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Best Lootboxes Ever?


Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) Loot_w10

Developed by Conradical Games, published by Ratalaika Games, and public relations by PR Hound, Lootbox Lyfe+ for the Nintendo Switch is a precision platformer that hits a lot of good notes, but falls short of true greatness. That said we thoroughly enjoyed the game, so continue reading our review to find out why!

Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) 23022410

The gameplay in Lootbox Lyfe+ is straightforward precision platforming with heavy emphasis on the platforming aspect of the game rather than the enemies. The platforming can be quite tight at times and can test your skills, especially later on in the game, but plentiful skills can be found to help you out and make traversing the maps easier which is definitely helpful to say the least. It's certainly fun, but could have been so much more if it had a bit more meat to it.

The difficulty of the game isn't on-par with the likes of Celeste or Hollow Knight, but it's still plenty challenging in its own right. As for the controls? They are intuitive and easy to learn which is extremely important in any precision platformer and is most definitely appreciated. The game is quite short, which is a bit of a letdown, clocking in at 3-10 hours in length depending on your skill-level.

Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) 23022411

As for the audiovisual presentation of the game, it looks and sounds great with authentic retro sound effects, catchy and fitting tunes, a great pixel art. The game looks and sounds like a refreshing blast from the past and hits all of the right notes on the audiovisual side of things!

Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) 23022412

Bottom-Line: With good gameplay, intuitive controls, and an excellent audiovisual-presentation, Lootbox Lyfe+ for the Nintendo Switch is an enjoyable romp for sure, but the relative lack of content does hold the game back a bit. Regardless we enjoyed our time with the game and therefore we give Lootbox Lyfe + a good level of recommendation!


Score: ★★★★★★★★ΒΌ☆ 8.25/10



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Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) Rukiafan7

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Review: Lootbox Lyfe+ (Switch eShop) Bleach10

Bleach Thousand Year Blood War is upon us! W00t!

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April 3rd 2023, 11:16 amKeAfan7
@OrionJZed @KokorOtaku @SunDownSamurai Our review is now live! Enjoy. Wink

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April 3rd 2023, 2:40 pmOrionJZed
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