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Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

April 4th 2017, 4:17 am
Hi all, and welcome to Flight of Indigo, the third chapter of the Chromaicora Adventures. In this tale, we follow the adventures of Evan Sky, a socially-awkward young man who dreams of becoming a pilot in his city's flagship aeronautical squadron. This season is set at roughly the same time period as Mask of Akanius and Shell of Thal, with some story overlap between them, so be sure to check them out as well. Oh, and there are spoilers for Crystals of Silveria Remastered as well, so be sure to check it out before reading this if you haven't. All seasons can be found in the boxed set, which you can check out by clicking right here. Okay, without further ado, I present Flight of Indigo. I hope you enjoy!

Episode 1 – Sky, Part I
Evan Sky yearns to reach the clouds, no matter what it takes. After attempting to stop a thieving little creature from stealing his prized pair of aviator goggles, Sky encounters a mysterious woman who claims the goggles belong to her! Will Sky be able to part with his only treasure?


Evan Sky
– An intelligent, yet socially-awkward, young man who lives in an apartment in a vast metropolis, he hopes to one day fly through the skies of the world.

Talya Tailwind – A young woman whom Sky wishes to ask on a date. There’s just one problem: she believes Sky to be a thief! Can the young man convince her to go to his favourite restaurant with him?

Kati Furscott – An azure-haired gnome and Sky’s neighbor, she often visits him for lengthy conversations, though she can be a little imposing at times.

Delphie Violette – Talya’s best friend, she is beautiful in both appearance and personality, with a kind and caring disposition, though she is also something of a klutz.

Thugley – A muscle-bound, bald-headed gentleman who sparks a grudge with Sky.

“If the sky’s the limit, then that’s just where I want to be!"
Scene 1: Cloudclamber City: Afternoon

An enormous scene of aerial combat is happening over the skies of a vast city. A large number of aerial vehicles shoot at one another with pulses of multicoloured energy. Half the vehicles are bright in colour, while the other half are covered in dark and dull tones. In the distance is an enormous, dark-toned airship which makes its way towards the scene of the combat. A number of the smaller dark-toned vehicles fly out of an opening on its front. We hear a number of audio transmissions in the background. The first male voice speaks with an energetic American accent, whereas the second speaks with a light Scottish accent.

Male voice #1: Hoo boy, NOW we got problems!

Male voice #2: Chuck, Chartreuse Squadron needs your assistance!

Male voice #1: I’ll get right on it if someone takes down this goon that’s chasing me!

A purplish vehicle flies behind a dark-toned vehicle, which is firing at another purplish vehicle. The dark-toned vehicle is blasted by the first purplish vehicle.

“Chuck”: WOOHOO! Now I can help out Chartreuse Squadron!

The second purplish vehicle flies deeper into the combat. Two female voices sound out. The first has an American accent, whereas the second has an English accent.

Female voice #1: I’ve taken a hit!

Female voice #2: Relax, Talya, I’ve got it. One repairing pulse coming up!

Another purplish ship fires a purple-coloured pulse at a fourth ship, which appears to be damaged. The damage seems to repair itself.

“Talya”: Much obliged, Delphie!

Male voice #2: Uh-oh…

“Delphie”: What is it, my friend?

Male voice #2: Something’s wrong with my ship!

A third female voice sounds out, which has a slightly high-pitched and nasally American accent.

Female voice #3: Are you sure? I mean, you just got it serviced!

Male voice #2: I’m positive, Katréne!

“Katréne”: Well, what’s going on?

We cut inside the cockpit of one of the purplish vehicles. A young man in an outfit consisting of shades of purple is in the seat. On his head are a flight helmet and oxygen mask, both with purple accents. He appears to be fighting to maintain the controls, even as the ship rattles and shakes.

Male voice #2: Well, the controls aren’t responding very well.

“Chuck”: Well, could you elaborate at all?

Male voice #2: It’s doing a lot of shaking.

“Talya”: Is that it?

Male voice #2: Well…no. There’s something else…the entire control deck is glowing purple!

“Delphie”: Wait…what?!

“Chuck”: That’s not normal!

Male voice #2: I know that! What should I do?!

“Delphie”: Make way back to the Amethyst Blizzard and await further instructions.

Male voice #2: That…could be a problem.

“Talya”: What are you talking about?

Male voice #2: I’m completely surrounded!

“Katréne”: Surrounded? How many ships are surrounding you? Five? Six?

Male voice #2: I…kind of lost count at fifty-

“Delphie”: Fifty?!

Male voice #2: -seven! At least fifty-seven enemies surrounding my ship!

“Chuck”: Hold tight, dude! We’re on our way!

Male voice #2: Thank you! I really appreciate-

A blast strikes the ship’s shield.

Male voice #2: I’m being attacked!

Another blast strikes the ship’s shield, disabling it.

Male voice #2: My shield’s down! Someone help!

Nothing but static is heard.

Male voice #2: I guess communications are down as well! Come on, girl…hold together…remember what we’ve been through, you and I! Just…huh?

A mark of the multiverse begins to glow on the back of the pilot’s left hand with purple light. His eyes begin to glow with purple light as well.

Male voice #2: What’s…going…AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!

Flight of Indigo
A Chromaicora Adventure

Scene 2: Cloudclamber City: Late Morning

One year earlier…

A young man with auburn hair and slightly-pointed ears walks along a busy street. He is wearing a brown leather jacket of unusual design, as well as leather boots and fingerless gloves of a darker shade of brown. A purplish-pink neckerchief is tied around his neck, and a half-face breather is strapped over his nose and mouth, a small air purifier attached to each of its sides. A pair of goggles with a purple strap sits atop his head. The young man speaks with a light Scottish accent, indicating him to be the pilot from the previous scene.

Man: Ah, what a beautiful-

Suddenly, a small, monkey-like creature with skin flaps connecting its arms and legs lands on top of the man’s head. He begins to panic, flailing his hands above his head in an attempt to shoo the creature.

Man: AH! AH! Monkey-thing on my head! Monkey-thing on my head!

“Monkey-thing”: Oo-EEK!

The creature pulls off the man’s goggles and examines them.

Man: Hey, what are you doing?!

The creature gnaws on the left lens.

Man: Stop, that’s not food! Hey-

The creature grabs the goggles with its feet and takes off, floating on an updraft of air.

Man: Stop! Thief! Someone catch that…thing!

A round-eared gentleman dressed similarly to the young man, though without a breather, stops next to him. He speaks with a cockney English accent.

Passerby: Oh, that’s rotten luck, that is. Shame. A real shame…

The passerby continues to walk down the street. The young man grows agitated.

Man: STOP!

The young man begins chasing the creature, and manages to catch up with it. The creature realizes that the young man is chasing it and glides into an alleyway.

Man: NO!

The young man runs into the alleyway, and watches as the creature glides over a wire fence.

Man: Oh, you have got to be kidding me!

The young man runs up to the fence and leaps over it. The creature glides into the next street, followed by the young man.

Man: Come back here!

The young man chases after the creature, and runs straight into another round-eared, breather-less man who dwarfs him completely.

“Giant”: Oi! Watch where you’re goin’!

Man: Oh, I’m sorry…uh…sir.

“Giant”: “Sir?” I take it you haven’t heard of me?

Man: No…?

“Giant”: They call me “Thugley”. Wanna know why?

Man: Well-

Thugley: ‘Cause I’m an ugly thug! WAHAHAHAHA!

Man (nervous): Eheheheheh…

Thugley: An’ what about you? What’s your story?

Man: My…story?

Thugley? Yeah! What are you called?

Man: Sk-Sky…

Thugley “Sky?” What kind of unoriginal name is that?!

Sky: It’s my surname…

Thugley: Oh.

Sky: Uh-

Thugley: What?

Sky: Y-Your…creature-

Thugley: What about it?

Sky: It st-stole…my-

Thugley: You mean this thing?

Thugley points to the creature, which is perched on a nearby lamppost.

Creature: Oo?

Thugley: I hate to burst your cloud, Sky, but this ain’t mine.

Sky: Oh…

Thugley: I mean what would a brute like me want with a fuzzy lil’ glider monkey?

Sky: My apologies, sir. It’s just that…i-it has my-

Thugley snatches the goggles and shows them to Sky.

Creature: AAH!

Thugley: These whatcha lookin’ for?

Sky: Oh…uh-

Thugley: I SHOULD charge you a fee, since I found ‘em and you want ‘em…

Sky: Please, sir! I’m short on cash!

Thugley: Oh, well then…maybe I’ll keep these then, eh?

Voice: I’ll take those, thank you!

A hand snatches the goggles.

Thugley: Oi! What’s the big ide-

The hand belongs to a woman with long, dirty-blonde hair, slightly-pointed ears and a breather similar to Sky’s. The creature glides over to the woman’s right shoulder. She speaks with an American accent.

Woman: Good work, Munch.

The creature chitters with delight.

Thugley: Look, I didn’t do nothin’! This guy was chasing after your pet for those goggles!

The woman slowly approaches Sky.

Woman: Ah, so YOU'RE the thief who stole my lucky aviator goggles...

Sky: Stole?! No...I didn't know whose they were! I merely-

Woman: Give me one good reason why I shouldn't turn you into the authorities.

Sky: I didn't...steal them?

Woman: Then why did you have them in your possession?

Sky: I…I found them.

Woman: What?

Sky: When I arrived here. They were sort of…there.

Woman: Arrived? Then you’re new in town?

Sky: I could be new in the country for all I know.

Woman: You’re making little sense, you know.

Sky: Look, I’ve had them for as long as I can remember, okay?

Woman: But I only lost these a few months ago…or at least, I THOUGHT I’d lost them!

Sky: That’s as long as I can remember. Everything before that is all a blur.

Woman: That doesn’t make much sense.

Sky: Anyway, some people found me and helped me.

Woman: Which people?

Sky: The Mauve Scarves.

The woman punches Sky, knocking him to the ground.

Woman: I knew I couldn’t trust you!

Sky: What?!

Woman: I should have guessed that you were scum!

Sky: Scum?!

Woman: I’m placing you under citizen’s arrest!

Sky: Look, could someone PLEASE explain what’s going-

The scene cuts to black.

Scene 3: Prison Cell: Cloudclamber City: Unknown Time of Day

The scene fades in, revealing Sky to be lying on a bed inside a prison cell, his breather not on his face. He slowly comes around, and immediately begins to panic.

Sky: What…?! H-How did I get here?! HELP! Someone HELP!

The door slides open with a hiss, and the woman and a male human prison guard with slightly-pointed ears walk inside. Sky leaps to his feet and backs away from the woman, who is also not wearing her breather.

Woman: Whoa, easy.

Sky: Who are you? Why did you bring me here?!

Woman: Relax, it was all a mistake on my part.

Sky: The last thing I remember, I was face-down on the pavement.

Woman: Correct.

Sky: Then…how did I get here?!

Woman: I rendered you unconscious using-

Sky: Wait…you said it was a mistake?

Woman: Yes. I mistook you for being a member of the Mauve Scarves. I’d like to apologise for jumping to such a ridiculous conclusion.

Sky: Oh…uh…that’s fine, I…guess…?

Sky pauses.

Woman: What is it?

Sky: Shouldn’t I be injured?

Guard: Our on-duty physician used cuper to repair your injuries while you were unconscious.

Woman: Ah, the man finally speaks.

Sky: Cuper?

Woman: You don’t know about cuper?

Sky: No. What is it?

Woman: Seriously?! Wow, I must’ve REALLY knocked you good…

Sky: No, I just have some bizarre form of amnesia.

Woman: Oh?

Sky: I know who I am, but I can’t remember my past.

Woman: Well, the guards said you’re free to go.

Sky: Oh. Um…that’s good…

Woman: Don’t worry, they dropped the charges.

Sky: Oh, right! Superb!

Woman: Unfortunately for me, that means the goggles are your legal property.

The woman holds out the goggles in both hands. Sky uses his left hand to push the woman’s hands away.

Sky: No, you keep them.

Woman: Really?!

Sky: Yes. If they’re really yours, then I want you to take them.

Woman: Thank you.

The woman and Sky smile.

Sky: D’you want to…uh…

Woman: Yes?

Sky: Well, there’s this really nice café near my home. They have good food…that is, if…you’re interested…?

Woman: Oh. Uh…I don’t have anything else to do right now, so…sure, why not?

Sky: Brill.

Commercial: Watch new episodes of Shell of Thal soon!

Scene 4: Café: Cloudclamber City: Mid Afternoon

Sky and the woman sit at a table in the café, waiting for their meals. Both have hot drinks topped with foam and dusted with powdered chocolate.

Woman: So Evan…that’s not a name you hear in these parts.

Sky: It’s one of the few things I recall about myself.

Woman: And as for your family name of Sky…

Sky: It’s more a title I chose for myself. I don’t remember my real surname.

Woman: A title?

Sky: Yes. It describes where I want to be.

Woman: So it’s a symbolic measure of the altitude you’d strive to reach to achieve your dreams?

Sky: Yes, both literal and figurative.

Woman: Literal?

Sky: I…well…this is going to sound silly, but…

Woman: Yes?

Sky: I…kind of want to be a…a…pilot.

Woman: Oh…

Sky: I knew it! You think I’m weird!

Woman: Of course not! Some of my best friends are pilots.

Sky lights up.

Sky: D’you think they’d know where I could sign up?!

Woman: Uh-

Sky: I’d do anything to make my dream a reality!

Woman: Why don’t you leave it with me. We’ve registered each other in our communicators, so I’ll give you a call.

Sky: Promise?

Woman: You have my word.

Sky: Thank you. Oh…

Woman: What is it?

Sky: I didn’t catch your name…

Woman: Oh, if only I had manners.

Sky: I think you have superb manners.

The woman smiles.

Woman: Thank you, Evan. It’s nice to be complimented. I’m Talya.

Sky taps a device that’s strapped to his right wrist.

Sky: Tal…ya. There.

Talya notices the mark of the multiverse on the back of Sky’s ungloved left hand.

Talya: Interesting tattoo.

Sky: Oh, uh…

Sky looks at his mark.

Sky: …thanks.

Talya: What is it?

Sky looks at Talya.

Sky: Not a clue.

Talya snickers.

Talya: I might’ve guessed.

Scene 5: Outside Apartment Building: Cloudclamber City: Late Afternoon

Sky and Talya, both wearing their breathers, stop outside the doors of an apartment building. Sky points to the doors.

Sky: Well, this is my building.

Talya: Excellent. Okay, I’ll keep in touch.

Sky: Please do.

Talya smiles.

Talya: Count on it.

Talya walks away. Sky removes his left glove and places his hand onto a panel to the right of the doors. His mark begins to softly glow with purple light.

Sky’s thoughts: That’s never happened before…

A mysterious hooded figure watches Sky from a shadowy area across the street. The figure turns and walks away. An electronic sound appears and the doors open with a hiss. Sky steps inside, and the doors close with another hiss.

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

A number of people in dark uniforms work inside a dark room filled with control consoles and monitors. A male human with a frowny face sits in what can be assumed to be a commander’s chair, rubbing his chin. A much younger man walks up to him.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: What is it, son?

Recruit: Anomaly detected in Cloudclamber City on the Mahou Plateau, sir!

Commander: And what does this “anomaly” look like?

Recruit: It appeared briefly as a purple dot on the radar, sir!

Commander: A purple dot…could it be…?

The commander pulls his hand away from his chin.

Commander: I want you to keep this a secret from everyone, understood?

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Good. Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander continues to rub his chin.

Scene 7: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Late Afternoon

Sky enters his apartment. He pulls the breather from his face and takes in a deep breath, exhaling slowly.

Sky: Ah, there’s nothing quite like the sensation of full-cream, oxygen-rich air.

Sky walks over to what resembles an answering machine and presses a button.

Machine: You have 0 new messages.

Sky: Of course I do. I don’t know anyone.

Sky sits on his couch.

Sky: Well, except for Talya, but-

Sky pauses, then shakes his head.

Sky: There’s no way she’ll call me back. No way whatsoever.

Sky clutches his face with his hands and lets out a sigh.

Sky: Why must I be so socially-inept?!

A knock sounds on Sky’s door. Sky walks over to it and opens it, only to look down and see a female gnome with spiky, medium-blue hair.

Sky: Oh, Kati. Hello.

Kati: You’re back late today, Sky!

Kati enters Sky’s apartment.

Sky: Would you like to come in?

Kati sits on Sky’s couch.

Kati: So what happened?

Sky: Oh, the usual. I roamed around a new, unfamiliar part of the city.

Kati: Is that where you lost your goggles?

A puzzled look appears on Sky’s face.

Kati: Don’t think I don’t notice these things, Sky!

Sky: I’ll…try to keep that in mind.

Kati: So where are they?

Sky sits on the couch next to Kati, looking straight ahead rather than turning to face her.

Sky: It’s a long story…

Scene 8: Talya and Delphie’s Dormitory: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

We cut to a view of the inside of a dormitory. The walls are white, and the carpet is greyish-purple. The right hand bed has a quilt covered with a wavy, many-toned purple pattern, whereas the left one has a marine-themed quilt covered with plush toys of several aquatic creatures, including sea stars, several varieties of fish and a dolphin, among others. A young woman with long, light-brown hair and slightly-pointed ears sits at a desk, taking notes. The door opens and Talya walks in, makes her way over to the right bed, throws her satchel onto the floor and practically falls onto the bed. The other woman speaks with a posh English accent.

Woman: Busy day?

Talya: An eventful one, I’ll say that much.

The woman puts down her dolphin-themed pen and slowly turns to face Talya.

Woman: The last time you said that, you’d just met someone.

Talya smiles.

Talya: Shut up!

Woman: What’s his name?

Talya: Delphie, I-

Talya sighs and sits up, facing the woman.

Talya: What would you say if I told you I met the sweetest young man I’ll probably ever know?

Delphie: That you’ve found Mr. Right?

Talya: No, not in that way! I mean-

Delphie: Then what?

Talya: This man…Evan-

Delphie: Ooh, Evan!

Talya: ANYway, he gave me back my goggles.

Delphie: Your lucky aviator goggles?

Talya: Yeah! He said he found them months ago.

Delphie: So how did he find you?

Talya: Well, a certain glider monkey who shall remain nameless-

Munch’s face suddenly pops out of Talya’s satchel.

Munch: Ooh!

Talya: -snatched them from him. He pursued it, and…the long and the short of it is…I got my goggles back.

Delphie: Well, it was thoughtful of him to give them back to you.

Talya: I know. I’ll have to thank him properly later.

Delphie: Later? But…that would mean-

Talya: We exchanged communicator signals.

Delphie: Now come on. Even I know that means you like him!

Talya: I told you, I like him, just not in that way!

Delphie: Then why did you get his signal?

Talya: Well…

Scene 9: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The commander sits in his chair. The recruit from before walks over to him.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: Have you located the source of the anomaly?

Recruit: Negative, sir! I’m still waiting for it to appear on the radar again.

Commander: Well, let me know the moment you see it again.

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away.

Commander: If that anomaly is what – or more accurately, who – I think it is…

The commander begins to rub his chin.

Scene 10: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Early Morning

Sky lies on his couch, fast asleep. He is awakened by a knock on his door.

Sky: Just a minute…I was only having my fortnightly two-hour snooze…

Sky walks over to his door.

Sky: Who’s there?

Voice: It’s Talya. From yesterday?

Sky: Oh…uh…o-okay then.

Sky opens the door, revealing Talya to be wearing a purple uniform of some kind.

Sky: Oh, nice uniform.

Talya: Thank you. I was on my way to work and thought I’d drop by to thank you properly.

Sky: Oh, you’re welcome. Would you like to come in?

Talya: Sure.

Talya enters the apartment.

Talya: This is a very nice place, Evan. How could you afford it?

Sky: Oh…uh…it was a gift.

Talya: A gift? From whom?

Sky: No idea. An anonymous donor practically handed me the keys and said it was all mine.

Talya: Sounds like one generous person indeed.

Sky: Of course. This is pretty much my entire world.

Talya: Is that why you’re all the way up on the tenth floor?

Sky: I suppose so. It’s probably as close to achieving my dream as I’ll ever likely attain.

Talya: Say, would you like to come to my workplace?

Sky: I suppose…I mean…I didn’t have any other plans for today.

Talya: Come on, then. My car is in the dock downstairs.

Sky and Talya ride inside what resembles a small, red flying car without wheels. Below them is a sea of clouds.

Sky: So…where exactly did you say you work?

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll see…right about…now.

An enormous purple construct floats down from the sky a short distance from the front of Talya’s vehicle. Talya drives underneath the construct, which casts a shadow over the vehicle. Sky looks up at it through the sunroof, completely amazed.

Sky: By the skies…

Talya: May I present the Amethyst Blizzard, the home base of the Indigo Squadron.

Sky: Th-The Indigo Squadron?! Y-You mean you’re-

Talya: That’s right, I’m a member of the Indigo Squadron, and if you’re willing to put in the effort, you can be one as well.

Sky: What can I say? Of course I’m willing!

Talya: That is the best answer you could’ve given me.

Talya drives her vehicle through an opening in the base of the airship. Sky begins to get excited.

Sky’s thoughts: This is actually happening! I’m going to become a pilot! I-

The mark on Sky’s hand begins glowing with purple light.

Sky: Again?!

Talya: Your tattoo is…glowing?

Sky: Yes, but it’s only the second time that it’s happened!

Talya’s thoughts: Wait…could Evan be…?

Scene 11: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The recruit walks over to the commander.

Recruit: Sir!

Commander: Have you detected the anomaly?

Recruit: Aye, sir! It was detected in the skies near Cloudclamber City.

Commander: Then we must act now. Ready the ship for travel. We’re going to the Mahou Plateau!

Recruit: Sir? That territory’s not part of our jurisdiction. It’d take months to get the permits required for establishing a base there.

Commander: Then see to it that those permits are attained. We must find the source of that anomaly!

Recruit: Aye, sir!

Commander: Very good. Dismissed!

Recruit: Thank you, sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander begins rubbing his chin once again.

Commander: If we don’t find that boy before them…well, we just need to find him first…

To be Continued…

End Credits

Episode 2 – Sky, Part II
Sky begins his training aboard the Amethyst Blizzard, an enormous airship that is home to the purple-clad pilots known as the Indigo Squadron. During his course, he befriends a fellow recruit named Chuck, who defends himself and his buddy from a bully. But what will they do when the bully wants revenge?

New Character

Chuck Hunch
– A trainee in the Indigo Squadron, he has an outgoing personality and a love for pranks. He protects both himself and Sky from a brutish pilot, but they are put in very real danger when that same individual attacks them later.

“Just stick with me, Sky, and we can conquer this training program!”
Scene 1: Docking Bay: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky through a large, open area. The floors, walls and ceiling are made of purple-tinted metal. A number of people from multiple races including high elves, Greatkin, orcborn and humans are in the room, each of them wearing a purple uniform similar to Talya’s. The room is filled with cars of many shapes, sizes and colours, each parked neatly between two white lines.

Talya: Evan Sky, welcome aboard the Amethyst Blizzard.

Sky: By the Skies of Ness…this is more amazing than I could’ve imagined…

Talya: Okay, let’s get you your visitor’s badge.

Sky becomes startled.

Sky: Visitor…? But I thought-

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll get your trainee privileges soon. For now, though, you are a guest aboard this vessel.

Sky: Does that include any special privileges?

Talya smiles.

Talya: More than you could possibly imagine.

Sky: Brill.

Opening Credits


Talya leads Sky into an enormous hangar, with a small, purple-coloured airship hovering in each dock.

Talya: Here’s where we keep all the skiffs.

Sky: Skiffs?

Talya: A skiff is a small airship built for a smaller crew. Most of these ones are for 1-2 pilots, but there are larger ones that can accommodate an entire team.

Sky: This is my favourite room so far!

Scene 2: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into the mess hall, where a number of pilots are eating an early lunch.

Talya: Being a pilot is a lot of work, so each member of the squadron needs to keep up their strength. This is where we fill up on meals and snacks that are both delicious and nutritionally-balanced.

Sky: I heard that the food on these vessels is awful.

Talya snickers.

Talya: Only if you’re a member of the Crimson Squadron.

Sky: Wait…really?

Talya: Oh yes, I’ve been aboard the Ruby Ember, and its food selection is truly, monumentally appaling. The chicken stew is rubbery and watery, and don’t even get me started on the chocolate pudding…

Sky: If I ever end up on that ship, I’ll remember to bring my own food.

Talya: That would be wise. I learned the hard way, believe me!

Sky inhales deeply through his nose, then exhales with delight.

Sky: This is my favourite room so far!

Scene 3: Classroom: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into a room filled with wooden desks. A few students sit at them taking down notes.

Talya: And this is our classroom, where you, Evan, will do the most boring portion of your training.

Sky: Hey, I like studying!

Talya: Then you will feel right at home in this room.

Sky: I think this is definitely my favourite room so far!

Scene 4: Practical Training Centre: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into a room filled with a number of pods that resemble the cockpits of skiffs. A few of them are currently in use.

Talya: Now this is where the REAL fun portion of your training takes place. Welcome to the Practical Training Centre.

Sky: Whoa…

Talya: Impressed?

Sky: I am. I look forward to my training with each passing second!

Talya: I’m glad to hear that, Evan.

A male voice with an American accent sounds out.

Voice: WOO! Take THAT, you pesky virtual menaces!

A recruit wearing a purple flight suit, helmet and mask leaps out of one of the pods, facing the opposite direction to Talya and Sky. He unclips one side of the mask, letting it dangle off the opposite side of the helmet. He throws his fists straight up into the air.

Recruit: WOO! Target neutralised!

The recruit lowers his fists and spins around, a grin on his face. The grin quickly turns to embarrassment as he sees Talya standing there.

Recruit: Oh…uh…

Talya: Getting a little carried away there, Chuck?

Chuck: Yeah…kind of. I mean, this was my first practical assignment, and…well…

Talya: You do realise that the flight helmet and mask are not at all necessary for training, right?

Chuck: Yeah, but they helped me get into the zone.

Talya giggles.

Talya: Oh, where are my manners? Chuck, this-

Talya gestures to Sky.

Talya: -is Evan Sky. He’s going to be training with us.

Chuck: Sky, huh?

Chuck holds out his right hand.

Sky: Oh…uh…

Sky hesitantly shakes Chuck’s hand.

Chuck: Good to meetcha.

Chuck lets go of Sky’s hand.

Chuck: My friends call me Chuck.

Sky: Good to meet you as well.

Chuck: That’s some accent you have there. I’m guessing you’re not from these parts?

Sky: Your guess is as good as mine, I’m afraid.

Chuck appears puzzled.

Talya: Evan has no memory of his past.

Chuck: Oh, I’m so sorry, dude.

Sky: It’s fine. For all I know, I could’ve been a horrible person.

Chuck: Now, I find that very hard to believe.

Talya: I couldn’t have put it better myself.

Sky: Well, I suppose…

Talya: Okay, Evan, I have one last room to show you.

Sky: Lead on!

Scene 5: Observation Deck: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Talya leads Sky into an enormous, round room. A large window encompasses nearly every outer panel, and there is seating arranged in neat blocks across the purple carpeting in the room’s centre. The corners are decorated with plants.

Sky: Now this is by far my favourite room…

Talya: The observation deck, where pilots and visitors alike come to rest, relax and enjoy the view.

Sky looks at a distant plateau’s edge, with a large city even further in the distance.

Sky: Is that-

Talya: Yep, Cloudclamber City.

Sky: It seems so far away…

Talya: Don’t worry, you’ll get to visit it again sometime.

Sky: Wait…visit? But…I-I live there!

Talya: “Lived”, Evan. The Amethyst Blizzard is your home now, remember?

Sky: Oh, right…I keep forgetting.

Talya: Your effects are being brought aboard and will be placed in your new dormitory.

Sky: I get a dormitory?!

Talya: Well, you’ll be sharing your dorm with another recruit, but yes, you get your own bed and desk.

Sky: Wow…

Talya: Ready to meet your dormmate?

Sky: Absolutely!

Talya: Then follow me.

Scene 6: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The dark commander sits in his chair, rubbing his chin. He seems to be mumbling to himself.

Commander: If that blip marks the location of the pendulum…

Recruit: The pendulum, sir?

Commander: WAAH!

The commander becomes startled, but calms down when he sees the recruit standing next to him, though he still hyperventilates and clutches his chest with his right hand.

Commander: Oh, you scared me. Don’t ever sneak up on me like that, understood?

Recruit: Uh…yes, sir.

The commander seems to regain his composure, and clears his throat.

Commander: Now, what news do you have for me?

Recruit: Uh…well…

Commander: Come on, spit it out!

Recruit: Well, I filed the paperwork, as requested.

Commander: Good. How long will it take to clear?

Recruit: Approximately seven months, sir.

Commander: SEVEN MONTHS?!

The commander thinks to himself.

Commander: Very well. That should give us enough time to make our grand entrance.

Recruit: Our grand entrance, sir?

Commander: Oh right, you haven’t gotten to the chapter on “fourth wall demolitions” yet, have you?

Recruit: Uh…

Commander: That’ll be all. Dismissed!

Recruit: Yes sir!

The recruit walks away. The commander begins rubbing his chin once again.

Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Early Afternoon

Sky, Talya and Chuck sit at a table in the mess hall. It is immediately apparent that, unlike the ears of Sky, Talya and Delphie, Chuck’s ears are round. Chuck takes a bite out of an enormous burger. Talya looks at Sky.

Talya: Well?

Sky: Well…what?

Talya: Your dormmate?

Sky: Yes, when am I going to meet him?

Chuck swallows his mouthful.

Chuck: What makes you think it’s a “him”?

Sky: Well, the dorms aren’t co-ed for a start.

Talya: He’s not wrong.

Chuck: How did you learn that so fast?

Sky: Oh…uh…the recruit’s handbook. It’s actually very interesting.

Chuck: You already finished the handbook?! But…it’s over 500 pages long!

Sky: Of course I haven’t.

Chuck takes a mouthful from his cup.

Sky: I’ve only made it about halfway through so far.

Chuck turns his head and spits orange juice on the floor. He wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Chuck: Okay, are you a wizard?

Sky: Of course not. I don’t know the first thing about magic.

Talya: Magic?

Sky: You don’t know about magic?

Talya: You don’t know about cuper?

Sky: Touché.

Talya stands up and holds her right hand over the floor next to Chuck. Talya’s hand is surrounded with purple energy, and orange juice floats up and lands in Chuck’s cup.

Chuck: I appreciate the gesture, Talya, but I am not drinking something that’s been on the floor.

Sky: So you do know about magic!

Talya: For the last time, no.

Sky: Then what do you call…that?

Talya: What, the technique? I call it “mahou”, like anyone else does.

Sky: Oh…

Chuck: What is it?

Sky: Where I come from, what you just did is called a magic spell.

Talya: So you do know where you’re from?

Sky: Haven’t the faintest idea. I just know that much is true.

Chuck: So your basic knowledge is still present, you just can’t recall your past memories.

Talya: That is a really bizarre form of amnesia…

Sky: You have no idea…

After a brief awkward silence, Sky speaks.

Sky: So when will I get to meet my dormmate?

Talya: You’re looking at him.

Sky stares at Chuck.

Sky: Chuck?

Chuck: Wait…Sky’s my new roomie? I finally get to have a roomie?!

Tears begin to pour from Chuck’s eyes.

Chuck: This is the happiest day of my life!

Voice: Well it’s about to become your most miserable.

Chuck stops crying and looks over at Thugley and two smaller, less-muscly pilots. He begins to panic.

Chuck: Oh no, it’s Ugly!

Thugley: That’s THUGley, Huck!

Chuck: A-Actually…the name’s

Thugley: Does it look like I care? Anyway, I wanted to welcome our newest recruit: Sky.

Chuck: Wait…you remember his name but not mine?!

Thugley grabs Chuck’s arms and slides him off his bench to the ground.

Thugley: Watch yourself, Huck.

Thugley and his goons approach Sky.

Thugley: Well, how are you settling in?

Sky: Oh, uh…f-fine.

Thugley: Fuh-fuh-fine! Fuh-fuh-fine! Listen to the baby stutter! WAHAHAHAHA!


Talya stands up.

Talya: You three better watch yourselves, otherwise-

Thugley: Otherwise WHAT? What’s a wimpy recruit like you gonna do to a seasoned pilot like my good self?

Sky: Talya knows ma-

Talya: -acaroni cheese recipes like none you’ve ever tasted! Eheheheheh…

Thugley: Is that right? Hm…well, I do like a good mac ‘n cheese. Okay, you can cook for me sometime, Tally.

Chuck: Oh yeah? Cook THIS!

Chuck flings his orange juice into Thugley’s face. Thugley yells out loud and covers his eyes with his fingertips.

Thugley: YEOW! You just got grapefruit juice in my eyes!

Chuck: Actually, it’s orange juice. Ha!

Thugley: I’m gonna report you for this! And you know what happens next, right? It’s outta the academy for you, Huck!

Talya: Actually, you pushed him first. A seasoned pilot assaulting a recruit…hm…that could get you thrown in the slammer and stripped of your title. Back me up, Sky.

Sky: She’s right.

Thugley: Well…you can’t prove I did it!

Sky: Actually, the 24 security cameras in this mess hall would have to disagree with you.

Thugley: Oh crup! Let’s get outta here, fellas!

Goon #1: I’m a girl, you dork!

Thugley: Whatever, let’s just go before they catch us!

Thugley and the goons flee from the room, leaving a cloud of dust that quickly clears.

Talya: Nice thinking, Chuck!

Chuck: Yeah, but what’s gonna happen once he leaves prison…?

Talya: That’s still months away. Come on, let’s show Sky to his new place.

Chuck leaps onto his bench and points upward.

Chuck: Follow me, my peeps!

Talya facepalms and shakes her head.

Talya: Oh, brother…

Commercial: It’s Drake’s Café, where we provide service with a friendly facial expression! Our delicious heated beverages are topped with whipped milk froth and dusted with powdered cacao-derived brown candy, and our selection of pastries is crafted with only the finest churned yellow milk solid and processed wheat powder. Delight your senses at Drake’s Café today! Over one-hundred convenient locations right across Cloudclamber!

Scene 8: Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Early Morning

We see a montage of Sky putting on his uniform while viewing different parts of his body. The scene cuts to his purple boots, scrolls up his legs and torso and up to his face. Sky snaps a pair of purple-framed goggles to his head with purple-gloved hands. The scene then cuts to a full-body view of Sky.

Sky: Let’s do this.

Sky slowly and confidently walks into the camera. The scene then cuts to a view of Sky’s back as he walks through the Practical Training Centre. He walks over to Talya and Chuck, the latter of whom is wearing a flight helmet, its mask dangling off the side.

Sky: I’m ready.

Talya: Excellent. You’ll be starting with a solo exercise.

Sky: Solo?

Talya: Yes, to test your skills and measure your capabilities before you receive your starting rank.

Sky: Then start measuring, commander!

Chuck: Wait…you think Talya’s our commander?

Sky: Y-Yes…? Why?

Talya: Evan, I’m…I’m not-

Chuck: Talya’s a recruit as well, Sky. She still has months of training to complete.

Talya punches Chuck’s arm.

Talya: Thank you for stealing my thunder, Chuck.

Chuck: You’re…welcome…?

Talya sighs. She then turns to Sky.

Talya: Chuck and I are two months away from finishing our training and being assigned to teams.

Sky: I see…

Talya: According to your mind reading session-

Sky: My what now?!

Chuck: Oh, don’t worry, you were out of it when the head scanny-guy came to our dorm.

Sky: I-I’m sure I would’ve awoken if someone was trying to scan my mind!

Chuck: Not if you were administered something to keep you unconscious!


Talya: Anyway, your scan revealed that you already have exceptional skills at flying, which means you must have been an aviator at some point in your past.

Sky: Oh…uh…brill.

Chuck: That probably explains why you’re so eager to get back in the saddle, huh, Sky?

Sky: Maybe…

Talya gestures to the nearest pod.

Talya: Okay, this is your training module, Sky. Show us what you’re made of!

Sky lowers his goggles.

Sky: Let’s do this.

Sky climbs into the pod. Talya turns to face Chuck.

Talya: While he does his first training exercise, you and I are to do some team exercises in a two-pilot pod.

Chuck: Hold on a second…

Chuck clips his mask to his helmet and takes two deep, noisy breaths.

Chuck: I’m ready.

Chuck walks past Talya.

Talya: Our pod’s in the other direction, Chuck.

Chuck walks past Talya in the other direction.

Chuck: I knew that.

Talya yells out as Chuck walks away.

Talya: You do realise that your breathing apparatus isn’t connected to anything, right?

Talya shakes her head and follows Chuck.

Scene 9: Prison: Cloudclamber City: Unknown Time of Day

A cell door opens, and Thugley is pushed inside. He is wearing a grey short-sleeved onesie. The cell door is closed and locked.

Guard: Okay, see you in a couple months.

Thugley: I look forward to it.

The guard walks away. Thugley walks over to his bed and sits on it.

Thugley: Those loser recruits are gonna pay when I get outta here…

Scene 10: Classroom: Academy: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Morning

Sky stands in front of the whiteboard at the head of the class. The teacher, a woman with pointed ears, a purple uniform and red oval-framed glasses, sits at her desk. Talya, Delphie and Chuck sit at desks in the front row, with an empty desk between Delphie and Chuck.

Teacher: Class, this is our newest recruit, Evan Sky.

Sky raises his left hand and smiles nervously.

Teacher: Please make him feel welcome.

Most class members clap and smile. Chuck yells out loudly.

Chuck: WOO! Yeah, Sky! WOO!

Teacher: Now, as you all know, all new recruits are given a practical examination to determine their starting rank. Mr. Sky here scored 95% on his practical, which puts him squarely in Rank B.

The class members whisper amongst themselves.

Member #1: Rank B? On his first attempt?

Member #2: Now that guy must be very skilled.

Delphie: Talya, you didn’t say he was that good!

Talya shrugs her shoulders. Chuck yells out again.

Chuck: WOO! That’s our Sky for ya! WOO-HOOHOOHOOOOOOO!

Teacher: Why don’t you take a seat, Mr. Sky?

Sky: Thank you, Ms. Frostswift.

Sky approaches the empty desk between Delphie and Chuck.

Ms. Frostswift: And Chuck? You may want to tone down your enthusiasm a little bit.

Chuck yells out softly.

Chuck: Yeah, toning down…awesome…woo.

Sky sits at his desk. Delphie looks at Sky.

Delphie: We have yet to be introduced. My name is Delphie, and I am Talya’s best friend and dormmate.

Sky: Oh, it’s nice to meet you.

Delphie: To you as well.

Chuck: You know, Sky, Delphie started at the same rank as you.

Sky: Really?!

Delphie: Oh yes, I joined this academy recently, and I proved to be most skilled as a pilot.

Sky: That’s great!

Chuck: Well, I also started at Rank B!

Talya laughs out loud.

Talya: You what?

Chuck: Y-You heard me!

Talya: Chuck, you were Rank D when you started. You only scored 51% on your first practical!

Chuck: Well, that’s not to say-

Talya: Even I scored a mere 75%, but I’m fine to admit I started at a lower rank than Delphie and Evan.

Chuck: …mhm…

Chuck begins to sob.

Delphie: Yet your skills have shown a great improvement in recent weeks. Talya tells me that you managed to score 97% on your most recent practical.

Chuck: Well…yeah, but we were teamed-up.

Talya: Not only that, but his solo run before that saw him score 93%.

Delphie: By himself? Now, that IS impressive!

Chuck pokes his index fingers together.

Chuck: Well…yeah, I’ve…sort of been practicing…

Sky: If Chuck’s scoring that highly, then he’s close to graduating.

Talya: All three of us are close to graduating.

Delphie: But we won’t be assigned to teams until there are enough graduates.

Chuck: Knowing my luck, I’ll be teamed up with people I don’t like…

Delphie: If we graduated on the same day, chances are we’d be teamed up together.

Chuck: Hey, yeah…I’ll try my hardest!

Sky’s thoughts: I wonder who’ll be my teammates…

Ms. Frostswift: Okay, let’s begin class. Now, who can tell me the alloy used in the outer shell of a skiff?

A montage sequence begins. In the first segment, Ms. Frostswift points to the whiteboard, and both Talya and Chuck raise their hands. Ms. Frostswift points to Talya, causing Chuck to make an “Oh, darn!” pose. Talya speaks, and Ms. Frostswift nods. Talya smiles, while Chuck shakes his head.

We cut to a view inside a pod. Sky sits in the seat, his goggles over his eyes, as he shoots at simulated targets. Unbeknownst to him, the mark on his left hand glows through his glove with purple light.

The next sequence is back in the classroom. Ms. Frostswift points at a slightly-different whiteboard setup. Both Delphie and Chuck raise their hands. Ms. Frostswift points to Delphie, and Chuck pulls an “Are you kidding me?!” pose. Delphie speaks, and Ms. Frostswift nods. Delphie beams with delight, but accidentally knocks her dolphin pen off her desk. Sky leans down and picks up the pen, handing it to Delphie. Delphie speaks, causing Sky to blush. We pan across to Chuck, who has tears streaming down his face.

We cut to a view inside a two-seater pod. Talya sits in the front, while Chuck sits in the back, wearing his usual flight helmet and mask. We cut to a view outside the pod. Chuck races out of it, unclipping his mask as he does so…just as Delphie walks past with a stack of books. Delphie freaks out as she drops the books, and Chuck holds his right hand behind his head, grinning widely. Talya exits the pod, facepalms and shakes her head.

We cut to a third sequence inside the classroom. Ms. Frostswift points to the whiteboard, which is again covered with different writing. Both Sky and Chuck raise their hands, and Ms. Frostswift points to Sky. Chuck’s face turns blank, and Sky speaks, gesturing to him. Chuck makes a “What…?” expression, before grinning with delight. Chuck speaks, and Ms. Frostswift shakes her head, before speaking. Chuck bangs his head to his desk in shame, and a student in a further back row throws a scrunched piece of paper at him, which bounces off his head and lands on the floor. The scene fades to black.

The scene fades back to a view of the front of the classroom. Ms. Frostswift is standing there holding a chestnut-coloured wooden box.

Ms. Frostswift: Okay, class, it’s time to graduate our newest pilots. These five students will form a new team, which will commence active duty two months from today.

Ms. Frostswift opens the box and places it on her desk. She takes a platinum medal out of the box, which is marked with an amethyst.

Ms. Frostswift: When I say your name, please approach the front of the class and accept your medal. Talya Tailwind.

Talya stands up and approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches the medal to Talya’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: Congratulations.

Talya: Thank you, Miss.

Ms. Frostswift takes another medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Delphie Violette.

Delphie stands up, knocking her pen off her desk as she does so. Sky picks up the pen and puts it on Delphie’s desk. Ms. Frostswift attaches the medal to Delphie’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: Congratulations.

Delphie: Many thanks, Ms. Frostswift.

Delphie stands next to Talya. Ms. Frostswift takes a third medal from her box.

Ms. Frostswift: Evan Sky.

Sky appears surprised.

Ms. Frostswift: Please come to the front of the class and accept your medal.

Sky: Uh…o-okay…

Sky stands to his feet and approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches a medal to Sky’s jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: You’re the fastest student to reach Rank S in over a decade.

Sky: But so soon…?

Ms. Frostswift: Come now, Evan, you deserve it.

Sky: Uh…th-thank you, Miss.

Sky stands next to Talya. He holds his hands behind his back.

Talya: I knew you could do it, Evan!

Ms. Frostswift takes another medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Charles Hunch.

The class doesn’t respond.

Ms. Frostswift: Charles Hunch, please come to the front of the class.

Talya stares at Chuck. She whispers to him.

Talya: She means you, Chuck! Get up here!

Chuck: Oh…uh…I knew that.

Chuck approaches Ms. Frostswift, who attaches a medal to his jacket.

Ms. Frostswift: You’ve truly earned your rank, Chuck. Congratulations.

Chuck: Thanks. Thanks very much!

Chuck stands next to the others. He shows his medal to Talya.

Chuck: I did it! Look!

Talya: You really worked hard to earn your rank. Well done!

Chuck: Thanks, but I couldn’t have done it alone. You guys helped me so much!

Ms. Frostswift takes the last medal from the box.

Ms. Frostswift: Katréne Furscott.

Kati stands from her seat in the third row and approaches the front of the class.

Sky: Kati? H-How long have you been there?!

Kati: Only half the semester, Sky! Sheesh, don’t you ever pay attention to your surroundings?

Sky: Eheheheheh…

Ms. Frostswift kneels and attaches Kati’s medal to her jacket. She whispers to Kati.

Ms. Frostswift: Keep an eye on Evan.

Kati: Will do.

Ms. Frostswift stands up straight as Kati walks over to the others.

Ms. Frostswift: These recruits are amongst the finest this academy has ever produced, and they will make a superb team. A month from now, they will receive their own airship, as well as a fleet of skiffs just for them. Join me in welcoming our new pilots in the Indigo Squadron!

The class claps and cheers for the quintet. Behind Sky’s back, we see what appears to be a purple glow emanating from the back of his hand, though it is at an angle that makes it impossible to see the mark.

Scene 11: Cloudclamber City: Evening

Sky and Chuck walk along a city street. They are both in civilian clothing. Sky is wearing his breather, whereas Chuck is not wearing one.

Chuck: WOO! I can’t believe we’re both pilots in the Indigo Squadron!

Sky: I know. This is so exciting!

Chuck: Yeah! WOO!

Sky: Chuck, if you don’t mind me asking…

Chuck: Yeah?

Sky: H-How come you don’t need to wear a breather, like Talya and I?

Chuck: I guess I’m just lucky.

Sky: Really?

Chuck: Nah, I’m messing with you, dude!

Chuck pinches his ears.

Chuck: It’s my ears.

Sky: Your…ears…?

Chuck: Yeah. I’m a plateauborn, and I was made to live at a high altitude. My body needs little oxygen to survive.

Sky: I see…

Chuck: You, and Talya and Delphie…you’re all surfaceborn, hailing from the now monster-infested lowlands. You all emigrated to the tops of the plateaus, though you need to wear equipment to breathe properly.

Sky: Fascinating…

Chuck: Don’t worry, every human’s one or the other, and your ears are a clear indicator of whether you need a breather or not.

Sky: Then that explains why Thugley wasn’t wearing a breather that day…

Chuck: Ssh! Don’t say his name, otherwise-

Voice: Otherwise what?

Chuck: AAH!

Sky and Chuck spin around and see Thugley standing there.

Chuck: I told you not to say his name!

Sky: Only a few seconds too late!

Thugley: Not five minutes outta prison, and what do I find?

Chuck: Uh…delicious street foo-

Thugley: The very people I swore revenge on!

Chuck: Uh…that’s “the very people on whom I swore revenge”.

Thugley: What?

Chuck: Uh…nothing!

Thugley: You two caused me to be kicked outta the squadron, you know!

Chuck: Well…you shouldn’t have pushed me!

Thugley: Know what I’m gonna do to ya?

Chuck: Not really, no…

Thugley: I’m gonna pour lemon juice into both your eyes!

Chuck: Now. Come. On! That’s a bit harsh!

Thugley: And then I’m gonna destroy his mask and hoist him onto that street light, watching him as he struggles to breathe!

Chuck: Uh…I’m warning you, I AM trained as a warrior!

Thugley: And where’s your sword, hm?

Chuck: Oh, right…I should bring that with me next time, just in case…

Thugley: Okay, it’s pounding time!

Thugley approaches the duo. Sky holds out his hands.

Sky: STOP!

Just then, a stream of purple luminescent vapour emerges from Sky’s outstretched hands, dancing around Thugley’s head and disorienting him.

Thugley: Wh…what’s goin’ on? What is this stuff?!

Thugley begins rubbing his face, and walks head-first into a wall, knocking himself out. Sky examines his palms.

Sky: Whoa, good thing that…creature just saved us, eh, Chuck? ...Chuck?

Sky looks over at Chuck, who is staring at Sky, his eyes open wide and his mouth tightly shut.

Sky: What, do I have something on my face?

Chuck: Sky…

Sky: Yes?

Chuck: I…I think we need to go and see Talya. Like, right now.

Sky: What? Why?

Chuck: Cause…you just used a mahou technique, dude.

Sky pauses.

Sky: I…wait…WHAT?!

End Credits


Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

July 12th 2017, 12:49 am
Episode 3: Talya
Chuck brings Sky to Talya and Delphie in order to get a better idea of how to handle his buddy’s apparent skill with mahou. After it becomes apparent that Sky’s mahou techniques are very different to hers, Talya decides to take him to a place she vowed never to revisit: a mahou training facility in Cloudclamber, where she was left with nothing but bitter memories and brutal instructors. But are things as bad as Talya remembers? If not, will she finally resume the training she abandoned years prior?

New Character

Dr. Axian –
A scientist specialising in the field of mahou, she shows a keen interest in Sky. She tries to encourage Talya to resume the training she abandoned prior to her certification, but will an accident cause her to never use mahou techniques again?

“How can I best someone who keeps splashing me?”
Scene 1: Talya and Delphie’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Night

Talya and Delphie lie on their bellies across their beds, with their elbows at the foot of the beds and their feet hovering above their pillows. Both are wearing long-sleeved, two-piece pyjamas; Talya’s are pale purple, whereas Delphie’s are green-tinged cyan with a dolphin print.

Talya: So what are the chances of you actually telling me something about young Delphie for a change?

Delphie: About as likely as Chuck bursting through that door alongside Sky and speaking utter Gibberish right now.

The door suddenly bursts open and Chuck races into the dorm, followed by Sky. Chuck is speaking nonsense and flailing his arms.

Chuck: Talphie! Delya! Sky and I…Th-Thugley…a-and this weird…forgot my sword…then the glowing lights…into a wall…and…and-

Talya: Chuck! Calm down!

Chuck: Can’t! Impossible to calm down!

Delphie: Please try, Chuck!

Chuck: I…I…I-

Chuck suddenly faints.

Talya: Okay, progress. Evan, perhaps you could elaborate?

Sky: I suppose I could give it a go…

Sky takes a deep breath.

Sky: The short answer is: I apparently h-have…magic powers.

Talya: Magic…?

Delphie: You can use magic, Evan?

Talya: Wait…YOU know about magic, Delphie?!

Delphie: Well, I overheard you and Evan in the mess hall shortly after he arrived. He referred to mahou techniques as “magic spells”. I presume that magic is just slang for mahou in Evan’s homeland…wherever that happens to be.

Delphie’s thoughts: Which means that Evan might actually be from...

Talya: Oh, you’re right. I still remember my time training to be a mahou.

Sky: You were studying…mahou, Talya?

Talya: Yeah, but the mahologists were brutal. Eventually, the pressure was just too much, so I quit.

Talya leaps off her bed and pumps her right fist.

Talya: But if you need training, then I can teach you what I know! There’s no law against using mahou, even if you’re not fully-certified. Now, show me what you can do, Evan!

Sky: Well, there’s this…

Sky holds out his left hand and summons the illusory light that saved him and Chuck from Thugley.

Talya: Wow…

Sky: I-Is that impressive?

Talya: Well, mahou in general is impressive…

Sky: But…

Talya: But…that is unlike any mahou technique I’ve seen before, Evan.

Sky: Does that mean you can’t teach me?

Talya: No, no! I can still teach you SOME techniques…I think.

Chuck suddenly lifts his head and points to the ceiling with his right hand and forearm.

Chuck: I’ll take two…with a side-order of hams…DEEEEEEELISH!

Chuck’s hands and face fall back onto the floor.

Talya: Okay, get some sleep, Evan. Tomorrow, we start your training!

Sky: Uh…sure, I’ll…relax for a while.

Talya: Relax? Evan, sleep is good for keeping one focused, especially when it comes to mahou techniques.

Sky: That’s the thing. I…don’t really sleep often. I’m pretty much unable to sleep more than a few hours a week.

Delphie: You have insomnia, Evan?

Sky: Not as such, no. I’ve been to numerous specialists, and…they all say the same thing.

Talya: Which is?

Sky: That I’m lucky to have the gift of needing very little sleep.

Delphie: Then that is something we both have in common, Evan.

Sky: Really?

Talya: Oh, yes. She stays up till very late and gets up before dawn EVERY NIGHT. Sometimes she keeps me awake!

Delphie: Apologies, Talya.

Talya: In any case, at least try to rest, Evan. We’ll begin training at first-light.

Sky: You sure you’ll be up?

Talya: Absolutely. Delphie does her weekly “whale song” tomorrow morning. My favourite…

Sky’s thoughts: To think I could be able to use magic…I mean “mahou”…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Gymnasium: The Amethyst Blizzard: Morning

Talya enters the gymnasium. Sky is already in the room, wearing purple boxing mitts and punching a sandbag. Talya approaches him.

Talya: You’re up early, Ev-


Sky becomes startled and leaps slightly into the air, before he trips and falls face-first into the punching bag.

Talya: Oh!

Talya catches Sky and helps him to his feet.

Sky: You startled me, Talya!

Talya: Oops. Sorry about that…

Talya looks at the punching bag, then at Sky.

Talya: Early morning workout?

Sky: Nope. All-night workout.

Talya: WHAT?! Y-You didn’t rest at all?!

Sky: Nope.

Talya: Then you must be exhausted!

Sky shrugs his shoulders

Sky: Eh, not really.

Talya’s eyes widen.

Talya: Oh. Wow.

Sky: What?

Talya: You weren’t kidding when you said you need little sleep, were you?

Sky: I never kid.

Talya: Well then, Evan, let’s begin your training.

Sky removes his mitts, revealing him to be wearing a pair of purplish leather gloves.

Talya: Wait…you were wearing gloves under your gloves?

Sky: Of course.

Talya: Why?

Sky: Ms. Frostswift said I’m not supposed to have any tattoos exposed while outside my dorm, so she suggested I wear these in case I get myself into serious trouble.

Talya: Well, that rule IS in the guidebook…

Sky: Shall we begin?

Talya: Absolutely.

Sky and Talya stand facing each other roughly two feet apart.

Talya: Okay, let’s begin with the most basic of mahou techniques: cantrips.

Sky: Cantrips?

Talya: These are techniques that no mahou should have trouble performing.

Sky: Okay, just tell me what to do, Ms. Tailwind!

Talya: We’ll start with something simple: Prestidigitation, an all-purpose technique that can be used for a variety of novelty effects, such as changing the colour, scent or even taste of objects.

Sky: Sounds like a superb spell to use aboard the Ruby Ember then…

Talya: Wait…did you just make a joke? An actual, honest-to-heart joke?

Sky: I don’t really make jokes.

Talya: Oh, right.

Sky: So what should I do first?

Talya: How about I give you a little demonstration of the prestidigitation technique?

Sky: Sure thing.

Talya holds her hand at Sky.

Talya: “Prestidigitation!”

Talya’s hand ripples with purple energy. Almost immediately, Sky’s gloves turn lime green in colour. Sky examines his hands in amazement.

Sky: That’s impressive, Talya!

Talya: The technique should wear off after a few minutes.

Sky: Brill.

Talya: Now, try to make me smell like apple pie.

Sky: Any particular reason?

Talya: No, I just enjoy the smell of freshly-baked pie.

Sky: Very well. Uh…what’s the command word, again?

Talya: Prestidigitation.

Sky: Prestidigitation...okay then.

Sky takes a quick, deep breath through his nose and exhales through his mouth. He wiggles his fingers and holds his left hand at Talya.

Sky: “Prestidigitation!”

Nothing happens.

Sky: …did it work?

Talya sniffs the air.

Talya: No, it didn’t. All I smell is my perfu-

The weird lights softly appear around Talya.

Talya: Oh…that’s unexpected.

Sky: So this isn’t the spell?

Talya: Nope. This is something else.

Voice: Summon illusory whisp.

Sky look over at Ms. Frostswift, who enters the room. He lowers his hand, and the lights disappear.

Sky: Oh, Ms. Frostswift.

Ms. Frostswift: What you just cast was a rare technique that very few in this place can use. In fact, it is not normally learnable by ordinary mahou.

Talya: Then Sky is something else?

Ms. Frostswift: Indeed. Evan, I have monitored your progress during your training. Your agility and reflexes are astounding, much more than a raw recruit should possess. This is why you were officially classified as a rogue.

Sky: Wait…I thought rogues were sneaky individuals who snuck into ancient ruins and collected treasure.

Ms. Frostswift: On the contrary, the term “rogue” merely applies to anyone who is athletic and nimble, as well as displaying excellent puzzle-solving skills. Adventuring rogues support their allies by disabling all manner of traps and attempting parley with other individuals rather than trying to harm them. For a pilot like yourself, your aerial skills are top-notch, with you able to easily outmanoeuvre and dodge any obstacle or foe.

Talya: That’s why Evan was able to ace his flight training so easily…

Ms. Frostswift: But since you also have the ability to use mahou techniques, that makes you a special kind of spellcaster: a trickster.

Sky: A trickster?

Ms. Frostswift: A rogue with magical potential, able to use your reflexes and skills to use mahou techniques in creatively-unorthodox means.

Sky: S-So these…tricksters are rare?

Ms. Frostswift: Yes, rarer than mahou and ordinary rogues.

Talya: What does that mean for Sky’s training, ma’am?

Ms. Frostswift: I am afraid that you will be unable to train Sky at all, Ms. Tailwind, for his and your techniques are very different from each other.

Talya: Then…that means-

Sky: I’m going to the mahou training centre in the city?! That’s BRILL!

Talya’s thoughts: If only you knew what you’ll be facing, Evan…

Ms. Frostswift: As are you, Ms. Tailwind.

Talya: Wait…what?!

Ms. Frostswift: It is important that your team have a fully-certified mahou. Each team requires a diverse assortment of skills amongst its members, and your team lacks a proper mahou-user.

Talya: But…but can’t Evan be our team mahou-user?

Ms. Frostswift sighs.

Ms. Frostswift: Ms. Tailwind, please understand…Evan’s mahou is designed to be used in conjunction with his physical talents. He can’t rely on solely using his mahou techniques in a pinch, and neither can your team.

Sky: Pardon my interruption, but does Talya even have to resume her training?

Talya: What do you mean?

Sky: Well, clearly you don’t like the idea, so you shouldn’t be forced to do so, right?

Ms. Frostswift smiles.

Ms. Frostswift’s thoughts: Now THERE’S the Evan Sky I’ve been waiting to emerge!

Ms. Frostswift: Not to worry, Evan. No-one is forcing Ms. Tailwind to train in the art of mahou.

Talya: What?! But…you said-

Ms. Frostswift: There is no pressure. The decision is yours and yours alone to make, Ms. Tailwind. If the idea of returning to the mahou training centre causes too much distress-

Talya: What? Me, distressed? No, no way! I was only a month from finishing my course anyway, so sure, why not?

Sky: Really? You’re sure?

Talya: Of course! How bad can one more month be, right?

Ms. Frostswift: Then I have good news! Since you left, the training process has improved greatly. You can be certified in as little as two weeks.

Talya: Wait…WHAT?!

Ms. Frostswift: Evan’s training won’t take much longer than that, so you can both be certified prior to your team taking active duty.

Voice: Heh…the teacher said “doody”…

Chuck, Delphie and Kati walk up to Talya and Sky.

Kati: Oh, grow up, Chuck!

Chuck: Heh…Kati said “upchu-“

Talya: Okay, Chuck! We get the idea!

Chuck: Wow, someone woke up to the sound of a large mammal’s mating call…

Talya: You have no idea…

Delphie: Eheheheheh…

Sky: Why are you all here…?

Kati: Duh! We came to watch you work your mahou, Evvy!

Sky: D-Did you just call me…”Evvy”?

Kati: Sure! Since I found out your name is Evan, I’ve been wanting to call you that…Evvy!

Sky: I suppose I’ve wanted my own nickname…

Talya: If you came to see Evan try out his techniques, I’m afraid there’s been a change of plans.

Delphie: How so?

A big grin appears on Sky’s face.

Sky: I’m going to be trained in the mahou training centre in Cloudclamber! Isn’t that brill?

Chuck: But isn’t that the place that Talya swore she’d never go back to ever agai-

Talya: And so am I.

Chuck falls to the floor.

Delphie: Talya, that’s wonderful news!

Kati: Yeah, you go, girl!

Chuck leaps to his feet.

Chuck: So…you’re going to restart your training, then?

Talya: No, Chuck. I’m almost finished, so I’m going to complete what I started.

Delphie: Well, with timing, you should finish your training two weeks before our team officially begins active duty.

Chuck: Heh…Delphie said “doo-“

Kati: No, Chuck, she didn’t.

Chuck: Huh? Oh, right…her accent is weird.

Kati: Well, let’s all go to Cloudclamber, then!

Sky: Hey, Ms. Frostswift, when’s the best time to-

Sky pauses.

Sky: She’s gone…!

Chuck: Wow, that’s weird…

Talya: Yeah…

Delphie: Well…shall we go now?

Talya: Sure.

Commercial: The Indigo Lounge is the ultimate social club for all members of the Indigo Squadron, but all citizens are welcome to enter! We have a specialised simulation room where you can see what it’s like to pilot a skiff, as well as a museum which showcases various day-to-day activities aboard the legendary Amethyst Blizzard airship! The Indigo Lounge: the retreat for Indigo Squadmates…and for you!

Scene 3: Mahou Training Centre: Cloudclamber City: Late Morning

The team walks up to a reception desk where a female dwarf with powdery-blue skin, bushy pink hair with a slight grey tinge and eyes with glowing golden irises sits. She speaks with a European-inspired accent.

Dwarf: Ah, you must be Mr. Sky and Ms. Tailwind. Dr. Axian is expecting you both.

Sky: Oh, thank you.

Sky and Talya enter a small office with white walls and a wooden desk strewn with sheets of paper, writing implements and what resembles a computer. A woman with round ears, brown hair with indigo streaks and hazel eyes sits at the desk. She wears a white lab coat with a name badge that says “Axian”.

Dr. Axian: Hello, I’m Dr. Axian, and I’ll be overseeing your training during this course.

Talya: Nice to meet you.

Dr. Axian: Now, your overseer aboard the Amethyst Blizzard mentioned that you have some concerns, Ms. Talya…

Talya: Well, she did her best to alleviate my concerns, Dr. Axian. I’m positive that I’m ready to proceed.

Dr. Axian: Very well. Now, your courses will he handled individually, since your respective skills are very different from one another’s. Rest assured that you will still be in each other’s company for much of your training.

Sky: I-I’m looking forward to it.

Dr. Axian: That is good to hear, Mr. Evan.

Dr. Axian stands up.

Dr. Axian: Now then, let us take you to the training hall so we can begin your courses…

Nearly two weeks later…

Sky and Talya meet up in a white-walled room filled with tan sofas.

Sky: Today’s the day, then.

Talya: Yep.

Sky: Our last practical before being certified.

Talya: I’m amazed at how quickly you’ve progressed even in this place. You’re amazing…a real wizard!

Talya’s thoughts: Oh, thank goodness Chuck isn’t present to hear me say that word…

Sky: Th-Thanks, Talya. You’re WAY more skilled than I am, though. At least, in terms of mahou techniques.

Talya: Oh…uh…thanks.

Talya’s thoughts: Sky’s and my parallel training has brought out a competitive streak within myself. I don’t know if I like it, but…

Talya: At least we can be sure that our last practical isn’t against one another, right?

Sky: Of course! Why would a team of scientists be stupid enough to pit two very different mahou-users against each other?



Dr. Axian: I apologise. I tried to get the board members to rethink their decision, but they can be…persuasive.

Talya: So what? We have to battle one another to prove we’re qualified?

Sky: But I’m not as good at mahou as Talya…

Dr. Axian: Relax, Mr. Evan. You are welcome to use your physical abilities as well as your mahou techniques during this practical. Try to use them in conjunction with one another. And try not to be too harsh on your opponent. Remember: this task is to test your respective abilities, not to defeat the other party!

Sky: Understood.

Talya: Yeah.

Talya’s thoughts: Okay, don’t go easy on Evan, but also don’t overdo it…wow, that’s gonna be hard for THIS overachiever…

Dr. Axian: You may begin when ready.

Sky: Thank y-

Talya: “Frost beam!”

Talya fires a beam of frost at Sky using a wand made of purple metal.

Sky: WHOA!

Sky leaps into the air. The ground freezes where Sky stood. Sky lands on the frost patch and loses traction, slipping and falling onto his bottom.

Sky: Oof!

Talya: Sorry, Evan, I should have waited till you were ready.

Sky: No, no, i-it’s fine, I…whoa!

Sky struggles to his feet, stepping off the frost patch.

Sky: I should’ve been ready. Let’s continue.

Talya: Well, you have the next move, Sky.

Sky: Oh, right.

Sky holds out his left hand.

Sky: “Summon illusory whisp!”

The blue lights surround Talya, obscuring her vision.

Talya: I can’t see, Evan!

Sky: That’s the point!

Talya: Well, the whisps will only stay as long as you focus on maintaining the spell.

Sky: I could stay like this for the entire duration of the practical!

Talya: In that case…

Talya points her wand at Sky.

Talya: “Dispel!”

The whisps disappear.

Sky: Using up one of your spells in order to stop me from using mine…clever, very clever.

Talya: Thank you.

Sky: So which one was it? Magic fletch? Sleep? Or rainbow fa-

Talya: Whoa, whoa, whoa! How did you know I knew that spell?!

Sky: Chuck told me.

Talya: Did he now…? Well, SOMEONE’S going to get a very colourful surprise…

Sky: Uh…w-whose go is it?

Talya: Yours.

Sky: In that case…

Sky runs towards Talya. He aims his left hand at his feet.

Sky: “Hyperchook vault!”

Sky leaps over Talya, dropping a water balloon onto her head, which bursts and soaks her hair in slow motion. Sky lands behind Talya and spins around.

Talya: Impressive!

Sky: Dr. Axian did say “use ALL my skills”, didn’t she?

Talya: Well, then I guess I’ll just have to up my game!

Talya’s thoughts: Still another ten or so minutes in this practical…I must do my best!

We see a montage of images depicting Sky and Talya using various techniques. Sky’s techniques mostly involve him using mahou to bolster his lobbing of water balloons at Talya, whereas Talya’s are all non-damaging offensive spells.

Sky: You appear to be drenched, Talya.

Talya: And you…are not…exhausted at all…are you…Evan…?

Sky: Not one iota.

Talya: Let’s fix that... shall we?

Talya points her wand at Sky, a grin on her face. The grin disappears almost immediately.

Talya’s thoughts: Wait…I wasted my sleep technique when I dispelled Evan’s whisps. Now what do I do? All I have left is…yes! I can use my allotted two-technique combo to cast light, which I can use to stun him, then follow up with…

Talya: “Light!”

Talya shines a beam of light at Sky’s face. Sky shuts his eyes tightly and grimaces.

Sky: Yeouch! My eyes!

Talya: “Magic missile!”

Just as Talya finishes saying her second spell’s name, Sky lifts his hands to his eyes and begins to rub them. A look of surprise appears on Talya’s face as Sky steps back towards the still-frozen patch of ground.

Talya: Evan, be careful!

Sky: Huh?

Sky lowers his hands and tries to see through his squinted eyelids.

Sky: What-

The spell hits Sky. It doesn’t directly hurt him, but it causes Sky to stumble onto the frost patch. Sky’s right foot slips, bending at an awkward-looking angle.


Sky drops to the ground, clutching his right foot.

Talya: Evan!

Talya and Dr. Axian run up to Sky.

Talya: Oh no! How could I have been so stupid?!

Sky: It’s – nngh – fine, Talya. I’m sure it’s just a little sprain.

Talya: Can you move your foot?

Sky: I’ll try to-

Sky shuts his eyes and cries in pain. Talya’s hands fly to her mouth.

Talya: What have I done…?

Dr. Axian: It is fine, Ms. Talya. If we get Mr. Evan to the hospital-

Talya: WHAT?!

Sky: Talya, it’s – nngh – okay. Just…get me to the hospital, and they can – nngh – fix me up, good as new!

Talya: I shouldn’t have come back here! If I hadn’t...

Dr. Axian: Do not worry yourself about that now, Ms. Talya. For now, let us get your friend to the hospital.

Talya sniffs.

Talya: O-Okay then…

Scene 4: Emergency Ward: Cloudclamber Hospital: Mid Afternoon

Talya, Chuck, Delphie and Kati sit in chairs in the hospital’s emergency ward. Talya appears distraught.

Talya: I can’t forgive myself.

Delphie: Talya…

Talya: I can’t! Evan’s badly injured, and…and…

Chuck: Relax, Talya. Sky’s tough, and he has the best doctors and cupers looking after him.

Delphie: Chuck is most correct, Talya. Evan will be fine, you’ll see.

Talya: I hope you’re right...

Kati: I’ve known Evvy longer than all of you put together. He’s very stubborn. There’s no way a wittle ankle owie’s gonna stop him!

Voice: Talya Tailwind?

A pointed-eared doctor in purple scrubs is standing nearby. Talya stands and faces him.

Talya: Yes?

Doctor: Your friend’s sustained some damage to his right ankle. We’re prepping him for surgery as we speak.

The others gasp.

Talya: Surgery?! Oh, NOW I feel good about my actions…

Doctor: He’s asking to see you before he goes into theatre.

Talya nods. She looks ready to burst into tears.

Talya: O-Okay…

Doctor: Please come with me…

Talya waves to her friends.

Talya: I’ll be back.

Delphie and Kati: Good luck.

Chuck: Give him my love!

Talya walks away. Delphie and Kati stare at Chuck.

Chuck: What? Haven’t you ever heard of “bromance”?

The doctor and Talya walk into a large ward, where Sky lies in a bed with a beige blanket.

Talya: Hey, Sky.

Sky: Oh, you came!

Sky smiles.

Talya: You seem…better.

Sky: Well, those “cupers” are superb with pain management. I practically can’t feel a thing!

Talya: That’s good.

The two pause. Sky speaks first.

Sky: Look, about what happened this morning-

Talya bursts into tears.

Talya: I am SO sorry for the pain I caused you, Evan! I just…(sniff)…I don’t know how I can ever forgive myself!

Sky: Hey, it was an accident! It could’ve happened to anyone.

Talya: But I…(sniff)…it happened to you, Evan! We’re supposed to be friends…and I…(sniff)…I hurt you in the worst way imaginable!

Sky: Relax, Talya. They can fix this in the blink of an eye.

Talya: But…

Sky: Just promise me that you’ll finish earning your certification.

Talya nods.

Talya: I promise.

Sky: Good.

Doctor: Okay, let’s get you fixed, Evan.

Sky: Brill.

The doctor, as well as two others, start to wheel Sky from the ward. Talya calls out.

Talya: Oh, Chuck gives you his love!

Sky’s bed is wheeled out the door and down a hallway to the right. Talya manages to chuckle through her tears.

Talya: You gotta love Chuck, I guess…

Scene 5: Theatre: Cloudclamber Hospital: Mid-Afternoon

Sky lies on the table in an operating suite with five doctors; three of the doctors wear surgical attire, whereas the other two wear normal hospital scrubs, bandanas and gloves in different shades of purple. The doctor from before sits just above Sky’s head.

Doctor: Head forward, please.

Sky lifts his head, and a device resembling four connected strips of rubber with tiny holes is placed on his pillow.

Doctor: Head down, please.

Sky lowers his head.

Doctor: Have you had surgery before, Evan?

Sky: Not that I can remember…

Doctor: Well, I’m just going to give you something to make you sleep through your procedure.

Sky: Really? I don’t usually sleep very often.

Doctor: Trust me, it will make your surgery much more pleasant. You’ll be all fixed up in the blink of an eye.

Sky: Well, if you insist…

The doctor places a black mask onto Sky’s nose and mouth.

Doctor: Now, breathe deeply, Evan.

Sky (muffled): So, how long does this usually...d-does this usually…t-

Sky closes his eyes, and the scene fades to white.

Scene 6: Emergency Ward: Cloudclamber Hospital: Night

We fade back to Talya, Chuck, Delphie and Kati in the emergency ward. Chuck appears to be completely bored.

Chuck: Oh, it’s been hours…why haven’t we heard any news…? And why are there no books to read?

Talya: You don’t read books, Chuck.

Chuck: So? We should at LEAST have the option!

Kati: I’m more concerned about dinner.

Delphie: Dinner, Kati?

Kati: Yeah! We haven’t eaten since lunch, have we?

Chuck: Hey, you’re right!

Talya: Chuck, you just ate three protein bars from the vending machine!

Chuck: I know that! If you must know, I was speaking for Kati.

The doctor walks up to the team. Everyone stands up.

Talya: Any news, doctor?

Doctor: There’s someone who wants to see you.

Sky walks up to the team, fully dressed and apparently fully healed.

Sky: Hi, all.

Talya: Evan!

Talya begins to walk up to Sky, arms outstretched. Chuck pushes between them both and hugs his “roomie”.

Chuck: I’m so glad you’re okay, pal!

Talya: Don’t mind me, Chuck.

Chuck lets go of Sky and looks at Talya.

Chuck: Huh?

Talya facepalms.

Talya: Never mind…

Doctor: Evan here claims that he rarely needs to sleep.

Chuck: It’s true. He sometimes keeps ME awake!

Sky: Apologies, Chuck.

Chuck: Don’t sweat it! Bros don’t get mad at each other!

Doctor: Well, he awoke the moment I turned off the gas. I was very surprised!

Sky: And I don’t remember a thing about the surgery! One moment I was falling asleep with pain in my ankle, then the next I awoke with no pain at all!

Doctor: Evan’s been discharged, so you’re free to go.

Talya: Thank you.

The doctor smiles and walks away. The group begins to leave.

Sky: And now I know about cuper.

Talya: Really?

Sky: Yeah! After the surgeons repaired the damage to my ankle, another doctor used cuper techniques to heal my wounds. It’s nothing like I expected.

Kati: Well, it’s not like the old days where injuries were just left to heal on their own. With cuper, wounds are repaired within minutes, depending on the severity of the damage.

Sky: Oh, and there’s something else…

Delphie: Really?

Sky: Yeah…while I was under, I had this weird dream of standing in an expanse of rippling purple energy, and…there was a woman’s voice that mentioned something about a pendulum and air and…well, it was pretty unusual.

Chuck: That’s nothing! When I had surgery one time, I dreamt that I was a pilot in the Indigo Squadron.

Talya: You ARE a pilot in the Indigo Squadron, Chuck…

Chuck: I wasn’t at the time, though. That dream was what led me to become a pilot. On a different occasion, I dreamt I was a swordfighter.

Talya: Let me guess…that dream led to you training to use a sword?

Chuck: Nope, I just decided to do that on a whim!

Kati: Okay, who wants to have dinner at Drake’s Café?

Chuck: I do! I do!

Talya shakes her head.

Talya’s thoughts: I guess there’s no stopping a hungry Chuck, is there…?

Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Late Night

We see Sky sitting at a table, eating a bowl of chocolate mousse.

Sky: Oh, that's good...mmm...

Ms. Frostswift's voice: A midnight snack?

Sky: Hm?

Sky watches as Ms. Frostswift approaches the table and sits to his left.

Sky: Oh, Ms. Frostswift.

Ms. Frostswift: Please, Evan, there is no longer a need to refer to me as "Ms".

Sky: Oh, right...I keep forgetting.

Ms. Frostswift: It's quite alright.

Ms. Frostswift smiles.

Sky: So...

Ms. Frostswift: Yes?

Sky: How DID you become an instructor at such a young age?

Ms. Frostswift: I'm sorry?

Sky blushes from embarrassment.

Sky: Oh, I meant no disrespect! I-I...just assumed you were my age!

Ms. Frostswift: I am much older than I appear, Evan.

Sky becomes interested.

Sky: Really?

Ms. Frostswift: Indeed.

Sky: Well, you can't be older than 35!

Ms. Frostswift: Thank you...I think. I'll accept that as a compliment.

Sky: You're welcome...uh...I suppose...?

Ms. Frostswift stares at the back of Sky's left hand.

Ms. Frostswift: Oh, your hand...

Sky: Yes? What about it?

Ms. Frostswift: It isn’t really the hand that has me intrigued. Rather, it is the mark upon it.

Sky: Oh, you mean my tattoo?

Ms. Frostswift shakes her head.

Ms. Frostswift: That is-

Chuck's voice: So that's where you are, dude!

Chuck walks up to Sky and Ms. Frostswift.

Ms. Frostswift: I assume you cannot sleep, Charles?

Chuck: Huh?

Chuck looks behind him, then back at Ms. Frostswift. A smile spreads across his face as he points to himself.

Chuck: Oh yeah...I'M Charles, aren't I?

Ms. Frostswift nods. Chuck scratches his head.

Chuck: Why did I come to the mess hall again...? Oh yeah!

Chuck picks up Sky and sets him on the ground next to him.

Chuck: I have a surprise for you in my room! Come on!

Chuck walks away. Sky notices a small, aqua-coloured feather flutter to the ground nearby.

Sky’s thoughts: Well, THAT’S weird…is there a bird in here...?

Sky: Hey, Chuck, wait up!

Sky follows Chuck. Ms. Frostswift stares in his direction.

Ms. Frostswift: There is something...special about that boy, I am most certain...

End Credits


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Episode 4: Chuck
After learning something interesting about Chuck, and plateauborn in general, Sky is taken by his roomie on a road trip to distant Streamstride City. While cruising above a thick forest, however, Chuck’s car breaks down, and both his and Sky’s communicators are eaten by a growvak, meaning the duo must trek to the nearest settlement by foot for assistance. But what will they do when the only path there is through an elbok-infested tunnel?

“Chuck, are you part-avi?!”
Scene 1: Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Pre-Dawn

A shirtless Chuck is standing in his and Sky’s dorm, listening to music through a pair of headphones. He is singing into a hairbrush. Chuck’s lower back and the tops of his forearms are covered in soft, aqua-coloured feathers. He is facing the opposite direction to the door.

Chuck: Oh yeah! Mm-hm…oh yeah! I like it when you say, “oh yeah!”

Sky suddenly enters the room.

Sky: Here I am.


Chuck spins around and takes off his headphones, letting them hang around his neck.

Chuck: Wh-What are you doing here, Sky?!

Sky: Uh…you asked me to come, remember?

Chuck: I did? Well why didn’t you knock?!

Sky: Because this is my dorm too.

Chuck: It is?

Sky: Of course! That’s my bed just over…uh…

Sky looks at his bed. A device resembling a PDA sits on top of it.

Sky: What’s my storage device doing on my bed?

Chuck: Huh?

Chuck looks at the device on Sky’s bed.

Chuck: Oh, I packed it for you!

Sky: But why would you-

Chuck: Because, roomie, you and I are going to a spa resort all the way in Streamstride!

Sky: Streamstride? But…that’s another country! D-Do we even have permission to go there?!

Chuck: Relax, Sky, I checked with the commander of the Teal Squadron, and we have permission to go there anytime we like, as long as it’s for leisure purposes only. If we wanted to board the Turquoise Wave, THAT’S when we’d need clearance!

Sky: Actually, I meant permission from OUR commander. You know, Ms. Frostswift?

Chuck pulls on a white long-sleeved shirt with a picture of a cartoon muddvak on it.

Chuck: What…? She isn’t our commander!

Sky: But…I thought that-

Chuck: She’s just someone who helps out around the ship. Not sure who she is, though…and she keeps appearing and disappearing, almost like a…a…

Sky: A ninja?

Chuck: Yeah, I guess. You’re really smart, Sky!

Sky blushes.

Sky: Oh…uh…th-thank you, Chuck…

Chuck: Anyway, we leave at first light.

Sky: But…dawn is in half an hour! I still need to shower and brush my teeth, not to mention eat a good breakfast!

Chuck: Say no more, dude. Fine, we’ll leave an hour from now.

Sky: Thank you.

Sky leaves the dorm carrying a purple towel.

Sky’s thoughts: Wait a minute…

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: Chuck has FEATHERS on his ARMS!

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Chuck’s Car: Skies over Cloudclamber Region: Morning

Sky and Chuck sit inside a blue car. Chuck is in the driver’s seat, whereas Sky is in the passenger’s seat. Sky is wearing his breather.

Chuck: WOO yeah! Until we start active duty, it’s just you and me, bro, spending a leisurely time in a leisurely spa resort!

Sky: Active duty…? Chuck, that’s two weeks from now!

Chuck: Yeah?

Sky: You really think we can spend two weeks at a spa?

Chuck: Spa RESORT, bro! They have loads to do!

Sky: Then why didn’t we bring the girls?

Chuck: Because this trip is bros only!

Sky: Okay then…

Chuck: Besides, it seemed like the girls had their own stuff to do. I thought it’d be best not to bug them. I don’t know why, but Talya can’t STAND being annoyed by me!

Scene 3: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Morning

We cut to a view of Talya, who is eating breakfast at a table. Delphie walks up to her.

Delphie: Talya, have you noticed that some of the team is missing?

Talya stops eating and looks at Delphie.

Talya: Yes I have, Delphie. Chuck hasn’t given me his usual “good morning” bro-hug yet, and…to be honest, it feels weird not being on the receiving end of it.

Delphie: I know what you mean.

Talya: Chuck’s the best company. Some of the crew find him annoying, but…I’m quite fond of him.

Delphie: Kati seems to be absent as well…

Talya: Oh yeah, she’s on leave.

Delphie: On leave? To where?

Talya: I dunno…something about catching up with family?

Delphie: Well, at least she has an alibi. Why would Chuck leave the ship without telling us?

Talya: I try not to think about it.

Delphie: Why not?

Talya: Because trying to figure out Chuck is like watching Munch try to use a calculator. Chuck’s a loveable guy, but he’s a few berries short of a parfait, if you catch my drift…

Scene 4: Chuck’s Car: Skies over Cloudclamber Region: Morning

Chuck: …and so I added a little hint of seafoam green, which really brought out a certain lustre to the growvak’s teeth.

Sky: I can see that, Chuck.

We cut to a view of Sky’s tablet-like device, which has an exquisitely-drawn image of a muddvak-like creature on it, though this creature has moss-green fur instead of brown.

Sky: It’s remarkable…

Chuck: Ah, yes, the majestic growvak, denizen of the forests of the Mahou Plateau, whose diet consists mainly of tree leaves.

Sky: No, I mean the painting. Chuck, you have talent!

Chuck: You really think so, Sky?

Sky: Absolutely! This should be in the art gallery in Cloudclamber City!

Chuck: Then…I’m not a few crumbs short of a cheesecake?

Sky: What? Who told you that?

Chuck: I overheard Talya telling Kati just before she left to visit her folks.

Sky: Oh, come on, Chuck. I-I’m sure Talya is very fond of you.

Chuck: Yeah right! She thinks I’m dumber than a dumbbell!

Sky: But…the painting!

Chuck: Let’s face it, Talya probably thinks that I forget to fill up my fuel tank before I leave on a long car trip!

Sky: That’s ridiculous!


Chuck looks at Sky.

Chuck: You were saying, Evan…?

Sky: Heh…uh…hm…

Chuck facepalms. Sky becomes alarmed.

Sky: Chuck, bird! Bird!

Chuck: Whoa!

Chuck swerves to avoid the bird.

Chuck: That was close! Okay, I better park this thing.

Sky: There’s a clearing just down there.

Chuck: Good thinking, Sky!

Chuck’s thoughts: If only I bothered to think once in a while…

Scene 5: Talya and Delphie’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya lies on Delphie’s bed. Munch sits on her belly, nibbling at a large shelled nut.

Talya: Oh, Munch…to be as carefree as a glider monkey…or a Chuck…

Munch: Oo?

Talya sits up, prompting Munch to swoop onto a nearby shelf.

Talya: I mean, how could he and Evan just leave like that? Without telling me?

Munch looks at Talya with curiosity.

Talya: Maybe I would’ve liked to go on a road trip with them. But does Chuck think about that? About ME? No! He only thinks about Evan!

Talya’s thoughts: Wow, Talya…look who’s being hypocritical…

Talya sighs. Munch goes back to gnawing at his food.

Talya: Oh, Evan…teehee!

The door suddenly opens and Delphie walks in.

Delphie: Oh, Evan what, Talya?

Talya: WAH!

Talya becomes startled.

Talya: D-Delphie?! Do you have supersonic hearing or something?!

Delphie: Of course not! A m-

Delphie pauses.

Delphie: I mean…ME, having supersonic hearing? That’s absurd!

Talya: I suppose you’re right…

Delphie: Perhaps the walls are just paper-thin.

Talya: Delphie, the Amethyst Blizzard is made from a reinforced adamant alloy. You know that!

Delphie: I know. It was a metaphor.

Talya: Oh, right…

Delphie: Evan and Chuck can take care of themselves. They’re both well-trained, and they have a sword and mahou techniques between them.

Talya: I suppose you’re right. I mean, what’s Chuck gonna do, cause his car to break down, leaving him and Evan stranded in the middle of Cloudclamber?

Scene 6: Cloudclamber Region: Afternoon

Sky and Chuck stand in front of the car.

Chuck: Great. We’re stranded in the middle of Cloudclamber.

Sky: Relax, Chuck, we can contact the Amethyst Blizzard for assistance.

Chuck: Good idea, Sky!

Sky: So…where did you put our communicators?

Chuck: Huh? Oh, I left them on the boot.

A loud, sharp exhaling sound is heard.

Chuck: What was that?

Sky and Chuck spin around and see a large growvak standing there.

Sky: Why is there a growvak behind the car?

Chuck: Well, they’re pretty common around here, so-

Chuck’s eyes widen.

Chuck: Uh-oh.

Sky: “Uh-oh”…Chuck, what do you mean, “Uh-oh”?

Chuck: Don’t tell me…

A loud swallowing sound is heard. The growvak snorts loudly.

Chuck: AAGH! It just swallowed our communicators!

Sky: What?! Why would it do that?!

Chuck: Well…

Sky: What…?

Chuck: …I put them into a storage pouch…

Sky: M-hm…

Chuck: …which is sort of green and shaped like a tree.

Sky’s eyes bulge.

Chuck: Relax, Sky, soon we can look back on this scenario and laugh!

Sky: But without the communicators, how are we supposed to contact the Amethyst Blizzard?!

Chuck scratches his head.

Chuck: Oh yeah…

Sky: Well, what about the growvak?

Chuck: Wait a minute…there’s a certain kind of berry that growvaks love, but that makes them lose their lunch when unripe. I happen to have some unripe berries in my storage device.

Sky: Why would you bring unripe berries with you?

Chuck: ‘Cause they ripen quickly.

Sky: Right…wait a minute…Chuck, are you suggesting-

Chuck: It’s the only way.

Sky: But…hygiene, Chuck!

Chuck: Do you want to get out of this forest or not?

Sky: I suppose…

Chuck: Good, now we just need to restrain the-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck: Where’s the growvak?

The growvak is nowhere to be seen.

Sky and Chuck proceed through the forest.

Chuck: It couldn’t have gone far. Growvaks always stick to a relatively small territory, so we can find it, feed it the berries, and then get back our communica-

Sky and Chuck pause. The scene stretches to reveal a clearing containing a herd of about fifty similar-looking growvaks.


Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya sits at a table reading a large book, its pages adorned with images of dragons.

Talya: Wow, these rosegold dragons are beautiful…shame they’re not the friendliest of dragons…

Delphie sits next to Talya, placing her lunch tray on the table.

Delphie: A bit of light reading?

Talya looks at Delphie’s tray, which contains a large amount of fish.

Talya: A bit of light lunch?

Delphie: Oh…touché.

The girls laugh. Talya sighs.

Delphie: You’re still thinking about a certain someone, aren’t you? Wink-wink.

Talya: No, Delphie…you don’t SAY “wink-wink”, you DO wink-wink…oh, never mind.

Delphie: So who is on your mind: Evan or Chuck?

Talya: Yes.

Delphie nods.

Delphie: I see…you have feelings for both.

Talya: WHAT?!

Delphie: No, I mean ROMANTIC feelings for one, and “BRO” feelings for the other.

Talya: Huh? Oh, right…

Delphie: Have you told Evan?

Talya: About?

Delphie: Now come on, Talya. Sure, he may be kind of…quirky, but I notice how Evan looks at you. I feel as though the feelings are mutual.

Talya: Well…we can’t be together anyway. It’s squadron regulation.

Delphie: No it isn’t.

Talya panics.

Talya: Yes it is!

Delphie: It is not and you know it. And so does Evan.

Talya: Yes, but…I can’t expect us to have a relationship! Not so close to us starting active duty, anyway. Who knows, our little fling could get in the way of our job!

Delphie: You won’t know unless you try, Talya.

Talya: I suppose you’re right…still, I’m sure Evan has more on his mind than just his SUPPOSED feelings for me…

Scene 8: Cloudclamber Region: Afternoon

Sky and Chuck proceed through the forest.

Sky: I wonder if I’ll ever see Talya again…

Chuck: Relax, Sky! There’s a town not too far from here.

Sky: H-How in the skies do you know THAT?!

Chuck: It’s…on that sign right there.

Chuck points to a sign that reads, “Windburg – 5km”

Sky: Windburg…?

Chuck: Yeah! I mean…there’s kind of a mountain range in the way, but-

Sky: A mountain range?

Chuck: Yeah, but there’s probably a cable car or something.

Sky: Are you sure about that?

Chuck: Of course! There’s ALWAYS a cable car!

Sky and Chuck stand in front of a dilapidated sign that reads, “CABL# CAR CLOS#D INDEFIN#TELY DUE TO ####### VANDALS”

Chuck: No! Not the cable car! I used to love riding that thing with my cousin Tommy!

Sky: Well, now what do we do?

Chuck: Well, we found two signposts, and you know what they say, right?

Sky: “Find two things and the third is nearby”?

Chuck: What? No, I was gonna say, “where one cable car is out-of-order, there’s always a dragon who’ll fly you over the mountain”!

Sky: I-I’m…not familiar with that saying…

Chuck: That’s ‘cause it’s a Chuck Orange-uh-nal!

Sky: Original, Chuck.

Chuck: No thanks, I’m not in the mood for chips right now.

Sky: Well, I think we-

Sky’s eyes widen.

Chuck: You think we what, Sky?

Sky: Well, there’s the third signpost we were looking for, but…

Chuck: Whoa…

We cut to a view of the sign, which reads, “ELBOK TUNNEL – 3RD LEVEL DUNGEON – NOOBS BEWARE!”. We cut back to Sky and Chuck, who are both surprised.

Chuck: …awesome…

Sky: Wh-What do you mean, “awesome”?!

Chuck: Dude, it’s a dungeon! Like, an actual dungeon that adventurers go into!

Sky: But we’re not adventurers, Chuck. We’re pilots.

Chuck: Yeah, but we have adventurer training, right?

Sky: I suppose…

Chuck: We even have classes! You’re a trickster, and I’m a warrior…uh…I think…so let’s go in there!

Sky: But…shouldn’t we seek help?

Chuck: Well, Windburg is on the other side of that tunnel, and we’re in the middle of nowhere!

Sky: Did you not read the name of the dungeon?

Chuck: Of course I did.

Sky: ELBOK Tunnel! You do know what an elbok is, right?

Chuck: Relax, Sky, they’re probably not elboks. I bet they’re just kobles or somethin’. This IS a popular koble trade route, y’know.

Sky: Well…if it IS the only way to town…

Chuck: Just stick with me and you’ll be fine. Defender is my middle name, you know?

Sky and Chuck enter the cave.

Chuck: Well actually, it’s Alice, but…never mind. Let’s just be quiet.

The scene zooms out to reveal the back of a figure in a dark purple hooded cloak, who watches as Sky and Chuck proceed ever deeper into the tunnel.

Commercial: Remember, kids: Don’t litter, otherwise the Garbage Pixie will make your room a mess! DON’T GET YOURSELF GROUNDED! This message brought to you by the Cloudclamber City Council.

Scene 9: Outside Sky and Chuck’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

Talya and Delphie are walking down a hallway. They notice Thugley standing outside Sky and Chuck’s dorm.

Thugley: Come on out, Huck! You can’t stay in there forever!

Talya: Thugley?

Thugley turns to face the girls.

Thugley: Oh, hey, Tally.

Talya: What are you doing?

Thugley: Oh, I have a little surprise in my fist for Huck, but he’s not coming out of his room.

Talya: Are you sure the fist itself isn’t the surprise?

Thugley: Pfft…no! What do you take me for? I’m a changed guy!

Delphie: A changed guy?

Thugley: Yeah! Why? You wanna fight about it?

Delphie: By the s…skies, no!

Talya: You can wait there all day, Thugley, but Chuck isn’t coming out anytime soon.

Thugley: Yeah right! He’s gotta go to the facilities sometime!

Talya: Well, he and Evan are both on their way to-

Thugley: Hold that thought, Tally.

Thugley holds his left forearm at eye level. A small, soft, orange feather is growing out of it. Thugley plucks the feather, a tear forming in the corner of each eye as he does so. Thugley drops the feather to the floor.

Delphie: My word! Didn’t that hurt, Thugley?

Thugley responds with a slight squeak in his voice.

Thugley: No…

Talya: I’m serious about Chuck not being in there, Thugley. You’re wasting your time.

Thugley: Whatever…

Talya and Delphie walk away. Thugley unclenches his left fist, revealing a tiny toy muddvak, which he starts prodding with his right index finger.

Thugley: Don’t you wowwy, widdle muddvak. I’ll give woo to Huck when he comes back! Yes I wiw! Yes I-

Thugley notices a recruit staring at him.

Thugley: Can I help woo? Uh…you?

Recruit: Oh, uh…n-no…

The recruit walks away. Thugley looks at the toy.

Thugley: That was vewy wude of vat wecwuit, wasn’t it? Yes it was! Yes it was!

Scene 10: Elbok Tunnel: Cloudclamber Region: Unknown Time of Day

Sky and Chuck proceed through the dungeon. Chuck is holding a device much like a battery-operated torch in our world.

Chuck: See, Sky? There’s no reason to-

Chuck walks into a web.

Chuck: AAH! AAH!

Sky: Relax, Chuck. It’s just a web.

Chuck: Huh?! Oh…ew…

Chuck pulls off the web and throws it to the floor.

Chuck: Well, THAT was unexpected!

Sky: I thought you said there’d be no surprises in this tunnel, Chuck…

Chuck: No, what I said was-

Chuck walks into another web.

Chuck: AAH! AAH!

Sky: Chuck, it’s only another web!

Chuck: By the skies! Where do these keep coming from?!

Chuck pulls off the second web and throws it to the floor.

Chuck: Seriously, Sky! Do you know what makes webs like that?

Sky: Spiders, I suppose…

Chuck: Why would there be spies in a tunnel in the middle of nowhere?

Sky: No, not “spies”, Chuck. I said “spiders”.

Chuck: What’s that?

Sky: What’s what?

Chuck: A spiders! What’s a spiders?

Sky: It’s a small…thing with eight legs, eight eyes-

Chuck: Okay, are you TRYING to frighten me?!

Sky: I-I thought you were supposed to be brave!

Chuck: What gave you that idea, Sky?

Sky: You carry a sword. Doesn’t that indicate that you’re a brave warrior?

Chuck: No, it indicates that I’m ready to defend myself from anything that scares me!

Sky: Well, what does scare you, anyway?

Chuck: Well, cakefly webs, for one…

Sky: Wait…those webs…were made by cakeflies?

Chuck: Well, yeah, Sky. Why do you think they were sticky?

Sky: Well…spiders’ webs are sticky too.

Chuck: Okay, can we PLEASE not talk about spiderses, Evan?!

Sky: Okay, then I have a question for you.

Chuck: Lay it on me like a paladin’s hands, Sky!

Sky: Why do you have feathers on your arms and back?

Chuck: Because plateauborn humans have feathers on their arms and back. That’s common knowledge.

Sky: W-Well…

Chuck facepalms.

Chuck: Right…sometimes I forget.

Sky: It’s fine. So…are there any other differences I should know?

Chuck: Well, we also have feathers on our legs.

Sky: No, I mean other than feathers, Chuck.

Chuck: Oh, uh…let’s see…oh! Plateauborn humans can have green eyes.

Sky: So can my kind, Chuck.

Chuck: Oh…then…hm…we can also have orange hair.

Sky: So can my kind, Chuck.

Chuck: Well then…uh…oh, male plateauborn can grow hair on our faces!

Sky: Do I really need to say it?

Chuck sighs.

Chuck: I guess not…Well, I can’t think of what else is different about-

Chuck trips and falls over the edge of a cliff.


After a couple of seconds, a loud thump is heard.


Chuck’s voice: I’m okay, Sky! I just had a two-storey fall to the floor below.

Sky: By the skies! Are you injured?!

Chuck’s voice: Nah, I landed on my back, so I’m okay.

Sky: Chuck, you shouldn’t move!

Chuck’s voice: No, it’s fine! I’m already on my feet!

Sky: But you might’ve broken a bone or something!

Chuck’s voice: What?! Humans can’t break bones from falling down a cliff!

Sky: Of course we can!

Chuck’s voice: That’s ridiculous! Unless…maybe it’s different for surfaceborn, but plateauborn are resistant to taking injury from falls.

Sky: Okay then…so…can you see a slope or something that you can use to climb back up?

Chuck’s voice: Yeah…I think I see a set of stairs nearby.

Sky’s thoughts: Stairs…in a cave…?

Sky: Perfect! Come back up here, then, and we can continue our trek.

Chuck’s voice: Fair enough, Sky! I’ll-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck’s voice: Oh, hey there, little guy! What are you doing all the way in this scary cave? Sky, I found one of the kobles down here!

Sky: WHAT?!

Chuck’s voice: He seems friendly, and he’s making this weird clicky-clacky sound.

Sky: Chuck, I think we should-

Chuck’s voice: Oh, is this a friend of yours? Teehee!

Sky: No, really, Chuck…move. Now.

Chuck’s voice: What? It’s just two kobles…who knows? Maybe they’ll trade some goods with us!

Sky: Remember what that sign said? “Elbok Tunnel”?

Chuck’s voice: Yeah, so? What’s your poi-

Chuck pauses.

Chuck’s voice: AAAAAAAAAAHH!!

Sky: Chuck!

Chuck’s voice: Sky! They’re all over me! Please don’t bind my hands! Hey, that goes for my feet as well! Hey, don’t you DARE tie that around my mmph!


A loud dragging sound is heard.

Sky’s thoughts: I have to get down there and help him!

Suddenly, the mark of the multiverse begins glowing on the back of Sky’s left hand with purple light.

Sky: What the…?

A tiny purple whisp appears in front of Sky.

Sky: What is it? You want me to follow you?

The whisp begins slowly moving away from Sky.

Sky: Well, o-okay then…

Sky begins following the whisp.

The whisp leads Sky towards a stretch of tunnel, which appears to be partly lit up with flame.

Sky: This way, then?

The whisp disappears.

Sky: Okay, time to help Chuck.

Sky follows the tunnel, which curves to the right. Sky comes to the entrance of a large cavern, which is filled with multiple huts made from bamboo with straw rooves. Sky sees Chuck tied to a chair on the opposite side of the cavern, a gag tied tightly around his mouth.

Sky: What are they doing to him?!

Sky sneaks into the cavern. He nimbly shifts into the shadows in an attempt to keep himself out of sight, and manages to sneak past each hut. Sky finally reaches Chuck, though the warrior doesn’t notice the trickster as he unties him. Sky un-gags Chuck, which causes the warrior to realise his friend’s presence.

Chuck: SKY! Oh, I KNEW you’d come to rescue-

Sky and Chuck find themselves surrounded by elboks, which hiss and click in their incomprehensible language.

Chuck: The lesson today is…don’t open your mouth, Chuck.

Sky and Chuck form defensive positions.

Chuck: Don’t worry, Sky, we can take these guys out!

Sky: But you don’t have your sword, Chuck!

Chuck: Oh yeah…the elboks took it.

Sky: Well, did you see where?

Chuck: Yeah, out of the dungeon.

Sky: WHAT?!

Chuck: Don’t worry, ‘cause I’m perfectly capable of defending myself even without a sword.

Sky: But…you can’t use mahou!

Chuck: Well, no, but-

Sky: Then what CAN you do?!

Chuck: Well, there’s this…

Chuck holds his hand at a nearby elbok.

Chuck: “Root Tangle!”

Suddenly, a string of vines bursts from the ground and binds the feet of the elbok, causing it to trip and fall.

Sky: Chuck…by the skies…wh-what the-

Chuck: Mahou and cuper aren’t the ONLY technique sciences, y’know!

Sky: But…what was-

Chuck: Root tangle is an example of prima, abilities channelled from nature.

Sky: But…I didn’t know about-

Chuck: Now, can we PLEASE deal with these elboks?!

Sky: Oh, uh…right…

Chuck summons another string of vines, which binds the feet of another elbok.

Sky: “Summon Illusory Whisp!”

Sky summons a number of whisps, which distract a number of the elboks.

Sky: And now…

Sky lobs a water balloon at each of the distracted elboks, which causes them to start scratching themselves in a frenzy.

Chuck: Sky, what did you do?!

Sky: I mixed some itching powder into the solution in each of those balloons. Super-rash formula.

Chuck: Oh, neat!

More elboks surround Sky and Chuck.

Chuck: Wait a minute…that sign said “3rd-level dungeon”, right?

Sky: Yes…?

Chuck: And we’re only 2nd-level, right?

Sky: Of course…?

Chuck: And the Adventurer’s League recommends dungeons be entered by a group of roughly five adventurers, right?

Sky: That’s right…?

Chuck: So a 3rd-level dungeon is meant for five adventurers at or above 3rd-level.

Sky: I already figured that out, Chuck!

Chuck: What? When?

Sky: Before we entered!

Chuck: You did?!

Sky: Yes! Why did you think I was hesitant to enter?!

Chuck: I thought you were scared! That’s why I said I’d protect you!

An elbok jabs Chuck’s shin with a stick.

Chuck: YEOW! Protect me, Sky!

Sky: But…I-I don’t know what I can-

Suddenly, a trio of glowing orbs appears in front of Sky. The left one, which is larger than the other two, is dark blue, the middle one is purple, and the right one is purplish-pink. A glowing white orb emerges from the blue orb and into the purple one, causing the blue orb to shrink and the purple one to grow. The orbs then disappear.

Sky: What was that?!

Suddenly, a strong gust of wind blows through the cavern, lifting up the elboks and flinging them around, and causing the huts to shake.



Suddenly, the wind stops. The elboks leap to their feet and approach Sky, looks of curiosity on each of their faces.

Chuck: Oh, great…they’re probably gonna blame US for that wind!

The elboks suddenly begin to giggle.

Chuck: Uh…well, this is unexpected…

“Elbok” #1: It is him! The wind-bringer!

“Elbok” #2: All hail the wind-bringer!

“Elboks”: All hail the wind-bringer!

Sky: Uh…b-but I didn’t-

Chuck: Sky, shush! They’re actually being nice to us! Don’t mess this up!

Sky: B-But…I-

“Elbok” #1: I apologise for tying up your friend. Oh, yes, yes! We thought he was an intruder, looking to steal our trade goods!

“Elbok” #3: Oh, yes, yes!

Chuck: Wait…you’re traders? Then…you’re NOT elboks?!

“Elbok” #1: Oh, no, no! We are kobles, and kobles are us!

Sky: So this was all a big misunderstanding, then?

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes! A BIG misunderstanding, on BOTH our part!

Koble #2: Now, you are headed for Windburg, yes?

Sky: Yes, we are, but…how did you know?

Koble #3: The ninja said you would be heading to Windburg, and that the wind would be following! Oh, yes, yes!

Chuck: So we can go there right now?!

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes! Follow us! We’ll show you the way!

Scene 11: Outside Elbok Tunnel: Evening

Three kobles lead Sky and Chuck past a sign that reads, “Thank you for visiting Elbok Tunnel. Come again soon! Oh, yes, yes!”

Chuck: Wait…if you’re kobles, then why does the sign say “ELBOK Tunnel”?

Koble #2: Oh, we call it that to stop intruders from stealing our trade goods! Oh, yes, yes!

Sky: So this road will take us to Windburg?

Koble #1: Oh, yes, yes!

Sky: Well then…I-I guess we’ll be on our way.

Chuck: Later, homies!

Sky and Chuck begin to walk away. The first koble dashes in front of them.

Koble #1: WAIT!

Chuck: Why?

Koble #3: Do not question her, Charles! Oh, no, no!

Chuck: I’m sorry…

The first koble holds a bottle of orange liquid to Sky.

Sky: Wh-What’s this?

Koble #1: A gift, from the ninja. Drink it fast!

Sky: O-Okay then…?

Sky uncorks the bottle and drinks the liquid.

Chuck: Uh…Sky? Are you sure you should be drinking that?

Sky: Why? What could possibly-

The mark begins glowing on Sky’s hand with purple light.

Chuck: Hey, your mark-thingy is glowing…

The same symbol appears beneath Sky’s feet, though it glows with orange light instead of purple.

Chuck: And now the ground is glowing…?

Suddenly, a column of orange-tinged light erupts from the ground around Sky. We cut inside the column, where we see an awe-struck Sky.

Sky: Wow, this is…beautiful…

The column retreats into the ground, leaving Sky standing in a dry scrubland.

Sky: Wait…where am I…?

The symbol disappears from beneath Sky’s feet. Sky looks around.

Sky’s thoughts: Wait…it was evening…and now it’s daytime…?

A loud roar in the distance alarms Sky.

Sky: What was THAT?!

End Credits


From the Author of Squidkid Saga, who is (apparently) pulling a total Bryke and doing his own “The Dragon Prince” analogue, comes a brand new comedy-fanfic-recap… thing… that’ll either have you laughing or confused (maybe even both, so make sure you keep those Persim Berries on-hand):

Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues

Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

July 26th 2017, 5:14 pm
Special 1: Arch
Sky finds himself in a mysterious scrubland, where he is attacked by a group of vicious creatures unlike any he has seen before. After being rescued by a wandering ranger named Arch, and his “dragon” companion Trip, Sky journeys with them to koble lands in order to find a way back home. But who will save them from the fearsome Terrorjaw?

New Characters

Arch of the Trihorn
– A ranger from human lands, Arch mistakes Sky for being a “novan”, and agrees to help him get home, little realising he’s actually from another world.

Trip – Arch’s Trihorn companion, he manages to drive away the Talontoes that threaten Sky.

“This place is so strange! I have to get out of here!”
Scene 1: Unknown Location: Morning

Sky wanders through the scrubland, looking for any sign of civilisation.

Sky’s thoughts: This is weird…it’s nothing like Cloudclamber…

Sky takes a deep breath, his breather making a hissing sound as he does so.

Sky’s thoughts: I’m trying to stay calm, but…

Sky stops moving. He looks around and sees a group of three lizard-like creatures.

Sky’s thoughts: Are those drakes…? Maybe I should get a closer look…

Sky slowly and quietly sneaks towards the creatures. He accidentally steps on a twig, snapping it and alerting the creatures, who look straight at him.

Sky: Uh-oh…

The creatures hiss at Sky, swiping their three-clawed hands at him.

Sky: Uh…n-nice creatures…good creatures…

The creatures start to approach Sky. He notices that the largest toe on each of their feet curves upwards.

Sky: I don’t remember seeing you g-gorgeous creatures in any of the books I’ve read…nor on my compu-

The creature at the front of the group leaps at Sky.

Opening Credits


The creature continues to lunge at Sky. Suddenly, a much larger creature barrels into it, knocking it to the ground. The other two creatures hiss at the larger one, which Sky notices has a large frill around its neck and three horns; the two on its eyebrows are longer than the one at the tip of its snout. The two smaller creatures let out a loud shriek, with the larger one retaliating with a bellowing roar. All three smaller creatures squeal and race away.

Sky: Wow, those things are fast. Good thing I didn’t try running away!

Sky looks at the creature.

Sky: Oh…th-thank you…

The creature nods one, then snorts through its nostrils.

Sky: Uh…c-can you speak…?

The creature speaks with a deep voice.

Creature: Speck…?

Sky: Then you CAN speak! I’m…uh…Evan.

Creature: Ev…uh…?

Sky giggles.

Sky: Close enough. Anyway, thank you very much. I was nearly those creatures’ dinner…

Sky looks around.

Sky: Although I suppose it’s breakfast time.

Creature: Breh…fast…?

Sky: Yes, breakfast. Morning food.

The creature’s eyes widen.

Creature: FOOD?!

Voice: Settle down, my friend!

A male human with slightly-pointed ears in unusual attire walks up to the creature. Sky looks at the man.

Man: You’ll have to forgive Trip. He…tends to eat his body weight in plants every day.

Sky: Oh…uh…

Man: Name’s Arch. And you are…?

Sky: Very confused, let me tell you…

Arch examines Sky.

Arch: You from Tetrapoint lands?

Sky: Oh…uh…no. I come from Cloudclamber.

Arch: Cloudclamber…? I’m not familiar with that tribe.

Sky: Tribe…?

Arch: Oh…is Cloudclamber the name of the city you’re from?

Sky: Yes! That’s right!

Arch: Say no more…I suppose that makes you a novan, then.

Sky: Novan?

Arch: Yes. A novan. A highly-advanced being.

Sky: Oh…I don’t know about “highly-advanced…”

Arch: But you hail from a highly-advanced society, right?

Sky: Well…

Arch: Then again, you look like an ordinary sapient to me…

Sky: Sapient…?

Arch: Yes. A sapient. Also known as a “human” in the old tongue.

Sky: Oh, I see…

Sky’s thoughts: This guy is speaking utter gibberish…

Arch: Well, I can help you get home.

Sky: You can?!

Arch: Of course! I’ve never been to novan lands, but I know the way. Follow.

Arch and Trip begin to walk away.

Sky: Oh…right.

Sky begins to follow Arch and Trip.

Scene 2: Fildwarv Hills: Tankbelly Territory: Morning

Sky follows Arch and Trip across rocky ground.

Arch: So meeting you in the middle of Tankbelly Territory was unexpected.

Sky: Tankbelly?

Arch: Yes. Tankbelly. Also known as “hill dwarven lands” in the old tongue.

Sky: So those things that attacked me were…?

Arch: Talontoes. From Talontoe Territory. Also known as “koble lands” in the old tongue.

Sky: I see. They looked a little like drakes to me.

Arch: Drakes? You think they look like ducks?

Sky: No, not-

Arch laughs. Trip makes what sounds like a chuckle.

Arch: Oh, that must be what passes for a novan joke! Very funny!

Trip: Evuh funny!

Sky: Uh…

Arch: In any case, it seems as though you’ve had a sheltered upbringing…Evan, was it?

Sky: Uh…th-that’s correct.

Arch: Not to worry. There is a hill dwarven settlement nearby. I am sure the chieftain will be able to aid us.

Sky: Thank you, Arch.

Arch: Don’t mention it. Now, onward!

Trip: Onward!

Sky looks at Trip.

Sky’s thoughts: Arch referred to Trip as a “Trihorn”, but…he also called him a “dragon”…yet he looks like no dragon I’ve ever seen…

Scene 3: Dwarven Village: Tankbelly Territory: Early Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip enter the dwarven village. Sky notices that a number of dwarves are forging weapons and armour.

Sky: I see these folks are working hard.

Arch: Well, of course they are! There is no finer forger than a hill dwarf!

Dwarf: Why, thank ye, lad!

Sky notices a male dwarf with a long, shaggy beard smiling at the group.

Arch: You are most welcome, sir.

Trip: Most welcome!

Sky, Arch and Trip continue their way through the village.

The group makes its way to a female dwarf, who sits on a large, throne-like chair.

Woman: Well, well, if it isnae Arch of the Trihorn!

Arch: Chieftain, it’s been a while.

Woman: Indeed, lad. How’s yer companion?

Arch: He is well.

Trip: Hungry, dough…

Trip’s belly growls. The chieftain laughs.

Chieftain: Fargus, a bail of leaves fer Trip!

A nearby male dwarf nods once.

Fargus: Aye, Chieftain!

The dwarf walks away.

Chieftain: Now, what can I do fer you fine lads teday?

Arch: My friend here is lost. He needs to find his way home to Tetrapoint Lands.

Sky: Oh…well actually-

Chieftain: Wait a minute!

The chieftain leaps off her throne and approaches Sky, staring at him.

Chieftain: Yer name wouldn’t happen te be Evan, would it, lad?

Sky: Oh…uh…y-yes it is.

The chieftain points at Sky.

Chieftain: AHA! It’s you!

Sky: M-Me?!

Chieftain: Ye’re the lad who arrived in the orange beacon!

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: How did you know?!

Chieftain: There was a woman who came by here not too long ago. Said ye we’re headed in this direction.

Sky: R-Really?!

Chieftain: Aye, lad. She saw the beacon in the plains and told me te wait until ye arrived.

Sky: Well, who was this woman?!

Chieftain: Nae idea. She didnae give me her name, but she claims te have come from Tetrapoint Lands.

Arch: Perhaps you know this person, Evan?

Sky: I suppose…but if she’s from…uh…Tetrapoint Lands…then-

Chieftain: Hold that thought, lad. Ye should head there through Talontoe Lands.

A drop of sweat appears on Sky’s brow.

Arch: You think so?

Chieftain: Aye, lad. It’s the quickest and, surprisingly, safest path. Ye should arrive within a couple o’ days, tops.

Sky: B-But…won’t there be more of those…Talontoe things?!

Chieftain: Not te worry, lad! It just so happens that we have a pair o’ talismans that should help ye te interact with Talontoes safely.

Sky breathes a sigh of relief.

Sky: Oh, by the skies, that’s a relief…

Arch’s thoughts: By the skies…?

Chieftain: Well, first thing’s first: lunch. Come, we’re just about te eat a big feast!

Arch: Oh, I love feasts!

Chieftain: Evan, are ye hungry?

Sky: Well-

Sky’s belly growls.

Trip: Evuh hungry too!

Arch and the chieftain laugh.

Sky: Well…I suppose…

Scene 4: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Night

Chuck sits in the mess hall holding a ridiculously-large burger.

Chuck: Oh yeah…you can’t beat a filet muddvak burger…

Voice: Chuck?

Chuck: WAAH!

Chuck drops his burger in surprise.

Chuck: No…not my burger…

Talya sits next to Chuck.

Talya: I’m sorry, do you want me to get you another one?

Chuck: You can’t…that was the last one…

Talya sighs.

Talya: Don’t you think there’s something more important than a dropped burger…?

Chuck stares at Talya.

Chuck: What? You mean like spilled milk?

Talya facepalms.

Chuck: Oh, you mean Sky!

Talya nods.

Talya: Do you think he’s okay?

Chuck: Well, those kobles said he’d be fine, as long as he didn’t end up ripped to shreds by some small dragons with weird foot-claws.

Talya: WHAT?!

Chuck: Besides, I received a message from him not too long ago!

Talya: Really?!

Chuck: Yeah! Hold on…

Chuck pulls a piece of paper from his pocket.

Chuck: “Dear Mr. Hunch,”

Talya: Oh boy…

Chuck: “We regret to inform you that your application for a job as bartender in the Indigo Lounge has been turned down.”

Talya: Chuck…

Chuck: “Your enthusiasm and athleticism suggest you’d be better as a pilot in the Indigo Squadron rather than serving drinks…”

Talya: Chuck…

Chuck: “…so your application for recruitment has already been filed. We hope you enjoy your career as a pilot.” Weird…this looks like the letter I got when I-

Talya: CHUCK!

Chuck: What?

Talya: Is it…possible that Sky could be in…another w-

Voice: Hi!

Kati is suddenly standing there.

Chuck: WHOA! Kati! Uh…how did you do that?!

Kati: An ancient forest gnome trick.

Chuck: Oh, cool!

Talya: Kati, have you seen Evan?

Kati: Not since I got back. Why do you ask?

Talya: Well…I know this is gonna sound weird, but…I think he’s been sent to another world.

Chuck’s eyes widen.

Chuck: Awesome…

Kati: Are you sure that’s even possible?

Talya: Of course! How else could you explain his disappearance?

Chuck: Well, he might’ve been trapped in the Ethereal Expanse where a genie is forcing him to make a wish…

Talya’s eyes become flat.

Talya: Really, Chuck? That’s the best you could come up with?

Chuck: Well, it’s not impossible, is it?

We cut to a view of Junihoshi’s Ethereal Expanse, where we see Jen, in human form, suddenly look to her left.

Jen: Hm? I could swear someone just mentioned me…

Kati: Wow, that actually sounds plausible…

Talya: I hope Evan is okay…

Kati: Relax, Talya! Evvy has a LOT of potential. He’ll make his way back.

Talya: You really think so?

Kati: Sure, why not?

Talya smiles.

Talya’s thoughts: Evan…please be okay…

Kati’s thoughts: That trip home was great, but…why didn’t my brothers and sisters turn up? It was supposed to be a FAMILY reunion!

Chuck’s thoughts: I wonder if the kitchen has any more filet muddvak burgers…mmm…

Talya notices as Chuck starts to drool down his chin.

Talya: Ew…

Scene 5: Talontoe Territory: Late Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip walk through a lush rainforest. Sky is not wearing his breather.

Arch: I can’t believe how much food you ate, Evan!

Sky: Oh, well…

Trip: Evuh ate more than me!

Sky: Well, my metabolism’s always been weird…

Arch: How so?

Sky: Well, I can eat quite a bit of food, yet I don’t gain weight.

Arch: You don’t say…

Sky: It’s true! Quite often I wait until around 2AM and eat a decent snack.

Arch: You stay awake until early in the morning?

Sky: I don’t sleep most nights.

Arch’s eyes widen.

Arch: Truly?!

Sky: By the skies, yes! I only sleep a couple of hours once a fortnight.

Arch’s jaw drops.

Arch: Wow…

Trip: Evuh special!

Arch: Yes, Trip. Very special. Like the mark on his hand.

Sky: What?

Sky sees the mark glowing on the back of his left hand with purple light.

Sky: Oh, my tattoo…

Arch: So you also have that mark?

Sky: What do you mean?

Arch: Well, I saw that mark on someone’s cloak just the other day.

Sky: You did?!

Arch: Yes, though I couldn’t work out its significance.

Sky: By the skies…

Sky is alerted to a clicking sound.

Sky: What was that…?

Sky spins around and sees three Talontoes standing there.

Sky: Oh no…

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Scene 6: Cloudclamber City: Late Night

A dark-haired male pointed-eared human in a purple leather jacket walks along a busy street. He stops and looks at the doors of Sky and Kati’s old apartment building.

Figure: He was here…I must find him…

The figure walks away.

Scene 7: Talontoe Territory: Late Afternoon

Sky, Arch and Trip stare at the Talontoes.

Sky: Uh…Arch?

Arch: Yes, Evan?

Sky: H-How do we know if the talismans are working?

Talontoe #1: You…are friends?

The Talontoe in the middle bows, followed by the other two.

Sky: Oh…y-yes, we’re…friends.

Talontoe #2: We’ll help?

Sky: Oh…uh…y-yes please.

Talontoe #3: Help you how?

Arch: We need to find a nearby tribal village.

Talontoe #1: Ah, we lead the way. Follow.

The Talontoe in the middle bows, then beckons the group to follow using his hand. Sky and Arch look at each other, then bow back. The Talontoes begin to walk away from the group.

Sky: Will we be safe?

Arch: Not to worry, Evan. Talismans are designed to allow for safe interaction with non-kin dragons.

Sky: I see…

Sky, Arch and Trip begin to follow the Talontoes.

Scene 8: Koble Village: Talontoe Territory: Evening

The group arrives at a koble village. The Talontoes turn to face Sky, Arch and Trip.

Talontoe #1: Here we are.

Sky: Th-Thank you…

Talontoe #2: Welcome is Evuh.

Talontoe #3: Most welcome.

The first Talontoe seems to examine Sky.

Talontoe #1: You…have been among dragons before, but different.

Sky: Pardon?

Talontoe #2: And no aura of worlds! Most curious indeed…

Sky: I-I don’t…follow…

Talontoe #3: Of course! You already follow us here, so no need to follow for now.

Sky: Well, thank you.

Talontoe #1: Most welcome is Evuh!

Talontoe #2: Most welcome indeed!

Talontoe #3: Yes indeed!

The Talontoes bow. Sky and Arch bow back. The Talontoes turn around and run from the village.

Sky: Well, that just leaves me with a bunch of questions…

Voice: Ah, we have visitors! Oh, yes, yes!

Sky and Arch spin around and see a number of kobles standing there.

Sky: Oh…uh…h-hello there.

Koble #1: Welcome to our humble community!

Koble #2: I see you were led here safely by our guardian dragons?

Sky: Oh, the Talontoes? Y-Yes, we were…

The first koble sees Arch and Trip.

Koble #1: Ah, you must be the one from Trihorn Territory! Oh, yes, yes! Why else would you journey with a Trihorn?

Arch: That’s me! The name’s Arch.

Koble #1: Arch, eh? Nice name!

The second koble looks at Sky.

Koble #2: And you are the one who arrived in the orange beacon!

Sky: You know about that?!

Koble #2: Oh, yes, yes! Chieftain Heath of the dwarven village you visited sent word.

Sky: But…how did she do it so fast?!

Koble #1: Carrier pigeon, of course!

Sky: You have pigeons in this place?!

Koble #2: Oh, yes, yes! Handy little things for sending mail!

Koble #1: Now come! Surely you are exhausted from your travels!

Sky: Eh, not really.

Arch: Evan here doesn’t tire easily.

Koble #1: Serious?!

Arch: At least, that’s what he claims.

Sky: To be honest, I could keep walking to…novan lands, was it?

The kobles’ eyes widen.

Koble: But…Tetrapoint Territory is still a days’ travel from here!

Sky: Nonetheless, I’m inclined to continue my journey…

Sky’s belly growls.

Sky: Right after I eat a good meal, that is!

Trip’s belly growls.

Trip: Trip hungry too!

Arch laughs.

Arch: Well, it seems that Evan here has the appetite of a Trihorn, doesn’t it?

Arch’s belly growls.

Arch: Oh…heheh…that’s what I get, I suppose!

Sky and Trip laugh.

Trip: Arch funny!

Koble #1: In that case, let us eat a feast before you leave!

Koble #2: Our food is superb! Oh, yes, yes! Now follow us!

The kobles lead Sky, Arch and Trip through the village.

Sky: Does EVERYONE eat feasts in these parts?

Arch: Well, on the Day of Feasts, yes.

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: I guess I picked a good time to become stranded, then!

Arch and Trip laugh.

Trip: Evuh VERY funny!

Sky smiles. His expression saddens a little.

Sky’s thoughts: Talya…

Scene 9: Talya and Delphie’s Dorm: The Amethyst Blizzard: Pre-Dawn

Talya lies in her bed, wide awake. Delphie sits on the foot of her bed clapping her hands and making seal noises.

Delphie: Oh, oh! Oh, oh!

Talya’s thoughts: Evan…

Scene 10: Talontoe Territory: Pre-Dawn

Sky, Arch and Trip make their way through the rainforest.

Sky: Well, we’re on our way!

Arch: Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you don’t need sleep, Evan!

Sky: Of course I wasn’t. I never kid!

Trip: You born full-grow too?

Sky: No, I mean I never joke around.

Trip: But Evuh very funny…?

Sky: It’s…complicated.

Trip nods.

Trip: Understand.

Arch: You’ll have to forgive Trip. He’s only a child.

Sky: Wait…for real?!

Arch: Yes. For real. He is a child in an adult Trihorn’s body.

Sky: But how is that possible?

Arch: When I became a ranger, I was asked to bond with an animal or beast companion. Of course, I ended up with a Trihorn egg.

Sky: But how did you end up with a Trihorn egg?

Arch looks at Sky.

Arch: Another tale for another time.

Sky: Understood.

Arch: Anyway, upon creating the bond between the egg and myself, it hatched into Trip. Within a day, he had already grown to adult size.

Sky: By the skies…I mean the thought of someone bonding with a dragon egg…surely it can’t be a common occurrence, can it?

We cut to a view of Zed sitting in a chair in his house, reading a book entitled Dungeon Master’s Guide. Argen suddenly appears in a flash of cyan light and lands on his shoulder.

Argen: Hey, Zed? You ever wonder if people in other worlds talk about us?

Zed: Like Tad and Siren, you mean?

Argen: Eh, never mind. See ya!

Argen disappears in a flash of cyan light.

Zed: It’s funny…I don’t really see Argen all that often…oh well.

Zed goes back to his book.

We cut back to a view of Sky, Arch and Trip.

Arch: Well, we should arrive in Tetrapoint Territory by nightfall.

Sky: Superb!

A loud roar suddenly bellows nearby.

Sky: Wh-What was THAT?!

Arch: Oh dear…

Sky: “Oh dear”?! What do you mean, “Oh dear”?!

Arch: I think we have a little problem…

A second roar bellows out.

Arch: Come with me!

Sky: Huh?

Arch and Trip sneak into the trees. Sky sneakily follows.

Sky (whispers): So what made that roar…?

Arch (whispers): A Terrorjaw.

Sky: A what?!

Arch: Ssh!

Sky (whispers): Sorry.

Arch (whispers): I don’t know what it’s doing so far in Talontoe Territory, though…

Sky (whispers): Wait…is a Terrorjaw another kind of dragon?

Arch (whispers): Yes. A dragon. And a rather fearsome one at that.

Sky (whispers): But…couldn’t we try to reason with it? You know, like we did with the Talontoes?

Arch (whispers): I’m afraid that’s impossible without the aid of a Terrorjaw Talisman.

Sky (whispers): So no-one had the idea to make a talisman that protects you from EVERY kind of dragon?!

Arch (whispers): Of course they did, but it’s impossible to weave together every kind of dragon spell into one talisman.

Sky (whispers): Well, what if it finds us?!

Arch (whispers): Not to worry, Sky. I am excellent at keeping us hidden, and you seem to be able to blend into the shadows quite easily. We shouldn’t be spotted by the-

Voice: -Terrorjaw?

Arch (whispers): Yeah! Wait a minute…

Sky, Arch and Trip slowly turn around and see a large dragon standing there. Its body is similar to that of a Talontoe, though more stockily-built, with an enormous jaw and very tiny, two-fingered hands.

Terrorjaw: Well, well…looks like I found dinner, then…Arch.

Arch: Uh…you know who I am?

Terrorjaw: Plenty of folks know who YOU are!

The Terrorjaw looks at Trip.

Terrorjaw: And as for your infant “pet”…

Trip: Trip no pet! Trip companion!

Terrorjaw: Whaddya think a pet IS, you-

The Terrorjaw sighs.

Terrorjaw: Bottom line: I’m lost and hungry. And you three morsels’ll do nicely, y’hear?

Arch: But you don’t want to eat us!

Trip: Not food!

Terrorjaw: Yeah? Well my gut says otherwise, baka!

Sky: Wait…dragons here speak…Draconic?

Terrorjaw: Duh! Whatd’you expect?

Sky: Well then…

Sky clears his throat.

Sky: Kaerimichi o sagasu hitsuyō ga arimasu. (I need to find my way home.)

Arch’s eyes widen.

Arch: You speak the language of dragons…?

Trip: Wow…Evuh very funny, but also very smart.

Terrorjaw: Anata wa watashi no yō ni ushinawareta hōrō-shadesu ka? (You're a lost wanderer, like me?)

Sky: Hai. (Yes.)

Terrorjaw: Anata mo kūfukudesu ka? (Are you also hungry?)

Sky: Īe. (No.)

Terrorjaw: Well I AM, so you’ll have to be a lost wandering meal!

Sky: WHAT?!

The Terrorjaw roars. Suddenly, a small shuriken strikes its upper left thigh.

Terrorjaw: Nani…? (What…?)

The Terrorjaw suddenly collapses and falls unconscious.

Sky: By the skies…what now?!

A woman clad in a navy-coloured ninja outfit with purple trim lands in front of Sky.

Woman: At last, I have found you, Evan.

Sky: Wait…I know that voice…

The woman pulls down her mask and hood.

Sky: …Ms. Frostswift?!

Ms. Frostswift: Now, now, Evan, I already told you my name.

Sky: Apologies…Stratis.

Arch: Evan, you know this person?

Sky: Yes. Arch of the Trihorn, meet Stratis Frostswift…

Sky looks at Stratis.

Sky: …who is apparently a ninja.

Stratis: Officially, I am a Kunoichi of the Aero Pendula Clan. I go by the title of Griffon.

Arch: Griffon…? Sounds unusual.

Sky: You don’t have griffons in…uh…

Arch: Periquos. This world is called Periquos. And no, we do not.

Sky: Ah…well, you certainly have an interesting assortment of dragons.

Stratis: I trust you had an enjoyable excursion, Evan?

Sky: Yes, for the most part, but…how did I end up here?

Stratis: I will fill you in on the details when we return to the Amethyst Blizzard.

Arch: A blizzard of amethysts? That sounds amazing!

Trip: Pretty purple sparkles!

Sky: Well, perhaps you can see it one day.

Arch: That would be a treat.

Sky and Arch smile. Sky looks at Stratis.

Sky: So, Ms. Fro…I mean…Stratis…how do we get back?

Stratis: Stand close to me.

Sky: Okay then…

Sky stands facing Stratis.

Sky: Now what?

The mark of the multiverse begins to glow on the back of Sky’s left hand with purple light.

Sky: Oh, my mark…

The same mark appears beneath Sky and Stratis’ feet with purple light.

Sky: This is all too fami-

A column of purple-tinged light erupts from the ground around Sky and Stratis. Arch and Trip’s eyes widen.

Arch: Amazing…

Trip: Pretty purple sparkles…

We cut to a view of the back of Arch’s left hand. The mark of the multiverse glows on it with orange light.

End Credits


From the Author of Squidkid Saga, who is (apparently) pulling a total Bryke and doing his own “The Dragon Prince” analogue, comes a brand new comedy-fanfic-recap… thing… that’ll either have you laughing or confused (maybe even both, so make sure you keep those Persim Berries on-hand):

Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues

Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack Empty Re: Flight of Indigo (Chromaicora Adventures Season 3) - A Series by GeekyGamerZack

November 1st 2017, 4:29 pm
Episode 5: Lilac
With Sky safely home, the team finally begins active service, patrolling the skies of Cloudclamber for any suspicious activity. His dream achieved, the young pilot reflects on the past months since he arrived in the vast metropolis, with no memory of his past and apparently no-one to guide him. Stratis assures Sky that there has always been someone looking out for him, even if he didn’t know it, but could an impromptu vision lead to tensions within the team?

New Characters

Stratis Frostswift
– A ninja of the Aero Pendulus Clan, she shows an interest in Sky and his apparent potential, but what is she hiding about his connection with one of his squadmates?

Lilac – The commander of the Indigo Squadron, she resembles someone who assisted Sky after his arrival in Cloudclamber City, but is it merely a coincidence?

“I’ve won an apartment?! Hold on…what exactly IS an apartment?”
Scene 1: Observation Area: The Amethyst Blizzard: Morning

Talya sits on a block in the observation area, nervously biting her nails. She looks up and sees Sky walking towards her.

Talya: Evan!

Talya runs over to Sky, arms outstretched. Sky flinches, before awkwardly giving Talya a hug. The two let go of one another.

Talya: I missed you so much!

Sky: Well, I’m back now.

Talya: Where did you go for two weeks, anyway?

Sky: Honestly, not a clue. After Chuck and I left the Elbok Tunnel, I drank a potion that took me to a world with weird-looking, beautiful dragons in it…even the one that nearly had me for supper!

Talya: You were nearly eaten?!

Sky: Yes, but Ms. Fro-

Sky closes his eyes.

Sky: -I mean “Stratis”…

Sky opens his eyes.

Sky: …saved me using a kunai laced with tranquiliser. Did you know she’s a ninja?

Chuck’s voice: I believe the correct term is “shinobi” for a lady ninja.

Chuck walks up to Sky and grabs him with both arms.

Sky: Oof!

Chuck lets go.

Talya: I think you mean “kunoichi”, Chuck.

Chuck: No thanks, I already ate.

Talya facepalms.

Talya: Never mind.

Chuck: So what happened? Did you see any dragons?

Sky: Yes, ones like none you’ve seen before.

Chuck: Whoa…I can just imagine it…

We see a thought bubble appear above Chuck’s head. A green rubber duck appears. A huge finger begins prodding it, and it makes a squeaking sound with each prod. The view cuts back to Chuck, minus the thought bubble, and he has a silly grin on his face.

Chuck: Heheheh…squeak…squeak…

Talya and Sky stare at Chuck for a brief moment. They then face each other as Talya speaks.

Talya: And? What else did you do?

Sky: I can’t say.

Talya: Oh, I see…too many late nights, eh?

Sky: Come on, Talya. You know I don’t sleep most nights!

Talya: Evan, I was only kidding!

Sky: Oh, right…apologies.

Talya: It’s fine. Now, we-

Talya’s eyes widen.

Talya: D-Did you just say you were…in another world?!

Sky: Aye, I did.

Talya: Then…

Talya’s thoughts: I knew it! He told me that other worlds DON’T exist! Ooh, when I see him next, I’m gonna-

Talya clears her throat.

Talya: If you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go and…uh…NOT punch my pillow for the next ten minutes.

Talya walks away.

Chuck: It’s funny…she always tells you what she’s NOT gonna do, but she doesn’t say what she IS gonna do all too often. Now, where was I? Oh yeah!

Chuck makes another silly grin.

Chuck: Squeak…heheheh…

Opening Credits


Scene 2: Observation Area: The Amethyst Blizzard: Afternoon

The crew of the Amethyst Blizzard sits on the seat blocks in the observation area. Sky, Talya, Chuck, Kati and Delphie stand facing them at one end of the room. A human woman with rounded ears in purple commander’s garb stands nearby. Her name-tag says “Lilac”.

Lilac: Indigo Squadmates, it gives me great pleasure to welcome these five recruits into active service. Talya Tailwind, Charles Alice Hunch, Delphie Violette, Katréne Furscott and Evan Autumn Sky have all shown exceptional skill in their chosen field, and will now serve to protect the citizens of Cloudclamber. Let’s give them a round of applause.

The audience claps and cheers.

Lilac: Now, if you’ll all please follow me, there is cake and fruit punch being served in the mess hall to celebrate.

The audience begins standing and following Lilac to the elevator. Talya looks at Sky.

Talya: So…how did you feel standing in front of the entire squadron?

Sky: Uh-

Chuck: Well, it was a little nerve-racking at first having all those eyes staring at me, but then I realised-

Talya: Uh, Chuck? I was talking to Evan.

Chuck: Oh, right. Sorry about that. I didn’t know his middle name was “Autumn”, though.

Sky: That’s one of the few things I remember about my past.

Talya: Are you sure it isn’t your real surname? I mean, “Evan Autumn” does have a certain…poetic ring to it.

Sky: No no, it’s definitely a given name.

Delphie: Well I think it to be most beautiful, Evan.

Kati: Aki.

Chuck: Gesundheit.

Kati: No, that’s the Draconic word for autumn. “Aki”!

Talya: “Evan Aki Sky”…hm…

Sky: What’s wrong with my name the way it is?

Delphie: Nothing at all, Evan. There is no need to change it.

Chuck: Although…you COULD change your middle name to “Adamant”. Or “Diamond”. I mean, how cool would it be to say your name is “Evan Diamond Sky”?

Sky stares at Lilac.

Chuck: Sky…? Hellooo?

Sky: Hm…

Kati: What is it, Evvy?

Sky: Was Commander Lilac always in the Indigo Squadron?

Talya: Of course not, Evan! She couldn’t be a squadmate as a child!

Sky: No, I mean since I arrived in Cloudclamber.

Chuck: Which was when?

Sky: About a year ago…uh…I think.

Talya: I guess so. Why do you ask?

Sky: Because she looks a lot like someone who helped me that first day.

Chuck: Really? Maybe the person who helped you was a dragon disguised as her.

Talya: Come on, Chuck. Not everything is about dragons!

Chuck: I know that! I’m just speculating is all.

Sky: Oh, that was an interesting day…

The scene fades to white.

Scene 3: Cloudclamber City: Morning

The scene fades back in. We see a breatherless Sky wandering through a busy street.

Sky’s thoughts: This is weird…what exactly IS this place…?

Sky looks at a nearby building with a neon sign that reads “Cellwatch Deluxe available here”.

Sky: Cellwatch…? What’s that?

Sky stops walking. He stumbles and holds his left palm against his forehead.

Sky: I feel…lightheaded…perhaps that’s why…my memories are-

Sky trips. A round-eared woman catches him. She resembles Lilac, though her hair is different and tied by a purple bandana. She is wearing a purple leather jacket and black shirt, as well as a scarf of a different shade of purple.

Woman: Whoa, easy there. You look like you could use a rest, stranger!

Sky: Oh…thank you.

Woman: Here, put this on.

The woman holds out a light grey half-face breather with purple air canisters and a black strap.

Sky: Wh-What is it…?

Woman: Something that’ll take away your lightheadedness.

Sky: Oh…right.

Sky puts on the breather. A hissing sound is heard as he takes the first breath.

Sky: Oh, that’s much better!

Woman: What happened to your old breather?

Sky: Old…breather?

Woman: Yeah! A surfaceborn like you should NOT be wandering these streets without one. Anoxia isn’t something most people want, believe me!

Sky: Oh…right.

Woman: Can you tell me your name?

Sky: It’s Evan.

Woman: Well, it was lucky that I found you, otherwise-

A beeping sound is heard.

Woman: Oh, that’s my Cellwatch. I better go. Later!

The woman races away. Sky watches her.

Sky: Wh-What just happened…?

A passerby looks at Sky.

Passerby: Wow, you were helped by one of the Mauve Scarves?! Lucky!

Sky: Mauve Scarves…?

Passerby: Yeah! Oh, here.

The passerby hands a purple envelope to Sky.

Sky: What is it?

Passerby: A lucky entry. You could win a prize, you know.

Sky: Oh…brill.

Passerby: Anyway, be sure to take your prize card to the address on the back.

Sky: I will. Thank you.

Passerby: No problem.

The passerby smiles. Sky watches as he walks away, then at the envelope in his hand.

Sky: “Indigo Lounge”…what’s that?

Scene 4: Alleyway: Cloudclamber City: Morning

The woman stands in an alleyway, talking into a purple device on her wrist.

Woman: Boss? You were right. It’s here…the Aero Pendulus. It’s tethered to a kid I helped. What are your orders?

Scene 5: Indigo Lounge: Cloudclamber City: Morning

Sky enters the Indigo Lounge, a large clubroom which resembles a futuristic tavern. A waiter with slightly-pointed ears and black hair walks up to him.

Waiter: Welcome to the Indigo Lounge. How may I help you?

Sky: Oh…I h-have this…uh…

The waiter looks at the envelope in Sky’s hand.

Waiter: Oh, yes! If you’ll follow me, please…

Sky: Of course.

Sky begins following the waiter.

Waiter: You don’t need to wear your breather indoors, sir.

Sky: Oh…right.

Sky takes off his breather and holds it in his right hand. The waiter stands next to a machine with a screen displaying the words “Indigo Lounge”; a slot is located underneath the screen.

Waiter: You’ll find your prize card inside the envelope. Please insert it into the slot.

Sky: Oh…brill.

Sky opens the envelope and inserts the prize card. After a moment, the screen displays the word “WINNER!”, and a page prints out of the machine’s side. The waiter takes the page and reads it aloud.

Waiter: Congratulations! You have won a luxury apartment on the tenth floor of the Magenta Mist Tower, as well as 1,000,000 Platinum Kestrels.

Sky: I won…? That’s brill! Better than brill: it’s fantastic!

Sky smiles with delight. His expression becomes one of confusion.

Sky: Wait…Platinum Kestrels…?

Sky’s thoughts: I don’t even know what those are…come to think of it…I don’t remember anything!

Sky makes a fist with his left hand and begins nervously gnawing his largest knuckle.

Scene 6: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Evening

The door to a luxurious apartment opens. A female human with slightly-pointed ears, a hair bun and a greyish-purple blazer and skirt shows Sky inside. Her name badge says “Adamant Dragon Real Estate” and “Louise”.

Louise: Well, here we are, Evan.

Sky: Oh, th-thank you, ma’am.

Louise: By the skies, there’s no need to call me “ma’am”. This isn’t the Amethyst Blizzard, after all! Just Louise is fine.

Sky’s thoughts: “By the skies”…? What does that mean…?

Sky: Oh…brill.

Louise smiles.

Louise: Now, the apartment comes fully-furnished, with water and mahou energy included. Oh, there’s a delay on your bed, however.

Sky: That won’t be a problem.

Louise: Oh, good. Well, you can expect it to be delivered later this week. Which day will you be home to meet the furnishers?

Sky: Oh…any day’s good for me.

Louise: Superb! I’ll let them know.

Sky’s thoughts: “Superb”…? Does that mean the same thing as “brill”…?

Louise: Well, I’ll leave you to it.

Sky: Oh…thank you.

Sky looks around as Louise begins to leave. Sky spots a computer-like device on a desk and approaches it.

Sky: Oh…what’s this?

Louise: Hm? Oh, it’s a top-of-the-range computer, with all the bells and whistles.

Sky: Computer?

Louise: Courtesy of your benefactor.

Sky: I see…

Louise: Well, I’ll be off, then. Good evening.

Sky: Oh, well met.

Louise smiles, then leaves, the door closing behind her. Sky stares at the computer.

Sky: Now what do you do, you little…machine, I guess?

Sky presses a key on the translucent purple keyboard. A buzzing sound rings out throughout the apartment.

Sky: Oh no! I broke it! Um…whatever it is…

Voice: Hello? Is anyone home?

Sky: Are you the compotato? I didn’t break you, did I?!

Voice: What…? No, I’m your new neighbour! Can you open the door so I can get a look at you?

Sky: Oh…r-right…

Sky walks up to the door and examines it.

Sky: Uh…there’s no doorknob. How do I-

Voice: There should be a big, purple button next to the door.

Sky: Oh, yes, I see it.

Sky presses the button, and the door slides open. Sky looks down and sees Kati standing there.

Sky: Oh…h-hello.

Kati: Hi! I’m Kati! What’s your name?

Sky: Oh…uh…call me “Evan”.

Kati’s thoughts: Evan…? I don’t believe it…

Kati: Nice to…uh…meet you, Evan.

Sky: Likewise. Would you like to come in?

Kati: Sure!

Kati walks inside.

Kati: Wow, this apartment is very…what’s the word…? My sister would know.

Sky: Your sister?

Kati: Yeah! She’s off who-knows-where at the moment, though. Do you have a sister?

Sky: No.

Sky’s thoughts: Or at least…I don’t THINK I do…but who knows…?

Scene 7: Mess Hall: The Amethyst Blizzard: Evening

We cut to a view of Sky, Talya, Chuck, Kati and Delphie, who are sitting at a table.

Chuck: Sky?

Sky snaps back to reality.

Sky: Hm? Yes, Chuck?

Chuck: You’re kind of spacing out a little there.

Talya: Much like YOU do on a frequent basis, right, Chuck?

Chuck stares blankly for a moment. He looks at Talya.

Chuck: What?

Talya sighs.

Talya: Never mind…

Chuck: Also, you’ve hardly touched your cake.

Sky: I have…?

Sky sees a large piece of vanilla sponge cake with strawberry jam and fresh cream on a white plate in front of him.

Sky: Oh…right.

Sky picks up his fork and breaks off a chunk of cake, which he puts into his mouth as he continues to stare.

Commercial: It’s the 50th Annual Music Festival in scenic Arialto! Come and see a live performance from some of the best local musicians and fresh talent as they perform their signature masterpieces. Remember, we’re just a one-hour car trip from Cloudclamber, so be sure to swing on by and jazz up your day by popping in and grooving to some rockin’ tunes! The 50th Annual Arialto Music Festival: It’s a Hoot!

Scene 8: Observation Area: The Amethyst Blizzard: Night

Sky sits on a seat block in the observation area, thinking.

Sky’s thoughts: So much has happened in my life recently…I wonder if-

Sky sees Lilac approaching him.

Sky: Oh! Commander!

Sky stands up straight. Lilac smiles.

Lilac: Good evening, Recruit Sky.

Lilac sits. She beckons Sky to also sit. Lilac tries to make eye contact with Sky, but he shifts his gaze.

Lilac: Something’s bothering you, isn’t it?

Sky: Y-Yes, but-

Lilac: It’s alright, recruit. You can confide anything you like with me. I won’t tell anyone.

Sky: Oh…um…brill.

Sky examines Lilac’s face.

Sky: It’s just that…you remind me so much of someone who helped me some months ago.

Lilac: I do?

Sky: Yeah…she aided me the first day I remember being in Cloudclamber, and I saw her once more after that…

The scene fades to white.

Scene 9: Sky’s Apartment: Cloudclamber City: Evening

The scene fades back in. Sky is using his computer.

Sky: Okay…and…there. Dinner’s been ordered. A feast for three…

Sky looks at his table, which has two chairs.

Sky: …though I usually dine alone. Still, my appetite won’t satisfy itself!

A loud buzz is heard.

Sky: Now who could that be…?

Sky approaches the door.

Sky’s thoughts: It’s probably just Kati, though she doesn’t USUALLY visit at this time of the day…

The door slides open. The woman who helped Sky is standing there. She is dressed exactly the same way as before.

Sky: Oh…it’s you. H-How did you find-

Woman: I saw you enter this place the other day, and I figured you must live here.

Sky: Oh…that’s brilliant! You must have some neat detective skills!

Woman: Well, thank you, Evan.

Sky: Would you like to come in?

Woman: Sure, that’d be nice.

The woman enters and looks around the apartment.

Woman: This is a nice place.

Sky: Oh…thank you.

Woman: And you live alone?

Sky: Well, I don’t really know anyone, so…

Woman: What about the blue-haired gnome?

Sky: Oh, you mean Kati? She’s a neighbour.

Woman: I see…

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: Oh, where are my manners?! Would you like something to drink?

Woman: Sure.

Sky: Okay, let me see what I have in the cooler…

Sky enters his kitchen area. The woman sees Sky’s computer, and presses a few keys, opening a page detailing the Indigo Squadron. Sky leaves the kitchen, carrying a bottle of purplish-red liquid. The woman quickly dims Sky’s computer screen, and turns to face him.

Sky: I hope you like berry grape punch.

The woman smiles.

Woman: It’s my favourite!

Sky: Oh…s-superb.

Sky hands the bottle to the woman, who takes a sip of liquid.

Woman: Ah, just like the grape punch from the Indigo Lounge. Thanks!

Sky: Y-You’re welcome.

Woman: Anyway, I wanted to make sure you’re okay.

Sky: More-or-less, yes.

Woman: I see…

The woman notices a pair of goggles with a purple strap on Sky’s desk.

Woman’s thoughts: Those look just like…?

Sky: I have been having some weird dreams, though.

Woman: Oh?

Sky: In one of them, I’m soaring atop the back of an amethyst dragon. It seems so real every time I have it. I think it’d be fabulous to fly.

Woman: You don’t say?

Sky: In the other one, I’m transformed into a creature that’s part-dog and part-raccoon, and there’s a strong breeze that blows from behind as it happens.

Woman: Oh?

Sky: And there’s a glowing purple orb in front of me that whispers something.

Woman: Which is?

Sky: “Aero Pendulus”.

The woman’s eyes widen.

Woman: Oh…

Sky: What is it? You look like you’ve seen a-

Sky glances at his left hand. The mark of the multiverse draws onto the back of it with purple light.

Sky: By the skies…

The light stops glowing, but the mark remains on his hand.

Sky: Wh-What is THAT?!

Woman: It’s the symbol…

Sky: The what?

Woman: You must come with me, Evan. It is important.

Sky: Oh…of course.

Woman: I will take you to meet my boss. Hopefully he can tell you some details.

Sky: Your boss?

Woman: The leader of the Mauve Scarves. You’ll like him, I’m sure of it.

Sky: Oh…brill.

The scene fades to white.

Scene 10: Observation Area: The Amethyst Blizzard: Night

The scene fades back in. We see Sky and Lilac still seated in the observation area.

Sky: So she took me to the Mauve Scarves’ secret hideout, where-

Lilac sighs.

Sky: What is it?

Lilac: I already know the details of this story, Sky.

Sky: You do…? But how do you-

Sky’s eyes widen.

Sky: By the skies…

Lilac: Yes, that’s right. Evan Sky, I…am the one who helped you.

Sky becomes startled.

Sky: Y-You’re one of them? A Mauve Scarf?!

Lilac: Yes, but-

Sky: But aren’t the Mauve Scarves a criminal gang?!

Lilac: No, Evan, you have it all wrong.

Sky: But-

Sky calms down.

Sky: But Talya seems to think-

Lilac: Recruit Tailwind’s problem with the Mauve Scarves ISN’T because she thinks we’re criminals.

Sky: Then why does she…dislike your organisation?

Lilac: Talya…has her reasons. Reasons which are private and confidential.

Sky nods.

Sky: I understand.

Lilac: Rest assured that we really do have good intentions, Evan. You have our word.

Sky: Understood.

Lilac: But keep this discussion between us, okay?

Sky: Of course.

Lilac: Now, why don’t we head back to the party?

Sky: Oh…you go ahead. I’ll catch up.

Lilac nods.

Lilac: Yes, sir.

Lilac walks away. Sky thinks to himself again.

Sky’s thoughts: For months, I thought I was alone…but I guess someone was looking out for me after all…

A voice whispers in Sky’s mind.

Voice: Follow the tanuki’s tail…

Sky: Huh?

Sky notices a raccoon-like creature in the corner.

Sky: Now how did you get in here, you little scamp?

The creature runs away from Sky and into an elevator.

Sky: Wait! Where are you going?

Sky runs up to the elevator door and steps inside.

Sky emerges in his apartment building’s hallway.

Sky: Now where did you-

Sky realises where he is.

Sky’s thoughts: Wait…this is Magenta Mist Tower…but how…?

Sky walks up to his apartment door, which reads “10-C”.

Sky: My apartment…?

Sky presses his left palm onto the door’s scanner, but nothing happens.

Sky: That’s weird…my palm print should still be recognisable.

Sky sees Kati leave her apartment.

Kati: Time to visit Evan! Ooh, I hope he made some of those yummy treats I like so much!

Sky: Kati, I’m right here!

Sky sees himself race out of his apartment, a pair of goggles in his hand.

Sky: But…how could-

Kati: Oh, Evan! I-

Sky #2: No time to talk, Kati! I'm gonna be a pilot!

The gnome calls out to the other Sky as he runs away.

Kati: Well, it's about time!

Sky: Wait…there are TWO of me…?

Stratis steps out of a nearby elevator and approaches Kati.

Sky: Oh, Stratis! I-

Stratis: Was that Evan?

Kati: Yeah, it was.

Sky: I didn’t know Kati and Stratis knew each other outside of work…?

Stratis: Have you been doing as I asked?

Kati: Of course, Stratis! I’m supposed to keep an eye on him and make sure he stays out of trouble, right?

Sky: “Stays out of trouble”…?

Stratis: That is good. Where was he headed in such a hurry?

Kati: Oh, he said something about becoming a pilot.

Sky: Oh…I remember this day…

Stratis: He may be heading for the Indigo Lounge.

Sky: That’s right, I was. I found out that they take recruits there, so I-

Stratis: I must stop him from doing so.

Sky: Wait…what?!

Stratis: Katréne, can you get in touch with Recruit Mugg? I know Evan’s usual route to the Indigo Lounge, and he must not join the squadron today.

Sky: Stratis…tried to STOP MY DREAM?!

Kati: Wait…you’re going to STOP Evan?! But…I thought-

Stratis: Kati, please! I will explain later.

Kati: Oh…fine.

Sky becomes angry.

Sky: I don’t believe this! I…how could she DO THIS TO ME?!

Sky races to the elevator.

Sky: I…I have to stop Thugley!

Sky emerges through a doorway into a busy street.

Sky: NOW where am I?

Sky sees Thugley walking along the street.

Sky: Now’s my chance!

Sky runs behind Thugley and holds out his hand.

Sky: Summon Illusory Whisp!

Nothing happens.

Sky: My technique didn’t work?! HEY, UGLY!

Thugley doesn’t respond.

Sky: It’s like he can’t even see me! I must be having a vision or something! I…I can’t stop him from-

Sky sits on a nearby bench and closes his eyes tightly.

Sky: I don’t want to see any more! I don’t…I don’t…

Sky opens his eyes. He is back in the observation area.

Sky: I’m…back…

Sky remembers what he saw in his vision.

Sky: Stratis…

Tears emerge from Sky’s eyes as he once again becomes angry.

Sky: She said she has my best interests at heart, but STOPPING MY DREAMS? MY GOALS?!

Sky calms down and sighs.

Sky: I’m sure there must be a good explanation for it. There must be!

Suddenly, the trio of orbs appears in front of Sky. An orb of white light emerges from the large purple orb in the centre and into the small fuchsia orb on the right, causing the purple one to shrink and the fuchsia one to grow. The orbs then disappear.

Sky: Well…that can’t be good…

Purplish-pink electricity begins to crackle around Sky, which makes contact with the lighting in the room, causing it to go out. The electricity then disappears.

Sky: Wh-What just-

Lilac enters the room and runs up to Sky.

Lilac: Recruit Sky! Are you alright?

Sky: I think so…

Lilac: What happened to the lighting?

Sky: I-I don’t know…one second there was this web of electricity in the room, and the next-

Lilac: Wait…electricity?!

Sky: Yeah! There must have been a power surge or something.

Lilac’s thoughts: The Aero Pendulus…it couldn’t be…

Lilac: Recruit, please make your way to the infirmary.

Sky: The infirmary?

Lilac: Yes. I will have one of our cupers examine you. To treat you for…electrocution. Just as a precaution.

Sky: Oh…of course. Thank you, ma’am.

Sky bows, then proceeds to the elevator.

Lilac’s thoughts: The Aero Pendulus is growing stronger…it could be a beacon for…THEM…

Scene 12: Unknown Location: Unknown Time of Day

The dark general sits in his chair, rubbing his chin. The recruit walks up to him.

Recruit: Commander Coorowe, sir!

The dark general stops rubbing his chin and looks at the recruit.

Coorowe: Yes, recruit? What is it?

Recruit: The purple blip was detected aboard Cloudclamber’s Amethyst Blizzard.

Coorowe: You don’t say…

Recruit: What are your orders?

Coorowe: Await further instructions. Dismissed!

Recruit: Aye, sir.

Commander Coorowe resumes rubbing his chin.

Coorowe’s thoughts: The Aero Pendulus…I must retrieve it…

End Credits


From the Author of Squidkid Saga, who is (apparently) pulling a total Bryke and doing his own “The Dragon Prince” analogue, comes a brand new comedy-fanfic-recap… thing… that’ll either have you laughing or confused (maybe even both, so make sure you keep those Persim Berries on-hand):

Pokémon Fanficles: Kanto Blues
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