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Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87

May 23rd 2015, 3:13 pm
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Mushroom%20Force%20Group%20Banner%20A_zpsvfahzdr2

While vacationing in a far-off land with his brother Luigi and Princess Peach, Mario has disappeared without a trace! Seeing only one option, the brilliant scientist Professor Elvin Gadd activates the Mushroom Force initiative, pulling a number of humans from our world into the Mushroom Kingdom. One-by-one, they retrieve the mysterious Star Coins, gaining new powers they must use to defend the Mushroom Kingdom from the forces of the Koopa Kingdom and their cruel master, Bowser.

They are...the Power Rangers Mushroom Force!

A REMINDER that this thread is for READING EPISODES ONLY! Please keep discussions of the series in the Fan Club thread located right here!

Welcome to this new version of Power Rangers Mushroom Force! The series will be played out as an episodic adventure in a similar manner to Crystals of Silveria, though the way the episodes are uploaded will be very different. Each story will be broken up into multiple segments and uploaded to this very forum thread, with one new segment every day or so; these segments collect together into groupings, with each grouping being a complete episode.

The story of Mushroom Force is much like a traditional Power Rangers or Super Sentai series, though featuring characters and settings from the Mario universe. Bowser and his evil Koopalings send a monster to attack the Mushroom Kingdom, and the Mushroom Force is sent to stop it. Each Ranger holds up his or her Star Coin and calls out, "Power of the [ITEM NAME]!", transforming them into their Ranger form and granting them new powers they can use to defeat the monster.

Eventually, the monster grows to a colossal size, prompting the Rangers to summon their Gaddmecha, enormous robots modelled after creatures native to the Mushroom World, which can combine into powerful Super Mecha forms. Once the monster is destroyed, the Rangers have saved the day! But Bowser plots his next scheme to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, meaning the Rangers must always be prepared.

The series will be starting within the next 24 hours! Before that, though, it's time for a line-up of the current main cast members (artwork coming soon!):

Rukiafan as Rukiafan and Bowser Jr.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsnwiwnxphPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Ranger_zpszkeljmlsPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Bowser%20Jr._zpsvuh7lo0k

Marioman18 as Marioman and Morton
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsec6dgbmtPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Ranger_zpsstlktm4uPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Morton_zpsvhwrlcwv

GamerZack87 as Zack and Boom Boom
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Azure%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zps1bxzrmydPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Boom%20Boom_zps7lgpd3vv

BurstDashV8 as Dash and Iggy
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Green%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsvlkb2tbhPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Iggy_zpsymsr611l

Kushina as Kushina and Wendy
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Pink%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsstbcw5erPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Wendy_zpskc2zbivu

Aqua Cherry Blossom as Eureka and Larry
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Cyan%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsvbid9z9lPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Larry_zpseunllt15

ReverseInverse as Lemmy
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Lemmy_zpskwefw3vk

Ragnarok as Ragna and Roy
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Purple%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpshkvtctxkPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Roy_zpsyancwrfc

passioNATE as Kamek
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Kamek_zpseucyqo7a

Clannad as Clannad and Kamella
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 White%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsxoozfjetPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Kamella_zpsweh3jb7i

KingreX32 as Ludwig
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Ludwig_zpsxxurbv4t

Otaku as Luigi
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Luigi_zpsoeiofjwa

Epona as Epona and Cosmic Spirit
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Amber%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsx8jiv3s2Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Cosmic%20Spirit_zpspqjtptga

bro2dragons as Bowser
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Bowser_zpskm0aalvw


Executive Producer

Keep a look out for the series, coming soon! victory

Big thanks to Super Mario Wiki for the images not drawn by myself. This is the best Super Mario-themed wiki on the Internet, so please check it out!

Last edited by GamerZack87 on June 23rd 2015, 11:17 pm; edited 9 times in total

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Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87

May 23rd 2015, 9:35 pm
Episode 1: The Mushroom Force Initiative

Rukiafan as Rukiafan

Marioman18 as Marioman

GamerZack87 as Zack

BurstDashV8 as Dash

Kushina as Kushina

Aqua Cherry Blossom as Eureka

and Clannad as Clannad



Scene 1: Gadd Science, Inc.: Late Night

Professor Elvin Gadd, a genius scientist, is busy working on his personal computer.

Gadd: And...there. Perfect!

The power-up sound from the original Super Mario Bros. emerges from the speakers.

Gadd: Ah, I have received a personal message from Luigi! How is my old friend doing? Let's see...click! And...! Yabo yabo! This is most alarming news indeed!

An alarm suddenly sounds throughout Gadd's laboratory.

Gadd: Oh my! I must check on my top-secret project!

Gadd leaps out of his chair and races through the door.


Gadd bursts through another door into a room filled with high-tech equipment. In the corner of the room is an energy display case containing eight brightly-coloured Coins.

Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Green%20Star%20Coin_zpsguaromlqPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Pink%20Star%20Coin_zpswzqog7ywPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Cyan%20Star%20Coin_zps68spqc58Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Star%20Coin_zpscc8hl5pq
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Purple%20Star%20Coin_zpsonzjdsp6Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Orange%20Star%20Coin_zpsv3oxyyinPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Star%20Coin_zpsdtecj8kiPower Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Blue%20Star%20Coin_zpsme3ig7xj

Gadd: The alarm sounded from within this room...but I fail to see what caused it to sound...


Gadd: No...it couldn't be...?

The evil tyrant, Bowser, emerges from the shadows.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Bowser_zpskm0aalvw

Bowser: You better believe it is! King Bowser is in the building!

Gadd: What do you want? There is nothing here you can use!

Bowser: Oh, don't give me that whole, "It's too advanced for your tiny mind to understand" speech.

Gadd: Well, there is that, but I meant-

Bowser: Gonna cut you off there, Cad. What do we have here?

Bowser approaches the energy tube.

Bowser: You a Coin collector or something, Cad?

Gadd: My name is Professor Elvin GADD, sir!

Bowser: "Sir", eh? I like the sound of that!

Bowser stares at the Coins.

Bowser: So colourful...and so much power...I want them! Give them to me!

Gadd: Yabo yabo! The Star Coins cannot be used by the likes of-

Bowser: Blah, blah, blah, "You can't have them because you're evil!" I heard it all before! Now, lower the energy-barrier...thingie.

Gadd: I will not! And the Star Coins cannot be used by you because you are the wrong species!

Bowser: Oh, so now you're being prejudist against turtles? That's cold, Cad. Real cold.

Gadd: What I mean is that you are genetically incompatible to even grasp one!

Bowser: Well, we'll just see about that...

Bowser touches the Red Star Coin, which causes all eight Coins to disappear in a flash of light.

Bowser: WHAT?! Wh-Where did it go?

Gadd: I warned you! Now the Star Coins are scattered across the world.

Bowser: Buh...buh...but I...I have to find them!

Bowser presses a button, blowing a hole in the wall. He leaps through the hole and into his Koopa Clown Car.

Bowser: You'll pay for this, Cad!

Bowser flies the Koopa Clown Car away.

Gadd: Things could not become much worse.


Gadd: What?! No, this is not a good time for it to begin! Oh, yabo yabo, what do I do?!

Scene 2: The Zack Cave: Evening

Zack is busy using the website WiiWareWave.

Zack: What's Rukiafan posted about my avatar...?

Rukiafan's Post: Forget Ichigo, where's Bowser Jr? Razz

Zack snickers.

Zack: Oh, this could go on for a while...

GamerZack87's Post: Forget Bowser Jr., where's the rest of the strawberry patch? Razz

A message reading, "You have received a Private Message from Rukiafan" appears at the top of the screen. Zack goes into his PMs and finds one from "Rukiafan" titled, "Mushroom Force Initiative".

Zack: Mushroom Force...? Rukiafan must have posted a news article.

Zack clicks the link, opening the message.


Zack: Okay then...?

Suddenly, Zack's screen begins swirling into a blue spiral. It emerges from his screen, pulling him through the vortex.


Zack soon realises he's standing up.

Zack: I'm not falling at all! But what is this thing...?

Zack reaches out to touch the wall.


The vortex disappears, leaving Zack standing in the middle of a vast plain.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Azure%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zps1bxzrmyd

Zack: What the...?

Zack examines his surroundings, recognising nothing surrounding him.

Zack: Weird...

Suddenly, another column of swirling blue energy lands next to him, before pulling back into the sky. A young man about Zack's age is standing there.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsnwiwnxph

Zack: This is getting weird...

Zack examines the man, who seems to be just as confused as him. Zack's eyes widen.

Zack: Rukiafan?!

Rukiafan: You know me?

Zack: Yeah, on WiiWareWave!

Rukiafan: Hm...

Rukiafan examines Zack.

Rukiafan: ...Zack?

Zack: Yep!

Rukiafan: Whoa, it's awesome to finally meet you in person!

Zack: Same here!

Rukiafan: But...where are we...?

Zack looks around.

Zack: If I had to guess...I'd say the Mushroom Kingdom.

Rukiafan: Really? Weird...

Zack: I know...

A third vortex lands on the ground and retreats, leaving a young woman with red hair standing nearby.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Pink%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsstbcw5er

Woman: Oh...what's going on?

Rukiafan: Kushina?

Kushina: Yes?

Rukiafan: We're Rukiafan and Zack, from WiiWareWave!

Kushina: Oh...

Zack: Did you both get the PM as well?

Rukiafan: I did. It said it was from Clannad.

Zack: Mine said it was from you.

Kushina: I received mine from Aqua Cherry Blossom.

Zack: So if we've all received the same message, then...

Rukiafan: ...others must be here as well!

Kushina: It appears we're in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Zack: We should look for the others.

Kushina: I agree, Zacky-chan. But where do we start?

Rukiafan notices a sign.

Rukiafan: "One-One Plains"...surely that can't be a real place.

Zack: It fits the theme, I guess.

Kushina: I just saw another blue swirl! Over there!

Rukiafan: Let's hurry!

Zack: Right!


The three friends arrive at the edge of a canyon. At the bottom is a rapidly-moving river.

Kushina: The swirl landed right here.

Rukiafan: But I don't see anyone...oh no. You don't think...?!

Zack: No...surely not!

Kushina looks to the base of the canyon.

Kushina: They might have fallen into the river!

The three friends look worried.

To be Continued...

Scene 3: One-One Gorge: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

Rukiafan, Kushina and Zack try to figure out what to do.

Kushina: We must find a way to help them!

Rukiafan: But what can we do?!

Zack: Um...why is Eureka from Eureka Seven standing there...?

A young woman is standing nearby.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Cyan%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsvbid9z9l

"Eureka": Pardon?

The young woman examines her clothes, then looks at her reflection in a nearby puddle.

Rukiafan: You're the one who landed in this spot?

"Eureka": Oh dear, I've become my original avatar on WiiWareWave lol!

Zack: Aqua Cherry Blossom...?

"Eureka": That's me! Well, more or less, anyway.

Rukiafan: Then what should we call you?

"Eureka": I guess Eureka's fine.

Kushina: It is a pleasure to meet you.

Eureka: I'm guessing you're Kushina, Rukiafan and Zack then?

Rukiafan: Yeah, it's us.

Voice: Um...could somebody help me, please...?

Zack: I know that voice...

Zack looks across the gorge, and sees a familiar individual standing on the opposite side.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Green%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsvlkb2tbh

Zack: Wait a second...Dash?!

Dash: Oh, hey Zack. How are you?

Zack: How did you get here?!

Dash: Good question. I was checking out some things on WiiWareWave, including your detailed story of Crystals of Silveria, when I received a Private Message from someone named Marioman. I wondered if I should check it out, so I did. Then I ended up over here.

Rukiafan: But how do we get you over to this side?!

Eureka: There's a bridge over there lol!

Rukiafan and Zack look over at a conveniently-placed bridge.

Zack: Uh...was that bridge always there...?

Kushina: Even I noticed it, Zacky-chan!

Eureka: Silly boys!

Rukiafan facepalms.

Scene 4: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The five allies trek through the field, looking for anyone else who might be here.

Rukiafan: We've been walking for hours...

Eureka: It's only been 20 minutes.

Rukiafan: Can't we stop and rest for a moment?

A scream suddenly sounds out from nearby.

Zack: What was that?!

Eureka: I'll give you three guesses lol.

Rukiafan: Someone's in trouble!

Dash: Oh no! We should help them!

Kushina: It came from that way!


The five allies come across two other individuals, a young man and a young woman, surrounded by Goombas.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsec6dgbmt Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 White%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsxoozfjet

Woman: EEK! Marioman, we're surrounded by Goombas!

Marioman: I know what to do, Clannad!

Marioman takes a step forward.

Marioman: Hey, Goombas! Prepare to get stomped!

Goomba #1: You? Stomp us? Puh-lease!

Goomba #2: Yeah, I bet you have all the jumping prowess of a Whomp!

Goomba #3: Heheheh...good one!

Marioman: Oh yeah? Well...uh...HEEEEEEELP!

Rukiafan: Oh no! We have to do something!

Dash: I agree, but what can we do?

Goomba #4: You can't do nothin'!

Zack: I agree! We can do something!

Goomba #4: You correctin' me, noob?

Zack: What did you call me? What did that thing just call me?!

Goomba #4: I said...YOU...ARE...A...NOOOOOOO-

Voice: Oh no! I can't...I can't control this thing!

A Goomba in an enormous green shoe bounces into the fray.

Goomba #3: Wait...what are you doing?!

Shoomba: I knew piloting the motorised shoe was a mistake!

Other Goombas: NOOOOOOO!

Shoomba stomps on the other four Goombas, flattening them and turning them into white number 100s which float away.

Shoomba: No...what have I done...?!

Shoomba bounces away. The humans breathe a sigh of relief.

Clannad: That was close...

Marioman: Bit of an unusual situation, wouldn't you agree?

Rukiafan: Clannad?

Clannad: Yes?

Zack: And now, the obligatory introductions...

Scene 5: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

Marioman: So it looks like we're all in this predicament, then.

Clannad: But why are we here?

Rukiafan: Good question...

Voice: I knew it was a mistake to send Goombas to do a simple job! All they had to do was find a single Coin, and instead they wiped out each other!

Rukiafan: What is it now?!

Bowser Jr. flies down to the ground in his Koopa Clown Car. He leaps out and examines the humans.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Bowser%20Jr._zpsvuh7lo0k

Bowser Jr.: Well now, what do we have here...?

Zack: Y-You're...Bowser Jr.!

Bowser Jr.: Yep! I'm the Koopa Prince! And what are you all supposed to be?

Marioman: We're humans. From Earth.

Bowser Jr. (mocking tone): "We're huuuuumans! From Earrrth!" BAH!

The humans become nervous.

Bowser Jr.: You all look like a bunch of noobs to me!

An evil grin appears on Bowser Jr.'s face.

Bowser Jr.: I know just what to do with you! Koopa Troopas...ATTAAAAAAACK!

Two Koopa Troopas, one green and one red, leap out from the Koopa Clown Car.

Zack: How did they both fit in there with you?!

Bowser Jr.: You ask a lot of questions.

Zack: I like to learn stuff.

Bowser Jr.: Well, in a sec you'll learn what it's like to be hit by a Koopa Troopa shell!

The two Koopa Troopas leap inside their shells and spin towards the humans.


To be Continued...

Scene 6: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The two Koopa Troopas continue to spin towards the humans.

Rukiafan: What do we do?!

Marioman: We run!

Eureka: And just where do we run? Those Koopa Troopas are spinning towards us faster than we can escape!

Bowser Jr.: EHEHEHEHEEEEEEEH! You can't escape, "pumans"!

The Koopa Troopas close in on the humans, when suddenly they collide with each other, flinging to opposite sides of the area. They emerge from their shells and stumble around in a daze.

Marioman: Okay, now?

Eureka: Now!

The humans run to safety. Bowser Jr. leaps up and down in the air in a temper.

Bowser Jr.: NOOOOOOO! After them, you knuckleheads!

The Koopa Troopas shake their heads and return to normal, then proceed to run after the humans.

Scene 7: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The humans run into a clearing. They slow down and start panting.

Marioman: Did we...lose them...?

Kushina: I certainly hope so.

Suddenly, a bright yellow light shines nearby. The humans are awe-struck.

Rukiafan: Whoa...what is that?

Kushina: It's so beautiful.

Zack: It's...a Coin.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Star%20Coin_zpscc8hl5pq

Eureka: Way to dampen the mood lol.

Rukiafan approaches the Coin.

Dash: Um...are you sure that's a good idea?

Rukiafan: What? It's only a Coin. What harm could it do?

Rukiafan reaches out to touch the Coin, which slowly spins in mid-air. The others wait in anticipation as he grabs the Coin.

Marioman: ...nothing's happening.

Rukiafan: It feels warm...it's kind of nice, actually.

Zack: It sure is hot property!

A rimshot sounds. Eureka facepalms.

Eureka: Oh, brother...

Voice: Now we got you!

The humans spin around and see the Koopa Troopas running into the clearing.

Green Koopa Troopa: Now you're finished!

Red Koopa Troopa: Yeah! You goin' dooooooown!

Clannad: EEP! What do we do now?!

Kushina: Rukiafan, your Coin! Maybe it does something!

Rukiafan: O-Okay...I'll try...

Rukiafan clutches the Coin in his hand, holding his fist in front of his face.

Rukiafan: With the power of the seven Chaos Stars...I become...Super Rukiafan!

Nothing happens. Crickets chirp loudly.

Eureka: Who do you think you are, Sonic the Hedgehog lol?

Dash: Haha, good one Eureka!

Rukiafan: ...it was worth a shot...

A mysterious entity appears in front of Rukiafan. It whispers to him.

Entity: ...Yellow Ranger...

The entity disappears. Rukiafan is gobsmacked.

Rukiafan: Whoa, did you guys see that?!

Zack: See what?

Rukiafan: Never mind. Lemme try something...

Rukiafan holds the Coin in both hands, stretching them out in front of him.


Nothing happens. Crickets chirp loudly.

Rukiafan: Dang it!

Voice: No no! You must hold your hand high in the air, and call out, "Power of the Lightning Bolt!"

Rukiafan: Huh?

Rukiafan looks at Zack.

Zack: What? I didn't say anything.

Rukiafan: It sure sounded like you, though.

Voice: No, it was I, Professor Elvin Gadd!

Gadd arrives in the scene riding what appears to be a turbo-powered vacuum cleaner.

Zack: Professor E. Gadd?!

Gadd: We can introduce ourselves later! For now, do as I suggested!

Rukiafan: Uh...o-okay then...here I go...

Rukiafan holds his Coin in the air.

Rukiafan: "Power of the Lightning Bolt!"

Nothing happens.

Clannad: Nothing's happening.

Eureka: Oh dear, it didn't work.

Zack: Wait a sec...no cricket chirps. That means something's about to-

Rukiafan suddenly morphs into a new form in a flash of yellow light.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Ranger_zpszkeljmls

Zack: -happen.

Dash: Wow! That's impressive!

Kushina: You're a Power Ranger!

Rukiafan examines his new form.

Rukiafan: Amazing! I...I feel so powerful!

Rukiafan looks over at the Koopa Troopas. He points in their direction.

Rukiafan: You turtles are in trouble now!

Koopa Troopas: Uh-oh...!

To be Continued...

Scene 8: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The Koopa Troopas stare at Rukiafan.

Green Koopa Troopa: Hey, your helmet is shaped like a Koopa Troopa!

Red Koopa Troopa: You rippin' off our style, wannabe?

Rukiafan: You'll eat those words, my friend!

Red Koopa Troopa: Ain't no way I'd be friends with some...some two-bit rip-off like you!

Rukiafan: Fine, have it your way.

Rukiafan races towards the Green Koopa Troopa, tackling into it. The Koopa Troopa retreats into his shell.

Dash: Wow, impressive!

Marioman: He's a real Power Ranger!

Rukiafan: That's one down, and one to-

The Green Koopa Troopa, inside its shell, slams into Rukiafan and sends him flying into a bush.

Zack: That Koopa Troopa just whacked Rukiafan into that green land-cloud!

Eureka: I'm pretty sure that's a bush lol.

Zack: And it's time for Zack's Super Mario Factoid!

The title screen theme for Super Mario Bros. 2 begins playing, and the curtain graphic from the character select menu appears on-screen.

Eureka: Uh...come again?

Zack turns to face the others, and the camera pans so that Zack is also facing the viewers.

Zack: If you look to my left-

A cloud graphic from the original Super Mario Bros. appears on the right-hand side of the screen.

Zack: -you'll see a cloud from the original Super Mario Bros.

Marioman: Very impressive! But...how did you make that image appear?

Zack: I'm a wizard. Anyway...

A bush graphic from the original Super Mario Bros. appears underneath the cloud sprite.

Zack: And here is a bush, also from said game. If you look carefully, you'll notice that they are exactly the same. It's just that the colours are different!

Dash: Wow, I do see that! Good one, Tomodachi-san!

Zack: And that same palette-swapping was used decades later in one of my favourite courses in Mario Kart 7!

The curtain graphic closes, then moves upwards until it disappears from the screen.

Rukiafan: Well...that was...um...educational, I guess?

Green Koopa Troopa: SURPRISE ATTACK!

The Green Koopa Troopa slams into Rukiafan again, knocking him - and the bush - across the clearing.

Rukiafan: Oh, that is IT! You're in trouble now!

Green Koopa Troopa: And just what could you possibly-

Rukiafan: I call on the Power of...LIGHTNING!

Rukiafan swings his fist at the Green Koopa Troopa. After a few seconds, a bolt of lightning strikes the Koopa Troopa from the sky, zapping him and blasting him into the horizon.

Green Koopa Troopa: YAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!1!!!!

Red Koopa Troopa: GREENY!

The Red Koopa Troopa glares at Rukiafan.

Red Koopa Troopa: Noone does that to Greenie! You're goin' down, Toad Force Yellow!

Kushina: Toad Force...?

Gadd: I modelled your friend's Power on Toad Force V. It is my favourite televisual programme!

Marioman: So it's like our world's Power Rangers, then?

Gadd: I am not familiar with "Power Rangers", but if you say it is so, then yes.

Rukiafan: No, YOU'RE going down, Koopa...Force...Red...! Yeah, you heard right!

Marioman: Yes! Rukiafan's got this!


Clannad: Oh dear, that cackle was frightening!

Dash: I agree.

Voice: You're all finished, humans!

Kamek flies down, riding a wooden broom.

Zack: Wow, it's Kamek the Magikoopa!

Kamek: Well, it appears I have a fan! But I'm afraid I must eliminate you anyway.

Kamek flies off into the air.

Marioman: HA! He's leaving!

Eureka: I don't think that's what he's doing lol.

Marioman: What?! Then what could he possibly do?

Zack: I have an idea. You know in Yoshi's Island, how Kamek made nearly every boss grow huge?

Marioman: Yes...?

Zack: Well, he's turning around and holding a wand.

Eureka: Uh-oh...

Clannad: Oh no!

Kamek flies over the Koopa Troopa, releasing a wave of rainbow magical energy. He begins coating the Koopa Troopa with the energy before flying past. He turns around and flies back over the Koopa Troopa, spreading more magical energy over it.

Kamek: I'm out of here! So long, humans! EEEEEEEHEHEHEHE- Oh, blast! I dropped my wand in One-One Gorge! Oh well, I won't be needing it anymore! EEEEEEEHEHEHEHEH!

The Koopa Troopa begins to grow in size, becoming monstrous in appearance at it does so.

Rukiafan: This is bad...

The Koopa Troopa finishes growing. It is now a ridiculously-colossal size, and is especially fearsome.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 SMW2_HookbilltheKoopa

Giant Koopa Troopa: You cannot defeat me now, puman! WAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

Rukiafan: This is bad...

To be Continued...

Scene 9: Gadd Science, Inc.: Morning

An alarm sounds throughout the lab.


Scene 10: One-One Plains: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The Giant Koopa Troopa looks down at Rukiafan.

Giant Koopa Troopa: Look at you! You're so tiny, like a little bug! I think I'll squish you just for my personal amusement!

Zack: Did growing into a gigantic monster improve your vocabulary?

Giant Koopa Troopa: I'm squishing you next, puny firetop!

Zack: But I don't have my own powers!

Giant Koopa Troopa: Then it'll be especially easy for me! BAHAHAHAHAAAAAH!

Gadd ponders for a moment, before a lightbulb appears above his head.

Gadd: I have just the solution! Mushroom Force Yellow.

Rukiafan: Uh...yeah?

Gadd: You must summon your Koopa Troopa Gaddmecha.

Rukiafan: My Koopa Dooda Whatsitnow?

Gadd: Just raise your hand in the air and say, "I summon the Power of the Gaddmecha!"

Rukiafan: Uh...okay then.

Rukiafan raises his hand in the air.

Rukiafan: I summon the Power of the Gaddmecha!


We cut to a view of some distant mountains. A giant yellow Koopa shell is sitting between two mountains. Two pairs of robotic legs emerge from the shell, followed by a robotic Koopa Troopa head. It lets out a classic Koopa Troopa cry, before stomping toward the battleground.


The Koopa Troopa Gaddmecha arrives in the battle.

Rukiafan: Whoa, it's a Koopa Troopa Mecha!

Gadd: Mecha...yabo yabo! That's a perfect abbreviation!

Zack: It's crawling on all-fours, like a Shellcreeper.

Dash: Shellcreeper? What's that?

Zack: It's an enemy which appeared in the game Mario Bros. It was replaced by Koopa Troopas in Super Mario Bros.

Dash: Oh, interesting...

Rukiafan: This is awesome! But...how do I get into it?

Gadd: Simply leap onto its head.

Rukiafan: What?! How do I do that?!

Gadd: Your Powers will assist you.

Rukiafan: Oh...cool. Here I go!

Rukiafan leaps onto the Koopa Troopa Mecha's head, leaving a trail of yellow blurs in his wake.

Rukiafan: That was cool!

Rukiafan opens the hatch and leaps inside.


Rukiafan: Hey, neat! I think I know how to pilot this thing! But...how could I know how to ride it?

Rukiafan removes his Star Coin from his belt buckle and places it into a round slot on the control panel. The Koopa Troopa Mecha fully activates.

Rukiafan: Haha! Now it's time to fight turtle...with...turtle...! Yeah!

Rukiafan grabs the controls, which resemble a yellow GameCube controller.


The Koopa Troopa Mecha charges forward, tackling into the Giant Koopa Troopa and knocking him over. The monster stands up and shakes his fists.

Giant Koopa Troopa: You'll pay for that!

The monster bites onto the Mecha's shell, clamping down and causing sparks to fly into the air.


Rukiafan: Whoa! I have to get free! But how..? Wait! I've got it! A little trick I learned from ol' Greeny!

Rukiafan begins rotating the Control Stick.


The Mecha spins in a circle, dislodging the monster and sending it flying. The monster crashes to the ground, flailing its arms and legs in the air.

Giant Koopa Troopa: Hey! You cheated! You're not a real Koopa Troopa!


Rukiafan: Time to finish this once and for all!

Rukiafan begins spinning the Control Stick again, then while doing so, presses and holds the A Button.


The Mecha spins at high speed, then charges straight at the monster.


The Mecha ploughs right through the monster. It rumbles and falls over, then explodes in a burst of rainbow energy similar to the one at the end of a boss battle in Yoshi's Island.

The others cheer and leap in the air.

Humans: WOO-HOO!

Eureka: He did it!

Dash: Great on him!

Kushina: That was amazing!

Clannad: I'm glad it's over.

Zack: I'm still awe-struck at the experience!

Bowser Jr. NOOOOOOOO! You pumans messed up everything!


Rukiafan: That was intense! Level clear!

Scene 11: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

The humans, including a now-demorphed Rukiafan, sit at a table. Gadd sits at the far end.

Gadd: You did a fantastic effort, Rukiafan.

Rukiafan: You really think so?

The others all show their agreement.

Gadd: Oh, yabo yabo, yes! I could not have expected better from an Earth human.

Marioman: So why are we here?

Gadd: Well as you all know, the protectors of the Mushroom Kingdom are Mario and Luigi.

Eureka: Of course.

Gadd: I developed the Mushroom Force program in the event of the brothers' absence. Your arrival coincides with the disappearance of-

Marioman: Mario?

Gadd: Precisely.

Marioman: So much for getting to meet him in person...

Gadd: And, with Luigi gone on a globe-spanning adventure to locate him, the computer has automatically begun the Mushroom Force Initiative, to recruit young humans from your world who each possess knowledge of ours in order to become a team of powerful superheroes...the Mushroom Force!

Zack: So we all get to be Rangers?

Gadd: Oh, yabo yabo, yes!

Dash: Great! So...may we please know when we can have our powers?

Gadd: Unfortunately, Bowser attempted to steal the Star Coins today, which scattered across the land. You were lucky to land near the Yellow Star Coin, which meant one of you were able to obtain your Powers immediately.

Kushina: Then where are the others?

Gadd: They will make themselves known in time. Our scanners will immediately detect whenever a new one has been located. However...

Eureka: ...the Koopas will know it too.

Gadd: Exactly. That makes being the first to track them crucial. We do have one thing on our side, though.

Rukiafan: Which is what?

Gadd: The Star Coins have certain security measures placed upon them to prevent them from being used by anyone but yourselves:

  • The Star Coins can only be used by a human. If a non-human touches one, they will warp themselves to individual random locations.

    Once a human touches a Star Coin, it will be bonded to them, and only they may use it. If someone other than another Ranger touches a Star Coin, it will immediately warp to its owner.

    If Professor Elvin Gadd should touch a Star Coin, it will immediately warp to a secret location in Gadd Science, Incorporated.

Zack: It sounds like you've pulled all the stops to make this program stable.

Gadd: Oh, yabo yabo, yes! If this program were to fall into the wrong hands...still, it is a treat that you are all here to help us defend the Mushroom Kingdom!

The others become excited, though Clannad seems a little nervous.

Eureka: Um, Professor...

Gadd: Yes, Eureka?

Eureka: I was wondering why some of us look like our avatars on WiiWareWave.

Gadd: Well, the warp system isn't ENTIRELY perfect, so there may be a bit of crossover between your human and avatar forms. But rest assured that you will return to normal, should you ever return to your world.

Clannad: That's a relief.

Dash: Indeed.

Gadd: Well, shall I give you the grand tour?

Team: YEAH!

Gadd: Follow me, then.

The team follows Gadd out of the room.

Scene 12: Bowser's Castle: Koopa Kingdom: Afternoon

Bowser Jr. stands before Bowser, who is in a rage.

Bowser: And it just blew him up?!

Bowser Jr.: Yeah! I hate that yellow freak!

Bowser: This is just great! Mario and Luigi leave, and then these..."pumans"...just show up and ruin my plans for the Star Coins!

Bowser Jr.: Um...about that...

Bowser: What is it, Junior?

Bowser Jr.: One of them mentioned "Mario-Man".

Bowser: But that means...

Bowser Jr.: Mario must be helping those losers!

Bowser: Yeah, and HE'S ripping off Wario-Man! Oh, this is delicious...

Bowser Jr.: Hey, maybe we can bait Mario out of hiding!

Bowser: I like the sound of that! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!


Rukiafan and Bowser Jr.


Zack and Prof. E. Gadd



Aqua Cherry Blossom




Giant Koopa Troopa



Rukiafan and GamerZack87


Executive Producer

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Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87

May 27th 2015, 4:09 pm
This thread has been Tacked. Wink

Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Rukiafan7

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Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87

May 31st 2015, 6:17 pm
Episode 2: Seeing Red

Rukiafan as Rukiafan

Marioman18 as Marioman

GamerZack87 as Zack

BurstDashV8 as Dash

Kushina as Kushina

Aqua Cherry Blossom as Eureka

and Clannad as Clannad



Scene 1: Gadd Science, Inc.: Night

Zack is busy working on a PC. Rukiafan walks into the lab.

Rukiafan: You're still awake, Zack?

Zack doesn't turn to look at Rukiafan, but he still acknowledges his presence.

Zack: Huh? Oh yeah. Once I start something, I tend to stay motivated as long as I keep busy. Here, put this on.

Zack hands a yellow and green watch-like device to Rukiafan.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Cellwatch%20with%20Bunbun_zps6cfru1kl

Rukiafan: A watch?

Zack: Yep. A very special watch!

Rukiafan: How so?

Zack: Well, not only will it tell you the time, but it also acts as a long-range communicator.

Rukiafan: Neat.

Zack: I worked really hard to make that for you.

Rukiafan: You made this?!

Zack: Yep. You'd be amazed at how advanced the Professor's 3D printer is.

Rukiafan: I'm impressed! Nice work, Zack!

Zack: Thanks. I even added a special feature: a V-pet!

Rukiafan: Really?

Rukiafan looks at the screen.

Rukiafan: Whoa, awesome! It's one of those flying enemies from Super Mario Land!

Zack: Its name is Bunbun. Bee sure you take care of it!

Rukiafan: I see what you did there!

Zack: Haha!

Rukiafan: Well, try not to stay awake too long, okay?

Zack: I just have one last thing to do.

Rukiafan: Okay. Goodnight.

Zack: Goodnight.

Rukiafan leaves the room. Zack raises his left wrist closer to his face. He is wearing a blue and dark grey version of Rukiafan's watch-like device.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Azure%20Cellwatch%20with%20Mekabon_zpslbd5nbca

Zack: Time to feed you, Mekabon!

Scene 2: Bowser's Castle: Night

Bowser slouches in his throne, snoring loudly. A Koopaling with spiky green hair races up to him.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Iggy_zpsymsr611l

Koopaling: Boss! Boss! It's incredulous!

Bowser stirs.

Bowser: ZZZZZ- what? Who said that?!

Iggy: It is I, Iggy Koopa, your loyal servant!

Bowser: Iggy...? Oh yeah, you're the nut-job who always laughs maniacally.

Iggy: No, that's my brother Lemmy Koopa.

Bowser: Potahto, tomayto. Whaddaya want?

Iggy: Well, you know how you want to lure Mario out of hiding?

Bowser: Yeah?

Iggy: I have devised the most brilliant trap for him! We use the Red Star Coin as bait!

Bowser: Hm...good plan.

Iggy: Thank you, Boss!

Bowser: It just has one flaw...WE DON'T KNOW WHERE TO FIND THE RED STAR COIN!

Iggy: Ah, but Ludwig has built a contraption which can detect a Star Coin's presence the moment it lets out a signal.

Bowser: Ludwig...is he the one who always wears a bow?

Iggy: No, you're thinking of Wendy.

Bowser: Ah, there are so many of you it's hard to keep track.

Iggy: Um...there are only seven of us, Boss.

Bowser: Well, there might as well be seventeen. I can't tell you apart, that's for sure.

Iggy: Anyway, once the Red Star Coin lets out its signal, the Rangers will surely make their way directly to its location.

Bowser: Uh-huh...

Iggy: Then, we plant a fake Red Star Coin nearby, which will not only let out a replica of its signal, but dampen the signal of the REAL Red Star Coin!

Bowser: Sounds devious. I like it!

Iggy: Ooh-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! Thank you, Boss!

Bowser: So what do we do once the pumans have taken the bait?

Iggy: We unleash my latest creation on them. Those Rangers are about to become lunch!

Bowser: And Mario will be gone for good! I'll be unstoppable! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

To be Continued...

Scene 3: Gadd Science, Inc.: Morning

Rukiafan walks into the conference room, rubbing his eye.

Rukiafan: I slept like a baby...

Zack: Morning.

Rukiafan looks over at Zack, who is sitting at the opposite side of the table.

Rukiafan: WAAH! How long have you been sitting there?!

Zack: An hour.

Rukiafan: Doing what, exactly?

Zack: Mostly playing with Mekabon.

Rukiafan: Mecha-who?

Zack: Mekabon, the V-pet in my Cellwatch.

Zack points to his Cellwatch.

Rukiafan: You made one for yourself too?

Zack: Sure, why not?

Rukiafan: But you don't have any powers yet. Will that thing even work?

Zack: Well, yes, the communication feature will work, but I can only contact someone with powers.

Rukiafan: Oh, okay.

Rukiafan notices another Cellwatch on the table.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Cellwatch%20with%20Pompon_zpscwbl6jot

Rukiafan: Wow, how many of those things did you make last night?!

Zack: Just three. I'm waiting for the others to wake up so they can decide who gets to own it.

Rukiafan: I think these should only be given to those of us with powers.

Zack: That's fair. Okay, whoever gets the next Star Coin gets to keep this Cellwatch!

Rukiafan: Agreed.

Marioman: Mine!

Marioman is standing next to Zack, holding the Cellwatch and examining it.

Zack: WAH!

Marioman: Oh, 'sup Wario?

Zack: How long have you been standing there?!

Marioman: Long enough to know these things are awesome! I must have it!

Rukiafan: But this one's going to be given to the next Ranger.

Marioman: Well, you better hope it's me, then, cause I want this one!

Rukiafan: Why do you want that specific Cellwatch, Marioman?

Marioman: Because it's Mario's colours.

Zack: He does have a point.

Rukiafan sighs.

Rukiafan: Fine. But the next ones go to fully-powered Rangers.

Marioman: Agreed.

An alarm sounds throughout the room.

Rukiafan: What was that?!

The giant monitor on the wall next to the table switches on, displaying the detected location of the Red Star Coin.

Zack: The Red Star Coin! It's-

Marioman: MINE!

Rukiafan: What are you, two years old?!

Marioman: It's red. I like red. Plus, we did agree that I'd be the next Ranger.

Rukiafan: No, YOU agreed to that when you swiped it from Zack!

Marioman: Fair enough. Still, let's go find that Coin!

Zack: Wait, shouldn't we wake the others first?

Rukiafan: No, let them sleep. We had a big battle yesterday.

Zack: Okay then. Let's move!

The team runs out of the room.

Scene 4: Warp Room: Gadd Science, Inc.: Morning

The trio arrives in a large, round room. The walls are lined with entrances to Warp Pipes.

Marioman: Whoa...

Zack: This is the Warp Room. It connects to every world in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Rukiafan: Wait...we just walk through one and instantly end up in another location?

Zack: Well, there's a little more to it than that. Gadd explained it in a way which makes sense to me, but might confuse others.

Marioman: Try me.

Zack: Well...it's like the distance between both ends becomes 100 times shorter, so it's just a short walk to your destination.

Rukiafan: You're right, I don't get it.

Zack: Well, you'll soon find out.

Zack leads Marioman and Rukiafan through one of the openings.

Rukiafan: So are we going to teleport or something?

Zack: Definitely not. That'd be dangerous.

Rukiafan: Then how can we possibly-

Zack: Okay, we're here!

Rukiafan realises he's standing in a pipe-lined cavern.

Rukiafan: Ah...I still don't get it.

Marioman notices a red glow coming from a far-off tunnel.

Marioman: Ooh, the Red Star Coin!

Marioman races for the tunnel.

Rukiafan: Marioman, wait! Marioman!

Rukiafan and Zack chase after Marioman. We pan up to Iggy and two other Koopalings as they hide atop a pipe in an upper corner of the cavern.

Iggy: HYA-HYA-HYA-HYA-HYAAAAAAA! That's it, fools! Take the bait!

A Koopaling with blue spiky hair speaks up.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Larry_zpseunllt15

Koopaling #2: I can't see Mario anywhere!

A Koopaling with a big pink bow turns to face him.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Wendy_zpskc2zbivu

Koopaling #3: What do you mean, Larry? That's him over there!

The Koopaling points to Marioman.

Larry: Oh yeah, I'd recognise that hat anywhere! Nice spotting, Wendy!

Wendy: A spot? On my pretty face? Where?!

Wendy frantically tries to find the blemish.

Iggy: No, he was praising you for SPOTTING Mario!

Wendy: Oh. Eheheheheh...sorry.

Iggy: Very soon, those fools will fall into my trap!

Larry: Uh...but they're gonna fall into that trap first!

Iggy: What?!

Scene 5: ???: Morning

Marioman races for the red glow.

Marioman: I'm gonna get that Star Coi-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK!

Marioman teeters on the edge of a cliff.

Rukiafan: MARIOMAN!

Zack: He's gonna fall!

Marioman: That's definitely lava!

Rukiafan: LAVA?! NOOOOOOO!

Rukiafan reaches out to try and grab Marioman, but he tumbles over the cliff.


To be Continued...

Scene 6: ???: Morning


Rukiafan: This is horrible!

Zack: What do we do?!

Rukiafan: I don't-

Rukiafan suddenly stops panicking.

Rukiafan: Wait a minute...shouldn't there have been a splash?

Zack: Well, magma is molten rock, so it would have been more of a "thump".

Rukiafan: Well, why can I hear...wobbling?

Zack listens.

Zack: Hey, yeah, there is wobbling! But...why?

Marioman suddenly leaps up.

Marioman: Hi guys!

Marioman falls back down.

Zack: What the...?!

Marioman leaps up again.

Marioman: Check this out!

Marioman falls back down. Rukiafan and Zack run to the edge and look down. Marioman is standing on a weird red substance.

Rukiafan: What is that stuff?

Marioman: I have no idea, but if I had to guess, I'd say it's-

Zack: Jelly.

Rukiafan: What? How can there be an...ocean of jelly inside an underground cavern?!

Marioman: I'd say "ocean" is a bit extreme. It's more like an underground lake.

Zack: How are you not sinking in it?

Marioman: I don't know. It's more rubbery than anything.

Zack: Wait a second...this is like the Jelly Pipe stage in Yoshi's Story.

Rukiafan: Do tell.

Zack: Well, in that level was pools of a jelly-like goo which Yoshi could walk across.

Marioman: Sounds like fun.

Zack: It was one of the best chapters in the game! But there were also weird creatures who swam in it.

Marioman: What?

A blob of red jelly slowly slides across the surface towards Marioman.

Zack: They were some kind of Boo variant, I think.

The blob continues approaching Marioman.

Marioman: Well, I can't see anything in this jelly, so I'm pretty sure I'm-

Rukiafan notices the blob as its two beady black eyes and bushy eyebrows emerge.


Marioman: Huh?

Marioman spins around in time to see an enormous creature emerge from the jelly. It resembles a Blargg from Yoshi's Island, but it is made of jelly.


The jelly Blargg opens its enormous mouth and roars.

Marioman: I'm gonna be jelly food!

Zack: Rukiafan, get in there!

Rukiafan: Right!

Rukiafan reaches into his pocket. He begins to panic.

Rukiafan: My Coin! W-Where's my Coin?!

Zack thinks for a moment.

Zack: Oh yeah! Here, take this.

Zack hands Rukiafan a device resembling a yellow Nintendo 3DS.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Morpher_zpsiechapyd

Rukiafan: A 3DS console?

Zack: No, look at the lid.

Rukiafan: Hey, my Star Coin! But...how did you take it from me without looking?!

Zack: Well, the second I finished printing it, your Star Coin just sort of...appeared on the lid. It's your Morpher.

Rukiafan: My Morpher? Cool! But...how does it work?

Marioman: I could use some help down here!

Zack: Just flip it open and say, "Star Coin: Activate!"

Rukiafan: Okay...

Rukiafan opens the Morpher.

Rukiafan: Star Coin: Activate!

An image of the Yellow Star Coin appears on the top screen.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Yellow%20Morpher%20Activated_zpss3thowqa

Rukiafan: Okay...now what?

Zack: Hold out the Morpher in front of you and say, "Power of the Lightning Bolt!"

Rukiafan: Gotcha!

Rukiafan holds out the Morpher, with the lid facing away from him.

Rukiafan: Power of the Lightning Bolt!

The Star Coin glows with yellow light, and in a flash transforms Rukiafan into the Yellow Ranger. The Morpher disappears, and the Star Coin has appeared on Rukiafan's belt buckle.

Rukiafan: Awesome! Okay, now to save Marioman!

Rukiafan leaps down the cliff and onto the jelly.

Rukiafan: HEY! You picked a bad day to mess with us. We're the Power Rangers!

The Jelly Blargg roars and approaches Rukiafan.

Rukiafan: Time to take out the...jelly...trash! Yeah!

To be Continued...

Scene 6: Jelly Cave: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

Rukiafan faces off against the Jelly Blargg.

Rukiafan: Come at me, bro!

Marioman: Hey, what flavour do you think that thing is?

Zack: What?! You were just attacked! How can you think about food?!

Marioman: When I get scared, my appetite dials up to 11. Plus, I haven't eaten breakfast yet.

Zack: Honestly...

Rukiafan: Okay, time to call on my LIGHTNING POWER!

Rukiafan punches his fist into the air, causing a bolt of lightning to...bounce off the Jelly Blargg and strike him. Rukiafan gets blasted back onto the cliff face.

Rukiafan: I'll have some spicy Cajun waffles with extra three-ply, thank you...

Zack: Rukiafan, snap out of it!

Marioman: Uh-oh...

The Jelly Blargg roars, then scoops up Marioman in its gaping mouth.

Rukiafan: Huh...? Uh...oh no! Marioman!

The Jelly Blargg sinks into the jelly.

Iggy: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We wanted Mario alive!

The three Koopalings run up to the cliff face.

Wendy: Blast it!

Larry: Oh, the Boss isn't gonna like this, is he?!

Rukiafan and Zack stare at the Koopalings.

Rukiafan: The Koopalings!

Zack: Larry Koopa, Iggy Koopa and Wendy O. Koopa!

Wendy: Oh, you've heard of us? Teehee!

Larry: Wendy, those are the Rangers!

Iggy: Well, a Ranger and a puman, anyway.

Wendy: Oh, lighten up, you two! He's clearly a fan of ours.

Zack: This is astonishing! I'm actually in the presence of three of the Koopalings!

Rukiafan: Zack, focus.

Zack: Huh? Oh, right.

Rukiafan: Why were you after Marioman?

Iggy: Because our Boss, the mighty Bowser, demands we bring Mario to him!

Larry: Yeah, but he's been eaten by a Jelly Blargg!

Iggy: No matter. We'll just have to bring these two to Bowser instead!

Rukiafan: Oh yeah? And just how do you plan to stop us?

Iggy: With this.

Iggy shows Rukiafan a round red ball with white spots.

Rukiafan: A ball?

Iggy: You feeble-minded-

Iggy growls.

Iggy: This is the instrument of your destruction! Behold!

Iggy throws the ball into the jelly. It begins to shake, before sprouting into an immense Piranha Plant.

Rukiafan: A Piranha Plant?!

Iggy: This is my best creation! Its thorny tentacle-vines will ensnare you and swallow you whole! Rangers, meet-

Zack: -Naval Piranha...

Zack stares as the monster grows so huge that it fills the entire cavern.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 518px-SMW2_NavalPiranha

Iggy: H-How did you know my monster's name?!

Zack: I'm a wizard.

Iggy: Well, we'll just see about that! Naval Piranha, attack!

Naval Piranha bellows and swings a vine at Zack. Zack flinches just before the vine strikes him, but it is deflected by a barrier of blue light.

Rukiafan: Ha! Your monster missed!

Iggy: Then it will strike you instead!

Rukiafan: Huh?

Rukiafan is knocked against the cave wall by another vine. He hits the ground and demorphs.

Rukiafan: That should've hurt...but I'm fine...?

Iggy: Now nothing can save you! Naval Piranha, attack the Yellow Ranger!

The monster bellows and swings a vine at Rukiafan.

To be Continued...

Scene 7: Jelly Cave: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

Rukiafan: Oh, this is going to sting...

A fireball knocks it out of the way, causing the monster to roar with pain.

Iggy: Huh? What?!

A wave of jelly lowers Marioman to the ground.

Marioman: I don't think so.

Rukiafan: Marioman?! But...how-

Marioman: The Jelly Blargg took me to the bottom of the jelly lake, where I found this...

Marioman holds out the Red Star Coin for all to see.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Star%20Coin_zpsdtecj8ki

Iggy: It's...

Larry: Ha! He got the fake Red Star Coin!

Iggy: No, that isn't the fake...

Larry: Huh? What do you mean?

Iggy: I...forgot to bring the fake with us.

Larry: YOU WHAT?!

Wendy: HAHAHAHAHA! Oh, this is rich!

Marioman: It's time to end this menace!

Marioman holds the Red Star Coin into the air.

Marioman: Power of the Fire Flower!

In a flash of red light, the Red Star Coin is absorbed into Marioman, morphing him into a new form.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red%20Ranger_zpsstlktm4u

Rukiafan: Amazing...

Marioman holds his hand into the air.

Marioman: I call on the Power of the Gaddmecha!


We cut to a view outside a cave mouth. An enormous robotic Piranha Plant with rootlike limbs emerges from the cave, letting out a roar reminiscent of Petey Piranha's.


The Piranha Plant Mecha emerges through an enormous opening in the cavern wall.

Marioman: Time to pilot my very own Mecha!

Marioman leaps atop the Mecha and opens a hatch, then leaps inside.


Marioman sits in his control room's seat. He removes the Red Star Coin from his belt buckle.

Marioman: Powering up the Piranha Plant Mecha!

Marioman places the Red Star Coin into a slot on his control console. The entire Mecha springs to life. Marioman grabs the controls, which are shaped like a red GameCube Controller.

Marioman: Time to see what this baby can do!


The Piranha Plant Mecha charges towards the monster, biting onto one of its vines. The monster cries in pain and flings the Mecha against a wall, causing the control room to shake.


Marioman: Whoa...okay, time to finish this!


The Piranha Plant Mecha stands up and stares at the monster.


Marioman: Super Piranha Plant Firestorm Strike!

Marioman begins alternating tapping the A and B buttons on his controls.


The Piranha Plant Mecha opens its mouth and fires three huge fireballs at the monster. The monster cries out, before collapsing and exploding in a burst of rainbow-coloured energy.

Rukiafan: Yes! He did it!

Zack: Way to go, Marioman!


Marioman: I did it! Level Clear!

Scene 8: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

All seven humans, and Gadd, sit at the table.

Marioman: And then I blasted it into a rainbow burst!

Gadd: It sounds like you had quite the experience, Marioman.

Marioman: Oh, it was intense!

Eureka: So I don't believe I've asked, but what does it feel like to have powers?

Rukiafan: It's...electrifying, to say the least.

Marioman: It's too hot to handle!

Eureka: Puns...oh, I regret asking... (groans)

Gadd: Well, in any case, you all deserve a good rest. You'll need to be in tip-top shape before the next Star Coin makes itself known to us.

An alarm sounds throughout the lab.

Gadd: Yabo yabo, that was fast!

Zack: Uh...Professor? Is this normal?

A soft blue glow surrounds Zack.

Gadd: Hm...this seems to be an indication that Zack is to receive the next Star Coin.

Zack: Really?!

Gadd: Indeed, though the exact means of this situation is quite unusual.

Rukiafan: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's-a go!

The team races out of the room. Gadd takes a sip out of his steaming white cup of Bean Juice.

Gadd: Ah, refreshing...

Scene 9: Bowser's Castle: Koopa Kingdom: Afternoon


Iggy: Well, no. We made a hasty retreat.

Larry: Yeah, they were really strong!

Bowser: How can a few pumans be able to stand up against three mighty Koopas such as yourselves?

Iggy: Well, at least two of them have found Star Coins and tapped into them.

Bowser: (sighs) Well, I suppose your safety is of great concern. Just make sure they're stopped next time.

Iggy: Oh, no worries, Boss. My next monster is sure to become a great bother to them! HYE-HYE-HYE-HYE-HYEH!

The Koopalings leave the throne room. Bowser thinks quietly to himself.

Bowser's thoughts: What did he mean when he said, "at least two of them"?

Scene 10: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We fade to the inside of a round room, its deep blue walls adorned with glowing white star patterns. A mysterious entity hovers inside the room, examining holographic images of the eight Star Coins. Only the Yellow and Red Star Coins are completely visible, with mere outlines of most of the others. The Blue Star Coin seems to flicker in and out of visibility. The entity speaks with a soft, feminine voice.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Cosmic%20Spirit_zpspqjtptga

Entity: Oh...unusual. I must provide aid at once.





Zack and Prof. E. Gadd

Dash and Iggy Koopa

Kushina and Wendy O. Koopa

Aqua Cherry Blossom
Eureka and Larry Koopa


Cosmic Spirit




Rukiafan and GamerZack87


Executive Producer

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Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Empty Re: Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87

June 11th 2015, 5:26 pm
Episode 3: A Cosmic Encounter

Scene 1: Sky-High Clouds: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

The team explores a vast expanse of cloud which is solid enough to walk across.

Rukiafan: Well, this is weird...

Kushina: There is no sign of the Star Coin.

Dash: Nuts. Well, at least we had a good try.

Zack: I thought for sure that the alarm was alerting us to a new Star Coin...


The team suddenly looks in the same direction.

Kushina: Did you hear that?!

Clannad: Someone is in trouble! We must help them!

Rukiafan: Everyone, this way!

Marioman: Hold up! Who went and made you leader?

Rukiafan: Nobody, I just-

Voice: Please, somebody! HELP MEEEEEEE!

Eureka: We can argue about this later! Right now, someone desperately needs our help!

Marioman: Right!


The team runs toward a human in purple American football gear, who is being swarmed by Paragoombas.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Purple%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpshkvtctxk

???: These look a lot like Goombas!

Rukiafan: Ready?

Marioman: Let's do this!

Rukiafan and Marioman whip out their Morphers and flip them open, holding them out in front of them. Marioman's Morpher resembles a red Nintendo 3DS console.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Red-Magenta%20Morpher_zps5fscsc5m

Rukiafan: Lightning Bolt!

Marioman: Fire Flower!

Both Rangers morph into their Ranger forms. They race towards the battle.

Clannad: Be careful, Rangers!

Marioman leaps up into the air, landing on a Paragoomba and causing it to fall to the ground. Its wings disappear. Rukiafan jumps onto the Goomba and squishes it, causing it to vanish and a white number 100 to float into the sky.

Rukiafan: Lightning Power!

Rukiafan causes a bolt of lightning to strike another Paragoomba, eliminating it.

Marioman: Fire Ball!

Marioman throws a fireball at the last Paragoomba, knocking it out of the sky.

Clannad: They did it! I'm so relieved!

Rangers: Power down!

The Rangers return to human form. The new human breathes a sigh of relief.

???: Thank you so much. I thought I was a goner!

Marioman: Well, you're safe now.

Rukiafan: What's your name?

???: Ragna. It's Ragna.


Rukiafan as Rukiafan

Marioman18 as Marioman

GamerZack87 as Zack

BurstDashV8 as Dash

Kushina as Kushina

Aqua Cherry Blossom as Eureka

Ragnarok as Ragna

and Clannad as Clannad




Scene 2: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The team sits at the table.

Zack: Well, we didn't find the Coin, but we did find Ragna.

Gadd: Yabo yabo, that sounds quite exciting indeed!

Rukiafan: We squished all three of those lousy Paragoombas into pancakes!

Marioman: Well, technically we roasted and zapped two of them.

Rukiafan: True.

Ragna: This is all so weird. I'm still having trouble processing everything.

Eureka: Don't worry, we've all been there.

Clannad: So if the alarm was telling us that a new human arrived, then...

Kushina: There could be others here too!

Kushina gasps.

Kushina: You don't think Nate-chan is lost somewhere, do you?!

Gadd: I'm sure the alarm will let us know if this "Nate-chan" arrives.

Dash: So...do you think we'll find the Blue Star Coin soon?

Zack: I don't know, but...something tells me it's closer than we all think.

Scene 3: Bowser's Castle: Koopa Kingdom: Evening

Bowser sits on his throne, playing a yellow-orange and bottle-green handheld console which resembles a mish-mash of Nintendo handhelds. Iggy comes racing into the throne room, waving his arms frantically.

Iggy: Boss! Boss!

A "You Lose" sound effect plays on Bowser's device.

Device: Game Over. Try again next time.

Bowser: RAAH!

Bowser throws the device against a wall.

Device: OW!

Bowser: This better be good, Morton. I was about to win the game!

Iggy: My apologies, Boss, but I just had to tell you something important.

Bowser: Unless it's about the Orange Star Coin, I don't want to hear it.

Iggy: It's...not about the Orange Star Coin.

Bowser: Then get out of my sight.

Iggy: It's regarding a different Star Coin, Boss.

Bowser's eyes widen.

Bowser: You found one?

Iggy: Well, not exactly...

Bowser: You're testing my patience, Wendy...

Iggy: I went over my readings from...the Naval Piranha incident...and I realised that the Blue Star Coin was right under our noses the whole time!

Bowser: You mean we have to expore that cave again?

Iggy: "Explore", Boss.

Bowser: Whatever, Lemmy.

Iggy: And no, we don't.

Bowser: Why not?

Iggy: Well, the Blue Star Coin appears to be...moving.

Bowser: Moving?

Iggy: Yes, and quite erratically. It's almost as if it was...alive.

Bowser: Can you track it?

Iggy: Oh yes, Boss. We're tracking it as we speak!

Bowser: Good. Send your newest monster to nab it.

Iggy: Oh, you'll love this one, Boss! It's-

Bowser: I don't want to hear the beetles about it, Roy!

Iggy: "Details", Boss.

Bowser: Just go! And don't come back till the job's done!

Iggy: Understood.

Iggy walks out of the room. Bowser grins evilly.

Bowser: And once I have that Coin, I'll be unstoppable! BWAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAH!

To be Continued...

Scene 4: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Night

A silhouette of a mouse-like creature tip-toes along a dark corridor.

???: Ooh, this is gonna be great! I'll get that Coin! Teehee!

The creature approaches a door and opens it slightly. It checks a device, which has a blue dot blipping in its centre.

???: According to this doohickey, the Coin should be right...

The creature swings open the door, revealing Zack's personal quarters.

???: ...here.

The creature tip-toes into the room, looking around. The Coin is nowhere to be seen. The creature speaks in a stupidly-loud voice as his face is illuminated by moonlight.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 200px-Mouser

???: The Blue Star Coin's not in here at all! Oh, Bowser's REALLY gonna be cheesed!

Zack suddenly sits up in bed.


???: Oh, great! Now I got a witness! Guess I'll have ta-

A blue energy barrier projects out of Zack, knocking the creature against a wall.

???: OW! Hey, that hurt!

Zack: Sorry. Hey, wait a second...

Zack examines the creature.

Zack: Y-You're Mouser!

Mouser: Oh no, he knows my identity! I gotta get outta here!

Mouser suddenly dashes out of the room.

Zack: An intruder! I have to tell Gadd!

Zack leaps out of bed and races out the door.

Scene 5: Gadd Science Incorporated: Mushroom Kingdom: Morning

The team sits at the table.

Gadd: Yabo yabo! You're telling me we have mice?

Zack: Just a big, bad mouse who wants to cause trouble.

Rukiafan: How did you stop it?!

Zack: I...think he ran off when I revealed his identity.

Dash: Wow, great on you, Zack!

Marioman: I've heard of Mouser. He's the first boss in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Kushina: He sounds horrible.

Eureka: Could he still be in the building, Professor?

Gadd: According to our security system, he fled from Gadd Science, Incorporated just before dawn.

Kushina: That's a relief.

Gadd: Zack, I must ask you why he was in your room.

Zack: He was looking for the Blue Star Coin.

Rukiafan: In your room?

Zack: I know, right? Like it would be in there.

Gadd: Hm...

Clannad: What is it, Professor?

Gadd: The security footage showed a momentary burst of light in Zack's quarters. Before the flash, the creature stood next to Zack's bed. But after the flash, it was lying on the ground against a wall.

Zack: Yeah, I remember now...there was a blue wall of...some kind of energy which knocked Mouser flying.

Eureka: How could you forget an important detail like that lol?

Zack: I just figured it was a dream remnant or something.

Gadd: Yabo yabo! We must proceed to the laboratory!


Zack lies on a bed in the middle of the room. An electrode is attached to his chest. A large display shows an image of the Blue Star Coin.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Blue%20Star%20Coin_zpsme3ig7xj

Gadd: It is as I suspected. The Blue Star Coin has already bonded with Zack.

Rukiafan: What?!

Clannad: But...how can this be?

Zack: Yeah! I think I'd remember if I found a Star Coin.

Gadd removes the electrode. Zack sits up and swings his legs to the side of the bed.

Gadd: From what I can tell, you accidentally touched the Blue Star Coin as you entered this world. You've been in a pereptual semi-morphed state since then.

Zack: I've been the Blue Ranger for three whole days, and I didn't even know?!

Eureka: None of us knew lol.

Dash: Wow, this is really unusual.

Gadd: Oh, yabo yabo yes, Dash. Most unusual indeed.

Marioman: So how can he demorph?

Gadd: I am afraid he cannot yet demorph.

Kushina: Oh dear! Is that dangerous?!

Gadd: Not at all, Kushina. His body will eventually fully morph, at which point he can demorph safely. Until then-

Zack sneezes, sending out a wall of blue energy which flings a table against a wall.

Gadd: -his powers will continue to grow in strength.

Rukiafan: Sounds like we're in for a wild ride.

Dash: Indeed.

To be Continued...

Scene 6: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

Gadd sits in a big chair, sipping a cup of Bean Juice. A speaker on the wall announces something.


Gadd: Oh, I wonder who it could be?

Scene 7: Front Door: Gadd Science, Inc.: Afternoon

Gadd opens the big door. A young woman stands in front of it.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Amber%20Ranger%20Human%20Form_zpsx8jiv3s2

Gadd: Hello?

Girl: Um...I was told you could help me.

Gadd: Yabo yabo! Are you from Earth-world?

Girl: Um...yes, I am.

Gadd: Please, come in! Follow me!

Scene 8: Meeting Area: Gadd Science, Inc.: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

The team, along with Gadd and the girl, sit at the big round meeting table.

Gadd: Everyone, this is...

Girl: Um...you may call me Epona.

Rukiafan: Epona?! What are you doing here?

Epona: Um...I have no idea. I was reading a message from you, and the next thing I knew, I was in a place called Toad Town.

Rukiafan: And the Toads told you to come here?

Epona: Um...yes.

Gadd: Well, it is a pleasure to meet you, Epona. I'm sure you'll fit right in.

Epona: Um...thank you, sir.

An alarm sounds throughout the lab.


Zack: What?! But...how is that possible?

Marioman: The Koopas could be playing a trick.

Dash: Wow, now those guys bite.

Rukiafan: Okay, Marioman and Zack, let's go and investigate!

Zack: Me? But...I don't have my powers yet!

Rukiafan: The Professor said you could get them at any time, so we should always be prepared.

Zack: True.

Marioman: Okay, we're off!

The three Rangers run out of the room.

Clannad: Be careful!

Epona: Um...is it always this exciting?

Ragna: It sure is. Yesterday I was rescued from a flock of Paragoombas!

Kushina: If it wasn't for Rukiafan and Marioman, Ragna would have been in real trouble.

Epona: Um...I see.

Scene 9: Bowser's Castle: Koopa Kingdom: Afternoon

Bowser sits in his throne. Iggy runs up to him.

Bowser: Is the plan in place?

Iggy: Indeed it is, Boss. Lemmy and Larry are on their way now, even as we speak!

Bowser: Good. Soon, those Ranger fools will be in our trap. And then we can snatch that Blue Star Coin from that loser, Zap!

Iggy: I...don't think that's his name, Boss.

Bowser: Well, then what is it?

Iggy: It's not, "Loser Zap", just "Zap".

Bowser: Whatever. Just don't screw this up.

Iggy: You got it! HWE-HE-HE-HE-HEH!

Scene 10: Sky-High Clouds: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

Rukiafan, Marioman and Zack walk across a cloud-plain. Zack points his left fist around.

Rukiafan: Anything yet?

Zack: Not just yet.

Marioman: Uh...what exactly is Zack doing?

Rukiafan: He's using his new Coin Locator app on his Cellwatch.

Marioman: What?! How come mine doesn't have that?

Rukiafan: Well, new features and apps unlock the more you raise your V-Pet. I unlocked the Coin Locator app yesterday.

Marioman: What?! But...I fed Pompon yesterday!

Zack: Did you play games with it?

Marioman: You can play games with it?

Zack: Of course. How else do you stop it from getting bored?

Marioman: I guess I'll have to try it out later...

Zack's Cellwatch beeps.

Zack: I have a lock!

Rukiafan: Let's move, then!


Rukiafan, Zack and Marioman explore the general area of the beeps.

Rukiafan: I thought you had a lock.

Zack: It locked onto a general radius of where it might be.

Rukiafan: How wide a radius are we talking?

Zack: Like...500 metres?

Marioman: What?! That's a HUGE area!

Zack: I admit, the app does have some...kinks.

Marioman: So we could be miles from the trap?

Voice: Haha, you've fallen into our trap!

Marioman: Or we could be in it right now.

The Rangers turn to the source of the voice. It is two Koopalings, one familiar and one they haven't yet encountered before.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Lemmy_zpskwefw3vk

Newpaling: This trap was devised from the genius mind of I, the great Koopaling tactician-

Zack: You're Lemmy Koopa!

Lemmy: Hey! You stole my thunder, dweeb!

Zack: Oh, sorry about that.

Rukiafan: Zack, they're the bad guys! Don't apologise to them!

Lemmy: No no, he has every right to apologise. And I'll accept his apology...IF he hands over the Blue Star Coin.

Zack: Sorry, I can't.

Lemmy: Can't? Or won't?

Larry: Yeah!

Lemmy: Shut up, Larry!

Zack: It's...sort of bonded with my physical structure.

Lemmy: Oh, well in that case...I'll have to cast a spell which will separate it from your physical structure!

Lemmy points his wand at Zack.

Lemmy: Say goodbye to your Powers, Zap!

Lemmy casts a spell of orange shapes at Zack. It strikes him and knocks him out cold.

Rukiafan: Zack!

Lemmy: Hey, don't correct me!

Zack revives and leaps to his feet.

Marioman: You're okay!

Zack: I think my Powers are starting to increase.

Lemmy: What?! But...my spell...

Larry: I think he's too far beyond the point between being unmorphed and morphed, so the spell did nothing to him.

Lemmy: Shut up, Larry!

Zack holds his hands in front of his body, pointing his palms at his face. A blue glow emanates from them.

Zack: I think...I think it's time.

Rukiafan: You're about to morph?!

Zack: I think so.

Lemmy: NOOOOOOO! I have to stop him before it's too late! Boom Boom! Get in there!

A shadow appears on the ground in front of Zack. It slowly grows in size, before a large Koopa with a red shell and big fists lands with a thud.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Boom%20Boom_zps7lgpd3vv

Zack: Boom Boom?!

Boom Boom: Boom Boom PUMMEL Rangers!

Boom Boom begins spinning rapidly, aiming straight for Zack.

Zack: Come on, barrier, don't fail me now!

Zack throws up a barrier in front of him. Boom Boom collides with the barrier, sending Zack flying high into the sky.


Rukiafan: ZACK!

Zack vanishes into the sky with a twinkle. Rukiafan glares at the Koopas as Boom Boom stops and stumbles around in a daze.

Rukiafan: You'll pay for that!

Rukiafan and Marioman whip out their Morphers and open them, pointing the lids away from themselves.

Rukiafan: Lightning Bolt!

Marioman: Fire Flower!

Rukiafan and Marioman morph in the usual visual sequence. Rukiafan raises his fist into the air.

Rukiafan: Lightning Power!

A bolt of lightning strikes Boom Boom, knocking him off his feet. He stands up and growls at Rukiafan.

Boom Boom: You PAY for that, Ranger!

Boom Boom charges towards Rukiafan and Marioman.

Scene 11: Orbit Around Mushroom World: Unspecific Time of Day

Zack flies through the atmosphere, eventually slowing down as he drifts through space. A bubble of blue energy surrounds him, protecting him.

Zack: This isn't good at all.

Suddenly, a small, blue star outline begins tugging at Zack's barrier.

Zack: Wait...what's going on?

The star pulls Zack onto an orbiting star-shaped planetoid. Zack finds he is able to stand on it, but the barrier doesn't disappear.

Zack: What's going on?

The mysterious entity appears before Zack.

Zack: Who are you?

Entity: Blue Shell.

Zack: Blue Shell?

Entity: That is all I can tell you for now.

The entity disappears. The blue star tugs Zack back down to the Sky-High Clouds.

Zack: I'm coming for you, Boom Boom!

To be Continued...

Scene 12: Sky-High Clouds: Mushroom Kingdom: Afternoon

Rukiafan and Marioman continue to battle Boom Boom.

Rukiafan: Man, this guy's tough!

Marioman: Fire Ball!

Marioman throws a fireball at Boom Boom. It bounces off him and strikes Lemmy's ball, causing it to pop. Lemmy flies into Larry, flinging them both into the distance.

Lemmy: You'll pay for this, Rangers!

Marioman: Not what I intended to happen, but I'll take it.

Boom Boom: Boom Boom PUMMEL Rangers!

Marioman: Yes, we know! Why do you keep repeating your-

Boom Boom punches Marioman across the cloud-plain. Marioman hits the "ground" with a thud.

Marioman: -self...(groan)...I thought clouds were supposed to be soft.

Rukiafan: We need help, and fast!

Marioman: But how? Zack was flung into space! What, do you think he's just gonna float down nearby?

Zack's voice: You're going down, Boom Boom!

Zack slowly descends to the cloud-plain. The star flies back into space. Zack's energy barrier begins to glow brightly.

Rukiafan: Zack!

Zack: I learned how I can morph properly.

Zack holds his right hand into the air.

Zack: Power of the Blue Shell!

Zack morphs in a flash of blue light.
Power Rangers Mushroom Force - A Series by GamerZack87 Blue%20Ranger_zps2lx6ax1z

Rukiafan: You finally did it, Zack!

Zack: I know, it seems like years since I began morphing into the Blue Ranger!

A rimshot sounds.

Marioman: What was that?

Rukiafan: No idea...

Boom Boom becomes enraged.

Boom Boom: I take you down, Blue Spiny-Man!

Boom Boom begins spinning towards Zack. Zack throws up a barrier of energy, which Boom Boom strikes. Boom Boom is flung backward, hitting the "ground" with a thud.

Zack: And now, to finish you off! Energy Pulse!

Zack summons another barrier, but this time, he flings it at Boom Boom. It hits the Koopa hard, knocking him out cold. Stars spin around his head.

Voice: Not so fast, Ranger-babies!

Rukiafan: That voice...

Marioman: Oh, no...not HIM again...

Kamek flies over the area atop his broomstick.

Kamek: I managed to retrieve my wand from the bottom of One-One Gorge, and now I'm gonna make you pay!

Kamek casts a spell which coats Boom Boom in rainbow energy. Boom Boom grows to a ridiculously-enormous size.

Kamek: Later, losers!

Kamek flies away. Boom Boom looks down at the Rangers.

Boom Boom: You pay now, Rangers!

Boom Boom stomps the clouds, causing them to crumble away. The "ground" begins shaking and disappearing from around Boom Boom. The Rangers stand closer and closer to nothing but open sky.

Rukiafan: This is bad!

Marioman: We're gonna fall!

Boom Boom falls through a gap in the clouds and plummets to the ground below, which accelerates the dissipation of the clouds.

Rukiafan: NOOOOOOO!

To be continued...

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