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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

January 25th 2017, 3:33 am
Welcome, fans and fans-to-be, to Crystals of Silveria Remastered, the official first season of the Chromaicora Adventures! Whether you're new to the tales of Zed Starmute and the Crystalbound or you've read every episode of the original to the point that you can recite every scene from memory, rest assured that this is the definitive experience, with every episode revised and brought up to speed with more recent projects, and new and exciting plot details added which expand the story.

Without further ado, I present the very first episode of Crystals Remastered, The Seventh Crystal. Let the tale commence!

Episode 1: The Seventh Crystal, Part I
During what seems like just another day at work, a young man named Zed encounters a mysterious elven mage who wishes to take him on as her apprentice. But there’s more to Amethyst’s request than training a budding spellcaster: she believes that Zed is the seventh member of her team, each member of whom is entrusted with a mysterious crystal of unknown origin and significance. Will he accept the elf’s offer?


Zed Starmute - A young man with a knack for the arcane and little knowledge of the world outside his secluded community.

Amethyst Moondew – A 150-year-old elven mage who dragged her companions all the way to the faraway town to find Zed, she owns the Magenta Crystal.

Let the tale commence!
Scene 1: Zed’s House: Early Morning

The sun rises over a secluded township in the middle of a vast green plain, the citizens slowly awakening one-by-one and preparing for their day. Shops filled with all sorts of wares open their doors; bakers begin baking bread, cakes and other tasty treats; the owners of The Naked Drake tavern prepare the daily breakfast specials. In a small house on the outskirts of town, a young man is in a restless slumber, tossing and turning. His eyes suddenly fly open and he sits up in his bed.

Young man’s thoughts: Whoa, those dreams are getting even more intense than usual.

The young man swings his legs around to the side of his bed, placing his feet gently on the floor. He stands up and walks over to his wardrobe, pulling out a white long-sleeved shirt and brown pants. He pulls the shirt over his head, pushing his arms through both sleeves. He then sits back on his bed, pushing his legs through the pants, then he stands up and pulls them over his waist, zipping up the zipper and securing the button. He then sits down once again and pulls a pair of clean socks from his drawer, separating them and pulling them over his feet. Finally, he grabs a pair of tall brown boots, checking them for bugs before pulling them onto his feet. He stands up and walks into his washroom. He gazes into his mirror, opening his mouth and biting onto his hand. The man’s hand glows with a bright blue light, illuminating his entire mouth for a moment before dissipating. He turns on a tap and rinses a cup, then fills it with water. He takes a mouthful and sloshes it around, spitting it into the sink. He then empties the cup and turns off the tap.

Young man: There! A clean mouth for a fresh new day.

The man thinks to himself, then realises something.

Young man: Oh, my hair!

The man holds his hand over his forehead. His hand glows. As he moves it upward, his messy, bright red hair spikes vertically. He moves his hand away, and it stops glowing.

Young man: Right. Breakfast.

The young man heads downstairs, grabs a banana from his fruit bowl and eats it. He discards the peel in the compost box, then washes his hands and dries them. He picks up a pair of brown gauntlets and puts them on, then he makes his way to the door and grabs his brown sleeveless jacket. He puts it on and does up the buttons. He then opens the door and steps through it, closing it behind him. Finally, he locks the door with his key. As he turns around a bouncy ball lands next to his foot. He looks at the ball, then at the two boys running towards him.

Boy #1: Good morning, Mr. Zed!

Zed: Good morning! How are you?

Boy #1: Very good!

Boy #2: It’s my birthday today!

Zed: Ah, and this must be your present.

Boy #2: Yes it is!

Boy #1: Will you kick it over please, sir?

Zed: Sure.

Zed kicks the ball to the boys. The second one grabs it.

Boy #2: Thanks, Mr. Zed!

Zed: No problem.

Boy #1: Are you going to work then?

Zed: Yep.

Boy #1: Okay then.

Zed: Enjoy your birthday!

Boy #2: I will, Mr. Zed!

The boys run off with the ball. Zed smiles and shakes his head slightly, then makes his way into town.

Crystals of Silveria Remastered: A Chromaicora Adventure

Scene 2: Town Square: Morning

Zed makes his way through the town square. Already, people are milling about, ready to do some early morning shopping. Zed walks up to a crowd of people who are gathered around a travelling entertainer. He breathes a jet of flame through his mouth and the crowd claps. Some people deposit copper and silver pieces into a hat, which is on the ground next to the man. Zed deposits two gold pieces into the man’s hat. The man faces Zed and does a gentlemanly bow. He then picks up three balls and begins to juggle. The crowd claps and cheers as Zed makes his way to Taylor’s Treasures. A bell jingles as Zed opens the door and walks inside, closing the door behind him. The shop’s shelves are lined with various trinkets and wondrous items. A middle-aged woman with glasses heads downstairs into the small shop.

Zed: Good morning, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, good morning, young Zed. Here bright an’ early for work, are you?

Zed: I sure am.

Mrs. Taylor: That’s grand. How was your night, lad?

Zed: I had another weird dream. I kinda figure it might have something to do with my past.

Mrs. Taylor: Well, they say that dreams are the gateway to another world. Maybe your past has fled to it.

Zed laughs.

Zed: You never know, I guess.

Zed looks around the shop.

Zed: So, what am I doing today?

Mrs. Taylor: Inventory. I’m just waitin’ for the delivery man to arrive. He’s late again!

The bell jingles as the door opens. The delivery man walks in.

Deliveryman: Mornin’, Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Taylor: Mornin’, Mr. Deliveryman. What have you got for us today?

Deliveryman: Three big boxes o’ wondrous items for ya.

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, grand. Just leave ‘em next to the counter.

Deliveryman: Will do, Mrs. Taylor.

The deliveryman unloads the boxes next to the counter. He heads backward towards the door, opening it. The bell jingles as he retreats backwards through it.

Deliveryman: Have a good day, you two!

Mrs. Taylor: Will do.

Zed: You too.

The door closes. Zed picks up the smallest box, places it onto the counter and opens it with a small knife.

Zed: Are these bags of holding?!

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, they are, lad. They can hold many times more items than meets the eye. Perfect for the travelling adventurer.

Zed: Awesome!

Mrs. Taylor: Right, I’d like you to put ‘em on display in the shop window. Try to make ‘em look enticing for anybody who might want to buy one.

Zed: We haven’t seen any adventurers in here for months. Do you think we’ll be able to sell them?

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, I hope so. Adventurers may not often come here, but when they do, we need to be prepared.

Zed nods.

Zed’s thoughts: I wonder what it’d be like to be an adventurer…

Scene 3: Outside Zed’s House: Early Afternoon

A young elf woman with long brown hair, purple eyes and a purple robe enters town. She is carrying a silver staff, its only feature being a purple orb at one end, which is partly-engulfed by a finely-sculpted dragon. She makes her way over to the two boys, still playing with their ball.

Young woman: Good morning, boys.

The boys look at the young woman, and an expression of surprise spreads across their faces.

Boy #1: Flip! It’s an elf!

Boy #2: I heard that the long ears of the elves can hear the voices of the faeries!

Boy #1: Wow, is that true miss?!

The young woman giggles.

Young woman: Well, I hear that children can hear the faeries’ voices…if they listen hard enough.

Boy #2: Wow! That’s incredible!

Young woman: I was wondering if you would be kind enough to assist me.

Boy #1: Of course! We’ll help however we can!

Young woman: I’m looking for the young man who lives in that house.

The young woman points the orb end of her staff at Zed’s house.

Boy #1: Oh, you mean Mr. Zed! He’s at work right now.

Boy #2: I think he works in a shop called Taylor’s Trinkets.

Young woman: Many thanks. You have been most helpful.

The young woman bows gracefully, then makes her way into town. The boys turn to each other with excitement.

Boy #2: Children can hear the voices of faeries!

Boy #1: I’m going to listen to a faery first!

Boy #2: No, it’s my birthday, so I’m going to hear one first!

Scene 4: Town Square: Early Afternoon

The young woman makes her way to the entertainer, a crowd of people still gathered around him. He performs a small dance, then stops and raises his arms into the air. As he does so, two jets of confetti seem to burst through the ground next to him straight into the air. The young woman is amused by the entertainer’s illusion and deposits five gold pieces into his hat. The man looks into his hat, a big smile on his face, before he sings and dances excitedly. The crowd laughs as the young woman makes her way to the shop. She stops and checks the sign.

Young woman: Taylor’s Treasures…I am sure this must be the shop to which those boys were referring.

The young woman enters the shop, the little bell jingling as she opens and closes the door. Mrs. Taylor greets her with a smile.

Mrs. Taylor: Welcome to my humble shop, lass. If there’s anything you need, don’t be afraid to ask.

Young woman: Actually, I was wondering if you could assist me with locating an employee of yours. Somebody named “Mr. Zed“, I believe.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. One of my most dedicated staff members. I’m sorry, lass, but he’s out having lunch right now.

Young woman: Ah, I see. When he returns, would you please be so kind as to ask him to meet me in The Naked Drake?

Mrs. Taylor: The tavern? Oh, he never sets foot in there, lass. Don’t ask me why. I suppose I could pass on the message though.

Young woman: Many thanks to you, ma’am. My name is Amethyst, by the way.

Mrs. Taylor: A pleasure. I’ll pass on your message, don’t you worry.

Amethyst: Again, many thanks to you.

Amethyst bows gracefully to Mrs. Taylor, then leaves the shop, the bell jingling as she exits. Mrs. Taylor laughs.

Mrs. Taylor: The Naked Drake…I wonder how they came up with that name.

Mrs. Taylor begins to sweep the floor with a broom.

Scene 5: Taylor’s Treasures: Early Afternoon

Zed enters the shop, the little bell jingling as he opens and closes the door.

Zed: I’m back, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, Zed. There was a young lass in ‘ere earlier asking for you.

Zed: M-me?

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, lad. She seemed very eager to meet you.

Zed: Well that’s odd. Do you know who it was?

Mrs. Taylor: I’m not sure. All she said was to look for Amethyst at The Naked Drake.

Zed: The tavern? I don’t go in there.

Mrs. Taylor: I know, lad. She seemed sure you’d go, though.

Zed: Well, I guess I could take a look in there.

Mrs. Taylor: You do what you feel is right, lad.

Zed: Okay, I’ll go there first thing after work.

Mrs. Taylor: Well then, I think that’ll do for your shift today.

Zed: What? But I still have work to do!

Mrs. Taylor: Come now, lad. You do a lot for me. Take the afternoon off. You won’t lose pay for it.

Zed: I’m not concerned about the money. I am curious to know what that girl wants with me, though.

Mrs. Taylor: Very well. I’ll see you next week, then.

Zed: Okay. Have a good day.

Mrs. Taylor: To you as well, lad.

Zed exits the shop, the little bell jingling as he does so.

Scene 6: The Naked Drake: Afternoon

Zed walks inside the tavern. It is practically deserted, save for a couple of individuals at different tables.

Zed’s thoughts: Huh. This place isn’t so bad.

Zed walks up to the bartender behind the counter.

Bartender: Welcome to The Naked Drake. I am Warren, co-owner of this tavern. Is there anything I can get you, sir?

Zed: Uh, no thanks. I’m looking for someone named Amethyst.

Warren: Ah, you must be Zed. Amethyst is at the table just there.

Warren points to the table nearest the counter. Amethyst is seated, her staff laid out across the tabletop.

Zed: Thanks. Have a good day.

Warren: If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Zed: No problem.

Zed walks over to Amethyst. Amethyst looks up at Zed, then stands up.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: You’re the first person to walk up to me today, so naturally I assumed that you are the one for whom I am searching.

Zed: It’s nice to meet you.

Amethyst: To you as well. My name is Amethyst Moondew, elven mage. You…are much taller than I thought you would be. Taller than most humans I have met.

Zed: A neighbour of mine calls me “the gentle giant“.

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I knew I would like you. Come, we must practice.

Amethyst picks up her staff and starts to head towards the door.

Zed: Practice what?

Amethyst stops and turns to face Zed, a smile on her face.

Amethyst: Your magic, of course!

Amethyst turns back and once again heads for the door.

Zed: How did you know I could use magic?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Scene 7: Meadow: Afternoon

Zed and Amethyst walk to the top of a hill covered in short, green grass.

Amethyst: Okay, here we are.

Zed: This is the meadow near my house.

Amethyst: It is the perfect place to test your abilities.

Zed: I should let you know, I’m not the best at using magic.

Amethyst: Everybody is inexperienced at first. With time, your abilities will develop.

Amethyst holds up her staff. A glowing purple orb appears in mid-air ten feet in front of Zed.

Amethyst: Would you please demonstrate your use of magic missile?

Zed: Uh, okay. I’m a bit rusty, but here goes.

Zed raises his right hand, aiming it at the orb.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

A small bright-blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the orb right in the centre. Both the marble and orb disappear in a flash of light.

Amethyst: A perfect hit! Well done!

Zed: I don’t know how I did that!

Amethyst: Okay, now for something trickier.

Amethyst holds up her staff again. Another purple orb appears ten feet in front of Zed, except this one moves slowly back and forth from left to right.

Zed: Okay, here I go.

Zed holds up his right hand, aiming it in front of him. Zed focuses on the path of the orb.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

Another blue marble flies from Zed’s outstretched hand, striking the orb in the middle and causing them both to disappear in a flash of light.

Amethyst: Impressive! Another perfect hit!

Zed: I’m not even very familiar with magic missile!

Amethyst: Shall we try one last test?

Zed: Well…okay then.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst holds up her staff again. A third orb appears ten feet in front of Zed, moving slowly clockwise in a perfect circle. Zed stretches out his hand, focusing on the orb’s path.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

A blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the top-left of the orb. The orb falls to the ground, disappearing in a flash of light as it makes contact.

Amethyst: Not as perfect, but still a hit. I’m impressed.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: I have a gift for you.

Zed: A gift? For me?

Amethyst reaches into her satchel, pulling out a wooden box with a silver clasp. She undoes the clasp, swinging the box open so that Zed can gaze upon the contents. Inside the box are seven alcoves, with one of the alcoves containing a triangular, cyan-coloured crystal.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of crystals. My allies and I have each of our lives entwined with one of the crystals. It is my assumption that you are to be the owner of this one, the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Me? Are you sure?

Amethyst: There is only one way for me to truly be sure.

Zed: I don’t know…I don’t really see myself as being very special.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: The crystal will tell you if you’re special.

Zed: Really?

Amethyst: The crystals select their owners. They see the truth of their owners’ potential. Clutch it. We will know if it is meant to be.

Zed steps forward. He reaches out his hand and picks up the crystal. As he opens his hand, the crystal’s centre glows with a bright light.

Zed: Whoa…that is awesome!

Amethyst: It seems as though your potential is greater than you realised.

Zed watches as the crystal’s light fades slightly, still glowing dimly in its centre.

Amethyst: This crystal is meant for you, Zed. When you wear it, you will form an eternal bond with it.

Zed: Like this?

Zed places the crystal around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the immediate area, before returning to a low level of constant light within the centre.

Amethyst: It would make me so happy for you to become my apprentice. Together with my allies and I, you may see the wonders of this land, and beyond. I could train you to master your talent.

Zed: I…I don’t know what to say.

Amethyst: Would you like to become an adventurer?

Zed thinks to himself briefly.

Zed’s thoughts: Maybe by adventuring, I can figure out who I truly am.

Zed: Okay, I’ll do it!

Commercial: Are you an adventurer who’s just come to town? Then stop by Taylor’s Treasures! We have everything for the budding traveller from adventuring gear to wondrous items and everything in between. We have the cheapest bags of holding in the region - never lose your most valuable items again…for less! Taylor’s Treasures, just around the corner from The Naked Drake!

Scene 8: Zed’s House: Late Night

Zed lies in his bed, his covers pulled up to his chest. His arms lie across his pillow. An orb of light is suspended above him, illuminating the room.

Zed’s thoughts: I can hardly believe it. Soon I’ll be leaving to go on an adventure. I have no idea what I’ll be able to do, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it.

Zed reaches across to his bedside table, picking up the crystal.

Zed’s thoughts: Amethyst said I have a permanent link with this thing, but I’m still not sure what it’s for. Maybe it’s meant to give me some sort of powers, or increase my arcane abilities.

Zed places the crystal back onto his bedside table.

Zed’s thoughts: I’ll ask Amethyst in the morning.

The orb of light dispels. Zed pulls his arms under his covers and turns onto his right side. He soon drifts into a shallow sleep.


Zed walks through a mysterious forest.

Zed: Hello?! Is anybody here?!

Almost immediately, the temperature drops. Zed’s breaths become visible as frost encrusts all of the trees.

Zed: This is bad! It’s not even close to winter!

Dwarf: It’s the Winter Festival, lad! Time for us to get drunk!

Zed: Who are you?

Dwarf: Why, it’s me, D. Wharf! The lovable rogue!

Zed: Uh…okay.

Dwarf: Say, that’s a pretty necklace. A pretty necklace for a pretty lass!

Zed: Uh, this is a special artefact. And I’m a guy, not a girl!

Dwarf: Of course you are, little boy!

Zed: What did you call me?!

A wall of water whirls around Zed, freezing solid. The walls stretch out, leaving Zed in a dark, icy room.

Zed: What’s going on?! This isn’t funny!

An evil cackle fills the room, echoing off the walls. Zed suddenly raises his hand in the air.


Bright light quickly fills the room.

Zed suddenly awakens and sits up, breathing heavily.

Zed: That dream again…

Scene 9: Zed’s House: Early Morning

Zed sits in a chair, playing a wooden recorder. A knock sounds on his door. He splits the recorder in two, places the pieces into his pocket, then stands up and walks over to the door, opening it. Amethyst is standing there.

Zed: Oh…uh…good morning.

Amethyst: Good morning. Are you rested and ready for today?

Zed: I did my best, I guess.

Amethyst: That is good to hear. Come. We must make preparations for our journey.

Zed: Okay, I just need to get some things first.

Amethyst: Please take your time.

Zed: Okay, be right back!

Zed closes his door. A few moments later he opens it, stepping through and closing it behind him. He locks the door with his key.

Zed: Okay, I’m ready.

Amethyst: Excellent. Let us head into town to purchase supplies.

Zed: No problem.

Scene 10: Town Square: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk up to a shop door. The sign above it reads Silver Buckle Clothing.

Amethyst: First, we must purchase a new outfit for you to wear.

Zed: I don’t know, this place looks expensive.

Amethyst: Never fear, Zed. A good quality outfit is just what you need.

Zed: I guess so…

Zed and Amethyst enter the shop. A well-dressed gentleman greets them from behind the counter.

Gentleman: Welcome to Silver Buckle Clothing! I am Eduardo, your guide to the world of chic fashion. How may I help you today?

Amethyst: My apprentice is in need of a new outfit.

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit.

Eduardo: Oh yes…I see what you mean. Hm…now, what sort of apprentice is he? Knight’s apprentice, mage’s apprentice…?

Amethyst: A mage’s apprentice.

Eduardo: Of course! I might have guessed from your lovely violet tunic! It simply screams modern elven mage! And it matches your eyes perfectly! Ooh, and I just love the sash!

Eduardo examines Zed’s outfit some more.

Eduardo: Hm…we need to update your look. The whole brown-on-white thing is too archaic. Today’s young mage needs to wear something more modern and vibrant. Hm…okay, I see you wearing something…azure.

Zed: Azure’s my favourite colour.

Eduardo: Ah! I knew it! Eduardo, you are a genius!

Eduardo looks around. He plucks a pale blue shirt from a clothes rack, giving it to Zed.

Eduardo: This would make the perfect base for your outfit.

Eduardo then plucks a pair of blue pants from another clothes rack.

Eduardo: And this will add a pleasant contrast to it. Now, into the change room you go!

Eduardo motions Zed into the change room. Zed turns around.

Zed: I don’t know about this…it seems expensive.

Eduardo: Don’t worry about price! A good outfit is an expensive outfit!

Eduardo closes the curtain on the change room.

Zed: Ooh, comfy! And it fits really well!

Eduardo: You doubt my talents for choosing an outfit?

Zed: No no no, this is great!

Zed opens the curtain. Eduardo nods with his bottom lip protruding.

Eduardo: A great improvement. I think we’ll stick with your previous look, but with modern designs and more blue. Wait here while I get your leathers.

Eduardo walks into another room.

Zed: Leathers? Aren’t they…bulky?

Amethyst: Leather armour is bulky. Leather clothing is lightweight and flexible.

Zed: Ah, good. I read that mages need mobility when casting spells.

Amethyst: My curiosity has piqued. How talented are you with casting spells?

Zed: Well, I’ve always been good at cantrips, and I can do some evocations pretty well. I’ve also learned to do a bit of other magic as well.

Eduardo returns carrying some boxes.

Eduardo: I checked your old boots for size and picked out the perfect pair for you. Try these on.

Eduardo hands a box to Zed. Zed sits down, opens the box and puts on the boots, which are made of dark blue leather. Zed stands up and takes a few steps.

Zed: These are so comfy.

Eduardo: And here are the matching gauntlets.

Eduardo hands another box to Zed. Zed opens the box, removing a pair of gauntlet gloves made of thin, dark blue leather. He pulls them on and flexes his fingers and wrist.

Zed: These are better than my old gauntlets. They mould right to my hand!

Eduardo: I also have a belt…

Eduardo hands a black belt with a silver buckle to Zed.

Eduardo: …and a vest.

Eduardo hands an azure leather sleeveless jacket to Zed. Zed equips himself with the belt, attaching it to the buckle, then he puts on the jacket and does up the buttons.

Zed: This is awesome!

Amethyst: I think we have found a perfect outfit for you, Zed.

Eduardo: No.

Amethyst: No?

Eduardo: No. It is not yet perfect. It needs a certain…oomph that says modern mage’s apprentice.

Zed: Like a robe or cloak?

Eduardo: I think something more your age category would be better…oh! Wait here!

Eduardo walks away, plucking a folded piece of clothing from a shelf. He walk back and hands it to Zed. Zed unfurls it and puts it on.

Zed: A cape?!

Eduardo: Oh, yes. All the young mages in Silveria wear capes. It’s fast becoming the latest fashion trend.

Zed: Well, I guess this outfit is good. But…how much will it cost?

Eduardo: For you, I’ll give you a special deal. Just 7 gold pieces!

Zed: Well…I guess it is for my new role as an adventurer…

Zed reaches for his coin sack.

Amethyst: Wait, Zed! I will pay for your outfit.

Zed: Are you sure?

Amethyst: Of course. A mage’s duty is to pay for her apprentice’s starting equipment.

Amethyst hands 7 gold pieces to Eduardo.

Eduardo: Thank you very much! I trust you are happy with your new look?

Zed: I sure am. Thank you!

Scene 11: Street: Morning

Zed and Amethyst walk down a street.

Zed: Thank you for buying my new clothes.

Amethyst: It is my pleasure, Zed. Now, we need to buy you the most important piece of equipment for any mage.

Zed: An implement?

Amethyst: Indeed.

Zed: I know just the place: The Budding Alchemist! Mr. Newt will have just the implement I need!

Amethyst’s thoughts: Newt…? Could it be…?!

Zed leads Amethyst to another door. The sign above the door reads The Budding Alchemist. Zed opens the door, motioning Amethyst to enter. Amethyst nods once and enters the building, followed by Zed. An elderly gentleman with a long white beard greets them.

Gentleman: Well, if it isn’t young Zed. Why, I haven’t seen you in here since the Astral Festival.

Zed: Sorry, Mr. Newt. I’ve been busy for the past couple of weeks.

Newt: How are your dreams?

Zed: Getting even weirder. I had the ice forest one again last night.

Newt: You’ve had that one more often in recent days, haven’t you?

Zed: Yep. It seemed even more real last night.

Newt: Well, I’m sure you will learn the secret behind it eventually.

Mr. Newt notices Amethyst.

Newt: I’ve been expecting you, Amethyst.

Amethyst’s thoughts: How did he…?

Amethyst: It is a pleasure, Mr. Newt. Please excuse my bluntness, but how did you know I would visit you?

Newt: Why, the lovely Mrs. Taylor mentioned you last night over a cup of tea.

Zed: News sure travels fast in this town.

Newt: Thank you so much for taking the time to instruct Zed in the art of magic. I would myself, but I’m too old. I’ll leave it up to the younger generation.

Zed: Remember when I first came in here?

Newt: Like it was yesterday. You picked up a book of cantrips out of curiosity.

Zed: I was interested in magic but thought I was too old to learn it.

Newt: Then you started to read the cover, and turned your hair blue!

Zed: It caught your attention, but I had no idea what was going on cause I couldn’t see the top of my own head!

Mr. Newt chuckles.

Newt: Oh, I laughed for two minutes. I finally managed to tell you that you are a naturally-gifted mage, but you were too busy panicking about your hair.

Zed: Good times…oh, that’s right! Mr. Newt, I was wondering if you could help me choose my implement.

Newt: Of course, lad. Do you know what kind of implement suits you best?

Zed: Hm…I’ve never given it much thought.

Newt: Might I suggest a wand? It’s portable and lightweight, and easy to equip in a pinch.

Zed: Sounds good.

Newt: The wands are right over here.

Mr. Newt leads Zed to a display containing a selection of wands.

Zed: How will I know which one is the right one for me?

Newt: You will know as soon as your eyes meet with it.

Zed looks around. He spots a silver wand adorned with a carving of a dragon at its far end. He walks over to it and picks it up. Almost immediately, a bright blue glow surrounds him. He reaches into his shirt and pulls out the crystal, which is also glowing with a bright blue light.

Newt: No…it cannot be!

The light dissipates. Mr. Newt walks over to Zed.

Newt: Zed! You did not tell me you had an artefact of the Silverian Empire!

Zed: The Silverian Empire?

Zed looks over at Amethyst.

Amethyst: I have not heard of such an empire.

Newt: Then there is much you both must learn. Come. We will discuss it further in my house.

The three people step out of the shop. A mysterious figure lurks in the shadows.

Figure: So it is true. I must tell my mistress at once.

The figure turns and steps back into the shadows.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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January 25th 2017, 3:36 am
Episode 2: The Seventh Crystal, Part II
Amethyst takes Zed to meet the rest of the party at a curiously-named tavern in the middle of nowhere. The party leader, an orcborn warrior, sees the young wizard as completely inexperienced, and ultimately refuses to let him join them on their adventure! Can Amethyst change the swordsman’s mind?

New Characters

Mak Clay - A surprisingly-intelligent orcborn who shares leadership of the party with Amethyst, he owns the Crimson Crystal.

Emily Summers - A syl human priestess with a sweet and caring personality, she owns the Amber Crystal.

Thobrun Steelanvil - A dwarven paladin with a righteous personality and a fondness for mead, he owns the Tawny Crystal.

Bryn - A halfling rogue who hides more than his fair share about himself from everybody, he owns the Cerulean Crystal.

Brocc Farshot - A gnome bard with the brightest green hair and an apparently-terrible singing voice, he owns the Green Crystal.

“You mean I came all this way for nothing…?”
Scene 1: Newt’s Cottage: Morning

Amethyst and Zed are seated in armchairs surrounding a small table. Newt is looking through his bookcase. He pulls a book from the shelf.

Newt: Ah, yes. Here it is.

Newt walks over to the table and sits in an armchair. He places the heavy book onto the table and opens it, flipping through pages until he finds the right one.

Newt: This page contains all I know of the Silverian Empire.

Zed: It’s blank.

Newt: You are correct. Now…

Newt places his hand above the page.

Newt: “Reveal!”

The page begins to glow. As it does so, words and images appear on the page.

Zed: Incredible…

Amethyst: Indeed.

Newt: The Silverian Empire stretched beyond the borders of Ornoposia all the way to Granrelm, Tundwaldun, Gnomsland, Verdelvum, Luminelvum, Oscurelvum and Kobelia, with smaller settlements in most other continents.

Amethyst: They must have been well-known then.

Newt: Oh, they were. The empire was made up almost entirely of Ornoposian humans, who spread their culture and customs, and indeed the Common tongue, to all corners of Junihoshi.

Zed: So what happened to it?

Newt: Like all good things it came to an end, but not without leaving behind its legacy.

Amethyst holds her crystal within her delicate fingers.

Amethyst: The crystals…

Newt: A mere fragment of a much larger collection of artefacts, many of which remain concealed within ancient ruins and other places ravaged by monsters.

Zed: So the city-state of Silveria was the capital of the empire?

Newt: That is most likely. It would have been the last bastion of the empire left in a world teeming with chaos.

Zed: Chaos?

Newt: Indeed. War had broken out across the empire as factions began to emerge, each claiming ownership of the dominion. They fought for decades, civilisation crumbling away, until only the Kingdom of Silveria remained.

Zed: So what could have protected Silveria from the chaos?

Newt: My guess is it was the Celestial Beings themselves who ceased the bloodshed, restoring order to Junihoshi.

Amethyst: Could they be allowed to interact directly with mortals?

Newt: In times of crisis they have been said to descend and lay aid to the peoples of Junihoshi. Their direct involvement was obviously the only way to bring peace to a troubled world.

Zed: And the artefacts?

Newt: Nobody knows their true purpose. Indeed, few even know of their existence.

Zed: Then there’s no way of knowing what the crystals do.

Amethyst: I know of one of their functions. They each provide a small boon to their respective owners. My crystal, for example, provides a slight increase in intellect.

Newt: If that is true, then there is a much greater goal intended for them.

Zed: Will it be possible to figure it out?

Newt: In time, you will learn the full extent of your gift.

Newt smiles at Zed.

Newt’s thoughts: Amethyst will guide you well, of that I am certain…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Town Square: Late Morning

Amethyst and Zed walk past the fountain.

Zed: Well, I guess that was slightly informative.

Amethyst: Even the littlest knowledge can change the world.

Zed: True. So, what boon does my crystal provide?

Amethyst: Alas, I know not.

Zed: Really? Whoa, that’s mysterious…

Amethyst: We have one more place to visit before we must go.

Zed: Oh, I have a toilet in my house if-

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: I have something else in mind. Follow me.

Amethyst walks past Zed. Zed begins to follow.

Zed: Lead on, Master mage!

Scene 3: Taylor’s Treasures: Late Morning

Zed and Amethyst enter Taylor’s Treasures, the little bell jingling as the door opens and closes.

Zed: Of course. There’s no better place in town to buy adventuring gear.

Amethyst: So I have seen.

Mrs. Taylor heads downstairs.

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, I wondered if you’d pop in before you left.

Zed: You heard?

Mrs. Taylor: Of course, lad. Mr. Newt tells me everything.

Zed: Wow, news travels fast in this town!

Mrs. Taylor: I took the liberty of preparing your supplies.

Mrs. Taylor heads behind the counter, reaching under it and pulling out a box containing some adventuring gear. She places the box on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: Okay, this is your adventurer’s kit.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a blue-coloured leather shoulder bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: It has a collapsible bedroll, food, a pre-filled waterskin and some other bits and bobs. It’ll come in handy.

Mrs. Taylor pulls out a bag and places it on the counter.

Mrs. Taylor: This is a breather. It’s a special mask for you to wear in case you run into a gas trap while exploring a dungeon. I’ve always thought the latest technology should be practical and useful.

Zed: Gotta love those zenoxans.

Mrs. Taylor: And this…this is a special gift from me.

Mrs. Taylor reaches into the box and pulls out a silver recorder and a navy blue velvet bag with drawstring.

Mrs. Taylor: I thought you could use a new flute. This one is supposed to make the most pleasant music, so I’ve been told.

Zed: Oh, Mrs. Taylor…

Mrs. Taylor: Come, lad. You do so much for me. This is my way of thanking you.

Mrs. Taylor smiles. Zed reaches into his pocket, pulling out the two halves of his wooden recorder. He assembles it and holds it out to Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I want you to have my old flute. To remember me by.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed exchange recorders. Mrs. Taylor smiles.

Mrs. Taylor: I’ll treasure it every day, lad.

A tear rolls down Zed’s cheek. He holds out his hands. Mrs. Taylor steps forward and embraces Zed with a big hug.

Mrs. Taylor: Take care of yourself, lad. Find your place in the world.

Zed: I’ll try to come back one day.

Mrs. Taylor: You try your hardest, Zed Starmute.

Mrs. Taylor and Zed let go of one another. Zed walks over to the counter.

Zed: Should I pay for these?

Mrs. Taylor: Amethyst already took care of it.

Zed looks at Amethyst, a puzzled look on his face.

Amethyst: I put the money on the counter while you were saying your farewells.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Thank you.

Amethyst: Just doing my duty.

Zed removes his cape, places the satchel over his shoulder, re-dons his cape, opens a front pocket and places the breather inside. He picks up the flute, disassembles it, places it into the velvet bag, pulls the drawstring and places it into his pocket.

Zed: Thank you for everything, Mrs. Taylor.

Mrs. Taylor: It was my pleasure, lad.

Another tear rolls down Zed’s cheek as both he and Amethyst leave the shop, the bell jingling as they do so. Mrs. Taylor watches them as they disappear from view.

Mrs. Taylor: We will meet again, lad…

Scene 4: En Route to The Name Pending Tavern: Early Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed walk along a well-worn road, wooden fences separating it from some green meadows.

Amethyst: You seem to have a strong bond with Mrs. Taylor.

Zed: I don’t know where I would be without her.

Amethyst: Is she a family member?

Zed: No.

Amethyst: She treats you like a son nonetheless.

Zed: She was the first one to help me when I stumbled into town.

Amethyst: Had something happened?

Zed sighs.

Zed: I have no memory of my life prior to walking into town. It was late one night, and I was wearing some weird clothes. I was confused, and I didn’t know what was happening.

Amethyst: That sounds awful.

Zed: Nothing felt right whatsoever. Then I came across Taylor’s Treasures. I walked inside and explained everything to Mrs. Taylor. She took me in and gave me a place to sleep and work.

Amethyst: No wonder you are very close to one another.

Zed: Mrs. Taylor took me to the best oracles when they came to town, but they couldn’t figure out which constellation I was born under. They called me a blank slate, which earned me the nickname “The Star Mute One“. It’s as though I hadn’t existed prior to that moment. And yet I know I’ve lived for a while before that.

Amethyst: So you wish to find the place from whence you hail.

Zed: That’s part of my goal, yes.

Zed thinks to himself.

Zed: So you’re the guardian of the crystals?

Amethyst: I am indeed. On my one-hundredth birthday, my grandmother told me that I was chosen by my father to find the secret of the crystals. The crystals glowed as the box containing them was handed to me, meaning that I had indeed been chosen by them as their distributor. I was told to find the owners of the crystals and journey with them, and together we would find out their true purpose. It took 45 years before I found the second crystal owner.

Zed: And who was it?

Amethyst smiles at Zed.

Amethyst: Why don’t you wait until we reach the tavern? I am sure the suspense will lead to a much greater surprise.

Zed: Fair enough.

Scene 5: The Name Pending Tavern: Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed enter the tavern. Zed looks around and sees a few adventurers sitting at tables. Three human males, presumably fighters, are gathered around a short-bearded dwarf wearing silver armour. The dwarf speaks with a thick Scandinavian-infused Scottish accent.

Dwarf: So there we were, surrounded by twelve Elek worshippers. They outnumbered us two-to-one, and the rogue very nearly gave us the slip!

Fighter #1: Rogues’ll do that to ya if ya let ‘em!

Dwarf: Ye think I’d let the rogue abandon us like that? When facing evil, we all must stand together and help however we can! I’d never let’m avoid Alistair’s goals!

Fighter #2: So what did you do?

Dwarf: What else could we do? We showed ‘em who’s boss! They won’t be hurtin’ anyone anytime soon!

The dwarf swallows a mouthful of mead from his mug. Amethyst walks over to the dwarf. Zed follows behind.

Amethyst: Good afternoon, Thobrun. I gather you are telling stories of our exploits to these gentlemen?

Thobrun: Indeed I am, Amethyst. I’m teachin’ ‘em how to fight evil as best they can.

Thobrun sees Zed standing behind Amethyst.

Thobrun: And this must be the young wizard Amethyst believes is the seventh crystal owner.

Zed: H-Hi. I’m Zed.

Thobrun stands up. He stands at about two-thirds the height of Zed, though he is broadly-built to make up for it.

Thobrun: Good to meet you, Zed. Thobrun Steelanvil, son of Angus and Helga of Goldwaldun, and Paladin of Alistair Goodheart.

Thobrun bows. Zed bows right back.

Thobrun: Can I buy ye a drink, Zed?

Zed: Oh, I don’t drink alcohol.

Thobrun: Oh, no problem, lad. I can respect that.

Amethyst: I was just going to introduce Zed to the others.

Thobrun: I think they’re in the den upstairs.

Amethyst: Are you ready to meet your future companions, Zed?

Zed: Yep. Lead the way.

Amethyst: Very well.

Amethyst climbs the stairs, with Zed following behind. Zed looks around, and sees a male halfling in dark blue leather armour, a male gnome with green hair and a blonde human girl with slightly-pointed ears wearing golden-yellow chainmail.

Amethyst: Bryn? Brocc? Emily? Allow me to introduce the seventh member of our team, Zed Starmute.

Zed waves.

Zed: Hi.

Bryn speaks with what sounds like a slightly-Cockney English accent.

Bryn: Well, well, well, how did I know it’d be another human?

Bryn walks over to Zed. He stands at roughly half Zed’s height. His slick black hair curves forward at its base. He has no facial hair.

Bryn: Name’s Bryn. The Loveable Rogue.

Bryn holds out his hand. Zed bends down slightly and shakes hands with Bryn.

Bryn: Ah, so you know the Granrelmian bow. I respect that, Zed.

Zed: Your friend downstairs said the same thing.

Brocc speaks with what sounds like a European-infused American accent which sounds slightly elevated in pitch.

Brocc: Amethyst, he’s huge! Are you sure he isn’t a giant?

Bryn: Of course he isn’t, Brocc! Look at his build. He’s definitely a human.

Brocc walks over to Zed and looks up at him. He is slightly taller than Bryn, though most of the added height is his tall, spiky hair.

Brocc: Oh, you’re right. Sometimes it’s hard to tell. I’m Brocc Farshot, and I’m an entertainer! A bard! A lyricist!

Bryn: You can’t sing!

Brocc: No, but I still write songs, don’t I?

Bryn: Well, I can’t argue with that logic.

Zed examines Brocc closely.

Brocc: What? Do I have something on my face?

Zed: No, it’s just…

Brocc: What?

Zed: No, it’s probably nothing.

Brocc: Oh. Okay then...

Emily walks over to Zed. She smiles sweetly and speaks with a soft, feminine voice.

Emily: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Zed. My name is Emily Summers, and I am a priestess of Marilina Silverblade.

Emily curtsies. Zed bows.

Zed: Is that everyone?

Amethyst: There is still one more member you must meet.

Zed: I thought so.

Bryn: He’s in the shower.

Amethyst: Really?

Bryn: I know, we were surprised as well.

A door opens, and a male orcborn steps through. He is not wearing a shirt. He rubs his black hair with a towel, then slings the towel over his right shoulder. He walks up to Amethyst and speaks with a rough American voice.

Orcborn: Amethyst. You’re back!

Amethyst: Indeed.

The orcborn looks at Zed.

Orcborn: I thought you said you were bringing back the most naturally-talented spellcaster in that town.

Amethyst: I have. This is Zed.

Orcborn: He can’t be more than 25 years old. That’s not experienced enough.

Amethyst: Actually, he is-

Orcborn: It doesn’t matter. He’s still not experienced enough. Look…he’s got green written all over him!

Brocc: Hey, I am NOT-

Everyone looks at Brocc. A huge drop of sweat slides down the side of his face.

Brocc: I mean…uh…never mind!

Orcborn: Our mission is very dangerous. Who’s gonna protect this kid if he gets into trouble?

Amethyst: I believe that’s your job.

Orcborn: I don’t want to see another innocent get hurt.

Amethyst: Please! At least let him prove himself.

Orcborn: I’m sorry, but it’s too risky. First thing tomorrow, we’re taking him back to wherever he came from. I can’t put him in any danger.

Amethyst: But-

Orcborn: That’s final!

The orcborn returns to his room. A bitter sting of disappointment spreads across Zed’s face. Amethyst hangs her head and sighs.

Amethyst’s thoughts: I must convince him to let Zed stay…it is crucial to our quest…and to Zed’s...

Commercial: Welcome to The Budding Alchemist. Here you may buy any manner of supplies including potions, alchemical reagents, spell components, and the largest collection of scrolls in town. We serve everybody, from the magically gifted to those who just need a scroll of sending. We are open every day from morning to night. The Budding Alchemist: not just for alchemists!

Scene 6: The Name Pending Tavern: Evening

The orcborn stands outside the tavern, watching the sun set. Amethyst steps outside and walks over to him.

Orcborn: How’s the kid doing?

Amethyst: I know not. He has yet to leave his room.

Orcborn: What’s he been doing all this time?

Amethyst: He is practising magic so he can be skilled enough to become an adventurer one day.

Orcborn: He’s got spirit, I’ll give him that.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Orcborn: But spirit alone isn’t enough for the life of an adventurer.

Amethyst: He is a naturally-gifted mage.

Orcborn: And that‘s a good thing, right?

Amethyst: I shall attempt to clarify. Most people who aspire to be mages must study for decades in order to master their craft. It takes skill and precision for us to even cast a basic spell before we master the arcane.

Orcborn: So how is Zed different?

Amethyst: Zed is one of the rare few who uses magic naturally, without needing to spend hours memorising spells from a book. I tested his use of magic missile yesterday and his accuracy was surprising. It is imperative that-

Orcborn: If you’re trying to change my mind…

Amethyst: Need I remind you that we are both leaders of this expedition?

Orcborn: I was going to say, “If you’re trying to change my mind, it’s working“. I’m still a little unsure about this…

Amethyst: The crystal responded to his touch.

Orcborn: It did?

Amethyst: It glowed the brightest shade of cyan the moment he put it around his neck.

Orcborn: You sure it wasn’t just a coincidence?

Amethyst: The crystals never make mistakes.

The orcborn thinks to himself, then sighs.

Orcborn: Alright, I’ll give the kid a chance.

Amethyst: Excellent. He will be pleased to hear the news.

Amethyst turns and starts to walk back to the door. She stops and turns around to face the orcborn again.

Amethyst: You refer to him as “kid”. You do realise that you are younger than him, do you not?

Orcborn: By adventuring standards, he’s a fledgling.

Amethyst: True.

Amethyst turns around and enters the tavern.

Orcborn: Well, I guess I’ll tell him he can stay then…

The orcborn turns and enters the tavern.

Scene 7: The Name Pending Tavern: Early Morning

Zed opens his room door and steps into the den. Amethyst is studying her spellbook in preparation for the day. She stops reading and looks up at Zed, smiling.

Amethyst: Good morning, Zed.

Zed: Good morning!

Amethyst: Well, you seem cheerful!

Zed: Your friend told me I could stay in the party!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: That is good! I assume you slept well, then?

Zed: Yep, much better than usual. I had the dream again, but it’s starting to make more sense. I tried trancing before going to bed, just to see if it would help.

Amethyst: Did it have any effect?

Zed: Well, I had better control of my dream. This time I held off casting light during the ice room bit.

Amethyst: What did you see?

Zed: I saw five people at the opposite end, but it was so dark that I couldn’t make out what they looked like. They just stood there, not moving or making a sound. Then a silver dragon appeared above us and landed in front of me facing them. It roared, and the person in the middle turned into a white dragon and attacked it. They fought for what seemed like hours, although it was only mere moments. Then the white dragon grew to a massive size, and that’s when I cast Light again.

Amethyst: Perhaps next time you should let the white dragon continue to grow. There is obviously some significance.

Zed: I guess so. Oh yeah…and I dreamed about this weird glowing orb that moved back and forth, shifting between shades of blue. Is that weird?

Amethyst: Dreams can be unusual. Now come. We must eat a good breakfast in preparation for the day.

The orcborn climbs up the stairs.

Orcborn: Come on, you two. Time for breakfast.

Amethyst: We will be down momentarily.

Orcborn: Okay.

The orcborn turns and climbs back down. Amethyst heads for the stairs, with Zed following behind.

Scene 8: En Route to Silveria City: Morning

The party walks along a forested path heading in the direction of Silveria City. Zed speaks to the orcborn.

Zed: Thank you for giving me a chance.

Orcborn: Amethyst says you’re great, so that’s good enough for me. Just be careful.

Zed: I will.

The orcborn smiles.

Orcborn: So you really have no idea where you came from?

Zed: That’s right. My past is a complete blank.

Orcborn: Maybe you’re from another continent.

Zed: You think so?

Orcborn: Well yes. Your accent’s definitely not Ornoposian.

Zed: Really?

Orcborn: Yeah! As for me, I was raised in Coppelia by my father. My best friend was a koble named Knight.

Zed: I’m sorry, what’s a koble?

Bryn: You’re joking, right?

Zed: Nope, I’m serious.

Bryn: Well, they‘re reptilian people who are about the height of a bolgard.

Zed: Bolgard?

Bryn: Wow, you really can’t remember who you are, can you?

Amethyst: One of Zed’s primary goals is to learn about his past.

Brocc: I could try to help him remember with a bardic song.

Bryn: No! No singing! The last time you sung, your cat ran away for days!

Brocc: She didn’t run away! I sent her to scout for the next town.

Bryn: And did she find it?

Brocc: Well…she found somebody’s camp.

Bryn: A camp of gobbos, if I’m not mistaken? And she led them right to us.

Brocc: Well, I won’t make that mistake again, okay?

Bryn: Oh? Then where is your precious familiar right now?

Brocc: Uh…scouting ahead.

Bryn: My point.

Thobrun: Come on, you two. You should stop your bickering for once.

Zed: Is that your cat?

An orange tabby cat walks up to the team.

Brocc: Tabby! You’re back! What did you find?

Tabby meows. A look of dread spreads across Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh, there’s a group of scary looking thugs at the bridge.

Emily: They were not there two days ago. What business do they have with the bridge?

Bryn: That answer your question, Emmy?

Bryn points to a sign with the words “TOLL RODE” crudely written in black paint.

Thobrun: Oh, great. Barbarians.

Orcborn: Be realistic, Thobrun. No barbarian can write that well!

Emily: This is bad. Very bad.

Brocc: Emily, settle down. You’re scaring Zed.

Zed: Actually, I’m not-

Brocc: Don’t worry, my friend! There’s no need to be af-fr-fraid…

Brocc’s teeth begin to chatter.

Orcborn: Just relax. We’ve been in worse situations before.

Bryn: Name one time.

Orcborn: Gobbo siege of that village two weeks ago.

Bryn: Okay, I guess that was slightly worse…

Emily: I needed to heal a quarter of the villagers.

Bryn: Whatever. The point is that barbarians are mindless, savage-

Orcborn: Bryn, shut it! We’re here.

Bryn looks up at the barbarian guarding the bridge.

Bryn: Oh…heheh…hello!

Barbarian: The toll is 5 gold each for you to cross. So…one, two, four, five, six, eight, twelve…32 gold total.

Bryn’s thoughts: And here’s the result of today’s education system…

Orcborn: We’re not paying.

Bryn: What?!

Orcborn: Why should we pay to cross a bridge that’s free for us to cross any other time?

Barbarian: Because my club says you’re giving us gold.

Orcborn: Well my sword says otherwise.

Bryn: Now come on, be reasonable!

Orcborn: I am being reasonable, Bryn.

Barbarian: Look, just pay us the money and nobody gets hurt!

Orcborn: Can you even spell “money“?

Barbarian: M…un…e?

Orcborn: Wrong answer.

Barbarian: I AM NOT UNLITERATE! Fellas, get over here and teach these guys how to spell pain!

Orcborn: P-A-I-N!


The barbarian rushes towards the orcborn and swings his club at him. The orcborn bends backwards, unsheathes his sword and slashes the barbarian’s pectoral muscle. The barbarian roars and swings his club at the orcborn, who blocks the club with his sword.

Orcborn: All of you! Get Zed to safety!

Bryn: Uh, that’s going to be a problem, fearless leader.

Four barbarians approach the group from behind.

Barbarian #2: Where do you think you’re going?

Bryn: Uh, we were just going to head back to the tavern and have a nice relaxing bath!

Barbarian #3: Nobody’s going anywhere till we’ve dealt with your leader.

Amethyst points her staff at the other barbarians.

Amethyst: “Hypnotism!”

A wave of purple light engulfs the barbarians, leaving them dazed and confused. She turns to face the barbarian leader, who is still pushing his club against the orcborn’s sword. The barbarian bellows and pushes the orcborn towards the edge of the cliff. The orcborn regains his balance, but is cornered with nowhere else to go.

Barbarian Leader: That river’s moving mighty fast. Might we be near a W-O-H-T-A-F-O-H-L?

Orcborn: A what?

Barbarian Leader: A WATERFALL!

The other barbarians regain their senses and join their leader in surrounding the orcborn.

Barbarian #4: I hope you can swim…and survive a two-foot plunge down a waterfall!

Bryn: Two feet? Could you BE any thicker?!

Amethyst: This is bad! We cannot attack them all at once!

Emily: But if we fail to do something he will be thrust into the river anyway!

Barbarian Leader: Say my regards to your ancestors for me!

The barbarian leader raises his club. Zed suddenly steps forward, pulls out his wand and points it at the barbarians.

Zed: STOP!

The barbarians turn around to face Zed. They take one look at his wand and start laughing.

Barbarian #5: What can you do with that thing? Poke our ribcages?

Barbarian #4: Look, he thinks he’s a big tough man with his tiny sword!

Barbarian Leader: Put your stick away, little boy. Grown-ups are talking.

Barbarian #2: Yeah, there’s nothing you can-

Zed’s eyes begin to glow with cyan light.

Barbarian Leader: What the-

Zed: “SLEEP!”

As Zed’s word echoes, a wave pulses from the tip of his wand, engulfing the barbarians in a pale blue light. They collapse to the ground in a deep slumber. Zed’s eyes return to normal.

We cut to another place, where a mysterious figure in a dark robe and breather looks up.

Dark-Robed Guy: The awakening…it has begun...

We cut back to the bridge. The other Crystalbound stare at Zed, dumbfounded.

Orcborn: What the…?!

Thobrun: How did you do that, lad?!

Bryn: I thought you were just an apprentice!

Amethyst: As I said to you all, Zed is a natural mage.

Brocc’s thoughts: Wow, he’s even more powerful than I thought he’d be!

The orcborn steps over the barbarians and walks over to the party.

Orcborn: I guess Amethyst was right. You have talent.

The orcborn sheaths his sword and holds out his right hand. Zed grabs it and clenches. The two men release their grips.

Orcborn: Thank you for helping me.

Zed: No problem.

Orcborn: I just realised I haven’t told you my name yet. Mak Clay, warrior. And I’m happy to have you on board, buddy.

Zed: Thank you.

A woman’s voice echoes from the other side of the bridge.

Voice: Are you alright over there?

Mak: We could use some help with these barbarians over here.

Voice: We will be right over.

Bryn: We?

Four male humans, two with rounded ears and two with ears like Emily’s, and a female human with ears like Emily’s, cross the bridge. They are wearing silver armour and helmets. The female human walks over to Mak.

Woman: Cynthia Meadows, guard-captain of Silveria City.

Cynthia looks down at the unconscious barbarians.

Cynthia: Ah, I see you succeeded in apprehending the thugs. Come. We will escort you to Silveria City to organise payment for your assistance.

Scene 9: En Route to Silveria City: Early Afternoon

The party travels with the guards across a well-worn road through an open plain. The barbarians are linked together by iron chains.

Cynthia: These thugs have been causing trouble in the region for weeks.

Amethyst: Did nobody attempt to apprehend them?

Cynthia: Most people who could help were preoccupied with other quests. The few who remained were overly cautious and chose not to assist.

Mak: Well, what was the bounty on these guys?

Zed takes a mouthful of water from his waterskin.

Cynthia: 2499 gold.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water.

Mak: I’m surprised nobody wanted the bounty.

Cynthia: Well, considering you assisted us with no desire to claim any reward money for their capture, as well as the level of skill involved…

Zed takes another mouthful of water.

Cynthia: … I am obliged to double the reward.

Zed turns his head and spits out the water again.

Bryn: Careful there, Zeddy, or you’ll have no water left till we reach the city!

Zed takes a third mouthful of water.

Cynthia: That is it over there. We should arrive within the hour.

Zed takes one look at the giant citadel and spits out his water again.

Zed: That place is huge!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: It appears even bigger once you enter.

Bryn: Oh, you’re going to love it, Zed! It’s wall-to-wall shops, taverns and entertainment!

Emily: We must visit the Temple of Marilina when we enter.

Thobrun: And the Temple of Alistair.

Bryn: And a nightclub!

Mak: There’s plenty of time to explore the city once we sort out these gentlemen.

The barbarian leader spits at Mak.

Mak: Looks like Zed’s a bigger man than this guy after all!

Everybody laughs as they continue to head towards Silveria City.

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time

The mysterious man who spied on Zed and Amethyst in The Budding Alchemist walks along a narrow blue carpet in a gigantic icy room up to a glass throne. He has tanned skin and a buzz-cut, and is wearing brown hide armour marked with black stripes. He kneels and looks up at the female figure sitting in the throne.

Man: I bring news, Mistress. The elf known as Amethyst has given the Azure Crystal to a young wizard named Zed.

Figure: So, the crystals have all found their owners. Trenton, I am sending you and Kara to retrieve Amethyst and her companions. Bring them to me.

Trent: It will be done, Mistress.

Figure: And Trenton? I want them alive. Is that understood?

Trent: Yes, Mistress.

The figure’s blue lipstick-covered lips twist into an evil smile.

Figure: Good.

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

January 26th 2017, 9:40 pm
Episode 3: The Magical Academy
Amethyst brings Zed to Stormshroud Academy, where she soon discovers that Alek, a former apprentice of her mentor’s and one of her dearest friends, has already become an academy master at the young age of 32! While catching up with one another, they soon discover that there are mysterious events happening all over the surrounding area. Could their origin be within the academy’s walls?

New Characters

Alek Stormshroud - Amethyst’s closest friend and a former apprentice of her old mage mentor, he has apparently become the academy master of illusion at the youngest age on record. Alek is apparently causing needless destruction on the school and is dismissed. But did he do it?

Kendall Silvertooth - Alek’s apprentice and one of his brightest pupils, he is determined to find out more about these puzzling events around the academy, and to find out if his master truly is the culprit.

Laura Goldenclaugh - Kendall’s younger sister and quite the mage in her own right, she assists her brother and Zed in finding clues.

Zed’s Familiar - Zed manages to bond with a familiar of his own during this episode. What could it be?

“I sense something within her…”
Scene 1: Outside Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed stand at the gate outside the prestigious Stormshroud Academy for Young Mages, an enormous campus nestled within Silveria City’s Mage’s District.

Amethyst: Here it is, Zed: Stormshroud Academy for Young Mages, the most prestigious magic college in all of Ornoposia. I spent most of my time as an apprentice within these very walls, and I loved every second…

Amethyst’s thoughts: …even though it took me 35 years to master the art...

Zed: It’s incredible…

Amethyst: Shall we enter?

Zed: Yes please!

Scene 2: Entrance Hall: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

The gigantic wooden doors swing open as Amethyst and Zed enter the main building. Zed marvels at the dark brown wooden architecture, which is carved into a number of intricate patterns and shapes.

Amethyst: I, too, marvelled at the architecture when I first came to this place.

Zed: It’s amazing…the attention to detail…it must have taken years to complete!

Amethyst: Indeed.

Male Voice: How did you enter this building?!

A man walks down the gigantic staircase and begins to head for Amethyst and Zed.

Man: Only students and faculty are able to enter this academy.

The man walks over to Amethyst. A smile spreads across his face.

Man: Of course, former students must know how to enter.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Alekzander Stormshroud. It has been too long.

Alekzander: Amethyst Lunerosée. It is good to see your sweet smile again.

Alekzander looks at Zed.

Alekzander: Is this your apprentice, Amethyst?

Amethyst: Indeed. This is Zed Starmute.

Alekzander: Good to meet you, Zed. Call me Alek. Everybody else does.

Zed: Good to meet you too.

Alek: Is there a reason you two have come here?

Amethyst: Well, I have just begun to teach Zed how to-

Voice: ALEK!

An elderly gentleman runs downstairs up to Alek.

Alek: What is the matter, Headmaster?

Headmaster: The drakes have escaped from the barn! They are running rampant around campus! They almost tackled the groundkeeper into the pool - and he cannot swim!

Alek: Then we must hurry! Amethyst? Zed? I could use your assistance.

Amethyst: We would be more than happy to assist!

Alek: Then let us go!

The three mages race out of the door.

Headmaster: Good luck to you all!

Alek: Thank you, Headmaster!

Headmaster: I certainly made the right choice by making him an academy master. Oh well, back to sorting paperwork.

The headmaster begins heading upstairs.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Stormshroud Academy: Late Afternoon

Amethyst, Zed and Alek walk into the entrance hall from outside.

Alek: I must say that was exhilarating! I have not had this much excitement for quite some time!

Amethyst: Indeed. Your skills have improved greatly since last we met.

Zed: I thought that would be more dangerous than it was.

Amethyst: Whatever do you mean?

Zed: Well, I thought we were going to be chasing gigantic lizards with sharp teeth and claws, not…ducks.

Alek laughs.

Alek: We would not be so careless as to keep reptilian drakes inside a wooden barn on campus grounds, Zed.

Zed: That’s a relief.

Alek: No no, we keep those inside the monster enclosure. That’s it, just over there.

Alek points to a metal building at a far corner of campus grounds, surrounded by a high, jagged-metal fence and a deep moat. Loud roars can be heard from within. Zed squeals.

Zed: Th-That’s less comforting.

Alek: Relax, Zed. No monster has escaped from there in thirty years. And even that was just a minor threat.

Zed: Really?

Alek: Oh, yes. All that dragon did was eat half the animals in the barn and destroy the left side of the dormitories. And the language he used was so…colourful, to say the least. I was two years old at the time, yet I still remember the incident vividly, so there is no need for concern.

A shocked look spreads across Zed’s face.

Amethyst: Uh…why don’t we head inside and have a good meal?

Zed: D-Dragons! I-In the sch-school…

Scene 3: Temple of Marilina: Late Afternoon

Mak, Emily and Bryn enter the Temple of Marilina, a shrine dedicated to Marilina Silverblade, a human paladin who was ascended and became a Celestial Being. Bryn feels as though he is out-of-place.

Bryn: I don’t even revere Marilina. Why did you bring me here?

Mak: You know exactly why, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh, it’ll clear itself up eventually.

Mak: Are you absolutely sure?

Bryn: Well…not really, no.

Emily: Just speak with the High Priestess. She will do all she can to help.

Bryn: Fine…

Scene 4: Temple of Marilina: Late Afternoon

High Priestess: I am afraid there is nothing I can do.

Mak: But what about him?

High Priestess: It will clear up eventually.

Bryn: HA! What did I tell you?

Emily: We thank you, High Priestess.

Emily bows. The High Priestess bows right back.

High Priestess: May Marilina guide you on your journey.

Bryn: Well, this was a waste of time.

Mak: Visiting the Temple of Marilina is never a waste.

Bryn: I just hope my buddy Brocc is having the time of his life.

Brocc is pursued through a deserted alley by two human thugs wielding big clubs.

Thug #1: I’ll teach you to sing like a screeching elbok!

Brocc: I was just trying to entertain people!

Thug #1: Well it sounded like you were deliberately mocking our voices!

Thug #2: We’ll pound you, you no-good kid!

Brocc: Oh, Thobrun! Where did you go? I need you NOW!

Mak: When is Brocc not having the time of his life?

Bryn: True…

Emily walks up to Mak and Bryn.

Emily: I must meditate and replenish my celestial magic.

Bryn: In that case we’ll look for the nearest nightclub.

Mak: Bryn! We are in a sacred temple!

Emily: Mak, please. The two of you should go and entertain yourselves. I will be quite a while.

Mak: Very well. We will be back here in two hours.

Emily smiles.

Emily: I look forward to it.

Mak smiles.

Mak: Okay, Bryn. Lead the way.

Bryn: With pleasure!

Scene 5: Stormshroud Academy: Late Night

Zed is asleep in bed. He is awoken by a small, bright blue orb of light hovering above his bed. The orb floats over to his door.

Zed: What the…?

Zed climbs out of bed, puts on his shirt and boots and makes his way over to the door, opening it. The orb floats out of the door and makes its way down the corridor. Zed follows it.

The orb floats up to a door labelled “Familiar Studies”. Zed walks up to the door.

Zed’s thoughts: I can’t go in there at this time of night!

The door swings open. Zed looks down and sees what resembles a tiny blue dragon no taller than Zed’s shin on the ground.

Zed: A dragon?

Zed hears a familiar voice from within the room.

Voice: A nanodragon, actually. One of the most elusive creatures of all.

Zed: Oh, Alek.

Alek: Please, come in.

Zed: Okay.

Zed walks into the classroom. Inside are a number of white tables and grey chairs. Posters describing various creatures cover the walls. A counter runs along the back wall with five eggs nested on top of it. A large blackboard is mounted on the left wall with the words “Master Stormshroud” and “Familiar Studies” written on it in white chalk.

Alek: I apologise for disturbing your rest.

Zed: It’s fine.

Alek: Did you like my illusion?

Zed: That thing was a spell?

Alek: Indeed. Illusion is my specialty school of magic.

Zed. Oh.

Zed looks around the room.

Zed: Why am I here?

Alek: Tell me Zed, what was the first thing you noticed in this room?

Zed: Uh…the nanodragon. Why?

Alek: When a student is ready to choose his or her familiar, they must enter this room. It is almost certain that the first thing they notice will be one of the seven posters mounted on the wall. Each one depicts an animal well-suited for being a familiar.

The nanodragon climbs up onto Alek’s right shoulder, draping its tail over his left shoulder. It looks over at Zed and speaks with a masculine voice.

Nanodragon: The animal depicted on the poster is recommended to the student as his or her perfect match. The fact that you first noticed me and not one of the posters means that your perfect match may, in fact, not be any of the animals in question.

Zed: Oh…

Nanodragon: What was the next thing you noticed?

Zed: Uh…the eggs on the bench-top.

Alek: The eggs appear ordinary, with plain, beige shells, yet you took notice of them. Why is that?

Zed: I’m not sure. I just thought they looked cool.

Alek: Pick up the first egg that caught your eye.

Zed walks up to the eggs, which he notices appear somewhat bigger than a hen’s egg. He picks up the egg between the middle one and the right-hand one.

Alek: Now speak the bottom-most word on the blackboard.

Zed: Uh… “Familiar!”

The egg begins to glow, its shell turning a shimmering silver. The egg then stops glowing.

Alek: You have now bonded with your familiar, connecting you both for eternity.

Zed: My familiar is an egg?

Alek: For now, yes.

Zed: Interesting.

Alek: You should return to your room. I trust you need to rest some more.

Zed: It couldn’t hurt.

Alek: Good. I have some business to which I must attend. Goodnight, Zed.

Zed: Goodnight.

Zed leaves the room. Alek closes the door.

Zed: Okay, I have a nanodragon egg. Hey there, little guy.

Zed's thoughts: Look at me, I'm talking to an egg. I wonder when it will hatch...

A mysterious figure lurks in the darkness, watching as Zed heads back to his room. The figure is mostly obscured, with the only visible feature being one end of a quarterstaff with fuchsia-coloured ribbons wrapped around it.

Commercial: Looking to escape the hustle-and-bustle of city life? Why not visit beautiful Lake Silveria? This quaint region is the perfect place for your family to relax and unwind. Take a dip in the country's largest natural lake, go camping in the open countryside, or visit Silvertooth, the birthplace of the Celestial Being Argentus. Lake Silveria: experience a natural wonder.

Scene 6: Illusion Studies: Stormshroud Academy: Morning

Zed is seated at a desk in a classroom surrounded by a number of other students. Two male students of about seventeen years of age talk amongst themselves.

Student #1: Heh, get a load of the new guy!

Student #2: Yeah, what is he, a giantborn?

Student #1: Last I checked, giantborn were savage brutes. I didn’t know they could use magic.

Student #2: And he’s, like, fifty. Isn’t he a bit old to be starting magic classes?

The two young men snicker. A female student in her twenties scolds them.

Student #3: Enough! You two are worse than a couple of elboks!

Zed looks at the female student.

Zed’s thoughts: Wow, she seems…what’s the word?

Student #1: Whatever.

Student #2: Spoil-sport…

Alek walks into the classroom, his familiar perched on his shoulder.

Alek: Good morning, class.

Class: Good morning, Master Stormshroud.

Alek sits at his desk.

Alek: We have a new student joining us today. His name is Zed Starmute and he joins us all the way from-

Student #1: I think we know where he’s from, Master.

Student #2: (cocky tone) Yeah, all giantborn originated in Tundwaldun!

Zed: Tund…wahl…doon?

The student to Zed’s right, a male wolfborn, whispers to him.

Wolfborn: (I’ll explain later).

Zed: Thank you.

Alek: There are, in fact, several giantborn who live in Goldenia. But Zed is not a giantborn.

Student #2: So what is he, some oversized freak of nature?

Student #1: Ooh, nice one!

Alek: He is a human, just like the both of you.

Student #1: No kidding.

Alek: I am serious. And the two of you are wearing my patience.

Student #1: He’s really a human? Incredible…

Alek: I assure you it is quite true. Zed, why don’t you tell the class about yourself?

Zed: I’ll do my best.

Zed stands up and turns to face the class, clearing his throat.

Student #2: (mocking tone) Everybody quiet so the new guy can speak.

The female student hits the second student.

Student #2: Ow! Master Stor-

Alek points at the student, a stern look on his face. The student settles down.

Zed: Well, I don’t remember my full name, so I’ve been going by the name Zed. I don’t remember anything about my life up until just over a year ago when I wandered into a small town. An elven mage named Amethyst took me on as her apprentice, and-

Student #3: Excuse me for interrupting, but did you say you are the apprentice of Amethyst Moondew?!

Zed: Yep.

Student #3: Isn’t she your former associate, Master Stormshroud?

Alek: Indeed, and she is still one of my oldest and dearest friends.

Student #3: Then you must be quite the spellcaster by now, Zed.

Zed: Well…I’m still mastering the basics. I’m good at cantrips, but…

Student #2: (mocking tone) What’s your favourite spell?

Zed: Prestidigitation.

Student #1: Well, we’d expect nothing less from a lowly cantripper!

The two bullies laugh loudly. Alek becomes angry.

Alek: That is it! Both of you, to the headmaster’s office!

Student #2: It was worth it.

The two students head to the door. The first one turns back and looks at Zed.

Student #1: I’ll be seeing you later, cantripper!

Alek: Out!

The students leave the classroom, closing the door behind them.

Alek: Right, now we may proceed with the lesson. Zed, if you have any questions, Kendall here-

Alek gestures to the wolfborn.

Alek: -will be able to assist you.

Student #3: I would be willing to assist also, Master Stormshroud.

Alek: Of course, Laura. I’m sure Zed will appreciate the aid.

Zed: Thank you.

Alek: Now, if you open your books to chapter three, page ten, we can continue our study on summoning phantasms…

Scene 8: Campus Grounds: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Zed, Kendall and Laura sit on a bench underneath a tree.

Zed: …and then my hair turned blue!

Laura laughs.

Laura: That must have been quite a shock for the store owner!

Zed: Mr. Newt? He was really startled! But at least then I knew I had some kind of arcane talent.

Kendall: Well, Laura and I are from a family which is devoted to the arcane arts.

Zed: You two are related?

Laura: Well…in a way, yes. We are siblings.

Zed: Really? But…you’re a human and Kendall’s a wolfborn!

Kendall: Allow me to explain. We share the same mother, but our fathers are different. My father was a werewolf, and Laura’s is human.

Zed: Oh, okay then…

Kendall: I still have fond memories of my father. He would always stand up for me when other children teased me about my lupine features. I remember we would go camping every summer, and on the night of the full moon we would sit on the cape and howl for hours. If anybody had lived there it would have driven them mad!

Zed: He sounds wonderful.

Kendall: He was…until one night, when he simply vanished.

Zed: Oh…

Kendall: We were told by the town guards that there was no trace of him, and that he may as well have been dead. I was distraught for months. Eventually my mother remarried. At first I was unsure, but eventually I grew to love my new father. Laura’s arrival helped solidify my bond with him.

Laura: We are a very tight-knit family. The losses we’ve suffered have only brought us closer together.

Zed: I wish I could tell you about my family, but I can’t even remember my own name.

Laura: Oh, I’m sure you will remember eventually, Zed.

Zed: Maybe. Still, my new adventuring companions are like my surrogate family.

Kendall: That’s the spirit, Zed! Now, how about we proceed to the dining hall for some lunch?

Zed: Definitely!

The trio begin to head for the dining hall.

Zed’s thoughts: I need to try and figure out Laura…there’s definitely something about her...

Scene 9: Inside Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Zed, Laura and Kendall proceed towards the dining hall. Zed notices a glow coming from down a hallway.

Zed: What’s that?

Kendall: I know not. We must be cautious.

Zed and Kendall begin to proceed down the hallway. Kendall turns back to face Laura.

Kendall: Are you coming?

Laura: Actually, Kenny, I’ll stay here. I’ll leave the investigating to the master apprentices.

Kendall: Very well.

Laura’s thoughts: Why am I so interested in Zed’s hand…?

Zed and Kendall turn left into another hallway. They see a swath of destruction: paintings crooked, carpeting in shreds and furniture splintered and broken. Deep claw marks line the wooden walls.

Zed: What could have done this?

An eerie roar bellows from around the corner, and a gigantic, ghostly-blue monster emerges from the right-hand hallway staring straight towards Zed and Kendall. Zed begins to panic.

Kendall: What IS that thing?!

Zed: You mean you don’t know?

Kendall: I’ve never seen a creature like it!

The creature runs towards the two of them. Zed and Kendall cry out loud. Zed’s crystal lets out a bright blue glow which surrounds them both, scaring away the monster.

Zed: That was close…

Kendall: How did you do that?!

Zed: Huh? Oh, my crystal must have protected us.

Zed reaches into his shirt, pulling out the crystal and showing it to Kendall.

Kendall: Well, that is quite the artefact. It is lucky you possess it.

Zed: Yep. So…should we tell somebody about that creature?

Kendall: Yes. We should tell the headmaster.

Scene 10: Headmaster’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

The old man from earlier sits in a big, brown leather chair, its sides adorned with finely-sculpted golden dragons. He takes a sip from a teacup, then rests it in a saucer which he places on his desk. A knock sounds through the door.

Headmaster: Enter.

The heavy wooden door opens with a loud groan, and Zed and Kendall enter.

Kendall: Headmaster Stormshroud?

Headmaster: Ah, Kendall, please enter. Do sit down and help yourself to a biscuit.

Kendall: Thank you kindly, but unfortunately I am unable to eat chocolate.

Kendall and Zed sit on seats facing the headmaster. The headmaster stares at Zed’s right hand for a moment, before snapping back to reality.

Headmaster: Now, what may I do for you gentlemen?

Kendall: We’d like to report a sighting of a monster within the campus walls.

Headmaster: Oh no…the dragon hasn’t escaped from his enclosure again, has he?

A look of horror spreads across Zed’s face.

Kendall: Oh no, nothing like that.

Headmaster: Frightful creature. Off his rocker, don’t you know? He was part of the janitorial staff until he snapped. Now he spends his days cooped up in his cage hollering off swears like they’re going out of fashion.

Kendall: It’s a blue phantasm.

Headmaster: A blue phantasm?

Kendall: Yes, resembling an arbour beast, only much more fearsome. It has destroyed the hall under the main stairs.

Headmaster: Well, we will look into this matter right away. In the meantime, why not head to the dining hall for a spot of lunch? It’s Stew Tuesday today. A nice bit of braised drake with fresh vegetables…delicious!

Kendall: Thank you, Headmaster.

Zed and Kendall leave the office, closing the door behind them.

Zed: I think I like drake stew...

Kendall: That is good. This school has the best drake stew in the-

Kendall’s ears suddenly stand up.

Kendall: Oh! There’s Laura!

Zed: Where? I don’t see-

Kendall: Downstairs just under our feet.

Zed: How did you know that?

Kendall: Wolfborn have an acute sense of hearing.

Zed: Oh. Nice!

Kendall heads down the hallway, with a bemused Zed following closely behind.

Zed’s thoughts: Okay, why can I suddenly feel her presence…?

Scene 11: Alek’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Evening

Amethyst and Alek sit on a couch in Alek’s office, reminiscing about their respective times serving as apprentices to their mage master, Mr. Newt.

Amethyst: …and then he singed his eyebrows!

Alek: Oh, that sure sounds like him!

Amethyst: They took years to grow back. There were still bald patches by the time I completed my apprenticeship!

Alek: I noticed them when he first accepted me as his new apprentice. He gave me a quizzical expression which seemed to read, “Why on Junihoshi are you staring at me like that, boy?”

Amethyst: And what happened next?

Alek: He asked me, “Why on Junihoshi are you staring at me like that, boy?”

The two friends laugh.

Amethyst: Oh, he was a quirky individual, wasn’t he?

Alek wipes a tear from his eye with a gloved finger.

Alek: Which only added to his charm.

Amethyst: Indeed.

Amethyst and Alek make eye contact.

Amethyst: It is so good to catch up with you again, Alekzander.

Alek: And you as well, old friend.

Three city guards burst into the office.

Guard #1: Alekzander Stormshroud?

Alek: Yes?

The other two guards approach Alek.

Guard #1: You are under arrest for extensive damages to Stormshroud Academy by way of a conjured illusory beast.

The guards grab Alek’s hands and bind them together with handcuffs.

Alek: May I ask why you believe this to be so?

Guard #2: Two students reported the destruction to Headmaster Eugolelias Stormshroud, who also claimed to have seen a bright blue illusion being controlled by an individual matching your description.

Alek: But…I did no such atrocity!

Guard #3: Come on, you can plead your case back at the precinct.

The guards pull Alek from the room.

Alek: Amethyst! Find Kendall and let him know what has happened!

The guards close the doors. Amethyst stands staring at them in a state of mild shock.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

January 26th 2017, 9:44 pm
Episode 4: The Shrouding Storm
Alek has been drummed out of Stormshroud Academy, and Kendall and Zed are determined to find the true culprit. But how will they react when they learn that the mastermind behind the framing of Master Stormshroud…is Master Stormshroud?

New Character

Alek – Stripped of his title and kicked out of the academy, Alek returns to make trouble. But Amethyst senses something wrong with her dear friend. Will the truth be revealed?

“You two are to serve my will. Now, obey!”
Scene 1: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Night

Amethyst sits in her room, trancing. A knock sounds through the door, and Amethyst awakens.

Amethyst: Please enter.

The door opens and Alek walks in. Amethyst gasps, an expression of surprise on her face.

Amethyst: Alekzander!

Alek: Pardon the intrusion. Were you trancing?

Amethyst: I was, but it was not the most restful trance.

Amethyst looks at Alek.

Amethyst: Explain what happened, if you please.

Alek: Well, the guards charged me with mindless vandalism, threw me in the slammer…

Amethyst: Yes?

Alek: …and then Kendall and Zed paid for my bail.

Amethyst: Oh, that is good news. But surely you mustn’t have caused that destruction. It isn’t in your nature.

Alek: You are correct. However…

Amethyst: Yes?

Alek: Several eyewitnesses reported seeing me conjure an illusory beast. Zed and Kendall claimed that they encountered such a beast in the hallway beneath the main stairs.

Amethyst: Then we must find the true culprit.

Alek: Amethyst…I’ve…I’ve been dismissed from the academy.

Amethyst: What?! But…you are innocent!

Alek: Indeed. That is why it is up to you, and Kendall and Zed, to find the true culprit.

The door bursts open.

Kendall: You can count on us!

Alek: Kendall?! How long have the two of you been standing there?!

Kendall: Not long, master! Ready to be a detective, Zed?

Zed: Yeah! We’ll be just like Clayton!

Kendall: Who?

Zed shrugs.

Zed: I dunno. It just popped into my head.

Kendall: I see…

Alek: I am counting on you. Together, you should be able to find out who did this.

Amethyst: We will not let you down.

Zed’s thoughts: Really? Clayton? I need to control my quirkiness a little better…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: A Lush Paradise: Late Morning

Brocc lies on a deckchair on a tropical beach, sipping a fruity beverage.

Brocc: Ah! This is the life. Who’da thunk that I, Brocc Verdann Farshot, would propel to super-stardom as the greatest singer in the world? I have my own private hotel in Euroria, for crying out loud!

The picture zooms out to show a ridiculously-massive hotel in the background behind Brocc, with a green neon sign reading “Brocc Hotel”.

Brocc: Where’s that hot towel I ordered?

Voice: Hot towel for you, sir?

Brocc turns to face Mak dressed in nothing but underwear, cufflinks and a bowtie, a towel draped over his arm.

Brocc: Thank you, butle-WHOA! For the love of Gnomsland my homeland, put some clothes on or something!

A gigantic wave splashes over Brocc.

Brocc: GAH! I’m soaked! This outfit cost me 500 gold! It’s ruined!

Water splashes onto Brocc again, causing him to stir.

Brocc: Ungh…500 gold…

Voice: Oh, thank goodness! I thought you’d never awaken!

Brocc looks up and sees a beautiful young woman standing over him.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, I’m feeling much better, thanks to your helpful assistance.

Girl: Oh, that is good news. Please, come back to my place and I’ll give you a good breakfast.

Brocc (charismatic): Oh, rescue AND breakfast? You’re really being too generous. We should…let our emotions blossom first. But if you insist…

Girl: Oh, I do insist. My new husband is a fantastic chef.

Brocc (charismatic): Well, that is rather…uh…d-did you say “husband”?

The girl smiles.

Girl: Oh, yes. I’m sure he’d be happy to cook a meal for a poor, hungry boy such as yourself.

A blank expression quickly emerges on Brocc’s face.

Brocc: Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-

Girl: Are…you okay, young man?

Brocc: Fine! Just fine! I…just remembered I have some business to take care of!

Girl: Oh…we do have a toilet…

Brocc: That’s fine! Thank you for your help. Bye!

Brocc dashes away.

Girl: What an unusual boy. Now how will I spread word-of-mouth about the restaurant? Oh well, I’ll just give the 500 gold to charity instead.

Scene 3: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

Kendall sniffs the air in the ruined hallway.

Kendall: It’s definitely illusory…though I can hardly work out how such a creature could be manifested in a physical form.

Zed: Maybe a combination evocation-illusion spell?

Kendall turns to face Zed.

Kendall: That is brilliant! How did you come up with that?

Zed: What?

Kendall: A fusion of evocation and illusion magic could theoretically result in an illusory monster being able to cause needless destruction.

Zed: Oh.

Kendall: And whilst it is true that Master Stormshroud specialises in the school of illusion, he has trouble performing evocations. Therefore, it narrows down to two possibilities: either Master Stormshroud has been lying for years, and can in fact combine both schools into a single powerful form of magic, or…

Laura runs up to the two “detectives”.

Laura: There you are! Zed, there is a matter of-

Kendall (raised voice): MASTER STORMSHROUD WAS FRAMED!

An elderly woman walks down the hallway.

Woman: Shh!

Kendall: My apologies, ma’am.

Zed: Isn’t that the librarian?

Kendall: Indeed it is.

Zed: Huh. Now, you wanted something, Laura?

Laura: You must come with me, Zed. It is a matter of urgency.

Zed: It is?

Laura: Indeed. A bright light is emanating from your room.

Zed: A bright light? That could mean…MY EGG IS HATCHING!

The librarian walks past again.

Librarian: Shh!

Zed (soft voice): Sorry…

Laura: Wait, who’s watching the library?

The two bullies run around the library throwing books at each other.

Bully #1: Hey, Kel! Have a taste of My First Alchemy!

The bully throws a children’s book at Kel. Kel dodges it and picks up another book.

Kel: Oh yeah, Ned? Why not try Cantrips for Beginners?

Kel throws the book at Ned. Ned fires a magic missile at it, destroying it.

Ned: Haha! Take THAT, cantrips!


Ned and Kel sheepishly walk over to Alek.

Ned: We’re sorry, Master Stormshroud.

Kel: It won’t happen again.

Alek: You’re absolutely right about that! Now come with me.

Ned: But-

Alek’s eyes glow bright blue.

Alek (angry tone): Now!

Kendall: I’m sure it’s fine.

Laura: Zed! We must hurry.

Zed: Agreed!

Scene 4: Zed’s Dormitory: Stormshroud Academy: Late Morning

The egg rests on a table, glowing brightly. Zed walks in and runs over to it.

Zed: My egg!

Laura: What is happening?!

Zed: I have no idea!

Laura: Should we get an instructor to help?

Zed: It won’t work. Alek’s the only one who can help, and he’s not here at the moment.

Zed’s irises begin to glow with a soft, cyan light. Zed slowly moves his hand towards the egg.

Laura: Z-Zed? What are you…what are you doing?

Zed does not respond. As his hand approaches the egg, his crystal begins to glow brightly. Laura watches as Zed’s hand touches the egg, causing a column of light to erupt from it. Zed pulls his hand away, and the shell shatters, sending lumps of silver scattering across the table. The light from the egg dissipates, revealing a tiny, silver nanodragon coiled up on the table. The nanodragon lifts its head, opens its wings and stands to face Zed.

Laura: This is astonishing! I’ve never witnessed such an event!

Nanodragon (telepathy): What name do you choose for me?

Zed speaks the name of his choice, his voice echoed and distorted in an almost-otherworldly tone.

Zed (distorted voice): Argen!

Zed’s irises and crystal return to normal. A puzzled look appears on Zed’s face.

Zed: What happened? I must’ve zoned out or something.

Laura: Your egg…it…

Zed: My egg hatched? Sweet!

Argen: I am your familiar, Argen. We are now as one, Zed.

Zed: Hi, Argen!

Laura: Not once have I witnessed a nanodragon familiar being born…until now.

Zed: I’m just upset that I missed it…and yet, I don’t really think I did.

Argen: Never mind. There’s probably loads of things for us to see in future.

Zed: Yep.

Kendall runs into the room.

Kendall: Laura! Zed! And…uh…

Zed: This is Argen.

Argen: Hi!

Kendall: Greetings. Uh…oh! Yes! You must hurry!

Laura: For what reason?

Kendall: It’s Ned and Kel! They are…please, just come!

Zed: Ned and Kel?

Laura: The two individuals who insulted you in class yesterday.

Zed: Really? They insulted me?

Laura: They called you…well… “Cantripper”. I’m so sorry!

Zed: That’s an insult? I just thought they were making a joke.

A quizzical look appears on Kendall and Laura’s faces. Kendall shrugs it off.

Kendall: Look, please, just hurry!

Kendall’s wolf features become more prominent. He howls as he races out the door.

Laura: Wait for us!

Laura begins to run to the door. Argen flies up to Zed’s right shoulder.

Zed: How were your first two minutes of life?

Argen: Awesome! It’s like an adventure or something!

Zed: Get used to it. I think this is your life now, buddy.

Argen: Sweet!

Zed and Argen race out the door, forgetting to close it behind them. The mysterious figure from before slips into the room from the opposite side of the hallway. She has bright pink hair tied into ponytails, bluish eyes, and somewhat revealing pink shugenja attire. She checks around the room, picking up a piece of eggshell. She examines it closely, then puts it into a pouch at her waist.

Girl: Perfect.

The girl sneaks back out of the room, disappearing down the same direction of the hallway.

Commercial: Parker’s Polearms is the best place in town to buy your equipment! We have swords, axes, lances, bows…any weapon an adventurer could ever want! We also have the largest selection of armour outside of Silveria City, so why shop anywhere else? Parker’s Polearms, located two doors down from The Budding Alchemist.

Scene 5: Headmaster’s Office: Stormshroud Academy: Early Afternoon

Headmaster Stormshroud sits in his chair, reading a heavy book. The doors suddenly burst open, revealing Ned and Kel.

Headmaster: What in the world are you two doing?!

Ned and Kel’s eyes flash bright blue once. The two students walk over to Headmaster Stormshroud and hold him down by the shoulders.

Headmaster: Unhand me at once!

Alek’s Voice: Oh, I think we can arrange that.

Alek walks into the office and approaches the desk.

Headmaster: Alekzander! I thought I dismissed you!

Alek: Oh, you did, and I’m wallowing in my own self-pity at The Arbour Beast tavern.

Headmaster: What nonsense are you babbling?

Alek: Nonsense?

Headmaster: Indeed! How can you be in a tavern if you are standing right here?

Alek: You honestly fail to recognize me?

Headmaster Stormshroud’s eyes widen.

Headmaster: No! No, it cannot be! It simply cannot be!

Alek: And yet, it is. Now, we shall begin…

Zed, Laura and Kendall head towards Headmaster Stormshroud’s office. They hear him cry out and race inside. Alek has his arm outstretched, his hand glowing with blue energy and aimed at Headmaster Stormshroud, who is suspended in mid-air. Ned and Kel stand nearby, their faces lacking in expression. Kendall snarls at Alek.

Kendall: Master? What are you doing?!

Alek loses concentration, dropping Headmaster Stormshroud. Time seems to slow down as Laura throws a feather into the air.

Laura: “Pyxel, spirit of the Fae, answer my request: Feather Fall!”

Time seems to return to normal as Laura points her wand at Headmaster Stormshroud, who gently floats to the ground.

Headmaster: Oh, dear me!

Alek slowly turns to face Kendall.

Alek: Ah, Kendall. Kendall, Kendall, Kendall…whatever am I to do with you?

Kendall: It WAS you! YOU caused all this!

Alek: Of course I did!

Laura: But…why?

Alek: Does there need to be a reason?

Everybody stares at Alek.

Alek: Oh, fine. I’ll explain. I simply wanted to rule the academy.

Headmaster: You’ll pay for this, L-

Alek turns to face Headmaster Stormshroud.

Alek: “Silence!”

Headmaster Stormshroud loses the ability to speak.

Alek: Now, where were we? Ah, yes. I’ve been coveting the top spot for a very long time. Longer than anybody can imagine. Longer than any of you have been alive.

Kendall: But Zed and I are only a few years younger than you.

Alek: Then I’ve been coveting it since I was a baby!

Alek looks at Laura.

Alek: You appear to be fading away, and soon you’ll be less than a passing memory!

Laura: What?!

Kendall: Hey, leave my sister alone!

Alek: You defy your master, puppy?

Kendall: I don’t care who you are! Nobody insults my family nor I!

Alek: And yet here I am.

Alek looks at Zed.

Alek: Oh…

Alek continues to stare at Zed.

Alek: Yes…I sense much potential in you. You, who are not what you claim to be. You swing to and fro…going from here to there…flowing as the fastest stream, yet solid as frigid ice, and deeper than the saltiest ocean. You have the potential to do great things. As my apprentice, I can make that happen. What say you, Zed?

Zed: Uh…but I already have an instructor.

Alek: So be it. As for the rest of you…

Alek holds his hand in the air, enveloping Kendall and Laura in a blue light. Their eyes flash once, and their expressions disappear.

Alek: You will now serve my purpose. Now, capture the cantripper for me, won’t you?

Thralls: Catch the cantripper…

Zed: What?!

The enthralled mages slowly walk over to Zed.

Thralls (repeated): Catch the cantripper…catch the cantripper…

Zed pulls out his wand.

Zed: “Sleep!”

Alek: “Dispel!”

Zed’s spell fizzles out.

Zed: Forget this!

Zed runs out of the room, heading for Amethyst’s quarters, followed by Alek and the thralls…except Laura, who snaps out of Alek’s control.

Laura: Wait…the spell didn’t work on me?

Laura’s eyes briefly glow with white light.

Laura: Oh! I must warn Master Stormshroud!

Laura leaves the room and runs down a different hallway.

Scene 6: Temple of Marilina: Early Afternoon

Brocc stumbles into the temple, gasping for air.

Brocc: I…think I…lost…those…dogs…

Priestess: Oh, welcome to the Temple of Marilina. May I offer you our services?

Brocc: Oh…I don’t…I don’t think…you can…help…I…revere…Sbenmor…Glinkle…gom…

Priestess: Oh, nonsense! The Temple of Marilina welcomes all. Now, come with me.

Emily: Oh, Brocc! Whatever happened to you?

Brocc: Bad song…thugs…dogs…drakes…five…hundred…gold…

Emily: I will take him off your hands, if you please.

Priestess: Of course, sister. By all means.

Emily and the priestess bow to each other. The priestess calmly walks away. Emily turns back to Brocc.

Emily: Now, let’s get you healed, and you can tell me all about your city-wide escapades.

Bryn pokes his head around the corner.

Bryn: Uh…Ems?

Emily: Yes, Bryn?

Bryn: The big guy wants to see you.

Emily: Okay, I will be there shortly.

Bryn: No prob.

Bryn disappears back around the corner.

Emily: I will have to hear your tale later, Brocc.

Emily bows and walks away.

Brocc: But…you didn’t…heal me yet…

Priest: Oh, my word! You poor young boy! Please, come with me at once!

Brocc: I’m…not young…I’m…a…a…

Priest: Now, now, don’t be shy. I will heal your wounds.

The priest ushers Brocc away from his spot.

Brocc: But…but…

Scene 7: The Arbour Beast Tavern: Mid Afternoon

Alek sits in a chair in the tavern, drinking a mug of water. Two men at a nearby table talk amongst themselves.

Man #1: Did you hear? Stormshroud Academy’s been attacked by an evil spellcaster!

Man #2: Oh well, it was bound to happen sometime.

Alek groans.

Man #1: Apparently, he had a bronze dragon with him. I’m surprised it didn’t just destroy the school!

Man #2: No, no, no…it was a bronze nanodragon! It was tiny enough to perch on his left shoulder.

Alek: A bronze nanodragon? No…it can’t be…

Man #1: Funny to think, innit? A dragon on a human’s shoulder.

The man looks at Alek, noticing the blue nanodragon perched on his right shoulder.

Man #1: Oh, just like his!

Laura runs into the tavern and looks around. She spots Alek and runs towards him.

Man #1: Wait…is that a student from that school?!

Laura runs up to Alek.

Laura: Master Stormshroud! Zed is being attacked by an imposter of you!

Alek: How did you-

Laura: No time to explain! We must go now!

Alek swallows the last mouthful and stands up. He turns to face the two men.

Alek: Sorry, I’d love to stay and chat, but I have a school to save.

Alek and Laura run swiftly out of the tavern. The two men turn to face each other again.

Man #2: Far as I’m concerned, the education system today’s beyond saving. All this newfangled learning and all that.

Man #1: Agreed.

The two men grunt and nod once, before taking a mouthful from their mugs.

Scene 8: Amethyst’s Quarters: Stormshroud Academy: Mid Afternoon

Amethyst sits in a chair reading a book. A frantic knock sounds through the door.

Amethyst: Oh, please enter!

The door suddenly swings open and Zed races inside, closing and locking the door behind him.

Amethyst: Oh, Zed! Is something the matter?

Zed: Alek’s gone berserk! He’s turned the others into thralls! And now he’s coming after me! And he was saying weird stuff about me, too, like I have potential to do…something, and-

Amethyst: Calm down, Zed!

Zed calms down and takes a deep breath, then exhales.

Amethyst: Now, please calmly tell me what has happened.

Zed: Well-

The door suddenly bursts open, revealing Kendall, Ned and Kel.

Thralls (continuous): Catch the cantripper…

The thralls approach Zed. Zed starts to panic again.

Alek’s Voice: That’s enough. Well done, you caught the cantripper!

Alek walks into the room.

Alek: Have you had time to consider my offer, Zed?

Amethyst: Who are you?!

Alek: Why, it’s me, Amethyst, your beloved friend Alek.

Amethyst: You are not Alek! You are an imposter!

Alek: Of course I’m Alek. Remember all the adventures we shared?

Amethyst: I know my friend, and he would never perform such an atrocious act!

“Alek” slowly shifts to a stern emotion.

“Alek”: So you’ve figured it all out, have you?

Amethyst: Who are you?

“Alek” begins to pace back and forth.

“Alek”: You know that many things have an opposite, two sides to every coin if you will.

Amethyst: Of course, it is one of the guiding principles of the spellcaster.

“Alek” turns his head to look at Amethyst as he continues to pace.

“Alek”: Well, I am Alek’s opposite. His “evil twin”, if you wish to use that awful cliché.

Amethyst: I had no idea that Alekzander had a brother.

“Alek”: Well, now you do. Aren’t you lucky, dear Amethyst?

“Alek” stops pacing and stands facing Amethyst, carefully examining her.

“Alek”: Ah, it seems that Alek is not the only one to have kept a secret. It seems that you are hiding a very big secret, Amethyst…if that even is your real name!

Amethyst: Of course it is my real name!

“Alek”: Then tell us, what are you hiding?

Amethyst: I have nothing to divulge to you.

“Alek”: So you are hiding something, then? Go on, tell me. I won’t tell anybody, I swear.

Alek’s voice: Leave her alone, brother!

A smile spreads across the imposter’s face.

Imposter: Ah, brother! At last you have graced us with your presence!

The imposter spins to face Alek and Laura.

Imposter: Alekzander. Always a pleasure to see your face.

Alek: Hello, Lillian.

Lillian (childish tone): Shut up! Don’t tell them my real name!

Lillian looks at Laura.

Lillian: The spell didn’t work on you…?!

Laura: I guess you’re not as powerful as you thought!

Lillian: This coming from the prissy little hedge mage daughter of Jules Goldenclaugh?

Laura’s eyes begin to glow with white light.

Laura: You leave my father out of this!

Lillian: Oh dear, whatever am I going to do? The wimpy witch of Silvertooth Town is going to beautify me with her pixie magic!

Alek: Leave her alone, Lillian!

Lillian: Oh, I will! She’ll soon be long gone anyway! Don’t think I don’t know what she is becoming, Alek!

Zed’s thoughts: Metalin…why is that familiar…?

Alek crosses his arms.

Alek: Why did you do it, brother?

Lillian: Isn’t it obvious? You always got the royal treatment! You were offered a position as illusion master, a title I should have received! YOU STOLE MY POSITION IN THE ACADEMY!

Alek: You could have been master of evocation.

Lillian: Of course I could have, if evocation was my strong suit! But like you, illusion is my strongest class. We both wanted that position. After all, we’re the same in that regard, aren’t we…brother?

Alek sighs.

Alek: We were once so alike, you and I. Our skills in illusion were so alike that we often pretended to be each other. But we became unique individuals, and we are now so very different that it’s easy to tell us apart.

Lillian: Nonetheless, I will conquer this school, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Alek sighs again, and holds up his hand.

Lillian: What are you doing?

Alek: Forgive me, brother…

Alek’s hand and eyes glow, and Lillian snaps into a trance. The enthralled students snap out of their state.

Kendall: Ungh…what happened?

Alek: My brother tried to conquer the school and make you his thralls. I placed him in a trance until he is dealt with by the authorities.

The headmaster runs into the room.

Headmaster: Amethyst! I-

The headmaster looks at everybody.

Headmaster: Oh. So…

Alek: Indeed, it is all over.

Headmaster: Very well, then.

Zed looks at Laura. Laura looks back at Zed.

Zed’s thoughts: I hope Laura will be okay…

Laura’s thoughts: I just know Zed will be fine...

Scene 9: En Route to the Eastern Gate: Silveria City: Early Morning

The team heads through the city on their way to the next adventure.

Mak: So this…Lillian guy is Alek’s evil twin brother?

Amethyst: Indeed.

Bryn: Hahahaha! “Lillian!”

Amethyst: He also tried to sway Zed over to his cause.

Thobrun: It didn’t tempt ye, lad?

Zed: Of course not. No way would I serve a creep like him!

Amethyst: Fortunately, he is safely locked inside a magic-proof cell. There is no way he can escape.

A guard sleeps outside a cell, a ring of keys at his waist. A tiny bronze nanodragon sneaks over to the keys and carefully snatches them, taking them back to the cell. It drops the keys into Lillian’s open hand.

Lillian: Thank you, incompetent guard, for this wonderful gift.

A cruel smile spreads across Lillian’s face.

Thobrun: That’s a relief. So I’ve been meaning to ask ye, lad. What’s with the dragon on yer shoulder?

Zed: Oh, Argen?

Argen: I’m Zed’s familiar. Nice to meet you all.

Bryn: He…has your accent. That’s…weird.

Amethyst: Actually, it is common for intelligent familiars to take on aspects of their master’s traits.

Bryn: You mean that streak of green fur on the cat’s back isn’t fungus?

Brocc: HEY! Tabby has a luscious coat! Her fur is an extension of my own…hair.

Bryn: Keep telling yourself that, Brocc.

The group laughs.

Zed’s thoughts: Laura Goldenclaugh…do I…have a crush on her?!

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The pink-haired girl approaches the throne of the mysterious woman. She holds out her hand, revealing the piece of silver eggshell she collected earlier.

Girl: Mistress, I have brought you a gift.

Woman: You have done well, Kara. Now, you may prepare for your journey.

Girl: It is my honour to serve you, Mistress.

End Credits


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January 30th 2017, 12:44 am
Episode 5: The Aquatic Horse
The Crystalbound are confronted by two individuals who wish to take them to their “mistress”. After a short confrontation, the party is assisted by Erik, a fellow adventurer, and his companions. The two groups agree to journey together to the next town, but the only way there is through a dangerous cave. Zed is both excited and terrified to visit his first dungeon, but Mak and Bryn suspect the expedition to be a trap. What exactly is Erik’s party hiding?

New Characters

Erik Woodhollow
– An adventuring spellsword, Erik takes an interest in the Crystalbound, offering to lead them through the Giant Muddvak’s Cave, but is he hiding something?

Hop, Skip and Jump – Erik’s companions are a little bit odd, that much is clear, but what is their true purpose?

Trent and Kara – These two individuals repeatedly torment the Crystalbound, trying to capture them and take them to their “Mistress”. Will they succeed?

“We’re going into a dungeon?!”
Scene 1: Campsite: Pre-Dawn

Zed tosses and turns on his multi-layered bedroll inside his tent. We hear a woman crying out in the background.

Voice: Zed!

Zed suddenly opens his eyes.

Zed: Laura!

Zed sits up, rubbing his eyes and groaning.

Zed: Ngh…what time is it?

Zed exits his tent wearing his shirt, pants and boots. Mak sits on a fallen log next to the fire, poking it with a stick. He turns his head in Zed’s direction.

Mak: You’re up early.

Zed: I keep having those dreams.

Mak: The white dragon again?

Zed: Nope. This one had a friend from Stormshroud Academy in it, but it was puzzling, to say the least...

Mak: I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

Zed: I hope so.

Zed sits to Mak’s left and notices black smudge marks on him. He holds his hand towards the orcborn, which glows with cyan light. The smudge marks, as well as the sweat on Mak’s brow, disappear.

Mak: You gotta teach me how to do that.

Zed: That or how to make the perfect sandwich?

Mak: Okay, your sandwiches are good. I think I’ll stick with my gut.

Zed: Done.

Amethyst emerges from her tent.

Amethyst: My spells are prepared for the day.

Zed: Oh, I knew I forgot something! Be right back!

Zed enters his tent. Amethyst sits to Mak’s right and looks at the sky in front of them. The horizon is lined with pink.

Amethyst: The sun will rise soon.

Mak: I’ll start preparing breakfast then.

A silhouette of a large bear watches the campsite through the trees.

Amethyst: What will we be eating for breakfast, Master Chef Makkmak?

Mak: I was thinking trail ration surprise. The surprise is those eggs I found back in Silveria City.

Amethyst: That sounds positively delectable.

The bear’s eyes glow bright green, before it turns and disappears back into the woods, stepping on a twig as it does so. Amethyst is alerted to the noise and turns to face behind her.

Amethyst: Did you hear that?

Mak: Hear what?

Amethyst: I am certain I heard a noise.

Mak: It was probably a badger or something.

Amethyst: I am sure you are right.

Zed’s Voice: Um, Amethyst?

Amethyst: Yes, Zed?

Zed’s Voice: I’m having trouble choosing between feather fall and expeditious retreat. Which do you suggest?

Amethyst: For today, I suggest expeditious retreat.

Argen’s Voice: And Mak?

Mak: Yes, Little Guy?

Argen: Which sandwich filling do you suggest? Chicken or duck?

Mak: Uh…I have no idea.

Argen: Good, cause we have neither chicken nor duck. Also bread.

Mak: That’s fine, we can buy supplies in the next town. Then you can have all the sandwiches you want.

Argen: I don’t eat food. Zed eats food which, in turn, nourishes me. It’s kinda like I’m an extra appendage, except I’m more like a soulbound companion and not an extra appendage.

Mak: That’s great.

Mak turns to face Amethyst.

Mak: Kids.

Scene 2: Woodland: Pre-Dawn

The bear walks up to Trenton and Kara. It roars loudly.

Trenton: My animal companion has located the Crystalbound.

Kara: Excellent. Soon, our Mistress will have them in her court. Shall we strike now, Trent?

Trent: Not yet, Kara. First we must wait for them to begin travelling. Then, we make our move.

Kara: Very well.

The mysterious woman watches her lackeys through a mirror suspended in mid-air in front of her throne.

Woman: Yes, that’s right. Bide your time, and then strike. Soon, Amethyst, Mak and all their little friends will be mine. After all these years, I, the Sorceress of Winter, will at last have my revenge.

Opening Credits


Scene 3: En Route to the Next Town: Morning

The party walks along a path through an open woodland. Zed notices a group of five creatures nearby. They have large, rotund bodies covered in short brown fur, three blunt ridges running across their back, four short, stubby limbs with no toes or claws, a gigantic, bulbous tail and a giant mouth filled with blunt, triangular teeth. Their eyes are not clearly visible. The creatures eat plants which are on the ground.

Zed: Whoa, what are those?

Amethyst: They are muddvaks, gentle herbivores who live in woodlands and open plains.

Zed: I think they look incredible.

Amethyst: Oh, I assure you they are quite real.

The smallest muddvak notices the adventurers and runs up to them. Despite being a baby it still stands almost as tall as Bryn and Brocc.

Brocc: Aw, isn’t it cute? Hey there, little guy!

The baby muddvak makes squeaky noises. It lets out a roar which sounds more like a loud, extended squeal.

Brocc: Aw, it thinks it’s all grown up!

Emily: Baby animals are so cute.

Brocc: Oochie-woochie-woo! Oochie-woochie-boochie-coochie-

Bryn: Eh, I can take or leave it.

Emily: Bryn? How can you resist such an adorable creature?

Brocc: He hates children.

Bryn: Of course I don’t hate children! I…I just…(mumbles).

Brocc: What was that?

Bryn: I’m scared of muddvaks, alright?

Some of the party members gasp. Brocc bursts out laughing.

Brocc: Oh, that’s fantastic! Finally, after all this time I can tease YOU about YOUR fears!

Bryn: Excuse me, but I’m not the one who’s afraid of toast.

Zed: Toast?

Brocc: I explained why I’m afraid of toast.

Bryn: I believe your words were “I don’t know”.

Brocc: That’s a perfectly valid reason!

Bryn: And then there’s your fear of bubbles, your fear of moustaches, your fear of people using the word “phantasm”-

Brocc: HEY! Don’t say that word!

Bryn: Phantasm! Phantasm! Phantasm!

Thobrun: Okay, give it a rest, the two o’ ye.

Bryn: Fine…phantasm.

Brocc: He said it again! You heard him!

An adult muddvak notices the baby away from the herd and lets out a roar. The baby notices and runs back to the herd. Bryn lets out a big breath.

Bryn: Phew, that’s a relief.

Suddenly, a big bear with light brown fur and dark brown stripes runs from the trees and faces the group.

Bryn: Oh, come on!

Brocc: What’s wrong? Afraid of anything big, brown and hairy?

Bryn: Yes, as a matter of fact, I am!

Brocc: Does that include Thobrun?

Bryn: Well…

Brocc: Hahahaha! You’re afraid of Thobrun!

Thobrun: I didnae think I was scary!

Bryn: Can we please just deal with the bear?!

Trent runs from the trees and joins the bear, standing and facing the party.

Trent: At last, we have found you.

Kara lands silently behind the party, causing them to spin around.

Kara: You must come with us.

Mak: And who exactly are you?

Trent: We are servants of a great sorceress. She has requested an audience with you.

Mak: And who exactly is this sorceress?

Kara: We have been informed not to reveal her identity.

Mak: Then we must politely decline her invitation.

Trent: Oh no, you misinterpret. It is no invitation. We are to bring you to her no matter your decision.

Mak: I see. Then may we prepare for our journey?

Trent: Of course.

Mak: You heard the guy. Everybody prepare.

The party draws their weapons and implements.

Trent: You threaten us?

Mak: I believe you’re the ones who made the initial threat.

Trent: I have no desire to harm any of you, but if it is a fight you wish, then it is a fight you shall have.

Trent makes a grunting sound. The bear runs up to Mak and swats him with his paw, knocking him to the ground.

Mak: You just made a big mistake, pal!

Mak leaps to his feet and runs towards Trent, his sword ready to be swung. Whilst Mak is focused on Trent, Kara runs over to Emily and trips her up, causing Mak to become distracted.

Mak: Ems! Are you alright?!

Amethyst: Watch out, Mak!

Mak: Huh?

Trent points his staff at Mak, and a wave of green energy releases from it and engulfs Mak, inflicting pain and causing him to drop his sword.


Kara stands over Emily, pinning her to the ground with her foot.

Kara: I thought you would be more of a challenge than this.

Emily: My role is more supportive, but that doesn’t mean I am entirely without defenses!

Emily holds up her hand, releasing a beam of bright light which washes over Kara, sending her stumbling backwards.

Kara: So bright!

Emily stands up and faces Kara. Mak, meanwhile, stands facing Trent, panting heavily.

Mak: Why are you doing this? What could some random spellcaster want with us?

Trent: Unfortunately, I cannot tell you that.

Mak: Then why are you attacking us?

Kara: You drew your weapons first. We merely defended ourselves.

Mak points to Trent.

Mak: But YOU made the first strike!

Trent: You are…correct. I am a disgrace to my guild.

Trent approaches Mak and holds up his hand.

Mak: What are you doing?

Bright green light engulfs Trent’s hand. He places it onto Mak’s chest, repairing his injuries. He pulls his hand away, and the light stops glowing.

Mak: Okay, now I’m confused.

Trent: I am a druid, a priest of nature. I am able to call on Naturia’s might to assist me in battle, and to defend the bounty of nature itself. But I am also able to heal.

Mak: That’s…not why I’m confused.

Kara: We wish you no harm. All we want is to take you to our Mistress.

Amethyst: If we go with you, you assure that no harm will come to us?

Trent: You have our word.

Amethyst and Mak face each other. Mak turns to face Trent.

Mak: Very well.

Trent: Good. We leave shortly.

Thobrun speaks softly to Amethyst.

Thobrun: Are ye sure we can trust these people?

Amethyst: They are clearly not evil. Therefore, there is a chance that their Mistress is also not evil.

Thobrun: I know, but they attacked us.

Amethyst: To be fair, we were the first to draw our weapons.

Thobrun: I suppose…

Amethyst: They gave their word that no harm would befall us.

Thobrun: You don’t suppose their Mistress…

Amethyst: Of that I cannot be certain.

Thobrun: But there’s still a chance?

Amethyst pauses.

Amethyst: All will be well.

Thobrun: I certainly hope so, Amethyst.

Amethyst’s thoughts: As do I, dear Thobrun…

Scene 4: En Route to an Undisclosed Location: Late Morning

The party walks along a road through the open woodland, with Kara in front and Trent and the bear following behind. Bryn turns to look at the bear, which roars at him. A look of fear spreads across his face and he turns away.

Mak: So how far away is…wherever we’re going?

Kara: It is quite far.

Mak awaits a response.

Mak: So…it’ll take us days? Weeks?

Kara: Quite a while.

Mak: Well, you certainly get to the point, don’t you?

Trent: Kara is a woman of few words.

Mak: So maybe you could shed some light on our travel time?

Trent: Kara is most correct. It will take us some time before we reach our destination.

Mak (sarcasm): Great. Glad you could detail the trip with more words.

Trent: It is my pleasure, Makkmak.

Bryn: What’d he just call you?!

Mak: Drop it, Bryn.

Bryn: Makkmak? What kind of name is Makkmak?!

Mak (slightly elevated tone): I said drop it!

Bryn: Fine then!

Just then, four round objects fling from the trees, landing on the ground surrounding the party.

Mak: What the…?

Bryn: Oh no…

The objects burst open, releasing a thick mist into the air which engulfs the party. One by one, the party members pass out and collapse to the ground. As the mist dissipates, four individuals dressed in differently-coloured robes and breathers emerge from the trees and face the party. The dark-robed one speaks.

Dark Robed Guy: Ah, so we have found them at last. Let us get them to safety.

Green Robed Guy: What about the other three?

Dark Robed Guy: Eh, just leave them there. They are of no use to us.

The dark-robed guy looks into the sky in a mysterious pose, sunlight glinting on his breather’s black lens.

Commercial: The Silveria Nature Trail is the ultimate outdoor activity. Marvel at the wildlife, including the largest population of muddvaks in the country. Why not stop at our picnic area and gift shop? We also boast a number of campsites for all you intrepid adventurers. Isn’t it time for an outdoor excursion? The Silveria Nature Trail.

Scene 5: Campsite: Late Night

Zed stirs and opens his eyes. The dark robed guy stands over him, breathing heavily through his breather.

Zed (groggy): Mummy…?

Dark Robed Guy: Relax, my friend. The mist should completely wear off…now.

Zed rubs his eyes.

Dark Robed Guy: Oopsie! Maybe I overdid it a little. Still, I am confident that it should wear-

Zed suddenly regains his senses. A look of surprise appears on his face.

Zed: Did you kidnap me?!

Dark Robed Guy: What? No! I saved you!

Zed sits up, swings his legs to the side of his bedroll and stands to his feet.

Zed: Wait…so those two people who were taking us somewhere were actually-

Dark Robed Guy (dramatic): -leading you to your doom.

Zed: Ooookay then.

Dark Robed Guy: Those two serve a dangerous sorceress who suddenly took over an area in the northeast seemingly overnight. She is quite evil. Once, I heard she froze an entire flock of birds solid just to hang in a room of her ice fortress as decorations.

Zed: Wow, that’s evil!

Dark Robed Guy: Indeed. And if she wants an audience with you…well, let’s just say results may vary, and it will NOT be pleasant.

Zed: So how do you know all this?

Dark Robed Guy: I hail from a town near that area. Her servants – those two – often come there for supplies.

Zed: So…you’re not a robot?

Dark Robed Guy: What on Junihoshi is a “robot”?

Zed: An artificial life-form. It popped into my head the moment I looked at you.

Dark Robed Guy: You were still recovering from the mist at the time. Strange thoughts often cross the minds of the semi-conscious, after all. For one thing, you called me “Mummy”.

Zed: Then you’re something else?

The dark robed guy removes his cape and breather, revealing him to be a round-eared human.

Zed: Oh, you’re a human.

Guy: Yes. Herikios Hippocamp Woodhollow. My friends call me “Erik”.

Zed: My friends call me “Zed”, partly because I can’t remember my own name.

Erik: Well Zed…

Erik kneels and bows his head to Zed.

Erik (dramatic): It is an honour to have found you at last.

Zed: Uh…

Erik: If there is anything I may do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Zed: Well, I’d like to know what time it is.

Erik stands to his feet.

Erik: It is late night.

Zed: But…it was just morning!

Erik: As I said, I may have used a teensy bit too much mist. You have slept for many hours.

Zed: And yet not a single dream…

Erik: It will be dawn in a few hours. I shall introduce you to my allies at that time.

Zed: Okay then.

Scene 6: Woodland: Early Morning

Trent awakens and stands to his feet. Kara is meditating nearby.

Trent: What…happened? Whoa!

Trent stumbles.

Kara: Careful. The potion must wear off.

Trent: Well…how long until-

Trent regains his senses.

Trent: Where are the Crystalbound?

Kara: Gone.

Trent: Gone?

Kara: Yes, gone.

Trent: Then we must find them.

Kara: I tried. They covered their tracks well.

Trent: Then we must try harder.

Trent’s thoughts: I underestimated them, but I let my guard slip. If we fail to find them, Mistress will freeze us and throw us in the vault.

Scene 7: Campsite: Morning

The Crystalbound stand facing Erik and the three multicoloured robed guys.

Erik: I am Erik Woodhollow, adventurer extraordinaire. These are my companions, Hop…

The red robed “guy” speaks with a soft female voice.

Hop: Greetings.

Erik: …Skip…

The green robed guy speaks with a soft, deep male voice

Skip: Hello.

Erik: …and Jump.

The blue robed guy remains silent.

Erik: He doesn’t say much. Any questions?

Mak: I have one. How do we know we can trust you?

Bryn: Yes, I would also like to know of the answer to the question of which my associate is asking about.

Erik: A very good question…with possibly one too many prepositions, but I digress. The short answer is, you shouldn’t trust me. I must first earn your trust, and that is something I intend to do.

Mak: Okay, that works for me.

Erik: Any other questions?

Zed slightly raises his hand.

Zed: Um…I have a question.

Erik: Yes, Blue, what is your question?

Zed: How come you knelt before me back in my tent?

Erik: Ah, yes, a very good question indeed. Are there any other questions? Brocc?

Brocc: I have a question. Why did you call Zed “Blue”?

Erik: Ah, another superb question. I guess you could call it a nickname of sorts.

Brocc: But how do you derive “Blue” from “Zed”?

Erik: Another good question. “Blue” refers to his favourite colour.

Brocc: But that still doesn’t make se-

Erik: Any more questions?

Thobrun: What’d ye do with the two individuals who captured us?

Erik: I left them there.

Amethyst: Couldn’t they track our whereabouts?!

Erik: Not to worry. Hop, Skip and Jump are excellent at covering tracks.

Mak: See, that just adds to our suspicions.

Erik: Not to worry, I trust them completely. After all, I reac- Uh…I mean…they won’t harm you. They’re too…what’s the word…

Emily: Pacifistic?

Erik: Exactly! They wouldn’t hurt a muddvak.

Bryn: Neither would I, but I’m no pacifist.

Brocc flaps his elbows and makes chicken noises.

Brocc (continuous): Bwok! Bwok bwok bwok!

Bryn: Keep it up if you want to taste my dagger!

Mak: Bryn! Brocc! Let the nice man talk!

Bryn and Brocc calm down.

Bryn and Brocc: Sorry…

Erik: Ahem. Anyway, today we will be journeying through the Giant Muddvak’s Cave, which is said to contain a great treasure.

Zed: We’re going into a dungeon?!

Bryn: Oh no! No, no, no! Nobody said anything about this in the Adventurers’ League!

Amethyst: But dungeons are a natural part of an adventurer’s lifestyle.

Bryn: I’m not worried about dungeons! Just…dungeons filled with muddvaks.

Brocc: Bwok-

Bryn: One more “bwok” and the hair gets it.

Brocc: EEK! Not my hair!

Erik: There are no muddvaks in the cave. There is merely a giant sculpture of a muddvak forged from gold. It must date back hundreds, or perhaps thousands, of years.

Bryn: Then it could be a snouvak, or a santvak, or even a sumpvak.

Erik: Yes, I suppose it could. Anyway, the cave also happens to be the quickest path to Platinia.

Zed: That’s another country, right?

Erik: Indeed. It also happens to contain the largest city on the continent.

Zed: Wow…that must be one huge city…

Erik: Okay, is everybody clear on our objective?

Emily: Pardon my interruption, but is Zed allowed to set foot in a dungeon?

Amethyst places her hands on her cheeks.

Amethyst: Oh dear! Zed is not registered into the Adventurer’s League!

Erik: Not to worry! I just so happen to be able to induct Zed into the league as a probationary member. As long as he remains with a fully-qualified adventurer at all times, he will not be penalised.

Mak: Can we see your credentials?

Erik: Here is my card.

Erik hands his membership ID to Mak. Mak examines the card.

Mak: Hm…yep, he’s a Class-S licensed inductor.

Erik: Indeed.

Mak hands the card back to Erik.

Erik: Now, let us leave for…ADVENTURE!

Erik performs a dramatic pose.

Bryn: Oh, brother…

Scene 8: Entrance to Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Late Morning

The combined party approaches the entrance to the cave.

Erik: Well, here we are.

Zed: Whoa…

Erik: The tunnel splits off into three paths partway into the cave. We will be able to cover more ground quickly if we split up into three groups. Group 1 will consist of Mak, Emily and Jump. Group 2 will consist of Amethyst, Bryn and Skip. Group 3 will consist of Thobrun, Brocc and Hop.

Mak: What about you and Zed?

Erik: Ah, we will take the above-ground path.

Amethyst: For what reason?

Erik: I cannot reveal at this time.

Mak: See, that just reeks of suspicion.

Erik: I assure you that no harm will befall Zed for as long as he accompanies me. You have my word.

Mak: Not good enough. You need to shake on it.

Erik: Very well.

Mak and Erik lock hands and shake gently. Mak pulls Erik up to his face.

Mak: If I hear that you hurt my buddy in any way, I’ll make sure you have a long journey through the sands of Kobelia without food or water. Is that clear?

Erik: Crystal!

Mak: Okay then.

Mak releases Erik, who stumbles backwards and regains his composure.

Erik: Well then, we will see you on the other side.

Amethyst: Stay safe, Zed.

Zed: You too.

The party enters the cave.

Bryn: Any words for us, Jump?

Skip: You must forgive Jump. His vocals do not work very well.

Bryn: Ah, he’s missing something, just like Zed.

Mak: Bryn! Zed is still standing within earshot!

Bryn: Whoops. I’ll make it up to him later.

Erik turns to face Zed.

Erik: Okay, let us go.

Zed: Right behind you.

Erik’s thoughts: Zed…I sense it…the potential within…

Erik and Zed walk left. The bear stands and watches them, before it turns and follows the path back.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Episode 6: The Three Automatons
The party, now divided, continues to traverse through the Giant Muddvak’s Cave, led by three mysterious, multicoloured individuals, but what will the party do when their guides suddenly switch to a different objective? Meanwhile, Erik leads Zed on an adventure through a wooded path above the dungeon, and it becomes apparent that the spellsword is hiding much from the young wizard. Just who is Zed Starmute?

“And the spellcaster of a different walk, with fiery red hair,
Would join as the Seventh.”
Scene 1: Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Late Morning

The combined party makes their way through the tunnel, with the robed guys leading in front. A bat screeches and flies over Brocc’s head. He screams and flails his arms.

Brocc: EEK! Bat! Bat!

Amethyst: Relax, Brocc. It is gone.

Brocc: Huh? Oh, phew. That scared the pants off me!

Mak: It’s getting a little dark in here.

Amethyst holds up her staff.

Amethyst: “Light!”

An orb of bright light appears in front of the party.

Bryn: That’s better. Now I can see what I’m looking-

Gleams of different colours catch Bryn’s eye.

Bryn: -at…are those gems embedded in the wall?

Bryn walks up to the wall.

Bryn: They are! Rubies, emeralds, sapphires, topazes…and amethysts!

Mak: You may take one of each.

Bryn: Aw, just one?

Amethyst: By my estimation, there are at least ten different types of gemstone embedded in the wall of this tunnel.

Bryn’s thoughts: Okay, Bryn, time to choose carefully…

Bryn spots a particularly large ruby. He pulls out his dagger and carefully pops it out of the wall.

Bryn: It seems to be a natural formation.

Emily: So many types of gemstone in one place…how is that possible?

Amethyst: I know not. But they are clearly separated into groups based on type and colour. My reasoning is that they formed over thousands of years entirely independent of each other.

Thobrun: Ye’re right, lass. The age of these rubies predates that of these other gemstones.

Bryn: Thobrun? Since when were you such an expert geologist?

Thobrun: Geology’s in me blood, la- uh…Bryn.

Bryn: Oh, right. Dwarf. Gotcha. Ooh, this one looks particularly meaty.

Brocc: Emeralds are my favourite.

Bryn (sarcastic): Good, then maybe Mak will let you pick one of your own.

The three robed guys talk to each other.

Hop: They find joy in shiny trinkets.

Skip: I, too, am baffled by their gem-lust.

Hop: Is now the time?

Skip: No. We should wait for the group to separate.

Hop: Understood.

Skip: Indeed.

Jump speaks with a robotic voice.

Jump: Affirmative.

Scene 2: Above Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Late Morning

Zed and Erik walk through the woodland on top of the cave.

Zed: …and then I turned my hair blue!

Erik: That must have surprised the owner of the shop!

Zed: Oh, he was hysterical!

Erik: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, you wizards.

Zed: So you’re not a wizard?

Erik: Me? No, I’m a spellsword. I cast spells through swings of my blade.

Erik stops walking and turns to face Zed, which prompts Zed to stop walking as well.

Erik: It’s funny…when I first saw you, I thought you were-

Erik pauses.

Zed: What?

Erik’s thoughts: No, now is not the time to mention it…

Erik: Never mind. It’s probably just me.

Zed: Oh.

Erik and Zed continue walking.

Erik: I cannot believe I have found you. It’s right out of the Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra.

Zed: Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra? What’s that?

Erik: It’s an age-old poem which tells the tale of the coming of the Crystalbound. I was specifically referencing the verse which mentions you:

And the spellcaster of a different walk, with fiery red hair,
Would join as the seventh.

Zed: I had no idea that I was in legend.

Erik: Indeed. And from the moment I saw you, I knew that you were the one, the Azurebound.

Zed: Is…that why you bowed to me before?

Erik: Well…there are other reasons. But you will find out in due time.

Zed: Okay, I guess that’s fair enough.

Kara lands behind the duo.

Kara: Aha!

Erik and Zed spin around.

Kara: We have found you.

Erik: “We”?

Trent and the bear stand in front of the party.

Trent: Yes, both of us.

Zed gets a fright when he notices Trent.

Zed: Whoa! How did you do that?!

Trent: When one dwells within nature, one learns to be as silent and as swift as a panther.

Erik’s thoughts: Zed…I must protect him…

Erik: You shall not take Zed! Begone at once!

Kara: Never.

Trent: We only wish to take him to our Mistress.

Erik: Fine, if that’s the way you wish to play, so be it!

Erik gestures to his pouch. Zed nods and reaches into his pack.

Trent: What are you doing?

Erik: This.

Quick as a flash, Erik pulls out an orb and slams it into the ground with one hand and pushes his breather to his face with the other, just as Zed pulls out his own breather and puts it on. Trent, Kara and the bear succumb to the mist and collapse to the ground, unconscious.

Erik: Come. Let us go!

Erik and Zed run out of the mist cloud and away from Trent and Kara. Erik pulls his breather away from his face. Zed pulls his wand from his belt and holds it up.

Zed: “Expeditious Retreat!”

Zed and Erik suddenly run very swiftly.

Zed: What is in those orbs?!

Erik: A mixture of zenoxan technology and an ancient treatment for pain from North Dryantel.

Zed: You’re Dryanish?

Erik: No, but my mother hails from there.

Zed: That is awesome…

Erik and Zed stop running. Zed removes his breather and puts it in his pack. Erik clips his breather to his belt.

Erik: We should be safe now.

Zed: Wait…can you hear buzzing?

A loud buzzing draws closer, and three large, winged creatures approach Zed and Erik.

Zed: BUGS!

Erik: They are cakeflies. They must have been attracted by the commotion.

Zed: Why are they called cakeflies?

Erik: Because they are usually attracted to baked goods such as cakes.

Zed: I have a cake in my bag! I never travel without one in case I get hungry!

The three cakeflies screech and zoom towards Zed. Erik pulls his sword from its hilt and swings it, sending a wave of fire at the cakeflies and driving them away.

Erik: Are you alright?

Zed: I’m terrified of bugs.

Erik: Actually, cakeflies are more closely related to faeries.

Zed: Oh. So they’re fae?

Erik: Indeed. Seems odd that they happened to appear here, in the Material Plane…

Zed: Maybe we should go?

Erik: Ah, yes. I think we’ve had enough excitement for one morning.

Erik and Zed resume their trek.

Scene 3: Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Early Afternoon

The party approaches the fork in the cave.

Mak: Well, here it is. Emily? Thobrun? Ready your rods of Sol.

Emily and Thobrun each pull a golden-coloured rod from their packs. They twist the rods through the middle, and they glow brightly, illuminating the immediate area.

Mak: Okay, which way do you all want to go?

Bryn: I call middle!

Brocc: I call mid- Aw…

Thobrun: We’ll go right, lad.

Brocc: Okay.

Mak: And that leaves left for Emily, Jump and me.

Amethyst: Stay safe, everybody.

Mak and Thobrun: We will.

The party separates and begins walking through their respective branches. Mak and Emily begin talking.

Mak: Well, looks like it’s just you and me, Emily.

Emily: What about Jump?

Mak: Oh, right. I keep forgetting about him cause he doesn’t speak.

Emily giggles.

The trio enters a section of tunnel which glows with bluish bioluminescence. Emily twists her rod of Sol slightly back to its original configuration, and it dims to a soft glow.

Emily: It is so beautiful…

Mak: Not as beautiful as- Uh!

Mak suddenly turns his head away.

Emily: Hm? What is the matter, Mak?

Mak: Oh, nothing! Just…nothing.

Mak blushes and smiles.

Amethyst, Bryn and Skip proceed down a section of tunnel covered in pungent greenish-brown slime. Bryn pinches his nose.

Bryn (nasally): Pwoh! What’s that horrible stench?!

Amethyst: I believe the slime on the walls is emitting the smell.

Bryn unpinches his nose.

Bryn: How can you be so calm?! Can’t you use your wizardly magic to cover up the smell?!

Amethyst: I could cast prestidigitation.

Bryn: Then would you please be so kind as to do so?

Amethyst holds up her staff. The gem at the end glows with purple light, and the scent of the slime changes.

Amethyst: There. I have covered up the smell of the slime.

Bryn sniffs the air.

Bryn: Smells like…roses? Dearest Ammy, didn’t you know that the smell of roses causes halflings to itch uncontrollably?!

Amethyst: Oh, I did not. Please accept my apologies, Bryn.

Bryn: Well, can’t you change the smell? Ow, so itchy!

Bryn begins to scratch himself.

Amethyst: Unfortunately I cannot reconstitute the prestidigitation until it dispels.

Bryn: Well, how long until it dispels?!

Amethyst: Approximately two hours.

Bryn: TWO HOURS?! Blast this leather armour! I can’t scratch myself!

Bryn sobs.

Bryn: Oh, why did I choose the middle path? I should’ve went right!

Thobrun and Brocc make their way down a tunnel lined with gold nuggets. Brocc laughs and screams excitedly as he plucks nuggets and puts them into his pack.


Thobrun: Dinnae take any more than ye can carry, lad.

Brocc: Oh, just wait until I tell Bryn about this!

Hop’s thoughts: It is time to enact our plan.

Hop suddenly stops and turns around to face Thobrun and Brocc.

Thobrun: Any particular reason ye suddenly stopped, lass?

A sword made of glowing red crystal suddenly flashes into Hop’s left hand.

Brocc: Uh…Thobrun?

Thobrun: Yes, lad?

Brocc: I’m starting to think that Mak and Bryn were right not to trust them.

Thobrun: I agree.

Skip suddenly stops and turns to face Amethyst and Bryn.

Amethyst: What is happening?

Bryn: Oh no…

A sword made of glowing green crystal suddenly flashes into Skip’s right hand.

Bryn: I knew it!

Mak: Ems…I…I like…

Jump suddenly stops and turns to face Mak and Emily.

Emily: What is happening?!

A small sword made of glowing blue crystal suddenly flashes into each of Jump’s hands.

Mak: Yep, I was right. These guys were just pretending to be our allies. Oh no…what about Zed?!

Zed and Erik arrive at another cave entrance. Erik beckons Zed to enter.

Erik: After you.

Zed: Oh, thank you.

Zed enters the cave. Erik pulls his sword from its hilt. Zed turns around to face Erik.

Zed: What are you doing?

Erik: Taking care of something important.

Erik approaches Zed.

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Scene 4: Top Entrance: Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Early Afternoon

Erik raises his sword in the air over Zed, who stands bowing his head.

Erik: And so, I hereby induct you into the Adventurer’s League as a probationary member.

Erik sheathes his sword. Zed lifts his head.

Erik: Here is your identification card. It signifies that you are a member who is not yet assigned to a guild. Please be careful not to lose it.

Erik hands the card to Zed.

Zed: I’ll be careful.

Erik: Now, let us go. The Hall of the Giant Muddvak is not too far.

Zed: Right behind you!

Erik and Zed proceed into the cave.

Scene 5: Giant Muddvak’s Cave: Early Afternoon

Skip stands motionless facing Amethyst and Bryn, his sword pointed towards them.

Bryn: Why is he just standing there?

Amethyst: I know not.

Bryn takes a step forward.

Bryn: Listen, Skip-

Skip: Approach no further!

Bryn raises his outstretched hands.

Bryn: Okay, okay, we cool.

Bryn pauses.

Bryn: Aren’t you gonna attack us?

Skip: No. You are not our target.

Amethyst: Then who is?

Skip quotes the Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra.

Guided by a wise one of sword and spell,
The Seventh would descend into the hall of the giant beast.
There, one would approach his destiny.

Amethyst: That is a quote from the legend of old.

Bryn: The Tale of the Drunken Skunk?

Amethyst: No, the Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra.

Bryn: Oh…my bad.

Amethyst: That passage seems to reference Zed.

Bryn: So what, these goons are after Zed? What for?

Amethyst: They must be trying to halt the approach to his destiny!

Bryn: Is that true, Skip? Are you really trying to stop Zed’s destiny?

Skip: They must be stopped…before it is too late.

Bryn: That’s it, buddy! You just lost your share of the loot!

Skip looks up at the ceiling.

Skip: The moment is now.

Skip turns and runs in the opposite direction.

Bryn: Hey! Come back! Don’t hurt our friend! I’ll…I’ll give you whatever you want!

Amethyst: Come, Bryn. We must hurry.

Amethyst begins chasing after Skip.

Bryn: Wait for me, Ammy!

Bryn follows closely behind.

Scene 6: Hall of the Giant Muddvak: Early Afternoon

Erik and Zed descend down a gently-sloping ramp into a great hall carved from pale grey rock. In the centre of the room is a great circular platform, and atop the platform is a gigantic, 12-foot-tall muddvak made from solid gold.

Zed: Whoa…

Erik: Impressive, is it not?

Zed: It’s the biggest sculpture I’ve ever seen…uh…I think.

Erik: This muddvak is a mystery. Nobody knows how it could possibly have been forged. Studies indicate it to be thousands of years old.

Zed approaches the statue. As he does so, his crystal begins to glow brightly.

Zed: My crystal’s glowing!

Erik: Then the legend is true…

Zed: You mean the Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra.

Erik: The title translates as “Prophecy of the Seven Crystals”. It is derived from an ancient language known to few in this day and age.

Zed: So this was first known many centuries ago…

Erik: Most people treat it as old folklore, seeing it as nothing more than a fable.

Zed: What about you?

Erik: I knew the legend was real. An encounter with an old friend of mine made me consider that I might eventually be the wise one within its words. Until this day I was not entirely convinced…but now…

Zed: You believe that you’re the wise one?

Erik: It is all so clear to me now. Which means…oh no.

Zed: What?

Erik: The next part of the legend:

The Seventh would soon confront the trio,
The servants of coldness and emptiness,
Their confrontation would end, but not without life lost.

Zed: Life lost? Oh no!

Erik looks at Zed’s hand.

Erik’s thoughts: Even now…his subconscious mind still prevents him from…

Suddenly, Hop, Skip and Jump approach Zed and Erik, their weapons drawn.

Erik: So it is you three…I could not have anticipated this.

Zed: What is it? Who are they?

Erik: They are…automatons.

Zed: So they ARE robots?

Erik: No, they are constructs of ancient times animated by magic. Some have reactivated recently, with fully sentient minds, as do others on a regular basis. I reactivated these three myself, however, meaning they are mindless drones, most likely following whatever orders they were given by their cruel masters!

Hop, Skip and Jump stop walking just short of Zed and Erik.

Skip: They must be stopped.

Erik: You shall not harm Zed!

Hop: Their goal is to destroy. We must eliminate them before it is too late.

Erik: We have no desire to destroy anything! Can you not understand a single word of which I speak?!

Jump: The humans and the creature must be eliminated.

Bryn’s voice: Nobody TOUCHES the giant golden delectable muddvak!

The other party members approach the three automatons.

Brocc: So the only reason THIS muddvak doesn’t scare you is because it’s crafted from solid gold?!

Bryn: Brocc, you know the allure of gleaming gold better than the rest of us put together!

Brocc: Hey, you can’t prove I obsessively filled my bag with chunks of deliciously-shiny gold in that tunnel!

Bryn: I…implied no such thing…?

Brocc: Oh. Never mind, then.

Bryn’s thoughts: Okay, tonight I’m gonna rummage through Brockie’s bag while he’s not…oh…I have a weird feeling in my-

Jump: Do not stand in our way. Our task must be completed.

The others draw their weapons.

Mak: You hurt them, you have us to answer to.

Skip: All they wish is to destroy.

Emily: That is not true! Their intentions are pure!

Brocc: You leave my buddy alone!

Hop: If you wish to protect them, then we must stop you.

The automatons approach the party. The party ready their weapons.

Kara’s Voice: Everybody is present. Good.

Erik and Zed notice Kara, Trent and the bear, who are standing nearby.

Zed: Seriously, how do you keep sneaking up on us?!

Trent: Just come with us. We have no desire to harm you.

The automatons swirl around and approach the pedestal again.

Hop: At last, they have arrived.

Skip: We must protect the Crystalbound.

Trent notices the automatons approaching and scowls.

Trent: Artificial abominations! How dare you threaten a warrior of Naturia!

Trent fires the green energy beam at Hop, who screams as though she is in pain.

Hop: I…did…my…best…

Hop collapses to the ground. Erik cries out.

Erik: Hop!

Kara leaps over to Skip, hitting him with her quarterstaff with such force that his chest breaks.

Skip: No…regrets…farewell…my brothers…

Skip collapses to the ground, and a gooey white liquid oozes through the cracks in his chest.

Erik: Skip! No!

Erik turns to face Trent, a look of both anger and sorrow on his face.

Erik: You monster! How could you do this?

Trent: Those mockeries of nature did not deserve to exist.

Erik: They had a consciousness! Emotions! They…had…feelings!

Erik looks at their broken bodies.

Erik: I realize this now. How could I have been so blind?

Jump looks at Hop, then at Skip. He drops his swords, and his voice becomes like that of an adolescent male.

Jump: Sister? Brother? Why…?

Jump rips off his cloak and breather, revealing an automaton constructed from a blue metal alloy. He looks at Trent, then at Kara, then back at Trent. His face seems emotionless, but there is clearly pain in his yellow optic sensors. He picks up his swords.

Jump: By the Twelve Spires…you…will…be…PUNISHED!

Brocc’s thoughts: “Twelve Spires”…shouldn’t he mean “Twelve Stars”…?

Jump swings his swords, releasing an arc of electricity at both Trent and Kara. The two individuals are struck, falling backwards and collapsing as electricity ripples through their bodies. They scream in pain.

Jump: May you feel the pain you have inflicted on my family, and my new brother Erik!

Bryn: Yes! Begone, you…thugs…

Trent and Kara stand to their feet and run down another tunnel, with the bear following closely behind. Erik walks over to Jump.

Erik: How do you fare?

Jump: It will take time for my wounds to heal.

Erik: That is the price of emotions, brother.

Erik’s thoughts: But Hop and Skip…what will become of them…?

Amethyst: What should we do with the bodies?

Emily: We must give them a proper burial.

Mak: Is that wise? I mean, will these two even reach the Celestial Planes?

Emily turns to face Mak.

Emily: Anything with its own mind, whether flesh-and-blood or constructed, can find enlightenment.

Just then, the bodies of Hop and Skip begin to glow, and glowing orbs of light emerge from them, floating up and through the cavern ceiling.

Brocc: Was that…?

Amethyst: They ascended, becoming Immortals within the Astral Sea.

Mak: I guess you were right, Ems.

Emily: You doubted me?

Mak blushes and smiles.

Mak: I could never doubt you, Ems.

Emily blushes and smiles. Zed turns his head to face Erik.

Zed: I’m sorry about Hop and Skip.

Erik looks up at the ceiling.

Erik: There is no need to be, Zed. They have become Immortals. Hop the Knight and Skip the Paladin…

Erik looks over at Jump.

Erik: …but at least I still have Jump.

Jump: Two spellsword brothers, off on a grand adventure of our own.

Erik turns to face Zed, placing his right hand on Zed’s left shoulder.

Erik: One day, you will find your place in this vast world.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Count on it.

Erik’s thoughts: I sense it…the mark…it will soon be exposed…

Scene 7: The Shifty Ferret Tavern: Early Evening

The group walks up to the tavern.

Amethyst: It was a beautiful ceremony.

Erik: I agree. Welcoming my adoptive siblings into the realm of the Immortals…I’m glad I was in such good company.

Mak: Likewise.

Mak smiles. Argen appears from thin air and lands on Zed’s right shoulder.

Argen: Woo! That was one long nap. So, what’d I miss?

Bryn: Let’s see…we were attacked three times by these two goons who work for some witch somewhere…we witnessed our first Immortal induction ceremony…and we learned some verses of an ancient legend about us.

Argen: Oh, man…and I missed it?

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: There is always next time, Argen.

Erik: Speaking of which, this is where we must part.

Zed: Already? But we only just met!

Erik: Never fear, Zed. When needed, I will be there to guide you. We will meet again in Platinia City for the Dragon Parade, for it is an experience that you are sure to enjoy.

Zed: Okay then.

Erik: Farewell, Crystalbound. May your legend be as enduring as the Immortals in the Astral Sea.

Erik and Jump start to walk down the road. Erik turns back to face Zed.

Erik: I look forward to meeting you again, Zed.

Zed: Me too. Until next time.

Erik and Jump continue down the road.

Erik’s thoughts: The awakening…how long must it take…?

Zed: Farewell, Herikios.

Bryn: What did you call him? Okay, does everybody have a long and complicated name around here?!

The party enters the tavern.

Scene 8: The Shifty Ferret Tavern: Night

Thobrun sits at a table surrounded by adventurers, a tankard of mead in his hand.

Thobrun: And then the automatons became Immortals!

Knight: You’re ‘avin’ us on! I know it!

Huntress: Surely constructs such as those couldn’t become Immortals.

Thobrun: Tha’s what I thought. But, honest-to-goodness they did!

Huntress: Really?

Thobrun: Paladins cannae lie!

Warrior: Fine, we believe you.

Zed walks down the hallway to the men’s bathroom wearing his shirt, pants and boots. He is carrying a towel. Mak approaches him.

Zed: Have you seen Bryn?

Mak: Yeah, he’s in the bathroom taking a shower.

Zed: Thanks.

Zed enters the bathroom. A shower in one of the cubicles is running, which Zed presumes to be Bryn.

Zed: Bryn? I heard from Amethyst that you have something to tell me.

A high-pitched woman’s voice replies to Zed.

Voice: Uh, now’s not a good time.

Zed: Oh, sorry! I thought you were my friend!

The door to the cubicle opens slightly, and a dark-haired female halfling pokes her face around the door. Her shoulder-length hair is wet. Zed immediately becomes embarrassed as he sheepishly looks away.

Woman: Seriously, you need to leave!

Zed: Uh…I think you have the wrong bathroom. The women’s one is down the hallway.

Woman: Well, I was a man when I came in, and now I’m a woman.

Zed: I don’t…I don’t quite…

Woman: Honestly, Zed! Don’t you recognize me?

Zed looks at the halfling’s face. A look of surprise appears on his face.

Zed’s thoughts: Wait…no freaking way…

Zed: Bryn?! You’re a girl?!

End Credits


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Once... Always... Forever...
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I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 1st 2017, 2:18 am
Episode 7: The Loveable Rogue
The party has arrived in Platinia City, the old “stomping grounds” of Bryn. Upon their arrival to the vast megalopolis, Bryn is struck in the arm by an adamant-tipped crossbow bolt, indicating that somebody is targeting her. She decides to visit the Thieves’ Guild, followed by an ever-curious Brocc, where she runs into her old friend Gazzo. But will the short-statured individuals find the assailant? Meanwhile, Zed discovers some of the joys of the annual Dragon Festival, with the other party members as his chaperones. Several people are taking an interest in the young wizard, however, which seems to indicate something far greater than his status as a Crystalbound. Will he learn the truth?

New Characters

Gazzo Dragonbait
– A bolgard thief and Bryn’s long-time friend, he intends to help his old friend find her would-be attacker.

Rowen – The leader of the Thieves’ Guild in Platinia and Bryn’s only brother, this Greatkin apparently has no clue of the assailant’s whereabouts, but could a well-timed visit from a certain someone reveal some clues?

Ceras of the Full Moon – A mysterious hedge magic shop owner who takes notice of Zed, she reveals a secret hidden upon the young wizard, one which has something to do with what he is becoming.

“This is my city! It will always be my home!”
Scene 1: Guild Quarter: Platinia City: Late Morning

The party walks through a busy street. Bryn has a big smile on her face. She opens out her arms.

Bryn: My friends and acquaintance, welcome to the great city of Platinia!

Brocc’s thoughts: Acquaintance…? Hey, wait a minute…?!

Brocc: What did you call me?!

Bryn: My…friend?

Brocc: Oh. Then…who’s the acquaintance?

Bryn: I’d rather not say. A girl’s gotta have her secrets, y’know.

Mak: A thief, you mean.

Bryn: Yes, which goes double for me because I’m both a thief AND a girl.

Thobrun: I think Zed gets that ye’re a lass by now, Bryn.

Argen: Actually, he’s still having trouble processing it.

Zed: I just can’t work out how you could change into a guy in the first place.

Bryn: Well, in most cases I’d say it was an enchantment, but in this circumstance…

Brocc: Bryn drank a magic potion which “changed her into a guy”, as you so described it.

Zed: There are potions that can do that?

Bryn: Oh, there are trick potions for everything. Some that change your gender, some that make you smell like old cheese, and even some that turn your hair blue.

Zed: Like a potion of prestidigitation, you mean?

Bryn: Yes, but much longer lasting.

Zed: I see…

Bryn inhales deeply through her nose, then exhales through her mouth.

Bryn: Ah…just smell that city air.

Brocc sniffs the air as he walks past a manure cart.

Brocc: Smells like horse dung.

Bryn: What?! How can you say that about my city?! I don’t complain about…uh…w-where you come…from…

Brocc: Do you even know where I come from?

Brocc’s thoughts: Heh…she’ll NEVER get THAT question right!

Bryn: Well, judging by your hair, you obviously grew in the grass, like a carrot.

Brocc’s thoughts: HA! I KNEW it! Hey, wait a minute...?!

Brocc: Did you just call me a carrot?!

Bryn: Maybe.

Brocc: Why, I oughta-

Just then, a crossbow bolt strikes Bryn in her left upper arm. She cries out in pain.

Bryn: OW!

Brocc pauses.

Brocc: …It wasn’t me! You can’t prove I did it! STOP ACCUSING ME!

Mak: Of course it wasn’t you, Brocc. You couldn’t hurt a fly.

Brocc’s thoughts: Even Mak knows I’m too cowardly to…hey, wait a minute…?!

Brocc: Are you implying that I’m afraid of flies?!

Bryn: Well, you freaked out last night when that fly landed on your stew.

Brocc: That’s because something other than my mouth was eating it! NOBODY but BROCC eats BROCC’S stew! Especially not SVEN!

Bryn: Okay, okay, sorry! I didn’t mean to provoke you! I’m just in a lot of pain right now is all!

Amethyst: Did anybody see from whence the bolt came?

Mak: Hm…no, it happened too quickly. Bryn would know.

Bryn: Of course I’d know! And no, I didn’t see who did it.

Thobrun: Then we have a mystery on our hands.

Emily: You should come with me to the Temple of Marilina. We’ll get you all healed up there.

Bryn (childish whinging): Oh, do I have to?

Emily: Of course. I must treat your wound.

Bryn (childish whinging): But I wanna go to the Temple of Rhyanna!

Emily: If you come with me, I’ll give you a shiny ruby.

Bryn: A ruby?! Yay!

Mak: Bribery. Nice one.

Emily: I took care of some Greatkin children in Granrelm during my early travels. It is surprising how young-at-heart their race remains into adulthood.

Amethyst: I am concerned for Bryn, however.

Thobrun: I agree. Whoever harmed her must be found out at once.

In a dark room inside a nearby building, a shadowy figure watches the party as they leave the area. A crossbow is in the figure’s hand. The figure turns around and walks back into the shadows.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Temple of Marilina: Early Afternoon

Bryn sits on a stretcher inside a room of silvery-grey brick. Emily stands nearby holding a cloth soaked with alcohol.


Emily: I have yet to apply the cloth to your wound.

Bryn: Oh. Okay then.

Emily applies the cloth to Bryn’s arm.

Bryn: Oh, that doesn’t sting anywhere near as much as I thought it wou-

Bryn’s eyes suddenly open wide.

Bryn: OOOOWOWOWOWOW! It stings!

Emily gently rubs the wound with the cloth.

Emily: There we go…the wound is clean now.

Bryn: Okay Ems, work that healing magic of yours!

Emily: I am afraid that I cannot at this time.

Bryn: WHAT?! Why not?!

Emily: Priests are discouraged from using magic within the walls of a city during a festival. Therefore, we would need to leave the city in order for me to-

Bryn: A festival? Oh, the Dragon Festival! WOO-HOO! We’re just in time for my favourite festival of the year!

Mak walks into the room.

Mak: I thought your favourite festival was the Party Festival because, and I quote, “I can do whatever I want without consequence”.

Bryn: I’m a Greatkin! I enjoy every festival no matter what! I can’t choose just one favourite!

Mak: Tell that to the giantborn you passionately kissed during the previous Party Festival.

Bryn: HEY! He looked like a halfling from a distance, and I wasn’t wearing my glasses!

Mak: You don’t wear glasses.

Bryn: Hm, good point. And might I add…*raspberry*

Emily: And…your wound is dressed.

Bryn looks at her arm, a surprised look on her face.

Bryn: Wow, how did you do that without me noticing?!

Emily: The serum I used to treat your wound is quite potent. Your arm will be numb for a few hours.

Bryn: WHAT?! Then…how will I eat my dumpling noodles in Ryokoro Town?!

Mak: You’re right-handed, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh yeah. Silly me! I guess that’s why they call me the Roveable Logue!

Bryn giggles. Mak looks over at Emily.

Mak: Uh…what’s with her?

Emily: I gave her a remedy to ease the pain. It seems I may have made it a little bit too strong.

Bryn looks over at Mak. A smirk appears on her face.

Bryn: Oh, I get it! You’re just messing with me! You are one funny guy, Brocc! Wait a minute…BFFFFFFFFAHAHAHAHA!

Mak (to Emily): A “little bit” too strong?

Bryn laughs uncontrollably.

Bryn: I called you “Brocc”! I’m sorry I offended you like that! HAHAHAHAHA!

Scene 3: Kisetsu Town: Early Afternoon

Zed, Amethyst, Thobrun and Brocc sit at a table in a Kisetsuese restaurant. The smells of various dishes tantalise their noses. Zed is eating a bowl of noodles with fried sweet bean curd.

Zed: This is delicious! I love udon!

Amethyst: I am glad. Many thanks for recommending this meal to Zed, Brocc.

Brocc: What can I say? I live for culture!

Zed: So how many dishes are in this meal?

Brocc: Five, though the order is randomly-determined. You still need to try the Tanuki Yaki, Kappa Don and fried batter plate.

Thobrun: Fried batter? By itself?

Amethyst: I understand that it is a favourite snack of the fabled spirit, the Tanuki.

Zed: So…what’s this brown stuff on top?

Brocc: Ah, that is inari, a fried sweet bean curd.

Zed: Oh. Well, it’s delicious.

A woman at another table turns to face Zed.

Woman: Forgive me for interrupting your meal. Did you consume miso, followed by Kitsune Udon?

Zed: Uh…y-yes, I did.

Woman: It is said that one who begins the Meal of Three Spirits in that order will learn a great truth about themselves.

Zed: Really?!

Woman: Indeed. And there is more. I sense something about you, almost as though the power of the meal is influencing that which is concealed.

Zed: Whoa…

Mak: I don’t believe in that superstition.

Mak and Bryn unexpectedly stand at the table.

Brocc: EEP! How did you do that?!

Mak: To quote Zed, “A wizard never reveals his secrets”.

Amethyst: I believe Bryn is teaching Mak how to be “stealthy”.

Mak: Amethyst! I said wizards don’t blurt out secrets!

Amethyst: My apologies. Brocc appeared frightened, so I aided in easing his fear.

Mak: Anyway…look, lady-

Woman: I am Ceras of the Full Moon.

Mak: Whatever, the point-

Mak’s eyes suddenly widen. He suddenly points at Ceras.

Mak: Wait a minute…I know you! You were my school teacher!

Ceras: Ah, Makkmak Clay.

Mak: Actually, I go by “Mak” now.

Ceras: “Mak”…in any case, it is good to see you again.

Mak: You too, Miss Ceras.

Ceras: As I was saying, this young man here has a secret kept from him. If you would be so kind, I would like to discover it back at my shop.

Zed slurps the last of his udon as a waitress wearing fox ears and tail places a plate of Tanuki Yaki in front of him.

Zed: Arigatou Gozaimasu! (Thank you very much!)

Waitress: Doitashimashite! (You’re welcome!)

The waitress bows, as does Zed. Zed turns to face Ceras.

Ceras: After you finish your meal, of course.

Zed: Thank you.

Zed examines his dish, consisting of various types of seafood tempura on top of fried udon. Zed notices a particularly-large tempura prawn.

Zed: Ooh, a prawn!

Zed stabs the prawn with his fork and takes a bite.

Scene 4: Thieves’ Guild: Early Afternoon

Bryn enters the Thieves’ Guild, her left upper arm tightly-bandaged. The room is filled with many roguish individuals from a multitude of races: humans, halflings and even a few members of other races. Bryn seems to be looking for somebody in particular.

Bryn’s thoughts: Okay, where can I find…aha! Perfect!

Bryn walks up to a bolgard, who has his back facing her. Bryn taps him on the shoulder with her right hand.

Bryn: Oi! Snotface!

The bolgard turns to face Bryn. He is about Bryn’s height, with olive skin, a large nose and a small tuft of dark grey hair on top of his head. A scowl is spread across his face.

Bolgard: Who are ya callin’ “Snotface”, Wit-for-Brains?!

Both individuals scowl at each other, seemingly in a standoff of intimidation. Then both individuals laugh heartily and briefly clench each other’s right forearms.

Bolgard: Bryn! It’s so good to see you again!

Bryn: Gazzo, me old mate! How’ve ya been?

Gazzo: Oh, ya know…steal from the wealthy…donate ta the less-wealthy…keep the rest for meself. The life of the thief.

Bryn: Good, good.

Gazzo: An’ how about you? You look decidedly more female than last we met!

Bryn: Yeah, the enchantment wore off. Which reminds me…

Bryn punches Gazzo in the arm.

Gazzo: OW! Is THAT how ya greet an old friend?!

Bryn: THAT’S for slippin’ that potion of gender-flipping into my drink! I was a man for over a year!

Gazzo: Well, I…oh, heheh…I guess I deserved that, then.

Gazzo examines Bryn’s arm.

Gazzo: What happened ta you? Have a run-in with a cakefly again, did ya?

Bryn: Firstly, that wasn’t a cakefly. It was an accident-prone faery with a tiny sword. Secondly, this wound is why I’m here. I need your help.

Gazzo: Aw, ya came all the way here ta look for me?

Bryn: Of course not! I had no idea where you were!

Gazzo: Gee, thanks, “friend”…

Bryn: I need the guild’s help. Specifically, this chapter’s help.

Gazzo: Ah, ya heard your brother’s our new guild leader then?

Bryn’s eyes widen.

Bryn: Rowie’s our new boss?!

Gazzo sighs.

Gazzo: Never mind. So what happened, anyhow?

Bryn: A crossbow bolt struck me in the arm.

Gazzo’s eyes widen.

Gazzo: But who’d want ta hurt you?

Bryn: That’s what I intend to find out. It gets weirder, though. Look.

Bryn removes the crossbow bolt from her belt. It is entirely made of metal, which glistens and sparkles beautifully.

Gazzo: Wow, it’s so shiny!

Bryn: I knew you would like it, Gazzo. You’ve always had a soft spot for things with a certain…sparkle.

Gazzo: I’ve never seen anythin’ like it. Literally. The design’s like nothin’ on record.

Bryn: I must show this to Rowie at once.

Gazzo: Can I keep it when you’re done with it?

Bryn: That depends. Are you gonna keep it or sell it?

Gazzo chuckles.

Gazzo: That’s for me ta know, Brynnie…me ta know...

Scene 5: Guild Leader’s Chamber: Thieves’ Guild: Mid Afternoon

A halfling with short, wavy, dirty-blonde hair sits on a rather ornate chair. The doors at the far side of the room swing open, revealing Gazzo and Bryn. The two thieves approach the chair and stand facing the halfling. Gazzo clears his throat.

Gazzo: Guild Leader Rowen, I present the Lady Bryn of Platinia.

Bryn punches Gazzo in the arm.

Bryn: I’ll “lady” you, Gazzo!

Rowen leaps to his feet and walks over to Bryn. He smiles and opens his arms wide. Bryn smiles back and opens her arms, and the two siblings embrace. They let go of each other.

Bryn: It’s so good to see you again, brother.

Rowen grins widely.

Bryn: I see you still can’t talk, then.

Rowen nods.

Bryn: Never mind. I’m sure your voice’ll recover one day.

Brocc suddenly stands next to Bryn.

Brocc: So what, he has a sore throat or something?

Bryn cries out.

Bryn: Brocc?! How long have you been standing there?!

Brocc: The whole time. You’re not the only one who knows the art of “stealth”, you know. We forest gnomes invented that!

Bryn: But…how-

Brocc: I followed you here, and then I snuck into the room using an ancient gnome trick.

Bryn: Is that trick a garment of concealment?

Brocc: Nope, because you stole, and then promptly sold, mine months ago.

Bryn: Oh yeah…

Brocc: Besides, forest gnomes can turn invisible naturally, albeit for a minute or so. My sister Katalina can do it for five whole minutes. She’s kind of a celebrity, you know. I decided to follow in her footste-

Rowen quietly clears his throat, a stern look on his face.

Brocc: Oh, heehee, my bad. I interrupted.

Bryn: The reason my brother is unable to speak is because he became mute some years ago due to a CERTAIN bolgard’s trick potion…

Gazzo holds his right hand behind his head and grins, a large drop of sweat sliding down the left side of his face.

Gazzo: Sorry, my bad..

Brocc: Oh, a shame, that. I’d be devastated if I lost the ability to speak, especially because I have such a fantastic singing voice!

Oh, there once was a muddvak who did a big fa-

Bryn trips up Brocc.


Bryn: As I was saying...

Brocc stands to his feet.

Bryn: …I would like you to examine this crossbow bolt.

Bryn hands the bolt to Rowen, who examines it closely.

Bryn: The tip is composed of adamant, the hardest known pure metal, but the rest seems to be made of a metallic substance like none I’ve ever seen.

A puzzled look spreads across Rowen’s face.

Bryn: You don’t recognize it either, do you?

Rowen shakes his head.

Bryn: I was afraid you’d say that.

Erik’s voice: Stellar alloy.

Erik enters the room and approaches Rowen. The halfling hands the bolt to him. Erik examines it.

Bryn: “Stellar alloy”? I’ve never heard of such a substance.

Gazzo: Me either. Is it valuable?!

Erik: Stellar alloy is an incredible material which seems to possess otherworldly qualities. I did not expect to find an object made from it all the way out here.

Bryn: You mean it’s not found in Ornoposia?

Erik: I mean it is not found in-

Erik pauses.

Erik: The fact that there is stellar alloy here at all must suggest that the assailant hails from very far away. Farther than you can imagine, in fact.

Bryn: You mean the zenoxan homeworld?

Erik: No…no, this doesn’t add up at all. I’m afraid I must take this.

Gazzo: WHAT?! But…she said I could keep it!

Erik hands a coin purse to Gazzo.

Erik: 5,000 gold. A fair price, I’m sure you will agree.

Gazzo: Five grand?! Woohoo! I’m takin’ the rest of the day off!

Gazzo races out of the room.

Gazzo: All-ya-can-eat dim sum, here I come!

Erik: He sure seems happy.

Erik turns to face Bryn.

Erik: Your presence suggests that Zed is within the city walls.

Brocc: Yep, but he’s on his way to some weird hedge magic shop.

Erik’s thoughts: The mark…I must go to Crescent Moon Reagents before...

Erik: I must seek him at once. It is important.

Erik turns to face Rowen.

Erik: I’m afraid that I must do your guild evaluation tomorrow.

Rowen nods. Erik looks at Bryn.

Erik: I’ll see you at the parade, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh sure, me go to a parade while an otherworldly assailant’s on the loose and targeting me!

Erik: You will be safe as long as you are in my presence.

Bryn: And how do I know you’re not the one who’s after me? Or your weird metal friend?

Erik: Jump is otherwise engaged, I’m afraid. “Within the bubble”, so to speak.

Bryn: Uh…ooookay then.

Erik looks at Brocc.

Erik: I would appreciate it if you came along, Brocc.

Brocc: Uh…sure.

Erik: Bryn, Rowen, I bid you both good day.

Erik bows and leaves the room, followed by Brocc. Bryn turns to face them, then turns back to face Rowen.

Bryn: That wasn’t half-odd, was it?

Rowen shrugs.

Bryn: That’s what I thought.

Commercial: Come on down to The Eight Mercenaries tavern, where we have comfortable beds, award-winning meals and live entertainment every night! Visit us during the Dragon Festival and take part in our Vocal Challenge*, where you will compete with other amateurs in a battle of musical proportions! Remember our name: The Eight Mercenaries!

*Bards are ineligible to compete in the Vocal Challenge. We apologise in advance.

Scene 6: Crescent Moon Reagents: Mid Afternoon

Ceras opens the door to Crescent Moon Reagents & Bric-a-Brac, a little bell jingling as she does so. She enters, followed by Zed, Mak and Amethyst. Zed immediately notices a large number of items on different shelves, from antique collectables and souvenirs to ingredients for different forms of hedge magic.

Ceras: Well, here we are.

Zed: Whoa…it’s amazing.

Mak: I didn’t know you were a hedge mage, Miss Ceras.

Ceras: Please, Mak, there is no need for an honorific. Call me “Ceras”.

Mak: I’ll try.

Ceras: I have studied the craft of hedge magic for a number of years. After five years of teaching in a preschool, I decided it was time to enrich my life with a new hobby. In time, that hobby became a lifestyle, and I opened this shop.

Zed: A friend of mine at Stormshroud Academy is a hedge mage. She’s quite powerful, too!

Zed’s thoughts: What Lillian said, though…I hope Laura’s okay…

Ceras: Well, I dabble in the craft, but I wouldn’t call myself a “hedge mage”. No, I am a shopkeeper first and foremost.

A man with short, black hair and glasses walks into the room.

Man: Ah, Ceras. You have returned.

Ceras: Greetings, Ceros.

Ceros: I see we have customers.

Ceras: Oh, this is Mak, Amethyst and Zed. Mak is one of my students from my teaching days.

Ceros: It’s a pleasure, Mak. Ceras has told me much of you.

Mak: Really…? Heheheh…how much, exactly?

Ceros: Enough to know that you were quite the rapscallion.

Mak becomes worried.

Mak: Heheh…great…

Amethyst: I am impressed with the variety of items in your shop. I see a number of relics from my people.

Ceras: We have a modest collection of items from all three elven cultures. If you like, feel free to browse.

Amethyst: My thanks to you.

Amethyst begins browsing the shelves. Mak stares at Ceras and Ceros.

Mak: Why exactly are we here?

Ceros: Ceras was right. You are indeed slow to trust.

Mak: I had a bit of a rough childhood. It was just me and…look, just tell us why we’re here.

Ceras: I believe this young man here is special.

Zed: Oh…

Zed reaches into his shirt and pulls out his crystal.

Ceras: It is much more than that, Zed. Remove your right glove.

Zed: Okay then…

Zed removes his right gauntlet, exposing his hand.

Zed: Now what?

Ceras places both hands over Zed’s, and closes her eyes.

Ceras: Now watch…

Spirit of the fae…spirit of the moon…
Pyxel…Luna…reveal that which is concealed.

Silvery light envelops Zed’s hand.

We cut to Erik, who walks briskly through the city streets.

Erik’s thoughts: The mark…?!

Erik looks around.

Erik’s thoughts: Where did Brocc go…?

We cut back to Crescent Moon Reagents. Ceras removes her hands, revealing a pattern on the back of Zed’s hand: a ring of twelve circles, surrounding a second, smaller ring of eight circles; four circles are nestled between the rings, and another circle is located in the centre. A number of dots are scattered throughout the pattern.

Zed: Wh-What the…?

Ceras: I have revealed that which has been hidden from you, Zed.

Zed: What is it?

Ceras: It is-

Erik: -a very important mark.

Erik is suddenly standing in the room.

Mak: WHOA! How did you do that?!

Erik: A wizard never reveals his secrets.

Mak: So you’re a wizard?

Erik: Well, not exactly…

Mak: Then spill it.

Erik: The mark on Zed’s hand is…well, it is his place in the world.

Mak: His place in the world?

Erik: That is all I can reveal for now.

Mak: Great, another mystery to add to our growing list of mysteries.

Amethyst: I believe Herikios has Zed’s best interests at heart.

Mak: Oh? And how can you be so quick to judge, Amethyst?

Amethyst: Elves are renowned for being excellent judges of character.

Mak: Well, I guess orcborn are slower to trust, then.

Erik: I can let you know one last thing about that mark, Zed.

Zed: What’s that?

Erik: Keep it hidden. If others see it, they might ask about it. The only ones who should know of the mark are the people in this room.

Mak: Does that include that guy?

Everybody looks over at a koble who is standing in the doorway.

Koble: Uh…I was just leaving! Yes! See you!

The koble flies out of the door.

Erik: Strangely, yes. It includes him as well.

Amethyst: Do you know him, Herikios?

Erik: He’s a wandering merchant with whom I’ve bartered in the past. You should look for him while in the city.

Mak: Uh, yeah. Great advice.

Zed: So the mark needs to be hidden with another spell, right?

Erik: I’m afraid that it is now permanent. You will need to wear a glove most of the time.

Brocc: Sounds like the viewers want to know more, am I right?

Brocc is suddenly standing in the room.

Erik: Ah, Brocc. There you are.

Mak: Dang it, Brocc! Stop doing that!

Brocc: Doing what? Being stealthy or breaking the fourth wall?

Mak: Both!

Brocc: Got it. But just for the record, you were the first one to be stealthy this epis-

Mak: What did I just say?!

Brocc: My bad.

Mak: NGH! You’re impossible!

Erik: Anyway…I would advise against anybody else learning of that mark, at least for now.

Zed: No problem.

Zed dons his gauntlet.

Erik’s thoughts: Perhaps now, Zed can at last commence his true awakening…

Erik: Now, since I’m here, shall we go and watch the parade?

Brocc: Yes please!

Scene 7: Busy Street: Late Afternoon

Bryn and Gazzo make their way through a crowd of people.

Bryn: I don’t really need an escort, Gazzo.

Gazzo: Nonsense. As your best friend, confidante and fellow Thieves’ Guildmate, it is my duty to guard you no matter what!

Bryn: If you say so.

Gazzo: Besides, this guy’s all kinds of dangerous. Who knows what other mysterious devices and traps he has planned?

Bryn: If you say so.

Gazzo: You know, you’re starting to get repetitive.

Bryn: If you say so…

Gazzo scans the immediate area and notices a shady figure in a dark cloak. Gazzo points to him.

Gazzo: There. That’s the guy we’re meeting.

Bryn: Is he a member of the Thieves’ Guild?

Gazzo: Nope, the Shadow Guild. He’s a dark paladin.

Bryn: And he’s standing out in the open on a busy street in broad daylight?

Gazzo: I guess that’s his thing. The ol’ intimidation tactic. Nobody’s gonna walk up to him except the people he’s meeting.

Bryn: You honestly expect me to believe that?

Gazzo grabs Bryn by the forearm and pulls her over to the dark paladin. Gazzo clears his throat, and the dark paladin looks down. His face is concealed by shadow. He speaks with a calm voice.

Dark Paladin: Aren’t you a little short for warriors?

Gazzo: Yeah, I lied. We’re thieves.

Dark Paladin: You lied?

Gazzo: What? We’re thieves! It’s in the job description.

Bryn: Actually, it’s listed as “stretching the truth”.

Gazzo: You’re not helping.

Gazzo addresses the dark paladin.

Gazzo: Look, Shady Guy…I can call you “Shady Guy”, can’t I?

Dark Paladin: Well actually, my name is Guy.

Gazzo: Whatever. Look, dude-

Guy: It’s “Guy”.

Gazzo: Bottom line: my friend here was attacked by a mysterious assailant who shot at her with this.

Gazzo hands the crossbow bolt to Guy, who examines it carefully.

Guy: Hm…it’s made of a rare metal.

Gazzo: We know that already. Where does it come from?

Guy: I cannot easily say.

Gazzo: Cannot, or won’t not?

Guy: “Will not”.

Gazzo: Oh, and why won’t you?

Guy: No, you used a double-negative. I was merely correcting you.

Gazzo: Correcting me?! Why, the nerve!

Bryn: Get over it, Gazzo.

Gazzo: Mph…fine.

Guy: I can show you where it comes from, but it’ll cost you.

Gazzo sighs.

Gazzo: Fine…how much do you want? I can give you no more than 500 Gold and a couple of gems. Not rubies, those are expensive. And certainly not diamonds! What do you take me for, a jewel-thief?!

Guy: No no, I don’t need money. I merely wish to speak with the one you call, “Mak”.

Gazzo: “Mak”? Nope, doesn’t ring a bell.

Bryn: I think he was talking to me, Gazzo.

Bryn looks up at Guy.

Bryn: Sure, I’ll take you to Mak. Why do you ask?

Guy: Makkmak and I used to be squires to the same master.

Bryn: Wait, wait, wait…you were a squire…so that would mean you’re a knight!

Guy removes his hood, revealing his face. He is a handsome male human with short, dark hair and bright blue eyes. A scar cuts across part of his left cheek. Bryn slowly faces Gazzo.

Bryn: Gazzo…why would you say that Guy is a dark paladin?

Gazzo: Yeah…I lied about that, too.

Bryn becomes agitated.

Gazzo: Well, I knew you wouldn’t come if I told you he was a knight!

Bryn: You’re darn right I wouldn’t! You know my problem with knights!

Guy: If my presence troubles you, I could-

Bryn: No, no, no! Just…stay there. What’s done is done. Now, you said you had information?

Guy hands a folded piece of paper to Bryn. She opens it and reads it aloud.

Bryn: “Celia Moon, live in concert. Come and see one of the world’s rising young stars as she sings her latest hits.”

Bryn looks up at Guy.

Bryn: Why would you give me this?

Guy: I believe the assailant who attacked you is connected to her.

Bryn: But who is she? I’ve never heard of “Celia Moon”.

Guy: There is a good reason for that.

Bryn: I’m all ears.

Guy: Well, she is from-

Another bolt whizzes from behind Guy straight past his head. He draws his sword from its sheath and spins around to face another cloaked figure, though this one wears an indigo hood decorated with sparkles; the sparkles become more crowded near its base.

Guy: By decree of the Knights of Cuprumo, I command you to-

The assailant turns and flees. Guy lets out a big sigh.

Guy: Why do they always run? Come on, let’s chase him!

Guy begins pursuing the assailant.

Bryn: I never would’ve thunk it…me helping a knight...

Bryn and Gazzo begin following Guy.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 1st 2017, 2:23 am
Episode 8: The Dragon Parade
Kendall meets up with the party for the Dragon Parade, a grand spectacular featuring a number of stories of the world. This year, however, the tale of the Crystalbound is featured, which impresses most of the party members, though Bryn is repeatedly disruptive during the show. Meanwhile, the identity of the cloaked figure is revealed, though it seems that there is a much more dangerous individual in the area! Can the true mastermind be brought to justice?

New Characters

Astra Moon
– A mysterious woman of otherworldly origins, she is being pursued by the servant of a terrible man, and is ultimately saved by Erik and the party.

Merchant – A koble merchant who is replenishing supplies in Platinia City, he gives a strange horn to Mak, encouraging him to blow through it whenever in need of supplies.

“There are very few who resist Lord Songsend and remain unharmed!”
Scene 1: Outside Crescent Moon Reagents: Late Afternoon

Zed, Amethyst, Mak and Erik stand outside Crescent Moon Reagents. Mak looks over at Zed.

Mak: So…any particular reason we’re just standing here?

Zed: I received a message from someone. He said to meet him here.

Mak: Well, did he say when he was gonna get he-

Zed: Kendall!

Kendall’s Voice: Zed!

Kendall walks up to the group.

Zed: How have you been?

Kendall: Well, I’ve graduated! I’m now a fully-fledged spellcaster!

Zed: Well done! I knew you could do it!

Kendall: My thanks!

Kendall greets Amethyst and Mak.

Kendall: Amethyst, Mak, it’s been a while.

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Bonjour, Kendall.

Zed: Oh, vous parlez Luminelv, Amethyst? (Oh, you speak Light Elvish, Amethyst?)

Amethyst smiles at Zed.

Amethyst: Je parle de nombreuses langues, cher apprenti. (I speak many languages, dear apprentice.)

Zed: Wow, I can barely speak five!

Amethyst: I think your Luminelv is impressive. Tres bien!

Zed: Merci.

Amethyst: You are most welcome.

Mak: So Kendall, what’s been happening?

Kendall: I’ve been having dreams of my sister lately.

Zed: You mean Laura?

Kendall’s thoughts: Laura…? What is Zed talking about?

Kendall: Well, actually-

The assailant comes running past, followed by Guy, Bryn and Gazzo.

Guy: We must hurry if we hope to catch-

Guy spots Mak and waves as he rushes past.

Guy: Oh, hey, Makkmak!

Guy, Bryn and Gazzo continue to chase the assailant.

Mak: Guy? Hey, wait…

Mak starts to run after the group.

Amethyst: Mak?! Oh dear…

Zed: Who was that?!

Erik: I’m wondering the same thing…in any case, let us head to Kisetsu Town.

Amethyst: I am looking forward to the Dragon Parade.

Erik: As am I.

Erik’s thoughts: I sense it…Zed’s potential…his journey will soon commence…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Kisetsu Town: Late Afternoon

Zed, Amethyst, Erik and Kendall arrive in the middle of a marketplace. Various stalls are selling food from every Ryokorese nation.

Zed: Wow, look at all of those dishes! Jangurese…Moriese…Ninoichish?

Brocc: Ah, the cuisine of the Ninoichi Islands...

Brocc is suddenly standing there.

Kendall: How did I not smell you coming?!

Brocc: Are you saying that I sti-

Brocc sniffs the air.

Brocc: Oh yeah…well, that’s what I get for having too much garlic in my gourmet Verdelven pasta! Amethyst, you’re a wood elf, right?

Amethyst: Well, I-

Brocc: Tell me: how much garlic is too much before the pasta is destroyed? Cause I think mine was well and truly ruined.

Amethyst: I’m afraid I cannot-

Brocc: Oh, is it one of those famous “secrets of the verdelv” or something?

Amethyst: If you will excuse me, I must take care of some business elsewhere.

Brocc: Say no more, although I think too many people mention about toilets in this series.

Amethyst: Zed-

Brocc: Yep, he was the first one to do so.

Amethyst: -would you be so kind as to join me?

Zed: I guess so.

Amethyst and Zed walk away.

Brocc: Huh? Wait…is everybody going to the-

Erik: Nobody needs the toilet, Brocc.

Brocc: Well, actually, I happen to need the little gnome’s room. BRB!

Brocc runs off. Kendall appears puzzled.

Kendall: Beearbee?

Erik: I believe it means “be right back”. Or perhaps “bright-red beans”.

Kendall: Red bean cakes?

Erik: You read my mind.

Erik and Kendall proceed to a stall.

Scene 3: Zen Garden: Late Afternoon

Amethyst and Zed find a quiet zen garden in which to talk. Bonsai trees dot the area. Nobody else is present.

Amethyst: Zed…

Zed: Yes, Amethyst?

Amethyst: I must confide in you a secret.

Zed: Well, I think I must be a secret magnet.

Amethyst giggles.

Zed: Your secret’s safe with me.

Amethyst: You must understand that I share this with you because I feel that a master should not conceal anything from her apprentice.

Zed: Of course.

Amethyst: I…am not really a wood elf.

Zed: Oh.

Amethyst: I hail from a light elven community in the continent of Luminelvum.

Zed: So that’s how you know the Luminelv language…

Amethyst: On my one-hundredth birthday, I awoke to find that I had been transformed into a true elf, my golden locks shifted into a shade of brunette most common amongst the people of Verdelvum.

Zed: That must have been a shock.

Amethyst: Indeed it was. I rushed to my grandmother for aid, but she could do nothing to break the enchantment placed upon me. This day was also to be the day when I had begun my duty as the first Crystalbound, seeking the others one-by-one for some unknown purpose.

Zed: So what happened?

Amethyst: Well, as you know already, I kept to my duty, as any luminelv would. However…

Amethyst sighs.

Amethyst: The entrances to luminelv citadels are protected by enchantments which only allow luminelv to pass inside. A member of any other race would be magically “blocked out”.

Zed: So once you left, there’d be no way for you to return.

Amethyst: Correct. It has been 50 years since I last communed with my grandmother and sister. I miss them terribly.

Zed: That’s understandable.

Amethyst: But poor Zed…you do not even have a family.

Zed pauses.

Zed: …no. That’s wrong.

Amethyst: Oh?

Zed: You, and Mak…and Emily, Thobrun, Bryn and Brocc…even Argen, Kendall and Laura…

Amethyst’s thoughts: Laura…?

Zed: …you’re my family. We may be of different races, but we are definitely family for sure.

Amethyst: Well said, Zed. That makes me feel better.

Amethyst and Zed look at the sky, which has a tinge of pink on the horizon.

Zed: It’s getting late.

Amethyst: Indeed. Shall we head to the Dragon Para-

The assailant runs through the zen garden, chased by Guy, Bryn, Gazzo and Mak. Guy makes a leap for the assailant and knocks them to the ground, marking their robe with silvery grass stains.

Guy: Okay, it’s time to see who you really are!

Guy pulls down the robe’s hood, revealing a young woman with shoulder-length chestnut hair and long, golden bangs.

Guy: You…you’re not what I was expecting.

Woman: Unhand me, vile one!

The woman wrestles to her feet, panting heavily.

Guy: Who are you?

Bryn: And why did you shoot me?!

Woman: I struck you by accident.

Bryn: Well, my aching wound says otherwise! It might even scar!

Woman: My apologies, ma’am.

Bryn: What, now you’re being courteous?!

Woman: I am being pursued by a servant of a very cruel man.

A disappointed look emerges on Guy’s face.

Guy: Hey, I’m not cruel. Why would you thi-

Erik: She did not refer to you.

Erik and Kendall approach the group.

Guy: And you are…?

Erik: Herikios Woodhollow.

Guy: Wait…you’re THE Erik Woodhollow?!

Guy races over to Erik.

Guy: I idolise you, dude! You’re the reason I dilettanted as a spellsword!

Erik: I didn’t realise I was so…popular.

Guy: Yeah, yeah! My sword’s even a replica of yours! Look!

Guy unsheathes his sword. Erik unsheathes his and holds it up next to Guy’s.

Erik: Remarkable…

Guy: Isn’t it? I know it’s a knockoff, but-

Erik: These two swords are part of the same set.

Guy: Wait…it’s real? My sword’s real?!

Erik: Indeed. But…how did you come to possess it?

Guy: It was a gift…from a friend.

Mak blushes.

Mak: Well…I didn’t know its significance. I just saw it and thought, “You know who’d like this? Guy.”

Erik: Mine, too, was a gift from a friend.

Woman: I have seen those swords before.

Erik: Really? These are rare treasures, are they not?

Woman: Well, actually…

The woman sighs.

Woman: They are cheap swords which sell for about 100 apiece.

Guy and Erik collapse to the ground, their legs pointing awkwardly into the air.

Woman: Yes, the blades are roughly 50% stellar alloy.

Erik leaps to his feet.

Erik: Stellar alloy?

Woman: Indeed.

Erik: But if you know of this metal, then…

Woman: I am not from this place. I hail from-

A stellar alloy crossbow bolt whizzes past the woman’s head. Everybody faces the assailant, who is dressed from top to toe in black, including a black cloth mask covering his nose and mouth. The assailant approaches the party. Guy leaps to his feet and readies his sword, as do Mak and Erik.

Assailant: Astra Moon, you are requested an audience with Lord Songsend.

Astra: And if I refuse?

Assailant: Well…let’s just say that people might notice if a certain singer becomes a one-hit wonder. You care for your sister, do you not?

Astra holds her hands up to her face.

Astra: Celia…!

Assailant: I trust you will come with me quietly, then?

Astra: I…I…

Erik: She refuses.

Everybody looks at Erik.

Assailant: Oh, and you are so quick to defend this girl, of whom you know nothing?

Erik: Yes, I am.

Mak: Look, Erik, I know you want to help, but…do you really know what you’re doing?

Erik faces Mak and smiles.

Erik: Trust me.

Mak: Well…just this once, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.

Erik: Well, then…I guess it’s time to attack!

Erik leaps forward, standing right in front of the assailant. Both individuals stand-off for a short while.

Erik: Tell me, what rank do you take in the army of this “Lord Songsend”?

Assailant: Well, I…

Erik: Yes?

The assailant sighs.

Assailant: I’m just a grunt.

Erik: Really? And Lord Songsend authorised you to chase Miss Moon all the way out here?

Assailant: Well, no…

Erik: Then, please tell me…what was racing through your mind when you decided to chase her?

Assailant: I thought…when I saw her spying on us, I thought that I would catch her for my boss, and that he’d give me a promotion for sure!

Erik: So you attacked her, but to what end?

Assailant: Well, I meant to hit her with these…

The assailant holds out two stellar alloy bolts.

Erik: So your reasoning was that you should bring her down, even though your boss would want her unharmed?

Assailant: Oh yeah…

Erik: Do you even want to work for Lord Songsend?

Assailant: Not really. He’s a bad man! He…well, it’s too awful to mention.

Erik: So why not just quit?

Assailant: Are you kidding?! He’ll come after me, and…and…

Erik puts his right hand on the assailant’s shoulder.

Erik: Relax. You know you’ll be safe here, right?

Assailant: But I- Oh…yeah, you’re right. A new life!

Erik: If you come with me, I’ll find you somewhere to live.

Assailant: Th-thank you, sir!

Erik: Miss Moon, if you please?

Astra: Of course.

Astra looks at Bryn.

Astra: I must profoundly apologise for hitting you, ma’am.

Bryn: Well…okay, I’ll let it slide. Besides, I now have a battle wound to wear!

Astra: I am glad.

Astra joins Erik and the assailant.

Bryn: What a nice girl.

Brocc: I agree.

Brocc is suddenly standing there.

Mak: Brocc…!

Brocc: Oopsie, heheh…sorry!

Mak: Sorry? I’ll give you “Sorry”!

Mak starts chasing Brocc.

Brocc: STOP! I swear I’m sorry!

Mak: Come here you little-


Scene 4: Empty Alleyway: Evening

Erik, Astra and the assailant proceed down a dark alleyway.

Erik: Now then, this alley may seem creepy, but it is a shortcut to the finest tavern in this city. You may both stay there until next week.

Astra: Thank you.

Assailant: Oh…thank you, sir! I-I really do appreciate you looking after me.

Erik: It is my pleasure…Kurtiss, was it?

Kurtiss: Y-Yes, that’s right. I’m happy that you trust me, even after what I did.

Erik: Well, it’s not fair to judge somebody without getting to know them.

Kurtiss: W-Well, thank you for being so trusting all the same.

Kurtiss secretly pulls one of Erik’s mist bombs from his pouch and throws it to the ground. Both Erik and Astra fall to the ground, unconscious.

Kurtiss: That was a mistake, buddy. Do you honestly think a grunt would be able to figure out how to pursue somebody over such a vast distance?

Kurtiss stands over Erik.

Kurtiss: Now, before I claim my prize, I guess I’ll have to put an end to you.

The mist clears as Kurtiss pulls out his hand crossbow and readies a bolt. He points it at Erik.

Kurtiss: Say hello to whatever Celestial Being you revere for me, won’t you?

Kurtiss fires his crossbow.

Commercial: Don’t miss this year’s Dragon Parade and Fireworks Show, located in the Grand Plaza of Kisetsu Town! There’s food, gifts and demonstrations of the shugenja arts, and just for the kids, a visit from Kabooki Kooky! The Dragon Parade and Fireworks Show – It’s fun for the whole family!

Scene 5: Empty Alleyway: Evening

Kurtiss fires his crossbow, but the mechanism becomes jammed. Quick as a flash, Erik leaps to his feet and slices the crossbow in two with his sword.

Kurtiss: But…how…?

Erik: Do you honestly think I would not train myself to overcome my own mist bombs?

Kurtiss: I…I thought…?

Erik: I’m not as gullible as you think, am I? I simply held my breath the very moment you snatched it from my pocket.

Kurtiss: But I’m able to steal from everybody without them noticing! How did you-

Erik: Oh, Kurtiss. There are more mysteries in this world than you can ever comprehend. I’m sure that from whichever place you come you are a skilled pickpocket-

Kurtiss: Pickpocket?! I’m-

Erik: -but here? You’re nothing. Less than nothing.

Kurtiss: Well, I’ll tell my boss everything!

Erik: You? A grunt?

Kurtiss: Heh, you are gullible. I am second-in-command to Lord Songsend, and I’m sure he’d notice if I “disappeared”.

Erik: Oh, you may return to your homeland.

Kurtiss: Really? You’re letting me go, even in the knowledge that I’ll be able to lead my boss here?

Erik: Of course.

Kurtiss: Heh, I guess you really are gullible then.

Erik: It would seem so.

Kurtiss: Well then, I guess I’ll be-

Erik reaches into his pocket.

Kurtiss: Oh, come on. You know that those things won’t work on me as long as I wear my mask.

Erik pulls out a small orb.

Erik: Oh, this? You think it is a mist bomb?

Erik slams the orb near Kurtiss’s feet, knocking him to the ground.

Erik: That was a force bomb. It simply let out a pulse of air which brought you to your knees.

Erik approaches Kurtiss.

Kurtiss: What are you doing?!

Erik: I apologise for what I am about to do…

Kurtiss begins to panic and tries to scramble to his feet. Erik places his right hand onto Kurtiss’s forehead and closes his eyes. After a moment, Erik’s eyes open, glowing with bright light which shifts across a spectrum of colours; at the same time, bright white light emerges from Erik’s palm. After a few seconds, Erik’s eyes and palm return to normal, and Kurtiss slumps to the ground, unconscious. Astra awakens and sits up.

Astra: What’s…what…happened…?

Erik: Easy now, you’ve just been unconscious for a moment.

Astra snaps back to reality and looks at Kurtiss.

Astra: What happened to him?!

Erik: I erased his memories of this place. If his organisation ever found it…

Astra: Oh, I see. Does that mean you have to-

Erik: No, I can trust you to keep this world secret.

Astra: Are you sure? You don’t even know who I am.

Erik: You are the sister of a very important individual. Eventually, you will need to know of your adventures here in order to aid her.

Astra: Celia? I must…help her?

Erik: You play a much more important role in her tale than you may realise.

Astra smiles.

Astra: I would do anything for my sister.

Erik: I am sure of that.

Astra: But…how do you know her?

Erik: Oh, I merely know “of” her.

Erik’s thoughts: Gilly will not be impressed when she finds out what almost happened…

Astra: But how…?

Erik: In time, Astra.

Astra: Oh…well, this place will remain within my heart…and secret from all.

Erik: Good. Now, shall we head to the Dragon Festival?

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We cut to a view from slightly behind the mysterious figure’s icy throne. Kara is dressed in traditional shugenja ceremonial attire as she performs several disciplines. The Sorceress of Winter and Trent watch the ceremony.

Trent: This is most impressive.

Sorceress: Watch…the best part is yet to come.

Kara leaps into the air, her arms enveloped in flames which take the shape of a dragon’s wings. As she nimbly lands on the ground, she holds up her arms and opens her mouth, releasing a jet of flame for a few seconds. Then all the flames dissipate. Kara stands straight and bows to her mistress. We cut to the Sorceress’ blue lipstick-covered mouth.

Sorceress: Impressive. Be sure to use that technique next time you encounter the Crystalbound.

The Sorceress smiles cruelly.

Scene 7: Kisetsu Town: Late Evening

The Crystalbound, Erik, Kendall, Astra and Gazzo enter the area in which a great play is to be performed. Everybody except Bryn and Gazzo is wearing a traditional Kisetsuese kimono matching the colour associated with their crystal; Erik’s is blue, Kendall’s is white and Astra’s is pink. Both Zed and Erik wear fingerless gloves.

Zed: I thought that the Dragon Parade was going to be a…well…a “parade”.

Amethyst: It is actually several legends woven together into a grand story, so I suppose it is a parade of sorts.

Astra: It’s impressive! We have no such show in…where I come from!

Mak: Which is where, exactly?

Emily: Oh, lighten up, Makkmak! Just relax and have fun!

Mak smiles.

Mak: Well, I guess I could…

Gazzo and Bryn: I’m hungry!

Thobrun: How can ye think of food after eating such a big meal?

Bryn: You know my metabolism is faster than a gnome running from a bug!

Brocc: Oh, come on! That was one time! And it was huge!

Bryn: It was a ladybird.

Brocc: A huge ladybird!

Kendall: Oh, it’s starting!

The group sits in their seats as the lights dim.

Narrator: We now present for you…the Dragon Parade!

In an age long ago, Junihoshi was protected by the Elemental Titans, twelve beings who kept the world in harmony. At this time, the only people were the ancient dragons.

Twelve large puppets, four larger than the others, stand in a circle on the stage. Several people dressed as dragons mill around in the middle.

Zed: Whoa, those costumes are impressive!

Astra: They must have taken weeks to assemble!

Brocc: Here comes my favourite part!

Then one day, a dragon named Celeste meditated and ascended in a flash of light!

One of the dragons flaps to the middle of the stage and curls up. A column of light erupts around it for a moment, and then the dragon is gone.

Astra: Where did it go?!

Erik: Impressive, is it not?

Soon, other beings emerged in the world, which caused the Titans to become unsettled.

The dragons leave the stage, and people from many cultures enter it, including humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, halflings, orcborn and ryukoni, humanoid dragons with monkey-like tails.

Astra: What are those?

Erik: Ryukoni, the people of Ryokoro.

Astra: They have monkey tails.

Mak: Uh…where did you say you were from, again?

Emily: Makkmak.

Mak: Sorry.

The Titans transformed some of the people of the world, which unsettled Celeste to no end.

The Titans begin to move about chaotically, causing the people to panic. A dragon descends upon the stage.

And so she, along with the Spirit of Nature, bound them to the Elemental Planes.

A beautiful woman in an elegant white robe walks onto the stage, and joins Celeste.

Zed: Is that Naturia?

Erik: Yes, it is.

Zed: I had no idea she was so beautiful.

Amethyst: There are many interpretations of how she appears. This is the most commonly recognised one.

Zed: I see…

Celeste and Naturia raise their arms in the air. The Titans curl up into balls and retreat to twelve circles surrounding the outer stage.

Astra: Those are the Elemental Planes, yes?

Erik: Correct.

Astra: Then these “Elemental Titans” are trapped within them?

Erik: You shall see.

Thousands of years passed. The Titans eventually began to wriggle free from their prisons.

The Titans begin to shake violently.

Astra: Oh dear…

Then a koble named Koble managed to ascend, becoming a being much like Celeste.

A koble walks into the middle of the stage and curls up in a ball. A column of light surrounds him, and he is gone.

Astra: No, really…where do these people go?

Mak: Here comes the best part of the play!

Emily: It isn’t like you to be so excited, Makkmak.

Mak: This play’s always excited me since I was a boy! My mom…uh…w-well…it’s just exciting is all.

Emily smiles sweetly.

Emily: Oh…I am glad.

It was then that Celeste and Naturia decided to ascend twelve individuals from across the world as Celestial Beings.

Twelve people from a multitude of races move to twelve points on the stage. Columns of light surround all of them; when the light dissipates, their outfits have transformed into gleaming bronze, silver, gold and white.

The Immortal Twelve then aided Celeste and Naturia in sealing the Titans away once again, though this time the seals would be permanent.

The Immortal Twelve each turn to face a different Titan. The Titans writhe and struggle, then curl up tightly into balls. Their bright colours dull to more greyish tones.

Astra: Now, that IS impressive!

Zed: I agree!

The world saved, the Immortal Twelve retreated to the Celestial Planes, their new homes.

Columns of light surround the Immortal Twelve. The light dissipates, and the Immortal Twelve are gone. Celeste and Naturia leave the stage.

Astra: Well, that show was most enjoyable indeed.

Erik: Oh, it isn’t over yet.

Astra: Pardon?!

Erik: That was just the first act. The Dragon Parade consists of several stories, with examples such as the Sealing of the Titans and the Silverian Empire, all leading up to a brand-new act.

Mak: Which is?

Erik: Oh, I think you will be most delighted…


And now, to conclude the Dragon Parade, we wish to add a brand-new act we call Septix no Velvitra: The Coming of the Crystalbound.

Zed: That’s us!

Bryn: Very good, Zed!

Mak: Bryn! What have I told you about being condescending?!

Bryn: Not to?

Mak: Then why-

Bryn: It’s only natural for me to be condescending.

Mak groans.

Mak: Just…shut up and watch the play.

Bryn: Fine.

A young woman walks onto the stage, holding several pieces of paper.

Bryn: Oh, don’t tell me they’re just going to read the poem directly.

Brocc: I doubt they’d have time to rush together an elaborate show at the last minute, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh, and you would know?

Brocc holds up a gigantic sign which reads “BARD”.

Bryn: Oh yeah…my bad.

The following is a recital of a poem by an explorer named Vel, a swordmaster from the land of Damantia.

Zed: Why does that name sound familiar…?

Bryn: Perhaps because the prophecy’s title has “Vel” in it?

Mak: Bryn!

Bryn: Shutting up, as requested.

Zed: No, that’s not it…it’s like I knew it…but I still have yet to know it…

Erik’s thoughts: So it begins...

Thobrun: That’s…quite mysterious, lad.

Amethyst: I am sure that, in time, you will be able to figure it out.

Zed: Maybe…

The Empire of Silveria, its reach stretches across the globe.
Its most important invention would become seven shining crystals.
The first, a woman of two origins, would be their guardian,
As well as their distributor.

Bryn: Two origins?

Mak: Sh!

Bryn: Shutting up.

It would be half a century before she discovered the second,
A man of two origins.

Bryn: Oh, how creative, “two origins” twice in one poem! I guess Emily is of “two origins” as well?

Mak: Sh!

Bryn: Shutting up.

The second would soon fall deeply in lo-

Mak suddenly coughs loudly.

Mak: Sorry, shutting up.

-ith the third, a girl of two lineages.

Bryn: Oh, two “lineages”. Now THAT’S creative!

Mak clears his throat with a “shut up” tone.

Bryn: Shutting up.

The fourth, a man from the frozen north, would drive it away,
The creature which threatens his newfound allies.

Bryn: And so on. The next morning…

Mak: Bryn!

Bryn: What? Brocc’s allowed to break the fourth wall, so why can’t I do it just this once to transition the-

Scene 8: Kisetsu Town: Morning

The screen wipes into the next scene. The stage area is deserted, leaving Bryn alone.

Bryn: -scene? Hey, where did everybody go?

Brocc’s head suddenly pops up onto the screen.

Brocc: With great power comes great responsi-

Bryn wallops the side of Brocc’s face with her fist.


Bryn suddenly gets a shock.

Bryn: Oh, sorry, Brocc! I thought you were attacking me! You should know never to sneak up on a thief.

Brocc’s Voice: Nngh…I’ll…ack!...keep that in mind…

Scene 9: Kisetsu Town: Late Morning

Mak walks past some stalls. He notices a koble at one stall who is selling various wares.

Mak: Hey, I know you! You’re that koble who was eavesdropping on our conversation yesterday!

Koble: Eavesdropping? No, no! I was merely scouting out the competition! Yes, yes!

Mak: What kind of merchant sells hedge mage reagents and…fried octopus balls?

Koble: Oh, I sell anything! Yes, yes! I sell whatever the moment wants me to sell!

Mak: Oh, so you’re, like, a merchant who’s a cut above other merchants?

Koble: Oh, yes, yes! That’s me, a world-class travelling merchant!

Mak: So what’s your name?

Koble: Why, Merchant, of course!

Mak: You’re a merchant named “Merchant”?

Koble: Oh, yes, yes! Many kobles are named for their vocations!

Mak: Figures. I once had a koble friend named Knight because he wanted to be a knight.

Koble: And did he become a knight?

Mak: Actually, I heard he became a merchant.

Koble: And then he changed his name to Merchant, yes?

Mak: I have no idea. I haven’t seen him in years. I wonder whatever happened to him…

Koble: Well, I once had an orcborn friend of my own. He became a fine knight, or so I’ve heard.

Mak: He sounds like one fine individual.

Koble: But your garb clearly identifies you as a warrior and not a knight, so you couldn’t possibly know him. Oh, no, no!

Mak: Ehehe…yeah…“warrior”…right.

Mak looks away.

Koble: Wait a minute…Makkmak?!

Mak: Yeah?

Mak’s eyes suddenly widen.

Mak: Knight? I-Is that really you?!

Koble: I did not recognise you at first! Oh, no, no! You’ve become quite a tough-looking man! Much different from that whiny crybaby of a-

Mak: Shut up! People are looking at us!

Koble: Well, do I have a deal for you? Here!

Koble pulls out a small, pinkish-coloured seashell.

Mak: What is it?

Koble: Blow on this, and I’ll be right there! Oh, yes, yes! Anytime you need an item, I’ll be present with it in stock! And with an old friend’s discount!

Mak: Really?

Koble: Oh, yes, yes!

Mak: Well…okay.

Mak takes the shell.

Mak: So how much do I owe you?

Koble: Oh, no, no! Consider it a gesture on my part!

Mak: Thank you.

Koble: Any time you need an item, or if you just want to talk to me-

Mak: -I just blow into it and you’ll be there.

Koble: Indeed!

Mak stares at the shell.

Scene 10: Platinia City: Late Morning

Amethyst, Zed and Kendall are sitting outside a café. Mak joins them.

Amethyst: What kept you?

Mak: Oh, I was just…catching up with an old friend.

Amethyst: That sounds wonderful.

Mak: Yeah…

Mak’s thoughts: I wonder if that shell really works…?

Mak takes the shell out of his pocket and places it to his lips. He blows through it, causing it to emit a fart sound. Mak’s face becomes blank, his eyes half-shut.

Mak: Only Knight would give me an object that makes such a ridiculous sound...

Mak looks around, expecting Merchant to show up, but nothing happens.

Mak: I guess this thing doesn’t work, th-

Merchant dashes up to Mak at a ridiculously-fast speed.

Merchant: You called, Makkmak?

Mak: Oh, I was just testing out my shell! I don’t need anything right now, thanks.

Merchant: Understood. Bye-bye!

Merchant dashes off. Mak slips the shell into his pocket.

Mak’s thoughts: Well, I’m not gonna use that thing again...

Mak: So where’s Erik?

Zed: He had to take Astra and that shady guy back to their homeland.

Kendall: Uh, Zed?

Zed: Yes, Kendall?

Kendall: Why is your glove glowing?!

Zed looks at the back of his right hand. The pattern is shining through his glove with cyan light. Zed panics.

Zed: What the…?!

Amethyst: Oh dear…this may be a problem.

Kendall: Problem?

Amethyst: Kendall…what we are about to tell you must be kept secret from everybody…

End Credits


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I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 3rd 2017, 5:01 am
Episode 9: The Elder Sibling
The party encounters the famed entertainer Katalina Pharrschott…who just so happens to be Brocc’s sister! A bear steals Katalina’s prized violin, and so Brocc decides to prove himself by facing the bear alone. What Brocc fails to realise is that the scenario could very well be a trap meant for himself and his allies! Meanwhile, Zed inadvertently drinks a potion which causes his clothes to be banished to another plane, a potion given to him by none other than the mischievous bolgard thief, Gazzo! Will Zed be able to recover his outfit from the Ethereal Expanse?

New Characters

Katalina Pharrschott
– Brocc’s sister and a talented entertainer, her treasured violin is stolen by a ferocious bear. Brocc steps up to the challenge and attempts to help her retrieve it.

Azure – A faery who takes an immediate interest in Zed, he pesters the young wizard to take him along on his journey through the forest.

Tamamaki of the Shuken-Koori – Tamamaki-kun is a ryukoni on a pilgrimage to the nearest shugenja temple. He takes an interest in Zed and his faery companion as they trek through the woodland.

“I feel so naked without my outfit…I mean…never mind.”
Scene 1: Platinian Nature Trail: Late Morning

The Crystalbound, along with Kendall, Gazzo and Erik, walk along the Platinian Nature Trail, a path with woodland to their left and right. Brocc looks over at Gazzo, who grins widely, revealing his long, crooked teeth.

Brocc: Uh…is it just me, or did our party take on a few more members?

Gazzo: Oh, don’t mind us. We’re just tagging along-

Gazzo points his thumb over his shoulder at Kendall.

Gazzo: -like a bunch of lost puppies.

Kendall: Hey, I’m no puppy!

Gazzo: Really? Then…what are-

Kendall: A wolfborn! I’m a wolfborn!

Gazzo: Oh. Heh, I’ve never seen a “wolfborn” before.

Kendall: Well, now you have.

Gazzo: Indeed. And a pleasure it is too. Here, have a coin.

Gazzo flips a coin into Kendall’s hand. Kendall sniffs it and panics.

Kendall: Chocolate? Why would you give me this?!

Gazzo: It…well…it’s a gift!

Kendall: But I’m allergic to chocolate!

Gazzo: Oh. In that case…Zed, would you like-

Zed: No thanks.

Gazzo: Oh, don’t tell me you’re allergic to chocolate as well!

Brocc: Oh yeah, Zed avoids chocolate like Bryn avoids muddvaks.

Bryn: Or like Brocc avoids ponies.

Brocc: Touché. The point is that Zed treats chocolate like it would poison him.

Zed: Well, technically-

Suddenly, a scream sounds out across the nature trail.

Gazzo: What the heck was that?!

A dust cloud moves towards the party at a frightening speed.

Thobrun: It’s a sandstorm…I think.

Mak: Oh no, after growing up in the desert, you’d know what a sandstorm looks like. And that, Thobrun, is no sandstorm.

Thobrun: Well, it sure isnae a blizzard!

Emily: Perhaps it is a sand elemental?

Amethyst: No, I have studied all twelve groups of elemental, and that does not fit any one criterion.

Bryn: Then it must be-

Brocc: Kaley?

Bryn: No, I was gonna say a stampeding muddvak. What’s a “kaley”?

Brocc: It’s-

The dust cloud charges towards the party, stopping just short of it. Brocc steps forward, and the dust settles, revealing a female gnome with lime green hair.

Brocc: -my sister!

The party appears flabbergasted, all except Bryn and Erik.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Platinian Nature Trail: Late Morning

Bryn looks at the female gnome.

Bryn: Huh. So Brocc has a sister. Who knew?

Brocc: I have five sisters! I never stop talking about them!

Bryn: Oh. Any brothers to go with that?

Brocc: Yes! Four of them!

Bryn: Oh…I guess I need to stop blocking out every little thing you say, then.

Brocc: You’ve been doing WHAT?!

Bryn: Well, you didn’t know I had a brother, did you?

Brocc: That’s because you never mentioned him to me!

Bryn: Really? I thought you all knew…

Zed: Well, actually…

Bryn: Okay, can we all just make sure we’re on the same page sibling-wise? I have one brother, Brocc apparently has four brothers and five sisters…what about the rest of you?

Mak: Only child.

Amethyst: One sister.

Thobrun: Only child.

Emily: One brother.

Zed: No idea.

Kendall: One sister.

Gazzo: Only child.

Erik: No siblings, only allies.

Bryn: Good. Now we know how many siblings…and allies...each of us has.

Brocc: And now, I would like the opportunity to catch up with my sister.

The female gnome smiles.

Gnome: Oh, Brockie! It’s so good to see you again!

The gnome locks Brocc inside a massive hug. Brocc struggles to speak.

Brocc: Hello…ACK...Kaley!

Erik finally speaks.

Erik: Well, it seems that Brocc is not the only famous one in his family.

Zed looks at Erik.

Zed: What do you mean?

Erik: This is Katalina Pharrschott, a famed entertainer.

Erik’s thoughts: But what is she doing here…?

Bryn: Wait…THE Katalina Pharrschott?!

Brocc finally wriggles free of Katalina’s grip.

Brocc: You’ve heard of her?

Bryn: Of course! I’ve been to all her performances. In secret, of course.

Katalina looks at Bryn.

Katalina: So you’re the one my brother always talks about.

Bryn: What?! Brocc, I swear, if you-

Katalina: He always says such nice things about you.

Bryn blushes.

Bryn: Oh, he does, does he?

Katalina: Yep! He says he couldn’t ask for a better friend.

Bryn: Well, maybe I DO think of him as a…friend.

Brocc: Yep. We may bicker and argue all the time, but if that’s not friendship, I don’t know what is.

Mak facepalms and shakes his head.

Mak: Honestly…

Katalina: So, what brings you and your companions out here?

Brocc: I could ask you the same thing. Ah…minus the “companions” part, of course.

Katalina: Oh, I’m on my way to my next show in Goldenia.

Mak: So you came running from the opposite direction?

Katalina: Of course! When I heard Brockie’s voice, I just had to meet up with him!

Thobrun: Ye must’ve been running faster than a hyperchook!

Mak: But…how could you hear him?

Brocc: I’ll field this one.

Brocc pulls a chart from seemingly out of nowhere and picks up a suspiciously straight stick from the ground.

Brocc: Forest gnomes – such as my sister and I – have the innate ability to commune with animals. So as you can see by this chart, many woodland creatures communicated via relay from us to my sister that we were moving towards her location, and when a finch finally passed on the message to her, she came “running faster than a hyperchook”, as Thobrun so eloquently described it.

Thobrun: It’s a gift.

Brocc slightly pulls down the chart, causing it to fly up and disappear. He then drops the stick to the ground, causing a loud “Ow!” sound to appear.

Bryn: Uh…what was that chart-thingy, and how did it appear out of nowhere?

Brocc: Ah, that was an example of illusion magic, the magic of illusion.

Bryn: But it was more like a projection from your mind!

Brocc: What?! That’s ridiculous! Do I look like an esper or something?

Bryn: Of course not! Espers are intelligent, aren’t they?

Brocc: True, but…hey! Are you implying that I’m dumb?!

Bryn: Oh, you bet I am, “Brockie”!

Brocc: HEY! Only eleven people may call me Brockie!

Bryn: Oh, and am I one of them?

Brocc: Why, I oughta-

Katalina giggles.

Katalina: Oh, you two are just like an old married couple!

Bryn and Brocc suddenly panic.

Bryn: What? Us? Married? Never!

Brocc: Yeah, you’d have to be nuts to want to marry her!

Bryn: Are you calling Greatkin nuts?

Brocc: Nope, just the ones who’d marry you!

Bryn: That’s it! Come here!

Bryn begins chasing Brocc in circles around the party. Katalina smiles and giggles nervously.

Scene 3: The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Early Afternoon

The party, along with Katalina, sits at two tables which happen to be located right near each other.

Bryn: Okay, I know that taverns have pretty outlandish names, but this place? The Bronzed Axolotl? Zed, what is an axolotl?

Zed: Uh-

Bryn: Wrong person to ask. Amethyst-

Zed: Hold on, I know what an axolotl is!

Bryn: Really? I thought you didn’t know much about weird creatures.

Zed: Well, I happen to have a pet axolotl of my own, a Chiauruese goldgill. Mrs. Taylor’s taking care of her for me.

Bryn: Aha! Chiauruese! Which means that axolotls come from Archaelia, an obscure subcontinent which I’m sure none of you have heard of.

Emily: I visited Chiaurupolis last year on a pilgrimage.

Bryn: Whatever, the question is why in the world there is a tavern named after a rare, exotic creature right in the middle of Ornoposia. Also, why the “bronzed axolotl”? Why not the “happy axolotl”, or the “drunken axolotl”?

Mak: Because the architect was of Archaelian descent, and his gift to the owners was a bronze sculpture of an axolotl, his hometown’s civic emblem.

Bryn: And how do you know this, Captain “I’m-a-dumb-warrior”?

Mak: It’s…on that plaque over there.

Mak points to a wall plaque with a bronze axolotl sculpture mounted on it. Brocc reads the inscription aloud.

Brocc: “This bronze axolotl sculpture was a gift from the architect to its owners, Kelpley and Algaenon Pond. The axolotl was chosen because it is the civic emblem of his hometown”. There, see, Bryn? NOT dumb!

Bryn: You’re STILL on about that, Brocc?

Brocc: I don’t appreciate people making fun of my intelligence, Bryn!

Bryn: Okay, okay, sorry...

Brocc: Thank you.

Bryn: Well, here’s my next question: Were the original owners really named Kelpley and Algaenon Pond? I mean, that must be a joke to put further emphasis on the fact that there is a metal fish-lizard on the wall.

Kendall walks up to the table carrying three mugs.

Kendall: There we go, one Goldwaldunian mead for Mr. Steelanvil...

Thobrun: Thank ye, lad.

Kendall: One Luminelven rosé for Miss Moondew…

Amethyst: My thanks, Kendall.

Kendall: And for Zed, who doesn’t drink alcohol…one mug of fruit punch.

Zed: Really? They serve fruit punch here?

Kendall: Indeed.

Zed: Sweet!

Zed sniffs his drink and sets it down gently.

Zed: It has alcohol in it.

Kendall: What?!

Kendall sniffs it.

Kendall: Oh yeah.

Erik: Surely you must have been able to smell the alcohol in Zed’s drink.

Kendall: Well, my senses have been acting up ever since Bryn spilled the pepper shaker yesterday.

Mak: Bryn!

Bryn: It was an accident!

Kendall: Okay, I’ll go and have a chat with the owner about it. Her name’s Waterlilly Pond, and she inherited this place from her parents Kelpley and Algaenon.

Bryn: Oh, come on! That’s just adding fuel to the fire! Or rather, axolotls to the river!

Kendall leaves the table, taking the fruit punch with him.

Katalina: So Brockie, what have you been doing lately?

Brocc: Oh, you know. It’s just one thing after another. First, we found Zed, then we went to a bunch of places, and…here we are now. How about you?

Katalina: Oh, just moving from gig to gig. Getting into all sorts of adventures, you know, the usual adventurer schtick.

Bryn: Wow. Is this what passes for a deep, meaningful gnome conversation?

Brocc: Of course. We couldn’t really leave out any details, could we?

Bryn (sarcasm): No, of course not. Every little detail helps, doesn’t it?

Katalina: Exactly!

Brocc and Katalina both sigh.

Katalina: I’m gonna be leaving Ornoposia soon, though. Time to freshen up my routine with a new locale.

Erik: Indeed. A fresh start is always a good thing.

Erik’s thoughts: Katalina…too long...she needs assistance…

Katalina: Well, I’m going to tune my violin outside.

Bryn: Ooh, I wanna hear you play in person!

Katalina: Of course! I adore all of my fans!

Bryn: Yippee!

Brocc: I’ll join you shortly.

Katalina: Okay!

Bryn and Katalina leave the table, the young gnome taking her violin case with her. Gazzo pulls out a chair and sits next to Zed.

Gazzo: Look, Zed…

Zed: Oh, hi.

Gazzo: Hello. Look, I just wanted to apologise to ya for what I almost did before.

Zed: It’s fine, no problem.

Gazzo: So to make it up to ya, I wanted to give ya this potion of luck.

Gazzo places a small bottle filled with golden-yellow liquid into Zed’s ungloved hands.

Zed: Really?

Gazzo: Actually, Bryn gave it to me to give to ya. She considers ya a good pal.

Zed: Oh. So, what does it do?

Gazzo: It gives ya perfect good luck and fortune for a time. Try it out, if ya like. Oh, but ya need to drink the whole thing.

Zed: Fair enough. Amethyst, what do you think?

Amethyst: It most definitely has Bryn’s branding on it, and despite her flaws, Bryn is true to her word.

Zed: Okay then.

Zed uncorks the bottle and begins drinking from it. Bryn walks back to the table.

Bryn: Sorry, forgot my-

Bryn sees Zed drinking from the bottle and panics.

Bryn: Zed, don’t drink that!

Bryn’s words arrive too late, Zed having drunk the last drop.

Zed: How come?

Bryn: You’re about to find out…

Zed’s clothes begin to shimmer, right down to his bare feet.

Zed: What’s happening?!

All of a sudden, Zed’s outer clothes disappear, revealing both his crystal and his pair of pale blue boxer shorts.

Zed: What happened?!

Gazzo: That potion I gave ya? A potion of banish clothes.

Zed: My clothes have vanished?!

Gazzo: Not vanished, “banished”. To the Ethereal Expanse. It’s the ultimate party gag!

Zed glares at Bryn. Tears begin to well in his eyes.

Zed: Bryn…how could you?

Bryn: I swear, I had no idea he took it!

Zed sniffs.

Zed: Really?

Bryn: I may be a thief, but I’m always true to my word. First rule of being a Greatkin.

Zed: Then…

Zed looks down at Gazzo.

Zed: Why?

Gazzo: Ya seemed like the type to have a sense of humour, so I tested it out.

Zed stares at the bolgard. The stare turns into a smile, which turns into a giggle, which snowballs into a fit of tear-filled laughter.

Zed: Okay, you got me!

Gazzo: There we go. I knew I judged ya right!

Zed calms down.

Zed: Okay, so…how long until the potion wears off?

Gazzo: Bryn?

Bryn: Well…

Zed: Bryn, tell me it will wear off.

Bryn: Yes, it will…eventually…I think.

Mak: You think?

Bryn: I made it to bolgard strength, so Gazzo would’ve only been nude for about 12 hours, a day tops.

Brocc: I hope you mean “in his underwear” and not “nude”.

Bryn: I’ve seen him drop his pants. Believe me, I wish I did mean that.

Brocc quivers.

Bryn: But a human drinking that concoction…it’s unfathomable.

Zed: So I might be stuck like this?!

Bryn: Well, yes. But the potion does have a safety mechanism in place to make you feel secure. It’ll feel like you’re still wearing your warm, comfy outfit even when you’re not. Oh, and you can’t put on any other clothes, otherwise, when your real outfit tries to return, both of them will disappear. For good. As will any future clothes you try to wear.

Mak: What other tricks did they teach you in that guild?

Bryn: Honestly, the best thing to do is wait. Oh, but you can definitely put your socks, boots and gloves back on.

Zed: That doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

Katalina screams from outside.

Brocc: Kaley!

Scene 4: Outside The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Early Afternoon

Bryn, Brocc and Thobrun race outside. Katalina appears distressed.

Brocc: Kaley! Kaley! What happened?!

Katalina: Well-

Brocc grabs Katalina and begins shaking her.

Brocc: Katalina! We must stay calm! Don’t panic! Nobody panic! EVERYBODY, STOP PANICKING!

Bryn pulls Brocc away and slaps his face. Brocc snaps back to his senses.

Brocc: Oh, sorry. Sometimes I fear for my sister’s safety.

Katalina: A bear stole my violin. It’s my most cherished possession.

Bryn: Is it important?

Katalina: Well, yes. It was a gift from my brother.

Brocc: What?! Which brother? Was it Sven? He was always the favourite! Ooh…that Sven!

Katalina giggles.

Katalina: No, it was you, you goofball!

Brocc: Oh yeah, it was a graduation present for you. Heheh…

Katalina: You were only 45 at the time, still an adolescent. But you did always look out for me, little brother.

Bryn: Wait a minute…Brocc, you’re YOUNGER than her?!

Katalina: I still remember when we were little, and mother and father had me choose a name for him. I chose “Choy”, because it sounded like a silly name for a gnome to have.

Bryn laughs loudly through her nose.

Bryn: Your name’s Brocc Choy? Like the vegetable?

Katalina: Actually, his full name is Broccoli Choy Verdann Svetlana Asparagustus-

Brocc: Okay, we don’t need to tell Brynnie all of my 35 middle names! We have more pressing matters to sort out!

Bryn: No, no, I want to hear the other 31-

Brocc speaks to Bryn through his clenched teeth.

Brocc: Katalina’s. Prized. Violin!

Bryn: Right. Which way did the bear go?

Katalina: That way.

Katalina points into a forested area.

Brocc: Right, I’m going in!

Bryn: By yourself? That’s crazy! At least tell the others!

Brocc: My mind’s made up! I, and I alone, will restore my family’s honour…before Sven does!

Brocc rushes into the forest.


Bryn: He’s gonna become bear chow.

Thobrun: I’ll follow him, lass.

Bryn: And I’ll stay here and make sure Katalina’s okay.

Thobrun: Fair enough, lass.

Katalina: Thank you, Bryn.

Thobrun enters the forest.

Thobrun: Oi! Ye great hairy beast! Come out, will ye?

Bryn: Those two…always talking to something that can’t answer back.

We cut to a view of a window on the side of the building. A faery with clear, cyan wings observes Zed.

Faery: At last, I’ve found him! But…why is he naked?

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Scene 5: The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Mid Afternoon

Zed stands outside the tavern, in deep thought.

Zed’s thoughts: I have a feeling…that I’m about to end up very far away from here…

Argen flashes onto the top of Zed’s head.

Argen: Really? That’s a pretty weird feeling to have.

Zed: Oh, hi Argen. Wait…you heard that thought?

Argen: Of course! We’re connected, like brothers. Only, y’know, NOT brothers.

Zed: I can’t quite put my finger on it, but something doesn’t feel right.

Argen: Is it your lack of clothes?

Zed: No, it’s more a spiritual feeling.

Erik’s voice: “Spiritual” isn’t a word which pops up often in this place.

Zed spins around to face Erik as he exits the tavern.

Zed: Oh, Erik.

Erik: Many people of this land assume a sense of spirituality which is borrowed from the people of Ryokoro.

Zed: Except it’s the concept of “heart”, rather than spirit.

Erik: Exactly, though both ideals are, in a sense, one and the same.

Zed: Well, that’s the sort of feeling that I have. It’s like…I’m being drawn towards someone, or someplace.

Erik: Interesting…

Erik’s thoughts: Soon, Zed will meet...

Zed: Could it be my true home?

Erik: Zed, you must understand that home isn’t from whence you hail. It is-

Zed: -where your heart currently resides. It’s one of the first shugenja proverbs I learned.

Erik: Indeed.

Erik sighs.

Erik: But, if I had to point you in a direction…

Erik points into the forest.

Erik: That way. I suggest walking in that direction.

Zed: Alone?

Erik: You are never truly alone. You will always be guided by someone.

Zed: I see.

Erik: I’ll leave you to make a decision.

Erik re-enters the tavern.

Zed: Okay, I’m going in.

Argen: Actually, I…uh…have to take care of…uh…a thing. Yeah. Later!

Argen flashes away.

Zed: Hey, Argen! W-

Zed sighs.

Zed: I haven’t been this alone in a long time.

Zed begins entering the forest. After about five steps, the faery flies in front of Zed’s face.

Faery: Hellooooooo!


Faery: May I tag along?

Zed: What the…? Who are…?

Faery: Pleeeeeeease? I’m really curious to enter the forest, but I don’t want to go in alone!

Zed: Uh…well…sure, I guess.

Faery: Great! I call top bunk!

The faery sits on top of Zed’s head.

Zed: Well, I didn’t want to go in alone.

Faery: Wow, your hair is so soft. What conditioner do you use?

Zed: Uh…prestidigitation.

Faery: So you’re a mage?

Zed: A wizard, actually.

Faery: Then…is your name, by chance, Zed?

Zed: Yeah. How-

Faery: YES! I found you at last!

The faery flies in front of Zed’s face.

Faery: You gotta let me come with! Please?

Zed: I already said it’s fine.

Faery: Great! Oh, but you should know something.

Zed: Really?

Faery: Yeah. Word is that there’s a DRAGOOOOON in this forest.

Zed: A dragon?!

Faery: Well, it’s just a rumour…one which I may have started, but-

Zed: So you were just teasing me?

Faery: Well…I thought it’d be funny.

Zed: Yeah, you and the bolgard. Everyone’s picking on me today!

Zed swiftly walks away from the faery and into the forest.

Faery: Hey, wait! You can’t face the dragon alone!

Zed: I’m not facing a dragon. I’m looking for my friends.

Faery: Then let me help!

Zed: For the third time, fine. You can come!

The faery begins to follow Zed.

Faery: Are you mad?

Zed: No, I’m still reeling from the shock of losing my clothes.

Faery: Yeah, I noticed that. What the bolgard did to you with that potion.

Zed: Yeah, I-

Zed stops and faces the faery.

Zed: You saw that?

Faery: Yep. I saw the whole thing through the tavern window.

Zed: So you were spying on me.

Faery: Yes, but for a good reason.

Zed: I’m all ears.

Faery: Well…I can’t tell you YET.

Zed: And you’re keeping secrets.

Faery: Look, all I’m saying is that you should protect that crystal.

Zed: I know. Now, which way should I go?

The faery points into the forest.

Faery: That way. Hope you brought your compass!

Zed takes a silver compass out of his pack and holds it up.

Zed: I never travel without it.

Faery: Ooh, shiny!

Zed: Now, let’s move!

Zed begins heading into the forest.

Faery: Yes, ma’am!

The faery follows Zed.

Scene 6: The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Late Afternoon

Erik walks up to the tables. Mak stands up.

Mak: Is Zed still out there?

Erik: He is doing some soul-searching.

Mak: Soul-searching? What’s that?

Erik: He is finding himself through the art of exploration.

Mak panics.

Mak: Alone?!

Erik: It is part of his Adventurer’s League training.

Mak: But he’s still a greenhorn!

Amethyst: Do not worry, Mak. He will be fine.

Mak: But he’s a human! He doesn’t have any natural abilities, he can’t see in pitch-darkness-

Amethyst: -and he has one of the most powerful artefacts in the world to protect him.

Erik: Not to mention his companion.

Mak: His what now?

Erik: I saw him communicating with a faery outside.

Amethyst: That is a sign of good fortune. He will be fine.

Mak: But…he’s naked!

Bryn: Face it, fearless leader. You don’t have a basis to lean on!

Mak: Nngh! Fine. But if anything happens to him-

Erik: I’ll take full responsibility.

Mak: Fine.

Mak exhales sharply through his nose.

Mak: I still don’t like it.

Scene 7: Forest: Late Afternoon

Zed walks through the forest, pursued by the tiny faery.

Faery: Look, about what I said earlier...

Zed: It's fine. To be honest, I kinda expected to meet someone.

Faery: Really?! I-I mean...good. You should have expected to stumble across-

Both Zed and the faery stop moving. The faery appears surprised.

Faery: -that weird-looking creature!

The faery flies forward towards a person resembling a humanoid dragon with golden scales. He has short, scruffy, golden-brown hair on top of his head and a monkey-like tail with similar-coloured fur; the tail slowly sways around and twitches behind his back. He sits on the ground with his legs crossed and his clawed hands in his lap. His eyes are closed, as though he is in a deep trance.

Faery: Look at this thing! What is he?

Zed: I'm...not sure...

Faery’s thoughts: Wait…it’s him! The guy I’ve been seeking!

Faery: What's he doing? This is no place for a nap!

Zed: I don't think...he's asleep. He's meditating.

Dragonoid: You are correct.

Both Zed and the Faery appear shocked.

Zed: You can hear us?

Dragonoid: Are you aware that you are nearly devoid of clothing?

Faery: And see us?!

Dragonoid: When you open your mind, all senses come to you, even the ones you cannot normally comprehend.

The person opens his eyes and carefully stands to his clawed, three-toed feet.

Dragonoid: Ore wa Shuken-Koori no Tamamaki desu. (I am Tamamaki of the Shuken-Koori.)

Zed: Boku wa Zed desu. (I'm Zed.)

Faery: And I'd be lost without these handy subtitles.

Tamamaki: A wall is as sturdy as can be, yet it crumbles at the slightest turn of phrase.

Faery: Come again?

Zed: That was a shugenja proverb.

Tamamaki: You are correct, Zed the Azurebound.

Zed appears surprised.

Zed: You know of me?

Tamamaki: Indeed. I have awaited your arrival in this spot. Your path, though swaying back and forth, is as straight and true as you wish it to be.

Zed: But...how did you know I'd be here?

Tamamaki: My ears are open to many things, not the least of which is the Sublime.

Faery: What's he jabbering about?

Zed: He speaks of Kedakai, one of the Immortal Twelve.

Faery: A Celestial Being? Aren't they - and please excuse the pun - nothing more than a faery tale?

Zed: I watched two beings ascend right in front of me. Believe me, they exist.

Faery: But they haven't been seen in the mortal realm for centuries!

Tamamaki looks at the faery.

Tamamaki: You have been sent on a quest by-

Faery: Hey, hey! Spoilers! I have yet to tell Zed about that!

Tamamaki: You keep secrets from him?

Zed: He won't even tell me his name.

Tamamaki looks at the faery.

Tamamaki: Anata wa Azure desu. (You are Azure.)

Faery: Uh…what?

Zed: So your name’s Azure, then?

Azure stares at Tamamaki, an expression of shock spreading across his face. A shimmer of sparkles falls from Azure's wings as he freaks out.

Azure: You said my name! Why would you say that?! Have you heard of the term, "spoilers"?!

Tamamaki: You are at least obligated to tell Zed your name, yes?

Azure: ...I am...I guess...

Tamamaki: Very good. Now, the reason you have come is...?

Zed: Oh, we're looking for some people.

Tamamaki: Of course. Allow me to assist you both.

Azure: Fine, but we don't need the help.

Tamamaki: Are you sure?

Azure: Yes, I just said we-

Suddenly, a far-off cry sounds out.


Zed: Brocc! Thobrun!

Azure: Violet!

Zed: Who?!

Azure: It...never mind!

Zed: Hurry!

The three people race towards the source of Brocc's voice.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 3rd 2017, 5:06 am
Episode 10: The Shugenja Duel
Zed, Azure and Tamamaki manage to “rescue” Brocc and Thobrun, only to be ambushed by none other than Trent and Kara. Tamamaki apparently knows Kara very well, feeling betrayed that she turned her back on him in order to join the forces of the Sorceress of Winter, with the two former friends duelling in order to try and resolve their disagreement. But is it too late for Kara to willingly leave the service of her Mistress?

Scene 1: Outside Bear’s Cave: Late Afternoon

Zed, Azure and Tamamaki arrive at the entrance of a cave. A bear has Brocc cornered to a wall. Thobrun lies unconscious next to a large rock.

Zed: Brocc! Thobrun!

Azure: Violet!

Zed: Okay, seriously, who is this “Violet” person?

Brocc looks over at Zed.

Brocc: Oh, Zed! Thank goodness it’s you!

Zed: What’s going on?

Brocc: Well, this bear, it-

Azure: It’s gonna maul him! Do something!

Tamamaki: Very well.

Tamamaki sits down and begins meditating.

Azure: WHAT?! THAT’S your big plan?!

Tamamaki: Meditation is the gateway to the Sublime.

Azure: This is no time for shinkanji techno-babble!

Azure’s thoughts: Surely this CAN’T be him!

The bear roars at Brocc. Brocc begins to panic.

Brocc: Oh, no! This is it!

The bear’s snout approaches Brocc’s face. It begins licking his cheek.

Brocc: Oh, ahahahaha! That tickles!

Zed: It must be tame.

Azure: Or…maybe Tummynuckle is controlling its mind.

Tamamaki: To control the will of another is a most shameful act.

Thobrun suddenly sits up.

Thobrun: Kippers please, mummy! Oh.

Thobrun notices Zed.

Thobrun: How long have you been standing there, lad?

Zed: About three minutes.

Thobrun stands to his feet and sees the bear “attacking” Brocc.

Thobrun: No! Brocc! I’ll save you!

Thobrun readies his axe and starts charging.

Zed: WAIT! It’s not attacking him!

Thobrun: Come again?

Zed: It’s assaulting him with kisses!

Thobrun observes the bear as it licks Brocc’s face.

Thobrun: Oh. Heheh…my apologies, ye hairy beastie.

The bear turns to face Thobrun and tackles him to the ground, before it begins licking his hairy face.

Thobrun: Hahahahaha! Aren’t you a hairy scamp?

Azure: It’s at LEAST as hairy as you!

The bear roars.

Thobrun: Oh, yes, I love you too!

Azure: So…is he part-bear, then?

Zed: No, he’s a dwarf.

Azure: Wait…is he the Tawnybound, Thobrun?!

Zed: Yep.

Brocc runs up to Zed and Azure.

Brocc: And I’m the Greenbound!

Azure: Oh yeah, you’re Beansprout, right?

Brocc: No, Broccoli!

Azure: Potato, tomato.

Brocc: No, just Broccoli. But call me “Brocc”.

Azure: Okay…wait, YOU’RE the Greenbound…?

Brocc: Yeah?

Azure: But…you’re not-

Brocc: Of course I am! Here’s proof!

Brocc pulls the Green Crystal from his shirt, a soft green light glowing in its centre.

Azure: Oh. Um…okay then…

Azure’s thoughts: This is weird…a GNOME as the Greenbound…?

Brocc notices Tamamaki.

Brocc: Who’s your new friend, Zed? Wait a minute…

Brocc walks up to Tamamaki and examines him carefully.

Brocc: Are you my brother Sven in disguise?

Tamamaki: I am not your brother Sven, Broccoli Choy Svetl-

Brocc: Hey! Please don’t say my middle names! Wait a minute…you know my middle names…which means…

Brocc points at Tamamaki.

Brocc: Aha! You ARE Sven, and you’ve come to complete my mission and take the credit for it!

Tamamaki: Your brother Sven is currently in-

Brocc: I knew it! He’s going to knock me off my pedestal!

Thobrun: Aren’t you overreacting just a wee bit, lad?

Brocc: Never! I’ll never overreact when it comes to Sven! Ooh, that Sven!

Azure flies up to Zed’s right ear.

Azure: Is he always like this?

Zed: Nope. Sometimes he’s a bit more extreme.

Azure: And that doesn’t bother you?

Zed: Nope. I think he’s kind of funny, actually.

Brocc: I’m WAY funnier than Sven! Just cause he beat me in the Comedy Festival doesn’t mean his sense of humour is…uh…what’s another word for “trout”?

Zed giggles.

Brocc: Drat! I was outworded by him, and he’s not even here! Ooh, that Sven!

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Forest: Late Afternoon

We cut to a view of the forest floor. A few sets of footprints lie fresh in the mud. A familiar pair of brown boots step next to them, with their owner kneeling down. Trent removes his right gauntlet and touches one footprint, then grabs some of the soil surrounding it. He stands upright, crumbles it slightly in his palm and sniffs it.

Trent: Bear tracks.

Trent throws the soil to the ground and rubs his hand across his thigh, removing the excess. He pulls his gauntlet back on, flexing his fingers as he does so. Kara gracefully lands next to him, her quarterstaff in her right hand.

Kara: And that is important because...?

Trent: They follow a path alongside two other pairs of footprints. I recognise the tracks.

Kara: Oh?

Trent points to the tracks. One set is made up of fairly wide footprints, the other set made up of small, narrow ones.

Trent: It seems the bear was being followed by our old friends, the Crystalbound.

Kara: All of them?

Trent shakes his head.

Trent: Just the dwarf and gnome.

Kara: We should be able to take them easily. Two versus two is not only fair, it works well in our favour.

Trent: Be careful, Kara. Their crystals offer them power beyond our imagining.

Kara: Ah, but do we not possess an artefact of our own?

Trent: We do. Nonetheless, we must be on our guard.

Scene 3: Outside Bear’s Cave: Evening

Zed, Thobrun, Brocc and Tamamaki sit outside the cave surrounding a small fire. The bear is curled up in a ball, fast asleep, with Azure relaxing atop its head.

Zed: So Tamamaki-kun, I’m curious about what it’s like in Ryokoro.

Tamamaki: It is most spectacular. In my homeland of Koori, it snows for much of the year. During the Dragon Festival, the snow shimmers in a myriad of colours. We call it “Juuichi-Iro no Yuki”.

Zed: The Snow of Twelve Colours.

Tamamaki: It is indeed most spectacular to behold.

Brocc: Sounds like my kind of weather!

Thobrun: What? You cannae stand snow, lad.

Brocc: It’s the principle of the thing! I, like most forest gnomes, like things that are colourful up to the point of garishosity.

Thobrun: Uh…”garishosity” isnae a wo-

Brocc: Now, ROCK gnomes, on the other hand, are more content with all that glitters. I mean, I like gold – Who doesn’t, though? – but what kind of creature in its right mind prefers shiny things that sparkle and gleam?

Azure: Gearmites.

Thobrun: Elboks.

Zed: Magpies.

Brocc: I mean sentient creatures!

Azure: Faeries.

Thobrun: Kobles.

Zed: Rogues.

Tamamaki: Dragons.

Brocc: Never mind, you don’t get my point. Explaining it would just be wasted breath.

Kara’s voice: Then select your next words carefully, gnome.

The bear suddenly awakens, standing up so suddenly that Azure is flung into the air. It roars loudly at Trent and Kara, who are standing very close by. Azure yells at the bear.

Azure: Hey! What did you do that for, you hairy-

Azure suddenly notices Trent and Kara, and turns to greet them.

Azure: Oh, hi there! Zed, are these more of your friends?

Zed: Hardly.

Azure looks at Kara.

Azure: Wait…Violet…?

The bear roars again. Kara leaps forward and gently and swiftly strikes its pressure points. It collapses to the ground and falls asleep.

Trent: I will forgive you for doing that, Kara. Having said that, I hardly approve.

Brocc: What did you do THAT for?!

Kara: You cannot be too careful with a dangerous animal such as a bear.

Brocc: But you killed it!

Kara: Relax, gnome. It will be fine in one hour.

Brocc: Hey! My name’s not “gnome”! It’s Broccoli!

Kara: Silence, gnome.

Kara notices Tamamaki.

Kara: We meet again, Tamamaki-kun.

Tamamaki: Konbanwa, Karakaki-san. (Good evening, Karakaki.)

Brocc: Wait…you two know each other?

Kara: That is not your concern, gnome.

Brocc: HEY! My name is BROCCOLI! BUH-ROC-UH-LEE! I don’t call you “human”!

Kara: Hold your tongue, gnome.

Brocc scoffs loudly.

Brocc: The nerve! Honestly, I-

Kara suddenly punches in Brocc’s direction, surrounding him in a wall of fire.


Kara: If you do not mind, I am speaking to my former associate.

Tamamaki throws his open palm in Brocc’s direction, dousing the flame with water.

Tamamaki: Leave the gnome out of this. This is between us, Karakaki-san.

Brocc: My name is NOT “the gnome”! It’s BUH-ROC-UH-LEE-UH-RUH…uh…I think…

Kara: Do not call me that. I now answer to “Kara”.

Tamamaki: You disgrace your honour by rejecting your own name?

Kara: My honour is whole and pure. “Kara” is a nickname given to me by my Mistress.

Tamamaki: Your only master is your temple sensei.

Kara: Was. I was cast out for following my own path.

Tamamaki: And which path has led you to reject the one before you?

Kara: If you wish to know, you must strike me.

Tamamaki sighs.

Tamamaki: Very well. Since you requested this…

Tamamaki leaps towards Kara, his fist flying forward. Kara suddenly seems to vanish in a purple blur.

Tamamaki: What…?

Kara’s voice: Up here.

Kara is standing atop the cave’s mouth.

Tamamaki: How did you do that? What foul trickery is this?

Kara: The Crystalbound are not the only ones to possess extraordinary gifts.

Kara reaches into her top, pulling out a crystal of very dark purple.

Tamamaki: That is a mockery of the true crystals! How did you come to possess it?

Trent: They were a gift from our Mistress.

Thobrun: You mean-

Trent turns to face Thobrun.

Trent: Indeed. There are two sets of crystals.

Thobrun readies his axe.

Thobrun: Then I must stop you before you-

Trent suddenly lifts up his staff and points it at Thobrun. A green beam shoots from it, striking Thobrun. As the beam pulses with bright green light, the energy of nature courses through Thobrun’s body, inflicting great discomfort and causing the dwarf to drop his axe.

Trent: To threaten a guardian of nature is to threaten Naturia herself. You shall not harm her!

Zed suddenly pulls his wand from out of nowhere, pointing it at Trent.

Zed: “Magic Missile!”

A bright cyan marble of energy fires at Trent, but it deflects off his body and into the sky.

Zed: But…magic missile never misses!

Trent addresses Zed while still focusing on Thobrun.

Trent: You must be a fool. I, too, have a crystal. The one I possess protects and reinforces my willpower, shielding me from the basest form of magic.

In an instant, Kara disappears from the cave mouth and reappears next to the party, with only a split-second purple blur marking her former location.

Kara: And the crystal I wear gives me perfect agility and reflexes, making it near-impossible to strike me.

Tamamaki: There is no honour in cheating, Kara.

Kara: The crystal chose me. It and I are bound to one another. Cheating is not involved in my actions.

Brocc: Okay, so what have we learned? That these two goons have crystals too?

Thobrun continues to struggle.

Thobrun: Nngh…don’t just…stand there! Do…some…thing!

Brocc: Like what? You heard the druid. Magic doesn’t affect him!


Trent continues to focus on Thobrun. Suddenly, a rock strikes the back of Trent’s head. The beam of energy suddenly stops, and Trent slinks to the ground, unconscious. Thobrun pants as he regains his composure.

Mak: Sorry we’re late. Did we miss anything?

Brocc: Yeah, a whole bunch! First I was attacked by a bear while THOBRUN was napping-

Thobrun: Now come on…it’s not like…you were in…danger…lad.

Brocc: -and then these people showed up. Oh, and Zed, too.

Mak: ZED!

Mak suddenly runs up to Zed, hugging him tightly.

Zed: Uh…Mak…?

Mak suddenly lets go of Zed.

Mak: I’m so glad you’re safe, buddy.

Amethyst: I told you he would be fine, did I not?

Mak: You did, you did.

Brocc: Oh, and then you threw a rock at Trent and knocked him out.

Azure: Don’t mind me. I’m only important in this story arc, anyhow.

Brocc: Oh, this is Azure. He’s an expert at demolishing fourth walls, just like me!

Mak (sarcasm): Great…

Zed: And that’s Tamamaki-kun. He’s a ryukoni shugenja.

Mak turns to face Tamamaki.

Mak: It’s a pleasure.

Tamamaki: Likewise.

Bryn suddenly runs up to Brocc and grabs him.

Bryn: Oh, Brocc! I’m so glad you’re safe! Don’t EVER do that again, or I swear I’ll-

Brocc breaks free from Bryn’s grip, before he ends up in Katalina’s clutches.

Katalina: Oh, Brockie! You did it! You faced a bear! I’m so happy!

Brocc: What about…ACK…your violin?

Katalina suddenly lets go.

Katalina: Oh yeah! Um…where is it?

Brocc: Over there.

Brocc points to Katalina’s violin case, which is next to a rock. Katalina runs up to it and picks it up, holding it in her arms.

Katalina: Thank you, Brockie.

Brocc: Anytime, Kaley. Now, what’s say we head back to The Bronzed Axolotl and have a big feast to celebrate?

Everybody (including Brocc): Yeah!

Brocc (making a different voice): Oh, yeah, Brocc’s a genius!

Brocc: (making another different voice): Yay! Brocc’s the greatest for suggesting that!

Thobrun: Okay, okay, settle down, everyone! We know Brocc did good.

Azure flies up to Zed’s right ear again.

Azure: So this “Brocc” must be pretty well liked then.

Zed: I guess so.

Emily: Okay, let us head back.

The party turns and begins to walk away. Kara suddenly lands in the party’s path.

Kendall: Who…?

Brocc: Oh yeah, I forgot about her.

Kara: You are not going anywhere. I will stop you all right here.

Commercial: Get ready, because the Winter Festival’s coming! The annual dwarven holiday in which everybody feasts and parties for two whole days! But please remember to be responsible and considerate of our streets. This Winter Festival, don’t litter! Keep our streets clean! This message brought to you by the Council of Twelve.

Scene 4: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Erik is walking through a crowded street. He spots Jump and approaches him.

Erik: Greetings, Jump.

Jump: Greetings. What brings you here so soon?

Erik: I need you to do something for me.

Jump: Anything, brother.

Scene 5: Outside Bear’s Cave: Evening

Kara faces off against the Crystalbound, Kendall, Azure and Tamamaki.

Mak: Okay, maybe we should just talk about-

Kara punches at Mak, striking his arm with a small burst of flame.

Mak: OW! Okay, that was uncalled for!

Emily: Do not worry. I will mend your wound later.

Mak stares into Emily’s eyes and smiles. Kara places her right hand onto her right hip.

Kara: Do you not take me seriously?

Brocc: Oh, believe me, at least half of us take you seriously.

Kara: I really do intend to stop you. And when I do, you will not see me co-

A crossbow bolt fires towards Kara, but she shifts two feet to her left in a split-second purple blur.

Kara: Who…?

Everybody looks down at Bryn.

Bryn: What? I took a punt, and I missed. What’s the harm?

Kara swiftly rushes forward and strikes Bryn, sending her flying up and catching the hood of her cloak on a tree branch.

Bryn: Never mind, I’ll just hang around up here, then.

Bryn looks down to the forest floor, and her vision blurs and splits.

Bryn: Uh…probably not a good time to mention my fear of heights, right?

Mak: Oh, for the love of…Bryn, you’re two feet from the ground!

Bryn: Which is the equivalent of a human FOUR feet from the ground!

Bryn suddenly realises what she said.

Bryn: Well, that didn’t come out right. Good thing there are no other halflings here, or that would have been embarrassing.

Kara: Would anybody else like to try and strike me?

Tamamaki steps forward.

Tamamaki: I accept your challenge.

Kara smiles.

Kara: I might have known.

Tamamaki: I will duel you, on one condition.

Kara: I will not tap into my crystal’s power.

Tamamaki: This is all I ask.

Both Kara and Tamamaki take stances relating to their respective disciplines.

Mak: So…what exactly are these two doing?

Zed: I read about this. It’s a duel between shugenja of opposing disciplines. Fire and water are natural opposites, so this should be quite an enlightening experience.

Mak: But how do we know Kara will obey the rules?

Zed: Shugenja typically follow a strict code-of-conduct to obey the rules. If she does have honour, she won’t cheat.

Kara and Tamamaki: San…ni…ichi…HAJIME! (Three…two…one…BEGIN!)

Kara leaps forward, her outstretched fist covered with flame. Tamamaki leaps back and performs a swinging kick, dousing her fist with water. Tamamaki and Kara both land on the ground and turn to face each other.

Kara: You have improved since we last met, Tamamaki-kun.

Tamamaki: Likewise.

Kara suddenly leaps towards Tamamaki again, repeatedly punching her left and right fists forward in rapid succession and causing small orbs of flame to fly in Tamamaki’s direction as she slowly steps forward. Tamamaki walks forward himself and matches each punch, with splashes of water dousing each flame. Kara and Tamamaki finally reach each other, and Kara swings upward, punching Tamamaki’s lower jaw and sending him flying up. Tamamaki wraps his tail around Kara’s ankles, binding them together and tripping her over as he falls to the ground.

Kara: I see you have learned some new tricks, old friend.

Tamamaki: You gave up the right of friendship when you betrayed your people, Kara.

Kara: Baka! (Fool!)

Tamamaki and Kara leap to their feet.

Kara: Anata wa ooki no baka deshita! (You were a huge fool!)

Kara spits at Tamamaki’s feet.

Kara: I reached out to you, and you rejected me! If anybody is to lose the right of friendship, it is not I!

Tamamaki sighs.

Tamamaki: It is true. I did turn you away. But it was to guide you along the path of your own choosing.

Kara’s expression mellows out.

Tamamaki: It is not the right of a fellow shugenja to decide your path for you. That is your decision and yours alone.

Kara: Tamamaki-kun…

Tamamaki: The day you left, I was heartbroken. I feared that the path before you would lead you away from mine, and never again would we meet.

Tamamaki smiles.

Tamamaki: But seeing you here…it gives me hope that we might be able to walk the same path once again.

A tear rolls down Kara’s cheek.

Kara: I did not intend to hurt you, nor did I mean to betray my people.

Kara looks over at the pink horizon.

Kara: The influence of my Mistress can be quite difficult to overcome. She claims she knows what is best for me, but…

Kara sighs.

Kara: It is too late. Perhaps one day, I will be freed from her service. Until that day, I must obey her every whim.

Kara kneels towards Tamamaki.

Kara: The victory is yours this day.

Tamamaki: Karakaki-san…

Kara stands to her feet.

Kara: For now, my partner and I will withdraw.

Mak: But…what will you tell your boss?

Kara: I will tell her the truth, as any honourable shugenja would.

Thobrun: Won’t you be punished, lass?

Kara: My punishment can be no worse than the trials I faced when reaching the Shuken-Suna Temple.

Kara leaps towards Trent, picking him up and slinging him over her shoulder.

Kara: I should warn you, though. Next time, there will be no mercy for you, Crystalbound.

Mak: We’ll keep that in mind.

Kara bows her head, then turns and leaps away. Brocc appears flabbergasted.

Brocc: How can she lift that huge guy over her shoulder and leap away so gracefully?!

Bryn sighs.

Bryn: It’s just one of the mysteries of the world, Brocc. Now...SOMEBODY GET ME DOWN FROM HERE!

Scene 6: The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Night

The party sits around the table, eating a massive feast. Various dishes line the table, with examples including roast lamb, roast chicken, stewed vegetables, hunks of cheese and loaves of freshly-baked bread. The table is covered in bottles of wine, pitchers of ale and a mug of mead for Thobrun. Zed and Kendall are not present.

Brocc: I haven’t eaten this well in weeks!

Bryn: The Dragon Festival was three days ago. You constantly pigged out on Ninoichish food.

Brocc: What? Ninoichish food is delicious.

Bryn: It’s exactly the same as Sunanese and Jangurese.

Brocc: Hey! It takes a true connoisseur of Ninoichish cuisine to spot the differences.

Bryn: But it’s all curry-based. How can you tell the differences?

Brocc: I don’t have to listen to this! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I am eating an entire leg of lamb.

Bryn: What?! You couldn’t possibly eat all that!

Katalina: That’s nothing! You haven’t seen him during the Pharrschott family reunion. He eats more than our brother Sven!

Brocc: Hey! Leave him out of this!

Katalina giggles.

Katalina: Sorry!

Brocc: Ooh, that Sven!

Scene 7: Outside The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Night

Zed and Kendall stand outside the tavern, the moon high in the sky. Zed is holding his right gauntlet in his left hand, exposing the mark on the back of his right hand.

Kendall: This mark is incredible. I feel as though I’ve seen it somewhere before.

Zed: Really?

Kendall: Yes, though I cannot quite remember where.

Zed: Erik told me that it’s very important. He also said that I need to keep it hidden from most people.

Kendall: Then it’s an amazement that he allowed me to know of it.

Zed: Well, that was an accident. It glowed while you were close enough to see it.

Kendall: Well, I still feel as though he trusts me enough to keep your secret.

Zed: I trust you, too.

Kendall smiles.

Kendall: I must admit, before you came along I didn’t have friends, only acquaintances.

Zed: Really?

Kendall: Indeed. All I had for company was my family. At Stormshroud Academy, my sister and I were inseparable. She must be a powerful sorceress by now.

Zed: Sorceress…? But…Laura’s a hedge mage…?! Ah, never mind…

Zed dons his gauntlet, flexing his fingers as he does so.

Kendall: But now, I have a friend of my own.

Zed: Aw…

Zed smiles. A tear rolls down his cheek.

Kendall: Still, I-

Zed’s mark begins to glow through his gauntlet with cyan light.

Kendall: Oh, it’s glowing once again.

Zed: Hm…that’s weird.

The light dims, before it disappears completely.

Kendall: I wonder why it did that?

Jump’s voice: We meet again, Zed.

Zed looks over at Jump, who is suddenly standing there.

Kendall: WAAAAAH!

Zed: Oh, Jump! Hi!

Jump: Erik sent me here to give you something.

Zed: Oh?

Jump holds up a bottle of glowing blue potion.

Scene 8: Outside The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Morning

The Crystalbound, Kendall, Gazzo, Katalina and Tamamaki stand outside the tavern. Azure and Jump are nowhere to be found.

Mak: It’s what now?

Zed: Apparently, it’s the antidote to the potion that a certain bolgard gave me.

Gazzo: Heehee…sorry, Zed.

Mak: So he just gave it to you and left?

Zed: Yep.

Brocc: Just like that?

Zed: Just like that.

Tamamaki: Associations wax and wane, but friendships are strong enough to remain constant.

Gazzo: Whuzzat?

Amethyst: It is an example of shugenja teachings.

Emily: I find the proverbs of the shugenja to be most enlightening.

Brocc: And I like shugenja food!

Amethyst: But that is merely Ryokorese food, Brocc.

Brocc: Ah, but shugenja food comes with a thought-provoking proverb!

Tamamaki: The hair splits at the follicle, yet it is still the same hair.

Brocc mulls over Tamamaki’s words.

Brocc: Mmm…I guess that was thought-provoking…even if I’m not eating soba right now…

Mak: So, the potion?

Zed: Huh? Oh, right. What should I do?

Mak: You still have dignity, right?

Zed: Of course.

Mak: So…drink it before your dignity evaporates!

Zed: Okay.

Zed uncorks the bottle and drinks the potion.

Zed: Well?

Brocc: Nothing’s happening.

Zed: Oh.

Emily: Wait…your crystal!

Zed’s crystal begins to glow, and his body shimmers with a faint silhouette of his clothes. Underneath Zed’s feet, a cyan-coloured pattern identical to the symbol on his hand appears. At that moment, a column of bright, cyan-tinged light erupts from the ground around him and into the sky.

Mak: I think it’s working!

Amethyst: Something is wrong.

Mak: Come again?

Bryn: Yeah, I’ve had the antidote prepared before, and that never happens!

Mak: Then…what-

The column of light retreats back into the ground, and the pattern fades away. Zed is nowhere to be found.

Mak: Uh…where’s Zed?

Mak walks into the middle of the spot where Zed was standing, looking around with a worried expression on his face.

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 6th 2017, 4:14 am
Episode 11: The Other Lackeys
Zed has disappeared, leaving the party wondering how to get him back. As they search for a way to retrieve the young wizard, Mak is attacked and seriously injured by two very dangerous people. Most of the party is captured, and Emily, Brocc and Kendall are left stranded. Emily worries for Mak, as she is the best chance for him to make a full recovery, but with no idea where to find him, will it even be possible to save the orcborn in time? Meanwhile, Zed finds himself in an endless expanse of metal which is shrouded in a cool, thick mist. Only one other person seems to be present, a girl who calls herself “Jen”, and she claims she can help Zed find his way back. But what is her true motivation for helping him?

New Characters

– Apparently the sole inhabitant of Zed’s new location, she shows a keen interest in the young wizard. But what is her true purpose?

Brent – An intrepid hunter who is an expert at tracking, but unlike most hunters he doesn’t defend the wilderness from dangerous threats such as monsters. Rather, he hunts the Crystalbound!

Sara – A savage girl from a wild tribe of Archaelia, what she lacks in intelligence she makes up for in physical might and ferocity.

“Trent and Kara suck! I, Brent, am superior…as is Sara, I suppose.”
Scene 1: Outside The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Morning

Zed uncorks the bottle and drinks the potion.

Zed: Well?

Brocc: Nothing’s happening.

Zed: Oh.

Emily: Wait…your crystal!

Zed’s crystal begins to glow, and his body shimmers with a faint silhouette of his clothes. Underneath Zed’s feet, a cyan-coloured pattern identical to the symbol on his hand appears. At that moment, a column of bright, cyan-tinged light erupts from the ground around him and into the sky.

Zed: Whoa…awesome…

All of a sudden, Zed’s clothes reappear on his body.

Zed: Hey, it worked! Good news, guys! My clothes are-

The light suddenly returns to the ground, revealing that Zed is in an entirely new location. Zed watches the pattern fade from beneath his feet, revealing that he is standing on a plain made of solid metal. The air is shrouded in a thick mist, but he is able to breathe normally.

Zed: Guys? Hello?

Zed examines his surroundings, but there is no sign of his friends.

Zed’s thoughts: Where am I? How did I get here?

Zed sighs.

Zed’s thoughts: I guess I was right…I really am far away…

Scene 2: Outside The Bronzed Axolotl Tavern: Morning

Mak begins to panic.

Mak: Okay…okay…there has to be a logical explanation for this. Maybe Jump gave Zed the wrong potion. Or maybe…

Mak suddenly bellows loudly.

Mak: I bet Erik intentionally gave Zed the wrong potion! I knew I couldn’t trust that guy!

Amethyst: Mak, I am sure there must be a logical reason for it.

Mak: Oh, I bet there is. And when I see that Erik, I’m gonna-

Bryn: You’ll what? He’s a high-ranking member of the Adventurer’s League. If you attack him, you’ll be stripped of your-

Mak suddenly panics and laughs nervously.

Mak: Eheheheh…let’s not go there, Bryn! I’m sure Zed will be just fine! Heheheh…heh…

The others seem suspicious of Mak’s sudden change-of-heart.

Amethyst: Mak, is there something you have yet to tell us?

Mak: Um…well, thing is…uh…look up there!

Mak points at the sky, causing everybody but Bryn to look up. Mak then dashes off-screen. Bryn stares at the direction in which the orcborn is fleeing.

Bryn’s thoughts: They’re gonna find out sooner-or-later, Makkmak...

Opening Credits


Scene 3: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zed wanders through the metal plain, looking for any sign of civilisation…or just anybody else.

Zed’s thoughts: Where is everyone...?

Zed suddenly notices a silhouette of somebody in the distance.

Zed: Excuse me! Hello?

The silhouette shifts slightly. A feminine giggle echoes through the mist towards Zed, before it seemingly moves away from him.

Zed: Wait! I’m lost! Can you help me?

The silhouette stops moving, before it begins to approach Zed. It seems to glow with a soft, white light.

Zed: Uh…It’s just that I…well, I was just outside a tavern in the forest…and I…oh wait, do you even have forests in this place? Oh, I just remembered something! The place I came from is called the Material Plane…uh…I think.

The silhouette moves closer to Zed, but he still can’t make out who – or what – it is. It giggles again.

Zed: So…can you help me? Please?

The silhouette emerges from the mist, and is revealed to be a girl in her mid-20s, with long, golden-blonde hair and silvery eyes. She wears a flowing white robe.

Girl: Well, since you said the magic word…yes. I will help you.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Thank you.

The girl giggles again.

Scene 4: Platinian Nature Trail: Late Morning

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Gazzo look for Zed along the road to Goldenia. Mak appears concerned for the young wizard.

Mak: I’m getting worried, Amethyst.

Amethyst: Do not fear. I have total confidence in my apprentice.

Mak: But…he’s a human!

Kendall: Humans can be quite reliable when it comes to adaptability.

Mak: How can you know that? You’re not fully human yourself.

Kendall: Well, no. But two of my immediate family members are human. My mother can adjust to any situation, no matter how dire. When my father-

Kendall sighs.

Kendall: My mother was so strong. She helped me through my heartache with an attitude matched by none other.

Mak: She sounds like an amazing woman.

Kendall: She is. Her culinary stills are extraordinary. Every Winter Festival, she makes a big feast of our favourite dishes. It is always a wonderful time to spend with them.

Mak: I barely remember my mother, but the memories I do have are…let’s say good.

Kendall: Ah, she’s human as well?

Mak: Nope, orc.

Kendall: Really? You are an orcborn, yes?

Mak: Yeah, but my father’s the one who’s human.

Kendall: Oh. My apologies.

Mak: Ah, don’t mention it. I love both my parents. My father raised me well. He claims that I turned out better than most orcborn.

Mak chuckles.

Mak: Of course, it helps that I must’ve gotten my intelligence from him, since he’s quite the academic.

Gazzo: He’s a master wizard?

Mak: Nope, a librarian.

Gazzo: This is why I don’t chip into ya conversations.

Bryn: Oh, lighten up, Buzztwoddle.

Mak: ANYWAY, my mother was very strong, able to crush a small rock in her bare hand. But-

A tear rolls down Mak’s cheek.

Mak: It’s always hard to lose a parent. But I continue to march on.

Bryn: March on? Like, say, a-

Mak: Bryn! I swear, if you say another-

An arrow flies past Mak’s head.

Bryn: What the bat guano?

A man dressed in black leather armour runs up to the party. In his hand is a shortbow. He is soon followed by a woman as tall as Zed and more broadly built, who is carrying a rather ornate spear.

Man: Well well, what have we here?

The man’s face twists into a sinister grin.

Man: Look, Sara. I think we’ve found a new quarry to hunt.

Sara: Mm…I like the sound of that.

Mak: You threaten us?

Man: Of course! I live for the hunt. I am a hunter, after all. The best hunter. No other hunter is as skilled as I!

Bryn: But…aren’t hunters supposed to protect the wilderness from monsters, not…hunt…people?

Brocc (sarcastic): Ooh, nice comeback, Bryn!

Bryn: You wanna be punched in the face, Brocc, then just keep it up!

Brocc: Well, excuuuuuuuuse me, Bryncess!

Man: HEY! I, Brent, the best hunter, am addressing you!

Brocc: Uh, this is a private conversation, so if you and the freakishly-tall woman could just-

Brent fires an arrow past Brocc’s head. One of Brocc’s green hairs becomes snared on the arrow’s tip, ripping it out of the follicle as it whizzes past.

Brocc: Ow! Hey!

Brent: Next time, it will be your-

Mak: If you threaten us, we will fight back.

Brent: I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Brent’s face twists into another evil grin.

Brent: If you fight back, it will make it all the more enjoyable to watch the hope fade from your eyes.

Emily: These people are quite frightening indeed.

Mak: Don’t worry, Ems. I’ll protect you.

Brent: Ah, but who will protect you?

Brent motions his hand forward. Quick as a flash, Sara throws her spear into Mak’s belly, causing him to yell out in agony and slink to the ground.

Emily: Makkmak!

Brent looks at Emily.

Brent: Hm…you are a priestess, yes? Skilled in the use of healing magic?

Emily: …I am.

Brent: Then you could be a threat to our plans. Sara, tie up the girl and leave her next to that tree. I want to watch her anguish as we capture most of her friends and take them away.

Mak groans in pain.

Mak: You leave her out of this!

Brent: Do you not see? That is exactly what we are doing.

Sara approaches the party. Amethyst lifts her staff and aims it at her.

Amethyst: “Fireb-“

Brent throws a small orb at Amethyst’s feet, engulfing her in mist. As the mist clears, she attempts to cast the spell again, but her voice is gone. She holds her hand to her mouth in surprise.

Brent: You cannot cast spells without the ability to speak, can you?

Brocc: No, but I can!

Brent picks up a rock and throws it at Brocc’s head, knocking out the gnome.

Thobrun: Brocc!

Thobrun readies his axe and charges at Sara. As the blade makes contact, the entire axe splinters in the middle, causing the blade half to fall to the ground.

Thobrun: My axe…that was made by a top-notch dwarven artisan! How could it just splinter?

Sara: I have this.

Sara pulls a dark yellowish-green crystal from behind her armour.

Emily: Y-You…you are…are…

Brent mocks Emily.

Brent: You are…you are…indeed we are! We are the OTHER lackeys! We will succeed where those losers Trent and Kara failed.

Thobrun: But…what happened to ‘em?

Brent: They’re safely locked away…in cryostasis! Our Mistress warned them, and they still failed. Oh well, their loss is our gain.

Sara grabs Emily’s wrists and pulls her away from the party.

Emily: NO! Let me go!

Sara binds her wrists together with surprisingly well-crafted rope, then ties the rope around a tree trunk. Mak turns to face Kendall.

Mak: Kendall…nngh…can’t you do something?

Kendall opens his mouth and points into it, then closes it and shakes his head.

Bryn: Oh, for the love of muddvaks. Okay, I’LL stop that jerk!

Brent: You? A rogue? Try your worst!

Bryn: With pleasure!

Bryn throws a vial of olive-yellow liquid at Brent. It shatters on his exposed arm, leaving a puddle of the liquid smeared on it.

Bryn: Any second now…any second now…

Brent yawns loudly.

Bryn: What…? That vial of liquid should’ve had you running for the loo!

Brent: Did you forget? I also have a crystal.

Brent pulls a deep maroon crystal from behind his neckerchief.

Brent: This crystal of mine makes me immune to illness, fatigue…and poisons.

Bryn: Oh, shoot! And that vial cost me 500 gold!

Brent: Face it, until you can harness your crystals’ powers, we are far stronger.

Bryn: Okay, I give up. Gazzo, will you-

Bryn looks around. Gazzo is nowhere to be found.

Bryn: That little…he’s scarpered on us!

Mak: I knew we couldn’t trust that little- AAAAAAAARGH!

Emily: Makkmak! Makkmak!

Mak collapses from exhaustion. Brent ties up the party, except for Amethyst, Kendall and Brocc.

Brent: Hm…the silencing mist will wear off soon. Sara, hold the elf still while I gag her.

Sara holds Amethyst’s arms as Brent gags her. Brent then ties up Amethyst with the others.

Sara: What about the doggy?

Kendall seems to take offense at being called a “doggy”.

Brent: He’s a novice mage. There is little he can do to stop us.

Sara: Should I tie him up with the priestess, then?

Brent: Indeed.

Sara grabs Kendall and ties his wrists together behind his back. She then ties his leg to the tree trunk.

Sara: Done.

Brent: Good. Then we can drag our quarry to our Mistress.

Brent rips the spear from Mak’s side and gives it to Sara. Emily is in tears.

Emily: Please, let me help him!

Brent kicks the orcborn in the leg.

Brent: Get up!

Mak groans and manages to get to his feet.

Brent: Now, march!

The party, Mak included, begins to trudge along.

Emily: You cannot let him walk in his condition!

Brent: He will walk. If he does not…well, let us hope it does not come to that.

Brent stands behind the party. Sara stands in front and pulls on the rope. Mak nearly trips over as he begins to move slightly faster.

Emily: Makkmak! MAKKMAK!

The party continues to move away. Emily sobs quietly. Kendall looks at the priestess with sad eyes. Brocc lies sprawled on his back in the middle of the road. His leg twitches.

Commercial: Mask of Akanius, Flight of Indigo and Shell of Thal. Coming soon!

Scene 5: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zed walks through the plain alongside the girl.

Zed: This place is so…surreal.

Girl: I suppose it would seem that way to an outsider.

Zed: So you live here?

Girl: In a way, yes.

Zed: But…how? There’s no food, no water…it’s like a desert of…of metal!

Girl: You would be surprised.

Zed: I guess I would have to be.

The girl suddenly stops walking, prompting Zed to also halt movement.

Girl: I just realized I have yet to introduce myself. I am Jen.

Zed: Jen?

Jen: Yes, Jen.

Zed: Well, I’m-

Jen: Zed Starmute of the Crystalbound.

Zed: Y-

Zed’s eyes widen.

Zed: H-How did you-

Jen: You and your allies are far more well-known than you realise.

Zed: Wait…has everyone heard of me?

Jen: Well, not everyone. But many in your world have heard of you.

Zed: Then I’m…famous?

Jen giggles.

Jen: Does the promise of celebrity frighten you?

Zed: Well, not exactly. But I don’t really want to become famous…at least not by choice.

Jen: Then what do you want?

Zed: Honestly, I have no idea.

Jen’s eyes widen.

Jen: Honestly? There is nothing which you desire more than anything?

Zed: Not really, no.

Jen sighs.

Jen’s thoughts: This is going to be harder than I first thought.

Scene 6: Platinian Nature Trail: Late Afternoon

Emily leans sideways against the tree, her hands still bound to it. She sighs. Kendall seems to be doing some sort of rhythmic dance.

Emily: I worry about Makkmak. I hope he is not being treated too harshly.

Kendall stops his dance and looks at Emily with sad eyes. He then becomes flustered and begins to dance again. Emily perks up slightly.

Emily: You are right. We must brighten our spirits so we can find our friends and rescue them. But…how do we free ourselves from our predicament?

Brocc’s voice: I’m glad you asked, Emily!

Brocc is suddenly standing there.

Emily: Brocc? But…how-

Brocc: I woke up just now. It feels like somebody threw a rock at my head, though.

Brocc rubs his head.

Emily: Well, if you free us, I can repair your wound.

Brocc: Coming right up!

Brocc pulls a small knife from his belt and cuts the ropes binding Emily’s wrists to the tree, freeing the priestess. Brocc then unbinds Kendall’s wrists and leg from the tree. Kendall immediately races into the trees, followed by a loud unzipping sound.


After a loud zipping sound, Kendall emerges from the trees.

Kendall: Well, I feel ten times better now!

Brocc: Oh, maybe I should’ve freed you first, Kendall.

Kendall: It is fine. I am relieved of my anguish, and that is good enough. In addition, my voice has recovered!

Brocc: Oh, good. I thought you were gonna end up like Rowie!

Kendall: Rowie?

Brocc: Yeah, Bryn’s brother. I’ll let her talk about him, though.

Kendall: I see...

Kendall looks at Emily, who sighs again. Kendall loudly claps his hands together and rubs them.

Kendall: Now, let us relieve the others of theirs…and tear the ranger and barbarian a new one!

Brocc: Couldn’t we tear them one each? I’m feeling especially generous today, heheheh…

Emily: We do not wish to harm them!

Brocc: This coming from the girl who was tied to a tree as she watched the agony of her boyfr-

Kendall growls at Brocc.

Brocc: Okay, okay. We won’t hurt them, we’ll just rescue Mak and the others.

Tamamaki’s voice: Allow me to aid you in your endeavour.

Tamamaki is suddenly there, in a deep trance.

Brocc: WHOA! How did you suddenly appear like that?

Kendall: I could ask the same of you, Brocc.

Brocc: What? Me appear out of nowhere? That doesn’t sound like something I would do…

Tamamaki: Your allies are headed in the same direction as the Shuken-Kin Temple. It would be both an honour and a privilege if I could journey alongside you.

Brocc: Wait…you know where they’re headed?

Brocc examines the ryukoni.

Brocc: Well…you seem to know things that we don’t…and you could probably lead us to the best Ryokorese food…okay, you can come!

Tamamaki opens his eyes and stands to his feet. He bows greatly as a sign of respect.

Tamamaki: Arigatou gozaimasu. (Thank you very much.)

Brocc: Uh…almond gateau get so much to you, too.

Scene 7: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Jen continue to walk through the plain.

Zed: This place seems to go on forever.

Jen: In a way, it does.

Zed: In a way?

Jen: This is the Ethereal Expanse, the gateway to the realms of the elements.

Zed: Earth, fire, air and water, right?

Jen: Mm…partly correct. Those are the core elements, the ones which are considered “pure”. From those four elements, others form through their fusion.

Zed: Then…there are four combinations?

Jen: Eight.

Zed: Eight? But…if each element combines with two others…oh, I get it.

Jen: You do?

Zed: Yeah. The fusions must be irregular, meaning that each pair of elements combines depending on which one is dominant. So the fusion which is mostly water and partly air is different from the one which is mostly air and partly water.

Jen: I am impressed. You were able to solve the puzzle despite not being an elemental yourself.

Zed: Then…you’re an elemental?

Jen: Not…exactly. The Ethereal Expanse is home to more than just elemental creatures, though they do have some connection with the elements.

Zed: I see…

Jen: However, even non-elementals have an elemental attribute. In most cases, this attribute means nothing, but in some…

The symbol on Zed’s hand glows through his gauntlet.

Jen: …it can be much more important.

Zed stares at his glowing symbol.

Zed: Then this mark is elemental?

Jen stares at the mark, a puzzled expression on her face.

Jen: No…this mark means something else.

Zed: Oh. Can you tell me what it means?

Jen: Is that a wish?

Zed: Not really, I’m just curious.

Jen: Oh.

Jen thinks for a moment.

Jen: Not to worry, I feel as though you will learn the significance of your mark soon enough.

Zed: I knew you’d say that.

Jen giggles.

Jen: Patience is key to all.

Jen’s thoughts: Patience, Jen…he will make his wish soon enough…

Scene 8: Platinian Nature Trail: Afternoon

The party continues to trudge along. Mak’s brow is soaked with sweat, as though the agony of a forced march is too strenuous for him to bear.

Mak: Nngh…can’t we stop for just a moment?

Brent sighs.

Brent: Fine, we will stop for a quick break.

Brent and Sara stop moving, causing the party to stop as well. Mak collapses to his knees. Brent looks around for a moment, before kicking Mak in the leg.

Brent: Time’s up!

Thobrun: Already? We couldnae have stopped for longer than ten seconds!

Brent: I’m feeling especially generous today, so you received an extra five seconds. Now, MARCH!

Mak stands to his feet and begins trudging again.

Mak: So help me, I’ll…nngh!

Brent: You’ll what? There is nothing you can do, and there is nobody to save you.


A green and black flash emerges from the trees, knocking Brent to the ground.

Bryn: Gazzo! I knew you wouldn’t just leave us like that!

Gazzo: Well, actually I did, right after I swiped the brunette’s healing potion.

Amethyst: (muffled anguish)

Bryn: Tsk…typical.

Gazzo: Hey, if it helps ya now, then I made the right call!

Gazzo leaps over to Mak and hands him the potion.

Gazzo: Drink up, big guy.

Mak: I should pummel you for taking my friend’s healing potion, but right now…

Mak uncorks the bottle and guzzles it surprisingly quickly. Immediately, his injuries are stabilised.

Mak: Phew, I feel so much better now. Thank you.

Gazzo: Anytime.

Mak grabs the front of Gazzo’s armour and pulls him up closer.

Mak: If you EVER steal from one of my allies again-

Gazzo: Not even from Bryn?

Mak: Well, I suppose you could...

Bryn: HEY! What’s the big idea, Makkmak?

Mak: Ugh...fine, don’t steal from Bryn either.

Bryn: Thank you...I think.

Gazzo: Well, now that this is all sorted out, I think I should finish the job.

Gazzo turns to face Brent, who is lying face down, unconscious. Gazzo taps the side of his head twice with his foot.

Gazzo: Hm...I guess I already finished him off. What do ya know?

Thobrun: But what about her?

Gazzo: What? I have no quarrel with Bryn...or the brunette.

Thobrun: No, not them.

Gazzo: Then-

An enraged Sara whacks Gazzo into a tree with her spear. Lime-green energy surrounds her as she begins her berserker rage.

Sara: Nobody. Hurts. My. FRIEND!

Gazzo: And with that, the rogue scarpered off.

Gazzo dashes off, leaving behind a cloud of dust. Sara chases after him.


Gazzo: I’ll have you know I’m a bolgard, ma’am!


Bryn: Oh, that Gazzo. He’s always getting into trouble. There was this one girl, a human I believe, who he was flirting with, just so he could steal her brooch. It had a ruby as big as Mak’s fist.

Mak: And did he steal it?

Bryn: Oh yes, and then some. By the time the girl realised, Gazzo was climbing out the window. What Gazzo hadn’t realised was that the girl was a firetouched, a person imbued with elemental fire. She roasted his little hiney so bad he couldn’t sit down for two weeks! And the blisters-

Mak: Okay, I think we’ve heard enough of this tale of roasted bolgards and purloined rubies.

Bryn: But it gets better! The next thing he knew, he was-

Brent begins to stir.

Brent: What’s going...huh?

Brent looks around, and becomes puzzled.

Brent: What happened? Sara, where did you-

Mak’s huge fist collides with Brent’s head, knocking him out cold.

Mak: Now, what’s say we make our way back and help Emily?

Bryn: Now that’s advice worthy of a leader such as yourself, Mak.

Mak: Right then.

Mak stands up, groaning as he does so.

Mak: Onward, to Emily!

Mak notices the others staring at him.

Mak: Oh...uh...and Brocc and Kendall as well! (raises hand into air) Woo!

The party walks back the way they came, leaving Brent lying in the middle of the road.

Scene 9: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The mysterious figure watches the scenario through some kind of observation spell.

Mak: Ems!

Emily: Makkmak!

Mak: How did you manage to free yourself?!

Emily: It was Brocc who managed to cut Kendall and I free.

Brocc: Hey, I just did what any helpful gnome would do...

Figure: So...it would seem that these Crystalbound are much more cunning than I realised. Perhaps I overestimated the strength of Brenton and Sara. It is time to begin formulating a new plan. But first, I will give my minions a chance for redemption.


Gazzo: It’s pronounced BOLGARD! “BOWL-GUARD!” Do ya want me to SPELL it for ya too?


Figure: Besides, this is quite amusing to behold.

Scene 10: Ethereal Expanse: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Jen continue to walk through the Ethereal Expanse.

Zed: Wow, this is getting kind of samey.

Jen: Whatever do you mean? There have been subtle changes in the temperature, the shift of the terrain, the thickness of the mist, the-

Zed’s stomach rumbles.

Zed: Oh, heheh...excuse me. I didn’t eat breakfast.

Jen: Do you not simply wish you had a good meal with you?

Zed: Not really.

Zed reaches into his pack, pulling out a container.

Zed: I always make sure I have a snack on-hand at all times, in case of emergency.

Zed and Jen sit on a raised, flat piece of ground. Zed bites into a small cream cake.

Zed: This is really good.

Zed pushes his container slightly towards Jen.

Zed: Would you like one?

Jen: Oh, I am quite alright.

Zed: Are you sure? You haven’t eaten anything since we met.

Jen: Not to worry, I can sustain myself. Thank you all the same.

Zed: No problem.

Zed bites into his cake, chews and swallows.

Zed: You know what? I’m starting to think there’s no way back from here.

Jen: You could simply wish to return.

Zed: No way, that’d be impossible.

Jen: That depends.

Zed’s eyes widen.

Zed: Wait a minute...I just realised. All this time you’ve been encouraging me to make a wish.

Jen: Then you realise my secret.

Zed: But...that must mean...

Jen anticipates Zed’s response.

Zed: This place must possess qualities which make wish-granting an actual, plausible thing.

Jen facepalms.

Jen: No, it’s not that...I-

Zed: Hold on. Your name is Jen, right?

Jen: Indeed.

Zed: But not spelled “J-E-N”, like I’ve thought this whole time. “G-E-N”...

Zed’s eyes widen.

Zed: Gen! Then you’re a genie!

Jen: At last, you have exposed my secret.

Jen stands up and steps back, out of the way. Her body begins to glow, and she transforms into a bald, glowing-white humanoid form, with eyes glowing bright white.

Jen: I am one of the Gen, the basest of all genies.

Zed stares at the true form of Jen, before putting the rest of his cake into his mouth.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 6th 2017, 4:17 am
Episode 12: The Spellsword Awaking
Zed wishes for a clearer picture on just who he is, and ends up stuck in the middle of a vast ocean of sand, with nothing in sight...except a colossal, metallic structure. Within this building could be the answers Zed seeks. Meanwhile, the rest of the party reunites, but problems arise when Mak encounters Erik, leading to the orcborn inadvertently revealing his long-kept secret to the others. Will the party be able to break through the tension long enough to find Zed?

New Characters

– A mysterious person who researches Zed, he apparently knows Erik quite well.

Theodor Clay – This historian is none other than Mak's very own father!

Vel – This young man had a very important role to play in the legend of the Crystalbound...

"I am Vel, adventurer and poet by trade. It is good to meet you."
Scene 1: Ethereal Expanse: Unknown Time of Day

Zed stares at Jen's true form, his mouth full of cake. He chews once, then after a brief pause, he chews again. Finally, he swallows his mouthful. He opens his mouth to speak, but Jen interrupts him.

Jen: Does my true form startle you?

Zed: Uh...well...not gonna lie, it does a little.

Jen: I understand.

Jen closes her glowing-white eyes. Her whole body glows with white light as she assumes her human form. She opens her eyes and smiles at Zed.

Jen: Is that better?

Zed: Much, thank you.

Jen: I am glad.

Jen slowly walks towards Zed, stopping to face him.

Jen: So you know that I am a Genie, and that I can grant you anything you desire.

Zed: I don't know, aren't Genies supposed to be...tricksters?

Jen: Ah, you speak of Zeffh, the Genies of Elemental Air.

Zed: I see...

Jen: There are five kinds of Genie. The Lytth are the Genies of Elemental Earth, and they have a high number of rules and regulations with their wishes. If a wish breaks their rules, they will almost always refuse to grant it.

Zed: I see...

Jen: The Freet are the Genies of Elemental Fire, and they delight in granting wishes, though they often change the interpretation of the wish to their own desires, which are usually unpleasant to the wisher. When a Freeti grants your wish, choose your words carefully.

Zed: Sounds...yeah...

Jen: Indeed. Zeffh are the carefree individuals of our kind, and will grant virtually any wish asked of them, even ones which come dangerously close to breaking the fundamental laws of wish-granting. Having said that, they are most likely to evade granting a wish, and if a Zeffhi must grant a wish, it often manipulates the wisher to wish for something the Zeffhi desires.

Zed: Now that IS tricky!

Jen: Indeed. The Merrl are the Genies of Elemental Water, and they will grant any wish asked of them, as long as it obeys the fundamental laws of wish-granting. However, they will only grant wishes of those they deem worthy.

Zed: Interesting...

Jen: The fifth kind - my kind - is the Gen, the basest of all Genies. Most Genies grant three wishes of an individual, and each kind has its own rules and regulations when granting them. Gen need only obey the fundamental laws of wish-granting, but may only grant one wish of an individual. This is why your wish needs to be chosen very carefully, Zed.

Zed: Wait...you're offering me a wish?!

Jen: Of course. I have peered into your mind, and I see your greatest desire, even if you do not.

Zed: You do?

Jen: In fact, Gen are not even bound to the restriction of requiring the "I wish" clause.

Zed: Okay...wait, what?

Jen: Which means I am able to grant your wish if your subconscious desires it more than anything, as long as it obeys the fundamental laws of wish-granting.

Zed: I think I know where this is going...

Jen: Your wish...is granted.

Zed: But…I don’t even know my wish!

Jen raises her arms into the air. The pattern of circles appears under Zed's feet, though in a slightly deeper shade of blue than before. A column of azure-tinged light erupts from the ground around Zed.

Zed: Here we go again…

The column of light recedes into the ground. The pattern fades, revealing an expanse of peach-orange sand. Zed looks to the horizon, but sees nothing but sand in every direction.

Zed: Great, I have no idea where I am. Kobelia, maybe? Or Archaelia?

Zed turns around, and sees a colossal structure of metal embedded in the sand. It has a futuristic design unlike anything he's seen before. Argen appears on his shoulder, yawning loudly.

Argen: What'd I miss?

Argen looks at the structure. His eyes widen.

Argen: Whoa, that's impressive!

Zed speaks in an unusual language.

Zed: Argen? Ornoposia intra nos amplius non puto... (Argen? I don't think we're in Ornoposia anymore...)

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Unknown Location: Daytime

Zed looks over at the structure.

Zed: Pergamus ad putas? (Think we should walk over to it?)

Argen becomes nervous.

Argen: Uh...Zed?

Zed: Yes?

Argen: You're speaking a really weird language. I've never heard it before.

Zed:  Vere? Ego non loquitur Common? (Really? I'm not speaking Common?)

Argen seems surprised.

Argen: You really think you're speaking Common?!

Zed: Yes!

After a brief pause, Zed speaks.

Zed: Ego non loquitur Common, Ego sum? (I'm not speaking Common, am I?)

Argen: That would be correct.

Zed: Corpus quomodo lingua mea tuenda?! (How do I restore my language?!)

Argen: Maybe you should enter that building over there. Whoever's inside might be able to help.

Zed: Wait...vos non venturus? (Wait...you're not coming?)

Argen: No way. This whole situation is freaking me out! Later!

Argen vanishes. Zed lets out a sigh.

Zed: Coniecto hoc solum mali facio... (Guess I'm doing this alone...)

Zed begins walking towards the building.

Zed stands facing a giant metal door. He walks up next to it, staring at his reflected face. His eyes widen.

Zed: Whoa, is that a pimple?! It's huge!

Zed claps his hands to his mouth.

Zed: I can speak Common again! Oh, what a relief. I guess I don't need to enter this building after all. Guess I'll just go and...uh...

Zed stares at the ocean of sand, with no distinguishing landmarks to be seen.

Zed: Okay, bad idea. I could walk forever and still find nothing but desert.

The doors swing open behind him, emitting a bright light from within. A voice seems to echo from thin air.

Voice: Enter.

Zed spins around and looks into the building. He shrugs his shoulders.

Zed: Guess I have no choice...

Zed begins to walk into the chamber. After making some considerable distance, the doors swing shut. Zed doesn't look behind him, but continues walking. The walls and ceiling are completely bare, and made of the same mysterious metal. As Zed approaches the end of the corridor, he enters a room with walls that glow with white light. A hatch seals behind him, and this time he turns around. The voice causes him to face the centre of the room again. It seems to be quite calm and relaxed.

Voice: Please, stand on the cyan circle in the centre of the chamber.

Zed stands on the circle, and is surrounded by a tube of weird cyan energy. A ring of tiny cyan lights appears on the walls of the chamber, revealing it to be circular.

Zed: Uh...hello?

Voice: Yes?

Zed: What, uh...what exactly is going on?

Voice: Fear not. No harm will befall you.

Zed: Uh...okay then.

The tiny cyan lights become incredibly bright. Zed squints through them.

Voice: Subject is definitely not of this world. He appears to be a homonid human, but his makeup is noticeably unique.

Zed: Makeup? I don't use makeup!

Voice: Complete absence of multiversal aura is most unusual.

Zed: Aura? I think Mr. Newt mentioned something about that once...

Voice: Subject seems to automatically know the language of the ancients, as well as being able to learn many other languages with ease.

Zed: Okay, how are you able to get all those details?

Voice: Subject shows curiosity about study. Suggests unusual mind construction for his species.

Zed: Unusual? You just said I was from another world.

Voice: Scan of subject's cerebral matter does indeed indicate an abnormally-configured mindscape. Unique intellect, yet much of it still untapped. Signs of odd social behaviour for his species. Entire banks of memories completely gone. Other banks of memories encrypted. Physical biology is also unusual. Requires further research.

Zed: Okay, what is so special about me?

Voice: Prepare subject for examination.

Zed: Wait...examination?!

Suddenly, Zed begins to hover inside the energy tube.

Zed: Whoa…

A hissing sound is heard, and Zed slowly closes his eyes.

Scene 3: Coppelian Nature Trail: Morning

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Tamamaki are walking along a road. Golden-leaved trees line the sides of the road. Mak inhales deeply through his nose, and exhales through his mouth, a smile on his face.

Mak: Ah, this is the life. Our party’s reunited, and we’re on our way to the next adventure.

Bryn: Have you forgotten that Zed is nowhere to be found?

A surprised look spreads across Mak’s face.

Mak: N-No. Why would you think that, Bryn?

Bryn: Oh, no reason.

Mak: O-Okay then.

Mak breathes a sigh of relief.

Bryn: He could be anywhere, you know.

Mak: Yes, yes he could.

Bryn: And we’re just gonna act like he’s still in Junihoshi?

Mak stops. He slowly turns to face Bryn.

Mak: What are you suggesting, Bryn?

Bryn: Well, my theory is he’s on another plane of existence.

Amethyst: Whatever makes you say that, Bryn?

Bryn: Think about it. A great column of light...he’s obviously been sent to another plane.

Thobrun: Tha’s mad, Bryn! No potion can send a person to another plane.

Bryn: Amethyst?

Amethyst: Well, actually...I believe it is quite possible for a potion to send a person to another plane, though I have yet to hear of such a liquid having been successfully brewed.

Bryn: Then he IS on another plane!

Erik: He is indeed.

Erik walks up to the party. Mak glares at him.

Mak: You...

Mak grabs the front of Erik’s tunic and holds him at eye level.

Mak: You sent that stupid tin-can to banish my buddy to another plane!

Erik: I...assure you it was an accident, my friend.

Mak: An accident? AN ACCIDENT?!

Erik: If you’ll just lower me to the ground, I will explain everything!

Mak: How about explaining it to me now so I can decide whether or not to PUNCH you?!

Emily: Makkmak! This is not the way to retrieve Zed!

Mak calms down. He drops Erik to his feet.

Mak: Dang it, Ems. How do you always know how to calm me down?

Mak looks at Erik.

Mak: Fine. Spill it.

Erik: Not here. There is a tavern up ahead. We will have better privacy inside.

Mak: But there’s nobody for miles.

Erik: You’d be surprised. Come.

Erik gestures the party to follow him. The group begins walking along the road.

Brocc: So, uh...when do I get to say something this episode?

Mak groans.

Scene 4: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The Sorceress of Winter sits atop her throne. Brent and Sara stand before her.

Sorceress: You failed to detain the Crystalbound. What excuses have you cooked up for me?

Brent: Apologies, Mistress, but we didn’t anticipate an ambush by a snivelling bolgard wretch.

Sorceress: And you, Sara. What do you have to say for yourself?

Sara: I think I got a good workout chasing that dumdum. I’m ready for another shot at catching those do-gooders.

Sorceress: Just the answer I wished to hear. But mark my words...

Brent gulps.

Sorceress: The only reason I am giving you both another chance is that you came close to bringing me those Crystalbound, not to mention weakening their strongest member.

Brent: Rest assured, Mistress, we will bring you those punks...or eliminate them trying.

Sorceress: See that you keep them alive, otherwise...

The Sorceress points to her ice-vault.

Sorceress: You do not wish to meet the same fate as Trenton and Kara, I assume?

Brent: No no, we will bring them to you...alive.

Sorceress: Good. Now, get out of my sight!

Brent: At once, Mistress!

Brent leaves the room. Sara stands there.

Sorceress: Do you need something, Sara?

Sara: Oh, no no. I was just wondering if there’s any leftover muddvak steaks in the cooler before I go.

The Sorceress sighs.

Sorceress: Why do I put up with these fools?

Scene 5: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Zed floats unconscious inside the energy tube. His eyes suddenly fly open, and he looks around. He is in his underwear.

Zed: What the...?

Zed sees a figure resembling a male human with slightly-pointed ears enter through a doorway.

Figure’s thoughts: I had no idea his kind had advanced so much…

Zed: What’s going on?

The figure walks over to him.

Figure: You have been unconscious for some time.

Zed: Unconscious? But...how?

Figure: I administered an agent to render you unconscious whilst I took advanced readings from your mind. It was important that you were not alert during the study.

Zed: Okay, then where are my clothes?

Figure: Temporarily rendered invisible, so that I can better see your fundamental physiology. I must admit, your arrival here, whilst unexpected, has proven most exciting indeed!

Zed: And where is here, exactly?

Figure: An outpost.

Zed waits for more information.

Zed: In the middle of the desert?

Figure: Indeed.

Zed: Oh. Well, who are you?

Figure: Axian.

Zed: Oh. I’m Zed.

Axian: Indeed you are.

Zed: You’ve heard of me?

Axian: Never.

Zed: Oh.

Zed looks around.

Zed: So…how long will I be in here?

Axian: Only as long as I continue to study you.

Zed: As in a biopsy?

Axian: Most definitely not. My methods are completely harmless. There is no vivisection involved.

Zed: Oh. Okay then...

Axian: Now, I will be rendering you unconscious once again. Rest assured that you will be perfectly safe.

Zed: Okay. What do I need to do?

Axian: Just relax.

Zed: Okay then.

Zed watches as Axian uses some advanced-looking controls.

Axian: This time, I will induce your sleep much more slowly in order to allow you some cognitive function. Now, are you ready?

Zed nods. A hissing sound is heard inside the tube. Zed’s vision begins to distort, and the sounds in the room begin to echo. The mark on Zed’s hand begins glowing with cyan light. Zed’s vision begins to darken. As it does so, he hears a distant, beautiful song comprised of five notes, before he slips into a state of unconsciousness.


Zed comes to his senses, and he realises he’s standing in a dark, empty space. Beneath his feet glows the same mark as on his hand.

Zed: What the...where am I now?!

Commercial: If you need a change of lifestyle, why not visit the island subcontinent of Archaelia, where the ancient world comes to life? Now you can take an airship flight to Archaelia in an all-inclusive package for just 500gp! That includes return flights and accommodation in two of Archaelia’s scenic vistas, the lush rainforest and the golden sands. See the ancient world come to life! Only at Flight of the Wyverns Travel Company, located in Platinia City!

Scene 6: The Wayward Stoat Tavern: Afternoon

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Erik sit at a table. Tamamaki is nowhere to be seen.

Mak: Okay, we’re here. Now tell us where Zed is before I-

Emily: Makkmak!

Mak: Sorry...

Erik: I would be happy to tell you. But first, are you all familiar with the makeup of the universe?

Amethyst: Of course. There are multiple planes of existence surrounding the Material Plane, which is the location of the world of Junihoshi.

Bryn: And Zed is on one of these surrounding planes, yes?

Erik: Well, no...

Bryn: So he must be in the Material Plane, then.

Erik: Yes and no.

Mak: What do you mean, “yes and no”? Either he is or he isn’t.

Erik: I assure you that both of those statements is correct, Makkmak.

Mak: I swear, I will personally break my Oath of Knighthood so I can punch you in your-

The party stares at Mak.

Mak: Uh...I mean...nice weather we’re having, right? Heheh...

Bryn: I knew you’d spill the beans sooner-or-later!

Thobrun: Ye’re a knight?

Brocc: Why did you let us believe that you were a warrior?!

Mak: Well, I-

Amethyst: You honestly had yet to realise, Thobrun and Brocc?

Brocc: Well, yeah! If he’s a knight, then that entitles us to certain privileges which are currently unaddressed. I demand my special privile-

Brocc pauses.

Brocc: Wait a second... Amethyst, you knew?!

Amethyst: Of course.

Emily: As did I.

Brocc: Mak, you told the girls but not us?!

Mak: You never asked.

Brocc: Because I didn’t know!

Kendall: Even I knew that, Broccoli.

Brocc: What?! Even the dog knows?!

Kendall: He has that certain...aroma which only Knights of Coppelia possess.

Brocc: Well, this is just great. You’ve all relinquished your privileges at the expense of those who would want them, right Bryn?

Bryn: Well, actually, I-

Erik: I apologise for my interruption-

Brocc: Then don’t interrupt, Captain Enigma-Dude!

Erik: -but I must explain where Zed is located.

Mak: So he’s in the Material Plane but he isn’t. Care to clarify?

Erik: Very well. Yes, he is in a Material Plane; no, it is not the Material Plane of Junihoshi.

Bryn: Whoa, back up a minute... There’s TWO Material Planes?

Erik: Well, actually, there are many worlds. More than you know, actually.

Mak: How can there be other worlds?

Amethyst: I cannot even begin to fathom such a concept.

Erik: Zed is in the next universe in sequence, on a world split between harsh desert and bleak ice-scape.

Emily: My word! Is he alright?

Erik: I assure you he is just fine. An acquaintance of mine is taking excellent care of him as we speak.

Erik’s thoughts: Already, they are awakening…

Brocc: We...we gotta get him back! I’m coming, buddy!

Brocc races out the door.

Mak: And how do you know all this?

Erik: I have visited that world before. Many times, in fact.

Mak: Then you can bring him back?

Erik: I’m afraid it’s not that simple, my friend. He must meet me for the very first time before he returns.

Mak: Okay, you’re being deliberately cryptic now.

Erik: I apologise, but he will make his own way back.

Erik stands up.

Erik: We shall meet again.

Erik walks out of the tavern. Brocc walks back in.

Mak: How does that guy do it? I want to be mad at him, but...NNGH!

Brocc: Uh...I just realised I have no way to get to Zed. Could one of you help me?

Mak facepalms.

Scene 7: Zed’s Mindscape: Unknown Time of Day

Zed stands in the middle of the cyan-coloured symbol. The “walls” start to ripple with cyan energy.

Zed: Hello? Axian?

Voice: Yes?

Zed: Wait, you can hear me? Where are you? Actually, where am I?

Axian: This is your mindscape, the centre of all your thought. Here, your three mind sections of emotion, thought and resolve converge.

Zed: Oh.

Voice: I am already able to glean much information from you in this place. Approximate age: unknown. Rate of age: unknown. Elemental attribute: unknown...no, wait a moment...ah, it is water. Stage of development: unknown. Most curious indeed.

Zed: What does that mean?

Voice: I believe it might be prudent of you to consult with your mentor at a later time, for there are things I myself cannot explain.

Zed: My...mentor?

Voice: The one who is guiding you to your place in the multiverse.

Zed: As a Crystalbound, you mean?

Voice: Your physiology means you cannot be a Crystalbound. Your crystal is meant for another, a Junihoshian native.

Zed: Wait...what?!

Voice: The Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra is inaccurate, as though something has changed it. You cannot be the Azurebound. Originally, your crystal was meant for one named Mara.

Zed: And who is this Mara, exactly?

Voice: Of that I cannot be certain. I am sure that you will meet her eventually.

Zed: Is Mara my mentor?

Voice: No. Your mentor is someone else.

Erik ripples into shape in front of Zed.

Zed: Erik? Erik’s my mentor?

Voice: The Hippocamp is indeed your mentor. You would be wise to listen to his counsel, Zed. He is truly Iconic in this multiverse.

Zed: Will I even get to see him again?

Voice: Of course. You will soon meet him for the first time, so very long ago...

Zed: But I’ve already met him. I met him over two months ago.

Voice: Yet you must meet him long before, for the very first time.

Zed: This is starting to sound familiar...

Voice: Now, you must awaken.

A bright light engulfs Zed’s mindscape.

Zed opens his eyes. He sits up and realises he’s atop a bed. He is back in his outfit.

Zed: Okay... Now where am I?

Zed heads down a flight of wooden stairs. He appears to be in a living area, though many of the usual modern comforts seem to be missing.

Zed: This is too weird...

Voice: Oh, you’ve awakened.

A young man with messy shoulder-length blonde hair stands up off a chair and walks over to Zed. He speaks with a somewhat-quick voice.

Man: I was beginning to think you would not awaken.

Zed: Uh...where am I?

Man: You truly do not know? This is my home, in the village of Souwest.

Zed: Wait... I’ve heard of this place. Souwest Town, in the nation of Damantia, right?

Man: Town? This place barely qualifies as a village, my friend.

Zed: Okay...?

Man: Come. I will show you around.

The young man leads Zed through the village, pointing to various locations and landmarks.

Man: ...and that’s where werewolf persecution was officially outlawed in this part of Damantia.

Zed: And they’ve been free for over 300 years.

Man: What?! Who on Junihoshi told you that?!

Zed: I...read it out of a history book.

Man: Well, the author ought to have their eyes checked. Werewolves have only been free for half a century!

Zed: Half a century? Wait...oh no...

Man: What is it, friend?

Zed: I need to sit down...

Zed sits on a low wall.

Man: You look like you’ve just seen a ghost.

Zed: In a way, I have...

Man: Whatever do you mean?

Zed: I think I’ve travelled over two centuries back in time!

Scene 8: Coppelian Nature Trail: Afternoon

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Tamamaki walk along a road lined with copper-leaved trees.

Tamamaki: The touch of autumn is in the air.

Bryn: And just where were you during our tavern visit, Tamamaki?

Tamamaki: Forgive me, Bryn-sama. I was meditating atop a nearby hill.

Brocc: Does meditating actually work?

Tamamaki: Of course. Meditation is key to unlocking the secret abilities within.

Bryn: You meditate too, right Amethyst?

Amethyst: In a sense, yes. My kind does not sleep at night, like people of most other races do. Instead, we trance for four hours, which recharges our energy for the next day.

Tamamaki: That is most fascinating, Amethyst-sama.

Amethyst: My thanks, Tamamaki-kun.

Brocc: So where are we going now?

Mak: You already know, Brocc.

Brocc: I know, I’m just asking for the viewers at home.

Mak sighs.

Mak: We’re en route to Ems’ homeland of Goldenia.

Emily: But Makkmak, should we not experience Coppelia first? It is your homeland, after all.

Mak: Eh, I can take or leave it.

Amethyst: How can you speak so ill of Coppelia, Mak?

Thobrun: Indeed. I’ve always wanted to visit it.

Mak: Look, as nice as it’d be to explore Coppelia, I just don’t think there’s any reason why we should-

Voice: Makkmak?

Mak suddenly stops walking. The rest of the party stops as well. Mak stares at a middle-aged man in the distance. He has strawberry-blonde hair and a moustache. He is carrying some explorer’s gear, including a backpack.

Mak: You...

Amethyst: Mak, you know this man?

Mak: Know him? He’s my father.

Scene 9: Coppelian Nature Trail: Afternoon

Brent and Sara walk along a similar copper-leaved tree-lined road.

Brent: They must be around here somewhere...

Sara: I hope we find them soon. I really want to play with their doggy.

Brent: Trust me, Sara, they won’t be too far off.

Brent’s thoughts: And I have a personal score to settle with the orcborn...

Scene 10: Tea House: Coppelian Nature Trail: Afternoon

The party sits at a table with Mak’s father, Theodor, in a Ryokorese-style tea house. Cups of tea and various treats such as meat-filled buns and dumplings are spread across it.

Brocc: Wow, I never thought we’d find a Kisetsuese tea house in the middle of Coppelia!

Tamamaki: We are very close to the Shuken-Akagane Temple. This is a very popular location for all the pilgrims who visit from Ryokoro.

Brocc: Well, props to you for finding it, Dragon-dude.

Brocc sips his green tea.

Brocc: Ah...refreshing.

Emily: So Mr. Clay, do tell us...what was Makkmak like as a boy?

Theodor: Oh, he was quite the rascal, let me tell you! Always breaking dishes and running into walls...

Mak: That was more out of clumsiness, Dad.

Theodor: You still made quite a mess, though.

Mak: I was two.

Theodor: Ah, yes...how the years fly by...how old are you now, son? 22?

Mak: 24, actually.

Theodor: Oh, dear! I still have your birthday present from last year! Remind me to give it to you later, my boy.

Mak: Sure...

Mak’s thoughts: Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Dad always gives me the best presents! I hope it’s something good...oh, who am I kidding, of COURSE it’s going to be good!

Mak giggles excitedly. Everyone stares at him.

Mak: Drat, they’re staring at me! Can’t act too excited, gotta play it cool.

Mak clears his throat.

Mak: So Dad...uh...what’s new?

Theodor: Oh, the museum named a wing after me.

Mak: Really? The museum café has a Theo Clay chicken wing special?

Mak and Theodor laugh.

Theodor: You still have that sense of humour, I see.

Brocc: He has a sense of humour? Since when?!

Mak: Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve found anything to do with...y’know...

Theodor: Oh...no, I don’t believe I have, son.

Mak: Oh...

Theodor: Wait...no, I was visited by an orc just last week who may have a possible lead on your mo-

Mak loudly clears his throat.

Theodor: Oh. In any case, you should come back with me to your childhood home.

Mak: Dad, you don’t need to refer to it as my “childhood home”, you know. But yes, we’d be happy to pop home for a visit, wouldn’t we, everyone?

Bryn: But you said-

Mak steps on Bryn’s foot.

Bryn: -OW...of course we would, Mr. Mak’s Father, sir!

Theodor: Splendid! I will book the airship flights after tea.

Brocc: In that case...waiter, another round of your finest my-hair-colouriest tea!

Mak laughs loudly.

Mak: That’s our Brocc, always with the humour!

Bryn facepalms.

Scene 11: Souwest Village: Morning

The young man and Zed walk through the village. The young man is wearing slightly different clothing than before.

Man: Trust me, I am certain the two of you will get along.

Zed: Vel?

Man: Yes?

Zed: Thank you for believing my story.

Vel: How could I not believe you? The things you have told me...they are far beyond anything I could possibly imagine.

Zed: Well, I’m just glad you didn’t dismiss it as a childish fantasy.

Vel: I will admit, your tale is very similar to a poem I wrote.

Zed: A poem?

Vel: Yes. I call it the Prophecy of the Seven Crystals.

Zed: You? You’re the writer of the Prophecy of Septix no Velvitra?!

Vel: Septix no Velvitra...that is a much better title! May I borrow it?

Zed: Uh...sure, go ahead.

Vel: My thanks to you.

Vel and Zed stop in front of a wooden door.

Vel: Well, here we are.

Zed: That guy lives here?

Vel: Only when he stays in the village. He actually hails from the mainland.

Zed: I see...

Vel knocks on the door. A familiar-looking individual opens it and greets Vel.

Man: Ah, Vel. It is good to see you again.

Vel: To you as well.

The individual turns to look at Zed.

Man: And you must be the young man Vel mentioned. My name is Herikios, but my friends call me-

Zed: -Erik...

The symbol on the back of Zed’s hand glows with cyan light. At the same moment, a similar mark on the back of Erik’s right hand glows with cyan light. We hear the five-note melody from earlier playing in the background.

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 8th 2017, 5:17 am
Episode 13: The Lonely Orcborn
Mak returns to his home in Cuprumo, a kingdom in the country of Coppelia, where he learns of a possible lead on his mother. A fellow orcborn raised in a tribe of nomadic sand orcs takes an instant liking to Mak, and offers to help him in his quest. Meanwhile, Zed meets a young Erik on the island nation of Damantia, who reveals that the then-existent Silverian Empire is starting to wane. The presence of two Azure Crystals in the same time period seems to be causing the Silverian Crystals to react to Zed’s presence, possibly alerting him to the Emperor herself! What will Zed do?

New Characters

Herikios Woodhollow
– This is the very same Erik that Zed knows 250 years in the future, but what does the young spellsword have in common with Zed?

Thookli – This orcborn girl is part of the tribe of sand orcs who seem to know the whereabouts of Mak’s long-lost mother. But what secret will affect her future?

Orc Chieftain – A nameless orc who leads the nomadic tribe of sand orcs...at least, Mak THINKS he’s nameless.

"We both have the same mark on our right hands? How is this possible?!"
Scene 1: Souwest Village: Morning

Zed faces Erik, who is standing in his home’s doorway.

Zed: …Erik.

Erik: Ah, then Vel has already told you my name.

Zed: No, he…he failed to mention it.

Erik: Then how do you-

Zed: How is this possible? How can you be here?!

Erik: Well, I took a sea vessel from the mainland of Silveria, like most who visit this island.

Zed: That’s not what I meant…

Erik: Then please, enlighten me.

Zed: Okay, I know this is going to sound strange, but…I know you.

Erik: You know me?

Zed: Yes, but not now. In the future.

Erik: The future?

Vel: Zed claims to be from our world over two centuries from now.

Erik: I see… but I don’t quite understand how I could exist so many years from now. The average human lifespan is-

Zed: A little more than 120 years.

Erik: Precisely. My future self must be of a good age to exist for so long.

Zed: Well, actually, he doesn’t look any older than you do now.

Erik: Honestly?

Vel: But that is impossible! The only way Herikios could live longer than his natural lifespan is if he were of another race.

Erik: And I know full well that I am indeed a homonid human.

Zed: This doesn’t add up…

Zed looks at both his and Erik’s glowing marks.

Zed: And why do we both have the same mark on our right hands?

Erik: I feel that we have a lot to discuss. We must return to the mainland post-haste!

Zed: A sea voyage? Uh-oh…

Erik: You suffer from seasickness?

Zed: I have no idea.

Zed’s thoughts: Maybe this is why Erik…uh, future Erik…has such an interest in me. But what does it all mean?

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Theodor’s Home: Cuprumo Kingdom: Morning

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Theodor sit in a rather ornate living area. Artefacts from across the world line shelves, cabinets and other surfaces.

Theodor: So how are you all settling in?

Amethyst: Perfectly, Monsieur. Your collection of treasures is remarkable.

Bryn: Indeed. A bit ostentatious for a simple librarian, yes?

Theodor: Ah, I was once a librarian, but I am now a fully-qualified historian and adventurer. I’ve been exploring the ruins of the world for almost a decade now.

Bryn: Mak, how could you not have known?

Mak: Well, I left home when I was fourteen to become a squire to a fine knight.

Kendall: You were fourteen?!

Mak: Of course. A lot of fighters claim that the best knights are trained from an early age.

Theodor: We still kept in regular contact for all that time, however.

Bryn: And you didn’t bother to mention you’d become an adventurer?

Theodor: I didn’t want Makkmak to worry about me. After his mother left, I thought it best to keep his mind at ease.

Brocc: Wait…your mother isn’t-

Mak: No, Brocc, she isn’t. She was taken captive by a brutal orc chieftain.

Amethyst: Mak, I had no idea!

Theodor: The chieftain heard about Makkmak’s mother conceiving a child with a “weakling”, and threatened to take him away and leave him in the middle of the Elbok Wasteland. A toddler wouldn’t be able to survive for very long in that horrid place.

Emily: That’s awful!

Theodor: So my wife made the ultimate sacrifice. She gave herself willingly to the chieftain in exchange for Makkmak’s safety.

Bryn: And you haven’t seen her since…

A glum expression spreads across Mak’s face. Brocc bursts into tears.

Brocc: Oh, Mak! I had no idea you were so heartbroken! (sniff) WAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

Thobrun pets Brocc on the shoulder.

Thobrun: Aw, there, there, wee one. I’m sure there’s good news around the corner.

Mak suddenly perks up.

Mak: That’s right! Dad, you mentioned about an orcborn having a lead on Mom?

Theodor: Oh…yes, that’s right. She’s staying in this very town.

Brocc: Mak’s mother is in town?!

Bryn: No, you dweeb! The orcborn who has a lead on her! Uh…right, sir?

Theodor: That’s correct, uh…Bron?

Bryn: Bryn, actually.

Theodor: Oh, my apologies.

Theodor’s thoughts: She kind of reminds me of ol’ Sheamus...

Mak: Take me to her! Now!

Scene 3: Sea Vessel: Morning

A huge wooden sailing ship crosses the sea. Zed stands on deck staring into the horizon. Erik walks up to him.

Erik: We should make landfall within the hour.

Zed: I still don’t get it…

Erik: Believe me, I am having trouble comprehending the situation myself.

Zed: We both have a weird glowing mark on our right hands, we both have no memory of our respective pasts, and to top it all off, we both seem to have stopped ageing.

Erik: My earliest memory is from roughly one decade ago. I awoke atop a bed made of leaves in the middle of a forest. The first thing I saw when I awoke was a beautiful woman, with leaves strewn through her auburn hair. She asked me my name, a question which I was unable to answer. She then designated me “Woodhollow”, a druidic name, and offered to take care of me until my memories returned.

Zed: Was she a druid?

Erik: I assumed so, and my assumption was proven correct when she introduced me to the rest of her circle. Every woman in her druidic circle was a nymph, a spirit of nature, including herself.

Zed: Then you were in North Dryantel.

Erik: Indeed I was. I came to refer to her as “Okaasan”, a Draconic word for “mother”. She nurtured me and took care of me, bringing out my best qualities. But my memory did not return.

Zed: A feeling I know only too well…

Erik: Okaasan decided it was best for me to speak with Naturia herself, for only she would be able to release that which is locked within. After completing the ritual meant to contact the manifestation of nature…

Erik pauses.

Erik: The mark on my hand appeared, and glowed the brightest shade of cyan. Many of the other druids took it as an omen, a sign of great things to come. Okaasan merely saw it as the true nature of her adopted son beginning to emerge. Five years ago, she sent me here, to the great continent of Silveria, in order to find someone who could help me.

Zed: Half a world away from all you knew…

Erik: Indeed. I sought out as many oracles as I could find, but aside from my elemental attribute, none could determine my traits within. All I was told was that I would encounter another like myself, who knew me well, but I had yet to meet.

Zed: Then I was always meant to be here…

Erik: It would seem so.

A loud horn sounds throughout the ship.

Voice: (yelling) Land ho!

Erik: I see the Dragon’s Tower up ahead! We will soon reach the Empire of Silveria!

Zed: Wait…the Silverian Empire still exists in this time period?!

Erik: Of course. Why do you ask?

Zed: Well, in my time, the Empire of Silveria has collapsed, and not many know of it.

Erik: Honestly?

Zed: Yes!

Erik: Then the rumours of the Empire’s wane are true…

Erik pauses.

Erik: Be sure to keep your crystal hidden. If the Emperor were to find out you have it-

Suddenly, a bright cyan light emerges from within Zed’s outfit. Two guards in silver armour are alerted to the light and approach.

Erik: Oh dear…

Guard #1: That light…could it be…?

Guard #2: You there! Reveal what is hidden within your unusual garb!

Zed: Uh…okay.

Zed reaches into his shirt and pulls out his crystal. It glows incredibly bright.

Guard #2: Where did you get this?!

Zed: It was given to me.

Zed begins to panic.

Guard #1: We thought the crystals would only function for their true owners!

Guard #2: You must meet the Emperor! You will be greatly rewarded for this, sir!

The two guards kneel and bow to Zed.

Erik: You just became the most important person in the Empire.

Zed appears shocked.

Scene 4: Mak’s Hometown: Late Morning

Theodor leads Mak, Amethyst, Emily and Bryn through a busy street.

Bryn: I can’t believe how hot it is here!

Mak: Well, it IS on the Kobelian border, Bryn.

Bryn: I know that, I just wasn’t ready for it.

Mak: Is that why you’re not wearing your armour?

Bryn: Mostly, yes.

Mak: Mostly? What possible reasons could you have for not wearing-

Theodor: We are here, son.

Mak: Oh.

The party enters The Charging Santvak Tavern. A lone orcborn sits at a table, away from the other patrons. The group walks over to her.

Theodor: Thookli, this is my son, Makkmak.

Mak: Call me “Mak”. Everyone else does.

Emily: Not everyone, Makkmak.

Mak blushes.

Thookli: Well met, Mak. You may call me Thookli.

Mak: Thookli…nice name.

Thookli: Thank you.

Mak: Uh…my father says you may know the whereabouts of my mother?

Thookli: Ah, yes…I will take you to my tribe. Our chieftain was the last to see her.

Mak: And where are they?

Thookli: Across the border. They are making camp at an oasis in the desert.

Emily: In the desert?

Thookli: Not to worry, I will take care of you both.

Mak: Of course, I appreciate…wait, us both?!

Thookli: Of course. It would be wonderful if your mate journeyed with us.

Mak: My mate?!

Emily: Oh no, we’re not a couple! Definitely not!

Mak: Right, yeah! Us, a human and an orcborn? Heheh…

Emily and Mak both sweat a little bit.

Emily and Mak’s thoughts: My mate…hm…

Emily: I would be happy to accompany Makkmak.

Mak: Uh, right! Us Crystalbound have to stick together!

Thookli: Then we will leave at once. Come.

Mak turns to face Amethyst.

Mak: Let the others know where we are, okay?

Amethyst: It would be my honour, Mak.

Scene 5: Emperor’s Throne Room: Early Afternoon

The Silverian Emperor, a syl human with long, blonde hair and silver bangs, sits on her throne. Two large doors at the opposite end of the massive room swing open, revealing the two guards, Zed and Erik. The guards lead Zed and Erik up to the Emperor.

Guard #1: Emperor Silveria, I present Zed the Azurebound and his companion, Herikios of Goldwaldun.

Emperor: Thank you, that will be all.

Erik’s thoughts: In case you were wondering, the Emperor is almost always the first-born female of the previous Emperor. The term “Empress” is not known to the inhabitants of the Empire as there is no need for gender distinction.

Zed’s thoughts: Got it…wait, how are you talking to me telepathically? Are you an esper?!

Erik’s thoughts: I will explain later, Zed.

Emperor: Welcome, Zed the Azurebound and Herikios of Goldwaldun.

Erik: It is an honour, Emperor.

Erik bows his head.

Zed: Thank you, Emperor.

Zed bows his head.

Emperor: Raise your heads.

Erik and Zed raise their heads.

Emperor: I was beginning to doubt that the crystals would find an owner. According to their creator, the first to activate should have been the Magenta Crystal, but that is not due to happen for approximately 200 years.

Erik: That is correct, Emperor.

The Emperor takes on an inquisitive tone.

Emperor: Then how is it that the Azure Crystal is the first one to activate?

Erik: Well…uh…

Erik pauses.

Emperor: Now, now, there is no need to be coy with me, Herikios. Zed…

The Emperor turns to face Zed.

Emperor: You are not from this world, are you?

Zed: Not exactly, Emperor. I hail from 250 years in the future.

Emperor: Hm…I believe your story. How else would you be in possession of a fully-active Azure Crystal?

Zed: Then you do believe me?

The Emperor smiles.

Emperor: Of course. The protectors of the crystals report that they are all safely guarded…including the Azure Crystal.

Zed: I see…

Emperor: The best course of action is to help you return to your own time. But in order to do this, you must complete your purpose in this time period.

Erik: Pardon my interruption, Emperor, but what is Zed’s purpose in this time period?

Emperor: Our oracles see that Zed is here to aid the one who would eventually assist him.

Erik: And who is that, Emperor?

Emperor: An Icon.

Erik: An Icon, Emperor?

Emperor: One of great power and knowledge, a mortal blessed with the gift of ages.

Erik: And you think Zed is here to help such an individual?

Emperor: I do, Herikios. I am appointing you as Zed’s assistant in this endeavour.

Erik: Me, Emperor? Am I really so important?

Zed’s thoughts: Wow, maybe Erik and I are more alike than I realised...

The Emperor smiles.

Emperor: How long have we known one another, Erik?

Erik: Five years, Emperor.

Emperor: You would consider us friends, yes?

Erik: Y-Yes, Emperor.

Emperor: Then I would trust none other for this task.

Erik: Yes, Emperor.

Erik bows his head, followed by Zed. Both men raise their heads, turn around and head for the door.

Emperor: And Erik?

Erik and Zed stop walking. Erik looks back over his right shoulder.

Erik: Yes?

Emperor: Do call me Silveria.

Erik: I will…try to keep that in mind.

Erik and Zed walk out the doors, which swing shut. The Emperor sighs.

Emperor: I have reminded him for half a decade, yet he still calls me “Emperor”…

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Scene 6: Theodor’s Home: Late Afternoon

The rest of the party is in the living area. Amethyst examines the artefacts on the shelves.

Brocc: So what are we supposed to do?

Bryn: Well, Mak’s Dad said to make ourselves at home, so that’s just what I’m doing.

Brocc: But he’s not even here.

Bryn: So?

Brocc: So do you really think it’s a good idea to raid his fridge and make yourself a gigantic snack?

Bryn speaks with her mouth full.

Bryn: What? A girl’s gotta eat, Brocc!

Amethyst: By the Twelve Stars…

Thobrun: What is it, lass?

Amethyst: This tablet…

Bryn: What about it?

Amethyst: You will think I am mad…

Bryn: What? Spit it out!

A crumb flies out of Bryn’s mouth and onto Theodor’s couch.

Bryn: Oops.

Amethyst: According to this tablet, two individuals named Herikios and Zed-

The party suddenly stares at Amethyst.

Amethyst: -were appointed as members of Emperor Silveria XVII’s Guard!

Bryn: Zed! But no…it couldn’t be OUR Zed.

Thobrun: Bryn has a point. That tablet must be hundreds o’ years old!

Amethyst: But the fact that Herikios is also mentioned suggests that-

Brocc: -Zed’s in the past! That’s where he is! Or when he is. Yeah, the second one.

Bryn: Ooh, good thing Mak’s not here! He’d throw a major wobbly knowing Erik’s involved in all this!

Scene 7: Desert Oasis: Evening

Mak, Emily and Thookli approach the oasis.

Mak: I suddenly have the urge to punch someone in the face…ah, it’s probably nothing.

Thookli: We are here.

Mak and Emily examine the camp. A number of tents made from animal skins lay strewn around the oasis.

Emily: This is wonderful! I have always longed to visit a sand orc encampment!

Thookli: Makkmak, has your father told you much of your heritage?

Mak: Not particularly. Why do you ask?

Thookli: Your mother is from this very sand orc tribe.

Mak: Really?

Thookli: Indeed. Come, I will take you to the Chieftain.

Mak: Lead on!

Thookli leads Mak and Emily inside the largest tent. The ceiling is so high that all three individuals are able to stand upright comfortably. The Chieftain sits cross-legged atop a thick fur blanket.

Thookli: Father, this is Makkmak and Emily.

The Chieftain grunts.

Thookli: They wish to know information on Karessa’s whereabouts.

Chieftain: Makkmak and Emily. I welcome to tent. Sit, sit.

Mak and Emily sit on the carpeted ground and cross their legs.

Emily: It is an honour, Chieftain.

Chieftain: No, no, honour mine.

The Chieftain places his left hand on his chest for a moment.

Chieftain: I trust journey was good?

Mak: Oh, yes, very much so. I’d never tried stewed cactus before. It was very appetising.

Chieftain: Ah, good, good. Stew cactus is Thookli specialty. But she is warrior, first and foremost.

Emily: I must admit, your Common is most impressive.

Chieftain: Ah, thank! Thookli is good teacher!

The Chieftain chuckles.

Chieftain: I see Karessa in Big-Chip Mountain Pass, with dangerous cliff orc. Two of them. Very nasty folk.

Mak: Cliff orcs? But…what would they want with my mother?

Chieftain: Their leader threaten, say they will take Mak to Elbok Waste and abandon. Karessa have good heart, offer herself in place.

Emily: Your mother must love you a lot, Makkmak.

Mak: That’s why I need to find her.

Chieftain: Cliff orc tribe very strong, very savage. This tribe stay away, for safety. Sure?

Mak: Yes, I am sure.

Chieftain: Then go with Thookli. Protect you both. Tomorrow.

Emily: Our thanks, Chieftain.

Mak: Thank you, sir.

Chieftain: Mak and Emily not weaklings. Heart of sand orc. Nice couple.

Mak: Oh, we’re not a couple!

Emily: Most definitely not! Eheheheheh…

Chieftain: Sure? Chieftain see sparks between.

Thookli: That’s what I said!

Mak: Trust us, we’re not a couple…

Mak and Emily look at each other from the corner of their eyes and start to blush, then look back at the Chieftain.

Scene 8: Desert Oasis: Pre-Dawn

Mak stands staring at the oasis, a reflection of the purplish sky on its surface. A cold wind blows through the encampment. Emily emerges from a tent and walks over to Mak.

Emily: It is cold, Makkmak.

Mak: I know. I was just thinking.

Emily: About?

Mak: A lot of things. Mom…Zed…Erik… And not just them. When I say a lot of things, I’m not talking in small amounts. I’m talking full blown crises fighting for space in my mind.

Emily: When you were wounded by Brent and Sara and taken away, I was scared that I would never see you again.

Mak: I know what you mean. The whole time we were being dragged along, my thoughts weren’t of my agonizing pain, or where Zed was, or even about my mother…well, those things were still on my mind, just a little bit.

Mak turns to face Emily.

Mak: The one thing I thought about most was you, Ems. The whole time, I worried about your safety.

Emily: Those were my exact thoughts of you.

Mak and Emily smile. Their eyes twinkle. As they close their eyes, they slowly tilt their heads and move towards one another. Their lips make contact and they kiss for the first time, just as the sun rises in the distance.

We cut to a view of Brocc asleep in bed. He sleep-talks loudly.

Brocc: Woohoo! It’s about…(snore)…time…

Mak and Emily break away from each other and open their eyes, smiling at each other. The camera pans slightly, revealing that Thookli is standing there.

Mak: That was…

Emily: Indeed…

After a brief pause, Mak looks at Thookli.

Mak: Thookli! A-Are we ready to leave?

Thookli: Of course.

Mak claps his hands together.

Mak: Great! Let’s go and find my Mom!

Scene 9: Outside the Dragon’s Tower: Morning

Erik and Zed stand facing the entrance to the Dragon’s Tower, an enormous spire with a gleaming metallic finish.

Zed: The Dragon’s Tower?!

Erik: Of course. That’s where the oracles said the Icon would be.

Zed: I don’t think I can go in there.

Erik: Are you not an adventurer?

Zed: Only a probationary one.

Erik: But you possess amazing skills, Zed. Surely you have already been inducted as a full member!

Zed: You only inducted me as a trainee. I’m not qualified to enter a B-Class dungeon!

Erik: Really? I did? Oh dear…

Erik thinks for a moment.

Erik: Now, you say that I inducted you, yes?

Zed: Well, technically, yes…

Erik: So therefore, I should legally be able to induct you as a full adventurer right now. What’s 250 years of time difference where a time-traveller is concerned?

Zed: I’m pretty sure it doesn’t work like that.

Erik: Where is your membership card?

Zed: Right here.

Zed pulls out his member’s card and examines it.

Zed: “Zed Starmute, 1st-Level Homonid Spellsword. Magic Guild: Full Member.” Wait…what?!

Erik: See? I knew my future self would have thought of everything!

Zed: But…I’m not a spellsword! I’m a wizard! I’ve never even held a sword before!

Zed puts his member’s card away.

Zed: Well…I guess technically I can go inside, then.

Erik: Then let us enter!

Zed and Erik stand inside the dungeon surrounded by a swarm of cakeflies.

Zed: I knew it was a mistake to enter here!

Erik: I don’t understand…cakeflies should not attack unless one of us has-

Zed: Just like I told your future self, I always carry some cakes with me in case of emergency!

Erik: Well, what should we do?

Zed reaches into his satchel and pulls out two breathers.

Zed: Put this on!

Erik: What is it?

Zed: No time! Just put it on now!

Erik: As you command!

Zed and Erik quickly don the breathers just in time to protect them from the cakeflies’ slumber dust.

Erik: This device is incredible!

Zed: Keep it. Now, let’s run!

Erik: Agreed!

Zed and Erik race towards the next flight of stairs.

Scene 10: Big-Chip Mountain Range: Late Morning

Mak, Emily and Thookli approach the cliff orc stronghold.

Thookli: Follow my lead.

Mak: Wait…we’re just going to march into their camp?!

Thookli: Of course.

Mak: But…aren’t they cliff orcs?!

Thookli: Just trust me. They will not harm us.

Mak: O-Okay then…

The party approaches two guards. Thookli turns to face Mak and Emily and raises her right hand.

Thookli: Wait here, okay?

Mak: Uh…sure.

Thookli approaches the orcs. Both orcs cross their axes, blocking the orcborn’s path. All three speak in Orcish.

Thookli: (Greetings.)

Guard #1: (State your business.)

Thookli: (My companions and I wish to enter your stronghold.)

Guard #1: (What business does a group of three weaklings have in our stronghold?)

Thookli: (We wish to speak to the one called Karessa.)

The two orcs whisper to each other.

Guard #1: (Very well, you may enter.)

Thookli: (My thanks to you both.)

Thookli gestures Mak and Emily to approach. Mak and Emily walk up to Thookli. Just as Thookli takes a step forward, the second guard stops her.

Guard #2: (Why do you wish to speak to Karessa?)

Thookli: (For reasons of kinship.)

The second guard examines both orcborn.

Guard #2: (Then you have one hour.)

Thookli: (That is all we need.)

The party enters a room within the stronghold. A lone orc woman sits in a chair, polishing an axe.

Thookli: Hello.

The woman looks up at Thookli, then over at Mak, then at Emily. A tear rolls down her cheek.

Karessa: Son? Daughter?

Mak: Why does everybody think we’re a couple?!

Karessa: It IS Makkmak!

Karessa drops the axe and cloth and runs over to Mak, embracing him in a gigantic hug.

Karessa: I did think I would not see Makkmak again!

Mak begins crying.

Mak: I missed you so much, Mommy!

Karessa promptly drops Mak and embraces Thookli.

Karessa: Thookli! My Thookli!

Thookli: Wait! Why are you hugging me?!

Mak flies back onto his feet. Karessa lets go of Thookli.

Mak: Wait…Thookli’s my sister?!

Thookli: What?!

Karessa turns to face Mak.

Karessa: Yes. When Chieftain of cliff orc tribe threaten Theo and Makkmak, Karessa offer to take place. Chieftain take Karessa away for 21 years. What Karessa not know at time is carrying baby. Then, six months later, Karessa give birth to daughter, Thookli. Karessa secretly give baby to sand orc Chieftain, so can live in peace.

Thookli: I had no idea I had a brother…

Karessa: But now, 21 years later, Karessa free to go home.

Mak: Wait…so the 21 years you’ve been gone were-

Karessa: -prison sentence, yes.

Mak: But how could you be tried as a cliff orc when you were part of a sand orc tribe?

Karessa: Karessa mother, Makkmak and Thookli grandmother, was cliff orc. That make Karessa tried as cliff orc when marry to human Theo.

Mak: So I’m a quarter-cliff orc?!

Emily: I guess that explains your temper, then!

Mak: What the…Brocc?! How do you keep-

Mak looks at Emily, who has a beaming smile on her face.

Mak: A sense of humour…now that’s a side of you I’ve never seen before.

Emily: Oh?

Mak: I think I could get used to that side.

Emily giggles.

Scene 11: Theodor’s Home: Late Morning

Mak, Emily, Thookli and Karessa enter the living area. The rest of the party and Theodor sit on the couches and chairs.

Mak: We’re home!

Theodor looks over at the group. A look of surprise appears on his face.

Theodor: Karessa?

Karessa: Theo.

Theodor slowly stands up and walks over to Karessa. He wraps his arms around her, and she does so in kind. They nuzzle each other’s foreheads.

Theodor: My Karessa…I never thought I would see you again.

Karessa: I miss Theo so very much. Karessa stay for good.

Theodor looks at Thookli.

Theodor: Thank you.

Thookli nods.

Mak: It gets better. Thookli is…your daughter!

Theodor: My daughter?!

Theodor and Karessa let go of one another. Theodor walks over to Thookli and examines her.

Thookli: It’s as much a surprise to you as it is to me…Father.

Theodor: I see it now. You have my eyes…and your mother’s tusks.

Brocc: Well, you’ll never guess what happened to me. I dreamt that Mak and Emily kissed!

Mak: What?!

Brocc: Yeah, in front of an oasis in the middle of the desert, the sun rising as you-

Mak: Okay, I think we’ve had enough of Brocc’s fantasies, don’t you?!

Emily: Eheheheheh…

Theodor’s thoughts: The Ruby Temple…I must prepare to journey to it once again…

Scene 12: En Route to Goldenia: Early Afternoon

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Tamamaki walk along a road. The trees lining it are shedding their leaves.

Mak: So, any news about Zed?

Amethyst: It’s funny you should mention it, Mak.

Bryn: Your father has a number of artefacts which mention Zed.

Mak: Really?!

Amethyst: He is in the past, assisting Herikios.

Mak: Wait…Erik’s there too?! I knew I couldn’t trust that guy!

Brocc: It gets better! The artefacts mention where he returns in this time period!

Mak: Where?

Bryn: A place called Summershire.

Emily: But that is my homeland! It is a part of Goldenia Kingdom!

Mak: Then we make tracks to Goldenia!

The party continues walking along the road. Just then, an arrow whizzes past Mak’s head.

Bryn: Oh, for the love of-

To be Continued...

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 8th 2017, 5:22 am
Episode 14: The Royal Homecoming
Emily returns to her home in Goldenia, where her family are...royalty?! Her brother Aurec is a watertouched, and his elemental nature has caught the attention of a mysterious trio of individuals who wish to experiment on the young syl. Meanwhile, Zed finally rejoins his allies, but something is amiss: the Azure Crystal has mysteriously started to malfunction! Can the young spellcaster solve this potential problem?

New Characters

Lord and Lady Summershire
– Emily’s parents and the reigning monarchs of Summershire, they are persistent in trying to get Mak and Emily to reveal their feelings for one another.

Lord Aurec of Summershire – Emily’s older brother was born a watertouched, and has caught the attention of three mysterious individuals. Can his sister save him in time?

"It is so good to be home..."
Scene 1: Dragon’s Tower: Early Afternoon

Zed and Erik reach the top of the Dragon’s Tower. The view of the lands of the Silverian Empire and the Damantia Sea is breathtaking. In the centre of the tower’s roof is a large pedestal marked with the symbol on Zed and Erik’s right hands.

Erik: The pinnacle of the Dragon’s Tower. You can see for miles up here!

Zed: Whoa…awesome.

Zed and Erik look around.

Erik: I…expected to see the Icon up here.

Zed: So did I.

Erik: I doubt the Emperor would send us on a wild drake chase. There must be a reason why we are here…

Suddenly, a soft glow of light emerges around the outside of the pedestal. The mark on Erik’s hand begins to glow brightly.

Erik: My mark…

Zed: I think you need to stand on the pedestal.

Erik: I am not sure about this, Zed…

Zed: Why else would we be here? I’m sure the pedestal will take you to the Icon.

Erik: Me? Why not you? You bear the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Because you were the one who was supposed to find the Icon. I have to return to my own time.

Erik: You are right.

Erik approaches the pedestal, standing in its centre and turning to face Zed.

Zed: We will meet again. I still need to meet you for the first time.

Erik smiles.

Erik: Of course, Zed.

The pedestal is engulfed in bright light. The mark appears under Zed’s feet and glows with cyan light. A column of light erupts from the floor surrounding Zed.

Zed: Here we go…

Erik’s voice seems to echo from thin air.

Erik’s voice: This is not your world, Zed…

Zed: Erik?

The column of light recedes into the ground, leaving Zed standing in the middle of a bustling city. A few people stand and stare at him, but most simply continue with their busy lives.

Zed’s thoughts: Am I back?

Voice: You certainly are, Zed.

Zed spins around and sees Erik – the Erik he knows – standing there.

Zed: Erik!

Erik: So now we are properly acquainted.

Zed: Did you meet the Icon? What are they like?

Erik: I am sure you would like the Icon very much, Zed.

Zed: Cool. So…where are we?

Erik: This is Summershire City, in the Kingdom of Goldenia.

Zed: Goldenia? Awesome!

Erik: Come. There are some people who wish to meet with you.

Zed: Lead on, Mentor!

Opening Credits


Scene 2: The Golden Dew Tavern: Afternoon

Zed and Erik enter the tavern. Zed sees the Crystalbound and Kendall sitting at a table and begins to approach them.

Thobrun: -and then I dropped my hammer onto his noggin! Let me tell you he was stumblin’ around like a-

Thobrun stops talking as the party realises Zed is present.

Zed: Hey, guys.

Brocc: Zed! It’s really you!

Mak: Zed!

Mak leaps to his feet and locks Zed in a hug.

Mak: Where were you?! We were so worried!

Bryn: Give the boy a chance to speak, “Dad”!

Mak lets go of Zed.

Mak: Sorry.

Mak looks over at Erik.

Mak: Thank you for looking out for him, Erik.

Erik: My pleasure, Mak.

Zed: Wait a minute…did something happen between you two since I left?

Mak: In a sense, yes.

Bryn: We were ambushed by those two goons again-

Zed: Trent and Kara, you mean?

Bryn: Oh, that’s right! You haven’t been acquainted with Brent and Sara, have you?

Zed: Brent and Sara?

Brocc: Let me backtrack a little bit for you…

An arrow whizzes past Mak’s head.

Bryn: Oh, for the love of truffles!

Brent and Sara stand right in the party’s path.

Brent: Hello, Crystalbound.

Sara: Hello, Crystalbound.

Brent: I just said that!

Sara: I know, but I wanted to say it too!

Brent: You can’t just take my words like that! I, Brent, have standards, and those standards don’t include some half-witted barbarian stealing my thunder!

Sara! I am not unliterate! And I am not a thief!

Sara points at Bryn.

Sara: THAT is a thief!

Bryn: Hey! Don’t go pointing your sausage-finger at me, sister!

Sara: I am not your sister!

Bryn: No, it’s a…oh, never mind…

Mak: I take it you’re going to try and round us up again?

Brent: However did you guess?

Brent smiles cruelly.

Mak: Because you’re all so…

Brent: Talented?

Mak: Predictable.

Brent frowns.

Brent: How dare you?!

Mak: The four of you always try to capture us and take us to this “Mistress” of yours, and every time some guy or another comes along and stops you without us lifting a sword.

Brent: And just who do you expect will stop us this time?

Erik: Allow me to attempt such an endeavour.

Erik steps in front of the Crystalbound.

Brent: And who on Junihoshi are you?

Erik cocks one eyebrow.

Erik: Does the name “Hippocamp” ring any bells?

Brent: No, not…WAAAAAAAAH!

Mak: Let’s just say that Erik and I have come to an…“understanding” of sorts.

Zed: As long as you guys are finally getting along, it’s fine.

Brocc: So what was it like in the past?

Zed: Well, I-

A blank expression appears on Zed’s face. He turns to look at Erik.

Zed: Did you tell them?

Brocc: Tell us what?

Zed: Never mind.

Erik’s thoughts: They learned of our past exploits from some artefacts in Mak’s father’s collection.

Zed’s thoughts: Really?

Erik’s thoughts: I’m sure I forbade the Emperor from recounting our endeavours. I wonder why she went ahead and had them crafted behind my back.

Zed’s thoughts: She must have had her reasons.

Erik’s thoughts: I certainly hope so, Zed.

Brocc: Uh…Zed? You’re spacing out a little.

Zed: Uh…oh, right. I started out in the Ethereal Expanse.

Bryn: I knew you were sent to another plane! Brocc, hand it over!

Brocc: Ah, crumbs.

Brocc hands 5gp to Bryn.

Zed: Then a genie sent me to some weird desert world.

Brocc: Another world, you say? Bryn?

Bryn: Ugh…fine.

Bryn gives Brocc 10gp.

Amethyst: You both wagered on Zed’s location?

Kendall: But why?

Bryn: We were both in distress, alright? It took our minds off his absence.

Brocc: Yeah, what she said!

Mak: Both of you ought to be ashamed of yourselves!

Mak’s thoughts: Boy, I could use some dough right about now…

Zed: Oh, and then I ended up 250 years in the past.

Mak: Bryn, Brocc…both of you fork it over.

Bryn and Brocc look at each other and give each other a sly smile.

Bryn: Looks like you won the bet, Makkmak.

Bryn and Brocc each begin to hand 10gp to Mak. Emily looks at Mak.

Mak: What bet? No…hand me those dough cakes you’re holding.

Bryn: Why would you want our cakes?

Mak: I’m hungry.

Brocc: But Bryn, you said we could frame Mak into claiming a fake wager he didn’t make with us, just to see if Emily would-

Bryn slaps the back of Brocc’s head.

Brocc: OW! I mean…a fake wager? What’s a fake wager? A…potato segment…covered in flaked…fish?

Bryn: That’s a “flake wedge”, you dolt! It’s a Granrelmian delicacy!

Brocc: Whatever. The important thing is Zed’s back, safe and sound.

Mak: I missed you buddy.

Amethyst: We all missed you a great deal, Zed.

Voice: Twelve Stars! It’s Lady Emillia!

The party turns to look at two teenage girls, a homonid and a syl, both in simple clothing. They seem to be looking at the party.

Girl #1: I had no idea she was back in Summershire!

Girl #2: I had no idea I’d ever meet her in person!

Kendall: Uh…there must be some mistake.

Girl #1: We don’t make mistakes, sir. Your party priestess is most definitely Lady Emillia, the Amberbound.

Brocc: Lady Emillia? Emily, I thought your name was…well, Emily.

Emily: My full title is Lady Emillia of Summershire. I usually go simply by Emily Summers, which is my legal name.

Bryn: But “Lady” implies that you are-

Mak: Yes, Bryn, Emily is royalty.

Three individuals at a nearby table observe the party. The sides of their faces are marked with purplish-pink crystalline patterns. The first is a female homonid human, while the other two are male homonid humans.

Figure #1: Bingo, our way into Summershire Palace.

Figure #2: We should be able to follow them undetected using our cloaks.

Figure #1: In this place, our magentia reserves are dangerously low.

Figure #3: Then we should redirect the energy consumption of our other crystal functions and focus on a single ability at a time.

Figure #2: A single ability at a time? What are we, savages?

Figure #3: As I understand, it is how many people lived day-to-day, before advanced crystal tech became mainstream.

Figure #1: Then we will live as our elders once did long ago, at least until our research is complete.

Figure #2: Ugh…fine, but you owe me big time, both of you.

The three individuals become invisible in a purplish-pink cybernetic animation sequence.

Scene 4: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Two syl humans, a lady and a gentleman, sit in a rather lavish parlour. Each of them holds a cup of tea and a saucer. The gentleman sips his tea, then places his cup gently into the saucer.

Gentleman: I must say, this tea is most exquisite.

Lady: If my understanding is correct, these tea leaves are imported from Verdelvum.

Gentleman: Ah, a sign of quality to be sure. We really must visit Verdelvum, sweetheart.

Lady: Of course, darling.

Both people smile at one another. A loud knock sounds on the parlour doors.

Gentleman: Enter.

The doors swing open, revealing a butler, the Crystalbound and Kendall. The party follows the butler up to the gentleman and lady.

Butler: Lord and Lady Summershire, I present the Lady Emillia of Summershire and her companions: Amethyst Lunerosée, Sir Makkmak Clay of Cuprumo, Paladin Thobrun Angus Steelanvil, the Lady Bryn of Platinia, Broccoli Choy Verdann Svetlana Asparagustus Anchovius Wheatcream Bucknoodle Hairy Squirty Windy-

Brocc clears his throat.

Butler: Erm…Pharrschott, Kendall Silvertooth and…Zed.

Gentleman: That will be all.

Butler: Very good, sir.

The butler bows, then turns around and exits the room. Lord Summershire stands and walks over to Emily. Emily looks into Lord Summershire’s eyes. A smile slowly spreads across both their faces.

Lord Summershire: My Emillia.

Emily: Father.

Lord Summershire and Emily hug. Lady Summershire stands and walks over to her husband and daughter, embracing them both.

Lady Summershire: It is wonderful to see you again, sweetheart.

Emily: I missed you so much, Mother.

The family separates and faces the Crystalbound. Lord Summershire faces Mak.

Lord Summershire: You kept your word, Sir Makkmak. My daughter is safe.

Mak: It was my honour, M’Lord.

Mak kneels.

Lord Summershire: You really do not need to be so formal.

Mak slowly stands upright.

Mak: Apologies, M’Lord.

Lady Summershire: If there is any reward you request, please, let us know.

Mak: Having your daughter in my life, Milady, that is reward enough.

Lord Summershire: Say no more. The household of Summershire will see to the wedding arrangements personally.

Mak and Emily both panic.

Emily: What?! No, no…we do not wish for marriage!

Mak: The two of us are…good friends!

Emily: Uh…exactly! Eheheheheh…

Lord Summershire frowns.

Lord Summershire: Very well. The servants will see you to your rooms. You are our honoured guests. Welcome to Summershire Palace!

Mak: Thank you, M’Lord.

The party, except for Emily, bows. The entire party then leaves the room and closes the door behind them.

Lord Summershire: I fail to see why Emillia and Sir Makkmak will not wed.

Lady Summershire: It is clear as day that they care deeply for one another.

Lord Summershire: Any fool would see it, would they not?

Lord and Lady Summershire giggle.

Lord Summershire: In time, they will realise their feelings for one another.

Lady Summershire: Indeed.

Scene 5: Palace Courtyard: Early Afternoon

A male syl human with glistening black hair, azure eyes and shimmering blue specks on his cheeks walks through the palace courtyard. He speaks with a posh accent.

Gentleman: Ah, what a splendid day to be outdoors. There is not a cloud in the sky, the birds are chirping…what could possibly spoil my afternoon?

The three individuals from before appear around him in a purplish cybernetic flash.

Figure #2: Oh, I have a couple of ideas.

The figure wraps his arms around the gentleman. All four individuals disappear in a purplish cybernetic flash.

Commercial: The Winter Festival is fast approaching, and there’s no better place to be than Goodheart’s Pass! We boast the biggest Winter Carnival in the land, with sideshows, games, and of course food! The finest dwarven chefs prepare over 200 delicacies of Tundwaldunian origin, and our selection of dwarven beverages* is matched by no other place in the land! The Winter Festival, in Goodheart’s Pass. You’d regret not being here!

*WARNING: Dwarven beverages only suitable for dwarf consumption. You have been warned!

Scene 6: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Brent and Sara walk up to the Sorceress of Winter.

Sorceress: You have both failed me…again!

Brent: Apologies, Mistress, but-

Sorceress: I have no desire to hear your petty excuses! The ice vault longs for new captives.

Brent: No, please! Anything but that!

Sorceress: Then I will summon-

Brent: NO! Not those two! I, Brent, cannot bear the thought of anyone upstaging me, which those two stuck-up so-and-sos will surely do!

Sorceress: Very well…I will decide what punishment to give you later. In the meantime…

Two ice constructs walk behind Brent and Sara, grabbing them.

Sorceress: You may spend some time in the ice vault.

Brent: What?!

Sorceress: I cannot have you running around this fortress willy-nilly, can I?

Sara: Oh, lighten up, Brent. It’ll be just like taking a nap.

Brent thrashes around as the ice constructs carry both him and Sara into the ice vault.

Brent: No! You cannot do this to me! I am the great hunter, Bre-

The door to the ice vault seals shut.

Sorceress: Winter is afoot…the perfect time for me to enact my plan.

The Sorceress smiles cruelly.

Scene 7: Emily’s Room: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Emily and Mak enter Emily’s bedroom.

Emily: It is unchanged from when I last left here.

Mak: It’s a little ostentatious, don’t you think?

Emily: I admit, it is a little bit too lavish for my liking, but it is where I grew up. Over time, I have become accustomed to the perks and privileges.

Mak: I still don’t see why we need to sleep in the same bed, though.

Emily: My parents have always longed for me to find a partner of my own.

Mak: Well, the look your father gave us…I suspect they always knew we’d be together.

Emily: Well, it is much too early for us to declare-

Voice: Lady Emillia! Lady Emillia!

A maid runs into Emily’s bedroom.

Maid: Forgive my intrusion, Milady! It…it…

Emily: Please, calm yourself!

The maid is still in a panic.

Emily: Heather, please try to calm down.

The maid lets out a big breath and tries to relax.

Emily: Now, please, tell me what troubles you.

Heather: It’s your brother, Milady!

Emily: Aurec?

Heather: He’s been abducted!

Emily’s hands fly to her mouth.

Scene 8: Parlour: Summershire Palace: Afternoon

Lord and Lady Summershire are surprised at the news.

Lord Summershire: You are certain?!

Emily: Heather swears it to be true!

Mak: She said the kidnappers seemed to disappear in an unusual flash of magenta.

Lady Summershire: By the Twelve Stars! You must find him at once!

Emily: My crystal has begun to glow. I suspect it is a beacon which will guide us to Aurec.

Mak: We’ll try our best to bring him back, M’Lord…Milady.

Mak bows.

Lord Summershire: You may go.

Mak: Very good.

Lady Summershire: Please, try to bring back your brother, safe and sound.

Emily: I will try, Mother.

Mak and Emily leave the parlour, closing the doors behind them.

Lord Summershire: If this endeavour fails to bring them together, I know not what will.

Lady Summershire: Thinking of our daughter’s future even when our son is in peril?

Lord Summershire: I take no favourites when it comes to our children.

Lady Summershire: I do wonder…

Scene 9: Magic Guild: Summershire City: Afternoon

Zed enters the Magic Guild, the branch of the Adventurer’s League for wizards, mages and spellswords. Zed walks up to Erik.

Erik: Ah, Zed. Welcome.

Zed: I need to find out something.

Erik: Of course.

Zed hands his member’s card to Erik.

Zed: It says I’m a full member of the Adventurer’s League, but it says I’m a spellsword instead of a wizard.

Erik: Ah…

Zed: What I want to know is why I’m a full member and not a probationary one.

Erik: Well, that time I gave you your member’s card…I may have upgraded you to full member’s privileges without you having to wait a year.

Zed: You can do that?

Erik: Of course.

Zed: But…why did you?

Erik: I first met you 250 years ago. That’s a far cry from just one year.

Zed: So the time-traveller clause takes effect?

Erik: It does exist in the Adventurer’s League charter.

Zed: Wait…you helped write the charter?

Erik: Maybe…

Zed: Oh.

Zed pauses.

Zed: Maybe you can help me with my other problem, then.

Erik: Of course.

Zed reaches into his clothing and pulls out his crystal. The cyan light within it is resonating.

Erik: Fascinating…

Zed: What does this mean?

Erik: It would seem that you are close to finding the crystal’s true owner.

Zed: Then Axian was right…

Erik: Ah, yes…how is Axian?

Zed: Well, I was unconscious for most of my encounter with him, so I didn’t have a good chance to get to know him. Anyway, the bottom line is that this crystal belongs to someone named Mara.

Erik: Mara? But that cannot be…

Zed: You know her?

Erik: Not exactly. I have met some of her family, though.

Zed: Who is she?

Erik: Another time, Zed.

Zed: How did I know you were going to say that?

Erik: Maybe you’re psychic.

Zed: We’re all psychic, Erik.

Erik: Have you been listening to Tamamaki’s teachings?

Zed: Well, maybe a little.

Zed pauses.

Zed: Wait…where is Tamamaki-kun?

Erik: He has made his way to the Shuken-Kin Temple. Rest assured that he arrived safely.

Zed: That’s good to hear.

Erik: Indeed.

Zed: So…want to get some lunch?

Erik: Of course.

Zed and Erik leave the guild hall.

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

Aurec lies tied up to an operating table. He struggles to break free of his bonds. The three figures stand around him.

Aurec: Do you not know who I am?! Unbind me at once!

Figure #1: We do know what you are, watertouched.

Figure #2: Where we come from, there are no watertouched. We are taking the opportunity to study you.

Aurec: To what end?

Figure #1: Our findings will aid us in developing new forms of crystal tech, the likes of which the world has never seen.

Aurec: “Crystal tech”? Your words mean nothing!

Figure #3: The results of this research will make us rich beyond our wildest dreams! I can practically taste the diamond spring water!

Aurec: You are mad if you think you will be able to dissect a member of royalty and get away with it!

Figure #1: There is nothing you can do.

Voice: No, but we can!

The three figures look over at Mak and Emily.

Figure #1: How on Vitrumund did you find this place?!

Mak: Let’s just say we had a little guidance from a crystal…

Emily: Aurec!

Aurec: Emillia? What are you doing here?!

Emily: We came to rescue you!

Aurec: It is not safe, sister! You must leave!

Emily: Not without you, dear brother!

Figure #1: Enough of this! There is no way you can win!

Mak: Oh yeah?

Mak steps forward and draws his sword.

Mak: Try me.

Figure #1: That primitive weapon is no match for our might.

Mak: We’ll see.

Mak swings his sword at the figure. Suddenly, the crystal markings on her face light up, and a purplish barrier surrounds her. As Mak’s sword makes contact, it sends a surge of energy through his body. The orcborn flies backward and hits a wall, then he falls to the ground, knocked out.

Emily: Makkmak!

Aurec: Sister! Leave now! Before it is too late!

Figure #1: You would be prudent to adhere to your brother’s words, Emillia.

Emily frowns.

Emily: You may call me “Emily”. HYAAAAAAAH!

Emily runs forward and swings her hammer. It glows with golden light, and she strikes the figure, sending her flying against a wall and knocking her to the ground. The figure pants heavily.

Figure #1: Impressive. You actually made a hit on me.

Emily: I am guided by the light of Marilina Silverblade.

Figure #1: You may have bested me, but you will not defeat my allies.

Emily spins around just in time to see the other two figures approach. Their crystalline markings glow, and waves of purplish energy emerge from their outstretched hands, surrounding Emily. An aura of golden light surrounds her, drawing out the remaining energy from the individuals.

Figure #3: Wh-What’s going on?!

Figure #2: Our magentia reserves…they’re depleting rapidly!

Figure #3: What do we do?!

Figure #2: We won’t have enough energy to open a doorway home!

Figure #3: But…I have a date tonight!

Energy stops flowing from the other two figures. They collapse to their knees, exhausted and panting heavily.

Figure #1: But…how?

Emily: Never mess with a Crystalbound!

Scene 11: Dining Hall: Summershire Palace: Evening

Emily’s family, the Crystalbound, Kendall and Erik sit at a long table brimming with all sorts of food.

Mak: You were awesome, Ems.

Emily: Are you trying to copy Zed, Makkmak?

Aurec: Sir Makkmak is right, Emillia. In the face of danger, you stood your ground and stopped the assailants. You truly are my rescuer.

Lord Summershire raises his goblet.

Lord Summershire: A toast. To Lady Emillia, whose bravery and courage aided her in rescuing her brother.

Everyone raises their goblets.

Lord Summershire: To Lady Emillia!

Everyone else (except Emily): Lady Emillia!

Emily: I did not complete my task alone. I was assisted by-

Lord Summershire raises his goblet again.

Lord Summershire: A toast. To Sir Makkmak of Cuprumo, who aided Lady Emillia in saving her brother.

Everyone raises their goblets.

Lord Summershire: To Sir Makkmak!

Everyone else (except Mak and Emily): Sir Makkmak!

Emily: No, no…I meant-

Aurec raises his goblet.

Aurec: A toast. To Herikios Woodhollow, who apprehended the thugs and took them to the proper authorities.

Everyone else raises their goblets.

Aurec: To Herikios!

Everyone else (except Mak, Emily and Erik): Herikios!

Emily: I meant that the light of Marilina Silverblade herself was what removed the strength of the individuals. I was merely its conduit.

Lord Summershire: In any case, we did not expect such bravery from our only daughter.

Lady Summershire: We are very proud of you, Sweetheart.

Emily: Thank you Mother, Father, Aurec.

Lord Summershire: Now, let us feast before the food grows cold!

Brocc: Now THAT’S an order I can get behind!

Everyone begins eating the wonderful food.

Scene 12: Sorceress’ Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara stand before the Sorceress of Winter.

Sorceress: The four of you are a disgrace. After several attempts to capture the Crystalbound, you have failed to bring me even one of them.

Trent: Apologies, Mistress.

Brent: We have failed you one too many times, but never again.

Sorceress: Agreed. I will give you one final chance to apprehend the Crystalbound and bring them before me. One week from today is the Winter Festival, the greatest celebration of this time of year. Those fools are headed for Goodheart’s Pass, the hometown of dear Thobrun, to attend the festivities. The perfect time to make our move.

Sara: Ooh, can we attend the festival too?

Sorceress: Of course. The easier you blend in, the easier it will be to round up the Crystalbound whilst their guard is down.

Kara: But what about the mysterious individual who follows them, Mistress?

Sorceress: I admit, it will be difficult to capture them with him around, so we will have to lure them away from him, even for just a moment.

Brent: And then…we strike!

Sorceress: Exactly. Now go!

The Dark Crystalbound bow to the Sorceress, then turn around and leave the room.

Sorceress: At last, vengeance will be mine…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 9th 2017, 4:12 am
Episode 15: The Winter Festival
The party has arrived in Thobrun’s hometown of Goodheart’s Pass, in the kingdom of Shingania, and just in time, too: the Winter Festival will be here in a matter of hours. The festivities are cut short, however, when the party gets lost in the Goldwaldun Mountains! Will the heroes reunite once more?

New Characters

Helga – Thobrun’s beloved mother welcomes home her son with a big smile and an enormous banquet the likes of which Brocc and Bryn have never imagined!

Lukas Silvertooth – A gentleman who claims to be Kendall’s long-lost father, but can he be trusted?

Ash – An ally of Erik’s, he gives Zed a rare artefact and asks him to keep it safe, but will not tell him of its significance.

"At last we meet again, Crystalbound..."
Scene 1: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The Crystalbound and Kendall trudge through the snow, approaching the settlement of Goodheart’s Pass. A number of buildings can be seen stretching into the distance and up the side of a mountain range.

Thobrun: Ah, Goodheart’s Pass...

Bryn: This is the site of the best winter festivities every year!

Emily: It’s spectacular!

Amethyst: Very impressive!

Thobrun: Ah, but it is more than that, lasses. This...is my hometown!

The party walks up to a building with a wooden door. Thobrun knocks on the door. After a few seconds, a female dwarf opens it and stares at Thobrun.

Woman: Wee one?

Thobrun: Aye, Mum.

Tears stream down the woman’s face as she grabs Thobrun’s cheeks and gives him an enormous kiss on the forehead. She lets go of him and holds her hands in the air.

Woman: Ye didnae tell me ye were comin’ hame!

Thobrun: I wanted to surprise ye!

Woman: Well, ye’ve done more than that, laddie! Come in! Come in! Ye’re friends, too!

The party enters the building. At the other end of the street stands Brent, grinning cruelly.

Brent: Just as our Mistress predicted, the Crystalbound have walked into our trap.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Helga’s Home: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The party sits comfortably in Thobrun’s mother’s modest living area. Thobrun’s mother walks into the room.

Thobrun’s Mother: Can I fix ye anythin’ te eat?

Amethyst: That would be wonderful, Mrs. Steelanvil.

Thobrun’s Mother: Please, lass, call me Helga.

Amethyst: As you wish.

Helga leaves the room.

Emily: Your mother is so nice, Thobrun.

Thobrun: Aye, she is. I always look forward to comin’ home. She always knows when I’m on my way, even if I dinnae tell her.

Mak: Really? How?

Thobrun: Why, mother’s intuition, o’course.

Kendall: He is right. My mother always knows when I get into any trouble. It’s a little bit spooky, actually.

Mak: I wouldn’t know, given the fact that I didn’t see my mother for over 20 years.

Kendall: Oh, my apologies, Mak.

Mak: It’s fine, Kendall. I’ve been reunited with her, and that’s what matters.

Helga calls out from the next room.

Helga: Right, supper’s on! Come an’ eat it ‘fore the meece do!

Zed: There are mice in here?!

Thobrun: Course not, lad. Mum’s only teasin’ us!

Brocc: Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m starving!

Amethyst: Come now, Brocc. I am sure it will merely be a light meal.

The party stands in the entrance of the dining room, staring at the enormous mountain of food on the table.

Mak: Some “light meal”, right, Amethyst?

Amethyst: I...I have no idea what to say...

Helga: Us hill dwarves are famous fer our spreads, lass. Sit, sit! Ye must be famished after ye’re journey!

Brocc: Yes, ma’am!

The party sits at the table.

Brocc: Uh...what’s this round thing?

Thobrun: Haggis. Mum’s specialty.

Brocc: Oh boy, haggis! Let me at it!

Brocc quickly hacks off a piece and takes a huge bite.

Helga: Ah, it’s good to see a stranger hoe into my sheep stomach pud!

Brocc turns his head and spits out his mouthful.

Brocc: This is WHAT?!

Bryn: Try it, Brocc. It’s delightful.

Brocc: You mean you actually eat this stuff?!

Bryn: Of course! Every Cha-day in the Thieves’ Guild is Haggis Day.

Brocc: Ugh!

Everyone laughs.

Helga: Well, at least some o’ ye enjoy a nice bit o’ haggis.

Zed: I’ll try some.

Brocc: Zed, no! Don’t do it!

Zed reaches out his ungloved hands. Helga notices the mark on the back of Zed’s hand.

Helga’s thoughts: How can that laddie possess the mark of the ancients…?

Zed takes a slice of haggis and breaks off a piece with his fork. He puts it into his mouth, chews and swallows.

Mak: Well?

Zed: Not bad.

Brocc: Really? You can have my share then!

Zed: Gladly!

Zed takes two more slices.

Helga: Eat, eat! There’s plenty to go aroon!

Bryn: So what are we doing tomorrow?

Thobrun: Tomorrow’s the first day of the Winter Festival, lass. We need to be up at the crack of dawn if we want to experience the full extent of it.

Helga: Aye, that. Goodheart’s Pass is the best place to be fer the festival.

Amethyst: I look forward to it, Helga.

Kendall: I just want to try all the dishes that will be there. Over 200 kinds of food!

Mak: And you really think you’ll be able to eat it all?

Brocc: If he doesn’t, I’ll certainly give it a try!

Bryn: There’ll be none left if we let YOU eat it all!

The party laughs. Zed thinks to himself.

Zed’s thoughts: What Erik said…“this is not your world”…could he be right…?

Scene 3: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Morning

The Crystalbound and Kendall walk through the festival grounds.

Kendall: Twelve Stars! This place is already crowded!

Thobrun: I told ye, lad!

Kendall: Well, what should we do first?

Brocc: Eat some food!

Bryn: No, no, we must play some side games! I have a feeling Lady Rhyanna is smiling at me today...

Mak: You always cheat at those games, Bryn.

Bryn: How dare you accuse me of...well, maybe I do a little bit...on occasion...

Erik’s voice: Zed!

Zed looks in the direction of Erik’s voice and sees him standing nearby.

Zed: Uh, I’ll be right back.

Mak: Okay, take your time.

Zed walks over to Erik. He is standing next to a male homonid human with tan skin, dark wavy hair and brown eyes.

Erik: Zed, allow me to introduce Ash, an associate of mine.

Ash holds out his hand. He speaks with an American accent with just a hint of Spanish.

Ash: It is a pleasure, Zed.

Zed: Uh...likewise.

Zed takes Ash’s hand and shakes it once. Zed has a brief vision of a bird with wings of flame. Both men let go of each other’s hands.

Zed: Whoa!

Ash: Ah, you saw a vision of the phoenix, yes?

Zed: Yes…?

Ash: That tends to happen. As Erik takes the title of Hippocamp, I assume the mantle of Phoenix.

Zed: Oh…nice!

Erik: Ash wanted to speak with you personally.

Zed: Me?

Ash: I wanted to give you something for safekeeping.

Zed: Really?

Ash: It will only be for a short while, I assure you.

Ash reaches into his pocket and pulls out a shard of cyan crystal on a necklace.

Zed: What is it?

Ash: Something which you will need in the not too distant future.

Erik: Ash hails from another world, and he decided that the best way to keep the shard safe is by hiding it in the farthest possible location from there. I suggested entrusting it to you.

Zed: Me? But why?

Erik: You may not think so, Zed, but you are far more important than you realise.

Zed: Uh...okay. I’ll keep it safe.

Zed takes the shard and puts it around his neck.

Ash: I understand you are apprentice to the elven mage, Amethyst Lunerosée.

Zed: Yes, I-

Zed pauses.

Zed: Of course! Lunerosée is Luminelv for “moon’s dew”. I can’t believe I didn’t realise it sooner!

Ash: I must inform you that your apprenticeship will soon be over.

Zed: Wait...Amethyst said I would need a minimum five-year term as her apprentice before I was classified as a full wizard. Why would she suddenly end my apprenticeship after only a few months?

Erik: Have you forgotten, Zed?

Zed: Forgotten what?

Erik: Your membership card.

Zed: Oh, right! Apparently I’m a spellsword, but…I don’t even remember training to be one! Did you train me, Erik?

Erik: I did not.

Zed: Then…who did?

Erik: You will find out eventually, Zed.

Zed sighs.

Zed: Fair enough.

Scene 4: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Late Morning

Sara stands at a confectionery stall while her allies wait around.

Sara: One, please.

The owner of the stall hands her a food resembling a corn dog, a battered hot dog on a stick topped with a squiggle of some kind of brownish sauce.

Stall owner: Here you go.

Sara hands the stall owner 1gp.

Stall owner: Thank you.

Sara walks over to her allies, devouring the entire corn dog in one bite and throwing the stick to the ground.

Brent: Why did you pay him for that thing? You should have just taken it!

Kara: We must not cause a scene, Brent-kun.

Brent: Oh? And who made you leader, Karakaki?

Kara: Nobody. Our Mistress gave us explicit instruction not to call attention to ourselves.

Brent: Oh, very well.

Kendall sits at a table, eating an enormous stack of pancakes drenched in honey and topped with a slab of butter.

Kendall: So good...

Voice: Mind if I join you?

A man with black hair and green eyes sits at the table, facing Kendall.

Kendall: I apologise, but that seat is already taken.

Man: I understand. Let me just make a proposal to you.

Kendall: A...proposal?

Man: Let me join you for the day. It will be just you and I. What do you say?

Kendall: Oh, I don’t know...

Man: I understand this must be so sudden. After all, we haven’t been acquainted with one another for some time.

Kendall: We know each other?

The man smiles with a loving tone.

Man: You really think I would forget my little Kenny?

Kendall’s eyes widen.

Kendall: Papa...?

Kendall and his father stand with the Crystalbound.

Amethyst: This...is your father?

Mak: The one who disappeared all those years ago?

Man: Lukas Silvertooth. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.

Brocc: I thought he was supposed to be a werew-

Bryn kicks Brocc in the shin.

Brocc: OW! Hey, why did you do that, fish-breath?!

Bryn: Isn’t it obvious, you pint-sized shrub? He’s in his human form.

Lukas: Your friend is right. I am able to shift between both forms at any time, though I can do it best when there is a full moon in the sky.

Mak: Look, Kendall...

Kendall: Yes?

Mak: I get that you’re excited to see your father again, but isn’t it a little too convenient that he happened to be here?

Lukas: Allow me to explain...

Lukas: And that’s when I ended up here.

Mak: So you had amnesia for all those years?

Lukas: Indeed.

Mak: And you suddenly remembered everything the moment you saw your son a half hour ago?

Lukas: I admit, it is a little far-fetched...

Mak: So if you really are Kendall’s father, prove it. Change into a werewolf right now.

Lukas: I’m afraid that I have not taken my lupine form since the accident, so I will not be able to do so again until the next full moon.

Mak: Convenient.

Lukas: I am afraid all I can do is urge you to trust me.

Mak: Well, trust doesn’t come easy for me. I’ve been through a lot, so you need to earn that trust, piece by piece.

Kendall: I assure you that this is very much my father, Mak. He has the Silvertooth scent and everything.

Amethyst: You remember your father’s scent, Kendall?

Kendall: The nose never forgets, Amethyst.

Brocc: Is that a shugenja teaching?

Kendall: No, it is merely a werewolf saying.

Mak: Well, be that as it may, I make no exceptions when it comes to trust.

Lukas: I understand. I will work hard to earn that trust, Makkmak.

Mak: Good. Keep it that way.

Mak frowns at Lukas.

Commercial: The Winter Festival is here! Don’t miss the fireworks display on the first night, where you can enjoy a sampling of the cakes from the annual Cake Crafters’ Tournament. Each slice only 5sp! Wash it down with a fine beverage or your choice of delicious milky drink. The Winter Festival, in Goodheart’s Pass. See you there!

Scene 5: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

The Crystalbound, Kendall and Lukas stand in a clearing a considerable distance up the side of the mountain range above Goodheart’s Pass.

Brocc: Okay, remind us why we’re up here?

Thobrun: This is my special spot for viewin’ the fireworks, lad.

Amethyst: You can see all the lights in town spread out for miles.

Emily: It is beautiful.

Mak: Not as beautiful as some other things.

Emily giggles.

Bryn: So when does the show start?

Lukas: Not for another hour, Bryn.

Bryn: Then what can we do in the meantime?

Brocc: I’m hungry.

Amethyst: But Brocc, you already ate so much food at the festival.

Brocc: I know, but I still didn’t get to eat everything I wanted...

Thobrun: If I might make a suggestion, why don’t we play hide-and-seek?

Bryn laughs through her nose.

Thobrun: Did I say somethin’ funny, lass?

Bryn: It’s just that...well...isn’t hide-and-seek a children’s game?

Thobrun: Aye, but not the way we’ll be playing, lass.

Bryn gulps.

Scene 6: Winter Festival: Goodheart’s Pass: Evening

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara wander through the festival grounds.

Brent: Where did those Crystalbound go...?!

Trent: My bear companion is tracking them in the Goldwaldun Mountain Range.

Kara: The illusions our Mistress has set up there will lead them to her ice fortress without them even realising.

Brent: At last, we can begin the chase!

Brent smiles cruelly.

Scene 7: Goldwaldun Mountains: Evening

The party has broken into three smaller groups. Amethyst, Zed and Brocc form the first; Mak, Emily and Lukas form the second; and Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall form the third. Amethyst leads her group, followed by Zed and Brocc. They are deep in a forest of enormous pine trees.

Brocc: Okay, we’re lost.

Amethyst: We are not lost, Brocc.

Brocc: Oh, right, you’re a wood elf! You can lead us through safely.

Amethyst sighs.

Amethyst: I must tell you something, Brocc. I...am not a wood elf.

Brocc: Well, you can’t be a high elf, since you said you came from a continent other than Ornoposia. That means you came from Verdelvum, ergo you must be a wood elf.

Amethyst: It appears I have much to explain to you. Please, sit on that log.

Mak and Emily walk behind Lukas as they explore a mountain cave network.

Lukas: Um...any particular reason you are letting me lead?

Mak: I’m keeping an eye on you. I don’t want you out of my sight.

Emily: Makkmak, it is fair to be cautious, but do you not think it a bit out of proportion to watch him like a hawk?

Mak: On the contrary, I think keeping my gaze fixed on him is a great plan indeed.

Lukas: I understand. Trust is paramount for you, and I would not have it any other way.

Mak frowns.

Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall walk side-by-side through the mountain snows. Snowflakes fall from the sky, glistening and sparkling like diamonds.

Bryn: It is so beautiful...like diamonds.

Kendall: It truly is magnificent.

Thobrun: Just stick close to me, both o’ ye. Folk could get lost in these mountains.

Bryn: I know one thing I definitely don’t like...this bitter cold!

Kendall raises his hands in front of him.

Kendall: Let me try something...

Kendall releases an orb of fire from his hands, which floats in mid-air between them. All three individuals immediately feel warmer.

Bryn: Ah, that’s better... Kendall, you are one talented mage.

Kendall: Ah...I am not a mage.

Bryn: Then what are you?

Kendall: On my twelfth birthday, I accidentally burned my own cake.

Bryn: Your mother forced you to bake your own birthday cake?

Kendall: Well, no. I manifested a jet of flame which scorched my already-cooked cake. Everyone was so surprised!

Thobrun: I can imagine, lad!

Kendall: It was then that I was revealed to have manifested the power of sorcery.

Bryn: Then you’re-

Brocc: -a LIGHT ELF?!

Amethyst: I was once, long ago.

Brocc: Why didn’t you tell any of us?

Amethyst: Well, actually...I told Mak and Zed.

Brocc: What?! Everyone keeps keeping secrets from me... (sob)

Zed: Oh, that reminds me. Amethyst?

Amethyst: Yes, Zed?

Zed: Erik and one of his allies said that...my apprenticeship to you would be completed soon.

Amethyst: I am afraid they must be mistaken. A wizard must remain apprentice to a full spellcaster for a minimum term of five years. If the apprenticeship were to finish sooner, then you could not achieve the rank of full wizard.

Zed: Oh...

Amethyst: If your apprenticeship were finished before completion, you would merely be classified as a dilettante wizard.

Zed: Then I guess I still have much to learn.

Amethyst: Agreed. Come, we must press on.

Brocc: Lead on, Amethyst!

The trio stands and continues to walk through the forest.

Mak and Emily continue to follow Lukas through the tunnels.

Mak: So Lukas...

Lukas: Yes?

Mak: Where did you say you were from?

Lukas: I hail from a settlement near Lake Silveria, where many of my kind dwells.

Mak: I see...

Lukas: My wife and daughter must both be there right now, celebrating in true Winter Festival fashion.

Mak: You must love your family a lot.

Lukas: I certainly did...

Emily: Before the accident, you mean?

Lukas: ...Indeed.

Lukas pauses.

Lukas: Come. Not much farther to go.

Mak: You almost sound as though you know where you’re going, Lukas...

Lukas: The nose never lies, Makkmak.

Mak: That’s just what Kendall said.

Lukas: And he is right. Oh, my boy has grown so much. I am one happy father indeed!

Mak’s thoughts: Yeah, I’ll bet...

Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall continue to walk through the mountain snows.

Bryn: Is it just me, or is it getting colder?

Kendall: I hardly think so, Bryn. As long as my fire orb is present, the immediate area should be the same level of warmth. Not even the snow and wind can interfe-

The fire orb suddenly vanishes.

Kendall: Well THAT’S never happened before...

Thobrun: Really?

Kendall: Of course. It should only be able to dispel upon my command.

Bryn: Then why did it-

The trio suddenly stops walking.

Bryn: What-

Kendall: -is-

Thobrun: -that?!

Zed, Amethyst and Brocc stand staring at an enormous frozen doorway. A long passageway of ice seems to extend through it.

Amethyst: It appears to be the entrance to some kind of mystical corridor of ice.

Zed: Should we go inside?

Brocc: No way! I’m turning around and going back!

Brocc turns around...and sees the rest of the hallway stretching behind them.

Brocc: Okay...how did that happen?

Amethyst: Well, since we are already inside, let us press on.

Brocc: What?! But...it’s not safe!

Amethyst giggles.

Amethyst: Is that not one of the things which set adventurers apart from other folk?

Brocc: The ability to get into danger?

Amethyst: No, the ability to face danger and overcome it.

Zed: Amethyst is right, Brocc. We may not know what lies within this place, but the payoff may be worth it.

Brocc: Oh? And how can you be so sure, Zed?

Zed: Because the mark on my hand is glowing brighter than ever.

Zed holds up his right hand. His mark is glowing with incredibly bright cyan light.

Brocc’s thoughts: No way…it’s the mark...

Brocc: Wait...how long has that been there?!

Amethyst: Since we visited Platinia City during the Dragon Festival.

Brocc: But that was two months ago! See what I mean when I say, “everyone keeps keeping secrets from me”?!

Amethyst: Zed is right. Clearly we are being guided through this corridor. We must press on, no matter what happens.

Zed and Amethyst begin walking down the corridor. Brocc sighs.

Brocc: Fine. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you both.

Mak and Emily follow Lukas down another icy hallway. They turn a corner and venture into another hallway.

Mak: Okay, did you have something to do with this, Lukas?

Lukas: Uh-

Mak: What am I saying?! I really AM forgetting about trust, aren’t I, Ems?

Emily: It is quite alright, Makkmak. Your hardships are completely understandable.

Mak: Thank you.

Emily: You are most welcome.

Mak and Emily smile at one another.

Lukas: I smell something!

Mak: Really? You can smell something inside a hallway of ice?

Lukas: It smells like...haggis?

Emily: The others!

Mak: Yes! We’re gonna win this game of hide-and-seek!

Mak grins.

Mak: Lukas?

Lukas: Yes, Makkmak?

Mak: Lead on!

Lukas: As you wish.

We zoom in to a view of Lukas’ eyes. They flash once with cyan light.

Thobrun, Bryn and Kendall walk down a similar hallway.

Bryn: This corridor goes on forever...

Kendall: Not so, Bryn.

Bryn: What do you mean?

Kendall sniffs.

Kendall: We are close to the others’ location.

Bryn: You mean we have a chance of winning this hide-off?

Kendall: Hide-off?

Bryn: Yeah, a hide-and-seek expert’s contest. A hide-off!

Kendall: Sounds more like what a tanner does for a living...

Bryn: Oh yeah...well, we’ll think of a name for it.

Thobrun: But it already has a name, Bryn.

Bryn: Oh?

Thobrun: My kind calls it, “eksperten spillet skjule seg selv og deretter finne en annen person”.

Bryn: Quite a mouthful. How does it translate into Halfling tongue?

Thobrun: I believe it would be, “y gêm arbenigol o guddio eich hun ac yna dod o hyd i berson arall”.

Bryn: Okay, firstly, your Halfling is atrocious...then again, not many non-halflings can pull off our language quite like we can.

Thobrun: Understandable, lass.

Bryn: Secondly, for the benefit of those nearby who don’t speak EITHER language, that translates into Common as, “the expert game of concealing oneself and then finding another person”. Doesn’t exactly scream “imagination”, does it?

Thobrun: Well, the name was first thought of centuries ago, lass.

Bryn: Fair enough. But take, for example, the ancient Greatkin game of mynd ar drywydd. A nice, simple name which gets the point of the game across without too many convoluted words.

Kendall: And what is this game?

Bryn: Well, when humans adopted it, they came to call it “tag” or “chasey”, depending on which part of Ornoposia they were from.

Kendall: Oh, yes! I know that game! Werewolves call it, “tá mé ag dul a ghabháil leis an duine nó rud tar éis a leanúint ar feadh achar gearr”. It’s ever so much fun!

Bryn: “I’m going to catch the person or object after chasing it a short distance”?

Kendall: It is a clever name, is it not?

Bryn (sarcasm): Oh, yes, it is! Short and to the point, that’s for sure!

Bryn sighs. Kendall sniffs again.

Kendall: We are close to them.

Bryn: Woohoo! Brownie points for us! And then brownies!

Kendall: Oh, no brownies for me, thank you. I cannot eat chocolate.

Bryn: But they have CARAMEL brownies, Kendall...

Kendall: Brownies which I can actually eat?!

Kendall begins running down the hallway.

Bryn: Hey! Wait for us, wolf-boy!

Bryn and Thobrun chase after Kendall.

Zed, Amethyst and Brocc continue walking down the hallway. They reach the exit.

Brocc: Finally!

Zed: That was monotonous...

Amethyst: I agree, Zed.

Brocc: Where are we?

The trio looks around the enormous icy room. It seems to be made of solid ice. The others all stand in the centre of the room.

Brocc: Guys!

The trio runs up to the rest of the party.

Brocc: Drat! That means we don’t win the prize!

Thobrun: There was never any prize, lad.

Brocc: What do you mean?

Thobrun: Well, the expert game of concealing oneself and then finding another person is purely for fun.

Brocc: Then...we got lost in the forest and stuck inside this icy place for no reason whatsoever?!

Brent’s voice: I would not say, “for no reason whatsoever”, my favourite little gnome...

Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara emerge from behind an icy throne and walk over to the party.

Mak: Oh, for the love of crumpets...

Everyone looks at Mak.

Mak: What? Bryn’s the only one who’s allowed to say, “for the love of blank”?

Trent: We finally captured you all.

Kara: A most impressive feat indeed.

Sara: It’s about time!

Brent: We have finally caught the ten of you.

Brocc: Uh, hello? In case you didn’t realise, there are NINE of us? Count us: one...two...three-

Brent: Our Mistress has placed the ryukoni AND the bolgard wretch in cryostasis inside her ice-vault! And I do not count the werewolf at all.

Bryn: Gazzo?! No! You bring him back right this instant!

Brent: And now for the fun part...we get to eliminate you all, right here, right now!

Lukas takes a step forward.

Lukas: Please, sir, don’t hurt them!

Lukas turns around and faces the Crystalbound. His voice changes to that of the Sorceress of Winter.

“Lukas”: I want that privilege for myself.

Amethyst: That voice…

“Lukas” smiles cruelly.

Kendall: Papa? I don’t...understand.

The werewolf’s body ripples into that of the Sorceress of Winter.

Mak: You…

Sorceress: Ah, the Crystalbound at last. How good of you to come this Winter Festival.

Suddenly, the Sorceress of Winter’s four evil minions surround the Crystalbound.

Trent: There will be no escape this time.

Kara: We’re doing this for our Mistress.

Brent: Ooh, I’m gonna enjoy this…

Sara: I am not unliterate!

Mak: The Sorceress of Winter herself…I might have known.

Amethyst: I cannot even begin to fathom the situation…

Mak: You’ve really made a name for yourself, haven’t you…Mara?

A look of surprise spreads across Zed’s face.

Zed: That’s Mara?!

Mara slowly approaches and examines Zed.

Mara: Zed, is it? That’s hardly a name fitting of one so important.

Zed: It’s all I know of myself.

Mara: I see the potential in you now, hiding behind the face of one so very far from home. You possess no aura, yet there is definitely…something there…a seed, perhaps? You are far more than an ordinary human, that much is clear. Indeed, I see now why you saw fit to usurp me as the Azurebound.

Amethyst: That is not Zed’s doing, Mara. You brought this on yourself!

Mara turns to face Amethyst.

Mara: And who decided to dismiss me from the party? Was it you, who lies about her own heritage?

Mara turns to face Mak.

Mara: Was it you, who hides his own feelings from others?

Mara turns to face Emily.

Mara: Was it you, who pretends to be something she is not?

Mara turns to face Thobrun.

Mara: Was it you, who…uh…actually, I cannot find a fault in you, dear Thobrun.

Thobrun: Uh…thank ye, lass.

Mara: Except that you are a goody-two-shoes who strives to be perfect in spite of his race’s stereotypes!

Mara looks at Bryn and Brocc.

Mara: Or was it the rest of you?

Brocc: Hey, is that all we get? “The rest of us”?!

Bryn: So rude!

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 9th 2017, 4:17 am
Episode 16: The Icon of Junihoshi, Part I
Zed and the others are characters in a tabletop roleplaying campaign called “Crystals of Silveria”, which has been played over the course of several months. One of the players, Zander, has been enjoying this campaign immensely, and can hardly wait for each new session. However, he can’t shake the feeling that the Game Master, Marissa, is hiding something from the young man. And to top it all off, strange occurrences seem to be happening around him. Can Zander figure out this situation?

New Characters

Zander – A young man with a strong interest in games of all types, his character is the amnesic human wizard, Zed Starmute.

Anna – A bright young academic with an interest in ancient history, her character is the kindly elven mage, Amethyst Lunerosée.

Mike – An athletic barista and Zander’s roommate, his character is the mighty orcborn knight, Mak Clay.

Emma – A medical student and Mike’s beau, her character is the wise human priestess, Emily Summers.

Angus – A reserved gent with a polite personality, his character is the hardy dwarven paladin, Thobrun Steelanvil.

Bryn – A talented musician who loves to party, her character is the nimble halfling thief, Bryn.

Brock – A street performer who cannot sing, his character is the quirky gnome bard, Brocc Farshot.

Marissa – The Game Master of Zander’s regular roleplaying sessions, she states that the cruel Sorceress of Winter is currently her favourite villain in any of her campaigns past and present.

“This is not your world, Zed.”
Scene 1: Mara’s Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara: Ah, the Crystalbound at last. How good of you to come this Winter Festival.

Suddenly, Mara’s four evil minions surround the Crystalbound.

Trent: There will be no escape this time.

Kara: We’re doing this for our Mistress.

Brent: Ooh, I’m going to enjoy this…

Sara: I am not unliterate!

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

Scene 2: Marissa’s Dining Room: Night

The throne room scene shifts into a grid map on a dining table, with plastic miniatures in place of the characters. Roleplaying books and sheets of paper are scattered across the table’s surface. Pencils, erasers and dice are also on the table. The view pans up to a young woman behind a cardboard screen adorned with fantasy artwork; this woman looks a lot like Mara, though her hair is chestnut-red and she is not wearing lipstick.

Woman: And it’s getting late, so let’s wrap-up this session.

We pan to a view of a young man resembling Zed, though with clothing like that of our world. He is sitting next to a young man resembling a human version of Mak, though he is clean-shaven.

“Zed”: Aw, and it was just getting good…

“Mak”: I know what you mean, Zander. Marissa’s a really good GM.

We cut to a view of a woman who resembles a human version of Amethyst, though her bangs are blonde rather than lavender.

“Amethyst”: I agree, Mike. I always look forward to our weekly sessions.

We see the other players: one resembles Emily, though with normal, round ears rather than slightly-pointed ones; another has a vague resemblance of Thobrun, though with dark brown hair instead of red; and the other two are very similar to Bryn and Brocc, though the latter has blonde hair rather than green.

“Bryn”: Hear, hear!

Marissa: Well, thank you all for coming, and…I’ll see you next week.

“Thobrun”: I look forward to it, lass.

Marissa smiles sweetly.

Scene 3: Mike’s Car: Night

We cut to a view inside Mike’s car. It appears to be brand-new, with a sleek, bright red exterior. Mike sits in the driver’s seat on the left, whereas Zander sits in the front passenger seat.

Mike: Wanna stop and get something to eat?

Zander: Yeah, I just realised I skipped dinner.

Mike: Me too.

Scene 4: Drake’s Burgers: Night

Mike’s car pulls up into a car space at Drake’s Burgers.

We cut to a view inside the restaurant. Mike and Zander are sitting at a table facing each other, eating hamburgers and French fries.

Mike: So I was thinking we could go on a road trip, just you and me. What do you say?

Zander: Sounds awesome!

Mike: We could go to…

Zander’s mind wanders, causing him to drift into a trance. An echoing voice appears in his mind.

Voice: This is not your world, Zed.

Mike waves his hand at Zander.

Mike: Uh…Zander? Hello?

Zander snaps back to reality.

Zander: Huh? Oh, sorry. My mind just wandered off.

Mike: Cool. So as I was saying…

Zander’s thoughts: I’ve been playing too many games lately…

Opening Credits


Scene 5: Study Hall: Late Morning

Zander, “Amethyst” and “Emily” sit at a long table in a university’s study hall. Each one has sheets of paper, books, pens, pencils and other assorted pieces of stationery. Each one also has a notebook computer. Zander is busy reading a large book.

“Emily”: So did you hear the news?

“Amethyst”: No, do tell!

“Emily”: Mike and I are going on an overseas holiday!

“Amethyst”: Oh, Emma, that’s wonderful! Any idea where you’ll be going?

Emma: We haven’t decided yet. There are just so many places to visit!

“Amethyst”: I know what you mean. For my previous holiday I couldn’t choose between…

“Amethyst” looks over at Zander.

“Amethyst”: That must be one fascinating book, Zander.

Zander: Huh? Oh, sorry, Anna. This book is just so intriguing.

Emma: What is it?

Zander: It’s a book about dragons.

Anna: Dragons?

Zander: Yep. On one page, though, someone’s written something which caught my eye.

Anna: What does it say?

Zander: “This is not your world”.

Anna: Really? Let me see…

Zander hands the book to Anna.

Anna: Ah, yes…I’m sure it’s just a meaningless piece of graffiti, though.

Zander: I suppose you’re right…

Two other male students walk past the table. Zander unintentionally overhears part of what one of them says.

Student: It’s true, I swear! He just rippled out of existence, then appeared again! It was like…

Anna: Now, shall we eat some lunch? I know of a fantastic café on campus which has a top-notch barista.

Scene 6: The Naked Bean Café: Midday

Zander, Anna and Emma walk up to the counter, where Mike is working.

Mike: Ah, I see someone knows where to get good quality coffee.

Emma: Hi, sweetie!

Mike: Hi!

Mike leans over the counter, and he and Emma kiss.

Mike: You know I could lose pay for that if the manager catches me. I expect a big tip.

Emma leans forward and kisses Mike.

Emma: How’s that for a tip?

Mike: Oh, it’s not like you to be such a bad girl, Emma!

Emma: Grr!

Mike laughs.

Mike: What can I get you?

Emma’s pager beeps.

Emma: Oh, that’s work. I have to go.

Mike: Already?

Emma: Yep. A kid must’ve fallen off his bike or something.

Mike: Well, you’d better treat them, hadn’t you?

Emma: It’s what I do best. Love you.

Mike: Love you, too.

Emma turns and leaves the café.

Mike: Medical interns, am I right?

Mike pauses for a moment.

Mike: So what will you two have?

Anna: One flat white latté, thank you.

Zander: And I’ll have-

Mike: Peach iced tea, no ice?

Zander: You know me so well!

Mike: How could I not? It’s all you ever order.

Anna and Zander sit at a table. Zander sips his tea through a straw.

Zander: Now, that hits the spot.

Anna: So about our project. What I think we could do is-

Suddenly, a white dragon the size of a horse crashes through the window, causing Zander and Anna to leap out of their seats. It roars loudly.

Anna: My goodness! What should we do?!

Zander: Uh…uh…

Anna waves her hand in front of Zander’s face.

Anna: Um…Zander?

Zander snaps back to reality.

Zander: Huh?

Anna: I was asking what you think we should do for our project?

Zander: Well, I think the best course of action would be to film a fantasy short.

Anna: Uh…that was the task assigned to us.

Zander: Oh, right.

Anna: I meant specifically, what should we do?

Zander: Oh, I have a few ideas in mind…

Scene 7: Zander and Mike’s Apartment: Evening

Zander walks into the apartment, closing the door behind him.

Zander: I’m home.

Mike’s voice: ‘kay, be right there.

Zander removes his satchel and places it on a chair near the door. He then takes off his jacket and puts it on the coat rack. He sees a box on the kitchen counter and walks over to it. He picks it up and looks at the top. It is addressed to “Z. Starmute”.

Zander: I think they typoed my name…

The box begins to mysteriously glow. The top flaps burst open, and a silver nanodragon resembling Argen emerges.

Argen: Zed, what are you doing?

Zander: Huh?

Argen: You can’t just lie around all day! Get up!

Mike walks into the room.

Mike: Oh yeah, that package came for you earlier.

Zander snaps back to reality. He looks at the box, which is definitely still sealed.

Mike: Were you expecting something in the mail?

Zander: Only a few gaming supplies.

Mike: Oh, cool.

Zander: But it’s addressed to “Z. Starmute”, though…

Mike: “Zed Starmute”? As in your roleplaying character?

Mike examines the box.

Mike: Oh, “Zee” Starmute! I always get so confused when you say “Zed”, since that’s your character’s name.

Mike chuckles.

Mike: You put down “Starmute” as your surname deliberately, or was it just a joke?

Zander: No, I put my actual surname on my order…

Mike: Oh. Weird. So what do you want for dinner? I hear there’s a new place down on the corner. We should check it out…

Zander’s thoughts: What’s going on…?

Scene 8: Busy Street: Late Morning

Zander walks along a busy city street.

Zander’s thoughts: All these weird occurrences, they just don’t add up.

Voice: Excuse me, sir?

Zander looks at a young man who is surprisingly similar to Erik. He is standing in his path.

Zander: Do I know you?

Man: Well, no, but I’m a friend of Marissa’s brother.

Zander: Oh.

Man: You’re Zander, right?

Zander: Uh, yeah…

Man: I’d recognize that hair anywhere.

Zander: Uh…thanks?

Man: Now, you must awaken.

Zander’s eyes suddenly close. An image of four round objects on strings appears in his mind; in clockwise order they are: one red, one lime-green, one cyan and one purple. The objects start to glow and move close together until they make contact. Then, the mark from the back of Zed’s hand appears, with each circle starting to twinkle. Finally, an entity resembling a cloud of navy blue pixels appears in front of the mark, expanding to fill the entire view before evaporating. Zander opens his eyes, but he seems to remember nothing of the vision.

Zander: Sorry, I think I just spaced-out a little…

Man: That’s fine. So anyway, I was wondering if I could get some advice on something.

Zander: Sure.

Man: I’m looking to get into roleplaying games, and I was told by Marissa’s brother that you know the best place to learn.

Zander: Uh, yeah…it’s a gaming shop that’s not too far from here. I’ll take you there.

Man: Thank you.

Zander: No problem.

A mysterious individual in an alleyway watches Zander and the young man walk past. He is wearing a dark trenchcoat, red neckerchief and leather gloves.

Individual: Can’t let you do that, Starmute…

Scene 9: Newt’s Cards and Tabletop: Late Morning

Zander and the young man walk into the game shop. Zander appears surprised.

Zander: This place is deserted…it’s usually packed this time of day!

Man: I know. I had to get you alone, Zed.

Zander: I still don’t see how you could book an entire…wait…what did you call me?!

Man: I called you Zed, which is the name you chose when-

Zander: Wait…back up a moment. Zed is a fictional character I play in my weekly roleplaying game sessions.

Man: No, he is real. And, he is you.

Zander: But…how-

Man: Look at the back of your right hand.

Zander holds up his right hand, with the back facing him. The mark glows with bright cyan light.

Zander: But…what the…?!

Man: I understand this is a lot for you to take in. I suggest you sit down.

Zander: I think I need to…

Zander and the young man sit in the nearest chairs, facing each other at an angle.

Zander: Then who are you?

Man: Herikios.

Zander: That’s the name of an NPC in Marissa’s campaign…

Herikios: This world you are in, it is called Terra, and it is in a universe quite close to Junihoshi’s. The reason everything seems so familiar is because it is projected from the real Terra, and created within your mindscape. You perceive everything here as reality, and for all intents and purposes, it is.

Zander: Then are you real, or just another projection?

Herikios: I most certainly am real. I am able to form a link with your own mind and broadcast my real self to you.

Zander: But how…?

Herikios: Our kind has the innate ability of connecting our mindscapes with those of others, allowing for such feats as mind-speech, a form of communication similar to telepathy, though operating at a unique frequency undetectable by normal telepaths.

Zander: Wait…I remember that…

Zander’s eyes widen.

Zander: You were able to speak to me using your mind!

Herikios: That is just one of the talents we may perform.

Zander: What others can you do?

The cloaked figure bursts into the shop.

Figure: Haha, I have you now!

Herikios and Zander leap out of their chairs.

Herikios: Oh dear…

Commercial: It’s sale time at Taylor’s Treasures! All your adventuring bits and bobs for a much cheaper price! Bags of holding? Cheap! Rods of Sol? Cheap! Breathers? You guessed it…CHEAP! Taylor’s Treasures: Why not uncover a treasure of your own?

Scene 10: Newt’s Cards and Tabletop: Late Morning

The figure stands in the entrance to the shop.

Figure: What are you doing?! You’ll ruin everything!

Herikios: Ah, I might have known Mara would send one of her cronies in here to keep you unconscious.

Zander: What?!

Herikios: Mara has cast a spell on you which keeps you sealed within your own mindscape. Brent is here to ensure that you remain unconscious in the real world.

Zander: Well, what do I do?

Figure: I know what you can do. You can sniff this cloth I’m holding and tell me if it smells like chloroform!

Herikios: What cloth? You are holding nothing!

Figure: No, it…I was making a reference to keeping Zed unconscious!

Herikios: And just why has Mara specifically assigned you this task?

Figure: Does it matter?

Herikios: Hardly.

Figure: Look, the point is that as long as I have a foothold in Zed’s mindscape, you cannot stop me from interfering!

The figure grins cruelly, in a similar manner to Brent.

Herikios: A foothold, you say…?

Herikios holds out his hand, sending a torrent of water gushing out. It trips up the figure, knocking him onto his bottom and washing him out of the shop. The door then slams shut, and the sign on the door flips from “Open” to “Closed”.

Herikios: There. Now he no longer has a “foot” hold in your mind.

The shop changes into a view of Zed’s mindscape like the one seen in a previous episode. Zander is now in Zed’s outfit, and Herikios is in Erik’s.

Zander: I know this place…

Herikios: Of course you do. This is your mindscape, where your emotion, thought and resolve converge.

Zander: I can see…something.

Herikios: Your memories may appear in this place.

Zander: I can see the time when Zed…uh, I…met Amethyst for the first time.

Zed walks over to Amethyst. Amethyst looks up at Zed, then stands up.

Amethyst: You must be Zed.

Zed: How did you guess?

Amethyst: You’re the first person to walk up to me today, so naturally I assumed that you are the one for whom I am searching.

Zed: It’s nice to meet you.

Amethyst: Come, we must practice.

Amethyst picks up her staff and starts to head towards the door.

Zed: Practice what?

Amethyst stops and turns to face Zed, a smile on her face.

Amethyst: Your magic, of course!

Amethyst turns back and once again heads for the door.

Zed: How did you know I could use magic?

Zed starts to follow Amethyst.

Amethyst holds up her staff. A glowing purple orb appears in mid-air ten feet in front of Zed.

Amethyst: Would you please demonstrate your use of
magic missile?

Zed: Uh, okay.

Zed raises his right hand, aiming it at the orb.

“Magic Missile!”

A small bright-blue marble flies from Zed’s hand, striking the orb right in the centre.

Amethyst: A perfect hit! Well done!

Amethyst reaches into her satchel, pulling out a wooden box with a silver clasp. She undoes the clasp, swinging the box open so that Zed can gaze upon the contents. Inside the box are seven alcoves, with one of the alcoves containing a triangular, cyan-coloured crystal.

Amethyst: This box contains the seventh in a set of crystals. My allies and I have each of our lives entwined with one of the crystals. It is my assumption that you are to be the owner of this one, the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Me? Are you sure?

Amethyst: The crystals select their owners. They see the truth of their owners’ potential.

Zed steps forward. He reaches out his hand and picks up the crystal. As he opens his hand, the crystal’s centre glows with a bright light.

Zed: Whoa…that is awesome!

Amethyst: This crystal is meant for you, Zed. When you wear it, you will form an eternal bond with it.

Zed places the crystal around his neck. The light within its centre shines bright enough to illuminate the immediate area, before returning to a low level of constant light within the centre.

Zed: I…I don’t know what to say.

Amethyst: Would you like to become an adventurer?

Zed thinks to himself briefly.

Zed’s thoughts:
Maybe by adventuring, I can figure out who I truly am.

Zed: Okay, I’ll do it!

Zander: Anna…uh…I mean Amethyst…saw so much potential in me. The crystal came to life when I held it, which started my journey.

Herikios: She may have received a tip-off from a certain someone.

Zander: You? You led her to me?

Herikios: How else would she have known?

Zander: I remember that time I first met you, when we ran into those cakeflies…

Zed: Wait…can you hear buzzing?

A loud buzzing draws closer, and three large, winged creatures approach Zed and Erik.

Zed: BUGS!

Erik: They are cakeflies. They must have been attracted by the commotion.

Zed: Why are they called cakeflies?

Erik: Because they are usually attracted to baked goods such as cakes.

Zed: I have a cake in my bag!

The three cakeflies screech and zoom towards Zed. Erik pulls his sword from its hilt and swings it, sending a wave of fire at the cakeflies and driving them away.

Erik: Are you alright?

Zed: I’m terrified of bugs.

Erik: Actually, cakeflies are more closely related to faeries.

Zed: Oh. So they’re fae?

Erik: Indeed. Seems odd that they happened to appear here, in the Material Plane…

Herikios: And we encountered cakeflies when I first met you, as well!

Zander: That’s right, in the Dragon’s Tower...

Zed and Erik stand inside the dungeon surrounded by a swarm of cakeflies.

Zed: I knew it was a mistake to enter here!

Erik: I don’t understand…cakeflies should not attack unless one of us has-

Zed: I always carry some cakes with me in case of emergency!

Erik: Well, what should we do?

Zed reaches into his satchel and pulls out two breathers.

Zed: Put this on!

Erik: What is it?

Zed: No time! Just put it on now!

Erik: As you command!

Zed and Erik quickly don the breathers just in time to protect them from the cakeflies’ slumber dust.

Erik: This device is incredible!

Zed: Keep it. Now, let’s run!

Erik: Agreed!

Zed and Erik race towards the next flight of stairs.

Herikios: It’s funny how we met each other 250 years apart, and yet we encountered the same situation.

Zander: Yeah, it is…

Zander pauses for a moment.

Zander: When I travelled back in time, we both had the same mark on our hands. That can’t be a coincidence.

Herikios: It is your place in the world, as I said once before. It remained hidden until your true form was ready to emerge.

Ceras: Remove your right glove.

Zed: Okay then…

Zed removes his right gauntlet, exposing his hand. Ceras places both hands over Zed’s, and closes her eyes.

Ceras: Now watch…

Spirit of the fae…spirit of the moon…
Pyxel…Luna…reveal that which is concealed.

Silvery light envelops Zed’s hand. The light dissipates after a few seconds. Ceras removes her hands, revealing the mark on Zed’s hand.

Zed: What is it?

Ceras: It is-

Erik: -a very important mark.

Erik is suddenly standing in the room.

Erik: The mark on Zed’s hand is…well, it is his place in the world.

Mak: His place in the world?

Erik: That is all I can reveal for now.

Herikios: I suppose now is the time to tell you, Zed.

Zander: Tell me what?

Herikios: I, Herikios Woodhollow, am the Icon.

Zander: You?!

Herikios: Think back to that moment atop the Dragon’s Tower…

Zed and Erik look around.

Erik: I…expected to see the Icon up here.

Suddenly, a beacon of light emerges from around the outside of the pedestal. The mark on Erik’s hand begins to glow brightly.

Erik: My mark…

Zed: I think you need to stand on the pedestal.

Erik: I am not sure about this, Zed…

Zed: Why else would we be here? I’m sure the pedestal will take you to the Icon.

Erik: Me? Why not you? You bear the Azure Crystal.

Zed: Because you were the one who was supposed to find the Icon. I have to return to my own time.

Erik: You are right.

Erik approaches the pedestal, standing in its centre and turning to face Zed.

Zed: We will meet again. I still need to meet you for the first time.

Erik smiles.

Erik: Of course, Zed.

The pedestal is engulfed in bright light.

The mark on Erik’s hand begins to shift through a rainbow of colours.

Erik: I certainly hope this is supposed to happen!

Erik’s eyes begin to glow, shifting between colours at the same pace as his mark.

Erik: I…I feel…

Erik stretches out his arms, and his hands are suddenly pulsing with waves of multicoloured aura. The pattern on his hand appears beneath his feet, except that each circle is a different colour; the circle at its centre slowly shifts through a rainbow of colours.

Erik: What…is…happening…?!

Suddenly, a column of rainbow light erupts around Erik, signifying that he is about to transport to another place.

Zander is clearly surprised.

Zander: What was that?!

Herikios: It was one of my own memories. When I awakened as an Icon of Axis, I was transported to the heart of the multiverse. There, I met others like myself. I was appointed the task of assisting future Icons in their awakening.

Zander: Wait…then that means…

Herikios nods.

Herikios: I am mentor to you, Zed. I have been your guide as you begin to awaken as an Icon. Apart from a slight blunder which we will not discuss at this time-

Zander: A blunder?

Herikios: A slight hiccup, I assure you. But rest assured that you are where you should be.

Zander: Locked inside my own mind, you mean?

Herikios: Perhaps I chose those words poorly…

Zander: So I’m an Icon, then?

Herikios: Almost. It seems that you will awaken at any time, though there is no way of determining when that moment is to occur.

Zander: Will my memories be restored?

Herikios: Unfortunately, as a side effect of awakening as an Icon, your past memories will not be recoverable. However, you will have the opportunity to forge new memories in a brand-new form. Think of it as a new beginning in the life of Zed Starmute.

Zander pauses.

Zander: I suppose I’ve already forged a new life for myself. Better to follow it than to wish for that which never was, or will never be.

Herikios: I assure you that the road ahead shall more than make up for it, Zed, no matter the path you choose to take.

Zander: Well, I guess the first thing I want to do is wake up.

Herikios: Well, that part should be easy enough.

Zander: Really?

Herikios: Simply open your eyes.

Zander: But my eyes are already-

Zed’s eyes suddenly fly open. He sits up, and realises he’s on a frozen platform with a mattress and pillow on top. There is nobody else in the room.

Zed: That was weird…

Zed’s eyes suddenly flash once with cyan light. He looks over at the doorway.

Zed: The others need me!

Zed leaps off the platform with surprising skill.

Zed: How did I-

Zed quickly focuses on the situation at hand.

Zed: Never mind. I have to hurry!

Zed races out the door and runs down an icy hallway.

Zed’s thoughts: Get ready, Mara, because I’m coming to stop you!

Mara stares off into space for a moment. Her eyebrows suddenly stick up. Brent takes notice.

Brent: Something troubling you, Mistress?

Mara frowns.

Mara: No, it is nothing.

Brent: If you say so…

Mara appears slightly worried. A bead of sweat begins to trickle down her forehead as she bites her bottom lip.

To be Continued…

End Credits


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Zooming... Elevating... Deepening...

I am... NintendoPuristForever... I love you

Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

February 9th 2017, 4:26 am
Episode 17: The Icon of Junihoshi, Part II
Zed returns to reality in time for the final showdown between the Crystalbound and the vile Sorceress of Winter, Mara. After a heated battle, one of the heroes is struck down by the Sorceress herself, which awakens a hidden power within Zed. With the full might of his potential empowering him, Zed stands against all five of the Dark Crystalbound. What will be the ultimate outcome?

“Why, then, do I still remember…HIM?!”
Scene 1: Mara’s Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara walks away from the party and sits on her throne.

Mara: At last, the fun can begin.

Mara’s eyes flash once with cyan light. Zed collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Mak: Zed!

Mak spins around and kneels at Zed’s side. He begins tapping Zed’s cheeks with both hands.

Mak: Zed! Speak to me, buddy!

Amethyst glares at Mara.

Amethyst: What did you do to him?!

Mara: Relax. He is fine, I assure you.

Mak leaps to his feet and faces Mara. He appears both angry and scared at the same time.

Mak: Fine? How can you say he’s “fine”?!

Mara: I merely rendered him unconscious.

Amethyst: But how? I have yet to see such magic!

Mara: That is none of your concern, Amethyst.

Mak: I’ll have you know she’s VERY concerned! As am I!

Emily: We are all deeply concerned!

Bryn: I’m not.

Everyone suddenly turns to face Bryn.

Bryn: What? He’s been in worse situations before, hasn’t he?

Thobrun: The lass has a point.

Mak: Are you kidding me?! Zed is unconscious! He might never wake up!

Mara: Ah…what a wonderful idea, Makkmak. Brenton?

Brent: Yes, Mistress?

Mara: I am appointing you the task of keeping Zed unconscious.

Brent: Why not just eliminate him? That seems like a far easier way to take him out of the picture.

Mara grows frustrated.

Mara: I do not have time for this, Brenton!

Mara’s eyes flash once with cyan light. Brent collapses to the ground, unconscious.

Kara: Brenton!

Mak: What do you possibly have to gain by getting rid of your OWN ally?!

Mara: I did not “get rid of him”, Makkmak. He is now within the mindscape of your precious Zed, and will do his best to keep him trapped within.

Amethyst: Then there is a chance of Zed breaking free?

Mara pauses.

Mara’s thoughts: Breaking free…? With his powerful mind...

Mara: Zed will never awaken. Brenton will see to that.

Mara smiles cruelly.

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Mara’s Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Brent lie atop mattresses on raised platforms of ice. Kara and Sara stand guard.

Sara: Uh…why are we just standing here?

Kara: We must be ready in case Brent-kun has trouble in his task.

Sara: And what do we do if he does fail?

Kara: We must bring him before our Mistress for punishment.

Sara: Ooh, I wonder what she’ll do to him!

Kara: I take no pleasure in serving her, Sara.

Sara: Then why DO you serve her?

Kara: Because I am bound to her service by my crystal. Tamamaki-kun warned me against accepting her gift, and I failed to heed his word. Now, I must pay the price.

Sara: I’ll admit that I don’t like some of the things she does. She’s mean, nasty, and she always serves my food cold! I HATE cold food!

Kara: I agree. It is most frustrating.

Sara: I could smell how evil she was when she offered me the gift.

Kara: You can smell the alignment of others?!

Sara: Of course! Can’t you?

Kara: Most certainly not.

Sara: Oh.

Kara: Then why did you accept your crystal?

Sara: Are you kidding? She promised me that I could smash stuff! I love smashing things!

Kara facepalms.

Kara: I might have known…

Scene 3: Prison Cell: Mara’s Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

The Crystalbound and Kendall sit in a tiny, frozen jail cell. Trent and his bear companion stand guard outside. Kendall picks up a ceramic bowl and tries to lap some water…only for his tongue to become stuck to the ice inside it.

Mak: I can’t believe I trusted that guy!

Emily: You couldn’t have known, Makkmak.

Mak: But I did know, Ems! I grew suspicious when he called me, “Makkmak”.

Bryn: But that IS your name.

Mak: I know, but Kendall’s father wouldn’t have known that. Nobody told him my name before he started using it.

Emily: Oh, Makkmak…you were right to be suspicious.

Brocc: For once! Haha!

Everyone glares at Brocc.

Brocc: What? I’m just trying to lighten the mood…

Kendall: Weh I uach yuch ach coo ach oo.

Bryn: We can’t understand a word you’re saying, wolf-boy.

Kendall rips his tongue from the ice.

Kendall: OW! I thaid, “Well, I wath jutht ath foolth ath you!”

Bryn: Ems, will you heal his tongue so we can understand what he’s saying?

Emily: Of course.

Emily holds her hand in front of Kendall’s face. Both Emily’s hand and Kendall’s mouth illuminate briefly with golden light. Kendall opens and closes his mouth, tapping his tongue to the roof of it as he does so.

Kendall: Ah, that’s better. Now, I said, “Well, I was just as fooled as you!”

Bryn: Oh…

Mak: The one thing I can’t work out is how she would know your father’s form in the first place...

Kendall: I can.

Everyone suddenly looks at Kendall.

Kendall: Mara is my sister.

Everyone except Bryn gasps.

Bryn: Oh, come on! We already used that plot twist a few episodes ago!

Brocc: Yes, but in a different context.

Bryn: Do explain.

Brocc: Mak and Thookli didn’t know they were siblings, whereas Kendall and Mara DO know they’re siblings!

Kendall: I had no idea what had happened to her, though. When she vanished-

Bryn: Now, come on! Multiple members of Kendall’s family mysteriously disappear, and you still don’t think the same plot twists are overused?

Brocc: Again, the context is completely different. Leave fourth-wall demolitions to the experts, Brynnie.

Kendall: I cannot understand how she could turn out this...twisted. My only sister! This is not the Mara I knew.

Amethyst: I can answer that, Kendall…

Kendall’s ears stand up slightly.

Amethyst: When we first met Mara, she was a bright, kind young woman and a student of Stormshroud Academy. When the groundskeeper, a dragon, suddenly went on its third rampage across the campus grounds, it was your sister who single-handedly bound the dragon in ice, preventing him from moving. She saved the lives of three students that day.

Kendall: Remarkable…

Amethyst: It was then that I realised she was the perfect candidate for becoming the Azurebound. I offered her the Azure Crystal, and it reacted to her presence.

Kendall: Then she became the Azurebound?

Amethyst: Indeed. Before accepting the crystal, she decided that she did not want to call attention to the fact that she was chosen, so she urged us not to tell anyone who knew her that she had become the Azurebound. It was a simple request which we decided to honour without question.

Kendall: She was always so humble.

Kendall smiles.

Amethyst: She tapped into her crystal’s power and changed her appearance slightly, to better conceal her identity. Every now and then, she would change her appearance a little bit, in case others came to see her as the Azurebound. But eventually, we began to notice changes in her personality as well…

The party, including a male Bryn, confronts a chestnut red-haired Mara.

Amethyst: We are deeply concerned, Mara.

Mara: Whatever do you mean?

Mak: It’s just that…we think you’re abusing the power of your crystal a little too much.

Mara: I only use it to disguise myself.

Mak: But you’re becoming unrecognisable.

Emily: You’ve started to take on quirks in your behaviour.

Mara: Such as?

Bryn: Well, for one, you didn’t warn me not to drink Gazzo’s potion.

Mara: So?

Bryn: You knew the potion would turn me into a man, and yet you let me drink it anyway!

Mara: I thought it would be amusing.

Mara giggles.

Mak: See, the old Mara wouldn’t have let that happen.

Mara: The…old Mara? I am the same Mara you met all those months ago.

Amethyst: No, you are not.

Mara: Excuse me…?

Amethyst: You have changed, and you continue to change.

Brocc: You’re becoming so twisted…I can’t even begin to fathom what you’ll do next! I mean…this is a SVEN level of twistedness, Mara!

Mara: Well then…perhaps I should take my leave.

Mak: Not without handing over the crystal.

Mara clutches the crystal in her right hand.

Mara: No! This is mine! It chose me!

Amethyst: You have no choice, Mara. You must give it to us!

Mara sighs.

Mara: Very well, I will “give it to you”…

Brocc: Good, now we’re making progress oh crud why is she aiming her hand at us?!

Mara aims her hand at the Crystalbound, blasting them with a surge of icy-cold wind and snow. Mara then turns around and holds out her hand. A doorway surrounded by a frame of cyan light opens.

Mak: She’s getting away! Stop her!

Mara runs through the doorway, which disappears.

Mak: ARGH! I don’t believe this!

Emily: Whatever shall we do now?!

Amethyst becomes worried.

Amethyst: We will just have to search for her…and hope that she does not become what I fear she will.

Kendall: I…I had no idea…

Amethyst: We later found out that her crystal was a fake.

Kendall: A fake?!

Amethyst: We first learned it was a fake when we came across the real Azure Crystal.

Kendall: But where did you find it?

Mak: Inside a cave in the Silvertooth Woods, located in the northeastern part of Silveria.

Kendall: I know Silvertooth only too well. It is the town where I was born…and it is also where my father disappeared.

Emily: Then it must bring you memories both good and bad.

Kendall: Indeed.

Brocc: Hey, I used to live in Silvertooth!

Amethyst: We know, Brocc. It is where we met you.

Brocc: And where I became the Greenbound! Plus, it’s also where-

Mak: BROCC! Let Amethyst finish her story!

Brocc: Oh, fine…

Amethyst: We had no idea there were other crystals like Mara’s until-

Trent: -you first encountered Kara and I.

Everyone looks over at Trent.

Amethyst: Trent?

Brocc: Oh, come on! I’m not allowed to speak over Amethyst, but he is? Have you forgotten who he SERVES?!

Trent: My Mistress’…I mean, “Mara’s”…crystal is part of a set of dark crystals, which were created by a splinter faction of the Silverian Empire. These crystals ultimately led to the downfall of the Empire, as well as ending the Imperial bloodline.

Amethyst: Twelve Stars!

Mak: And now the dark crystals have chosen new owners to help bring us down?

Trent: It would seem so.

Amethyst: Then why do you serve Mara? Are you not a druid, a guardian of the natural world?

Trent: I am. Mara tricked me into wearing my crystal, which has bound me to her service. I must do her bidding without question.

Mak: Well, what happens if you refuse?

Trent: She is able to-

Trent thinks for a moment.

Trent: No punishment is worse than being forced to perform actions against my own nature.

Trent approaches the cell and smashes the icy bars into fragments with his staff.

Amethyst: What are you doing?

Trent: I cannot sit by while Mara continues to plot against you. Come with me.

Mak: And why should we trust you?

Trent’s eyes glow with green-blue light.

Trent: Because I grow weary of my Mistress’ command. I will be freed, one way or another.

Brocc: YAY! Trent’s helping us! Wait…TRENT’S helping us?!

Scene 4: Mara’s Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Trent leads the Crystalbound and Kendall through the ice fortress.

Trent: Stay close to me.

Brocc: So does Mara have any other minions?

Trent: Why would she need minions? She considers the four of us to be perfectly adequate.

Bryn: Clearly she has no clue how to find good henchmen…ah, no offense.

Trent: None taken. Kara and I may have deliberately underperformed when we tried to capture you.

Mak: Why?

Trent: Neither of us wishes to inflict harm on you, nor does Sara.

Bryn: Are you kidding? She very nearly clobbered Gazzo into next Ki-day!

Emily: What about Brent?

Trent: He is just as corrupted as Mara, if not more.

Amethyst: It seems as though he has the potential to challenge her authority.

Trent: He is also cowardly. He would rather do her bidding than receive her unique forms of punishment. It also doesn’t help that he often enjoys the tasks she sets for him.

Thobrun: He’s one cruel man, that’s fer sure.

Brocc: Hey, I wondered when you’d speak this episode!

Brocc looks at Bryn.

Brocc: See? THAT’S how you break the fourth wall!

Bryn: Whatever…

Trent: We are close.

Trent’s thoughts: Mara…she has changed so much…we must find a way to free her from her control…

Scene 5: Mara’s Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

Zed and Brent are still unconscious atop the ice platforms.

Sara: Oh, this is boring!

Kara: We must follow our Mistress’ bidding.

Sara: But I just want something to-

The mark on Zed’s hand begins to glow with cyan light. Brent’s eyes fly open and he sits up. A scowl spreads across his face.

Brent: ARGH! I can’t BELIEVE that interfering maggot! How did he even find the kid?!

Brent turns to face Zed.

Brent: I’m gonna take him out right now!

Brent leaps off his platform and lands at Zed’s side.

Brent: You’re going down, pal!

Brent suddenly clutches his head.

Brent: NO! No, do not do this to me, Si-

Kara suddenly leaps towards Brent and kicks him to the ground.

Brent: What are you doing?!

Kara: This.

Kara karate-chops the back of Brent’s head, knocking him out cold.

Sara: Finally, some action!

Kara: Come. We must find Trent-kun.

Kara picks up Brent and slings him over her shoulder. She and Sara run out of the room. We pan to a view of Zed, whose mark begins to resonate.

Commercial: Tide of a New Beginning. A brand-new special, coming soon!

Scene 6: Mara’s Ice Fortress: Unknown Time of Day

The Crystalbound and Kendall continue to follow Trent.

Brocc: Uh…does anyone else smell werewolf?

Kendall: Oh, my apologies. I am a little sweaty.

Brocc: Oh. Anyway, I’m SURE I smell-

Mak: So how do we know we can trust this guy?

Amethyst: Whatever do you mean?

Mak: Well, he tried to capture us on multiple occasions. Granted, he failed every time, but I’m suspicious about his claim that he was deliberately sloppy.

Trent: I assure you that I meant no harm, Mak.

Mak: Then why did you shoot that green energy beam at me?

Trent: Mara always watches us using a form of observation magic. I had to do so in order to create the illusion of being wholly subservient to her.

Amethyst: Then who do you serve?

Trent: I only serve nature. Naturia is my true Mistress.

Emily: Then who is to say Mara is not watching us right now?

Brocc: My thoughts exactly.

Trent: Why would Mara have any reason to observe us in here? As far as she is aware, all of you are currently imprisoned.

Mak: But won’t she need to watch you in case you betray her?

Trent: I have been wholly loyal to Mara until this point. I have her complete trust.

Kara’s voice: We have her trust also.

Kara and Sara rejoin the group.

Trent: Then you also wish to break free of her service?

Kara: Indeed. No longer will I serve her vile machinations.

Sara: It’s time for me to smash stuff for myself!

Mak: Then let’s walk in and stop her!

Trent: I am afraid it is not that simple. We must devise a plan…

Scene 7: Mara’s Throne Room: Unknown Time of Day

Mara sits on her icy throne. Trent, Kara and Sara walk into the room. Kara drops Brent to the ground in front of her.

Mara: I take it that Brent has failed?

Kara: Correct, Mistress-senpai.

Mara: Then he will be punished. Leave now, for it will not be pleasant to observe.

Trent: As you command, Mistress.

Trent, Kara and Sara bow, then turn around and begin to head for the door. As the trio walks past the ice-vault, Kara leaps in front of it.

Mara: Kara? What is the meaning of this?

Kara punches towards the ice-vault, releasing a jet of flame which melts the hatch.

Mara: What are you doing?!

Kara: Rescuing my friend.

Kara runs into the ice-vault, pulling out a now-thawed Tamamaki.

Tamamaki: Wh-What is happening…?

Kara: We must go now, Tamamaki-kun.

Tamamaki: Karakaki-san?

Kara smiles.

Kara: Indeed.

Mara: You cannot-

Trent: We have had enough, Mara! No longer will we be your puppets, obeying orders against our own desires!

Mara: Do not test my patience, Trenton…

Trent: I will do as Naturia wishes.

Trent whistles loudly through his fingers. Suddenly, his bear companion charges into the room, running straight towards Mara.

Mara: You think your mangy pet can stop me?!

Mara throws her hand forward, knocking the bear through the wall.

Trent: You will regret that, “Mistress”!

Trent raises his staff and points it at Mara. A forest green beam of energy pulses from its tip. Mara stretches out her arm and releases an icy-blue beam of energy. Both beams make contact, forcing against one another. Mara and Trent each struggle to get the upper hand. Mara’s beam begins to swallow up Trent’s. She smirks.

Mara: You cannot win.

Mara’s beam of energy grows dangerously close to Trent. Just then, a fiery-orange beam of energy joins Trent’s beam and flings towards Mara, knocking her backwards. She climbs to her feet, using her throne as a support.

Mara: But…how…?

Kendall stands next to Trent, his right arm outstretched. He lowers his arm and frowns at Mara.

Kendall: How can you do this, Marissa?!

Mara: Ah, Kendall. How is my big brother?

Kendall: Clearly in a better state of mind than you are!

Mara: You will regret doing this to me!

Mak’s voice: Not if we have anything to do with it!

The Crystalbound join the others.

Mara: Ah, it seems all my friends have gathered together at last. But eleven-versus-one is hardly fair, is it?

Mara raises her hands into the air, summoning ten frosty warriors.

Mara: Try to stop me now.

Kendall: Okay.

Kendall and Kara send five fireballs each at the warriors, turning them into clouds of steam.

Mara: Ah.

Mak: Face it, Mara. As long as we’re around, you can’t win.

Brent suddenly awakens and gets to his feet.

Brent: But you fools forget that I, Brent, am still loyal to my Mistress!

Brent leaps to Mara’s side.

Brent: What do you say to THAT? HA!

Mak: I say the chances of you actually taking us out are about the same as the chances of a delicious, meaty muddvak steak falling out of the-

A steak suddenly falls to Mak’s feet.

Mak: Ah.

Sara: So THAT’S where my steak went! It got stuck on the ceiling when I threw it into the air!

Sara picks up the steak and eats it in one bite. Brent holds up his crossbow and points it at Mak.

Brent: Well, since my chances of taking you out are apparently excellent-

Sara lets out an enormous, yellowish belch, which is conveniently aimed straight at Brent. Brent stumbles around in a daze, causing him to drop his crossbow. Seizing the opportunity, Trent aims his staff at the crossbow and fires a pulse of green energy at it, destroying it. Brent shakes his head, and a look of surprise spreads across his face.

Brent: But…why didn’t my crystal protect me?!

Mara: Since most of you have betrayed me, all of your crystals have been stripped of their power.

Brent: Even mine? But…why?!

Mara: It is your punishment for failing to keep Zed unconscious.

Brent: Well, he’s still trapped in his mindscape, Mistress, so I consider this a victory! One down, six to go!

Mara suddenly hears Zed’s voice in her mind.

Zed’s thoughts: Get ready, Mara, because I’m coming to stop you!

Mara stares off into space for a moment. Her eyebrows suddenly stick up. Brent takes notice.

Brent: Something troubling you, Mistress?

Mara frowns.

Mara: No, it is nothing.

Brent: If you say so…

Mara appears slightly worried. A bead of sweat begins to trickle down her forehead as she bites her bottom lip. Zed races into the room, rejoining the party.

Zed: Hey, what did I miss?

Mara raises her hands into the air, releasing pulses of energy which knock everyone out of Zed’s way.

Zed: What are you doing?!

Mara begins to slowly approach Zed.

Mara: You have been a thorn in my side for too long. It is time I finished you off once and for all!

Mara points her hand at Zed. Amethyst regains her senses.

Amethyst: ZED!

Amethyst leaps to her feet and runs towards Zed, pushing him aside. A bolt of lightning emerges from Mara’s hand, striking Amethyst in her torso.


Emily: NO!

Amethyst slumps to her knees.

Thobrun: LASS!

Amethyst falls onto her side, her eyes closing as she does so. The Magenta Crystal falls from out of her tunic, still around her neck. It glows brightly, before the light extinguishes. Everyone is utterly shocked.

Mara: No…that was not my intent…

Zed hangs his head, and tears stream down his cheeks. He suddenly raises his head, and his eyes are glowing with bright cyan light. The mark on his hand begins to glow brightly with cyan light. Zed removes his wand from his pocket. It begins to shimmer, and transforms into a long, silver sword. Zed removes his cape and throws it aside. Everyone appears confused.

Zed: The awakening…I…I feel...

Mak: Zed…? What…what the…?

Brocc: I…I…

Thobrun: I dinnae understand…

Zed begins speaking with a distorted voice.

Zed: Mara, you will pay for what you have done this day.

Mara: And what gives you the thought that you are able to stop me?

Zed remains silent for a moment.

Zed: I…am awakening as my true self, the one I have always been.

Zed runs towards Mara. Mara fires a bolt of lightning at Zed, but he swings his sword and knocks it away, causing it to strike a wall. Chunks of ice burst from the wall, falling to the ground.

Zed: The children of the multiverse...

Mara releases a pulse of energy from her hand, knocking Zed away from her. Zed flips backwards and lands gently on his feet.

Zed: …the seeds of the Overlay…

Zed runs towards Mara again. Mara fires a ray of pure cold at Zed, but he swings it away with his sword, striking another wall. A lump of ice appears on the wall.

Zed: …we…are starting…to awaken…

Zed runs towards Mara, his sword crackling with electricity. He swings it.


Mara’s crystal is cut loose from around her neck. As it falls to the floor, it shatters to pieces in mid-air, releasing a wave of dark energy. The fragments fall to the floor. Mara holds her right hand to her chest, feeling for the crystal, hoping it is still there. Finally, she speaks.

Mara: Who…who are you?!

Zed remains silent for a moment.

Zed: Born of the wandering world…raised of the mundane…awakening under the Twelve Stars…flowing as the fastest stream…solid as frigid ice…deeper than the saltiest ocean…lacking in aura but imbued with potential…I…am Zed Starmute…Icon of Junihoshi.

Mara breathes heavily. She then begins to run around the group, who is still in shock, and runs out of the door. Mak finally speaks.

Mak: She’s getting away.

Zed: Let her run. She will not be able to inflict any more harm on others. In time, she will-

Zed’s eyes return to normal, and the mark on his hand stops glowing. He stumbles for a moment, but regains his footing.

Zed: Whoa…what a rush.

Zed stares into space for a moment, before snapping back to reality.

Zed: Amethyst!

Zed turns around and runs over to Amethyst. The others are already standing over her body, which remains lifeless.

Zed: No…

Mak looks at Emily.

Mak: Can’t you do something, Emily?

Emily: I…I am afraid I cannot. I am not yet trained to return others to life.

Mak: But there must be something we can do!

Zed thinks for a moment. His eyes flash once with cyan light.

Zed: Let me try something.

Zed kneels down, setting aside his sword and cupping his hands around Amethyst’s jaw. He spreads his thumbs to her forehead.

Emily: What are you doing, Zed?

Zed: Kendall.

Kendall: (sniff) Yes, Zed?

Zed: I need you to take Amethyst’s hand.

Kendall: Uh…okay.

Kendall takes Amethyst’s left hand.

Zed: Emily?

Emily: Yes?

Zed: Please take her other hand.

Emily takes Amethyst right hand in hers.

Zed: “I call on the power of the ancients…bring out the potential within my allies…”

Zed closes his eyes and takes in a deep breath through his nose, exhaling it through his mouth. His eyes open, and glow with bright cyan light. A small orb of cyan light shines in front of Kendall’s chest. Emily’s hands begin glowing with golden light, which spreads throughout Amethyst’s body. Amethyst’s crystal begins to resonate with rainbow light. After a brief moment, breath begins filling Amethyst’s lungs. She exhales, then inhales again. The light from Zed’s eyes, Kendall’s chests and Emily’s hands disappears. After a few seconds, the light from Amethyst’s body stops glowing, and the rainbow light within her crystal is replaced with its usual constant glow of purplish-pink light. Amethyst opens her eyes, and Zed shifts his hands to serve as a support for her head.

Amethyst: Zed…?

Zed smiles. Tears stream from his eyes.

Zed: Amethyst.

Amethyst sits up.

Mak: Amethyst!

Mak embraces his dear friend, as do Emily, Kendall, Thobrun, Bryn and Brocc.

Mak: I thought we’d lost you!

Amethyst: For a moment, you had.

Brocc: Oh, it’s so good to have you back… (sniff)…AAAHAHAHAHAAAAAH!

Thobrun comforts Brocc and rubs his shoulder.

Thobrun: Aw, there, there, lad…it’s alright. She’s back now.

Everyone lets go of Amethyst. The party stands to their feet.

Mak: So what happened?

Amethyst: Well, I was in the realm of the Celestial Being, Shienna Golddawn.

Thobrun: Really?

Amethyst: She told me that it was too soon for me to join her court, and that some dear friends of mine were bringing me back to the Material Plane.

Amethyst pauses for a moment. She looks at Emily.

Amethyst: How did you bring me back, Emily? I was sure you had not yet mastered being able to restore life.

Emily: I was assisted by a very special young man.

Amethyst turns to face Zed.

Amethyst: I knew I saw potential in you, cher apprenti.

Amethyst smiles. Zed smiles back.

Mak: Wait…where did Mara’s cronies go?

Everyone looks around. Trent, Kara, Brent and Sara are missing. We pan to a view of Gazzo stumbling out of what’s left of the ice-vault. He groans loudly.

Gazzo: I feel like I’ve been asleep for a month…

A look of surprise appears on Bryn’s face.

Bryn: Gazzo! I can’t believe I forgot about him!

Gazzo: Oh, well that’s nice, that is! Some friend I’ve got, then!

Zed pulls his crystal from out of his clothing and examines it. The light inside it continues to resonate.

Zed’s thoughts: I guess it’s time for the true Azurebound to receive this crystal…

Scene 8: Zed’s Hometown: Evening

The symbol on Zed’s hand appears on the ground in front of his house. A column of cyan-tinged light erupts from around it. After a moment, the light returns to the ground, revealing Zed.

Zed: Home at last.

Zed’s front door opens, and the Crystalbound, Kendall and Tamamaki step outside.

Mak: That’s quite an entrance.

Zed: Thank you.

Brocc: So why did you open a doorway for us instead of letting us use that cool beam of light?

Amethyst: I imagine it is something only people of Zed’s kind can do.

Bryn: What’s it like?

Zed: Well, the symbol appears on the ground under me, and also at my destination. When the column of light appears, I’m pretty much in both places at the same time. Then, when it recedes, I’m at my destination.

Brocc: Awesome!

Kendall: So, what shall we do first?

Zed: There’s something I’ve been waiting to do for a long time…

The party approaches Taylor’s Treasures. Zed walks inside, the little bell jingling as he does so. Mrs. Taylor’s son walks downstairs, and is shocked to see Zed standing there.

Mrs. Taylor’s son: Zed?!

Zed: Fred!

Bryn: Oh, come on! Both her biological son and her adopted one have “-ed” in their names?!

Brocc: Bryn! I said-

Bryn: Yeah, yeah, “leave fourth-wall demolitions to the experts”…whatever, cabbage-fart.

Brocc: What did you call me, anchovy-pits?!

Fred: I did not expect you back for months!

Zed: I took a bit of a detour.

Fred: In any case, it is good to see you back.

Zed: You too.

Both men smile.

Fred: Oh, if you’re looking for Mother, she is not here.

Zed: Over at Mr. Newt’s, then?

Fred: No, she is somewhere else…

Zed: Oh?

The party climbs the hill near Zed’s house. The sky is pink and filled with fluffy clouds. Mrs. Taylor stands facing the opposite direction. Zed walks forward, stopping seven feet from her.

Zed: Mrs. Taylor?

Mrs. Taylor spins around. After a brief pause, she smiles and runs to Zed. Mrs. Taylor locks Zed in a big hug.

Mrs. Taylor: I knew you’d return to me, lad!

Zed: I missed you so much…

The others watch from a distance. Kendall reaches into his shirt and pulls out the Azure Crystal, examining it. It glows brightly in its centre, but the light starts to resonate. The camera pans up into the pink cloud-filled sky.

Zed's voice: A lot has happened in those months since I left that little town. None of us knows what happened to the Dark Crystalbound. Bryn thinks they simply left and went into hiding, while Mak thinks they're ready to regroup and try to stop the Crystalbound again. Oh, and this isn't the end of my tale; it's the beginning, not just for myself, but also for others like me...

A humanoid dragon with red scales is duelling a dark-haired male homonid human dressed in red. The dragon wears golden armour, whereas the human wears mostly red clothing and a breather; a hose connects the breather to a small machine at his waist on the right side. The dragon speaks with a female voice; both people have American-inspired accents, though the human has a slight hint of a Southern accent.

Dragon: Your skills are greatly improving, but you need to do better than that if we have any hope of winning the tournament!

Man: Relax, Ocre, I'm doing the best I can! I mean, we train three times a day!

Both people stop.

Ocre: You're right, Alph. Now, come at me with all your might!

Alph: Okay, you asked for this!

Alph runs towards the camera, his golden sword drawn. As he approaches, his eyes flash once with red light.

We see a young man with auburn hair and slightly-pointed ears sitting in a huge apartment. He is using a device much like a computer, though the screen floats in mid-air. He appears to be looking through a page detailing something called the "Indigo Squadron". The man speaks with a light Scottish accent.

Man: Okay, Sky, today's the day. You are going to locate the Indigo Squadron and enlist to become a pilot. Nothing's gonna stand in your way!

The young man grabs a pair of goggles with purple straps and a half-face breather and races out of the door. A female gnome with medium-blue hair stands in the hallway as he runs through it. She speaks with a voice similar to that of Katalina's.

Gnome: Oh, Evan! I-

Sky: No time to talk, Kati! I'm gonna be a pilot!

The gnome calls out to Sky as he runs away.

Kati: Well, it's about time!

We cut to a view of Sky's eyes, which flash once with purple light.

We see a bushy-haired young woman with green attire, including a bandana on her head, walk from below the deck of a wooden sea vessel. She looks up at a broadly-built male human with mostly-red attire, who is operating the wheel. Both speak with English accents.

Woman: How goes the sailing, Matey? Any interesting sights?

Matey: Aye, Captain Shelley. There's a pod of dolphins roughly five waves to our leftside.

Shelley: Excellent! I love dolphins, so majes-

Matey: No, wait...they've swum off.

Shelley: Bummer.

Shelley looks up at the crow's nest.

Shelley: Anything to report, lookout?

We hear a voice identical to that of Brocc's.

Lookout: Well, apart from the Hat Eater sailing toward us at an alarming speed, there's little to report.

Shelley becomes alarmed.

Shelley: The Hat Eater?! By the seas, will that hag EVER leave us alone?!

Shelley's eyes flash once with lime-green light.

We cut to a view of Laura, who is walking through a lush green highland. She looks up at the blue sky, which is filled with fluffy white clouds.

Laura's thoughts: I know my name...it is Laura Goldenclaugh.

Laura smiles as a tiny, blue-feathered bird flies past.

Laura's thoughts: I know who I am...I am a hedge mage of the Full Moon.

Laura suddenly stops walking and sighs.

Laura's thoughts: My past, however...the life I've lived...the people I've known...are gone...

Laura becomes frustrated. She suddenly yells out loud.

Laura: Why, then, do I still remember...HIM?!

Something catches Laura’s eye.

Laura: Hm...?

Laura holds up her right hand and examines the back of it. Her eyes open wide.

Laura: By the Twelve Stars...

The same mark that is on the back of Zed's hand draws onto Laura's in a glow of golden light. We cut to a view of Laura's eyes, which start to glow with golden light. We hear a wolf's howl as the screen cuts to black.

Zed’s adventures continue in Tide of a New Beginning

End Credits


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