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It's official: Nintendo has announced a partnership with DeNA, revealing a top-secret project with the codename "NX". Many suspect that Nintendo will soon become a competitor in the mobile market, but could this really be the case? After all, Nintendo is best known as a video game company, even though they made their start in other fields. We asked some random individuals their opinion on this hot new topic.

#1: What's your opinion on Nintendo's new "NX" project?

Garlic-scented anti-hero: Wha? Why do you keep asking me these ridiculous questions?

Female primate celebrity: Oh, come on, that topic is so last season! You're as withered as that old fool, Cranky Kong.

Old fool, Cranky Kong: Oh, she is gonna get it from me! I'll make her play 40 straight hours of Donkey Kong Jr. Math, I will! THEN we'll see who's an "old fool"! HAHAHAHAHA! Nobody messes with ol' Cr[NAME REMOVED]ong! Mad

Random Toad (I'm...pretty sure we haven't interviewed this one before...): As long as it lets me catch up on episodes of Toad Force V: Against the Shroobopolis, I'm okay with it.

Green-clad, cartoonish hero: Huh? Hyaah! Hyuh! WAAAAAAAH! Nngh... Hup! Heheh! ^_^

#2: What would you like to see in a possible "Nintendo Phone"?

Johtoese monster tamer: Oh man, what WOULDN'T I like to see? A map of the entire Johto Region, A built-in radio which picks up interdimensional stations and weird signals from strange devices, and customisable plates a la the New Nintendo 3DS!

Reigning monarch of...Salsaland? Surely that can't be a real place!: I call my friend Lu[NAME REMOVED]igi every day! I still remember the time he saved my kingdom from the evil alien Tatang[NAME REMOVED]atanga! Except he was wearing red at the time, and now he's in green...wait, was that even him who saved me?!

Sentient childlike robot: Well, I destroy evil robots all the time, but it's always a pain to contact my dad whenever I need assistance. I can't even remember his name half the time...I think it's Dr. O'Lay...or Dr. Shbright...I've been destroyed by spikes and rebuilt so often it's hard to remember certain things. But I remember who I am! I'm...Mega Boy! Or Astro Rock...? Proto Bass? Wait, that's a talking fish...

#3: Finally, do you have any questions you'd like to ask us?

Garlic-scented anti-hero: Just one: Why do you keep asking me these ridiculous questions! (bites garlic clove) It'fh mwidifufous! *MUNCH*

Random Toad (this is the same one as before, which might have actually been one from the first MoO...hey! "Matter of Opinion" shortens to "MoO"! Like a cow!): Do you mean about the phone? Or your show? Cause I have, like, over 9,000 questions about your show! Question 1: What is up with the host's accent? Question 2: Can you introduce me to Garlic-scented anti-hero? He's, like, my hero! Oops, pardon the pun! Question the Third...

Well, it seems that we have learned quite a lot about the opinions of ordinary folk like yourselves relating to Project NX. Tune in next time for a brand-new Matter of Opinion! victory
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I hope it's a handheld/console hybrid with a phone app
I don't want a phone, a handheld/Console hybrid would be cool, but a third pillar mobile gaming platform would stretch Nintendo's resources WAY TOO THIN! Matter of Opinion: Could the Fabled "NintenPhone" Be Around the Corner? 1625187496
Going off-topic now, @Rukiafan, I'd like to expand my "About the Author" section with some fresh info. How do I do that? Smile
Himawari Chan
Please no. Sad
I'd be ok with a successor to WiiU chat built in, but not a phone first and foremost with monthly plans... Yuck
passioNATE wrote:I'd be ok with a successor to WiiU chat built in, but not a phone first and foremost with monthly plans... Yuck

Yeah, I hate to use this word, but Wii U chat really should a little more... invasive. Or at least have settings where you can allow it to be. As it is, if your call isn't pre-arranged, you have to be on the home menu or looking at your Gamepad's home button at EXACTLY the right time to pick up the call. It's a nice app, in theory, but isn't really very useful when you have to use other, existing means of communication to coordinate its function.

On topic, though, I don't think there's any way NX is a phone. I wouldn't hate the idea of Nintendo sponsoring production of a smart phone (partnering with Samsung, perhaps?), but since the ONLY two pieces of information about it Nintendo gave were its codename, "NX," and that it is a "dedicated gaming platform," I think a phone (i.e. non-dedicated gaming platform) is out of the question for this particular device.
GamerZack87 feels the silliness in the article has been overlooked entirely...
Or maybe some of us here just take our video games too seriously. Wink Very Happy
This. ↑
Too right, mate! Matter of Opinion: Could the Fabled "NintenPhone" Be Around the Corner? 631737971
/end typical Aussie impression
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