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Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack Empty Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack

January 9th 2016, 5:36 pm
Hello, fans, and welcome to Tide of a New Beginning, a special episode of Crystals of Silveria. In this prequel to the upcoming Crystals of Silveria II, we learn that Zed is...well, you'll just have to read it to find out. Once you've checked it out, be sure to leave your thoughts with a comment below.

DISCLAIMER: This double-length episode may contain spoilers of events that happened in the original Crystals of Silveria series, so if you haven't read it all the way through, please do check it out. You won't be disappointed.

Now, enjoy the continuing adventures of Zed Starmute and the Crystalbound!

Tide of a New Beginning
Zed is having doubts about his potential as an Icon, even as his allies try to support him and show him the power that lies within. These feelings could not have come at a worse time, as the annual Merchant’s Festival is almost here, a time for giving gifts and eating delicious dishes. Erik, Zed’s long-time mentor, decides to surprise Zed with an early Merchant’s Day gift: a trip for two to Zed’s former homeland. But what awaits the young spellsword in this mysterious place?

New Characters

Tad and Siren
– Two people who Zed meets at a “convention”, it seems that they have their own fair share of surprises for him.

Masked Dude – A bumbling fool who refers to himself as “the next Sorceress of Winter”, he seeks to be the newest adversary of the Crystalbound…for who knows what reason.

“THIS is where I’m from?!”
Scene 1: Outside Zed’s House: Late Morning

We see a view of Zed's eyes, which flash once with cyan light.

Zed: I have to go into that forest.

We cut to a view of Zed and the Crystalbound outside Zed's house.

Emily: Alone?!

Thobrun: Are ye daft, lad?!

Zed: If I really am an Icon, then I need to test myself out.

Kendall: I'm going with you!

Brocc: Me too!

Mak becomes frustrated.

Mak: Are you serious?! The three of you are the greenest horns in this party!

Brocc: Did...did you just make a quip about my hair?!

Mak calms down and rubs his hand with his chin.

Mak: There’s no way I’m letting you into that forest unchaperoned. Not without some muscle.

Mak pumps his fist.

Mak: I’m coming with you! And so is Amethyst!

Amethyst: M-Me? Are you sure it’s wise to leave the party undefended?

Mak: Relax, Ammy, Thobrun’ll keep Bryn outta trouble!

Mak looks around.

Mak: Uh...where IS she, anyway?

Thobrun: Nae idea, lad. Las’ I saw her, she was making her way to the tavern.

Mak: And you just let her go?!

Thobrun: What? She isnae causin’ any harm!

Mak sighs.

Mak: Ems, make sure Thobrun keeps an eye on Bryn.

Emily: Of course, my love.

Mak: Now, let’s go into that forest!

Brocc: Yeah! Anyone messes with us, I’ll give ‘em what-for!

Scene 2: Silvertooth Wood: Late Morning

We cut to a view of the inside of the wood, with Zed, Kendall, Brocc, Mak and Amethyst moving carefully through it. An owl’s hooting echoes through the trees, and Brocc lets out a scream.


Amethyst: I believe it was an owl.

Brocc: At this time of day?!

Amethyst: There is a very good reason for that, Brocc.

Brocc: Well, I’d sure love to hear it! And what about this supposed “wolf”?

Kendall: Relax, Brocc, I know this forest like the back of my hand.

Mak: This specific part?

Kendall: Of course! There's the tree stump upon which I carved my initials, and over there is where my father and I marked our territory with-

Mak: Okay, too much information!

Kendall: But there are no wolves in it, not in today’s age, at least. The last wolf left over 500 years ago, towards the south.

Mak: And just how do you know that?

Kendall: I studied Wolfology growing up.

Brocc: Wolfology? Is that even a real thing?

Amethyst looks at Zed.

Amethyst: You haven’t said a word since we entered, Zed.

Zed: I have this...unmistakable feeling of imminent...something.

Mak: Yeah, you could be right, Zed. It's too quiet...

Brocc: Wait...I can hear something!

We hear rustling in the undergrowth nearby. The party suddenly spins around, and a surprised look spreads across their faces. We hear another wolf's howl, and the scene completely freezes.

Zed’s voice: Okay, maybe we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let’s back up the story to just beforehand, when I was in a...let’s say a mixed feeling state. This is the story of how I found my home, as well as myself...well, sort of.

Clouds sweep across the screen, and we seem to scroll through them.

Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning
A Chromaicora Adventure


Scene 3: Zed’s Hometown: Late Morning

The clouds part, revealing the skies over Zed’s hometown. We begin slowly scrolling towards it.

It happened months ago... I faced off against her... The false crystal was destroyed... I thought I'd lost you...

We approach The Naked Drake, and begin to enter it.

...yet, together, we brought you back.

We make our way to the right and into the main hall.

But I still can't accept that I'm...special.

We stop in front of a table at which Zed and Amethyst sit facing one another.

Zed: How can I be this...incredible being when I'm too humble to embrace my gifts?

Amethyst: But your humility is what makes you deserving of this role.

Zed: I get that, but still...I have to wonder...

Amethyst: I am sure that your role as an Icon is no accident, Zed.

Zed: I’ve always had a problem with procrastination, but it’s worse than ever.

Amethyst: Oh, how so?

Zed: Every time I try to think of something...my mind wanders to a completely unrelated thought.

Amethyst: The pursuit of knowledge is never easy, but always worth the effort.

Zed: And then there are the dreams...

Amethyst: The dreams have returned?

Zed: Well...sort of. They’re not so much showing me events which are to come, but rather, they’re of this weird place. I guess they’re showing me another world.

Amethyst: Perhaps the knowledge of other worlds is creating these fantasies within your mind.

Zed: No, it’s more than that. It’s like I’ve been there once before. What was its name... Terra? Erik said it was created in my mindscape due to existing close to Junihoshi. But I’ve examined a chart of the multiverse that Erik gave me, and...Terra’s on the opposite side. It’s nowhere near Junihoshi!

Amethyst: There are many ways to measure distance, Zed, some more subtle than others.

Zed: It’s mind-boggling, all of this new knowledge. Have you been able to make heads-or-tails of anything?

Amethyst: Well, I must admit I’m having a tougher time trying to figure out some of it, but it became much easier to grasp once I’d learned the basics.

Zed looks around.

Zed: Say, where are the others?

Amethyst: I believe they went to do some shopping.

Zed: Oh, that’s cool. Shall we join them?

Amethyst: Of course.

Zed smiles.

Zed: Awesome!

Scene 4: Market Square: Zed’s Hometown: Early Afternoon

We cut to a view of the market square in Zed's hometown. The Crystalbound and Zed are walking through a busy crowd.

Bryn: Oh, we've been stuck in this backwater place for months! When are we gonna see some action?

Mak: Relax, Bryn, the Merchant's Festival is in just a few days.

Bryn: All the more reason to go to a bigger and better city!

Emily looks into the air.

Emily: I sense you may get your wish for adventure soon, Bryn...

The camera pans up and zooms into the nearby wood. In the darkness of the undergrowth are two glowing cyan eyes. Just as the view cuts back to the party, we hear a wolf's howl.

Zed: Oh, I better go to Taylor’s Treasures. Mrs. Taylor said she wanted to chat with me.

Brocc: Oh, good. I’ve been trying to find the right moment to tell you to go away so I can buy your Merchant’s Day present! It’s gotta be a surprise!

Zed: Oh, sorry, my bad. Anyway, see you back at home!

Amethyst: Have fun.

Zed: Will do!

Zed walks away from the group. Brocc suddenly remembers something.

Brocc: Oh yeah! I finally got around to buying a Rainbow Axis deck. I figured it was about time I learned to play.


Brocc: What? What’s so funny?

Bryn: You mean you’ve never played Rainbow Axis before?!

Brocc: No... Why? What’s wrong with that?

Bryn wraps her left arm around Brocc’s shoulders.

Bryn: Oh, nothing at all. I guess I can be your tutor in the art of playing Rainbow Axis. I mean, I taught Zed how to play, and he’s already proficient. How hard could it be to train your good self?

Brocc: Hey, was that an insult?!

Bryn (sarcastic): Oh, no, of COURSE not. I’m sure you’ll be a VERY quick study indeed.

Brocc: Oh, okay. Thanks, Bryn!

Mak facepalms.

Mak: Oh, brother...

Scene 5: Taylor’s Treasures: Zed’s Hometown: Early Afternoon

Zed walks up to the shop door and opens it, the bell doing its familiar jingle as he does so. Zed is surprised to see Mr. Newt and a second, more scruffy-faced and muscular man standing there.

Man: There's talk of wolves in them woods, Mrs. Taylor!

Mrs. Taylor: Don't be absurd, Mr. Parker. There hasn't been a wolf in these parts for nigh odd 30 years!

Zed: Wolves?!

Mrs. Taylor: Oh, don’t be so worried, lad. Mr. Parker’s just teasin’ us.

Parker: I swear! I heard a wolf’s howl just the other day, I did. I’d go in meself, but...y’know, me back’s been givin’ me grief lately.

Mrs. Taylor: Honestly, Mr. Parker...where’s your legendary bravado gone in all these years?

Parker: Oh, I still have it, Eustace. It’s just takin’ a long rest at the mo’.

Newt: Will that be all for today, Mr. Parker?

Parker: Oh, sorry, Newtie! I’ve outstayed me welcome again, ‘aven’t I? I’ll just take me leave. Pleasant day, all.

Mr. Parker ducks past Zed and leaves the shop.

Zed: Who was that?

Mrs. Taylor: Ah, that was Mr. Parker, the town blacksmith. He owns the armoury just down the alley.

Zed: Oh, Parker’s Polearms?

Mrs. Taylor: Aye, lad. He doesn’t usually go outside much, hence the reason why you’ve not met him before.

Zed: Fair enough.

Newt: Now, to business. Zed?

Zed: Uh...yes?

Newt: What do you know of the Axians?

Zed: Axian? You mean that weird guy in the middle of the desert?

Both Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Newt appear puzzled.

Mrs. Taylor: What in the world are you on about, lad?

Zed: Uh...never mind. Just...something. Forget I mentioned it.

Erik’s voice: It is quite alright to tell them, Zed.

Erik walks down the stairs and into the shop.

Zed: Erik!

Erik: Both Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Newt are your appointed protectors. Well, whilst you reside in this town, at least.

Zed: They are? Then...they know about...

Mrs. Taylor: Of course we do, lad.

Newt: We always knew you had potential within you.

Zed: But...how? I chose Mrs. Taylor’s shop that night by chance.

Erik: Indeed you did, Zed. But did you not wonder why it was the only shop open at that hour?

Zed stares at Erik. His mouth and eyes suddenly open wide.

Zed: Then...you’ve been watching out for me since that night?!

Erik: Of course. Well, since before that, actually.

Mrs. Taylor: Herikios informed us both of your impending arrival from another world. I’ll be honest, I was more than a little sceptical, but when I heard the knock on my door...

Newt: As for me, I knew you would arrive at my doorstep eventually, and that I must instruct you in the art of wizardry.

Zed: Even though I’m not a wizard?

Erik: You are, in a sense. We spellswords are a unique breed of wizard trained to use a blade as a conduit for our magic. Your longsword, for example.

Zed: My longsword...

Erik: It, like you, is not native to Junihoshi. It was forged on yet another world far from here.

Zed: Then how did I come to own it?

Erik: I planted it in Mr. Newt’s shop prior to your arrival, for I knew it would eventually find its way back to you.

Zed: Disguised as a wand?

Erik: You were not to know of your skills until you had begun to awaken as an Icon.

Zed: But why?

Erik: In time, Zed. I will explain in time.

Zed: Of course you will...

Erik turns to examine a mural on the wall.

Erik: Now, there is something we must discuss.

Zed: Oh?

Erik: Amethyst has informed me that you feel undeserving of your role as an Icon.

Zed sighs.

Zed: It’s true. I just can’t bring myself to think I’m any more special than anyone else.

Erik turns to face Zed.

Erik: You truly doubt your potential?

Zed: Yes, I do.

Erik: Then there is something you must see. Come.

Erik walks towards Zed, stopping just in front of him. Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Newt step back. The symbol of the multiverse appears beneath Zed and Erik’s feet, and a column of rainbow light erupts around them.

Zed's voice: Where are we going?

Erik's voice: Home...

The column of light retreats into the ground, and the pattern disappears. Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Newt stand and stare.

Mrs. Taylor: I knew these Icons had incredible powers...but that was completely unexpected.

Mr. Newt: Yes...quite.

Mrs. Taylor and Mr. Newt continue to stare.
Scene 6: Unknown Location: Morning

Zed and Erik are standing next to a light grey wall, completely shielded from sunlight.

Zed: Whoa, what is this place...?

Erik: You truly do not recognise it?

Zed: I'll admit, it seems...kind of familiar...

Erik: Follow me and I’ll show you.

Zed: Will do.

Erik leads Zed around the nearest corner. They follow a long wall towards a crowd of people who are dressed in various styles, with fantasy, science fiction and tokusatsu being the most prominent themes. Almost everyone is staring into the sky above the building. Most people in the vicinity speak with Australian accents.

“Robot”: I swear, there was this big beam of light!

“Elf”: I saw it too!

“Ninja”: You must be kidding. It was probably a rainbow or something.

“Elf”: On a clear, sunny day?

“Alien”: Believe what you want, but there must be a laser show or something inside.

“Sentai”: So what, a laser beam shone through the ceiling?

“Ninja”: Sure, why not?

Zed looks at Erik.

Zed: Uh...did we cause that?!

Erik: Uh...heheh...quick, let’s go over here!

Zed: But these people...oh, whatever.

Zed and Erik walk away. The people continue to stare and point at the sky.

“Robot”: Maybe the aliens are actually here!

“Elf”: Oh, come on, aliens? Are you serious?

“Robot”: Why not? You know the stories about people disappearing into another dimension.

“Ninja”: That’s just an urban legend.

“Robot”: I’d bet my car that other dimensions and aliens are real!

“Sentai”: I’ll take that bet!

“Robot”: What? No, I wasn’t being serious!

“Sentai”: Sorry, no takesies-backsies!

“Robot”: Oh, man... I just paid off that car...

Scene 7: Inside: Unknown Location: Morning

Zed and Erik walk through the building. Zed examines the ticket around his neck.

Zed: So what’s this thing for?

Erik: That’s your V.I.P. pass for the convention.

Zed: V.I.P.?

Erik: It stands for “very important person”.

Zed: Oh, couldn’t I have just had a “P.” pass?

A person in a cybernetic-themed costume snickers as he walks past Zed. Erik holds out his hand and secretly fires a near-invisible magic missile at the side of the cyber-person’s helmet. Zed sees nothing of the incident.

“Cyber”: Ow!

Erik: You should be careful what you say here, Zed. You cannot let slip that you have lived in another world.

Voice: Oh, wow! This costume’s awesome!

Zed and Erik turn to face a young woman dressed in normal clothes. She speaks with an Australian accent.

Woman: How long did it take to make it?

Zed: Oh, uh...it was bought.

Woman: For real?!

Zed: Uh...yeah.

Erik gestures to the young woman.

Erik: Zed, this is Siren. Siren, this is my protégé, Zed Starmute.

Siren: Zed? It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Zed: Uh...likewise.

Siren: I better call my friend over here. Tad! Hey, Tad!

Siren beckons a young, wavy-haired man over to her. He nods and makes his way to them. Unlike Siren, he speaks with an American accent.

Tad: Oh, hey! Erik, my man! How’ve you been?

Erik: Fine, thank you for asking. And yourself?

Tad: Well, my party found this weird object in a ruin just outside of Umbel. A townsperson called it the “Eye of Hareda-Ryuu”.

Siren: Hahaha! Oh, Tad, you and your RPGs!

Tad: No, it’s true, I swear! Erik knows about my sightshi-

Tad suddenly notices Zed.

Tad: -uh...uh...I mean...pfft...yeah, I’m...obsessed with RPGs! Heheh...

Erik sighs.

Erik: It is fine. Zed is allowed to know about your gift, Tad.

Tad: Oh, well in THAT case...

Tad takes a deep breath.

Tad: I’masightshifterandIcanseeintoaweirdotherdimensionandactuallyGOthereandI-

Siren: Tad! Slow down! Explain to Zed slowly.

Tad: Uh...right.

Tad looks at Zed.

Tad: So I can travel to this other dimension called the fantastic realm. Erik says my talent is called “sightshifting”.

Zed: Sightshifting?

Tad: Oh, he hasn’t told you about it?

Zed: Not as such, no.

Tad: Oh, well it’s awesome. It’s like I get to live in two different worlds!

Zed: Awesome!

Siren: Shall we go inside?

Erik: Absolutely.

Tad: WOOHOO! Unlimited free nachos, here I come!

Scene 8: Zed’s House: Zed’s Hometown: Junihoshi: Evening

Everyone is seated in Zed’s living room. Brocc stares at the front door.

Thobrun: Somethin’ wrong, lad?

Brocc: Yeah, something MAJORLY wrong!

Bryn: Like what?

Brocc: Oh, I don’t know, maybe just the fact that ZED’S NOT BACK YET!

Bryn: Zed’s a big boy, Brocc. He can take care of himself.

Emily: Not to mention the fact that he is special.

Brocc: I know, I know, it’s just...I can’t help feeling that he’s disappeared.

Amethyst: Disappeared?

Brocc: Oh, come on, Amethyst! You don’t think it’s strange that there is practically no trace of Zed in this town?! I bet he’s heard about my brother Sven being better than me, and he’s gone to find him and make HIM his new best friend! Grr... CURSE YOU, SVEN!

Mak: Brocc, be realistic. Why would Zed ditch you for some other gnome?

Bryn: Well, for one thing, Zed has more than three brain cells.

Brocc: Are you saying that I have less than three brain cells?!

Bryn: No, I’m IMPLYING that you have EXACTLY three brain cells, you fool!

Brocc: How could you be so hurtful?! I thought we were frenemies!

Bryn: Well, you’d have to have three brain cells to ignore the fact that A: Zed has no idea who Sven actually is; B: Zed has no idea WHERE Sven actually is; and C: Zed thinks of you as his own brother!

Brocc leaps to his feet.

Brocc: You’re absolutely right! Zed is way cooler than Sven! He’s, like, a bazillion times taller than him, plus he’s not a jerk! Zed’s a WAAAAAY better brother to me than Sven! Ooh, that Sven...

Brocc runs to the door and swings it open.

Thobrun: Where are ye goin’ at this hour, lad?

Brocc steps outside.

Brocc: To find Zed! And hopefully not Sven!

Brocc slams the door.

Bryn: Oh, boy... I better go after him.

Bryn races out the door after Brocc.

Bryn: Oi! Brocc! Wait up!

Everyone stares at the door.

Mak: Are...they gonna be alright?

Thobrun: Course they are. What could possibly happen in this wee place?

Scene 9: Zed’s Hometown: Junihoshi: Evening

Brocc runs past a shady, dark-hooded figure, followed closely by Bryn.

Bryn: Brocc! Just slow down, will you?

The figure slowly spins around to watch Bryn and Brocc. He appears to be wearing a bronze-coloured dragon mask. He speaks with a deep voice.

Figure: Ah, so they do reside in this town after all...

Scene 10: Drake’s Burgers: Terra: Evening

Zed, Erik, Tad and Siren sit in a burger restaurant much like one found in our world. Zed pulls off his gauntlets and lays them on the table, revealing the mark on the back of his right hand.

Tad: Nice ink, dude.

Zed: Uh...thanks.

Tad: I saw a mark just like that in the other world, on a temple wall. I couldn’t work out what it meant, though.

Siren: Actually, I’ve been looking into it myself.

Erik: Oh?

Siren: I found it in that book you gave me. Apparently, it says it’s like some kind of map that leads to a place called “Axis”.

Zed: Axis...

Zed’s thoughts: Why is that so familiar...?

Siren: It could be located in the fantastic realm, Tad. Maybe you could check it out next time you visit?

Tad: Maybe... Still, I’ve never heard of it.

Erik: It sounds fascinating.

Siren: Oh, it is. It’s a very good read.

Zed: Sounds neat!

Siren: Thanks. Hey-

Siren stares at Zed’s hand. Tad looks at Siren.

Tad: Problem?

Siren: I could’ve sworn-

Erik looks up at Siren.

Siren: Never mind.

Tad: Maybe your mind’s playing tricks on you, Siren.

Siren: Really? This coming from the amnesic wizard who travels to another world?

Zed’s thoughts: Amnesic wizard...?!

Zed: Uh...you have amnesia, Tad?

Tad: Well, yeah. The earliest thing I remember is surfing. I’d apparently just pulled off a stunt on this humongous wave, and everyone saw it happen. They cheered for me when I got out of the ocean, but...all I could remember about myself was my name.

Zed’s thoughts: This guy must be an unawakened Icon! I better keep this secret...

Erik: I wish I could help you, Tad.

Tad: Oh, it’s fine. If it wasn’t for the amnesia, I never would have discovered sightshifting, or magic for that matter. Plus, I never would’ve befriended Siren.

Siren: Oh, I picked up on your problem straight away, Tad.

Zed: You did?

Siren: Yeah. I mean it sounds silly, but I’ve always had this...extrasensory ability. I can pick up certain things with my mind. I guess you could call me psychic.

Zed: Psychic?

Siren: Yeah... I’m getting something from you, actually.

Siren takes Zed’s right hand and closes her eyes.

Siren: Yes... I see a lot of untapped potential in you. You are a remarkable person, Zed. The things you’ve seen...and...something else...!

Siren suddenly breaks the link with Zed’s mindscape.

Siren: Sorry, sometimes I accidentally dig too deep. Fortunately, you can rest assured knowing that I’ve forgotten most of what I saw.

Zed: You have?

Siren: Well, I’m left with mostly feelings and vague remnants of things which don’t entirely make sense. But I do remember that you have incredible potential within you.

Zed: So everyone keeps saying...

Erik: Now do you believe it, Zed?

Zed: Well, I-

Zed’s mark suddenly glows bright cyan, and his eyes glow with a metallic cyan light. Zed is surrounded by a veil of metallic cyan aura for a brief moment, before becoming tangible once again.

Zed: Whoa...

Tad: Dude...

Zed: What is it?

Tad: You just sightshifted!

Zed: I did?!

Tad: Yeah! Looks like you can visit a fantasy world for real, dude!

Erik: Oh...

Siren looks at Erik. Her eyes suddenly widen.

Siren: Oh, look at the time! We should really get going!

Tad: What? But we haven’t even ordered yet...

Siren: I really think now’s the time to leave!

Siren suddenly stands to her feet.

Siren: You should stay at our place. There’s plenty of room.

Erik: We would be delighted, Siren.

Siren: But first, we really need to take Zed shopping.

Zed: At this hour?

Siren: Of course. It’s late-night shopping tonight. You do need clothes, right?

Zed: How did-

Siren taps her forehead with her index finger.

Zed: Right.

Siren smiles.

Siren: Okay, let’s go!
Scene 11: Shopping Centre: Terra: Evening

Siren pulls Zed into a men’s clothing boutique. Tad and Erik soon follow. We cut to Siren pulling various shirts off of a clothing rack. We then cut to Siren pushing Zed into a changing booth, handing him a bunch of clothes and closing the curtains. After a brief moment, Zed emerges wearing a lime green button shirt and dark grey slacks. Siren screws her nose and shakes her head, pointing at the changing booth. Zed walks back in and closes the curtains. After another brief moment, Zed emerges wearing a multicoloured tie-dye shirt and black chinos. Siren tilts her head and examines Zed. She then hands him a dark grey hoodie, which he promptly puts on. Siren sighs and shakes her head, prompting Zed to walk back into the booth and close the curtains. Siren suddenly smiles and points her finger into the air, before walking further into the store. Tad and Erik watch her, then they turn to face one another. Tad shrugs his shoulders, and they both watch Siren. Siren returns with a black leather jacket with a light grey hoodie attachment. She shakes the curtains, and Zed opens them just enough to poke out his head. Siren hands him the jacket, and he pulls it into the booth. After another brief moment, the curtains open. We see a pair of electric blue high-tops walk out of the booth. The view pans up across a pair of black chinos, across the jacket and an azure shirt, and up to Zed’s face.

Zed: Is this okay?

Siren smiles.

Siren: Perfect.


The group walks through the mall. Siren and Erik carry bags of clothes.

Zed: Thank you for buying these clothes for me, Siren.

Siren: You are most welcome, Zed.

Siren pauses.

Siren: Zed?

Zed: Yeah?

Siren: Your name wouldn’t happen to be Zander, would it?

Zed: I...don’t think so.

Siren: It’s just that one of the feelings I got from you was the name “Zander”.

Tad: Zander...

Zed: I know an ALEKzander.

Siren: Oh?

Zed: Yeah, he’s a teacher at a school I once attended.

Tad: Wow, he must be so old right now...

Zed: Actually, he’d be 33 now. He has an evil twin as well.

Siren: No kidding.

Zed: No, I mean it! A literal evil twin! He tried to capture me and everything!

Siren: Capture...?

Erik: He means “kidnap”.

Siren: Oh...wait. No...

Siren snickers.

Siren: His name’s not Lillian, is it?

Zed: The twin? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it is.

Siren: Oh, no wonder he turned out such a rotten apple. I bet he was teased a lot!

Zed: That’s what I heard!

Siren sighs.

Siren: Maybe there’s a chance for him to be redeemed.

Zed: Well, he’s serving time in prison.

Tad: Whoa, what’d he do to earn THAT punishment?

Siren: Well, if you were listening, you would have heard that this “Lillian” person tried to kidnap Zed here.

Tad stares into space for a brief moment before snapping back to reality.

Tad: Hm? I’m sorry, what?

Siren shakes her head.

Siren: Honestly, I don’t know how I put up with him sometimes. I'd say it's like his mind wanders to another world, but...y'know...

Erik: Oh, there is one last thing we need to buy for Zed.

Tad: Video games?

Erik: Apart from that.


Erik hands Zed a pair of electric blue fingerless gloves.

Siren: Gloves?

Erik: Zed’s mark needs to remain hidden, even in this place.

Siren: Understood.

Erik: Zed, please try them on.

Zed pulls on the gloves.

Zed: I guess these will do just fine. Thanks, Erik.

Erik: You are most welcome, Zed.

Siren: Okay, let’s go home.

Tad: Wait! We need to buy Zed some video games first!

Siren sighs.

Siren: Fine, but don’t take too long.

Tad: Awesome! Hey Zed, you ever stomped on an evil mushroom before?

Zed: Not that I can remember...

Tad: Then you are in for a treat. Come on!

Tad races off. Zed shrugs and follows him.

Scene 12: Apartment: Terra: Late Night

A young man and woman sit on a couch watching television. The young man has short, dark hair and brown eyes, whereas the young woman has shoulder-length, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes. They both speak with Australian accents.

Man: Hey, you ever think that reality TV is...I don’t know, all the same?

Woman: Sometimes. Why do you ask?

Man: Well-

The door opens, and Tad, Siren, Erik and Zed walk in.

Tad: We’re home!

Woman: What took you so long?

Siren: Well, we got a bit sidetracked at the convention.

Man: Sounds like something you’d do.

Siren: Anyway, look who we bumped into.

Erik waves.

Erik: Hello, all.

Woman: Dr. Hollow! You didn’t tell me you were coming back to town.

Erik: It was a little short notice.

Siren: Belle, Jack, this is Erik’s protégé, Zed.

The young man and woman walk up to Zed. The young man holds out his hand.

Man: Jack. Good to meet you.

Zed: Uh...likewise.

Zed takes Jack’s hand and shakes it. Siren looks at Zed.

Siren’s thoughts: What in the world is the “Granrelmian bow”?

The young woman walks up to Zed.

Woman: I’m Belle.

Zed: Nice to meet you.

Belle: Likewise.

Belle squints as she examines Zed.

Belle: You seem awfully familiar, Zed.

Siren: Zed must have one of those faces.

Tad: Yeah, I thought the same thing...

Jack: Me too...

Siren: Erik? Is there something you haven’t told us?

Everyone stares at Erik. A bead of sweat rolls down the side of his face.

Erik: Very well. Since everyone is staring at me-

Tad: Hold up. Before you say anything, there’s something Zed has to know.

Tad turns to face Zed.

Tad: Zed, Erik is from...another world. Now, I know what you’re thinking-

Siren: Zed knows.

Zed: Wait...you know that I know that Erik’s not from here?!

Erik: You all once knew Zed.

Everyone gasps.

Siren: Knew how?

Erik: Well, he was an acquaintance of yours.

Tad: Oh, that explains everything...

Siren: Actually, it explains very little.

Erik: That is all I can divulge at this moment.

Belle: Oh, come on, Dr. Hollow! Just one extra little titbit of information? Please?

Erik: All I can say is that Zed’s presence means one of you will remember him.

Belle: Siren...

Siren: H-Hey...why are you so quick to jump to the conclusion that I’M going to be the one to remember him?!

Jack: Well, you ARE the psychic, remember?

Siren: So? The rest of you are just as likely to, say, remember that his favourite colour is azure!

Siren’s hands fly to her mouth.

Belle: I rest my case.

Erik: Now, it’s late, and I figure we all need a good rest.

Tad: But it’s still so early!

Siren: Tad, it’s 2AM.

Tad: Oh, right...I knew we shouldn’t have stopped for ice-cream.

Siren: Or bowling?

Tad: Y-Yeah...heheh...

Scene 13: Zed’s House: Zed’s Hometown: Junihoshi: Late Night

We cut to a view of Zed’s bedroom. Brocc is sleeping in Zed’s bed for some reason. Brocc begins to sleep talk.

Brocc: Zzz...(snort)...hm...? Ice-brooms and snowlings? Zzz...You know I’ll fight anything within reason...zzz...

Brocc suddenly awakens and sits up.

Brocc: Wait...did I just hear the door?

Brocc falls back onto the bed and begins snoring again.

Brocc: Zzz...wow...those tiny frogs are really making a loud noise in the woods, aren’t they...? Zzz...

Scene 14: Zed’s House: Zed’s Hometown: Junihoshi: Early Morning

The scene fades into morning. Brocc awakens and sits up, before climbing out of bed. He is fully dressed, boots, cape and all. Brocc walks through Zed’s bedroom door and begins to head down the stairs until he disappears from view. We suddenly hear him yell out, followed by bouncing and springing noises, signalling that he’s tumbled part-way down the stairs. After a brief pause, we hear him suddenly begin to call out.

Brocc: This is unbelievable!

Brocc finishes heading downstairs, looking at Zed's living room, and an expression of joy appears on his face.

Brocc: He's been! EVERYONE, WAKE UP! HE'S BEEN!

After a brief moment, Bryn walks downstairs, rubbing her eyes.

Bryn: Brocc, do you have any idea what time it is?

Brocc: Bryn! Zed’s been here!

Bryn: What are you talking about...?

Brocc: He was here! Last night! Just look!

Bryn examines the living room.

Bryn: Are you sure you’re not imagining things?

Brocc: Look over on Zed’s favourite chair! His favourite book is sitting open!

Bryn: That could be any old book, Brocc...

Brocc: No, look! It’s the first book about magic that Mr. Newt gave to him! See, it’s even on the page which describes his favourite spell, prestie-digito-whatsit!

Bryn: All you’ve proven to me is that you know a lot about Zed, not that he’s been here.

Amethyst’s voice: Indeed. You and Zed surely have a strong friendship, Brocc.

Amethyst stands behind Bryn on the stairs.

Bryn: Yeah, see? You and Zed are thick as thieves, you old doofhead!

Bryn gently punches Brocc’s upper arm in a playful manner.

Brocc: Then why is Zed’s favourite cup filled with his favourite juice sitting on that table there?

Voice: Perhaps I can assist.

The dragon-masked man is suddenly standing in the room.

Brocc: WHOA! Where did you come from, you...weird...masked...dude?

Masked Dude: I have been here all night long examining your Zed’s private library. A bizarre collection of books, if I do say so myself. I did enjoy reading The Twin Knights of Zoku, though I thought the part where the Silver Knight knocks away three consecutive arrows with her sword into the Orgro Ravine and ends up felling an entire trio of scab-red orcs to be just a tad far-fetched.

Bryn: WHOA, SPOILERS! Some of us haven't read that bit yet, y'know!

Brocc: Wait, wouldn't that sting slightly? I mean, arrows are nothing to an orc.

Masked Dude: My sentiments exactly. I like you gnome!

Amethyst: That voice...

The Masked Dude looks at Amethyst.

Bryn: Look, you are quite clearly a cultured individual, what with your posh accent and your ornate, almost-otherworldly headgear, and yet you have the nerve to blurt out spoilers! That’s low, my friend. Really low. Even I don’t do that, and I’m a flipping rogue!

Amethyst: Even with the distortion in your voice... No...it couldn't be...

Masked Dude: You expected better?

Bryn: Well yes, if I'm perfectly honest.

Masked Dude: How...how DARE you! I am the Great Illusionist of the Dark Moon, the Bearer of the Bronze Dragon Mask... I... AM...

Amethyst: Lillian Stormshroud!

The Masked Dude shakes his fists.

Masked Dude: No fair! I wanted to say that!

Bryn: You...know this jerk, Amethyst?

Amethyst: Indeed. He tried to conquer Stormshroud Academy and bend Zed to his will.

Brocc: That’s horrible!

Masked Dude: And I would have succeeded, if not for my meddling goody-two-boots brother...and that annoying fair-haired man who was spying on Zed.

Amethyst: Fair-haired man...you refer to Herikios Woodhollow.

Masked Dude: I managed to break out of my prison cell by putting the guards into a deep slumber, one from which those foolish guards should awaken just in time for the Merchant’s Festival, if my calculations prove correct.

Brocc: You monster!

Masked Dude: I admit, I overdid it with the concoction, but it was worth it to get away from that wretched cell.

Amethyst: But how did you escape? The cell was magic-proofed.

Bryn: He must have had an accomplice. There’s no other explanation.

An unfamiliar voice appears from thin air.

Voice: He did indeed.

The Masked Dude’s bronze nanodragon familiar appears and lands on his shoulder.

Brocc: Another nanodragon familiar? Seriously, does EVERY wizard in this series have a supposedly-rare nanodragon familiar?!

Amethyst: No, Brocc. Most wizards have much more common familiars.

Bryn: Moving back to before... You mentioned Erik?

Masked Dude: Indeed. I had just broken out of my cell and was on my way back to Stormshroud Academy to complete my conquering. I’d just managed to make the loopy dragon janitor sane enough to take control of his mind when...HE showed up. The gentleman who calls himself “horse-fish”.

Bryn: “Hippocamp”.

Masked Dude: Do not correct me.

Bryn: Hey! I’m a rogue, and I do as I like, thank you very much!

Masked Dude: Anyway, he knocked me down to my knees with some kind of orb, then he placed his hand on my forehead. His eyes glowed, and-

Brocc: And what? This story’s just getting good!

Masked Dude: I found myself in a weird place, where strange-looking ryukoni resided. It seemed so alien to me.

Brocc: And then what happened?

Masked Dude: I made a life for myself there. It is strange...my personality had changed. I was no longer the individual I once was. I had become...

Brocc: Smelly?

Masked Dude: GOOD! I had turned good! And for a time, I enjoyed it.

Bryn: Good is an acquired taste, but well worth it.

Brocc: You’re borderline good at best.

Bryn: Which is why I won’t hesitate to abandon you the next time you get in a sticky mess!

Masked Dude: During my travels around that idyllic land, I happened upon a chest inside an old temple ruin. I opened it and found this mask. The moment I donned it, I gained an incredible power. I knew I would use it for just purposes. But then, the nearby wall began to glow. I drew to it like a moth to a flame, and I stepped through.

Brocc: A moth to a flame...how...unoriginal. But do continue, my good sir.

Masked Dude: The next thing I knew, I was back in Silveria City. I decided then and there to atone for my misdeeds, and immediately sought out my brother.

Amethyst: An admirable act to be sure.

Masked Dude: I entered Alek’s office and apologised. He could tell I was being sincere. He walked over to me, and we embraced in a brotherly hug. That’s when it happened.

Brocc: Ooh, this is getting interesting!

Masked Dude: All the good in me, the righteousness and justness, vanished in an instant. I had no idea how to react, so I fled. I was scared, so very scared. I didn’t want to become the heartless egomaniac I once was. But the lure of the Dark Moon is strong, and I could not fight it. I decided to spare my accursed brother, and instead turned to a new, equally devious goal.

Bryn: And...just what would that be?

Masked Dude: I want to be the next Sorceress of Winter!

Brocc: What?! But...don’t you have to be a girl to be a sorcer-ESS?

Masked Dude: What I mean is that there is a power vacuum in the Dark Crystalbounds’ absence, and I intend to fill it. I will become your newest adversary!

Amethyst: Then we must defeat you now!

Masked Dude: Oh, I’m sure that you will not be able to stop me at this moment.

Brocc: Why not? We stopped Mara and we’ll stop you too!

Bryn: Wasn’t Zed the one to stop Mara, though?

Masked Dude: I am well aware that you will succeed at stopping me...eventually.

Bryn: You are?

Masked Dude: But that day is not today, I am afraid.

Brocc: Oh yeah? Well I’ll show you! SNEAK ATTAAAAACK!

Brocc picks up an apple and throws it at the Masked Dude, but it passes right through his body.

Bryn: No, no, no! That is NOT the correct way to do a sneak attack! For one, he could SEE you as you did it! Also, an apple is not a weapon, it’s a pastry filling!

Brocc: Oh, my bad. Sorry, everyone! I am so sorry that you had to see this embarrassing action of mine!

Masked Dude: I’ve already left the premises. I am projecting this image from my new, top-secret lair.

Bryn (dull tone): It’s Mara’s old ice fortress, isn’t it?

Masked Dude: Uh...n-no, no...It...uh...it absolutely isn’t.

Bryn (sarcastic): Of COURSE it isn’t.

Brocc: Is that gonna be a thing with you now? Sarcasm in every single episode?

Bryn: Maybe. We’ll try it out for a while, see if it’s any good.

Masked Dude: You will stop me, but I want to have some fun with you first. Oh revoyer, Crystalbound! ... Hey, you! Make ready some plans for a NEW secret lair, one in, say... the Euroria Archipelago! Yes, they’ll NEVER suspect that!

Brocc: Uh...you’re still projecting to us, you know.

Masked Dude: Oh, for the love of-

The Masked Dude’s projection vanishes.

Brocc: He’s not going to be much of a threat, is he?

Bryn: I give him a month.

Mak heads downstairs.

Mak: What’s with all the hubbub downstairs, guys?

Bryn: Oh, nothing much. Just got a rude message from someone.

Mak: Yeah, that’s always annoying. Well, time for a shower.

Mak heads upstairs.

Amethyst: By the stars! This will be his third shower this week!

Amethyst follows Mak.

Amethyst: Mak, are you feeling quite alright?

Bryn and Brocc stand at the bottom of the stairs, looking in different directions.

Bryn: It’s just us now, then...

Brocc: Yep.

Bryn and Brocc pause.

Brocc: You...uh...you realise you called thieves everywhere, including yourself, thick, right?

Bryn: Yes, but it was a metaphor.

Brocc: Oh, right.

Bryn and Brocc pause for a moment. Bryn suddenly turns to face Brocc.

Bryn: Wanna play Rainbow Axis?

Brocc: Absolutely! I think I have a taste for that game now!

Bryn: Well, prepare to lose, cause nobody beats THIS lady!

Brocc: But I pummelled you in all seven games we played yesterday.

Bryn: Oh, come on! That was a fluke! It was beginner’s luck!

Brocc: AND I thrashed you in the seven games we played the day before! I think I’ve got this game figured out!

Bryn: Oh, we’ll see, wise guy!
Scene 15: Apartment: Terra: Late Morning

Zed and Tad sit on the couch. Zed appears to be squinting.

Tad: You have to concentrate. Focus on looking into the fantastic realm. Try to picture what it looked like when you saw it for that brief moment.

Zed: It looked like an ordinary fantasy tavern which smelled like cheeseburgers and fries.

Tad: Clearly you’re only remembering the mundane realm part of your experience. Try to think of what a tavern smells like.

Zed: But the only thing I can think of that has a fantasy-based scent is Thobrun’s-

Zed is suddenly sitting inside the very same tavern he glimpsed during his experience.

Zed: -mead.

Barmaid: One mead, comin’ up!

Zed: What? No, no...uh...I don’t want mead, thank you.

Barmaid: Say, that’s an unusual outfit you’re wearing there.

Zed: This? Oh, it’s, uh-

Zed notices that he’s wearing a different outfit. It’s fantasy-inspired, though it’s very different from his Junihoshian one.

Zed: How did-

Barmaid: Well, it makes you look very dapper.

Zed: Uh, thank you.

Barmaid: Don’t mention it. Now, what’ll you have?

Tad’s voice: Give him a serve of drake stew.

Tad is suddenly sitting at the table across from Zed. He, too, is wearing a fantasy outfit.

Barmaid: Oh, Shyff! Is this a friend of yours?

Tad: Sure is! This is...uh...Zander.

Barmaid: Zander? Don’t get that name very often in these parts. Are you from Metax?

Zed: Uh...

Tad: Nope, he’s from Umbel.

Barmaid: Well then, I never would’ve expected that. So close to here. Still, never visited Umbel, mind. Lemme rustle up that stew for ya.

The barmaid walks away. Tad smiles at Zed.

Zed: What?

Tad: You did it, Zander!

Zed: Uh...yeah, I did...”Shyff”.

Tad: No, that’s your name. Zander!

Zed: But...how do you know that?

Tad: Because I’m the one who remembered you, dude!

Zed: What? When?!

Tad: As soon as I sightshifted! I took one look at you and...well...most of my memories of you came rushing back!

Zed: But...Siren knew my favourite colour!

Tad: She’s an esper. She probably just gleaned it from your mind.

Zed: An esper?

Tad: Yeah! She doesn’t know it, but Siren has a strong connection to psychic magic. Traces of it exist in the mundane realm, and some people can forge a connection to it, but hers is stronger than any other’s.

Zed: Then she could become a sightshifter as well?

Tad: Possibly, but not everyone can be a sightshifter.

Zed: Oh.

Tad: There are two kinds of humans in this world: homonids and syl. Homonids are from the mundane realm and have round ears, while syl have points on theirs and only exist here, in the fantastic realm.

Zed: So syl can’t become sightshifters?

Tad: Correct. For some reason, only homonids of the mundane realm can gain the ability to sightshift.

Zed: So all the homonids in this tavern are sightshifters?

Tad: Well, not exactly. A few might be, but some of them would have been born in the fantastic realm, descended from homonids who chose to remain here. They can’t become sightshifters.

Zed: Interesting...

Barmaid: Here you go, one stew. That’ll be 5 copper.

Tad hands seven copper coins to the barmaid.

Barmaid: Ooh, such a generous tip! Thank you, Mr. Shyff!

Tad: Pleasure.

The barmaid walks away. Zed scoops a chunk of drake meat from the bowl and eats it.

Zed: This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted!

Tad: See? I remembered that this dish is your favourite. Now, I want to introduce you to some friends of mine.

Scene 16: Aquo City: Fantastic Realm: Terra Neos: Late Morning

Zed and Tad walk through a bustling city street. Puddles line the paved streets, indicating that it has rained recently. The air is cool with a slight seemingly-damp tinge.

Zed: Whoa, this place is incredible...

Tad: I knew you’d like it.

Zed: I do. It kind of reminds me of home.

Tad: Home? This environment reminds you of the warm, sunny tropics?

Zed: Well-

Tad: Wait. Erik’s from another world...so could that mean you’ve been in another world too?

Zed: Well, I’m not sure if-

Zed suddenly stops walking and closes his eyes.


Zed opens his eyes and realises he’s within his own mindscape.

Zed: That was weird...

Zed hears Erik’s voice. It seems distant and echo-y, signalling that the connection is weak.

Erik: Zed? I cannot maintain this connection so I must keep this brief.

Zed: Erik? How are you able to contact me?!

Erik: Siren informs me that Tad was coaching you in the ways of sightshifting. It seems your endeavour was successful.

Zed: It was. Tad told me that only humans of the mundane realm can sightshift. Is that true?

Erik: It is. The fact that you have managed to succeed is ####### but I knew you had potential.

Zed: Thank you.

Erik: Do you understand now why you are truly meant to be Iconic?

Zed: I have a good idea of why people seem to think that I am. It’s still going to take some time, though.

Erik: Good. I am glad.

Zed: Tad...I mean...he’s asking me if I’ve been to another world.

Erik: Right this second?

Zed: Yep. What should I do?

Erik: Well, Tad knows you as my protégé, and surely he remembers you now, so please, tell him of Junihoshi.

Zed: Really? Are you sure?

Erik: Indeed. Please tell him as soon as you can. Now, there is something else I must share with you whilst this connection is stable. I cannot encounter you for quite some time, as other matters have arisen which require my urgent attention.

Zed: Go for it.

Erik: Zed, you are not-

The transmission suddenly ends.


Zed opens his eyes.

Zed: Whoa...

Tad: What? What is it?

Zed: I just spoke to Erik.

Tad: Wait...what? But Erik’s not from this world! How could he possibly communicate with you through the barrier?!

Zed: It...uh...it’s complicated.

Tad: You just gave off an Erik-y sort of tone there, Zed.

Zed: Hey, I only say what I’m allowed to say.

Tad chuckles.

Tad: Fair enough. Now, where were we?

Zed: Oh, right. Tad, I’ve been in-

A loud roar sounds from a little farther ahead.

Zed: What was that?!

Tad: That sounded like it came from the plaza! Come on!

Tad begins to run through the street. Zed follows behind.


Tad and Zed race into the plaza, only to find it being ransacked by an enormous monster. It appears to resemble a large humanoid lizard, with red scales marked by cyan stripes and a long, spike-tipped tail. A loincloth is tied around its waist, but it seems to have no other piece of clothing.

Zed: What IS that thing?!

Tad: Honoform Skorc.

Zed: Come again?

Tad: Have you ever heard of the kaiju?

Zed: Yeah, I’ve heard stories, but I’ve never actually seen one before.

Tad: They come from a demiplane called the Kaiju Dimension, and occasionally they forge a connection with this world and come through. Skorc is a honoform, a type of kaiju which relies almost exclusively on impulse. It will do whatever it pleases in order to fulfill its goals.

Zed: And what are its goals?

Skorc spots Tad and growls.

Skorc: SHYFF!

Skorc throws the wagon he’s holding into a fruit stall and races over to him.

Tad: Skorc. A pleasure as always!

Skorc: Cut the chit-chat, wizard. Where is she?

Tad: She?

Skorc: The Dragon of Taiyo! You know the ancient legends. You spend hours in the libraries of the land.

Tad: Yeah, studying spells! Being a wizard requires hours of research, you know!

Skorc spots Zed and slinks over to him.

Skorc: And just who are you, little boy?

Zed: You can call me Zander.

Skorc: Zander, eh? And what business do you have standing next to the mighty Shyff the Wizard?

Zed: I’m his...ally.

Skorc: Really? You don’t sound too sure.

Zed: Yeah, I am. I am his ally!

Tad: I can vouch for him, Skorc.

Skorc: Very well. I will spare him...if he is indeed an ally of yours.

Tad: Now spill it. Who – or what – is the Dragon of Taiyo?

Skorc: If I knew myself, do you think I would not simply tell you?!

Tad: An impulsive, reckless thing like your good self? The thought never crossed my mind. Not even once.

Skorc: You and I have no quarrel, Shyff...well, at least not right now. But if you are hiding anything from me-

Tad: I swear. I have no idea where to find this...Dragon of Taiyo. Now...take your business elsewhere!

Skorc: AGH! Very well. But mark my words: this is NOT over, Shyff!

Skorc opens a window to the Kaiju Dimension above his head and leaps through it.

Tad: Now that is one insert adjective dude...

Zed: What exactly happened just now?

Tad: Never mind. Now, let’s go and meet up with my allies.

Zed: Right. Oh, before we do that, I just have to do one thing.

Tad: Sure, dude.

Zed: Be right back.

Zed runs down a deserted street.

Tad: Hm...I wonder what was so urgent that-

Tad sees a column of cyan light erupt from behind some buildings.

Tad: Huh...that was weird. Still, it’s probably just a glow beacon. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Tad waits patiently for Zed to return.

Scene 17: Zed’s House: Zed’s Hometown: Junihoshi: Early Afternoon

The column of light is in Zed’s living room. It recedes into the ground, and the symbol of the multiverse fades away. Zed stands there, wearing his mundane realm Terra outfit.

Zed: It’s so good to be-

Brocc suddenly yells out.

Brocc: ZED! I knew you’d come back!

Zed: Yep. I’m back!

Brocc: So? How was your trip?

Zed: My...trip?

Brocc: Yeah! You were in another place, right?

Zed: Yeah...I guess I was...

Brocc: Well, come on! Everyone’s at The Naked Drake for the Merchant’s Festival feast!

Zed: Yeah, about that...

Brocc stares at Zed.

Brocc: What is it, Zed?

Zed: I can’t stay for too long.

Brocc: What?! But...why...?

Zed: I need to spend some time in my homeworld for a while.

Brocc: Your homeworld? Your home-WORLD?! Then you’re not actually from-

Zed: Junihoshi. No, I’m not.

Brocc: Well, how long will you be gone?

Zed: Not long, maybe a couple of months.

Brocc: TWO MONTHS?! But I’ll miss you, dude...

Zed: I’ll miss you too...buddy.

A tear trickles down Brocc’s cheek.

Brocc: You called me “buddy”...I really AM your best pal...

Zed: You know it.

Brocc appears ready to burst into tears, but...


Brocc remembers the present he bought Zed.

Brocc: Oh! I got you something!

Brocc runs over to the table and picks up a small present wrapped in green paper. He runs back to Zed.

Brocc: This is from me. Happy Merchant’s Festival!

Zed rips away the paper and finds a small wooden box. He removes the lid, revealing a large tooth attached to a sturdy silver chain.

Zed: Oh, Brocc...

Brocc: It’s a silver dragon’s tooth. I thought you might’ve felt a bit naked without your crystal.

Zed: I do, actually. Thank you. I bought your presents weeks ago. They’re in a sack upstairs, in my wardrobe.

Brocc: Really?! Cool!

Zed: Go on up and check ‘em out!

Brocc: Thanks, buddy!

Brocc races upstairs. Zed reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a small letter in a pale blue envelope. The view focuses on the letter as it slowly pulls away from it. We hear Zed’s voice reciting the letter.

To my dearest friends, this has been an incredible year, even if the second half of it was spent pretty much stuck here, in this town.

Emily, you’ve been so kind to me. Thanks for healing me when I needed it. Bryn, thank you for teaching me how to play
Rainbow Axis. It turns out that the game exists in other worlds as well. Thobrun, maybe we can go for that drink when I get back. Mak, don’t wait. Just go for it. You know what I mean. Amethyst, your knowledge has helped me to become an even better wizard than I could have imagined. Mara, I’ll be seeing you sooner or later, and when I do, I’ll be ready. Kendall, please try to keep an open mind. And Brocc...thanks for everything.

I’ll be back in a couple of months’ time. The long and the short of it is...I found my home! I just know it! Don’t worry: you’ll be seeing a new and improved Zed when I return!

All the best,
Zed Starmute, Icon-in-Training

The room glows with cyan light for a moment. Brocc runs towards the stairs.

Brocc: Oh, Zed, I love it! I-

Brocc looks around.

Brocc: Zed?

Scene 18: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The Masked Dude watches Brocc through a spell.

Masked Dude: Oh yes, I know he’ll be back. And when he is, I’ll be ready. He will be my ally no matter what! HA!

Brocc seemingly stares at the Masked Dude.

Brocc: Oh, learn to do a proper evil laugh, will you!

The Masked Dude dispels the spell.

Masked Dude: Lousy fourth-wall-breaking gnome...ooh, he’s good!

Scene 19: Aquo City: Fantastic Realm: Terra: Early Afternoon

The column of light erupts from behind the buildings for a moment. Zed runs up to Tad, back in his fantastic realm Terra outfit.

Zed: Sorry I took so long.

Tad: What were you doing?

Zed: Uh...it’s kind of private.

Tad: Say no more. Shall we go and meet my allies?

Zed: Yeah!

Zed and Tad begin to walk through the still-deserted plaza.

Zed: So that thing I wanted to tell you?

Tad: Yeah?

Zed: Make sure you keep it secret from everyone...

Scene 20: Silvertooth Woods: Junihoshi: Late Morning

Zed’s voice: So about the wolf in the forest...

The scene cuts back to the paused moment in the forest. Just as the wolf howl cries out again, the scene unfreezes.

Zed’s voice: ...you’ll just have to wait for the next episode!

Everyone’s faces change to a “What the...?” expression.

Brocc: Seriously? You’re gonna leave it on a cliffhanger like this?! Unbelievable! What a load of-

The story continues in Crystals of Silveria 2, coming soon!

End Credits


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Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack

January 9th 2016, 5:42 pm
And here, for your enjoyment, is a special bonus scene. Even if the Chromaicora Adventures series ends up in its own corner of the Internet, or a fantasy gaming community, or anywhere else, this scene is exclusive to WiiWareWave. Credit goes to Ichigofan for allowing use of the character "Berry-kun" in this scene. Enjoy! Wink

Exclusive Bonus Scene: Tad’s Bedroom: Apartment: Mundane Realm: Terra: Late Evening

Tad is chatting with the webmaster of a video game fan forum.  Tad’s username is “ShyffTheWizard”, whereas the webmaster’s is “Berry-kun”.

Berry-kun: Hey!! Very Happy

ShyffTheWizard: Hey, Berry-kun! Smile

Berry-kun: I haven’t seen you in a while.

ShyffTheWizard: Yeah, sorry, dude, I’ve been real busy the past few days.

Berry-kun: Doing what? scratch

ShyffTheWizard: Oh, just...stuff.

Berry-kun: No problem dude. Wink

ShyffTheWizard: Oh yeah, you know that urban legend of a user who was on here but mysteriously disappeared?

Berry-kun: I’ve heard of it. Wink

ShyffTheWizard: The legend goes that everyone’s minds were erased of his existence.

Berry-kun: Do you think it has to do with the stories of people disappearing into another world? scratch

ShyffTheWizard: There is definitely some sort of connection, I’m sure of it.

Berry-kun: But is this the place to discuss it? Prinny

Horse-Fish has joined chat

Berry-kun: I mean, anyone could be watching. pale

Berry-kun: Hey!!

Horse-Fish: Hello all.

Berry-kun: I haven’t seen you in ages dude!! Prinny

ShyffTheWizard: Ah, Horse-Fish. Just in time, dude! Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack 631737971

Berry-kun: Huh? What is it? Is Horse-Fish gonna make us disappear too? Razz

Horse-Fish: Berry-kun, I must tell you something important. You cannot divulge this information to anyone.

Berry-kun: Okay...?

Horse-Fish: Good. Then I will begin...

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Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Crystals of Silveria: Tide of a New Beginning - A Special by GeekyGamerZack

April 22nd 2016, 4:39 am
Say, @Ichigofan, what are the chances this OVA could be stickied so it doesn't disappear amongst the other threads on this board? Pwease? I'll be your fwiend! Happy

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