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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author Empty Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

January 2nd 2022, 2:09 am
Another year, another fanfic... but this time it's a POKéMON Fanfikachu! Pikachu

Hi, all, and welcome to the first season of Pokémon Fanficles, a (mostly) recap of my New Year's side project in fanfiction form... and much like the eponymous Squidkid Saga, it's intended as a parody comedy thing, with enough laughs to delight even the most humourless of all you Ace Trainers, Black Belts, and Channelers!

Without further ado, here is the official prologue of Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 0: "Nidori-NO!"

...huh? The heck is-

PROF. OAK appears out of nowhere.

OAK: Welcome to the world of POKéMON!


Are you for real...?

OAK: My name is OAK. People call me the POKéMON PROF.

AAH! A PROF! Um... what's a "prof"...?

A little pastry ball, obviously.


Don't stir him, LITTLE BRO.

Ugh... fine...


Um... Grandpa, why does this NIDORINO sound like a-


DUDE, keep your voice down!

Heheh... sorry...


Oh... uh... I-I'm-


My name is-




OAK: Ah, nice to meet you, AZUL GRAMPS! I'll call you "AZUL" for short, because of the seven-letter name limit.

Grandpa, are you breaking the fourth wall again? Heehee!

OAK: Well, you KNOW what I'm like, ROUGE. Haha!

Everyone, stop shouting!

OAK: Now, now, young man, there's no need to shout, hm? HM?

*SIGH*... Yes, GRAMPS...

OAK: There's a good lad... um... what was your name, again?

What...? GRAMPS, it's me! Your grandson-


"POOPERPOTION" flips out in a confused rage.

OAK: That's right, I remember now! Your name is POOPERPOTION! But... I'm gonna call you "GARETH" for short.

GARETH: I SWEAR, I'm gonna get my REVENGE on you, AZUL...

ROUGE: Now who's shouting, Little Bro?

GARETH: Augh... ROUGE...

ROUGE: Heehee!

Oak: -enture with POKéMON awaits! LET'S GO!





To be Continued...

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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author Empty Re: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

January 2nd 2022, 3:11 pm
Episode 1: Pick n' Choose
Part 1 - Gettin' this STUNFISK into KLINK!:

AZUL is playing a game in his bedroom.

AZUL's thoughts: Wow... that dream I had last night was-

MOM's voice: AZUL, sweetie? Where are you?

AZUL: I'm playing the SNES!

MOM's voice: Okay... it's time to go!

AZUL: Go where...? Is BIG BROTHER evicting me?!

MOM's voice: Don't be silly! Your brother's on his own POKéMON JOURNEY!

AZUL: Oh yeah... heheh...

MOM's voice: You said you were meeting the neighbours' kids at PROF. OAK's LABORATORY, remember?

AZUL: Uh...

MOM's voice: Honestly, AZUL... best you head downstairs if you want your present!

AZUL: Ooh, I love presents!

AZUL heads downstairs and is immediately distracted by the TV.

AZUL's thoughts: Four boys... are walking along railroad tracks...?

AZUL chuckles.

AZUL's thoughts: Silly me! It's a girl with pigtails walking along a brick road...

MOM's voice: Sweetie?

AZUL's thoughts: Ooh, and she's travelling with a MR. RIME holding an EVIOLITE, a BISHARP with the PRESSURE ability, a shiny ARCANINE with a TIMID nature, and a RIOLU toting a MEGA STONE for when it evolves via friendship!

MOM's voice: Sweetie...

AZUL's thoughts: Of course, this film is a work of fiction, since none of those things exists, at least according to "Genwunner Effect" theorists...

MOM's voice: AZUL!

AZUL is startled as he looks at MOM.

AZUL: Oh, MOM! You startled me more than a WHISMUR...

MOM: Oh, you and your imagination... "WHISPER"... heehee!

AZUL: How long have you been there?

MOM: Since the scene transitioned downstairs, silly.

AZUL: Oh... heheh...

MOM: Right, all boys leave home someday. It said so on TV.

AZUL: Yes, but I'm only eleven years old.

MOM: Exactly! By KANTOnian law, you're a legal adult, and you deserve a chance to go on your very own POKéMON JOURNEYS: THE SERIES.

AZUL: Uh... what was with the "-S: THE SERIES" bit?

MOM: Just a fan-promoted plug disguised as a pun by THE AUTHOR. No need to overthink it, sweetie. This is a KANTO game, after all!

AZUL: Oh, alright...

MOM: Now, here's your present: a JOURNAL!

AZUL: Um... thanks?

MOM: I want you to record everything that happens on your JOURNEY, sparing no detail.

AZUL: Even the GLITCHes?

MOM: Especially the GLITCHes. Before you even reach CINNABAR ISLAND, make sure to arrange your BAG neatly. Is that clear?


MOM: Again with the imagination! "KRIS"... oh, you and your imaginary JOHTOnian girlfriend... heehee!

AZUL blushes.


MOM: I'm just teasing, sweetie, heehee! Anyway, PROF. OAK's grandkids from next door are waiting for you.

AZUL: How can you possibly-

GARETH's voice: AZUL! Get that butt into gear!

MOM smirks.


AZUL: Very funny... okay, I'm off.

MOM: Alright, have fun on your JOURNEY, sweetie! Take care, now!

AZUL: I will!

AZUL leaves his house. MOM sobs with joy as she looks through the window.

MOM: My little EGG's all evolved...

A teacup levitates over to MOM, who casually takes it and sips from it, while continuing to stare.

AZUL reaches GARETH.

GARETH: Took ya long enough, AZUL!

AZUL: Sorry, it's hard to keep track of time when the day-night cycle hasn't been invented yet.

GARETH: Fine, I'll let it slide this one time.

AZUL: Cool. So... which way to your Grandpa's lab?

GARETH: Oh, it's-

GARETH grins.

GARETH: -oop north.

AZUL: Up north...?

GARETH: Yeah! Head past our houses into the tall grass, walk along the mostly uneventful route, then turn right at the coffee-deficit OLD MAN, and you'll find a big building marked "GYM".

AZUL: "JIM"...?

GARETH: Yeah! Smell ya later!

GARETH turns and walks in the direction opposite to the one he gave AZUL.

AZUL: Something seems... off about this...

AZUL shrugs.

AZUL: Eh, it's worth a shot. Like BIG BROTHER always says, "NPCs are a font of reliable, repetitive information."

AZUL heads to the tall grass and begins slowly taking a step (for dramatic effect).


To be Continued...
Part 2 - PIDGEY Getto Daze!:

GARETH walks up to ROUGE and PROF. OAK.

ROUGE: There you are, Little Bro! Did you find Azul?

GARETH: Sure did, SIS. He was lazing it up at home. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if he broke his alarm clock.

OAK: Don't be silly, POOPERPOTION! You know as well as I that time is a myth!

ROUGE: You mean "DIALGA"...?

OAK: That's what I said! "Time is a DIALGA!"

GARETH: Oh, please! Next you'll be telling us there are four different first POKéMON!

OAK: Of course there are! Look, I have one of them here! Haha! It is inside the POKé BALL!

GARETH: Well then, I know which one I'm not choosing...

ROUGE: So... where is Azul?

GARETH: Hm? Oh yeah... funny story-


We cut to a view outside the Lab.

OAK's voice: You sent AZUL to TOKIWA CITY?! Without a POKéMON to protect him?!

OAK bursts through the doors and begins racing toward the north gate.

TECH MANIAC: Technology is incredible!

OAK suddenly stops running and faces the TECH MANIAC outside his laboratory.

OAK: Oh? Is it really?

TECH MANIAC: You can now store and recall ITEMs and POKéMON as data via PC!

OAK grins with delight and enthusiasm.

OAK: Ooh, how exciting! Do go on!

The scene cuts to a view of AZUL, who is frozen mid-step as a PIDGEY's eyes glint from the grass.

AZUL: I wonder how long I've been standing like this...

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: You're right, POPPO. Time is inconsequential in a KANTO playthrough!

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: Wait... your name is "PIDGEY"...?

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: All POPPO are named PIDGEY?!

PIDGEY: "Chirp!"


PIDGEY: "Chirp!"

AZUL: Take that back! The PROF. is NOT a senile old-

OAK's voice: Wait! Don't go out!

AZUL turns to face OAK as he charges toward him, kicking up a cloud of dust.




OAK rams into AZUL, causing both to fall to the ground and a POKé BALL to fling from OAK's coat.


OAK: Sorry, my boy! I'm a little clumsy at my age! Haha!

AZUL: Well, I'm just disappointed that the PIDGEY was scared away.

The Generation I "Gotcha!" melody plays.

OAK: Never mind, AZUL. There are plenty of POPPO along Route 1, so I'm sure you'll find one to befriend.

AZUL: Nuh-uh! I already friended that one!

OAK: What if I told you there was a special kind of POPPO out there, one with the power to create BLIZZARDs with a flap of its PRETTY WINGs?

AZUL: Ooh...

OAK: According to legend, its name is FREEZER, and it lives on a warm, sunny tropical island.

AZUL: Wow, that sounds gre-

AZUL pouts.

AZUL: Waaaaaaait a minute... are you messing with me, like GARETH tried to do?

OAK: Not even close, my boy! I saw it with my own two eyes, when I was lost in a frozen mountain summit, and it guided me to the safety of a town filled with DRAGON TAMERs next to a PATH of ICE!

AZUL: Nuh-uh! You just said it lives on a tropical island!

OAK: Two tropical islands, in fact, with both connected by a PATH of ICE!

AZUL: That's what you said about the frozen mountain summit! And DRAGONs are weak to ICE, so why would DRAGON TAMERs live there?

OAK: More importantly, you need a POKéMON for your own protection... I know! Here, come with me!

OAK races in the direction of the LAB.

AZUL: That PIDGEY was right... the PROFITEROLE is senile.

OAK's voice: Haha!


AZUL heads back to the LAB. The scene slowly zooms to a view of a Gachapon-like POKé BALL with a green lid.

PIDGEY's voice: "Chirp!"

The POKé BALL vanishes in a flash of green light.

To be Continued...
Part 3 - Delayed Olfactory Response!:

AZUL follows OAK into the LAB.

AZUL: Whoa... this place is awesome!

A woman with a name tag that reads "AMANDA" smiles sweetly.

AMANDA: Isn't it? PROF. OAK is the foremost authority on POKéMON. Many TRAINERs hold him in high regard!

AZUL: Well, I know at least one PIDGEY who'd disagree... a-as an acquaintance, I mean... well, we only met the once, but it still counts!

SCIENTIST #1: You seem to imply you can understand and translate POKéMON cries, young man.

AZUL: Uh... what are you inferring?


AZUL: You do? Why...?

SCIENTIST #2: Ha! You have a keen sense of humour, kid!

AZUL: Wow... you must not get out of this LAB much, huh?


SCIENTIST #2: And just what is that supposed to mean, JACK?!

SCIENTIST #1: Oh, don't do this now, KARL...

"KARL" pouts.

KARL: Why not? You never say anything nice!

"JACK" becomes nervous.

JACK: KARL, not in front of the new TRAINER...

KARL: Oh, it's always an excuse with you!

JACK: You're starting to embarrass me...

KARL: Good! Maybe you'll learn from this!

AZUL: Uh... I'm gonna leave you to it...

AZUL slips past and approaches the PROF.

JACK: Are you happy now?

KARL: Me?!

JACK: You started it!

KARL: You're the one who-

AMANDA sighs.

AMANDA: Not again...

AZUL enters the main LAB.

AZUL's thoughts: I hope that squabble isn't a precursor of things to come...

ROUGE: -ompletely stupid and reckless of you, Gareth!

GARETH: Oh, come on! What's the worst that could've happened?

ROUGE: He could've blacked out... or worse!

AZUL: Darn it...

GARETH: Just 'cos he's a computer whiz, doesn't mean he isn't as strong as a MACHO-

GARETH and ROUGE suddenly notice AZUL.

GARETH: MAN, it's good to see you're alright, AZUL, buddy! W-We were just talking about you! Haha!

AZUL: Uh... okay?

ROUGE: Are you alright, Azul? What happened?

AZUL: I friended a PIDGEY with a taste for KALOSian cuisine and skills in advanced thermodynamics! Did you know that for every action, there's an equal an opposite reaction?

GARETH: ...y-yes?

ROUGE: Gareth? Don't you have something to say to Azul...? Hm? Hm?

GARETH grins.

GARETH: I'm not greedy like you! Go ahead and choose first, AZUL!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Close enough.

AZUL smiles with excitement.

AZUL: Ooh, goody!

OAK: When I was young, I was a serious POKéMON TRAINER. In my old age, I have only three left, but you can have one! Choose!

AZUL: Wow! Which is which?

OAK: Well, take a look!

AZUL approaches the green POKé BALL on the left side of the table.


AZUL: Ooh... is it a WATER-type?

OAK: No, it's a FIRE-type!

GARETH: Then why is its POKé BALL green...?

OAK: Colour coding, my dear POOPERPOTION!

AZUL snickers as he examines the red POKé BALL in the middle.

AZUL: And this one...?


AZUL: Now, that one's a WATER-type!

OAK: Exactly! Well done!

ROUGE: Grandpa, you're getting these Pokémon species' names wrong again, teehee!

OAK: Don't be silly, AKAKO! Would I be the POKéMON PROF. if I got their namae wrong, desu yo?

AZUL points to the blue POKé BALL on the right.

AZUL: I choose this one!


AZUL: Yeah! I'm gonna be a POISON-type specialist!


AZUL: Sure, why not?

GARETH: Oh... no reason...

GARETH's thoughts: Note to self: Find an ABRA the first chance I get... heheheh...

AZUL takes the POKé BALL.

OAK: I think that's a great POKéMON, too!

The Generation I "Item Get!" tune plays.

AZUL: Well, that was out-of-place...


The three TRAINERs each examine their POKé BALLS.

OAK: Now that you've each chosen a partner POKéMON, would you like to give them a nickname?

AZUL: Ooh, yes please! Um... I'm gonna call you... SAUR!

The POKé BALL shakes with delight.

GARETH: So the name you're giving your BULBASAUR... is "SAUR"...? Wow, how original...

AZUL: Well... it's a nickname, as in a conjunction of a full name.

GARETH: ...sh-shut up, SUPER NERD.

ROUGE: Classic Gareth... teehee!

GARETH: Well, I'm not gonna demean my partner CHARMANDER by removing half its name... and not just because I can't think of a good one.

ROUGE: Methinks thou doth protest too much...

GARETH: Are you calling me a hypocrite?!

ROUGE: I've chosen, as my partner Squirtle's nickname, ZENI, as inspired by my dear Grandpa's silly grasp of Pokémon names.

OAK: Well then, it appears you're all set! Good luck on your POKéMON JOURNEY, new TRAINERs!

AZUL heads for the door.

GARETH: Wait! AZUL, let's check out our POKéMON!

GARETH blocks the exit, his POKé BALL ready to throw.

GARETH: Come on, I'll take you on!

AZUL groans.

AZUL: Three clashes in one episode... I knew it...

We cut to the entrance. In the background, two POKé BALL opening sounds are heard, followed by two POKéMON cries.

CHARMANDER's voice: "GAA-grr!"

SAUR's voice: "Gwr-BWA-gwr!"

KARL's voice: I'm so sorry, JACK...

JACK's voice: It's fine, KARL. I should know when I'm about to faux pas by now...

The scene pans to the ASSISTANTS. JACK is comforting KARL.

KARL: No, no... I should be more considerate. You've been through a lot since the SAFARI ZONE incident.

JACK: I keep telling you, it wasn't that bad.

KARL: You deserved better than that.

JACK: It was just a green EGG.

KARL: Just a green EGG? It was a sham! I'm sure that zoo's a scam, I am!

JACK: Well, what's done is done. No use dwelling on past mistakes, hm? Hm?

KARL: You're right... I'm sorry.

JACK: Me too. Bring it in...

JACK and KARL give each other a hug.

GARETH's voice: What?! No! I picked the wrong POKéMON! Darn you, AZUL!

KARL: I think those two have issues...


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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author Empty Re: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

January 8th 2022, 10:59 pm
Episode 2: I Can’t Believe it’s Not Santalune
Part 1 - En Route Un!:
Scene 1: ROUTE 1

AZUL and ROUGE travel along ROUTE 1.

ROUGE: I can’t believe Gareth stormed off like that just because he lost his first battle.

AZUL: I know… I mean, how did he not know CHARMANDER have no FIRE-type moves at Lv. 5?

ROUGE: Well…

OAK: Now remember, Whatever-your-name-is-


OAK: What a coincidence! We share a surname!

GARETH: Well, duh! I’m your grandson!

OAK: Really? I could swear I only have a granddaughter…


OAK: Anyway, remember that HITOKAGE don’t learn their first HONŌ-type MOVE, HINONI, until Level GO. It could mean the difference between KATSU and KASUKANA in KAISEN with a KUSA-type KYAPPUMON.

GARETH: Whatever you say, OJĪSAN…

ROUGE: I think he’s a little overworked.

OAK: Hm… you may be right, DAISY.

ROUGE: I was talking to Gareth, actually. And Daisy’s your other granddaughter!

OAK: No, that’s SUSAN, silly! Or is it AMY… ROSE… DONNA NOBLE… has been saved… to BOX 10… in CAL’s PC!

GARETH: And 3… 2… 1…

OAK: Haha!

GARETH: There we go.

AZUL: Wow…


AZUL: Why is the PROF. so determined to educate GARETH all about POKéMON, anyway?

ROUGE: Something about wanting him to be his successor in the family business.

AZUL: A successor to the PROFESSOR?

ROUGE: Yessir!

AZUL: Wow, I never woulda guessur.

ROUGE: But Gareth has no patience for that kind of tedium. I mean, his attention span is shorter than y-

ROUGE’s eyes bulge as AZUL looks at her.

AZUL: Yeah… pretty sure he has a better chance of becoming a GYM LEADER three years from now.

ROUGE: That idea’s even more absurd.

AZUL and ROUGE laugh.

AZUL: Could you imagine it? Him, a GYM LEADER?

ROUGE: Yeah, he’d probably throw a tantrum so huge every time he loses that he’d flat-out refuse to give the Gym Challenger their Badge for being a big meanie!

AZUL: Naw, he’d totally accuse the CHALLENGER of cheating and send them on a weird fetch quest to prove their strength, and then he’d still refuse to give them the BADGE!

ROUGE: Nonono, wait, I’ve got it…

AZUL: Oh, yeah?

ROUGE: He’ll probably be in the most remote location, with no-one having any idea where he is, prompting the Challenger to go and find him…

AZUL: …and he’ll refuse to challenge anyone who doesn’t have all but one BADGE, on the grounds of making it a “fair” battle.

ROUGE: Exactly! That’s my Lit-


ROUGE: -tle Bro through and through!

AZUL: What the heck just happened with the music and everything turning a slightly yet still noticeably different shade of green?

ROUGE: Oh, we just entered Viridian City.

AZUL: Really? We were so busy chatting that it felt like only a minute or two to get here.

ROUGE: You’re not wrong…

AZUL: Hey, there’s a pond over there. Let’s relax with our POKéMON.

ROUGE: Good idea, Azul. ZENI, come on out, Sweetie!

ROUGE tosses a Gachapon-style POKé BALL with a red lid into the air. It pops, and a SQUIRTLE appears.

ZENI: ”Gurr-GYOO!”

AZUL: Aight, SAUR! It’s playtime!

AZUL tosses his POKé BALL into the air, and a BULBASAUR appears.

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

SAUR and ZENI notice each other and begin playing.

ROUGE: Why not go for a swim, you two?

SAUR and ZENI look at the pond, and an expression of joy spreads across their faces.

AZUL: Try to stay close to shore, in case there are GOLDEEN. Their horns are sharp on the ol’ buttocks!

ZENI jumps into the water, whereas SAUR tests it by gently dipping its foot.

ROUGE: You sound as though you know from personal experience, Azul.

AZUL: I said I don’t wanna talk about it!

ZENI splashes SAUR, who shakes off the water like a dog.

ROUGE: Actually, you didn’t, but okay.

AZUL: Thank you. This is a long journey, so I’d like to reserve at least a little dignity before-

SAUR spots a NIDORAN♂ and begins chasing it.

AZUL: SAUR, no! Come back!

AZUL begins pursuing SAUR. ROUGE calls out.

ROUGE: Let’s meet up at the Pokémon Center later, okay? Azul…?

AZUL: No, SAUR, stop! That’s POISON OAK!

ROUGE sighs as she sits at a bench.

ROUGE: This is gonna be fun…

ZENI leaps into ROUGE’s lap and wags its tail. ROUGE gently pets the top of its head, and it smiles.

AZUL’s voice: Who the HAIL left a perfectly good POTION in this bush?!

To be Continued…
Part 2 - NIDORAN♂ Getto Daze!:
Scene 3: ROUTE 22

AZUL chases SAUR into a patch of tall grass.

AZUL: Did you find him?

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: But if you lost sight of him… then why did you run all the way into this confusingly-numbered ROUTE?

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: What?! Who doesn’t like going for a swim?!

SAUR: ”Gwr-BWA-gwr!”

AZUL: Okay, you make a valid point. We’ll friend a TEN’ACOOL or somethin’ along the way.

SAUR nods smugly.

AZUL: And there’s no need for that kinda language, Smug… s… Smugseed!

SAUR holds its right vine-bud behind its head with a blushed “Oops…” expression.

AZUL: Now while we’re here, let’s look for that NIDO-

PIDGEY’s Voice: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: Well, that’s weird, considering there are no wild PIDGEY on this route…

SPEAROW’s voice: “Gehwrwrwr-GWAWAWA!”

AZUL: That makes much more sense.


ROUGE: Wow… we don’t have shops like this in Pallet Town! Actually, we don’t have any shops in Pallet Town… how exactly is our economy supported anyway?

We cut to a view of AMANDA with five MEOWTH and one PIKACHU.

AMANDA: Alright, everyone… use PAY DAY!

The MEOWTH and PIKACHU cause money to rain from the sky.

AMANDA: Ah… it’s a good thing I had that TM16… and that my sweet lil’ PIKACHU happened to wander into town far from her native habitat.

PIKACHU: “Pikapika!”

AMANDA: You’re all doing great! Okay, two more PAY DAYs and then we can have some yummy treats!

MEOWTH #1: “WHEE-yah!”

MEOWTH #2: “WHEE-yah!”

PIKACHU appears confused.

PIKACHU: “Chu…?”

MEOWTH #3: “WHEE-yah!”

PIKACHU frowns, as though offended.

PIKACHU: “…pika.”

PIKACHU zaps the MEOWTH’s tail, causing it to miss its PAY DAY, and one of its own coins to knock it out. PIKACHU boldly folds her arms.

PIKACHU: “Pika… pikachu!”

ROUGE: Now, if I could just find a few extra Poké Ba-

CLERK: You came from PALLET TOWN?!

ROUGE: Uh… kinda?

CLERK: You know PROF. OAK, right?

ROUGE smiles.

ROUGE: He’s my grandfather.

CLERK: Perfect! His order came in! Will you give it to him?

ROUGE: Uh… I-I’m kinda in the middle of someth-

The CLERK shoves OAK’S PARCEL into ROUGE’s hands. The “Item Get!” jingle plays.

ROUGE: Fine, I guess… oh, may I pl-

CLERK: Okay, say “Hi!” to PROF. OAK for me!

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Never mind… hm… it’s from someone named “Kurt”… well, maybe I can obtain some Poké Balls another way.

Scene 5: ROUTE 22

AZUL is holding two blue-topped POKé BALLs.

AZUL: Well, it was a long and gruelling less-than-a-minute, but we finally did it, SAUR! We made a new friend!

The POKé BALLs shake violently.

AZUL: Hey, hey, hey! Break it up, you two! Be nice!

The POKé BALL in AZUL’s right hand wobbles.

AZUL: SAUR, what did I say about using that word?!

The POKé BALL stills.

AZUL: Thank you.

GARETH’s voice: Listen! Is that a RIVAL I hear?

AZUL: Hm? Did either of you just hear an obnoxious, ego-driven voice?

GARETH’s voice: What…?

The POKé BALLs shake.

AZUL: Oh, good… it isn’t just me, then. But what kind of creature even makes such an irritatingly frustrating cry…?

GARETH’s voice: Irritating?! Frustrating?! I’m not a freakin’ JYNX, AZUL!

AZUL: Wait… I think I figured it out! It’s not a POKéMON!


AZUL: Well, whoever they are, I sure wouldn’t want to meet them on a relaxing sea cruise…

GARETH pops into view like a ninja.

GARETH: That’s it! You! Me! Battle! NOW!

AZUL: Oh, hey, GARETH! My friends and I were just trying to figure out who’s making that awfully overbearing and self-obsessed monologue nearby…

GARETH suddenly calms down and smirks.

GARETH: I’m gonna enjoy this… PIDGEY, come on out!

PIDGEY pops out of the POKé BALL.

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: PIDGEY?! Good to see you again, buddy!

GARETH: Wait… have you met?

AZUL: Yeah, just before I went on that dangerous and unnecessary solo quest without any allies to defend me in any way.

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

AZUL: Oh… so you were sent to SOMEONE’s PC!

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

GARETH: Yeah, yeah, and then I found it in BOX 1 and stupidly thought it was a going away present from GRAMPS. Now are you sending out a POKéMON, already?!

AZUL: Fine… but which one… hm…

AZUL stares at each of his POKé BALLs in turn.

No sooner does our Hero make a new POKéMON friend than he is immediately thrust into a BATTLE of WILLs with an overbearing, overstated, overly confident RIVAL whose hubris may be his undoing. Who will AZUL choose to send into ba-

GARETH stares at AZUL as his gaze shifts between both POKé BALLs.

GARETH: I seem to have made a tactical error…

PIDGEY: ”Chirp!”

GARETH: I dunno! It’s some kinda soup!

To be Continued…
Part 3 - Da-Da-Da-Da-DA-DA-DA-DA!:

ROUGE enters the POKéMON CENTER as the NURSE hands AZUL his POKéMON.

NURSE: Thank you. Your POKéMON are fighting fit!

AZUL: Oh, thank you, MA'AM.

AZUL bows.

NURSE: We hope to see you again!

AZUL turns to face ROUGE, who smiles.

ROUGE: Oh, Azul! Nice to see you in one piece!

AZUL: Well, that was insensitive...

ROUGE's eyebrow raises.

ROUGE: How so?

AZUL: Well, I can't be sure, and I'd rather not judge others I barely know, but...

ROUGE: What could possibly-

AZUL: I think that NURSE is a masochist.

ROUGE: Wait... how do you know what a masochist is?

AZUL: I looked it up in the dictionary while waiting for my POKéMON to heal for the 96th time in a row.

ROUGE: Um... why the-

AZUL: Something about mashing A too many times or something...

ROUGE: O... kay then...?

AZUL: And she said she hopes my POKéMON are in-

NURSE: Okay! We'll need your POKéMON.

The NURSE takes SAUR and NIDO, and loads them into a HEALING MCHN.

AZUL: No, not again! Now we need to wait for the Healing Mickhen to finish again!

ROUGE smiles with delight.

ROUGE: Congratulations, Azul!

AZUL: Hey, I know I messed up, but there's no need for sarca-

ROGUE: No, silly! I mean about catching your newest POKéMON friend!

NURSE: -ee you again!

AZUL holds up NIDO's POKé BALL.

AZUL: Oh yeah... heheh... thanks, ROUGE.

ROUGE: You're welcome. Oh, I have something for you!

AZUL: Really?

ROUGE hands AZUL a POKéDEX. The "Item Get!" jingle plays.

AZUL: Whoa, a POKéDEX?!

ROUGE: It's called a... how the Hail do you know what a Pokédex is?!

AZUL: It... just said in that box right there, "AZUL got POKéDEX from ROUGE."

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of course it did... anyway, let's get going.


ROUGE: Yeah, we... okay, now you're just showing off!

AZUL: I am?

ROUGE: How can you possibly know about Viridian Forest?!

AZUL: It’s on this useful TOWN MAP right here!

ROUGE: Oh… that makes sense.

AZUL: GARETH said he’d tell DAISY not to lend me one, so she gave it to me instead!

ROUGE grins.

ROUGE: Oh, that Gar-

AZUL: Haha!

ROUGE: …anyway, shall we head to “TOKIWA MORI” now?

AZUL: Yeah! I wanna find a WEEDLE!

ROGUE: Alright! Let’s Go, Azul!

AZUL: Evo! Vui!

AZUL and ROUGE head for the door.

AZUL: By the way, where’d you go?

ROUGE: Oh… heheh… funny story…

We see PROF. OAK pick up a piece of tofu with chopsticks from a bowl. As he takes a bite, he looks forward… and is so startled he drops everything.


OAK calms down.

OAK: Hm…? Why are you here? How long have you been standing there?!

ROUGE: Uh… about eight minutes, give-or-take a few hours.

OAK: Oh… I thought you were GHOST GIRL!

ROUGE: I’m… gonna pretend I know exactly what you’re talking about and answer your first question. Here you go, Grandpa!

ROUGE hands OAK the OAK’S PARCEL. The “Item Get!” jingle plays.

OAK: Ah, this is the custom POKé BALL I ordered! Thank you!

ROUGE’s left eye squints.

ROUGE’s thoughts: The custom whatnow?!

OAK: Oh, if we’re exchanging gifts, I have something for you!

ROUGE: Would it happen to be a set of Poké Balls, Grandpa?

OAK: Don’t be silly, AKAKO! KYAPPU MARU don’t exactly grow on TREEs!

ROUGE: Well… at least this couldn’t get any more awkward…

GARETH suddenly bursts in.

GARETH: GRAMPS! My POKéMON’s so awesome that it just lost to stupid AZUL’s stupid BULBASAUR! Again!

ROUGE facepalms.

AZUL: Wow…

ROUGE: You should see our place on Game Night… and Pizza Night… and Karaoke Night… actually, let’s never speak of this again.

AZUL: But POKé BALLs do grow on trees! There’s this guy named KURT who makes ‘em out of APRICORNs!

ROUGE: Heehee… maybe you should be Grandpa’s apprentice.

AZUL: Speaking of trees, where did all this greenery suddenly come from?!

ROUGE: Uh… this is Viridian Forest.

AZUL: But-

ROUGE: We arrived while we were chatting, like back on Route 1.

AZUL: Huh… looks like I missed the bit where it said…


…didn’t I?

ROUGE: Looks like. Also, the Hail are you-

The “Trainer’s Eyes Meet: Male!” jingle plays.

BUG CATCHER: Yo! You can’t jam out if you’re a POKéMON TRAINER!


AZUL: Hm? Hm?

BUG CATCHER: The name’s RICK. I’m an expert when it comes to BUG-type POKéMON!

AZUL: Really?! Do you know about WEEDLE?!

RICK: Sure do! In fact…

RICK throws a POKé BALL, and a WEEDLE pops out.

WEEDLE: “Ggg-GWRWRG-wrrwwr!”

AZUL: Wow!

RICK: And I’ll tell ya where you can find one of your own… if you beat me in a POKéMON BATTLE!

AZUL: You’re on! Let’s Go, NIDO!

AZUL tosses a POKé BALL, and NIDO pops out.

NIDO: ”GWAAA-bwr!”

RICK grins.

RICK: This is gonna be a cinch.

Scene 8: ROUTE 2

AZUL and ROUGE step onto the northern stretch of ROUTE 2.

AZUL: Well, that was one long ordeal of disappointment…

ROUGE: What are you talking about? You bested three Trainers with your Pokémon friends, found a bunch of useful items along the way, and helped me make a new friend of my own!

A CATERPIE crawls up ROUGE’s back and rests on her head!



AZUL starts trembling as ROUGE giggles.

ROGUE: Don’t be silly, Azul! It’s just my… I mean “our” new friend, FREE!

ROUGE points to the CATERPIE, who seems to smile with delight.

AZUL: Oh, heheh… I thought we were near a gang of GOLDEEN.

ROUGE: You mean a “school” of Goldeen.

AZUL: And now you’ve gone and made ‘em more intimidating!

AZUL groans as ROUGE giggles.

AZUL: And as for RICK… all he said was, “You’ll find ‘em everywhere in this forest!” I battled him for information I already knew!

ROUGE: It’s too bad you didn’t find a single one…

AZUL: Well, they’re rare in this version of the game, so it makes sense.

ROUGE’s eyebrow raises.

AZUL: And besides, we still made one new friend in there!

ROUGE looks up, smiles, and gently nuzzles FREE’s chin with a fingertip. FREE squeals with delight.

ROUGE: Thanks for the Poké Balls, by the way.

AZUL: You’re welcome. I bought a bunch, so there’s plenty for everyone.

ROUGE: Speaking of which… where did Gareth go?

GARETH is trying to sneak past the OLD MAN in VIRIDIAN CITY.

OLD MAN: Ah… I’ve had my coffee now, and I feel great! Sure, you can go through!


OLD MAN: Are you in a hurry?


OLD MAN: I see you’re working on a POKéDEX.


OLD MAN: Let me show you how to catch POKéMON as my apology for being so grumpy earlier.


The OLD MAN releases a pheromone that attracts a number of WEEDLE, blocking all access in either direction.

OLD MAN: Ya better take note, kid.


AZUL: Eh, he isn’t missing much.

ROUGE: True…

We see ROUGE’s foot as it steps past the tall grass. A WEEDLE pokes its head out, before disappearing inside.

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Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author Empty Re: Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues - A Fanfiction by the Author

January 16th 2022, 2:37 pm
Episode 3: I DO Believe in Normals
Part 1 - BADGEs and FEEs and Zs Oh My!:

AZUL and ROUGE enter the POKéMON CENTER. ROUGE is carrying a METAPOD.

AZUL: Wow, I can't believe FREE just changed like that. I'm so shocked!

ROUGE: Well, you wouldn't have stepped on that Pikachu's tail if you hadn't decided to run back into the forest on your wild crusade to find a Weedle.

AZUL: True... thanks for saving me, buddy!

ROUGE: You're w-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: Oh, right... heheh...

AZUL: "ME... TAP... OD," huh? Neat!

ROUGE: Wait... Azul, are y-

AZUL: Ooh, who's that POKéMON?!

AZUL runs to the counter as ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Anything to say, FREE?

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: Ooo-ooo-EEE-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: -eh-ooh-

FREE: "ZZZ-zhzhzh-ZZZ-gwgwgwrrr!"

ROUGE: OOOOOH... I'm never gonna get it, heheh...

ROUGE and FREE sweat awkwardly.

AZUL speaks with a JIGGLYPUFF.

AZUL: Your name is PUDDING?


AZUL: Is it because you look like pudding?


AZUL: Well, I think your name is very nice.

PUDDING blushes.


AZUL: A song? Well, sure! I'd love that!

PUDDING smiles as ROUGE gasps.


PUDDING: Puuuuu... PY-AAA puuuuu... PY-AAA puuuuu... puuu-PUUU-puuuuuuu...


GARETH approaches the path to ROUTE 3.

GARETH's thoughts: Phew... almost to the FAIRY SANCTUM... I swear, if I see one more BUG, I'm gonna-

Voice: Hey, kid! Think you're a hotshot TRAINER?

GARETH looks over at the BUG CATCHER who dares address him.

GARETH: You know it! In fact, I was just on my way to-

BUG CATCHER: Perfect! BROCK's looking for new CHALLENGERs! Come wi' me!

GARETH: Look, I'd love to meet this... GROCK person, but I have better things to-

GARETH is suddenly lifted by a PINSIR.


GARETH: Did it just call me a-


GARETH cries as the PINSIR carries him into the city.



AZUL and ROUGE enter a MUSEUM. AZUL's face is covered in comical drawings.

AZUL: Wow... this place is amazing!

ROUGE: I figured you were a science geek, Azul. Teehee!

AZUL: Don't diss the majesty of science, my dear ROUGE, even in a world filled with MAGICAL CREATURES and HUMANs with supernatural powers.

An OLD AMBER levitates past AZUL and ROUGE to the rear, with a SCIENTIST scrambling to catch it in a sprint of sheer panic.

AZUL: Does it feel staticky in the air to you?

ROUGE: A little...

AZUL: Oh, okay... I thought I was having another EXTRASENSORY experience, but I guess not.

ROUGE: Uh... what are you ta-

AZUL: Two tickets, please, Mr. CURATOR, sir!

AZUL approaches the service counter.

ROUGE: That kid is full of surprises.

AZUL's voice: 50 POKé DOLLARS each?!

ROUGE's eyes bulge.

AZUL's voice: Wow, that's way less than I expected! I am genuinely filled with surprise right now! Wow... what a welcome and generous price point for the wonder of learning.

ROUGE giggles.

ROUGE: I've never met someone so excited about learning before...


GARETH heads for the exit. We see CLYDE, the GYM GUIDE, chisel into a statue nearby.

GARETH: Well... it was tough, but I somehow managed to earn a BOULDERBADGE.


GARETH: And now that this unwanted-yet-slightly-ego-stoking detour is adieu, I can finally move onto the FAIRY SA-

Voice: Excuse me, Monsieur?

GARETH looks at the LASS speaking to him, and is immediately smitten.

GARETH: Oh... h-hey... uh... heheh...

LASS: Did you visit the MUSEUM?


GARETH snaps out of his infatuation.

GARETH: Do I look like a science geek?!

The LASS tilts her head in curiosity.

GARETH: No! I didn't go to the MUSEUM!

The LASS beams with delight.

LASS: Really?! You absolutely have to go!


A BEEDRILL zooms toward GARETH. He screams and races in the direction of the MUSEUM. The LASS smiles sweetly.

LASS: Aw... my lil' RILLY has a new friend! Teehee!

To be Continued...
Part 2 - MAGIKARP Getto Daze!:

ROUGE sits on a couch next to the door, with ZENI sitting next to her. A BUTTERFREE flaps its wings nearby.

ROUGE: Now that FREE is fully evolved, there’s no challenge we won’t be able to overcome!

ZENI: ”Gurrr-GYOO!”

FREE: ”KEE-kaa!”

ROUGE: Although, given the run of bonkers occurrences at the hands of Azul, that may be too much of a str-

AZUL’s voice: Looks like you’re not the only one of us with a WATER-type anymore, ROUGE!

ROUGE: Hm? Hm?

AZUL walks up to ROUGE, tossing a blue-topped POKé BALL into the air and catching it with skill.

ROUGE: What are you talking a-

Voice #1: Hey! Come one, come all, and feast your eyes! I’ve got a swell POKéMON - a MAGIKARP - for only 500 POKé DOLLARS!

ROUGE: Hoo boy…

Voice #1: An’ there’s enough o’ these babies to go ‘round! Don’t be shy, TRAINERs!

Voice #2: Ooh, I’ll take one!

Voice #1: Then here ya go, SPORT! That’ll be a cold, hard 500 kippers.

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of all the reckless… what were you thinking, Azul?!

AZUL: About…?

ROUGE: Do I have to retrace everything you did today?

AZUL: Don’t you mean “everything we did,” teammate?

ZENI smiles happily.

ZENI: ”Gurrr-GYOO!”

AZUL: You said it, ZENI!

ROUGE: Okay, let’s start with that freebie at PEWTER GYM…

The scene ripples into a flashback.

AZUL: Freebie…?



AZUL: Wow, that BUG CATCHER was pushy...

ROUGE: Okay, do you have a problem with Bug Catchers or something?

AZUL: Of course not. Why would you even ask me that, ROUGE?

ROUGE: Well, you haven't exactly had anything nice to say about any of the ones we've met.

AZUL: Explain.

ROUGE: Let's see... you accused Rick of providing "information you already knew"-

AZUL: Well... yeah, I did. Doesn't mean he's a bad person, though.

ROUGE: Hm? Hm?

AZUL: His BATTLE technique is amazing. Plus, the way he comforts his POKéMON after FAINTing is sweet...

ROUGE: Okay, well... what about Pinsir Guy?

AZUL: What about him?

ROUGE: You just called him "pushy"!

AZUL: Of course I did. His PINSIR used STRENGTH. That's literally used to push things.

ROUGE: Well-

AZUL: And he has a name, you know. It's SAMURAI.

ROUGE: ...and the one in that garden?


ROUGE: ...y-yes?

BROCK greets AZUL and ROUGE.

BROCK: Welcome to PEWTER GYM! I'm-

AZUL waves his hand in BROCK's direction.

AZUL: Just a sec, please.

BROCK: Uh... okay...?

BROCK looks at a CLOCK on a nearby ROCK.

AZUL: What's wrong with spraying your garden with REPELs to keep BUG POKéMON out?

ROUGE: You said it was cruel!

AZUL: No, I said it was "cool," and you "agreed wholeheartedly" with me!

ROUGE: Oh... heheh, my ba-

ROUGE flips out.

ROUGE: Why would you think it cool?! You love all Pokémon!

AZUL: Of course! Better to keep POKéMON away from your garden than be forced to make 'em faint just because they're laying into your GARDENIAs, right?

BROCK: I'm just gonna wait at the back of th-

ROUGE: Well, you didn't say much to the others!

AZUL: I didn't want to take up their valuable whatever-passes-for-time-in-KANTO!

ROUGE: Azul, they stand around all day in the middle of a forest catching bugs!

AZUL: And it brings them JOY! Who are we to criticise their pastimes?

BROCK's voice: Wait... you two know JOY?!

ROUGE: Well-

AZUL: And watch what you say around FREE, otherwise you may hurt his feelings!

ROUGE: Fair enough... wait... how do you know FREE's gender?! This is Kanto!

AZUL shrugs.

AZUL: He told me.

ROUGE sighs.

ROUGE: Of course he did...

BROCK's voice: Hey, CLYDE! Any chance of some PEWTER CRUNCHIES and TEA until these two have sorted their issues?

ROUGE's eyes bulge.

ROUGE: Did... he just-

Scene 2: ROUTE 3

AZUL: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

ROUGE: [color=red]Uh... I thought I was telling the story.[/b]

AZUL: Then why did you use "let's" when going into that flashback if it was meant to be a monologue?

ROUGE: Um...?

AZUL: Also, what did you mean by "freebie"?

ROUGE: Are you kidding? The battle was over in a few minutes! That Geodude and Onix didn't even make a dent in SAUR's HP bar!

AZUL: Well, she outsped GEODUDE, and ONIX used BIDE. VINE WHIP is mighty strong against ROCK/GROUND POKéMON.

ROUGE: I stand corrected. Alright, then what about that disagreement in the POKéMON CENTER?

The scene ripples into another flashback.

AZUL: But that OLD MAN was mean!


AZUL is using the PC.

OAK: -and so I said to them, "Sure, I'd love to come and visit you, Lorelei!"

AZUL: Wow, they sound strong!

OAK: Oh, you'd better believe it! They're no slouches, so you'll need to bring your A-Game, my boy! Haha!

AZUL: What do you recommend?

OAK: Well, I-

GARETH's voice: Hey, is that AZUL?

OAK: Why, yes it is, POOPERPOTION!

GARETH: Tell him he's totally pathetic!

OAK: Alright, I'll tell him!

OAK grins.

OAK: GARETH says you have the potential to be as mighty as a GYARADOS!

GARETH: What?! That's not what I-[/b]

AZUL: Wow... thanks, GARETH! I'll do my best to keep up with you as your RIVAL!

GARETH: I swear, AZUL... if my new ABRA hadn't accidentally teleported me all the way back to VIRIDIAN CITY, I'd be-

OAK: Yes, yes... very good, POOPERPOTION. Now, AZUL, I recommend going to PEWTER GYM and challenging BROCK for the-


GARETH: You what?!

AZUL: SAUR jumped all the way to Lv. 14. Two more levels and she's ready to evolve!

GARETH: Unbelievable!

OAK: Now, before you go, would you like your POKéDEX evaluated, my boy?

AZUL: [cool=blue]Ooh... yes please, PROFE-

Voice #-1: Hm-hm!

AZUL notices a GENTLEMAN frowning and tapping his foot impatiently.

GENTLEMAN: Other people need this PC too, y'know! And by "other people", I mean "me"! Scram!

AZUL: Uh... sorry, I gotta go, PROF.

OAK: But y-

Scene 3: MT. MOON

AZUL: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

ROUGE: I know. I was there. That Gentleman's language was quite undignified.

AZUL: Yeah, if it weren't for PUDDING floating in and sticking up for me... well, let's just say he's the nicest JIGGLYPUFF I've ever met.

ROUGE: He's the only Jigglypuff you've ever met.

AZUL: Not anymore, technically, since he accidentally bumped the GENTLEMAN's only MOON STONE.

ROUGE: Oh... okay, what about that incident with the YOUNGSTER?

AZUL: Oh yeah... good old BEN...

The scene ripples into another flashback.

ROUGE: Old...?

Scene -1: ROUTE 3

AZUL and ROUGE walk along a mountain path.

AZUL: I sure hope we meet someone with an interesting perspective on a particular type of garment in the next few seconds...

ROUGE: What an oddly specific thing to-

The "TRAINER's Eyes Meet!" jingle plays as a YOUNGSTER approaches AZUL.

YOUNGSTER: Hi! I like shorts! They're comfy and easy to wear!

AZUL: No way! I like fingerless gloves for the same reason!

The YOUNGSTER grins.

YOUNGSTER: No way! Dude, that's awesome! What's your name?

AZUL: AZUL! What's yours?


AZUL: Nice to meet you, "I'M BEN"!

BEN cracks up laughing.

BEN: If I were drinking MOOMOO MILK right now, I would've squirted it outta my nose!

AZUL: No way! I love MOOMOO MILK and squirting stuff!

BEN: Seriously?! We should totally be BFFs!

AZUL: Yeah! We sh-

ROUGE: Are you two gonna battle already? I'd like to get to Mount Moon before dark.

BEN: Is... she aware there's no NITE in KANTO? Or DARK-type, for that matter?

AZUL: Yeah, she's one of PROF. OAK's grandkids.

BEN: Dude, no way!

AZUL: Way! We even got our first partners as gifts from him!

BEN: Sweet! Whatcha ROCKin', AZUL?


BEN: You have a reptile and a rodent in your crew? I have a reptile and a rodent in my crew!

AZUL: Whoa, for realsies?!


AZUL: Wow, this is like fate, bro!

BEN: I know, bro!

AZUL: Dude!

BEN: Dude! Yeah!

AZUL: Yeah! Woo!

BEN: Woo!

ROUGE sighs.

Scene 4: MT. MOON

ROUGE: ...and then things kinda snowballed from there.

AZUL: How so?

ROUGE: That battle took three hours and eleven minutes... only eight minutes of which was spent actually battling.

AZUL: Why didn't you spend it battling the other TRAINERs on that ROUTE?

ROUGE: I did... and I caught another POKéMON while you and Ben were comparing your lunches.

AZUL: Oh yeah... can you believe we both had RICE BALLs with the exact same filling?

ROUGE: Yes... yes I can. Speaking of which, we both have the same number of Pokémon now.

AZUL: Wait... you didn't release FREE, did you?!

ROUGE: What...? No! Why would you even think I had?!

AZUL: After the rant you made about BUG CATCHERs-

ROUGE: Oh... sorry, I'm just used to always being around an obnoxious egotist who frowns upon anyone with a penchant for "inferior" types.



AZUL relaxes.

AZUL: That's a relief. But... then why did you assume we-

ROUGE: Because you bought that Magikarp, remember?

AZUL: Why would I do that? I can FISH up as many MAGIKARP as I like for free when we get to VERMILION CITY.

ROUGE: True... but... then why were you tossing that POKé BALL back in the POKé CENTER?

AZUL: It helps NIDO relax after a gruelling trek.

ROUGE: Fine, but... then what did you mean when you said I'm "not the only one of us with a Water-type Pokémon anymore"...?


We see GARETH staring at a gold-topped Gacha-style POKé BALL.

GARETH: Wow, my very own MAGIKARP! According to that crusty old book in GRAMPS' library, this thing is "powerful enough to leap over a whole mountain range"... well, time to meet me, MAGIKARP!

We cut to a close-up of GARETH's face as he tosses MAGIKARP's POKé BALL into the air. His eyes widen as a flopping sound is heard.

GARETH: Oh, no...

To be Continued...
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