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  • 20171210
    DS Reviews 00114

    Get the plates, ‘cause you just got served!

    Game: Advance Wars: Dual Strike
    System: Nintendo DS
    Genre: Tactics (Turn-Based)
    Version Tested: Nintendo DS
    Release Date:
    23rd June 2005 (Japan)
    22nd August 2005 (US)

    What is it about?
  • 20120829
    A remake of two of the most beloved Pokemon games, but do the revisions make it worth revisiting the Johto region?

    Platform: Nintendo DS
    Developer: Game Freak
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Ratings: E - Everyone (ESRB); 3+ (PEGI); A (CERO); G (OFLC)

    DS Reviews Lugiawhirlislands

    Back in the late 90s, the Pokémon franchise finally left Japan, with Pikachu and other critters taking the world by storm (pardon the pun). In 2000, the franchise got a sequel in the form of Pokémon...
  • 20120818
    DS Reviews MegamanStarforce3BlackAce

    The Megaman series is great, while I’m not a fan of the Classic or ZX series I do very much enjoy the Battle Network Series, these games were very fun and fast paced. Then came the Starforce series an offshoot of the Battle Network games, still in the same series but telling a different story. Starforce Leo was my first Megaman game on the DS it was very different from Battle Networks 3 and 4 but still very enjoyable. Because my old DS crapped out on me though I haven’t...
  • 20120517
    Chrono_CrossComments: 18Views: 2896
    This sounds a little boring for a Mario game....Good job on your review. Wink
  • 20120425
    Chrono_CrossComments: 5Views: 2332
    Super Mario 64 DS was the first DS title I own after launch and yet I only reach up to about 10 stars because I lost interest. It feels more like a demonstration on what the system can do than developing a true remake.

    Great review ViewtifulJoe
  • 20120228
    DS Reviews Dementium2logo

    Back in Halloween of 2007 a game named Dementium the Ward was released for the Nintendo DS; it was a survival horror First Person Shooter. I myself didn’t hear about the game till about late 2008 when I stumbled across it by accident in the Zellars $9.99 bin. It was the best 9 bucks I have ever spent; Dementium the Ward was an amazing game, the music the story the gameplay. It is the only game I’ve played to date that made my hair stand and sent chills down my spine, I love this...
  • 20110910
    DS Reviews 817552-sfc_logo_resize2_super

    Starfox Command was developed by Q-games and published by Nintendo it was a launch title for the Nintendo DS. Since it was one of Nintendo's 1st party games that like every new console returns to its old fan base, starfox command was very popular. Even now you can still find people online. Here's my review.

    DS Reviews A_med_1

    Starfox Command takes place a few years after Starfox Assault and features six different endings based on how you choose...
  • 20110818
    DS Reviews MPH

    Metriod Prime Hunters was a launch title for the Nintendo DS. It was developed by Nintendo Software Technology, and published by Nintendo. It was released on March 26th 2006, and is the first game in the Metriod series with online play.

    DS Reviews 1-2

    Metriod Prime Hunters was one of the first, FPS's on the DS. It takes place in between Metriod Prime, and Metriod Prime 2 Echoes. Basically the...
  • 20110723
    DS Reviews Untitled
    Dementium the Ward is a First person shooter, survival horror game on the Nintendo DS it was released Halloween of 2007. It was developed by Renegade Kid and Published by Game Cock Media.

    The game takes place in a hospital on a dark and stormy night. You play as an unnamed patient who wakes up in the hospital and quickly realizes that he's trapped. So with your trusty flash light you set out to escape the hospital with your life.

    Through out the game players will come a cross a variety of characters and creatures...
  • 20110622
    my first ds review is pokemon black/white version. to begin with its another pokemon game with diffrent kind of pokemon. i mean how much more pokemon is there going to be. but anyway i been dying on making a review on that game and i been holding it off for some reason but now here is my review.

    1. start up: we all know how they need to blabber about pokemon that and pokemon that and its quite boring but for those versions it was quite ok

    2. gameplay: well as i said(on the top) its another pokemon game. you fight, you get items, capture all pokemon and get stronger same stuff...
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