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    Here are our updated forum rules so read them carefully


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    @KokorOtaku You are the man of the hour!!!! W00t!!!!

    KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku KokorOtaku
  • 20210115
    Sorry guys, I did all I could to support the browser for as long as humanly possible, but with our webhost's current encoding it's now no longer possible to keep the browser supported at a usable level. In memory of our over 7 years of supporting the browser I am writing this global message on my Wii U browser. This may well be my final post using the browser as it is a nightmare to navigate our site with and most features no longer work with the app. Who here has used their Wii U browsers to browse our website and post messages? When did you stop using the Wii U browser on our website? As always,...
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  • 20171017


    Half Slime Heroin Ahoy!


    Vita PSN Reviews AntiquiaLost5

    Developed by Exe-Create and published by KEMCO, Antiquia Lost is a 16-bit JRPG with a glossy coat of HD paint and is a blast to play! Is this enough to make Antiquia Lost a worthwhile purchase for you Vita/PSTV? We think so and here's why!

  • 20180505

    Dolores Entertainment / KintoGames

    Genre: Action-RPG / Rogue-lite
    Players: 1-2

    Tested: PAL version (Wii U) (EU) & North American version (NA) (Vita)

    Vita PSN Reviews WiiUDS_BitDungeonPlus_01_enGB_mediaplayer_large
  • 20170620


    Dungeon Crawling of The Afterlife!


    Vita PSN Reviews 900x

    Developed by Nippon Ichi and published by Nis America, Cladun Returns: This is Sengoku is the latest installment in the Cladun series of games and though it may not impress visually, the game is an absolute masterpiece! Continue reading the rest of our review if you want to know why!

    Cladun Returns is a bite-sized very fast...
  • 20171210


    For The Castle And Glory!


    Vita PSN Reviews 2017-111

    Developed by Locomalito and published by Abylight, Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX) for Vita is a throwback title that possesses traits and elements of many of the 80's and 90's Arcade greats, such as Ghosts & Goblins, Super Indiana Jones, Rygar, and many more! Is the game worth it though?!...
  • 20180219


    Reeling Us In Hook, Line, & Sinker!


    Vita PSN Reviews 2018-020

    Hit-Point and KEMCO have always developed and published enjoyable JRPG's that are a great value for their consumers, but Dragon Sinker has a certain appeal that hasn't been seen in their previous console releases, but is that enough to award the game a perfect score? Not quite, but it...
  • 20170930


    The Easiest Platinum In The Land!


    Vita PSN Reviews Mecho-tales-ps-vita-ps4-nintendo-switch-20170826-002-800x445

    Developed by Luc Bernard and published by Arcade Distillery, Mech Tales is a very fun, albeit short platformer which we had a blast reviewing, plus it is chock full of easy gold trophies and an equally easy platinum trophy to earn, however the game is in our opinions...
  • 20170619


    Zeldahorn: The Wind Waker Ocean!


    Vita PSN Reviews 2017-010

    Developed by Cornfox and published by FDG Entertainment, Oceanhorn is an excellent action-adventure title that's sure to please, but how good is it? Continue reading our review to find out!

    There's no denying that Oceanhorn is inspired by The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker,...
  • 20180412


    A Classic To Be Reveled!


    Vita PSN Reviews 2018-028

    Developed and published by Rainbite games, Reverie is an action-adventure title that takes a ton of inspiration from the Zelda and Mother series, but is the game a timeless classic like the series' that it was inspired by? We think so and here's why:

  • 20171104


    Clobberin' Buliz!


    Vita PSN Reviews 900x

    Squareboy Vs. Bullies: Arena Edition for Vita/PSTV was developed and published by Ratalaika Games. The game is obviously heavily inspired by Gameboy/NES era beat 'em ups and brawlers, but is it a heavy-hitter like the games of the genre from that era or is it a featherweight unworthy of your attention? We feel that it's a solid game that falls a bit...
  • 20180125




    Vita PSN Reviews 2018-010

    Developed by Locomalito and published by Abylight, Super Hydorah is a throwback to sidescrolling space shooters of the NES era, such as Gradius and Salamander, but is so much better than the games it tries to emulate. Believe it or not we actually liked this game more than Locomalito's previous Vita game,...
  • 20200823


    Alien Wars Begin Anew?


    Vita PSN Reviews Waterm33

    Developed by DICE, published by ININ, and public relations by PR Hound, Ultracore is a resurrected SEGA Genesis / SEGA Megadrive run and gun MetroidVania that has finally been released over 20 years after its cancellation. Does it live up to other gems of the genre from the 90's? We think so, but you'll...
  • 20190813
    Super Wiloo Demake Review

    Vita PSN Reviews Super_11

    Ok, so this is going to be a pretty simple review for a pretty simple game.  This game basically is kind of like playing Mario Bros 3 where you have an overworld and you choose the stages and can open a menu with power ups. Each stages has three big coins which you can collect in order to enter a bonus stage. For every certain amount of coins gathered, that makes...
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