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WiiWareWave turns 4 today, which is quite a good age for a breakout Nintendo fan community. But just how popular is it? We sent our roving reporter out into the world to hear what others have to say about this momentous event.

Birthday Wishes

#1: So WiiWareWave turns 4 today...

Garlic-scented anti-hero: WiiWareWave?

Pokémon Trainer "Rad": Oh yeah, I visited that page once. Very friendly community of fellow Trainers. You said "Charivalley Forums", right?

Distinguished penguin monarch: Oh yeah, that page's tagline is hilarious! "Ride the Wave"? Only a genius of my level could come up with that!

Disgruntled elderly primate: Webforums? Feh! In my day, we got all our news from magazines such as Nintendo Courage! I got some good tips from that publication, you know! I never would have beaten StarTropics without their advice to dip the manual in water. You'd be lucky to get so much as a cheat code on a "webforum"!

Toad (Okay, I think it's the third one from the previous episode): I think WiiWareWave is brilliant! There's one member...[NAME REMOVED], I think...who wrote this one article that made me think, Wow, this is one game I HAVE to get! It was the first time I bought a game at launch, but New Toad Force V 3D is still one of my favourite games!

#2: So have you ever visited WiiWareWave in the past?

Distinguished penguin monarch: Uh...yeah, we just established that I've been to that site. Now, will one o' you Waddle Dees bring me some grub?

Red-capped space frog: Well, my Arwing's been wrecked by some fire-breathing turtle monster, but someone told me that a lady in an aqua dress can help me get back to my team. Can you help me find her ple-

Popular moustachioed hero: If you look closely in the background of-a the header, you can see me riding a Yoshi! Finally, [NAME REMOVED] is-a famous!

#3: Do you have any wellwishes for WiiWareWave and its community?

Tyrannical turtle tyrant: -and so I set fire to his ship! It was hilarious, you should've been there!...huh? WiiWareWave? Oh yeah, it's good, whatever. Anyway, have you ever seen a frog scream so loud? I was laughing so hard, I nearly sh-

Spiky blue mammal: -adow was telling me about WiiWareWave just last week. He said, "Check it out, I think you'll like it." So I did, and boy, was I impressed or what? Any website with a blue colour scheme is one I can get behind! And now they're celebrating their FOURTH ANNIVERSARY?! Good on them!

Popular moustachioed hero: I can relate to WiiWareWave, for just like-a me, they struggled to be recognised by the public. Every new web community needs to find their true strength in order to blossom into a full-fledged and recognised part of the Internet. WiiWareWave has proven to be a site truly deserving of its place and-a rank, with a friendly and active entourage of members and dedicated staff members adding new content on a regular basis. Here's hoping that more people visit in the near-a future and continue to grow WiiWareWave.

Well, there you have it. WiiWareWave has extended its reach beyond humble beginnings and become an important community on the internet. But what's your opinion? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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Great feature dude! I really like your Matter of Opinion articles. Wink
Thanks! There might be another one this week, so stay tuned. Matter of Opinion: WiiWareWave's Anniversary the Talk of the Town? 631737971
Plus Wednesday is you know when day! Wink
You mean International Avoid the Internet Day, right? Razz
GamerZack87 wrote:You mean International Avoid the Internet Day, right? Razz
I wouldn't avoid the internet, but I wouldn't take much of the news published during the day seriously. Razz
Nell TU
It's a little early for April Fools. Razz
I love this Matter of Opinion serie! Smile
Rukiafan wrote:
GamerZack87 wrote:You mean International Avoid the Internet Day, right? Razz
I wouldn't avoid the internet, but I wouldn't take much of the news published during the day seriously. Razz
I'd seriously flip-out if the Combaticons were "announced" for the Combiner Wars line, and then later learn that it was just an April Fool's joke. I'd flip-out even more if virtually every Transformers community posted the exact same thing. :/
@Nell TU wrote:I love this Matter of Opinion serie! Smile
Thank you! Smile
Aqua Cherry Blossom
Nice feature lol. Smile
Thanks, @AquaCherryBlossom! Smile
Congratulations are in order!
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