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  • 20140407
    The art of war

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s10


    Advance Wars is a tactical strategy title that was originally released for the Gameboy Advance during the turn of the new millennium. You start off as an unknown recruit during the first 13 missions which serve as a tutorial showing you how to play the game. After that you unlock the campaign mode and choose one of three CO's to lead...
  • 20130123
    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews BBUqRU_CYAARjm-

    ©1986 Nintendo
    File size: 6417 KB (including save data)
    Price: 30¢ for a limited time

    # of players: 2
    Genre: Action

    Balloon Fight is the first Virtual Console title to be available on the Wii U eShop and the start of Famicoms’s 30th anniversary program where Balloon Fight and other select titles get a special 30¢ price tag. This is not a port of the previous emulated Balloon Fight from the Wii’s Virtual Console as it looks more native on the TV as...
  • 20140406
    Dragon vs. Demon!

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s45


    Ryu is a young boy who lost his mother when he was very young but he and his sister lived a happy life with thier grandfather until one day,when the world was mysteriously altered beyond recognition by a mysterious force, now many years later a grown Ryu must use his special powers to save the world!

    The story in Breath...
  • 20160404


    Fantastically Frantic Digging!


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Developed and published by Namco Games and originally released on the NES back in the early 1990's in North America and Europe, Dig Dug II is an excellent sequel to the widely popular Dig Dug arcade game...
  • 20130719
    A 16 bit RPG with a Twist

     photo images39_zpsd159f0de.jpg

    Earthbound, while a huge hit in Japan and actually the second game in a series known as Mother, it didn't quite hit the same impact here in North America and especially in Europe where it was never released.  Because of that Earthbound has somewhat developed a cult following here in the...
  • 20130227
    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews BEIgofKCEAA7wkh

    © 1990-2013 Nintendo

    Now Available on the Wii U eShop

    "I always want Virtual Console SNES titles to be in native resolution and it's finally here on Wii U"

    The quote above is a comment I wrote on Miiverse, which over 15 Miis enthusiastically agreed on that statement. With the improve emulation in a true aspect ratio 3:4, F-Zero visually surprises me that this was a SNES launch title.

    F-Zero is a future, high-speed, racer. The...
  • 20150712
    Strategy of War:

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Fire Emblem for the Gameboy Advance was the first Fire Emblem game to release outside of Japan, but there were many games in the series released on the NES and SNES that were never localized. This, however doesn't negatively affect our opinion of the series in the slightest.

    The story is one of strife, war, and dragons, but the story takes a back seat to...
  • 20140706
    Saviors of the world?:

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s21

    Created by Camelot and published by Nintendo Golden Sun is a gripping story-based RPG that has many unique gameplay features such as the unique psynergy magic system and djinni summons. The game's battle system focuses on the use of magic and summoning mysterious creatures know as djinn which you can equip to a character and summon them in battle. Your skills and...
  • 20160206


    Sailing The Seas of Adventure!


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Medium15

    Developed by Camelot Games and published by Nintendo Golden Sun: The Lost Age is essentially cartridge 2 of the original Golden Sun title as both titles were originally supposed to be one game, but Camelot...
  • 20140125
    A Challenging Journey Through Space!

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s34

    Gameplay And Controls:

    To say that Gradius is merely challenging is a gross understatement as the game will have you facing hordes of enemy ships as well as difficult bosses that will test your reaction and skills! The game allows you to power-up your ship in various ways such as increasing its spead, adding a shield,...
  • 20160326


    Great Game, With Emulation Issues...


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews 300x10

    Review by Jnes5 and Ichigofan.

    (Wii U Virtual Console)

    (C) 2000, HAL Laboratory inc., Nintendo

  • 20150206
    Kirby's third adventure remastered

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Medium

    Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland is a remake of the Famicom title Hoshi No Kirby, better known as Kirby's Adventure to westerners. Before Kirby's Adventure the title character Kirby had not been given the ability to copy enemies so at the era it was a gamechanging addition to the series. Kirby's Nightmare in Dreamland adds vastly improved graphics, new minigames, and a few altered levels, but the game is mostly...
  • 20130901
    Several Games In One!

     photo 7_zps96275d1d.jpg

    Kirby's Super Star was the final Kirby game released on the SNES console and featured over 6 unique games on one cartridge! Each of the games have their own unique gameplay, so let's find out what we think about this fun title!

  • 20181009


    A Baby Splash In Time!


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s10

    Developed and published by Nintendo, Mario & Luigi: Partners in time is the second title in the now long-running Mario & Luigi series and adds to the formula of Superstar Saga with time-travelling shananigans with the now-famous Baby Mario Bros. in tow. Is this zany title as good as its predecessor? We think so and here's why:

  • 20140517
    The power of brothers:

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s13

    Mario And Luigi: Superstar Saga started its life as Super Mario RPG 2 for the Nintendo 64 before Nintendo had decided to stop supporting its home console in favor of developing its successor the Nintendo Gamecube. The game eventually made its way onto the then popular Nintendo handheld Gameboy Advance under the new title Mario And Luigi.

    The series has...
  • 20150713
    A Genuine Classic!

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s18

    Mario Kart DS is a true masterpiece there's little doubt about that, but does it live up to the standards that Mario Kart Wii, 7, and 8 have set? Well there's only one way to find out!

    Mario Kart DS has some fairly tight gameplay and decent A.I. compared to earlier entries in the series, but the learning curve can be quite steep, especially since learning...
  • 20140504
    A New Enemy Appears!

     photo 731727ce-f32d-45c4-b1e6-93086fe6bafc_zpsef5c5f6c.jpg

    Metroid Fusion is a direct sequel to Super Metroid and was the last game in the long-running Metroid series to use the tried and true gameplay formula that was around since the start of the series. Metroid...
  • 20160512


    Emulation Fail...


    Review written by @Jnes5 and edited by @Ichigofan.

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Pandorastower_n

    It is the...
  • 20160511


    Mamamia! What A Spicy "And Sweet" Adventure!


    Review by @Ichigofan and @Jnes5.

  • 20150311
    Punch-Out!! (Wii) review
    GamergyComments: 11Views: 6800

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Portada

    Most of the people who owned a NES growing up have probably played or heard about the NES classic Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! Which has received praise almost everywhere for its unique style of gameplay and its entertaining characters.

    Punch-Out!! Isn’t as much of a fighting game as much as it is a mix of the puzzle and rhythm genres. You have to figure out the patterns in your opponent’s movements and dodge each punch a correct...
  • 20160312


    Guardians of The Galaxy "Pun Intended"!


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Starfox%20Command_zpszbhfmpdt

    First Announced at E3 2005 under the title Starfox DS Starfox Command...
  • 20131101
    Classic Dracula Fighting At Its Finest

     photo 127_zpsca71a5e2.jpg

    Castlevania is another series like Mario, Zelda and Megaman that has been around since the days of the NES.  Its playstyle has morphed a few times, the first being a 2D action platformer in the days of the NES and SNES, to a style that fan's have dubbed Metroidvania to currently a style...
  • 20130609
    Samus' 16 Bit Adventure

     photo images27_zpse5e29458.jpg

    Metroid.  Now a days the names Metroid, Samus Aran and Mother Brain are as familiar to gamers as Super Mario Bros, Mario and Bowser.  The games playstayle created a style that would be enjoyed by fans of other series most notable the Castlevania series in the late 90's to mid 2000's.  Its...
  • 20190215


    Link To The Amazing!


    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s13

    Developed and published by Nintendo, The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past returns to the formula that the original game in the series utilized, but adds to it in many ways and all of which are positive improvements! Continue reading our review to find out why we think you should add this retro game...
  • 20140902
    A bite-sized adventure:

    Wii U Virtual Console Reviews Wiiu_s24

    Review by FuManchu and Rukiafan.

    The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is the fourth and final entry in The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords timeline and it's the only game in the series that the tribe known as the Minish make an appearance.

    The game focuses...
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