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by NintendoFronkinPurist
on March 22nd 2021, 6:44 pm
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Topic: Tales from the ParoD&Dmension: A Parody-Comedy Spin-Completely-Off
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Tales from the ParoD&Dmension: A Parody-Comedy Spin-Completely-Off

Session 0: The Seventh Wheel

Webisode 0-1

Scene 1: Roll Call

In a world-

Voice #1: Who said that?!

Hm-hm... In a world-

Voice #1: Are you a g-g-g-g-lich?!

Voice #2: That doesn't... I cannot even-

May I PLEASE finish my introduction already?

Voice #3: Yeah, sure... go ahead, buddy!

Uh... my gender is inconsequential, but-

Voice #2: And yet you assume a deep, heavily masculine inflection?

Voice #1: Wait... he has a disease? He IS a guh-lich!

No, I am not a lich...

Voice #3: Then what ARE you?

I am... the Dungeon Master, and my epithet is "Author of Realms"...

Voice #1: But guh-liches are masters of dungeons...?

Voice #4: As are dragons, my good pal!

Voice #1: Dungeons? In DRAGONS? HA!

Voice #2: Other way around, simpleton...

Voice #1: HEY! My name is RANGER, not SIMPSON!

We hear the slap of a facepalm.

Voice #2: Idiot...

Ranger: RANGER! RAIN... JERRRRRH... uh... I think...

Well then, you've spoiled YOUR name, so let's hear the rest of your names, and we can proceed...

Voice #2: You may call me Wizard. I am an elven-

Wonderful to meet you, Wizard...

Voice #4: Wait... didn't you WRITE her, th-


Voice #3: I'm Rogue.

Wizard: ...that's it? That is your int-


Voice #4: Bard's the name, D&D is my game! Hohohoh... Thank you, thank you, you're too ki-


Voice #5: You may refer to me as "Monk". It is a pleasure, my friends.


Voice #6: My name is Druid. Delighted to meet each of you.

Ranger: Wait... a druid AND a monk?!

Wizard: One heals our wounds and protects nature, the other uses martial arts techniques in self-defence.

Ranger: Oh, cool... which is which?

We hear another facepalm.

Rogue: Aight, let's get this show on the-


Rogue: Next? There's no-one else here...

Ranger: She's right...

Wizard: Did you use your superior tracking skills to deduce this conclusion?

Ranger: No, I... hey, are you saying I'm a dumb?!

Wizard: I believe I used none of those words and/or apostrophic contractions.

Ranger: Well, alright then. Hey, you're really nice!

Rogue: HAHAHAHAHA! Are you kidding?!

Ranger: Do I LOOK like a nanny-goat to you?!

Bard: HA! I get it! Most amusing, my good pal!

Alright, let's just get started... the six of you have gathered in a tavern after reading a job listing on a bulletin board...

Bard: What?! Oh, that is SUCH a bog-standard-

The party suddenly pops into a dreary swamp.

Bard: -cliché!

Alright then... instead of the Potts' Luck Tavern, you all meet standing knee-deep in the Stun'drrrd Boglands.

Wizard: Fantastic effort, Bard...

Rogue: Way to go, dumdum!

Bard: You don't honestly think that I caused this F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-2

Scene 2: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Morning

Bard: -ABULOUS twist on a tried-and-tired campaign opener, do you? I mean... I honestly would've opened with the classic "five people meet in a tavern" approach... it's sheer genius!

Ranger: But there are SIX of us...

Wizard: Well, looks like SOMEONE'S a genius after all.

Ranger: Aw, thanks, Blizzard!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: I verbalised my hypothesis in advance of making a rational decision...

Rogue: Cheer up, babe!

Wizard: Did... you refer to me as-

Rogue: So we're standing waist-deep in a rotten bog-

Ranger: KNEE-deep, Rouge!

Rogue: Hey, speak for yourself, medium-sized humanoid!

Ranger: MEDIUM?! I didn't know I was a sidekick...

Wizard: The fact that you know ANYTHING at all is truly what amazes me most about you, Ranger...

Ranger: Aw, shucks, heheheh...

Druid: Cheer up, everyone! At least we're together, and this place isn't SO bad. Look at these rich, purple orchids and lilies on the waters' surface.

Ranger: Uh... aren't you s'posed to wait for Arthur to narrate that bit?

Actually, idle speech is a free action, and you are welcome to provide your own perspectives on the scenery...

Ranger: Oh, cool! I'm starving... I "see" an ENORMOUS burger in my hands and eat it!

Ranger stares at his hands.

Monk: I believe it does not work that way.

Ranger: Aw, but Druid got half-orcs and lollies!

Wizard: Yes, but she didn't intend to EAT said "orc kids"...

Ranger: Oh, right...

Wizard: Now, would you be so kind as to allow me the courtesy of how to solve this conundrum...?

Rogue: Druid's right, Wiz. This ain't so bad... my cousin lives in a place like this... 'course it's greener, and the water's pure, but same gist!

Ranger: Yeah! I mean... it's not like an even BIGGER problem's gonna suddenly drop from the-

A sudden flash overhead, followed by a loud-

Voice #7: ...aaaaaAAAAAHHHHH!

The source of the scream splashes into the slimy, slick swamp water...

Bard: Oh, snap!

Wizard: You have GOT to be F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-3

Scene 3: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Afternoon

Wizard: -ATEBENDING right now, Ranger... that is a gift that only my people possess...

Ranger: Your... people?

Wizard: Yes, Ranger. My people, the Sssuullllldrnnnnnehylllllrrrrnnn... or as you humans call them, "elves".

Ranger: Oh... then... am I a health elf?

Rogue: You mean "half-elf"?

Ranger: Do I...?

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: Perhaps it was merely a coincidence...

Druid: Should someone not aid the one who has fallen from beyond the upper veils of Oma?

Rogue: Nah! It's been two minutes, and he hasn't surfaced. No doubt he's-

The being who fell from above suddenly splashes to his feet, drenching everyone but Druid and Bard in murky bog-water...

Ranger: -A GUH-LICH!

Wizard: Ugh... disgusting!

Ranger: Yes, a disgusting, smelly, UH-GUH-LY guh-lich!

Wizard: I was not referring to this CLEARLY STILL LIVING human male...

Ranger: Oh... the splash... so you were referring to-

Wizard: -you, Ranger. Yes, I was referring to you.

Ranger: Hey, don't be mean to Monk!

Rogue: What are you babbling about, Ranger Danger?

Ranger: Wizard just insulted our friend Yu!

Ranger wades to Monk, kicking up multiple pockets of swamp gas trapped in the muddy swamp-bed.

Bard: Oh, my sinuses are ablaze with the STENCH of-

Ranger: Stop being mean, everyone!

Ranger places his hands on Monk's shoulders.

Ranger: Don't worry, Yu, 'cos you got a friend in me.

Monk: Your kindness, whilst unnecessary, is greatly appreciated, and will not soon be forgotten.

Monk bows. Ranger attempts a similar bow, though clumsily knocks his forehead on a gnarled tree branch.

Ranger: OW! My Ajna...

Ranger rubs between his eyebrows.

Voice #7: Uh... I have a question...

Everyone looks at the stranger, who is dressed in clothing from our world, and isn't drenched in bog-water for some reason.

Druid: Of course, gentle stranger. What is your question?

The stranger clears their throat.

Voice #7: Could someone PLEASE tell me what the F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-4

Scene 4: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Evening

Voice #7: -ART-LIKE STENCH in the air happens to be?! Phew!

Bard: Oh, Ranger kicked up a few pockets of swamp gas whilst consoling Monk.

Voice #7: Okay, that's fair...

Wizard: I was certain you were about to enquire as to your dramatic entrance into the surrounding locale.

Voice #7: Well, I-

The stranger looks around.

Voice #7: Hey, now that you mention it...

Druid: What is your name, gentle soul from above the clouds?

Voice #7: Oh, uh... Lock. I'm Lock. And it's called Seattle.

Ranger: What is?

Lock: The place I'm from is... Seattle.

Ranger: You're from the MOON?! Hey, so is Druid!

Wizard: What on Earth are you-

Ranger: Not "Earth", Wizard... "Moon"! MOOOOOOO-NNNNNNNUH... uh... I think...?

Rogue: As you can see, he isn't exactly "schooled".

Druid: Why do you assume I am a lunar being, Ranger?

Ranger: Because you said you're from a circus on the Moon!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: "Circle of the Moon", imbecile...

Ranger: Whatever. Hey, is it anywhere near Satellaview?

Lock: Uh... this is a pretty weird LARP, you guys...

Rogue: Eh, you get used to 'em, Locky.

Bard: Indeed! And I must say your warlockery is most impressive to be able to flash yourself here at 1st-level!

Lock: Uh... thanks? I assume we're in the Everglades or something...?

Monk: In fact it is the Stun'drrrd Boglands.

Lock: Oh, a Magic-themed LARP, eh? Does that make me a newly-sparked Planeswalker or something?

Rogue: The *fart* is a "Planeswalker"...?

Lock: And what's the setting? Dominaria? Innistrad? Ooh, Ulgrotha?!

Wizard: Realmslandia, actually...

Lock: "Realmslandia"...? So homebrew, then...

Rogue: Oh, you bet! I have my own multipurpose distillery in my-

You suddenly sense an ominous presence nearby...

Lock: Oh, is the Dungeon Master hiding in the scenery or something?

Ranger: No, he's just a disembodied voice floating around us... and possibly THROUGH us...

Rogue: Well... THAT'S disturbing...

Bard: Not as disturbing as THIS, my good pal!

Rogue: Huh? What do you me-

You look up at an intimidating figure... a knight donned in the sturdiest ebony armour, forged from pure adamant... riding a nightmare of the deepest ebony coat, and deep violet mist billowing along its neck, hooves and rump...

Ranger snickers.

Ranger: "Rump"...

Knight: SILENCE!

Bard trembles.

Knight: I know both who and what you are, Eternal Seekers of the Order of the Treasured MacGuffin!

Lock: Uh... the what?

The Knight looks in Lock's direction.

Knight: And I am here to stop you

Lock nervously points to their chest.

Lock: Uh... m... m-

Ranger: Him?

The Knight looks at Ranger.

Knight: ALL OF YOU! Tremble before the Might of-

Rogue: Oh... for F-

To be Continued...

Webisode 0-5

Scene 5: Stun'drrrd Boglands: Night

Rogue: *BLEEP*'s sake! WHY does this happen EVERY *BLEEP* TIME?!

Bard: Uh... tradition?

Wizard: Well, you would know, since you're the bard, Bard.

Ranger: Wait... Bard is a SHEEP?!

Bard: Why do you assume that, my good pal?

Ranger: Because Wizard just spoke to you in Sheepish! "Baa baa" is a common phrase in that language, but you already know that, baa baa...

Bard: I'm afraid you're mistaken, for in fact I am-

Rogue: -a bird!

Ranger: Actually, it's pronounced "BAHHHHH-RRRRRUHRRRRR-DUHHHHH... uh... what was the question again?

Bard: Actually, she's right. I am a bird... and now I see the irony of being a bird bard named Bard Byrd...

Lock: Well, your prosthetics are impressive! They must've taken HOURS to apply!

Bard: Um... thank you, my good-

Knight: Uh... HELLO? Are you not forgetting something here?!

Ranger: Just a minute, random NPC...

Knight: Random? NPC?! Are... you cannot be serious!

Rogue: You're not wrong...

Ranger: Yeah! I'm never not serious!

Wizard facepalms.

Wizard: How many times have I told you to watch your grammar...?

Ranger: For the last time, Wizard, my Grandma is NOT a dire wolf!

Wizard: I wasn't calling HER a dire WOLF, I was calling YOU a dire BORE...

Ranger: Hey, I LOVE roasted boar! My favourite bit is the apple... mmm...

Knight: Huh. I was certain you would be more of a challenge... nonetheless, I have a role to perform, so let's get it done, and you can be on your way.

Bard: Do you not mean, "I can be on MY way"...?

Knight: It... that is what I stated. "You can be on your way"... how is that not difficult to grasp?

Bard: Oh... I thought you meant... n-never mind. I'll be off then, my good pal. Toodlepip!

Bard leaves the area.

Rogue: Hey, how come HE gets to leave, but we DON'T?!

Knight: Oh, you'll all have your turn.

Lock: Oh, crap! Has everyone rolled initiative already?! I-I don't... I don't have my dice... oh, I must've dropped-

Knight: Between your side and that of my master, the plot requires an equal balance of "straight ones" and "dysfunctional misfits".

Ranger: Hey, did you just call some of us "dense trustfall nitwits"?!

Wizard: No doubt which of the two you happen to be...

Knight: According to my Intel, your group has too many human straight ones.

Ranger: Oh no... you leave Druid out of this!

Druid: But... I am not a human, Ranger.

Ranger: Of course not! You're a human druid, Druid!

Rogue: CAT druid, Ranger.

Ranger: Wait, so... you're a multiclass druid-ranger, Druid?

Wizard: What on Moon are you-

Ranger: Who's also a cat?

Rogue: Well... at least you got SOME of it right...

Knight: Alright, this is getting agonisingly tedious. I'll just pick one of you at random.

The Knight points their sword back-and-forth from Monk to Lock.

Knight: Eeny-meeny-miney-YOU.

A bolt of dark energy fires from the sword at Lock.

Lock: Oh, cool effect!

Rogue: Why isn't he trying to avoid-

Just as the bolt reaches Lock, it suddenly flings left and punches into Monk's chest.

Monk: Oof!

Rogue: Never mind... uh... I-I mean... WHAT THE *BLEEP*?!

Monk is surrounded by a bubble of dark energy.

Lock: Whoa, your DM must have a HUGE campaign budget!

Wizard: Are you absolutely certain that Lock is a straight one?

Knight: Yes. In fact, Lock is now the only human straight one in your party.

Druid: But... what have you done to Monk?

The bubble suddenly pops, revealing a brown monkey wearing Monk's gi.

Wizard: I believe your question is answered, Druid.

Ranger: Hey, yeah! Monk's been teleported away and replaced by a monk-

The monkey screeches and leaps at Ranger's head, pulling at his hair and ears.

Monkey: Ooo-ooo-HAH-HAH-HAH! (etc.)


Rogue: Aw, looks like you have a new friend, Ranger...

Ranger: Hey, yeah... I have an actual animal companion! After all these years, I'm FINALLY a real-

The monkey knocks Ranger's forehead with a coconut.

Ranger: Ow, my Ajna!

Knight: Well, my work here is done...

The Knight vanishes in a swirl of violet mist, a chilling horse whinny echoing in the air, followed by a glittery sparkle and harp chord.

Wizard: So... now what?

Bard's voice: Hey, come on, everyone! There's a Kakadurudurudu Fried Cockatrice over here, with 24-hour dine-in and unlimited refills!

Rogue: Ooh, sweet!

Wizard: You had me at, "unlimited refills", my pal...

Everyone leaves the water... except Lock, who stands there, eyes widened and stunned.

Lock: ...what the F-

NEXT TIME: The Soiled MacGuffin
by NintendoFronkinPurist
on February 3rd 2021, 5:35 pm
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Topic: The "Who's That Pokémon?" Game
Replies: 44
Views: 1994

The "Who's That Pokémon?" Game

It's time for another batch of clues:

#3: This Pokemon is Flying-type, but its Stage-2 evolved form is not.

#4: It has the honour of being the first non-Legendary, non-Mythical Pokemon of its generation to be fully revealed in an official capacity.

#5: The real-world animal upon which it is based is nocturnal, meaning it is primarily active at night.

Any ideas yet? There are no penalties for incorrect guesses, wot-wot. Wink
by NintendoFronkinPurist
on March 31st 2018, 6:14 pm
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Topic: Butt of Silveria - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
Replies: 0
Views: 920

Butt of Silveria - A Series by GeekyGamerZack


Welcome, fans and fans-to-be, to Butt of Silveria Remastered, the official first season of the Chromaicora Adventures! Whether you're new to the tales of Zed Buttmute and the Buttbound or you've read every episode of the original to the point that you can recite every scene from memory, rest assured that this is the definitive experience, with every episode revised and brought up to speed with more recent projects, and new and exciting plot details added which expand the story.

Without further ado, I present the very first episode of Butt Remastered, The Seventh Butt. Let the tale commence!

Episode 1: The Seventh Butt, Part I



Episode 2: The Seventh Butt, Part II


by NintendoFronkinPurist
on January 25th 2017, 3:36 am
Search in: Everything else
Topic: Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack
Replies: 16
Views: 3004

Crystals of Silveria Remastered - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

Episode 2: The Seventh Crystal, Part II


by Towafan7
on March 6th 2016, 8:45 pm
Search in: WiiWareWave Exclusive Features
Topic: Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Antagonists of The Xeno Series!
Replies: 5
Views: 3019

Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Antagonists of The Xeno Series!


Villains In A Strange, Foreign Land!

Topics tagged under 5 on  Top5%20%20antagonists%20of%20the%20xenoseries_zpss0yqumbv

Whether you love them, or hate them, or love to hate them, these are our top 5 picks for the most memorable antagonists from the entire Xeno franchise! Do be warned, however that several major spoilers are revealed in this article so use caution when reading our list if you haven't played all of the Xeno games yet.


Topics tagged under 5 on  Id10

#5: Id

Id is an alternate personality of the main protagonist of Xenogears, Fei Fong Wong and is incredibly evil and violent, unlike his kind counterpart Fei. When Id takes over Fei his eyes, hair, and skin color completely change. This transformation occurs several times throughout the story and sometimes creates chain reactions so terrible that many innocents perish at his hands, because of his unpredictable appearances and horrificly atrocious bouts of violence we feel that Id deserves a spot on our list!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Miang10

#4: Myyah Hawwa

Basically an entity who has lived for many millenia by snatching other people's bodies and using them as her host vessel, she is a very evil and sadistic character in Xenogears who was responsible for the collapse of many civilizations throughout her existence. She is a very manipulative being who pulls many strings to get what she wants. She even took over Fei Fong Wong's mother, Karen Wong, however Karen Managed to overpower her in order to save her son, however in doing so she paid the ultimate price.

Myyah Hawwa's manipulative personality and the fact that she's literally responsible for the deaths of billions of people is why she was chosen as the fourth most memorable character in our list of the most memorable antagonists in the Xeno series!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Xenosa10

#3: Albedo Piazzolla

An artificially created life form and major antagonist in Xenosaga Albedo is the twin brother of Jr. and is an immortal. He enjoys the pain, suffering, and deaths of humans and blames them for his misery of being unable to die. He has destroyed human colonies and towns and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people. He even despises his own kind for siding with the humans and envies their lack of immortality.

Albedo's frightening nature and the fact that he cannot die is why he was chosen as the third most memorable character in our list!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Dickso10

#2: Dickson

Dickson is seen as a protagonist during the first two thirds of Xenoblade Chronicles' story, however after Shulk manages to strike a truce between his people and the leader of Mechonis, Dickson betrays him a shoots him in the back, allowing the god of the Bionis, Zanza who possessed Shulk during the group's first visit to Prison Island, unbeknownst to Shulk or anyone else besides Dickson, to emerge.

He later reveals himself as one of Zanza's deciples, and eventually faces off against Shulk, Fiora, and the rest of the group when they revisit Prison Island and when Shulk fatally wounds him he seems rather proud of the fact that Shulk overcame the challenge and surpassed him. His not-so-evil nature at the end of his life is one of the biggest reasons why we chose Dickson as number two in our list of most memorable antagonists in the Xeno series!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Zanza10

#1: Zanza

Originally a scientist on a space colony orbiting Earth, Zanza started an experiment that destroyed the entire universe! He and his scientific colleague Mayneth were the sole survivors and were reborn as gods in this newly created reality. Originally kind-hearted, he eventually became twisted and began to fear the Homs, and his other creations and so he decided to create a cycle of destruction for those who lived on Bionis "himself".

He later possesses Shulk and even kills Mayneth and the entirety of the Mechonis. He tries to entice Shulk to become his deciple, but Shulk refuses and eventually kills him. The fact that he destoyed the entire universe and kept killing the entirety of the Bionis population time and again is why Zanza was the clear choice to be number one on our most memorable antagonists in the Xeno series list!


There you have it! From Id, to Myyah Hawwa, and Dickson, to Zanza these are the antagonists that really stood out to us in the various Xeno series titles, as always be sure to let us know what you think of our choices in our comment section below!


#Exclusive #Feature #Top5 #WiiWareWave #WiiU #PSX #PS2 #New3DS #XenobladeChronicles #XenoSaga #Xenogears

by Towafan7
on February 20th 2016, 2:22 pm
Search in: Wii U eshop Reviews
Topic: Wii U eShop Reviews Hub
Replies: 7
Views: 3632

Wii U eShop Reviews Hub

Update #5: Level 22 + Reviews Ha-Ro added! Wink
by Towafan7
on February 14th 2016, 12:39 pm
Search in: WiiWareWave Exclusive Features
Topic: Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series!
Replies: 4
Views: 2483

Feature: WiiWareWave Top 5: Most Memorable Protagonists of The Xeno Series!


Foreign Heroes In A Strange Land!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Top5%20%20banner_zpsbeib2t3d

The Xeno series has been quite popular over the years with 6 unique entries in the JRPG series and the last two being Nintendo exclusive titles. To celebrate the success of Xenoblade Chronicles X's western release, we'll be publishing two Top 5 lists for the series. One for the most memorable protagonists and another for most memorable antagonists! We hope that you enjoy these exclusive features!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Feiwel10

#5: Fei Fong Wong

Fei Fong Wong is the main protagonist in Xenogears. Fei is a very strong-willed character who often suffers from amnesia in the game and has a tendency to completely lose control of himself when his emotions are heightened due to traumatic events or anger. He is a strong fighter who uses "chi" to deal great damage to his enemies.

He has a tragic past that he's unaware of at first and also has a very volatile personality accompanied by apparent split-personality syndrome. Despite all of his issues he still tries his best to help as many people as he can and has a great level of personal growth during the game's story which is why we think that Fei Fong Wong is a deserving character that belongs on our list of most memorable Xeno series protagonists!


Topics tagged under 5 on  40061110


KOS-MOS from Xenosaga is an android developed by the interstellar corporation, Vector Industries. She is designed to act based upon the probability of success and the relevance of a situation to the survival of the human race, however, any threats that endanger Shion Uzuki, one of her creator's, cause KOS-MOS to temporarily ignore these protocols. She seems very sentient and intelligent, however lacks basic emotional traits.

KOS-MOS is mankind's last line of defense against the interstellar threat endangering their existence. She is extremely powerful and capable of transforming her hands and hair into spectacularly overpowered weapons. She also has a forcefield that protects her from most threats. Her kick-butt nature and incredible fight scenes make her a perfect candidate for our list, however her lack of emotions and growth during the Xenosaga titles prevent her from reaching the top three choices for most memorable protagonists in the Xeno series.


Topics tagged under 5 on  0728_x10

#3: MOMO

MOMO is an artificially created human in Xenosaga known as a Realian. She tends to be very shy and has a crazed fanbase that wishes to either cause her harm or kidnap her during the course of the series. She also shares the traits of a magical girl, wielding magic, and transforming. She appears to be around 12 years old and has a personality to match her looks. Her relationship with her mother and the story behind her creation as well as her personal growth during the series are some of the many reasons why we've chosen her for this top 5 feature!


Topics tagged under 5 on  Xenobl11

#2: Fiora

Fiora is number two on our list because of the unique and well-thought-out storyline regarding her in Xenoblade Chronicles. Those of you who haven't played the game yet and don't want the story of Xenoblade Chronicles to be spoiled, stop reading now!



Topics tagged under 5 on  Strike10

#1: Shulk

It should come as no surprise that the Monado-wielding protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles is our choice for the most memorable Xeno series protagonist as he's easily the most widely known character in the series thanks to his appearance as a playable Smash character in Super Smash Bros. 4!

Shulk is a kick-butt character who comes into possession of the Monado, the only blade in the world capable of destroying the mechon menace bent on destroying the Homs race "essentially Bionis' version of humans" He is a very intelligent and reliable person who rarely gets angry, but when he does he fights with reckless abandon.

He grows alot during the course of the story and eventually makes a world-changing decision that affects the entire universe. The scope of Shulk's importance to the fate of the Bionis and his inclusion in Smash 4 are two big factors as to why we chose him as #1 in our list!


There you have it! This is our list of most memorable protagonists from the Xeno series of games! From the emotionally unstable Fei Fong Wong from Xenogears, to the seriously Kick-butt android KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, and the emotional roller coaster of Fiora from Xenoblade Chronicles, these are some seriously cool and in some cases messed up individuals who ultimately make the right choice to help their respective world's and save the day!

Did you enjoy our exclusive feature? What did you think with our choices? As always be sure to let us know in our comments section below!


#Exclusive #Feature #Top5 #Wii #PSX #PS2 #Gaming

by Towafan7
on October 7th 2015, 11:00 am
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Topic: Feature: Our Top 5 Favorite DLC Courses of Mario Kart 8!
Replies: 4
Views: 1865

Feature: Our Top 5 Favorite DLC Courses of Mario Kart 8!

The Best of The Best!

Topics tagged under 5 on  630x14

It goes without saying that Nintendo has done an excellent job with the DLC in Mario Kart 8 as it oozes with quality and is quite affordable "especially the bundle with both DLC packs" but which courses do we feel deserve to be in this Top 5 list? Keep reading to find out!

Topics tagged under 5 on  630x15

#5: Cheese Land.

True to its name Cheese Land is a course made completely out of cheese! This course was originally released on Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the GBA and has been drastically updated in Mario Kart 8! Besides the graphical overhaul there are tons of changes to this impressive course. There are new shortcuts and craters that can be used for tricks all over the place. There are now hang-glider ramps and Chain Chomp hazards in the second half of the course as well! The music has been hilariously remixed with squeaking mice added in which will put a smile on your face!

Sadly the Nomadi Mice from the original track that ate away at the course are no longer present, but overall Cheese Land is a fantastic course and that's why it's number 5 on our list!

Topics tagged under 5 on  Ghf2h810

#4: Dragon Driftway.

If you're looking for a challenge that will test your drifting skills to the max, look no further than Dragon Driftway! As its name suggests the course is packed full of twists and turns and is a paradise for karters who want to get the most out of their drift boosts. The course has various hazards such us missing railing, grass in the road that'll slow you down, and even a small section of the road is missing in one brief grassy turn near the finish line!

This is a great course that requires serious skill to master, which is why it has made our pick for the 4th best DLC course in Mario Kart 8!

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#3: Mute City.

One of the highlights of the first download pack, Mute City is a high-speed course that is out of this world "literally". The course is based off of the course of the same name in the F-Zero series and is equally as good as well! The course has many speed boosts and corners that will provide even die-hard karters a serious challenge! You also can only earn coins from item boxes and the coin-strips in sections of the track. There is also an incredible shortcut near the end of the course that can cut 10-15 seconds off your lap, but it requires a mushroom or starman to get across.

Overall this is a great crossover stage that any fan of F-Zero will thoroughly enjoy! That's why Mute City has made our list of best MK8 DLC courses!

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#2: Hyrule Circuit.

Number two on our list is none other than Hyrule Circuit a course that takes you across Hyrule Field and then into hyrule castle, and finally will twist through a small canyon before entering Hyrule Field once again! Enemies such as Keeses and Deku Baba's make an appearance on this superb course. Also coins have been cleverly changed into rupees for this course which is a nice touch. There is even a puzzle to solve in Hyrule Castle which if solved unlocks a shortcut!

The music is one of the best aspects of the course. These reasons and more are why this course has made number two on our list of best DLC tracks in Mario Kart 8!

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#1: Big Blue.

Our top pick for the best Mario Kart 8 DLC course is none other than Big Blue! Much like the F-Zero Mute City crossover course from DLC pack 1, Big Blue is a fast-paced track with many twists and turns. The coin panels from the Mute City track are back in this course. Another unique feature of this track are all of the conveyor belt sections which can really speed you up or slow you down depending on your skill of staying on the green section of the conveyor belts.

Staying in the flowing water on the mid-section of the track is also key for getting good race times! The music in this course is also absolutely gorgeous and we'd say that this track might even be the most visually appealing course in the DLC packs! Overall this course is so fun and hectic that we absolutely had to name it our top pick in our Top 5 Mario Kart 8 DLC courses!

What did you think of our choices in this Top 5 feature? Be sure to let us know in our comment section below!

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on March 2nd 2015, 1:24 am
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Topic: Transformers Discussion
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Transformers Discussion

I just added a poll to this thread! You can vote for your favourite Beast Warriors in a series of successive polls, which will reveal the favourite overall character of the members of WiiWareWave. The one which wins will be used in my avatar and mentioned in my signature. Have fun voting!

EDIT: I'll reveal the schedule below. Each poll will run for a short time, so be sure to vote!

#1: Favourite original cast member

#2: Favourite Series 1 Character

#3: Favourite Series 2 Character

#4: Favourite Fuzor

#5: Favourite Transmetal

#6: Favourite Transmetal 2

#7: Favourite Classic-series Transformers Combiner Character
by NintendoFronkinPurist
on May 11th 2013, 4:16 pm
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Topic: Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87
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Crystals of Silveria - A Series by GamerZack87

Episode 1: The Seventh Crystal, Part I


Let the tale commence!


Episode 2: The Seventh Crystal, Part II



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