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Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes - A Sub-Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes - A Sub-Series by GeekyGamerZack

November 1st 2017, 4:40 pm
Hi all, and welcome to Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes, a sub-series of episodes that are set during the plot of the original Chromaicora Adventures season. These tales expand the plot with new stories, characters and events that revolve around the Crystalbound, Laura and, of course, the Star Mute One himself, Zed. Each one fits neatly between two episodes of the main season, so you can read them as a dedicated part of it if you like. Of course, there may be spoilers for those of you who have yet to read Crystals Remastered, so please do so if you haven't already.

Well, with that out of the way, I present the very first "filler, briller" Forgotten Episode, The Kidnapped Apprentice. I hope you enjoy! Crystals of Silveria: The Forgotten Episodes - A Sub-Series by GeekyGamerZack 631737971

Episode A: The Kidnapped Apprentice

Season Chronology
Previous: E02 The Seventh Crystal, Part II
Next: E03 The Magical Academy

While staying in The Arbour Beast tavern, Zed is lured downstairs by some shady characters who recognise him as the apprentice of the legendary enchantress, Amethyst Moondew, and proceed to kidnap him and hold him for ransom! But what could possibly interfere with the kidnappers’ plans and save the young wizard?

New Character

The Wanderer
– A mysterious, dragon-helmed warrior, they briefly meet Zed in Silveria City, but what could this encounter mean for the young wizard?

Coop – The leader of a trio who plots to kidnap Zed and demand a ransom from Amethyst, but what is his REAL motivation?

“In all my travels, I have never met anyone as stubborn as him…”
Scene 1: Market District: Silveria City: Evening

The party wanders through the Market District of Silveria City. Zed is amazed at his surroundings.

Zed: This place is…well, it’s awesome!

Amethyst: You are awed by this place, Zed?

Zed: Well, yeah. I’ve never seen anything like it before! Well…at least, I don’t THINK I’ve seen anything like it…

Bryn: Okay, okay, we get it. You have Zednesia.

Mak: Bryn! Don’t be disrespectful to our new ally!

Bryn: What? He’s only been a member of this party for one day!

Amethyst: To be more accurate, I first gave Zed his crystal two days ago.

Bryn: Yeah, but Mak didn’t let him join the party till yesterday!

Amethyst: Ah, but Mak is not the only leader of this party, is he, Bryn?

Bryn: Yeah, but-

Mak: Face it, Bryn, Amethyst is smarter than us.

Brocc: WAY smarter!

Bryn: Well, yeah, but…she’s got that Magenta Crystal that makes her all smart and stuff!

Emily: Yes, but Amethyst was once not in ownership of her crystal.

Amethyst’s thoughts: My crystal…

Emily: Would you say she was not intelligent before obtaining it?

Bryn: Well, no, but-

Brocc: HAHA!

Bryn glares at Brocc.

Bryn: “HAHA” what, hedge-features?!

Brocc: You just lost a battle of intelligence to someone with a WAY higher Intelligence score than you!

Bryn: Well…at least I don’t have the personality of a toilet sponge!

Brocc: For your information, it’s called CHARISMA, not Personality!

Bryn: Yeah? Well you’re lacking in the Charisma department as well!

Brocc: Have…have you been sneaking peeks at my character sheet?!

Bryn: Your what?

Thobrun: Okay, okay, settle down, the two o’ ye.

Bryn: Anyway, I’m gonna go look for a nightclub. Later!

Bryn starts to take a step.


Bryn pauses.

Mak: You’re not going anywhere ‘till we’ve all checked into the tavern.

Bryn turns to face Mak.

Bryn: Now Mak, you know full well that all my accommodations are handled by my guild.

Thobrun: The Thieves’ Guild? I don’t trust ‘em as far as I can throw ‘em…

Bryn: Nonetheless, they are an officially-sanctioned part of the Adventurers’ League, so there!

Bryn sticks out his tongue and makes a raspberry at Thobrun. Thobrun chuckles.

Thobrun: Oh, fair enough, funny la- I mean…funny Bryn. Okay, away wi’ ye! Enjoy yerself!

Bryn: Thanks muchly!

Bryn dashes off. Mak looks at Thobrun.

Mak: I’d prefer it if you wouldn’t tread on my toes, Thobrun.

Thobrun: What can I say? I’m a sucker fer a comedian. Well, g’night, all.

Thobrun begins walking away.


Thobrun turns to face Mak.

Mak: And where are YOU going, Mr. Steelanvil?

Thobrun: Why, the Temple o’ Alistair, o’ course.

Mak sighs.

Mak: Fair enough.

Thobrun: Thank ye, lad.

Thobrun walks away.

Emily: Actually-

Mak looks at Emily.

Mak: You have to go too?

Emily: Well, yes. I must go to the Temple of Marilina to-

Mak: Say no more. I’ll meet you there tomorrow.

Emily smiles.

Emily: I look forward to it.

Mak smiles. Emily walks away.

Brocc: I-

Mak sighs.

Mak: Just go.

Brocc: But-

Mak: Go. Now. Before I change my mind.

Brocc: Fine.

Brocc walks away.

Mak: Well, looks like it’s just the three of us, then.

Amethyst: Indeed. Come, my apprentice.

Zed: Will do.

Zed follows Amethyst and Mak. Three figures watch them from the shadows.

Figure #1: D’you hear that?

Figure #2: Indeed. It seems that there is a powerful mage in this city.

Figure #3: And she has brought her apprentice with her.

Figure #1: Elf mages are rich, right? I have an idea. Let’s follow them and see where they stay.

Figure #2: Oh, are we going to hold a little ransom?

Figure #1: “Little” doesn’t even begin to describe it, my friend.

Figure #3: Lovely.

The figures slink into the shadows.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Night

Zed, Amethyst and Mak enter The Arbour Beast, a popular tavern in Silveria City.

Mak: Well, here we are, Zed: The Arbour Beast, aka the best tavern in the city.

Amethyst: I am sure you will find your room most comfortable, dear apprentice.

Zed: Well, I am a little tired…

Zed yawns. Mak glances at Zed for a moment, then quickly looks back at him and stares.

Mak: Hm…

Amethyst: What is it, Mak?

Mak: I thought I saw-

Mak scratches his head.

Mak: Never mind.

Mak notices an individual in the corner, who appears to be wearing unusual, shimmering armour that reflects a number of colours. The individual’s eyes and nose are obscured by a glossy black visor, which is in the centre of a helmet sculpted to resemble a dragon’s head.

Mak: Hey, get a load of that guy’s armour! Ostentatious much?

Zed: Which guy?

Zed looks at the individual, and his eyes widen.

Zed: Oh…

Amethyst: What is it, Zed?

Zed: They seem familiar somehow…

Mak: He does?

Amethyst: Perhaps you once knew her?

Zed shakes his head.

Zed: I don’t think so, no.

Mak: Well, you don’t remember your past, right?

Zed: Uh…that’s correct.

Mak: So maybe you forgot him as well?

Zed watches as the individual stands from their table and walks away.

Zed: I don’t think they’re the type of person that one just…forgets.

Amethyst: Perhaps you are right, Zed.

Zed: I guess I’ll need to figure out who they are.

A voice echoes in Zed’s mind. It is distorted, and seems to have tones that are somewhere between male and female.

Voice: Penduli…

Zed: Huh?

Zed rubs his eyes with his right forearm.

Zed: I think I’m pretty tired. I should get some sleep.

Amethyst: Oh, of course. Let us book our rooms so you can rest.

Amethyst’s thoughts: I just felt…something within my apprentice…for a mere moment…

Scene 3: Gnome District: Silveria City: Night

Brocc walks through Silveria City’s Gnome District. He observes the various gnomes and their differently-hued hair.

Brocc: Wow, these gnomes are weird…this whole DISTRICT is weird…

Bryn slinks up to Brocc.

Bryn: Well, Ornoposia IS a different continent to Gnomsland, isn’t it?

Brocc: That’s not what I-

Brocc’s eyes widen.

Brocc: Have you been following me?!

Bryn: Only for the past ten minutes.

Brocc: Oh…uh…okay then…?

Bryn: I don’t get why you were yammering about bubbles, though.

Brocc: HEY! That is none of your business!

Bryn: Okay, okay, sorry! Twelve Stars, I was only having a bit o’ fun!

Brocc: Well…

Bryn: So…you lookin’ for a nightclub?

Brocc: I have better things to do than get drunk, Bryn.

Bryn: Right, which is why you were staggering around in a stupor last week.

Brocc: I was sick, Bryn!

Bryn: Sick? Emmy said you were perfectly healthy! She didn’t detect a single illness!

Brocc: I wasn’t sick with an ILLNESS…well, not technically, anyway.

Bryn: Well, if you weren’t drunk, then there’s only one other thing that could have been wrong with you, but it only affects people who are mentally-enclined, and you, sir, are not even a LITTLE bit mental!

Brocc: HEY! You…shut up, please!

Bryn: Make me.

Brocc: Fine. I will sing until you shut your gob. Oooooooh-

Bryn: Okay! I yield!

Brocc smiles.

Brocc: Good.

Brocc’s thoughts: Bryn must never know the truth…

Scene 4: Market District: Silveria City: Late Night

The three figures slink through the shadows.

Figure #2: So what’s the plan?

Figure #1: We kidnap the kid and leave a ransom note.

Figure #3: Genius!

Figure #2: Do we have everything we need?

Figure #3: Yes.

Figure #1: Good. Let’s get ourselves rich, fellas!

Figure #3: Hear, hear!

Scene 5: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Silveria City: Late Night

Zed tosses and turns in his bed. His eyes suddenly open and he sits up, groaning.

Zed: A river flowing from a glacier into the sea, which turns into three orbs…not my weirdest dream, but still confusing…

A knock sounds on Zed’s door.

Zed: Hello?

Amethyst’s voice: Zed? Meet me downstairs in five minutes.

Zed: Okay, I’ll get dressed first.

Amethyst’s voice: Many thanks.

Zed, now fully-dressed, proceeds downstairs into the main hall of the tavern.

Zed: Amethyst?

Zed sees a cloaked individual at a table facing the opposite direction to him.

Zed: Oh, there you are.

Zed approaches the individual. The scene shifts slightly to reveal the individual as one of the shady figures. The other two approach Zed from behind.

Zed: What would you like?

Figure #2: You.

Zed: Huh?

The figure directly behind Zed grabs him with his left arm, while forcing a cloth onto his face with his right hand.

Scene 6: Outside The Arbour Beast Tavern: Silveria City: Late Night

The figures carefully carry an unconscious Zed out of the tavern and put him into a carriage, with two of them climbing inside. The third climbs onto the front of the carriage and lifts a pair of reins, swatting them and prompting a dark brown horse to start pulling it. We cut to a view of the carriage’s inside, where we see Zed stirring.

Figure #2: Quick! He’s waking up!

Figure #1: Oh…right.

The first figure places the cloth over Zed’s nose and mouth.

Figure #1: This kid put up a struggle, didn’t he? And what was with the lights?

Figure #2: I don’t know. Perhaps some kind of magic?

Figure #1: Well...we need to keep him from escaping, and if it’s this hard to control him…

Figure #2: Relax, Goon, we have a large supply of metallic dragon breath, don’t we?

Figure #1: Indeed we do, Coop.

The first figure snickers.

Scene 7: Mage’s District: Silveria City: Late Night

The carriage makes its way down a street. The three figures don’t notice the rainbow-armoured individual standing nearby, who begins following them on foot.

Commercial: Welcome to The Forgotten Episodes of Chromaicora Adventures! There are seven of these tales in each season, and they form a part of the core experience through expanding the story, introducing new characters and showing unseen adventures of your favourites. Each one also fits neatly between two main episodes, so you can read each Forgotten Episode as a part of the main story. The Forgotten Episodes: They’re not just filler, they’re brill-er!

Scene 8: Hideout: Silveria City: Late Night

Zed lies on a table in the middle of a room. Coop stands above his head, turning some knobs on a machine of some sort. He picks up a mask connected to the machine by some tubing and straps it onto Zed’s face.

Coop: There. That should keep the kid from escaping.

Goon grins cruelly.

Goon: Excellent, then there’s no stopping us from keeping him here until the elf pays up!

Figure #3: But what if she DOESN’T pay up?

Goon: Oh, she will, Lackey, believe me!

The third figure scratches his head.

Figure #3: But…what if she doesn’t, though? No way will we get away with kidnappin’ a mage appren’ice!

Goon: Well…we’ll cross that bridge IF we come to it. But let’s hope we don’t, ‘cos I reckon none of us’ll like the solution.

Coop: Yeah…

Coop’s eyes narrow as he stares at Goon. Lackey laughs.

Lackey: I just remembered! I forgo’ abou’ the ransom note!

Coop: You didn’t leave it?!

Lackey: Didn’t write it neither.

Coop facepalms.

Coop: Idiot…

Scene 9: Outside Nightclub: Gnome District: Late Night

Bryn and Brocc stand outside a nightclub in the Gnome District. Bryn is excited.

Bryn: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’ve never been to a gnome nightclub before!

Brocc: And you’re not this time either, Bryn!

Bryn: What? Why not?!

Brocc: Because that nightclub looks sketchy.

Bryn: Well, duh! It’s a nightclub! There’s probably WAY more shady activities in there than the Thieves’ Guild back in Platinia!

Brocc: Platini-what?

Bryn: You know…the capital of this continent? Largest city anywhere?

Brocc: Pretty sure there are larger cities, Bryn…

Bryn: HA! You wish, parsley-breath!

Brocc: We’re NOT going in there, and that’s FINAL!

Brocc begins walking away. Bryn pouts and frumps.

Bryn: Spoil-sport…

Bryn begins following Brocc.

Scene 10: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Late Night

We see Mak asleep in his bed. A knock sounds on his door, causing him to stir slightly.

Mak: *snore*…just eleven pancakes for breakfast please, Dad…*snore*…with half a pound of fried butter…

A second, louder knock sounds on Mak’s door, this time causing him to awaken fully.

Mak: Huh…? Who could that be at this hour?

Mak stands at his door.

Mak: If this is the maid, I already told you I stopped having milk and cookies months ago!

Amethyst’s voice: It is I, Mak.

Mak: “I-Mack”? What’s that, some kind of new zenoxan machine?

Amethyst: No, it is Amethyst.

Mak: What?! But you’re not a machine, Amethy-

Mak blushes.

Mak: Oh, right.

Amethyst and Mak sit at a table.

Mak: So you knocked on his door and asked him downstairs?

Amethyst: That is correct.

Mak: And he didn’t show up?

Amethyst: Again, that is correct.

Mak: And you went into his room and found him missing?

Amethyst sighs.

Amethyst: I stopped to answer nature’s call on my way downstairs. When Zed didn’t arrive, I checked his bedchamber. It was empty, so I assumed he must have slipped past without me noticing. When I went to see if he was downstairs, I found…this.

Amethyst holds out a tiny dragon figure forged from silver.

Mak: What is it?

Amethyst: A belonging of Zed’s, which he keeps with him at all times. I know not why he does this, but it seems to be precious to him.

Mak: Where did you find it?

Amethyst: Near a table. The tavern door was open for some reason. Mak…what if Zed has been captured?

Mak: What? That’s preposterous! Maybe he just took a late-night walk?

Amethyst: Without his figure?

Mak scratches his head.

Mak: Good point.

Amethyst shakes her head.

Amethyst: It was unwise of me to leave him unguarded. I should have been there to protect him.

Mak: Well, he IS a full-grown man. You can’t be expected to watch him all day, every day, right?

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: I am sure you are right, Mak. There must be a satisfactory reason for Zed’s absence. And I’m sure that if he WERE in danger, you would know it, right?

Mak looks away.

Mak: Well…maybe you’re right about that…

Amethyst: I am sure that Zed will be in his bedchamber first thing tomorrow morning. Then, we may proceed to my former magic academy to have him officially-registered as my apprentice.

Mak: Of course. Now, let’s get some sleep.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Amethyst and Mak proceed to the stairs. Mak’s expression saddens a little.

Mak’s thoughts: I can’t let Amethyst know that I’m worried about him too…for all I know, he could be a hostage to some goons who want a ransom from us!

Scene 11: Hideout: Silveria City: Late Night

Goon, Coop and Lackey sit in the room. Goon looks at Coop.

Goon: So…how d’you have an unlimited supply of metallic dragon gas, anyhow?

Coop: If I told you that, I’d have to administer it to you permanently.

Goon: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I like a long nap as much as the next guy, but isn’t that taking it too far?!

Coop’s thoughts: You already have, Goon…

Lackey: Well, what should we put on the ransom note?

Goon: Dear sir or madam-

Lackey: We already know it’s a “madam”, Goon!

Goon: Fine, scratch the “sir”.

Lackey: But “Dear or madam” doesn’t make sense!

Coop: This whole IDEA doesn’t make sense!

Goon: O’course it does, Coop! You yourself said you were once rich, and that your ‘ole fortune was stolen from ya by the kingdom!

Lackey: Yeah! Jus’ think of it as “reclaimin’ what’s rightfully yours”!

Coop’s thoughts: If only it were that simple, my “friends”…

Coop: I really cannot believe I let you two talk me into this shenanigan.

Goon: Look, Coop, this is a good thing, you’ll see!

Coop: For you or for me?

Lackey: For ALL of us in the room!

Coop: Does that include our guest?

Coop gestures to Zed.

Goon: Well…s-sure, if his master pays up promp’ly!

Coop: And the warrior in rainbow-hued armour? Is she included in having this “good thing”?

Lackey: Warrior? What warrior?

We cut to a view of the rainbow-hued warrior, who is standing in the doorway.

Goon and Lackey’s voices: WAAAAAAAAH!

Goon: Okay, who are you and how did you get in ‘ere?!

The warrior doesn’t respond, instead drawing their sword.

Goon: Wh-What’s he doin’?!

Lackey: I can’t believe you talked us inna doin’ this, Coop!

Coop: Seriously?! YOU two forced me into this farce of a plot!

Goon and Lackey scowl at Coop.

Goon: Whatchoo call us?!

Lackey: YEAH! We are NOT farts!

Coop facepalms.

Coop: Ingrates…

Warrior: Release the Star Mute One at once.

Goon: “Star Moot One”…?

Coop’s eyes widen.

Lackey: What’s ‘e on about? What’s a “Star Moo Twung?”

Coop: You FOOLS! This child is…is…Zed!

Goon: Zed?

Coop: Back in the days of the empire-

Coop pauses.

Coop: I should not have to explain myself to you imbeciles!

Lackey: Now you’re callin’ us “amber seals”…?

Goon: You stuck up so-an’-so…I never thought I’d see this side of you, Coop.

Coop: And I never thought you’d sink to this level, Goon! Kidnapping the apprentice of the Magentabound? It is MADNESS!

Goon: Wait…d-did you say…M-Magennabound?!

Lackey: Then…the Cryssleboun’ are REAL?!

Coop: Indeed, and you two shall get what you deserve.

He looks at the warrior.

Coop: Please, noble Wanderer, I implore you. I am the silver dragon Gindenki, and I was tricked into assisting these fools. The capture of the Star Mute One was their doing, not mine.

Goon and Lackey appear puzzled. Coop looks at their expressions and frowns.

Coop: You idiots don’t get it, do you? This child bears a link with my kind like none you could even imagine. Oh, if only you knew of his potential…

Coop looks back at the warrior.

Coop: It was not my intent to harm the Azurebound, Wanderer. I…would like to make amends…that is, if you’ll allow me the honour.

The warrior nods.

Warrior: I sense you speak the truth, Gindenki of Silveria. You wish to undo this mistake that has been made?

Coop’s eyes glisten.

Coop: It would be my pleasure.

Coop opens his mouth and lets out a dragon’s roar, causing Goon and Lackey to panic.


Scene 12: Gnome District: Silveria City: Late Night

Bryn stumbles beside Brocc.

Bryn: Well, Brocc, it seems that you are QUITE the party animal, ain’tcha?

Brocc: Are you kidding?! YOU were the one who got someone arrested for loitering in the corner of that nightclub!

Bryn laughs out loud.

Bryn: I know, and he’d only just arrived!

Brocc: Well, you can find the next nightclub on your own. I am going to a karaoke bar so I can sing your antics outta my head!

Brocc walks away.

Bryn: Heh…he’s gonna get himself beaten up for his “singing” one day…

Scene 13: Outside The Arbour Beast Tavern: Pre-Dawn

The warrior sits atop the back of a silver dragon, carrying Zed. The dragon lands outside The Arbour Beast, and the Wanderer dismounts. They turn to face the dragon.

Wanderer: Thank you for your help, Gindenki.

Dragon: It was my pleasure.

Wanderer: Using your gas breath instead of lightning to subdue your friends? That is a compassion that few possess.

Gindenki scoffs.

Gindenki: They are NOT my friends.

The Wanderer nods.

Wanderer: Point taken.

Gindenki: My TRUE friends are long since gone, left for parts unknown after the wane of the empire. There is…one in particular with whom I was most fond. He was-

The dragon sighs.

Gindenki: He was but a human. I am sure he could not outlive another of his own kind…

Wanderer: You would be surprised, Gindenki, for some humans possess a potential like none other.

Gindenki: I suspect you are right. Still…

Gindenki sighs.

Gindenki: It is best I depart, for I may draw attention to us both with my presence.

Wanderer: Agreed.

Gindenki: Until next we meet…

Gindenki flaps his wings and takes off. The Wanderer proceeds into the tavern.

Scene 14: Zed’s Bedchamber: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Pre-Dawn

The Wanderer pulls Zed’s blankets over him. They place their hand onto his forehead for a moment, before leaving the room and closing the door. After a moment, Zed’s eyes open and he sits up, rubbing them gently.

Zed’s thoughts: What a weird dream…if only I could remember more of it…

A knock sounds on Zed’s door.

Zed: Yeah?

Amethyst’s voice: Zed?

Zed: Of course!

Amethyst’s voice: Are you well?

Zed: A little drowsy, but I’m okay.

Amethyst’s voice: I see. Perhaps you should spend less time walking late at night, dear apprentice?

Zed’s thoughts: “Walking late at night”…?

Zed: Maybe…

Amethyst’s voice: Well, be sure to dress soon and meet me downstairs for a good breakfast. I wish to take you somewhere special today.

Zed: Oh, okay!

Zed’s thoughts: Somewhere special…but where could it be…?

Zed: Hm?

Zed looks at the back of his right hand, which has nothing on it.

Zed: Was that…?

Zed’s thoughts: It was probably just my imagination or something…

Scene 15: Silveria City: Early Morning

We see the Wanderer walking through an already-bustling street.

Wanderer’s thoughts: In all my travels, I have never met one as stubborn as him…and yet, I see that the Star Mute One also has some of his qualities…

End Credits


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