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Iconic Travel Journals - A Mockumentary Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Iconic Travel Journals - A Mockumentary Series by GeekyGamerZack

August 21st 2019, 2:38 am
DO NOT OPEN unless you've seen all 17 eps of Crystals Remastered!:
Hi all, and welcome to Iconic Travel Journals, a video blog-style series that chronicles the travels of several main characters of the Chromaicora Adventures. As a part of the Expanded Chromaicora Project, this mockumentary series ties into the adventures of Zander (aka Zed) and others of his kind, as they record their exploits in video diary-style form. Naturally, this means spoilers, so view with caution.

Okay, let's begin!

Zander's Blog, Part 1
We see a shaky view of Zander's feet on the ground.

Zander's voice: Is it switched on?

Amethyst's voice: I believe you are holding it upside-down.

Zander's voice: Oh, right.

The scene swivels past some sheep in a paddock up to Zander's face. Zander makes a silly mouth-and-eyes-wide-open face.

Zander: Hi! It's ya boi Zed here, videoing-

Amethyst's voice: "It's ya boi"?

Zander laughs.

Zander: Too much?

Amethyst's voice: Perhaps a little.

Zander: Yeah, heheh...anyway, I'm doing a travel video blog during my journey through Ornoposia. Oh, and I have a magic instructor!

The scene swivels to a view of Amethyst, who smiles.

Amethyst: Oh.

Zander's voice: Say "Salve", Amethyst!

Amethyst smiles.

Amethyst: Greetings, Zed's subscribers.

Zander's voice: The ultimate elven mage!

Amethyst: You flatter me, dear apprentice.

The scene swivels back to Zander.

Zander: For the record, I'm a wizard, not a mage. Mages specialise in a single school of magic, whereas wizards are more freeform, picking and choosing from every school.

Amethyst's voice: Indeed.

Zander: Okay, see you all in a sec.

The scene jumps to a view of Zander in Silveria City.

Zander: Hey! I'm suddenly in the city!

Brocc's voice: However did we get here?!

Zander: Oh yeah, that voice belongs to Brocc Farshot, a new friend of mine.

Brocc's voice: And I'm INVEEZEEBEEL!

Zander laughs.

Zander: He's kidding, of course.

Brocc's voice: Yeah, I'm too short to reach the camera lens.

Zander: I was gonna record the tavern we were in last night, but the battery ran out.

Brocc's voice: You should get a GoPro. MUCH better for documenting travel logs.

Zander: Oh yeah...funny, I haven't seen a GoPro since before my memory was lost.

Brocc's voice: Eheheheheh...swiftly changing the subject...

Zander: Uh-oh, the battery's going again.

Brocc's voice: Darn it!

Zander: Okay, like and subscribe! I love you all!

Brocc's voice: I love you more! Unless you're my brother Sven, in which case you can take a fr e sh a voca do and-

Zander's Blog: Part 1.1 - I'M AT WIZARD SCHOOL! (NOT clickbait)
We see a view of Zander as he makes his eyes-and-mouth-wide-open face.

Zander: What is UP, Zed-Warriors? I'm back with a new camera, which apparently has a longer battery life...AND a bigger memory card.

Kendall's voice: Memory what?

Zander: Y'know...? Memory card...?

Laura's voice: I believe you mean a fuda of false memories, Zed.

Zander: Um...anyway, I'm at WIZAHRRD SCHOOL!

Voice #1: And he's the only "wizahrrd" in the room, so make of that what you will.

Voice #2: Hey! What about me?

Laura's voice: You're a mage, Steve.

Steve's voice: That counts, doesn't it?

Voice #1: Maybe in your imagination...

Zander: In case you're wondering, these are some of my fellow students! Kendall Silvertooth-

The scene swivels to a view of Kendall, who waves into the camera.

Kendall: Hello there.

Zander's voice: -his half-sister Laura Goldenclaugh-

The scene swivels to a view of Laura, who smiles and waves with both hands in a sweet manner.

Laura: Hi!

Zander's voice: -their friend Tara Bull-

The scene swivels to a view of Tara, who makes an "I'm totes innocent" face.

Tara: Totally not an undercover spy.

Zander's voice: -and Steve, because there's ALWAYS a Steve.

The scene swivels to a view of an average-looking guy with 5 O'clock shadow, who smiles wide enough to show his perfectly-aligned teeth.

Steve: Well, of COURSE there is.

Zander's voice: Now THERE'S a smile that'd make anyone swoon.

Steve snickers.

Steve: Oh, I'm flattered, Zed, but I'm already seeing someone.

Zander's voice: Haha, fair enough. So there you have it: a sorcerer, a hedge mage, a bard and an enchantingly charming mage.

Kendall: And a wizard!

Laura: Not JUST a wizard, but the fabled-

Zander's voice: Okay, let's try to save some of the surprises for later, right?

Laura: Of course. Now, if you'll please excuse me, I must visit the Ladies'. Be right back!

Laura stands and leaves the room. The camera swivels back to Zander's face.

Zander: And just like any other series related to Crystals of Silveria, the first episode mentions the toilet...

Kendall's voice: Toilet?

Zander: Y-Yeah...you know, where people go when they need to-

Tara's voice: We know what a toilet is, Zed. Believe me when I say you don't need to explain.

Zander: Right...anyway, it's my last day within the academy's walls.

Steve's voice: He's the Azurebound!

We hear a slapping sound.

Steve's voice: OW!

Tara's voice: He said to save the surprises for later!

Steve's voice: Right...my bad.

Zander: Anyway, as soon as Laura gets back, we're going to my farewell party! It's gonna be sweeeeeeet!

Tara's voice: Laura?

Zander: Yeah...Kendall's sister?

Kendall's voice: My sister's name isn't Laura.

Zander: It isn't? But that's what she told me it was...

Kendall's voice: Right...she can be a bit of a scamp, that one.

Zander: But...then why did you play along with her using a fake alias?

Kendall's voice: I have no idea what you mean.

Zander: I...okay, this is confusing.

Steve's voice: I'll say.

Tara's voice: Why don't we just head to the party?

Zander: Good idea. I'm sure she'll meet us there.

Tara's voice: I wouldn't count on it, Starmute.

Zander: Wait...she DITCHED us?!

Kendall's voice: Uh...I think you need a good meal, Zed. Fuel for the mind as well as the body and heart.

Zander rubs his eyes.

Zander: I think you're right. Okay, I'll finish the blog here for now. Like and subscribe! I love you all! Au revoir!

Tara's voice: Ah, vous parlez Luminelv? (Ah, you speak Light Elvish?)

Zander: Yes! Um...apparently...okaybyeloveyoulikesubscribeandclickthelittlebellforinstantnotifications!

Steve's voice: And subscribe to MY channel! Link in the description below!

Tara's voice: I warned you not to plug your channel in this vid, so now you must suffer the conseque-

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