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Pokémon Fanficles: Behind-the-Backstage - Destination Someplace Empty Pokémon Fanficles: Behind-the-Backstage - Destination Someplace

September 11th 2023, 10:03 pm
Hi! Just thought I’d share some deets on the process used for Pokémon Fanficles, the fanfiction that chronicles my Pokémon playthroughs (lol see what I did there? Razz)

True to the title and premise, each story’s narrative is based on my own in-game escapades, with each save file in all versions I own present in some form.

Kanto Blues stars AZUL (the protagonist, and my character in Pokémon Blue Version) and ROUGE (the rival’s twin sister, and my character in Pokémon Red Version), with the plot an exaggeration of the events in those playthroughs.

The duo is later joined by CASEY (a nonbinary “friendly rival,” and my character in Pokémon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition), who becomes a recurring character alongside the “RED-BLUE BLURB,” and whose physical appearance and play style are eerily similar to AZUL’s, enough to fool GARETH (the rival) into thinking they are AZUL at first.

Crystal of Silver, Yeah (and also gold waz there) is a recount of my current Johto playthroughs, and tells the story of THOR (the protagonist, and my character in Pokémon Silver Version), FREYR (THOR’s “bestie” exchange student, and my character in Pokémon Gold Version), and ODINA (THOR’s once-removed first cousin, and my character in Pokémon Crystal Version).

Due to a mishap in the events of Kanto Blues, a number of “chosen ones” end up with vague Pokémon-like qualities that bend their personal realities; in this trio’s case, it’s a refraction of the “newly implemented” day-night cycle, with THOR’s and FREYR’s realities being “offset by six hours from the Dawn,” and ODINA’s being “Dawn-centric yet still technically off by the Norm(an),” making THOR’s typical time of day feel like NITE, a whole twelve-hours’ difference from FREYR’s, and ODINA being dubbed “the MORNSONG” by their lovestruck rival, LOKI.

Corundum, Sparklingly Redundant Corundum details my playthroughs of various Hoenn games, starting with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, and focusses on Rhonda Norman (the protagonist, and my character in ΩR), Kieran Birch (the son of famed Pokémon Professor Damon Birch, and my character in αS), and Heraldo “Wally” Waldorf (“some kid with a Ralts from Petalburg,” and the “semi-redacted protagonist of the semi-redacted Delta Emerald”).

The key thematic theme and humorously-stylistic style of humour is redundancy, as much of the plot repeats and insists upon itself while borrowing from much of the plot of its neighbouring series, implying that even the characters themselves are pastiches of AZUL, ROUGE, and GARETH and/or CASEY (it makes sense within the context of the plot, at least in theory, or something to that effect).

Some of the redundancy is depicted via bits of the original Ruby and Sapphire being lavishly rewritten and embellished, even as those same key events are still playing out, oftentimes catching the heroes completely off-guard as the collective reality reasserts to the drastic changes taking place at the hands of an unseen entity… oh, and Rhonda and Kieran end up borderline messianic figures to Teams Magma and Aqua, respectively.

To be Continued…
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