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We chat with the legendary Seventh Star Child and a few of his clanmates about all things Yoshi
Good Day Nintendo, Episode 5: An Interview with the Yoshi Clan TheYoshiFamily
Hello, and welcome to Good Day Nintendo, the 35th highest rated talk show on the WiiWareWave Network! Following on from our sensational comeback last week, we have a super-special, super-happy lineup of guests for you this week. Yes, it's the longtime best friend of the Brothers Mario, Yoshi!

(Yoshi bursts from his shell.)

Yoshi: Yossy!

(Claps and cheers.)

WiiWareWave: Welcome.

Yoshi: Thank you, I'm Super Happy to be here!

WiiWareWave: We also have a few of your friends backstage, correct?

Yoshi: Yessy! They're all Super Happy to be here too!

WiiWareWave: Well then, everyone, please welcome Yoshi's friends, Red Yoshi, Blue Yoshi and Yellow Yoshi!

(Claps and cheers as three differently-coloured Yoshis run onto the set and flutter jump into their seats.)

Red Yoshi: Yossy!

Blue Yoshi: Yossy!

Yellow Yoshi: Yossy!

WiiWareWave: Yoshi will also serve as translator for his friends.

Yoshi: Happy to help!

WiiWareWave: So, let's start with you, Red Yoshi.

Red Yoshi: Hm?

WiiWareWave: You've had major roles in a number of recent titles, including Super Mario Maker 2 and Mario Kart Tour, alongside your green-hued pal here. Has it been intimidating to share the spotlight with him?

Red Yoshi: Wow!

Yoshi: "It's been great! Sure, I was nervous at first, but I never back down from a challenge!"

WiiWareWave: You didn't mind sharing, Yoshi?

Yoshi: No WAY! It's ALWAYS more fun to play with friends! Both Red Yoshi and Black Yoshi were excited to join in the Mario Kart Tour. I guess they'd developed a taste for high-speed kart racing, haha!

Blue Yoshi: Hm...

Yoshi: "As for me, I like joining in every now and then, but I'm a bit shy, so I'm not always ready to play. O-Oh... I apologise for interrupting..."

WiiWareWave: It's quite alright. Feel free to speak at anytime.

(Blue Yoshi nods.)

WiiWareWave: Now, let's talk dietary habits. As Yoshis, you all enjoy eating a variety of tasty, fresh fruits, though you each have a favourite.

Yoshi: Yeah! Mine is watermelon!

Red Yoshi: Yossy!

Yoshi: "Apples!"

Blue Yoshi: Yossy!

Yoshi: "Grapes!"

Yellow Yoshi: Yossy!

Yoshi: "Bananas!"

WiiWareWave: Whoa, your banana hoard must rival that of Donkey Kong, eh? Hahaha!

Yellow Yoshi: Hm?

Yoshi: "Who dat?"

WiiWareWave: You know... big guy... hairy... leader of his own island... lives in a tall house... has a hoard of golden treasure...?

Yellow Yoshi: Oh...

Yoshi: No, not Wario, the OTHER one!

Red Yoshi: Yahow!

Yoshi: No, that's FUNKY Kong!

Pink Yoshi: Hm?

Yoshi: Yay! You got it right, Pink Yoshi!

Light-Blue Yoshi: Hoo-hoo-hoo-HOO!

WiiWareWave: Wait... where did you two come from?!

Pink Yoshi: Hm?

Green Yoshi: "From eggs, silly!"

WiiWareWave: No, I mean... the interview request was for Yoshi and a few of his friends!

(The host holds up the correspondence sheet.)

WiiWareWave: See? It reads: "Request: An Interview with Yoshi and his friends." Wait... dang it, Gerry! This is what I get for skimming over the document instead of checking it thoroughly...

Light-Blue Yoshi: Hoo-hoo-hoo-HOO!

Yoshi: "Nice review lol"

(The host sighs.)

WiiWareWave: Well... I guess this interview is going to be more lively than first thought. Now, Pink Yoshi... uh... wh-what's your favourite colour?

Purple Yoshi: Yahow!

Yoshi: "Purple!"

WiiWareWave: W-Wait... purple?! I mean... Purple Yoshi?! I mean-

Orange Yoshi: Wooooow...

Yoshi: "Silly Purple Yoshi! Purple is a FLAVOUR, not a COLOUR! Silly Purple Yoshi!"

WiiWareWave: GAH! We now have TWICE the number of expected guests! Still... eight guests in one episode... that's a GDN record!

Cameraperson: Just like last week, when we had ZERO guests! Although that was more of a reverse-inverse record...

WiiWareWave: Not helping, Gerry! But we DO have eight guests.

Black Yoshi: Hm?

Yoshi: "Ten guests."

WiiWareWave: That's what I said, "ten guests". Wait...

(Realises there are ten Yoshis in the room.)

WiiWareWave: Uh...

White Yoshi: Yossy!

Yoshi: "Heehee... HI!"

WiiWareWave: Okay, is that everyone? Each and every Yoshi in this interview is present and correct?

Yoshi: Yep! Our other Yoshi friends are on vacation right now.

WiiWareWave: Good, then let's proceed with-

(We hear a familiar yap as Poochy and the Poochy Pups bound onto the set.)

WiiWareWave: Wow, okay, it's getting crowded in here!

(Birdo walks onto the set.)

Birdo: Um... is this the studio for Good Day Nintendo?

WiiWareWave: And who are you?

Birdo: Birdo!

Yoshi: "I'm Catherine, but my friends call me Birdo!"

Birdo: Silly Yoshi, that isn't what I said! Tss-ss-ss-ss-saa!

WiiWareWave: Your interview is slated for NEXT month!

Birdo: Oh... oops!

(The entire Yoshi clan and Birdo laugh. The host looks at the camera, utterly bemused, as the Poochy Pups trot around their feet. Pink Poochy Pup lays down on the host's left foot and dozes off, Light-Blue Poochy Pup pulls at the host's trouser leg, and Black Poochy Pup leaps into the host's lap, looks up at their face, wags its tail, yaps once, then wags its tail again.)

WiiWareWave: Join us next time when we interview a colourful cast that's only observable through a magnifying glass.

(Poochy reaches up and licks the host's face twice, barks, then starts panting and wagging his tail.)

Yoshi: See you then!

Cameraperson: Uh... he just, like, said your line...

WiiWareWave: Yes, THANK you, Gerry! Ugh...

Image borrowed from mariowiki.com, the go-to source for info on all things Mario! victory

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@Towafan7 You have been summoned! Wink

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Amazing interview dude. These are always great reads and leave me chuckling with a smile on my face! lol!

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@Towafan7 Thanks! I hope @Aqua Cherry Blossom doesn't mind my using her catchphrase as the basis of that fourth wall-defying meta-joke. Smile

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