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Shantae and the Pirate's Curse announced for 3DS eShop ! Photo(1)

The sequel to Shantae Risky's Revenge has been announced exclusively for the 3DS eShop !

GoNintendo has informed that the latest issue of Nintendo Power revealed another game for the returning Shantae franchise, in which said sequel will contain elements that makes it sound very different from the other game, most notably is that in this game Shantae must team up with the archenemy of the first game, Risky.

GoNintendo also included some more details of the game as it follows:

Story details

- Picks up where the last game ended
- Shantae is trying to adjust to no longer being a genie
- She's also trying to defend Scuttle Town from attacks by the Ammo Baron
- Risky Boots shows up on her door step looking for help
- Shantae's genie magic had split into 30 parts and bonded with Risky's tinkerbat minions
- The minions quickly mutinied and overthrew Risky
- The minions set out to resurrect Risky's mentor The Pirate Master
- The Pirate Master is a lot worse/a lot more evil than Risky
- Risky and Shantae must team up to stop the tinkerbat's from unleashing the evil of the Pirate Master
- Regain all of Shantae's genie power by destroying the 30 evil tinkerbats
- Familiar characters like Rollytops, Uncle Mimic, Sky, and Bolo will appear

Gameplay details

- Special Pirate Gear for Shantae to collect in order to reach new areas (Grappling hook, guns, knives, swords, etc.)
- Each piece of pirate gear will serve 2 purposes ( enhance mobility and act as a weapon for example a flintlock pistol can be used to kill enemies and hit out of reach switches)
- Each piece of pirate gear will be upgrade-able at in game shops

Presentation details

- New and old locations throughout Sequin Land will appear
- The game will supposedly be twice as large as Risky's Revenge and go everywhere even the underworld and the heavens.
- A new/more Metroid style map system
- Alternate/hidden paths for those who are want to stay off the beaten path
- It will be in Stereoscopic 3D, with 3D effects similar to Mighty Switch Force

Staff details

- Series composer Jake Kaufman is back composing the score for the game

The game will see a release date exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS eShop next year 2013.

I really never had a chance of playing this game, but I do seem to be missing out on a really great game ! I really hope that someday I get the chance to play them sometime... So are there any Shantae fans out there happy about this news ? and how about those who are not ?

Source: GoNintendo ( 1 , 2 )

If you only have these two choices, which one will you choose ? to have a game with no story ? or to have a game with the most ridiculous, boring, cliché-filled and horrible story ever ?
Do games need to be epic ?... or fun ?...
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I haven't yet try Shantae.

I'm waiting for the original GameBoy Color to be release on the 3DS Virtual Console before experiencing Risky's Revenge and the eShop sequel.
I can't wait to experience this game! I love you
I will certainly download this when it's released. Smile
I'm really excited about this one. Loved the DSiWare game and can't wait for the 3DS VC version that was announced a couple of months ago.
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