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Power Rangers Mushroom Force Re-Shoomba'd - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Power Rangers Mushroom Force Re-Shoomba'd - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

January 14th 2019, 11:26 pm
Welcome to Power Rangers Mushroom Force Re-Shoomba'd, a new version of the popular classic. After Mario's disappearance, Professor Elvin Gadd prepares the Gadd Force Initiative, a program that provides ordinary people with technology they can use to protect the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario's absence. But Bowser is determined to swipe the technology for himself and use it to make his forces unstoppable! Can the Rangers save the day?


@Reanfan as Reanfan and Bowser Jr.

@PRMF_Red18x as Marioman and Captain Toad

@GeekyGamerZack as Zack, Kamek and Professor E. Gadd

@Aqua Cherry Blossom as Sakura and Larry Koopa

@unrealgamergirl as Gigi and Princess Peach

@Rena Ryuugu Fanboy as Inverse and Wario

@Ragnarok as Ragna and Waluigi

@BurstDashV8 as Dash and Iggy Koopa

@ryuragnas as Bowser

@Clαππαd as Clannad and Toadette

@Gamergy as Gamergy

@KingreX32 as Toad

@Kain as Ki and Ao

Episode 1: Yellow Coin in the Plains! Go, Gadd Force Yellow!
Part 1:
Scene 1: Peach's Castle: Evening

We see Princess Peach standing on her balcony. A Toad with red spots and blue coat runs up to her, a letter in his hand.

Toad: Mail call, Your Majesty! Delivered hot off the Parakarry Express!

Princess Peach smiles and takes the letter, before making a graceful curtsy. Toad races away as Peach opens the letter, but stops and peeks around the door. A worried look appears on his face, before a lightbulb appears above his head.

Toad: I better tell the Professor!

Toad races down a corridor.

Scene 2: Skies over the Mushroom Kingdom: Night

Bowser rides in his Koopa Clown Car at high speed through the night sky, with Kamek flying on a broom to his right.

Bowser: You're absolutely sure about this, Kamek?

Kamek: Oh, indeedy yes I AM, Your Badness! My informant tells me that the power source created by that foolish old Labo is near limitless!

Bowser: With that kind of power at my discosal, NOTHING can stop me from taking over the Mushroom Kingdom! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Scene 3: Gadd Science, Inc.: Night

We see Gadd working at a computer station. A set of eight differently-coloured Coins floats in an energy tube nearby, with each one displaying a different colour and Item symbol: the Green Coin a 1-Up Mushroom; the Pink Coin a Feather; the Aqua Coin an Ice Flower; the Yellow Coin a Lightning Bolt; the Purple Coin a Hammer; the Orange Coin a Carrot; the Red Coin a Fire Flower; and the Blue Coin a Blue Shell.

Gadd: I think that should just about do it...yes! The Gadd Force Initiative is ready! Now to send the private message...and...click!

A hole is suddenly blown into the lab's wall, startling Gadd.

Gadd: Yabo yabo! Wh-What is happening?!

Bowser's voice: We're here to steal your energy sauce, Cad! BWAHAHAHAHA!

Kamek's voice: NYEEHEHEHEHEEH!

Gadd frowns at Bowser.

Gadd: King Koopa. I might've known by your strong odour of grilled ox!

Bowser: Hey, how dare y-

Bowser sniffs his armpit.

Bowser: Oh yeah...I wondered what that tasty aroma was. Anyway, I'm here to steal your energy sauce!

Gadd: What in World 1-1 are you talking about...?

Bowser notices the Star Coins.

Bowser: Ooh, is that it?

Gadd: STOP! You can't take them!

Bowser: Oh yeah? Just WATCH me!

Bowser throws a Mechakoopa at the tube, short-circuiting the energy barrier and causing the Coins to spill onto the floor.

Bowser: Yeah! Mailed it!

The Mechakoopa comically leaps to its feet and struts away as Kamek levitates the Coins with his magic.

Kamek: I believe we have what you came for, Your Badness.

Gadd: Don't be so sure, Kamek.

Kamek: Whatever do you m-

The Coins suddenly disappear in flashes of correspondingly-coloured light.

Bowser: MY SAUCE! What did you DO, you robed idiot?!

Kamek: I-I did nothing, King Bowser! I swear!

Gadd: The Magikoopa is correct, King Koopa.

Bowser: Hey, I stopped going by "Koopa" DECADES ago! Stop living in 2002, Cad!

Kamek: What happened to the Coins?

Gadd: Whenever the Star Coins end up in the hands of not-nice people, they warp to locations hidden across the Mushroom Kingdom, waiting to be found by their TRUE owners!

Bowser: But I'm already here!

Gadd: Pardon?

Bowser: Their true owner is riding in this Koopa Klown Kar!

Gadd: Unbelievable...

Bowser: Yeah, I AM awesome, aren't I? BWAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, I'd love to stay and chat, but I have some Star Coins to octane! Later!

Bowser and Kamek fly away at high speed. Gadd shakes his head.

Gadd: The chances of them finding the Star Coins are-

Toad's voice: Professor! Professor!

Toad runs up to Gadd.

Gadd: Ah, Toad! How can I help?

Toad: Mario is missing!

Gadd: Again?!

Toad: Huh?

Gadd: N-Nothing. Just having a flashback to the good ol' days.

Toad: We need to find the owners of the Star Coins!

Gadd: Well, I sent the private message in anticipation of this moment, so we should expect our team to arrive within the next day or two.

Toad: You ALWAYS think one step ahead, don't you?

Gadd: Oh, yabo yabo, yes!

Gadd chuckles.

To be Continued...
Part 2:
Scene 4: WiiWareWave HQ: Night

Reanfan is on his computer, working on a review for WiiWareWave.

Reanfan: "...which is why we give it a solid recommendation! 10-out-of-10." And...send. There. Hm?

Reanfan sees a new PM alert appear.

Reanfan: Ah, that must be some behind-the-scenes stuff from Zack. Lemme see...

Reanfan looks at the PM title. It reads "G4DD F0RC3, PLZ #3LP!", and is marked as being from "GeekyGamerZack".

Reanfan: Okay...that's weird even by Zack's standards. Still, it looks hilarious! I'm gonna read it right now!

Reanfan clicks the PM's title. Suddenly, his screen starts to ripple.

Reanfan: Okay, either Zack just sent me a jiggle physics video, or-

The screen suddenly stretches out and engulfs Reanfan, pulling him inside the computer.

Reanfan: WHOA!

The scene fades to black.

Scene 5: Plains: Daytime

Voice: Hey! Are you okay? Wake up!

We see the blackness split open, before blinking and adjusting to the bright light.

Reanfan's voice: What the...?

A face resembling Zed Starmute's suddenly pops into view.

"Zed": Oh, good!

Reanfan's voice: WAH!

We cut to a view of Reanfan leaping to his feet. Strangely, he appears to be manga-style.

Reanfan: Wh-What's going on? Who are you?!

"Zed": Honestly? No idea.

Reanfan: Wait...you look just like...

"Zed": Y-You mean you know me?

Reanfan: Well...kind of. You look like Zed Starmute, from Crystals of Silveria.

"Zed": Hey, I wrote that!

Reanfan: You did?

"Zed": Well, yeah!

Reanfan: So you don't remember who you are, but you remember writing Crystals of Silveria

"Zed": So what you're saying is...you think I've become Zed?

Reanfan: Well, possibly, but you're wearing a blue Mario Kart t-shirt.

"Zed": Yeah, I noticed that.

Reanfan: Well...where are we?

"Zed": Apparently, we're in a place called "One-One Plains".

Reanfan: How do you know?

"Zed": That sign over there.

"Zed" points to a sign that reads "Welcome to One-One Plains" and "Please don't feed the Goombas".

Reanfan: Huh. Wait...Goombas as in-

"Zed": -the chestnut enemies from the Mario series, yes.

Reanfan: Chestnuts? I thought they were evil mushrooms.

"Zed": Nope. They're chestnuts. Miyamoto-sama said so.

Reanfan: Okay, someone who knows so much about Mario AND who wrote Crystals..you MUST be Zack.

"Zed": "Zack", huh? So THAT'S my name...

Reanfan: Well, how did we get here?

Zack: I don't know. All I remember is a blue flash and then suddenly standing nearby.

Reanfan: Well, I was pulled into my computer while opening a PM from you. I guess I blacked out shortly afterward.

Zack: Weird. So...who exactly are you?

Reanfan: I'm Reanfan, co-owner of WiiWareWave.

Zack: Co-owner? With who?

Reanfan's eyes widen.

Reanfan: You really don't remember?

Zack: Nope.

Reanfan: Wow...I think you may have merged with your avatar somehow, and inherited some of his traits.

Zack: Really? You think I can use magic then?

Reanfan: Possibly. Try something.

Zack: Uh...no, it'd be embarrassing if I didn't have that power.

Voice: Hello? Is anyone there? I could use some help!

Reanfan: Was that...?

Zack: Someone's in trouble!

Reanfan: Let's help them!

Zack nods. He and Reanfan run to the source of the voice.

Reanfan and Zack stop running.

Reanfan: Over there!

Zack: Oh no!

We cut to a view of two people surrounded by Goombas. The young man wears a Mario-style cap, whereas the young woman has icy-blue hair and cat-like ears on top of her head.

Woman: I TOLD you not to do that!

Man: Well, how was I supposed to know that this would happen if I fed them?!

Woman: I thought it would've been obvious, lol.

Reanfan: Zack, what do we do?!

Zack: I...I...I don't-

Reanfan: Wait! Maybe NOW'S a good time to test if you can use magic!

Zack: But-

Reanfan: Please!

Zack: Uh...okay then.

Zack holds his hand to the two people. The woman notices him.

Woman: Wait...is that who I think it is?!

Man: Zeddy?!

Zack: Uh..."Prestidigitation!"

Nothing happens.

Reanfan: Oh...uh...

Zack: Wait, I know!

Zack reaches into his pocket and pulls out a box of strawberry Pocky.

Woman: Uh...do you ALWAYS carry Pocky around with you lol?

Zack pulls a bunch of Pocky from the box and shakes them at the Goombas.

Zack: Look! Look! See the stick? See the stick?

The Goombas look at Zack's hand and begin to drool. Zack throws the Pocky in the opposite direction.

Zack: Get the stick!

The Goombas chase the Pocky and begin chowing down.

Zack: Yeah! Good chestnut monsters!

Woman: Wow, you're just as bad as Marioman lol!

The woman points to the man, who frowns at her.

Marioman: Hey! He DID just save our lives, whoever he is.

Woman: True lol.

The woman examines Zack.

Woman: Based on your appearance, I'd say you're Zeddy-chan, right?

Zack: Uh...

Reanfan: He has a slight bit of amnesia.

Woman: So he's turned into the real Zed lol?

Reanfan: No, he's merged with his avatar. As have you, apparently, Aqua Cherry Blossom.

The woman grins.

Woman: True lol.

Marioman: That must make you Reanfan, right?

Reanfan: Yeah.

Zack: "Aqua Cherry Blossom" is kind of a mouthful. Mind if I call you "Sakura" for short?

The woman shakes her head.

Sakura: No, go ahead. It'll make things easier lol.

Reanfan: Okay, now that that's settled, how did we get here? And why?

Sakura: Maybe we were summoned?

Marioman: Did you all get a weird message on WiiWareWave?

Reanfan: Yeah, actually. I was pulled through my screen and woke up nearby. Zack found me and helped me wake up.

Sakura: I did the same with Marioman. I woke him up just before he decided to feed those Goombas lol.

Marioman: Well, they looked hungry!

Sakura: And they adored your prawn crisps, but they wanted more, didn't they?

Marioman: I just wanted to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Sakura: Figures lol.

Zack: So what now?


Reanfan: More trouble! Come on!

The boys run toward the source of the scream. Sakura crosses her arms.

Sakura: Who put him in charge lol?

Sakura follows the boys.

To be Continued...
Part 3:
Scene 6: Café: Daytime

We see Captain Toad and Toadette sitting at a table in a café. Each of them sips tea from white cups and sets them onto matching saucers on the table.

Captain Toad: Ah...it's nice to sit back and relax after tracking some treasure, isn't it?

Toadette: Yeah! I almost remember why we stopped coming to this place.


Captain Toad: Oh, brother...

Toadette: Not THOSE two!

Wario and Waluigi burst into the café.

Wario: Morning, losers!

Waluigi: Smell ya now!

Wario spots Captain Toad.

Wario: Hey, look! It's our old friend, Sergeant Frog!

Waluigi: Let's go and say hello to the widdle fwoggy!

Wario and Waluigi strut over to Captain Toad and Toadette.

Wario: Hey there, chump!

Captain Toad: Hi, Wario! Waluigi! What brings you here?

Toadette's eyes flatten.

Toadette: Cheerful even in the face of garlic stench...

Waluigi: Oh, and he has a GIRLFRIEND! Who's your GIRLFRIEND, Froggy?

Toadette: What do you want, Pooper Wario Cousins?

Wario: Oh, nothin'...just seeing what treasures the good Sarge brought back from his latest voyage?

Toadette: Pfft...like he's gonna-

Captain Toad: Here you are, fellas!

Captain Toad holds an enormous gem to Wario.

Wario: Whoa-ho-ho! Look at the SIZE of this thing!

Waluigi: Imagine how much chilli we could buy with THAT!

Wario: Enough to stink up all of Toad Town, that's for sure!

Toadette: You better give that back, or else!

Wario: Or else WHAT?

Waluigi: What's a tadpole like you gonna DO about it?

Toadette: If you don't give that back right now, I'm gonna tell on you to the-

Captain Toad and Toadette vanish in flashes of pink.

Wario: Uh...what just happened?

Waluigi: We just scored a huge gem, that's what!

Wario: Yeah! Let's cash this thing and get as much roasted garlic as we can eat!

Waluigi: And chilli!

Wario and Waluigi leave the shop.

Scene 7: One-One Plains: Daytime

Reanfan, Marioman, Zack and Sakura stop running. Marioman points in a direction.

Marioman: Look over there!

Reanfan: Oh no! Someone's in trouble!

Sakura: No kidding lol!

The scene cuts to a view of a girl dressed like Toadette, a guy with headphones and a mustard-coloured shirt and a girl with brunette hair and what resembles a sailor suit. They are cornered against a wall by two Koopa Troopas, one with a yellow shell, the other blue. The Toadette-dressed girl screams.

Girl: AAH! Someone help, PLEASE!

Captain Toad and Toadette appear in flashes of pink.

Toadette: -Toad Force! Huh?

Toadette looks around.

Toadette: What happened?

Captain Toad: And who are these people?

Blue Koopa Troopa: Well well, Ki, looks like two more victims have arrived!

The yellow Koopa Troopa nods.

Ki: It would seem so, Ao.

Captain Toad: Oh no! Toadette, what do we-

The Toads suddenly disappear in pink flashes.

Ki: They escaped! Quick, let's take care of the others before they do too!

Reanfan's voice: Not so fast, Koopas!

Reanfan, Marioman, Zack and Sakura run up to the others.

Girl: Please help us!

The guy looks at the young woman in the sailor suit.

Guy: Clannad, isn't that...?

The young woman nods.

Clannad: Reanfan? I would say so, Gamergy.

Sakura: Wait...is this some kind of WiiWareWave get together or something lol?

Ki: Hey! Stop ignoring us!

Ao: We're TRYING to be mean!

Marioman: Well, it's not working. Besides, you're just a couple of minions, right?

Ki: A couple of-

Ao: The nerve! We'll summon our boss, and THEN you'll be sorry!

Zack: They must be calling Bowser!


The characters pause.

Zack: So...

Ki: He'll be here...

After another moment, the sound of a Koopa Clown Car is heard, and a shadow is cast over the characters. They look up and see the silhouette of Bowser in his Koopa Clown Car.

Reanfan: It's Bowser!

Childish laugh: HEHEHEHEHEH!

Sakura: Close lol.

The Koopa Clown Car lands on the ground. Bowser Jr. is inside.

Bowser Jr.: And just what are YOU all supposed to be?

Zack becomes excited.

Zack: Wow, it's Bowser Jr.! I can't believe I'm meeting THE Bowser Jr.!

Sakura: Looks like SOMEONE'S got his priorities wrong lol.

Bowser Jr.: Wow, I have a fan! Heehee! I'm still gonna mess you up, though.

Zack: Eep!

Reanfan: If you threaten us, we WILL be forced to stop you!

Bowser Jr.: Well, SOMEONE'S brave! And scrawny. You look like you couldn't stop us even if you tried.

Marioman: Oh yeah? Then watch THIS!

Marioman leaps into the air. Surprisingly, he jumps really high and lands on Ki, knocking him out of his shell.

Ki: ...the heck?!

Bowser Jr.: Hey! Stop beating up my minions!

Marioman: How did I even DO that?!

Bowser Jr.: Looks like we'll need to even the odds. Good thing I brought the Koopalings!

Larry and Iggy poke their faces from either side behind Bowser Jr.

Zack: Wow, the Koopalings! I can't believe...wait...where are the rest of them?

Larry: Vacationing!

Iggy: Shut up, Larry.

Sakura: Well, I guess evil DOES take a vacation lol.

Bowser Jr.: Iggy! Unleash your newest creation!

Iggy: With pleasure, Junior! Heeheehee!

Iggy picks up a round green capsule and throws it.

Zack: "Who's that Pokémon?"

The other humans laugh.

Reanfan: Classic Zack!

The capsule bursts open, and a squad of ten weird-looking Koopa Troopas made from multicoloured ink appears.

Iggy: This should be MORE than a match for you freaks! HEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAAH!

Bowser Jr.: Later!

The Koopa Clown Car flies away, with Ki and Ao dangling from the bottom. The humans watch as the ink Koopa Troopas approach.

Marioman: What do we do?!

Reanfan becomes determined.

Reanfan: We fight.

Gamergy: What?! But...it's ten-against-seven, so unless one of us can MAGICALLY create three allies for us-

A circle of differently-coloured shapes begins to whirl around Zack's right hand.

Gamergy: -we're toast!

The shapes disappear before anyone notices them.

Girl: Um...actually...there ate three other humans here.

Clannad: Wait...there are?

The girl nods.

Girl: M-hm. They arrived in that direction.

We cut to a view of another part of the plains. Three young men stand facing away from a set of Warp Pipes: one with red hair and a ? Block print tee, one with dark hair and purple football attire, and one with tan skin, bright green eyes and a Sonic the Hedgehog-themed outfit.

Sonic guy: Mm...are you sure we're alright?

Football guy: Sure I'm sure! As long as we stay in this spot, we'll be fine.

? Block guy: I hope you're right, Ragna, if not for Dash's sake.

The Sonic-themed guy grins at the ? Block guy.

Sonic guy: Oh. Well, I guess I should be considerate of you, Inverse, so I have to thank you for that.

? Block guy: You're welcome, Dash.

Football guy: I can't help but feel that something major's about to happen, though...

A Piranha Plant slowly emerges from each pipe and looks at the three guys. They chomp twice and bare their teeth.

To be Continued...

From the Author of Squidkid Saga, who is (apparently) pulling a total Bryke and doing his own “The Dragon Prince” analogue, comes a brand new comedy-fanfic-recap… thing… that’ll either have you laughing or confused (maybe even both, so make sure you keep those Persim Berries on-hand):

Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues
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