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Camouflage Gone Wild: Canvaleon Discussed In Detail!

Developer's Interview: OXiAB Game Studio Talks About Their Newly Released Wii U eShop Title Canvaleon! Oxiab_10

Today we had the opportunity to interview the folks over at OXiAB games to discuss about their newly released Wii U eShop title Canvaleon! If you've been following our Twitter page you'd know that we're huge fans of Canvaleon and have even compared it to Shovel Knight in-terms of its quality! Now you can learn a little bit about the game and its development in our interview below!

Developer's Interview wrote:Thanks for joining us today to answer our questions!

[OGS]: Thank you for your interest

What game or games inspired your team to create Canvaleon?

[OGS]: The camouflage aspect of the game is inspired by Metal Gear Solid 3. Of course, the platforming is inspired by the great classics like Super Mario or Donkey Kong. Also there is a little of Megaman (you can choose which world do first, and you obtain powers that help you to clear other worlds easier) and Metroid.

Could you tell us more about your crew of talented developers?

[OGS]: We are a team of 8: 4 programmers, 2 graphic artists, a music and a gameplay tester and QA. Our company motto (one of them) is to make every aspect in the game within the own company, that's why we have our own artists and music, we do not want to outsource anything as long as it is possible. We try to do our best to give the players a real challenge.

How long did it take your team to develop Canvaleon?

[OGS]: More or less we made Canvaleon in two years.

The music in the game is very unique and sounds great! Is the
game's music inspired by the local culture in your region?

[OGS]: Not specially. Maldo, our musician has tried to translate the essence of each one of the environments into a song, and this means a few different styles. In his later years, he's being studying jazz and improvisation so there is a lot of that in the game. Even then, it's difficult to talk about specific music styles for the game.

Are there any tips that you'd like to give players who want to
create their own camouflages in Canvaleon?

[OGS]: Before entering a level, you can see more or less which colors are predominant in that level through a little window. Also, not always but often, at the start of the level you have a little patch of the main color of that level, so you can test your camouflage there. Besides that, don't draw lewd things, try to combine colors and grab lots of black butterflies, they are your friends.

What's next after Canvaleon launches on the Wii U eShop? Are
there any more Wii U/3DS games planned for the future?

[OGS]: We have some projects planned, and you will see something from them soon.

Thanks for answering our questions! Hopefully we'll have the
opportunity to do this again sometime!

[OGS]: Thanks to you for this interview.


[OGS]: Have a good time! And remember, Canvaleon is not a game about running, don't be frustrated if you die a lot!

What did you think of the interview? Will you be downloading Canvaleon now that it's launched on the Wii U eShop? Let us know in our comments below!

Developer's Interview: OXiAB Game Studio Talks About Their Newly Released Wii U eShop Title Canvaleon! Rukiafan7

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Himawari Chan
Nice interview!
I think that I might get Canvaleon this weekend! Smile
Um...I love your interview! Smile
Um...I saw you playing this the other day and it looked so fun. Smile
@Tsubasa wrote:Awesome review Rukiadude! Very Happy
I think you meant feature. Developer's Interview: OXiAB Game Studio Talks About Their Newly Released Wii U eShop Title Canvaleon! 1625187496
I agree great feature @Rukiafan this was an excellent read! Smile
Disappointed this wasn't released in Germany. I wanted to try this.

@SKTTR wrote:Disappointed this wasn't released in Germany. I wanted to try this.

There seems to be a buncha games missing in Germany. Twisted Evil
Beautiful interview @Rukiafan! I love you
I love all of the exclusives the staff on this website have been publishing over the past few weeks! I love you
Mario fan of the 80s
Goodness gracious how many exclusives are you going to publish this month?! Nice interview @Rukiafan.
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