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Kirby's Return of The Canvas Curse!

E3: Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Has Been Revealed For The Wii U! 630x10

Nintendo revealed a new Kirby title during today's Play-Nintendo Digital Event titled Kirby And The Rainbow Curse which appears to be a sequel to Kirby Canvas Curse for the DS. You must draw tracks for Kirby to safely traverse levels and doesn't appear to have a copy system, but nonetheless it looks like a fantastic title. The game has no confirmed release window yet, but we'll let you know more as more information is released to the public! Be sure to leave us your thoughts about the game in our comments below and checkout the official trailer below if you missed it!

E3: Kirby And The Rainbow Curse Has Been Revealed For The Wii U! Rukiafan7
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I'm so happy about this reveal! I love you
Canvas Curse was the weakest game in the series imo so this doesn't do much to get me excited.
Nintendo announced a substantial amount of new content at this year's E3 with this being one of my personal favorites!
Aqua Cherry Blossom
The gameplay looks much better than Canvas Curse's I do want lol! Smile
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