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[Project SentaiWave]: A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty [Project SentaiWave]: A Series by GeekyGamerZack

on May 10th 2017, 9:15 am
Hi all! Just wanted to announce a side-project I've started. It's currently codenamed [Project SentaiWave], and has a tokusatsu theme in a similar manner to Power Rangers Mushroom Force, though there are many differences. Whereas Mushroom Force had a theme of humans from our world ending up in the Mushroom Kingdom, with an obvious Mario theme and presentation, SentaiWave has more of a generic video game-inspired theme, which can be summed up in the basic plot.

A group of villains from an in-development video game have somehow managed to break free from the shackles of their programming code, and now seek to turn the world into THEIR game. A group of five young gamers is selected to combat this threat, being given unique powers and abilities that can be utilised to defeat each monster and return it to the code from which it was sprung.

I've already worked out details for each of the heroes and heroines, as well as the main forces of the Coderror Empire. Stay tuned for more info! [Project SentaiWave]: A Series by GeekyGamerZack 631737971
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