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We recently got the opportunity to interview the folks responsible for developing the upcoming Wii U eshop bullet-hell shoot em' up title Teslapunk. This was our first group audio interview so we apologize for the awkward and nervous discussion and promise that our next group interview will go much more smoothly! Be sure to checkout the video above to watch the full interview and leave us your thoughts in our comments below!

WiiWareWave Show: We Interview The Developers of The Upcoming Wii U eshop Title Teslapunk! Rukiafan7

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Aqua Cherry Blossom
It did seem awkward, but at the same time all of you seemed to have a good time a laughed a lot so it felt genuine and unscripted which in my opinion is better than a scripted audio feature where the crew doesn't put much emotion in their voices. Smile

Nice interview lol. Smile
I enjoyed this interview.
Good questions. Lots of information. Nice developers.
I just have seen some art and a trailer for Teslapunk.
All together sold me on the game.

Now how much will it be? That's the only question left.

I know it's just an audio interview, but I've seen you edited it a bit.
If you could add some game art, screenshots, trailer, or gameplay, you could transform this into an even cooler video interview. Wink
Good interview. @Skttr agreed.
This interview was awesome! Very Happy
I agree with SKTTR, but it's still very good as is Smile
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