a good job, are we?

Amy: Oh yeah…you need to do a good job…guarding the love…falling in guards…

Furbendink: Oh, for cryin’ out…

Furbendink zooms in front of Alph and Crynock.

Furbendink: Names and purpose of visit.

Alph: Uh, Furbendink…it’s us.

Furbendink jots down some notes on his clipboard.

Furbendink: Okay then, Itsus and Furbendink…hey, we have the same name!

Amy: I like names…like Alph…heehee…sounds like a funny name…

Alph: Uh…is she feeling okay?

Furbendink: I’ll be asking the questions, “Furbendink”…if that IS your real name! Now, what’s with the lizard?

Crynock: It is the pet of the Princess. We merely wish to return it.

Furbendink: Uh-huh…uh-huh…a likely story. I’m afraid I’m gonna need to interrogate you.

Amy: I’ll interrogate the one in the mask…I bet he’s so handsome…like a doctor or an actor…

Alph: Did either of you sleep at all last night?

Furbendink: *YAWN*…huh? Why do you ask?

Alph: Because you always act all weird when you’re sleepy, and Amy’s hardly focusing on anything at all!

Amy: So…handsome…*YAWN*…face…

Furbendink: If you must know, we’ve been up all night guarding the Emperor, and I must admit, we did a splendid job!


A male human dressed in palace attire runs up to the group. He appears furious.

Amy: Dunderhead…”under his”…mask…I mean…what?

Amy snaps back to reality, and the hearts float away.

Amy: Missing? But…how?!

Furbendink: And who are you?

Human: I am Freddie, the Emperor’s nursemaid.

Furbendink: A male nursemaid? HAHA!

Freddie: ENOUGH! Do you realize how much hot WATER you two are in right now?

Furbendink lets out a long, squeaky, high-pitched scream.

Amy: But we guarded the entrance all night long!

Freddie: The EAST entrance! Reports said the assassins were heading towards the main entrance, which is TO THE SOUTH!

Furbendink: Oh…heheh…my bad.

Freddie: If the Emperor’s been captured, or worse…

Alph: Don’t worry, we’ll find him.

Freddie: And you are…?

Alph: Oh, Alph and Crynock. We’re here about the missing drake.

Freddie speaks calmly.

Freddie: Oh, of course. Please, head through there and it’s the second door on the right.

Crynock: Thank you.

Alph and Crynock walk into the palace, Freddie calmly watching them with a smile on his face. He then turns to face Amy and Furbendink and becomes enraged again.

Freddie: You better fix this, or so help me…

Furbendink: So help you WHAT?! We’ve been awake ALL NIGHT LONG guarding your precious Emperor, and THIS IS THE THANKS WE GET?!

Freddie: I…I…

Furbendink: Oh, that is IT!

Furbendink furiously readies his wand.


Amy swiftly snatches the wand with her psychic power, holding it up in the air out of Furbendink’s reach.

Furbendink: Hey!

Amy: You’re very tired and irrational right now, Furbendink.

Furbendink: Says the love-struck esper!

The wand floats into Amy’s hand, and she puts it into her satchel.

Amy: You’ll get this back once you’ve rested.

Furbendink: Aw…

Amy: For now, we must find the Emperor.

Freddie: You better, or else-

Furbendink growls at Freddie like a dog.

Freddie: Hm…if you’ll excuse me, I must prepare the Emperor’s bed-chamber.

Freddie enters the palace. Furbendink looks at Amy, a smile on his face.

Furbendink: What a nice young man.

Amy sighs and facepalms.

Amy: Unbelievable…

Crynock walks into a dining hall, with Peppers still in his arms. Ruby and her mother and father sit at a table. Alph stands in the doorway. Wurmius scowls at Crynock.

Wurmius: What are you doing here?

Crynock: I merely wished to return-

Ruby: Peppers!

Ruby runs up to Crynock, who hands her Peppers. Ruby smiles at Crynock.

Ruby: Thank you so much, Mr. Crynock! You did three nice things for me now!

Crynock: Three nice things?

Ruby: You fixed my arm, you said my name is pretty, and you found my pet!

Crynock: I am glad, Ruby.

Ruby: Come on, Peppers! Let’s go and play in the palace courtyard!

Ruby runs out of the room. Wurmius stands up and reaches for a large sack of money.

Wurmius: I suppose you’ll be claiming your reward, then…

Crynock: Oh, that won’t be necessary.

Wurmius: Oh?

Crynock: I did a good deed. That, in itself, is reward enough.

Wurmius: Hmph…you really are remarkable, aren’t you, sir?

Crynock: I was merely doing my duty.

Wurmius: You turned down a reward for helping a member of my family, and you didn’t even enquire about its contents.

Wurmius approaches Crynock and holds out his left hand, placing it on Crynock’s shoulder.

Wurmius: I thank you, sir.

Both drachomi bow their heads for a moment, then return them to a normal position. Wurmius removes his hand.

Wurmius: I guess I was the one in the wrong this time. I was so quick to judge you because of racial prejudice. I guess you’ve helped me grow a little.

Drasilla: Oh, Wurmius…

Wurmius: The funny thing is that our daughter never once reviled you. She said nothing but kind words the whole way home yesterday. Maybe it’s we who are immature, not our children.

Crynock: Wisdom is present in everyone, but only the chosen few, and the young at heart, know how to utilise it properly.

Wurmius: Well said…for a Soranian.

Both Drachomi smile. Alph looks out of the room.

Alph: Okay, be right there. Uh, Crynock?

Crynock: Yes?

Alph: Amy said something about a possible lead on Emperor Akan.

Wurmius: My son? He has been found?!

Alph: Not yet, but we know the area he’s located in.

Wurmius and Drasilla look at each other.

Alph: Oh…and Furbendink said something about making those assassins choke in a rainbow cloud for ten minutes straight.

Wurmius: Then we must go to him at once!

Crynock: Allow us to assist you.

Wurmius: I wouldn’t have it any other way…brother.

Everyone races out of the room.

Commercial: The Akanian Tournament is almost here! Witness as athletes and adventurers from across the Empire compete in tests of strength, endurance and skill. Which of your favourites will emerge victorious? Reigning Champion Ocre of Akanius will be joined by her young protégé, a new entrant in this year’s tournament! Will he be able to keep up with her? Or will he drag them both into a losing streak? Don’t miss the Akanian Tournament, televised across the entire Empire!


Scene 5: The Dragon’s Flame Tavern: Late Morning

Ocre sits at a table, a mug of some kind of red liquid in her hand. She takes a mouthful and slams it to the table.

Ocre: Oh yeah…that’s a gooooooood beverage! Barkeep! Another over here!

The bartender, a male human, walks up to Ocre.

Bartender: Um…ma’am…don’t you think you’ve had enough?

Ocre: What? This is strawberry purée!

Bartender: Oh, my apologies. I must have mixed you up with that woman over there.

The bartender points to a male red drachomus at a nearby tale.

Ocre: That’s a man!

Bartender: Oh dear…my humblest apologies, sir.

Ocre: No, I’m a woman!

Bartender: Oh…I should leave before I make another mistake…

Ocre: Not before you pour me another strawberry purée!

Bartender: O-Of course, ma’am…

The bartender walks away. Ocre gets the attention of the male drachomus. She raises her mug in the air in good spirit; the male drachomus grins and waves awkwardly. Ocre stands and walks over to him.

Ocre: Hey there, handsome!

Male Drachomus: Oh, hi.

Ocre sits down, finishes her strawberry purée and slams the mug onto the table.

Ocre: What’s your name?

Male Drachomus: It’s Bob.

Ocre: Bob? Isn’t that…a human name?

Bob: It’s a nickname I acquired in human lands.

Ocre: You’ve been to Hitorelm? What’s it like?

Bob: Very different to Akanius, that’s for sure.

Ocre: Fascinating…

Ocre begins flirting with the drachomus.

Ocre: I love an adventurous, well-travelled, attractive man.

Bob: You do?

Ocre: Sure. Let’s sync our communicators, Handsome.

Bob: Uh…okay.

Ocre and Bob sync their wrist devices by touching them. A beeping sound is heard.

Ocre: Thanks. See you around.

Ocre winks. She stands up and returns to her table. The bartender walks up to Bob.

Bartender: Your strawberry purée, ma’am.


Ocre is thrown out of the tavern by two bouncers. She stands to her feet and dusts herself off.

Ocre: Well, excuuuuuuuuse me, Your Majesty!

Ocre begins walking down the street.

Ocre: *SNIFF* Crynock would have defended me. Now I’m starting to see why he was so hurt that I didn’t defend him…

Crynock’s Voice (Distant): Ocre!

Ocre: I can almost hear his voice.

Crynock’s Voice: (Distant): Ocre, I forgive you!

Ocre: It’s as if he’s forgiving me despite our great distance.

Crynock’s Voice (Closer): Ocre? Hey, Ocre!

Ocre: Hey, that bright-blue drachomus over there almost looks like him, right down to his stupid helmet…wait a second…!

Crynock is standing at the far end of the street.

Ocre: Crynock?!

A big smile spreads across Ocre’s face.

Ocre: Crynock!

Crynock: Ocre!

Crynock and Ocre begin running towards each other. As they get closer, they both spread open their arms. Just as they are about to embrace each other with a friendly hug, a human pushing a cart filled with manure walks between them. A look of horror spreads across Ocre’s face as she tries to grind to a halt, but to no avail. At the last moment, Crynock leaps over the cart and knocks her to the ground.

Ocre: You saved my hygiene!

Crynock: We can’t have you meeting the Emperor smelling of manure, can we?

Ocre and Crynock stare at each other for a long moment. Crynock breaks that moment.

Crynock: Uh…I should…

Ocre: Yeah.

Crynock: Climb off…you.

Crynock stands, helping Ocre to her feet.

Crynock: So…

Ocre: Meet the Emperor?

Crynock: Of course. I’ll explain everything on the way.

Scene 6: Dark Room: Late Morning

Emperor Akan is tied up in a dark room, with Azulian, Voltran and Bronzika standing guard.

Akan: What’s goin’ on? Why am I tied up here?!

Azulian: Will you stop asking that question?

Voltran: It’s beyond annoying!

Akan: Okay, then let me ask you this: why am I hidden in a room with a huge gaping hole into a busy marketplace?!

We cut to a shot of a blast hole in the wall, signifying that the assassins are using the exact same room that they were before.

Azulian: We rented this room, so we intend to use it.

Voltran: Yeah, use it!

Bronzika: I can’t believe I listened to you idiots…

Akan: Well, anybody could just walk in.

Azulian: Yeah, right!

Voltran: Suuuuuuuure they could!

Ocre: Shoulda listened to your captive.

Ocre, Crynock, Alph, Amy and Furbendink are standing in the room.

Bronzika: But…how…?

Ocre: See that hole? We walked through it!

Bronzika scowls at Azulian.

Bronzika: Fool!

Azulian: What?

Voltran: Yeah, what?

Bronzika faces the party.

Bronzika: We are the Fans of Aoinias, a new order which will unite all the Drachomus Lands under our Empress, the great Aoin!

Akan: I told you already, Aoin and I are good friends!

Bronzika: Feh! Our Empress would NEVER be friends with the likes of an Akanian, especially not you!

Crynock: Perhaps we could settle this peacefully…

Bronzika: Why is a Soranian here? Is this some kind of new alliance between the Akanians and Soranians which has slipped under the radar?!

Ocre: Him? No, he’s just travelling with us.

Bronzika: Why would he do so willingly?!

Ocre: Because…he’s my friend.

Bronzika: Then…what about these three?

Ocre: Also my friends. This psychically-empowered woman…this annoying little freak-

Furbendink: HEY!

Ocre: -and this adventurous young man.

Alph: No.

Ocre gasps.

Ocre: What?!

Alph: You and I are family, and so are Crynock, Amy and Furbendink. I don’t need a brother. I have all the family I need right here.

Crynock: Well said, Alph.

Bronzika: You’re all a bunch of…of…whackjobs! Drachomi of two cultures working together?! It can’t be done!

Crynock: I believe the proof is in the pudding.

Bronzika: That is IT! Azulian! Voltran! Attack!

Azulian: Well, actually…

Voltran: …these people have a very good point.

Bronzika gasps.

Bronzika: What? You’re siding with THEM?!

Azulian: Well, yeah. We didn’t want to be part of this stupid organisation anyway.

Voltran: We thought it was just something three siblings were doing for fun, but you took it way too far.

Bronzika: My own brothers…betraying me?! Fine! I don’t need you! The organisation will be just fine without you!

Azulian: But you’re the only one left, sister.

Bronzika: Oh no, you no longer have the right to call me “sister”. You are both traitors.

Azulian and Voltran: Traitors?!

Bronzika: Traitors! To both the Aoinian Empire…and to me…?!

Bronzika quickly whips her right hand to the back of her neck.

Bronzika: Get it o-

Bronzika’s eyes flash once with orange light. She lowers her hand to her side and snarls.

Bronzika: Prepare to meet your fate!

Bronzika leaps at Azulian. A wave of blue energy stops her and holds her in the air.

Bronzika: What…?!

Amy uses her psychic power to hold Bronzika in place. Alph approaches her and readies his spitter.

Bronzika: What are you going to do? Fry me with a burst of flame?

Alph: No.

Bronzika: Zap me with electricity?

Alph: Of course not.

Bronzika: Freeze me with a beam of frost?

Alph: I’m a pacifist.

Bronzika: Then wha-

Alph fires his spitter at Bronzika, spraying her with a mist which knocks her unconscious.

Akan: What happened? How did you subdue her without harming her?

Ocre: As you know, spitters typically come equipped with cartridges designed to replicate the breath of a drachomus. Flame, lightning, frost…and many more varieties.

Crynock: However, Alph uses the underrated sleep cartridges in his spitter. Drachomi typically don’t see the point in wasting the use of their spitters with something that only temporarily incapacitates a foe, but Alph…

Amy: He is wonderful. He wouldn’t hurt a fly, let alone another person.

Amy’s Thoughts: And one day…he will be mine!

Alph: Who will be yours?

Amy: I said that out loud?! Ehehe…never mind!

Scene 7: Akanius Palace: Night

The heroes are all in Akanius Palace’s party hall. Humans and red drachomi are dancing to the beat as colourful lights dance around the walls of the darkened room. Akan walks over to the heroes.

Akan: I must thank you once again for helping me.

Alph: No problem.

Furbendink: Happy to do it.

Ocre: I guess security will need to be ramped-up around here.

Akan: Nah!

Ocre: Really?

Crynock: Is that wise?

Akan: It turns out that in the end, the Fans of Aoinias had just one member.

Amy: Bronzika?

Akan: Yep. But she’s being deported back to Aoinias, where she’ll be sentenced and, hopefully, imprisoned for a loooooooong time.

Alph: That’s good, though there was something…weird about her. I’m sure it’s nothing, though.

Akan: But you, Alph and Amy. You both stopped her from hurting her own family. Why?

Amy: I have siblings of my own back home. I know the importance of familial bonds.

Alph: And as for me, I always felt like I was missing a sibling.

Akan: Really? Just “a sibling”, and not “siblings”?

Alph: Well, I can’t remember my life before arriving in Ocre’s hometown, but there’s a little…something which says that somewhere out there, I do have a brother. I wonder where he could be…

Akan: Well, in any case, you are both heroes. Is there anything I can do for you?

Alph: Well…perhaps you could tell us about the grand prize of this year’s Akanian Tournament?

Scene 8: Akanius Palace: Late Night

Akan leads Alph and Ocre through a darkened part of the palace.

Akan: As you know, the Akanian Tournament holds a grand prize of immense value each year, which ultimately goes to the victors.

Ocre: Of course. It’s part of the reason I compete every year.

Akan: Gold…rubies…a solid gold statue of yours truly. Each year, the grand prize is different, and kept secret from the contestants until the opening ritual.

Akan stops in front of an immense vault, and turns to face the party.

Akan: So how in all of Akanius’ realm did you find out about this year’s prize?!

Alph: Well, I was charged with a mission to collect the ten pieces of an artefact known as the “Mask of Akanius”.

Akan: Ah, yes…the legendary lost mask of the Fifteen Dragons.

Ocre: We have reason to believe that the prize this year is one such piece.

Akan: Well, I assure you that it is locked up safely behind this vault, but…

Akan sighs.

Akan: I am not allowed to show it to you until the unveiling, nor am I permitted to simply hand it to you unless you rightfully earn it through competing.

Ocre: Understood.

Akan: I wish I could, but-

Alph: -it would escalate tensions between the fifteen competing factions to the point of war.

Akan: Exactly. Now, perhaps you could tell me why it’s so important you assemble the fabled Mask of Akanius?

Alph and Ocre look at each other, then back at Akan.

Alph: It’s a long story…

End Credits

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Topic: Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87
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Crystals of Silveria Super-Shorts - by GamerZack87

Blooper Reel of Silveria, Vol. I
You like outtakes, right? Well, here are some of the pilot episode's handpicked moments which stood out as the outtakiest of outtakes. Get ready for the first instalment of the Blooper Reel of Silveria! Wink

(This is a slightly-revised version of the outtakes post from the original series hub and guidebook thread)


S1E01 The Seventh Crystal, Part I

As he turns around a bouncy ball lands next to his foot. He looks at the ball, then at the two boys running towards him.

Boy #1: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Good morning! How are you?

Boy #1: Very good!

Boy #2: It’s my birthday today!

Zed: Ah, and this must be your present.

Boy #2: Yes it is!

Boy #1: Will you kick it over please, sir?

Zed: Sure.

Zed kicks the ball into a camera lens, causing the camera to topple over. The cast and crew burst into laughter.

Boy #2: You hit it!

Zed: YES! I’m going to the World Cup!

The crew start laughing again.

Zed: And they said I was bad at soccer!


A young elf woman with long brown hair, purple eyes and a purple robe enters town. She is carrying a silver staff, its only feature being a purple orb at one end, which is partly-engulfed by a finely-sculpted dragon. She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Amethyst: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces.

Boy #1: Flip! It’s a dwarf! I mean…it’s an ehehelf!

Boy #2: HAHAHA! She’s an elf! Look at the pointy ears!

Amethyst: My ears hear the faeries! They call me a “dwarf”! HAHAHA!

Boy #1: Okay, okay, let’s try that again!


She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Amethyst: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces. The first boy bursts out laughing, which prompts the other cast members to laugh as well.

Boy #1: I’m sorry! I’m sorry! Let’s try that again!


She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Amethyst: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces.

Boy #1: Flip! It’s an elf!

Boy #2: Are you sure? She looks more like a dwarf to me!

The first boy and Amethyst start laughing.

Boy #1: That was perfect! Why would you-

Boy #2: I’m sorry! I couldn’t resist!


Zed and Amethyst walk to the top of a hill covered in short, green grass.

Amethyst: Okay, here we are.

Zed: This is the meadow near my house.

Amethyst: It is the perfect place to test your-

Amethyst starts coughing.

Zed: Are you-

Amethyst: I’m sorry! I swallowed a fly!

Mak’s voice: Well, your mouth was wide open in that take!

The cast and crew start laughing.

Amethyst: You’re not even IN this scene!

Mak’s voice: Well, my makeup and prosthetics take ages to apply! I was having a break!

Bryn’s voice: Oh yeah? Try green-screening for seven hours straight!

The crew start laughing.

Amethyst: Okay, let’s try that one again!


Amethyst holds up her staff again.

Zed: Okay, here I go.

Zed holds up his right hand, aiming it in front of him.

Zed: Magic Missile!

Zed pauses for five seconds.

Cameraperson: Uh…we got it.

Amethyst: Oh, sorry. I forgot my line!

Zed laughs.

Zed: “Impressive! Another perfect hit!”

Amethyst: Oh, haha! Okay, one more time!


An elderly gentleman with a long white beard greets them.

Newt: Well, if it isn’t young Zed. Why, I haven’t seen you in here since the Winter Festival!

Zed: The which festival?

Newt suddenly chuckles.

Newt: The Astral Festival! Oh, my memory’s not what it used to be!

The cast and crew laugh.

Newt: Listen, sonny, and I’ll tell you a story about when milk was delivered to your home and DVDs didn’t have bonus material!...okay, let’s try again.

S1E02 The Seventh Crystal, Part II

Amethyst and Zed walk past the fountain.

Zed: Well, I guess that was slightly informative.

Amethyst: Even the littlest knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True…

Zed pauses.

Zed: I’m sorry, I forgot my line!

Amethyst laughs.

Amethyst: You’re a mage now! You need to study your lines!

Zed laughs.

Zed: I just remembered my line!


Amethyst: Even the littlest knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True…and…nope. It’s gone again.

Amethyst: Honestly…

The crew and Zed laugh. Amethyst chuckles.

Zed: Okay, okay, this time I’ll do it for real!


Amethyst: Even the littlest knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True. So, what crystal does my boon provide?

Crewmember: Right words, wrong order!

The crew and Amethyst laugh.

Zed: What? But I…oh. Hahahahahahaha! Now THAT’S progress!


Three human males, presumably fighters, are gathered around a short-bearded dwarf wearing silver armour.

Thobrun: So there we were, surrounded by twelve Elek worshippers. They outnumbered us two-to-one, and the rogue very nearly gave us the slip!

Fighter #1: Rogues’ll do that to ya if ya let ‘em!

Thobrun: Ye think I’d let the rogue abandon us like that? When facing evil, we all must stand together and help however we can! I’d never let’m avoid Alistair’s goals!

Fighter #2: So what did you do?

Thobrun: Um…we took them out fer afternoon tea!

The cast and crew laugh.

Thobrun: I fergot my line! Let’s try again!


The party walks along a forested path heading in the direction of Silveria City. Zed speaks to the orcborn.

Zed: Thank you for giving me a chance.

Mak: Amethyst says you’re great, so that’s good enough for me. Just be careful.

Zed: I will.

The orcborn smiles. Thobrun slips a hat in the shape of a yellow chicken onto his head. The crew starts laughing.

Mak: So you really have no idea where-

Mak turns around to look at Thobrun. The cast start laughing.

Mak: Okay, what is he wearing?

Thobrun: D’aw…the wee girl wanted te rest on my heed!

Mak: Somebody take that thing off of him before I really start to laugh!

Thobrun: Bwaaaaak…bwak bwak!

The cast and crew get into hysterics.

Mak: Okay…okay…go again!


Brocc: Well, I won’t make that mistake again, okay?

Bryn: Oh? Then where is your precious familiar right now?

Brocc: Uh…scouting ahead.

Bryn: My point.

Thobrun: Come on, you two. You should stop your bickering fer once and help me look fer my chicken!

The cast and crew burst into laughter. Mak is nearly crying.

Mak: I told…you…not to mention the chihihihihickehehen!


Four male humans, two with round ears and two with slightly-pointed ears, and a female human with slightly-pointed ears cross the bridge. They are wearing silver armour and helmets. The female human walks over to Mak.

Woman: Cynthia Meadows, guard-captain of Silveria City.

Thobrun: I must say, lass, yer hair is as golden as the feathers on my chicken! Perchance, have ye seen her?

The cast and crew start laughing again.

Mak: Can’t you go one scene without mentioning that thing?!


Zed takes a third mouthful of water.

Cynthia: That is it over there. We should arrive within the hour.

Zed takes one look at the giant citadel and spits out his water again.

Zed: That place is huge!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: It appears even bigger once you enter.

Thobrun: Bwak!

The cast and crew laugh again. Mak laughs the loudest.

Mak: Every time, dude! Every freaking time!
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Topic: Origin of Zed - A Chromaicora Adventures Trilogy by GeekyGamerZack
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Origin of Zed - A Chromaicora Adventures Trilogy by GeekyGamerZack

Origin of Zed, Part I: The Water Pendulum
A young man named Zander finds himself in a mysterious realm of fantasy, apparently ending up there through a process known as “sightshifting”, though his arrival within a column of light is considered out-of-the-ordinary. A fellow sightshifter named Tad decides to help the young man get back to the mundane realm, but the fact that Zander has no memory of his past may cause more than a few problems. Zander soon learns of an object known as the “Water Pendulum”, which may prove useful in his endeavour, but the item proves to be capricious, evading in an attempt to not be found! Will Zander and Tad be able to find the pendulum?


– A human of the mundane who manages to sightshift into the fantastic realm with no memory of how he arrived, he struggles to find a mysterious, evasive object that is the key to his journey.

Tad Shyff – A sightshifter who is a surfer in the mundane realm and a spellcaster in the fantastic realm, he decides to assist Zander in his quest for the pendulum.

Siren – A young woman who enjoys scuba diving, she runs a surf and dive shop with her best friend, Tad.

Belle and Jack – Tad and Siren’s roommates, they do their best to welcome Zander into their group of friends…though possibly a little TOO much, in Belle’s case…

Verdann – A wood elf who journeys with Tad in the fantastic realm, he is surprised about Zander’s apparent knowledge of his people.

Dr. Erik Hollows – A lecturer at Belle and Jack’s university, he knows much about sightshifting and urges Tad to help Zander in his quest for the pendulum.

“Are you an alien?! Like, seriously?!”

Scene 1: Terra: Afternoon

Children of the Overlay…
…fruit begins to grow.
Pendulums swinging to-and-fro…

We see a view of a busy street, with cars driving along the road and round-eared humans walking along the footpaths. We zoom in to a view of an unusually-tall young man with ginger buzz-cut hair, steely greyish-blue eyes and golden eyebrows. He trudges along, seemingly disoriented, as he rubs the side of his forehead with his right hand. He speaks with an Australian accent.

Man: No...it's not possible. It couldn't...nngh!

The young man seems to be slightly frustrated about something. A young woman with blonde hair in tightly-curled bangs notices him.

Man: My head...my mind…is...

Woman: Are you alright? Did you knock your head?

Man: Huh?

The young man takes his hand away from his forehead and examines it.

Man: Oh, no...I didn't knock it. It's just that...well...my memories are rapidly disappearing.

Woman: Your memories?

Man: Yes. Like...my mother...like, do I even have a mother? Or a father? I just don't know...

Woman: That seems pretty bad...do you want me to call you an ambulance?

Man: Pendulum...what is the pendulum...?

Woman: I'm gonna call for help.

The young woman pulls a mobile phone from her bag and dials a number, then places the earpiece next to her right ear. After a moment, she speaks.

Woman: Ambulance please.

Man: My name...it's Za-...uh...Za-...? What the...?!

Woman: Yeah, I have a young man with me who claims to be losing his memory, and I suspect he may have been hit over the hea-

The young woman pauses, and her eyes widen.

Woman: Sorry, I gotta go.

The young woman hangs up and slowly puts her phone in her bag without taking her eyes off the young man.

Man: Wait...what about the ambulance?

Woman: Y-Your hand...?

The young man looks at the back of his right hand. The mark of the multiverse glows on it with metallic-cyan light.

Man: How long has that been there...?

The young woman claps her hands to her mouth and muffles a scream. She pulls her now-shaking hands slightly down and manages to speak.

Woman: Y-Your eyes?!

We cut back to a view of the young man, whose eyes now glow with metallic-cyan light.

Man: What's wrong with them?

Woman: Are you an alien?! Like, seriously?!

A brown leather-gloved hand drops onto the young woman's right shoulder, which startles her. A blonde-haired, young-looking man with bright blue eyes is standing there, staring at the other young man.

Blue-Eyed Man: I suggest we move back.

Woman: What?! Who are you, and what is going on?!

Blue-Eyed Man: My name is Herikios, and you are about to witness a false awakening...a large one at that.

Herikios gently pulls the young woman back.

Woman: Wait...doesn't he realise what's happening?

Herikios: Yes and no. He's...in a trance.

Man: The fruit of the overlay...?

Herikios: He helped me so very long ago. Now it is time for me to help him.

Woman: But...who is he?

The pattern of the multiverse appears beneath the young man's feet in metallic-cyan light.

Herikios: One day, he will be known as Zed. For now, though, his name is-

A column of metallic-cyan light erupts from the ground around "Zed". As it does so, a pulse emerges from it, shattering nearby windows and setting off alarms.

Woman: What the...?!

We cut to a view inside the column. "Zed's" eyes and mark still glow with metallic-cyan light.

"Zed": What's...going...YEAAAAAAAGH!

Origin of Zed, Part I
The Water Pendulum
A Chromaicora Adventure


Scene 2: Unknown Location: Early Morning

"Zed" awakens in an unfamiliar bed. He looks around the room, which seems as though it's from another time period.

"Zed's" thoughts: Did I travel back in time...?

Voice: You know, most people end up in their underwear the first time they sightshift.

"Zed": Hm?

"Zed" looks over at a nearby table, and sees a blonde-haired young man sitting in a chair. He is dressed in medieval fantasy-inspired attire. He speaks with an American accent.

"Zed": Sightshift?

Man: Yeah, it's a rare ability that few people possess.

"Zed": What does it do?

Man: With it, we can peer through an intangible barrier into another realm.

"Zed": Wait...for real?!

Man: Oh yes. Although...

"Zed": What is it?

Man: Your entrance was...well, it was somewhat unexpected.

"Zed" sits up, pushes down his covers and swings his legs to the side of the bed, sitting comfortably. He continues to chat with the young man.

"Zed": Unexpected?

Man: Usually, when people sightshift, their eyes go all metallic-bluish, followed by sort of "rippling" through the barrier into the other realm. You, however, appeared in a column of light.

"Zed": I did?

Man: Oh yeah, it was quite the spectacle. Everyone was watching it!

"Zed": Well, I don't remember it.

Man: You...kind of fainted when you appeared. Luckily, I was there to catch you.

"Zed": Actually, I don't remember...anything.

The young man raises one eyebrow.

Man: Seriously?

"Zed": My past is a complete blank.

Man: Well, do you remember your name, at least?

"Zed": Za- Uh...Za- Um...no, sorry.

Man: No need to apologise. I'm...gonna call you Zander.

Zander: Zander? Hm...I like it!

Man: Cool. Oh, you can call me Tadpole. Tad! Um...I-I'm...Tad.

Zander: Nice to meet you, Tad.

Tad: Let me get you some stew.

Tad stands up and heads for the door. He stops and turns to face Zander.

Tad: Oh, there's something else.

Zander: Yeah?

Tad: Just before you fainted, you mentioned something about a "pendulum". Do you remember?

Zander: Pendulum...? Sorry, no.

Tad: I thought so.

Tad leaves the room. Zander notices the back of his right hand.

Zander: There's something about my hand...I can almost remember...

The mark begins to glow with metallic-cyan light. After a brief moment, it stops glowing, leaving no sign of being there.

Zander: Maybe that mark is a side-effect of sightshifting...?

Voice: What mark?

Zander looks at Tad, who stands with two wooden bowls.

Zander: I don't know...but I think I remember...something...

Scene 3: Umbel: Fantastic Realm: Late Morning

Zander and Tad walk through a marketplace in the town of Umbel. Many people seem to stare at Zander, whose outfit consists of casual clothing like that of our world.

Zander: I feel as though people are staring at us.

Tad: They are.

Zander: But why?

Voice: Ah, Tad. It is good to see you, my friend.

A male elf with long, green hair walks up to Zander and Tad.

Tad: Oh, hey, Verdann.

Verdann: I wondered when you would return to this land.

Tad: Yeah, I've been really busy in my homeland.

Verdann looks at Zander, who seems to be trying to figure him out.

Verdann: And you must be a new arrival. I imagine you have many questions about this place...

Zander: You're a verdelv, right?

Verdann appears surprised.

Verdann: Well, I am impressed. Very few new arrivals know the true name of my people.

Zander: Yeah...though I have no idea how I know that.

Tad: Zander here sightshifted to this place yesterday evening. He was unconscious for fourteen hours.

Verdann: Is that significant?

Tad: Not sure. But his entrance was spectacular.

Verdann's eyes widen.

Verdann: This...unusually-attired human is the source of the beacon?!

Zander: Unusually-attired...?

Tad: Indeed.

Verdann: Then we must journey at once to the Umbel Guardian's home. Surely she will know of Zander's origin!

Tad: The Umbel Guardian?

Tad ponders for a moment.

Tad: It's worth a shot. Let's go! Zander, stay close to us. You're drawing attention to yourself, and that might not be a good thing.

Tad's thoughts: Especially if Skorc finds out...

Tad and Verdann begin walking. Zander follows behind, his long legs easily able to keep up with the others.

Scene 4: Guardian's Home: Umbel: Fantastic Realm: Late Morning

Zander, Tad and Verdann enter the home of the Umbel Guardian. They sit at a small, round table with an aqua-trimmed azure tablecloth draped over it.

Zander: This is nice.

Tad: You haven't seen ANYTHING yet, Zander!

Voice: Welcome, travellers from the realm adjacent! Welcome to this, the home of the Umbel Guardian!

An elderly woman with a hair bun is suddenly sitting on the opposite side of the table. Zander is surprised.

Zander: WHOA! How did you do that?!

Guardian: Ah, a good oracle never divulges the secret of her abilities.

Tad: Nice to see you again, Guardian.

Guardian: Ah, Tadpole! Still not grown into a frog, I see? EHEHEHEHEH!

Tad: Uh...yeah...

Verdann: The reason we are here today-

Guardian: No no, do not speak. In fact, you are barred from speaking for the rest of this visit!

Verdann appears disappointed. The Guardian examines Zander.

Guardian: Ah, it is you...the man with no past.

The Guardian looks into Zander's eyes, which causes him to look away.

Guardian: Yes, I see much mystery in you, young man. You found this realm without looking into it!

Tad: He didn't sightshift?! But-

Guardian: Tadpole, you know better than to speak while I work my magic.

Tad: Sorry.

Guardian: Now, I have peered into your mind and examined your heart, but...I am embarrassed to admit that not even I am able to glean much at all!

Zander appears surprised.

Guardian: This has only happened once before, many moons ago. The other individual-

The Guardian pauses.

Guardian: No no, this session is about you, one with hair of fire and essence of water. Hm...I see you waking up, breaking free of the shackles of fate. I see a mysterious object, a pendulum, and a key to your true potential. You also seem to have a strong link to the force of magic that permeates this place, so it would be prudent of you to learn to use it in some way. The pendulum-

The Guardian noisily guzzles a glass of water.

Guardian: My apologies. Talking leaves my throat parched. Now, the pendulum is closer than you may think, so find it, and never lose it. Understand?

Zander nods.

Guardian: See, Tadpole? This lad knows not to speak when I perform my magic!

Tad facepalms.

Scene 5: Surf and Dive Shop: Mundane Realm: Late Morning

A young woman with long, reddish-brown hair is examining some air cylinders in the local surf and dive shop. Tad walks into the shop, now wearing attire like that of our world.

Tad: Hey Siren, sorry I'm late!

The young woman stands up and turns to face Tad.

Siren: You were supposed to be here an hour ago.

Tad: I know, but I was helping someone.

Siren: Wait! Don't tell me. Um...let's see...

Siren focuses on Tad.

Siren: You were in the fantasy realm-

Tad: Fantastic realm.

Siren: Yeah, that too. Um...you were helping a new arrival named...Ted?

Tad: No, Zander. You are way off today! I'm just gonna tell you.

Siren: *Sigh* ...okay, shoot.

Tad: So this guy, Zander? He arrived in the fantastic realm through...unconventional means.

Siren: Meaning?

Tad: He didn't sightshift to get there.

Siren: Wait...for real?!

Tad: Oh yeah! He arrived in a column of light, of all things.

Siren: I don't believe it...

Tad: No, it's true, I swear!

Siren: No, I mean I envisioned a beacon of light when I read your mind.

Tad: Oh, you did, did you?

Siren: Anyway, please continue.

Tad: Okay, so he had this weird, glowing mark on his hand-

Siren: The circles and dots, you mean?

Tad: Yeah! Oh, you've seen it too.

Siren: No, but you said you've seen it before.

Tad: I did? Oh yeah...

Siren: Sorry for interrupting so much.

Tad: Nah, it's cool. Oh, and the best part?

Siren: Yeah?

Tad: Zander arrived fully-dressed. He wasn't in his underwear!

Siren appears surprised.

Siren: You mean to tell me that there's a guy in the fantastic realm...dressed like someone from ours?!

Tad: Yeah! The people in Umbel can't figure him out.

Siren: Well, you know what you have to do, right?

Tad: Um...

Siren: You, my friend, need to take him to buy some clothes.

Tad: Uh...isn't that YOUR job, Siren?

Siren: Usually, yes, but in case you hadn't figured it out yet, I can't sightshift. You, however, can.

Tad: Uh...okay. I better go and do that right now.

Siren: What?! But...your shift!

Tad: This guy needs help. For all we know, he could be stuck there!

Siren: I can't check all of this equipment alone!

Tad: Then call Jack. He knows all about that stuff.

Siren: I...fine. Go help that guy.

Tad: Will do.

Tad runs out of the shop. Siren whips her mobile phone out of her pocket and searches through her contacts.

Siren: If only I could visit that place...

Siren holds the phone up to her right ear.

Siren: Jack? It's Siren...fine, thanks for asking. And you...? Great. Listen, I need a favour...

Scene 6: Umbel: Fantastic Realm: Early Evening

Zander and Tad walk through the town square. Zander is now dressed in medieval-fantasy-inspired attire.

Zander: Uh...did we really need to get rid of my other clothes?

Tad: Well...

Zander: What?

Tad: While it's true that most people here know that another realm exists, they're led to believe that it's a lot like this place. That includes fashion.

Zander: Oh.

Tad: It's probably better to keep the mundane realm a secret from the people here. Oh, and vice-versa for people in the mundane realm.

Zander: No problem.

Zander sniffs the air.

Zander: Is this place near the ocean?

Tad: No...?

Zander: Oh. Weird, I can smell seawater.

Tad: Oh, that's probably me. I went for a surf earlier.

Zander: They have surfing here?

Tad: No, dude, in OUR realm.

Zander: Oh, right.

Tad: Don't feel bad. You're still getting used to this place.

Zander sighs.

Zander: I suppose I have to, since there's no way for me to get back.

Tad: What do you mean?

Zander: Well, I found out that only sightshifters can travel from this realm to the other, and...well...

Tad: You're not a sightshifter.

Zander: Correct.

Tad: Darn it, I hadn't even considered that.

Zander: Eh, it's fine. I get the impression that I wanted a sea change anyway.

A pulse of energy emerges from Zander's body, and his eyes glow with metallic-cyan light. After a moment, Zander's eyes return to normal.

Zander: That was weird...

Tad: Uh...Zander?

Zander: Yeah?

Tad: How do I put this delicately...eh, screw it. You sightshifted.

Zander: Wait...what?!

Tad: You sightshifted...the other way!

Zander: Seriously?! I can go back?!

Tad: Yeah! Well...you'll probably end up in the middle of nowhere, but-

Zander: Wait...what?!

Tad: The way sightshifting works is complicated. The first time you do it, you end up in the same part of the world in the other realm, but you leave a checkpoint of sorts in the original one. Every time you sightshift, you leave a marker in the previous realm that causes you to always return to that spot, no matter how far you travel in the current realm.

Zander: I think I get what you're saying. So when I sightshift to the mundane realm, and then I sightshift back here, I'll return to this exact spot?

Tad: Exactly! Now, this spot in the mundane realm is probably somewhere in the outback, but my checkpoint is on the east coast. You see the problem, right?

Zander: Yep. I'd be in the middle of the desert without food or water, and probably kilometres from the next town.

Tad: Or you could end up in a point of civilisation. We won't know unless you take the plunge.

Zander: Is that wise?

Tad: Yeah! You can always come back here if you need to.

Zander: So I could be stranded here anyway...

Tad: That's the worst case scenario. You couldn't return to the mundane realm, but at least you'd be able to survive.

Zander: Okay. What do I do?

Tad: Focus on what you saw during that moment.

Zander: Well, I know it's going to sound weird, but I saw the-

Zander shifts through the barrier, which ripples with metallic-cyan energy.

Tad: He did it! He actually did it!

Tad waits for Zander to return. After a brief moment, Zander ripples back.

Tad: Well?

Zander: Well, I was near a large city.

Tad: Wait...but the closest city to this spot in the mundane realm is-

Tad thinks for a moment.

Tad: Where exactly did you end up, dude?

Zander: On a beach.

Tad's thoughts: No, it couldn't be...

Tad: Okay, sightshift back to the mundane realm, then walk five paces away from the ocean.

Zander: What will that do?

Tad: I want to check something.

Zander: Uh...okay, here I go.

Zander ripples away. Tad waits a few seconds.

Tad: Okay, my turn.

Tad ripples through the barrier, his outfit changing into a black wetsuit with lime green trim. Tad's eyes widen.

Tad: No freaking way...

We cut to a view behind Tad. As the view pans to the right, we see Zander standing in his underwear, a pair of black boxer shorts.

Zander: Uh...hi.

Tad: We need to go.

Zander: We do?

Tad: Yeah. There's someone you need to meet.

Zander: Who?

Tad: A guy who knows more about sightshifting than I do. His name is Erik.

Scene 7: University: Mundane Realm: Late Morning

Herikios stands at the front of a lecture hall dressed in a tweed suit and blue bowtie. He appears to be teaching a class. Tad and Zander walk in.

Herikios: "And the spellcaster of a different walk"...does anyone have any idea what that could mean?

A male student with wavy, not-quite-shoulder-length hair and glasses raises his hand. He speaks with an Australian accent.

Student: I assume it means that he's a different kind of magic-user, one who casts spells through unconventional means.

Herikios: Excellent observation, Jonathan.

Jonathan: I play a lot of RPGs.

Herikios: Well, roleplayers often display vast imaginations.

The bell rings.

Herikios: And that marks the end of today's lecture. Oh, be sure to read the copy of the novel you've each been provided, and I'll see you on Tuesday.

The students pack up their things and begin to leave. Herikios notices Zander and Tad.

Herikios: Jonathan!

Jonathan: Yes?

Herikios: I must speak with you.

Jonathan: Okay.

Jonathan approaches Herikios, followed by Tad and Zander.

Tad: Hey, dude!

Jonathan: Oh, what are you doing here?

Tad: Actually, Zander-

Tad gestures to Zander.

Tad: -and I are here to see your lecturer.

Jonathan: Oh. Uh, hi! Call me Jack.

Jack holds out his hand to Zander.

Zander: Oh, uh...Zander.

Zander shakes Jack's hand.

Jack: Oh, and this is Dr. Hollows.

Zander looks at Herikios. An unfamiliar voice echoes in his mind.

Zander's thoughts: My name is Herikios, but my friends call me-

Herikios: Erik Hollows, lecturer of the literary and performing arts.

Jack: He also teaches swordplay.

Zander looks at Erik.

Zander: Hi...uh...

Erik: Yes? What is it?

Zander: I get the feeling that I've seen you before...

Erik's thoughts: I sense it...the awakening has begun...

Erik: Are you a student here, Zander?

Zander: No, uh...at least I'm pretty sure...

Tad: Zander sightshifted from the fantastic realm.

Erik: He did, did he?

Erik's thoughts: How can that be possible...?

Tad: Yeah, but he didn't sightshift INTO it!

Jack: Hold on...I thought all sightshifters come from this realm.

Tad: Yeah, they do.

Jack: Then...how did Zander get there in the first place?

Voice: Get where?

A girl with curly blonde hair in a loose bun walks in. She speaks with an Australian accent.

Jack: Oh, uh...Belle! What...uh...what are you doing here?!

Belle: I thought we were getting lunch after class.

Jack: Yes, but yours isn't finished yet!

Belle: Oh, we were rehearsing a play, but the lead had to go home. Gastro.

Jack: Oh, uh...what about the understudy?

Belle: Oh, she also had to leave.

Jack: Don't tell me she has gastro as well.

Belle: No, her boyfriend walked in with a single red rose, got onto one knee and said, "You are the love of my life. Will you marry me?" And...she said yes!

Jack: Aw...

Belle: And then they left for the airport, right then and there. Needless to say, we were all dismissed from class.

Belle looks at Zander.

Belle: Oh, who's your friend, Tad?

Tad: This is Zander, a guy I'm helping out.

Belle: Oh, nice to meet you.

Zander: Thanks. Nice to meet you too.

Belle: Thank you. You know, you're kind of cute...in a baby-faced sort of way.

Zander: I am?

Belle: Yeah! Do you wanna-

Jack grabs Belle's hand and starts pulling her away.

Jack: Okay, let's go get lunch.

Belle: What?! But...Zander and I were gonna exchange mobile numbers!

Jack: No you weren't.

Belle: Oh, you're such a stick-in-the-mud!

Tad widens his eyes.

Tad: Wow...

Zander: We couldn't exchange numbers anyway. My phone's completely bricked. Plus, it's in your house in the fantastic realm.

Tad: True...oh crap! I hope Norbert doesn't see it!

Zander: Norbert?

Tad: A gnome in my adventuring party. He's also my roommate there.

Zander: Oh.

Tad: Then again, he doesn't go through my belongings.

A male gnome with purple hair opens drawers in Tad's home. He has the same voice as Brocc, Furbendink and Sven.

Norbert: Underwear...books...busted smartphone...wow, Tad keeps a lot of useless junk in his drawers...

Erik: It matters not how Zander arrived there. What's important is that he is now a sightshifter, and he needs someone to guide him. Tad, you will be his guide in this endeavour.

Tad: Okay then.

Zander: Good, 'cause I need to get back there and find out more about that pendulum.

Erik’s thoughts: How does he know of the pendulum...?

Erik: I know where it is.

Zander: You do?!

Tad: Where is it?

Erik: It is here, in the mundane realm. Its current position is...brine.

Zander: Brine? So it's in the ocean?

Tad: Do you know where, Erik?

Erik: Try the cove near the city.

Tad: Great! Zander? You should go to this place this afternoon.

Tad hands Zander a busi