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WiiWareWave Comedy Club Empty WiiWareWave Comedy Club

on April 25th 2014, 3:38 pm
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Welcome, one and all, to Club WiiWareWave, where anybody gets the chance to be a comedian! To get this thing started, I thought I'd post something of my own creation:

What's the worst thing to say on a boat which has news readers on-board?

"Drop anchor!"
An ancient Egyptian architect fell in love with an unmarried female pharaoh. There was just one problem: she was in love with somebody else! So the architect hatched a plot to seal away the pharaoh's lover; that way, the architect and the pharaoh could be together for all eternity.

It was a pyramid scheme!

Thank you, you've been an awesome audience! cheers

Bowser's up to his old tricks, but this time the Toad Brigade has discovered his plot before he can fully implement it! Can Mario, Luigi, Blue Toad and Toadette stop the Koopa King's half-finished conquest?

Find out in Super Mario Mini DX, an all-new, volume based story built using Super Mario Maker 2!

Chromaicora Adventures - "It starts with a Zed..."
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WiiWareWave Comedy Club Empty Re: WiiWareWave Comedy Club

on April 25th 2014, 3:56 pm
Lol! lol!

WiiWareWave Comedy Club Rukiafan7
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