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Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack Empty Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack

December 6th 2020, 2:44 am
Hi all, and welcome to Octokid Shorts, a series of mini-episodes that showcases some of the many adventures of characters in the Squidkid Saga, including Ally-Squinn’s best friend Seth-Inkley, former Octopus Amazons Octabby and Octako, and everyone’s favourite palette/gender/competence swap of Squika, Podd! (Silly Author! There’s no such thing as a palette gender competence swap, those things are mutually EXCLUSIVE! Silly Author, hahaha!)

There’s also a set of shorts that focus on four new cameos, including one or more who are based on members of WiiWareWave! (Silly GeekyGamerZack! We can’t wear waves, they’re made of LIQUID WATER! Silly NintendoPurist, hahaha!)

Now, without further ado, here is the first Seth-Inkley Short, Squaraoke Contest. I hope you enjoy! CallieFan8, signing off! (Silly Zander! Your name’s not “CallieFan8”, it’s WIGGLES! Silly Zeddy-chan, hahaha!)

Seth-Inkley Shorts: Squaraoke Contest
AKA “The “Well, it’s ABOUT FRESHING TIME!” Mini-Episode”
Scene 1: The Shoal: Evening

Squika is “standing” near the entrance to The Shoal.

Squika: Ooh, goody! My first karaoke session with my brother, Se-

We hear a snippet of “#$@%* Dudes be #$@%* Sleepin” play. Squika pulls a squidphone seemingly from nowhere and answers on the censored lyric.

Squika: Yessum? [...] What do you mean you’re running late? Filming for this short has already begun! [...] But you’re the title character! [...] Well, THAT’S no excuse! [...] Fine, we’ll just move onto the Octabby Short until you get back. Sound good? [...] Okay, I love you too.

Squika hangs up his squidphone. He looks into the camera lens.

Squika: Sorry about this. Seth-Inkley’s on vacation at the moment, and he won’t be back for filming until at least three Octokid Shorts from now.

Director’s voice: You’re kidding...

Squika: Do I LOOK like a goat in her third trimester?!

Director’s voice: Uh... that doesn’t make sense...

Squika: Anyway, he didn’t receive the memo about filming being booked early.

Director’s voice: But... you said-

Squika: Yes, I know what I said! So... any suggestions?

Director’s voice: Well... we use the footage we have from this set of filming, and splice it with some on-set footage depicting Seth-Inkley in Wahoo World. That way, it’ll look like an intentional, fourth wall-flexing tie-in to the Octanner no Monogatari pilot.

Squika: Ooh, that’s some smart thinking, Mr. Director!

Director’s voice: It’s... Derek Tor.

Squika: What is “Derek Tor”...?

Director’s voice: My name. It’s Derek Tor.

Squika: Ah, so “Mr. Director” is your father, eh?

Director’s voice: No, PENN Tor is my father.

Squika: Very well. So... shall we wrap this up?

Director’s voice: Sure. Next scene!

Squika: Wait! There’s something else I’d like to-

Scene 2: Wahoo World: Morning

We cut to a view of Seth. He is holding a corn dog stick. Seth grins.

Seth: Sure, I’ll take your picture. What an AMAZING idea!

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Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack Empty Re: Octokid Shorts: A Fan-Fiction Spin-Off Webseries by BlueRangerJack

December 10th 2020, 4:10 pm
Octabby Shorts: Nya-Nya-Nya-Nya Nyanyanyanya
AKA “The O’Kitty Nyanvasion” Mini-Episode”
Scene 1: Camp Triggerfish: Morning

Squilma, Podd, Octabby and Inklinda stand on the announcement podium opposite Seth, a random Octoling Boy, Squika and Inklinda. Judd and Lil’ Judd stand between them.

Squilma: Ooh... I hope we won...

Podd: It is a close call. Both teams covered their turf with a near-equivalent percentage of ink, so it is definitely a close call.

Octabby: So these... ni pusses... are arbitrators of your Inkling custom?

Inklinda: Pusses are so cute...

Squilma: Correct, Octabby.

Octabby: Then I, too, hope we won...

Judd swings his flag toward Octabby’s team.

Judd: Meow. (“Good Gals WIN!”)

Squilma: YES! Woomy are Master Race!

Podd: You... DO realise there is at least one non-Inkling on this team, yes?

Squilma: Oh... heehee! Silly me!

Inklinda: Silly Spillma, hahaha!

Squilma: I forgot our team has the OTHER kind of puss...

Inklinda: Wait... there are TWO kinds of pusses?

Podd: Of course. Octabigail here is an octopus.

Squilma: Uh... isn’t “Octoling” the politically correct term, Doni?

Podd: Actually, both are acceptable forms of address, as are “Vemo” for the species in general and females in particular, and “Wayo” specifically for males.

Inklinda: Oh... like how “Woomy” is for Inklings, but “Ngyes” is specifically for boys... that’s a good fact, Ricebowlie!

Squilma: Ugh, enough with the insults already!

Inklinda: Insults... I’m sorry, Spillma...

Squilma: Eh... it’s a start, I guess... I remember when you used to be nice to me. It was before my two-year stay here, at Camp Triggerfish.

Octabby: You stayed here once, Squilma-yon?

Squilma: Yep! I had so much fun, but I couldn’t WAIT to get back to my best friend! Of course, we both know how THAT went-

Squilma glares at Inklinda.

Squilma: -DON’T we?

Inklinda: Uh...

Squilma’s left eye squints.

Squilma: Are you SERIOUSLY so con-sea-ted that you don’t remember forgetting me in the TWENTY-FOUR FRESHING MONTHS I was gone?!

Inklinda: Uh...

Squilma: Darn it, Stinklinda! Snap out of it!

Inklinda: Silly Spillma! My name isn’t “Stinklinda”, it’s “INKLINDIE!” Silly Spillma, hahaha!

Squilma: Oooookay... SOMETHING smells fishy...

Inklinda: Oh... is it the O’Kitty Nyan invasion?

Octabby: What is... “O’Kitty Nyan”...?

Inklinda: It’s when the O’Kitty Nyans will invade Inkopoptart under the leadership of Davey McKitty-o and his Toaster Tart-zans!

Squilma: Okay, are you suffering from water poisoning or something?

Octabby: I agree, Squilma-yon. Inklinda seems most unwell.

Inklinda’s eyes widen.

Inklinda: Inklindie is SICK?! Oh NO!

Inklinda’s voice: ...and so I said to her, “Okay, Spillma, like, take a chill pill or whatever.”

Squilma: Uh...

Inklinda’s voice: “Like... how DARE she accuse me of eating the last crabby cake! I mean, I WAS the one who ate it, but-“

Inklinda: Oh no... poor Inklindie... poor Inklindie...

Squilma: Is... water toxicity contagious?

Podd: Of course not.

Squilma: Then WHY am I suddenly hearing two sets of Inklinda voices?!

Octabby: Because there are two Inklindas here.

Inklinda: Poor Inklindie...

Inklinda: “Well... at least I’M the daughter of a Squllionaire! HAHAHAHAHA!”

Squilma’s eyes widen.

Squilma: WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! ...are there TWO of the same Inkling?!

Podd: Such a scenario is possible. The fact that there are technically two Squigleys means such a scenario is indeed possible.

Squilma: Not anymore!

Inklinda: There must be a way to help the real Inklindie!

Squilma: Well, THERE you have it: this one’s a fake.

Octabby: Actually, I believe he is-

Squilma: Did... you say “he”...?

Octabby: Hai, Squilma-yon.

Squilma: Then...

The “fake” Inklinda inky-winkies into... Inklein.

Inklein: Heehee... hi, Wilma!

Squilma: Uh...

Podd: Oh... Inklein has developed the Transmographink ability, a rare and powerful Psyphalopod technique.

Squilma: Then why was he trying to pretend to be Inklinda?

Inklein: Who...?

Squilma: You know, “Lindie”?

Inklein: Silly Wilma! Of COURSE I know Lindie! Silly Wilma, hahaha!

Squilma sighs.

Squilma: Go and get yourself a purple or something.

Inklein: Okay! Mmm... or something...

Squilma: Well, this day can’t get anymore strange...

Squilma looks to her left and sees herself... in her Camp Triggerfish uniform.

Squilma: Uh...

The Other Squilma: Hi! I like your hat!

Squilma: Uh...

Squilma takes off her beanie and hands it to... herself.

Squilma: ...here. It’s yours.

The Other Squilma: Thanks! I’ll take REEL good care of it. Bye!

The other Squilma runs away. Squilma rubs the top of her head.

Squilma: Oh yeah... I forgot all about that... it was just before I left for-

We hear a loud dry-heave. Squilma looks at Inklinda.

Inklinda: Like, that’s SO disgusting or whatever...

Inklein points at Squilma.

Inklein: You’re NAKED... silly Spillma, hahaha!

Other Inklings look at Squilma and dry-heave one by one.

Inkling #1: Dude, put on a shirt!

Inkling #2: No nudist naturists allowed!

Squika: Get a hat, you Squeirdo!

Squilma’s thoughts: I just HAD to say it, didn’t I...?

Inklinda: So... is anyone gonna call on the fact that this “Octabby Short” is just a Squilma Short with a different name tacked onto it?

Squigley: Well, THAT sounds like the Woomy calling the Manmenmi orange...

Squigley is suddenly standing there.

Inklinda: Like, SPOILER alert or whatever, cutie...

Squigley: Oh... heheh...

Squigley and Inklinda blush. Squilma faints.

Squigley: Are... you okay?

Squilma: Did I mention I hate science fantasy stories...? Ugh...

Octabby: Heehee! This is just like anime!

Inklinda: The fresh is “Annie May”...?

Octabby’s thoughts: I’m SO happy... this is my Fresh Start...

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