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We chat with the ever-present Team Ink & Swim of Squidkid Saga fame
Good Day WiiWareWave, Episode 2: An Interview with Inklinda and Inklein 603px-Inkling_SSBUGood Day WiiWareWave, Episode 2: An Interview with Inklinda and Inklein 600px-Inkling-Alt1_SSBU

Hello, and welcome to Good Day WiiWareWave, the rebranded spin-off of Good Day Nintendo, where we chat with your favourite WiiWareWave Original - "WOO!", for short - characters.

Last time, we were treated to an interview with Zed Starmute, where we got some insights into the then-upcoming story arc of Crystals of Silveria. This time, we are privileged to welcome "the most prominent Turf War team" of the Squidkid Saga, whose skills with Inkbrush and Slosher "are sea-cond to none", and "not even that pink-tentacled loser and her cute friend come, like, CLOSE or whatever..."

We'll also be pitching questions from some of our wonderful viewers to today's guests. Everyone, please give a round of crab-plause for Inklinda Squatson and Inklein Schminklein!

(Claps and cheers, plus one or two boos)

Inklinda: Thank you, thank you! Happy

(Inklinda frowns while pointing at both her eyes, then points one finger in a certain direction into the crowd.)

WiiWareWave: For those who need a refresher, you can click here to see our interview with Zed and his friends.

Inklein: Wait... where do we need to click? scratch


Inklinda: Right there in his dialogue, where it says click here. See? Neutral

Inklein: Silly Lindie! You can't click what someone says, because it's metaphysical! Silly Lindie, hahaha! lol!

(Raucous laughter, claps, cheers and whistles.)

Inklinda: Unbelievable... Bored/What the...?


WiiWareWave: That Inklein broke the fourth wall?

Inklinda: No, that he can say something highly intellectual and make it sound so unintelligible or whatever... Bored/What the...?


Inklein: If Pi is completely random, yet always has a fixed pattern... then how can there be so many different flavours? Mine's purple... Drool


WiiWareWave: So Inklinda.

Inklinda: Like, yeah? Happy

WiiWareWave: Your father, the Sea-Eel-Oh of Squatson Squindustries, invented the Octoothbrush in the fresh ol' days, and became an overnight squillionaire. How was your lifestyle prior to that point?

Inklinda: Well, I don't remember much of that era... Neutral

WiiWareWave: You were too young at the time?

Inklinda: In a sense, yes. I was negative-eight. Neutral

WiiWareWave: Oh... heheh...

Inklein: Wait... you have memories of eight years before you were born...? Surprised


Inklinda: Like, shore or whatever... Bored/What the...?

Inklein: Wow... is it true that everything was all black and white bunnies? Surprised


Inklinda: Yes... and a time-travelling Inkling went back to that moment and created the superhero character Squidkid just for you! Neutral

Inklein: Wow, that was SO nice of them! "WOO!" Very Happy


Inklinda: Well, that should keep him happily distracted for now... like, more questions, please! Happy

WiiWareWave: Alrighty then... Inklein-

Inklinda: Uh... I meant, like, questions for- Bored/What the...?

Inklein: Yeah...? Smile

Inklinda: ...or whatever... Bored/What the...?

WiiWareWave: How would you like to see your favourite character IN-PERSON?

Inklein: Y-You mean- Very Happy

WiiWareWave: Well, you're in luck, because-



WiiWareWave: Well-

Inklinda: Inklein, what the FRESHING FRESH are you doing or whatever?! Surprised

(Inklein starts jumping up and down on his seat.)

Inklein: Wilma's here! Wilma's here! Love


Inklinda: You have spent... the ENTIRE interview thus far... using NON-SQUID-THEMED emoji... and the one thing that makes you use an ACTUAL SQUID as an emoji... is the promise of seeing SQUILMA FRESHING CRAY... a person you see EVERY DAY... and my ARCH-FRESHING-NEMESIS or whatever?! Angry

Inklein: Wilma's here! Wil- Love

(Inklinda goes Kraken and rampages into the green room, where we hear a distinctly male Inkling splat cry, before she walks back onto the set, as cool as a sea cucumber, and sits back in her seat.)

Inklinda: Now, where were we? Neutral

WiiWareWave: I... was just about to bring in our surprise guest... Inklein's favourite superhero, Squidkid.

Inklinda: So... I just spla- I mean... I, like, "just MET"... some guy in a Squidkid costume or whatever?! Surprised

WiiWareWave: Uh... yes.

Inklinda: Oh... uh... like, whoops. Good Day WiiWareWave, Episode 2: An Interview with Inklinda and Inklein 1625187496


Inklein: Aw, cheer up, Wilma. Using non-squid emoji isn't kind of SO bad or however... Smile

Inklinda: M-hm... louse-y, spoilt, overly-jealous control freak... Sad

(Collective "Aw...", with one or two soft, sympathetic "Boo"s.)

WiiWareWave: Okay, Squidkid has now respawned, so let's bring him onto the set!

Inklein: Oh...! Very Happy

WiiWareWave: Fresh from Inkopolis Square, it's... Squidkid!

(Squigley, in his underwear, runs onto the set.)

Inklinda: Oh, boy or whatever... Happy

Inklein: Wait... Wiggles is Squidkid?! Surprised

Squigley: Well... I was wearing the Squidkid COSTUME, if that's what you mean, heheh...

Inklein: Wow... Wiggles is Squidkid... I wonder if Wilma knows about his double life... Love

WiiWareWave: Uh... that could be taken as a thinly-veiled spoiler, in which case we'd need to-

Inklinda: Don't worry about it. Nothing Inklein says could EVER be taken as a spoiler. Neutral

Inklein: This is just like in that monster-catching game, where the final boss is a genetically modified clone with psychic powers! Smile

Inklinda: ...except that or whatever. Bored/What the...?


WiiWareWave: Okay, it's time for some audience questions. @ TheRealDK81 asks: "Here's my question: How many traps could a Klaptrap trip if a Klaptrap could trip traps? And yes, it is rhetorical..." Mad

Inklinda: Well, if there's, like, an implied rhetoric, then it isn't actually meant to be answered or whatever. Neutral

Inklein: Eight! Smile


Inklinda: No, honey, you're not supposed to- Neutral

Inklein: Twelve! Smile


Inklinda: No, Inklein, you can't just- Neutral

Inklein: Pi! Very Happy


Inklinda: ...like, whatever or whatever... Bored/What the...?

Inklein: YAY! Mmm... purplefruit pie... Drool

Inklinda: (Sighs...) Bored/What the...?


WiiWareWave: @Aqua Cherry Blossom asks: "How many Pikachus does it take!"

Inklinda: Well, I make sure to include a Pikachu in my party in EVERY playthrough of Pokémon Yellow. I just LOVE the adorable expressions it makes when you talk to it as your bond strengthens throughout the story! Happy

WiiWareWave: And what's your response, Inklein?

Inklein: Uh... 74! Smile

Random guest: WHO SAID THAT?!

WiiWareWave: Wait... who are you and what are you doing here?

Random guest: Oh, my name's Leon. I was trying to find the toilet, and I got a little lost...

WiiWareWave: It's through there, and third door on your left.

Leon: Thanks. It's my first visit to Stow-on-Side in a while, and I'm having trouble getting my bearings.

WiiWareWare: Stow-on-Side? In the Galar Region?

Leon: Yes...? Isn't that where we are?

WiiWareWave: It isn't, actually... in fact, this isn't even your universe.


Leon: Oh, well this is the most lost I've EVER been. Wait... nope, I forgot about that trip through the Twilight Zone.

WiiWareWave: Where everything is the same, except for one unsettlingly divergent detail?

Leon: If you consider vampires that sparkle in sunlight to be unsettling, sure... actually, they kind of reminded me of that Bede kid...


Leon: Okay, Charizard, time to go home!

Charizard: Zard! Charizard


WiiWareWave: Well, I don't think ANY of us were expecting that...

Inklinda: Eh, stuff like that happens all the time in Squidkid Saga or whatever... Neutral

Inklein: Silly Lindie! Salamanders don't exist in Inkopolis! Silly Lindie! lol!lol!

(Laughs, claps and cheers.)

Inklinda: Ugh... Bored/What the...?

WiiWareWave: @Aqua Cherry Blossom asks: "How many Pikachus does it take!"

Inklinda: Wait... we just answered that one!

WiiWareWave: What...? But... dang it, Gerry!


Inklein: Five-hunnerd-seventy-five! Very Happy


Cameraperson: Yeah... looks like the printer had a malfunction.

WiiWareWave: Didn't you fix the printer last week?!

Cameraperson: Hey, cut me SOME slack! I don't know how to fix office machinery! I'm just the camera dude. I have training in anaesthesiology, archaeology and calesthenics, not technical maintenance and ink replacement!


WiiWareWave: But... if you have two doctorates and a gymnastics degree-

Cameraperson: CALESTHENICS certificate!


WiiWareWave: -then why the Fronk are you working as the cameraperson, PR representative and social media intern of these two chat shows?!

Cameraperson: Because O'Burgertons on the corner of Main and Joffrey said I wasn't qualified to be their part-time junior fry cook.


WiiWareWave: You... never mind, let's proceed.

Inklinda: Should we leave you two to sort out your sea-shoes or whatever? Surprised


WiiWareWave: No, no, it's fine. Now... @BlueRangerJack asks: "Here's my question:"

Inklein: Silly Jack! That's not a question, it's a STATEMENT! Silly Jack! lol!lol!lol!


WiiWareWave: "Do you have any funny anecdotes about your life to share?"

Inklein: No. Lindie only poisoned me once, and it was an accident. scratch

Inklinda: ANECdotes, not ANTIdotes... Bored/What the...?


WiiWareWave: Wait... you accidentally poisoned Inklein?

Inklinda: Yeah... I spiked his smoothie with fresh water thinking it was Squilma's, as revenge for her dropping a water balloon on my head. Angry

WiiWareWave: You thought it was Squilma's drink?

Inklinda: Well, how was I supposed to know Inklein had a cantaloupe smoothie?! He HATES the stuff or whatever! Surprised

Inklein: Yeah... mmm... yuck. Drool


Inklinda: I just... I can't- Surprised

(Inklinda suddenly splats, her squid ghost floating to the green room.)

WiiWareWave: Uh-

Inklein: She calls them her "stress splats". It's fine, though... I still like her anyway. Smile

Inklinda's voice: Like... or WHATEVER... Bored/What the...?

Cameraperson: It's just like the Squid's Choice Awards!


WiiWareWave: Yes, THANK you, Gerry!

Cameraperson: You're welcome!

Inklein: See you next time! victory


Cameraperson: Uh... he just said-

WiiWareWave: Gerry, like, go perform surgery at a 90° angle while studying ancient burger recipes or whatever... Bored/What the...?


Cameraperson: Silly Host! I'm not a surgeon, I'm an ANAESTHETI... an ANAESTHESIOLO... an ANAKINSKYWA... a guy who makes people unconscious! Silly Host! lol!lol!

WiiWareWave: ...or whatever... (Slumps unconscious from stress and exhaustion.)

Big thanks to Super Smash Bros. Wiki for the images used in this feature!

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